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The very second Jeongyeon steps into the dorm, letting the door swing to a shut behind her as she carefully sets her shoes down in their customary spot by the coat closet, she gets this strange, unexplainable feeling that something’s wrong. 

She can’t quite put a finger on why. The silence is of course a little unsettling, with their apartment usually accommodating all nine of their members, things tended to feel a little empty when they had days off like this. 

But then she realizes that it isn’t completely quiet, that even through the distant sound of cars on the highway and the gentle buzzing of their heating system that they can never quite seem to fix properly, she can still make out the faint sound of music, a strong orchestral theme that feels so strikingly familiar but one that she still just barely can’t place. 

With a slight scrunch of her eyebrows she fishes her phone out of her pocket to check the time. 

3:30 PM

That… certainly seemed to align with her expectations, after all she had really only just left after getting lunch with her sister and the restaurant really wasn’t that far away, but she didn’t really expect anyone else to be home when she got back. Like her, all the other Korean members had decided to spend their rare free day visiting family, but she knew that they had all managed to make dinner plans despite the short notice. And she had definitely seen something in the group text about their foreign members taking the chance to go out for some shopping and then a trip to a spa downtown. 

So it’s definitely way too early for anyone else to be back already. 

It’s almost a reflex for her at this point to scan the entire living room when she comes back everyday, usually to see if someone had made a mess that she’s going to have to clean up. But today she finds the room surprisingly clean. Even considering that the dorm is supposed to be empty, she usually has to deal with someone (usually Momo) leaving a bunch of dishes out on the living room table or something, particularly on a day like today where people would be way too excited at the prospect of their day off to do something as trivial as cleaning a dish before they leave. 

It’s only when she goes to hang her coat up that she finally notices the second pair of shoes and an elegant black peacoat hanging from the hook that can really only belong to one person. 

Without a second thought she starts making her way towards the largest bedroom, stepping quietly, for some reason afraid of making too much noise.

She's barely halfway there, standing just outside the kitchen and now able to fairly clearly make out the sounds of a movie playing when she decides to whip out her phone again. 

She hesitates for a second, wondering who would be the best to ask before typing out a quick text to Tzuyu. Because Momo and Sana would both spend too much time bombarding her with questions and she really needs answers right now.

Yoo Jeongyeon:
Hey did you guys not take Mina with you today?

It probably only takes a few seconds, but it feels like she spends an hour staring at her phone, turning the screen on and off over and over again before she finally feels a soft vibration against her palm and she immediately switches her phone back on. 

Chou Tzuyu:
She said she didn’t want to come
Sana unnie tried everything but she just kept making up excuses
We even said we’d stay home and keep her company but she insisted that we go without her

At that Jeongyeon lets out a deep sigh. 

It’s no secret that Mina’s always been one of the more introverted Twice members, but lately it seemed like she barely ever wanted to leave her bed. And now, cancelling on their plans like this, even somehow mustering up the will to say no to Sana, she has to admit she’s more than a little concerned. 

Not willing to waste another moment, she immediately takes off for the main bedroom, only to stop the second she peeks around the corner as she feels a small smile spreading across her face. 

And to be honest, Jeongyeon kind of always has this reaction when she sees Mina, it's involuntary and Nayeon has teased her about it more times than she can even count at this point, but really how is she supposed to not light up when seeing someone like this? Especially right now, cuddled up in a pile of blankets with a penguin plushie hugged tight against her chest as a movie plays on the iPad propped up against a couple of pillows, it's probably the most adorably comfy thing she's ever seen.

There's a voice inside that's telling her to just turn around now while she hasn't been noticed and leave the girl to watch her movie in peace. And she almost does it too. But no matter what she does she can't really get rid of the concern gnawing at her chest. And then there's the fact that after walking back in the cold from lunch with Seungyeon, there's something ridiculously inviting about the scene before her.

Although if she's actually being honest with herself, it also might have something to do with the beautiful girl sitting in the center of it.

It takes longer than she would ever care to admit to muster up the courage to finally reach up to the side of the door frame she's leaning against and give it two gentle knocks.

"Mina." She whispers quietly.

The girl jolts slightly in surprise, knocking the iPad down onto the bed as she whips her head over, her eyes stretched wide as she quickly reaches up to tuck a few loose strands of hair behind her ear.

"Oh, Jeongyeon-unnie, you're back."

Jeongyeon squints a little at Mina's startled response. Maybe a couple years ago she wouldn't have noticed anything, but now… now she knows the girl far too well to be fooled. 

She'd seen the girl's bangs fall perfectly into place with just a slight flick of her head, and is next to certain that adjusting her hair had been nothing more than a carefully rehearsed act to hide a subtle wipe at her eyes.

And just like that, all the worries that had started to fade away are back in an instant. Mina had always been shy, and anxious, so things like this weren't exactly unheard of. It had gotten a little better in the years since their debut, but even then, it still makes her worry every time something happens.

"Mina," she says slowly, "weren't you supposed to go to the spa with Sana and the others today?"

"Oh…" the girl answers, "yeah I… just didn't really feel up for it."

"Are you sick?" She asks, instinctively taking a couple steps forward.

"No, just… kind of wanted to relax a bit today."

Jeongyeon can't help furrowing her eyebrows a bit.

She can tell that there’s something else behind those words that she isn’t saying, just the fact that Mina is suddenly having so much trouble meeting her eyes is proof enough of that.

"Mina… are you…"

"I'm fine. I promise."


"Unnie." Mina cuts in, snapping her head up to give Jeongyeon this… desperate, pleading look. "Please just drop it. I… I really don't want to talk about it. I'm sorry it's not you, I just..."

"Hey, no, that's okay." She interrupts, taking another couple steps forward. 

For a second Jeongyeon thinks about sitting down next to her, pulling the girl into her arms like Sana does whenever one of their members is feeling down. But in the end she can’t muster up the courage and makes a hard right to sit down at the foot of the bed, heart pounding in her chest as she tentatively reaches out to set a hand on Mina’s leg.

“If you don’t want to talk right now, that’s totally fine,” Jeongyeon continues. “But… if there's ever anything… I mean I'm sure you would rather go to Sana or Momo or something… but if you ever want to… I mean I just figure..."

She's cut off by Mina suddenly taking hold of her hand, putting an end to her incessant fidgeting.


She snaps her head up in surprise, cringing a little when she realizes how much she’d been rambling.

“Thank you.” Mina says softly, somehow still catching Jeongyeon off guard with the impossibly gentle smile on her lips.

“There… there’s nothing to thank me for.” She answers, trying, and failing, to control her hopeless stammering. 

Honestly, when did it get so hard to talk to Mina of all people? 

“Yes there is.” the girl insists, “you’re always looking out for me, taking care of me… of all of us. I don’t even know how to put into words how much I appreciate it unnie. And I promise, as soon as I feel like I need to talk… you’ll be the first person I go to.” 

Jeongyeon can’t help the wide, goofy grin that spreads on her face at Mina’s heartfelt words. She’s absolutely certain that if literally any of their other members were around they’d never let her hear the end of it, mostly because the last dozen times something like this had happened she’d been teased relentlessly for the weeks that followed. 

But somehow, when it comes to Mina, she just can’t really help it. 

But even she hits a point where she has to bring it under control, if nothing else than to avoid doing something stupid like giving in to the ever growing urge to lean in for a kiss or something. 

"So!” She says quickly, “what uh… what are you watching?”

"Watching?" Mina says, eyes flicking back to the tablet now lying face down on the bed, "oh just Civil War."

"Civil War? That's… Avengers right?"

Mina nods slowly, finally cracking a small smile in that delicate way that only she can.

"Yup, it's actually one of my favorites.”

"Really? I don't think I ever knew that."

"Yeah,” Mina says, “I watch it all the time actually.”

"Must be pretty good then." 

"It is! I really like all the complex relationships between the characters and… I don't know there's just something about it that feels really good."

Before she even realizes what's happening, there are already words flying out of her mouth.

"Would… you mind if I watch it with you?"

"Oh!" Mina says, eyes widening slightly in surprise. "Um…"

“Nevermind,” Jeongyeon replies quickly, “you’re clearly enjoying your alone time, I shouldn’t have…” 

“Unnie.” Mina cuts in, “I’d love it if you joined me, I just… didn’t know you liked Marvel movies. You never really watch with us whenever we have movie nights.” 

“Oh I just… I never got the chance to watch the earlier ones so I get kind of lost now that so many are out. But... they’ve always looked really interesting.”

