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Always A Heartbeat From Me

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Five Years Later

Adora opened and closed her mouth a few times, trying to find words through her shock. “Is that… I mean… how?”

Catra had gone pale. Or paler, which was saying something, considering how she’d looked when Adora had picked her up from the office. She hadn’t made the call, of course — Angella had called Adora while Glimmer sat in the conference room with Catra, forcing her to sit and drink water after she had passed out in the middle of a presentation. “I forgot to eat lunch,” she had insisted as Adora dragged her out of the office, intent on dragging her to the emergency room. She hated hospitals. So few of them were equipped to actually handle hybrids.

Bright Moon General was one of the few, thankfully, and they were quick to get Catra in and start running tests. She’d dozed while they’d waited, forcing herself to wake up when the doctor came back with the… news.

“Do you not remember health class?” she teased her wife weakly. “I know you spent half of it hiding in your sweatshirt and trying not to blush, but seriously…”

The doctor chuckled. “Magicats reproduce differently than most species,” she explained. “It requires a strong emotional connection.”

Like a bond, Adora thought faintly, reaching for her chair and collapsing into it. She didn’t suffer much from the connection between them — it was mostly one sided on Catra’s side. Not that Adora didn’t return the feelings one-hundred percent. Catra was just the one who felt all the effects from it. She was the one who had felt all the pain when they had been separated, when Catra had thought Adora was dead. She was the one who felt everything too strongly.

And she was, apparently, the one who got to carry their baby.

Adora was fairly certain she was going to faint.

“Hey, nerd.”

Catra’s voice shook her out of Adora daze. She looked up to find Catra watching her, eyebrow raised. “You okay?”

“I… I’m sorry,” Adora blurted out.


“You’re always the one who gets… gets hurt from this thing between us, and I hate it, and I know it’s because you’re a magicat and I’m not and it’s just bad luck, but I hate it, and—”

“Adora.” Catra cut her off before she could spiral too far. “Stop. Breathe.” Adora did as she was told, taking a few shaky breaths until she felt slightly better. “Look at me. Do I look like I’m hurt?”

Adora blinked, looking at Catra — really looking at her — for the first time since the doctor had told them the news. She still looked a bit pale, and Adora didn’t love seeing her in a hospital bed, but she looked… okay. She wasn’t upset, or panicking, or ready to kill Adora. She seemed… fine. Calm, even.

“You’re not… mad?”

Catra threw her hands up, rolling her eyes. “Of course I’m not mad, idiot! I might’ve wanted to plan it better if I’d known it was an option, but…” She ducked her head, blushing slightly. “I… I want this. With you. If you want it too.”

Oh. Well that was… entirely different. Adora watched her for a long moment before slowly smiling. “You… You want this?” Because she had to confirm it. Catra nodded, a smile pulling at the corners of her lips. “I want it too.”



Catra changed her mind approximately five seconds after telling her mothers the good news. “We’re getting grandchildren!” Lyra half-sobbed, clinging to her wife.

“Grandchild,” Catra corrected, rolling her eyes. “One. One grandchild.”

“Magicats usually give birth litters,” Cyra reminded her. Catra’s ears flattened against her head. She knew she had at least two brothers and a sister who hadn’t made it through the delivery. Cyra and Lyra had made up for it by loving her enough for ten kids.

“No. One kid. One baby. That’s it. They’re not just a magicat, there’s some human in them too.” Catra jerked a thumb at Adora. “Or werewolf, I guess. Whatever.”

“Wait,” Adora said slowly. “If the lycanthropy is genetic, which one would our kid get?”

Catra blinked at her, then looked at her mothers, who were considering the question. “It’s a dominant gene in all cases,” Cyra said. “There are so few examples of magicats breeding outside of our species, though…”

“And none that we know of about one breeding with a werewolf,” Lyra added. “This could be… quite the interesting child.”

