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Nicktoons Unite Script: The Alter

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Location: Volcano Island/Video game universe


The blocky sun starts to rise over the badly generated video game island. Crab people start surrounding a barely textured hut. One of the crabs with a spear on its side, aka the guard. Knocks on the door quickly but loudly. He waits and looks at another more worried looking crab person beside him. With more force, the guard knocks on the door again. He looks relieved when a loud crash followed by an “Ow” is heard inside the hut.


Shelly the Wise elder of the tribe angrily opens the door “What do you want?” a vain can be seen…somehow.


The guard holds his claw to his “forehead” to resemble a salute “Eldest, we want nothing more but to let you rest. But…it’s the alter,” says with concern.


Shelly’s face grows worried while the guard continues “It’s missing.”


A blocky crab tribe like looking cave is shown with guards crying outside of it. Shelly ignores them and he runs straight into the building. The inside held up by pillars and curtains in red shades. A guard in the corner is having a full-blown panic attack. Shelly moves the main curtain in the center of the room. Seeing nothing in the spot, his face becomes terrified.


He tells the guard from earlier, now in the doorway “Summon the Chosen ones!” as his voice shakes.


The guard crab runs out of the cave. Somewhere, it doesn’t matter where he picks up a device with a DIY type of fill to it. He slowly clicks buttons with the tip of his claw.


The device says a simply “Excepted.” on its screen.


Location: SpongeBob’s universe


The sun is nicely shining despite the pineapple house being underwater. SpongeBob, the anthrophonic sea-sponge is sitting in a study chair. He bears reading glasses and a book about “grass” in his hands. He turns a page with a pleased smile on his face.


A beeping noise starts going through the house, causing SpongeBob to put his book down and look to his roof.


He gets out of his chair confused “What could that be?”


He leaves his library and up the stairs. He walks all the way up to his second floor. And walks into his bedroom, listening to the beeping. Once inside his room, he puts his glasses in his back pocket.


“Now I know the sounds coming from in here.” he rubs the top of his square-shaped head “But where from?” perplexed.


He looks at a shelve with a sign saying, “Items that Beep.” And he shrugs to himself “Maybe?” a grin as usual.


He puts his square-shaped head to the shelve listening for the sound. He finds the same DIY devise from the scene before between a clock and a pair of weird-looking shoes.


Picks the device up with his left hand “There you are.” a grin across his face. The device says “Alert.” on the screen.


SpongeBob jumps to his feet and bears a worried look on his face “Wait a minute! This is one of Jimmy’s devises. That means the multiverse is in trouble!”


He puts a finger to his chin “Over the top as that sounds.” playful in his voice.


Holds the device close to his face and clicks a button or two. A beam pops out the top and hits the nearest beach fib wall. A giant portal in a crappy video game style now sits on the wall like a doorway to whatever’s on the other side.


He points to Gary half-awake on his newspaper bed “Hold my calls for me Gary.” before he cheerfully skips into the portal. Gary’s eyes wide as a window gives a scared meow.


Location: Danny’s universe


The sun shines on a purple-ish building with a lab on top. Inside a comic book and otter space themed bedroom, shows Danny in his human form. Danny is on his bed, in his PJs. Around him are pieces from a model set. He looks at the instructions which have a picture of a rocket on it.


Danny mumbles to himself “Piece G connects with piece F and the overall model.” He puts the instructions down beside him.


He brakes a piece of the model sheet. Holds it to a spot. The glue-bottle floating beside him with a neon green glow around it. The glue squeezes itself where the G-piece is supposed to go. Danny holds the piece in place, his icy blue eyes glow while he blows ice breath to freeze the piece in place. He blissfully smiles to himself while looking at his work so far.


A beeping noise echoes the room. The glue that was floating, falls onto the bed while Danny looks for the noise. He places the model and the sheets to the side of him.


Danny gives a light smile “Did Tucker leave his PDA here again?” Hops off his bed the opposite to the model set.


He walks over to his dresser. Opens the top drawl, sees nothing but cloths. Opens the middle top drawl, sees nothing but cloths. Opens the middle button, nothing but underwear and socks. Opens the button, costumes, and items. Picks up one of the items, which is of course the DIY devise from the scenes before, beeping.


