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Red Threads

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The world was changing, and it was changing fast. Not only were the beginnings of war taking place amongst the vampire covens around the world, but a schism within the ranks of the Hunters was also forming. Something that had the world of the Fae on high alert. Aubrey sighed as she surveyed the room. She was currently in her apartment with humans milling about under compulsion. A trick that her siblings seemed to enjoy, even though they weren’t always quite gifted at it.

“Come on Bree, have some fun!” Morgan implored her, their red eyes widened in the best version of a demented pouty face they could muster.

“I think I’ll pass, Luciana won’t want me blood drunk these days;” Aubrey groaned.

Aubrey had taken up a position as the southeastern clan’s liaison, a responsibility that her siblings were all too eager to avoid. As the eldest vampire there, she was the only one truly suited for the job.

“Come on Bree, I invited a couple of friends too! I heard they might bring a succubus.” Morgan was practically vibrating with excitement. Aubrey rolled her eyes.

“Great, try to keep the succubus to one of the bedrooms, I know what they can do, and if you get a particularly powerful one, they’re going to make the entire building sexually frustrated if you all don’t watch it.”

“Will do,” Morgan agreed with an attempt at a flirtatious wink.

Aubrey sighed, it was going to be a long night.

The small party kicked off relatively easily. In attendance were one wood elf, a werewolf, two more vampires, and a hunter deserter called Fat Amy. When the succubus didn’t show Aubrey was nothing short of relieved since she had been wary of succubi since the Paris incident of 1846. One night of drunken debauchery was enough to last her the next two centuries.

Morgan had turned on music for everyone before ordering food for the werewolf and wood elf. Wood elves were particularly hard to order for considering the ancient rites they required for any animal product. Werewolves on the other hand were relatively easy if it’s meat: make it rare, if it’s anything else, it’s open season.

The wood elf in attendance was none other than a woman named Lily Onakurmura, who had a tendency to whisper everything she said. If it weren’t for vampiric hearing, Aubrey would not have heard a single word.

A knock on the door broke off the blonde vampire’s attention as she flitted to the door and peered through the peephole. Two brunettes stood outside, one of which Aubrey recognized as her friend, Chloe’s, mate: a werewolf named Beca. Along with a taller person whose low cut top took up most of the view. Aubrey pulled open the door.

“Hello Hobbit,” Aubrey greeted Beca dryly.

“Watch it, Posen, just because my pack is on good terms with you doesn’t mean that I won’t lay you out;” Beca drawled.

“Who’s this?” Aubrey inquired as her eyes settled on the taller brunette beside Beca.

Aubrey’s inquiry was met with a wave of seductive energy that had Aubrey’s head spinning for a second. “Fuck, succubus;” Aubrey groaned as her pulse picked up and the mood in the room took a sudden turn. She saw Morgan making out with one of the humans as the two other vampires seemed to follow suit.

“If I let you in can you turn the aura down a notch? I’m not trying to have an orgy in my living room.”

“Sorry,” the tall brunette said with a wink. She didn’t sound sorry at all.

“Beca, what are you doing here?” Posen inquired, the room temperature felt infinitely cooler as the flat occupants all snapped out of their sex-crazed daze.

“We were invited by Morgan, figured we would pop in.”

“Where’s Chloe?” Aubrey asked, hoping her best friend would be there.

“Dealing with some witch business, as usual,” Beca answered with a shrug.

“Can we come in?” The succubus requested with a positively wolfish grin. Aubrey made a note to inquire into whether the girl had werewolf lineage later.

“Fine, might as well. I didn’t need sleep anyway.”

Aubrey stood to the side and gestured for them to enter, a formal invitation wasn’t required for their kind, unlike vampires. “Did you ever have an instance where you needed to get into a house and you weren’t invited in?” The tall brunette asked.

Aubrey thought for a moment before answering, “I haven’t but my sire got so mad at some house occupants that he grabbed a car and threw it through the wall.”

“Dude, no;” Beca gawped.
“Alaric wasn’t always the most level-headed member of the great council.” Aubrey’s comment was met by chuckles from her fellows and a couple of raised glasses.

“How many of you did he sire?” Beca asked.

“I don’t know, I just know I was somewhere in the top thirty, he said I reminded him of what his wife looked like when she was younger.” Aubrey blinked for a moment, surprised she was talking about it so easily since her relationship with Alaric was fraught with issues.

“Stop doing that,” Aubrey snapped, her gaze settled on the succubus who smiled impishly.

“Sorry, when people are feeling intimate they’re usually more honest. It’s hard to shut off.”

“Well make a better effort.” Aubrey griped.

“Can do captain,” Stacie replied with a flirtatious wink.

