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It starts as a throwaway comment, or maybe a slip of the tongue, one that makes Childe choke on the piece of Tianshu Meat that he’s spent the past five minutes trying to navigate into his mouth. What a shame, Zhongli thinks as he thumps his companion on the back, that his effort would be wasted as such.

When Childe can breathe again, his voice is shaky. “S-sorry, I thought you said— you want to invite people over to,” he makes a crude motion with his fingers, “fuck you?”

“Yes,” Zhongli says, even if he hadn’t quite put it that way. “Of course, I would like you to be present as well. I would trust only those dear to me to indulge me like this.”

Childe gapes at him, looking rather like a dying fish. Zhongli, because he feels rather bad that Childe hadn’t been able to enjoy the food he’d managed to pick up all on his own, stuffs a piece of meat in the harbinger’s mouth.

“Well,” Childe says weakly after nearly choking a second time. “I guess— I guess that’s fine.” He doesn’t sound too put off by the idea of sharing his boyfriend with other people. It’s a good start.

Satisfied, Zhongli lets his eyes flutter shut as he sips his tea.




Xiao is the only one who doesn’t seem ecstatic to be crowded on the bed with the other three. His furrowed brow leads Zhongli to offer, “You do not have to partake if you have doubts.” In hindsight, perhaps it’s something he should have clarified before he was unclothed, his last shreds of dignity preserved by only a thin blanket.

“I’m staying,” Xiao says, even as he glares at Venti and Childe, who are comparing dicks on the other side of the bed.”I…” He flushes red and clears his throat. “Thank you for—”

For what, Zhongli never gets to hear, because Venti chooses that moment to rip the blanket off with an Anemo burst. “Alright, let’s get started!”

Out of instinct, Zhongli presses his thighs together in an attempt at modesty, and Childe laughs as he moves up the bed toward Xiao, who looks like he’s about to combust. “Zhongli, are you getting shy?”

Is he? He has no reason to; Childe has seen him like this countless times, and he’s known the other two for thousands of years, but a strange sort of self-consciousness has begun creeping up his spine. He had requested that the three of them gather here himself, had just about been fantasizing about this scenario for the past several weeks, and yet he still can’t bare himself to an audience.

But before he can voice his thoughts, Venti grabs an ankle and pries his legs apart, humming as he settles himself between them to survey his prize. 

“Morax!” He looks up to meet his gaze with a wide grin. “You’re just as cute as ever!”

A pulse of heat blossoms across Zhongli’s face. “I no longer—” he starts, if only to distract from Venti’s discovery, but he cuts himself off with a strangled gasp when he feels a warm tongue swipe between his folds. He glares at the bard lying flat between his legs. “Barbatos—”

The correction of “Venti!” gets muffled in his cunt, the vibrations reaching into his core. A hard suck on his clit follows, making Zhongli squeeze his eyes shut and throw his head back against the mattress as every nerve in his body alights. 

The stimulation lets up for a brief moment, but before he can relax, Venti licks through his slit again, gathering up the slick that’s begun to trickle from his opening. His tongue dips into Zhongli’s leaking heat, but it pulls out just as quickly, leaving the ex-Geo Archon hissing with want.

Then, Venti dips back down, and it’s sloppy and desperate, the way he mouths at Zhongli’s cunt, sucking his folds into his mouth and attacking his clit. Zhongli grips the bedsheets, throat closing up as he tries to swallow his cries. He can feel himself gushing and convulsing around Venti’s tongue whenever the bard deems him worthy of a few seconds of gratification.

“Don’t hold back, now,” Childe coos as he moves to sit behind Zhongli, letting his back press flush against his chest, and sticks two fingers in his mouth. His erection presses thick and heavy against Zhongli’s upper back. “We want to hear all the pretty noises you make.”

Still, Zhongli’s moans catch behind a screen of modesty, even as Childe tries to coax them out. There’s still a part of him that screams at him to save face in front of his fellow god and adeptus, to present himself as worthy of respect, even as one of them eats him out and the other can barely make eye contact with him.

