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Chloe dumped her bag and keys in the living room and assumed her position on the bed just as she had Lucifer back at the penthouse. Not that she had to do much, seeing her little monkey already curled up in her bed, on her newly found bedside, with a storybook in her hand, turned to the page she had left it last read on, was an inviting enough sight.

A tinge of guilt pinched her chest. She was late for the afternoon story which they would complete at night, carry forward to later next afternoon and eventually the commencing night. And three days into her blissful week, she was already breaking ritual. She didn’t like that one bit.

She’d make it up to her tonight, she definitely would. She spooned her baby into her chest and Trixie shifted right back in the cocoon. Chloe smiled against her shoulder and dropped a kiss before she succumbed to sleep.


The alarm rang shrill and clear and jostled Chloe awake from her nap. Thankfully Trixie wasn’t up just yet and ever so carefully she sneaked into to bathroom. Combing her nap hair into submission, straightening her shirt, and carefully tucking into her jeans, she opened the door to sneak back into the room. Only this time, the creak was loud enough to wake Trixie up.

“Mommy, why are you up...” Trixie sat up in the bed, clutching Miss Alien in her armpit, rubbing her eyes. As she saw Chloe all dressed, not in her evening pajamas, she stopped mid-sentence.

“Hey monkey, so I have to go and check on Lucifer again, he lives alone, he needs to be checked on. I’ll be back quicker than the afternoon I promise...” She smoothed over her daughter’s wild bed hair as kissed her forehead.

“That’s alright mommy, but will he be alright? I don’t want anything bad happening to him.”

“No baby, of course, he’ll be alright, in fact, he’s been recovering really well. He just needs someone to help him out with his meals and meds.”

“Like he helped you out when he saved you from the bullets.” Chloe sat back on the bed and pulled her into her lap.

“Yes baby, but who told you that?” Because she definitely hadn’t told Trixie anything and she didn’t want her baby to hear the supposed casualties of the job

“Maze told me what happened mom, she also said you were stupid but I told her you’re brave and very intelligent.” Chloe chortled at her daughter. For someone as small as her, she was a fireball when it came to protecting her mother.

“Oh, Maze. Right. Baby but she is kinda right although. Even then, she took really good care of me and Lucifer so we’ll let her call me out.”

“Yeah, she’s really cool mommy. She told me all these amazing stories about hell and fighting and blood, it was so cool.” She would definitely have a word with her later. “Oh, she showed me her knives from hell too, they’re so awesome. She said she could teach me how to throw too.”

“Oh, did she now?” Definitely needed to talk. “Okay baby, I’ll call Olga and she can watch you while I check on Lucifer. Go change your clothes and she’ll be down here soon.”

Trixie rushed back to her room and she rang up her neighbor.


Olga wasn’t home, and Christie was off to her dad’s for the weekend. Amazing. She couldn’t ask Dan again. He was way overdue with child duty and there was no way he could make it in time and watch her again. He’d done enough and if she was true to herself, Chloe didn’t want to have the temptation of Dan having her again. She couldn’t have a backup ready to give in to staying over at Lucifer’s. He needed his rest and she needed not to give in to the walking aphrodisiac. Well on the bed for now, but no less potent for sure.

Her brain had run out of options, she definitely couldn’t leave her alone and for a second Chloe considered calling Lucifer to have Maze check on him, still actively pumping for options that she could consider given the time.

“Mommy isn’t Olga coming?” Trixie jumped down the last stair as she sat next to her.

“No honey, she isn’t home tonight and Christie isn’t in the city too. I’ll just have to ask Maze to watch Lucifer for the night and check up on him later.”

“But mom, instead Maze can watch me while you check on Lucifer. She likes monopoly and pizza.” Wow, her daughter and Maze really did bond well over her unconscious state.

“Baby, I’m not sure she’ll be able to come right now…” She glanced up at the wall clock, 7:30, she could still make it.

“You should at least try mommy!” Trixie jumped at her phone and expressly dialed up Maze’s number.

“Honey let me speak to…”

“Hello Maze, can you come to my house while mom goes to check on Lucifer.”

“Okay gimme that you little weasel...”

“… mom needs to check or have sex with Lucifer.” Thank heavens she took away the phone from Trixie.

“Maze, hi. Just want to check on him and even it was the other way round, none of that talk with my daughter, please. Sorry about Trixie though she just grabbed the phone and well… it's just that I really want to check on Lucifer and both my options for sitters are out. With all the looking after you’ve already done for us, I just… I’m sure you’re busy with the bounty and everything but it would be a huge favor if you could come over right now. I’ll be back in 2 hours tops and I’ll order pizza for you both as well.”

