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As he sat down in the midst of a dark beach with his wings wide open, Lucifer had never thought that one of his vacations would turn to be something so much more. The fun of it all, the mischief-laden desire to annoy dear old dad was long gone as he bled through his bruised face, thanks to his celestial brawl back in the fighting pit earlier. There had always been exchanges between the two, but it had come to a point where he saw Amendial as nothing more than his enemy. God's greatest warrior was indeed his greatest warrior, the brother part is long forgotten.


“Are you sure Lucifer?”

Maze whispered through her masked confidence, underneath lay the insecurity of a demon who was going to abandon her home forever.

Lucifer knew that. Maze had always been his biggest support, did whatever he asked without as much a blink, but this, the very first time, he felt the mix of emotion, if Maze was capable of any other than her usual ones.


“Yes, Mazikeen, it’s time.”

And with that, Maze brought her blade close to his shoulder blades, the pointed edge cool against his burning ravenous body. She cut through his skin, deeper as she went, shedding his divinity all across the beach. A few deep incisions and cuts later, his left-wing lay next to him, lifeless as he felt at the moment. He couldn’t help but eye it from the corner of his eye, the stark white wings of the Morningstar, lay there, like trash ready to be disposed of a fancy-dress show. He held back his own tears as he tilted his head forward continued to look at the crashing waves, as if synchronous to his own crashing self. And just in the spiral, of waves, rage, and befallen destiny, his right-wing came off.


“It’s done, Lucifer. It’s done.”

And he jolted back to reality. He heard Maze in a requiem, lost in his dwindling pain but it still took a jolt to his shoulders from Maze which pushed him into his wingless, reality. He heard Maze hold back a sob, as admonishing as it was for hell’s fiercest warrior, and with that, he let his own flow down his burnt cuts, reminding him of how he really, truly, was fallen.



“It’s okay Maze, I’ll look over the books you don’t have to whip out your blades at Patrick every now and then.”

Lucifer called out to maze with a playful undertone, trying to negate the seriousness of her threat, which au contraire wasn’t playful at all.

“But you like a little role play with pointed edges, don’t you Patrick?”

Maze licked the pointed pin of her favorite blade as she gave Patrick a lusty gaze, nonetheless, Patrick scuttered, leaving the drink unfinished and left Maze with her blade, half-filled glass, and boss alone.

“Come now Maze, stop bothering the poor sod, you know the only way he can betray us if he left a drink or two spilled on the counter and left that unattended.”

“I won't settle until I know who’s behind all this mess, not that you have a care other than the mess, rather messes lying in your bedroom right now.”

Lucifer smirked “You know me Maze, no rest for the wicked. And it surely isn’t the devil’s fault that the Brittanys brought along a friend, rather friends.”

“Stop fooling around Lucifer, someone is embezzling from Lux and it leaves us exposed to the likes of these pesky little humans, aren’t you the least bit worried?”

With that, Maze stomped the glass, emptying her drink through her blazing anger stuck throat. It only seemed fair that the demon in her was whipping out her blade at every possible opportunity presented as doubt and stunk of betrayal to her boss. Eons spent by his side, through his fall, through his hellish ash-laden hallways, it would take a multitude of those eons for Maze to let go of that basic instinct.

Sure, Lucifer bantered and negated all the bile Maze was spitting at him or Patrick but now, even he had gotten a bit to vary as to the embezzling situation. It had been over a month since Lux’s accounting team had pointed out the imbalance on the financial statements to Lucifer. Now he would trust his team to fix the situation but it had only amplified in multitude and the team was left baffled.

Now it wouldn’t take much to scare a group of measly finance-stricken nerds but he knew his team was the best at what they did and spitting hellfire at them wouldn’t remedy the situation. There had been about $450,000 missing from the books when Lucifer was first informed of the problem and he hadn’t paid much head, maybe one of his favors needed to be called in, and an emergency loan out here and there would fix the problem, but now a little over a month later, the figure had come to $50 million and that couldn’t just be let off.

“Alright Maze, I’ll look into Lux’s twisted knickers, maybe untwist some myself in the penthouse while I am at it, but we’ll get to the bottom of this. Have Steve from the team contact me tomorrow at 7 PM sharp, I don’t want Lux’s business affected through these minor inconveniences.”

With that, he pulled a tarp of ‘minor inconvenience’ over an obviously, otherwise situation, slammed his glass at the counter in a signature ‘I’m off’ thump.

Maze, if not the most loyal and fierce demon, would not rest until she got to the bottom of this. No matter how many humans she had to skim through.




Chloe ruffled through the Brain Holders murder file, still stumped how it had been over 36 hours and there was no lead, no murder weapon, just a cigarette butt wiped off any DNA useful for the investigation. Sure, clues didn’t drop at her convenience right after a murder but this surely would be the very first time that all 4 sweeps of the crime scene came back empty. A cigarette butt, that’s it? How could anyone leave a crime scene as if it had barely been one?


She started from the first page again.

Brain Holders, 34, CEO of Stroke Capital Holdings was a rather dashing man, with no previous notable medical ailments record or criminal either. Had two kids, wife died in a car crash 5 years ago, was single until last year. His girlfriend, Sophie Niles was an accountant for a nightclub in a posh corner in Los Angeles and that’s about all she could gather from her social media footprint. She was brought into questioning about 4 times already and all she could do was sob her way into hysteric crying and dry heaving, so much so, she had a minor stroke in the last one and was hospitalized, rather useless dead end again.

Chloe admonished herself as thought so, but then the truth was the truth.

As she was in her reverie, her phone buzzed and jacked her out of her thought chain.

“Hi Dan, anything works out yet?”

“Other than our marriage you mean?”

If it had been anyone else, Chloe would end the call on that rather personal jibe but she and Dan were already past that. The divorce was really, actually amicable and they didn’t want to rip each other’s throats, they knew how important it was for Trixie and well, for both of them. Before being estranged as a couple, they would always be the best of friends and partners at work. That’s what made them work and would always.


Chloe guffawed “Yes Dan, other than our sorry ass marriage” They both laughed at that before Dan went on.

“Wow Chlo, for someone who’s sitting on a leadless case you sure are a delight to ring at.”

“I know I know, I figured banging my head against this file isn’t going to help anything. I’m stuck and it would be the same if I had a bleeding head banged well on my desk and a few riled fits of abuse at the evidence room. Although I’m still pretty pissed about Lux’s legal team blocking out the warrant. It could be a clue path to Brian’s murder since we aren’t getting anything else.”

“Yeah about that, Judge Sanders, approved a warrant to question the staff at Sofie’s nightclub workplace. Do clubs really have accountants Chlo?”

“No Dan. Of course not, they write down the price of each drink after they waggle all their drunk clientele when they exit the club.”

“How dare you over goof me Chlo”

They both laughed hysterically at that and ended the call.

With the warrant for the accounting team at Lux approved, Chloe sat researching the nightclub Lux. The site opened up to a brilliantly dim-lit headboard of Lux and that was that. She scrolled for more inside pictures of the place only to come across the page title saying, ‘Want a peep, step inside the devil’s lair’.

Wow, that’s good marketing for the fanciest club on the block. Chloe scrolled further to find anything more about the club, but to her dismay, the board banner Lux and an inquisitive one-liner were all she could find. She then googled Lux again and a few results later, she came across the name Lucifer Morningstar.

“Wow they really mean the devil’s lair thing, the owner is devil, sure.” She murmured to herself half laughingly and clicked on the link.

There it was, Lucifer Morningstar's picture, clad in a grey slate suit with a maroon silk square. With a beautiful smirk plastered across his chiseled face, eyes dreamy pools of mischief, she was sure, he was a delight to look at and oh boy, the owner being the devil? Was no joke really.  

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“Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck yes.”

Riley was mad with her build-up, to the third orgasm of the night and Lucifer truly had no mercy on her.

“Yes, darling tell me how you like my dick pumping in and out of your sweet little hole, or is my tongue better, darling.”

He knew how she couldn’t resist when Lucifer murmured absolute filth in her ears, eyes on her, continued pumping through her, driving her over the edge with another crashing orgasm as she slumped back on the bed her sweaty back relaxing from the arching orgasms and stretched out lazily. Insides warm and truly well fucked, Riley couldn’t keep her eyes open.

“Look at me darling, look how mad you make me with your clenching little pussy.”

He continued whispering and pounding into her as he chased his own, crashing orgasm. He pumped deep inside her, groaning as the spurts of his cum subsided and he climbed down from his high. Riley patted his chest as he slumped right next to her.

“Oh Lucifer, I keep wondering it can’t get any better for us, but I don’t know how it does. Babe, you fuck me so good.”

“Darling, the devil always outshines, your little freak mind and well his own I must say.”

He whispered as he leaned in to kiss her as she began stroking his already hard shaft back to attention.

Her nimble fingers worked her way through the shaft, rubbing the tip with her thumb and occasionally massaging the balls. He deepened the kiss burying his hand in her hair, angling her towards his explorative mouth as his tongue played a game of its own.

“Darling, you truly have no mercy, and that’s the devil talking.”

He laughed and continued to nibble on her lips, leaning towards her neck to trail down kisses through a path of purple spots he decorated her with earlier.
Just as he shifted, Riley pulled away and little and shoved her fingers in his mouth.

“It’s my turn to drive you to exhaustion Lucifer.”

Lucifer smirked at his devious partner,
“Oh darling, I’d love for you to try.”

And laid back with a sigh and let her have her way with him.
Riley nibbled on his neck, proceeded to bite his nipple, and lick out her torment of each as she laid kisses throughout his torso and proceeded to hit her prime destination. She eyed him hungrily as she laid one last kiss to his trimmed curls and Lucifer was ready to be feasted upon. Just then, hell broke loose, quite literally.


Oh, Maze.

“If you’ve had your cock sucked enough, may I suggest you present your whole being for a more purposeful matter downstairs, my lord?”

“I’m sure whatever it is can wait until dear Riley has slurped on her favorite treat, surely Maze?"

Meanwhile, Riley backed into a corner on the bed, puzzled how moments ago the man in her bed was groaning his balls out, and now, donning a glorious erection, he laid conversing with another lady, clad in black leather.

“Well, she can join us Lucifer, I’m game if she can share the treat.”

Riley gingerly came back, resumed her ministrations with a bit of irritation, her hand back in the known rhythm, how could she ever resist the cock that painfully invited her to continue?

“Oh, why not, shall we turn this into a crime-themed orgy Lucifer, certainly suits the theme of the fucking month.”

“Ah darling, I would fuck your mouth in a less, interruptive scenario for sure, but could you give us a moment sweat pea?”

Lucifer kissed Riley’s annoyed puffy pout as she picked up her clothes and proceeded to leave.

“You’ve got my aching attention Maze, now what seems to be the matter? I told you I’ll deal with the embezzlement shit, although I do have a good-for-nothing team and well, you, to sort that out, but yes, I will look into it. But interrupting my private matters for something so childish isn’t a jolly way to have my attention. Now bloody well speak up Maze, hell hath broken loose I’m sure?”

Lucifer huffed and puffed his way to the bath to take care of the matter, Riley left unattended.

“You know I’m just as big a fan of sex as you are Lucifer but unless you wish the police join you in your bedroom and it turns into an orgy, I suggest you warp your dick well and come downstairs, the LAPD is here.”

“Well, you could’ve just led with that, instead of spitting sarcasm at a delicate devil.”

Lucifer stepped out of the shower cubicle half annoyed and half smirky, as his usual dickish self.

“I swear I’ll sear your dick with a blade of mine someday”

“Oh, would you now my little demon.”

Lucifer laughed his way to get dressed to greet his police friends.


Since the warrant had come through, Chloe sat researching everything under the sun that she could find under the tags of Lux and Lucifer Morningstar.

She didn’t get anything fruitful with the former but the latter, oh boy. Lucifer Morningstar was a delight to the eyes and she couldn’t stop scrolling, that was for sure. She found links to scholarship foundations under his name, some odd hazy piano performances a couple of guests at Lux had managed to record from a very unfathomable angle. Though she couldn't form through anything, she could see the figure sitting behind a black piano, undoubtedly the owner himself. She could listen to the melody that made its way through the obviously overtly cheerful crowd at Lux.

As the continued playing the seventh performance video, Chloe truly had never listened to a more soothing baritone, perfectly paired with the smooth Steinway keys he serenaded through. And it was all she could listen to, trying to make out how he looks while he played, how his fingers would stroke the keys to a symphony, how his fingers…

“Hey Chlo, Chlo!!”

Chloe stepped out of dreamland Morningstar as Dan snapped his fingers in front of her.

“Chlo are you sleeping with your eyes open or have you truly started dealing with our divorce and realized how horrible you were to me?”

“Yes, you simple excuse for a companion.”

Chloe muttered back at Dan, both of them laughed as they got up to leave for a face-to-face with the person Chloe had just sat obsessing over for the last 2 hours.


Chloe parked her cruiser outside the visitor’s parking. The main entrance to the club was already lining up for its 7 PM opening and it was only 5!
So far, Chloe was piqued out of her curiosity and there’s only so much a detective can be nabbed at when it comes to curiosity. It was like a puzzle she had been gathering pieces to in the past 5 hours and she couldn’t wait for them to be pieced together. Dan and two officers were chit-chatting in the background as they approached the stairway to the club area.

And Chloe was truly taken by the sight of the club.

It wasn’t a club out of the future but the cool undertones of suede wall coverings with a dark willow floor and a spacious sit down made her image of a packed sweaty, sleazy club wash away.
Well, what were the chances of the owner and his club being a classy maneuver at both humans and clubs she had come to know? The floor was wide, expansive, and had a step’s break between the dance floor that ended at the signboard she saw on the website and on the other end the bard where a decorative shelf of all the liquor possibly imaginable lay stacked in what one could call an art gallery-like installation. The ceiling was beautiful, classy, and vibrant with dimming gold panes, accompanied by gold bulbs to match the holdings. As she was lost in her admiration,

“Oh hello, detectives, to what do I owe the pleasure.”

And there. Mouth dry, eyes wide open, loss of words, palms sweaty. There. Lucifer Morningstar, in person and boy, a British accent.

Would he bleed gold if she shot him?

“Hello, Mr. Morningstar”

Dan paused

“I’m sorry is this your real name or?..”

Chloe was still captive of the view while Dan gave her a look to share the ridicule of someone actually named “Lucifer Morningstar”.

Dan gave her a nudge as she descended down the stairway to reality which was just a well-paced version of her reverie.

“Oh god-given I’m afraid”

“Umm sure, okay. Mr. Morningstar, I’m detective Daniel Espinoza, this is my partner Detective Chloe Decker and these are Officers Matthew Cols and Kathy Jones. We’re here regarding the murder of a Mr. Brian Holders.”

“Well, that doesn’t really ring any recognizable bells detective, I know no such person.”

“Well yes…”

Dan was interrupted as Chloe stepped in to complete, now totally in charge of her detective self now.

“Yes, one of your employees a Miss Sophie Niles, of your finance and accounting team was his girlfriend. We have a warrant to conduct a regular line of questioning to look into her background, I’m sure you’d cooperate.”

“Oh, absolutely detective, anything for a blue-eyed doe-like yourself, and of course you too detective and officers, please do follow me.”

A faint blush crept up to Chloe’s cheeks and warmed her already hot neck. Oh, what are the odds of combusting in a well-air-conditioned posh nightclub?

As they sat down in the VIP lounge Maze joined Lucifer in the lounge to seek remedy to their own matter.

“Do ask away detectives, how we may be of service.”

“So, can you tell us anything about miss Sophie?”

“Well, she’s a great help to the team here at Lux, we really do employ the best. We do run background checks on all our employees and she’s one of the few that are the spot-free ones. Very work-minded but a positive presence to be with. We don't do nerdy here, truly a buzzkill.”

Lucifer ended his answer with a suave sip on his whiskey as he said poised and his accent working its way through Chloe. Chloe continued,

“Okay I’d sure to put that in her birthday Instagram post, but anything more relevant to a murder investigation.”

“Uhh, she just means we’re going to need a more in-depth description of her work here at Lux.”

Dan elbowed Chloe, her now 42 hours- no clue self clearly taking over.

Lucifer eyed Chloe and smirked

“My my detective, aren’t you tenacious. Well, she handles our offshore accounts and her demised boyfriend had just signed a forex handling contract with us if that’s helpful to you. And that’s all I am aware of, I’m sure Maze can help you further with the employee background files and reference and team contacts.”

And with that, Lucifer stood up and straightened his cufflinks and turned to shake Chloe’s hand.

“It was great meeting you detectives and officers. And a pleasure, ever tenacious Ms. Chloe”

With that, he shook Chloe’s hand and brought it to his lips to lay light as a feather kiss on her knuckles. Well, thank her fixated fogged-up brain, Chloe let the heat to her face return, but ever so quickly let it subside. She gave him a weird look as he left, not knowing what had taken over her.

“Okay, Ms. Maze, can you recall anything out of the ordinary that Ms. Sophie exhibited, acted differently, changes in usual work pattern, etc?”

Maze thought keenly, could this be related to the embezzlement problem they were facing?

“Well, there is a thing, in the past month there has been $50 million embezzled from Lux.”

Fuck Lucifer’s ignorance, right?

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It was just after a busy business day at Lux that Maze sat on the countertop, Patrick between her legs, mimosa in her hands, and her head was thrown back. She loved the after-hours, it was no rush, Lucifer would’ve retired with his own shenanigans and she was alone with her devious sex toy, Patrick.

“Ahh, Patrick, now I’m not a slurpy honey, suck well what you wish to achieve with licking.”

With that, Patrick looked up to her and rubbed his nose along her clit, pushed in a finger and she bit her lip in a proud, twisted, teacher-student moment. She moaned and gyrated against his face as she found the rhythm she was looking for.

“Oh yes, I did teach you well.”

She pushed her free hand in his hair and meddled with the ends as he continued to work her towards her peak. It's the only way she knew how; she could take her mind off of what she felt was a betrayal of sorts to Lucifer. Eons spent by his side, fighting in the despairing pools of hell, Maze was had always been fiercely loyal to Lucifer.
It was now when they had descended amongst humanity, Maze and he had moved to become more than just devil and demon chronicles. One might call them friends, she detested the term but she knew it was true, going by the humanitarian standards.

That night on the beach was the beginning of a change, of everything they stood for in hell, in all those millennia. Funny how five years in comparison to countless millennia could turn the dynamics of what was nature since the beginning of time.


The ash has dissipated soon after the last feather turned to nothingness. It truly was done. The wings had been cut down, burnt to the ground, well sand actually. Perks of burning divinity, there wasn’t much clean up to take care of or fuming odor. Only the knocking reality setting in, there was truly no going back.
Lucifer kept his stoic pose as he kept sitting, slumped on his knees as if to break in prayer any minute. But the devil wasn’t going to pray to father dearest, not now, not ever, not for anything. Wasn’t he aware of, ironically, the hell he made the devil go through?

As if pushing him through the gates of heaven, damning him into a dark pit of endless misery and mortar-laden lands wasn’t damning enough. His eyes were red, not for the tears he had shed, but all those he tried to keep in but the agony broke through his rigid self. Cracks through his soul shed out of his tears and he gave in to his pain, not feeling his tears but just letting them flow. Maze had sat behind him, his loyal warrior, and she wept into her own loss, of home, of surrounded by a species she had been taught to despise, of the horror that settled deep in her gut that there truly was no way back now.

That night on, Lucifer and Maze burned their anger through their bodies.

They continued to fuck each other’s pain into oblivion, mad at everything, mad at the humanity-stricken trap that surrounded them, furious at their sealed, doomed fate. There was nothing passionate about the collision of their bodies, just dissipating, endless agony. Soon, it came to involve men and women who came seeking pleasure for a night or two, giving their bodies to both of them to carve out their own pain through the business of barter of naked bodies. That was all it was, just a barter of orgasms like an automated clock that went its usual course, never breaking the pattern, never changing, just repeatedly striking 12.

Over and over again.

Until Dr. Martin stumbled into their bedroom that night.


Maze jolted to reality when she shuddered through her second orgasm, throwing her head back, dropping the mimosa into the eerie silence which was only covered in the slurping, licking sounds Patrick loved to groan too. He ate out her second one, religiously giving her his frame and let her ride his now slippery face with her flowing cum and desire shining bright. She pulled him up from his shoulders as he broke away from the haze of Maze’s climb to the next one.

“You are so good to me Patrick; might I return the favor to you.”

Maze whispered against his lips as she dived into his mouth to lick herself out. It truly was one of her favorite things to do. Eating herself out, from his face, oh her little sex toy truly was a wonder for a mortal. She plunged two fingers deep inside her, wagged her arousal onto her fingers, and pushed them between his lips. “See? So, fucking good, this should be rewarded, shouldn’t it?” Patrick licked her fingers clean and could only manage a throaty


With that, Maze pulled him closer, yanked his pants open, and stroked his achingly hard member, finally giving the attention of the touch he craved for. All this while, Patrick sucked on her fingers, mad with need, wanton desire dilating his pupils as she pulled him up on the top. Maze almost always was in command oh how her sexcapade with him, or anyone ended, but tonight was one of the rare days where she just needed to lose herself, not care about being on the top, controlling, guarded.


Lucifer hummed an unknown melody as his fingers played a symphony, he recalled bits of it, having heard those last in the streets of Rome, as they built it up.
The ruins, he remembers were almost calling out to the wreckage on, the symphony the homeless played on the street’s day and night. He continued briskly on the piano as his elevator pinged, which he didn’t hear over his own shards of scattered music.

“Lucifer, I need to talk to you.”

“If you are here to ramble about the bloody embezzlement, I swear to dear old dad Maze I will arrange your concierge back to hell myself, wings or not.”

“Just hear me out, it is about the embezzlement but it's not what you think. Just remember, I did what I did to protect you, not just as your loyal demon companion but as your friend.”

Lucifer raised his eyebrow and arched forward as to call her out to speak through her hesitation, ground had been laid for what she did.

“Well, I wouldn’t have if the police didn’t come this morning but when I heard about Brian’s murder, I just felt I should speak out about our, well, situation and maybe there’s something more serious here than a couple of dollars, sorry, a couple of million dollars missing. While I know I did what I did in your best interest but I somehow feel I betrayed you and I don’t feel that often, so much so I didn’t even feel two of my orgasms.”

Maze was far from over from her spiraling ramble and Lucifer interrupted her.

“A a a Maze, darling, can you stop rambling like a 14-year-old teenager trying to explain porn on his laptop to his father. I really hope you hadn’t gotten chatty with our fellow LAPD friends, even though the rack on the blue-eyed blond was truly hard to resist. You are well aware the nature of our work isn’t very declaration worthy. The favors are the devil’s tool because humans desire secrecy of what they truly desire. But now that you have gone and sung like a nightingale, I suggest you stop giving yourself a headache for no good reason. It’s done, I appreciate your heart being in the right place.”

And he enveloped her into a hug.
At the end of the day, they were the only ones that truly understood each other, childish jabber and petty fights aside.

“Let’s hope we don’t get dragged into anything that isn’t our concern, alright?”

He tapped on her head playfully with a little smack and she visibly relaxed.


It was a little over 10 when Chloe finally felt the need to look away from the murder files and the background checks Lucifer’s assistant had provided. It didn’t make any more sense than it earlier did. Sophie’s record was indeed spotless, no criminal record, no slumpy family. An only child, she had been raised in a seemingly happy, financially well-to-do family.
Brain on the other hand came from a less than humble background and could be called a biopic version of a self-built man. Earned his way into Booth Business School, he worked his way to the success he, well, had come to enjoy very recently. He had held himself together like a rock. His kids, both, the best private schools Los Angeles had to offer and she could feel how he must've felt, just like she did for Trixie. 
He had recently taken over the position of the CEO after Co-Founding the company but staying away from the limelight, building the solid grounds which the company had come to be known of, and the first major deal was with the devil himself.
While it wasn’t anything alarm-worthy, it sure connected some stray dots straight to the embezzlement at Lux. She would need to gather more intel on the kind of business Mr. Morningstar indulged in.

“Hey Chlo, should I drop you home, the sitter called. She has to leave as well and we both know Olga would be fast asleep by now.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m just wrapping up these files, they are just a bunch of loose ends and it’s killing me. How can I not have a solid lead after fifty fucking hours Dan, you know this has never happened to me.”

She rubbed her temple. Chloe knew her exasperation wasn’t wrong but what she would agree on with Dan that it really was ill-timed and leaving Trixie with the sitter and scratching her head mad into the night would not help anything.
And with that, she gathered her files and stacked them in a corner, and left to call it a night with Dan.


“Trix, Trixie babe..”

She called out to her as she unlocked the door. The sitter jolted from her own drowsy state and shushed her in a loud whisper,

“Heyy hey, she has just gone to sleep, she was awake until 15 minutes back but she just couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore.”

She yawned big.

“Well that would make two, I’m so sorry Christie, this case had me all riled up, I just lost track of time. Here,”
she handed a couple of dollars extra to her as she slowly lifted Trixie’s head from her lap, careful not to wake her up.

“I’m sure a pizza from Pino’s would keep you company while you ride home? I’ve already called you a cab so don’t worry about getting a bus this late.”

“It’s alright Ms. Decker, I understand, your work is such, and well, pizza has made my sleepy anger at you vanish apparently, hmm.”

Christie was truly a sweetheart, fierce, but sweetheart nonetheless. She really reminded Chloe of her own high school days.

“Thank you so much”

She called out one last time as she closed the door behind her. She tucked Trixie in carefully as to not wake her up and quickly changed into her baggy tee and shorts to call it a night. She landed on the covers with a thump barely having any more energy than to just pass out from the exhaustion.

And then.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Her phone buzzed, Caller ID Unknown.

“This better be a fire or death situation.”

She silently groaned into the call, not caring who the unknown caller could be. If it were a murderer he’d have to wait until the morning to murder her.

“Well, hello detective, you surely know how to charm your way to the devil’s heart.”

Well, shit.

Chapter Text

Relinquished control. That’s what Lucifer hated the most, only next to lying, one could call it a tied-up situation for the number one position on the list. He had enough puppetry at the hands of the Almighty and he wasn't looking to be put in that situation, again, ever. And the only time he did relinquish control, some part of it really, was only in his bedroom when his partners were really good to him of course.

Bummer now, Maze had spilled the beans to the doe-eyed detective earlier in the morning. Ugh, curse. He shouldn’t have left her alone when he knew it was all she was currently yapping about, but in all fairness, there truly was something about the detective’s sass that would make anyone give right into it. Too bad he couldn’t stay where he would make her give in rather, what a fun little turnabout would that be. Ah pure devious and passion stricken.

But the crime of passion later, he really did have to take back the reigns from the detective’s lead on the information regarding Lux’s matters. Sure, there wasn’t anything that he wanted to hide but that would never come to mean him befriending the law or Dad forbid even help them during a murder investigation, what kind of a Devil would that make him?

He picked up his phone,

“Yes, I’m calling in on my IOU, remember the chef I introduced you to?”

“Yes yes, I don’t need to hear how thankful and indebted you are to me, I need you to act on that debt. Yes, I need the contact details of a Detective Chloe Decker, she works for the LAPD, blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a 34B for sure. Yes, thank you, I’ll check my phone for the files. Pleasure doing business with you Carter.”

And there, he dialed her number.




Dr. Linda was just done for the day when she heard a soft tap on her door.

“I know it’s you Maze; it can only be you at this ungodly hour.”

She laughed and continued rearranging her desk for an early session the next morning.

“You know it could be a murderer, and you just don’t care. And how come you always know it’s me.”

Maze sat down on her sofa and continued to shake her head in feigned annoyance.

“Maze, only the devil, and his demon come unannounced whenever they deem fit, and might I remind you, it comes with the package of being “friends and therapist” to both of them. So, what brings you at my door again dear Maze.”

Linda sat down in front of her, ready to brace another storm of a celestial magnitude.

“I ah, well, I feel like I betrayed Lucifer. And this is a new feeling I have encountered; I’ve never felt this way. Obviously, who better to guide me?”

She gave Linda an uncomfortable smile, clearly faking it for the sake of yet again, downplaying her emotions.

“Well, I need you to tell me what happened, I’m sure it isn’t that bad.”

“Well, there has been an embezzling situation at Lux and Lucifer doesn’t seem much bothered, but the thing is, today some detectives showed up and there’s been a murder of a guy we recently signed a deal with, and his girlfriend is one of Lux’s team. I know Lucifer can handle it but a murder? I couldn’t help but tell the detectives about it, without consulting or letting Lucifer know. I mean I clearly panicked right? I swear I didn’t mean to go behind his back.”

“Maze, honey, you did nothing wrong. And I agree with Lucifer on this, it’s actually okay. And in my opinion, as a professional, it’s actually good that you involved the detectives, you could never know what might be the extent of this matter right? And as a friend, you truly looked out for Lucifer, and the friend that protects you behind your back as well, is really a true one, take it from me, it is definitely something I would’ve done.”

Linda ended with a warm smile before moving to the couch beside her and Maze just laid her head in her lap.

“How do you always know what to say?”

She smiled as she looked up at Linda, who smiled at her, only wider.

“Maze, I told you, comes with the package. And the fact that, till date, I’m the only person who would refuse to sleep with the both of you, despite your very spot on advances, should tell you I’m not one of the people you just picked.”

She smirked.

“You could say I picked you” And laughed.

“Oh, our therapist is really way over in her head and cheeky, should I stab your face so you stop grinning?”

Maze held up her blades playfully before they both dissipated into fits of laughter and a now, relaxed evening.




“Well, well, we’re truly building portfolio Maze, we’ve never had a therapist among us. I wonder what notes she’s going to take tonight from our little session if I may call it.” Lucifer shot a naughty smirk as Maze continued to kiss Linda and Lucifer took off his shirt to join them in bed.

“Darling, are you sure you want a devil’s threesome, I’m sure you know it’s called that for a reason. And tonight is a favor I won’t count.”

Linda broke free from Maze’s kiss,

“Well, what makes you think you aren’t in for a ride yourself, and by that, I mean the both of you.”

Lucifer’s interest was truly piqued and Maze was definitely seconds away from breaking loose to ravish her with sharp as her tongue blades.

“Darling I assure you, you are definitely holding the wrong assumptions about who controls whose desires tonight, if you play fair, I might give in to what you desire.”

Linda pushed away Lucifer a bit, who clearly wasn’t in the mood for any more words and by the bulge of his pants, Linda probably should’ve shut up then.

“Funny, you try to hide your rudeness and clearly quite dickish behavior behind a mask of well, controlled meaningless sex. Well, I find people who are rude usually feel powerless in their own lives. Terrified of not being in control. I’m sure that isn’t you two.”

For the first time in eons, Lucifer had been stunned. A year on the earthly plane and he’d been stunned! His throbbing member seemed like a secondary desire at the moment and the fact to lay havoc on a small blond like herself seemed more important. And Maze was clearly behind that idea.

“Don’t you try to shrink my boss, he’s the devil, not some patient of yours. This was clearly a mistake, doctor.”

“Well, that’s something I’d agree on. Try emotions next time, I’m sure many would find that indulgent.” And with that, Linda got up, gathered her jacket and heels, and walked away.

And with her, the king and demon of oh hell, in spirit, did too.

A measly human had not only rejected their advances, but also repulsed them with the talk of emotions, and somehow it had got to them. How could that ever be?

They both lay awake that night in thoughts of anger, confusion, the first time their bodies not a participant of controlled sex play of sorts in a year. And the beginning of firsts too. The next morning, the devil would find her, probably give her a good glimpse of his fiery eyes, he promised to himself. But little did he know, it wouldn’t end in sex, but his first-ever therapy session.




Chloe couldn’t believe her ears, had she thought of him too much? Had she truly lost her mind to a British club owner’s thought and after what? A few hours of stalking and a peck on her knuckles? It seemed she really should’ve lived her life while in high school instead of fucking acting like one now.

“Whoever this is, you should check your calling hours before you go sassing people who are in their beds.” Of course, she knew it was him. Of course. But she decided to play it cool, he didn’t have to know, if not the whole, her mind had been majorly occupied by him and his accent and his fingers, bloody fuck.

“Well, greetings, Detective Decker, this is Lucifer Morningstar, the charming devil himself. And I'm sure I can add value to your bedtime”

Did she accidentally somehow called him charming or could he read her thoughts?

“Well, I assure you it’s the most pressing matter, or I wouldn’t have disturbed a beauty’s beauty sleep. Not that a beauty like you should be fast asleep already, the night is still young detective, shouldn’t you be ravishing someone or someone’s father? I’m open to being a meal if you want.”

Was he really, could she really get those lips anywhere other than her knuckles? Focus Chloe.

“I’m sure a club owner much as yourself wouldn’t know how a clock works but some of us who work for a living, truly understand the concept well enough. Now would you please enlighten me what is it that was so ‘pressing’ at this godawful time?” For someone who was drooling, she truly spat a boatload of sarcasm at him, truly couldn’t keep it in, not that he wasn’t wildly irritating, and handsome. UGH.

“Yes, he rather is quite awful, but no need to bring my dad into this. I called you to talk about the matter Maze, my assistant, would’ve told you about this morning. While I assure you, we have nothing unlawful, but I truly would respect some discretion.”

“I'm going to stop your request for discretion right there sir. Would it make you feel better, if I was anyhow, going to come to see you in the morning regarding the investigation? Now if you would just let me sleep.” Sleep, she truly was battered.

“Oh, lookey, the detective has already planned a sweet little date. I assure you detective, a date with the devil? Delightful to say the least.”

“It’s a murder investigation Mr. Morningstar, unless you want a date in a holding cell, I’m sure you’ll cooperate.”

“Oh, darling I’ll cooperate with you any which way.”

Chloe sighed. This was going to be more difficult than she thought.

“Shall I say tomorrow morning at 10, my penthouse, detective? I’m sure the place and of course I, would do things to you.”

It would barely be an hour at the most, she could keep herself in check. Daytime should hold back the devil’s charms, right?

Boy was she wrong.

Chapter Text

It was blazing hot in California, the kind of day that makes your sweat seep through the mattress. Chloe was awoken with a hot head, sweaty neck, and a screaming Trixie.

“Mommy, we’re going to be late for school, my bus will be here in 5 minutes.”

She screamed in a shrill little voice while jostling her feet. It was funny how small yet how adult-like she was. Already dressed up in a pink dress and a jacket with hair clearly tied back, she took a moment to take in how fast Trixie had grown up.

“I’m so sorry monkey, mommy was working late. I’ll ready you not one, but two bedtime stories tonight.”

On days like these, realization struck her like a lightning on an electric pole, how her being a detective was making Trixie possibly the smartest 8-year-old she knew, but also kind of the oldest. It was a boon and a bane all in itself. Her little pink bowed doll, jostling her mom up from sleep. Oh shit, they were late, Chloe rushed out of her bed, pulled back her bed hair, and rushed down the stairs, screaming at Trixie to watch her step but almost tripping down the stairs herself.

They did manage to get the bus in time, with Chloe half panting and Trixie, eventually tripping on the first step of the bus. But the big girl she was, she brushed up immediately and kissed and waved her mom goodbye. Ah, the joy of having this smart ball as her kid.

Chloe smiled between her pants and went back to get dressed for the challenge that lay ahead of her.




Lucifer was already on his third drink of the day. It was almost 10 and he was excited, impatient, clammy all balled up in one cluster of feelings about seeing Chloe any minute now. He washed it down quickly, fixing his cuffs when he heard the elevator ping.

There she was.

Blond tresses slicked back in a no-nonsense ponytail, a camisole hugging her to give out a hint of her soft breasts and flat stomach but not much to give away. The blue-greyish jeans hugged her long legs like a second skin, complete with office boots. Not a very boggling outfit for a workday, just your usual. But it’s her. And then he looked back at the eyes that hooked him, the first time they met. There. The inquisitive, deep blue eyes.

He must’ve realized how eternity must’ve passed in his role of a schoolboy dumbstruck when he finally felt the smooth coldness of his glass and jolted back to make an uncomfortable attempt at conversation and equally embarrassing comeback to his deep scan of the detective, in case she pointed it out. The man had to be prepared with his guns.

He cleared his throat.

“Ah detective, they must give out medals for being right on time. Do come in, I was just pouring myself a drink, would you like one? Choose your poison.”

He managed to regain his demeanor off the sexy smooth talker club owner devil, and filled himself a glass of the swill, picking out another for her.

“Hate to disappoint you but I don’t start my mornings my washing down top-shelf whiskey usually. More of a cereal girl myself. And I’m on duty. And it’s 10 AM. I’m sure it would make some sense to someone.”

Chloe and her ammunition of spitting sarcasm like gunfire. Oh, dear lord.

“I presume it’s a common skillset pointer on all detectives to answer everything with sass or is it just you darling? Far be for me to complain though. Love a sassy mouth, oh the things they do.” He ended with a glint in his eye, smirk on his perfect lips; Chloe resisted hard to not let her face turn beet. “Please, this way detective.”

Chloe sat down on his beige leather couch and Lucifer sat right beside her, keeping a safe distance between the both of them.

Lucifer wore a navy button-down dress shirt with his sleek cufflinks in place, amplifying his strong hands and somehow dainty wrists. Leading up to the muscle and the big guns on him. Her mouth went a little dry, she’d always had a thing for men who were built but not were in an in-your-face way. His smooth grey pants, tailored to fit enhanced his butt in a way you find it beyond yourself to resist. It was as if he was right out of a magazine, and it was just 10 AM. She was constantly berating herself for taking in every little detail of him but she couldn’t help. For one, he started with the ogle fest. Looking at her like damn candy, so she could only be fair and ogle her share, or maybe a bit more. Two could play at this game.

“So how can I be of further help detective.” The playfulness had taken a back seat and it jolted the professional Chloe right of the Lost in a British man’s charm Chloe.

“So, the information Ms. Mazikeen provided was really helpful. We were practically on a dead-end regarding the murder. But it isn’t enough, we need more to tie these ends and connect them with a better confirmation. The criminal records show nothing and there’s hot to more than to squeaky clean character checks. As the owner of the club, I’m assuming you would let me in on a bit more and tell me more about the deal you made with Mr. Brian.”

“Well, like I was saying last night. I own a proud establishment. I assure you, on my watch, nothing unlawful, explicitly at least, doesn’t take place at Lux. The discretion I ask of you is simply because of the reputation I have to uphold. And it’s a matter of pride of me, People come to me for that very discretion, and fulfilling unbidden raw desires, granting favors, can sometimes not comply with the law. The point I’m trying to make here detective, I’m the harbinger of fulfillment. What that fulfillment leads to, isn’t on my hands. I will not be hence, again, dragged in the bad rap pit hole being the devil gets me into. I’m not responsible for the choices humans make for their fulfillment.”

“I don’t understand the devil business here Mr. Morningstar but as a detective, I cannot solely rely on your promise of being the almost lawful “harbinger of fulfillment”. I’ll need more than a character promise from you.”

Somehow, Lucifer felt the searing sense of trust build up in his chest, like he could really divulge her in the details and not just the clawing feeling of opening up, he felt this gnawing sense to help her, to help her serve justice, and what was justice if not the rightful punishment. And it was what he really wanted to do, not punish the guilt-stricken, but those deserved it. And Chloe could get him that.

“Very well detective, but I need to be assured of immunity to Lux and myself out of any second party repercussions rising out of my said favors and deals.”

Chloe nodded

“You have my word, your cooperation with the law will be taken into good consideration and act good faith.” And urged him to go on.

“Alright, so Brain Holders. I signed a contract with him to handle my offshore accounts, mostly involving forwards and options trade on various international markets. All of this is completely legit, I assure you. The deal with Brian although came through as partly a favor and his competence to handle the task at hand. I did his older brother a favor, Chase Holders. Although Brian was a bright young lad, he had a stroke of tough luck. After he’d graduated business school, he didn’t want to be a part of the family establishment his father had built but venture out by himself. More than anyone, I understand the desire to break away from the patriarchal cuckold. He worked hard at a couple of financial companies, but to no luck. He moved to build his own company and finally had the sweet taste of success, his partner and him were making great, until he decided to break away and Brian was left to his own devices. That’s when his brother called in a favor. Helped him reinstate reigns on his dream project, and signed a contract with him. There had never been a question in his integrity, lovely, hardworking lad, and I don’t speak of everyone in such high regard. Truly marvelous how far he made, even after his wife passed away. Tragic really.”

Lucifer ended with a sigh and took a big gulp of his drink.

“Okay, what about his relationship with Ms. Sophie Niles. Anything suspicious there?”

“Well, Sophie herself was bright young darling, much like Brian himself actually. They met at a meeting regarding the raised capital meetings and they had been inseparable ever since. One would call them a dream team even, truly empowering when they worked with each other. And Ms. Sophie was herself remarkably ethic minded, no trouble there either.”

“Alright Mr. Morningstar, I’ll take rope these into my investigation and let you know if we require anything more.” With that Chloe got up to take a leave, shaking his strong warm hand, just the one he’d held her hand with that day, and kissed her knuckles. She warmed up with the memory and silently wished he would do that again.

Lucifer was still in thoughts; the discretion he had been keen on was still very much ambiguous to him, sure he had let Chloe know everything there was but he had to ensure it, absolutely ensure it. And Chloe was leaving. He had an idea.

“Ah, detective,” She was almost at the doors of the lift “I have a proposition.”

Chapter Text

Oh boy, if this didn’t mean trouble.


Lucifer had stopped her seconds away from the elevator door, rushing with the realization of action that had struck him almost instantaneously, Chloe secretly hoped it to be the warm kiss she longed for. Maybe not on her knuckles this time.

“Ah detective, I have a proposition for you.”

He let out with a sly smile, slowly bringing his projection of thoughts at her, already gauging how she would react and if at all he could go further with what he was about to say.

“Well, as if I haven’t completely, abundantly made clear how important discretion and reputation are for me and your duty as a crime-solving detective is of prime importance to you, so I understand. I have a way that gets us both what we desire, and who am I if not the Sultan of human’s innermost wishes?"

He paused with a positive hesitation bursting up his chest, almost too carefully, he said.

“Might I suggest I assist you on the case?”

Chloe was taken back. It wasn’t incredulous. The concept of civilian assisted investigations hadn’t been an alien concept to her or for that matter in the LAPD, on occasion, she had actually benefitted more so with the help of a fresh pair of eyes, but in her experience, it was mostly people who feared what the law could leash onto them or had been wrongfully suspected or convicted; and it was pure primal urgency to prove their innocence if not more.

This was different.