And yet, the thought of being at his most vulnerable in front of them, because of them—

He doesn’t even notice that he’s trapped Venti between his thighs until a gentle hand brushes a lock of hair out of his face and Xiao says, “You’re suffocating him.”

Childe laughs, taking his fingers out of Zhongli’s mouth. “Let him.”

Blearily, Zhongli raises his head just enough to blink down at where Venti’s face is still buried between his legs, and it takes him a moment to realize that it’s because the bard can’t move. Oh. As he relaxes, parting his thighs again, Venti pops back up in a dramatic show of gasping for breath. 

“I’m flattered,” Venti winks. He drags a finger through the sopping mess, licking the juices off as the older god quivers at the touch. A thin thread of fluid follows his finger before snapping and dripping back onto Zhongli’s cunt.

Eyes falling shut, he releases a shaky breath as Venti returns to his clit, laving his tongue over and sucking on the bud like a piece of candy, occasionally detaching himself to nip at Zhongli’s thighs. A tentative hand wanders down his sternum before pinching a nipple, growing emboldened when he moans and arches his back. He curls his fingers into the sheets beneath him, his mind growing fuzzier as all of his senses converge to a pinpoint and all of the heat in his body reaches a peak— 

Venti pulls away, and that heat immediately plummets to a simmer. Zhongli’s eyes snap open, and he lifts his head to glare down at the other archon, who’s sitting back on his heels, licking his lips. 

“Needed a breather,” Venti chirps. His nonchalance stands in stark contrast to the stiff curve of his cock and the shine of slick across his face.

But Zhongli’s stolen orgasm has taken his patience along with it. “Venti,” he grits out. He barely restrains himself from reaching out and shoving the other’s head back down between his legs. “If you do not hurry up, I will tell Dvalin of your past attempts to find him a mate.”

It’s not an empty threat. Venti laughs nervously. “Okay, okay. Let’s give you something better.” Instead of finishing the job, to Zhongli’s frustration, he calls out, “Hey Childe, don’t you want in on this?”

“Oh? It’s my turn?” The bed rises and dips as Childe extracts himself from beneath Zhongli and goes to join Venti farther down. Before Zhongli can protest the loss of warmth behind him, Xiao unfolds himself to fill in Childe’s spot, a new presence to support him. His arm curls across Zhongli’s chest, and a spark of pain blooms as Xiao bites down on the junction between his neck and his shoulder.

“Ah— Xiao,” Zhongli moans, but the yaksha doesn’t look at him, lapping fastidiously at the bite mark. The hold tightens when Childe takes Venti’s place, lifting Zhongli’s thighs to form a V, baring his dripping pussy to the world.

“Zhongli-xiansheng,” Childe sighs, the honorific a mockery of respect. “You’re always so pretty like this.” He takes a few seconds to admire Zhongli’s swollen labia, glistening between trembling thighs, before he slots his length between the folds. He rolls his hips slowly, watching the way plush lips part around and cushion his cock, leaving it shimmering with slick. “Normally, I wouldn’t be happy with sharing, but…”

“Nothing to be done about it,” Venti says. “Why do you think his people love him so much?”

Zhongli knows it’s not true, what Venti is insinuating, knows that he had never and would never spread his legs for just anyone, but he shudders at the accusation, a wave of heat dousing him even as Xiao stiffens behind him.

“You’d make such a nice whore,” Venti sighs. He strokes himself idly as Childe grinds down against Zhongli’s slit without entering him. “Maybe even the expensive kind too. This is all you’re good for as a mortal, isn’t it?”

“I—” he gasps, but it breaks off into a breathy moan as Childe’s cock slides up against his clit, sending another jolt of pleasure through him. “I do not—”

Childe doubles down, rubbing himself against Zhongli’s soft, wet pussy, smearing a mixture of pre-cum and juices with each thrust. Zhongli can only imagine how debauched he must look, his legs forced wide open, the petals of his cunt parted to reveal his opening, dripping with arousal.