“I don’t do favors Decker, not my thing. I could watch over your kid for pizza, sweet deal, order some of that chocolate cake for me as well. I’ll be there in 10.” And the line went dead. Well wow, that was well... easy and new. Maze watching over Trixie. And wanting chocolate cake.

“Soooo? Will she come, mom?” Trixie’s anticipation and excitement were clear from her eyes and jumps.

“Yes monkey, she’s coming.” With that Trixie jumped up on Chloe and dropped a sloppy kiss to her mother’s cheek as she rushed back into her room to get the monopoly set.


Maze’s knock literally came not more than a second later than ten minutes. Was she lurking around outside for that time?

“Hi Maze, I have to rush, I’ve ordered food, just no sex talk or blood talk or any weird talk with her, I really owe you one.” She grabbed her keys and purse as she rushed towards the door and called out to Trixie. “Okay monkey, don’t trouble Maze for anything, food will be here any minute, you’ll both have your chocolate cake and you’ll go to bed at 10, you’ve got school tomorrow.” There, instructions for both the kids were conveyed but she thought of hammering it once again for Maze, because knowing her-

“Maze, please don’t talk about knives, or sex, or anything that an eight-year-old should not know. I don’t want to have any ‘talks’ with my daughter already. I am really thankful for this, just please don’t damage my sweet child.”

“We’ve hung out plenty before Decker, your child’s a lot cooler than you are. Now would you get off our heads and bother Lucifer?” With that Maze walked her out the door and slammed the door to her face. As she reared up her cruiser, she heard Frozen’s soundtrack blast through the doors of her apartment.


As she walked through the elevator, the penthouse was quiet as a church after a Sunday mass. She chuckled to herself as she was reminded how appalled Lucifer would’ve been if he’d heard the monstrosity of her thoughts.

She walked through the living area which was dimly lit as the rest of the penthouse, up to his bedroom and the faint light from the lampshade on his opposite bedside shed a beautiful yellow hue to his features. There he was, out like a light.

His arm rested in the position his sling was put in, clearly out of habit and other lay splashed across the empty side, enjoying the freedom and stretch the other couldn’t. His vest and dress shirt were gathered slightly around his chest as he snored away peacefully, chest rising and falling gently, highlighting the creases.

She almost didn’t want to wake him up at all, he looked at peace and clearly had figured out a position that wasn’t causing him much discomfort by the looks of it. She walked up to him and sat on her knees beside his side of the bed. His hair was a bunch of unruly curls, thanks to not styling them, they made him look almost childlike. She brushed away a curl from his forehead, careful to not touch him, and tucked it deftly back with the rest of the tussled lot. The curl didn’t stick behind and brushed his forehead, and he stirred in his sleep.

Although she didn’t wish she had to, she whispered against his ear “Hi sleepy head.” At that instant, she wanted to plant a soft kiss on his cheek, and he would surely love to wake up to that. He mumbled something unintelligently and peeked through his half-open lids “Hmm Chloe sleemm” and then shut his eyes again before opening them fully and getting a good look at her.

“The golden silhouette looks gorgeous on you detective; I could look at you all day.” And gave her a sleepy smile. Chloe’s hand reached up to his cheek and brush across carefully, as if brushing off a fragile porcelain doll.

“Want to get up for me?”

“Hmm sure, only if I get a kiss.” He pouted, anticipating a brisk kiss given how close they were to each other on the bedside.

“Why not,” With that, Chloe planted a faint kiss right where her hand had been moments ago. A sweet peck, like she would give Trixie right after she went to sleep. This was even lighter in all aspects and obviously made Lucifer gasp in fake horror.

“Do I look like a schoolgirl to you? That, my dear detective, is not a kiss by any measure. You’ve wounded me just as much as the bullets from the past week, I’m wounded beyond repair even for a good old fashioned.”

“Maybe if you sit up for me and do as I say, there could be a possibility for a real one.” Chloe winked at him and stood up to switch on the lights in the bedroom.

Light flooded the room and she rushed back to Lucifer’s side to aid him to get up. She snaked back her across his back, allowing herself to firmly grip his shoulders from both ends, pushed back gently, and helped him sit up against the pillows. Surprisingly, she didn’t need to do much as Lucifer had regained some strength and didn’t wince as he did most of the sitting up by himself during the afternoon.

“Wow someone recovered well enough in their sleep, sure the devil needs a measly detective?” She chuckled as she leaned forward to fluff his pillows. To push up the pillows from beneath him, she lay a palm across his back and pushed his frame towards hers. She could anticipate a tease coming, a suggestive innuendo, but nothing of the sort happened.