Lucifer wasn’t directly involved in the case, neither related, per se, to the victims or the suspected. And it wasn’t every day that a drool-inducingly gorgeous 6ft4’, ‘devilishly’ handsome club owners offered a regular police investigation to protect his reputation as the ‘devil’ however incredulous that was. There was this discerning truthfulness with which he had spoken to her today, both while describing Brian and now with his proposition. And it wasn’t like she wasn’t hanging on a dead-end from what seemed like an eternity.

So, what the hell.

“I can consider that, but are you sure about this. I mean, you’re well, you. Crime scene investigations, questioning suspects, witnesses are very different from operating in the environment you’re used to being in. It’s serious, tiring groundwork, your business here could be neglected and there are tons of things that could go wrong.”

This was barely scratching the surface but Chloe knew a smart man when she saw one and if he was anything of the sort, he would back down, she secretly hoped he wouldn’t but hormones aside.

“I assure you detective; you have made it abundantly clear and I still wish to go ahead with this.”

Lucifer was really taken by her sincerity in her job. He knew there was this budding tension between them, he had caught her ogling earlier as well, but her dedication to her ethical upholding was much more to give in to his charm. And now that it struck him, it was really was weird that Chloe wasn’t charmed by any moving human with a vagina. That was… interesting.

“Alright then, I’ll speak to my lieutenant and let him know about your assistance on this case. You’ll have to just virtually sign a consent letter.”

“Very well detective. Let me just grab my jacket, I won’t be a moment.”

And moments later, they drove away in his Corvette.




“Ms. Sophie, we understand your grief, I know how it feels to lose a loved one but it’s important that you seek justice for Brian. It’s what he would’ve wanted.”

The first stop for investigation was Sophie’s apartment, Lucifer insisted they began with the closest cord which has been the least helpful so far.  He had something on the lines of, “Let the devil do his thing” and Chloe was beyond it in that very instant. Who was she to question the delusions of a grown man, as long as she could get a killer?

Sophie has still not stopped wailing, and mostly answered in I don’t know and more crying whenever pried with a question. Chloe knew it was exhausting and there was no speed-up button to get through the grief but enough was enough. As if sensing her inner turmoil, Lucifer stepped in.

“Sophie, darling, Hi, I’m Lucifer Morningstar. Come now, enough with the nose shedding, tell me, what is it you desire.”

And he looked at her so deeply, as if searing into her and whooping her insides for answers, like hypnotism, but hot, naturally. It was him after all.

Chloe almost laughed; how far would this man’s incredulous shenanigans go? The devil, the power front, the desire. And why was she even taking all this? Maybe it really was a mistake to let him assist her, a murder investigation was no fucking joke, and definitely not a showcase for stupid parlor tricks. Wait, was it working?

“I, I want to avenge Brian’s murder.”


Oh, bollocks. Wow. Did THAT actually just work?


“Oh, marvelous Sophie darling, come on now, tell us more.”

Lucifer looked right back into her orbs once again and Chloe was dumbfounded, he actually made the woman speak, the wailing had come to a stop. Oh, he might actually be the devil.

“Brian was unhappy, he would often come back home annoyed or frustrated. He would be okay at work but once he was home, nothing brought him joy. Not his children, not me, not his growing success.”

Chloe noted everything down and muttered a thousand thankyous to Lucifer under her breath.

Sophie continued, no longer needed to be under Lucifer’s gaze.

She sniffed. “I.. I would ask him every night if there was something with the new contract, he’s signed with Mr. Morningstar, but he denied that.”

Chloe sighed a little, thankful that Lucifer wasn’t in the loops, she would’ve hated that.

“He would often have hushed calls, I never heard anything, but they always seemed to upset him more, I feel someone was blackmailing him.”

Chloe furthered her questions before she could collapse.

“Ms. Niles we would need you to come down at Brian’s office. The body was found in a cleaned-out crime scene, we need you to establish if the office has something missing or if anything’s weird about the place so we could identify the access and motives further."

Lucifer was about to use his weird mojo on here again, feeling the need to stop a relapse with the progress they had made with Sophie, but it wasn’t required anymore somehow.

“I.. I will. I just couldn’t look at his office anymore, not when it was tainted with his blood. But I’ll come. I’ll go with you."

“Thank you, Ms. Niles, we know it’s difficult for you, we appreciate your courage.” Chloe comforted her.


Next stop, the Crime Scene.


Chloe, Lucifer, and Sophie rode back to Brian’s office.

It was quiet, sealed with yellow tapes all over, outlined with white chalk where they’d found the body. It was just the way they’d left it the night of the murder. Everything in place, cleanly arranged, negating any signs of struggle. It was as if the murderer was a clean freak, except he didn’t care much for spilling blood out of someone’s body. Only there was a thin layer of dust sitting on the furniture, but other than that. Just the same.

Sophie looked around as Chloe handed her a pair of gloves to search through Brian’s files and any other clues, she could help them with.

Sophie went through the shelves as if taking in every last bit of Brian that she could. She opened a locker with a key she had around her neck. The locker was a bit into the shadows and the door opened towards Chloe’s and Lucifer’s faces as they stood across the room.

And then. There was a gun.


Of course.

“Sophie, darling, this isn’t the right way to go about seeking justice.”

Chloe pulled out her revolver just in time to avoid being held at a gunpoint by a seeming woman deranged with grief. Or was she the killer and her instinct was to seek out the murder weapon.

“Sophie put down the gun. We can talk. You don’t want to do this.” Chloe proceeded towards her with caution, in case she decided to put her gun to use. “It’s alright, you can tell us what happened.”

“No. Stay away. Or I’ll wrongfully shoot at someone I don’t intend to, again. I loved Brian, I loved him so much. I would never kill him. It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to kill him, he was my love.”

Lucifer spoke as he distracted Sophie as Chloe inched towards her. He motioned Chloe to go further and she took the sign.

“Sophie, you’re one of the best we have at Lux, I wouldn’t throw away my career if I were you. Tell us what happened and maybe we can help you.”

As Lucifer had led her on, Chloe was right behind Sophie now as she pushed her down with her elbow’s knock in her back and finally cuffing her from behind.

“Sophie Niles you’re under arrest for the murder of Mr. Brian Holders. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.”

Chloe was on Sophie’s back as Lucifer admired her. Her gusto, the sheer tenacity of the woman, it had truly left him amazed.

“Well, well detective, you can handle quite a bit.”

And it was Chloe’s turn to smirk at him.




“So, tell us, our clever love crazed minx, why did you kill Brian, if he truly was the love of your life?”

Lucifer didn’t have to use his mojo; he knew the acceptance of crime had come to this deviant woman and there was no resistance he needed to pull out of her.

“I didn’t want to kill Brian. I wanted to kill Chase.”

That gathered a short gasp from both Lucifer and Chloe.

“There were no signs of Chase visiting the office on the day of the murder on the security footage, how could Chase have been there. And why would you want to kill his older brother?”

“I wiped the security footage, I had to. Brian had gotten a call at 2 that night, and he rushed out of our apartment. I decided to find out who was blackmailing him. I followed him to the office and Chase was already in his office. I snuck behind his board room channel and listened to him blackmail Brian.”

Sophie broke into a sob but went on.

“He threatened to destroy Brian, he exploited the offshore account trades with Mr. Morningstar. He stole from those trades and bought shelf companies in third-world countries. He was threatening Brain to give him access to more trades or he would expose his accounts which he had turned upside down but Brian continuously refused. And that’s when he pulled out a gun from between a file and I just shot first, it was supposed to be at him, but Brian jumped to tackle him, and I shot him instead.”

“But how did Chase not see you if you were in such a close vicinity?”

“I was behind the courtroom channel door, I shot him through the defective doorknob…”

“And the glass was already one way so you had a clear line of sight already, without either of them seeing you.”

Chloe finished, as she connected the final dots.

Sophie sheepishly looked down as she ended her confession with more tears and Lucifer has an exasperated look on himself too. Ah yes. He was looped in too. She almost had forgotten about how his part in the case brought them together, the sudden turn of events just leaving her overwhelmed. Oh, she’ll need a big drink when she gets home.


“I think we got it Chlo, we’ll book Chase through the financial crimes unit tomorrow morning. Admin is already finishing up the paperwork.”

Dan walked in as he handed her the paperwork and took Sophie away for processing.

“Thanks, Dan, what would I do without you.” She sighed as she playfully patted Dan on his back as he left the room.

He called back at her,

“Probably get married again.”

And she laughed, at last, letting out the tension built over the past few days. Finally, the strings of feeling incompetent had cut off and she could finally sleep.

Lucifer leaned back against the glass, “Oh married again, didn’t peg you for someone who’d already walked down the aisle, detective.”

Chloe walked back to him and stood close to him, the tension growing back to her, only this, more pleasant than before.

Chloe leaned in close and looked at him just the way he had looked at Sophie hours ago, to draw out those pesky desires

“So, what did you peg me for?”

A playful grin playing on her lips. Charming him in his way.

Lucifer leaned in closer

“Well, you detective, are a bloody enigma. And I wouldn’t put you in a vessel of my preconceived perceptions.” He pushed back a strand of hair from her face and whispered,

“But I would definitely love to know who to peg you for. Care for a drink detective?”

Chloe’s insides burned with the possibility of what his mischief-laden eyes presented. Her breath came a little shallow, her ears turned red. Just then it dawned on her, Trixie was with her tonight and as much as this was a tantalizing opportunity, she would have to pass, maybe for a later time?

“Uh, I have to get back home in time, my daughter’s sitter can’t stay overtime, already troubled her enough because of this case.” She sighed as she took a step back, the wind of the conversation going in a different direction now, the moment clearly less dense with desire.

“Oh, there’s a spawn as well, pesky little demons, more devious than Maze I’ll have you know. How about this, we get a drink at my penthouse, we have a little chat and I let you get back to your spawn in time. As it is you have to pick your car from Lux, we left it there this morning, remember?”

Oh, fate truly had a mind of its own.

“Alright, we can have a drink, Mr. Morningstar. And I can thank you properly. It wouldn’t have been possible without you today. Truly.”

“Well, you did come through resolving my knotted little situation as well. Thank you, as well, detective. Darn, would have to give Maze a raise, she’s never letting me outlive this one I assure you.”

Chloe laughed and shook her head and turned away from keeping Lucifer seeing the glint of excitement as she bit her lip in anticipation.

Who’d have known, a couple of hours could change so much.

And they walked out the precinct together.

Lucifer felt a warm rush flood his chest as he walked behind her, her tantalizing blond hair in front at an arm’s length. Something he’s never felt this, not with a mere thank you at least. The detective was clearly something different. And he was drawn to explore, more. More companionship rather, how abhorrent in theory, he was the devil. But that, he didn’t feel. Where was the old Lucifer?

What more would this evening bring?

Chapter Text

It had been a smooth, brief drive back to Lucifer’s place. Both basking in the newfound excitement of this unexpected friendship might be a stretch to call it that yet, but they both knew, deep down, this, whatever ‘this’ was, wasn’t ending with a case.

Chloe was relaxed, her head laid back at the headrest as she sat tranced by the beach roads they passed by, singing along to songs occasionally as they played a throwback to the 90s playlist. It was serene, to say the least, and with Lucifer by her side, the evening really couldn’t get better.

On her adjacent seat, Lucifer couldn’t keep his giddy-smug smile off his face. He wasn’t really worried about the problem in the case that involved Lux, he knew he’d figure it out anyway, but it was such a reprised feeling of accomplishment, that he’d helped the detective, that he had, even if 10%, he played a part in putting that satisfied relaxed gleam in her eyes.

They barely said anything on the drive back, both needing the silence after such a tiring day, and well, the conversation could wait for them back at the penthouse.



On the ride up, Chloe couldn’t help but admire how even an elevator was so intricately designed with gold bars and a silken, glossy grey Italian marble. The mirror on the side had an engraved framing on all sides, truly adding more life to it as if it really needed any more beautification. Lucifer truly was a man of impeccable taste, there was no question about that. Be it himself, or his apartment, his club, his car, he stood out and made sure everyone knew that he was a league apart.

The elevator pinged open and she gasped at the beautiful sunset lit penthouse like someone had grabbed one of those overly embossed pictures from the internet and pasted it right across his penthouse. Back in the morning, she’d just rushed through with an agenda, and the frustration of an unsolved case and the hesitation of meeting Lucifer had given her no time to bask in the glory of this marvel.

Lucifer smirked.

“I take the gasp was at the rather spectacular view in front of yourself, but, is that myself included detective?”

Lucifer offered her his hand and invited her inside, or else, she was sure she could admire the scene from the elevator and she wouldn’t even blink twice.

“Of course not, I’m drawn by inanimate objects that don’t boast about their beauty, rather let the beholder’s eyes do the talking.”

Chloe took his hand and walked in beside him.

“Well one thing’s for sure, you do find me beautiful, and I would love to let your eyes do the talking detective.”

He licked his lower lip to complete his statement, letting Chloe take her time to dissolve in the puddle of deep red embarrassment and self-destruction she walked herself into. And it had just been seconds in his penthouse. Oh, dear.

“So detective, what would you like to have, it’s all the top shelf you can imagine, whiskey, wine, scotch, gin and tonic, although I do make a mean martini myself, but not everyone has the pleasure to be served one made by the devil himself.”

“Well, let’s satiate your ego in this department at least, I’ll have the martini too.”

Chloe smiled brightly back at him, and dear dad, be still his heart.

“You wound me detective, one martini for the detective Chloe Decker, coming right up.”

And with that he busied himself on the bar counter, turning his back towards her.

“Well, I am here having a drink with you, you can call me Chloe now if you like.”

Lucifer dropped the olives and the mixer and turned back at her, “Only if you call me Lucifer, I’d loved how my name rolled off your lips the first time we met.”

If this went on any longer, Chloe would straight up drop her panties and hand it over to him, because fuck her, his dirty mouth had to stop, and she wasn’t even drinking yet. Chloe turned her eyes away and stepped down from the bar stool and busied herself exploring his penthouse further.

She walked towards his bookshelf, not a speck of dust, it was immaculately decorated with books, more antiques than new, but it was such a vast collection, came with being British maybe. His piano grandly sat right in the middle, bouncing back the last of the sunset, looking like a perfect night sky setting on right in that mixture.

Chloe looked across his bedroom, a perfectly intimate setting with a king bed in the middle, antiques and closets surrounding his left end, the right wing was hidden from her sight. Just then,

“Imagining something Chloe?”

Lucifer whispered in her ear, and damn this man. Hair on her neck stood up and god she wanted him to be closer, nearer, his tantalizing breath over her ear just wasn’t enough.

But she mustered all her energy and snapped back,

“Do you ever stop?”

she said as she turned back, took her glass of martini from his hands, and clinked lightly.

“Haven’t you heard detec.. Chloe, no rest for the wicked darling.”

And she laughed wholly right into her drink.




They both stood on the balcony leaning towards guard rails, on their third drink.

“So, what made you come to LA?”

“Well, after being thrown out of the slimy golden gates of heaven, there was no other place for me than to be in the dreary, dull hell. Although it was entertaining on occasion when a pesky, stuffy soul would come and Maze and I would have a ball, it had gotten monotonous, so I started taking vacations down here and on my last one, I finally decided to stay.”

“Wow, you really do take this devil business really seriously, is this some sort of marketing bait to lure people to Lux, not that they need to be, they already have their reasons.”

“Well, I am a reason for sure and yes, the vibe here at the club is totally unmatched. Then of course there is only one devil so you cannot question or possibly come close to the credibility of pleasure.”

“Well, of course, the devil.”

Chloe decided she would just let him have his whim, if a grown man wanted to indulge in an illusion of being powerful, in control and the master of desires somehow, she would let him have that. She’s seen far worse, his was still a pleasant one.

“Well, about you now, why did you choose to be a detective. What is your greatest truest desire.”

With that, he looked deep into her eyes, as he’d earlier with Sophie and she literally spat everything like bile.

“Well, for one, I would like for you to stop staring at me like a hypnotist, I’m not Sophie Lucifer.” With that, she bopped his nose and looked away laughing.

Lucifer touched his bopped nose shocked, only half from it, the other half being his mojo not working on her. On how many levels was she uncharacteristically ‘different’. The only way to answer that would be just, be with her. Wow, that was a new thought. Being with the detective?

“Well, my poor mojo, of course, you’re a freak. Did my father send you?”

He managed to laugh, only to mask his shock-stricken self.

“Well, he kind of sent us all Lucifer. But to answer your question, I became a detective to help people, so that they’re never helpless. They should never feel that no one would come for them. That they would be alone.”

As she ended uncomfortably, realizing she was stiff, shaking and clutching the martini glass too strongly by its delicate stand, almost on the verge of breaking it.

“You alright Chloe? I apologize if I made you uncomfortable somehow, it’s okay we shall talk about something else, let’s get you inside before the wind gets you.”

And mindlessly, Lucifer wrapped his arms around her, he didn’t know what it was that made Chloe react in such a manner, but it would truly be something, to shake Chloe, who’s been dealing with, and just dealt with a cold-blooded killer.

He kept his arms around her, warm and comforting, like a compassionate blanket. His head rested over her head and he slightly swayed her, cradling like a protector, nothing could harm her at all, even if it was a haunting thought. Just when he was about to pull back, he felt Chloe give into the hug, still shivering but a lot better than moments ago.

It was a defiling thought that Chloe woke up every day to, but lived through, proud of what she’d made of it. She’d turned her trauma into a sack of ball and threw in the farthest corner of existence and just walked strong miles to become a detective. Swearing that she’d never let any injustice befall on her watch, and as long as she was a detective and lived, she would damn well make sure of it. And she had learnt to guard it well, she knew how to confront it head on, the discomfort, the frightful memories. She was a grown woman and it had been 14 years.

But her guard dropped a little in this penthouse. It felt like home here, musky scented candles, a woolen rug, a cozy sweater all rolled into Lucifer’s hug. That’s what the hug felt like. Chloe had never given away this part of her life to anyone before. Not in words, not in emotions. Of course, Dan knew, but that was just it, nobody else did.

But with Lucifer, she just couldn’t guard her emotions, she couldn’t let out but she couldn’t hide either. Maybe it was the alcohol, but she knew it was really Lucifer. Who said his mojo didn’t work on her.

After an age of warmth and a hanging silence, Lucifer pulled back and looked at her with concern and care in his eyes. He brought his hand to her face and just held his palm there, not moving, not stroking, just held it and Chloe closed her eyes against it. Holding tears of unleashed emotion back. She couldn’t give this away; this was too personal. Not tonight. And hopefully, never.

He brought his other hand to her face and tucked away strands of her hair, letting her get used to his touch, and not feel the hurt that she held there. This was raw and new and uncharted territory for Lucifer, he’d never in the eons of his existence held a woman, her face rather, like it was fucking porcelain and it would break if he let go. It was so intimate, and it wasn’t sex, it wasn’t anything carnal. It was pure comfort and care and everything he just didn’t do.

The moment felt like forever and a multitude of millennia before Lucifer finally spoke.

“Chloe, are you alright? Should I get you some water?”

His hand stroked her cheeks in one slow graze and dropped his hands, realization striking him like a turtle.

“Is it okay if I ask you for another martini, I just..” She could fucking ask for a roman brick and he would get her. He knew how she felt, he was no stranger to pain, he didn’t let her complete.

“Of course, Chloe, I won’t be a moment. Would you sit down please?” And in seconds, he had another Martini in her hands.

She took a log sip “I’m sorry Lucifer, I’m better than guarding this, I just I don’t know, it's been an exhaustive week, maybe that took over, I didn’t want to bother you, I’m truly sorry I just..”

It was unlike Chloe, but she truly was rambling. “Chloe, darling..” Lucifer sat on his knees in front of her, holding her hands and stroked with love. “You do not have to apologize, I will never think less of you, you’re a strong badass woman and in the few hours I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you, you could even take me down if you wanted. You’re beautiful, smart, courageous and sarcastic. You’re amazing darling.” There was so much truth in his words and Chloe couldn’t look away, his eyes held her there and she just let out.


“I was 22 and I was coming back from my friend’s apartment. It was late in the evening and I couldn’t find a cab back home.” She started shaking again, and Lucifer tightened his hold on her hands once again, firmly. “And there was this group of guys that came behind me from the ally and I just continued walking, I just walked, but one of them ran up to me and asked for directions. I told him I didn’t know, and I really didn’t, really.” It was as if at this point, she was trying to convince Lucifer, that maybe he didn’t believe her. “But he screamed at me, called me a bitch, his friends came up in no time, I don’t even remember how it all happened so fast, I passed out, it was so painful, they shoved me on the pavement and then, they just… they raped me, they…” Chloe had no more words left in her, but tears. She couldn’t hold back and just slumped forward in Lucifer’s arms.



It was in years, that she had let herself break down, so badly, so in need of being held, she couldn’t resist anymore.

As Lucifer wrapped his arms around her once more, he held back his own tears. Pain. Her Pain. He felt pain in the corners of his jaw, at the tips of his fingers, and just wanted to rip a head off of someone, defile those bastards who had given her so much pain. He wanted to take that away from her, further away, at this moment, he just wanted to kiss away her tears. Just take it all away.

Chloe jolted back from the hug slightly and he silently wiped her tears, without saying anything or letting her feel that she did anything wrong. He would be there for her.

“Lucifer, I.. I have to go; Trixie must be waiting for me.”

She gave him a small smile, assuring him that this wasn’t her running away, but she had to leave for now.

“Of course, Chloe” and without a second’s thought “Can I just see you out?” as if it was a fragile glass, his floor, and he’d have to ask if she’d let him risk it breaking beneath them.

“Yes, please.”

He walked her back to the elevator and took her hand and stroked as she had grown accustomed to.

“Good Night Chloe, take care.” And his eyes smiled and held her in there.

As the elevator pinged open, it ticked. Right there. It felt right.

Chloe pulled his hand towards her in a jolt, pulled him to her, and kissed him square on his lips, right as it pinged back close behind her.

Chapter Text

The kiss is soft, enveloping, and kind. The softest brush of her lips, paired with the urgent pull on his lapels does it for him.

The thought of Trixie is forgotten somewhere in the process of zoning out after the revelations the evening brought.

She probes his lips to let her feel something else than this mammoth gulp in her throat, agony pure torture. And he complies, with a soft peck, leading to a deepening kiss and understanding, as if not to break her, ever so slowly, he brushes her hair off her cheeks and pulls back. Her eyes read sadness, a reminder of the past clear behind the freshly bidding tears but he also reads desire, the one brewing, simmering between them since the many, infernally, frustrating hours they had known each other.

He couldn’t not go back to savor. And he put his lips right back on hers in that very split second. He wanted her desire to mask the sadness, the painful anguish of the heinous memories that encapsulated her. He wanted to burn that away and he would.

The kiss deepened, moans and pants now harder against the elevator, the cool of the branded steel behind her only keeping her sane from bursting out of the heat crawling between her thighs, begging to be quenched.

She pulled back and looked at him with only desire this time.


At that very moment, she realized what she was doing. What they were doing. What little had become of her resistance, their resistance. And she knew how bad she wanted him right there.

“Make me forget Lucifer, I don’t want to remember any of it ever again.”

A seemingly intimate, real request, buried with layers of hot want and need and Lucifer was all about extinguishing all of what she wanted, but he had to be sure. He had to know.

“Chloe, are you sure you want this,” He kissed the corner of her mouth. It would rip him if she said no but he would respect her decision like the bloody hail Mary.

“I promise I’ll take away the pain.” A hard suck between the hollow valley of her neck and shoulder blade. She arched against him with a beautiful cry.

“You’ll only remember me,”. A sinister bite on her earlobe. Dragging his nose down the path from there on, leaving a whisper of nothing but hot breath and grunts as he went lower further.

“But you need to tell me, that you won’t regret this.” He took a small step back, giving her all possible leeway to break free, turn back, and go away and pretend that none of this happened.

Of all the peeking and passing gazes, this is not how he imagined having Chloe the first time. Not in the state she was. If this was a casual play of desires, he would’ve leaped at the possibility of satisfying the carnal fascination she drew out of him. Drawing out desires and fulfilling them all night. In the little time he’d spent with her, he knew, she wasn’t just any Jane gracing his bed for the ‘best night of her life’. She was immune to his charm and right now, she just wanted his comfort, not his debauched playboy persona, just Lucifer. And that had made all the difference.

Chloe had made up her mind. She needed this, wanted this. Now.

She grabbed his jacket, only more fiercely this time around, and spat her lips on his in a painless whimper and all morality and sense were out the proverbial window.

She sucked and bit on his lower lip, nipped through her teeth, inviting him to ravish her with his tongue and he did. He licked her lips, sucking back, tasting the martinis she’d made more sinister with the taste of her own. He nibbled and bit and explored the heady sensation he had never felt before. He pushed her against the Assyrian wall. And traveled down the path he had earlier interrupted.

He bit at her ear and whispered, “I can fucking smell how hot you are for me darling, shall we see how bad it is?”

He kissed her feverishly as he undid the button of her jeans with his deft fingers, taking no more time to slip past her seam and down right into the black lace that peeked from the jeans opening. He probed at her sex and Chloe spread her legs further to let him have at it. She was gloriously wet when Lucifer brushed his finger ever so lightly against the opening. He pulled away from the kiss and whispered.

“I want you to look at me, look how good you taste.” He slipped his finger inside in one swift motion only to draw it out in a burningly slow fashion. His other hand was busy slipping beneath her shirt, splaying languidly on her stomach, grazing circles on her bellybutton. He brought the finger back to his lips, Chloe’s eyes rigged with arousal but still keen on looking at him as he unraveled her.

He brought his arousal coaxed finger up and licked it clean, teasingly sucking his own as her eyes blew darker. “Oh, you taste exquisite darling, the honey of the purest form.” And he slipped back in two fingers inside her this time, making her cry for more.

Lucifer please..” Just as before, he pulled out his fingers up to cool air again, only this time, he let her taste herself on his fingers as he slipped in his digits in her mouth and she sucked as her dear life depended on it.

They would surely collapse on the floor in seconds if this hot unraveling went on and he wanted to take care of her. Reap out all the throbbing wetness she had to offer.

“Bedroom?” He urged as she cleaned him off with slop and he just couldn’t wait any longer.

In what would be the last coherent whisper of the night, “I want you here Lucifer, against the roughness of the wall, as you fuck me clean of that nightmare.” Her agonizing demand of need did it. She couldn’t care less how the uneven wall would prick her skin, she would let it.

Both of them crazed with need freed each other of each clothing item on them. She deftly undid his pants as his boxer less hardness sprang free of constraint and him, he couldn’t just splay on her stomach anymore, he wanted those mounds in his mouth, under his lips. Sucked to satisfaction. Of came his waistcoat, flying buttons of his shirt, and hers. In moments, they were naked. She took hold of his length and stroked with a growl. Her nipples puckered out as his gaze dropped onto them. Without wasting a moment, he bowed down to her chest and sucked. He massaged the other, as he continued to lick and bite one puckered peak and moved to attend to the other one just as easily. Her rhythm on his dick sped up, wantonly moaning and licking her own lips.

Chloe was blind with hunger, her tear stains were long forgotten and the only thing that made sense to her was this.

He pulled back, laid a trail of wet kisses down from her mounds to make her lose track of any other thoughts than how good he was going to make this, how she would never remember anything of that night, but this, and only this.

He kissed her messily once again, both incoherent, hands splaying whichever part they could touch. He trailed back down and sat in front of her like in prayer.

He raised her leg up on his shoulder and laid soft kisses right at her abdomen, on her mound before switching pattern to leave out her center and move to her leg, torturously making her welp.

Mmm fuckk fuck, more please...

Lucifer continued to kiss lazily on the insides of her thighs and in a headrush of its own, dived down to where she needed it the most and lapped and sucked like a happy puppy. He sucked on her clit as he spread her arousal wide all over her pussy, darting his tongue in her channel and licking all the way up, alternating his licks like exploring the damn garden of Eden. He bobbed his head in a rhythm as his tongue fucked her earnestly and he drove her center to be wetter than before somehow and she clutched at his shoulder as the intensity spread deep inside her.

With one hand on his shoulder, the other went to his head and she grabbed him for dear life and rode him like a stallion on a quest to win. The race towards the peak, towards the blinding pleasure.

“Yes darling, give this to me. Let me make you cum.”

Luciferrr.. fuckkk..” she sobbed as her insides raced to the pinnacle.

For the showdown, he slipped his fingers inside her, pumped them like his dick would moments later, sucked on her clit, and made her crash right in the pool of sweet desire. And it was all white and black and pain-free. It was the afterglow, the glory of a meadow at the top of the hill.

She rode her aftershocks and he sucked her off like a thirst stricken wandered in a desert. This was the oasis that was indeed real, he’d found it and he would drink all night.

With the soft gleam in her eyes she looked down at him, hungry black irises stared back at her and she knew it was nowhere over between them.

He stood up and glistened with her cum. She brought back her parched lips that had gone dry with silent screams his ministrations had caused and captured them to

He kissed her with her sweet taste on his mouth and she took back her taste from him, heady with the thought of sucking herself off of him. Which made her buck and climb towards the next one again.

As if reading her demands and finally getting there, Lucifer tantalized her with his tip, rubbing himself against the fresh burst of wet heat he put there. The ache demanded more; the agony was overwhelming. She needed that cock buried inside her to the hilt and she wasn’t waiting anymore. She took his fingers off of his length and guided him to stroke her clit along with her fingers. Her other hand took control and she guided him deep inside her, bucking against the freshly stretched insides, accommodating him, imprinting him to wash out the memory of those men. She sighed as she felt the relief wash over and he could see how it was much more than need, sex, arousal. And he wanted her to have it for everything.

Oh, it wasn’t heaven.

Oh, the sweet burn like hell.

And it would make sense with him being the devil. It really was true maybe.

Lucifer was taken aback with her brazen thrust as he continued working her clit as her fingers had taught him to, he pulled out leisurely and she glared at him with heavy eyes urging him to fill her upright back, thrust harder. His mojo might’ve been stale in front of her but he knew desire. And he had mercy on her.

He buried himself swiftly in one quick thrust, up to the hilt and thrust deeper and harder, forming a rhythm as sinful as the electric heat between them, just like she wanted. Just like she’ll remember. He built up his ritual, but clearly, Chloe needed more than caution.

Lucifer, fuck me harder. Please” The arousal, mixed with need and foreclosure of this haunting grief made her beg freshly and his compliance was all she needed to know. He knew. He was giving her what she wanted and the realization drove her faster towards her build-up.

She built like a wave, dark, huge and gigantic, ready to crash, ready to brush past the shore and she did. She came with pants and sobs mixed in a melancholy and in that instant, Lucifer’s lips were there to take it away. He brushed soft kisses all across her face, occasionally lingering on her lips, messily, needing her near as he blindly chased his own want now.

Lips’ half-open against hers, breaths shallow and hard, eyes drawing back in the climb up, Chloe dipped down to capture the sweet spot between his neck and earlobe, the hollow of his shoulders and pinched at his nipples and rubbed them between her fingers. And so help him, the fiery bowls of fire had nothing against this heat.

Chloe, darling I’m…” he swole inside her, she knew he was close and she wanted to take all of it, deep inside her, feeling every inch of her filled gloriously.

Yes, cum for me Lucifer, cum deep inside me

With that she rubbed her fingers furiously over her clit, squeezing his hard length through her own orgasm to chase out his, and he gave it to her. Tight, wet squeezes around his hard shaft and he spurt inside her with a growl burying his face in her blond tresses, pinching her nipples as if to hold on to the peaks from crashing down.

Noses against each other, climbing down the stairway, they both panted and dreamily kissed each other through. Lucifer was still hard deep inside her and Chloe found comfort clenching lazily around him, fulfillment making her hold him close, as close as possibly she could have him. And Lucifer felt the same. He didn’t want to let her go just yet.

None of them had the words to describe what had just happened. This whole night for that matter. This out of their usual persona behavior, on both their parts? What was happening to them?

As they finally disentangled, Lucifer, still gloriously naked brought her a cleaning towel and cleaned her gently.

As he brushed her clean, with weirdness in the air, she dressed back and gave him a chaste kiss on his cheek. It was hard to say anything, it was sudden, definitely, many stops ahead of casual, but still quite incomprehensible. They said goodbyes to each other, not knowing what the future would hold, but thankful for each other. For this night.

Later that night, both lay silently in their beds, playing back the evening, signing and secretly wishing they hadn’t been in different beds.



“I didn’t know you had an appointment today Lucifer.”

Lucifer seated himself uneasily, eager to burst open with his portfolio of new, alien feelings, right there.

“No, I don’t but I just had to get this out, you know how infuriating it is to feel foreign emotions.”

Linda looked closely at Lucifer and she knew in a second that this wasn’t going to be just any session and it would be a long one for sure.

“Okay, what has happened Lucifer.” She inquired, grabbing her notepad off her desk.

“I had sex.” Umm?

“I..a … hello, are you THE Lucifer Morningstar?” She gave out a chuckle and Lucifer, did not reciprocate. Talk about a session discussing out-of-character behavior.

“Linda, I’ll let you have your go at poking the celestial but for now, just, help me understand.”

Linda straightened her back, clearly meaning business now.

“Alright, all ears.”

Lucifer began with an uneasy smile. “Well, very recently, there was an embezzling problem at Lux, in relation to a murder. Now, devil may care right, but Maze was incessant about the gravity of the issue and I assisted to offer my desirous mojo as assistive expertise to the law enforcement. Well, the investigation was headed by this beautiful..” his face softened, the uneasy hints of anguish now subsiding “.. intelligent, amazing detective.”

Chloe” He gave out an ethereal smile.

Linda, in all her years of knowing Lucifer had never seen a soft gleam on his face like the one he had now, this was not how Lucifer reacted to sex. Sex was an exercise for him. Carnal Cardio if you will, but this literally had Linda puzzled.

“Okay, so I’m assuming this is the detective that you had sex with.”

“Yes, obviously Linda, how seemingly foolish of me would it be if I spoke about her went to hog the bed with another.” The thought was a tingly, distaste-stricken one and he was clearly baffled about the line of thoughts he was having. Count this one the newest in the forefront.

“Okay so sex with her was not good, did you do something unusual, off the book maybe?”

“Linda darling, I wrote the book. That’s beside the point here.”

“Okay so what happened during the investigation, was there something unusual there perhaps?”

I.. I don’t know. I can’t seem to put a finger on what instance made it different. But, she is different, she’s so different and I feel all these emotions when I’m around her like I want to protect her, I want to help her and I just don’t want to be away and I’ve known her for a couple of measly hours, that a drop in a bucket for me.” Linda couldn’t help but let a ghost of a smile surface. The devil was showing symptoms of caring.

“Lucifer, do you mean you care about her?”

“Bloody despise the concept Linda, but I think it’s just that. I care about her.” He realized the words he just spilled and, panic started to rise low in his stomach.

“But that’s a good thing Lucifer, caring is good. We’ve come so far in exploring your emotional capacities, this is just a step further, and in the right direction. Trust me, it’s a good thing, I think it hints towards friendship.”


“But I don’t do friends Linda.” Oh, the poor puzzled devil.

“But you didn’t do therapist either Lucifer” Linda countered and he smirked. “And no, I don’t want you to do me. What do you think made her different, sex and otherwise?”

“Well, she’s immune to my charms for one, I can’t carve out her desires like I usually can with impeccable ease. She’s funny, witty, challenges me with sarcasm, that minx. She’s so kind, devoted and she’s genuinely good. I mean, she’s nauseatingly selfless. She is so determined to bring justice. And the way I opened up, she opened up and broke down in front of me…” Flashes of the past night buzzed in front of him, how vulnerable she was at that moment and how she trusted him with her secret, her tears, her body.

“Don’t be scared of what you’re feeling Lucifer, it’s a potent sign that someone might finally help you get your guards down, someone you can be vulnerable with, someone you can care about, someone you can be friends with.”

But that was the issue, this should scare him, but it doesn’t. He’s just puzzled, rummaging with pieces to put them into a sensible picture, seeking a definitive answer to the giant booming why in the back of his mind.

Why was she different?

Why did she make him feel so different?

Just, why.

He doesn’t pry Linda again, some answers only he could dig for himself, and he shall.

Chapter Text

To say they had forgotten and moved on would be a bit of a stretch, but they tried their damn-est best. They weren’t teenagers who’d discovered the act of sex for the very first time and couldn’t keep erections and wetness at bay. The labored breaths, the silent understanding, rawness in their words, passion, and sentiment mixed in a concoction, yes, totally forgotten, by both.

Chloe busied herself, rather than buried herself in her cases, chasing murderers and bringing them to justice and Lucifer, went back to revelry and debauchery, his natural element. Favors, desire, ladies, alcohol, and drugs, like any usual school night. He still frequented Linda on his usual therapy sessions but Chloe and the night were carefully dusted under a rug each time it was brought up. A moment of weakness, they’d settled for a similar agreement with their minds. Just caught in the moment, not much to dwell into.

But in the quiet of the night, when the breaths were hot and the covers were warm, they would both think of the night, again and again, touch themselves to the thought of how much more there could be, how they would have a go at each other, again and again. But that was all they allowed themselves, bold secretive touches, drowning in the wet warm showers each morning.



It was one of the Bachelorette nights at Lux and Lucifer couldn’t be more thrilled. He had spent ample time thinking and talking about Chloe, but no more. He had to get back to fulfilling desires his and the world’s and what better start to the devil’s business than tempting a to be married woman, making her regret and want the last night of unadulterated passion in the same moment, only more fuelled with the thought of being the very last time she could let loose. Oh, how they all came undone in seconds. Oh wicked, and that’s what Lucifer liked.

It had been quite a while since such a night and come along and Lucifer set the notes right with a performance on his piano. The light sways, dimmed rosy headlights and melody of his talented fingers and jingle filled Lux.

The bride to be requested a sensuous number be played. Lucifer started to hum and play along to the tunes of Take My Breath Away and he knew that was all he had to do for the night. As his performance ended and Lux roared in applaud, he proceeded to make way to the booth where his minx for the night waited and the music roared back up.

She leaned in and wasted no time as she hungrily kissed Lucifer, swinging herself up in his lap in no time.

“Okay I’m off” Maze announced as she downed her drink while serving the last of the night to Lucifer.

Lucifer leaned away, pupils were blown back black, and the deviant little minx ground onto him helplessly.

“Wouldn’t you want to join us for Laura’s bachelorette? She’s such a bad girl, I’m sure you can aid me in punishing her, wouldn’t you darling?” The brunette nodded, hazed, and went back to kissing Lucifer’s neck.

“Yeah, I have a thing actually.”

“Well, the said things are just about to get out of hand Mazikeen, it’s unlikely of you to not accompany me on a Bachelorette. Or have you already found your corner to scuttle to?”

“No, I’m off to hunt a bounty off of Boulevard Street.” Maze whispered under her breath but Lucifer had heard nonetheless.

“Oh, is that what you’re calling your demonic sexcapades now? I’m terribly lacking on the lingo darling, although I do enjoy a naughty chase myself” He winked playfully at the beautiful brunette, her hand sliding home, unzipping him.

“No, it's…” Maze’s voice was conveniently drowned in the sudden loud thumping beat that came on along with the woman’s lips, hungrily sucking on lucifer’s lips already. Without further ado, Maze left Lucifer for his typical Wednesday, for her own new kind of it.

It hadn’t been until Sunday that Lucifer came to realize that Maze had been gone for days which was very unlike her. Now, she no longer served Lucifer and had a pretty devious life of her own but he almost always knew where his little demon was off to, shenanigans kept secret of course. But this was different as if there wasn’t much going on already. He had last seen her talking some bounty business while the music cut her off. Dad knew what knew she was onto, or who rather. Maybe she did tell him more, he wasn’t in the best shape to attend to anything other than his cock and what satisfied it.

As he prepared for another Sunday night at Lux, the thought left him just as fast as it had come.



It was Tuesday morning, almost a week since Maze had been gone, Lucifer sat in his sit-down area, granting a budding music composer a favor to help boost his record sales when Maze stumbled in, bathed in what looked like pools of blood. It would seem she had taken part in some satanic ceremonial service just as an exploration of her new kink had it not been the cuts across her face and what seemed most likely a concussion on her head. And Maze wasn’t a usual bodyguard who’d had a bad day, she was a demon forged in the bowels of hell. She was a demon who protected the lord of hell for crying out loud. She was the one who did that to people.

Well then, how the fuck.

Lucifer strode across the staircase as she stumbled against the rails, no longer able to stand by herself.

“Maze, what the fuck? What happened” Lucifer tried to pick her up by her shoulders slightly pushing her arms away from her body, only to make her wince, cursing incoherently and coughing up blood as she attempted to speak sense.

“I swear I’ll kill them.” That was all she could grunt, well, all Lucifer could make out her bloody murderous growl.

“Kill who Mazikeen. Maze, Maze!” Lucifer tapped onto Maze’s cheek as her eyes fluttered shut, no more blood or grunts coming out of her. Just silence. His hand was now sheathed in her blood, his eyes burning, ready to wreak havoc on whoever had done this to her. He grabbed her close to himself, picking her up in one swift motion.

He laid her down on the couch in front of the bar and barked angrily “, I’ll bring hell to them Maze. I’ll tear the bastards from limb to bloody limb.”

“Well, would you give us a moment Ronnie?” The poor guy could only manage a measly nod before he rushed out of the club.

Lucifer got his first aid kit and ice from the bar to clean up her gashes. The cuts on her lips were beginning to blacken, bruises under her eye had turned an ugly shade of blue. It looked like the demon who tortured the damned had been tortured. But it couldn’t be. No mortal was stronger than Maze. It couldn’t be a mortal. But then who could it be?

Lucifer looked around for his phone to call the ER, just then Maze’s phone buzzed. It read Detective Chloe Decker. Just marvelous.



Chloe had risen through her days as a police officer by risking her life for crime scenes that weren’t particularly hers to investigate. Call it curiosity, a spirit to learn, eagerness, or just a case of being a daddy’s girl, she wouldn’t rest if she knew she could do something in her capacity to help the case. There was no length she wouldn’t go to, to help put a killer behind bars, help bring justice and sleep with knowledge of one less criminal in the streets.

The Russian Drug syndicate Malvios was back in operation as per the lieutenant. The Interpol, Homeland Security, and FBI were already in on it together. The syndicate had been notorious for having mules in 48 countries, spanning across all continents. There was no pattern that the departments working together had been able to figure out. The LAPD was recently involved given that a big part of their shipment had been dealt in on the borders in the face of 12 teenage girls and 16 mothers.

