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Sleepy Yul

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Sung Ryong was just checking some expense books when the doorbell rang. He put down his work and went to open the door.

As Sung Ryong opened the door 4 people were at the door. Sung Ryong smiled and invited them inside.

"Hyung-nim (Choo Nam Ho), Ha Kyung, Sang Tae, Gwang Suk. Come in. It's been awhile hasn't it!" They walked in talking happily.

As they got to the living room the door bell rang again.

"Make yourselves comfortable. I will get the door." Sung Ryong said going back to the door.

"Ga Eun!! Come in! It's been so long how are you?" Sung Ryong asked.

"I'm great! How are you?" Ga Eun replied.

"Awesome as always." They laughed walking in.

They were taking and laughing when Gwang Suk asked. "Where are the others? How long will it take them to get here?"

"Oh Jae Jun just messaged me. They are here." As if on the cue the door bell ranged and Ga Eun got up before Sung Ryong.

"I'll get it." Ga Eun went to open the door.

When Ga Eun came back instead of 4 she came in with six people following her.

"Everyone is here at last." Nam Ho-ssi said clapping his hands.

"How is it everyone? Seo Yul is missing." Dong Hoon said looking around.

"Yes where is he?" Jae Jun asked.

"Sleeping. He is a bit sick." Sung Ryong said looking at the stairs where their bedroom is.

"Sick? What happened? Why didn't he say anything yesterday at work?" Ha Kyung asked worried.

"Clam down it's nothing serious. He started feeling sick in the morning--" Sung Ryong Couldn't finish as he was cut off.

"If he is sick why did you still invite us over? Did you go to the doctor?" Choo Nam Ho asked glaring at Sung Ryong.

"Hyung-nim let me finish. I asked him to go to the doctor but he said it sometimes happens to him and that he will be fine after taking his meds and sleeping a little. And I wanted to cancel today but he threatened me if I dare ruin my weekend because of him he won't ever tell me if he felt sick. And I think he would rather feel good having you all here." Sung Ryong finished looking at everyone.

Nam Ho-ssi was about to say something but stopped when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

Everyone looked at the stairs and saw Seo Yul coming down. He was wearing a oversized pink sweater that reached his mid thighs and white shorts peeking under his sweater with fluffy pink slippers. But what made them frown was the penguin sleep mask covering his eyes and the fluffy gray earmuffs over his ears.

(I put together Seo Yul's outfit. *giggles*)

"Hyung~" Seo Yul whined taking his earmuffs off and walked over to couches in the living room.

"Here Jagi." Sung Ryong said taking Seo Yul's hand.

"Hyung~" Seo Yul whined again sitting on the elder's lap and buried his face into his neck.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to come down the stairs with your sleep mask on." Sung Ryong said sternly but still ran a loving hand down the younger's back.

"Sleepy. Eyes don't wanna open." Seo Yul said pouting.

"Then why did you come down? Are you not feeling well?" Sung Ryong asked worry lacing his voice.

"Am fine. Hyung left me alone in bed. Can't sleep cold." Seo Yul whined clutching the front of Sung Ryong's shirt.

"Hmm. But you have to stop coming down stairs with your sleep mask on baby. What if you fall down again?" Sung Ryong said hugging the younger close to his chest which made Seo Yul sigh happily.

"That was only one time and hyung saved Yul." Yul squirmed in Sung Ryong's hold frustrated.

"But jagi--" This time Seo Yul cut off his sentence.

"Shhh. Hyung let Yul sleep." Seo Yul pulled his earmuffs on nuzzling into Sung Ryong's chest.

Everyone else in the room silently watched as it took 40 seconds for Seo Yul to fall asleep snoring softly.

"Soo cute!!!" it was Gwang Suk's squeal that startled everyone to reality.

"Oh my God! Is it really Seo Yul? Why does he looks so soft?" Myung Seok said his eyes wide with surprise.

"This is the cutest most fluffiest thing I ever witnessed." Hee Jin squealed.

The girls plus Sang Tae kept squealing when Suksoo (Dong Hoon's bf) spoke. "Okay but you said he came down the stairs with sleep mask more than once and fell once. What? How did that happened?"

"He just woke up and was coming down without taking his sleep mask off like most of the time no matter how many times I tell him not to do that. Anyways he managed to trip over his own feet and almost fell but I was there just in time to catch him as I was on my way to wake him up."

"What!!" everyone gasped.

"Yeah. Poor thing was really scared and cried. That did made him stop coming down the stairs blindly for two weeks. Then it went back to how it was." Sung Ryong said shaking his head but everyone saw with how much love and adoration he looked at the younger.

"Hmm I think we should leave. Take him upstairs and stay with him. Let him sleep comfortably. And don't tell him we came just tell him me, Ha Kyung, Ga Eun and SooHoon couple cancelled so the rest cancelled and postponed to next week. We don't have to take his safe place away from him." Choo Nam Ho said smiling then looked at the youngers of the group. "Don't tease him about this better yet don't even mention today ever. Am I clear?" He asked and everyone nodded.

Everyone bid goodbye and left Sung Ryong in the living room with Seo Yul peacefully sleeping on his lap.

Sung Ryong sighed softly and looked down at the sleeping beauty on his lap. He couldn't help lips from curving up and pressed a soft kiss on the younger's forehead.

After staring at the younger's face for a while Sung Ryong finally got up with Seo Yul in his arms carrying him to their bedroom.

Sung Ryong gently lowered the younger on the bed and joined him. The younger instantly wrapped himself around Sung Ryong burring his face in the elder's chest.

A soft chuckle left Sung Ryong's lips. And he was sure that his favorite kind of Seo Yul was definitely the cute, whiny, pouting....

Sleepy Yul.