He just let his heavy breathing do the talking. His warm hitched breaths brushed across her hair as she struggled to not be dragged in the haze of his scent. It was too tantalizing and delicious to resist but she had to, by all means. Because the temptation to give in, on his bed, to finally use it, in the warm yellow lights against the gold silk sheets he’d make her writhe in, was too sinister. And he needed rest, and she needed to be back home, to Trixie.

As she leaned back, she cleared her throat to better her attempt at clearing the tension between them. “Now, how are you feeling, Lucifer?”

Still groggy-eyed, Lucifer opened his eyes fully to her and smiled. “Been better detective, but I assure you, the nap helped. Oh, Maze had come with some soup earlier in the evening, must be lying somewhere on the kitchen counter. I’m sure I can heat it and have that. Let me just…”

“Mister, you’re going nowhere. I’ll get you your soup and something solid to eat. Then you have the last course of medicines and a warm bath.”

As soon as she said bath, Lucifer’s eyes lit up like a child. Oh, now he truly was awake.

“Well, a bath sounds interesting detective, I’m certain you can divulge along with me. The tub is clearly big enough for two, we shouldn’t let all that space go waste.”

“Hah, nope. The bath is a patients only service and caretaker detectives are to remain on the dry side. Specifically, those who aren’t well enough for a shower by themselves. And for the last time, we’re not having sex Lucifer.”

Lucifer let out a dramatic sigh as she made her way to his kitchen.


Chloe opened the sliding doors to his kitchen and her mouth literally hung open, it was ginormous and gorgeous, to say the least. Lucifer’s kitchen was a set out of MasterChef apparently. No scratch that, it was fancier than that. The pantry was twice the size of anything she’d ever seen and the kitchen, well spotless with all kinds of utensils and equipment in place. And it was so clean. When did he even use it, and him and cleaning? She let all that go away and proceeded to operate the calculus-like microwave. Took her a while to pop all the wrong buttons to eventually get the right one but she did. She warmed up his soup and whipped out a pan and stir-fried some non-spicy marinara pasta for him.

Once she plated everything, she prepped everything on the bed table and laid down the cutlery as a pleasing smile and rumble escaped lucifer’s face and stomach respectively. “Someone’s hungry,” She laid down a napkin in his lap and nudged him softly to eat. “Eat now.”

Lucifer hated to admit but the aroma of marinara sauce and the sight of sizzling garlic breadsticks made him realize he was way more famished than he’d thought. He had to stop himself to inhale the food in front of him. “Detective, I have to admit, this is simply delicious. Truly nothing beats a home-cooked meal, I’m glad you’re here.”

Lucifer spoke with his mouth full of the pasta and the red sauce all over his lips.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve had better. But I’m glad you like it. Is there anything else you’d like to eat or drink- apart from alcohol?”

Another puppy-eyed face. “Just one whiskey, please? To wash down the food that’s all.”

“Just one, and then you take your meds, got it?”

“Yes, dear detective. I wouldn’t want your wrath to be unleashed on me.”

Chloe stood up to fetch the decanter and two glasses from the bar when Lucifer held her hand. She turned around to watch the softness of his features highlighted yellow.

“I… um, thank you, Chloe.” While his smile remained soft and eyes pure with sincerity, Chloe knew how more than a compliment to her cooking or anything else it was. He was unsure, still, of how someone would want to take care of him, get him food, be concerned about his meds, or just any minor detail he was otherwise used to laugh at, only hitting him in the gut that he might actually need those. And his hesitation, he still felt the need to deny himself the effort and care he actually deserved. That she really was here, with a simple marinara pasta, fighting over a glass of whiskey.


After a careful negotiation and settlement on 2 glasses of whiskey, Lucifer felt more like himself than he had in days. His usual supply of alcohol and smoke had been cut down to a quarter, thank his dad and his former humble abode for disrupting his kind of poisons. Now, with that done, he was ready to proceed for a bath.

“Here take my hand and try not to get up too fast. Focus on your body weight and share it with me. I’ve got you, okay?” He tried to do just as he was told, and thankfully, a nap away from Chloe really did help speed along with his recovery. Lucifer found his balance almost with normal ease.

“And I you, detective.” Came a whisper, brushing across her face as he stood up. With a warm smile, he made no further move, spoke nothing else. A faint smile of gratitude, that’s all. And she couldn’t help but lean up towards him, part her lips in the slightest, just half an inch, even barely that, away from his; “Bath’s getting cold.”

And Lucifer found, what a beautiful sight Chloe smirking was, and how he would definitely get back at her later.


The porcelain marble tub was filled halfway, the fragrance of his signature bath oil and salts filled up the bathroom deliciously. As she prepped the tray right in the middle of the tub and arranged the sponges and loofah, she found Lucifer standing in the doorway.