Melog appeared at Catra’s feet, mewling and raising themself to gently nudge Catra’s stomach. “Appearance-wise, they’ll almost definitely be dominantly magicat,” Cyra said. “Imagine a magicat who could turn into a wolf, though…”

“Nope,” Catra said loudly, grabbing Adora’s hand and dragging her toward the door. “We’re not imagining anything, thank you very much. I’ve had more than enough impossible things happen to last me an entire lifetime. And maybe another one.”

Adora was simply staring at her in awe. She had no idea what they had created. But she knew it was something amazing. And she was excited.



Pregnancy was wonderful, and magical, and an amazing experience.

It was also the worst thing Catra had ever gone through, and that was saying a lot.

“You could take the next year off and not even make a dent in your accumulated vacation time,” Glimmer said. She was leaning against the wall outside of the bathroom stall, on her phone, sending a memo out to everyone to lay off the cologne and perfume for the duration of Catra’s pregnancy.

Catra coughed a few times, making sure her stomach was absolutely empty, before using the stall wall to pull herself up. “And be bored as shit the entire time? Pass.”

“I’m sure you could find something to do.” Glimmer handed her a water bottle as she stepped out. She cracked it open and drained it one sip. “Have you thought about decorating the nursery yet?”

“For the love of god, don’t say anything about the nursery in front of Adora,” Catra said, rolling her eyes. “She’s already had two panic attacks thinking about what would happen if the nursery wasn’t ready for the baby.”

“You’re three months—”

“I am fully aware,” Catra said dryly. To say Adora had been anxious since finding out Catra was pregnant was an understatement. They’d had a slight argument about Catra continuing to go to her mostly desk job every day, and then about Adora not escorting her to work. Catra wasn’t completely sure if it was some wolf thing, or if Adora was just… like this. It would be cute if it wasn’t entirely infuriating.



“I’m sorry, why are we just hearing about this?” Netossa demanded, hands on her hips. Spinnerella looked delighted.

“I just wanted a little more time to adjust before I had to deal with you guys freaking out about being grandmothers,” Catra said quickly.

“Oh absolutely not. I am Aunty Tossa and I will fight you over that.”

“Dear, please stop threatening a pregnant woman,” Spinnerella said, patting her wife’s shoulder before she moved to gather Catra up in a tight hug. “We’re so happy for you. Both of you.”

“Yeah, I guess I can forgive you,” Netossa grumbled as she joined the hug, pulling Adora in as well. Catra never understood why Netossa and Spinnerella hadn’t tried to have their own child instead of bonding with the half dead magicat they’d found in their backyard fifteen years ago. Motherhood was more or less their default setting, although they expressed it in different ways — Spinnerella with soft touches and hugs and gentle tones, Netossa with blunt kindness and care covered up as a normal act, like just anyone would sit on the floor with a strange, injured werecat and try to comfort them without knowing a thing about who they were.

“Do you know if it’s just one? Oh, are they going to have cat ears? I’ll need to start working on hats now…”

Catra was suspiciously quiet when they left the house a couple hours later, having picked out several different colors for Netossa to work with for a blanket while Spinnerella made hats. Adora waited until she’d settled into the passenger seat and they were on the road to Bright Moon before quietly asking, “What’s wrong?”

Catra stared at the dash board, arms curled around her stomach. “What if I’m no good at this?” she said. “I mean… Netossa and Spinnerella never had their own kid, and they mother anything that comes within five feet of them.” That wasn’t even an exaggeration. They’d adopted Adora within five minutes of meeting her.

“They just never wanted their own kid. They’re happier helping others.”

“Yeah, but why? And if they never wanted their own kid, how am I…” Catra waved her hands helplessly. “I’m going to be a terrible mother.”

Adora grabbed one of her hands, squeezing tight. “No, you’re not. You’re going to be amazing. You know how I know?”


“Bad parents don’t worry if they’re doing well. You’re already worrying about their well being and they’re like, the size of an avocado.”

Catra rolled her eyes. “I really wish you would stop comparing our baby to food.”

“But it’s the best way to measure them! You know how small an avocado is. Our baby is an avocado and you’re already worrying about being a good parent. Which is how I know you’re going to be amazing.”