Now it was no easy feat to bust up a drug operation transaction just like that but Chloe was naturally intrigued. She was the first to come forward to be on the task force and naturally, Dan accompanied. They came as a package deal, lending each other the support they knew they couldn’t do without. It would usually work out fine as they both took turns in the investigation procedure. One would bag the evidence, the other would go through ME reports, Chloe would cooperate with the forensics and Dan would interrogate the lead. But this wasn’t a homicide down the street, they had to be wiser. She had to be wiser.

“Dan you don’t have to do this, one of us has to be with Trixie. We can’t both get involved in a case this huge, let me do this please.” Dan would argue with her but he knew how stubborn Chloe was when she set her mind to something. If she had taken a case, she would see it across, till its culprit was safely behind the closed rods of a cell. So, he simply agreed.

“I would let this go only one condition.”

“Whatever you ask, I’ll do that.”

“You don’t step in shit which isn’t yours to handle, you got it? You lay off high-profile cases for the next month and you’ll relieve yourself from field duty for at least a week?” Dan did play a hard bargain, but she knew he wanted her safety and sanity before anything else, LAPD is damned.

“I promise, I will.” She pecked Dan on his cheek quickly as she rushed off to the task force briefing.

The meeting was brief as the Lieutenant talked about the security protocols on borders, homeland agents arriving at the precinct, and the recruitment of a bounty hunter as Malvios expanded its operation. The borders had been sealed and deployment was tripled. Just as she stepped out of the briefing room, she saw her.

Maze. Lucifer’s weird bartender/ assistant. Maze.

Clad in leather from heel to toe, just as she remembered seeing her at Lux, swinging twisted blades as she looked around the precinct, smelling a paperweight. Definitely not weird.

“Hi, can I help you?” Chloe tapped Maze’s shoulder as she swung around like lightning, a millisecond down and a curved blade was at nail’s length away from her throat.

As Maze recognized Chloe, she pulled down her blade almost instantly. To Chloe’s relief, phew.

As she dropped her blade, “You’re the detective from that day, right? Damn, you’re good. Lucifer wouldn’t stop gushing about you. So annoying.” Maze pulled back her knives and into the back of her jeans.

Before Chloe could respond to her ‘gushing’ remark and the thought of saying ‘gushing’ being done by Lucifer, Dan was instantly by Chloe’s side, pushing Maze away.

Heyy hey heyy, what the hell? You cannot threaten someone with knives in broad daylight. Definitely not a police officer in a damn police precinct. You okay Chloe?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, nothing happened.” Chloe checking her neck just in case her swift action had cut her somewhere and would come to know about it later. “So, can I help you? Knives aside?”

“Yeah actually, I am here to see a Lieutenant Margot. Told me I had to meet with her regarding the Bounty Hunter thing the precinct posted online.” Oh damn, this woman was here as a bounty hunter. Of course, bartender, assistant to the devil, ninja bounty hunter.

“Oh. Well, she’s just finishing up a briefing so she should be here any minute, why don’t you wait around my desk?”

Maze took a seat across Chloe as she busied herself in paperwork, glaring at her, which Chloe could only well ignore for about four and a half minutes.

“Is staring at me part of your bounty hunting initiation program? It’s not something I enjoy but could do away if its curriculum”

“I am just scanning. Silently investigating, in your police talk.” What even.

“Well, I would like you to not engage in that particular segment of your investigation, it comes on a little creepy, is all.”

“Huh, Lucifer said you’re a smart mouth, no wonder he couldn’t stop yapping about you. What else did you put your mouth to, huh Decker?” Maze smirked at her as she licked her lips smugly and leaned forward on her table.

“Who was yapping about me?” Oh, Chloe knew very well, still decided to play innocent, she croaked out her question and a warm neck and red face giving her façade away.

“Lucifer, of course, you two boned right? Must’ve been some boning. I’ve never seen him hung up on someone. Invite me the next time, wouldn’t you?” Chloe choked on thin air as Maze leaned back casually, she could feel the blush and heat creep up, she was beet all over by now. Did Lucifer really ‘yap’ about her, what would’ve he yapped? Did he yap as much as she wanted to?

“But what was….”

“Ms. Mazikeen Smith, do come in.” The lieutenant interrupted Chloe’s burning query and called upon Maze to her office. Maze got up and winked at Chloe,

“Laters Decker, maybe you’ll me see what’s so special in your granny panties. Then I can yap around as well. I could yap around together with you two if you want, this tongue is great at it”


Chloe didn’t even coherently listen to the last sentence Maze popped before she went in. All she could think was Lucifer. Lucifer talking about her. Lucifer talking about them, maybe? The thought instantly bought a ghost of a smile to her lips as she sighed and leaned back in her chair. instantly brought back the barely forgotten night right in front of her eyes and Chloe was lost in the wonderment if Lucifer too, like her, was unable to forget the consuming passion of that night.


As Linda would call it, it was progress. Maze, of all the demons, was making progress. Something for her own self. In eons, she’d never thought about herself as her own entity. Her life’s purpose was always an underlying derivative. A daughter who was abandoned, a ruthless demon who served, a best friend who looked out. Now it was just, Maze for Maze.

She could feel the newness, she could feel breaking away, the irony was the breaking away was brought on by the LAPD of all things. Since she’d spoken to the Lieutenant, she knew it was her calling and she took it. She was her own person now, to make decisions, to not make them, to make the right ones or the wrong ones. And it was absolutely okay that she not run it by Lucifer. Or Linda, or any damn body.

She stopped herself from telling them when she read the ad, and she would keep it that way till she saw this through. Oh, she felt like a human child, wanting to prove herself. Independence, self-reliance, true free will.

Mazikeen Smith finally belonged to herself.

The lieutenant let Maze go through the files, know what were the risks involved, how dangerous the party in question was.

“As you can see, this is an extremely high-profile case with just as much risk involved. You are to bring this guy to us alive, coherent, otherwise, he’s no good to us. You may use any choice of weapon or ways to see this through as long as it’s mandated by the LAPD and does not involve any unlawful resources or persons.

This guy right here runs countless drug chains and cartels singlehandedly every single day. The best of law enforcement has been deployed but to no avail. You have to clearly understand the threats of hunting this guy down. The reward for getting this guy to us a million dollars. The impossibility of capturing this bastard is high, and knowing this, you have stated you do not need the task force to assist you. Sure, you don’t want to take the task force undercover with you?”

Maze smirked,

“Me and my blades, that’s all the force you need.”

Spoiler alert: it wouldn’t be.

Chapter Text

“Father, the plan is finally in motion”

The angel sighed as he looked upon the skies above him, a sinister smile hinting at his devious, evil face. Amendial was a true warrior. The strongest of all, even more than his once archangel devil brother. He would do anything his father asked of him, any test he provided him with, even if that meant living amongst the cesspool of humanity.

It hadn’t been easy. For a celestial who had spent millennia and eons in the bosom of the golden gates of heavenly abode, these past five years have proven to be the most testing than he could’ve ever imagined. But it was no easy feat to trap the devil and get him back to hell, just where he belonged.

Being an angel was difficult when at the simple deal of a promise, he had to leave him be on earth, only to realize he was never coming back. As if his rebellious nature hadn’t always landed him in trouble, he chose to cut his wings off as well and how could he forget, the filthy little demon that helped him through that. And his miscreant-laden life here on earth.

“They’ll never find you filthy little demon, it's time you know your place.”

He grabbed Maze by her jaw, which was covered in dried blood and mud, and hung loose in dislocation with the hard blows his Russian little servants had rained on her. She spat out a glob of blood in his face. “It’s not me I’m worried about you daddy’s pet, it's about what you’ll go through.”

It was hard to break Maze as it is, and when injured, it was even harder. She took it upon herself to be the personal bearer of torture to her opponent, never giving them the satisfaction of victory over her.

“That is if you make it out of here alive...” Amendial’s eyes shone in the color of bloodshed and plain evil. And they say Lucifer was the devil. “As I recall, these particular blades are forged in the bowels of hell and can kill any celestial, and what do you know, filthy little demons as well? Well, I wouldn’t be sure if I didn’t test it myself.” His murderous laugh echoed across the steel shed makeshift room. It was hard to see his face if he wasn’t with inches of her face, but he forgot.

Hell was darker than the darkest and she of the strongest demon there was.

Amendial walked closer, with the blood still forming patterns on his face, some dripped down on the corners of his chest as wiped it out of disgust of being tainted.

“So, I believe torture is the language you clearly understand, humans or celestials. So I’ll give you a taste of your own sweet medicine. Each cut brings a great piece of information that you can’t guard your dear lord of anymore after I’ve killed you of course. You’ll take them along with you, knowing what I plan to do to my brother and his little play-act life on the earthly plane. You ready?” He left a light to graze across her cheek, not dragging it deep enough to hurt her but to make her wince. But she wouldn’t. Wouldn’t ever.

Amendial stuffed Maze’s mouth with the gag he’s used on her for the past week, made of her own clothes, which had been torn after she was beaten again and again by the Russian mobsters. Then came a sharp gash across her thigh, and she whimpered against the gag. Trying her best to not scream the shed down.

“So it all really started when I left you and Lucifer to your own devices five years ago. And I’ll tell you, I was a little more pissed than you are at the moment, swear to almighty. I knew I couldn’t break the promise of an angel, and the one with the devil? Oh hell no, pun intended.” He laughed his murderous split face smirk off as he continued. “I knew I needed a plan and it couldn’t be anything impulsive, couldn’t have Lucifer growing suspicious. So, I just observed and made headway through this little humanity project. And boy, the things people can do in the name of God I’ll have you know.”

As Maze started drooping, her eyelids heavy from her battered state, he splashed water on her cut and her face, jostling her wide awake with pain, anger, and hurt.

“Don’t you want to listen more? Wakey wakey. So, like I was saying before you so rudely passed out on me, I started adapting too, traveled around the world in the search of the most ruthless, an army of fragile, misguided into believing in their strength, stupid just as you are humans and I discovered, everyone feared the Russians, they were like your kind on earth. And they truly didn’t disappoint, don’t you think?”

The next sharp cut came across her neck, not deep enough to make her bleed, but hurtful enough to make her whimper and tense.

“Now, I truly mingled with them, the lessons in various human languages came in handy, and I thank Dad for having me study those you know. After all, I should know about his most abundant creation and their ways, right? I really got down to business. I joined this notorious group of up-to-no-good drug dealers back in a Russian village and introduced them to the contacts I had made. Trust me, it really felt good to be taking command of these supposedly dangerous humans and playing with them like my puppets, puppets to my one ultimate goal. Then it was pretty easy actually, they took ropes by themselves, turned nastier by the day and finally ughh..” He smiled again, only to give a little jump with it, his sardonic, sadistic angel alter ego had clearly mingled with his atrocious full-headedness to destroy his brother.

“FINALLY, after those torturous five years, I got these misguided sheep in my brother’s vicinity, but hey not too close right? Lucifer is stupid, not foolish. Interesting right?”

Maze couldn’t fathom how she was closer to hell than she ever was in the past five years. The torture, the pure burn like hellfire, and an angel turned almost demonic in his madness to please father. Only that she was looped in for the tortured and not the torturing, was a bummer. Well, she would remedy that, but she needed to know the full extent of crap his angelic brother had planned. And for that, she’d take as many gashes and open bleeding cuts as she had to.

“Now the stupid little measles wanted to expand to The City of Angels and who am I to deny them that? Only an angel. And that would be my honor to personally inaugurate the final leg of my plan here, in the name of the father. Now comes the most exciting part, did you know, dad had planned this the whole time as well, well the humans that would grace your path in your little vacation certainly were. And before I tell you that…” The third searing gash came across her arm, the whole bruised length of it, and it cut deep, almost compensating for the previous cut. She was panting and wanted to scream his bald head off, only after piercing it with her blades.

“So, I’ll keep this one brief, do keep up. So about 32 years ago, on father’s behest, I came down to lay a blessing on a Penelope and John Decker. Now, no takers for guesses coz I have you beat. That blessed child is none other than your beloved LAPD Chloe Decker. You know the one that my brother had life-altering sex with that he cramped your ears off of you, yes that very Chloe Decker. She’s really special, do tell Lucifer.” Rumbled laughter “As if you could. But he doesn’t know and she doesn’t know and umm what else they don’t know? Well, that father has left a little leeway for both of them as well you know, just to rub that pesky free will drama in my brother’s face. Now all of it is orchestrated, but the leeway here is, father has given them both the power of deciding if they walk the path laid out for them. Knowing Lucifer, it’s pretty obvious he’d be lured in a heartbeat but Chloe is fundamentally different and now how different can she be, that’s up to them. Funny two-sided sword shenanigans, humans fondly like to call it that, am I, not right? And then leading you to the LAPD bounty to find the cartel, well our, my cartel was just a drop that Uriel pitched in to help with again, the prediction of patterns and human choices seldom goes wrong and more the merrier of course. And are you not more human than ever?

You see, he despises the kind, more than anyone else in the silver city and that just works out quite perfectly for me. We wanted to be found Maze, and only by you. No better pleasure than sacrilegiously damn a demon into non-existence whilst strangling her devil boss back to the pit he belongs at.

Haven’t I become chatty? I know but you had to know how helpless you are, knowing all this and yet unable to do anything, guarding the devil, eh? Now, that, you will be taking to your grave, if you ever get one. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be laid amongst these humans, that too in the ground. I mean, isn’t that worse than hell Maze?” Amendial stood right in front of her bloodshot eyes, barking in the face of her pain and agony, tears that she had stored away in the past week of torture.

“But I should let you have your last words, I mean, it’s the least I could do.” Dragging her gag string past her cuts painfully slow, he made sure that the pain would excruciate her into a bellowing scream, cry out in a wail, writhe with anguish, but she gave him none, only four words;

“You made a big mistake.” And in a turnabout, before he could comprehend why he was face flat against the mortar of the floor, he was whipped like an English breakfast on Sunday. Maze gathered the ties she’s broken from the now crumbled pieces of the chair she was tied to and lifted his hands behind his back, pressing him more into the bloodied ground with her knee.

She could pass out at this very second, that is how much she had bled. But she had to let Lucifer know about all the ruckus his dad continued to spread even after he’d escaped, how a warrior of heaven had literally become a Russian mob companion.

She tied him and dragged his face through the ground and kicked him over, “this isn’t over, I’ll make sure Lucifer gives you hell, personally tailored for an angel at that too.” She then took back her blade from the corner of the room and rutted the blade deep in his stomach, before mirroring his bark of a laugh from earlier.

And ran.




Somehow, he was thankful that Chloe had dragged him off Maze and gotten her to the hospital. His fear of being exposed to human treatments was true but he knew, this wasn’t some playful injury. Maze was battered with cuts and gashes and seemingly, the doctor reciprocated his sentiment, his fear. If they had been a couple of minutes late, she would’ve died he’d said.

The gnawing helplessness of not knowing anything, the fact he couldn’t punish whoever did this was making him rage all the more. Maze is all he had. He couldn’t even imagine the alternative. His knuckles grew white at the thought.

“Hey, the doctor says she’s showing signs of stability and responding well to treatment. She’s going to be fine.” Chloe came up to him as he stood in the cafeteria, on his seventh coffee for the day because the only alcohol in the hospital would be in the medicines, didn’t humans make their misery worse on purpose. Here of all the places, they could definitely use a flask, he mused.

“Yeah.” That’s all he could say. After all, how could she comfort him when she’s the reason why Maze was covered in bandages and white pipes. The LAPD Bounty Hunter his arse.

She held his hand and his anger seemed to dissipate that very instant, “I know seeing someone close to you in such a state is hard, I know. Trixie has seen me injured on the job so many times, I even got shot once, and she was miserable. Dan used to sit up with her the entire night comforting her, even when he was in no state himself. But we’ve got to hold ourselves for the ones we love right? We can’t break down when we have to be there for them.” She rubbed the back of his hand gently, assuredly, silently guaranteeing her company.

He scoffed “Isn’t it hypocritical detective, the very LAPD that got her battered is here offering me support. If I didn’t know better, that’s usually how humans make themselves feel better right?”

Chloe knew he was hurting “How could you say so Lucifer, Maze is a grown-up woman, she can make her own choices. And for what it's worth, we suggested backup when we sent her on the project. It was her explicit instruction to the lieutenant that she and her blades, whatever weapon that is, are capable enough of bringing a mob leader down. I am truly sorry what happened to her but she chose how to deal with the situation.” She ended calmly, but hotly. She had to comfort him, yes, but not at the cost of being blamed herself when she had no part in it.

“I want to be left alone for a while detective.” He threw his cup and walked away.




In the days that followed, Lucifer, Chloe, and surprisingly so, Dan would take shifts being with Maze at night. She was recovering well but still hadn’t regained consciousness. She’d had a couple of seizures where Lucifer would almost be convinced, they were hurting her rather than treating her but he refrained from bellowing out and having a devilish meltdown. And each time, Chloe would find some way to comfort him. She’d bring him coffee, just sit in silence next to him, engage in one-sided banter about whatever happened at the precinct that day and at times, he would smile back and share an anecdote or two too. And one a rainy Monday afternoon,

“I would like to apologize for that day detective, I wrongly lashed out at you, it wasn’t my intent, do forgive me if you can. And thank you, you’ve been nothing but kind to me.” He said genuinely, meaning every word.

Chloe warmed up beside him and brought her hand to his shoulder,

“You helped me out too Lucifer, no matter what was in it for you both the times, you really were there for me, and it’s the least I could do for you. Isn’t that what friends do?”

He could have made a sexual pun but,

Friends. Friendship.

She really was different.

And all the memories of the case, the night they shared, rushed back. To both of them. But they knew as they sat beside each other, eyes closed in exhaustion, that there would be more.


Chapter Text

Maze took to recovery well.

Well for the most part of it. The few times that it didn’t bode well for her to be stuck in one of her infamous hell loops, only for it to be real this time, was the occasional doctor’s visit. Catheter adjustments, weird medication concoctions, and the constant beeping of at least three different types of machines attached to the wires that disappeared into her. It felt helpless, it felt paralyzing and almost satiric. On occasion she had made a run for her blades, racking out the tunes from her insides, but it had been to no avail. Twice she had fainted right outside her room, the other three times, the nurses had somehow managed to wrestle her back into the bed she so meticulously planned to flee. Well, in her head it was meticulous of course. And then, there was today, a weary Wednesday afternoon.

Doctor Kimberly had assured Lucifer and Chloe that they would be able to take her home soon. Now the general despises of humans and their lies would make her believe that this would be one too, a sugar-coated, soothing lie. But Dr. Kimberly had made no such claims up until today and if she said so, she probably meant it. And with that, Maze slipped into a deep slumber, only to be gripped in a nightmare she couldn’t fight off, only the machines beeped to her rescue.

It had gotten usual. It was like living her personal hell. And she really did see the irony of it all. The torturer, tortured. But she would wake up with cold sweats, always refusing to let out anything she saw. It was always that dark room, always her blades in her face, always chasing life and it always seemed too far.



“Mommy, today the Math test went really well and I have Ashley coming over for a playdate today at dad’s. Will you be joining us?” Trixie gave Chloe her usual routine of the school and her later plans, today happened to be the day when it was Dan’s turn and she had to take the overnight watch over Maze. They both tried their best to balance out time over at the precinct, at home with Trixie, and at the hospital. In the past two weeks, they had all settled into a routine of sorts and nobody complained. Well, for the most part. Lucifer somehow made an exception every now and then, but he tried. For Maze’s sake.

“No Monkey, it’s my turn with Maze tonight, you know I would if I could, right?” She cuddled her close to her chest, caressing her hair, crooning her close.

“But can one of the other police sir or ma’am could do it tonight right?” Chloe wouldn’t deny, it would feel brilliant to have a day off. She could just shower and not have to rush back immediately in record time. Hell, she could draw a bath today. But she didn’t want to. As crucial as Maze was to the case, she had sort of formed a connection to the demon that lay there. Somehow, she didn’t want to pass her off as an assignment to one of the other officers, and Dan kind of reciprocated her feelings on this. He really was accompanying her for sure, but they both had established familiarity with Maze. Her bouts of anger, her weird snap outs, running away attempts, grunts while they changed her, mostly everything. And they kind of wanted to be here for her.

“I know baby, but Maze would like it better if she woke up to familiar faces right. She’s not in the best condition right now anyway and we should do whatever we can to help her get better.” Trixie was very understanding for her little age and frame. She didn’t argue further and gave Chloe a big sloppy kiss and cuddled close before dropping off her lap to say goodbye.

“Mommy,” Trixie turned around and rushed to Chloe and opened her backpack to give Ms. Alien to Chloe “when Maze had nightmares again, you give her this, please. She will sleep better.”

“But babe how did you..”

“Dad told me when he picked me up from school, he wants Maze to get well soon.” Chloe smiled warmly at her, her little nugget.

“I will let her know that my little monkey left her a little Ms. Alien for her, alright? Now you be nice to dad and don’t stay up past 11 with Ashley eating ice cream under the blanket tent.” With that, she kissed her goodbye and turned around to place Ms. Alien next to her new temporary owner.



Lucifer had been to therapy twice as much as usual. He’d lost all sense of beauty sleep, which he would strive at even after an orgies-laden week. He would stay awake at night, eyes heavy with sleep but the fear of losing Maze heavier than his lids. And on the nights' detective had a watch with him, sleep would make itself known but no more than a lost thought beckoning to etch out every now and then. It was Detective Douche or Dan as he insisted on being called, that Lucifer found himself craving for his penthouse. What an insipid dullard. He would wonder how did someone like Chloe end up with him, but the consequent thought of them not being together anymore would answer his chain and he would smirk to himself.

However, it wasn’t the lack of sleep that left him exhausted, it was the whirlwind of emotions he had no idea how to deal with. The detective and now Maze, the sense of having no control over his life and dad making him a flashing example of celestial puppetry felt more like the theme. Linda tried her best to accommodate her and the sessions that somehow always ended on a similar note told him that somehow, his feelings were taking charge of his life and he was learning how there are various relationships that exist outside of his regular favor- IOU circle of operation. It would leave him confused, baffled, and mostly on the verge of a mild panic attack.

His descent into a flawless portrayal of humanity, or at least what he presumed it was slowly shattering around him and he wanted his proverbial walls back up, right where they were supposed to be. But the nights with the detective weren’t helping. His vulnerability, the flashes of that goddamn night, made it harder than his lost rebellion to not push her into one of the dark corridors and just savor her. The grief and angst of the past long gone, just them and all the carnal desires unleashed. But he wasn’t complaining about what he had right now either. The progression into friendship, according to Linda.

They would sit next to each other, sipping a million coffees it would seem, talk about their day respectively, talk about random things. He would hear her speak to Trixie over the phone, wishing her goodnight, cutting the call with a sigh each time. She would let him indulge her in all forms of metaphors. She would find him drowsing into a light slumber, mouth slightly open, looking all too human, against all his claims. He would let her talk about how her dad would get her sandwiches after she would come home from the police academy. He would talk about how between his club, his favors, his therapist, and revelry, he’d come to find a home which was something he’s never known of. She’d find it weird but would know how the home was much more than brick and mortar, it was the people and the moments. And when the words would dry out and sleep seemed a faraway thought, they would find themselves looking at each other and just be themselves. Not the favor granting devil, not the homicide detective. Just Lucifer and Chloe.



Precisely 8 days since Dr. Kimberly had predicted her discharge, Maze finally got her formalities done and walked right out with a slight limp. Her bruises had left an outline map on her skin, which the doctor assured would heal in time with some bio-oil and general cell replacement. Her gashes were all well stitched and bandaged, the stitches had left a design of precise battle scars in the pattern of a centipede. Maze had laughed at that, which obviously had the staff weirded out, but the demon was finally returning to herself.

When they got back to the penthouse, Lucifer set her up in the room next to the master bedroom. They’d both made jibes at each other that they weren’t humans, or little offsprings or whichever weak creature they could find for comparison but they both knew, it’d be hell if anything happened to either of them. They were just a proud devil and demon to admit that, the universe wouldn’t have it any other way anyhow.

“So, what is this weird-looking shape of foam and cheap cotton doing in my stuff.” Maze pulled out Ms. Alien from her bag and she couldn’t help but be disgusted of it. The hospital smell but an underlying scent of the chewy rubber humans often chewed and chocolate maybe, how disgusting.

“Oh, that’d be what the detective’s offspring left you whilst visiting her and you when you were in the deep slumber of drugs a week ago. She insisted the thing be called Ms. Alien as I recall and that it helped wade off the nightmares. Humans are one thing but their spawn, pfft” Lucifer shrugged with a laugh, laughed some more at the incredulous gesture, little did he know, Maze hadn’t had a nightmare since. She picked up the stuffed toy and smoothed its half-threaded hair over.



Dan and Chloe made sure Maze had a day’s worth of uninterrupted rest before they proceeded with questioning her about the events that had landed her brutally injured, hell, almost murdered on a bounty hunt.

The elevator door pinged open as Lucifer was busy fixing his pocket square as he stood in front of the mirror of his room. He greeted Chloe with a warm smile through the mirror, softly mouthing detective in salutation, and gave a stern smile to Dan, mouthing Douche.

“I’ll just be a moment detectives, please do make yourselves comfortable. Help yourself through the bar in case you’d like a drink, or two.” He walked into the living room area, dapper in a deep green suit, clad with a dove gold pocket square. The handsome devil, Chloe thought to herself.

“No, we’re good, thank you. Will Maze be joining us or should we move things to her room.” Lucifer smirked and Chloe stifled a smile herself, almost getting right there with him.

But Lucifer just muttered, “By all means.” He eyed Chloe and she followed closely behind the gentlemen, thanking god. Had they been alone, she’d never heard the end of it.

Oh, the little mercies of life.



Maze had been dreading Chloe and Dan’s arrival. Her bounty hunt operation’s dive down the drain would ascertain the end of her dream and chance at independence from the shadow of hell and Lux, but most of all, she couldn’t bring herself to consider the thought of speaking of it.

Since that day, the silence that had engulfed her, she’d been thankful for it. She’d silently thank the darkness that pulled at her lids after mere minutes of opening her eyes to either of the six familiar faces she knew. The silent slumber and the cacophony of nightmares would drown out all external cackle and conversation and it was the bizarre peace she’d come to lay in the requiem of. But she knew scents. Gunpowder mixed with coconut and strawberries, whiskey and rum, and old soda and grease. And those three scents entered the room that very second. And she swore to Lucifer and his dad, that hell would bellow out and swallow her up in a gurgle.


“For the record this is your official statement for any and all purpose of investigation the LAPD deems fit in the case of the Russian drug cartel Malvios. In the capacity of a bounty hunter for the LAPD, we urge you to be honest and present all facts of your week-long project.” Chloe spoke robotically as the paper said and opened her notepad and straightened her back.

“So, Maze, I want you to be as comfortable as you are regarding this, should you feel any discomfort, any sharp pain, you have to let us know, alright? We don’t want to push you in your state and we wouldn’t, whatever we can get today, we’ll take a lead on that.” Chloe’s warm smile worried Maze a little more. She was about lie about the fact that her demon skin had been charred like a clay puddle at a pre-school by an angel and the fact that Chloe, seemingly human, was a miracle, whatever that meant.

“Maze is strong enough to answer a couple of pesky questions, aren’t you Mazikeen.” Lucifer sat next to her and squeezed her hand slightly. What had become of her? She had to be there for him, guarding him and one thought of changing her paths, it was a turnabout.

“Yeah, hit me.”

“But not too hard detectives.” Lucifer sheepishly cracked the bad joke and Chloe gave him a huffed eyeroll, secretly thanking him for dissipating the tension in the room.

“Alright, so after you left the precinct, describe your plan of action and your trace path that led you to that facility.”

Maze narrated the whole deal just as it was, how her street contacts had helped her. The local drug lords who knew the ones craving to hit big and Chloe and Dan meticulously prepared their notes.

“Okay so you ended up at the facility after 2 days of your search, is that correct?”


“That would entail that you were held captive for five days…” Chloe’s voice faded at the end, the implication of those horrific five days only imaginable. Until now, no one had known how long Maze’s torture had lasted and now that they knew, Lucifer visibly gulped, his hand in his lap visibly tightened and he grunted. Chloe and Dan exchanged a quick glance before they went down to take notes. Maze had noticed all of their collective reactions and it was difficult for her to lie at this pace.

“I’m not a child, it’s alright. You can all stop with the pity fest in your eyes, I escaped, didn’t I?” Natural demon reaction.

“Yes, and we’re so glad that you did Maze, but I’m afraid you’ll have to tell us everything about those five days of captivity as well. I don’t want to push you, but it’s imperative that you do, can you do that?”

This was the perfect opportunity, Maze could pretend to faint, she had a lot of practice now. Or she could be her natural self and throw them off with a rage fit. But none of that came and she found herself continuing only with a slight moderation.

“So, I was tied to a chair for five days and there were many guys that came in that shed. It was dark and they all wore masks and gloves at all times. Three of them had tattoos that were not visible, only a black line on the side of their neck would peep when they talked or moved.” Didn’t see any faces, all tall dudes, all Russians by the accent. Screamed a lot at each other.”

“Okay, so did they scream anything of value.” Lucifer jumped almost immediately. And then he eyed Chloe’s half-open mouth as she was just about to speak. “Apologies detective.”

“It’s alright Lucifer, we know you want to know who did this as well.” Oh, much more than that, he’d planned a 19-course hell loop for whoever the bastard was. “Okay so, did you hear anything important, and your knuckles were broken, did you fight them?”

“Obviously did break the ropes five times Decker, what am I? Human? Also, and punched their masked jaws into a blood battered pancake mixture.” Maze knew Lucifer would be smirking at her, proud of her. And he was. Smirking and proud. “And no, I didn’t get anything more than they wanted to be the king of the drug operation or something like that. They would only talk when I was passed out or getting there.”

“Okay, alright Maze, that’s all we have for you today. We’ll contact you for anything further and hope you get well soon. We sincerely hope you’ll want to work with LAPD further.” Chloe gave her a warm handshake and a genuine smile. Miracle.

“I still get to keep the job?” Maze stared at her incredulously.

“Of course, Maze, you endangered yourself for the LAPD. We’ll be more than happy to have you back. Without an attached hospital bill the next time please.” She laughed “Cute soft toy by the way.”

Maze smiled sheepishly as she looked back at the said Ms. Alien. “Yes, your child has an awful choice in toys, buy her something better.”

Chloe turned around and left her room, smiling keenly to herself.

Chloe and Dan left after exchanging a few words about the procedure and follow-ups. Lucifer made his way to Maze’s room languidly and sat on the corner of her bed where she now lay on her back.

“So, now that Chloe and Dan have left, why don’t you tell me the truth Maze.” With that, his eyes turned lava and Maze wouldn’t dare lie.



It only made more sense and less. More and less together. His fury came and went as he honked on the downtown traffic, making his way to the precinct before the sun went down. He’d deal with the closer subject first. That bastard Amendial. Oh, how he would tear his skull open, but right now, he needed to see the detective. He needed to see Chloe.

He drove in a panic. He couldn’t let her find out who truly was behind all this. His bastard brother couldn’t keep his mucky hands and father’s commands out of his life. His life. He made this life for himself from scratch, how dare he. That feathered holed prick.


Chloe is a miracle. Your father put her in your path.


Chloe is a miracle.


A miracle.


Is that why he felt so differently around her? About her? And what more was there?


She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know.


He’d been enraged. Another manipulation at the hands of his father, another damn plan which he never asked to be a part of. Another jibe at the one thing he wanted most. Free Will.

But he was thankful that Maze had told him that very instant, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he’d lashed out on her, more than he had in the hospital a couple of days back. But he needed answers and he needed to make sure he drifted the investigation away from the celestial clusterfuck but not depriving her of the truth.

As he neared the precinct, his heart rate picked up. He was sweating, nervous, mad, diabolical, and just in desperate need to see her.

He halted his car in a screech so loud that in a 4-mile radius, everyone knew a Corvette was being driven by a madman who couldn’t keep it together somehow.

He walked past all the humdrum crowd and chatter and found her wrapping her desk. There she was. Chloe. More so. Bent over the desk. This woman will be his becoming or undoing, and he wasn’t sure if he’d handle either one of them well.



“Good Evening detective, I see you’re all packed for the evening. Little spawn awaiting your arrival?” Lucifer blabbered right behind her as she jerked and spun around to face him.


But what was he doing here?

“Lucifer is everything okay? Is Maze alright, did something happen?” She babbled right back at him and he laughed nervously before his face turned as serious as a New York Times War headline.

“Ugh.. can we talk? In private please?” Chloe was concerned now but she showed him to the Evidence room after her.

They entered the dusty room but it would suffice. He needed to get this out before he combusted into hellfire he’d left-back.

Detec.. Chloe. I would like to work the case with you. Before you interrupt, I would like for you to hear me out.” Lucifer gulped. This was his moment of honesty. His vulnerability laid bare.

“Maze is family. She’s literally all I have. When dear old dad, or a prick of a father, whichever you prefer best, banished me out of heaven, there was nobody by my side. No one. All my siblings.. watched while I fell. I perished into a burnt dreaded creature from being one of the brightest angels in heaven. I was an archangel, the Lightbringer and everyone watched me dim into a space of torment, brimstone, and fire.” Chloe wanted to roll her eyes but she couldn’t somehow.

A) She couldn’t sense any ingenuity or joke in his voice, it reeked of scared emotions and she couldn’t downplay that and B) No matter what metaphor he wanted to use, she knew he was vulnerable. And she knew vulnerability. She knew him.

He continued.

“Do you know how hard it is to find something worthy of sustenance in a whole dark void of torture and pain? Not easy. And for an eternity? It doesn’t get easy, even if you get used to it." he smiled sadly

"Maze was there on those days of my life. Eons spent in my service without question. She battled any and everything for and with me and for that, eternal gratitude is measly in comparison. And after I descended here on Earth, she was free to stay back in hell, but she swore loyalty. Not just as the greatest demon to the devil, but as my best friend too.” Lucifer hadn’t realized how thick his voice had gotten and he was on the verge of letting his tears go which he hadn’t realized were pooled.

“Lucifer, hey hey. It’s okay. Hey..” Chloe’s own voice came in gasps and whimpers thick with reciprocated emotion. She could see the depth of Lucifer’s pain, metaphors are damned. She brought both her palms to rest against his cheeks and he sighed as comfort hit him in two small palms and warmth.

She really was a miracle.

And he couldn’t help but lean in and place a soft kiss against the small of her wrist, before taking her hand and kissing her palm as his tears ran down. Chloe ran the other hand through his hair and pulled him towards her lips.

She tasted his tears. Just like he must’ve tasted hers before. She tasted his panic, his fear of loss, and the loss of control. She plundered him with heavy, wanting strokes of her tongue, asking him to share his turmoil with her. To let him know that she could be there for him too and she would be.

She drifted her hand down to his neck and his throat and he let out a guttural moan and sniffed back his tears. He pushed her against the rack of the closet softly and leaned into her. This was pure. This was bare. This was more than anything. More than any two naked bodies. This was rather two naked souls.


She’s a miracle.


Lucifer took control of his burning need and grief and pulled her closer by her hair. As if their lips could be any closer than they already were. They nibbled and moaned and bit and groaned. Their tongues were needy and probing and hands moved to their own accord. They were out of breath for sure bit neither wanted to break away.

Lucifer pulled back and nibbled at her ear as she sighed in pleasure. She was wanton with the desire pooling in the depths of her belly and she raised a leg and hooked behind his ass. Oh, he was deliciously hard as well. He wanted her and she wanted him. She rubbed herself crazy, clothed friction making her crave the barriers off but the delicious rhythm too heavenly to stop.

Luicferrr aahh” A delicious moan with his name on her lips left her as he bit the sweet spot below her neck and massaged her perk breasts pushing them upwards, pinching the peaks with every squeeze. She was crazed with the cloud of lustful desire and slipped her hand to open, tear his trousers if necessary. She made deft work with her fingers and hit home, thanking heavens for the lack of any underwear obstruction. She grabbed his length and stroked meticulously as her patience grew thinner and panties wetter, now stuck to her throbbing center.

“Oh Chloe, suck me, darling,” And she bent swiftly, wasting no moment “wrap your pretty lips around my cock detective.” And if it was at all possible, she felt a fresher pool of desire, make its way down to her drenched underwear as she grew needy with warmth. She made quick work of his cock, stroking him harsh and fast, with desperation and craze. She couldn’t think straight and she took his gorgeous length deep in her mouth. She gagged and she felt his hand rest atop her head, mingling in her strands, just placed there, not moving an inch. She hummed as she massaged his balls and sucked him simultaneously, fast and then slow. Releasing with a pop each time she slurped on it like her favorite treat. She looked up to his dilated pupils and found the perfect opportunity for her next move. She pressed the base of his cock as she released him.

“Lucifer, look at me.” He fought hard, just as his cock, and looked down at her. She took his whole length in her mouth and released with a pleasant moan. “Now, this” she slid the hands away from his balls, stroking his wet hardness and opened the button of her jeans and slipped into her wetness, and stroked her wet pussy with its wetness. “Look how wet,” she slipped her slick fingers out in the dim lights and it shone, the glistening wetness on her digits “you make me” and slipped them in her mouth and licked and sucked all of her juices off.

“I want you to take me.” As she slipped back into her folds and gathered more slickness on her fingers and stroked his dick with it. “I want you to make me cum around your cock and make my pussy wetter than it is now.” And she pushed it back in her mouth as she slurped around her taste on him.

“I want to taste our cum on your dick when you’re done with me.” And swiftly pushed off her jeans down to her ankles and massaged her clit as she stood in front of him, one hand still stroking him.

“Fuck Chloe” And he rammed himself deep into the cushions of her warmth. She stilled and took all of him gorgeously, adjusting, remembering the feel of him inside her.

That night had been about her, this was about him. Call it repaying a favor as he would say. But she knew this was more than that. The raw need told her that much and she held him at his lips as he rammed in her.

“Harder, Lucifer, harder.” She demanded in his ear and the racks behind them creaked and he thrust just as she asked. Her fingers trembled with the eminent build-up and she was on the precipice of release as she bit her lip

“Give it to me Chloe” she bit her lobe and pinched her nipples and thrust thrice before she wrapped him in a vice and bit at his shirted shoulder.

Both of them realized how the state of their nakedness was incomplete. He thrust into her languidly as she climbed down the peak of the burst of a supernova. They pushed away each other's shirts, Chloe’s bra was almost torn but was saved somehow. He laved at her perfect mounds and kissed down her perfect cleavage.

“Another, give it to me again Chloe, let me cum in you as you cum around me.” Chloe threw her head back and grabbed his “Bite me” And he smirked against the hollow of her neck as she bit her deep and smoothed it over with feather-like kisses. He bit her nipples, breasts and pressed hard on her clit, and rubbed it while increasing his pace.

He knew she was trembling and she would tumble down any minute, “Don’t stop don’t stop… dont stoppp” And he didn’t and that’s how they came in and around. Convulsing around and filling in.

She was the first to recover as he chased her aftershocks with slow strokes still inside, still aware of her very raw and unadulterated wish.

“All good there darling?” As he eased himself out of her.

“Ahh ohhhh” she sighed as she smiled as if dosed with a heavy mixture of coke and ecstasy. She smiled at him as she reached down and pushed her fingers inside herself and brought back their mixture to lick.

“Want a taste Lucifer?” she flashed a wicked smile and pushed a finger between his lips. He licked it off and kissed her again.

“Do I ever detective?” drinking in from her fingers and her mouth simultaneously.

They fumbled with their clothes as Lucifer said,

“Nothing to clean up with, any tissues here?”

Chloe leaned up to him and whispered.

“I’m going to let this be inside me till I reach home and cum again while I think of you still inside me. We’ll clean up next time.” With that, she latched on the door and turned to leave.

“Also, you’ll have to speak with the lieutenant if you want in, 9 AM tomorrow.” She peeked back again and announced all business-like and Lucifer could only do one thing. Actually two.

Button his shirt wrong and gape with his mouth wide open.

Who is this woman? He smiled.

A miracle.



Chapter Text

The moment Chloe stepped inside her apartment, she did exactly what she promised she would do. She made quick work of kissing Trixie goodnight. The sitter had already made her finish her homework and had made good on the promise of not letting her have any chocolate cake. Chloe quickly whipped some pasta and heated up two leftover pizza slices for herself and made her way to her bedroom.

She discarded her clothes, hurriedly tossing them around, and kept her panties on. The delicious sensation of wet heat pooled inside her wet panties made her kept them on for a little while longer. She couldn’t resist rubbing herself slightly through the covering as she shuffled out her vibrator from the bottom drawer of her cabinet and stepped in the shower cubicle, finally pushing off the damp underwear, and let the hot spray of water remind her of Lucifer.

Of his breath, his touch, his bites, his thrusts.

She let out a sign as the little egg-shaped vibrator on the lowest setting touched her needy clit. She started out slow, teasing off-target vibrations that charged up her entire pussy, dripping with torturous want. She didn’t want to rush this, she wanted it to linger for as long as it could. To feel everything from the encounter and more.

She knew she hadn’t cleaned up and how her raw and dirty desire had left Lucifer surprised and hungrier for her. Chloe had never been the one who was vocal about her desires, never had she let out anything more than a loud moan during sex.

Lucifer, on the very first meeting, had made her jab like nobody’s business, even before they’d had sex. Well fucked would be more appropriate here. The primal urge made it a damn good fuck.

She imagined his dilated black orbs as she pushed two fingers inside her and let the wetness of both their cum and the fresh gush of arousal that her body let loose of. She massaged her channel as she pushed a single finger inside her and slowly tipped a higher setting on the vibrator. She threw her head back against the wall and spread her legs wider as she went.

It felt heavenly. The thought of the devil had felt heavenly.

She teased herself with all thoughts of how Lucifer would do her, had he had the time and the opportunity to be in her shower.

Come on, open up for me detective.

She inserted another finger inside her hole as she let Lucifer’s voice take over her senses.

Oh, detective, how hard you grip my cock.

She deliberately clenched around her fingers, to feel the thickness, to imagine his girth inside her.

Let me make you cum around me.

And she picked up the rhythm as she chased the peak with his commands looming in her thoughts. She turned up the vibrator and growled as she pumped faster and harder just as she would’ve told him to.

Yes darling, give me your cum, grip me inside you.

Look at me, Chloe.

And as she opened her heavy lids slightly, in the heated cubicle, she imagined his eyes, torn wild with her release. And she gave it to him.

