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Red Threads

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The thing about the Fae wars was that life went on like normal until they didn’t. Take the mage wars, for example, the human and fae world interactions were fairly consistent through those decades. Some humans vanished mysteriously, some vampires died, some other fae were captured, life went on. Decades were equivalent to a year in the grand scheme of the fae lifetime. Maybe that’s why Stacie wasn’t taking this particular war seriously. It was a succubi tradition to keep your nose out of things that didn’t affect you, and most of the conflict in the fae community was caused by one of three groups, none of which were succubi. 


Stacie had decided to throw a party in a nice upscale apartment within New York City. She had met a nice young man that kept her fed, along with his plethora of girlfriends, and she was able to relax in the big apple. The city had come a long way since she had visited last, the nineteen forties were not the technological marvel everyone thought it had been. Supposedly, Aubrey was in town, assisting with some clerical work for the northeastern clan with Chloe, who was representing the witches. Beca had accompanied Chloe, and Stacie had accompanied Beca. If she so happened to stick around a certain blonde vampire, it was just a happy coincidence. 


At the moment, however, Stacie was languishing in the apartment while the others strategized. The Silversmiths had staged a blockade on the Brooklyn Bridge while Alaric’s vampires charmed the local government to shut the bridge down with the mortals still on it. Without the supplies, the eastern clan was forced to reconsider travel tactics. Something made harder by enemy witches and warlocks. Chloe had asked Stacie to come, but as opposed to the witch, werewolf, and vampire community, the succubi and incubi populations didn’t have a specific hierarchy. They went wherever they wanted. 


The Mother Witch was supposed to be attending that meeting, along with Bahek, and the leader of the great Flint Wolfpack from Europe, so no interlopers were allowed. Hence, Stacie dallying on the couch absentmindedly beside a sleeping human. “Ugh, you’re lucky your life is so uncomplicated,” the brunette grumbled at the unconscious man. She rose from the couch and headed for the bedroom in the hopes of finding a good book to read. 



The others arrived at the apartment hours later. Aubrey seemed to stomp in, arms crossed and brow furrowed. In the blink of an eye, the blonde disappeared into the room she had chosen while Chloe and Beca entered in a much slower manner. “Did something happen?” Stacie inquired. 


“Flint’s being an ass,” Beca sighed. 


“He won’t send any of his wolves to hunt down the vampires until the witch mother promises to release his son,” Chloe explained. 


“What did the son do?” Stacie asked. 


“He got the witch mother’s daughter pregnant, the witch mother isn’t too pleased since her daughter was supposed to marry into the Egyptian coven in September.” 


“Oh,” Stacie pursed her lips at the news, she had forgotten about political marriages existing. It was so rare for succubi to get married, much less be forced into one nowadays. The last one had been her mother, and the hunter uprising and aiding of the Bolsheviks had ended that. “Yeah, he doesn’t get to leave until a marriage ceremony has been held.”


“I don’t see why Flint would want his son to be forcefully married off,” Stacie said. 


“Apparently, the son wants to marry the witch daughter, the problem is that Flint promised his son to the Brooklyn Pack.” 


“Oh,” Stacie exclaimed, understanding the situation now. 


“The two ruined two key alliances within our ranks. So the Brooklyn wolves won’t help until they get Flint’s son. So the bridge stays blocked, and now we ask help from the sirens;” Chloe groaned. Beca patted her girlfriend on the back soothingly, unsure of what to say. 


“Want to know the worst part,” Aubrey stormed in angrily, green eyes blazing. Stacie felt a rush of excitement at the look in the blonde’s eye, the room’s atmosphere sharply spiked as a result. Chloe rushed in to kiss Beca who responded hungrily and Aubrey halted midstep with her eyes shut tight. “Stacie, stop it, turn it down;” the blonde growled. 


Stacie relaxed and took a deep breath, allowing the sexual aura to dissipate. Beca and Chloe detached from one another sheepishly, clearing their throats. “Right, the worst part is that it’s now up to the vampires to fix everything since the hunters are otherwise occupied with their civil war. God, I wish I could just force everyone to get along, but compulsion doesn’t work against witches and werewolves.” 


“Too bad Luciana didn’t come to this meeting personally;” Chloe sighed. 


“If she and Bahek were gone at the same time, the Red Court would fall in a millisecond to the Hunter Insurgents. They’ve been camping outside our door forever, doesn’t help that the Huntresses of Artemis are carving a small warpath as well.”  


