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Red Threads

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Panic. That’s what she felt. She had been so careful to ensure that the succubus didn’t realize her deception, but it had only taken a moment where she let her guard down. A moment of slipping into the overwhelming aura that Stacie put out, now set the blonde up for an overall awkward conversation. After all, how do you broach the topic of your past convalescence with someone you had tried to forget for centuries. 


Of course, she remembered the slumbering girl. After Aubrey had left that night, she had dug up some information on Stacie, or Anastacia as she was known then. She had discovered that Stacie was the lost princess of Russia and that she often used her powers of seduction to pull herself out of sticky situations. Something that Aubrey suspected pulled in the other girl’s favor when she had fed on her. After all, most of Aubrey’s victims didn’t live past the first initial fifteen minutes, much less after the fact. When Aubrey saw Stacie at the party, she had done such a good job at forcing her last relapse from memory that she hadn’t recognized the girl. Although, she soon remembered on the rooftop. Not that she told Stacie that. 


Aubrey flitted into her bedroom, knowing that the brunette wasn’t far behind. 


“So you did remember me?” Stacie preened as she strutted through the door. 


“Shut the door,” Aubrey groaned, resigned to the conversation. 


Stacie did so, the smile a permanent fixture on the succubus’s face. “I knew I did too good of a job that night for you to not remember me,” The younger woman exclaimed.


“Is that all you care about? Sex?” Aubrey glowered. 


“I mean, it was really good sex;” Stacie flirted. The succubus moved closer, the atmosphere of the room had begun to pick up. Aubrey took a deep breath as her body seemed to wake up. “I could have killed you;” Aubrey stated resolutely. 


“You didn’t,” Stacie retorted. 


“I could’ve;” Aubrey groaned. Stacie moved within an inch of Aubrey, one hand rested on the blonde’s hip while the other played with a strand of blonde hair. “You didn’t, you had an opportunity after and you didn’t.” 


“I almost did,” Aubrey mumbled. Her mind flickered back to that night, that urge to rip and tear. She felt the ache around her eyes, the burning of her nose, her fangs dropped. The memory of the blood was almost too much. Stacie leaned in and the scent of blood thickened, Aubrey lurched backward. Her back slammed against the wall as she held her breath. “I need you to take a step back, right now;” She choked out. Stacie’s advances faltered for a moment, a look of concern overtaking the girl’s lascivious smirk. 

“You won’t hurt me,” Stacie said, her voice was low, as though more to herself than to Aubrey. “You could have killed me that night, why didn’t you?” 


“I-” Aubrey paused. If she were being honest with Stacie, she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t killed the brunette. All she knew was that she had felt inexorably connected to the other woman, as though killing her was unthinkable. Even at that moment, when the overwhelming urge to bite the other woman seemed to be batting down all of Aubrey’s carefully planned control, she felt that the urge was more lust-fueled than outright murderous. 


“We’re connected, you can feel it too;” Stacie said. She took a step forward, gathering courage now. “Aubrey, what do you know about succubi?” 


“You hold dominion over lust, you can affect larger and larger groups depending on maturity and power. You can often read emotions around you, outside of lust, it’s sometimes misconstrued as mind reading.” 


“That’s almost textbook,” Stacie chuckled. “What you don’t know is that my father was part seer. Babushka was a seer, Dedushka was a Vulcan. As you should know by now, when two different types of Fae have a child, that child claims portions of both parent’s powers.”


“So your dad was a Vulcan and seer halfling,” Aubrey remarked. 


“Yup, and since seers influence over time and the future…”


“And Vulcans hold power over mechanics and probability,” Aubrey surmised. 


“My powers of attraction far outstrip others, because I’m able to deduce the probability of certain situations and then influence people in the right way at the right moments;” Stacie explained. She had resumed her place directly in front of Aubrey, her hand reached out to cup the back of the blonde’s neck. “What I felt that night had a high probability for something I never expected, and I’d really like to find out if my hunch is right or not.” 


“So, you don’t actually want me, you just want to be right?” Aubrey snarked. 


Stacie grinned her wolfish grin, which made Aubrey question a possible werewolf lineage. “Why can’t I have both? From my side of things, you were the best sex of my life, and I think could help you with your blood haze. It’s a win, win situation.”


