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Karin is spooked

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Himeno huffed. Karin was way too flirty!


Karin and Himeno were in a cabin by the woods, alongside a few cameramen and models for a photoshoot. Being a top model's girlfriend meant Himeno often got a front row seat to the show, or rather a behind the scenes peek. At least that was the ideal scenario, until the camera crew decided Himeno was a distraction. Karin spent much of the day so far making suggestive hand gestures and blowing kisses at Himeno, all of which the small girl ate up completely. She didn't realize how much she was letting her desires get the best of her, until the camera crew forced Himeno off the set.


Now she was inside, with nothing but an out of service mobile phone and some strangers to entertain her. If only Karin hadn't been so blunt, they could have kept going! Himeno would have to ask Karin to hold back in the future. Then, they could wink to eat other, and make funny faces, and maybe kiss, and-




The sound of a distant yell was dulled by walls, but nonetheless alarming. Himeno jumped up from her seat, pushing past people to head outside.


"Karin-san?!" She yelled, slamming the wooden door. 


Karin, who always looked so cool and collected in front of the camera, had hidden behind a rather large tree with a dour expression. Another woman, her eyes furrowed, was standing nearby looking at the dirt. The cameramen all were still pointing at her, as if this was part of the sketch.


"Hey! She's scared, and what are all of you doing!" Himeno yelled. She rushed over to Karin's side, grabbing the taller girl's hand. A faint blush formed on Karin's face. Everyone was giving her odd looks, but that was the least of her concerns.


"Karin-san is sensitive!" Himeno scolded the crew. "She's coming with me!"


They swerved around the cabin, towards the back. Himeno was pleased to find nobody was there, leaning Karin against the back wall. It was midday and scorching, so anyone who wasn't working would be inside.


"Karin, what happened?" Himeno asked, taking both of her girlfriend's hands in hers.


"'s nothing."


Himeno waited, silently pressing Karin for more.


"It's rather silly, but there was a huge dung beetle," Karin laughed, shaking Himeno's hands out of hers. 


"Ah..." Himeno didn't know what to say. The heat of the moment was fading away, and she was beginning to recount her actions. "I guess I shouldn't have made such a big deal out of it."




Himeno looked up to see Karin standing close to her. Uncomfortably close. Himeno could see all the details of Karin's gorgeous dress, but more importantly the generous amount of cleavage on display. Karin's infamous moles were visible. Himeno instinctively stepped away, only to find the cabin walls against her back. She could smell Karin's perfume, mixed with sweat.


"My girlfriend is pretty strong."


Karin's hand slammed down against the wall, pinning Himeno to it. The sound echoed lightly. Karin's voice lowered to a whisper, and it was all Himeno could focus on.


"Now that I have you all to myself, I suppose I'll have to pay you back somehow."


Himeno's heart began pumping at a dangerous rate. Hold on! Wasn't this flirting way too dangerous?! They were going to get kicked out again!


Karin laid a gentle kiss on Himeno's cheek. When she pulled back, the sensation of her lips was trapped in her skin. When Himeno didn't return the kiss, Karin chided her.


"Come now, you'll need to show more enthusiasm Himeno."