He sees the “Alert.” On the screen. Danny’s face becomes serious. Yells “I’M GOING GHOST!” right at the spot.


A white glowing ring slips from the middle of his body. They move the opposite directions over his torso and legs. Once Danny was in his complete ghost form. The rings disappeared. Instead of the blue-black hair he has, it was snow white. And instead of the icy blue eyes, they were neon green. His even sun tanned compared to his hidden inside his household pale skin his human form bares.


He aims the device to the wall, clicks a button or two. A beam pops out of the top of the device and opens a portal on the wall. He walks through the portal with a challenging smirk on his face.


Location: Jimmy’s universe


The sun rising in the 3D world. Better texture and not so blocky compared to the video game style. But…lets be real, not perfect either. Showing a backyard with a yellow shied. Deep under the ground of that shied, lays a laboratory.


Inside shows a short child with an ice cream looking hairstyle. Jimmy walks into his main lab with a clipboard in his hand. Goddard is behind him, lightly walking. They stand beside his giant turntable. Chicks a button with his foot, which makes the table turn to the next section. A soda making machine. He steps on the button again. A brightly colored Venus flytrap plant turns in his place.


Jimmy smiles while standing on his tippy-toes “Morning Audrey 3. Just doing a checkup.” The pleased tone in his voice. He looks down at the clipboard “And I have to admit, that the name fits you perfectly.”


He lefts the plant’s “chin?” with a pen “You coloring is the same as always. And your petals have the same amount of moister.” deadpanned.


He writes it down onto his clipboard “You seem to be healthy. I just need to check your senses.” The satisfied tone in his voice.


A beeping noise is heard. He, Goddard, and Audrey 3 look confused. He puts the clipboard down by the plant. He runs out of the main room. Down the catwalk into the hall. The noise is louder in there.


Looking around concern “I know that sound. I programmed it myself.” looking around the room. Goddard barking at a book shelve “Did you find it, boy?” Jimmy asks curiously.


He picks up the DIY devise “Holy Heisenberg! This only goes off when the multiverse is in danger.” Worried while talking to himself.


He pets Goddard’s head “Keep the fort safe for me while I’m gone.” Happy tone. Goddard barks as to respond.


With a cocky smirk, he clicks buttons and aims the shot at the wall. The beam hits the wall and the portal opens. He skips inside the portal without a thought.


Location: Timmy’s universe


The sun shines on the cartoon house of Timmy Turner. Inside his blue and blue bedroom, Timmy is playing video games with Poof on his lap. A two-liter bottle of soda and two different bags of chips. His buck teeth biting on his tongue while his fingers are flying across the paddle. Poof drinks a bit of the soda in a small cup and burps loudly.


Timmy chuckles a little “Whoa, that one had power.” Poof laughs along with Timmy.


Wonda and Cosmo magically poof into the room. Wonda nonzealot says “Hey Sport, we came to check up on you and Poof…” stops mid-way when seeing the scene and the mess clearly left from it.


Wonda looks stern towards Timmy “What is this?” Cosmo trying his best to play the part similar to his wife but looking more funny than serious.


Timmy takes a glance at the surroundings “A good time.” Looks at the fairies “Why’d you ask?” a snaky sense the whole time.


A pink glow appears on Poof, as he’s lifted into the air. And into Cosmo’s arms. Poof looks a little upset.


Cosmo pets his head and notes to Poof “You got crumbs in your hair.” a little confused.


Wonda gestures to the room “First Chloe wishes for a breed of an animal not to be carnivorous. Sparky won’t stop crying. And you’re giving a baby soda while making a mess. Please, clean this up before we come back from Chloe’s.” a firm tone in her voice.


Timmy looks down and a little annoyed, he replies with “Yes, Wonda.”


The couple with the baby in hand hug the pink hatted boy. Ensuring he’s not in really in trouble. He softly smiles with them. After the couple and infant magically poof away to wherever they were before. He eats a chip and goes back to playing the game.


A muffled beeping noise is heard. He sits confused for a bit. Turns off his old school TV. Hearing the noise more clearly than before. He gets up and listens to the sounds. He walks over to his closet where it seems to be the loudest.