Aubrey gave Stacie a skeptical look but refrained from protestation. After all, who was she to bet against the power of probability? It wasn’t as though the girl was going to willingly die. “So the deal is, I feed you and you feed me” She reiterated. Stacie nodded in agreement. 


“Deal, but if I start to take too much, do whatever you need to do to stop me, got it?” Aubrey said while she held her hand out for the other woman to shake. Stacie took the hand and pulled Aubrey in closer, “I think this is a deal better sealed with a kiss.” Aubrey’s groan was quickly muffled by Stacie’s lips on hers. The succubus allowed her own excitement to leak into the room, her happiness was contagious if Aubrey’s barely suppressed smile had anything to say about it. Smiling into the kiss, the pair leaned in once more, excited to further seal the deal. 


The two women sprung at each other in a whirl of passion. Their kisses were all lip biting and suction as the succubus managed to pin Aubrey to a wall. “Finally,” The brunette hummed. Stacie whipped the other woman’s shirt off, the fabric tore with the force behind the motion. “You owe me a shirt;” Aubrey grumbled. Stacie pressed her lips back to the blonde’s and flicked open the button of the other woman’s pants. The sexual tension in the room was absolutely delicious as Stacie drank it in, her eyes glowing with the power it provided. “I’ve waited a century for this, it’s more than worth a damn shirt;” Stacie chuckled. 


Aubrey gasped as Stacie’s fingers met their intended destination, her eyes rolled back into her head in pleasure as the succubus worked her magic. Her vision grew foggy and small spots popped up around her eyes. She thought she heard a loud moaning, but soon realized it was her. She had heard rumors about sex with a succubus being the best in the world, but this was ridiculous. “God, fuck;” Aubrey gasped out when Stacie’s fingers found the right spot. The blonde’s nails scrabbled to find purchase along the brunette’s back. Her eyes turned a dark red and she heard tearing as her fingers left claw marks along Stacie’s back. The feeling of Stacie’s fingers working inside her, mixed with the addition of fresh blood made her fangs drop and pressure from around her eyes. “Stacie;” She choked out. She could see the glow of the other woman’s eyes as she fed off of Aubrey’s energy. The brunette leaned in with a smirk. Licking along with the shell of Aubrey’s ear, the blonde felt another hand rip away the fabric of her bra and caress a breast. “I know how good this feels for you, I bet you missed this too.”


Aubrey whined in response, her orgasm hanging at the precipice. It took her a moment, but she soon realized that Stacie could manipulate someone’s climax with her powers. “Stacie. Please;” She pleaded, her nails dug into soft flesh and the scent of blood increased. The old urge to bite and tear returned but Stacie felt so good against her that all Aubrey’s mouth could do was hang open as she let out various noises in pleasure. “Tell me you missed me, and maybe I’ll let you cum;” Stacie teased. Her breath gusted over the shell of Aubrey’s ear, her keens got louder when Stacie picked up the pace. She would have climaxed multiple times by now if it weren’t for the Succubus’s influence over sexual tension. “Tell me you missed me,” Stacie whispered. Aubrey’s hand cupped the back of Stacie’s neck and pulled the succubus in for a kiss, their tongues slid together languidly for a moment before Stacie pulled back with a smug smile. “Say it,” the brunette hummed teasingly. 


“Fuck, I missed you;” Aubrey whined, finally giving in. Stacie beamed in response and sped up her ministrations, even more, using the energy to fuel her speed. Aubrey’s nails dragged a path around the succubi’s neck and all down her back as she let out a broken moan. The smell of blood filled her senses and she could feel the veins around her temples and eyes tingle as the burning sensation in her throat erupted. Aubrey fought the urge to bite to the best of her ability but Stacie surprised her by tossing her long brunette locks over her shoulder and moving a hand from Aubrey’s breast to cup the back of the blonde’s head. Coaxing her closer. “You need to eat too,” Stacie reminded her gently, the fingers inside of Aubrey never ceasing. Aubrey gave in and bit down on the junction between Stacie’s neck and shoulder just as the Succubus triggered Aubrey’s release. 