It’s a total lie. She’s never really been much of a fan of action as a whole, they’d always felt just a little too mindless for her and superhero movies always seemed even worse for some reason. 

But then Mina flashes her this gentle smile that's filled with so much warmth that it has her practically melting on the spot. And honestly, when she looks at her like that, Jeongyeon's pretty sure there isn’t a single movie on the planet she’d say no to. 

“Well why don’t I set this up on the TV?” Mina says, breaking her out of her thoughts, “that way we don’t have to cram into my tiny little bed.” 

For a second she thinks about protesting, making up some garbage about how it would be way easier if they just watched in here. Because there’s really nothing she wants more in the world right now than to curl up next to Mina in her bed, even if it’s to watch a movie she has absolutely zero interest in.

But in the end she doesn’t have even a fraction of the courage it would take to suggest something so bold and she has to force herself to tear her eyes away and look back toward the kitchen. 

“Um… yeah, yeah sure.” She stammers, “are you hungry? I can go find some snacks for us, or we could order something if you want.” 

“Snacks sound good.” Mina answers, already sliding off the bed to gather up some blankets to take out to the couch. 

Jeongyeon lingers for another second, a tiny voice inside that sounds remarkably like Nayeon screaming at her to run forward and give Mina a hand, anything for an excuse at some actual contact after having this entire conversation barely even touching hands. But in the end even that somehow feels like too much and she has to force herself to tear her eyes away, sliding off the bed and heading into the kitchen, struggling with the urge to slam her head into the refrigerator at her own stupidity.



"What did you think?"

Jeongyeon's breath catches in her throat, desperately searching for an answer as her eyes stay glued to the credits steadily climbing up the screen.

Mina had been kind enough to start the movie from the beginning despite her weak protests, and had steadily explained things here and there, but with so many characters on screen added onto all the explosions and special effects, she still ended up totally lost for the vast majority of the movie.

"Um… it was really cool. The fighting scenes were surprisingly fun to watch."

The words sound so stupid coming out of her mouth, so generic and insincere, but somehow it's still enough to make Mina's eyes light up.

"Right? I love the fights in this movie. The choreography is so well paced. A lot of other movies tend to cut too much or opt for just making things so fast that you can't even keep up, but the action in Marvel movies actually strikes a pretty good balance."

Jeongyeon can't help the small, amused smile that spreads on her face.

"What is it?" Mina says suddenly.

"Oh. Uh…" Jeongyeon stammers, realizing that she'd just been caught staring. "Nothing, I was just… I'm not really sure I've ever seen you like this before."

"Sorry, I get kind of carried away with stuff like this."

"No, it's not bad! It's actually…"

She trails off, eyes stretched wide as she realizes that she doesn’t know where that sentence is supposed to go, at least not when the only thing her mind seems to be capable of supplying is ‘insanely cute’. And there’s obviously no way she’s saying that. 

Thankfully she's saved from her hopeless scrambling when the front door suddenly opens to the unmistakable sound of Sana's whining.

“I’m sorry !” 

The next thing they see is Dahyun storming into the living room, practically ripping the coat off her shoulders and pelting it onto the couch before stomping into the kitchen. 

Jeongyeon barely has a second to exchange a confused look with Mina before Sana follows just a couple steps behind her girlfriend. 

“Dahyunniieeeee!” The girl whines, running right past them with her arms outstretched. "Please don't be upset. She said she was a fan!" 

“What the…” Mina breathes, only to be cut off again by Dahyun’s response shouted from the kitchen. 

“Is that what you do with your fans?” 

It’s at that moment that Momo and Tzuyu walk in, both of them sporting equally amused grins as they plop down on the couch. 

"What's going on with them?" Jeongyeon asks.

Without warning Momo breaks into a fit of giggles, falling back into the couch and kicking her legs into the air, causing both Jeongyeon and Mina to raise their eyebrows in a mixture of shock and confusion.

"Dahyun-unnie is just feeling a little jealous." Tzuyu finally explains.

"Jealous?" Mina says, "of what?"

"And what is she even doing with you guys?" Jeongyeon adds, "I thought she was getting dinner with her parents."

Tzuyu nods in response. "She was. But apparently her parents are taking her brother somewhere early tomorrow morning so they did kind of an early dinner instead. When Sana-unnie found out, she immediately invited her to come with us to the spa since… well we had an empty spot in the reservation."

She can feel Mina shifting in the seat next to her, and Jeongyeon can't help shooting a concerned glance in her direction before turning back to Tzuyu.

"So… something happened at the spa?" She says, hoping to shift the conversation away from anything that could make Mina uncomfortable.

"Sort of," the maknae continues, "everything was actually fine until we were almost home. But Sana-unnie let slip that the girl who gave her a massage was a huge fan and even asked for her number."

Jeongyeon scrunches her eyebrows. “What’s the big deal with that? It’s not like fans getting flirty with us is anything new.” 

On the other end of the couch Momo lets out another loud cackle before sitting up in her seat. “Yeah but usually when a fan tries to ask you out, you aren’t stripping off all your clothes five minutes later.” 

“What?” She and Mina shout, both of them on the verge of jumping off of the couch.

“It was for the massage.” Tzuyu explains, “they gave us the option to do whatever we felt comfortable with and the rest of us all opted to keep our underwear on. But Sana-unnie apparently didn’t see much of a problem with it.”

“That does sound like Sana.” Jeongyeon sighs. “But it’s not like she stripped down specifically for this girl, it was just for a massage.” 

“Yeah but you know how shy Dahyun is about that stuff.” Momo answers, “she never likes clothes that show too much skin. She even had trouble wearing the swim suit for the DTNA shoot just because it had an open back.” 

“Plus,” Tzuyu adds, “the way Sana-unnie told the story didn’t really help.” 

Momo nods her head in agreement. “Sana really doesn’t think before she opens her mouth.” 

Jeongyeon lets out a quiet scoff. “Like you’re any better.” 

“Hey. I don’t get myself in trouble anywhere near as much as she does.” 

She hears Mina quietly giggling next to her. “Didn’t Nayeon-unnie get mad at you just two days ago because you made a comment about how pretty that girl at the grocery store was?” 

“What? I thought it was the waitress when we went to get noodles.” Tzuyu says. 

"That definitely happened too." Jeongyeon adds.

“Maybe it was both?” 

"Then there was also that trainee who pretended to be all confused with choreography so Momo would help her more privately."

"Oh and…"

"Okay we get it." Momo whines, burying her face into Tzuyu's shoulder, "I put my foot in my mouth just as often as Sana."

Jeongyeon feels another smile spreading on her face at her roommate's embarrassment and she can see the two girls on either side of her chuckling as well at Momo's behavior.

"So," Tzuyu says, seemingly deciding that their friend had been tortured enough, "what were you guys up to today?"

"Oh." Mina answers, "we just finished watching Civil War. Apparently Jeongyeon-unnie had never seen it."

"Really?" Tzuyu replies, "what did you think unnie?"

"Oh uh, it was really good!" Jeongyeon answers, maybe a little too quickly, "although I have to admit I was a little confused at times."

Mina gives her an understanding nod. "It really is hard without seeing the previous movies. If… you want we could watch them in order starting from Captain America, it would take a while of course but we could at least get started tonight."

Jeongyeon can feel herself practically melting at the hopeful look in Mina's eyes. "Yeah, that sounds great." She answers without really thinking.

Almost immediately Momo sits back up to shoot her a confused look. "What? I thought…"

She's cut off by a startlingly familiar high pitched squeal. "Are we doing a Marvel marathon?"

All four of them look up to see Sana standing at the entrance to the kitchen with a considerably happier looking Dahyun wrapped in her arms.

"Are you two done fighting already?" Jeongyeon asks. 

"Yup!" Sana chirps. "You know Dahyunnie can't stay mad at me."

"How on earth did you calm her down?" Momo replies with an annoyed tinge to her voice, "if I had pulled something like that Nayeon would've kicked me to the doghouse for a week."

Sana takes a second to glance down at Dahyun before slowly bringing her eyes back up with a suggestive glint in her eyes. "Oh… I have my ways." 

Almost instantly Dahyun's pale face lights up bright red and the girl quickly pulls her hair up to hide behind. It's an adorable habit that Jeongyeon finds even cuter that Dahyun still hasn't managed to kick it even after all these years. 

And it’s almost enough to keep her from gagging at the implication behind Sana's words. 

“Anyways,” Sana says, “Marvel movies?” 