The night blurred by in a swirl of alcohol and blood as Aubrey surveyed the quickly thickening crowd of guests. More than a few members of the Fae community made an appearance, so eventually, Aubrey made an escape up to the roof of the building. Especially since more than a few succubi arrived and the atmosphere of the place was getting too chummy for Aubrey’s taste. To her surprise, she found the tall brunette from earlier sitting on the edge of the rooftop, a Glass of wine in hand.

“What are you doing up here?” Aubrey queried, she was perplexed. Succubi never turned down a good party, especially when their energy turned the affair into pure sex. The only other being that could rival a succubus or incubus in party culture was Bacchus himself. Not that she had seen the Olympian lately. Supposedly he was in Vegas, feeding on the debauchery of the area.

“You really don’t remember me, do you?” The brunette chuckled, her green-blue eyes met Aubrey’s with a hint of mirth and something else.

“No, should I?’ Aubrey approached, hitching a leg over the side of the wall to face the taller woman.

“We met at the beginning of the twentieth century, I’ll admit though, your control was lacking around that time.”

Aubrey grimaced for a moment, perplexed. Stacie sighed, “Anastacia? Russia, 1920’s”

Aubrey’s eyes widened in surprise, something Stacie mistook for recognition.

“There we go, it’s just Stacie now.”

“The long-lost princess of Russia goes by Stacie, that’s an interesting drop in prestige;” Aubrey chuckled, not really bothering to correct the taller girl’s assumption at first.

“Ouch,” Stacie winced in mock offense. “At least tell me you missed me?”

“Sorry?” Aubrey shrugged.

“You still don’t remember me, huh?” Stacie said.

“Not quite, no;” Aubrey sighed.

Of course, Stacie was not really that surprised considering Aubrey’s state when they had met. Stacie didn't know it yet but Aubrey used to be the golden daughter of Alaric the Reaper, also known as the Vampire Baron. She did everything Daddy dearest said, or at least she used to. She used to reside in court with Luciana after the great Mage wars of the early eighteen hundreds. Back when the Witches and Warlocks of the century had risen up in defiance of the vampire’s and hunter’s alternating power grabs.

She had met Chloe during those days, the witch had unbound Aubrey from the curse of her predecessors. They had been friends ever since. Even though Aubrey’s behavior upon release was less than cordial to those that were not a member of the vampire race, or Chloe. In fact, she had become something of a terror in 1800’s France, leaving a swath of destruction through the area.

The fact of the matter was, she had become lost in the blood haze. Something that beginning vampires often succumbed to and Aubrey had definitely earned her nickname as the Reaper’s Daughter. The terror she left in her wake had only been calmed by Luciana, something she was wont to part with when she was sent to look after the Southeastern Coven of the new world.

“I met you during my relapse,” Aubrey noted aloud.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Stacie smirked as the girl seemed to remember something.

“You actually tried to feed on me when we met,” Stacie chuckled.

Aubrey’s eyes widened in slight horror for a moment, “I tried to kill you?”

“Feed, I said feed;” Stacie clarified.

“Back then feed and kill was synonymous;” Aubrey retorted.

“Not for me,” Stacie grinned, “You said I was too pretty to murder.”

Aubrey’s brow furrowed for a moment at the lost princess’s words. “I -”

Stacie waved a hand dismissively before taking a drought from her wine glass. “It’s okay Aubrey, we had a fun night. It’s just a shame you don’t remember it. Besides, I think I helped you keep a couple of humans alive, especially since I kept you occupied doing other things.”

If Aubrey could blush she would have, especially since she had no recollection of what Stacie was talking about. “We?”

“Oh yeah, but again, don’t worry about it. I’ve been alive long enough to know what a blood haze does. You guys really can’t stop, it’s like an addiction. Brain chemical imbalances make your body crave blood all the time, you can’t help it. It’s not like we can send your kind to vampire rehab, either.”

“They have support groups in the capitol;” Aubrey shrugged.

Stacie blinked for a moment, “You have - what?”

“Bahek runs it,” Aubrey said in a way of explanation. “He understands the blood haze well, he says his fathers had it.”

Stacie laughed as she imagined the great right hand of the Red Court running group therapy for overprivileged vampires. “That must be so strange, to be made and not born. You were human once, but now you’re one of us.”

“One of you that’s immortal and can’t die from anything but violence,” Aubrey quipped.

“And sunlight in that first decade,” Stacie teased.

Aubrey rolled her eyes, “That was a nightmare, also the time varies depending on how far down the line of succession you are.”

Stacie snorted, “Line of succession? Like Luciana is going to die?”

“Hopefully not, she’s not as bad as people make her out to be;” Aubrey commented. “It’s not like vampire kind would survive without her either.”

“Yeah, and you’re too pretty to be murdered;” Stacie winked.