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Thanks, we don't need a vacuum cleaner! But...

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Promptly at 5 p.m., Miranda rang her front doorbell to the townhouse. Mrs. Piers opened it for her immediately and took her purse from her.

"How is Andrea and how were the girls?" asked Miranda curiously, and Mrs. Piers grinned broadly at Miranda.

"Andy slept most of the day. The twins have been around watching her most of the time. Meanwhile, they did their homework, watched movies, read, or played with their game console. They really were exceptionally caring and sweet towards Andy." Mrs. Piers proudly explained and Miranda smiled warmly at her.

"Did Andrea eat enough?" she asked anxiously.

"Oh yes, she was practically famished for breakfast and ate it all up, for lunch she slept, but earlier she had a little afternoon snack." explained Mrs. Piers delightedly.

"Fine, where are the girls now?"

"They're upstairs in the living room playing on their game console. Andy is asleep on the sofa next to them."

"Okay, I'll go check on them then."

Miranda climbed the stairs to the second floor and approached the living room.

When she entered the room and saw Andy asleep on the couch, she put her finger to her lips and gestured for her girls to be quiet. Then she quietly walked over to her two girls, leaned down to them and greeted both girls with a kiss on their cheeks.

"Hi Mom." the two girls whispered and Miranda looked at them lovingly before walking over to Andy on the couch. There she knelt down and breathed a kiss on Andy's lips.

Andy's eyes opened shortly after and looked at Miranda sleepily, but in love.

"Hey, there you are." she whispered softly, placing her right hand behind Miranda's neck and gently pulling her to her, giving hers a tender kiss.

"I missed you." Andy whispered after the kiss and Miranda looked at her lovingly.

"I've missed you, too. How are you?" she asked, concerned.

"Good, good. I've been sleeping a lot or just resting and watching movies with the girls. How was your day?" asked Andy curiously, sitting up now.

Miranda rolled her eyes when she saw what Andy was wearing today. Her outfit consisted of an old shirt from Northwestern College and a very baggy looking pair of sweatpants, plus warm thick wool socks.

Miranda curled her lips at the sight of it and gave Andy a pained look.

"Darling, why are you wearing something so awful?" asked Miranda in disgust, and Andy looked down at herself, and then looked at Miranda again, grinning broadly.

"You told me to rest today and I can only do that in floppy clothes." replied Andy apologetically.

"So how was your day today?" asked Andy again, getting back to the topic at hand.

"First, I made my statement at the police station and filed assault charges against Stephen. Stehpen was presented to the magistrate and he set bail. So Stephen is back on the loose. But I also had my lawyers draw up a restraining order yesterday so he can't come within 500 yards of the house, the girls, you and me. Stephen's lawyers will be contacting my lawyers soon about the divorce. Let's see what offers they make and if it is possible to speed up the whole process. My attorneys think that Stephen will get a lenient sentence for the assault, since it was the first time he was physically violent towards me. Furthermore, my lawyers think that we can negotiate a settlement. Something like, I drop my assault charges and get a quick and easy divorce in return, if only to avoid a scandal and the press frenzy." Miranda explained, sighing deeply.

"Are you mad at me for not wanting to press assault and sexual harassment charges?" asked Andy, looking at Miranda anxiously.

Miranda looked at Andy for a long moment.

"I can understand you not wanting to do it. So don't worry, everything is okay." replied Miranda softly and kissed Andy lightly on her lips.

"I didn't get a chance to shower this morning, did you take a shower in the meantime?" asked Miranda quietly so the twins couldn't hear her.

Andy immediately blushed and shook her head.

"No, I was waiting for you." She whispered back into Miranda's ear, to which Miranda now blushed as well.

"Well, then we should urgently take care of this problem. Come on darling." Miranda stood up and offered her hand to Andy.

The twins looked questioningly at both women.

"Andrea needs a shower and where she can't take care of it well on her own with her left arm, I'll help her. You two be good, if anything comes up let Mrs. Piers know. We'll need a moment." she explained to her daughters as she gently pulled Andy out of the living room.

Both girls giggled.

Andy let Miranda lead her to their bedrooms, once they got there and Miranda locked the bedroom door, she pulled Andy into her arms and kissed her stormily.

"I've been fantasizing all day about being in the shower with you and what we could do there." Miranda whispered in a sultry raspy voice. Andy groaned as her own fantasies caught up with her again.

"You can't imagine how distracting that was at work." explained Miranda before her lips nibbled along Andy's neck and her hands moved down Andy's back to her buttocks and grabbed the butt cheeks pulling Andy closer.

