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burn away the cold for me

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You know how it went.


You and Venti run out of the Cathedral, laughing even though you shouldn’t be. It’s the happiness of finally being free, of Mondstadt finally having her Dragon of the East back. And yet, someone spoils it. 


His gnosis is in her hands, and you think it’s your fault. Your presence here is hindering Venti’s real powers. If Venti was to summon his winds with no restraint right now, you would become a casualty and you know the gentle wind god would rather give himself up than harm you. And you hate it.


In a fit of anger, you manage to throw off the two Fatui soldiers holding onto you. You have to get it back, the thing in her hands that was ripped from Venti’s chest. It has to be important, if the way Venti bit back his pain was anything to go by. You run, dodging attacks from the mages next to that woman. The wind spurs you on and you tackle her down.


You fight her for the thing in her hands, the sheer ferocity you use against her viciously manifested as a result of having to watch your friend fall before you. You are a gentle soul, but Venti doesn’t deserve this. So you bare your fangs.


You finally wrench it back from her grasp and she throws you off to ready a Cryo spell, but before she can do anything, you hear a commotion from the Cathedral’s front steps. She almost lets out an angry growl at her failed mission, but quickly composes herself and gives you a glare that can instill fear in gods.


You return it with one of your own.


She leaves, and you see someone running over. You hurry over to Venti, and haul him onto your shoulders to hide in a corner. You can’t have people discovering any of this, and for that you apologise to Paimon who is still frozen in front of the door. She’ll live, and you hope your wallet has enough mora to buy enough food to placate her later. You promise to yourself that you will explain everything to her.


You maneuver through the relatively quiet streets of Mondstadt and reach the teleport point near the city’s fountain. Only two other people know of Venti’s true identity, and the Dandelion Knight isn’t an option right now. Letting her know about this in your haste might cause even more problems, but you desperately need a place for Venti to rest.


With no other options, you teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Dawn Winery.   



Cold. It was so cold.


“So the Fatui did this? Where were the Knights?”


He didn’t think he would know what that felt like. But that coldness seeped from the insides of his chest, burning all the while.


“Yes. I have to go back to convey what happened to Jean, but I had to get him somewhere safe first. I hope this is okay with you?”


Ah, right. His Gnosis was ripped out of him. But he can sense it close by, right next to him.


“Of course. He will be safe here, I can assure you. Now go." 


Venti hears the faint shutting of a door, and slowly blinks his eyes open. In his blurry vision he sees splotches of red and black hovering near him, but when he tries to speak all that comes out is a wheezing cough. 


Immediately, he is pulled up gently into a sitting position, warm hands rubbing his back as he hacks his lungs out from the cold. The man does not say a single word, but his touch is enough of a comfort, and Venti is thankful he doesn’t have to talk at the moment. 


When the coughs subside, Venti takes a moment to get his breath back before speaking.


"...Did Aether pass something to you?"


Diluc frowns, before pulling a glowing teal chess piece from his chest pocket. Venti wants to let out a small laugh at the irony, but decides against it lest he start another coughing attack. 


"You mean this, right?" Diluc asks, his grip on the object firm in his gloved hands. "The Traveller didn't mention what this was, but he told me to keep it safe as it was a precious thing." 


Aww, that sweet child. Then again, he did literally get into a fistfight with a Harbinger to take it back for him. Venti really should express his gratitude to Aether later. 


"Yes. That would be my Gnosis." At Diluc's confused expression, Venti opts to explain against his better judgement.


"It's essentially what a Vision is for an Archon, a symbol of our status. An internal magic focus that connects us directly to Celestia."


"I can't put it back in me right now though, I need to rest up a bit first," Venti says. "So you're going to have to hold on to it in the meantime." 


Diluc looks like he was about to break.


"You- This is way too important for me to- What if I lose it?" 


Venti sighs.


"You won't, I trust you." The god looks at him with slight pity. "But if you truly don't feel like you trust yourself, you can just stay here with me until I can take it back. That is, if you are not busy, of course."


No responsibility he had right now would take precedence over keeping his own God's heart safe though, Diluc thought.


"I'll stay here with you. I have time. Plus, it'll be better for your protection until Aether comes back."


The mortal protects the god, instead of the other way round. Venti lets out a soft laugh, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. The chill persists in him, but there’s also the slightest feeling of warmth starting to creep in. The god frowns, hand coming up to press against his chest. Where is it coming from? 


“Are you alright?” 


Venti stares up at Diluc’s concerned face, the gears in his head turning as he thinks. 


“I am. Can I bother you with a request though?”


Diluc lets out a scoff at that. “I don’t think the Anemo Archon of our nation needs to ask that of his subject. Go ahead, what is it?”


“Can you take my Gnosis out of your pocket?”