Aubrey’s screams were muffled by Stacie’s shoulder as her jaw loosened around the newly opened wound. The rush of blood in her mouth set her body on fire as she rejoiced in the warmth of her meal. She hadn’t had a drink outside of a blood bag in ages, Stacie’s blood was quite possibly the most delicious she had had in a while. 


When the force of her orgasm ended and Stacie had begun to lazily work her through the aftershocks, Aubrey resumed drinking the blood from the brunette’s neck. “Aubrey, I need some of that blood, you need to stop;” Stacie exclaimed as she gently pushed the blonde away from her. Aubrey seemed to ignore her for a moment but Stacie laid a gentle hand over Aubrey’s cheek and allowed a pulse of energy to shift between them. Slowly, Aubrey came back to herself and began to lick the wound closed. 


“Sorry,” Aubrey muttered sheepishly. 


“It’s okay, you needed to eat too, ready for a round two?” Stacie grinned. Aubrey’s eyes flashed a brilliant red as her fangs dropped. “Let me know if you need some of my blood for a pick me up,” the blonde exclaimed. 



Aubrey and Stacie laid naked in bed. Stacie leaned over and wiped the small trickle of blood from Aubrey’s mouth, a smile on her lips. “See, you didn’t kill me;” The brunette beamed. Aubrey hummed in admission as she leaned over and began to lap at the bite marks upon Stacie’s neck. The taste of the succubus’s blood sent sparks through her body, but her violent urges were dampened by the soothing aura Stacie projected. “You taste good,” Aubrey mumbled absentmindedly. 


“I know, you’ve said that before;” Stacie chuckled. 


“I did?” Aubrey muttered, aghast. Stacie nodded, “First night we met. I guess the blood haze actually did take over your memories for that part.” 


“I only remember coming to, on top of you. I don’t remember the lead-up;” Aubrey explained. 


“Hmm, maybe we can get a witch to help with that. One that deals with memory, often;” Stacie mumbled into the crown of Aubrey’s head. The vampire relaxed into the brunette’s embrace as a rush of calming energy washed over her. “You’re going to make me fall asleep,” Aubrey grumbled. 


“Is that a bad thing?” Stacie laughed. 


“I need to plan the talks with Chloe;” Aubrey yawned. 


“You have time, what’s a couple of hours to an immortal?” Stacie sighed. 


Aubrey mumbled something unintelligible before her eyes slipped closed, Stacie drifted off soon after. Content to have the blonde in her arms again. 



Aubrey woke up the next day to a loud crash and swearing. Jolting awake, she felt Stacie’s arm drop from its place flung over her torso. “Aubrey!” Chloe called out, clearly panicked. Aubrey flitted around the room and threw on a robe before entering the room in a blur. Chloe stood with bright blue eyes and flames in her hands before a woman with a notched bow and arrow. “You are within the domain of the Huntresses of Artemis, we demand you leave at once or risk becoming our prey;” the woman snarled. A grey streak appeared followed by a yelp as the arrow was loosed and found its mark in Beca’s shoulder. The girl was in wolf form and standing protectively in front of Chloe. “Beca!” Chloe cried out as she rushed forward to aid her girlfriend. 


“We don’t make a sport out of witches and werewolves, for you are sisters of the moon as well, so we are giving you the warning to get out of -” The huntress stopped suddenly, eyes focusing on Aubrey finally. Aubrey remained stock still, trying her best to appear as human as possible. Huntresses hesitated when facing werewolves and witches, they were deemed a natural part of the world order. Vampires, however, were seen as beasts and interlopers. The huntress would have no problem attempting to turn Aubrey to ash. 


“God, that was the best sex that I’ve had in a while, vampire speed is amazing, do you think-”


“Stacie,” Aubrey warned. 


“Sorry, did you not want the others to know that we- oh,” Stacie came to a stop behind Aubrey, eyes wide. “Huntress, great.” 


The huntress in question had her bow drawn and aimed directly at Stacie. “You have a human woman in your thrall,” the woman with the arrows growled. Stacie, for what it’s worth, remained silent. Eyes narrowed and focused on the weapon. “You have a vampire in this apartment, I cannot allow the creature to live. Stand in my way and you shall die with it;” The huntress growled. 