We aren’t done yet darling, there’s more in you. Wouldn’t you want the devil to come inside you?

Oh, the dirt and heavy arousal of his words laid her open to shedding all her inhibitions.

She pushed the setting of the vibrator higher as she rubbed her clit with it and pumped three fingers now in and out of her. The rhythm was ecstasy, it was a drug. But it was no comparison on how Lucifer filled her up. So stretched, so full, so hard. She imagined how he would kiss her, all bites and no gentleness, how he would pinch her nipples and bite and lave on them. And that was the edge Chloe wanted to topple off of.


She bit her lip to contain her scream and pinched her nipples in a sharp twist as she rubbed her oversensitive clit with the vibrator on the highest setting.

Lucifer I I aahhhh fuckk

Yes, darling let me cum inside you, milk me as you cum detective.

A sigh of his name left her lips as she toned down the setting and languidly slid down the wall of the shower, keeping her fingers inside her for a while, just like Lucifer would keep his hard cock. She almost didn’t want to feel the emptiness after sex after his hard length left her. She loved how full and amazing it felt.

And with the kind of sabbatical from sex she’d had, this was a jackpot.

The aftershocks finally drained her out enough for her to wash and just proceed to hog the bed.

As she toweled her hair dry, she noticed the purple marks Lucifer had left beneath the hollow of her neck and all around her breasts, she blushed as her fingertips grazed over them.

Bite Me. She had said.

Chloe had never been the one for marking or being marked. Such caveman behavior would usually annoy Chloe, in fact over her past relationships both before and after her separation, she would explicitly ask men to not do that and politely turn the requests to do so either. She didn’t want to take any mark from a casual one-night stand back with her and frankly, it felt very personal. To be marked and mark someone as your own. They scratched an itch and that’s what her once in blue moon dates were expected to do.

She was a single mother who just couldn’t dive into the whole arena of dating again. It was too much work. Her life had no compartments that needed the havoc and drama of dating, heartbreaks, complications.

She already had enough of it with the LAPD, a divorce, and an eight-year-old. She was very particular who came close to Trixie. Her daughter was too precious to be exposed to just any fling. And just that is why she never went ahead with anything more than a one-night stand.

But Lucifer, this felt so different. It felt liberating, it felt that she had regained her 20s back somehow. In the 20s that she had spent in the police academy and getting married and having a kid. Lucifer’s gaze made her feel so wanted. More so than Dan even.

She could have a connection and still keep it just as good as a casual fuck.

The sex-laden lifestyle Lucifer led would hardly raise any questions of attachment or personal interventions and she could have the best cock in LA in her.

With a steamy train of thoughts that all ended on Lucifer, Chloe decided that it was time she let loose a little, after all, it was just some harmless fun. As she lay under the covers, sleep engulfed her sated body and lustful dreams.

Just casual sounds amazing.


Lucifer saved himself a trip to Linda’s this time around. He wasn’t someone that would be very sure of human emotions but what he knew best was sex. And it was exceptional, it was so bloody good. It would be a sin, but it was as good as the bright angelic power-up in the silver city.

His leftover denial of Chloe being a one-time fuck like almost all the women that had graced his bed in the past five years was thrown out the window. He understood how grey and tasteless the sex at bachelorette had felt in comparison to Chloe and why.

How she held him when he was all guards down before her, how she spoke to him in the language he knew best, but in her own beautiful way.

Chloe Decker was special. She was a miracle. She made him want more. More than just debauchery, more than a night of passion. More than acquaintances, friends. Lucifer wanted Chloe’s friendship.

As Lucifer stepped into his shower cubicle, he closed his eyes and wanked himself to oblivion. He gripped himself, imagining her wet warm pussy wrapped around him, pulsating and gripping like a vice.

Her fingers dipped in her wet core as she pumped him restlessly, how she licked their mixed cum off of her delicate fingers and refused to clean up had had to be the kinkiest, sexiest shit he’d ever come across. The sensation of her delightful lips wrapped around his cock did it for him at last as he spurt heavily over the wall and smiled dreamily.

He wanted more. He wanted Chloe.


This was probably the best night’s sleep Chloe and Lucifer both had had, in a very long time.


Morning dawned over them, with a ghost of a smile on each’s faces that stretched in a grin as the soreness of muscles and anticipation of the day ahead of them bubbled inside of them. He was going to work with her. She was going to work with him.

And collective realization struck them like a blow in the face. Oh fuck.


Chloe sat biting her nails as she stared at the Lieutenant’s door. It had been almost an hour since she saw Lucifer strolling inside Lt. Margot’s office as she missed him by seconds. She just saw his wide back perfectly wrapped in a midnight black suit.

Thinking about what kind of conversation Lucifer was going to partake in with Margot made her lose her shit by .2% points by each passing minute. Would he tell her how they fucked in the evidence room, would he offer to fuck her too, would he annoy her with one of the million sexual innuendos, would he throw his devil schtick at her. The only answer was restless fibbing and biting nails till the meeting concluded.

She took a deep breath and gave her a measly pep talk.

Okay, you worked a case with him before, you’ve had sex with him before. It will be fine. Absolutely okay. And he really did come through the last time he helped with the investigation. If he wouldn’t have stepped up and offered his skills, you would’ve been lost. Who knows still stuck there? So, you can fucking nail this again, work another case with him and that would be the end of this professional coalition…. And you would be able to continue fucking each other. See, should stop biting my nails now.

“I would like to know the name of the ghost you’ve seen”

Chloe jumped out of her seat, confused and surprised with the sudden interruption to the voice in her pep talk. “Dan, fuck. You scared me! Also, what?”

“Well, it looks like you’re expecting a ghost to burst out of Margot’s office. You know Lucifer’s a stubborn, rich, charming guy and he’s bound to get what he wants.”

“Well, it’s not Lucifer I’m worried about, it’s the lieutenant” Chloe countered, raising an eyebrow and turned around to sort her files and make herself occupied with more than just the make-believe scenarios happening inside the office.

It wasn’t until another hour later, Lucifer and Margot came out of the room still engaged in discussion. Both of them looked very, very serious. Strained foreheads? Did he fuck this up? Is he not going to work with me? Am I off the case?

And now they’re smiling and shaking hands and what? Margot looked at him dreamily? The Lieutenant, dreamy?

OH, that bastard. He did use his mojo after all. She smiled to herself and let out the tensed breath she had been holding for the past, maybe million hours.

As Lucifer and Margot turned towards her and looked at her, a hot blush crept up her cheeks, and the thought of being 20 stationed itself inside her from the previous night. She looked away and pretended the best she could that truly, the paperwork har her attention.

“Decker, you better explain why you have been keeping such a valuable resource all to yourself.” WHAT?

“Excuse me?”

“Well, Mr. Morningstar has been extremely kind in offering his services and has agreed to act as a liaison in the Malvios cartel case, and not just that, he’s going to be working with us full time!”

“Umm? Full time? Margot, I don’t think… he’d... just be a detective?” Had Margot completely lost her mind? What was she even on about? Lucifer? Full time?

“I’m not daft Decker, Mr. Morningstar is now an official civilian consultant for the LAPD. Welcome to the precinct, Mr. Morningstar.” With that, Margot gave another lingering handshake to Lucifer and turned around as the hint of a rosy blush crept up her cheeks.

“Well, I would love you have you gape at other occasions detective but it’s getting a bit uncomfortable now. I fly might get in your mouth and we wouldn’t want anything happening to that pretty mouth, now would we darling?” Lucifer leaned closer as he whispered the last words into her ear.

As if it wasn’t hard enough having him for A case, now she’d have him by her side for EVERY case. Oh, dear god.

“Please tell me I am dreaming.”

“Oh well I am dreamy darling but try to contain yourself. We don’t have the time for another visit to the evidence locker, although I can be persuaded of course.”

“NO. NO. What did you even say to Margot, how could she even agree to such a thing? You’re a nightclub owner. You couldn’t be further away from following the law let alone help uphold it!”

“Well darling, I appeal to the naughtiest, deepest, darkest desires stored away in the nooks. And as it came to be true, our precious lieutenant had one too and I simply drew it out and in exchange, asked to your devil sidekick.

“What was this ‘desire’ that Margot agreed to let you in on LAPD cases.”

“And that’s between us detective, let the devil keep some secrets to himself now.”

But Chloe wanted to know, and she knew how.

“Well, I could suck you off real quick in the bathroom stall. Maybe let you eat me out as well if you let me in on the secret, Lucifer.” She batted her lashes and grazed his lapel with a finger as she looked up at him.

His breathing hitched. And then he grinned.

“Well, a fair deal I’d say detective. Well, Miss Margot has hit a bit of a snag because of this case. She took this case with the promise to come out as the only female lieutenant of her demographical stature to battle LA’s ever-growing drug problem. Now I only promised to have this case solved and in turn, she can give a place in the precinct, much more permanent than a single caseworker.”

He grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards him “Now why would I do that darling, don’t you know?”

Chloe was too lost in the sensation of his fingers playing at the small of her back, making her regret the line of negotiation she’d chosen with him. Nobody could win at sexual innuendos like him, what was she thinking.

Lucifer leaned towards her neck and sighed “Well only to be near you my delectable little peach, to get you hot and heavy just like this.” and to keep you away from my arsehole angle stickler brother. And to really know what more there is to your miraculous existence.

“Now which stall would you like to blow me off in detective,” He leaned away and smiled at her wired-out state. Of course, his mojo didn’t work on her but he could still leave her disoriented at the hands of desire and his devilishness. “I believe you would want to keep it quick and discreet as we have a case to work after all.”

Chloe maintained her small space, instead, grazed his crotch with her finger and grabbed and pulled on it. Oh, the delightful wince, only she could make the bloody devil crave a hand like a deranged hormonal teenager. “Well, I didn’t say now. Did I?”

With a sharp turn, Chloe walked towards the precinct exit and called out to him. “Lucifer, you coming?”

“Why, that clever little minx.”


Maze was back on the job despite Lucifer and Chloe’s and half of the department’s disagreement. But she wasn’t going to sit around and miss all the fun of bringing that angel and his plan to a grizzly end.

“So, Maze texted us the path she is following and she talked to a couple of local players. There’s a meeting right off the corner of Sunset Avenue, should be a small church. According to the intel, 14 local drug lords are going to be here with a representative from the cartel. There’s going to be an exchange of a homegrown drug that’s said to be more potent than coke and ecstasy combined.”

“Will I get to try some of it after we’ve seized the consignment detective? Sounds promising and not to mention would totally cut off the need to buy coke and molly separately.”

“No. You can’t do drugs with the police in the vicinity and definitely not do the ones we’re seizing as evidence.” She couldn’t believe what a child he could be.

As they reached the church and coordinated positions, Chloe threw a spare bulletproof vest she’d gotten dispensation for Lucifer.

“Here, devil. Wear this. I’m sure we’d love to see some bullets bounce off of you but we don’t want any more medical bills coming from your side.”

“Detective this is preposterous, not to mentions completely vile and laugh-worthy. I’m not going to need a bulletproof vest. Immortal remember?”

“Yes, of course, you spell it a single m or two, I always forget. Just wear the damn thing Lucifer.”

“I am going to politely decline again detective. I’m not ruining my Prada for this smelly black thing. There’s a reason why the movie is called the devil wears Prada. Now, let’s coordinate.”

“Unit 431, eyes of the gang. Team, assume positions. Snipers on standby, move when all ready. Copy?” Chloe whispered in her walkie-talkie as a collective copy rang through around them.

“Lucifer, I want you to stay back and wait to enter till the scene is covered by officers on all sides and the weapons have been seized, alright?”

“Now where’s the fun in that detective? I’ll stay back as long as there are no guns pointed or fired at you. As soon as I see that turn of events, I’ll enter.”

What did she even expect? Chloe knew there was no way Lucifer would agree to stand in the curtains but the fact that he would only do or not do so for Chloe warmed her insides.


The gang members had started to flock the aisle, discussing the various logistics of the deal and distribution that was to follow. One of the gang members suggested mule smuggling which was applauded by some but immediately admonished by the others.

Chloe hoped that this case wouldn’t lead to more homicidal and trafficking investigations than it already was.

Dan and four officers covered all the exits and confirmed their location. Two officers were on standby by the back exit and Maze was already making her way inside the church through the prayer room entry in the basement. Chloe and three officers moved close to the main Chapel entrance and waited for Maze’s signal to storm the church when the cartel representative made a move.

After fifteen minutes the thick Russian accent died out and shots were heard. Chloe screamed over her radio as the church was stormed from all sides. Three of the local guys lay lifeless on the ground as the backup unit called over for medics and ambulance.

Chloe stormed through the back entrance with Lucifer and two other officers by her side. They chased the cartel representative as he continued shooting at them and running as he looked back. He entered the service room and secured himself.

The shots continued to fire and Lucifer was done being in the backdrops.

This scum needed to be punished. He killed three men and he had no right to. It is he who did the punishing and damnation was his thing. Not some measly human’s. He shifted his position from Chloe’s rear and jumped in front of the line of fire.

Chloe’s face lost all color. Her ears were wringing with the blood rush as she saw Lucifer run towards the Russian mobster. As the mobster continued firing, he could only get two more shots out, thankfully. He had run out of bullets, thank fuck.

She heard Lucifer laugh as the mobster looked at him, terror-struck, and in an unbelievable turn of events, he was now crying. Oh wow. Lucifer made a Russian mobster cry. This fucking enigma. Chloe rushed out of her spot when she saw Lucifer hoist the Russian scum like he was a bloody United States flag on a cheap flagpole.

The man who was a member of a feared Russian gang who dealt in drugs, humans, and things she didn’t know of yet, was weeping as he begged for mercy, as he begged for his life. She could see Lucifer talking to him but she wasn’t near enough to overhear what the exchange was.

“You scum, pathetic excuse for humanity. I can’t even fathom how much I would’ve enjoyed punishing you if we were in hell now. Not only did you take the punishment of mortals into your own hands, but you also had the audacity to fire at the police, at Chloe. And you consorted with a halfwit angel. Oh, the sins run like a barrel of wine.”

“I don’t know what you talking bout man, I come because boss ask me to. He say we end operation tonight. I follow order for money. Know nothing. Don’t kill please.”

“Oh no, I won’t kill you. I will only show you who you messed with,” And his eyes turned molten lava as the mobster squirmed in his hands begging to break free. He yelped out a curse in Russian as he cried.

“Lucifer let him down, he’s a key suspect, let him down.” Chloe was behind Lucifer as the officer’s surrounded them from the back left side. He realized the setting he was in and quickly switched back to humanly brown lenses.

“Of course, all yours detective.”

Chloe arrested the perp and the other local players were arrested along. The casualties were taken back to the hospital. The scene was under control for now but Chloe was enraged.

“What the fuck do you think of yourself? Are you anything more than a man-child Lucifer? Who in their right mind steps out in front of a firing mobster who is a skilled gunman obviously? You could’ve been killed Lucifer. You could’ve jeopardized the whole investigation before it even began!”

“I am the one who punishes. I am the punisher. I damn souls to hell, they don’t get to take damnation into their own sinister, grubby little hands. And if that wasn’t enough to unleash my wrath on them, he took a shot at you. Several shots rather. And I wasn’t going to stand behind you like some incumbent imbecile. I can’t let dad mess with the one thing I could get right.”

Before Chloe could say anything, Lucifer walked out of the Church.


The drive back to the precinct was quiet and dreadful. They’d both shouted at each other and it had only been hours since they officially began working together. The silence was truly deafening.


Once inside the precinct,

“Lucifer I’ll need you to assist me in the interrogation room. Dan can file the papers and we can call it a day.”

“Sure, lead the way detective.” The tension persisted but they both knew they had to look through it when the case demanded it. In a whirlwind of sudden emotions, the things they said, they couldn’t let those hold them from working together.


The interrogation was rather easy, call it Lucifer’s mojo at work or the air jostling he’d earlier treated him with. He’d practically served half the LA trade on a proverbial platter to Chloe. Either way, Proscar Sandro was under arrest. He’d given the names of the 12 hideouts where the major trade happened. Most of them linked to the Mexican counterparts and two of those were going to be active tonight. Both the hideouts were on the lines of the port so the expected consignment cargo was large.

“Looks like your first night here will be stake out” Chloe gave Lucifer a small smile as he sat on the desk, flipping over the amounts of paperwork that was supposed to be done.

“Well, I’d love to spend a night with you detective, and if that entails being stuck in a Chevrolet with a broken window knob, I’ll try my best. We’re partners after all.” There was such warmth to Lucifer’s eyes as he called them partners. Of course, she wasn’t lost on the sexual innuendo right at the beginning but what stuck with her as partners. “And for the record, I know I went a little overboard with the uhh..”

“Almost killi..- threateni…” Both of them laughed as they countered each other’s sentences complete. This could be fun, apart from the sex, this could be what they would look forward to each morning. And nights.

Chapter Text

Chloe and Lucifer had been out on the watch for about three hours now. Two cups of iced black for Chloe and a fifth cool ranch puff packet (ongoing) for Lucifer, the stakeout was more of a snack fest at the moment. She drank quietly and he ate noisily. Come to think of it, Trixie was more well kept than him in his Prada suit at the moment.

They had spotted no movement so far. Thermal detectors, noise detectors, nothing. There was no sign that this dumpster of a warehouse was actually going to house a serious drug transaction. They had located the facility just right if the perp they brought in was to be believed. And he would be believable after Maze had half an hour with him. It most certainly was the truth.

“Unit 431, it's 11:14 PM, this is officer Chloe Decke…” Lucifer’s loud ruffling of the packet to grab the last piece cut off her communication on the radio, Chloe kept back the radio in the holder and whisper shouted at him through gritted teeth.

“Would you please stop ruffling the packets, I’m trying to reach the Unit here!”

“Well darling it’s the same relentless yet assuredly boring cacophony, ‘yes unit 431, we haven’t sensed movement or noise, backup on standby behind the Broad Bridge.’ I bet you a bottle of my finest swill that, that, is exactly what you would’ve repeated.” Lucifer smirked and licked his fingers clean one by one. Of course, he was right but of course, he didn’t know jack about protocol.

“But it's protocol Lucifer, which obviously you wouldn’t understand. And you need to be more attentive. That’s how you learn, with it being your first day on the job and all that, remember?”

“Boring boring boring, Cool ranch puff?”

“No thank you, one of us has to keep their hands clean in case we need to shoot someone or open the cruiser’s door.” She pointed her gaze to his hands and in a second, he was licking his puff saturated fingers clean.

“It's funny, isn't it? You'd think the king of hellfire would be more of a flaming hot guy, but love these bad boys.”

Well, not that they were getting anywhere, Chloe decided to play along.

“Okay, let's say you really are the Devil. All-powerful, immortal, blah, blah, blah. Does that mean you don't feel pain at all?”

“Hmm. I like this line of questioning. Does this mean you're finally coming around?”

Chloe shook her head and turned sideways to fully face him now, “No. Just answer the question.”

He chuckled “Well, I... I do feel something, but it's not pain so much as, uh, a pressure, a nuisance, really.”

“Okay, so, hypothetically, if you were to get shot someday, what would that feel like?”

“Not that I have been shot detective but I believe -” he flicked his fingers against her elbow sharply, but not sharp enough to hurt her.

“Oww, Lucifer.”

“Well, you asked” And went back to eating his puffs while still facing her, open to her line of questioning.

“But that's it? Like, a bullet just bounces off you?” She took one that fell right between the intersection of his arm and stomach.

“Well, there's no wound or blood, if that's what you mean. Can verify with something sharp if you like.” He raised his eyebrows to her gun and they both laughed.

“No thank you. I don’t want to be put away in a cell for a crime that would state, ‘shot a man in cold blood to prove he’s the devil’

“So, are you finally coming around the idea that I am actually the devil? I don’t have a tail or something out of a television fanfare to prove it though.” He scoffed as he went back to stuff his face with the last of the crumbs left in the packet.

“What a bummer, I would’ve loved some horns on that pretty head of yours” She sighed animatedly and they both laughed out.

“Why, detective, didn’t know you had a knack for driving the devil by his horns.”

Lucifer’s laughter stopped abruptly as he noticed a familiar figure lurking in the back shed of the warehouse. To his dismay, before he could figure out what to tell Chloe of spotting his angelic brother, small mercy, Amendial had already slowed down time.

Talk about being a prick actually helping out. There would be a time where he would just laugh at his appearance, shush him away with an insult or two, but this time, a lot more than that was going to happen and he'd make sure, he'd return to the silver city like an offering from the devil.

Lucifer texted Maze as he got out of the car and walked towards his dickward brother. 

“Brother! Long time no see. I heard you’ve been quite the busy bee these past years, not that I am surprised. Those with the blessing of being absolute dullards in the personality and fashion department seldom spend eons trying to figure those out and yet, not only did you achieve nothing in those areas, possibly gotten worse but you also took it upon yourself to make et Moi your project. Ugh, silver city and its soldiers, absolutely incapable of change.”

Amendial’s quiet demeanor meant Lucifer had the time to rile him up while Maze secured her plan to whoop his angelic ass without having the detective know. He had to finish this before it was impossible for him to get out of the truth on a technical omission basis.

“I would say it’s time to end your retirement brother but you already seem to know that. Hopefully, Mazikeen’s skin engravings delivered the message.” Lucifer tried to keep his rage tucked away for the later parts of the said whooping but he couldn’t help his eyes turn to lava.

“You went too far with that brother, its actually amazing on my part that I am letting you breathe on this dimensional plane or I swear to dad I would’ve wiped your existence from the directories of the silver city if need be. And catch you in a daddy satisfaction loop in hell, but you would know all about it as you live it every day.”

“Well, you’d want to take me to hell for my hell loop but Luci..” Amendial moved closer to Lucifer, putting out his grey thunder-like wings out, clearly in an open summon to fight. Well, Lucifer always fulfilled desires, and he wouldn’t want his brother to be deprived of his services.

“Well, if it isn’t the greatest warrior of dad’s sim city projection, but I’m afraid dear brother, you’re outnumbered.” With that, Lucifer dived towards him and willed a mighty punch across his jaw, as Maze took a jab at him with her blade from behind.

“Glad to see me, captor?” Maze whispered in his ear as she carved a straight red gash on the back of his earlobe, easing all the way down to the joint of his shoulder and back. He hissed back in pain as Lucifer punched him in his gut and he landed against a pillar.

“Pick up our mighty one from heaven Maze, we haven’t yet exchanged pleasantries and this is going to be a ball.”

Lucifer picked him up by his robe as Maze climbed up his back and punctured his left-wing right where his wings merged into his back. He cried out in pain as he struggled to get her off her back but to no avail. He shrugged vicariously but Lucifer didn’t seem to budge. His angst when he saw Maze injured, slumped against the railings, Maze in the hospital, containing her nightmares and screams, all foreshadowed his vision of reason and he darted forward, dragging his body along with his; uncoiling all the blinding rage he held inside.

He pushed him back against the pillar and punched him again where he had landed a punch last, making him arc forward in his defense.

“YOU injured Maze, YOU tortured her punch YOU put the detective in jeopardy punch YOU manipulated me just as that cruel bastard directed you to head knock.

Lucifer’s devil face took over his alabaster face, now taut with the tension he’d kept inside all those weeks. His breaths came shallow as he continued to knock another set of blows and punches into him until Amendial began to lose consciousness.

“Lucifer, we have to take care of him before his time holding capacity vanishes with his consciousness. We’ll handle this later, and you… need to put your devil face away.”

“Right. And I might need another suit too by the looks of it. And Maze, we’ll do this together yeah?”

Maze nodded uncomfortably. Lucifer’s raging concern still fresh in her mind as she dragged Amendial’s half cooperating form to the back. She knew Lucifer was more expressive in human measuring yards of emotion, but she had no idea how it had impacted him. It warmed her heart that Lucifer would even take on his brother, who was god’s favorite warrior for crying out loud, if need be, and, for her. For her, he would fight his brother.


Time drew back into its normal loop and function as everything came alive around him again. Chloe sauntered out of the car as she ran towards Lucifer.

“How.. when.. how are you here, you were back in the car with me.. how..”

“Well, detective, I could tell you that I had a little scuffle with my angelic dick brother and me and Maze took him out for the time being but you wouldn’t believe me, so I presume we are left at the mercy of what you make out of the situation. Come on, give me your worst.”

“Lucifer they could hear us, we’re not even wearing bulletproof jackets. Do you really want to play your schtick and get shot by the Russian mafia on your first night here?”

Just then, Chloe heard movement, the thermal device lit up like a Christmas tree as she shoved lucifer away and moved closer to the container alley.

“Okay so, negating everything I say it is, also you’re welcome”

Chloe hushed him down as she moved inside the dark narrow alley and took a position.

“Shh, and welcome for what?” She whispered.

“Well, we got closer and got thermal receptors to respond detective, we can also track voice frequencies from here since metal is a strong conductor for it and we’re surrounded by a lot of it, I’d say containers of it,” Lucifer whispered back.

She couldn’t help but give him an annoyed smile. Middle of a drug bust and trust this man child to crack whispering puns. She informed the units to take a position and move in.

“Umm detective, I think there’s a window behind that container end, shouldn’t we move ahead, we’d get better inlet on their conversations.”

“Yes, you’re right, follow my lead okay?”

“Of course, lead the way detective.”

Both of them tiptoed their way towards the end of the alley and moved right to find a scruffy, half-broken window to a dimly lit room. The window was quite far up from Chloe’s height and just began where Lucifer's frame ended.

“Okay, so you’re closer to the window, I need you to peek and see what’s happening there. I’ll keep the recorder on, so I can catch something of material. And don’t move around too much or they’ll sense the movement and don’t cough or sigh too loudly and…”

“Detective, shh, we’ll be okay” He reassured her with a smile, even though she couldn’t see most of it against the dark backdrop, she felt it in his whisper.

Both of them coordinated with the units and Maze on texts respectively, actively switching the phones on silent.

“… the boss hasn’t contacted us for over an hour, are you sure Blerca can take care of this, we have to leave tonight… the consignment will be distributed…. LAPD are onto us, we need to wrap up quickly…”

The chatter was faint, and they could only record what seemed like the loudest guy in the operation had to say. One thing was clear as day, this had to end tonight and their presence was no longer a secret.

Whip out Amendial, get him conscious, get info. Has to end tonight. Lucifer quickly texted Maze while Chloe coordinated with the officers around the back exits and the port pillars.

“Lucifer, do you see anything happening?”

“Not really, there are four shipment boxes in the back and 9 guys are armed around it, so I guess they are guarding that. Four men keep looking out the dock entrance so that gives out that either there’s more to come or there’s someone else they’re waiting on. Mostly prep chatter for now.”

Chloe smiled “Look who’s playing detective already, will I be out of a job tomorrow?” Lucifer hushed her as he kept a finger on her lips and her body gave a little jolt at the surprise touch.

“Okay detective, they’re moving, we have to make a move too or we’ll be trapped in this dad-awful, murky alley.”

“Yes, let’s move, all exits are covered anyway so they won’t get out of this even if they tried.”

 As Lucifer resumed his stature from his tiptoes, he heard footsteps proceeding in pauses to their direction and if that was the case, they both truly had no end to approach where they could get out of without being spotted and probably shot at.

“Detective, I don’t think we can go out either of the usual ways, I suggest we saunter up behind this container, I’ll break the locks with precision. But we need a safe point to move further”

Chloe was thankful for his mind turning gears because hers was just gushing blood and panicking as she moved. Okay get your shit together, you have a civilian with you and you have a daughter waiting at home, you cannot lose it.

“Yes okay, I’ll take cover, you lead the way around.”

There wasn’t anything much further, only another container which was right next to the main dock entrance, if they were unable to open the container’s door, they would be fucked.

The alleyway would be covered in about 10 seconds if the footsteps approaching their direction, less faint by each passing second, were to be believed. They were near, very near, and Chloe was trying everything possible to not panic and break into a sweat. She was armed with a Glock and Lucifer was reportedly immortal. Well, maybe that was the last thing that could save her now, it seemed.

Just before she could spiral any further, she heard a soft click, unmistaken that Lucifer had indeed gotten the lock. They entered the container and deftly shut t behind them without any attention-grabbing noise.

Her frenzied brain calmed down as she rested her head against Lucifer’s chest, sighing into the familiar smell. He’d spun her into the container, just seconds away before anyone would’ve spotted them and they’d be fresh produce for sale down at the farmer’s market.

She looked up at his faintly lit face and whispered a thank you. She wasn’t sure if speaking up would be a wise thing, given that the goons were still scouring the area for police officers, and security on the dock would be bumped up. She silently hoped for the safety of officers outside.

Just then Lucifer’s phone buzzed. It was Maze.

Amendial taken care of. Stay hidden, assholes heavily armed everywhere. No chance you’ll survive without gear. X

Did Maze just sign a text with a ‘X’. Oh, dear. Lucifer smiled to himself before Chloe mouthed ‘what’ silently. Speaking still felt dangerous so he just texted her instead.

It was Maze, told us to keep in hiding, heavily armored assholes out there, we won't make it without gear.

Great, just perfect. She was on one of the biggest drug bust cases of her life and she was trapped in a container. Just as she was about to keep her phone away

I would love to have you in one of these containers, very exhibitionist and thrilling *tongue emoji*

She looked up at him and gave him an incredulous seriously Lucifer before typing. No way, focus on the gunmen trying to kill us and our teammates outside.

Almost immediately her phone buzzed back but all we really can do is wait; Maze will keep us updated. Aren’t you ready to take up on your offer from the station earlier today detective? *eggplant emoji, starstruck emoji, water drops emoji*

You’re incorrigible Lucifer *angry cat emoji* And stop texting me and let me focus.

She kept her phone away and glared at him, which thankfully seemed to have worked this time around as he kept his phone away.


It had been eerily quiet for about half an hour before Chloe heard a string of gunshots ringing through her ears. She could only imagine what would be going outside and hoped to God they weren’t outnumbered.

This had been her first stakeout in ages since she became a mother and separated from Dan. And this was not how she was going to let it go. Sitting around and waiting for safety had never been her thing and she had been shot before on the job, what’s once again.

She shoved Lucifer aside from the entrance and pulled the door inside towards her. The door was huge and heavy and she could only manage a peep outside before Lucifer shoved it back close.

“What the fuck are you trying to accomplish here detective? Trying to get yourself killed?” Lucifer whispered at her angrily. He wasn’t going to text this if she acted so stupidly and hand over her life on a silver platter to the shooters outside.

“Lucifer, the area outside is clear. We can’t sit around and wait for intel like this. We have to do something. The whole unit is engaged out front and Maze is guarding the docks. No one is possibly going to sneak away and text us. We have to do this for our team, okay?”

“But not at the chance of risking your life detective. What you just did was borderline stupid to excessively careless. If you’re thinking I’m letting you brace gunfire right now, you’re awfully mistaken.”

“But Lucifer, we have to…”

“Like I said, and I would love to repeat myself only at the behest of your hearing capacities, you’re not leaving this container until its quiet as the ocean outside, do you understand?”

Looks like the authority compass had shifted, but Chloe was nothing if headstrong, determined, and in this case, mildly stupid could be managed. She had to go; she was not waiting around.

“I guess then there’s nothing left for me to do but take you up on your offer, right?” She licked her lips and bit the lower one, releasing it bit by bit.

All of Lucifer’s reasoning and the possibility of the detective playing hooky with him was out of his brain faster than fish into the ocean. She moved closer to him and turned him away from the door his frame had been blocking. They were against the left side of the container, as Lucifer’s breath hitched against her body. She could feel him losing sense and she was so tempted to give in. As she fake moaned against his lips, barely touching yet, his body was abuzz. He was lost in the sensation of Chloe against him, his back contrastingly cold against the container metal and his chest all warm with her.

She brought down his head, grabbing him by his hair to her lips, and struggled to keep sane. She couldn’t let herself lose right now; Lucifer would be mad but she had to. She felt him pulling back to shift angle. She pushed her tongue further into his mouth making him sigh and part his lips more to let her dominate him into submitting into the kiss, and he did. The kiss deepened and grew hotter and Chloe finally managed to get the lock open despite all the heavenly distraction she could completely submit herself into.

She pulled back just enough to let her forehead rest against his. His lips were plump from the kisses, just as hers would be.

“I’m sorry Lucifer.”

Before he could register the implication of her words, she bolted out of the container and locked it behind her. He couldn't bang against it, he couldn't make any movement or noise but she didn't miss his faint fuck. But she had no choice, she was here for a reason and sidelines were not her thing and Lucifer had to be kept safe, and she could do this on her own.


Chloe moved stealthily as she moved away from the container and inched towards the docks and the front entrance. As she considered rushing forward and crossing before being spotted but that would be the stupidity Lucifer was talking about. She heard two men moving towards the dock and she moved away. Maybe this was a bad idea and she should’ve waited this out. Inside the safety of the container, with Lucifer.

No. This was not the time she was going to second guess herself. She would move forward, just had to be very careful. She waited around for about 15 minutes and there was no supposed movement. Her thermal detectors showed nothing neither did her sound detectors.

She leaped across the other side and made her move towards the docks; she could accompany Maze there and she would be better along with a bounty hunter. Good plan.

As she moved into the open ground, she heard a gunshot. It was definitely somewhere around her. And that somewhere was in front of her. Containers blocked thermal detection.

She saw the bullet as it fired, she did. But it never hit her.

Lucifer was in front of her somehow and the bullet had made its way through his gut. And spoiler alert; the devil bled.


Chapter Text

Blood. Gunshot. Lucifer. Floor. Blood. Gunshot. Help. Scream

But nothing came. Another string of gunshots rang through the air but Chloe couldn’t register anything. Lucifer bled on the floor of the compound with a look of bewilderment rather than excruciating pain.

He kept mumbling something that sounded ridiculously like “How can I bleed, I don’t bleed…” Until his eyes began to give away and his words became slurred. She was screaming internally, but nothing came out of her mouth. And forget about movement. She couldn’t move, Lucifer grew pale around his blood and that’s what she remembered.


Chloe woke up disoriented in a bright sunlit room that smelled like so much medicine, and nothing like home. She had no recollection of getting here, no part of her was evidently hurt, not that she had the energy to peep beneath the sheets and discover how wrong she could be.

Her eyes burnt; her hands shook as she tried to grab the glass to quench her parched throat. So dry that a gulp felt like inhaling chalk. Her vision blurred and she slumped back into the slumber she had fought.


Lucifer was mostly annoying during the brief time he would regain consciousness. Just mere minutes in an entire day, and he would only scuffle and mumble to get him out of stupid binding incapacitations. Doctors called it PTSD, but Maze knew better. Lucifer didn’t bleed. He never bled. She had cut out his wings for god’s sake and he hadn’t bled. How could some stupid 9mm bullets pierce into immortality?

She had exhausted google out of everything Reddit and Quora suggested. They were so limited in their discussion and capacity; Maze only grew more furious if anything. Of course, there wasn’t a Reddit thread that answered Hey so my devil boss who’s the ruler of hell, like actually the ruler, was just bleeding out like a punctured prune three days ago, any suggestions on what the fuck might be happening. Any suggestions welcome so I do not lose my shit.

Cruel as it were, Maze realized how they were in opposite positions in a matter of weeks. Days back Lucifer and Chloe sat near Maze’s bed, looking after her, and here she was, looking after them. Looking after would be a stretch for sure, but tasting horrible fluids and tablets before they were given to either of them, that’s what Maze was doing perfectly.

But she wasn’t equipped to deal with the onslaught of humanity to such an extent. And all she wished that it would end soon.


Chloe woke up later that night and instead of acting upon her detective instinct, she simply pressed the bell and called the nurse. Instead, Maze greeted her.

“Ssup Decker, done being a wuss yet?” Chloe gave her a weak smile.

“Well Good Morning to you too, if it is still morning, and I could still stay up…” Her voice turned faint as the familiar feeling of being parched returned and she put a hand around her neck. Only then did she realize, she had a scar. And she didn’t remember getting it.

“Maze, would you help me with a glass of water, and jog my memory up maybe?” Chloe laid back against the pillows, relishing the comfort her weak frame missed for the minutes she braved independence from her support.

“Sure, the doctors have told me not to give you any trauma, you could go batshit but I’m not really a fan of the white coats so I’ll give it to you. But remember you can’t rat me out or I won’t be responsible for a white coat in a room next to you.” Chloe nodded and laughed, winced too as her neck jerked. “Okay, so Friday night we all were at the drug bust thingy. Lucifer and you acted stupid, you locked him in a container and went solo. He broke the lock, saw you being shot at, jumped Infront of you, two bullets hit him.” Maze registered her gaping look and paused to ask if she should continue, Chloe urged her on. “Umm okay, so after Lucifer was shot, You went into some shock and kept sitting on the ground and Lucifer was in your lap bleeding the fuck out. It was something out of the stupid movies you humans make, very funny and sexy. Haven’t seen so much blood just lying about in quite a while actually, do you think I would come across all this more oft…”

“Okay Maze, well, that’s a lot, and thanks for updating me with the whole scenario. And I don’t remember shot at but I do remember seeing Lucifer getting hit. How’s that?”

“Yeah, actually after they picked your stiffy bod up, a perp came out of hiding, shot across at you but I threw a knife at him before he could take a proper shot and do more damage to you. You’re welcome and can repay me with an orgy or a new Rabbit vibrator.”

God, they both only had one-track mind that just never left the road to sex and the city.

Lucifer. Shot twice. Suddenly a fresh wave of pain and nausea hit her as she tried to register the details Maze gave her, as her brain pieced all the corresponding bits together to make faint flashes into a better chain of memories.

“Okay, more water, please. And what about the cartel?” Maze shifted in her chair.

“We caught the assholes; it was all good. Another officer was injured but just usual bruising like a peach. Nothing major other than you two idiots who can’t follow simple hideout orders.”

Yeah, bravery aside, Chloe did consider regret.

“How’s Lucifer Maze? Is he going to be okay? Can I see him please?”

“He’s pulling through, mostly he wakes up for minutes mumbled incoherent shit and goes back to sleep. Trust me he’s literally like your spawn right now, if only younger. And speaking off,” Maze went around her bed and pulled out a bag from underneath the bed. “Trix told me to give you Ms. Alien and she promised I can have it back as soon as you got out of here.” Chloe smiled widely.

“Oh, you met Trix is it?” She smirked as she stressed on Trix and choked on her water laughing. Trixie only let people close to her call her Trix, she was Beatrice and Trixie to most, Trix to only a handful and Maze was somehow one of those people now. Her enigmatic daughter.

“Well obviously, she’s an okay sample for most humans her size and I know how devious they are. You’re in the clear Decker.”

“Thank you for your trademark approval of my daughter Maze, I am glad. Did she come to see me? She did, but it’s all okay. She understood and was mostly okay. Other than the one time she couldn’t help but cry. But she’s doing okay. Dan brings her around dinner and then he reads her some stupid story about a penguin every night and she falls asleep. And then he just picks her and takes her back.”

Chloe couldn’t help her tears as she thought how much her little girl had to see in the past couple of weeks. She was her baby and she had to endure so much crap because of her job, she hated this part of her job. Her baby girl was so strong and mature for her age that sometimes she couldn’t help but ask herself when was she an actual child last. She was just growing up so fast and she felt her childhood slipping away through her fingers.

“Now don’t waterwork me Decker, I’ve given you your update sesh, now go back to sleep or these white coats will keep crowing in my ears.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. As soon as her head hit the bed, she was out.


It would be somewhere around 3 if she was right when she woke up. She felt much better, and her head and neck hurt a lot less. She decided to try walking.

She got up as she pulled out a wire and felt okay still. That was a good sign. She made her way to the door and thankfully, she felt no signs of dizziness, nausea, or anything to stop her from moving further. She was doing okay.

Alright, she needed to see Lucifer.

As she went down two doors on her left, she spotted Maze looking at her. Uh oh. She felt like a child who was just caught stealing candy out of the jar hidden away.

“I know you’re a stubborn little skank Decker, but Lucifer’s that way. Third door on the left corridor.”

Chloe felt her knees bucking but she was determined to not go back to her room before she saw Lucifer.

“Well, you could help this stubborn skank and not let any of the-“ she couldn’t believe her ears ”white coats give us a hard time.”

“Tight” That was all Maze said as she put an arm around her and led her scrawny frame up to Lucifer’s door.

Chloe sighed at the sight. He looked pale but he didn’t look bad. He just looked like someone who was weak and needed rest. Just like she did. Her knees reminded her of that but she wanted to get more of him. This stupid man who’d dived in front of gunfire to shield her out of the way of death, claiming to be the devil. This handsomely stupid man. This stupid man was hurt because of her.

“Before you get all weepy and I can see the possibility, let’s take you back to your domicile before I am held at gunpoint by a white coat for giving you trauma.”

Chloe’s tears left her eyes as she managed to laugh through her tears.

Sleep eloped her till the sun came up and Maze sat with her throughout the remnants of the night. She bitched about the bleached sheets, how it was too bleached, how the precinct was doing, how she tortured every single one of the Russian perps by twisting their fingers. Chloe argued how that was against the law, but she knew it was futile and Maze did as Maze pleased.


Lucifer was getting better as Chloe went back to work four days later. His recovery had sped up since Chloe’s discharge and she was glad. She had one less thing to be worried about as she caught up with the paperwork from the case she’d left.

She filed the paperwork and was headed home for the night when she asked for a brief from Dan for the case that came in that evening.

“So, what’s with the double homicide down at that plush Malibu beach house, any suspects.”

“Well, there could be and could be not. It shouldn’t concern you as it’s time to act on our deal from before.”

“I don’t remember any deal..” Chloe did remember it and she had secretly hoped Dan would’ve forgotten all about it.

“You know I’m not buying that Chloe, even if you had a concussion to your head, there’s no way I’d let you back out of it. 1 week off, no high-profile cases for a month. You promised me.”

“Well, I didn’t technically see the case to an end so the deal holds no bone.”

“Aa aa.. no way miss, you got injured at the scene, Lucifer got shot. I’d say your acts were pretty heroic to consider your contribution worthy and equivalent to an actual close, so you, Miss, are spending a week at home. With Trix and with lots of ice cream and take out. Now any argument is unnecessary at this point so I suggest you save your breath and head home in 3..2..1”

“Okay okay okay.. god you’re such an overbearing person. Are you sure you’re not my dad?”

“That would make us very grossly related Chlo, get out of here.”

Chloe chuckled loudly as she packed up her desk for the day and what looked like it, for the week. Thought of having Trixie for an entire week to herself after how much time they’d spent apart seemed like a welcoming thought.

