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Red Threads

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Initiation went off without a hitch. Aubrey and Chloe had managed to snag all the new Bella’s with ease and line them up for the oath. Once the oath was done, along with the wine (thanks to Fat Amy), the group set out in the direction of the traditional party. Aubrey remembered her first hood night, Chloe and her had been roommates freshman year and hood night only helped to cement their friendship further. Aubrey helped Chloe fend off some of the Treblemakers at the time, while the ginger got impossibly drunk. 


Things hadn’t changed much if Chloe’s constant imbibing of alcohol had anything to say about it. Aubrey smiled fondly at the ginger, relieved that she wasn’t alone in the reclamation of the Bella’s reputation. 


Once Fat Amy had wandered over to dance amongst the stone benches, Aubrey was left to look at the dancing crowd and reminisce over the old days. Her freshman year was fairly easy, back when all she was figuring out was her major and how to do her father proud. Now, she was graduating with a Law degree, waiting on acceptance to a graduate program. Bile rose at the back of her throat just thinking about it. Aubrey pushed the anxiety away and took a deep draught from her drink. 


“Hey Cap, why aren’t you dancing with the others?” A familiar voice inquired. Aubrey turned to see the tall brunette, Stacie Conrad, standing beside her in heels and a cropped blue pleather jacket. Her low cut top revealed a judicial amount of cleavage that Aubrey tried her best to keep her eyes away from. 


“Usually Chloe’s my dance partner,” Aubrey answered. She nodded in Chloe’s direction for emphasis, the girl in question was in the middle of an intense makeout session with Tom from the BU Harmonics. Stacie grinned, “Sounds like you just need a new partner then.” The brunette quickly finished off her drink and held out a hand to Aubrey. “I can replace red, that is if you can keep up?” 


The challenge in the other girl’s voice was enough, Aubrey placed her cup on the nearby table and took the other girl’s hand. Determination was evident in her gaze. Posen's never backed down from a challenge. 


The two women began to dance to the beat, Stacie grinned at her wolfishly as she gyrated her hips. Aubrey mimicked the movements as they drew closer together, eventually, they were grinding up against one another, Stacie humming the lyrics into Aubrey’s ear. Most of their fellow aca-people were three sheets to the wind, several drinks in and bobbing clumsily to the tunes playing out of the speakers. 


Aubrey twisted around from her place in Stacie’s arms, the taller girl had wrapped one arm around Aubrey’s front as they rolled their bodies together in the crowd. Aubrey extricated herself from the other girl’s grip, unaware of just how close their faces would be. When Aubrey looked up, Stacie’s lips were inches from her own. Aubrey felt a deep urge to kiss them. 


“I need another drink,” She blurted out. The blonde started for the table of drinks, cheeks flushing a little when she felt Stacie’s hand wrap around hers. The taller girl pushed through the crowd with ease, her taller stature immediately gained the attention of those around them. When they reached the table, Aubrey grabbed the nearest bottle and poured, eager to achieve some form of distraction from the anxiety that was mounting. Stacie leaned against the table patiently, sipping on her own new drink. She’s a Bella, you can’t sleep with her. Aubrey internally chastised herself. 


“Wanna get out of here?” The other girl suggested. Stacie’s breath wafted over the shell of her ear, and all of Aubrey’s restraint went out of the window. Before she could think better of it, she nodded and clutched the brunette’s hand firmer in her own. She just hoped that she wouldn’t regret it. 


On their way out, Aubrey noticed Kori leaving with Donald. She made a mental note but continued towards her car, hoping no one noticed just who she was leaving with. 


The next morning, Aubrey awoke to the feeling of unfamiliar weight. Through squinted eyes, she turned to see a head of brown hair and slightly open plump lips. Aubrey allowed a small smile as she looked at the other girl. Stacie was astonishingly adept in bed, probably taking the crown as the best Aubrey had ever had. The pair had continued into the early dawn until they finally couldn’t go anymore. Stacie had promptly collapsed on top of Aubrey and fallen asleep in an instant, something that amused Aubrey as the feeling of the other woman’s fluttering heartbeat settled in her bones. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it felt right waking up next to the brunette. 


Checking the time, Aubrey’s eyes widened when she realized just how late they had slept in. “Stacie, wake up;” Aubrey prodded the other girl in the arm. The younger girl moaned in protest, arms tightened around Aubrey’s middle as Stacie nuzzled her nose into the crook of Aubrey’s neck. “...minutes;” Stacie grumbled. 


“Up!” Aubrey pinched Stacie in the ribs lightly, causing the brunette to yelp in surprise. Taking her chance, Aubrey slipped from Stacie’s embrace and landed on the floor with a small thump. Now missing the other warm body in the bed, Stacie pried an eye open with a disgruntled groan. “What’s going on?” 


“We have rehearsal in twenty minutes, you need to get up;” Aubrey answered briskly. The blonde didn’t miss the whine of protest when she left the room to brush her teeth. 


Stacie went back to her dorm while Aubrey drove to the rehearsal space. Chloe was already there, unstacking chairs. “Sorry I didn’t make it to our morning run, I stayed at Tom’s last night;” The redhead explained. 


“That’s fine, I slept in today anyway,” Aubrey said dismissively. Chloe dropped a chair with a clatter, eyes wide. “You what?” 


“I slept in;” Aubrey shrugged. 


“Since -”


“Hey Caps,” Cynthia Rose interrupted. The other girl set her bag down and dropped into a chair. Chloe looked at Aubrey with narrowed eyes as if to say ‘this isn’t over.’ 


