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MY Little Conman.-HAITUS

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Laurent had taken the “assistant” bet a little too seriously. The first action was to loosely hook his finger on the collar of Edamura’s shirt when he went to leave, with Laurent bearing a sly smirk. 

“Edamame, I think you’re forgetting something!” Laurent chirped. Edamura tensed up with a nervous smile before he turned to look at Laurent.


Laurent spun Edamura around and held up a nice leather choker with a pearl in the center. Inscribed in the center of the stone was a beautifully calligraphed letter “L”. Edamura looked to Laurent in confusion, but the smug look he was greeted with snapped everything into place.

”Hell no! I’m not wearing that!” Edamura shouted as he hid his face in his hands. A few drunken heads had turned at the sound, plus a few snickers and giggles. Laurent shook his head and removed one hand from Edamura’s face. The sight was horrifically humiliating...For Edamura, that is. The blush that stained Edamura’s cheeks looked better than any dessert, and Laurent was dead set on tasting them one day.

”Assistants don’t complain, now go on and try it!”

”Laurent, be serious.” Edamura huffed with a death glare at the blond in front of him.

”I am being serious.” Laurent assured. Edamura started at Laurent for a moment as if to see if he was making a joke of sorts. Edamura waited for what felt like hours for Laurent to burst out in laughter. Laurent never did. “You’re the one who made the bet, Edamame. Don’t tell me you’re a sore loser!” He teased, his signature smile that graced his expression.


”I’m not a sore loser, and that’s not my name!” Edamura shot back, his face flushed red in mortification. Laurent offered his hand to Edamura, who hesitantly took the confidence man’s hand.

”Come along now, I have the full agreement in my room.” Laurent hummed. The men earned cheers and loud wolf whistles for Laurent’s “new conquest”. Edamura almost spoke in defense of himself, but Laurent told his friend to pay no mind. “They just want to tease, they mean nothing by it.


The letter was in the center of a wooden desk,already adorned with memorabilia from what Edamura assumed to be
Laurent’s past cons. It was written on parchment paper, with two lines for signatures. Laurent had already signed his name, so Edamura assumed his signature was to go onto the blank space. Before anything could come out of Laurent’s mouth, Edamura snatched the paper up and read it aloud:



“At the signing of this document, I, Makoto Edamura, shall willingly become Laurent Thierry’s assistant.

This role of assistant shall include the following responsibilities:


1. Always give my honest opinion on plans and to never hold my tongue when I am uncomfortable with a proposed plan.

2. Never hide any injuries or notable medical conditions (such as allergies or physical conditions) that could compromise my casting in plans.

3. Never harm my allies out of a plan’s context and hold respect for everyone, no matter my personal feelings regarding them based upon any differences or similarities to myself.

4. Always come back to Laurent Thierry when I am summoned when exceptions do not apply. The exceptions include: Death to myself or close companions/family, illness (be it physical or mental), and mental facility stays/doctor-issued recovery periods.

By this contract, if anything happens that threatens my well-being to my physical, mental, and/or emotional state, I, Makoto Edamura, will immediately alert Laurent Thierry by saying the word ‘Jubilee’.

This document is open to any and all negations between exclusively Laurent Thierry and Makoto Edamura.”


Edamura looked up to Laurent, who’s ice cold gaze was fixed upon the paper in Edamura’s hands. A chill was whipped down Edamura’s spine at the look of complete seriousness.

”You know,” Laurent spoke up finally, his voice offputtingly serious for how his normal tone was very airy and lighthearted. “We can come up with a new thing together, if you’d like. Laurent murmured his offer softly and gently. Edamura swallowed his nerves as the thoughts ran through his head.

”Wow... I uh- I didn’t expect you to be so serious about this!” Edamura laughed awkwardly. “I kinda meant it as a joke.”

”As if I’d give up the opportunity to have the most amazing conman I’ve ever met escape my grasp like that.” Laurent explained. The possessive words made Edamura look around the room in embarrassment.

”You’re making it seem like I’m like... like a pet or something.”


Laurent’s sudden grasp at Edamura’s shoulder made Edamura jump slightly in fright before his eyes met Laurent’s. “You are the biggest asset I could ever dream of having on my team. You have the heart of gold, the brains of a supercomputer, and the talent of none that I’ve ever seen in any other person. Yes, you have your flaws, but I’d be an idiot to let you go without a fight.”

”D-do you really think that?” Edamura chuckled. He didn’t mean to laugh, it was a nervous reaction, dammit!


A moment of silence fell over the two as Edamura mulled it over. Being with Laurent would provide excellent protection and high income, but on the other hand- high risk, high income and he had just been considering turning himself in! Salazar had gone straight, so why couldn’t he?!... Edamura regretted the decision to look at Laurent’s pleading eyes that silently begged for so many things that Edamura could not quite place.


With a final, deciding sigh, Edamura took the pen from his suit pocket and pressed the paper to the desk before he took the cap off of his pen. “English or Japanese?”

”I... No preference.” Laurent answered, clearly bewildered by Edamura’s agreement. The surprised expression coaxed the explanation out of Edamura.

”I mean, this is more than fair.” Edamura shrugged as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “This contract isn’t terrible and it’s clear my safety and comfort is a priority. It acknowledges I have rights and preferences. And unfortunately, you did win me over by 30 million more than what I got.”


”Really?” Laurent said with reasonable skepticism, but Edamura nodded. 

”Yeah, unlike some people, I’m an upstanding gentleman... but I’m not wearing the collar.”


As soon as Edamura heard a familiarly dramatic groan, he knew the usual Laurent was back. “But it’d look so cute!”

”Ha! In your dreams!” Edamura denied, but Laurent still pressed the choker from his pocket into Edamura’s hand.

”Alright, suit yourself, but I’m going to go get fucked up and have fun.” Laurent turned his head and smiled sweetly when he was almost out the door to remind Edamura of a final thing before he left. “Oh, and by the way, I’m going to pretend this means you’re officially mine.” He teased. 

Edamura shouted from the room, as he dared not follow Laurent into the crowd of chattering drunk cons who were already applauding Laurent. “JUST BECAUSE I’M YOUR ASSISTANT DOES NOT MEAN I’M YOURS!”