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Thanks, we don't need a vacuum cleaner! But...

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Andy looked up at the town house she was standing in front of. It looked just as pretty as all the other houses in this area. But somehow it was a tiny bit more impressive than the other houses. How so? Andy didn't really know that herself.

She sighed deeply, then picked up the bulky vacuum cleaner and carried it to the front door. There she pressed the bell lightly and briefly and waited.

A few seconds passed without anything happening. Andy almost ready to turn around and go on to the next house. But then the front door was swung open and two identical-looking red-haired girls looked at her curiously.

"Hello." Andy said uncertainly and wondered how strange the situation was, since the twins seemed to be studying them from top to bottom with critical eyes.

"What do you want?" Asked the two girls curiously at the same time and all of Andy 's hairs stood up.

"I ..., I ... um ... are you allowed to open the door to strangers at all?" Asked Andy, who had recovered at that moment and found it somehow strange to have children in such a affluent area open the front door.

"We may." Said the two again at the same time and grinned devilishly at Andy.

"So why did you ring the bell?" Asked both of them and looked at Andy with a skeptical look.

Andy pulled the vacuum cleaner in front of him and pointed at it.

"I sell vacuum cleaners." she said, but before she could continue, she was interrupted by a very serious but low voice.

"Girls!?!" Said a woman who appeared at the front door and the girls looked around at her. Their faces immediately looked down guiltily.

"Girls, what are you doing here?" Asked the woman and looked appraisingly at Andy with cool blue eyes.

"Mom, we ..." began the girls, but the woman pushed them inside.

"Go in, we'll talk about it in a moment." she said and then looked back at Andy.

"Who are you and what do you want?" She asked Andy directly and Andy winced at the sharp but quiet tone.

"I ..., I ... sell vacuum cleaners." she brought out quietly and the woman raised her eyebrows skeptically.

"We don't need a vacuum cleaner." Said the woman and Andy swallowed, twice, then nodded her head.

"Thanks ma'am for your time." she said, pulling the damn vacuum cleaner over to her, then turned around.

“Wait!” The woman called after her.

"Come in." It wasn't a request, it was more an order.

Andy turned around in a flash and looked at the woman. She was dressed quite elegantly, had silver short hair and her hairstyle looked very nice. Beautiful even. And her face was too, high cheekbones, a long nose and a mouth that was ruffle up when Andy stared at her.

Andy blushed and quickly removed from the sight of the woman and shamefully picked up the vacuum cleaner and dragged it awkwardly to the front door.

"Is it going a little slower?" Asked the woman impatiently and Andy looked at her in shock.

"Sorry" Andy said quietly as she walked past the woman into the townhouse.

"Leave this thing here and follow me." said the woman decisively.

Andy looked back and forth between the vacuum cleaner and the woman.

“Oh my god, no one here is going to take your vacuum cleaner away. So come on at last!” Said the woman gruffly and Andy looked at her with wide eyes, but then followed her down the hall into a stylishly furnished room. Wow...

The twins were already sitting on a sofa and their mother sat in an armchair and looked closely at Andy. Andy felt rather uncomfortable being looked at in such a judgmental way, so she began to fidget uncertainly.

"Ma'am, should I introduce you to the vacuum cleaner?"

“Oh stop calling me ma'am. I am Miranda. Girls, how did you come up with the idea to open the front door by yourself?" Miranda asked her daughters with a stern tone.

The girls looked at each other and then at their mother.

"We looked at the security camera and she looked harmless, so we thought it wouldn't be a bad thing to open the front door." One of the girls replied and Miranda sighed deeply at this answer.

"Bobbseys how many times have I told you that even harmless-looking people ..." she pointed to Andy with her hand. "... can be crazy and mean people?" Asked Miranda and the girls looked at her in dismay.

"But ..." the other girl started, but Miranda held up her hand to stop her.

"No buts!!! I am deeply disappointed in both of you that you opened the front door. I never want to experience something like this again. So can I trust that you will never do that again?” Asked Miranda and the two girls nodded their heads at the same time.

"Good." Miranda said and then looked back at the wriggling Andy.

“Oh, stop fidgeting at last. What's your name?” Miranda asked gruffly and Andy looked at her with big brown eyes.

"Andy Sachs." she uttered, intimidated.

"Ah, what does Andy stand for?" Miranda asked curiously.

"For Andrea."

"Good. So Bobbseys look at Andrea and now think about what will happen to you if you don't do your homework and don't do your best in school. Because that ... ”she pointed her hand at Andy again. "... will then be your future." Miranda explained with a sigh.

Andy looked at her in shock.

“Hey, I always did my homework and got good school grades. I even went to college.” Andy said challengingly and in defense of her honor.

Miranda looked at her curiously.

"Ah, so why are you selling vacuum cleaners now?" She asked unmoved and raised her eyebrows.

"Um ..., well ..., I ..., I wanted to be a journalist, but I haven't found a suitable job." Andy explained and then shrugged her shoulders helplessly and looked down at the floor.

"Are you at least good at selling vacuum cleaners?" Asked Miranda, but Andy shook her head in resignation.