Opens the door and starts throwing clothes behind him. Some magic items get thrown behind him as well. He picks up the DIY device. Reads “Alert.” on the screen.


His face is full of determination “It’s about time!” upbeat.


He clicks a button or two. The beam shots and hits the inside of his closet. He walks through the portal.


Location: Jenny’s universe


The sun shines in the atom-punk city. A mansion size house lit in its glow. Inside the pink and purple, teenage girl themed girl, is a robot fitting the room’s theme. Jenny lays belly down on her bed. Listening to music with big headphones despite not having ears, while reading through a cheesy teen magazine. Bobbing her head side to side to the beat of the song.


She looks towards the roof “Now am I a sporty type of girl or a more casual type of girl?” curiously mumbles. Writes something down on the paper.


Smiles to herself “It’s clear, I’m a sporty girl.” Grins at the thought.


Behind her, a portal foams. Her sensors pick her head up. Looking at the direction of the portal.


Her headphones fold back into her head “What the?!” both scared and curious at the same time.


She jumps in front of it. She tightens her eyes. Ready to punch whatever comes out to fight. After a few minutes, nothing comes out of it. She looks confused.


She looks towards her door “MOM! I’M GONNA TRAVEL THROUGH A PORTAL!” screaming through the house. Soon hearing her mother and creator scream back “OKAY! DON’T DIE!”

Jenny steps over to her bed. Than runs straight into the portal.


Location: Volcano Island/Video game universe


SpongeBob steps through the portal, more blocky instead of wavy like in his cartoon. He skips around and hugs a tree. Danny steps through the portal, missing texture compared to his universe.


SpongeBob hops “DANNY!” cheerfully skips over to the ghost who’s on one knee to match the height of the dish sponge creature. “SpongeBob! It’s good to see you.” Danny says with a grin.


The two hug each other, while Jimmy runs into the view, bearing sharp edges where it should be round.


Jimmy runs and flags them “Danny! SpongeBob!” cheerfully. SpongeBob holds an arm out and with a creepy tone says, “Join us forever.”


Danny lets go of SpongeBob “And with that, I’m done.” Deadpanned and standing up. Jimmy gives SpongeBob a light hug “Do you need me to give you a sprit of the moister spray?” Jimmy says concern.


SpongeBob poses “Nope, Not even the closest to dry.” confident.


Timmy walks through the portal and looks at himself with the bad video game style.


He gives an annoyed look “I forgot about this beauty.” mockingly. Danny notices Timmy walking over to them. He messes up Timmy’s hat and hair “I was wondering if you’d show.” Danny says pleased.


Timmy gives a wicked smirk “And miss an adventure. No way.”


Jenny runs through the portal and into the frame, sliding on the barely textured sand. But ends up face planting into the sand. She shakes it off her face.


Jimmy points over to her “I remember that robot.” the two boys, one ghost, and sponge run over to Jenny. Her now blocky face pouting “I hate sand.” annoyed.


She looks at the males “Hey! It’s you guys.” Realization in her tone. Danny shacks her hand “How’s it going Jenny?” smile.


She blushes “Danny! I forgot about you.” Timmy rolls his eyes with a grin at her.


Jimmy points at her “What are you doing here?” Jenny puts her hand on her hip “Well I was minding my own when this portal showed up. So, I ran through it.” Says deadpanned.


Jimmy rubs his chin “They might not have been able to get Tak or Zim. So, they sent for you.” Says interestedly. Jenny grins “Okay I was their third hope. By the way, who's they?”


SpongeBob looks at the crowd of crab people heading their way. SpongeBob points to the crowd “They’re they.” He looks at the reader “Hope that was easy for you to read.” Gives a thumbs up.


The same crab people from the first scene start bowing their heads to them. The crowd soon splits when Shelly and his guard walk into the frame.


Shelly reaches his arms out towards them “Chosen ones. It’s more than a blessing to see you here. But sadly, you only show during great dyer.” Drama in his voice.


Jenny raises a hand “Chosen one?” confused. Jimmy gets a smirk “They think we’re gods.” deadpanned. “Ah!” she nods her head taking note.