Another possessive bite to his collarbone, and he arches up, trying to angle himself to let that torturous length slip inside and sate his desire to be filled, to be made complete, but Childe pins his hips down.

“Be patient,” he says, but Zhongli shifts as he presses forward again, and he comes just like that, his clit forced up against Childe’s cockhead, hole fluttering around nothing as every muscle in his body tenses up in a spark of ecstasy. There are only three others in the room with him, he knows, but in that moment, it feels as if the entire world has its eyes on him.

He’s still coming down from his high, his own breaths loud and ragged in his ears, when Childe reaches beneath the small of his back, lifting him up out of Xiao’s lap and turning him onto all fours.

Zhongli doesn’t even get the chance to raise his head in question before Childe slides in with one smooth motion. His arms give out beneath him as his walls clench around the harbinger, pulsing with overstimulation, and he slumps forward with a hoarse moan, his cheek pressed against Xiao’s thigh and his ass presented to the room.

He’s felt this tens, maybe even hundreds of times before, but the heavy thickness of Childe’s cock inside of him never fails to wrench away his last semblances of control. It fills him so well, nestled snugly against his sweet spot, and he’s been tempted on more than one occasion to keep the length inside himself for hours on end. But now—

“W-Wait a moment, I—” His words break off as Childe begins pounding into him relentlessly, hips snapping against his ass with every thrust. His wails escape him freely now, unfettered by his self control as he slides across the sheets rhythmically, unable to gain any traction with the way Childe fucks into him.

His cheek bumps against Xiao’s crotch. The adeptus scrambles back, or tries to, before his back hits the headboard. “Zh-Zhongli, my lord—”

Childe slows to a halt, leaving Zhongli to clench around him to no avail. “Go ahead, he likes it.” A smirk crosses his face, a tinge of venom entering his voice. “But you didn’t know that, did you?”

And because Xiao is tensing up the way he’s done for the past two thousand years whenever he feels as if Rex Lapis is being disrespected, while Venti lounges nearby with no intention of diffusing the tension, Zhongli takes matters into his own hands by stretching over to lick a stripe along the length of Xiao’s cock.

The yaksha jerks with a half-gasp, half-groan, eyes wide as he stares at the former archon, at Rex Lapis himself, as the god who had once defeated and sealed away countless others laps at the erection before him. “M-my lord,” he whispers, voice tinged with confusion and a hint of panic, but he doesn’t try to move away.

Zhongli hums in response, pushing himself up onto his forearms. As he wraps his lips around the tip of Xiao’s dick, Childe thrusts hard, groaning in tandem with Xiao as the adeptus slides to the back of Zhongli’s throat, tight heat engulfing his length.

It should be humiliating, disgraceful for him to even entertain the thought of taking two cocks at once. And it is, it’s all that and more, a satisfaction of letting himself be tugged and shoved like he’s nothing more than a doll, and he lets out a moan that has Xiao shaking in restraint to stop himself from pressing impossibly more forward to chase the heat.

A feather-light touch sneaks beneath Zhongli, tugging at his nipples. “What would people think, knowing that their beloved archon is such a slut?” Venti punctuates every word with a pinch, drinking up the muffled cries the other archon lets out, and grinds his cock against his back. “You’re so desperate just for three of us; what’s another ten, or thousand?”

“Are you insane?” Xiao snaps. His hand curls protectively in Zhongli’s hair, and Zhongli isn’t sure if it’s this odd juxtaposition between being degraded and being cherished or if it’s the intensity of being taken from both ends that causes tears to gather in the corners of his eyes as he comes again, hole clenching around Childe like a vice. 

Childe’s hips stutter, but he manages to stave off his orgasm with a groan, hunching over Zhongli as the archon trembles beneath him, Xiao’s erection slipping out of his mouth as he cries out and curls in on himself.