It seemed like ages since she made her daughter a good solid breakfast, dressed her up for school, helped her with homework, all the mom stuff. She could really use this week and rest herself better too.

“Also, Maze came around earlier when you were in the lab with Ella, she said Lucifer’s coming home later tomorrow, sometime around late evening, so you could check upon him as well.”

A week off felt all the better now. She could help Lucifer around with stuff and spend time with Trixie. This would be perfect. Little mercy of Dan’s impeccable memory.

“Yeah, it seems like a good idea, I should check up on him, haven’t had the chance to catch updates or visit him at the hospital. I hope he’s doing okay.”

Dan rubbed her shoulders and she eased her taught frame into it,

“He’s doing fine, Maze said he really picked up on recovery and treatment after you were discharged. They actually kept him under observation for the last 14 hours, he’s almost all fixed.”

Chloe sighed in relief “Well that’s really good to hear. And why hasn’t Maze told me any of this and you know all about the Lucifer- Maze bulletin.”

“Uhh, she texted you a couple of times but seems like you never saw them or forgot to respond. It’s okay, it has been an overwhelming amount of work that you had to cover up for. She understood and I took updates on your behalf.”

Shit. She pulled out her phone and saw 15 unread messages from Maze alone, 245 texts, and 23 missed calls in total. She and her habit of literally burying her phone in a cemetery when work plagued her.

“Oh god, I’m such a horrible person. I’ll catch up with her and Lucifer tomorrow after they’re back. Should definitely make up for the asshole detective who left the civilian consultant injured tag. And Dan, thank you for picking up the slack..” She engulfed him in what they called a bear hug.

“It’s been so crazy for you these past weeks, first Maze, then me and Lucifer. I am so sorry, and you are due a vacation too. Promise me you’ll take a couple of days off when I come back? Please?”

Dan rubbed her back and smiled into the hug, “Yeah, actually I’ve been thinking of taking Ella away for a weekend. She wanted me to meet with her brother.”

“OH MY GOD. And when we're going to tell me this? Oh god, is it serious serious? Tell me all about it!”

“Such a gossipmonger Chlo, you go home for now and I’ll come around the day after, and we can have Taco Tuesday together, been a while since we did that anyway. Alright?”

“And you’ll let me grill you on all the nasty deets over wine later?”

“Okay but only if you’re well-rested and you let me buy Trixie the fudge cake from that downtown fancy pâtissier. She deserves it.” Dan never forgot to pamper Trixie when she deserved it. No matter in what space they would be personally and professionally, Dan always put Trixie first.

True, their marriage had failed its term but it made her sleep better at night knowing that Dan would never be a shitty ex or a shitty father. Ever. And whoever he found next, she would always want him to have a chance at happiness again.

“Okay you’ve stalled enough and it’s 9:30 already, go home Chloe.” Dan kissed her forehead gently as he saw her off at the car park and got back to work.


The next two days were absolute bliss, Chloe couldn’t remember the last she’d felt so happy and seen her daughter so happy. The exhaustion from the hospital had almost vanished in the happy bubble of joyous breakfast mornings, fancy dinners which were always accompanied by not one, but two slices of chocolate cake. Chloe had realized that she had missed this more than she had let on. They had planned a board game schedule for the entire week ahead and promised to play fair, well, mostly.

The third morning, Chloe woke up to a call from Maze, as that died down before she could pick up, she saw there were five more in a two-minute time frame. Her mind jerked awake as her mind spiraled to Lucifer and if it could be bad news. She picked up her phone and feverishly called Maze back and she picked up at the first ring.

“Hey, Decker I was just..” She heard ruffling and snatching over the other side. What even was going on, it was 8 am and her sleep in time was still two hours later.

“Maze what’s going on, would you stop playing football with your phone,” Chloe screamed in her half sleepy voice, which it seemed had reached Trixie too, as she came scratching her head.

“Mommy, why is Maze calling so early, is Lucifer alright?” She snuggled close to Chloe, half asleep, half concerned.

“I don’t know baby, there’s a lot of disturbance on her end, I’m trying to..”

“Apologies detective, Maze seems to have completely lost any modicum of sanity she so possessed and is quite literally I believe, make my life hell. You can go back to sleep” More scratchy noises.

“Decker hey, this idiot won't let me tell you that they’re letting him off today, he’s got this stupid idea that he’s bothering you.”

Maze you drop that call now.. and the line goes silent.

What in the actual fuck?


Chloe and Trixie decide that they won’t let a stupid cryptic call from Maze and Lucifer disturb their week of no rules. And slept cuddled next to each other for another hour.

It is only then that Chloe realized what had happened. Maze had called. MAZE. HAD. CALLED. LUCIFER. LUCIFER WAS DISCHARGED. Oh, damn it. She called up Maze again, went straight to voicemail. Called Lucifer but he didn’t pick up.

Oh god, how could she be so ignorant!

She rushed in for a shower, making a quick 5-minute routine of a hair wash with shampoo working like body wash foam, and rushed along Trixie for bath and breakfast too.

She plated two simple pancakes and syrup along with fresh juice for Trixie and ate hers as she cooked.

“Okay, so monkey, I have to go check on Lucifer, I have asked Olga to look after you and I’ll only be gone like two hours at the max and then we can continue with our day just the usual. I’ll pick up something from Wendy’s for you and we can both call that a cheat lunch weekend, is that alright honey?” Chloe was rambling, she was aware she was rambling. The nagging feeling of possibly abandoning her daughter came back as she cursed herself for leaving Trixie again. She did promise that this whole week would be about them, but she had to see Lucifer too, and with whatever he said this morning, she wanted to know what was going on with bothering the detective department.

“Mom, you don’t have to explain, Lucifer got injured while saving you, you should go see him and spend some time with him.” She was always blown away with the consideration and empathy Trixie evaluated situations, her precious little monkey.

“You promise you’re not mad?”

“Mom, if you don’t go then, I’ll be mad, tell him I said hi and gave him a hi5 okay?”

“I will baby” She kissed her goodbye as she sped through the empty Sunday roads of Los Angeles.


The elevator pinged open to the familiar simplicity of smoke mixed alcohol all wrapped in a sweet bundle of Lucifer’s signature scent. For anyone who knew him, knew that’s what he smelled like at all times. The familiarity grew as she walked in and saw Lucifer playing a somber tune, well he was trying his best.

With one hand up in a sling and the other being his left, the tune was turning out to be a child left alone with a fancy Steinway.

“You sure you want to keep messing the Reverie? I am sure Debussy wouldn’t be so proud of this rendition.” She walked up to him and sat down beside him on the bench as he shifted, facing her.

“Well hello detective, I believe this is still a better disaster than kissing your way out of a container. I’m sure Debussy wouldn’t approve of that either, won’t you agree?”

Well, the cat got her tongue. “Well, about that, I admit that was very foolish of me. I am sorry. I jeopardized your life and I should’ve thought more about that. But this instinct to be a part of the investigation I took on and sit out was eating me away. I am sure you find all this ridiculu…”

“Ah ah, didn’t say anything about it being ridiculous. In fact, I understand, going after something that is an inherent part of you. And you’re the best at what you do. And we did catch the bad guy, well guys really, all because we diverted their focus and funnily their bullets to ourselves.”

“But you got shot in the process and that is not exactly what I was looking forward to diverting their attention with. And I understand that you’ll not want to take the position as the civilian consultant, I am just here to help you recover and be a friend to someone who saved my life.”

“Well, I assure you, detective, this particular night has done more to submerge me in the idea of being your sidekick than drag me away. The Devil bled, I have to explore thrills of mortality, who knows what else this could bring you to know?”

Well, it did seem like he’d had a contusion and somehow fried his brains coz what?

“I’m sorry, let me get this straight. You got shot and you are now more excited to work with me?”

“American simplification aside, yes, that’s precisely what I’m implying.”

“Lucifer, but you got shot.”

“Yes, protecting you. Isn’t that what friends do detective?”

Chloe’s chest fluttered at the warmth in his eyes and the simplicity of his words. This madman.

“Well, your end of the friendship has been fulfilled and I would like to do my part. And the first order of command is to get away from the piano and not strain your wounds.”

“I assure you I’m perfectly fi-“ He winced as his sling shifted as he got up.

“Okay big guy, back to bed, and you tell what you need, alright?”

“Well, I’d like to take up that evidence room deal you offered. A sick man could use some release.” Chloe turned beet in a millisecond. The thought was very tempting and Lucifer, well his gaze made it hard enough to not push him down and suck him senseless. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, pushing back a loose strand of hair behind her lobe. “What are you thinking detective, I believe we could make good use of a bed this time.”

She had to gather herself, casual sex could wait, injury not.

“Uh, no. Nope. We’re not having sex while your arm is in a sling and you have more holes than necessary in your body. Right now, all we’re using your bed for is to rest your insatiable frame.”

“Well, a man could try.”


After settling Lucifer in front of a heap of pillows and a comforter, Chloe couldn’t help but laugh at the image in front of her. He really looked the part of a man child with a pout she was tempted to kiss. But she resisted.

"Hey what was that about bothering me in the morning, why were you not letting Maze talk to me?"

"I ah- " Chloe could see him fighting for words but she didn't interrupt. "Well, I figured you would be home with your spawn, and umm well, you have been away from her for a long time so I didn't want to interrupt you, with coming to see me and everything." He was looking down, trying to find better words to describe how he felt. Well, Chloe knew. She knew how he felt uncomfortable acknowledging the fact that he would like someone to come see him, to just him how he was doing, try to be there for him. It took her back to the night in the evidence room. The surprise of being asked what he wanted, what he desired, of being put first, letting his vulnerability exposed, letting someone in on his fears. Of course, it would inflect in the fact where he felt less. Being shot at and needing someone was what he feared deeply and Chloe knew, he really did need her. But she wasn't going to make it uncomfortable for him. He didn't need that right now. So she subverted the topic away.


She pulled out a bar chair and sat unpacking his medical bag.

“Okay so you were discharged 4 hours ago, right? And would make it -” She read his prescriptions and arranged all the medicines he needed to take for the next week. “Time for your morning course, would you prefer it with milk, water, or juice?”

“An old-fashioned would be great thank you.” Could someone actually lose their mind from rolling their eyes so damn hard? Chloe was about to find out.

“We’ll work with a juice then, stubborn child.” She walked behind the bar leaving Lucifer gaping in horror.



Medicines were done, breakfast too. Although it took a lot of headwork to keep an old-fashioned and a neat joint out of the course, Chloe did a good job at keeping him focused on the bacon and pancakes she whipped him. Now, it was time for his bandages.

“Most of the annoying stuff for today is done for you, we just have to change your bandages.” Another man-child groan followed. “Now, is Maze going to do them or you’ve got a nurse?”

“Neither detective, I’m a grown man. Completely capable of nursing my wounds.”

“Oh sure. Of course. I would like you to remove your sling without wincing.” Of course, removing it was a far-fetched thought when a painful sigh followed as he moved his arm away to detach the sling. She let him try again, needing to see how stupid he really was. And it seemed there was no end to that. “BLOODY HELL” “BUGGER” “OH FOR DAD’S SAKE” and then he finally gave up.

“You want help Lucifer?” She stood cross-armed across the room, waiting for him to fight it like the stubborn asshole he was.

Grunt. Groan. Eye Roll. Defeated sigh. Slouching back into the pillows. “Please”

And with that, Chloe walked up to him and smacked his head playfully before laying him down.


“Okay, so bandages are done as well. Don’t strain or stretch much. Have a glass of water by your bed at all times. Do not drink the antibacterial solutions, that’s not the alcohol we drink. And, don’t try to shower by yourself. You can have someone draw you a bath and soak. You have to take your meds twice a day and three meals which are not just alcohol and fish and chips are necessary.”

Chloe wrote down as she spoke and Lucifer could only stare. Awe wouldn’t even cover what he felt at the moment. Who would ever have thought that the devil will be dictated his medicine schedule and would be too fragile for a bath?

“Yes, yes. I got this. Now I’m completely taken care of.” He said with a yawn, it was a little after noon and the meds were lulling his pain and his eyes felt heavy.

“Yes, but you need someone for this.”

Lucifer wasn’t sure how his request would be met but he said it anyway. “Can you?” As soon as the words left his mouth, he realized how needy he sounded and winced at the thought. He didn’t need this vulnerability and being taken care of; he would be fine. “I apologize, detective, I’ll have Maze or Patrick do it, I could call someone from the hospital and- “

“Lucifer, I definitely would. You saved my life. It is literally the least I could do for you. And well, I believe no would want to be subjected to a grumpy, shot- at, diva.”

“How dare you.” And they both laughed at exactly how much of a diva that statement truly was.

She leaned in and gave a soft peck on his cheek, “I’ll be back in the evening to fix you up, okay? Have to spend time with Trixie as well.”

She leaned back to get up but he held her hand and nudged her towards him. His eyes were just as soft as his words “Thank you Chloe” and dipped his head to kiss her bullet scar on her neck like a simple brush stroke whisper.

“I believe they say you can kiss it better, right?” He gave her a soft peck on the cheek and let her hand go. “Well, I shall see you in the evening detective, we both could use a lazy nap.”

“We could” with that she helped him under the covers and walked away to leave.

Chapter Text

Chloe dumped her bag and keys in the living room and assumed her position on the bed just as she had Lucifer back at the penthouse. Not that she had to do much, seeing her little monkey already curled up in her bed, on her newly found bedside, with a storybook in her hand, turned to the page she had left it last read on, was an inviting enough sight.

A tinge of guilt pinched her chest. She was late for the afternoon story which they would complete at night, carry forward to later next afternoon and eventually the commencing night. And three days into her blissful week, she was already breaking ritual. She didn’t like that one bit.

She’d make it up to her tonight, she definitely would. She spooned her baby into her chest and Trixie shifted right back in the cocoon. Chloe smiled against her shoulder and dropped a kiss before she succumbed to sleep.


The alarm rang shrill and clear and jostled Chloe awake from her nap. Thankfully Trixie wasn’t up just yet and ever so carefully she sneaked into to bathroom. Combing her nap hair into submission, straightening her shirt, and carefully tucking into her jeans, she opened the door to sneak back into the room. Only this time, the creak was loud enough to wake Trixie up.

“Mommy, why are you up...” Trixie sat up in the bed, clutching Miss Alien in her armpit, rubbing her eyes. As she saw Chloe all dressed, not in her evening pajamas, she stopped mid-sentence.

“Hey monkey, so I have to go and check on Lucifer again, he lives alone, he needs to be checked on. I’ll be back quicker than the afternoon I promise...” She smoothed over her daughter’s wild bed hair as kissed her forehead.

“That’s alright mommy, but will he be alright? I don’t want anything bad happening to him.”

“No baby, of course, he’ll be alright, in fact, he’s been recovering really well. He just needs someone to help him out with his meals and meds.”

“Like he helped you out when he saved you from the bullets.” Chloe sat back on the bed and pulled her into her lap.

“Yes baby, but who told you that?” Because she definitely hadn’t told Trixie anything and she didn’t want her baby to hear the supposed casualties of the job

“Maze told me what happened mom, she also said you were stupid but I told her you’re brave and very intelligent.” Chloe chortled at her daughter. For someone as small as her, she was a fireball when it came to protecting her mother.

“Oh, Maze. Right. Baby but she is kinda right although. Even then, she took really good care of me and Lucifer so we’ll let her call me out.”

“Yeah, she’s really cool mommy. She told me all these amazing stories about hell and fighting and blood, it was so cool.” She would definitely have a word with her later. “Oh, she showed me her knives from hell too, they’re so awesome. She said she could teach me how to throw too.”

“Oh, did she now?” Definitely needed to talk. “Okay baby, I’ll call Olga and she can watch you while I check on Lucifer. Go change your clothes and she’ll be down here soon.”

Trixie rushed back to her room and she rang up her neighbor.


Olga wasn’t home, and Christie was off to her dad’s for the weekend. Amazing. She couldn’t ask Dan again. He was way overdue with child duty and there was no way he could make it in time and watch her again. He’d done enough and if she was true to herself, Chloe didn’t want to have the temptation of Dan having her again. She couldn’t have a backup ready to give in to staying over at Lucifer’s. He needed his rest and she needed not to give in to the walking aphrodisiac. Well on the bed for now, but no less potent for sure.

Her brain had run out of options, she definitely couldn’t leave her alone and for a second Chloe considered calling Lucifer to have Maze check on him, still actively pumping for options that she could consider given the time.

“Mommy isn’t Olga coming?” Trixie jumped down the last stair as she sat next to her.

“No honey, she isn’t home tonight and Christie isn’t in the city too. I’ll just have to ask Maze to watch Lucifer for the night and check up on him later.”

“But mom, instead Maze can watch me while you check on Lucifer. She likes monopoly and pizza.” Wow, her daughter and Maze really did bond well over her unconscious state.

“Baby, I’m not sure she’ll be able to come right now…” She glanced up at the wall clock, 7:30, she could still make it.

“You should at least try mommy!” Trixie jumped at her phone and expressly dialed up Maze’s number.

“Honey let me speak to…”

“Hello Maze, can you come to my house while mom goes to check on Lucifer.”

“Okay gimme that you little weasel...”

“… mom needs to check or have sex with Lucifer.” Thank heavens she took away the phone from Trixie.

“Maze, hi. Just want to check on him and even it was the other way round, none of that talk with my daughter, please. Sorry about Trixie though she just grabbed the phone and well… it's just that I really want to check on Lucifer and both my options for sitters are out. With all the looking after you’ve already done for us, I just… I’m sure you’re busy with the bounty and everything but it would be a huge favor if you could come over right now. I’ll be back in 2 hours tops and I’ll order pizza for you both as well.”

“I don’t do favors Decker, not my thing. I could watch over your kid for pizza, sweet deal, order some of that chocolate cake for me as well. I’ll be there in 10.” And the line went dead. Well wow, that was well... easy and new. Maze watching over Trixie. And wanting chocolate cake.

“Soooo? Will she come, mom?” Trixie’s anticipation and excitement were clear from her eyes and jumps.

“Yes monkey, she’s coming.” With that Trixie jumped up on Chloe and dropped a sloppy kiss to her mother’s cheek as she rushed back into her room to get the monopoly set.


Maze’s knock literally came not more than a second later than ten minutes. Was she lurking around outside for that time?

“Hi Maze, I have to rush, I’ve ordered food, just no sex talk or blood talk or any weird talk with her, I really owe you one.” She grabbed her keys and purse as she rushed towards the door and called out to Trixie. “Okay monkey, don’t trouble Maze for anything, food will be here any minute, you’ll both have your chocolate cake and you’ll go to bed at 10, you’ve got school tomorrow.” There, instructions for both the kids were conveyed but she thought of hammering it once again for Maze, because knowing her-

“Maze, please don’t talk about knives, or sex, or anything that an eight-year-old should not know. I don’t want to have any ‘talks’ with my daughter already. I am really thankful for this, just please don’t damage my sweet child.”

“We’ve hung out plenty before Decker, your child’s a lot cooler than you are. Now would you get off our heads and bother Lucifer?” With that Maze walked her out the door and slammed the door to her face. As she reared up her cruiser, she heard Frozen’s soundtrack blast through the doors of her apartment.


As she walked through the elevator, the penthouse was quiet as a church after a Sunday mass. She chuckled to herself as she was reminded how appalled Lucifer would’ve been if he’d heard the monstrosity of her thoughts.

She walked through the living area which was dimly lit as the rest of the penthouse, up to his bedroom and the faint light from the lampshade on his opposite bedside shed a beautiful yellow hue to his features. There he was, out like a light.

His arm rested in the position his sling was put in, clearly out of habit and other lay splashed across the empty side, enjoying the freedom and stretch the other couldn’t. His vest and dress shirt were gathered slightly around his chest as he snored away peacefully, chest rising and falling gently, highlighting the creases.

She almost didn’t want to wake him up at all, he looked at peace and clearly had figured out a position that wasn’t causing him much discomfort by the looks of it. She walked up to him and sat on her knees beside his side of the bed. His hair was a bunch of unruly curls, thanks to not styling them, they made him look almost childlike. She brushed away a curl from his forehead, careful to not touch him, and tucked it deftly back with the rest of the tussled lot. The curl didn’t stick behind and brushed his forehead, and he stirred in his sleep.

Although she didn’t wish she had to, she whispered against his ear “Hi sleepy head.” At that instant, she wanted to plant a soft kiss on his cheek, and he would surely love to wake up to that. He mumbled something unintelligently and peeked through his half-open lids “Hmm Chloe sleemm” and then shut his eyes again before opening them fully and getting a good look at her.

“The golden silhouette looks gorgeous on you detective; I could look at you all day.” And gave her a sleepy smile. Chloe’s hand reached up to his cheek and brush across carefully, as if brushing off a fragile porcelain doll.

“Want to get up for me?”

“Hmm sure, only if I get a kiss.” He pouted, anticipating a brisk kiss given how close they were to each other on the bedside.

“Why not,” With that, Chloe planted a faint kiss right where her hand had been moments ago. A sweet peck, like she would give Trixie right after she went to sleep. This was even lighter in all aspects and obviously made Lucifer gasp in fake horror.

“Do I look like a schoolgirl to you? That, my dear detective, is not a kiss by any measure. You’ve wounded me just as much as the bullets from the past week, I’m wounded beyond repair even for a good old fashioned.”

“Maybe if you sit up for me and do as I say, there could be a possibility for a real one.” Chloe winked at him and stood up to switch on the lights in the bedroom.

Light flooded the room and she rushed back to Lucifer’s side to aid him to get up. She snaked back her across his back, allowing herself to firmly grip his shoulders from both ends, pushed back gently, and helped him sit up against the pillows. Surprisingly, she didn’t need to do much as Lucifer had regained some strength and didn’t wince as he did most of the sitting up by himself during the afternoon.

“Wow someone recovered well enough in their sleep, sure the devil needs a measly detective?” She chuckled as she leaned forward to fluff his pillows. To push up the pillows from beneath him, she lay a palm across his back and pushed his frame towards hers. She could anticipate a tease coming, a suggestive innuendo, but nothing of the sort happened.

He just let his heavy breathing do the talking. His warm hitched breaths brushed across her hair as she struggled to not be dragged in the haze of his scent. It was too tantalizing and delicious to resist but she had to, by all means. Because the temptation to give in, on his bed, to finally use it, in the warm yellow lights against the gold silk sheets he’d make her writhe in, was too sinister. And he needed rest, and she needed to be back home, to Trixie.

As she leaned back, she cleared her throat to better her attempt at clearing the tension between them. “Now, how are you feeling, Lucifer?”

Still groggy-eyed, Lucifer opened his eyes fully to her and smiled. “Been better detective, but I assure you, the nap helped. Oh, Maze had come with some soup earlier in the evening, must be lying somewhere on the kitchen counter. I’m sure I can heat it and have that. Let me just…”

“Mister, you’re going nowhere. I’ll get you your soup and something solid to eat. Then you have the last course of medicines and a warm bath.”

As soon as she said bath, Lucifer’s eyes lit up like a child. Oh, now he truly was awake.

“Well, a bath sounds interesting detective, I’m certain you can divulge along with me. The tub is clearly big enough for two, we shouldn’t let all that space go waste.”

“Hah, nope. The bath is a patients only service and caretaker detectives are to remain on the dry side. Specifically, those who aren’t well enough for a shower by themselves. And for the last time, we’re not having sex Lucifer.”

Lucifer let out a dramatic sigh as she made her way to his kitchen.


Chloe opened the sliding doors to his kitchen and her mouth literally hung open, it was ginormous and gorgeous, to say the least. Lucifer’s kitchen was a set out of MasterChef apparently. No scratch that, it was fancier than that. The pantry was twice the size of anything she’d ever seen and the kitchen, well spotless with all kinds of utensils and equipment in place. And it was so clean. When did he even use it, and him and cleaning? She let all that go away and proceeded to operate the calculus-like microwave. Took her a while to pop all the wrong buttons to eventually get the right one but she did. She warmed up his soup and whipped out a pan and stir-fried some non-spicy marinara pasta for him.

Once she plated everything, she prepped everything on the bed table and laid down the cutlery as a pleasing smile and rumble escaped lucifer’s face and stomach respectively. “Someone’s hungry,” She laid down a napkin in his lap and nudged him softly to eat. “Eat now.”

Lucifer hated to admit but the aroma of marinara sauce and the sight of sizzling garlic breadsticks made him realize he was way more famished than he’d thought. He had to stop himself to inhale the food in front of him. “Detective, I have to admit, this is simply delicious. Truly nothing beats a home-cooked meal, I’m glad you’re here.”

Lucifer spoke with his mouth full of the pasta and the red sauce all over his lips.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve had better. But I’m glad you like it. Is there anything else you’d like to eat or drink- apart from alcohol?”

Another puppy-eyed face. “Just one whiskey, please? To wash down the food that’s all.”

“Just one, and then you take your meds, got it?”

“Yes, dear detective. I wouldn’t want your wrath to be unleashed on me.”

Chloe stood up to fetch the decanter and two glasses from the bar when Lucifer held her hand. She turned around to watch the softness of his features highlighted yellow.

“I… um, thank you, Chloe.” While his smile remained soft and eyes pure with sincerity, Chloe knew how more than a compliment to her cooking or anything else it was. He was unsure, still, of how someone would want to take care of him, get him food, be concerned about his meds, or just any minor detail he was otherwise used to laugh at, only hitting him in the gut that he might actually need those. And his hesitation, he still felt the need to deny himself the effort and care he actually deserved. That she really was here, with a simple marinara pasta, fighting over a glass of whiskey.


After a careful negotiation and settlement on 2 glasses of whiskey, Lucifer felt more like himself than he had in days. His usual supply of alcohol and smoke had been cut down to a quarter, thank his dad and his former humble abode for disrupting his kind of poisons. Now, with that done, he was ready to proceed for a bath.

“Here take my hand and try not to get up too fast. Focus on your body weight and share it with me. I’ve got you, okay?” He tried to do just as he was told, and thankfully, a nap away from Chloe really did help speed along with his recovery. Lucifer found his balance almost with normal ease.

“And I you, detective.” Came a whisper, brushing across her face as he stood up. With a warm smile, he made no further move, spoke nothing else. A faint smile of gratitude, that’s all. And she couldn’t help but lean up towards him, part her lips in the slightest, just half an inch, even barely that, away from his; “Bath’s getting cold.”

And Lucifer found, what a beautiful sight Chloe smirking was, and how he would definitely get back at her later.


The porcelain marble tub was filled halfway, the fragrance of his signature bath oil and salts filled up the bathroom deliciously. As she prepped the tray right in the middle of the tub and arranged the sponges and loofah, she found Lucifer standing in the doorway.

“I was just coming to get you”

“That’s quite alright, my legs were giving me a living hell sitting and sleeping on that sodding bed all day, wanted to stretch around a bit.”

“Of course, so, your bath’s ready, I’ve put out your silk pajamas, I couldn’t find any other loungers or t-shirts, and umm once you’re in the tub, let me know, I’ll help you scrub your back, okay?” As Chloe handed him his robe and towel, she walked past him to leave him to his own devices.

“And where would you be going detective?” The teasing undertones to his voice were back as she turned around to face him.

“Umm, out? What?” She folded her arms over her chest. “Do you expect me to watch you bathe now? Get undressed in the tub, the water’s running cold.” She commanded with a laugh and turned away.

“Running away so you won’t have to be up for the challenge huh?”

“What challenge would that be Mr. Morningstar?” She mimicked his tease and decided she wouldn’t let him win this one. Enough with the innuendos, bring it on Lucifer.

“Why, undressing me of course detective. You wouldn’t leave me all by myself to be undressed and be seated in the slippery tub. Think of my injuries.” Lucifer gasped dramatically as he put his hand on his chest, the humorous edge in his voice made Chloe laugh eventually.

“You’re a grown man Lucifer, I don’t think you always need a woman to unbuckle your pants and pop your buttons.”

“Of course, but you wound me, detective. Oww, figuratively and quite literally.” He admonished her as she hit him playfully. “It’s alright, I understand resistance isn’t everyone’s forte and you are clearly no angel to resist a devil, I shall let you off easy.” Lucifer turned around, knowing how Chloe would definitely not let this pass. And she walked right into it, but only if Lucifer knew what she had in mind.

“I’m not the one to back down from a challenge Lucifer.”

“Care to get on the wager detective?” He smirked as she walked towards him with a flushed yet determined face.

She stood up on her toes as she whispered in his ears that send tingles down to his abdomen

“Stand still for me, okay?” She got back on her toes and let her breath trail around his ear and neck as she grazed her finger through his ear and stopped right where his top button rested half-opened.

She looked at him through her eyelashes as she got down to the task. She popped open the first button and let the back of her knuckles brush through the bare skin that was revealed. With each button that left the hook, she saw his throat bob with a gulp as he tried his best to remain still and not grab her by her waist and get her against the adjacent wall. She made her way down agonizingly timidly and slowly as she could.

The last three of the buttons were safely tucked away inside his pants and Chloe knew this is where she would up her game.

As her hand reached to slip inside his pants, she heard a throaty groan escape his lips as his chest heaved of the tantalizing touch, she was killing him with. Her hand inched inside carefully, gazing gently at his abdomen over his shirt. She let it linger right above his waistline and sighed as she looked at him.

How he wanted her hand to remain there and ease down over his forming erection. His cock was halfway through bursting through his pants if she let this go on for one second longer.


“What Lucifer?” And as she looked him in the eye and questioned, she let her hand cup his erection and immediately withdrew.

“You’re not playing fair.”

“You never said we had to, right?” Her breath was heaving just like his, but she wasn’t backing out. “Shirt’s all done.”

She pulled his shirt out of the slacks finally and lay open the last of it. He was feverish against her fingers, ready to boil down and burst open, and then she licked her lips and he wanted nothing more than to have it wrapped around his cock again. “Pants now.”

Half-naked with a straining cock begging to be free of restraints, Chloe knew he was already cursing her halfway through hell, and what she planned next, he would surely burst into galloping flames leading him exactly there.

She bent down in front of him, on her knees, eyes never leaving his face. The charged tension of the room was all Lucifer could feel and practically hear and see.

Her fingers teased around the waistband resting her thumb and index against the loop, remaining right over his flaming skin. The bulge in his pants was growing and straining against the fabric and she knew he ached for release, literally and quite literally.

She eased his misery and let the button of his pants pop open and moved inwards to get the other one. Her fingers burnt against his flesh on his lower abdomen as she kept on with her torture. Then came the zipper, which was the final showdown. As the restraints came off Lucifer sighed with his eyes closed. Dear dad was thankful for the whole eternity when his cock finally sprang free right in front of her face.

His eyes pooped open as he looked back at her, silently begging her to just wrap her tongue around him and suck him into oblivion, god knows she wanted the same thing. But where would be the fun in that? Chloe grazed a lone finger over the top of his erection all the way up to his tip and wiped the pre-cum off with her thumb. And before he could begin to thank heavens for her touch, she stood right up, letting his pants pooled around his ankles and closed her lips around her thumb and wiped it clean of any traces of the salty release she had on her tips.

To say he was horrified and mad with coiled tension would be an understatement. He was ready to burn hell for a blowjob at the minute and Chloe made it a whole lot worse.

“Your bath is ready, I’ll put your clothes in the dry clean pile.”

She began to walk away as he pulled her around and held her captive, her back against his chest, a stronghold of his arm around her waist. “You’ll pay for this Chloe.”

But Chloe wasn’t the one who’d lose, she was certain of it. She ground her hips against his large, hard length and freed herself from his grasp as his focus and blood rushed down all at once.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.”


Chloe came back with a glass of wine and found Lucifer seated inside the warm bubble bath, head tipped back against the corner. His eyes were closed and wet hair now rested in unison unlike the unruly curls she woke him up in. If a Greek comic wanted a sketch of a lustful god, this would definitely be it.


“If you mean apart from my wound-up cock, yes it seems to be doing the job. Barely, if I say so myself detective.”

“Well, you asked for it when you challenged me, wouldn’t let you off so easy Mr. Morningstar.”

“I sincerely hope not darling. But this would demand payback. You don’t get away easily when you mess with the devil, but I think you probably know that. I could also go onto say you’re enjoying seeking the thrill out of my helplessness, are you not darling and looking forward to being punished as well?”

His eyes were still closed as she walked up to him and ruffled his perfectly pushed back wet hair.

“Would you just shut up for some time?”

“By all means, you little minx, make me.” And winked at her.

She gulped down the wine and set the empty glass over the counter.

“Now, move away from the back of the tub and slouch your body forward, I’ll scrub your back, come on.” And Lucifer quietly did as told.

As she set her fingers on the edge of his shoulders, Lucifer tensed as he moved away from the marble. And he tensed even further as he heard her gasp. His scars.

“Lucifer your back…” She felt him stiffen to the point where he could be the marble he sat in, himself. His eyes were still and were locked on nothing, in particular, just hard vision extended in the air.

“Please don’t touch them.” His voice was a choked request. And if she could read him well enough, it was almost begging for mercy. A gulp stuck at the base of his throat and he refused to move.

“Lucifer, hey. I won’t touch them,” she held her hands in the air to the mirror in front of the tub to assure him that she really wasn’t going to. And she felt him relax a bit in the tub again. He was still stoic as a rock, eyes locked unknowingly onto nothing, but she didn’t push.


“Yes, detective.” It might as well be a teleoperator from the Great British Bake Off. Devoid of any emotion, he just closed his eyes again.

“Do you want to, maybe talk about it? Only if you want to. I won’t push you to do or say something you don’t want to.”

“No detective. Not tonight.” The finality of his stoic statements and frame would’ve made her flinch otherwise but she knew him and how he dealt with his vulnerability and being exposed. He was in a spiral she knew nothing of and she wasn’t going to push him until he asked of her to do anything about it. It was a hard no for tonight, she still had hope that one night, he would talk about it. It just wasn’t tonight. And she couldn’t blame him.

He’d been through so much in the past couple of days. It was completely acceptable for him to mask something that clearly was a painful part of his past.

Chloe moved away from his back, hearing him exhale audibly, he relaxed as he slouched, still sitting away from the back of the tub, letting airbrush past where his scars were. He sat for a while, silently, unmoving, stone-like. He was as cold as the water he was now sitting in, all hints of playfulness and arousal dissolved in the soap that surrounded him.

“Could you pass me the shampoo detective?”

“Yeah sure.” She didn’t attempt to make conversation as she handed him the bottle. Her fingers touched his as they came in contact, only to feel them trembling. Lucifer saw her gaze still at the point where they met, but he didn’t say anything. Neither did she.

“Do you want me to wash your hair, don’t strain your arms for now?” And rest your fingers under the water, I won’t call you out for it.

He hesitated but affirmed.

“Lay back please.”

And he did, robotically. The only sound that prevailed was of the water moving under his hips, the bottle opening, the squeezed-out dollop of the shampoo, the lathering, and a relaxed sigh. The thought of filling the silence occurred to her but she let it dissipate. She silently ran her fingers through his hair, moving circularly in small patches. She let her hands drop to his shoulders and felt him tense up again. His eyes flew open, the panic clearly making its way back.

“Just your shoulders, I won’t touch your back. I promise. Okay? Relax, close your eyes.” “Just your shoulders, I promise. I got you, Lucifer.” She repeated as she kept her hands gently on the shoulder, massaging through the soap, cautiously never wandering away even for half an inch.

She got some clean water to wash down his shampoo and his shoulders. As the water ran over his head, she heard him exhale, as if he’d forgotten how to.

She helped him out of the tub, grabbing his both hands in a tight grip, and helped him to his robe. He toweled his hair dry. His eyes were still devoid of anything at all. No emotion, barely blinking, transfixed into emptiness. She handed him his clothes quietly and let him be as he stepped into the closet quietly.

Once he was out in his pajamas and robe, she heated the leftover pasta, made a kale strawberry smoothie glazed with a splash of whiskey to help him wash down his medicines. She knew he would probably down a decanter or two after she left, but she just couldn’t help herself to let him know that she knew him and she was here for him.

“Well the bath was an extremely relaxing detective, thank you, for… everything.” He was trying to find the words that would do justice to her kindness for the night but just didn’t know how he could. Her fingers had been nimble and gentle on him and he was lost in her touch throughout. It pained him that he couldn’t let her know what horrors lay behind the heinous scars of his wings. He didn’t know how he could and even if he did, she wouldn’t believe it.

But he knew he had to lighten up the air somehow, so he managed to force a smile for her. She deserved that in the least and got the warmest smile reflected at him as her face relaxed into it.


“Oh shit, it’s 9:30. I promised Trix I’ll be back by 9. I’ll come to check up on you tomorrow alright? Take care of yourself and don’t think too much about sex.” She joked as she stood up to arrange his bed quickly, rushed to the kitchen to drop the dishes in the washer, and quickly pecked him as she grabbed her keys.

“Goodnight, Lucifer.” She smiled through the doorway as he rested back against the headboard, calmer and more himself.

“Goodnight detective, drive safe. Please drop a text when you reach home safely.”

“I’ll do.”


Chloe entered the home to a deeply engrossed Maze and Trixie laying in her lap, gripping Ms. Alien keenly, The Conjuring playing on the screen. They didn’t hear the door click close, both of them still engrossed in the horrors.

“Guys, what the…” Chloe quickly corrected her fuck bomb she was about to drop. “Why is The Conjuring playing before a school night. Maze! Trix! What is this?”

Maze was still gripped by the horrors of the happenings of the basement on the screen as Trixie shushed her mom and offered a small guilty smile. It soon turned into a shushed laugh as Maze gripped Ms. Alien and stared wide-eyed at the ghost shenanigans.

Chloe decided it would be fun to scare the scary ninja bounty hunter. Trixie pushed cautiously next to her on the sofa, Chloe came from behind. And a silently coordinated countdown to 3..2..1 and they both screamed at Maze and burst into a fit of laughter. They rolled on the floor as Maze screamed, turned angry, and angrier before she couldn’t hold her back either.

The demon didn’t laugh per se, but she definitely decided to whip out her knives and scare them back.

“You both do that again and you’ll wish you had a ghost in your basement instead of me and my knives.” Her threat was definitely a serious-faced one but they knew she enjoyed it just as much.

“Alright, alright, we don’t want to be subjected to your wrath or your pointy twisty knives Maze, we just couldn’t resist ourselves.” And the mother-daughter duo hi5ed each other.

“Yeah, get that Olga to watch your kid next time.” Of course, she didn’t mean that but Chloe and Trixie donned a puppy face instantaneously.

“Sorryyy Mazeee.” They sang together.

“Stupid humans.” Maze muttered under her breath as she brushed off the popcorn from her lap and got up to leave.

“Night Trix, night Decker.”

Chloe walked Maze to the door as she wished her goodnight and thanked her for being the savior of her evening.

“Uh, also, if you need me to watch your little demon tomorrow or… any other night… I could hang” Maze and Lucifer were such dorks when they wanted to express the pure, sweet emotions. So unfazed by their hesitation, Chloe inwardly smiled.

“I would really love that Maze; I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Maze rushed off giving her an awkward smile and vanished into the darker end of the street in seconds.

Chloe closed the door behind her as she bent to wrap her arms around Trixie.

“Mommy missed you.”

“I missed you too mommy. We had so much fun and Maze is so awesome, she told me about this…” As her animated little bundle of excitement jumped around the apartment, she let herself be absorbed by the tales of her evening.


Trixie gave into exhaustion while mumbling about a man who had once stolen Maze’s knife and couldn’t keep her eyes open to tell her what happened next. She tucked her for the night and made her way to her room.

Chloe realized she was probably just as exhausted as her daughter as she slipped into her shorts and a tank top and made her way to the bedroom after washing herself. As she plugged her phone in to charge, she realized it was almost 11 and she had forgotten to text Lucifer that she was home safe.

He’d have probably slept by now but she thought of dropping it nonetheless.

Chloe Decker:

Hey, I reached home safely. Sorry, I forgot to text, was wrapping up for the night and tucking Trixie.

I hope you’re asleep. If you need anything, give me a call, don’t think twice.

Goodnight Lucifer, x

Lucifer Morningstar:

No need to apologize detective. If it’s anyone that should, it should be me.

Chloe Decker:

You don’t have to Lucifer. I understand some things aren’t easy for us. And it’s alright if you don’t wish to speak of it. I’m fine with it. At least there’s something you’re not going to chatter about :P

Chloe hoped that her effort to lighten the conversation would relax him better, and thankfully it worked.

Lucifer Morningstar:

Detective, how dare you. And is that an ‘X you’ve ended your text in? You tease a hurt man.

Chloe Decker:

I find it really amusing to have you all coiled up Lucifer 😉

Lucifer Morningstar:

Yes, you did leave me without a release, hot and bothered. Making it a tease for the second time this evening detective. To tell you the truth, my cock is still quite tensed and the scores are uneven.

Chloe felt her insides turn warm. If she was being honest to herself, she was coiled with tension all evening. Resisting those touches, letting her fingers linger on his chest, gripping his hard cock. Imagining wrapping her lips around it…

Her mind thought of making things interesting.

Chloe Decker:

Well, can’t leave the Lord of hell in such a hell, right?

Lucifer Morningstar:

Why detective, you could definitely send some sensuous pictures of your delectable little pussy. I’ll imagine it being wrapped around my cock maybe. Help the helpless out.

Chloe Decker:

No, I’m not going to do that.

Lucifer felt a tinge of guilt as he began to type

Lucifer Morningstar:

I am extremely sorry detective; I wouldn’t ask of you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I mistook the flow of conversation. I do apologize for my…

As he was about to hit send, her text pinged

Chloe Decker:

I’m going to paint you one.

Pick up my call. *Tongue emoji*

If there was a record for the quickest erection achieved, Lucifer would bet he would’ve won it tonight. Blood rushed to his groin quicker than his breaths turning into pants. He was almost panting when his phone buzzed and he picked up her call.


“Hello, detective.” Both of them were already out of breath, almost ready to combust.

“Now, you’ll do as I say. Keep your phone on your pillow by your side, on speaker. You’ll need both your hands.”

Excitement bloomed in Lucifer’s cock and his throat went dry. Chloe’s voice was low, coaxed with her own arousal, mirroring from what he’d heard her like in the evening in his bathroom.

“Alright detective.”

“You’re only going to call me Chloe now. And Lucifer?”

“Yes, detective?”

“I’m going to make soil your pajamas.”

Lucifer groaned into the phone as she grinned against the speaker and plugged in her earphones confirmed his readiness.