To be honest, she hadn't sold a vacuum cleaner since she took that stupid job two weeks ago.

"Hm ... I could imagine why that is." Miranda said thoughtfully and Andy lifted her head and looked at her.

"What?" She asked interested and Miranda looked her up and down again before she looked into Andy again.

"You are not interested in fashion." Miranda said and Andy was about to defend herself. But Miranda waved it off.

"No, no ... that was not a question." Miranda said and took her glasses off her nose and played with her absently while she continued to look at Andy.

"Give us a show." Miranda demanded and Andy looked at her confused.


"You should introduce us to this vacuum cleaner!" Demanded Miranda and Andy continued to look at her confused.

“You want to buy a vacuum cleaner?” She asked excitedly.

"No no. But I would like to check my theory about your incompetence to sell a vacuum cleaner.” Miranda explained and Andy looked at her horrified.

"Um ... thanks for your time, but I should go now." Andy said and turned around with sagging shoulders and wanted to leave the room in a hurry. She was very suspicious of this whole situation.

"Stop!" Asked Miranda and Andy looked at her again uncertainly.

Miranda sighed deeply and rolled her eyes.

"How are you going to sell a vacuum cleaner when you are such a small, shy mouse and look like this?" Asked Miranda, pointing to Andy's clothes.

Andy looked down at herself. This morning she had put on dark corduroy trousers, a blouse, a sweater and over them a warm jacket. Comfortable sneakers were on her feet. Andy couldn't see what was wrong with her clothes with the best of intentions.

Miranda rolled her eyes again and groaned loudly.

“Andrea, nobody in our area needs a vacuum cleaner. So you will never find a household here that will buy one from you. But and it is important that you understand that, especially the way you look and act, nobody will open the front door for you, except for my naughty daughters. So if you ever want to be successful, you should rethink your wardrobe and refine your sales strategy.” Miranda explained and Andy, who had been nibbling on her lower lip the whole time, looked at Miranda with frightened brown doe eyes.

Miranda thought that was kind of cute. Then she shook her head to get rid of that stupid thought.

"Thanks for your time." Andy said softly and turned and walked down the hall to the front door.

Miranda got up quickly and followed her.

"Andrea?" She asked and Andy turned back to her.

"Yes?" She asked.

"I was not finished yet. Come back!" Asked Miranda and Andy blinked at her confused, but went back into the room. She wasn't sure why she didn't leave immediately. But she did what Miranda wanted.

"Girls please fetch Patricia." Miranda demanded and Andy looked after the girls fearfully and then at Miranda.

Both girls came into the room a moment later with a huge dog and Andy backed away, startled.

The girls grinned devilishly at her while the great St. Bernard slowly stomped towards them and Andy's stiffened. The dog circled her comfortably and sniffed her before he lay down on the ground at her feet and began to yawn.

"Good Good. Patricia also finds you harmless. You have the job.” Miranda explained.

"What?" Andy asked confused and excited at the same time.

Miranda rolled her eyes and sighed in annoyance.

"Mom?" Asked the twins at the same time.

“Cara, the nanny got married and is leaving next week. We need a new nanny. My girls and dog find you harmless enough that you are unlikely to be nuts. So you have the job.” Miranda said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Andy looked at her with wide eyes and opened her mouth, closed it again and opened it again.

"What?" Asked Andy again very confused and blinked at Miranda.

"What exactly did you not understand?" Asked Miranda impatiently.

"Everything." Andy managed to say.

"I mean, I wanted to sell you a vacuum cleaner, not take a nanny job." she said bravely.

“Don't be ridiculous. You can't be serious that you'd rather continue to sell vacuum cleaners, and you are obviously not suitable for it.” Miranda replied irritably.

"No of course not. But I ... “Before Andy could continue talking, Miranda interrupted her.

"Well, then that would be explained. Come by here tomorrow at 7 a.m., Cara will explain to you what your exact tasks will be. That's all." Miranda said and Andy looked at her like a goldfish on dry land.

"What?" Asked Miranda when Andy was still standing in front of her and stared at her like she was an absurdity.

"I haven't agreed to take the job yet." Andy said boldly.

Miranda giggled for a moment before realizing what she was doing. Then she looked coolly at Andy with a boring expression.

"Hmm ... it would be pretty stupid in your situation to turn down my job offer. So are we now agreed that you will come here tomorrow?” Asked Miranda and put her glasses back on her nose.

Andy nodded her head.

"Good, see you tomorrow." She said and left the room and climbed the stairs.

The twins looked at Andy and Andy looked at them.

"This is your cue to leave." Said the two at the same time and Andy broke out of their shock and looked at the two girls.

"Yes ... of course." She managed to say, turned around and left the townhouse with the bulky vacuum cleaner.

Happy to be out on the street again, she hurried to the company car that was waiting for her a few houses away on the sidewalk. Only when she had stowed the vacuum cleaner away and was safely seated in the car did she allow herself to pause for a moment and take a deep breath.

"What the fuck was that?" She wondered aloud, shaking her head.