“The human isn’t even in this apartment,” Beca grumbled, now back in her human form. Chloe had grabbed a nearby blanket to wrap her girlfriend in. 


“Then who is the blonde? Her vampire partner came in mentioning vampire speed unless this vampire has managed to compel you two?” The huntress squinted at Stacie suspiciously. 


“She’s not a-” Chloe clapped a hand over Beca’s mouth. Stacie took a slow step forward, placing her body in front of Aubrey’s. “She may be human but I’m no danger to her,” Stacie said. The huntress's lips twisted downward into a grimace, “I don’t trust the likes of your kind.” 


“Then trust me,” Chloe exclaimed, stumbling forward from Beca’s side the redhead approached the huntress. “I’m a white witch from the Beale Coven. We date back to the Becketts in the sixteen hundreds. We’ve always worked with the best interest of the living in mind.” 


The huntress assessed Chloe skeptically for a moment before she recognized the determined look in the witch’s eyes. “Very well,” the woman sighed. “We will let you pass out of our territory this time. If we see this vampire ever again we will shoot on sight.” With one last foreboding glare at Stacie the huntress left. 



They had all packed up and moved to a separate area of New York, into a temporary flat in Hells Kitchen while they planned their next move. They didn’t need to worry about human crime when they were the creatures that often went bump in the night. “So Brooklyn belongs to the Huntresses,” Aubrey sighed, marking the area on a map. “Queens is Maroon’s territory,” Chloe sighed, Aubrey marked the map again. “Soho is in the hands of the Goblins and Djinn;” Beca muttered, crossing the spot off herself. 


“West Village is neutral;” Chloe remarked. 


“Too many humans,” Aubrey mumbled. 


“Chinatown?” Chloe proposed. 


“Nope, one of the Phoenix’s nephews lives there. Not exactly a nice one either. He’s only been alive a couple of decades, hasn’t mellowed out yet;” Aubrey sighed. 


“Harlem belongs to the sirens,” Beca added. 


“Staten is neutral fae land, right?” Chloe mused. 


“It’s run by the incubi and one Bacchus demigod I know,” Stacie informed the group. 


“Will they attack us?” Chloe inquired. 


“Not in the way you’d think unless you count having a good time as an attack;” Stacie shrugged. 

“It’s too far, it’ll be too much of a hassle to commute for meetings;” Aubrey groaned. 


“So do we stay in Hell’s Kitchen?” Chloe asked, Aubrey, nodded. “It’s the best bet we’ve got right now. It’s not as though we can get mugged.” 


“They could still shoot you in the heart Aubrey,” Chloe sighed. 


“Theoretically, everyone here could die via a bullet to the heart;” Stacie pointed out. “At least Aubrey could compel them.”


“You could make them all warm, fuzzy, and horny inside;” Beca reminded Stacie. 


“And Chloe could say a word and put them to sleep,” Aubrey commented. 


“True,” Beca chuckled, “Wait, guys, am I the only one that can’t influence their minds with some kind of magic? Am I the one that’s most likely to get shot?” 


“Don’t worry Becs, you’ll be with one of us at all times,” Chloe soothed her partner. Beca looked far from pleased but let the matter go. 


“Alright, so, tomorrow we gather everyone for another meeting. Hopefully, Stacie can convince everyone to work together;” Aubrey said. 


“Sounds good,” Stacie exclaimed, grabbing Aubrey by the hand. “Alright guys, good meeting. I’ve gotta eat now though, so you two can carry on without us.” 


“Stacie, what are you doing?” Aubrey yelped. 


“If I’m controlling the moods of some of the most powerful Fae tomorrow, I need to be at tip-top shape. Which means, I need some fuel. Unless you want me going through the entire nightlife population of New York right now…”


“Stacie, you ate last night;” Aubrey groaned. 


“And I need more power,” Stacie hummed. “Besides, last I checked Posens never lose, and I definitely won our little bet last night. I thought you might like a rematch.” Aubrey’s eyes darkened in response, her hand wrapped tightly around Stacie’s and their pace towards the bedroom picked up. “You’re on;” the blonde muttered.