There’s a bit of looking around between the six of them, everyone seemingly coming to an unspoken agreement to change their plans if anyone speaks up. 

“Sounds like nobody has any complaints.” Jeongyeon finally says, not sensing any real protests. 

“Great! It’s been forever since we’ve done the marathon.” 

“Well we’ve been really busy unnie.” Dahyun says, tilting her head to look up at her girlfriend. 

“Yah! How many times do I have to tell you?” Sana whines, “we’re dating now. You don’t have to call me ‘unnie’ anymore!”

Once again, the girl’s cheeks flush a deep red, seemingly unable to come up with a response beyond burying her face in Sana’s shoulder. Which of course, just elicits another shriek as the older girl throws her arms around her. 

Apparently deciding that she’d seen enough PDA, Tzuyu chooses that moment to slide off the couch. “Well, if we’re going to be watching a bunch of movies tonight, I’m definitely going to need to change into something more comfortable.” 

“Ooh!” Sana perks up, already dragging Dahyun back into the kitchen, “we can grab some snacks!” 

“I’ll go make some tea.” Mina says, “Momo would you like some?” 

Momo looks up, shaking her head with a gentle smile. 


Jeongyeon suddenly snaps her head up, for some reason unprepared to answer despite knowing that Mina would never leave her out on something like this. Something about the girl just tends to fry her brain. 

“Um…” she stammers, “yeah I… I would love some Mina. Thank you.” 

She gets this gentle smile in response that only lasts a second before the girl turns toward the kitchen, and somehow that’s all it really takes for butterflies to start fluttering in her stomach. 

She’s not even sure how long she spends staring at the spot that Mina had been standing before she feels another pair of eyes on her. And she turns her head slowly, only to be greeted by Momo wearing a knowing smirk on her face. 


“Could you be any more obvious?” 

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She mumbles, tearing her eyes away to fiddle with the blanket Mina had so kindly draped over her legs when they’d sat down at the start of the movie. And even with Momo watching her from just a couple feet away, she can’t do anything to stop herself from cracking a stupidly wide smile at the adorable penguins printed on it. 

“Look at you!” Momo says, “you’re absolutely smitten!” 

Jeongyeon’s eyes immediately stretch wide, snapping over to cast a panicked look toward the kitchen. “Keep it down!” she hisses. 

“You’re ridiculous.” The girl answers with a roll of her eyes, “you know if you’re going to be this bad at hiding it, you might as well just tell her.” 

She can feel her cheeks getting warmer. “I… is it really that obvious?” 

“I mean, other than the fact that you have hearts for eyes every time she so much as looks at you, I’d say that agreeing to marathon a series of movies that you hate so much is pretty telling.” 

"I do not get hearts for eyes!" 

Momo doesn't respond beyond falling back in her seat and raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Jeongyeon spits.

Momo turns back to her with a devilish smirk that immediately makes her regret asking. "Oh thank you Minari!" The girl says in an overly exaggerated airy high pitched voice that sounds remarkably like Sana, "I would love some tea! Especially because I can stare at you the entire time you're walking away until I get drool all over my shirt!"

She knows Momo is just messing with her, that's just the way they operate after all, but she still finds herself with a deep blush on her face as she sneaks a glance down at her shirt.

"Oh my god!" Momo exclaims, "she's like actually melting your brain!"

"She isn't…"

"I’ve never ever seen you this self conscious before. I mean usually you’re just as bad as Nayeon when it comes to calling yourself beautiful. What happened to all that confidence?”

“I… I don’t know.” She finally admits, sinking back into the couch with a defeated sigh, “I can't help it. I keep trying to act normal around her, but somehow when she looks at me it’s like I can’t even think.”

“Then don’t.” Momo answers simply.

“What do you mean?” 

“I mean you’re thinking too much. You told me before that you were worried about everything that could go wrong if she ever found out, what it could do to your friendship, to our group as a whole… but all of that is assuming she doesn’t like you back. Maybe you just need to take the chance and trust your instincts instead.”

“Yeah but…”

But the words instantly die in her throat when Mina suddenly walks back into the room, two steaming mugs of tea in her hands. 

“Jeongyeon-unnie.” Mina says, flashing her a bright, beaming smile as she holds a cup out towards her.

She accepts it gratefully, albeit with a whole lot of awkward sputtering, completely failing to ignore Momo’s infuriating smirk as she watches Mina sink back down into the seat next to her. 

It takes a couple minutes for Dahyun and Sana to come in from the kitchen, dragging Tzuyu with them and each carrying a mountain of snacks in their arms that they pour onto the coffee table.

From there it doesn't take much to get the movie started, and even though there's a whole lot less backstory to be confused about, it's still not quite enough for her to suddenly be a fan of superhero movies.

And as the movie drags on she finds that it's even harder to focus on this one than the one they'd just finished. Which feels ridiculous considering how often they've all cuddled up on the couch like this to watch movies or binge a drama in the past. 

But somehow, no matter what she does she can't seem to get Momo's words out of her head, that she should just throw away all her inhibitions and make a move. 

And it wouldn't even be that risky. After all, it's not like she's never cuddled with Mina before, there's way too much evidence on VLive at this point to argue that. So no matter what, there's a pretty low chance that Mina would react poorly or dislike it in any way. But then there's that irrational part of her that keeps her frozen to the spot, a part of her that seems to have taken a more and more central role in her decision making ever since she'd realized she had feelings for Mina.

So she just stays put, casting an uncertain look at the girl sitting next to her, and then over to Sana and Dahyun on the other end of the couch, lying in each other's arms without a care in the world. 

And seeing them so relaxed like that, so content in each other's presence, never failed to bring a smile to her face, no matter how much she liked to joke about how disgusting they were together. But now, sitting here on the couch with the girl of her dreams, close enough that she can make out every little detail on her face, yet somehow still painfully out of reach, all Jeongyeon can do is wonder why she just can't seem to muster the kind of courage that Sana and Dahyun can and give herself that same chance to be happy.

Chapter Text

Momo shoots another anxious glance at her phone and almost on cue, hears another embarrassingly loud growl from her stomach.

It's only been two days since their much needed and even more short lived vacation and already their schedules had filled up with events that had them rushing across town for the entire day. And while all the members had it pretty rough, easily the worst for today was Nayeon, who still had yet to come home nearly three hours after the rest of them had finished due to a last minute appearance scheduled for an evening variety show. 

And so, being the good girlfriend that she is, Momo had decided to have some food ordered for them to eat together the second she got home. She’s timed it pretty well, based on the last text she'd received, Nayeon really should be coming through the door any minute now, but even just a couple minutes of sitting in the living room with the intoxicating aroma of all the takeout she’d gotten is basically torture for her. And looking at it now, she thinks to herself that she may have gone a little overboard between the fried chicken, pad thai, pot stickers, three different kinds of kimbap, and of course, an order of jokbal. All in all, there’s probably enough to feed the nine of them for the next week. 

Or, given how much her stomach is growling right now, maybe she just eats all of it tonight. 

"You know I'm sure Nayeon-unnie would understand if you ate like a piece of chicken or something."

She looks up to see Dahyun standing in the hallway leading to her room, lazily rubbing her eyes and dressed in an oversized set of pajama pants along with a large pink hoodie that definitely belongs to Sana.

"Thought you were taking a nap." She says, turning back to sneak another glance at her phone.

"I was. I just woke up." Dahyun grumbles. "Like… a minute ago."

Momo narrows her eyes, something about the girl's evasive tone setting off a few alarms in her head. "Is that why your neck is covered in hickeys?"

The ensuing blush creeps up Dahyun's face in an instant as she sputters a series of half formed excuses and denials. 

"Well," Momo interrupts, deciding that the poor girl had suffered enough, "Nayeon should be back any minute now so I just need to… stay focused."

"Wow… I don't think I've ever seen you exhibit so much self control around food before. You must really love her."

Apparently it’s now Momo's turn to blush, as evidenced by the heat creeping up the back of her neck. Luckily she doesn’t have to stammer her way through a response the same way Dahyun had as the front door suddenly opens and she turns to see Nayeon finally stepping inside. 

“My god.” Nayeon groans as she kicks her shoes off, “I’m going to die if I have to go through that again.” 

“What happened?” Momo asks, instinctively rushing over to give her a hug. 

“It started out just fine!” The girl grumbles, melting into her arms with a contented sigh, “just your typical excessively high energy variety show stuff, nothing we haven’t all done a thousand times before.”