“I was just coming to get you”

“That’s quite alright, my legs were giving me a living hell sitting and sleeping on that sodding bed all day, wanted to stretch around a bit.”

“Of course, so, your bath’s ready, I’ve put out your silk pajamas, I couldn’t find any other loungers or t-shirts, and umm once you’re in the tub, let me know, I’ll help you scrub your back, okay?” As Chloe handed him his robe and towel, she walked past him to leave him to his own devices.

“And where would you be going detective?” The teasing undertones to his voice were back as she turned around to face him.

“Umm, out? What?” She folded her arms over her chest. “Do you expect me to watch you bathe now? Get undressed in the tub, the water’s running cold.” She commanded with a laugh and turned away.

“Running away so you won’t have to be up for the challenge huh?”

“What challenge would that be Mr. Morningstar?” She mimicked his tease and decided she wouldn’t let him win this one. Enough with the innuendos, bring it on Lucifer.

“Why, undressing me of course detective. You wouldn’t leave me all by myself to be undressed and be seated in the slippery tub. Think of my injuries.” Lucifer gasped dramatically as he put his hand on his chest, the humorous edge in his voice made Chloe laugh eventually.

“You’re a grown man Lucifer, I don’t think you always need a woman to unbuckle your pants and pop your buttons.”

“Of course, but you wound me, detective. Oww, figuratively and quite literally.” He admonished her as she hit him playfully. “It’s alright, I understand resistance isn’t everyone’s forte and you are clearly no angel to resist a devil, I shall let you off easy.” Lucifer turned around, knowing how Chloe would definitely not let this pass. And she walked right into it, but only if Lucifer knew what she had in mind.

“I’m not the one to back down from a challenge Lucifer.”

“Care to get on the wager detective?” He smirked as she walked towards him with a flushed yet determined face.

She stood up on her toes as she whispered in his ears that send tingles down to his abdomen

“Stand still for me, okay?” She got back on her toes and let her breath trail around his ear and neck as she grazed her finger through his ear and stopped right where his top button rested half-opened.

She looked at him through her eyelashes as she got down to the task. She popped open the first button and let the back of her knuckles brush through the bare skin that was revealed. With each button that left the hook, she saw his throat bob with a gulp as he tried his best to remain still and not grab her by her waist and get her against the adjacent wall. She made her way down agonizingly timidly and slowly as she could.

The last three of the buttons were safely tucked away inside his pants and Chloe knew this is where she would up her game.

As her hand reached to slip inside his pants, she heard a throaty groan escape his lips as his chest heaved of the tantalizing touch, she was killing him with. Her hand inched inside carefully, gazing gently at his abdomen over his shirt. She let it linger right above his waistline and sighed as she looked at him.

How he wanted her hand to remain there and ease down over his forming erection. His cock was halfway through bursting through his pants if she let this go on for one second longer.


“What Lucifer?” And as she looked him in the eye and questioned, she let her hand cup his erection and immediately withdrew.

“You’re not playing fair.”

“You never said we had to, right?” Her breath was heaving just like his, but she wasn’t backing out. “Shirt’s all done.”

She pulled his shirt out of the slacks finally and lay open the last of it. He was feverish against her fingers, ready to boil down and burst open, and then she licked her lips and he wanted nothing more than to have it wrapped around his cock again. “Pants now.”

Half-naked with a straining cock begging to be free of restraints, Chloe knew he was already cursing her halfway through hell, and what she planned next, he would surely burst into galloping flames leading him exactly there.

She bent down in front of him, on her knees, eyes never leaving his face. The charged tension of the room was all Lucifer could feel and practically hear and see.

Her fingers teased around the waistband resting her thumb and index against the loop, remaining right over his flaming skin. The bulge in his pants was growing and straining against the fabric and she knew he ached for release, literally and quite literally.

She eased his misery and let the button of his pants pop open and moved inwards to get the other one. Her fingers burnt against his flesh on his lower abdomen as she kept on with her torture. Then came the zipper, which was the final showdown. As the restraints came off Lucifer sighed with his eyes closed. Dear dad was thankful for the whole eternity when his cock finally sprang free right in front of her face.

His eyes pooped open as he looked back at her, silently begging her to just wrap her tongue around him and suck him into oblivion, god knows she wanted the same thing. But where would be the fun in that? Chloe grazed a lone finger over the top of his erection all the way up to his tip and wiped the pre-cum off with her thumb. And before he could begin to thank heavens for her touch, she stood right up, letting his pants pooled around his ankles and closed her lips around her thumb and wiped it clean of any traces of the salty release she had on her tips.

To say he was horrified and mad with coiled tension would be an understatement. He was ready to burn hell for a blowjob at the minute and Chloe made it a whole lot worse.