Andy moaned at the feeling of being pressed into Miranda's body like this, her heart beginning to beat wildly and her mind whirring as her body began to tingle and vibrate.

"Oh Miranda..." moaned Andy lustfully. "Should we..., shouldn't we...,'re married...go slow?" asked Andy stuttering as her body screamed to be taken over by Miranda.

"Yes, yes darling, we should go slow..." replied Miranda as she slid her leg between Andy's legs and pressed against Andy's crotch rocking her body against Andy's body.

Andy threw her head back and moaned softly from the pressure of Miranda's leg between her thighs, driving her crazy and insanely aroused.

Miranda's teeth nibbled along Andy's exposed neck.

"Oh how I've wanted to do this all day!" moaned Miranda in between nibbling, licking and sucking on Andy's neck.

Andy's legs slowly gave way, but Miranda held them gently.

"Miranda?!?" Moaned Andy, trying to gather her thoughts again. "We should...oh my god.... we should stop... Before we can't stop anymore." replied Andy reasonably, not wanting to be reasonable. She wanted Miranda to take her, to kiss her, to touch her, to seduce her, to love and fuck her, to make her senseless and....

Oh damn... Before she could think or say anything else, Andy's fingernails dug into Miranda's back and she started rubbing her crotch against Miranda's leg.

"Oh darling..., I can't.... and don't want to stop..." Miranda kneaded Andy's buttocks with her hands, pulling them even closer to her body and her lips greedily licked Andy's collarbone, spreading kisses on it. "I need to feel you, taste you, love you. Please, please... allow me..." begged Miranda between the various soft, stormy or nibbling kisses.

Andy's head whirred and jerked, her thoughts swimming somewhere and she couldn't for the life of her think of why she should stop Miranda when she wanted it just as much.

"Take me... I'm yours." Andy murmured, and Miranda's stopped abruptly. Her reason suddenly spoke up and her mind cleared again. No, no, no, this was not how she wanted her Andrea, not to satisfy her own itch, because she was just losing her senses and control of her temper, just because she was horny. She pulled away from Andy. Andy looked at her in fear and confusion.

"Miranda?" she asked shrilly.

"Oh darling, we can't do this. I want to, but I can't. I want to do this right. I want to ask you out on a date first, take you out to a fancy dinner, then take you out dancing or to a concert or musical. I want to show the whole world how proud I am to have you by my side and how much I admire, adore and love you. I don't want what is between us to be a dirty secret. I..., please forgive me for wanting to break off here, even though it's tearing me apart inside because I'm so insanely aroused and turned on right now." Miranda asked, embarrassed and a little afraid.

Andy smiled warmly at her and pulled Miranda into her arms.

"The idea of a date, then a musical, and you wanting to introduce me publicly as the woman you love sounds wonderful. Can we still go take a shower together, preferably very, very, very cold?" asked Andy, grinning mischievously at Miranda.

"Yes, I think a cold shower is a very good idea." replied Miranda, kissing Andy tenderly on the lips as her hands snuck under Andy's shirt and gently stroked Andy's bare back, slowly sliding the shirt over Andy's head.

Once Andy's shirt was off, Miranda eyed Andy's upper body skeptically.

"Do you remember the first time you were in my study and I told you to take your clothes off?" asked Miranda as she untied the bow on Andy's sweatpants and the sweatpants slid onto the carpeted floor shortly thereafter and Miranda helped Andy step out of the pant legs and kneel in front of her.

"Yeah, I remember. You told me my clothes were giving you eye cancer, I thought it was funny. But you were serious. Then I was shocked when you told me to take off my clothes. I didn't want to, but I was afraid you would call me a stupid girl. So I did and felt very uncomfortable about it." Andy confessed, now standing in front of Miranda dressed only in a bra and boxers.

Miranda put her hands on Andy's hips and gently stroked her fingers over the warm soft skin.

"You looked incredibly sensual and sexy then. Even that day I fell a little in love with you and your body. I was aware that you were uncomfortable, but as soon as I stepped up to you and put my hand on your hip, you calmed down and stopped fidgeting. I like to think that my touch calmed you down and not my authoritative presence made you startle and freeze. What was it?" Miranda asked softly as she slowly unhooked Andy's bra and then slid it off her shoulders and arms.

"Your touch did it." whispered Andy back, and she began to shiver, but not because she was cold, but because Miranda's right hand was lightly and tenderly stroking Andy's protruding collarbone.

"Can I be honest?" asked Miranda, and Andy looked her right in the eye, then nodded.

"Yes, I ask that. Let's always be honest with each other." asked Andy and Miranda nodded in agreement.