“I’m going to combust dete… Chloe.”

“Good. Now I want you to imagine every word I whisper in your ears. Pull your pajamas down and rub your hard cock for me Lucifer.”

Lucifer obliged with a throaty moan as he took himself into his hands.

“Not too quick, I’ll make you come at my own terms. Do you understand?”

Lucifer accepted her to command him, but it was a purring sexual request, as if she was right there, whispering in his ear, by his pillow.

“Now imagine me, in a sultry black dress, neckline plunging down to my stomach and it ends right the end of my ass’s curve. If I bent, you could see how wet I am for you right now. Do you want me to bend Lucifer?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes Chloe” he whispered painfully as she continued to set the stage for him.

“Good. I’ve bent over your piano and you see, I’m not wearing any panties. Do you like that Lucifer? My naked dripping cunt open and spread for you on your favorite piano.”

“Yes, Chloe” The slow strokes were driving him mad with hunger and primal need. His hand was dry against his cock, so he spat into his hand and resumed his position.

“Now before I let you have my cunt, I turn around and kiss you, hungry and nipping. Now our lips are half swollen with determined teeth, ready to rip each other to go deeper. I've lost track of how loud my moans have gotten and just then when I couldn't get any further, I feel you dip your hands down below. You like to play dirty, don’t you Lucifer?”

“Oh yes yes Chloe.” He gasped and groaned at the same time.

Chloe felt a newfound power mix with her arousal. She was herself 3 knuckles deep inside her wet pussy as she tried to keep her strokes languid, just as Lucifer was trying to. The helpless whimper in his voice was enough to drive her to pump herself a little faster.

“And then, I pinch your nipples. I know you like it when I bite them but we’ll get there later. I unbuckle your jeans, faster than the evening this time and your zipper flies down just as quickly next. Can you feel my hot fingers against your stomach Lucifer?”

Yes, Chloe please.”  Lucifer had no shame in begging and Chloe took a little mercy on him.

“I have your cock in my hands finally and you can’t wait any longer. You push down the sides of my dress and drag the barely-there skirt and finally...” Chloe was breathless as she finally imagined his fingers making contact instead of her own and she pinched and rubbed her clit vigorously. “…you push two fingers inside my wet dripping pussy. It's so wet Lucifer, only for you. Can you feel how wet and tight I am around you? Do you want a taste Lucifer?”

“Yes, Chloe I do.”

“Good. Now put your fingers in your mouth and imagine how good I taste. How my wetness on your thick fingers tastes. Isn’t it delicious? Tell me how good I taste Lucifer.”

“Fucking divine darling.” Lucifer pumped three fingers of his free hand in his mouth, swirling and sucking, imagine as she moaned and gasped against the speaker. She would be so close right now, already ready to break loose.

“Yesss, oh yes. Now, do you want to fuck me with your fingers or your tongue?”

“Can’t I have both?”

“No, I want to cum once around your fingers or tongue and then your cock. Choose Lucifer.”

If he imagined going down on her and tried to keep the strokes languid at the same time, he’d probably land up in hell from the sheer agony of it all. So, he decided against his favorite.

“My fingers.”

“What will your fingers do to my dripping pussy Lucifer?”

“I’ll let my mouth's determination plunder you with hungry kisses that will leer on your neck, mirroring how I ravaged your mouth a few seconds ago and my fingers won’t stop. I’ll push deeper, harder, and let you go barren with need, circles on the clit continue sending shiver down your legs. As that goes, you’ll begin to ride my fingers with abandon and it will be a rhythm of sin darling, I swear. Grinding hips against my fingers, your hungry wet pussy making slumping noises and you’ll groan and bite my neck.”

Chloe was in no state to hold back anymore but she wanted to do everything she restrained herself that evening from. She cupped her breast with her free hand and pinched and pulled teasingly.

“Oh Lucifer, fuck. Bite my tits, please. Suck them... aghh.”

“Yes, darling let me hear that delicious moan you’re holding back. You’ll throw your head back and then groan against my neck as I latch on to your perfectly pert tits and torment the other one with sharp pinches, continuing to suck the life out of you. Do you like it darling? Does that feel good?”

Chloe’s control was long gone and couldn’t contain writhing against her bed.

“I… Ummm…” Chloe knew how close she was, so she withdrew her fingers and let the cold air hit her fingers. “I can't hold it any longer. I push your hand faster and deeper inside me as your mouth concentrates my lips and all hell breaks loose as I scream with your hair clenched in one hand and holding your fingers down between my legs. I clench and I clench, head was thrown back, which can’t go further. Seconds later, I would drag your hand in my mouth, wanting to taste what conspired between my wet pussy and your fingers and how far you drove it. I wrap around my tongue, sucking your fingers one at each time, taking my sweet delirious time.”

“Yes, darling lick that cum off my fingers, just right Chloe. Suck darling.” Lucifer muttered incoherently as he tried to delay his own combustion.

They were both panting, hungry to get down to business already. Talking about it was painfully torturous already and it was driving them insane.

“Now, turn me around, spread my legs and bury your beautiful hard cock in my pussy. I can’t wait Lucifer. Please fuck me good.”

“Holy shit, love” He grips his cock as he strokes himself agonizingly at the same pace, she’d told him to. “Darling I want to go faster.” Came to his pained request, and Chloe wanted just that.

“Yes Lucifer, fuck me hard and fast, make me milk your cock. Make me drip.”

“Yes darling, spread wide for me, take my whole length.”

“Luciferrrrr fuckk, make me cum please.” Her voice was lost as flipped over, imagining that there really was a piano that she was being fucked onto and fingered herself from behind, while rubbing her clit wanton with blazing need.

“Yes darling, clench around me, make me fill your pussy darling.” And she stroked and fingered herself to the point of a delicious pain and cried out with a gasp for his name.

“Ahh, ohhh fuck fuck fuckkk, Lucifer come inside me pleaseeee.”

And he obliged. He stroked himself rigorously, arch upwards, he came inside his tight fist.

“Oh, Chloe… fuck.”

Chloe heard him scream silently as she imagined his cum spurting all inside her, as she kept clenching around her fingers, imagining his hard member filling and coaxing her with white-hot cum.

“Oh, my that was fantastic darling.” He yawned and purred, clearly sated by the very steamy session.

“Am I forgiven for the evening’s cock block now? She licked her fingers noisily, letting him hear as she slurped in her juices.

“Umm, halfway through darling. I’ll need less imagination and more live-action of this to even your score.”

“Always hungry for more, aren’t you?”

“Darling, my existence dates back eons and you know I cannot lie, that was the hottest phone sex I’ve had in my entire bloody existence, what do you expect?”

“Nothing, just to go to sleep now, and let me too.”

“Oh yes detective, good night. Have pleasant dreams.”

She knew he would’ve winked. “Good night Satan.” She chuckled.

And they both proceeded to clean up and hog the bed.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t dark anymore. Blindingly bright, and too hot.

He shrugged the sorry excuse for a covering away from his body, wiping away his sweaty forehead as he sat upon the shredded mattress. The cotton from the torn areas clung to him in bits and irritated his already hot skin. The sun was hot and the cold breeze, although present, was doing nothing to soothe the harshness. Harshness. Harshness is all he knew now. From the shredded mattress, from the sun, from the blade cuts, and of his stung, wilting feathers.

He was used to the unease and agonizingly painful process in the past five years, but he was still bothered by it as it was the first time in the cold mountains of Bolivia.

He would ache, and writhe and pray to his siblings and father but nobody came. He wasn’t really sure if this celestial plain was conducive to his prayers, but he prayed every time, regardless. Hoping they might answer one day.

Father didn’t answer either and he shouldn’t. He, himself should have been able to figure out the path a warrior should walk on, to preen his wings, to battle a sorry demon and his evil brother, and he’d failed the almighty for having faith in him. Shame on him.

But he swore an oath, he made a promise and he would not look back until he’d fulfilled them. He would not back down. He would bestow this harshness, the wrath on the one who truly deserved it.

Sitting against the makeshift bed in his lonely dark confinement, he pondered, more so, berated himself. This couldn’t go on for long, how had he let it go on THIS long. He didn’t deserve this and the one who did, was out loitering in the lanes of the mire and reveling in the glorious shreds’ humanity threw at him every night.

But he had a plan, much bigger than himself this time. And it sure as hell, wouldn’t take another 5 years.


The hot sun was unforgiving today, beckoning for Chloe Decker.

She pushed away from the covers after struggling in all positions, for sleep to come back and warm her just the right amount. But at last, nothing helped, and she shrugged away from the confining warmth of her comforter, motionless on her bedside, eyes still shut, slowly taking in the morning brightness and adjusting to the call of eventually waking up. Half groaning, she rubbed her eyes and wiped the almost gone trail of droll on the sides of her chin and contemplated if trying again, she could have just five more minutes. She couldn’t.

Her instilled inbuilt body alarm established over the years decided to give her three minutes.

She made her side of the bed and decided to wake Trix up after she’d freshened up and made her way to the bathroom.

The crumpled nightshirt and the grumpy mood were obviously short-lived. It was Friday. She was supposed to join back today. She couldn’t deny, Friday morning came quicker than expected. A whole lot quicker than she was ready for. Yes, she had to balance and juggle but she had always done that, and it came with the life she’d chosen. Detective, mother, friend to the devil.

Although it brought her a little sigh of relief and normalcy, Chloe’s heart ached a little when she saw her little monkey wrapped still wrapped in her bed and her, Ms. Alien down on the floor. Of all the things she’d enjoyed and done in this past week with Trixie, this was oddly the happiest sight of all. Her baby asleep aside her, not a thought of harm worrying either of them.


Chloe was whipping up breakfast as she called out to her daughter and screamed the time, told her to hurry up. Bacon was sizzling in the pan, always an inviting fragrance. Waffles popped and just then her phone pinged.



For the last time, and I insist on it being the last, why would anyone assume that you are re-join your pesky desk duties on a Friday? Must the precinct collectively have such a bad taste in humor AND TIMING? THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!

As Chloe rushed through the breakfast and Trixie’s bag check, her phone buzzed for the millionth time, all texts of a brooding Lucifer. And he’d been brooding since she had told him last evening. By now, even for his standard behavior, he should’ve calmed down. Obviously, she was very wrong.

“Why is your phone buzzing mommy, you should check if it’s important,” Trixie mumbled with a mouth full of waffles and bacon.

“It’s just Lucifer honey, nothing important,” She grumbled as she continued to wrap lunch for her daughter.

“But what if he’s hurt mommy, you should…”

“Alight, but you keep eating.” Chloe dropped the knife and scrolled through 22 texts in the last minute alone. All brooding. All complaining. Such a fucking child.


And for the last time, and I insist on it being the last, my approved sabbatical leave ends today Lucifer. Homicides do not wait up for a detective bothered by a consultant/ club owner whining about the damn weekend.

Now, THAT is certainly preposterous.

She knew what was behind this pesky text chain. Since their phone call on Wednesday night, all Lucifer could talk, think, hint and play around with was re-enacting the entire scenario bent over the piano sex fantasy, exactly like she’d described, leading his spur on.

But Chloe just wasn’t giving in, no matter how close their make-out sessions had been to that very fantasy turning into reality. She knew how that would end. Of course, she wanted it just as much, but with the time constraint and knowing Lucifer’s insistence on taking his time, she knew she couldn’t manage with Trixie waiting for her at home. And more than anything, she still didn’t have the heart to strain his injured self.

Deep down, despite how they’d ended the night, her mind still lingered on the moment between them in his bathroom. His scars. How he flinched. How scared he looked, how stoically still he was beneath her palms.

She knew he’d had a troubled childhood, with his brother being an asshole of the first order. Maybe he could’ve done something to him and he didn’t want to disclose the extent of it. Given how he swore he couldn’t lie, maybe the bit about his wings was one. An elaborate illusion, an illusion, deep in his system that he couldn’t differentiate between it and reality. Maybe that’s how he coped and she didn’t want to question it.

But the thought kept nagging her and his insistent touches couldn’t wipe it all away.

So, insistent and diligent, she refrained from the temptation, only giving in for a few pecks here and there. She knew he would be seconds away from jumping her bones any day now. But his annoying texts were not helping his game at the moment.


For what it’s worth, this is torture. And I shall know it. You’re literally the oldest young person I’ve ever met. And coming from a being that’s existed for eons, that’s certainly something.

That’s it. Chloe completely lost her shit. To him, the partnership was just an adventure sport anyway, looming in when things get interesting, mojoing and reprimanding suspects inappropriately, and just waltzing out on her when the paperwork arrived. She’s had it with him.


Okay, Mr. Devil. I will resume my ‘pesky desk duties’ you can crib sitting at Lux or in your bedroom where you’ve, mind you, been all week.

I though we were partners Lucifer, the least I can expect from you is some fucking encouragement and positivity now that I am leaving my daughter after a fantastic week to go back to fucked up criminals who will continue to murder, rob, and be overall dicks no matter how many of them are reprimanded and you’re not making it easy.

As she stared at the screen before hitting send, she realized she was just rambling on for no reason. It was just Lucifer being Lucifer, it wasn’t harmful or insensitive, it was just who he was. And he was still recovering and an emo blast over bliss being over or the importance of being actual partners was not what he needed. Besides, what is he, her boyfriend?

She shrugged and erased the text and typed again.


Now, I have to go. And I’ll see you Monday. Rest well, and call me if you need anything.

She resumed breakfast and kept eyeing her phone screen, which, didn’t light up again.



Chloe walked through the precinct gathering the snippets of happenings over the past week. A funny perp who kept repeating his own confession, a mean doughnut and coffee party, and the usual boredom of paperwork across desks.

So, nothing major that she had missed out on. She stopped by Dan’s desk only to realize he hadn’t made it yet. She checked the time; it was a couple of minutes shy of 9, which was really early for most of the precinct, even for Ella.

Well, she could use a head start for sure. As she made way to her desk, a figure sat in a chair opposite her desk which looked a lot like… the stubborn Lucifer Morningstar.

“Well fancy seeing you here detective, I’ve been waiting for ages, and ah, you finally decide to show up!”  Lucifer, the guy who was being a pain in the ass just a couple of minutes ago, now sat on his chair, looking annoyed and exasperated for some reason, shook his head and turned back to… paperwork? What was going on?

8:56 am and he’s the one questioning her? Of being late? When she’s actually early! The nerve.

“Excuse me? I’m the one who’s half an hour early to the precinct. Early. And you’re reprimanding me of being late?”

He looked at her, head still cast down, eyes hitting the roof of his lids as he let out a sigh.

“You were gone for a week and you think showing up thirst minutes early would give you enough time to catch up detective? What are you a novice?”

Lucifer threw his hands up dramatically as if truly annoyed by her lack of sincerity towards work and stood up and poked her nose and Chloe’s mouth went from an amused thin line to a very irritable O.

He took her hands and made her sit down in her seat as he seemingly dropped the façade of whatever it was that had taken over him and murmured, as if not wanting to be heard but answering nonetheless.

“…I just happened to trust my gut and it told me your nauseatingly selfless and diligent self would want to get a head start on the week’s happenings, which I say so myself, is utterly boring…”

Chloe sat straight behind her desk, arms crossing over in disbelief, “… so I decided to make myself helpful, we’re partners after all, aren’t we?”

Chloe’s arms instantly dropped from her chest as she sat dumbfounded. Was this really Lucifer? The same Lucifer who was cribbing about a Friday? Something was up.

“You are not the one for self-inflection, and far be it from you to do it on the part of precinct work and a week’s worth of ‘boring’ paperwork, so spill, why are you really here?”

Lucifer looked as he was an offender, but the one who’d been wrongfully arrested as he shuffled shut the file in his hands and leaned in to whisper but almost annoyingly.

“I just... I just thought, with all that you had done for me this past week. Looking after me, making me such delicious meals, the pasta was a truly amazing detective-” his lips turned into a warm smile “I just wanted to do something for you too. So, I came here at 7. Got the files from Caccuza and…”

Chloe didn’t listen to what he said next, she was dumbstruck, shocked, amazed, proud even, all at once. She let him continue because she couldn’t find the right words for how she felt at that moment.

Lucifer looked at Chloe’s dumfounded face and fumbled as he hesitantly continued, afraid to give too much away. “I uhh…” certainly looking to avoid the conversation at hand, scanning the precinct to shift her focus from his unlikely behavior. To his disappointment the precinct was still rather devoid of the usual hubbub, apart from a couple of officers over in the evidence closet; “I just thought you shouldn’t go back to work alone” he finished hurriedly.

She finally found some words, or rather, words found her stunned self.

“But, Lucifer, I don’t need to be chaperoned back to work just because I was on a week-long sabbatical, I’ve been a detective for quite a while, it’s my job and it’s completely okay for you to enjoy the weekend, I really don’t mind.” And she really didn’t, Lucifer had a life beyond the precinct, she was well aware of that. With the constant ruckus of the past few weeks, she couldn’t imagine how neglected his club would’ve been. Other than that, she was secretly glad that he was here and she really didn’t want to admit it to herself or to him. She was an independent woman who had been working solo for the better part of a career, she’d hate to be dependent, so much, so soon.

A part of her really did rejoice and felt giddy that he cared enough but on the other hand, she’d hate to admit, she was just as used to being her own person as he was. She didn’t want this to start a stream of expectations from her consultant, who she was casually boning. Professional and sexual. Not at all emotional.

“Oh no, you’ve quite a misunderstood me, detective, I just wanted to accompany you back to work. Share the burden of monstrous paperwork and here” He bent towards his left and retrieved to Styrofoam cups, smelling deliciously like her favorite coffee, this month’s special, and placed them in front of her with a sheepish smile, “ I bought you the seasonal favorite along with the delectable lemon cakes.”

It was really sweet. Chloe had to admit. And she had to give it to him, he was dealing with the emotional aspect much better than she was in her own mind of bifurcation.

“Really? Is that why you’re here?” was all Chloe could muster, still unbelieving, hoping he would crack another joke or make it another innuendo rather than displaying how he cared. And not make her uncomfortable for not admitting that she wanted him to.

“Of course, detective, we get shot together, we do paperwork together.” The tension of honest admissions was thick in between them and undeniably… more. “Besides, I am completely okay, unless you want to check in on me in the evidence closet. I believe we’re still on an uneven score and an unfulfilled fantasy.”

There, an uncomfortable moment masked by a suggestive innuendo, yes, Lucifer was all healed.

As he gave her his all-star grin, he jumped back into the stack of paper that was meticulously arranged before them and she sipped on her latte, hiding the crazy grin the devil had put on her face.


It isn’t so easy to stalk the devil, fallen angel. You’ll have to get better.


Chloe and Lucifer worked meticulously. Together.

Lucifer focused on the arrest sheet filings and interrogation transcripts of the ongoing investigations that would need Chloe’s attention starting Monday and Chloe filed the cases Dan had taken up for her, finishing up the last of the arrest reports.

Chloe couldn’t help but glance at Lucifer every now and then. Head bowed down, flipping through the paperwork and a lone strand of hair falling right above his right eye, which kept irritating him. He would keep pushing it back and give up each time with a huff, leaving a ghost of a smile on her face.

He might be charming, hot, and desirable but in moments like these where only she could see him, Lucifer Morningstar was just adorable. He would scream how ‘preposterous’ it was if he ever heard her call her that. She silently wished for more such moments, where she didn’t have to try too hard to look past his devil charade to know who he really was. The person she had fallen in tune to working with, who’d bring her coffee, would take a bullet for her, had endless demons beneath his skin, and was her partner.


Three coffees and no interruptions later, Lucifer and Chloe were examining the last set of evidence from the crime scene they had to visit near the block. Thankfully, it was a short arrest and wrap as the perp was caught on the CCTV and it had been an easy chase in their cruiser.

“Okay so, we’re almost done for the day, just these files need to be handed over to the records room. You’ll have to leave them with Officer Roger, he’ll know I sent them.”

Lucifer dutifully picked up the stack and left for the room.

As she wrapped up her desk for the day

“So, how was the first day back after a week.” Dan kept his own stack of files on her table, looking bleak, sat down where Lucifer had been seconds ago.

“My day was better than you look right now, what’s up?”

“I don’t know Chlo, this case I have, it’s just so knotted. I’ve been at it for 3 days and all leads have turned up to be absolutely vile. Not a shred of substance that I can use further. The wife is missing, the mistress is openly confrontational of the affair, I don’t’ know” he sighed as he let his frame relax through the day’s exertion.

“Hey, it’s alright, you remember when I hit the snag with the embezzlement case and how bad it was? You’ll get something too, don’t beat yourself up too much, maybe I can help you?” Chloe pushed her chair forward and straightened her back as she pulled the file from the pile.

“Hey, that’s enough for your first day back at work, don’t go snoopy on my cases man. And besides, I really hope that I’m able to land a solution like you did” He laughed as he took back the file Chloe as he eyed Lucifer behind Chloe, as he talked animatedly with Ella.

“Well, you never had my luck, don’t think you could be that lucky.” She chuckled as she continued “But honestly, I’m truly glad to have Lucifer, he’s the best partner I could’ve asked for.”

“I’m really happy for you Chlo, he seems to have his weird issues and is wildly irritating but I’m glad it’s working out for you.” Dan gently rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. “Okay, so I gotta go, I’ll pick up Trix around 9 okay, let me know if you need me to pick up something else while we’re headed home.”

Chloe looked up at Dan confused. Wasn’t she supposed to have Trixie tonight, she was clearly looking forward to spending the weekend with her daughter.

“Wait, you’re picking up Trixie?”

“Yeah, we talked on Tuesday right.” As Dan stretched further on the details, Chloe had no recollection of the conversation.

“It’s Sasha’s birthday tomorrow and they’re planning a little hiking picnic over at Palisades Park. Ring a bell?” Chloe’s head had been so wrapped in her own work hangover and the thought of another weekend with Trixie that she’d completely forgotten about it.

“Oh yes, Palisades Park, the one that’s a 5-minute drive from your place, right?”

“Yes, the very same. So, I just thought if I picked Trixie up tonight, we won’t have to rush everything tomorrow and I can spend the weekend with her. You good with it?”

“Yes, yes, of course, I had her for the week, it’s good. She’ll be really happy to spend the weekend with you and her friends. Just make sure she doesn’t overdose on the chocolate cake; she’s had her fill for two weeks actually.”

“Detective, you’d be surprised to know Ms. Lopez knows 23 different types of plastic and their decomposition cycles are decades apart. No wonder your progeny is in such grave danger. Oh, hello detective.” He greeted Dan as he pointed towards his occupied chair.

“Oh yes, sorry Lucifer, I was just off anyway.” He picked up his pile of papers and files, “So, I’ll see you Sunday evening, I’ll pack her stuff now and pick her up from the sitter. Don’t stay back late and enjoy your weekend Chlo.” He kissed Chloe goodbye and wandered off to the file room.

Chloe was almost done with her coffee as she sipped the last of it, she was free for the evening so she asked “So, we’re done for the day, Dan had a stuck-up case but he took all the paperwork with him, sooo, we don’t really have anything to do other than pack up, you want to grab a bite?”

Lucifer’s face lit up and before Chloe could stop his guttural mind’s descent,

“Detective, if I have gathered so correctly, you have the weekend free now that your spawn will be with your estranged douche for some reason?” Lucifer’s face was inquisitively curious and it seemed if she said yes, he would start jumping like a child any second now.

“Oh yes, it’s Trixie’s friend’s birthday party. She lives near Dan’s place so he’ll have her for the weekend.” She rolled her eyes for the first time today, definitely a record for the number of eye rolls he’d give her.

“So, it wouldn’t be wrong if I said that you’re all alone on the weekend and unoccupied by the said spawn, right?”

She cleared her throat, “Yes, I’m unoccupied for the weekend which I would very much like to have to myself. Thank you. Don’t get any ideas.” She admonished him as she got back to the papers in front of her.

“All work and no fun makes detective a greater dullard than she already is!” Chloe glared at him as he realized, he was only tanking his chances at the approval for spending the evening with him.

“Oh, come on Chloe, I’ve been an absolutely amazing devil for the past week. Don’t make me get down to listing how good I’ve been.”

“I would like for you to try.”

“Okay, you asked for it. Now, I got shot. I let you check up on me, don’t argue, I could’ve had Mazikeen do it. Or Patrick. Or literally anyone. But I let you. And I didn’t drink much. And I settled for those teenage pecks you gave me which did nothing more than rouse and dent my pants painfully. Congratulations on being the only woman to give the devil bluebells! And dare you to forget that I reached the precinct before you’d even woken up the urchin back at your home, got you your seasonal favorite and delectably amazing lemon bars, gave you no reason to be annoyed, seriously what more does the devil need to do in order to get a good fu…” She slammed her palm against his mouth as his voice pitched higher with his very evident exasperation.

“You don’t have to give the entire precinct a glimpse of our sex life Lucifer.” She said through gritted teeth.

With her palm strong against her lips, Chloe was dangerously close to his face and Lucifer couldn’t resist but lick dart his tongue out to softly lick the inside of her hand. He knew she’d been holding back just as much and just wanted to fuck her through the weekend.

Chloe’s eyes could only focus on his and the all known sensation from the possibility of not having to hold back tonight came unbridled to her.

“I’ll make you a deal, I’ll get you off in the evidence room right now and you’ll zip it right back into your pants. We’ll get dinner, eat like adults with no handsy behavior.” Her breathless state told both of them how much she wanted to not follow the plan she was going on about but in the back of her mind, she knew what she wanted tonight.

No more against the wall sex. She wanted to have him tonight on the piano and later in his bed. The thought of not having to rush back home or have any other of the 400 things to do made her heady with excitement right there. Managing to keep her breathy voice in control somehow, she continued “and then when we go back at your place, I’ll fuck your brains out,” She dropped her hand from his lips, tiptoed and bit his earlobe “on your bed.”

She stood down and dragged him into the evidence closet to even out the score, at least somewhat.



The shadow loomed beside the VIP parking of Lux. For someone who prided himself to be the warrior of the heavens, he clearly didn’t know how he was followed. He was being followed since the day he made the mistake of thinking that his torture has ended. It would only end with him.

The blades cut through the air as she whipped them out, swooshing against the wind, that announced the battle for the night.


To say he was relieved would be an understatement. Lucifer felt like a teenage boy in Chloe’s hands. Impatient, dying to get more and moaning as if she was the first woman to lay hands on him. All the frustration that he’d held inside seeped right out of him. Chloe on the other hand basked in the satisfaction of teasing strokes she tortured him with and Lucifer had had it. He twisted his fingers to hit the roof of her insides and stilled. And just like that, with more teases, until it was too damn urgent to chase their own release, they went limp in each other’s arms with a string of whispered kisses and the promise of the upcoming night.


Later, Lucifer and Chloe headed for dinner at the Italian diner down the street, too sated to think of anything fancy himself, Lucifer let this horrific choice pass.

His mind was only focused on one destined sight, Chloe in his bed. Finally.

He’d never regarded his bed to be an exclusive sanctuary, ever. Imagine the neck kinks and sleepless stickiness on the sofa. So many would frequent the bed, the sheet breathed of sex and he had no qualms. But with Chloe, everything felt different. Finally having her there, sleeping in his arms where he could wake up to her face beside him, was precious and no amount of stranger sex could even come close to that. And at that moment, Lucifer knew how Chloe would never stop being more and there might even be a moment, where the devil could finally know love.

They both went their separate ways post-dinner, Chloe promised him with a chaste kiss in the alley that he’ll find her at LUX in no later than an hour.


Lucifer entered the penthouse roughly around 9:15.


You have until 10:15 to find me in my bedroom. Or else you’re welcome to the sight of me wanking myself mad.



Keep it in your pants, devil. I’ll be there shortly ;)


He smiled at the text as it lit up his mobile screen, and grinned like a lost cause as he fixated on the wink. Tonight would be rather special and it certainly would have to look the occasion.

Lucifer pulled out his favorite cheeses and exotic fruit collection from the pantry fridge and propped them up for a charcuterie board. He fixed some fine red from the wine cooler and arranged the bar top with two martinis, dirty, just as he liked, to sip while he’d wait for her.

The food was done and now it was time to work on himself, a quick shower would definitely do him well. It certainly had been a long day surrounded by the body odor and burnt coffee stench. As he made his way to the shower, a whooshing sensation stopped him in his tracks.

He knew it wasn’t the storm brewing, neither a strong curtain flutter. It was a presence he certainly didn’t need tonight. Definitely not at this moment. For Dad’s sake.

“Hello brother, definitely not fancy seeing you here. Came here to score some torture at the hands of the devil?” Lucifer turned around in his steps at the stairs descending down his bedroom. Amendial stood at the edge of the balcony rail as he put away his wings behind him. Going by the standards of angels, he looked absolutely terrible. Going by the standards of humans, horrendous would’ve been more appropriate. His skin was battered badly, courtesy; Maze. His head had healing wounds but the fresh ones covered the surface for any surfacing recovery. The bruises under his eyes were darker than his own skin, neck tearing up at the sides, exposing a vein that would’ve probably killed him had he not been an angel.

“If you think leaving me starved in the back of a shipping port is torture, I really do believe your time on earth has made you incomprehensibly human.” He smirked as he picked out a piece of blue cheese from the bar counter. “I didn’t know you were aware of my arrival, such warm and pleasant welcome Luci.”

“You’re welcome to eat shit for all I care, unless you want a rewind of the past few weeks of Maze’s torture, I suggest you leave. I’m expecting company far better than your feathered hole.”

“Oh, but what I’m about to tell will certainly entertain you much more than anything else. And I…” He stopped mid-sentence as the elevator pinged behind him.

Maze knew he’d been planning a visit for days now since Amendial had escaped, she would offer to trace him wandering around the precinct and the club. But with Chloe’s frequent visits he had grown frustrated. Loitering by the beachside he would scream at length for hours since a failed angel is probably worse than a fallen one. Much worse than the fallen was doing far better in life out of the celestial haven than he who still had the graces of heaven bestowed upon him.

“Oh, the devil’s pet is also here, I was wondering where you would come to pick up the pieces, he threw at you. You’re sure better than I predic…” Before he could complete his jab, Maze flung across the room and pushed his face through the bar’s concrete. He roared in pain, as several pieces of glass lodged inside his open skin.

“You think you’re being a clever daddy’s boy following Lucifer’s movements, guess you forgot to check who was on your heels, big boy.” She sneered as Amendial struggled to find his balance, but managed an evil, blood-stricken laugh as he pulled his head back.

“Oh, I’d rather be killed serving father than live a soulless life, you demon.” He mustered up all the energy he had left to punch Maze. She stopped his futile, weak attempt with her palm and pushed him across the hall.

“Now if you can’t sustain those measly punches brother, should you really be allowed to plan another attack on me?” He walked up to the piano bench, sat facing away from the piano, and bent down to hold him by the collar.

“Now, you’ve ruined a good part of my evening, I suggest you walk your abrased ass back to the shore you’re occasionally found wailing at. Oh yes, I know all about it.” Lucifer’s eyes were now lava, molten red hate and his devil face took over the rage he had burning inside him answered as he deciphered his expressions beneath the scratches.

“Your face doesn’t scare me, Luci, it’s only a reminder of how father always serves justice. You’re born evil and you don the face that represents a rebellious disgrace.” He snarled as he mustered his strength one last time and pushed out his wings.

“Oh, your feathered limbs are no going to save you tonight brother. I will kill…”

The elevator pinged before he could reach Amendial’s wings and his frail frame, and his body went cold.

His eyes burned fiercer, and he knew it was all gone in that moment.




There she was, standing in the elevator, struck with a bolt of reality in front of her eyes.

Air left her lungs and her eyes wanted to look away but couldn't. The silence that ensued, was only covered by Amnedial's loud laugh and the thump of Chloe's bag on the elevator floor. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare, she wanted none of this reality. The inner monologue could only allow her to whisper.

It’s all true.

Chapter Text

Neither of them moved.

She wanted to run, press the buttons of the damn elevator, he wanted her to listen, just not run. They stood rooted in their feet, in their shock and disbelief. The only thing she could see, was his blazing eyes, now dying out, only fluttering twice in every five seconds, as if a fire extinguisher had doused his orbs, but not quite. And the only thing he could see, was fear, her blue eyes now wide with panic, fear of the unknown, rather, fear of the monster in front of her. There, evil laughter erupted, Maze’s blades, one swished through the air, interrupting the demonic laughter coming from the otherwise angel, and with a clink, another dropped on the floor. He could hear all of it, some of it, but all he really could feel and hear was the silence and horror that Chloe resonated. Just mere steps away from him, but farther than two mountains

This is real.

All that before wasn’t. Was it?

His eyes pled with her, the same eyes that would dilate in pleasure when she was near, the very same eyes that would hold her in a look of reverence, the same eyes that now saw her run away. As if jolted back to reality with a bucket of ice-cold revelation, Chloe punched the down button on the elevator, her eyes still on him. As if, if she looked away, he would come for her, he would entrap her.

Don’t go.

She should leave, you don’t deserve her .

Come back, please come back. Come back, stay.

You’re the devil. Samael. Poison of God. Poison to her life. Poison to everyone’s life.

You’re a miracle, you’re my miracle.

You’re a monster.

Run after her, stop her, tell her this isn’t you. Tell her anything, just stop her.

You don’t deserve anything, you’re the devil. The Punisher. The fallen.

But… but I love her.


His heart, the devil’s heart burned as if he could any more than being charred for the rest of eternity. His Miracle. The elevator door finally closed before him; he saw her glimpse vanishing behind the doors. He lost her. She rejected him too. Well, how could she not? But she promised. No promises hold true when you’re Satan.

His mind debated both good and evil screaming. The cacophony loud and shrill in his head. And one thing was true for both sides, he’d lost.




And with his inner battle, he lost the battle to his consciousness, only remembering a faint bark of laughter and a fainter call for his name.


She stood there kissing him, her mouth was urgent, her skin feverish. The passion as always knew no bounds with him. As he stroked her above her underwear, she moaned in his mouth, sighing, giving in to the wave of pleasure, wanting to ride it hard, wanting to ride him hard.

“Lucifer, please, please… I need you inside me.”

“Yes, my love, all in good time, I’ll give you everything.”

But instead of pushing into her, he bit her near her pulse, but not like he usually would. She could feel his teeth nipping deeper, her body going up in flames, the bites dragged down to the left side of her breasts.

“Lucifer, what are you doing?” She wanted to scream but the flames beneath her grew harsher and louder, so consuming, she was burning as she bled into the… pyre. She was tied onto a stack of crushing wood stack, that burned furiously, a second away from reaching her body.

“Sorry love, but this is a sacrifice I have waited so long for, might I say, you do make a delicious one.” The fingers she’d felt in deep inside her were now in his mouth, sucking in her juices. He pulled out his fingers and revealed his grin, a red grin. Red with her blood.


He laughed as she wailed, he roared as Maze joined him. His eyes were ombre, and the fire consumes…



Chloe woke up with a sob on her lips, tears and sweat mixing with each other as she screamed, she didn’t know how long for. As the horror of another nightmare robbed her of her sleep yet again, she clutched her pillow and cried, rather wailed into it, muffling her whimpers.

As her sobs turned into hiccups, she made her way to the washroom, splashing water onto the stains of her tears and hopefully the intensity of her nightmares. The third night in a row, she could do nothing more than just waiting for her eyes to give in to the exhaustion.

As she looked at the forlorn reflection of a ghost staring back at her in the mirror, fresh tears streamed down her cheeks, she stood unmoving. She stared right back at them, right back at her pale skin.

She just couldn’t get it out of her mind.

One thing she was relieved about was Dan’s own sabbatical leave had saved her. She couldn’t imagine Trixie waking up to a mother who looked more dead than alive, overdosed on eyedrops and caffeine, or telling Dan that she’d fucked the devil on multiple occasions, who was supposed to be casual but feelings had crept under her skin. That’s what made it worse.


She felt for the devil.


At 5, Chloe gave up. Tossing and turning didn’t help. Neither pouring ice-cold water over her head. She sat on the coffee table where all her notes and laptop where she would find herself surrounded by everything that caused sleep to evade her.

Her coffee table, along with the frequent coffee cup stains, hosted fliers, library journals, printouts, and a bunch of tabs open on her laptop that all screaming only one thing. The Devil. The soul-less monster. The adversary of God. The evil.

rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven with other “fallen” angels before the creation of humankind. Inveterate enemy of God and of Christ. Demonic possession.

Each religion called him the same. The Devil. Exactly what he called himself as well. The more she looked, the more she wanted to scrunch her eyes from the sheer horror of what she saw and felt in her bones but her eyes remained fixated, stuck on each bit. Red sirens blaring at the back of her mind and a burst of a new bout of tears. Too tired to fight her weariness, she would find herself asleep on the edges of papers that would be crushed against her face, soaking in her tears, and sporting the cast down shadow the morning sun would bring.


“Bloody Hell!”

Lucifer woke up with a sharp piercing sensation to his face as he shifted positions in his bed. The edge of a chopstick poked his eyelid making his delirious body groan in pain. He shifted to the other side, only to be hit with a clutter of more boxes surrounding him from all sides. Pizza boxes, Chinese meal boxes, sushi trays along leftover crumbs lay strewn about on the gold bed sheets.

Maze would often try to come and clean some of it up, even though, it was not her job. None of this even made sense but she knew how important Chloe was to him and if it was anything else, she would mock him, scream at him but even a soulless demon didn’t have the heart for it.

As he got up and slung his feet on the bedside, he was greeted with the clinking and rolling bottles of all the alcohol he’d consumed in the past three days. It seemed all his bar was now in his drowning him and the part that he couldn’t consume; the bottles, were left on the floor. Some of them would drop from his hands and roll underneath the bed or in corners, some broken by himself in the fits of rage and anger and some smashed like right now.

As he set his feet down on the ground, he was greeted with cool glass shards.

“Lucifer that’s glass, you’ll cut…” He heard Maze enter the bedroom, for her daily duty to clear some part of the floor and bed since he’d screamed at the cleaning staff earlier and hurled abuses at them.

“Oh, shut up, don’t be a delirious stupid demon Maze,” he slurred, standing upright on the shards and jumping upon the pieces “look, invincible. LOOK!” he kept jumping until his feet were poked with splinters and few more bottles settled into glass dust. “No. Human. No. Miracle. Only Devil.” And he started laughing hysterically.

His eyes were bloodshot, his hair and stubble had crumb pieces stuck to them. Showering was afar fetched concept to Lucifer now. All he got up from his bed was to pee, take food deliveries. Maze had refused to bring him any more alcohol but Patrick agreed. Of course, he feared a man who looked like a zombie. And he didn’t want to lose his job obviously.

As his exhausted body gave him away, he leaned against the pillar by his bedroom and stared outside the window. This was what had become of him. Sudden bursts of hysterical laughter, screaming, agonizing, cursing his father.

Each time. It would end with unshed tears and Chloe’s name.



When he came to again, it was afternoon. The sun was hot against his skin, curtains wide open, just highlighting the light dust that now covered all surfaces in his bedroom, and Maze sat in his lounge chair ignoring his woeful state completely.

“Where’s food…” Lucifer mumbled as he looked around himself and on the table in the corner of his room. No food there either. Maybe it was still in the main area, he’d have to go get it. Oh, getting up from the bed and walking for more than 1 minute, his body certainly felt alien to exertion, otherwise completely usual.

“You’re not getting anything here Lucifer. Not anymore.” She announced indifferently as he regained hold of his conscious state, clearly not liking the fact. And just with enough indifference to ignore the need to burst into another rant about how he needed to get himself together, she smashed the beer bottle on the floor and walked right out.

Hell, what more damage could another broken bottle cause to the already deconstructed shitshow the devil had chosen to succumb to.

“MAZE!” was all he could manage before he finally allowed himself to feel the dooming feeling he tried to bury under the influence of sleep and alcohol. Loneliness.

No, he needed to get out of here.



“You’ll have to start with something Lucifer, I cannot have a session with a patient who’s going to be silent and miserable in front of me. Please, tell me how can I help you?”

“Why wouldn’t you leave?”

“Leave where Lucifer?”

“Leave me, Maze. I mean who in the right mind would be able to accept the devil and its personal assistant demon as their friend. I’m sure the money helps but Los Angeles isn’t short on the usual golden ducks of wealth.”

“I’m not sure deflecting your pain in riddles on me will help you gain anything Lucifer. Did something happen at work?”

Lucifer looked at her with hurtful yet amused eyes. Was she truly going to play the dumb card here? Of course, she knew, Maze was her best friend, and more often than not she would have been happy to indulge her in the sorry state he was in. Over a human. Over her. Chloe.

Even the thought of her name on a sober mind bought a gut-wrenching pain to his entire body. The wound, so raw and burning, he just wanted to shove it deep in some corner of his eons’ old existence somewhere. What good was it to burn through the Lake of Fire and not being able to contain the pains of the earthly plane? This somehow felt just the right kind of torture, personally designed for the lord himself.

“Don’t mock my state by pretending you don’t already know doctor. At least you of all people should know better than this.”

“But I truly do not know anything. How would I? Do you think Maze told me anything? Absolutely not Lucifer, we haven’t spoken in over a week for that matter. Truly. Now please tell me, why do you think I would or I should abandon you.

Piece by piece, one wound at a time, he narrated everything that had happened since the night of the shooting. Each time he’d mention the memories of Chloe, a small smile would ghost over his tired featuring, looming only till he’d mention the times she wasn’t with him, and eventually, the revelation. He was the devil. The evil incarnate.

“She promised she’d stay, was I a fool?” A lone tear made its way down his cheek as he felt helpless the hands of his agony. He felt horrible to be cut open so raw that he was now, in tears in front of her. Linda’s heart ached for him, she never thought she’d see Lucifer so broken, coming from a point where she actually had seen him deal with issues as old as time. But this, this was gut-wrenching even for her.

“So, your thoughts of abandonment resurfaced as she now knows your true identity. Am I right?”

He could only nod. He certainly was in no state to voice his emotions.

“Lucifer, you have to understand that a revelation so powerful in nature, positive or negative, will definitely be a hard thing to adjust to. You cannot expect her to be exposed to an entire existential reality and just, accept it. She’s going to need time. Didn’t I need time?”

She leaned forward as she could feel another crisis building up inside him.

“But she ran, you didn’t run.” He whispered.