“Your bath is ready, I’ll put your clothes in the dry clean pile.”

She began to walk away as he pulled her around and held her captive, her back against his chest, a stronghold of his arm around her waist. “You’ll pay for this Chloe.”

But Chloe wasn’t the one who’d lose, she was certain of it. She ground her hips against his large, hard length and freed herself from his grasp as his focus and blood rushed down all at once.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.”


Chloe came back with a glass of wine and found Lucifer seated inside the warm bubble bath, head tipped back against the corner. His eyes were closed and wet hair now rested in unison unlike the unruly curls she woke him up in. If a Greek comic wanted a sketch of a lustful god, this would definitely be it.


“If you mean apart from my wound-up cock, yes it seems to be doing the job. Barely, if I say so myself detective.”

“Well, you asked for it when you challenged me, wouldn’t let you off so easy Mr. Morningstar.”

“I sincerely hope not darling. But this would demand payback. You don’t get away easily when you mess with the devil, but I think you probably know that. I could also go onto say you’re enjoying seeking the thrill out of my helplessness, are you not darling and looking forward to being punished as well?”

His eyes were still closed as she walked up to him and ruffled his perfectly pushed back wet hair.

“Would you just shut up for some time?”

“By all means, you little minx, make me.” And winked at her.

She gulped down the wine and set the empty glass over the counter.

“Now, move away from the back of the tub and slouch your body forward, I’ll scrub your back, come on.” And Lucifer quietly did as told.

As she set her fingers on the edge of his shoulders, Lucifer tensed as he moved away from the marble. And he tensed even further as he heard her gasp. His scars.

“Lucifer your back…” She felt him stiffen to the point where he could be the marble he sat in, himself. His eyes were still and were locked on nothing, in particular, just hard vision extended in the air.

“Please don’t touch them.” His voice was a choked request. And if she could read him well enough, it was almost begging for mercy. A gulp stuck at the base of his throat and he refused to move.

“Lucifer, hey. I won’t touch them,” she held her hands in the air to the mirror in front of the tub to assure him that she really wasn’t going to. And she felt him relax a bit in the tub again. He was still stoic as a rock, eyes locked unknowingly onto nothing, but she didn’t push.


“Yes, detective.” It might as well be a teleoperator from the Great British Bake Off. Devoid of any emotion, he just closed his eyes again.

“Do you want to, maybe talk about it? Only if you want to. I won’t push you to do or say something you don’t want to.”

“No detective. Not tonight.” The finality of his stoic statements and frame would’ve made her flinch otherwise but she knew him and how he dealt with his vulnerability and being exposed. He was in a spiral she knew nothing of and she wasn’t going to push him until he asked of her to do anything about it. It was a hard no for tonight, she still had hope that one night, he would talk about it. It just wasn’t tonight. And she couldn’t blame him.

He’d been through so much in the past couple of days. It was completely acceptable for him to mask something that clearly was a painful part of his past.

Chloe moved away from his back, hearing him exhale audibly, he relaxed as he slouched, still sitting away from the back of the tub, letting airbrush past where his scars were. He sat for a while, silently, unmoving, stone-like. He was as cold as the water he was now sitting in, all hints of playfulness and arousal dissolved in the soap that surrounded him.

“Could you pass me the shampoo detective?”

“Yeah sure.” She didn’t attempt to make conversation as she handed him the bottle. Her fingers touched his as they came in contact, only to feel them trembling. Lucifer saw her gaze still at the point where they met, but he didn’t say anything. Neither did she.

“Do you want me to wash your hair, don’t strain your arms for now?” And rest your fingers under the water, I won’t call you out for it.

He hesitated but affirmed.

“Lay back please.”

And he did, robotically. The only sound that prevailed was of the water moving under his hips, the bottle opening, the squeezed-out dollop of the shampoo, the lathering, and a relaxed sigh. The thought of filling the silence occurred to her but she let it dissipate. She silently ran her fingers through his hair, moving circularly in small patches. She let her hands drop to his shoulders and felt him tense up again. His eyes flew open, the panic clearly making its way back.

“Just your shoulders, I won’t touch your back. I promise. Okay? Relax, close your eyes.” “Just your shoulders, I promise. I got you, Lucifer.” She repeated as she kept her hands gently on the shoulder, massaging through the soap, cautiously never wandering away even for half an inch.

She got some clean water to wash down his shampoo and his shoulders. As the water ran over his head, she heard him exhale, as if he’d forgotten how to.

She helped him out of the tub, grabbing his both hands in a tight grip, and helped him to his robe. He toweled his hair dry. His eyes were still devoid of anything at all. No emotion, barely blinking, transfixed into emptiness. She handed him his clothes quietly and let him be as he stepped into the closet quietly.