Zhongli lets out a broken mewl when Childe pulls out, leaving his hole loose and dripping as it tries to suck him back in, warm walls clinging slickly to his shaft. His limbs feel like jelly. He wouldn’t be able to push himself back upright even if he wanted to, but— 

He squeezes his eyes shut with a shuddering gasp as Childe wraps an arm around his waist before winding a hand through his loosened ponytail and tugging backwards, forcing him up onto his knees. He straddles Childe’s lap, the harbinger’s cock pressing a chaste kiss to his entrance.

“You’re doing so well.” Childe pecks him on the cheek as Zhongli goes limp in his solid, warm grasp, and then he lets go.

Zhongli cries out as his legs give out from beneath him, and he impales himself on Childe’s cock, taking the entire length in one swift drop. Childe yelps and curses, and the feeling of his dick twitching nearly sends Zhongli over the edge again. He lets out a sob from the overstimulation, but every movement he makes bumps Childe’s cock inside of him, sending a jolt up his spine.

He can hear Venti snickering at the two of them, but he has neither the energy nor the coordination to throw him out the window. Instead, he focuses on breathing, trying to push past the way his body chants for more, despite how tender his core feels.

His attempts are interrupted as a slender finger pushes its way inside of him alongside Childe’s cock. His eyes snap open in panic, and he meets Venti’s verdant gaze as the smaller god bends his wrist and starts to piston his finger in and out.

“What? Don’t think I don’t know you’re a size queen,” Venti says. “Also, a little golden birdie told me that you’ve started needing two of those things your boyfriend likes to call tusks.”

Said golden birdie starts to sputter and Childe chokes on his own breath, but the addition of a second finger overrides the existence of every other thought in Zhongli’s head. Childe isn’t even moving, gaze locked on the tight stretch of Zhongli’s hole around his cock and Venti’s fingers. Slick drips down the intruding appendages as his walls begin to relax, accommodating and welcoming the penetration, and Venti adds a third.

Zhongli’s head lolls to the side as he processes everything with fucked out amber eyes, tears of sensitivity blurring the way Xiao reaches out to cup his cheek in one hand. 

Then Venti rearranges himself, grabs onto Zhongli’s hips, and pushes in next to Childe, and Zhongli’s world narrows down to the impossible stretch, how full he feels, how vulnerable he is— and then wandering fingers reach down to fondle his clit, and with a hot rush of pleasure, he squirts, fluid gushing over their cocks.

He doesn’t even realize he’s screaming until a hand strokes up and down his back. He feels himself shaking apart as gentle arms wrap around him, combing through his disheveled hair, pressing promises into his bare shoulders. Slivers of amber flutter into sight as he fights to open his eyes, coming face to face with Xiao’s concern. 

The yaksha lets out a quiet breath. He’s always worn his emotions so openly, has never been good at masking his intentions. Now, his eyes shine with a mixture of worry and need, but the former wins out in the thumb that wipes at the tear streaks that Zhongli hadn’t even noticed were there. 

“You’re doing so well,” Childe repeats. He presses slow kisses between Zhongli’s shoulder blades. “You’re so beautiful. Gorgeous. I wish you could see yourself like this.”

 “We’ll have a mirror next time,” Venti promises, and Childe’s face contorts, warring between the implication that there’ll be a next time and the realization that it would be very hot to have a next time.

And he doesn’t have a response for that, so he draws back until just his tip is inside and sheaths himself to the hilt again, ignoring Venti’s yelp as their cocks slide together.

Zhongli lets out a broken cry as he’s stuffed full again and again as the two of them begin to move. He feels as if he’s about to burst at the seams, his cunt fluttering weakly around the lengths inside him. 

He tilts forward, Xiao’s quick embrace the only thing keeping him from spilling across the bed entirely. His breaths come in short bursts as he quivers, each thrust shoving him against the yaksha.

“My lord… Zhongli.” Xiao’s voice is quiet and low, and when Zhongli looks up, for a second he sees Alatus, the young adeptus who had once looked at him as if he had hung the stars.

And now, how Zhongli has failed him. He typically tries not to think of such things, but there’s a certain irony in being reminded of them when he’s being fucked until his mind clouds over. 