“But then for like the entire second half of the show one of the guys just wouldn’t stop asking questions about whether or not I’m dating anyone!” 

Momo can’t help furrowing her eyebrows. “What? Why?”

“I don’t know!” Nayeon huffs, deciding now would be a good time to bury her face into Momo’s shoulder, “I kept trying to deflect it with jokes but he literally just wouldn’t let it go! God… sometimes I hate that we all have to be so secretive about this.” 

She hears Dahyun letting out a sympathetic hum as Momo gently runs a hand through the girl’s hair. Because of course Dahyun understands just as well as anyone how hard it can be having to hide your feelings from the world when almost every minute of their lives is spent with a camera pointed at them. 

And she feels absolutely useless right now. She’d never really been particularly good with words… or cheering people up. Honestly whenever someone was having problems in the past she probably would’ve sent them to talk to Jeongyeon or Jihyo or something. But it’s not like she can do that with her own girlfriend. 

“Well,” Dahyun says, probably sensing exactly how lost she's feeling right now, “I think your day might at least have a chance of being saved.” 

She feels Nayeon perking up in her arms, looking over at the shorter girl with a bit of confusion. “What do you mean?” 

“Momo-unnie had a freaking feast prepared for you.” 

Nayeon’s eyes go wide as she finally takes in the scene in the living room, with every inch of their coffee table covered in styrofoam containers from at least five different restaurants.

“Momo!” she shouts, turning back to shoot a half-hearted glare at her girlfriend, “I thought I told you not to wait for me!” 

“Oh come on.” She responds with a roll of her eyes, “did you really think I was going to leave you to eat alone after the day you’ve had?”

“But… you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast this morning, you must be starving!” 

“It’s… really not that bad.” She mumbles, shyly shifting her eyes down to her feet. 

And of course her stomach picks that very moment to let out the loudest growl she’d ever heard, leaving her with no option other than giving a sheepish smile in response to Nayeon’s concerned frown. 

“Okay,” Momo continues, “maybe I’m a little hungrier than I expected. But... I just really wanted to eat together.” 

Nayeon shakes her head in disbelief before leaning forward to press a light kiss to her lips. “You’re ridiculous. But thank you, it’s very sweet.” 

Not wanting to waste any more time standing around, Nayeon finally peels herself out of Momo’s arms and the three of them make their way back into the living room. 

"Oh my god it smells amazing!" Nayeon says, leaning over to give Momo another quick kiss on the cheek, "just give me a second to change, I desperately need to get myself into some sweatpants right now."

"Alright, don't take too long!" She calls, seeing that Nayeon is already halfway to her room.

With that she takes her seat back on the couch, already reaching forward to open the nearest takeout box when she notices Dahyun kneeling at the other side of the table, sporting a beaming ear to ear smile that would probably blind her if she looked too long. 


She doesn't get a response other than the girl shooting a quick glance at the table, still not relenting with the grin that would probably put the cheshire cat to shame.

"Okay fine," Momo sighs, "you can have some, there's probably way too much for just me and Nayeon anyway."

"Thank you unnie!" Dahyun beams, "um… and also…"

"Yes, you can tell Sana to come eat with us too."

Without warning the girl is practically tackling her into the couch. "You're the best!" Dahyun shouts. 

"Yeah yeah," she grunts, "just help me with all of this."

It turns out to be a bit of a challenge figuring out how to set everything on the table, and just as Momo is starting to wonder if it's worth just packing some of the food in the fridge, she sees Nayeon slowly shuffling back into the room, sporting a fresh set of comfortable sleepwear along with a dreamy, far off look on her face.

"Hey," Momo says, "I might've gone a little overboard with the food so I told Dahyun that she and Sana could eat with us."

"Oh yeah that's… fine." Nayeon answers slowly, biting down on her lip in a vain attempt to stop the dopey grin from spreading on her lips.

She shares a quick, confused look with Dahyun. "Nay? Is everything okay?"

"Um, yeah." Nayeon replies, sitting down next to her and gratefully accepting a pair of chopsticks from Dahyun, "just… did something happen with Jeongyeon and Mina?"

"Oh! Well…"

She's cut off by a familiar high pitched squeal that can really only belong to one person.

"Dahyunnie!" Sana cries, running up to join them on the couch with her phone held loosely in her hand, "I was starting to worry that you had forgotten about me!"

"Sorry, I should have texted sooner, but I figured you might be hungry."

"I am! You're so considerate Dahyunnie!"

"Yah!" Momo cries, "I’m the one that bought all this food in the first place."

At that Sana lets out a small giggle and slides over to give her a hug. "Thank you Momoring."

"Hey hey, keep your hands off my girlfriend!" Nayeon teases, throwing in a good natured poke to Sana's side that has her squeaking in surprise and launching herself back over to hide behind Dahyun. "And you never answered my question."

"Eh?" Momo replies, "what question?"

"About Jeongyeon and Mina!"

"Oh!" Sana cuts in, "are they still watching Avengers?"

"Yes!" Nayeon answers with an excited nod, "What’s up with that? I went in there to change and they were in Mina's bed together."

"Oh they're so cute!" Sana squeals. "I've spent the whole night hiding in Dahyunnie's room just to give them some alone time."

"But let me guess," Momo adds, not bothering to control the disappointed look on her face, "Jeongyeon completely wasted Sana's honorable attempt at being her wing-woman."

"What do you mean?"

Momo turns back to her girlfriend. "I mean were they being intimate at all? Did Jeongyeon even have her arm around Mina?"

Nayeon pauses, taking a second to shoot a thoughtful look back towards her room before shaking her head. "No, I don't think so."

"Of course not." Momo sighs, "she was too shy to do anything the other night too and we freaking watched like three Marvel movies!"

"What? When was this?"

"On our day off." Dahyun answers through a mouthful of noodles, "you were still visiting your parents unnie."

"Wait what?" Nayeon says, furrowing her eyebrows, "you're telling me that not only is this not the first Marvel movie that Jeongyeon's seen with Mina, but that she actually spent her entire day off watching them?"

"Yup, Mina-unnie's taking her through the whole marathon." 

Nayeon turns back to Momo with another confused look. "What the hell?"

Dahyun's eyes grow wide, flicking back and forth between the two of them, and Sana who's already started giggling, having apparently figured it out on her own. "Is something wrong?"

"Jeongyeon hates superhero movies." Momo explains with a light chuckle.

"She hates all action movies really." Sana adds. 

"Haven't you noticed that she never joined us for our Marvel marathons?" Nayeon asks.

"Um… no? I mean I guess I did. But I just…" 

"You were too busy freaking out about every time Sana's leg touched yours." Nayeon finishes, giving an exaggerated roll of the eyes at the furious blush that washes over the younger girl's face. "God you're just as bad as Jeong. All this time I've been saying that she should just tell Mina how she feels, but no. Instead she'd rather suffer through hours and hours of movies that she doesn't even like just to have an excuse to sit next to the girl."

"And not make a move." Momo adds.

Nayeon lets out a frustrated huff. "I swear I’m going to have an aneurysm."

"Oh cut her some slack unnie," Sana says, "Jeongyeon-unnie has it really bad for Mina. You can't blame her for being nervous. It’s perfectly normal." 

"Oh, right, because you were so nervous confessing your feelings to Dahyun." Nayeon responds sarcastically. 

"Who says I wasn't?"

"I'd say Jihyo and Tzuyu considering that they came home to you two doing it right on this sofa."

On the other side of the couch Dahyun slams her face into the table in a vain attempt to hide her embarrassment, sending Momo into a fit of giggles as Sana leaps up to voice her protest.

"For the last time! We were just kissing!"

“Right.” Nayeon deadpans, “it just so happened that Dahyun’s shirt had slipped off.” 

“That was a different time! And who are you to judge? Just the other day Chaeyoung walked in on you two actually having sex in the dressing room on our lass press tour!” 

There’s another loud thud on the table courtesy of Dahyun’s forehead that Momo only barely hears over the sound of her own embarrassed groan. 

"Oh come on." Nayeon counters, "that was like the fourth show that day that asked Momo to do a solo dance number. You know I can't resist when I see her shaking that…"

"Can we please talk about something else!" Dahyun whines into the table. 

Nayeon falls back into the couch, cackling at the younger girl’s embarrassment as Sana quickly leans in to press an apologetic kiss to her girlfriend’s cheek. 

"She's right," Momo says, "we should be talking about Jeongyeon and Mina."