Raising an eyebrow at the question, Diluc complies. The object lays flat in his gloved hands, and Venti feels the warmth drain away and the cold return. So that’s how it is, then.


“Can you use your Pyro Vision on my Gnosis?” Diluc almost drops the object in question in shock, gaping at Venti.


“You want me to what? ” 


“It’s not that fragile of a thing, I assure you.” Grasping Diluc’s hands in his, Venti squeezes them together gently. The edges of the Gnosis dig into Diluc’s gloved hands, but the mortal could care less right now. 


“Do it,” Venti urges, and Diluc finds himself unable to refuse so he covers his hands in the gentlest flames he can muster, bathing the Gnosis in a delicate heat.


The sensation returns stronger. Venti almost lets out a sigh of contentment at the cold being driven away, and now all he can feel is how warm he is inside. His shoulder sag in relief, finally finding reprieve. 


Diluc, out of concern, stops his flames for a moment, unsure if he should be keeping this up. Venti lets out a low whine, hand darting out to grip the ends of the other’s coat tightly as he feels the chill come back.


“No, don’t stop. Please continue.” With no other option, Diluc continues.


But even the most experienced of Vision Users can’t maintain their powers if certain distractions keep happening. For example, an Archon holding onto you tightly as they close their eyes in a blissed out, yet peaceful expression. Diluc can almost imagine a purr coming out from that tiny frame at any moment, and, with that, the mortal’s control slips.


An accidental spike in the temperature of his flames prompts a moan from the Archon’s lips, and the both of them froze. 


"...Did not know that would happen." Diluc balks a little at that.


"What do you mean you didn't know this would happen?"


"Hey, I don't just let people hold my Gnosis! It's never out of an Archon's body usually, much less set on fire by Pyro users!" 


At this Diluc looks a little sheepish, muttering out an apology. The two of them sit in complete silence, neither willing to speak up.


"...Can you do that again?" Venti mumbles eventually, pointedly looking away from Diluc. 


Not saying a word, Diluc simply wraps his hand around the chess piece tightly, coating it in flames. Venti feels a pleasurable twist as the meandering warmth sets his insides aflame, and the heat makes his face flush as a full body shudder runs through him. It seems temperature isn’t the only thing he can feel from his Gnosis, if the way Diluc rubbing the side with his thumb is anything to go by. The comforting pressure makes him let out tiny sighs and moans, and he finds himself no longer capable of sitting still.


What do you do when you feel like your literal soul is getting a very warm massage, and you just want more? 


Venti shifts closer to Diluc, leaning against the other with his entire body weight. The man does not reject the advance, and Venti takes that as a win, as well as encouragement to ask, 


"Is it okay if I want you to touch me?"


Diluc lets out an almost-amused sound. 


"On your Gnosis or your physical body?"


"Both…?" With that, Diluc's other hand slides around Venti's waist, pulling the god closer and into the mortal's lap. 


It’s a simple act of multitasking. With one hand, Diluc holds the Gnosis in a relaxed banner, casually digging his thumb into the sides now and then. With his other hand, he busies himself with undoing Venti's cape and corset, easily sliding both articles off the god and onto the floor. With this, Diluc now has full access to Venti’s inner shirt.


Unbuttoning Venti's shirt skillfully with one hand, he slides his gloved hand under the cloth and teases the hardening buds on the god's chest. As Diluc pinches and rubs them gently, he sees the faintest glow reflected onto his arm. He leans over, and sees bright teal markings etched into Venti's skin. The glow pulses in time with the light from the god's Gnosis, and Diluc suddenly has the urge to see how strongly it can light up. 


Diluc’s hand travels lower, ghosting across the other's belly and caressing the softness gently. He slides down further, hands slipping into Venti's shorts to stroke the other's hardening length. Diluc lets out a particular hot flash of fire over the Gnosis, and Venti bucks into the hand with a whine, unable to hold back how he was panting heavily from the heat and pleasure. 


Diluc is sure that if he had a proper view of Venti right now, he might just lose all his restraints.


The man slips the other’s shorts and tights off, shucking them to a corner of the room away from their line of sight. Now wearing nothing but his shirt, the tattoos on Venti's thighs were in full view. Diluc notes that the glow has gotten stronger, and, in a sudden act of impulse, pulls Venti back into the middle of the bed, the petite body now lying underneath him on the mattress. 


Venti relaxes into the sheets, a picture of submission with his braids tousled, and shirt slipping off his shoulders. His tattoos pulse in time with Diluc's own heartbeat while the man holds onto Venti's own. 


As he feels the Gnosis beat softly in his hand, Diluc realises just how much power he is holding onto, with the heart of a God literally in his hands right now for him to do as he pleases, simply because his Archon trusts him that much. 


