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Starsky: Hey, look at this!

Hutch: What?

Starsky: The Reader's Digest Word of the Day is "pharaonic." I never heard it before, have you?

Hutch: I might have, I'm not sure. What's it mean?

Starsky: It means "impressively or overwhelmingly large."

Hutch: Is that so? Can you give me an example?

Starsky: [unzipping his pants] Here, put your hand on this.

Hutch: I don't know, Starsk, it doesn't seem too pharaonic to me.

Starsky: Just give it a minute. Move your hand up and down. Yeah, just like that. See -- it's gettin' bigger already. Oh, God, that's nice.

Hutch: I wouldn't call it pharaonic, though. Turgid, maybe.

Starsky: Keep goin' wiseguy, oh, ah, don't stop. Ah, that feels good, oh, ahhhh.

Hutch: You know somethin' Starsk? You were right. It IS impressively large. Let's see if it fits in my mouth.

Starsky: Oh, God, Hutch! Oh, God! Oh, ahh, mmm.

Hutch: Well, it WAS large. It's not so large anymore [*wink*].