Once he was out in his pajamas and robe, she heated the leftover pasta, made a kale strawberry smoothie glazed with a splash of whiskey to help him wash down his medicines. She knew he would probably down a decanter or two after she left, but she just couldn’t help herself to let him know that she knew him and she was here for him.

“Well the bath was an extremely relaxing detective, thank you, for… everything.” He was trying to find the words that would do justice to her kindness for the night but just didn’t know how he could. Her fingers had been nimble and gentle on him and he was lost in her touch throughout. It pained him that he couldn’t let her know what horrors lay behind the heinous scars of his wings. He didn’t know how he could and even if he did, she wouldn’t believe it.

But he knew he had to lighten up the air somehow, so he managed to force a smile for her. She deserved that in the least and got the warmest smile reflected at him as her face relaxed into it.


“Oh shit, it’s 9:30. I promised Trix I’ll be back by 9. I’ll come to check up on you tomorrow alright? Take care of yourself and don’t think too much about sex.” She joked as she stood up to arrange his bed quickly, rushed to the kitchen to drop the dishes in the washer, and quickly pecked him as she grabbed her keys.

“Goodnight, Lucifer.” She smiled through the doorway as he rested back against the headboard, calmer and more himself.

“Goodnight detective, drive safe. Please drop a text when you reach home safely.”

“I’ll do.”


Chloe entered the home to a deeply engrossed Maze and Trixie laying in her lap, gripping Ms. Alien keenly, The Conjuring playing on the screen. They didn’t hear the door click close, both of them still engrossed in the horrors.

“Guys, what the…” Chloe quickly corrected her fuck bomb she was about to drop. “Why is The Conjuring playing before a school night. Maze! Trix! What is this?”

Maze was still gripped by the horrors of the happenings of the basement on the screen as Trixie shushed her mom and offered a small guilty smile. It soon turned into a shushed laugh as Maze gripped Ms. Alien and stared wide-eyed at the ghost shenanigans.

Chloe decided it would be fun to scare the scary ninja bounty hunter. Trixie pushed cautiously next to her on the sofa, Chloe came from behind. And a silently coordinated countdown to 3..2..1 and they both screamed at Maze and burst into a fit of laughter. They rolled on the floor as Maze screamed, turned angry, and angrier before she couldn’t hold her back either.

The demon didn’t laugh per se, but she definitely decided to whip out her knives and scare them back.

“You both do that again and you’ll wish you had a ghost in your basement instead of me and my knives.” Her threat was definitely a serious-faced one but they knew she enjoyed it just as much.

“Alright, alright, we don’t want to be subjected to your wrath or your pointy twisty knives Maze, we just couldn’t resist ourselves.” And the mother-daughter duo hi5ed each other.

“Yeah, get that Olga to watch your kid next time.” Of course, she didn’t mean that but Chloe and Trixie donned a puppy face instantaneously.

“Sorryyy Mazeee.” They sang together.

“Stupid humans.” Maze muttered under her breath as she brushed off the popcorn from her lap and got up to leave.

“Night Trix, night Decker.”

Chloe walked Maze to the door as she wished her goodnight and thanked her for being the savior of her evening.

“Uh, also, if you need me to watch your little demon tomorrow or… any other night… I could hang” Maze and Lucifer were such dorks when they wanted to express the pure, sweet emotions. So unfazed by their hesitation, Chloe inwardly smiled.

“I would really love that Maze; I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Maze rushed off giving her an awkward smile and vanished into the darker end of the street in seconds.

Chloe closed the door behind her as she bent to wrap her arms around Trixie.

“Mommy missed you.”

“I missed you too mommy. We had so much fun and Maze is so awesome, she told me about this…” As her animated little bundle of excitement jumped around the apartment, she let herself be absorbed by the tales of her evening.


Trixie gave into exhaustion while mumbling about a man who had once stolen Maze’s knife and couldn’t keep her eyes open to tell her what happened next. She tucked her for the night and made her way to her room.

Chloe realized she was probably just as exhausted as her daughter as she slipped into her shorts and a tank top and made her way to the bedroom after washing herself. As she plugged her phone in to charge, she realized it was almost 11 and she had forgotten to text Lucifer that she was home safe.

He’d have probably slept by now but she thought of dropping it nonetheless.

Chloe Decker:

Hey, I reached home safely. Sorry, I forgot to text, was wrapping up for the night and tucking Trixie.

I hope you’re asleep. If you need anything, give me a call, don’t think twice.

Goodnight Lucifer, x

Lucifer Morningstar:

No need to apologize detective. If it’s anyone that should, it should be me.