At that, Dahyun finally sits back up to allow a soft smile to spread on her lips. "Are they really getting together?"

"Not if the ball's in Jeongyeon's court." Nayeon replies flatly, "that girl is so in her own head, it would be a miracle if she made the first move."

"But I don't know if you can say Minari is better." Sana muses, "she's just so shy."

"Jeongyeon is too."

"Yeah but at least Jeongyeon made the movies happen." Momo says.

"As if that's a good thing."

"It's still a step."

"Yeah, if her goal is to ask Mina out when they're forty."

"Maybe Jeongyeon-unnie just wants to take things slow." Dahyun suggests.

Sana shakes her head. "No… you can see it in their eyes that both of them want something to happen, they're just too scared to do anything about it."

"God," Nayeon huffs, "the amount of times I catch those idiots staring at each other when they think nobody's looking..."

She doesn't have the chance to get much further when the front door opens again, this time revealing Jihyo, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung.

"Hello!" Sana greets, "how was the movie?"

"Pretty good." Chaeyoung says simply, "but these two cried the whole time."

"You're just heartless!" Tzuyu protests.

Jihyo throws up her arms as well, "I don't understand how you can not cry during a movie like that!"

"Maybe because I had to run out every five minutes to grab tissues for you two."

For a second Tzuyu looks like she's about to argue, but after a brief internal debate, decides instead to turn to the side to give the girl an adorable pout that looks to be taken straight out of an anime.

Momo watches this all unfold with a raised eyebrow as Chaeyoung holds the gaze for a moment, before she inevitably relents, responding with a playful roll of the eyes and wrapping an arm around Tzuyu's waist as she reaches up to press a kiss to the girl's cheek. 

"Well," Jihyo says, quickly averting her eyes from the intimate display, "that's my cue to leave. It's been such a long day and I seriously need a shower."

But she only manages a couple steps towards the main bedroom before Sana jumps up in front of her, arms stretched wide to block the path with a high pitched "No!"

Jihyo raises her eyebrows in confusion, shooting a brief look at the rest of them on the couch. "What? What do you mean no?"

"You… can't go into our room right now." Sana stammers.

"And why not?"

"Jeong and Mina are busy not getting busy." Nayeon answers, not bothering to look up from her food.

"Still?" Jihyo says incredulously, "they were watching movies for like an hour before we even left!"

"I know, I know." Sana replies, "but we have to give them time. You know how they are."

Their leader shoots a pained look over Sana’s shoulder. “But but but… I really want a shower.” 

“You can use our shower unnie.” Tzuyu says.

“But I would still need fresh clothes to change into.” 

“You could borrow some of my clothes.” 

“You’re way too tall for me to fit into anything you own.” Jihyo answers. “And I’m pretty sure anything Dahyun or Chaeyong has would be too small for me.” 

The living room falls into a relative silence as a few resigned nods are exchanged, admitting that Jihyo is probably right and they really don’t know how much longer the seven of them can keep stalling to give Mina and Jeongyeon their alone time. But just as Momo is about to volunteer an alternate solution, Sana’s voice hesitantly pipes up. 

“Well…” the girl says quietly, “I… actually might have some clothes in their room that would probably fit you…” 

Suddenly all eyes are on Sana, except for Dahyun’s who’s already planted her face back onto the table. 

“You… keep clothes in our room?” Chaeyoung asks. 

“It’s not like I store them there!” Sana mumbles shyly, “there just happens to be a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt in there.” 

Momo narrows her eyes in confusion. “What does that even mean? Why are your clothes in their room?” 

“Well… I… left them in there this morning… on… the floor.” 

There’s just the slightest beat of silence before the entire living room erupts. 

“I knew you didn’t wake up early to take a shower!” 

“-in our room??!!” 

“- while I was sleeping in the top bunk!”

“-I’m going to throw up.” 

“-Jihyo can’t wear that !” 

“-that is disgusting...

"-way too clumsy to be trying to sneak back into our room at five in the morning…"

"-I'm asking Jeongyeon-unnie for a crate of Clorox wipes."

"-how did neither of us wake up?"

"-you guys are going to have to start sleeping out in the living room."

"-your hair wasn't even wet!"

"Okay okay!" Jihyo shouts, bringing a hand up to pinch at the bridge of her nose. "Sana… are the clothes… clean?"


Nayeon lets out an incredulous scoff. "How can they be clean?"

"Surely you at least slept in them all night." Tzuyu says.

"They're clean." Sana insists, "I put them on that morning when I woke up…"

"-At like five in the morning?"

"Yes. And then… I took them off... like a few minutes later."

"But why would you leave them in our room?" Chaeyoung asks.

"Because you started waking up!" Sana cries, "and I panicked and ran back to our room but I didn't have time to grab the clothes so Dahyun hid them."

"Okay." Jihyo huffs, putting an early stop to any further outbursts before they start up again, "Dahyun, can I ask you to find the clothes for me so I can go take a shower?"

The girl perks up for the first time since the conversation started, face still flushed bright red as she quickly gets to her feet.

Jihyo lets out another deep sigh before following Dahyun to her room, muttering under her breath about how much Jeongyeon owes her for putting up with all of this.

And with the two of them taking off in search of Sana's discarded clothes, the living room falls into an awkward silence, filled only by the occasional sound of someone slurping up a mouthful of noodles.

"Well." Momo finally says, right as Dahyun decides to take back her spot on the floor next to Sana, "I'm sure Jeongyeon and Mina will appreciate you guys taking a bullet for them like that."

"They better," Sana grumbles, taking a second to shoot an apologetic look at her girlfriend. 

Momo fights back the grin that's threatening to spread on her face. "Because I was going to suggest that Jihyo just borrow some clothes from me and Jeongyeon's room. But your sacrifice was much more meaningful."

There's another empty beat as her words sink in. And Momo makes sure to remember the look of shock on Sana's face, jaw hanging open halfway through a bite of kimbap, before the living room once again erupts, this time with thunderous laughter accompanied by the sound of two heads slamming into the coffee table.

Chapter Text

This… this is stupid.

She should just turn around and go back to her room… go back and figure it out herself like an adult who isn't completely and hopelessly useless at stuff like this. Except there's no way she can convince herself or anyone else that that's even remotely true.

So she should just… go in and ask right? Yes. She should just go in there and get it over with because otherwise she's going to run out of time. She's already wasted at least forty five minutes standing around having this stupid debate with herself and surely the other members will be coming home soon.

But that's kind of the thing… in this entire time she hasn't figured out how to actually… make her feet move.

Maybe splashing cold water on her face? Or slapping herself? That's what people do in movies right? She should know the answer to that, she's watched like a thousand in the past week.

No. No this is ridiculous. Just go out and talk to her. No water or physical violence necessary.

Somehow her feet start to move a bit. First one step… then another… and before she knows it she's pushing the door open and stepping into the living room… only to freeze again when she sees Sana on the couch, exactly in the spot she'd left her almost an hour ago, still focused on the book in her hands that she'd borrowed from Jihyo. She's so focused in fact, that she doesn't even seem to notice Jeongyeon awkwardly shuffling her feet just a short distance away.

Crap… now she actually has to get her attention.

"Um… S-Sana?"

The girl snaps her head up in surprise, noticeably relaxing as recognition washes over her face. 

"Oh, Jeongyeon." Sana says, breathing out a deep sigh of relief, "is everything okay?"

"Um… yeah. Well… sort of. Actually um…"

"Is someone hurt? Oh my god did Momo fall again? Or did Dahyunnie..."

"Woah woah! Everyone's fine!" Jeongyeon says quickly, surprised at how fast Sana had jumped to her feet.

"Oh…" Sana says, slowly sinking back onto the couch, "then why are you standing over there like there's a bomb about to go off?"

Jeongyeon swallows nervously. She hadn't expected Sana to catch on so quickly, but Sana had really always been surprisingly perceptive, and then there was the fact that she kind of had a habit of wearing her heart on her sleeve… okay she definitely should've seen this coming. 

"Actually…" she stammers, "I was wondering… if I could talk to you? For like… advice?"

This time Sana takes on an altogether different expression, one filled to the brim with curiosity intense enough to bore a hole through Jeongyeon's skull, especially when focused through Sana's enormous puppy dog eyes.

"Advice? Wow, I never thought that you would ever…"

"If you're busy we don't have to. I mean I'm sure I can just figure it out on my own. This was stupid. I shouldn't have…"

"No!" Sana interrupts, leaping back to her feet to firmly latch onto her wrist. "No, I'm really honored that you'd come to me. I was just surprised."

