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Shortly after they’d gotten married, Beca and Chloe contacted DCFS to get Beca approved to foster and to have them placed on the list of possible foster families. Chloe had decided that she didn’t want to have biological children of her own after having adopted Rachel. Beca readily agreed. They’d taken in a variety of children over a span of almost four years - some for just one or two nights, and they’d even taken in a brother and sister pair for over a year. They’d been happy to see their parents get themselves to a place where they could care for them, but Beca, Chloe, and Rachel had cried for a good while after they’d been returned to their birth parents. The family always struggled to part with the kids they’d fostered, but that got better over time. Rachel seemed to quickly understand the importance of giving the kids a temporary home, although she always seemed sad to say goodbye to any of them

Beca had traded in her car for a big SUV after they’d had four children in the house at one point, and even Chloe’s RAV4 hadn’t had enough seats. One trip where they’d had to take two cars had been enough for Beca to decide that keeping a small car was a hassle. She ended up with a Toyota Highlander after seeing how much her wife loved her RAV4. They’d actually had five kids at one point, but that was only for one night. An eight-year-old girl’s parents had been suspected of abuse, but it had actually been a misunderstanding.

One little boy - Nicholas - had come into their lives on Rachel’s eighth birthday. He was four years old, and he’d been taken from his mother several different times due to neglect. He was almost completely nonverbal and still in diapers. He’d arrived at the Mitchell-Beales’ home that night just wearing a shirt that was easily two sizes too small, with a dirty face, a sagging diaper, and a raging case of diaper rash under it. He didn’t even have on socks or shoes. He had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and the sweetest smile, although it was three days before anyone saw it.

Within two months, he was fully potty-trained and saying a lot of new words (one of which was “dude” thanks to Beca). They’d had a few supervised visits with his mother, but he’d always just climb into Beca or Chloe’s lap and bury his face in their shirt. Chloe was relieved that Cynthia Rose had been assigned to his case.

DCFS took away Nicholas’s birth mother’s parental rights after two years, and Beca and Chloe happily agreed to adopt him. Rachel had been thrilled to introduce everyone to her little brother Nicky, even before his adoption had been official (February 17, 2026, just three days after her tenth birthday).

Beca was still producing music, and Chloe was in her final year of vet school. They had a celebratory dinner on the night of his adoption, followed by a heart-shaped cake, this time with green frosting and candy dinosaurs, two of Nicky’s favorite things. The two moms went to bed that night finally feeling like their family was complete.

Chloe sighed as she climbed into bed next to her wife.

“What are you thinking?” asked Beca.

“I’ve been given so many gifts. You, Rachel, Nicholas...I’m one lucky woman. And I don’t think for one minute it was a coincidence that Nicky came to us on Rachel and Meemaw’s birthday.”

“We’re both lucky. Sometimes I think I’m the one who got the gifts. I didn’t even know I wanted a family until I met you. I’m so glad I took Crackers to your office.”