That earned Adora a small, reluctant smile. Catra squeezed her hand, staring out the window for a long moment. “I’m going to regret asking this, but how big is the baby at nine months?”

“A watermelon.”

Catra cringed.





“Two babies.”


“That’s what twins are, right?”

Yes, Mermista. Twins are two babies.”

To say Catra and Adora had been shocked when they’d gotten the news at Catra’s last appointment was an understatement. Apparently one of them had been hiding during the first ultrasound, which had confirmed that there was indeed only one baby. But now… now there were two. Two babies.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Perfuma said, clapping her hands together. “It’s twice the love!”

Their high school friend group had drifted apart a bit over the years, but they all made a point of getting together at least once every couple months. Adora and Catra usually hosted since they were the only ones who’d bought a house and were a decent midway point for everyone to drive to, and Catra was grateful for that today. She didn’t have the energy to go anywhere, especially not after the week  she’d had.

“This is definitely karma,” Lonnie said with a snicker. “You were an asshole as a kid, now you get two of your own.”

“Shut up,” Catra grumbled, throwing a napkin at Lonnie.

“And you still don’t know anything about their genetics?” Entrapta asked curiously. Always focusing on the real point — science.

“The ultrasound definitely showed cat ears. Oh, look!” Adora quickly went to retrieve the print out of the ultrasound so they could pass it around the table. “We were comparing them to the ultrasounds of Catra when Lyra was pregnant, and they’re not quite as… you know, they don’t stand out as much. But those are definitely little cat ears.”

She was absolutely thrilled by the idea. Her children were going to be the cutest children ever. That wasn’t bias, it was just a fact.

“One seems more prominent than the other,” Entrapta said, tilting her head and turning the ultrasound. Perfuma gently tugged it away so they could properly admire it. “I wonder if one will get the werecat gene and one will get the werewolf gene.”

That wasn’t something they had considered. Catra looked at Adora, who shrugged in return. “They’re going to be so cute,” Scorpia cooed.

Two babies.” Mermista shook her head in disbelief, looking at Sea Hawk. “I swear you’re sleeping on the couch for the rest of your life if you ever get me pregnant.”



Catra swore she was surrounded by alarmists.

It was the only reason she was sitting in a hospital bed, staring at the ceiling. She’d felt dizzy, so Glimmer made her eat lunch. She’d still felt dizzy after eating, and now she was in the hospital with her anxious friend, who was texting her anxious wife, who was going to burst in any second, freaking out and demanding to know if Catra was okay. Which she was. She was just a little dizzy. She was supposed to be the one freaking out, but apparently Glimmer and Adora had claimed that particular corner, leaving Catra with faint annoyance as she rubbed her belly absentmindedly.

The doctor beat Adora by about a minute, and was in the middle of explaining that Catra’s blood pressure was a little high when Adora practically tripped into the room.

“What’s wrong? Is she okay? Are the babies?”

Thankfully, the doctor was patient and happy to start over. Catra dozed, knowing she’d need the extra energy to deal with Adora when they got home. Because there was absolutely no way anyone was letting her go back to work after this. Melog nosed at her belly, making a noise and looking at Catra. She shrugged in return.

“Beats the hell out of me, buddy.”

Adora could barely focus on the road as they drove home, which seemed like more of a threat to Catra’s health than her slightly high blood pressure. “We were going to move down to the guest bedroom anyway so I guess we can just do that today? But the new bed isn’t coming for another week, and the frame! I thought I’d have more time! I should’ve ordered this stuff months ago!”

Months. Catra was five months pregnant, but sure. Adora should’ve already been ordering new furniture before it even happened. “I can carry you, I’m sure, but will that be uncomfortable? What if you have to get downstairs and I’m not home? Or—”

“Adora how big are the babies?”

Catra cut her wife off loudly and firmly, catching her by surprise. “W-What?” she stuttered uncertainly, turning to look at Catra as they stopped at a red light.

“What stupid fruit are they as big as at month five?”

“Um…” Adora wracked her brain for a moment, although Catra had seen her on that stupid website the night before. “A pomegranate. Maybe a little smaller because it’s two and they have to share space.”