“Hey Cynthia Rose, how did last night go for you?” Chloe exclaimed. 


“Meh, I danced a little bit but I didn’t get any action or anything. Did y’all see where Stacie got to last night, she was there, and then suddenly she wasn’t.”


“Sorry, I left kind of early so I didn’t see, she’s alright hopefully;” Chloe answered. 


“Hmm, well all I can say is that the girl was on the hunt last night. Said something about getting laid if it was the last thing she did. I’m guessing she went home with someone.”


Aubrey twitched a little as her anxiety reared its ugly head, her fingers tightened around the papers she was pretending to look at as she listened to the conversation intensely. 


“Hey,” Denise’s voice broke in. “If you’re wondering about Stacie, I saw her get back to her dorm this morning. She looked fine, although I think you’re right about her going home with someone. She had a massive hickey right on her -”


“Alright,” Aubrey broke in, forcing a smile. “It’s ten past two, where is everyone else?” 


The sound of the doors opened to reveal Jessica, Ashley, and Lily. “Sorry, we got held up in the quad, the running in a circle people decided to do a demonstration and we had to go around,” Ashley explained. 


Mary Elise entered the choir room along with Beca, which just left Stacie. Aubrey winced, she was fully aware of the fact that she couldn’t get mad at the brunette since she was the reason the younger girl was late. “Alright, we’ll wait for everyone to get here before getting started...



The brunette arrived fifteen minutes late and clutching a cup of iced coffee. Something that Aubrey allowed, considering how long they had both been up. “Alright, everyone’s here so let’s get started. As you can see, Kori isn’t here, last night she was treble-boned, so she has been disinvited from the Bellas.


“That oath was serious,” Beca exclaimed. 


“Dixie-chicks serious, you can mess around with anyone you want, just not a treble;” Aubrey stated earnestly. 


“That’s going to be hard, he’s a hunter;” Stacie chuckled, gesturing at her crotch. Aubrey looked at the brunette in alarm for a moment, lips pursed. She hadn’t been expecting that, the Stacie Aubrey had gotten used to last night was insightful and contemplative. This Stacie had something else in her eyes. 


“Stacie, the treble’s don’t respect us, if we let them penetrate us we’re giving them our power;” Aubrey insisted, ignoring the moment that Fat Amy raised her hand to make the claim “That’s not a good enough reason to use the word, penetrate.” 



When rehearsal wrapped up, Stacie was one of the first people out the door. Something that Aubrey made note of. Throughout the rehearsal, it had become increasingly clear that the younger girl saw their tryst as just that, a tryst. A one-time thing. While Aubrey hadn’t expected otherwise, necessarily, she was alarmed to hear some of the experiences the other woman had. Stacie had definitely been adept in bed, but the number of experiences behind that was incredibly worrying. 


Aubrey made a note to get tested, immediately. 


Once Aubrey got off the phone with her gynecologist's office, she went to her apartment and changed into her gym clothes. Just because rehearsals were deemed too much cardio for everyone else, hardly meant the same for her. On the way across campus, she spotted Stacie standing in front of the library talking to a boy from the swim team. He had been in one of Aubrey’s classes two semesters back, he had a cute smile and green eyes. Aubrey had briefly gone on a date with him but never followed through on a second. 


Aubrey sped up her steps and tried to keep her head down, she didn’t want Stacie to think she was following her. Especially with how obvious the girl was making it that she wasn’t looking for a repeat. Not that Aubrey wanted a repeat, it wasn’t a personal habit of hers to sleep around after all. 


“Aubrey, wait up!” Stacie called. Aubrey heard the sound of footsteps as long legs rushed to keep up. Aubrey halted and turned, surprised to find the brunette running after her. 

“Hey,” Stacie grinned when she finally caught up. “I didn’t get to talk to you about last night, I didn’t know whether you wanted everyone to know.” 


“No, I didn’t, that’s fine.” Aubrey assuaged.


“Well, I just wanted to let you know that I had a good time, and if it were to ever happen again that’d be fine with me,” Stacie said.


Aubrey’s eyes widened in astonishment for a moment, it hadn’t occurred to her that the self-proclaimed ‘Hunter’ would want more than one night. “I didn’t think you did repeats;” She admitted. 


“What gave you that idea?” Stacie chuckled, “No, I’m fine with repeats as long as everyone’s mature about things. I don’t do exclusivity or relationships, but I’m open to sleeping with people multiple times.”

“Oh,” Aubrey considered the girl’s words for a moment, adding them to the mental list she had started. Just who Stacie Conrad really is was becoming something of a mystery for her. Aubrey had peeked at the brunette’s application, Stacie was an honors student with an impressive starting GPA with junior standing. The only reason the girl was expected to graduate in four years was because of her status as a double major in engineering and physics, along with a double minor in Chemistry and Mathematics. If anything, Stacie should have been in MIT or some Ivy league school somewhere. Not a mid-level university in Atlanta. 


Aubrey snapped out of her reverie and turned to the girl in question, who was patiently awaiting an answer. “I think an arrangement could be made between us. It wouldn’t be prudent for me to get into a relationship with my impending graduation anyhow.” 


A smile stretched across Stacie’s face, Aubrey’s heart thumped a little bit faster. “Perfect, you have my number, right? If you’re ever in the mood, feel free to call.” The girl left with a flip of the hair and a cheeky wink, leaving Aubrey to wonder what she had just gotten herself into. 

Trouble, that’s what Stacie Conrad was. Pure trouble. Aubrey added the new description to the list and continued to the gym. Something told her that she was going to need other ways to blow off steam that year.