And then Sana gives her this adorably gentle smile that pretty much kills any possibility of her escaping back to her room to wallow in solitude, and before she knows it she's being dragged onto the couch.

"So." Sana says quietly. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Um," it's actually kind of hard to put it all into words with how hot her face feels. "It's kind of… about…"


"Well I mean… it's um…" she brings a hand up to run through her hair, thinking to herself that it should seriously not be this hard to just get through a couple words. And in her desperation to say something she ends up blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. "Movies!"

Sana blinks a couple times, eyes stretched wide as she lets the words sink in.


"Um… yeah."

"You… wanted to talk to me about movies?"

"Well, not exactly."

"So not movies?"

"Well the movies are part of it. But it's not really the main thing, it just kind of became a part of it… or maybe the cause. Well not the cause I guess, I guess the cause is really just…"

"Jeongyeon." Sana interrupts, "you're rambling. Like a lot."

"I'm sorry." She sighs, deflating back into the couch, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I mean this is ridiculous. I'd say I'm acting like a high schooler but I never got this bad even in high school."

"None of us had a normal high school experience Jeongyeonnie." The girl offers sweetly. 

"Well sure but I mean it's still…"

"Okay." Sana says, this time a little more firmly. "You're clearly having some trouble so how about I help you? I'm just going to ask you a couple questions and you just say the first thing that comes to mind. Okay?"

"I don't see how that could…"

"Just humor me."

She gives Sana a careful look, thrown off completely by the sincerity in her eyes, before finally responding with a slow, hesitant nod.

“Great!” Sana chirps. “Now remember, I’m going to ask them quickly. And you answer with the first thing that pops into your head.” 

“Got it.” 

“Okay… what’s your favorite color?”


She sees Sana bite back a smile. 

“Favorite food?”



“Fine! Uh… tteokbokki!” 

“Are you more a dog person or a cat person?”


“Favorite singer outside of Twice?” 

“IU. Where are these questions going?”

But Sana continues without missing a beat. “Favorite singer inside of Twice?” 


“Best dancer in Twice?” 


Almost instantly her face heats up and her eyes widen as Sana raises her eyebrows with an amused smirk.

“Wow.” Sana says, “I’m telling Momo.” 

“Please don’t. I didn’t mean… I meant like…” 

“We’ll discuss it later. Tallest member?”

“Tzuyu obviously.” 

“Member that’s best at cooking?” 


“Member that eats the most?”


“Member with the best aegyo?”


“Member with the worst aegyo?”


“What? There’s no way…”

“Nayeon.” She repeats firmly. 

“Okay… member that looks the best in pictures?”


The small smile on Sana’s face seems to grow just a little wider.

“Member that looks best on stage?”


A little wider.

“Member that does the best in rehearsals?”


There’s some kind of glint in Sana’s eye that she doesn’t quite have the ability to dissect. 

“Member with the best fashion sense?”


“Member that you’re in love with?” 


It takes a second for her to realize what had just come out of her mouth, and in an instant her eyes stretch wide. 

“W-wait.” Jeongyeon stammers, “I… I didn’t mean… I mean that was just…” 

She trails off as she notices that Sana’s smile has grown into a full on shit-eating grin that the girl is helpless to contain no matter how hard she bites on her lip. 


“You knew?” She says, “how… oh my god, did Momo…” 

“No. Nobody told me anything.” Sana says quickly, “I just figured it out.” 

“But… I… how… when?” 

Sana gives her one of her signature sweet-as-sugar smiles. “I mean, I can’t really say that there was any one thing that made me realize it, but after a while everyone kind of noticed that you treat Mina a little differently from the rest of us.” 

“Yeah but that’s just because Mina is so… wait. Everyone?” 

At that Sana presses a hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle. “Yes. Everyone.” 


“It’s like I said. You treat Mina differently than the rest of us. Not that you don’t treat all of us great or anything, we all love you so much and you take care of everyone so well. But with Mina… it’s always just a little different. You’re just so soft with her. Whenever she wants or needs something it takes so much of a higher priority than anything else.” 

“What? When have I ever done anything…”

Sana cuts her off with another giggle and a raised eyebrow. “You don’t like action movies Jeongyeonnie.” 

And with that Jeongyeon’s face is buried back in her hands. Because of course people had noticed that she had been marathoning the Marvel movies with Mina this past week, after all  they’d been watching it in the room that Mina shared with the three most talkative members of Twice. She’d wanted to suggest that they switch over to her and Momo’s room instead where there would be significantly fewer potential witnesses, but it had been hard enough for her to handle watching in Mina's bed, the thought of just the two of them in a much more private setting like her room had been almost enough to make her faint.

“And I’m guessing,” Sana continues, pulling her out of her thoughts, “that this is what you wanted to talk to me about?” 

“Nope.” She grumbles into her hands. “Don’t think I’ll be needing to talk about anything. Too busy dying from embarrassment.” 


“Nuh uh. Dead people can’t talk.” 

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” 

All of a sudden she feels her hands being wrenched away from her face and she looks up in surprise. “When did you get so strong?” 

“Well the company trainers actually told me that I should focus a little more on… You know what that’s not important. Just talk to me Jeongyeonnie. I know it must be seriously bothering you if you actually came to me with this. Now what’s going on?” 

With that she leans back a bit to breathe out a deep sigh. It's not like she can really back out now, doing so would be seriously rude in the face of Sana's sincerity. But that doesn't do much for how embarrassing this all feels.

"Well…" she says slowly, painfully aware of how hot her face is feeling right now, "I don't know… it's just… Mina. "

It comes out light and airy, like just saying Mina's name is enough to send her head straight to the clouds. And why shouldn't it? It's a great name. So beautiful and elegant and so… Mina.

She's shaken out of her thoughts by a firm nudge on her leg.


Sana's smile is so wide at this point that her eyes are practically sparkling. "I said your name like three times."

"Sorry…" her cheeks feel like they're on fire. 

"Don't be. I think it's really sweet."

"Really? Because to me it just feels… childish. And stupid. I don't even…"

"Jeongyeon." Sana interrupts quietly. "There's nothing stupid about being in love."

Her breath hitches as her lungs seem to empty in less than a second. She doesn't know why, maybe it's because Momo and Nayeon had only ever used words like 'crush', or maybe because she'd wasted so much energy trying to suppress those very feelings, but she had never once allowed herself to consider that she might actually love Mina..

"Oh my god." She whispers.

"Did you not know?" Sana asks softly.

"No I… I never thought…"

She trails off, feeling as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, reaffirmed by the gentle smile on Sana's lips that helps the idea truly sink in.

She loves Mina.

But as shocking as it is, as hard it is for her to breathe right now, there's also something about it that feels so... right

So of course it's right at that moment that the front door flies open to reveal Nayeon stepping inside, sending Jeongyeon to immediately snap her head away in a futile effort to hide the blush on her cheeks. 

"Hey guys." Nayeon greets.

Sana perks up, throwing her arms up in a clear signal for a hug. “Nayeon-unnie!” 

She sees Nayeon give a playful roll of her eyes before walking over to join them on the couch, letting out a small squeal as Sana immediately pulls her off balance to fall against her chest. Somewhere in this scene there’s a joke to be made about Dahyun and Momo getting jealous, only it dies on the tip of her tongue because she’s too busy with her own issues to make fun of someone else’s, not to mention the fact that by this point all the respective couples had long since accepted the fact that this was an aspect of Sana’s personality that would never change. 

“How do you do that?” Jeongyeon blurts out, causing both of them to freeze and look up in surprise. 

“Do what?” Sana asks. 

“Be all… touchy and… affectionate. I just… how?” 

Nayeon furrows her eyebrows. “What? What are you talking about?” 

“I think she’s talking to me.” Sana says. 

"Oh. Right. Like Jeongyeon would ask you over me for relationship advice."

Jeongyeon narrows her eyes. "How did you know that..." 

"Oh please, like this could be about anything other than Mina."

She feels the blush returning to her cheeks as Sana hops up to voice her protest. 

"She would totally come to me for advice!"

"Yeah but over me?" Nayeon counters, "we've practically known each other since we were in the womb."

Jeongyeon rolls her eyes. "We did not… we're not even related!"

"Oh yeah?" Sana interrupts, "then how come I was the one that helped her realize she's in love with Mina?"

This time there's a long, heavy beat of silence that's only brought to an end when Jeongyeon suddenly feels a painfully familiar slap to her shoulder. 