Chloe Decker:

You don’t have to Lucifer. I understand some things aren’t easy for us. And it’s alright if you don’t wish to speak of it. I’m fine with it. At least there’s something you’re not going to chatter about :P

Chloe hoped that her effort to lighten the conversation would relax him better, and thankfully it worked.

Lucifer Morningstar:

Detective, how dare you. And is that an ‘X you’ve ended your text in? You tease a hurt man.

Chloe Decker:

I find it really amusing to have you all coiled up Lucifer 😉

Lucifer Morningstar:

Yes, you did leave me without a release, hot and bothered. Making it a tease for the second time this evening detective. To tell you the truth, my cock is still quite tensed and the scores are uneven.

Chloe felt her insides turn warm. If she was being honest to herself, she was coiled with tension all evening. Resisting those touches, letting her fingers linger on his chest, gripping his hard cock. Imagining wrapping her lips around it…

Her mind thought of making things interesting.

Chloe Decker:

Well, can’t leave the Lord of hell in such a hell, right?

Lucifer Morningstar:

Why detective, you could definitely send some sensuous pictures of your delectable little pussy. I’ll imagine it being wrapped around my cock maybe. Help the helpless out.

Chloe Decker:

No, I’m not going to do that.

Lucifer felt a tinge of guilt as he began to type

Lucifer Morningstar:

I am extremely sorry detective; I wouldn’t ask of you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I mistook the flow of conversation. I do apologize for my…

As he was about to hit send, her text pinged

Chloe Decker:

I’m going to paint you one.

Pick up my call. *Tongue emoji*

If there was a record for the quickest erection achieved, Lucifer would bet he would’ve won it tonight. Blood rushed to his groin quicker than his breaths turning into pants. He was almost panting when his phone buzzed and he picked up her call.


“Hello, detective.” Both of them were already out of breath, almost ready to combust.

“Now, you’ll do as I say. Keep your phone on your pillow by your side, on speaker. You’ll need both your hands.”

Excitement bloomed in Lucifer’s cock and his throat went dry. Chloe’s voice was low, coaxed with her own arousal, mirroring from what he’d heard her like in the evening in his bathroom.

“Alright detective.”

“You’re only going to call me Chloe now. And Lucifer?”

“Yes, detective?”

“I’m going to make soil your pajamas.”

Lucifer groaned into the phone as she grinned against the speaker and plugged in her earphones confirmed his readiness.

“I’m going to combust dete… Chloe.”

“Good. Now I want you to imagine every word I whisper in your ears. Pull your pajamas down and rub your hard cock for me Lucifer.”

Lucifer obliged with a throaty moan as he took himself into his hands.

“Not too quick, I’ll make you come at my own terms. Do you understand?”

Lucifer accepted her to command him, but it was a purring sexual request, as if she was right there, whispering in his ear, by his pillow.

“Now imagine me, in a sultry black dress, neckline plunging down to my stomach and it ends right the end of my ass’s curve. If I bent, you could see how wet I am for you right now. Do you want me to bend Lucifer?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes Chloe” he whispered painfully as she continued to set the stage for him.

“Good. I’ve bent over your piano and you see, I’m not wearing any panties. Do you like that Lucifer? My naked dripping cunt open and spread for you on your favorite piano.”

“Yes, Chloe” The slow strokes were driving him mad with hunger and primal need. His hand was dry against his cock, so he spat into his hand and resumed his position.

“Now before I let you have my cunt, I turn around and kiss you, hungry and nipping. Now our lips are half swollen with determined teeth, ready to rip each other to go deeper. I've lost track of how loud my moans have gotten and just then when I couldn't get any further, I feel you dip your hands down below. You like to play dirty, don’t you Lucifer?”

“Oh yes yes Chloe.” He gasped and groaned at the same time.

Chloe felt a newfound power mix with her arousal. She was herself 3 knuckles deep inside her wet pussy as she tried to keep her strokes languid, just as Lucifer was trying to. The helpless whimper in his voice was enough to drive her to pump herself a little faster.

“And then, I pinch your nipples. I know you like it when I bite them but we’ll get there later. I unbuckle your jeans, faster than the evening this time and your zipper flies down just as quickly next. Can you feel my hot fingers against your stomach Lucifer?”

Yes, Chloe please.”  Lucifer had no shame in begging and Chloe took a little mercy on him.

“I have your cock in my hands finally and you can’t wait any longer. You push down the sides of my dress and drag the barely-there skirt and finally...” Chloe was breathless as she finally imagined his fingers making contact instead of her own and she pinched and rubbed her clit vigorously. “…you push two fingers inside my wet dripping pussy. It's so wet Lucifer, only for you. Can you feel how wet and tight I am around you? Do you want a taste Lucifer?”