Shelly looks down embarrassed “We should have done better. The multiverse as Jimmy calls it, wouldn’t be in trouble. But we have failed you. We feel like complete failures.” the crowed follow by looking sad.


SpongeBob pats the old crab on the head “Now now. No one cares.” he says calmly. Timmy holding back a giggle. Danny steps in quickly “What he means is. We don’t think your failures.” A bit nervous.


A crab from the back “It didn’t sound like that?”


Shelly lifts his head still upset “But…but the Alter. It’s gone.” Timmy lowers his eyebrows “The Alter?” Jenny still confused by it all “What is it?”


Shelly turns around to start a walk “It’s better to show you.” seriously.


Location: Volcano Island/Video game universe


The Chosen One’s and Shelly walk into the cave with pillars and curtains in red. He points to the spot where the Alter should be.


Shelly looks at his gods per-say with concern “Decades ago. This magical device showed up.” Shows the crabs finding the large box thing with the word Alter on the side of it.


One of the crabs pokes it. The machine with a valley girl accent says “Hi!”


Shelly continues “It explained to us that it was the most powerful thing in the universe. It can erase and change everything you care about by a simple command.” Shows the Crab’s faces full of complete horror while starring at its screen.


Shelly continues “Being smart enough to understand the item’s warning, my people knew for a fact, it was a doomsday device.” Shows the crabs panicking and crying.


Shelly gestures to the cave “They carved out this temple and created the guarding system just to watch over the Alter, as it’s named on its side. To prevent it from getting into the wrong hand.”

He looks down upset “And yet, it got stolen.” arms to his side embarrassed.


SpongeBob gives a yikes face “That worked great didn’t it.” The Chosen ones as called look in both concern and or confusion.


Jimmy and Jenny smile at each other, Jimmy says “That’s easy.” Jenny continues “We just gotta check their cameras.”


Timmy stares at her and with a sarcastic tone says, “Like the ones you can see clearly on the walls right now?” Jenny looks around to notice no cameras.


Jimmy nervously smiles “Than we’ll interview the guards that were on sift.” Shelly points out of the cave “All 8 guards were knocked unconscious. And are now having anxiety attacks.”

Danny takes in a breath that sounds like a hiss “Yeah, I don’t think they did it.”


Location: Volcano Island/Video game universe


The group walks out of the cave thinking to themselves.


Danny stops and turns towards the rest of the “Okay, no need to panic. We’ll solve this.” Timmy roughly shrugs at him “How?”


Danny rubs the back of his neck “By finding the Alter and making sure it doesn’t go off.” Jenny pointing to their portal devises “I want to throw this out there but in case it goes up, we can collect everyone and put them into another universe.” smiles to reinsure.


Jimmy holds a hand up “Actually that won’t work. You see, ever since we first showed up here. I’ve been doing some tests. And this universe is the glue that holds the multiverse together. The center as some might call it. Because of this, it’s connected to all of our worlds. It’s the reason why they knew about us in the first place.”


His face becomes worried “But if this universe is damaged in any way. It could destroy, all of us and more.” Fear runs across all five of their faces.


SpongeBob holds his head “Holy Neptune, we’re gonna die!” he starts to panic.


Danny’s face turns serious “Hey! Don’t give up yet. Yes, what Jimmy just told us changes my belief on this place entirely. And I’m gonna be paranoid about this universe for the rest of my life now. But that doesn’t change our plan.” he starts pointing to the ground “Find the Alter and make sure nothing bad happens.” eyebrows lowered.


Timmy raises an eyebrow “So, where do we start?” Everyone looks around thinking.


SpongeBob looks at their faces “Well…Shelly said that the Alter thingy was stolen. Maybe we should look at who would want to steal it?” They look at him and start to smile.


Quickly run back into the cave while yelling for Shelly. Inside Shelly the human-sized crab, still upset from the news he had to give to his heroes. Just starring at the spot where the alter was the day before. The pre-teens, teens, and sponge run to him.


Shelly’s face confused “Didn’t you just leave?” They stand in front of him with determined faces. SpongeBob yells “We have questions.”