"Ow!" She cries, instantly bringing a hand up to the point of impact. She's been friends with Nayeon long enough to know that this one is definitely going to bruise. "Nayeon, what the hell?"

"You love her?" The girl shouts, "and you didn't tell me?"

"How was I supposed to tell you? I literally didn't know until like a minute ago!"

Another slap on the arm.

"Do you really expect me to believe that?"

"Um yes! Because it's the truth!"

"Oh whatever. You've been making eyes at her for like, the past two years. Do you really expect me to believe that it never once occurred to you that your feelings might be a little stronger than a schoolyard crush?"

"Well no! But that's only because… well because… I mean it's not like I've ever..."

There's a brief look exchanged between Nayeon and Sana, realization seemingly hitting them in unison as the Japanese girl slowly turns back to face her.

"Jeongyeon. Is Minari… your first love?"


She trails off as a blush fully lights up her face. And almost on instinct she starts to avert her eyes, preparing for whatever judgemental scowl Nayeon has for her, but before she can, she spots the girl's expression softening. And before she even knows what's happening Nayeon is throwing her arms around her.

"Nay- what?"

“God it’s so cute!” Nayeon squeals, before pulling back to level a glare. “I better be your maid of honor. Listen if you even think about picking Jihyo over me I swear I’ll...” 

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jeongyeon shouts, struggling against Nayeon's surprisingly tight grip. 

“We’ve literally known each other for like, ever. I would totally pick you as mine so you freaking better pick me.” 

“Oh my god.” She groans, falling forward to hide her face behind her hands again. “Why are we even talking about this? It’s not like we can even get married in Korea.” 

“So we’ll just all fly to the US or something.” Nayeon answers simply. “Also I like how you didn’t even blink at the thought that Mina is the one you’re going to be marrying.” 

All she can really manage is a frustrated groan. 

“That’s because it’s true love.” Sana states, as if it's just some kind of accepted fact. "And that would be perfect because I think Mina still has her American citizenship. Ooh! We could do Hawaii!"

"Yes! Oh my god, I love beach weddings. Unless Hawaii would be better for the honeymoon." 

"Well where would they have the wedding then?"

"I don't know," Nayeon admits, "our experience in the US is pretty much limited to concert venues and airports."

"Well we could just look some stuff up."

"Can we please get back on topic!" Jeongyeon shouts.

"Right right. Sorry." Sana says sheepishly. "What were we talking about again?"

"Um, the uh… being all touchy and stuff."

"That's what you wanted to ask her?" Nayeon snorts. 

Sana scoots forward to nudge the girl aside. "Don't listen to her. So you’re nervous about… making a move?” 

Something about hearing it said out loud makes it feel a thousand times more embarrassing. These are the kinds of problems that are barely acceptable to have when you’re in middle school, much less in your early twenties. All she can manage in response is a small nod. 

“Okay, well I mean… what do you want to do with her?” 

Her head snaps back up, eyes stretched wide in shock. “Um, you don’t mean…” 

“Ew no, not that!” Nayeon says quickly, lips curled in clear disgust, “she wants to know if we’re talking like holding hands or kissing or something.” 

“It would probably be better if we went over that kind of stuff first.” Sana agrees, “but I mean we can also talk about sex if that’s what…” 

“Hell no.” Nayeon interrupts. “We are not talking about… that .” 

“When did you become such a prude?” 

“I’m not a prude! I would just rather not think about Jeongyeon... in that context.”

“Oh come on.” Jeongyeon groans, “I have to deal with you and Momo making out on my bed all the time but this is suddenly too much for you?” 

“I… okay fine, fair enough." Nayeon relents, "By all means, tell us all about the unholy things you want to do to Mina.” 

"That's not… oh my god. That's not what I meant!" 

"I mean you're practically like my sister at this point." Nayeon continues, deliberately ignoring her weak protests, "but yeah, I'm sure it would be super fun to hear about all the things you like in bed."

“Oh give her a break.” Sana giggles, throwing in a good natured slap on the arm before turning back to Jeongyeon. “Don’t listen to her Jeongyeonnie, she’s been rooting for you and Mina to get together harder than anyone.” 

“What? Really?” 

“That… that is not true.” Nayeon stammers.

“It is!” Sana replies, “I even found her sleeping out here on the couch the other day after she almost passed out during practice just to give you guys time to watch movies.” 

Jeongyeon can’t help turning back to Nayeon, raising her eyebrows in surprise when she finds the girl hiding an embarrassed blush staining her cheeks pink. 

“Nay, did you really do that?” 

“Um… kind of.” 

“Unnie!” She cries guiltily, “you didn’t have to… you could’ve at least taken my bed! It’s not like Momo would’ve said anything!” 

“I… didn’t really think about that until later.” 

“What? Why?” 

“Well,” Nayeon mumbles, “I was just really tired. I pretty much barely made it back into the dorm, and once I got back I saw you guys on Mina’s bed again so I just kind of stumbled onto the closest thing I could find.” 

“Don’t worry so much.” Sana adds, “Jihyo and I got home like twenty minutes later and carried her to Tzuyu’s bed.” 

“Yeah, which sounds all sweet and chivalrous when you don’t mention the part where you guys dropped me on my head halfway to their room!” 

“Hey, it’s the thought that counts. Plus you’re really heavy and we were almost as tired as you were.” 

Jeongyeon tries to listen to their bickering, normally she’d be practically dying of laughter with something like this, but really it’s all she can do to not burst into tears hearing just how much the other members have been doing for her. 

“You guys really… why?” 

“What do you mean why?” Nayeon scoffs. 

“Because we love you of course.” Sana answers simply. 

“Because you and Mina are perfect together. And… we want you to be happy."

Their answers are so simple, straightforward, but it's enough to break the floodgates completely and she collapses into the two of them for a tear filled hug. There's some giggling and light hearted teasing, but by the end of it, all three of them are piled into the corner of the couch, legs all tangled together with an indiscernible number of blankets piled around them.

"So." Sana says finally, "we still haven't gotten to your issue with Mina."

"Oh, that's okay." Jeongyeon answers, "I'm sure I can figure it out."

"No way." Nayeon fires back, "you're not getting out of this. So you're worried about making a move?"

All she can manage is an embarrassed nod.

"Okay, well what's keeping you from doing something?"

"I don't know." She responds honestly, "I mean… so we've been watching movies these past couple weeks."

"Movies that you hate." Nayeon adds.

"We… can get to that later."


"So… movies?" Sana offers.

"Right." Jeongyeon says, "well I don't know, it's like every time we're watching I want to just like… cuddle and put my arm around her and stuff. But for some reason I just… can't?"

Nayeon's eyebrows furrow in confusion. "What are you talking about? You and Mina cuddle all the time."

"Yeah." Sana agrees. "There are literally like a thousand Vlives where you two are too busy looking like you're already on your honeymoon. Which, by the way, I think you should be throwing Switzerland in for consideration."

"Ooh Schilthorn!" Nayeon coos, "that would be such a Jeongyeon and Mina honeymoon!"

"Focus." Jeongyeon deadpans.

"Right right. Well, so why are you suddenly so scared of being cuddly with Mina?" Nayeon asks, "it's not like your feelings for her are anything new. Hell, Switzerland is the perfect example. Every single day we were there it was like you were disappearing into Mina's room the second the cameras switched off."

"I don't know." She groans, "like you said, everything was fine before. I used to be able to do… whatever, with Mina, knowing that nothing would ever happen. But now… it's like the second I made the decision to try and do something about my feelings I've started second guessing everything."

"Like what?" Sana asks gently.

"Well like… like what if she doesn't actually want me to do something? What if I'm just imagining that she actually likes spending time with me? What if she secretly hates it when I'm clingy with her? Or what if…"

"Jeong." Nayeon interrupts, catching her off guard with the softness in her eyes. "You're being ridiculous."

"Yeah." Sana agrees. "Minari absolutely adores you."

"Do you really think she would be spending this much time watching movies with you if she didn't feel something? Especially with a schedule like ours?"

"Well…" Jeongyeon says hesitantly, "I guess not."

Nayeon's expression darkens slightly. "You guess not?"

"Okay fine! Yes. Logically, sitting here right now, I would say that I'm being ridiculous. If I was listening to someone else saying these exact words I'd call them an idiot. But… when I'm with her… and I can hear her voice and… and see her smile... it's like I can't even think."

"So don't." Nayeon replies simply.