Such power starts to become addicting. More, more. Diluc wants more. But no matter what, Diluc is someone who retains dignity, and so his mind harshly quels these mutinous desires. No, he will respect Venti and his wishes, not just because he is his Archon, but also his comrade. 


Venti's eyes widen as Diluc leaves a reverent kiss onto the surface of his Gnosis, before placing it between his teeth and biting down. 


Venti's back arches off the bed completely, a wrecked and stuttering moan leaving his lips as he's assaulted with the sensation of just how hot Diluc’s mouth is, and the teeth digging into the glass-like surface wasn't helping his case at all. Diluc silently continues his ministrations, both hands now free to hold Venti's thighs apart and expose the hole that was currently leaking slick all over the sheets. 


Diluc shoots a look of amusement and question at Venti, and the god merely replies with a huff and a shrug of his shoulders.


"Us non-mortals can change stuff about our bodies to make things...easier for us. It's really not that- agh!


The man slides a finger in while Venti is still talking, and the god looks at him with exasperation. 


"You couldn't wait until I was done explaining?"


A shrug, and a curl of his finger has Venti gasping, and when a second one is added he writhes, twisting hard into the sheets. Diluc grinds his teeth down against the Gnosis as he prods and pokes at the walls, and the tips of his fingers brush up against that one bundle of nerves has Venti letting out a howl. He's so close, if Diluc just keeps this up he'll-


And of course Diluc was aware of that, so he slides his fingers out right before Venti tips over the edge, much to the god's dismay. 


Also, is a mortal's mouth supposed to be this damn hot? He feels like he's being burnt up from the inside, fire pulsing in his veins and pooling deep in his guts. A slight whirlwind starts blowing around the room, causing paintings to swing and their hair to tousle..


If all it takes is two fingers to get him to this state, Venti fears what the room will look like by the end of this. Celestia above, if Diluc doesn't put his damn cock in him now -


Venti grinds his ass against Diluc's thigh, smearing slick all over but he couldn't care. The sweltering heat in him was almost too much to bear, and he needs reprieve from it fast before he truly loses it. 


"Master Diluc- please- hurry up and put it in me!" 


Diluc's laugh is muffled, but Venti hears it clearly as though it had been right next to his ear instead. He's not sure what the feeling blooming in his heart is, but it isn’t the same warmth as the one coursing through him right now. 


Lining up his cock at Venti's entrance, Diluc pushes the head in first tentatively. Venti groans as he’s stretched wide, the two fingers earlier nowhere near enough to prepare him for man’s ridiculous size. 


Well, it seemed that Diluc had a plan for that. In one quick moment, he clenches his jaw hard against the Gnosis. And when Venti screams, distracted by the sensation, he pushes his cock in all the way till he is buried hilt deep. 


Venti breathes hard as he tries to get used to the intrusion splitting him apart, squirming against Diluc's iron hold on his thighs. They've been pushed up close to his chest to accommodate Diluc, and he is sure there are going to be deep bruises on his skin when they are done. Thank the Seven he wears tights. 


It takes a while, but eventually he relaxes, his hole no longer clenching to reject Diluc. When Venti goes slack in his hold, Diluc takes it as a sign to start moving. He pulls out slowly at first, his thrusts gentle as Venti acclimates to his size. 


Only when Venti pushes his own hips back in response does Diluc pick up his speed, and soon the obscene sound of squelching and flesh hitting each other fills the room. Diluc's moans are hindered by the Gnosis still in his mouth, and he is sure that  any other ordinary object would have broken into pieces under the force of his bite. 


But it isn’t, and its owner is currently getting his brain melted by the overwhelming heat in his body. Drool leaks from Venti’s mouth as fucked out moans spill from his lips, making enough noise for the both of them. Diluc's thrusts get more violent, plowing Venti hard into the sheets with reckless abandon. 


He was sure Venti would complain later if he'd been any gentler than that anyway, as the body of a God is way more durable than a mortal's and anything less just wouldn't have been enough to satisfy him. 


It doesn’t take long for Venti to spill, white spurting to his chest as his back arches harshly. He's sure he'd ripped some holes into the fabric, but he can’t find it in him to care right now. It takes a few more moments before Diluc releases himself into Venti, sagging bonelessly against the god as his cock paints the other’s insides with cum. Some leaks out, dirtying the already slick-stained sheets beneath them even more. Well, he might as well just get new ones and burn these since they’re not salvageable anymore.


Diluc lowers himself down next to Venti after pulling out of him, their breaths coming out in pants. Cum drips out, staining the insides of the god's thighs with even more fluids. In one of his better moments, Diluc would wonder if he just committed a great sacrilegious act, but right now that is not a concern at all. 


He takes the Gnosis out of his mouth and returns it to the safety of his hands. Now he can speak.


"Feeling better?" 