Danny points to the spot where the alter lived “Who wanted to steal the Alter?” his voice sounds serious.


Shelly flustered asks “What?” Timmy stands in front of him with a wicked smile on his face “The Alter, you said someone stole it. Who wanted the stupid thing?”


Shelly blinks first “I don’t…know.” he looks down thinking to himself “Wait, I know. There’s a cult on the island. They believe the only way to fix the world is by restarting it over. Ending it in away.”


Jenny looks befuddled at him “And you did tell us this, why?!” Shelly becomes embarrassed “I didn’t think about it.” Jenny pouts at him annoyed.


Location: Volcano Island/Video game universe


A small village that’s broken down, with dark colors covering the place. Their faces are either scared or dumbfounded.


Timmy bears a wicked grin “Everything looks normal to me.” sarcastic tone again.


Danny points with finger guns “Search every building and hidey-hole.” he has a grin.


Jenny giggles while making the same finger gesture as Danny. Danny blushes and ignores her by flying straight into a hut. Jenny runs over to Jimmy, walking into a hut.


Timmy and SpongeBob see a crab guy with a bowl of corn. The crab guy keeps eating the corn very oddly through his teeth.


Timmy a bit scared, shrugs to himself “He might know something.” SpongeBob blinks confused towards the crab while Timmy walks over to him.


Timmy waves to the guy “Yo!?” The guy looks at him and replies with a “Huuu?”


Timmy quickly turns around and shacks his head “Nope, I was wrong!” He walks back over to SpongeBob.


SpongeBob and Timmy keep looking over their shoulders, SpongeBob says, “That man reminded me of Patrick on his worse days.”


Inside, Jenny is holding a grey tribe crabbed with one hand. Jimmy shacks his head no. She drops the bed. Jimmy’s body jumps as a reaction.


He looks annoyed “Really?” She grins at him.


Danny flies into a hut. The inside is completely dark. Danny makes his hand glow in energy, to give some light. Walks around seeing the same untextured blocky game items. He finds a wall with markings on it.


His eyes go wide “Whoa…”


Danny sticks his head and upper torso through the door of the hut “HEEEEY!! COME HERE!!” The two groups walk together to the hut where Danny’s bust floats.


Danny goes back into the hut, and lets his hand out “Everyone, hold hands.” SpongeBob playfully smacks at the hand like an old bitty “Ooh, you!” Inside Danny yells “SpongeBob!”


Everyone holds hands the next person’s hand and SpongeBob grab’s Danny’s hand. They become intangible like him and walk inside the blocky hut. Inside Danny shines his light at the wall.


The four others surprised all say “Whoa…” Danny smiles “I know right?”


On the wall show a tribe painting of a big box on top of a large pointy thing, surrounded by crab people praying to it, and fire circling them all.


Jenny with confused eyes “What is it?” Timmy looks annoyed at her.


He stands close to the painting “This is clearly the cult, remarking their belief that the Alter is a holy item. The people are the cult members praying to it like a god, and the fire is because they hope that the Alter will destroy everything.” deadpanned.


SpongeBob gives a thumbs up “Us artists know what we’re talking about.” Jenny smiles at Timmy “You do art?” SpongeBob stands next to Timmy “Both of us.” Jenny responds with a “Kewl!”


Jimmy starring at the painting “Okay, they stole the Alter. But where is it?”


SpongeBob’s face lightens up “I know.” he runs past all of them.


The door slams open as SpongeBob jumps onto the ground. He spins while the four others catch up to him.


He points to the volcano “There! That’s the pointy thing!” he says with a concerned expression. Everyone looks at the volcano. Danny high-fives SpongeBob “You’re the best!!”


Danny goes on one knee “Everyone to the volcano asap!!” SpongeBob gets on his back. Jenny points to the two boys “What about?” Danny answers “You take them.”


Danny flies off with the sponge on his back. Timmy offended. Jimmy looks at Jenny “I think that we…” Jenny cuts him off and holds him under one of her arms.


She scoops Timmy up and under the other arm. Her jet pack wings come out her back, her pigtails and shoes turn into rocket boosters. And she takes off.