He drops down to his forearms, chasing after Xiao’s cock and pressing kisses up its length. He feels Childe and Venti shift behind him to accommodate the change in position, but he squeezes his eyes shut as he takes Xiao’s cock into his mouth again. 

He floats for a while, the spikes of pleasure now a rolling wave as he loses himself to the overwhelming fullness on both ends. Distantly, he hears someone talking—most likely Venti; he could never get enough of his own voice. 

Xiao jerks back, breaking Zhongli out of his stupor. Panic is written across his red face. Zhongli hums in question, and Xiao lets out a strangled moan, pulling his cock all the way out of Zhongli’s mouth—

But it’s too late, and Zhongli watches in rapt fascination as warm ropes of cum decorate his own face, painted across his nose and cheeks.

“Fuck,” Childe groans, and then a hot spurt— no, two fill Zhongli’s cunt, and the rush of fluid against his walls tides him over to his fourth orgasm, juices mixing with the cum inside him and gushing out around Venti and Childe.

Zhongli collapses, shaking through aftershocks as the two of them pull out. Even though they’re gentle, their cockheads still catch on his opening, tearing out overstimulated sobs as they pop back out, leaving his pussy empty and loose.

His thighs and the sheets beneath him are soaked with fluids. He can’t focus on anything except the throbbing heat between his legs, his cunt fucked into a lurid red, lips quivering at the slightest breeze.

Wordlessly, Xiao moves between Zhongli’s legs for the first time and ghosts a hand over his dripping, swollen folds. The touch is feather-light, almost teasing, but Zhongli spasms when Xiao brushes over his clit.

He lets out a breathless moan when the adeptus cups a warm hand over his mound the way he would a freshly bloomed Qingxin, letting it rest there as leftover juices and cum trickle down his fingers. Slowly, Xiao trails his index and middle finger through the mess, chasing after Zhongli as he tries to squirm away from the contact.

“No… no more…” His clit feels rubbed so raw that he thinks even the silk of his robes will feel chafing. 

Xiao pulls his hand away. “One more,” he murmurs, and he lowers himself and presses a reverent kiss to Zhongli’s clit, unbothered as bitten, fluid-stained thighs come to clamp around his head in protest.

It’s simultaneously too much and not enough. Zhongli’s breaths escape him in teary mewls as impossibly light touches flutter against his core, almost as if they’re afraid to break him. 

And then three fingers plunge into him, and even though they’re nowhere as thick as the two cocks inside him earlier, they rub insistently at his sweet spot and—

Zhongli doesn’t remember much of what happens after that, only emerging from the haze at the brush of a towel against his slit. He hisses at the rough texture, shifting away, but Childe leans down to kiss his cheek in apology before the towel resumes its dabbing, more gently this time.

An arm is slung over his waist, grounding him to reality. The tattoo and the soft, even puffs of breath against the nape of his neck tell him that Xiao has fallen asleep behind him, curled up like a cat.

He can feel his own eyes slipping shut again, so he whispers a quick “Thank you,” reaching out to take Childe’s hand in his own and pressing a kiss to his knuckles.

The patter of light footsteps approaches the bed.

“Careful,” he hears Venti whisper. “You’ll make us think you liked sharing.”

Zhongli doesn’t even realize that he’s tensed up in anticipation until he relaxes at Childe’s huff of laughter. “He trusts you, and I won’t be around forever. I can’t chain him down.”

“No,” Venti says. “You can’t.” There’s a thump and a muted oof as he pushes Childe down to lay beside Zhongli before throwing himself half on top of Xiao. The yaksha doesn’t even stir. “But I don’t think you have to worry about that.”

Zhongli lets his gaze crack open a golden sliver, meeting blue eyes, dull but piercing.

“Hi,” Childe whispers.

Zhongli tucks his face in the crook of Childe’s neck. “Hello.”

“You were so good today.” Childe kisses the top of his head.  “You’re a genius, you know that?”

“Go to sleep,” Zhongli says, but he lets himself bask in the glow of self-satisfaction, just for a moment.