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Red Threads

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The tickets were tucked into the picnic basket while Stacie clutched at the velvet box in her pocket. This was it, the moment, the best moment of her life. Hearing footsteps, she quickly grabbed the picnic basket and turned to face the entryway with a smile. The kitchen was painted a creamy yellow with white cabinets and white marble countertops. The fridge was stainless steel with pictures of her and Aubrey stuck to the front. 


“Alright, I couldn’t find the Off, but I grabbed some blankets so we can cover as much skin as possible,” the blonde exclaimed as she entered the kitchen. Stacie smiled at the other woman, “That’s no problem, I think I left it in the car after all. It’s a precaution anyway, the mosquitoes aren’t supposed to be out this time of year.” 


“Perfect,” the other woman beamed. Stacie took the blonde’s hand and started traipsing into the living area, towards the foyer. What she found there caused her eyes to widen in shock. Candles and rose petals were scattered around the room. “I was wondering why you were taking so long finding the bug spray,” Stacie chuckled, she turned around to look at her girlfriend but the other woman was already down on one knee with a ring out. 


“Anastasia, you have made me the happiest woman alive, and I know we don’t have eternity but I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and absolutely amazing. I love you so much, so will you do me the honor of marrying me?” The blonde implored. 


Stacie laughed as tears began to prick the corner of her eyes. She reached into her pocket and brought out the black velvet ring box in her pocket. “I was going to ask you the same thing,” She chuckled. The blonde, Aubrey, rose to her feet with a brilliant smile and wrapped her arms around the brunette’s neck. “Is that a yes?” 


“Yes,” Stacie beamed. The two leaned in for a passionate kiss, excited for their future together. 


“Cut!” Cynthia Rose, the director, called out. Stacie and Aubrey immediately separated. Out of the corner of her eye, Stacie saw Aubrey wipe her mouth with disgust. 


“Do you have to drool so much,” Aubrey sneered. 


“Do you have to be such a bad kisser;” Stacie bit back. 


The two actresses stormed away from each other, towards their separate makeup teams. The two had hated each other since their days as childhood stars. Stacie had stolen Aubrey’s on and off boyfriend, Luke, and Aubrey had never forgiven her. It didn’t help that Stacie had promptly gotten a part that Aubrey had been up for. 


“Deep breaths, deep breaths;” Flo hummed to Stacie as she touched up the brunette’s makeup. “I swear I’m going to slap the blonde out of her,” Stacie growled. 


“That would only make Kommissar’s job harder,” Flo snorted. 


“Good, she’s a bitch too;” Stacie grumbled, but she remained seated nonetheless. 


The pair did the scene three more times, each with equal verve until Cynthia Rose deemed the takes acceptable. Upon dismissal, both women rushed to grab their things from their trailers and get as far away as possible from one another. However, they were about to be sorely disappointed. 



“We have to do what?” Stacie spluttered. 


They were currently sitting in Cynthia Rose’s trailer in front of the production company’s representative, Gail Abernathy-McKadden-Fineburger. "The production company would like to see more spice from you two. Rumors have gotten out that you two don’t like each other and that’s not great for a romance movie.”


“Can’t we just, I don’t know, do a press tour? Interviews? Something?” Stacie groaned. 


“Really, I’m supposed to be filming How to Not Be A Monster in two months, I don’t have time to maintain a fake relationship;” Aubrey groaned. 


“Well, ever since you both came out, fans have been clamoring to see you two with a woman. It’s not as though you’re actually dating anyone,” Gail argued. 


“Ahem, I am;” Stacie retorted. 


“Sex doesn’t count as dating;” Aubrey snorted. 


Stacie glowered at the other girl, sticking her tongue out in the process. 


“Put your tongue back in, I know where it’s been;” Aubrey snapped. 


“That’s it,” Stacie jumped out of her seat and made a move towards the blonde who jumped up as well.

“Stop!” Gail shrieked. Stacie and Aubrey froze and turned to face the now, red-faced woman. “You’re both contractually obligated to behave with the film in mind. You both signed on to partake in any promotional stunts, public events, or social media requirements. If you want to fight it, fine by me, see you two in court. You won’t be getting your cut of the gross if you break your contracts anyway, so more money for everyone else.” 


Both women sat down quickly. “Fine, so what are we doing?” Aubrey sighed. 


“From now on you’ll be participating in a public relationship. You’re required to make it seem like you’re a couple for the next six months. No bickering on set, no paparazzi leaks,” she pointed at Stacie, “No extracurriculars.” 


“That’s going to be hard, he’s a hunter;” Aubrey muttered sardonically, pointing at the brunette.


“You’re just jealous that no one can fit anything past that stick you’ve -”


“Alright!” Gail barked, “Starting now. You’re happy, you’re falling in love, you think wonderful and amazing things about each other. Got it?”


“Got it,” They both said in unison. 


“Good, now get out of my office;” Gail dismissed. 


Both women got up to leave, Stacie stopped at the doorway as Aubrey slipped past. "Technically, it's Cynthia Rose's off-"

"Out!" Gail snapped