The Huntresses of Artemis were a small group of women, fae, human, or a mix of both. They supposedly had been blessed by the great Olympian, Artemis, before the Hellenistic fae disappearance of the twelfth century. The only one that remained was Bacchus and Apollo, although you never gained an audience with either unless you did something completely unusual to catch their eyes. Stacie had briefly had a thing with Bacchus, but it was just for fun. The god of revelry and wine was not one for a relationship. Neither was Stacie at the time if she were being honest. After Artemis disappeared, the Huntresses of Artemis had persisted in the Olympian’s mission of hunting beasts and monsters across the world. Although, the group was interspersed throughout the world. The last huntress Stacie had seen was a group of eleven. They moonlit as burlesque dancers along the southeastern seaboard, although one of them might have expanded to New York. 


“What are the Huntresses of Artemis doing in Rome? Didn’t Luciana make a pact with them, they left her city alone and she would control her vampires?” Beca queried. 


“Alaric’s rebellion broke that treaty when he went on his last rampage, so now the Court is under constant threat. The only thing that could get everyone in the same room again is if we could calm everyone down by force, but Bahek isn’t strong enough to control a room of Fae’s minds, and it’s not as though they’d appreciate the compulsion.” 


“What if we didn’t compel them?” Chloe said the words slowly, eyebrow quirked as she squinted at Stacie. 


“If we can’t control them, they won’t step foot back in that room without some form of compromise and I don’t see the Witch Mother or Flint caving anytime soon;” Aubrey groused. 


“That’s fine, we’ll have plenty of control;” Chloe smirked. 


“You just said we’re not compelling them, how… oh.” Aubrey stopped talking and assessed Stacie with narrowed eyes. “That could work.” 


“What could work?” Beca and Stacie said at the same time in equal confusion. 


“You just adjusted our moods in the blink of an eye, you could probably get a room to calm down for at least a moment to listen to each other.” 


“Won’t this be a room of some of the most powerful fae in the world?” Stacie reminded them. 


“You’ve controlled the mood of the entire Kremlin before Stacie, whether you were in the room or not. You can do one room, easily;” Aubrey scoffed. 


Stacie’s eyes widened as she turned to look at the blonde, but Aubrey had turned towards Chloe excitedly. “I can get Bahek, see if we can at least get them all into a room under pretense. If Stacie can get everyone to calm down and not kill each other, we might stand a chance at getting rid of the blockade.” 


“I heard they were calling Cynthia Rose in from the sirens,” Beca exclaimed. 


“Can’t hurt to bring the sirens into the fold anyway,” Aubrey said dismissively. 


“Hold on a second, I haven’t agreed to help yet;” Stacie cut in. 


“Why are you here then? Unless you’re here to stalk me against my wishes,” Aubrey challenged. Stacie pursed her lips and bit her cheek, the blonde had her there. “What do I get if I help? You know my kind don’t do war;” Stacie argued. 


Aubrey’s eyes flashed a dangerous burgundy before switching back to green, a smile newly plastered on her face. Stacie’s mouth became impossibly dry when green became red again and the vampire stepped into her space. She felt the blonde’s hand rest on her clavicle, tracing the bone structure there as she leaned down to meet red eyes. “Can you please do it, for me?” Aubrey crooned, pushing her bottom lip out to create a pouting effect. Stacie gulped as her arousal spiked, she thought she glimpsed Chloe and Beca suddenly spring at each other out of the corner of her eye, but she wasn’t sure. Her focus was on Aubrey, and Aubrey only. 


“That’s not fair,” Stacie whined. 


“All’s fair in love and war, Stacie;” Aubrey quipped. 


Stacie let out a deep groan of disapproval, “Fine. I’ll help, but you owe me a conversation about what you said earlier.” 


Red eyes switched back to green, simper replaced by a confused smile. “What did I say earlier?” 


“Oh nothing, I just thought you didn’t remember how we met;” Stacie said slyly. 


“I don’t,” The blonde iterated haltingly. 


“Oh really?” Stacie sneered, “Then how did you know I used to hold parties at the Kremlin and used my powers to influence the mansion?” 

Aubrey’s eyes widened in realization, Stacie was sure the girl would have blushed if she could. “Busted,” Stacie grinned.