Location: Volcano Island/Video game universe


The blocky untextured volcano is underneath them. They lower themselves onto a ledge above the laboratory and crab people in black cloths. SpongeBob gets off Danny’s back. They watch as Jenny and the two boys land. Jenny sets them down.


They both look at her, Timmy starts with “That was…” Both boys scream excited “Awesome!” Jenny rubs their heads with a grin “You’re welcome.”


Danny by the edge of the ledge “Shh! Come take a look.” SpongeBob waving to them.


The three others lay on their stomachs. Down below crab cult members are on their knees praying. Two of them are lighting candles. And three are taking selfies next to a painting on the wall. The room is dark and covered in dark colors.


SpongeBob lowers an eyebrow “What’s the rating for the fan-comic? Because I think cults a little beyond PG.” Jimmy shrug confused at him.


Jenny says concern “Look.” pointing to the main stage.


A large box, it could fit all five heroes comfortably into, being plugged into the main computer. On the side of the box, it says “Alter…” the rest seems to be taken off by age.

Jenny looks at Danny “It says Alter on it.” she has a smile.


The Alter’s screen turns on, with a valley girl accent it says “Responsive.” A crab near it screams to the one crab man in the nicest looking clothes “It’s on!”


The Priest walks over to take a look and smiles with a “Yes, good.” He looks at his servant and says, “Give it our demands.”


The Priest walks over to the edge of the main stage “Brothers! Sisters! Give me all of your attention!” he opens his arms while cult members surround the stage. “For things to begin, something must end. We wouldn’t be here today if a world before us didn’t die. The King and Queen called us insane, but we aren’t insane. The alter is proof that we’re meant to end. And today. We’re gonna end-all of it.” his eyes are insane.


The heroes on the ledge are terrified. Jenny looks angry “Not on my watch!” she jumps down while Danny tries to stop her “Stop wait…you have to be gun-ho, don’t you?” he follows after her. The boys and sponge take a long way down.


Jenny lands on the ground. Danny flies next to her, he points to the Priest “Stop what you’re doing!” the three other catch up to them.


The Priest confused asks “Ooh, and why should I?” Jimmy steps forward “Because this universe is connected to all of our worlds. If you destroy this one, you’re dooming ours and more.” concern in his voice.


Timmy annoyed “Not to mention that you all are killing yourselves because you can’t wait for the Big Crunch.” The Priest rubs his “chin” with his claw before answering “That makes sense.”


He angrily points at the heroes and screams “Attack!!!” Danny looks at his team “Fight!” he says seriously.


Danny flies up. Jenny transforms her hands into hammers. Timmy and Jimmy hide behind a knocked over table. SpongeBob holds up his hands, realizes that he doesn’t have his gear on. Holds up a one minute sign. Messes with something under the panel. Stands up with his karate gear on. Then he runs at people.


The Priest runs over to the Alter. Clicks the start button. A timer on a large screen starts counting down. Danny shoots the three men next to him. Danny flies at him when the Priest yelps and hits Danny with a pipe. Danny flies away from him.


Danny rubs his head, looks at the Priest “That was a Crabby move!” The Priest gives him a really look.


Jenny swings the hammer, making people fly in the air. She hits one, he rolls like a bowling ball into a group of crabs in the form of bowling pins. SpongeBob karate chopping people in the face. He poses towards two others. Runs at them. Jimmy and Timmy hiding by the table, surrounded by parts.


Jimmy holds up a large cartoony gun “Alright, not perfect. But it’d have to do. Cosmo might give you a weapon.” He looks at Timmy confused “Wait, where’s Cosmo and Wonda?”


Timmy tilts his head at him irritated “You just noticed they won’t here?” Jimmy looks worried “Why didn’t you bring them?” Timmy points to the gun “They’re with Chloe. Now, are you gonna build me something to fight with?”


Jimmy blinks confused “What? Whose Chloe?” he starts building something with the extra stuff. Timmy sighs annoyed “Long story short, I have joint custody of my fairies with a girl named Chloe. And if you’re wondering yes. That also includes the baby and the dog.”


Jimmy completely lost now “What?!” Timmy grabs the gun Jimmy claimed. Shoots a crab that stood right by the table in the face with it. Angrily he says, “Trust me, Jimmy. My life is crazier than yours!!”


