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“Thank You.” She murmured, “Thank You for choosing me.” — From the Novel, ‘Answer’.























“Yuna! Can you help me for a bit here?” You could hear one of the staffs call you. Putting on a smile you turned,”Coming!”

To the staffs, you were someone beautiful, gentle, sweet, basically every good compliment you could think of. You didn’t directly interact with the idols since you were always helping the staffs. You were an assistant to the stylists or staffs, scheduling the products, making sure that the clothes was fine, etc.

They would have never thought you were someone who reincarnated. Someone who knew the future—and past—events. It wasn’t entirely like this, it all started two months ago. You woke up in a hospital, it was different. You thought you survived the accident, you really thought you did.

Until they called you a different name.


“Lee Yuna-ssi?”


And when they did, oh god, the amount of headaches that came almost made you insane.


Because one; ‘Lee Yuna’ was definitely not you.

And two; memories not your own made their appearance.

And it was at that moment that you knew, you already died. Well in your original world you did. But you’re Yuna now, with her memories, and that may or may not have caused a bit of panic since you didn’t know how to entirely act.

Now, you know who you are.

You know what world you’re into.

And you know that you’re in a Novel you’ve read.

And since you weren’t any of the important characters, you thought, ‘Why not live well?’ It’s not like you can do anything about your situation since you’re already dead. Well the previous you is.

Every person has a side or second gender. Wether Alpha, Beta, or Omega.

And you have one. Your Omega Side. Now, based from Yuna’s memories, she and her omega side, didn’t get along well, nor do they hate/dislike each other. They almost never talk. They were just.. there. Neutral.

When you knew about this, you just thought ‘Why not give it a try?’ You tried. And really tried to get your omega side—Luna—to talk to you. Once you’ve been discharged, everyday you’d talk to her—in your head of course—talking about your day, some movies, food, basically anything that comes into your mind.

But, you never mentioned your situation.

You thought at first that maybe Luna will have to know since you two are practically one and same. Until you—once again—looked into her memories and found out that you can think of something without your second gender finding out.

You’re practically going to have an imaginary wall inside your mind. And since you have Yuna’s memories, and that she often blocks her thoughts from Luna, you learned how to do it. It was a week later though, when your just casually strolling around the park—Bighit (the company where the male leads are) gave you a month of rest since your accident—when a voice suddenly intervened your thoughts.

“Yuna..?” When you heard this you thought that someone was talking to you, swishing your head around your surroundings, you were alone. Well except for some people were just sitting on the bench, there was just you. You ignored it, thinking it was just your imagination when it called you again, this time, their voice was determined ‘Yuna. It’s me, Luna.’

You flinched so hard anybody would’ve thought you were a cat. It took a few seconds before her words registered your mind,


‘Yes Yuna?’ 

“Holy Shit!-“ and you swore you saw people looking at you like you were insane. Giving a sheepish smile at them, you brought out your hand for a little wave, and continued to run home. Like literally ran. It took you a while, maybe an hour to process that someone was literally talking to your head, momentarily forgetting the fact that you other side can literally talk to you.

Giving a try again, you gulped ‘Luna?’ You could feel her sigh, ‘Yes Yuna?’ And this time, you didn’t flinch. Instead you welcomed her and continued talking to her like usual. You didn’t ask why she just talked to you now, or why you suddenly started accepting her. You just talked.

And Luna definitely admits, she enjoys how you are accepting her. How your efforts of talking to her weren’t just a fluke. But, her curiosity is getting big. ‘Why are you suddenly talking to me?’ Luna questioned while you were watching a movie. You paused your actions, you were in the middle of eating when you heard her ask. ‘Why.. huh..’ You thought for a bit before shrugging, ‘I just thought that it’s time to accept you. I don’t really know why I’ve ignored you, but I think that it’s time we talk..? Or get along. We’re practically one and same.’ After you said this, it was just silent. You were beginning to think if what you said was too much, just as you were going to say something,

‘Thank You.’ You could hear her sniffle a bit before a soft smile broke out your face. ‘Your welcome.’ After that, you and your omega’s bond grew closer and closer until it was technically impossible to break.

You understood her limits, she understood yours, you never forced her, she never forced you. It was comforting, knowing that you had your omega’s back just like she has yours.

You spent the month break that bighit gave you to spend time understanding the world you’ve been brought upon, bonding with Luna, taking a look around, and learning all about Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.

One thing you’ve definitely noticed, is that

one; they definitely don’t transform to wolves like all the other novels you’ve read.

Two; You dont have one of those ‘Every wolf has a mate’ no. Anyone can smell their potential mate, you don’t have someone destined for you, but rather, you choose your own.

Three; you’re a pure omega. Someone born from both omegan parents.

Of course, the first two was something you already know based from reading the novel, but maybe that was all it took before reality hit you. It didn’t bother you in any way, but the sheer realization just reminded you that you aren’t her anymore. You’re Lee Yuna.

It was strange, how fast you’ve accepted who you are now. Maybe because you knew that you couldn’t do anything besides live in this new world of yours.

Back at the present, Your one month break is over, and a month has passed ever since you started working here. Well a year and a half for Yuna, but anyways,

You just finished the task given to you, walking towards one of the stylist unnie to tell them that you’ve finished the task given and that the clothes were all set, when someone suddenly grabbed your shoulder from behind.

“Yuna-ah!” it was your boss.


“Can you help one of the boys? The stylist that was supposed to style him suddenly called in sick and we couldn’t find any replacement.” She told you, she was panting a bit, light sweat on her forehead, practically begging with the look on her face.

‘she must’ve ran’

“One of the boys?” Your eyes widened for a bit before it went back to normal.

“Ahh yes, I believe it’s Jungkook-ssi.” She smiled at you.


Jeon Jungkook?

The Alpha?

The Idol?

One of the male leads?

Oh my lord.

“Unnie! We have a hit of a problem here!” You could distinctly hear one of the stylist shout.

Your boss quickly scrambled to go to the stylist before looking back at you and sending you a grin, “I’m counting on you, Yuna!”

And she’s off.

You let out a sigh before taking your feet to where Jungkook is, apparently your his stylist now.

‘Alpha? We’ll be meeting him?’

‘Yes Luna.’

You could feel her slight excitement and weariness. Well you couldn’t blame her for being wary, with the countless interactions you’ve had with numerous Alphas, plus your—Lee Yuna’s—past, let’s just say you’ve had enough of Alphas thinking they can boss you around.

Coming face to face with the door, you brought up your knuckle and knocked. You could hear some of the boys chatting as well as the bustling of the stylist. Hearing a faint, “Come in!” You turned the knob and went in.

Making sure to conceal your scent since there are Seven Alphas currently present in the room. Although they wouldn’t be able to smell you unless they literally put their nose in your scent glands or you if you release your scent.

Which is highly unlikely.

You made sure you wouldn’t bump into anybody as you went in, seeing as they’re already busy enough as it is. Scanning your eyes, your sight landed on the said idol you’re supposed to assist for today.

Walking towards his direction at a leisure pace, you stood behind him, grabbed the hair iron, and gently put one of your hand to his shoulder. Giving a slight squeeze to initiate you presence, said Alpha flinched slightly before meeting your gaze through the mirror.

You held eye contact with him for a mere second before breaking away and doing your job. Hoping that today wouldn’t make any difference from your usual life.

‘Well it’s not like it will.’

‘They’re destined for her just as she is destined for them, All I gotta do is just sit back and relax.’

Plus, you were only his stylist.

Only for today.

And you’re back on your normal life.