"Much, much better. I don't feel cold anymore." Venti really didn't, the once present chill having been replaced by soft warmth. 


"That's good. Think you're up for this to be returned to you now?" Diluc holds up the chess piece, and Venti nods. 


The god guides the mortal's hand to his chest, and Diluc can only watch with wonder as the skin ripples slightly like a water's surface, the Gnosis sinking back into the body to its rightful place. Venti breathes a sigh of relief and buries himself into Diluc’s arms. 


Some part of Diluc regrets giving it back a little, as this experience will never happen again. It had felt exhilarating, but he'll take that thought with him to the grave. Taking away his god’s powers just because of some depraved instincts is way beyond anything he is okay with. 


Venti, however, looks up at him cheekily. 


"If you want, we could do this again. Minus the Gnosis part, of course, but I assure you there are substitutes for it if that's your thing." How the hell does Venti even manage to read his thoughts. But he ignores it in favour of pulling Venti close to his chest, if only to avoid letting the god see his reddened face. 


"...Next time, then." 


The god nuzzles into Diluc’s chest, and the man thinks he’d fallen asleep. But just as he is about to do so himself, a tiny voice speaks.


“We should probably do it in an empty room though. I’m sorry about the mess.”


Diluc tiredly glances around the room and takes in how it looks like a whirlwind had just torn through it. Ah, whatever. Everything is replaceable anyway. 


“It’s fine. If anything it just showed me how much you enjoyed it.” Venti pretends he doesn’t hear Diluc’s teasing, but the reddening ears were kind of obvious from his point of view.


It’s only when he hears \relaxed snores does he finally get some rest himself, arms wrapping tightly and protectively around the other. 



“So he took his Gnosis back?” Aether asks, coming back way later than he intended. Jean had demanded every piece of information he could provide, and together they had scoured out enough proof to revisit the Fatui’s diplomatic position in the nation. He slept over at the town for the night, and only made his way back the next morning.


“Yes. He’s doing okay right now, if his chaos this morning was anything to go by.” Diluc had trusted the bard to not go into the basement, but of course, he knows it is bound to happen anyway. He’d dragged Venti by his collar back to their room to deliver a round of...punishment. For pilfering his wine. Though he thinks Venti hadn’t cared about it at all.


“That’s good. Although, is it okay if I asked for a favour again?” Diluc nods, motioning for Aether to continue.


“Can you try to make sure he’s not sleeping out in the open too often? I have a feeling the Tsaritsa might come back again for him, and I don’t want Venti to be caught again.” 


“You don’t have to, of course! That’d get you involved with the Fatui...I’m sorry, this is starting to sound like a really dumb request-”


Diluc merely scoffs. “I’ve been involved with the Fatui long before any of this. This much wouldn’t even affect me, but would Venti be okay with it? You know there’s no way for me to actually get him to stay here if he doesn’t want to.”


Aether could only grimace. 


“I’ll try to talk to him about it-”


“No need! I’m okay with it. Though, I would appreciate it if you guys would involve me in your discussion next time.” Venti leans against the doorframe, arms crossed. “No need to look so surprised; the wind tells me everything.”


“Plus I get free wine! Why wouldn’t I wanna stay here?”


“Absolutely not.” Diluc deadpans. “You’d drink out my whole storage if I let you.”


“Not even a cup!?” Venti has the gall to look appalled, although to him it’s probably a disaster that he’d live in a Winery but not get a single drop of the alcohol produced.


“...We can discuss that later. I believe the Traveller is busy, so we shouldn’t be holding him up more than necessary.” Diluc turns his attention back to the blond. “Anything else you need?”


“No, and you’re right. I need to go to Liyue for the Rite of Descension, Jean had mentioned that would be a good place to head to next if I want more clues to find my sister.”


“Ooh!” Venti’s eyes sparkle a little at that. “Say hi to Morax for me!”


The flippant way Venti addresses the Geo Archon almost leaves Diluc in shock, before he remembers that, yes, Venti is the Anemo Archon. It makes sense that they could be close friends. He wonders-


No, nope. Getting smited by two gods is not how he wants to go out this life. He’s stopping right there.


With a quick farewell to the departing traveller, Venti turns back to Diluc, arms wrapping around the other’s waist. He leans in close, and Diluc sees mischief clear in the other’s eyes.


“So. You’re really not going to give me any alcohol?”


“If you behave, I might let you have a glass.”


“Only a glass?! You’re so stingy!” 


Diluc lowers himself down to Venti’s height and presses in close, lips almost touching.


“Well, tell me what you’d do for more, then.”


Safe to say, the answer even surprises Venti, but it is entirely worth it as he downs the three bottles he’s later gien, letting out a happy sigh as he tries to make it last through the night. 


Maybe he can try getting more next time.