“Yes, I didn’t. But I screamed at your face. And I sat holed up in a corner. Those too, are reactions Lucifer. And you have to understand that you cannot compare the intensity of my reaction and time to accept with her!” She continued, searching his face for any hints of understanding and ease. “She is just a human-like I am. We all are different, are we not? And you also need to consider that I am a therapist. You’re a celestial yes, but you came to me to deal with the spectrum of human emotions you were experiencing, which I have studied, have experience in and I do that for a living. Have been doing that for years.”

Linda sighed, leaning back in her chair, giving him time to decipher what she entailed. She could see the struggle, the inner turmoil he was in as he thought har, dwelled upon her words.

He didn’t know if this was anywhere near relieving him, but he did feel realization dawning on him. But he was nowhere near done. The war raged in deep, he wanted to scream, he wanted to run away but his legs would give up on him. He wanted to call her, just to hear her answer Detective Decker, he’d hang up then, not say a word, he could fucking well swear on it. He just wanted to throw an ocean over the last of their exchange, which wasn’t really much.



It’s all true.


“Why’d you accept me, doctor. You’re human as well. No matter what and how you processed, why did you not turn and run.”

“Because Lucifer, I was too fucking deep already. I’m not just your therapist. If I were just that, swear to god, I would’ve run for the fucking hills. I came back because I was your friend too. I was Maze’s friend too. And I know how you’d come to me, with layers of abandonment issues. I knew in my heart I couldn’t reinstate your belief that everyone leaves. I kept my word as a friend Lucifer, and I’ll keep that till I can.”

Lucifer stared wide-eyed. Linda’s compassion as a therapist was something he’d always held in high regard. And he was not one who’d poke around the intricacies or dynamics of a concept he’d only scratched the surface with. But hearing it out loud, so clear, he smiled. He smiled like he’d been devoid of that feeling, that stretch of his lips for ages and he’d just rediscovered it.

She could see her words hitting him, she could feel him feeling it. He was so vulnerable, such an open gash if a human ever could be one. Relieved she asked further “Now, do you feel any different now?”

“I do, a tad bit doctor. I really wish she’d just speak to me once, or anyone, not knowing how she is, how she’s dealing with it, is just- just eating away at me. But I think we can work on it in our next session, I should get going.”

He still had a lost look on his face as his features drew distant, he thought about her well-being every minute. Well, at least the sober ones he could manage.

“We can talk a little more, it's alright. You don’t have to rush through this, it’s going to take time. Both of you need it. And it’s going to different, and that’s how we deal with anything.” Having had the last one on this subject, she changed the topic. “So, how’s Lux, how’s Maze.”

He felt a tad bit ashamed “I don’t know. I’ve been – inebriated. Maze, I’ve been just pathetic towards her. She’s handled everything since… since, well. And I only tread downstairs to fish up alcohol.” He finished with a low murmur, playing with his fingernails.

“You should check-up, make an appearance, play for a crowd. I think that might give you some air to breathe, something to lose yourself in other than intoxication. As for Maze, she’s been a great friend to you Lucifer, you should speak with her too. All in your good time, but not too late either, alright?”

“Yes, alright doctor.” He pats his thighs and got up to leave, a low thank you for lingering as he went out the door.


Chloe could see the words dance over in the ME Report in front of her. She’d been at it for three hours and despite three triple espressos, she wasn’t having any luck. Her eyes burned with the consecutive disturbed nights, head ached, rather banged against her skull. Fighting the urge to pass out, she decided to flip the page, which didn’t make any more difference.

Coffee appeared in front of her as she smiled.




Her eyes lit open, she smiled in the papers.

“Luci…” She looked up; it was Ella. It wasn’t Lucifer. It was Ella with a coffee mug, topped with rainbow sprinkles and hers, just a plain Mocha. No Starbucks seasonal, no Lucifer.

“Not Lucifer Decker, although I do understand how someone could confuse me for a tall, sexy hunk.” Chloe gave her a weak laugh; it was definitely a warm distraction from the storm-like headache she could feel building up. “But I could attribute your confusion for your very big dark circles. Wassup Decker?”

“Ahh nothing, just going over this case. The ME report is just giving me a headache.”

Ella looked at her oddly, the case was nearly solved. What was Chloe so worried over “But I told you, the victim was poisoned with an artificial sweetener compound. Is there anything you need more help with? I’m anyway headed out early, could spend some time with you instead. And enjoy a coffee while I’m at it.”

Chloe knew the case wasn’t that complicated, if she would’ve been able to focus, it was hardly half an hour worth’s of stuff. And she definitely didn’t want to add feeling like an idiot over the things she felt already, or more precisely, didn’t want to.

“No, it’s okay, I’ll give it a go later. Just tired. So what’s your plan for the evening?”

“Well, Dan has Trix, and I had some comp offs lined up from the last few cases. So I thought I’d take a couple of days off. Spend some time with both of them. I mean once in a lifetime opportunity to get coordinated day-offs, right?”

“Oh yes, that’s truly a blessing,” Chloe said pushing away her weary voice.

“Also, there’s this little festival nearby that Lucifer suggested… " She looked around "Hey, where is Lucifer? Umm, let me guess, took off on paperwork day?” She laughed shaking her head, diving back into sprinkle-laden foam on her mug.

“No, he’s got a thing back at Lux, so he’s handling that. Said it’d take him a while.” It would take them a while. But how long would that while last? Would it even be enough? Will she ever feel safe while working with him?

Will they ever work together? Will they work?

“Oh, that sucks man, haven’t seen him in the last couple of days, love having him around you know. I thought I’ll see him before leaving.” Ella’s face had evidently dropped after finding Lucifer’s elongated absence. “Nobody would listen to me ramble about the craziest shit. Well, he isn’t always listening, I know but he’s nice enough to hang around.”

It was amazing, crazy, amusing, and somewhere such a normal feeling to have Lucifer around now. Not just for Chloe, but for Trixie to know there was a grown man who despised children yet gave into her hugs, whilst cringing. For Ella, to ramble about god and weird stuff in labs. For Dan even, no matter how ‘douchey’ they found one another. Just in some part of everyone’s life. At the precinct, back at Lux, the people he granted favors to. There were so many lives tied to him.

And no matter how much Chloe pushed that thought down in her mind, her conscience probed at her to acknowledge the one question that really was the stem to disentangling the knot she had in her stomach.

Lucifer Morningstar was the devil. But was he really evil?

She was lost in her train of thought when she heard Ella wave her hand in front of her, “Hey Decker, you okay there?”

“Yeah yeah, just thinking over some stuff…”

“Okay, spill. What’s bothering you.” And Chloe knew Ella wasn’t buying her work schtick

“Umm well, I’ve been doing some reading, about the bible and stuff. I mean it's so much, I don’t know where to begin even…” She leaned back in her chair, even bringing up the topic was so exhausting to her, she didn’t know if she could explain the extent of it without breaking into a hysterical sob.

“So, what about it, do you need help with something? I mean a lot of stuff is way off in almost every version of everything. But I can help you with my opinion if that helps?”

Oh, it would help so fucking much. “yes, yes of course. But I don’t want to keep you, Ella.”

“Bullshit chica, what good are my faith and belief if they can’t help someone.”

Chloe relaxed in Ella’s gaze, ready to take the first step.

“So umm, there’s the bit about hell and heaven. I mean, is it really real?” She paused as she delved further. “like is the devil real?”

Ella framed her answer as she went. “Well, the devil, I don’t know. Maybe. Heaven and hell? I just believe they are just concepts to offer a sense of universal justice. Like something to have faith in when all things humans fail. I mean, of course, none of us really know but believing in something that’s beyond you can somehow help the sense of helplessness.” She continued with a smile, a jump in her voice, “I mean it's all our perception in the end. Just take the devil example. Well everyone says he’s evil, bites off children’s heads, burns people in hell, and nasty stuff. But can you imagine someone who was the brightest angel in heaven, he really fell to be the embodiment of the worst? And they really want us to believe that?”

Chloe heard Ella silently, as each word sank into her deep. She was right, but it didn’t lessen her fear much.

“So, it’s all a bunch of crap then?”

Say yes, tell me Lucifer isn’t evil Ella, please.

“I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. But that’s about it. That’s about answering your own ‘maybe’. It gives an open-ended multiple-choice answer, all on your perception, experience, it all boils down to. How you see it.” She rubbed her knuckles with a worried small smile. “Chloe, is this about Lucifer, did he say something?” if only he had said something




“Uh, no not at all. I just happened to stumble over some stuff Olga talked about so I just wanted your view as well.” She lied weakly. She didn’t want anyone seeing him in a bad light, even though the truth was horrifying and confirming.

“Okay… well, if you need any more Ella sermons just drop a text, okay? And you know, it’s all just a little bit hocus pocus anyway.” Maybe she was right.

Ella took her mug and swung her bag on her shoulder and left only leaving Chloe more confused.

Was he really not evil?

And her memories of Lucifer, the hospital, the sex, the cases, everything answered everything she denied. It was not the Lucifer she knew. It never could be.

“FUCK” She sighed as she slammed the ME report shut, finally. It was enough, fuck it. Fuck everything. She pulled out her phone and swiped right on the first guy she saw on BlindMate. It was what started her and Lucifer, maybe that’s how it could end. Sex.

She needed to fuck someone, not Lucifer Morningstar.

He was just a casual fuck devil.

She would throw him out of her system. Done.



Lucifer made it home shortly before LUX’s opening time. He was determined in his step to finally end his miserable sulking tonight. Yes, he missed Chloe but he certainly couldn’t neglect his other part of existence, his identity.

He strolled past the entrance as Maze stood by the bar, reconciling some books. Her head was down in the books so when Lucifer goofed up to her, she didn’t see him coming.

“Mazikeen!” He almost sang in his baritone.

“Don’t Mazikeen me Lucifer, I’ll break your fucking jaw.” She whispered blankly, not looking up from the books.

“Maze, please listen.” She turned her head towards the right as she jumped on the left. “Maze please! Just, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ve been a shitty friend, I know. But sorry, and thank you. Thank you for bringing me food, for tossing that fathered asshole out to heaven, for putting up with my abhorrent grooming and living manners, just, thank you for everything you do for me.  You have been a great friend to me despite all the slimy shit I put you through.”

Maze just shrugged, looking unaffected, but she definitely was. Lucifer rarely apologized. To anyone. And to her, it would’ve been almost thrice in eons. And she knew he meant the almost fourth time now.

“Such a wuss.” She whispered,

“I heard that Maze!!”

“I meant for you to. Now get out of my sight.”

“How dare you command the retired lord of hell Maze.” He gasped playfully, clearly trying to get her to look at him. “Okay you can stay mad, I deserve every bit of hit. You can also poke at me with your knives and blades. But I’ll be performing at Lux tonight, please accompany me on the song. Please?”

Maze wasn’t a singer, well not mostly. But she sang on rare occasions. When they left hell. When they got LUX when they made a common friend. Just the rarest occasions that stirred her to. She weighed if this evening deserved that status.

“Only on one condition.”


“You’ll clean the penthouse by yourself.”

“Oh, absolfuckinglutely Maze. I will scrub it within an inch of its marble and tabletops. I promise.”

“Hmm” she nodded, without letting the smile creeping up on her lips evident to Lucifer.


Chloe got home and scrubbed herself raw in the shower. She made quick work of putting on a smokey-eyed look and bare lips that made her look like a seductress. She hated blowing guys when she wore a red lip look and it looked more massacre than sensual and all she wanted tonight was to be fucked. To do over all things Lucifer. Funny, a while ago, he’d helped her erase one of the most painful memories of her life. And now he'd turned into a one. How everything changes.

She picked out a strapless silver dress with a tight bodice and high slit. It had a short skirt length but the slit made it look even shorter, even sexier. Her back was mostly bare, a low Swarovski chain accentuating her pearl skin. She checked herself up in the mirror and almost didn’t recognize herself. How all that makeup still couldn’t hide her hollow eyes.

Halfway through her Uber ride, her phone pinged. It was a location update by her blind date. The location change made her heart drop.


Location changed to LUX Nightclub.



She could’ve turned around. She could’ve gone back. She could’ve holed up in her bed and waited for morning to freeze her tears for work. But she didn’t, she let herself be driven to the place she ran from.

She stepped outside and let the neon board reflect against her silver dress.


Lucifer picked out a Brioni for his performance. It was a checked beige suit, complete with west and a maroon shirt. He looked like himself after an age. Such a different look from the robe and a 4-day horrifying stubble. Lucifer Morningstar could do this. He could be strong and own the damn stage like he was used to. This was him.

The devil stepped into the elevator. On the way to his lair.


Chloe’s eyes were everywhere. Her heart thudding so loudly she wondered if her date could hear it above all the loud bass. It thumped in her ears, her face was hot, constantly chanting, hoping, fucking hoping he wouldn’t come down tonight. She sat beside her date on the bar as she tried to maintain posture, leaning in the right way, laughing the right places, just doing her best to not lose her shit.

She managed to make enough conversation to have the guy slide his hand up her thigh, not high enough yet, but definitely beginning to get where she wanted to be for the night.

As her nerves began to calm down, she heard the announcement.

“And now, the highlight of the evening, the devilishly handsome devil himself, LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR!!” The crowd erupted into loud applause and roared as the DJ went silent and a spotlight dropped on the stairs descending from the top entrance.

His face wasn’t the same. The spotlight accentuated his small smile. But this wasn’t Lucifer’s smile on a club night. This looked like an impersonator.

Just like she did.

He looked like a ghost of himself.

Just like she did.

His hair was perfect, slicked back into a clean wave, his suit was just right.

Just like her make-up, just like her dress.

His suit made him shine under the spotlight like he truly deserved to.

She didn’t know if she deserved to shine like him.

She did. She deserved to shine. He was evil. The devil.

But his eyes were hollow, screaming what a sham everything was. What a fucking terrible disguise he put up.

Just like she did.

She had to look away. She couldn’t let him see her; she couldn’t afford to be seen by him. The thought of meeting his eyes again, entirely too horrible.

And she looked away. He didn’t catch her eyes, yet. His eyes would unravel her, destroy all her constraint, all her strength that she mustered up to get here, to let this man slip his hand close to her thong. To forget him.

To forget what everything felt like.

How he felt like.

She hoped it stayed the same. She fucking hoped.

She turned around, gulped down her martini in two long gulps, letting the burn settle in her throat, which was too dry to gulp. Please don’t look at me.

The lights dimmed as he took his place on the piano bench, facing the bar, burning her bare back with his gaze. She turned stiff, so stiff with the heat she felt even without looking at him.

And then the music and the voice of an angel took over.


I can think of younger days when living for my life

Was everything a man could want to do

I could never see tomorrow, but I was never told about the sorrow.


The opening notes pierced right through her as she started falling apart.

The man had a hand against her back, rubbing circles, she wanted to shove him away. Run right to Lucifer. No.


And how can you mend a broken heart?

How can you stop the rain from falling down?

How can you stop the sun from shining?

What makes the world go round?

How can you mend this broken man?

How can a loser ever win?

Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again.


He played so effortlessly. So lost in the sensation of the song and cold piano keys. Every word was only Chloe. Chloe made his world go around. Chloe, only she could mend his broken heart. He didn’t want to lose her, he wouldn’t. Chloe, please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again.


I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees

And misty memories of days gone by


She couldn’t hold back. She turned to face him, to breathe him in. His head hanging in the shadow of his piano cast dark, just as his hair. The chorus hit too close to home. All those times when he’d spoken about being abandoned, how his words wouldn’t do justice to the pain he carried, seethed deep in his playboy persona, afraid to care but only coming undone with her. Her. She made the devil come undone. How he begged her to not leave, how his eyes grew wide with the thought of losing Maze. Jumping in front of a gun. No.


We could never see tomorrow, no one said a word about the sorrow

And how can you mend a broken heart?

How can you stop the rain from falling down?

How can you stop the sun from shining?

What makes the world go round?

How can you mend this broken man?

How can a loser ever win?

Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again


As his fingers hit the last note, his hands dropped to his lap, eyes still closed, letting all the blizzard and storm of pain and Chloe hit him. He let it sink in, eventually raising his head, opening his eyes, and only to be met with the ones he searched for, yearned for. Chloe.

She couldn’t look away, she wanted to, so bad. So bad. He looked so shocked, so astonished to not make it obvious to all the crowd that he was looking at her. Damn all of them to hell. She didn’t want to look away, even if they’d turn red again, would turn into the lava she ran from. But her battle wasn’t so simple. Her heart screamed at her to rush back to him, to slap away this man’s hand and let Lucifer touch her all over. Just hold her, just touch her somehow. But her mind screamed devil. Evil. Articles on the web that declared him a monster. Just flashing in front of her, and his eyes searching for her dilemma all this while. No. NO.

You came here to wipe him off. Do it.

She didn’t look away. He was walking towards her, long strides, brushing away the crowd that gathered around him, enchanted. But only she could ever enchant him. And the all too familiar panic hit her, bringing back the night she just wanted to wipe off.

Yes, wipe him off. Her brain screamed.

And without any more thought, she leaned up to the guy and kissed him, pushing his hand under her dress, letting his other hand clutch her back. She kept her eyes closed. She wanted to look at him, tell him how scared she was and this wasn’t anything. But she knew she’d robbed him of the strength it would’ve taken for him to play tonight. Play his pain in front of the hundreds that would never know his demons.

But she couldn’t keep them closed. Her eyes popped open, right at him.

He stood frozen. This wasn’t his Chloe. This was someone else. Had to be. Her eyes were glass. The brown orbs weren’t glowing with warmth, they were a cold brown. Not his Chloe, not his miracle.

Stop, you’re hurting him. Her heart screamed. Go on, you don’t care. Beaconed her mind.


Eyes still on him, she pressed herself into the man who now touched her everywhere that was marked Lucifer’s. She erased his essence as she guided the man’s hand everywhere. Shoulders, back, under her thong, over her breasts.

And he just looked. Like he was repeatedly slapped across his face. Punished for feeling. For caring. For being a fucking idiot to think she cared. Nobody cared for the devil. No-one. He was a monster and monsters don’t get to taint miracles. They deserve the hellfire. It was meant for them. Not this, not love. Never.

He walked towards her urgently, eyes finally breaking the trance they had entrapped each other in a scary calm taking over his features as he stood by her side. She could feel the fabric of his suit brushing against her bareback, lingering, and with a newfound resolve, as he hid his pain.

“Darling” Chloe stopped. Still. Stoic in the arms of the stranger. Lucifer had called her. She had to turn away, what was she doing with this guy. She pulled back from the makeout, sucking in several breaths, and turned.

If she could’ve seen herself in a mirror, she would know she reflected what he’d looked like seconds before. Vindicated. Slapped hard across the jaw. Lucifer had his arms around a blonde as they both walked upstairs and he didn’t look back. He walked away.

She’d pushed him away.

Before she knew it, she was running up the staircase. Why was she running? Why was she going back to the place she ran away from? She should be downstairs, fucked within an inch of her being, wiping any traces of him off of her. She should turn away.

Maybe all those martinis had finally kicked in, maybe it was there all along. She had to make it right. Whatever right was. Whatever it should be. She had to.


“I don’t think you should go back to the places you run from detective.” His tone was ice as the elevator popped open, right in front of his face. Like he knew she would come, she would come running to salvage whatever was left of them, that she already hadn’t destroyed with her stupid act of forgetting him.

She didn’t know why she said it, and she didn’t know how someone could regret their words, the sound of their own words ringing in the open air, so damn quick “I came to make sure you didn’t hurt the girl.”

Another slap. So cold. He wanted to crumble into a million pieces. Right before her.

She doesn’t feel safe with me. She’s scared of me.

“I just put her in a cab, a favor to a worrisome father.” He replied plainly, although not able to mask his hurt behind the justification.

Lucifer didn’t know she could do worse, but then he felt like he almost didn’t know her at all.

“Oh yes, almost forgot, pretending to be something you’re not. Hiding under the skin of someone you can never be.”

He couldn’t sit anticipating how much more she could hurt him, strip him naked, again and again, and throw whiplashes against his soul if it wasn’t already bruised enough. His throat constricted as he struggled to keep his words steady.

“I have never pretended. I’m not an imposter.”

You are, what have you done to my Chloe.

“Oh, of course, says the hiding monster.”

I’m a monster, run away again. Run.

“You can leave, I hope you enjoy with the toyboy you brought here with you tonight. Seems quite the ardent fingered octopus” He turned away from her, gasping to hold back his own tears as he said “enjoy the night, detective. Drinks on the house.”

He was walking away, served her well enough. She’d walked away from him too. He’d left him broken and spread over the floor too.

“I would Mr. Morningstar, but it’ll be hard to replace you. You were too good for a casual fuck.”

That’s it, he couldn’t. He couldn’t hold back. He turned on his heel, slammed her against the wall, and pressed her frame into the sharp edges of the Assyrian wall that made her gasp. Nothing compared to the pain she had just dragged him through.

He pressed his palm against the thin fabric of her underwear. Chloe’s breath hitched. His palm felt too good against her aching bud. The tension coiled deep in her belly, instantly. She sighed and moaned at the same time, relief washed over as he palmed over her pussy, while his eyes blazed into the ferrous orbs. And yet she couldn’t run away. She didn’t even want to. He could burn her now for all she cared but she wanted this so bad.

She’d missed him so bad.

Just as her eyes fluttered close, she felt him rub over her tensed bud faster. She writhed and thrust against it, chasing her release. His hands were strong against her neck and core, suddenly stopping all movement.

“You’re right I’m too good for a casual fuck detective.” He whispered in her ear, jolting away from her in disgust.

Lucifer Morningstar was disgusted.

Chloe Decker disgusted him.


Chapter Text

Chloe cried herself to sleep that night. That’s all that came to her. The silence of tears deafening her beyond measure, alone in her room, alone in her bed. She fell on the bed like a fallen leaf, still in her prime but surrounded by the coldness of autumn somehow. She let the zippers of her dress bite into her skin, the corset still not constricting her pain enough as she struggled to breathe through her tears.

She deserved this. And probably more. Definitely more. How did she let herself go from someone who comforted, didn’t judge, to being someone who worsened someone’s battles that he fought within?

Yes, she was still unable to accept it, most parts of what she had seen still haunted her beyond measure but she also knew, the second she’d seen his face tonight, literally, every shred of it vanished. And it would be a lie if she hadn’t told herself and him enough, that she didn’t fucking care anymore. How he stilled under her hands, how his gaze went from hopeful to hurt and dejected in a matter of minutes, that’s what she cared about.

The spiral dragged to a dreamless slumber soon, vacating all thought and stream had yet to think and do so much about.


She woke up sometime during the early hours, with the clouds still heavy in the grey, angry sky. It was raining heavily, the sky still dark and cloudy and it seemed like a thunderstorm approaching. Still, somehow, she made way to the kitchen to find herself a mug of coffee to fix her state and head to work.

Before she could find herself reaching for the coffee jar, her legs gave away and she succumbed to the dark blanket of enervation.


By the time Chloe came to, she could only manage to drag herself to her bedroom and call in sick. Later in the afternoon, she hurled out the leftover alcohol in her system and the cereal she had tried to stuff an hour back.

It was all catching up to her. The dread, the sadness, the lonely pressure, the hurt, and all the strength Chloe Decker otherwise possessed was buried somewhere, and she wouldn’t find out, for another day.


She slept for 16 hours straight, not waking up to the goodnight call from Trixie and Dan, the get well soon message from Margot, and 2 missed calls and 5 texts from Ella’s substitute Miguel.

They were all in the order of deductions he had made with the lab reports for the current case Chloe was working on and by the fifth text, he had himself connected the dots together and solved the part that she should’ve been there for.

What was she doing to herself?

How could she let everything get so out of hand?

Since when had she given up to letting herself be this person who couldn’t get her shit together? She had to get her act together. Go back to the precinct, then go see Lucifer, if he would see her at all that is. But she’ll grovel if she had to. She’d hurt him, and she would work for the forgiveness, no matter how long it took.


The next morning looked better for her. The sky was a lot clearer and so were her mind and focus. She wrapped herself in a towel after a cold shower and walked through the closet to pull out a pair of black jeans and a beige jumper. It made her look less tired and she definitely didn’t need any more attention than the ordeal with her absent partner was getting.

She’d missed this. Looking forward to her day, knowing she was in control, ready to take on the next homicide just being the Chloe Decker, she had known herself to be.

Lucifer had changed so much for her, in ways she didn’t she could be changed at this point in her life. She was in this settled stencil and he broke her right out of it. Made her laugh at the wrong times, made her feel what it felt like to have that fire inside her again, to be desired like she was the only woman he could think about, to be trusted in, made her believe in herself and seldom knowingly, and more often than not unknowingly gave her the support she didn’t know she was seeking anymore in her life.

She’ll get it all back in order, she just fucking had to.


Lucifer was lost in tune when Maze entered. His fingers played with the keys, humming along with the tunes of some old melody he was seeking comfort in again. His eyes looked less weary now, the perfectly dressed gentleman back in place, for the show at least.

Past two days, he’d felt an odd coldness settle onto himself and she’d seen the shift, rather felt it.

It was all too familiar but it felt so ancient. Familiar to who he was when they both landed on earth 5 years ago and ancient because they almost wouldn’t recognize themselves if they looked back. He was en route burying Lucifer Morningstar, the civilian consultant, the guy who owned LUX with a layer of the fallen angel, Lucifer.

She knew he still went to therapy, argued, listen, and disagreed with Linda the same, but there was no mention of her name. They spoke about her, yes, but he didn’t let her name come to his lips even once.

He smiled, danced around in LUX, played even but then he would just disappear. He would lay in his penthouse, all alone, still dressed in whatever suit he wore, unmoving, unfeeling. And she knew, his eyes still looked up when the elevator would ping, all fifteen or thirty times during the course of the day, hoping he’d see her and then would look away, with a steadier gaze into nothingness and a rigid face.

He didn’t need her. He meant what he said. He was too good for a casual fuck. It was surprising when he said it out loud, wanting it to mean how much he cared for her, but the moment those words had hit his own ears, he knew what he really meant. HE deserved better.

Better than whatever Chloe had thought he was. Whatever she wanted him to be.

But more than anything, he knew he was a fool to trust and believe. No one stayed for the devil. And certainly, a human wasn’t going to be the one who finally did.

Maybe one day there will be someone else, a hundred or maybe five hundred years from now who would want to stay, and then he’ll know better. He’ll know better than believing it.

He didn’t even feel Maze’s presence, and neither did he hear the elevator ping close as she left without saying a word.


The precinct was quiet. Morbidly so. There was no banter by the forensics lab, Miguel worked there silently, not looking up even once from his microscope. The coffee counter was unoccupied, two officers silently drinking from their cups. Margot’s office was unusually quiet as well, the whole vibe was just off today.

As she worked through her stack of case files, she looked up now and then, at the chair in front of her. Empty.

Then her eyes would involuntarily wander to the desk behind it. Dan’s desk, also empty. It was really weird.

But it definitely gave her the much-needed space without any interruption to plan what she had to do next. She had to get a clear head, wrap up her cases and focus on Lucifer.

She would prepare a script if she had to, but she could not mess up with Lucifer now. She wanted to fix it so bad. To make him see how terribly she felt. How terribly sorry she felt.

Thankfully, there was no crime scene visit on her schedule that day. Which meant she had all the more time to gather her thoughts and meet with Lucifer. It was 5 in the evening when she finally wrapped up the arrest reports, ME analysis, and case files and left for the mission she had on hand.


Chloe found her door unlocked. She remembered double-locking it in the morning and her keys always stuck on the second time she twisted her key. So how?

She pulled her revolver out and aimed straight at the door and walked in. It was still dark. No sign of anything broken, everything was in place. The door was also unlocked, not broken. Then how?

“Hello, who’s it? Hello!” No answer, her voice echoed in the room against the dead silence.

“Show yourself or I’ll have to shoot.” She turned around the kitchen counter to have a protective front in case the intruder was armed. Her Glock was sternly positioned on the counter, safety off, hands firm against the trigger.

“God Decker, please don’t tell me you take down actual killers that way.”

She jumped in her step before recognizing the voice. “Maze? Fuck what are you doing the breaking and entering my apartment?”

She walked over to the entrance and flipped the lights on. Maze was seated in a corner of her living room. She looked focused but her posture was weird, stuck to the back of the chair like something was holding her behind.

“Why are you sitting in dark in my apartment Maze?” She asked again. “And why are your hands behind my chair.

“I uh…” She turned around in the swivel chair and showed what it was. Her hands were cuffed behind the chair. But why?

“Okay let me rephrase, why are you in my house, breaking and entering, to sit in the dark wearing handcuffs? What is going on?”

“You tell me what is on with you and Lucifer, Decker?” She asked annoyingly as she turned back in her chair. “And this, I’m locked into these. You’re safe and you can keep your distance while we talk. Linda said something about good-faith gesture or something.”

Wait. Linda? “Wait a minute. Linda knows?”

“That you and Lucifer are being assholes to each other for no reason, yes she does. She’s his therapist and my best friend Chloe.”

“No, I mean, about you and Lucifer and… everything.” She hesitated. She was still flabbergasted hearing about it. But there was a certain sense of relief that accompanied it. Only if she’d known there was someone who could’ve helped her prevent the shitshow at LUX…

“She does. And you can talk to her about it later but I have stuff to say first.”

“Yeah of course. But how long have you been here?”

“Eh, just a couple of hours. I knew you wouldn’t have much at the precinct and everyone was busy somewhere. So, I decided I could come talk.”

She was too preoccupied in her chain of thoughts that rounded around her identity rather than feeling creeped out by how neatly Maze had her schedule figured out and she could literally turn into a murderer if she wanted to.

Maze was a demon. Her unnaturally ruthless persona, exemplary hunting skills, it all added up now. She didn’t even know what actually to make of it, but she didn’t know what to make of Lucifer’s reality either. All the internet research, the pamphlets, the anti-Christ advertisements popping up on her Instagram were way off for very obvious and jarringly apparent reasons.

“Yes, actually I think you can help me with some things too. But you can take off your cuffs Maze, it’s a bit too much.” She said looking down at her own feet, well aware that her behavior had caused this.

“Oh, so you feel safe enough with me?” Maze spoke, mocking her, and breaking the handcuffs behind her. The cold metal dropped on the wooden floor, and she rose from the chair. “So, what if I decide to kill you now?”

“You could’ve killed me by now if you wanted to Maze. A pair of handcuffs wasn’t going to stop you.” She spoke with a sad smile, yet confidently.

“Maybe I was waiting for you to trust me enough, I surely don’t have any qualms breaking your trust, and your neck for that matter.”

“Then do it. If that’s what you’re here to do. I deserve some of it, definitely not getting my neck broken but what can I say life’s unfair right.” She was on the verge of screaming it out loud. Yes, she had made a huge fucking mistake, but she couldn’t help it. What was she supposed to do?

“Yes, it’s unfair. Life is unfair and what you did to Lucifer is unfair too. I don’t know what you did, but he’s gone full stone cold. He’s someone I cannot recognize anymore and it’s been three days since he last saw you. Three days cannot change the devil, no matter whatever the fucking miracle you are.”

“Wait a second. WHAT?”

Maze realized what she’d said. She’d dropped a bomb before she’d even begun to wrap up the clutter from the last explosion. “That’s something I can tell you about five explosions later, but first I want to speak with you. And I’m guessing your head must be exploding with questions?”

It was, it truly was ready to be splattered across her walls from all that she was holding in. Talking to Maze about stuff could help her face Lucifer eventually.


“Uh, yes. Umm, I want to know everything. Don’t hold back. I want to know Lucifer.”

“Better late than never. So, I’ll humanize this as much as possible so…” She nodded and urged her to start with it.

“So, Lucifer was originally an angel in heaven. An archangel, those are the powerful ones. So essentially, when Lucifer and all his jackass brothers and sisters were created, they were expected to follow God’s orders like Hitler and Nazis. No questions asked, just task completion.” Chloe listened intently, trying to picture a young Lucifer, curls hung loose, up in heaven. “Then God got bored essentially and started up with the humanity project and abandoned his kids. Most of them didn’t take it very personally but Lucifer did. He wanted to please his father while also wishing for free will. And when he granted that to you humans, Lucifer really lost his shit.” A mad young Lucifer, angrily stomping ran through her mind now.

“So that bit about rebelling against God is true?” She spoke, recalling from what she’d read on one of the websites.

Maze smirked, “Yes that part of your research is true. He led a rebellion against him, all his siblings turned against and he lost. As a result, his asshole twin Michael was ordered by God to throw him out and he did. No one stood up for him as he fell through the Lake of Fire, uhh…” she simplified automatically “it’s like a lake but only of fire and molten lava. Now since he’s immortal, he didn’t die, he just kept burning. He burnt for eons, till his skin couldn’t take anymore, till every bit of his flesh was charred enough to never resemble alabaster skin.” Maze’s voice was lost in thought as she continued.

“Then for a while, he was disgusted with hell, he kept praying to his brothers and sisters to come to get him, to help him back to heaven but obviously none of those assholes turned up. So he had to buck up, buck up and take the throne and rule the damned. I found him when he took the throne and swore allegiance, although that’s kind of insignificant now I still would cut up the planet if anyone harmed Lucifer, you included.”

Chloe gulped audibly.

“So far so good?”

She could only nod.

“Okay so he ruled hell, I was by his side. And some eons later he thought of visiting humans and mocking humans as his father’s creation by just randomly sleeping with them, corrupting them, utilizing the power of their free will which god couldn’t question obviously.”

“So, Lucifer’s been to Earth before this?”

“Oh yes, several times. But he never stayed longer than a couple of days. One, because nothing ever really intrigued him enough to stay and more importantly second, his dickshit brother would always come to drag him back to hell.”

“Wait, so let me get this, Lucifer came to earth to take a break and his brother wanted him to be thrown to hell?”

“Yes, it’s just that disgusting but no, not essentially. See, god’s good cute angels don’t question him so they were just doing their job by dragging him back to his throne. As I said, Lucifer himself didn’t stay long enough, never really wanted to.”

“So, what changed?”

“Lucifer made a deal with his brother. A deal with the devil? Yeah… So that, adding to what dick angels otherwise are, and they can’t break promises. So, Lucifer cashed out on it, gave his dad a classic fuck you, had me cut his wings off…”

“Wait, shit. Those marks on his back?” Chloe remembered how terrified he’d been when her fingers had brushed over his scars. It was true. He had cut off his wings.

“Lucifer your back…”  

“Please don’t touch them.”

“No detective. Not tonight.”


“But why did he cut them off?!”

“You tell me? Cast out, thrown away like trash, abandoned, humiliated. That’s what he associates with heaven. Why would he want to keep something that reminds him of that and keeps him anchored to that place, which was the actual hell for him? Besides, he cut them off so that we could never go back. He didn’t want to leave out any way that would send take him back there.”

Chloe was in shock, disbelief, remorse, just about all the things she could and was capable of in a human’s capacity. Oh god. Fuck God. Oh, Lucifer. It took her back to what he’d said to her in the evidence room that night. The night he was scared he’d lose Maze.

“Maze is family. She’s literally all I have. When dear old dad, or a prick of a father, whichever you prefer best, banished me out of heaven, there was nobody by my side. No one. All my siblings... they watched while I fell. I perished into a burnt dreaded creature from being one of the brightest angels in heaven. I was an archangel, the Lightbringer and everyone watched me dim into a space of torment, brimstone, and fire.”

“Do you know how hard it is to find something worthy of sustenance in a whole dark void of torture and pain? Not easy. And for an eternity? It doesn’t get easy, even if you get used to it… eternal gratitude is measly in comparison…but as my best friend too.”


Hot tears fell down her cheeks as the realization sunk and clawed on her insides. It had all been true. All of every fucking thing, every single bit Lucifer had told her. He’d lain bare in front of her and she’d walked all over him.

“Do you want me to go on?” Maze asked, unsure if Chloe could hear anymore if her fear was surfacing again “I mean I know it’s scary and weird for you…”

“NO! No, it's none of that Maze. I’m not scared, how could I be so stupid. So, fucking stupid. I hurt the man who’s nothing but given me unconditional support, cared for me despite everything, guarded me against harm’s way, helped me, saved me and what did I do? I thought of him as a delusional person, laughed at his vulnerability, and eventually told him, we were just casually fucking. He’ll never forgive me.” She cried into her palms, cradling her face through the waves of flooding remorse that coursed through her.

“Chloe, I know what you feel. But I guess there’s only one way to fix this… Talk to him. He might be mad, but I’ve seen him. He’s this lost ghost of my best friend. I know you’re still important to him. You have to fix this.”

“I know, I know. I want to. I have missed him so much. Will he see me? Do you think...” She was unsure if it wasn’t already too late. If he’d want to see her, now or ever.

“You’ll have to see for yourself Decker, I can’t promise. Just, he wants to fix it as well, but I don’t know what way he chooses to this time.”

She knew there was a lot of uncertainty that loomed over their relationship going forward, none of it would come easy. But she had to do this tonight, and now. No more waiting.



Lucifer was lost in the stars. He stood in his balcony, leaning towards his side, swirling his drink in his hand.

It was quiet. It was dark. It was peaceful. But the wrong kind. This felt like heaven. Ironically not what was usually associated with it. His association with heaven was poison, alien, abandonment. Everything he escaped the celestial realms for. And nowhere he escaped to, it was turning right into a reflection of it.

He leaned forward, losing himself in the blurred traffic colors when the elevator pinged. He was in no mood to entertain anyone tonight. He didn’t want any interruption to his thoughts.

“Darling, whoever you are I suggest you walk back the way you came and enjoy Lux’s ambient surroundings to the fullest. I am not up for a performance tonight.” He said, his back still facing the glass rails.

“Lucifer… it’s me.”

It’s her. She came back. But why was she back?

He turned around to give her a cold smile. “Hello detective, surprised to find here this evening.”

He looked right at her. His eyes bore into her swollen ones. There was no scantily clad dress on her body tonight, no make-up hiding the hollowness of her eyes, no pretense on appearances at least, apparently.

He could see her fidget were her sweater sleeves, squirm under his gaze.

“Can we talk please?”

“I supposed we are talking detective.” He stood straight, unmoving. Unforgiving in his stubborn stance. “I don’t see your male company with you tonight? You’re here for some casual fucking?”

He mocked her, and he wanted to hurt her. But he stopped at that, he just couldn’t bring himself to go beyond that, he couldn’t utter anything more.

He could see she’d now dropped her gaze, struggling to keep her tears from falling on their own accord, cursing herself, standing without speaking, for the longest time.

“I am not here to chase a shadow of us Lucifer. I am here to apologize.”

“What are you here to apologize for? I’m the devil. I should be the one apologizing, isn’t it? I scared you, I could harm you, hurt you. Possibly convince you to sin. I’m evil, detective. What could you be possibly be apologizing to the devil for?” He barked a laugh, conveying his sarcastic annoyance, but still believing the bits of it.

Despite it, he felt her near him. Why wasn’t she running away?

“I’m here to apologize. I don’t know how to begin. Or everywhere from. And I know, you can’t possibly forgive me now, or if ever. But I am so sorry Lucifer.” Her breath hitched. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean anything from that night. None of it. Please just hear me out.”

“I am. Speak.” He replied curtly.

She sniffed but continued.

“I shouldn’t have run. It was stupid. It was childish. I am sorry for how I reacted when I saw your face. It was startling to see it suddenly. Not what I saw. Not your face.” She continued. “I know your eyes turned red, they burnt, but beneath those, I have seen your eyes Lucifer. The color of your eyes won’t take away the warmth they hold. The honesty and truth they shine with.” She pled to him with her own eyes as she spoke about his. He wanted to believe her. He wanted to hold her close, yet he couldn’t bring himself to move towards her.

She took a step forward, “I didn’t mean it when I asked you about the girl’s safety. You’re possibly the only person with who I’ve felt the safest within a long while. You’ve always protected me Lucifer. You’ve protected me from my past, you’ve protected me from guns and danger, you’ve looked out for me in ways that I don’t even think I have ever thought of. I… I feel guarded in your presence Lucifer. And I’m sorry that I took away that feeling from you. I want to be the one who could give you those things back. I hate myself for the feeling that I could’ve provided you with, and instead, I robbed you of it.”

“What difference does it make detective, I’m just a casual bed buddy for you. Your words. Not mine.”

“No that’s not…” He couldn’t keep up with this. She abandoned him.

“But you LEFT. YOU, YOU, said you wouldn’t. You did. You ran away. And nothing can change that. I really thought you were different. That everything we had was real. I let myself be fooled by dad’s yet another charade of manipulation. Just walked right into it with you. Let myself be fooled in the name of affection, feelings, caring. What the fuck was I thinking?” He screamed at her, he shouted till his lungs felt parched with the force he shook with.

She couldn’t stand the distance. She couldn’t see him berate himself for something he had no fault in. She held his face in her palms and spoke to him calmly, even when she was anything but that.

“No. NO. You’re not wrong. It was never your fault. You’ve been nothing but amazing to me Lucifer. And to everyone around you. What we have is, is fucking real. Nobody makes me feel the way you do. You make me feel wanted, cherished, beautiful. Your trust in me, boosts my confidence, that I can follow my instincts without a doubt, without any second guesses. I was so fucking stupid to deny what we’ve had for so long. I was scared. Scared that I’d let myself feel more than I should, that I can’t handle committing, that somehow the attachment might hurt me and I couldn’t have anyone new in my life; in Trixie’s life, that I’m too independent to handle everything by myself and most importantly, I was afraid that I’d want… more.”

There it was. More. He’d wanted more with her as well. He’d wanted it for so long it killed him each time she had let him touch her. Every kiss was more. Every touch, more. They both wanted more.

But now?

“But you were scared of my face… you were so scared.” His eyes were warm as a child. A child who was questioning himself. His fear of abandonment surfacing.

“I was taken aback Lucifer. That’s all that it was. None of that changes the man you are. The mand who’s so kind, loving, generous, funny, smart…” she laughed as she pulled her hand away for a second to wipe her tears, bringing them back just seconds later,

“Lucifer Morningstar, you’re not evil. You are the devil, yes. But not evil. You punish them. Your father gave you that job, he was a dick. Not you, and I’m saying this loud enough for the both of us here. You are not going to harm me, I know it in my bones. You are not evil. You’re my partner. You’re the guy I want more with.”

He wanted more with her too. Could he tell her that?

He brought his hands up to her face and leaned to rest his forehead against hers. He could feel Chloe’s smile through her tears. But;


“Lucifer, I’m here. I won’t run away. I promise.”

He couldn’t give her that leverage over him anymore.


Chapter Text


It was barely a whisper. Just a whisper. She wondered if she could actually hear a whisper so loud and clear.

