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As he sat down in the midst of a dark beach with his wings wide open, Lucifer had never thought that one of his vacations would turn to be something so much more. The fun of it all, the mischief-laden desire to annoy dear old dad was long gone as he bled through his bruised face, thanks to his celestial brawl back in the fighting pit earlier. There had always been exchanges between the two, but it had come to a point where he saw Amendial as nothing more than his enemy. God's greatest warrior was indeed his greatest warrior, the brother part is long forgotten.


“Are you sure Lucifer?”

Maze whispered through her masked confidence, underneath lay the insecurity of a demon who was going to abandon her home forever.

Lucifer knew that. Maze had always been his biggest support, did whatever he asked without as much a blink, but this, the very first time, he felt the mix of emotion, if Maze was capable of any other than her usual ones.


“Yes, Mazikeen, it’s time.”

And with that, Maze brought her blade close to his shoulder blades, the pointed edge cool against his burning ravenous body. She cut through his skin, deeper as she went, shedding his divinity all across the beach. A few deep incisions and cuts later, his left-wing lay next to him, lifeless as he felt at the moment. He couldn’t help but eye it from the corner of his eye, the stark white wings of the Morningstar, lay there, like trash ready to be disposed of a fancy-dress show. He held back his own tears as he tilted his head forward continued to look at the crashing waves, as if synchronous to his own crashing self. And just in the spiral, of waves, rage, and befallen destiny, his right-wing came off.


“It’s done, Lucifer. It’s done.”

And he jolted back to reality. He heard Maze in a requiem, lost in his dwindling pain but it still took a jolt to his shoulders from Maze which pushed him into his wingless, reality. He heard Maze hold back a sob, as admonishing as it was for hell’s fiercest warrior, and with that, he let his own flow down his burnt cuts, reminding him of how he really, truly, was fallen.



“It’s okay Maze, I’ll look over the books you don’t have to whip out your blades at Patrick every now and then.”

Lucifer called out to maze with a playful undertone, trying to negate the seriousness of her threat, which au contraire wasn’t playful at all.

“But you like a little role play with pointed edges, don’t you Patrick?”

Maze licked the pointed pin of her favorite blade as she gave Patrick a lusty gaze, nonetheless, Patrick scuttered, leaving the drink unfinished and left Maze with her blade, half-filled glass, and boss alone.

“Come now Maze, stop bothering the poor sod, you know the only way he can betray us if he left a drink or two spilled on the counter and left that unattended.”

“I won't settle until I know who’s behind all this mess, not that you have a care other than the mess, rather messes lying in your bedroom right now.”

Lucifer smirked “You know me Maze, no rest for the wicked. And it surely isn’t the devil’s fault that the Brittanys brought along a friend, rather friends.”

“Stop fooling around Lucifer, someone is embezzling from Lux and it leaves us exposed to the likes of these pesky little humans, aren’t you the least bit worried?”

With that, Maze stomped the glass, emptying her drink through her blazing anger stuck throat. It only seemed fair that the demon in her was whipping out her blade at every possible opportunity presented as doubt and stunk of betrayal to her boss. Eons spent by his side, through his fall, through his hellish ash-laden hallways, it would take a multitude of those eons for Maze to let go of that basic instinct.

Sure, Lucifer bantered and negated all the bile Maze was spitting at him or Patrick but now, even he had gotten a bit to vary as to the embezzling situation. It had been over a month since Lux’s accounting team had pointed out the imbalance on the financial statements to Lucifer. Now he would trust his team to fix the situation but it had only amplified in multitude and the team was left baffled.

Now it wouldn’t take much to scare a group of measly finance-stricken nerds but he knew his team was the best at what they did and spitting hellfire at them wouldn’t remedy the situation. There had been about $450,000 missing from the books when Lucifer was first informed of the problem and he hadn’t paid much head, maybe one of his favors needed to be called in, and an emergency loan out here and there would fix the problem, but now a little over a month later, the figure had come to $50 million and that couldn’t just be let off.