"Good, I don't like how much weight you've lost. It worries me since it happened in such a short time. You're not anorexic or sick?" asked Miranda very worried, looking at Andy with questioning eyes.

Andy shook her head vigorously.

"No, no I'm not anorexic or sick. I just had..." Andy stopped because she didn't want to blame Miranda, even though it was partly her fault.

"Please tell me what it is." Miranda asked gently.

"I just wasn't hungry, I was so..., so.... in heartbreak, so there were many meals that I either skipped or simply forgot about." Andy confessed quietly, embarrassed.

Miranda put her hand on Andy's cheek and stroked it very gently.

"I'm so sorry I caused you so much pain. I wish I could promise you that I would never do that again. But the truth is I always screw up one way or another. Nigel says I need to learn to communicate instead of pushing people away." Miranda sighed, looking away from Andy sheepishly.

Andy stepped up close to her and put her arms around Miranda's waist and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"Look at me Sweetie." asked Andy and Miranda looked at Andy, mostly because she was surprised that Andy called her that. Never before had anyone called her Sweetie.

"What are you afraid of?" asked Andy anxiously.

"Of so many, that I might mess things up between us, that I'm too old and unattractive for you, too old-fashioned, too career-obsessed, too uncommunicative, too callous and cold as ice and, and, and..." explained Miranda, and Andy looked at her with a compassionate gentle gaze.

"I'm also afraid, for example, that I'm not good enough for you, too young, too naive, too silly, too stupid, too unattractive, too fat, too ugly, too sensitive and insecure, have nothing to offer you, can't give you anything and that I might mess things up between us, and, and, and..." replied Andy and Miranda looked at her surprised.

"So you see, we both have fears and maybe we let that influence us too much or steer us and scare us. Nigel is right, we need to communicate with each other, it's the only way we can counteract our fears. And just because I know some of your fears now, I can tell you that most of what you're afraid of is ridiculous." Andy winked at Miranda before continuing to speak and slowly unbuttoning Miranda's blouse.

"To me you are the most interesting, brilliant, attractive woman I have ever met. Your age doesn't bother me at all, I've never once thought about it being an obstacle. I love how determined and passionate you are and how successfully you keep Runway running and I love it when you explain things and issues to me and also ask for my opinion. How you then patiently listen to me and agree with my point of view or sometimes change it and steer it in the right direction. I don't think you are emotionally cold or cold as ice. I know how loving you are with the twins and how much you love them. I know how much Patricia means to you. You have given me so many beautiful clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories and handbags even though I am just a simple poorly dressed Midwest girl. You were and are so generous to me, so caring, accommodating, kind and loving. How could I ever think that you are emotionally cold? And you hold me gently and securely in your arms, your kisses are tender, gentle, passionate, stormy and wild too. I feel so much better with you because you make me feel loved, valued, visible, important, wanted and desired." Andy explained as she now slid Miranda's blouse off her shoulders and admired Miranda's upper body and her beautiful La Perla bra.

Miranda looked at them speechless and tears shone in her eyes, which she tried to hold back. Never had anyone, except her twins, said such beautiful or loving things to her and about her.

"And as long as you don't push me away again, or ignore me, or silent when there are problems or misunderstandings between us, but talk to me and we work out a solution or compromise together, you and I won't be able to screw anything up." Andy stated confidently as she now unzipped Miranda's pencil skirt and let the skirt fall to the floor.

"A relationship is not a one way street, we both have to work at it and always be aware of how important we are to each other and how important our relationship is to us. Can you promise me that we will figure it out together and work through everything together?" asked Andy and Miranda nodded her head quickly.

"Yes." whispered Miranda softly.

Andy smiled happily at Miranda with a wide beaming smile before she breathed soft kisses on Miranda's bare shoulders and pulled Miranda into her arms and held her lovingly.

Miranda also put her arms around Andy and held her lovingly as she whispered in her ear.

"You have given and given me the best that you possess, that is your beautiful and pure heart, your kindness, your friendship, your love, your care, your cheerfulness, your joy of life, your smartness, your beautiful body, your beautiful smile that brightens every dark day or banishes every bad and negative thought from my mind. You love my daughters just the way they are, you see their individuality and you supported, encouraged and protected them. So please don't think that you have nothing to give or offer us, when you have already given us so much and made us so much happier and more perfect with your love. No one else has ever done that before." explained Miranda lovingly.

"Thank you Sweetie for your kind words, they mean so much to me and ease my fears too."

"Come on darling, we should go take a shower before the twins miss us and come to check on us." Miranda broke away from Andy and took her hand in hers and led her into the bathroom.