“Lucifer but…” She tried to reason. Her heart was in her throat. She would gulp her hurt but it was stuck there.

“I said… leave. Please.” Then came a more complete, shattering sentence. She’d not heard it wrong, he really was asking her to leave.

Her hands were still caging his face gently, refusing to let go, refusing to break contact with his side cast eyes. She knew he couldn’t look straight at her and tell her off. He was gathering the strength he wouldn’t otherwise need. Wasn’t this the same guy that wanted her to stay every damn night just a week back? How he just wanted to be with her, sex be damned. How far gone was that Lucifer. How much of that guy had she lost?

She stood up, lifelessly. Her tears flowing at their own accord but her face showed no sign of any pain.

It was all numb.

So goddamn numb. She walked backward, just couldn’t turn her eyes away from him. What if this was the last, she would get to see of him? What if this is the end of everything before anything could even begin for them?


He kept sitting there on the ground, unmoving stuck in his own hollow pit. There were so many emotions that we were trying to process in the seconds that he was making decisions. The hurt of hurting Chloe. The unparalleled dejection he felt at her hands. The manic need to gain back control and the worse of them all the dying urge to stop her. He wanted her, so much. He wanted to wipe the cold tears that now hung in a cemented puddle on her face, the ones she refused to wipe. He wanted to keep his hands back right on her cheeks and hold them, kiss her quivering lips, swear to his existence he wanted to kiss her, he would cry with the sheer desire of wanting to kiss her. But he was overpowered with the biggest emotion that had entrapped him. Abandonment.


She stood there waiting for the elevator or the ground for that matter, either to just open and swallow her and just make her vanish. This is the pain he must’ve felt, she wondered how much stronger it would’ve been for him.

The elevator pinged open and she stepped in silently. And his eyes looked up for the briefest second. It felt so surreal. They stood in the exact same places; their eyes locked just the same but so much had changed. Now, he’d asked her to leave and she wanted to stay, she wanted to beg to stay. And she would.

What was she resolute about this morning? Solving. Groveling. Fixing.

Detectives solve. And as Lucifer would constantly remind her, she was LAPD’s finest. And she would prove it to him and herself right this bloody second.

She stopped the elevator from closing, throwing her hand between, and wiping her tears from another. Taking determined steps, striding across the floor, stood at an arm’s length from Lucifer. He wanted her gone? He’ll have to drag her out himself.


His eyes were still puzzled as he got up from his knees to question her what exactly that meant.

She read his question loud and clear.

“No. I won’t leave. Drag me out yourself. Call Maze, she would happily do so, maybe she wanted to go today in my living room. But I won’t leave. I want you. I want you as my partner, as my friend, as the guy who makes me feel alive, as the guy who’s literally willing to offer anything I desire. I have been stubborn all my life, sometimes for the wrong things, sometimes for the right ones. I was stubborn in letting my stupidity, my fear of my own incapability of acceptance and commitment get in the way of being stubborn for wanting you enough and understanding that you are the devil. Yes. You are not evil; you punish them and you got so tired of it you retired from hell.” Her voice was eerily calm for someone who had been sobbing uncontrollably seconds ago and could just burst out again, but she was going to do this with all the strength she had.

“So maybe you would want to punish me, but I’m not going anywhere. And I won’t leave until we talk. And nothing more. I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give me, I will work my way back to you but I cannot… I cannot keep away from you Lucifer. Please, I am begging you.”

He did nothing. Just stood there, face stoic as set in rock, frame unmoving unless you count breathing. They stared at each other for eternity it seems, until he silently switched his alabaster skin to the burnt blister-laden red mask of the devil.

“Very well. This, this is what I am willing to give you. This is my face. This is all I can be, would you accept me like this?”

Chloe couldn’t move, her eyes were taking in every inch that she’d missed the last time. She just let her eyes roam over his scarred face. How it was smooth as a muslin cloth a second ago and it was all brimstone now.

“it’s like a lake but only of fire and molten lava. Now since he’s immortal, he didn’t die, he just kept burning. He burnt for eons, till his skin couldn’t take anymore, till every bit of his flesh was charred enough to never resemble alabaster skin.” Maze’s words rang in her ears.

He burnt, for eons. She didn’t even know much time she really meant by that. His skin was just the physical damage she could see, how burnt would he be inside? She couldn’t even begin to fathom.

She couldn’t let herself stay at a distance any longer, if this is him, she’ll accept it. She’ll take this.

She took a step forward and saw the question linger in his eyes like he expected her to act the same way she had that night. But she took another step forward and cupped his face like she was moments ago. Gently laid her hands on the uneven charred cheeks, “I’ll never run away Lucifer. If this is the face, I have to see every day till I, have you as my partner, I’ll take it over losing you. I am not afraid of you or what color your skin is. This?” and then she leaned in, eyes locked into his as she did, letting him watch her lips brush across his lightly and then capture then in a kiss. Only when he couldn’t keep his open any longer, did he close hers and let herself be lost.

Her hands kept cradling his face, brushing her thumb pads over his cheekbones, kissing him as he hesitated to respond. She let her tongue sweep through his lower lip, again and again, biting and nibbling until he couldn’t hold back a moan. That was it.

That is what it took her to drive the kiss, from watchful and tasing to heavy and urgent and filled with need and promise. She’d missed this “I miss you Lucifer, I missed you so much.” She whispered between the kiss letting one hand get lost in his head, angling his face so that he could deepen the kiss as she licked, bit, and explored his mouth like it was the very first and the last time. She wanted him to feel her apology, her remorse, her regret all her messages loud and clear.

And he did, he couldn’t hold back any longer and gave in to her lips. Rocky against smooth. Pink against red. Plump against burnt. Her hand dropped from his cheek and made its way down to his back to pull his frame into her and let both of them relish in the contact. There were clothes in between them but she could feel the changed texture of his skin from the fine material of his shirt. He was still in his devil form and she dived to explore. Both her hands now held his back firmly in an embrace pulling him against her, roaming over every inch, exploring. Just when her hand reached the corner of his belt, she felt him pulling away.

Yes, he didn’t want her. But yes, her kiss conveyed what she wanted to. She let her forehead rest against him as his skin turned alabaster. “This won’t change Lucifer, even when, even if you forgive me and I have this face to kiss and hold, I won’t budge.”

She could tell from the way that sigh left his body, he’s been holding a raging war of will she won’t she, and waiting on Chloe’s brain to snap back to the running shenanigan.

He couldn’t help himself anymore. “I’ve missed you too.” And a sad smile, only for a brief second cross his face. “But I need time,” his eyes searching hers for a response to his words, Chloe nodded and as a sign to continue, “and space.” And gingerly stepped half an inch away from her, still lingering in her personal space. She knew he wanted her, but he wanted his own sense of individuality back first. And she understood that. Her hand cupped his cheek as she stepped an inch back from him,

“I know, and you can take however much time and space you want Lucifer, I will not ask for anything more than you could give. We do this at your pace. You let me run and overreact, it’s only fair I let you take the lead for being the rational one here.” She let out a nervous laugh, and he smiled.


“Okay?” She couldn’t believe her ears.


Her face lit up in 1000 watts smile and he reflected, even though one-third, hers back.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, please.” And her stomach rumbled with that. Oh yes, she needed food as well.

“Would you like… to eat?” He asked her hesitantly. “I can whisk something quickly and I know it’s getting late and you have to be back to the urchin but I’ll drop you myself.” He said quickly.

He remembered how she would rush out at night to be back with Trixie in time. Her heart warmed to his gesture.

“I don’t have Trixie tonight, she’s with Dan till Sunday actually so we could eat and talk. And…” her heart surged at saying it out loud, unsure if he would like it or not but she shot her shot anyway “do you mind…” it’s okay, it’s Lucifer. It’s okay. “Do you mind if I stay? I want to stay.” She spoke nervously but the conviction of her intent clearly evident. She stood straighter now, preparing for his refusal, doubt, just about anything.

“Okay,” and he smiled back at her “I would very much like that detective.” It felt like a rock had been lifted off her back and her heart had been let out of a twisted fist. She smiled, thinking how much she’d missed this feeling.


As Lucifer rinsed the dishes, she stood outside looking at the clear night sky. Quiet cloudless sky with clearer visibility, so rare in LA. But it felt like the sky reflected how she felt. So clear, uninterrupted at peace.

“I see you’ve been lingering with the drink for a while.” She heard Lucifer behind her, standing with his sleeves rolled up, eyes tired out but still smiling. So much better than she had seen him two hours ago.

“Just admiring the view, such a clear night.”

“I agree, it’s a rare occurrence that I get to see my creations so clearly, and in Los Angeles, that’s definitely not something you can catch easily.” He walked and stood beside her on the balcony.

“Your creations?”

“Ah, well, yes. I created the stars, gave them my light, put them in the sky ages ago” He spoke, looking up, lost in the canvas he’d painted.


“Yes darling, Morningstar remember? It isn’t just a last name for a social security number card. I was the light bringer, in the very literal sense. It was one of the tasks my father gave me, one of the very first.”

Her hand moved atop his and she whispered “they’re beautiful Lucifer. As are you.”

His eyes met hers in a sad smile. “It’s one of the fond memories I have of my time in the silver city… heaven. I was very young; we all were and father would give everyone a task and obedience and loyalty were unquestionable. We did as we were told, and I did too. But this is also the memory I remember turning bitter, so clearly. It’s vivid and…” he gulped, she urged him to go on with her eyes “I wanted him to be proud of me, to just appreciate something of it, the intensity of my desire to please him back then still haunts me to this day.” He finished with a sigh.

“Do you miss being there?” she asked.

“Not in the slightest. It was my home under preconditioned upbringing. I wasn’t me when I was there. And then hell, it was somehow similar too. An imposed identity, even if it was more home than heaven itself.”

He had spent his existence in predetermined frames, like water shifting from vessel to vessel. She couldn’t fathom what that pain would’ve felt like.

“Can you imagine, until 5 years ago, a being brought into existence eons ago and I didn’t know who I was?” he barked a laugh as he gulped whatever remained of his drink and question.

“I honestly cannot Lucifer.” She spoke almost in a knee-jerk reaction. Because she couldn’t, of course, she fucking couldn’t. And it dawned on her, she’d seen him in that predetermined notion that night too. An image, a role he had no hand in choosing, an imposition on his name. “I am sorry, that you had to go through so much, all alone. I wish I could take some of it away, lessen some anguish.”

“It’s quite alright detective, you can’t feel sorry on the behalf of my family, all of humanity’s bad impressionism, I’m quite used to it by now.” He looked down into his empty glass, feeling just like one.

She couldn’t help herself but ask “How was hell Lucifer? Is it like… the movies? Fire everywhere souls screaming?”

His face lightened and he laughed, she audibly sighed, relieved.

“Well, the pop references of hell and myself are quite absurd really. They don’t quite it right and it’s just an outdated inference procedure every writer’s room follows from Dante’s Inferno apparently. Hell is… well hellish.” He continued; his relaxation clearly lost behind his words. “It’s cold actually, grim, dark, and cold. There’s ash everywhere like omnipresent snow that’s cold but it’s really not. The part about the screaming souls is somewhat true but they rarely ever reach the corridors of hell.”


“Yes, it really is an outstretched kingdom, king of hell, remember?” Oh yes, yes. “Each soul is tied up in its own hell loop, stuck there for all eternity, wrapped in the chains of their own creation.”

“So along with their crimes, they have this loop to be stuck in? Do you design those loops?” Her questions were lined one behind another, she didn’t want to sound inquisitive but she couldn’t help but imagine the kind of place if she could call it that, was it where Lucifer, well, did what he did, be who he was.

“No darling, hell is a CenterStage collective of each soul’s guilt. If one has no guilt, they end up in the silver city and the one with the buried guilt ends up in hell. It’s actually unfair to those who don’t deserve the torture but then feel guilty of something from their life on the earthly plane, so deep-rooted that they don’t exactly feel worthy of heaven or happiness in the afterlife.” Oh wow.

Her face twisted at the thought of it. Hundreds and thousands of souls through eternity, stuck in the chains of something so binding that they carried their remorse, regrets to live through them. She just couldn’t fathom what it must be like. Stuck.

And with them, Lucifer. Stuck in a role, stuck amongst so much darkness and coldness. She didn’t even know when her eyes teared up and she knew she didn’t want to listen to him talk about it anymore. Yes, she had questions, tons of them, but for the sake of her curiosity of the damned, she didn’t want to put him through reliving what he was trying so hard to escape. She had done enough as it is.

She tried to turn away and wipe her tears before he could see them, fat chance.

“Hey, detective, why are you crying? Heyy” He cooed as he turned her to face him, probing her to look up to him. “You don’t have to worry about ending up there, not while I live and breathe. Not that you could anyway, you can never deserve hell, you can never deserve outlasting guilt.” He said with a gentle smile, wiping her tears away. How could he be the man the world painted him to be? Was this the man the world wrote and spoke of as evil? The one who stood in front of her wiping away her tears?

“I am not worried about ending up in hell Lucifer. I can’t imagine what you’ve lived through. I can’t. I can’t imagine being abandoned as were, burnt as you did, hurting as you are. And I fucking hate myself at the moment that I dragged you into that pit again, somewhere. And now, asking all these questions, making you talk and remember all that you came here to escape. I’m so sorry Lucifer, I’m really sorry.” She looked up to him through her tears, wanting to kiss him, just feel him, make him feel how much she meant it, but she refrained.

“Can we talk about something else please?” She would have her answers, some of them, maybe all of them, but not at the cost of their relationship that was already hanging on a fragile string. This could wait.

“Of course, detective.”

And with that, he led her inside, away from the chilly, clear LA night sky.


Although their bodies were weary from all the emotional exhaustion of the past few days, along with the work and distractions in the name of LAPD and LUX they both had been throwing themselves into, neither of them wanted to call it a night just yet. They both settled on the couch, Lucifer on the lounger end, Chloe right beside him, resting against his arm around her.

“So, you’re telling me you’ve never tasted butterscotch because it looked a weird shade of yellow?” Chloe asked him as she finished her bowl of chocolate ice cream and he worked his way through the tub of cookie crumble.

“But it looks an awful lot like, well, shit. And the nuts just make it look like a nastier sort. Please don’t make me talk about this more, it’s abhorrent!”

She giggled, rather guffawed out loud, and although he scrunched his face, he enjoyed the sight of her laughter. He missed being the one that made her laugh at the most childish things, unrestrained, pure childlike laughter.

He didn’t realize what came upon him when he said “I would love to take you to Tuscany someday, the gelato handcrafted in a small village will possibly make you forget all hints of the nasty flavors you call ice cream and rejoice in them.” And then he did. He shifted a little, aware he might’ve pushed the conversation a tad too further in the thought of the future when they hadn’t wholly dealt with what the present would entail for them.

“I would very much like that Lucifer.” She smiled looking up at him through his arms. And he knew what he would want his future to look like.


“I didn’t know you liked Blake Lively so much. I thought you’d get into fisticuffs with me over something as romantic as Age of Adaline.”

Chloe was enjoying the warmth of his rhythmic heartbeat under her hand. She had snuggled closer to him on the couch now, clearly enjoying the company and the movie. More so the company. His arm was tight around her, drawing painfully slow, delicate circles atop her sweater, the heat of the faint touch seeping through nonetheless. She would sigh each time it would linger a while longer whenever he would be too invested in the movie to notice. She didn’t know when she made a mental note of wanting this for more nights, many nights to come.


The credits rolled in, he stared at the blank screen, well what was this way to end the movie. Were they kidding him? What a waste of screen time and conceptual immortality.

“Lucifer, did you not like the movie?” she asked.

“I did, it was, well written, and of course Blake was as usual exquisite but, I really want to understand why would she be so happy about getting white hair. I mean, immortality is a gift darling. And coming from someone who knows, et moi, I think that the ending was rubbish.”

She laughed as she looked up at him, he liked her laughing of course but not when she would laugh at him pouting over something so insignificant. Not that he was admitting to pouting.

“Lucifer, babe, she was lonely. The gift of an endless life where she watched everyone, she loved, age, and die were not something you want. She would rather grow old of illness and age and die in the arms of Ellis rather than living out, frozen in her beauty. I mean, haven’t you ever loved someone? How did it feel when they died?”

He didn’t know “I’ve never loved anyone detective, never formed bonds that I would stick around for.”

“Never?” She asked, clearly shocked.

“No detective. I would usually come for vacations, enjoy the booze, party, have sex, and be dragged back to hell by my hellion of an angel brother. This is the first time I’ve stayed.”

Her eyes were droopy and he could see she was too comfortable to engage in outstretched conversation any longer, not that he was complaining, he himself reveled in the feeling of her frame wrapped beside him, but then he heard her murmur against him “Oh, well someday I hope you fall in love.” She said, as she yawned against his chest and snuggled closer.

As she closed her eyes and dropped a kiss to his chest. His heart thudded, what would it feel like if Chloe died? Would he ever form the bond that would want to make him stay? And grow old with?

And in that second, he snubbed the thought away.

He had found that bond. And the devil might’ve fallen in love.


Chapter Text

Afterhours, when she was blissfully asleep on his shoulders and sleep couldn’t find him, he carried her back to his bedroom, careful of his movement as to not wake her up. As he tucked her in the bed, his realization hit him all the more. Love. The devil was in love. How he’d want this every night for the rest of eternity. Well, not exactly eternity, whatever years she had to offer; however, she could withstand with age.

The thought made him flinch by her bedside. Chloe dying. Death.

Chloe leaving him, and from what he could ensure, was just a lifeguarded from the evils, and then never seeing her again. She would be a part of the silver city then, and that would be his personal hell. One he would never be able to escape. He knew what that pain looked like, how all those souls would just relish their hell loop as long as they got to remember what the feeling of being loved, loved by someone, felt like. And the endless torturous screams from the hell loops that were born out of the misery of losing a loved one. He didn’t even have to design anything for it, it was the most common one that he had been the witness to. The easiest loop to torture and the hardest one to be tortured by.

There were so many thoughts plaguing his mind about the future already when he didn’t even know there was one for them.

With that thought of uncertainty, Lucifer brushed off a lone strand of hair fawning over her rosy cheek and proceeded to bury himself in the leather of his couch.


Chloe rose to find her surrounded by Lucifer’s fragrance, comfortably wrapped in his soft button-down, mixed in his signature smell and of fresh dry clean. It had been possibly the best night’s sleep she’d had, in a while at least.

All the signs of unease and exhaustion still lingered somewhere, but she knew that would go away, all if she had the man by her side.

Speaking of side, she rolled over to the empty side of the bed, to find sheets barely wrinkled and cold. Lucifer hadn’t been in the bed at all. Had he left?

All the drowsiness and hits of morning laze left her body in that instant as she pushed away from the duvet from her naked legs. No, he wouldn’t leave. No, he wanted her just as much.

But didn’t he need space?

Her heart dropped further if it was possible, she snubbed her toe while rushing out of the bedroom, stubbing it on the stairs down to the living area. She hissed in pain but continued to scan the living room from the summit of his brief staircase.

“Lucifer?” her voice was so unassured to herself as it is, barely a whisper, as if afraid from calling him out loudly, to find the silence echoing back even louder.

But with his supreme hearing sense, or whatever heightened sense level being a devil entailed, he could hear that right? Right?

No, he must be in the shower. She knew she couldn’t hear the soft sound of water hitting the marble, she could recognize it from all across the balcony in a heartbeat. So, if she couldn’t hear it, it wasn’t there. He wasn’t there.

Maybe he’s trimming his beard, or just washing his face, picking out a suit, whatever. Just, let him be there, somewhere.

She gingerly stepped into the closet, hoping he would stun her or turn out, swinging out his buried head from one of the almirahs. He wasn’t here. She proceeded to check the bathroom, all faucets were off, everything dry, no signs of water, she definitely was right about that one.

Maybe he’s on the balcony?

She rushed out of the bathroom, out the bedroom, cursing her stubbed toe for not letting her walk fast enough as her anxiety would want. And halting straight at the railing sill of the balcony.

No, Lucifer wasn’t there either. How she’d imagined finding him leaning against the smooth cold steel, looking out at the clear blue sky, his creations hidden away for the night.

Her heart dropped, further if it could, and at the same time, it was in her throat.

You’re just overreacting for no reason, Chloe. He’s probably down at LUX, or somewhere on the million floors in the building. He could be anywhere.

Cold sweat broke against her skin as she found herself lost in the wild thumping of her heart and the worst assumptions engulfing her in the cool morning breeze.


He’s here. He’s not gone.

She felt his voice seep through her body and release her of everything she’d felt just a mere second back. And then she turned around and without much ceremony, threw herself into his arms.

His arms wrapped around her instantly, clutching her form to him, just like she’d wanted. And she didn’t want to let go. He’s here, he’s here. “You were gone, you were gone.” She kept repeating as she buried herself in him, nose chasing the lengths of his neck, taking in the fragrance that lingered on his white dress shirt. Her hands weren’t ready to let go of him, how gently he’d almost picked her up in his arms and she held on. Just like she should’ve and just like he was right now.

“Detective? Are you quite alright?” He asked, still soothing her back, speaking in her golden tresses. Her hold on him remained urgent and tight but she leaned half an inch away from his face, just enough to take him in, just enough to not have him too far.

“You were gone. I thought… you were gone.” She shuddered at her own broken gasp as she spoke. How had she become this needy? Needed him so much? But before another string of unwanted thoughts crept up her mind, she loosened her hold and let him put her down to her feet, arms still wrapped around each other.

“Darling I was just in the pantry behind the kitchen, just preparing everything for breakfast.”

He wanted to make her breakfast. Her. The woman who ran from him.

“But… bed… the bed was cold.” She murmured only to herself, embarrassed to admit how it slowly dawned on her that he didn’t want to share the bed with her, maybe nothing beyond that even. Because he really, really needed space.

“I’m sorry?” Lucifer tried to make a coherent sentence out of the words he heard but he couldn’t, it was such a low mumble “Darling, are you okay? Did I wake you up?”

She felt as if little stones were being pelted onto her at that moment. Horrific would be a distant term of how she’d treated him, and there he stood if he was sneaky enough to sneak into the pantry to prepare for breakfast at fucking 6 am. She didn’t deserve this. Not by a long shot. But too selfish to let go, too selfish to admit the turmoil that wreaked havoc on her mind.

“It’s nothing, I should just…”

She turned to leave before he grabbed her and turned her around.

“Detective, is everything alright? Did you not sleep alright?” yes, I didn’t. you weren’t by my side. Is it too far gone that you wouldn’t want to be in my vicinity, while we’re asleep?

But she couldn’t say it out loud, and she couldn’t meet his eyes.


She stood at a finger’s length from him, and yet he couldn’t move closer. She was fidgeting with the loose cuffs of the dress shirt, obediently looking down at the floor, staring at it complyingly.

But she’d hugged him just a moment back, she’d wanted him near her just as he'd wanted her. And he’d take anything she’d give him at the moment. Had she realized that she didn’t want that with him? That she woke up when he was away in the pantry, was she going to run.

He wanted to keep the hurt out of his eyes, how the woman he’d come to fall in love with stared at fucking concrete rather than look in his eyes.

Realizing they could stand counting seconds before either moved, Lucifer decided it should be him. He was the one who’d shown some sense of resilience and asked for time, right? Well, she needed it just as much, no matter how strong her promises and words of conviction had felt.

“Alright, I’ll be in the kitchen then…you, you should get some sleep, the dawn’s barely broken out.”

He did his best to keep any emotion out of his tone and turned around to leave for the kitchen, leaving her carved in stone.

“Why weren’t you there?” he heard her cheerless voice.

He turned around and she repeated herself as if the reiteration was eminent for her just as much. “Why weren’t you… there?” her voice broke as she finally looked up at him, hurt lining her face, for some reason, he still didn’t understand, where was it that she’d wanted him?

“Darling, where did you want me to be?”

Her expression fell like she’d been slapped and she would still walk to endure another.

“Why… why weren’t you in the bed?”

Oh. OH.

“Detective, I just wanted you to rest well. I was on the couch, right there. Did you need anything? I assure you I never left the couch.” Because he hadn’t. It had killed him to leave her side as she slept, but he gazed at her through the silent watchful glances throughout the night, and she’d spelled untroubled.

“The bed is big enough for the both of us, isn’t it?” she slammed at him, with her hurt voicing at a higher pitch.

“Yes, but all I am saying…” how could he tell her that the realization of being in love hurt too much. The treacherous ache of being in such unknown yet known territory was killing him; to be near her and not hold her close to him, while still needing time. How could he deal with turmoil alongside her peaceful face?

“No, I get it Lucifer…” she cut him off. Did she really get it? “I know, you couldn’t stand to be with me in the same bed. I… I am sorry. I know you need space and you deserve to take your time, but…” she sobbed her words “are we too far gone?”

Times like these, he wished to his father, prayed to the Almighty, that he could lie. Damn him to hell again. How could he tell her that the battle he fought underneath his skin was so much more troublesome and maddening than this? This. Facing her dejection and not being able to tell her why he really left. Can’t he just conjure one simple lie?

So instead, he went with the half-truth, the least he could manage.

“Truth be told I left because I just couldn’t be there. It was… too much.” True. “I just wanted to have some time with my thoughts,” also true. “And being there in the bed with you, I… I would’ve just looked at your face all night long.” Partly true, because I wanted to wrap my arms around you, and tell you how scared I was to realize that it is I that’s too far gone. Quite literally.

Honesty really does drop jaws he realized, as she looked at him dumbstruck. “Lucifer… I,” she gulped, trying to arrange the words that she had completely lost control over. “I, I am sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” He saw her fidget with the cuffs again, which meant she was holding back. Well, who was he to complain, he was holding a goddamn hurricane?

“I… I just don’t want to lose this… I want this to be good. I want us to be good.”

He knew what that felt like, wanting something so perfect even when it had the power to reduce to nothingness. He wanted the fear of mistrust to take over a part of him, so he could have some rationality kick in, make this pace a practical one. But he really was too far gone. And he didn’t need to question it. At least not now.

So, he stepped forward, took her hands, and felt her shoulders drop with the sigh she audibly exhaled.

“I want this to Chloe, I really do. I assure you; I have not grown a repulsion for you. And you know I don’t lie. Please trust me?” And tell me I can trust you.

Her hand reached up to cup his face in the most earnest way he could imagine. Her eyes searched his before she spoke, sincerely, and the confidence that he admired returning to her words “I do trust you Lucifer. How could I not? After everything, I want you to know you can trust me too, I’ll earn my way back, I promise.”

“Okay” and a smile was all he could say. The perils of not being able to lie were that he couldn’t say it was alright because he… wasn’t.

The glistening unshed tear that was stuck behind her lashes, he wiped it and let her thumb graze her cold skin. Cold, yes. They were having a heart-to-heart at about 6 in the morning.

“Now before we make it at something else, I want you to be able to make it back to life and not have me answer your offspring how her mother froze into Elsa on the bloody balcony.”

Bringing realization and lightening the heaviness must’ve worked as he’d wanted as he felt her holding back a shiver, and definitely not her laughter.

“Yes, we should.” She shook her head and went inside with his hand holding onto her cold one, hopefully.


“This is… oh god this is so good.”

“I assure you he had nothing to do with, it’s all the devil’s work darling.”

He scorned the mention of his father. The god himself. But she just couldn’t resist. This was the best, the fanciest, the most pleasing looking breakfast she’d ever had.

Of course, neither of them had gone back to sleep after having a heart-to-heart on the balcony. The thought of Lucifer preparing breakfast, barefoot in the kitchen, was too tempting to miss out on. Even if it meant missing the opportunity of being served in bed.

He worked around the stove and the oven meticulously whilst arranging the plates and coffee mugs on the other counter. When asked if he needed any help with the preparation, he just dragged her back to the sofa from where she could enjoy the view.

But that didn’t last long either. She wasn’t used to this at all. Being looked after, being thought of, just being wanted. Of course, Dan did so many special things for her, getting her breakfast included, but with Lucifer, everything was better, more.

So, she got up and lingered around the kitchen area, not to interrupt anything, but just to look at him up close.

She found the most elaborate set of ingredients laid in front of her and she could only gape as he fetched more from the pantry. Upon asking what really brought on the opening of the floodgates to MasterChef, he just shushed her away, yet again.

Twenty minutes in, after being shushed away almost every minute, he placed her breakfast in front of her, complete with an ornate silver lid and fresh coffee poured in to join the fragrance. Obviously, she expected something fancy but no way in, well hell was she expecting soft-scrambled eggs with smoked Sablefish and Trout roe, as he mouthed with an excited grin as he lifted the lid to unveil the treasure that lay under.

“Lucifer, you didn’t have to go through all this trouble, I mean wow that’s fancy for 7 am.” She exclaimed. And as it turned out, the fancy plating and the silverware were truly nothing, it tasted divine. Totally, truly, earth-shatteringly divine.

“I hope you like what I’ve presented?” he chuckled as she moaned through each bite, she took from her plate.

“Can you not hear me moaning? This is oh my… devil?” she spoke through her filled mouth as he chuckled at her immediate correction.

“Oh, this is nothing absolutely. If you wouldn’t have woken up, I would’ve made something better. Perhaps the next time I get to make you breakfast.” He said as if that was the most natural thing, the most obvious one. He didn’t realize it, but Chloe did. A mental image of this being the view of her morning for mornings had her grinning in her coffee mug.


“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had Lucifer, breakfast or not. I didn’t know you could cook so well” she said as he piled the dishes neatly in the dishwasher.

“Of course, I can cook darling, what did you think? I’ve had housemaids running around me all my life?”

She shrugged and muttered a low ‘obviously’ which only made him throw the washcloth and turn towards her raising an eyebrow.

“Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume so? I mean, you’re rich?”

“Unlike humans, I don’t like to abuse money for a pointless lazy existence. The devil is self-sufficient.”

“Alright alright! But even for a self-reliant devil, this was absolutely out of the world.”

“Pleasure’s all mine darling, although I really did want to make you something better.” He mumbled as he cleared the countertop.

“This was good enough, trust me.”

“Yes of course it was darling, I mean…” he pointed at himself and mouthed et Moi “but definitely not what I had in mind after the first night you stayed over.”

He was still lost in scrapping the gas stove of the mark that just wouldn’t go away completely oblivious of his words.

Was he really not realizing the words that kept popping out of him like it wasn’t really a big deal were actually making her crawl back in a corner and scream how she didn’t deserve this man? She didn’t, really. But she wanted to be, she wanted to be deserving of him. And that’s all that was keeping her from giving up and running away.

Only when an agonizing jolt of pain rumbled through her, did she snap out of her trance of admiration.

Lucifer had opened a lower shelf cabinet that happened to hit the toe she’d stubbed that morning. The cold tiles and all the balcony numbness had made her forget how badly it had hurt, and it only hurt worse now.

“Lucifer it’s going to be okay, it’s alright, it’s just a…” she looked down at her toe, it wasn’t a cut, her fingernail had been scrapped away from the nail bed.

She did her best to kept the hurt out of her eyes and the coursing sensation she was feeling as Lucifer scrambled to get the first aid kit from the bottom of the sink and hoisted her up on the countertop as she attempted to move and walk.

Well, it wasn’t going to be alright. She screamed as the antiseptic solution hit her skin and clutched onto his shoulder, leaving her impressions through his flimsy silk robe.

“It’ll just hurt really bad once, and then it’ll be okay. Alright?”

She nodded through her tears that were now threatening to escape with another agonizing, painful scream that built inside her.

She looked away, her eyes shut, unable to bear the sight. And with that, he pulled out the broken nail hanging off of her.

“It’s okay love, all done. I’ll just bandage it and we’ll be all good, okay?” she nodded again, now looking right at him, diligently working with the edges of the bandage. Chloe could only get lost again in him; forgetting about pain, the blood, the looming burn of the antiseptic still stinging her eyes.

“All done,” he said as he offered her a soft smile, getting back up from his knees. Oh, how she wished she could have him there, his fingers splaying over her calf, running soothing circles to calm her down were not helping the situation.

And then she snapped.

She pulled away from her leg from his hand and pulled him between her legs. The angle was just right.

Her lips slanted over his, requesting, begging, inviting him to give in and let her dive right in. It didn’t take much after her probing tongue ran along his lips, teasing and sucking simultaneously.

As their tongues met, both of them moaned as they fought the battle of all the pent-up angst and desire that had gotten too much for both of them. They wanted each other badly and the hungry nips at each other were the evidence of it.

His hand grabbed her thighs and pushed them apart as she groaned at the sensation of his burning naked chest brushed against the cool shirt and underneath her nipples hardened at the sensation.

She wrapped her arms around her neck as she shifted angles; both of her lips and legs’ as they wrapped around his hips. She rolled her hips against the sweet sensation of his erection toped with the thin layer of silk between them.

Fuck she heard him sigh, and he finally picked her up and lined her back up against the steel door of the pantry. The burn of the antiseptic, of his tongue, the hot turmoil between her legs and his breath and the cold surface of the steel her back reveled in was such a symphony that her body sang underneath him.

 Their kisses had gotten messier, hands rummaging all over each other when his hands finally found her pebbled peaks and rolled them between her fingers. She couldn’t resist a gasp and moaned “Yes, Lucifer, fuckk babe.

His mouth was running all along her jaw, dropping painfully soft kisses, her core screaming for attention that the torture on her nipples warranted.

Her hands reached the waistband of his silk pajamas, and he bit her lobe when she realized, what they were doing. He needs time, he needs time Chloe.

Of all the things she wanted to do at that moment, listening to the dawn of reason inside her head was not something she wanted to. She wanted to push him over on the ground and have him right there, ride him senseless till the night. But she knew in her heart, she needed to give him this.

Had he not given her the time to run off, and all that irrationality. His emotional ego was as fragile as a new seedling and no matter how much she wanted this, how much they wanted it, she had to pull back. She had to do it for them.

When her hands didn’t reach further and she pulled away from his mouth, the sight before she killed her a hundred times. Hair tousled, eyes blaring, screaming his arousal, hands tight over her hips, which she couldn’t help but roll one last time.

“Lucifer, we have to do this right,” she said, easing his confusion, running her hand through the back of his hair, running little patterns to bring him down his high. She was gasping herself as she spoke, but she knew she did the right thing; because when his eyes understood what she meant and his brain finally cleared away some fog for rational processing, he pecked her forehead and let her unwrap her legs from him and stand in front of him. Stand, but close enough for him to reach and plant a chaste kiss on her forehead.

“We do.”


Later that afternoon, they were showered and dressed, with no unease or awkwardness looming from the morning before. As they splurged on, she heard herself say.

“Lucifer, I don’t what I have been eating all my life because it has to be a miracle that I’ve never enjoyed a meal like this before.” She groaned as she took another bite of the Coq Au Vin.

Oh yes, speaking of miracles; “Lucifer there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Yes darling, what is it?” he kept his glass of wine down, all attention on her.

“When Maze came over the other day, she said something about me being a miracle? I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but I only just remembered; I don’t know if there was any substance to that?” she said, unsure if that it really had meant something.

“Oh, alright. Well… Maze doesn’t just say things darling, so I’m afraid there was substance to the whole ‘you’re a miracle’ thing.” He spoke as he eased the creases in his napkin that lay over his lap. “So, the fact is, Chloe, you’re a miracle. My father made you.”

Chloe chuckled, unclear if she was hearing him right; “but he kinda made all the humans, right?”

He gave her a weak smile and continued “he made you, for me… you were born after a blessing was laid over your parents, who I believe were incapable of conceiving children.” He measured his words as he spoke, all in an attempt to ease the effects of revelation over her, which he wasn’t sure he was doing right as she gaped at him.

“What do you mean made for you?” her expression herself would’ve been a resembling question mark if that was something that existed in the world but who was she kidding, miracles existed, might as well draw up that too.

He took her hand in his and she couldn’t help but close hers around him. It was a silent, veiled request to trust him, and she did. She did trust him. She really, really wanted to.

“So, I don’t have an answer for why you specifically, but, yes, you were made for me, in a way and definitely not the way you’re thinking. Do you remember that night in the precinct… in the evidence room?” Oh, OH.

As he saw a blush creep up her neck and her eyes wide in remembrance, so affirmative, she did remember and she nodded.

“So that is the night when Maze had told me, well, about the situation. At first, I assumed that you knew about it, and I felt cheated, manipulated by father’s play yet again, but Maze told me that you were just as unaware as I was. So it was, I just wanted to, see you.” His vulnerable panic that night flashed in front of her as he straightened his posture and continued to speak. “I know, it’s all very bits and pieces scattered around, so, I’m going to walk you through the series of events. Please just trust me with it?”

“I trust you Lucifer, you can tell me anything.”

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and began narrating.

“So, as I told you, I used to vacation a lot on earth. The durations were small, the company temporary, and I had a kingdom to watch over if you want to call it that. So, I would be rushed back by my dickhead brother, Amendial the very one who has tried to kill me on multiple occasions at father’s behest as Hell couldn’t be left for longer durations, or so I believed”

“So, the last time I came to vacation on Earth, I got tossed in some fighter’s club shenanigans. Made a wager with them over LUX, staged a fight where I was supposed to lose and Amendial was supposed to win. It was all fun and frolic until something he said stuck with me…” his face was lost in the vile memory that he was about to speak of ‘you’ll always be evil brother, enjoy your little while of breaking away while you can.’

It was still engraved deep in each layer of his mind. How he wished he’d broken away earlier. How he wished…

“Anyhow, I rebelled. Yet again. I knocked him out cold and he could retaliate back because angels are self-righteous dicks and you can almost pick them out using that very thing against them. So, I did, I beat him.” I’m evil, I’m the devil brother, come on fight me, fight me the words still rang through him as he shuddered at the reminders of that night and what eventually followed.

“So, after that, he’d made me a promise to grant me whatever I wished for, since angels cannot back out from promises, I bargained for my freedom.” Like a prisoner, who was still living in the shadows that he might be pulled away into the dark someday, again.

“So, he left you, he gave up, just like that?” She asked incredulously. He could sense Chloe’s detective sense kick in, he realized. And she really wasn’t going to like what he had for her next.

“I hope I had your Spidey sense earlier darling because I thought he did.” He felt her hands clutch him between hers a little tighter and he relaxed and exhaled.

“He had been planning a perfect way to trap me for the five years I thought I finally had a chance at building my own life. So, the part where father blessed your parents with you? Amendial was the one to lay that blessing, so he knew who you were and how we were supposed to meet someday.”

“Okay so let me get this straight, your brother, lay a blessing on my mom? IS HE, MY DAD?” He couldn’t hold back the laugh that built inside him, imagining how devastatingly hilarious that would be if it were true.

“Darling, it’s not a euphemism. It’s literally like I’m saying it. He just blessed your mom and dad and the rest of the work was all on their hands, in their pants rather.” He smirked at her as she rolled her eyes.

“Okay but, why me?”

“Yes, moving on. I don’t know why he chose you to be that miracle, given he’s the almighty and mysterious ways is kind of his tinder bio, but he just meant to put you in my path, hence you’re the only woman that makes me vulnerable.”


“Yes, remember early in our partnership when I urged you to shoot me? Yes, turns out you’re not my glitch in the matrix, but my father planned to be it that way. And also, the only woman immune to my mojo, but not my charms I must say.”

She could only stare at him. Lucifer was the devil and immortal and invulnerable for don’t know how many thousands- millions of years, and yet for some Godly game plan, she made him vulnerable. Chloe Decker made the devil bleed.

And he still chose to work with her? Guard her against bullets? From all horrible kinds of criminals with all kinds of weapons. Did he choose her over his own life?

“Lucifer… does that mean, if I’m close to you, you can die?”

He gulped visibly “yes”

“But you chose to, anyway? You jumped in front of those bullets anyway?” she couldn’t hold it back anymore and let the dam of her tears break loose at the realization.

He leaned forward and wiped her tears, cupping her small face in his palms because I love you, he wanted to say, but instead, he said the next closest thing to the truth,

“And I would do it again, and again. Don’t you know that detective?” The warm endearment she felt course through her only made her sob more. How horribly she’d treated him. A man who would endanger his immortal life for her and she made him feel worthless, rejected.

“I’m sorry Lucifer, I’m so sorry, for all that I made you go through, I am so terribly sorry.” She brought her hands atop his and slid them towards her lips to kiss them.

She still sobbed quietly into his palms and he just shushed her, whilst holding her hands in his.

“Do you want me to continue? We can talk later, I’m right here.”

“No, I want to talk, I want to know you. I want all in.”

If a person’s soul could be elevated deep within, that’s what Lucifer felt in that moment, and him being the devil, he was sure it wouldn’t be so easy, but she made it easy. All of it, she made it easy. Yet somehow difficult. After she regained her posture, he continued.

“So that night on the dock, that Russian mob case? That was what Amendial had been planning for the past five years. Orchestrated a drug operation as a hidden mafia boss to get everything I care about looped up in one tiny present. It was all staged to take everything away from me. He was the one, that kidnapped Maze,” he shuddered at the memory, and she couldn’t help but flinch at the image that flashed in front of her. How battered Maze’s body had been when they found her. “Beat her up, and planned to kill you too.” That night with the bullets, the mob, the thought of losing everything, the thought of dying. And then Lucifer had jumped in front of them, even if he was vulnerable, even if it meant dying. It was a recurring thought that kept jumping back at the end of each revelation he put forward.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you Chloe, not whilst I live and breathe.”

She was too shaken and emotional to manage anything more than a weak smile added with a nod.

Then it dawned on her, oh shit.

“So, is that why we never found the drug lord’s body?”

“Yes because Amendial was the drug lord. And we couldn’t really kill an angel and have that turn in for post mortem.” Her head spun but she didn’t want him to stop. She wanted to know, she wanted to absorb this, process this, and put it behind them for good.

“So why was he at the penthouse that night? Did he plan to kill you again?” she whispered as the horror of her realization dawned on her.

“Yes. He did. And he timed that perfectly with your arrival. You were meant to see me that way, you were meant to hate me. And it kind of worked too.”

She felt the hurt resonate through him, she felt herself looking away again, but instead, she focused on the part where he said kind of. It kind of worked, it almost worked, and it almost didn’t.

“Kind of, yes. And I am sorry about how I reacted and gave in to the same thing he thought he would wrench out of me.” And she felt even more remorseful. Chloe was anything but predictable and hearing how everything fell into place like a neat puzzle his brother designed for him made her nauseous. She was anything but predictable. God damn it.

“It really is okay darling. It is. I’m sure we’ll be able to work our way through this as well.” He leaned in to plant a quick kiss on her lips, after all, they both wanted more.