“Alright Maze, I’ll look into Lux’s twisted knickers, maybe untwist some myself in the penthouse while I am at it, but we’ll get to the bottom of this. Have Steve from the team contact me tomorrow at 7 PM sharp, I don’t want Lux’s business affected through these minor inconveniences.”

With that, he pulled a tarp of ‘minor inconvenience’ over an obviously, otherwise situation, slammed his glass at the counter in a signature ‘I’m off’ thump.

Maze, if not the most loyal and fierce demon, would not rest until she got to the bottom of this. No matter how many humans she had to skim through.




Chloe ruffled through the Brain Holders murder file, still stumped how it had been over 36 hours and there was no lead, no murder weapon, just a cigarette butt wiped off any DNA useful for the investigation. Sure, clues didn’t drop at her convenience right after a murder but this surely would be the very first time that all 4 sweeps of the crime scene came back empty. A cigarette butt, that’s it? How could anyone leave a crime scene as if it had barely been one?


She started from the first page again.

Brain Holders, 34, CEO of Stroke Capital Holdings was a rather dashing man, with no previous notable medical ailments record or criminal either. Had two kids, wife died in a car crash 5 years ago, was single until last year. His girlfriend, Sophie Niles was an accountant for a nightclub in a posh corner in Los Angeles and that’s about all she could gather from her social media footprint. She was brought into questioning about 4 times already and all she could do was sob her way into hysteric crying and dry heaving, so much so, she had a minor stroke in the last one and was hospitalized, rather useless dead end again.

Chloe admonished herself as thought so, but then the truth was the truth.

As she was in her reverie, her phone buzzed and jacked her out of her thought chain.

“Hi Dan, anything works out yet?”

“Other than our marriage you mean?”

If it had been anyone else, Chloe would end the call on that rather personal jibe but she and Dan were already past that. The divorce was really, actually amicable and they didn’t want to rip each other’s throats, they knew how important it was for Trixie and well, for both of them. Before being estranged as a couple, they would always be the best of friends and partners at work. That’s what made them work and would always.


Chloe guffawed “Yes Dan, other than our sorry ass marriage” They both laughed at that before Dan went on.

“Wow Chlo, for someone who’s sitting on a leadless case you sure are a delight to ring at.”

“I know I know, I figured banging my head against this file isn’t going to help anything. I’m stuck and it would be the same if I had a bleeding head banged well on my desk and a few riled fits of abuse at the evidence room. Although I’m still pretty pissed about Lux’s legal team blocking out the warrant. It could be a clue path to Brian’s murder since we aren’t getting anything else.”

“Yeah about that, Judge Sanders, approved a warrant to question the staff at Sofie’s nightclub workplace. Do clubs really have accountants Chlo?”

“No Dan. Of course not, they write down the price of each drink after they waggle all their drunk clientele when they exit the club.”

“How dare you over goof me Chlo”

They both laughed hysterically at that and ended the call.

With the warrant for the accounting team at Lux approved, Chloe sat researching the nightclub Lux. The site opened up to a brilliantly dim-lit headboard of Lux and that was that. She scrolled for more inside pictures of the place only to come across the page title saying, ‘Want a peep, step inside the devil’s lair’.

Wow, that’s good marketing for the fanciest club on the block. Chloe scrolled further to find anything more about the club, but to her dismay, the board banner Lux and an inquisitive one-liner were all she could find. She then googled Lux again and a few results later, she came across the name Lucifer Morningstar.

“Wow they really mean the devil’s lair thing, the owner is devil, sure.” She murmured to herself half laughingly and clicked on the link.

There it was, Lucifer Morningstar's picture, clad in a grey slate suit with a maroon silk square. With a beautiful smirk plastered across his chiseled face, eyes dreamy pools of mischief, she was sure, he was a delight to look at and oh boy, the owner being the devil? Was no joke really.