“Yes, Chloe I do.”

“Good. Now put your fingers in your mouth and imagine how good I taste. How my wetness on your thick fingers tastes. Isn’t it delicious? Tell me how good I taste Lucifer.”

“Fucking divine darling.” Lucifer pumped three fingers of his free hand in his mouth, swirling and sucking, imagine as she moaned and gasped against the speaker. She would be so close right now, already ready to break loose.

“Yesss, oh yes. Now, do you want to fuck me with your fingers or your tongue?”

“Can’t I have both?”

“No, I want to cum once around your fingers or tongue and then your cock. Choose Lucifer.”

If he imagined going down on her and tried to keep the strokes languid at the same time, he’d probably land up in hell from the sheer agony of it all. So, he decided against his favorite.

“My fingers.”

“What will your fingers do to my dripping pussy Lucifer?”

“I’ll let my mouth's determination plunder you with hungry kisses that will leer on your neck, mirroring how I ravaged your mouth a few seconds ago and my fingers won’t stop. I’ll push deeper, harder, and let you go barren with need, circles on the clit continue sending shiver down your legs. As that goes, you’ll begin to ride my fingers with abandon and it will be a rhythm of sin darling, I swear. Grinding hips against my fingers, your hungry wet pussy making slumping noises and you’ll groan and bite my neck.”

Chloe was in no state to hold back anymore but she wanted to do everything she restrained herself that evening from. She cupped her breast with her free hand and pinched and pulled teasingly.

“Oh Lucifer, fuck. Bite my tits, please. Suck them... aghh.”

“Yes, darling let me hear that delicious moan you’re holding back. You’ll throw your head back and then groan against my neck as I latch on to your perfectly pert tits and torment the other one with sharp pinches, continuing to suck the life out of you. Do you like it darling? Does that feel good?”

Chloe’s control was long gone and couldn’t contain writhing against her bed.

“I… Ummm…” Chloe knew how close she was, so she withdrew her fingers and let the cold air hit her fingers. “I can't hold it any longer. I push your hand faster and deeper inside me as your mouth concentrates my lips and all hell breaks loose as I scream with your hair clenched in one hand and holding your fingers down between my legs. I clench and I clench, head was thrown back, which can’t go further. Seconds later, I would drag your hand in my mouth, wanting to taste what conspired between my wet pussy and your fingers and how far you drove it. I wrap around my tongue, sucking your fingers one at each time, taking my sweet delirious time.”

“Yes, darling lick that cum off my fingers, just right Chloe. Suck darling.” Lucifer muttered incoherently as he tried to delay his own combustion.

They were both panting, hungry to get down to business already. Talking about it was painfully torturous already and it was driving them insane.

“Now, turn me around, spread my legs and bury your beautiful hard cock in my pussy. I can’t wait Lucifer. Please fuck me good.”

“Holy shit, love” He grips his cock as he strokes himself agonizingly at the same pace, she’d told him to. “Darling I want to go faster.” Came to his pained request, and Chloe wanted just that.

“Yes Lucifer, fuck me hard and fast, make me milk your cock. Make me drip.”

“Yes darling, spread wide for me, take my whole length.”

“Luciferrrrr fuckk, make me cum please.” Her voice was lost as flipped over, imagining that there really was a piano that she was being fucked onto and fingered herself from behind, while rubbing her clit wanton with blazing need.

“Yes darling, clench around me, make me fill your pussy darling.” And she stroked and fingered herself to the point of a delicious pain and cried out with a gasp for his name.

“Ahh, ohhh fuck fuck fuckkk, Lucifer come inside me pleaseeee.”

And he obliged. He stroked himself rigorously, arch upwards, he came inside his tight fist.

“Oh, Chloe… fuck.”

Chloe heard him scream silently as she imagined his cum spurting all inside her, as she kept clenching around her fingers, imagining his hard member filling and coaxing her with white-hot cum.

“Oh, my that was fantastic darling.” He yawned and purred, clearly sated by the very steamy session.

“Am I forgiven for the evening’s cock block now? She licked her fingers noisily, letting him hear as she slurped in her juices.

“Umm, halfway through darling. I’ll need less imagination and more live-action of this to even your score.”

“Always hungry for more, aren’t you?”

“Darling, my existence dates back eons and you know I cannot lie, that was the hottest phone sex I’ve had in my entire bloody existence, what do you expect?”

“Nothing, just to go to sleep now, and let me too.”

“Oh yes detective, good night. Have pleasant dreams.”

She knew he would’ve winked. “Good night Satan.” She chuckled.

And they both proceeded to clean up and hog the bed.