“Any big milestones?”

“They’ll uh… they’ll start growing hair. Really thin hair called lanugo. And they’re covered in some sort of liquid to protect them from the amniotic fluid. But it sheds before they’re born. They uh… they could be as big as ten inches and weigh up to a pound by the end of the month.”

Catra reached over to take Adora’s hand as they resumed driving. “Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go home. A giant-ass wolf is going to snuggle with me while we take a nap. Ah!” She held up her free hand to stop Adora from protesting. “You are going to let me walk up the stairs alone, I am going to undress, and we’re going to lie in bed together and relax. When that is done, I’ll call Mama and see if she can make us a few freezable, easy to microwave meals while you go to the store and buy a mini fridge to stick in the corner near the window. We’ll put the microwave on top of it, leave some disposable plates and utensils on the dresser, stock up on some good snacks, and I will survive the time between now and you getting the new bed together. I won’t have to go more than five feet for food. I’m sure Mama will be happy to come spend some time with me while you’re at work. And yes, you are going back to work. You will take your maternity leave in two months like we originally planned to do together. And the world will not end. Okay?”

Adora nodded shakily, letting out a long breath. “Okay.”

“Say the words.”

“The world will not end.”

“The world will not end if…?”

“The world will not end if everything is not exactly perfect and we have to improvise for a few days.”

“Good.” Catra squeezed Adora’s hand, legitimately proud of her. “Now what are we doing when we get home?”

“I’m going to turn into a giant-ass wolf and snuggle you while we nap.”

“Good girl.”

Adora’s relationship with her wolf side had been… complicated after spending seven years trapped in it, thinking it would be her life forever. There were, it turned out, support groups for people who got stuck in shape-shifted forms, and Adora had gone to at least five different groups to try and find one that fit her. She never did settle, and ended up going between all the groups to collect bits of advice which stood out to her. She had started slow, just meditating (with Perfuma’s help) on the idea of being a wolf again. Sometimes she woke up from nightmares, scratching furiously at her skin, looking for fur. She was still getting better. Pre-pregnancy, Catra had been working with her, trying to encourage her to spend more time as a wolf — an afternoon running through the woods together, sunbathing in the backyard, meeting a couple of new pups who had changed for the first time and helping them find their way home.

Sometimes it still scared Adora, but she refused to let that control her life. She was just as much a wolf as she was a human, and she didn’t want to be cut off from part of herself forever. It’d be like losing a limb. The first transformation had ended with an abrupt panic attack, and Catra had purred for five straight hours to calm her down. It had been exhausting, but Adora had been calm, and that was all that mattered.

It got better for there. Some days Adora couldn’t stand the thought of changing. Others were okay.

Today it was absolutely necessary. She hovered behind Catra as they walked upstairs, only changing when Catra was naked and in bed. Pajamas were generally optional for magicats, and the fur on fur contact made Catra feel better. And right then, it made Adora feel better as well.

Catra purred, burying her face in Adora’s shaggy fur. She lazily scritched Adora’s ears, sighing contently. “It’s just a little high blood pressure,” she murmured, nuzzling against Adora’s neck. “I’ll do the bed rest thing, but please promise me you won’t go over the edge. I still want this to be a good experience for both of us. We’re having babies, Adora. We can’t waste the next four months being scared. That’s time we’ll never get back.”

And they both know how it feels to lose that much time and more — so much more. They couldn’t afford to waste this time they had been gifted.

Adora whined, twisting slightly to lick Catra’s hair. She laughed, batting her off. “I know you’re scared. I am too. But we’re going to be okay. You know how I know?” Adora made a noise of inquiry. “Because we’re together. And we can do anything when we’re together.”

They’d already overcome the impossible together. Anything else was a cake walk compared to that.

They’d be okay. The babies would be okay. Everything would be okay.



“So Adora is… energetic.”

Catra rolled her eyes. The guest room bed had finally arrived — Bow, Netossa, Sea Hawk, and Scorpia had all volunteered to help Adora set up the room. Spinerella and Mermista were downstairs supervising to make sure no one got into some stupid weight lifting contest, while Glimmer, Perfuma, Cyra, and Lyra kept Catra company upstairs.