Jimmy holds up a tiny ray gun “There’s a 50 percent chance that this will explode.” They trade, Timmy annoyed says “I’ll deal with it.”


They shoot at cult members fighting with SpongeBob and Jenny. Danny freezes the ground, trapping the Priest in place.


Jenny looks to like 5 cult members left “I think you should call it quits.” The one in the front acts tough “You don’t scare me.” Two of the crabs behind him are shot down. SpongeBob tackles one of the men and they roll off the screen.


The tough guy looks at the last crab with him. He shacks his head “Nope! I’m going home!” The tough one laughs nervously. Jenny flicks his head knocking him out cold.


Danny walks up to the Priest whose confused. Danny lens into him “You could say I’m cold-hearted and all. But that would be an understatement.” he giggles to himself. “Get it?”


The four others catch up. Jenny looks at Danny “Ice powers are so cool, aren’t they?” they both giggle. The Priest infuriated “Hurt me all you want, but please, no more puns.”


Jimmy goes to the Alter’s screen. He cracks his knuckles. Starts typing into the machine.

SpongeBob sees the Countdown on the large screen and asks worried “We won right?”


Timmy gives a thumbs up “Yep. We stop the timer and then decide what to do with the piece of junk.” Jimmy typing quicker.


Timmy puts his hands on his hips “What could go wrong?” Jimmy hits the screen mad “Everything!”


Danny looks at the counter and becomes angry “They started the timer, didn’t they?” Jimmy typing franticly “Apparently Ends All means that the system shuts down and won’t undo the command to destroy the universe. It won’t listen to me.”


Jenny runs up to the machine “You’re gonna have to get inside.” she punches a hole into the side. Jimmy crawls inside easily. Jenny crawls inside with him, having a harder time.


Danny looks at SpongeBob whose panicking “Watch the timer! Timmy, watch our cult leader!” Danny becomes intangible and walks into the machine.


Jimmy removes wires “Anything different?” SpongeBob outside “No! 50 seconds!” Jenny switches wires together. SpongeBob nervous “25 seconds!”


Danny looks at Jimmy “Tell me what to do.” Jimmy yanks wire out completely “If you find something explosive, get rid of it.” SpongeBob still nervous “20 seconds!”


Danny looks while being intangible for anything that would explode. He sees a gas container. He grabs it and throws it out of the machine. While Jimmy and Jenny messed with wires some more. The lights in the volcano flicker.


The Alter’s valley girl accent is heard when the timer stops “Oh, I see what you mean.”

SpongeBob starts hopping around happy “It stopped! The timer stopped!” Timmy looks at it. The time being on “10 seconds” He grabs SpongeBob and cheers happily.


The three others crawl out of the machine. They cheer seeing the counter stopped.


Jenny kisses Jimmy’s cheek “You!” Danny lays on the ground “I need a nap when I get home.”

The Alter’s valley girl voice kicks in “Command tampered. New command excepted. Starting timer where it left off.” Everyone looks at each other scared and screams “No!!” Frozen unsure what to do.


The timer goes off and a bright white light covers the whole room. Then the island. Shows that Earth in a sea of Earths glows white. All the Earths around it start getting sucked into its glow like a white hole. Soon enough all the Earths are eaten by this light.


The light covers the whole scan. Then the light dies down fast to reveal a giant Earth with an anime comic book art style. It closes up to an old warehouse on a mountain.


Inside it shows a more anime/comic book art style Danny passed out in a bathroom while the Alter says “Thank you for using Alter. The best devise for dimensional manipulation.”


Than shows Jenny in the same style passed out on top of a catwalk “We hope you use Alter next time you want to alter reality.”


Than shows an older looking Jimmy passed out in a broom closet in the same style “If you don’t like your new reality, than please click the undo button.”


Than shows, an older looking Timmy passed out in an office in the same style “We hope you enjoy.”


Then shows a human SpongeBob passed out in the same style asleep under busted pipe water pouring onto him “Now I must put myself in the right place. Bye!”


The Alter disappears from the spot it was. As a to be continued is in the corner.