Energetic is one word for it.” Obsessive, controlling, and neurotic were a few others. “You know what she’s like.”

Cyra and Lyra exchanged looks. Adora had always been a little high strung and prone to panic, even as a child; the day she had run into the kitchen to declare Catra missing was a day that lived in Lyra’s mind, if only because it was a cute story to tell. Marlena and Randor had done their best to help their daughter relax, and Catra had always been a calming presence for her. Then Shadow Weaver had happened, and Adora spent seven years as a wolf, and it was better now than it had been five years ago, but they seriously doubted she would be completely back to normal.

“She seems better than she was the other day,” Glimmer said helpfully.

“You mean the other day when you were freaking out with her?” Catra asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Excuse me for worrying about my pregnant friend’s health.”

There was yelling downstairs. It was Mermista. Sea Hawk and Adora must have been trying to out-lift each other again. “How are you feeling?” Lyra asked, brushing a hand through Catra’s hair.

“I’m fine.” Lyra raised an eyebrow. Even if it was small, Catra could never lie to her. “Felt kinda sick since I woke up and no position is comfortable right now. But Adora really did her research — I guess the new bed is some specialty thing for pregnant magicats?” Catra shook her head. “I’m not even sure where she found it. I just hope she didn’t get swindled.”

“Nah, I helped her with it.” Catra looked at Glimmer, who shrugged in return. “As the future head of the nonprofit, it’s my job to ensure there are no scams taking advantage of hybrids, especially minority hybrids.”

“You were just hoping you’d get to threaten someone, weren’t you?”

“I will neither confirm nor deny that frankly hurtful accusation.”

There was a crash downstairs, then more yelling — surprisingly, it was Spinnerella this time. Netossa must have been involved. “Think we’re going to keep the fridge and microwave in the guest room,” Catra said after a moment. “That’s been really nice. Especially since getting Adora to do anything that involves leaving for five minutes is a massive pain.”

“It’s not a bad arrangement,” Perfuma said thoughtfully. “Low stress for everyone involved which is good for both of you.” Catra could complain all she wanted, but they all knew how bad her anxiety was. She was just good at keeping it together for Adora’s sake. “I can make a few things for you, if you want. Easy to heat up meals.”

“Oooooooh, me too,” Glimmer said excitedly.

“No.” Catra had lived with Glimmer for two years. She couldn’t cook. That hadn’t changed. Glimmer pouted.

“I wasn’t really going to put you through that, but you said no way too fast.”

“I have to look out for the babies’ safety and health, Sparkles. And everyone is safer if you don’t make anything more complicated than a microwave meal.”



Okay, the stupid bed was comfortable.

Finding a perfect position was a task that was getting harder and harder every day, but Catra didn’t constantly wake up feeling like her joints were being run through with ice picks. She was sleeping better, which seemed to help Adora relax. Everyone was happier.

Except the twins. Well, no. That was wrong. The twins were thrilled. So much that they had started moving more. Catra was pretty sure they were wrestling. The movements felt weird, and it freaked her out, but after awhile she started taking comfort in them.

“Why can’t I feel them?” Adora grumbled, her head resting on one side of Catra’s belly. Melog was on the other, waiting just as intently.

“Because they have tiny feet and aren’t strong enough to kick for you to feel?” Catra guessed, petting her wife’s head.    Melog nudged her stomach with their snout, purring loudly. Catra petted their head next, smiling crookedly. “You’re both ridiculous. Can you find another pillow besides my stomach? There’s plenty going on there already, thank you very much.”

Melog slouched down to the floor, heading to their bed in the corner, while Adora moved to lie beside Catra, giving her a small smile.

“You feeling okay?”

“Could be worse.” Catra rolled to snuggle against Adora, burying her face in the crook of her neck. “Tired. Someone has been keeping me awake and poking my belly.”

“I just want to see if I can feel them while you’re sleeping!” Adora protested. “Maybe it’s easier when you’re more relaxed, or—”

“You know that’s not how this works.”

“I had to try.”

Catra rolled her eyes, snuggling closer to Adora. “Just let me sleep tonight, will you?”

“Okay, okay…”

It was easy to fall asleep, wrapped in a comfortable cocoon of soft blankets and Adora’s scent. It was the safest place in the world. It was unfortunate that the safety didn’t always follow her into her dreams.

She only got a few hours of rest before she shot up, gasping for air and grasping at her chest. It had been months since she’d felt the phantom pains, and she had naively hoped maybe they had finally gone away.

“Catra?” Adora said thickly, sitting up and reaching for her wife. She’d doubled over, chest heaving as she tried to re-orient herself. She was safe. She was home. Adora was with her. Adora was alive. Everything was fine. “Hey, c’mere, it’s okay…”

Adora gently tugged her upright and into her lap, holding her tight. “It’s okay,” she murmured, fingers brushing through Catra’s hair, dull nails scritching the base of her ears. “You’re okay. Deep breaths.”

Catra pressed her face into Adora’s shirt, taking a breath and letting the scent comfort her. Adora kissed the top of her head. “Same dream?” Catra nodded once. “It’s not real. You’re okay. I’m here.”

One of the babies kicked, as if to remind her of how not alone she was. She had Adora, she had their babies. She had her family. The stupid pain in her chest would never really go away, but she was going to be okay.



“I want die.”

Adora rolled her eyes a little at Catra’s dramatics. She hadn’t really had a great night — the babies were definitely part cat, and three a.m. was prime zoomie time. And her blood pressure had been up and down, which had annoying effects of its own. She was lying on her side now, taking slow and deliberate breaths, hand resting on her stomach.

“You don’t want to die.”

“How do you know?”

“Because three days ago you were crying over how cutesy the nursery wallpaper is. Remember the stars?”

Catra huffed. They’d gone with a space theme for the nursery, and yes, the stupid stars had made her cry. She didn’t know why. They had just been so pretty. Stupid fucking hormones.

Fine, maybe I don’t want to die. But I definitely want to be not pregnant.”

Adora’s hand rested over Catra’s, gently rubbing her stomach. “Two more months.”

“How big are they now?”

“Eggplants.” Catra groaned. Adora kissed the back of her head, laughing. “It’ll be okay.”

“You keep saying—” She cut off, jumping, as Adora let out a small screech. “What?!” she yelped, tail puffing out, fur on end.

“I felt one of them! Which one do you think it was? Finn or Callie? I bet it was Callie. She seems more like the kicking type—”

“Already preparing to pass down your football legacy?” Catra teased, relaxing slightly. There was really no way to tell which baby was kicking, but it was fun to speculate about their personalities and what their interests would be. Finn would be shy, artistic, with floppy blonde hair that covered his ocean blue eyes. Callie would go between a brown, short bob and a pixie cut that stuck up in all directions, her own blue eyes always full of mischief and mystery. They’d be the cutest troublemakers to ever grace the universe with their presence. Callie would be the more cat-like one — the one with the sharper ears. Finn would be softer, his face a little rounder, a little more like Adora. They were just predictions, but Catra said she had a feeling about that — Callie would be the one to get the werecat gene, Finn would be the one to get the werewolf gene.

Adora rubbed Catra’s belly, smiling. “Hi Callie,” she whispered. “Hi Finny. You’re going to be out here real soon, you know that right? And we’re going to love you so, so much.”

“Dork,” Catra murmured, her eyes fluttering shut.

“Your dork,” Adora corrected.

My dork.”



“How many hats do you guys think two babies need?”

“We had to do different ear sizes too!” Netossa huffed. “Just say thank you and hug us.”

“Seriously, Sparkles help me count.”

Netossa rolled her eyes, smiling and slapping Catra’s leg. It was hard to have a low-key baby shower with all the people they knew, but the guest room managed to fit everyone in attendance. Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle were on vacation across the state, but had helpfully sent their gift early — a couple pairs of baby’s first boxing gloves. Save us some heavy bags when those claws come in, the note had teased. Scorpia and Perfuma also had to miss out, unfortunately, but had sent several handmade swaddling blankets. Cyra, Lyra, Angella, and Micah had pooled their money for two entire new nursery sets — Cyra and Lyra had originally planned on giving them Catra’s old stuff, but the addition of a second baby had complicated things. Sea Hawk and Mermista had bought them clothes and several packages of diapers. Entrapta had built a rather… intense baby monitoring system. She was still upstairs trying to set it up.

“All right, Glimmer.” Catra grinned, elbowing her friend. “What’d you get us?”

“Is our presence in your life not gift enough?” Glimmer asked, offended.

“Not when I’ve got two babies the size of — Adora, what are they?”

“Butternut squash.”

“Two babies the size of butternut squash and still growing inside me. I need tangible proof of your love.”

“Catra,” Lyra scolded her daughter. Glimmer rolled her eyes, and Bow was grinning as he handed a couple gifts over his wife’s head.

The first one was a framed, gorgeous painting of the night sky, with Callie and Finn written in the stars. The stars that were literally sparkling. “We tried to stick with the space theme,” Bow said with a grin.


“We painted it together, and Glimmer made the sparkling happen.”

Catra smiled, trying not to let tears fill her eyes. “Heh. Thanks, Sparkles.”

Glimmer nudged Catra. “That’s the closest you’ve ever come to sincere.”

“Don’t get used to it.”

Entrapta finished the baby monitor system eventually, and they dug into cake while Lyra and Angella told pregnancy stories, and reaffirmed that Mermista would never have children. Adora shooed everyone out when she saw Catra trying to smother a yawn.

“Oh, come on,” Catra whined. Adora saw the last of their friends out and went to kiss Catra’s forehead.

“You rest. I’m going to get stuff put away.”

Catra grabbed her wrist, making another displeased noise. “Bring me up with you.”

“You’re supposed to be relaxing.”

“We have those big chairs. I can sit in one and fold clothes while you figure out Entrapta’s insane system.” Catra pouted. “Please?”

Adora never could say no to that face. Catra was allowed small amounts of activity each day, but climbing up the stairs was not going to be one of them; Adora scooped her very carefully. It was a bit awkward with the pregnant belly, but they managed. “There’s no one to show off for, ya know,” Catra said, raising an eyebrow.

“Like I’m ever gonna stop showing off for you.”



Adora watched Catra through half-lidded eyes. The magicat was deeply asleep, getting probably the best sleep she’d had in seven months. It was probably the best sleep she would get for months to come, if the little bundles of fur in Adora’s arms had their way.

The babies — their babies — were fast asleep, perfectly swaddled, little noses twitching as they unconsciously took in everything around them. Adora was glad, now that everything was over, that Catra had been stubborn about a home birth. It was nice to be able to just relax in their bed, surrounded by the nest of pillows and blankets Catra had begun building a couple days earlier — an early indicator that the babies were coming, according to Cyra. She was right — Catra’s water had broken about a day after she had completed her pillow mountain.

One of the little bundles started fussing — Finn, who had indeed inherited more of Adora’s features, although he still definitely looked part magicat. But his ears were a little softer, a little floppier than Callie’s pointed little ears, which were lost among her own fuzzy brown hair. Adora smiled, kissing Finn’s forehead and nuzzling it with her nose.

“You’re okay, buddy.”

“S’he?” Catra murmured, cracking one eye open to look drowsily at her wife and children.

“Yeah. Just a little fussy. Go back to sleep.”

“Mmph.” Catra made a noise of protest, pushing herself. Cyra and Lyra had warned Adora that Catra might be a little defensive for the next few days. It was nothing personal — Lyra had nearly bitten Cyra, apparently. “Lemme see.”

Adora obediently handed the baby over, not interested in starting a fight with her hormonal wife who gave birth less than twelve hours ago. Catra was half sitting up as she took Finn, cradling him to her chest and purring until he calmed. “You okay?” Adora asked. Catra nodded, yawning, and leaned over to rest her head on Adora’s shoulder. She had her wife. She had their children.

Everything was perfect.