At that Jeongyeon sinks back into the couch with a defeated sigh. "God you sound like your girlfriend."

"Well maybe Momo has a point." Sana says.


“Yeah. I mean I had a lot of trouble with my feelings for Dahyun at the beginning. She and Mina are really alike in a lot of ways, particularly when it comes to how shy she is about intimacy."

"Yeah…" Nayeon agrees, "I remember before we debuted Dahyun used to get so freaking red everytime someone cuddled with her. Although I suppose at least half the time that was because she was falling so hard for Sana."

The Japanese girl lights with a dreamy grin. "Dahyunnie really is just the cutest."

"Guys." Jeongyeon cuts in.

"Right, sorry. Point is, I used to freak out all the time just like you. I'd get so in my own head about everything that could go wrong… but in the end it was my heart that made the decision for me."

And that's pretty much enough to stun her into silence. Because somehow it just sounds so simple when Sana says it. After all, she loves Mina. Even if she'd only figured it out a few minutes ago, the feelings had always been there. And it's not like she has to go out and propose to Mina tomorrow or something, they're literally just talking about cuddling during a movie, something she's done a million times before, just… with a slightly different meaning.

As if sensing her inner turmoil, because she probably actually does, Nayeon scoots forward to take a hold of her hand, flashing a reassuring smile when she looks up in surprise. 

"You can do this Jeong."

"Are you sure?" She answers skeptically, "because we have literally zero evidence to support that. I mean it's not like I've ever done anything like this before.” 

“Well just… take it slow.” Sana says, “one step at a time.”

“Yeah. Start with something simple.” Nayeon adds, “like… putting your arm around her during your next movie.” 

“Or even just resting your head on her shoulder.”

“But no matter what, keep us in the loop. If there’s anything you need help with, or you’re just feeling nervous or something, we’ll be happy to help. And you know that’s true of all the girls.” 

She feels another overwhelming surge of affection that brings a hint of tears back to her eyes. She finds herself thinking that she wished she had the words to properly express just how grateful she is to have their support, how touching it is that they’re here for her in one of the most confusing times of her life. But in the end all she can manage is to pull the two of them in for another hug, spontaneously deciding to throw in a sloppy kiss to both of their cheeks, eliciting a surprised giggle from the two girls. 

“See?” Nayeon says, flashing a cheeky smile as she pulls away, “if you just show this kind of confidence with Mina we’ll all be flying to Hawaii in no time.” 

Chapter Text

Take it slow.

That had been Sana's advice.

It had seemed easy enough to follow, she was just going to start with something simple. Something like leaning up closer to her or maybe, if she's feeling brave enough, actually putting an arm around her. And it should be easy, like Nayeon and Sana had kept mentioning over the days following their talk, this was something she'd done with Mina a thousand times before. 

They'd even roped in Momo the other day to watch YouTube compilations that their fans had made of her and Mina being overly affectionate with each other, which might have been impressive if it hadn't been so ridiculously embarrassing. 

But the fact remained that the evidence had been presented clear as day for her to see. There were several Vlives where the two of them, or JeongMi as the fans called it, looked more like a couple than even Sana and Dahyun. 

And that was saying something.

So really there should be no pressure… So why on earth is her heart pounding so hard?

She casts another anxious glance at the door. Mina had disappeared to get some snacks from the kitchen before they started the movie, the first one they'd had the chance to watch since her talk with Nayeon and Sana almost a week ago.

And her heart only starts racing faster when she hears a familiarly gentle set of footsteps shuffling back into the room.

"Jeongyeon-unnie," Mina calls in a soft sing-song voice, "hope you're hungry!"

She looks up quickly, lips already cracking into a small smile. "I'm always hungry, you know that."

"Better than most." The girl answers, "which is why I went out and found… these."

With that, Mina pulls her hands out from behind her back to reveal two large bags of chips, the label printed on the front in big English letters being familiar enough that she can just barely place it.

"Wait." She says, eyes slowly widening in recognition, "are those…" 

"The salt and vinegar chips we had in Switzerland? Yup."

"Oh my god! Where did you get these? I thought we ate all the ones we bought like a week after we got back!"

“We did.” Mina’s smile grows into a full on grin. “But this morning Momo and I were walking home and we found this store a few blocks away that sells a bunch of foreign snacks.” 

“And Momo didn’t just eat them all immediately?” 

“She did… we actually bought four bags but she ate the other two on the way back. I actually had to fight her off to keep her away from these. She almost bit me.” 

“What? Mina you didn’t have to do that. If she wanted them that much you could’ve just…” 

“No way!” Mina fires back, voice carrying an unusual amount of intensity for the normally soft-spoken girl, “one whole bag was already way too much for her to eat on her own, not to mention two! And besides…” 

The girl trails off all of a sudden, eyes shyly darting down to the side as she slides onto the bed next to her. 

“Besides?” Jeongyeon offers slowly. 

“Um, I uh… kind of remembered how much you liked them so uh… yeah.” 

That's pretty much enough to wipe any remaining thoughts from Jeongyeon's head as Mina's words slowly sink in. Because just the simple fact that she'd remembered such an obscure fact from a trip they'd taken so long ago, and what's more facing down Momo's wrath for her… is so touching and sweet and just… so Mina.

But at some point while she starts stuttering her way through a thank you, it finally occurs to her that this would be the perfect time to make some kind of move. And it would be so easy too, just pass it off as affection for Mina's kind gesture, and her compulsion only amplifies as she sees how Mina is still bashfully fiddling with the corner of the chip bag.

My god how can someone be so cute?

The sight alone is almost enough to keep her frozen to the spot. Because there's a part of her that's a little unwilling to tear her eyes away. But she's pretty sure she's never going to live it down to Nayeon and Sana if she has to report to them that she'd failed yet again to make something happen.

And so, with her heart pounding in her chest and face heating up to a ridiculous level, she slowly lifts her arm, absentmindedly noticing how hard her hands are shaking as some distant part of her mind registers how amazing Mina’s perfume smells right now.

Time practically slows to a stop as she finally wraps her arm around the girl’s delicate shoulders, a smile spreading on her lips practically on its own as she leans in close with a quiet, “thank you Mina,” whispered into the girl’s ear. 

Mina looks up quickly, eyes widening slightly in surprise and instantly setting off alarm bells in Jeongyeon’s head. Because despite the brief moment of bravery that must have been spurred on by the spirit of Sana forcefully possessing her body, she’s now back to her normal self, self-conscious to a fault and questioning every aspect of every single decision she’d made in the past few minutes. 


“Sorry!” She says quickly, already starting to pull her arm back, “I forgot that you never really felt comfortable about this whole ‘skinship’ thing. I shouldn’t have…” 

“Jeongyeon-unnie.” Mina cuts in, reaching up to catch her wrist before she can fully retract her arm, “I might have been a little shy about… that stuff, in the beginning. But don’t you think we’re pretty far past that point now?” 

"Um, sure but…"

"I mean it's not like we haven't done anything like this before right?"

“Well no, but… I mean, I just didn't want to assume..." 

Mina's expression softens. "You're not assuming anything unnie, you don't have to be so nervous around me. I trust you."

And with that, Mina guides Jeongyeon's arm back around her shoulders, looking up with a smile at the dumbstruck look on the older girl's face before snuggling into her shoulder. 

"This isn't too much for you is it?" She teases.

"N-no… no this is… this is good. It's great."

"Great! So should we start the movie?"

Jeongyeon gives a shaky nod in response before reaching forward with her free hand to find the right movie amongst Mina's extensive library. But with over half her brain power taken up with freaking out over everything that had just happened, she finds it harder than normal to remember exactly what they were supposed to be watching today.

And then it only gets worse a second later, when she vaguely recognizes the sound of the bag being opened and the next thing she knows, there's a potato chip being held just inches in front of her lips.

She turns in surprise, finding Mina looking up at her, eyes stretched wide with this adorably expectant look that has her rapidly beating heart stopping completely. 

"Uh what…" she stammers, "Mina?"

"Didn't you want one?" Mina asks innocently.

"Well yeah, but I…"

She trails off as Mina pushes the chip just a little bit closer, adding in a slight tilt of her head for good measure. 

Her eyes dart from the chip, resting between Mina's delicate fingers, to her own hand, frozen on the screen of the iPad, and then back to the girl's wide eyes, still patiently waiting as the gears explode in Jeongyeon's head. 

She doesn't even know how long it takes for her to finally unfreeze herself, or what it is that really does it, but she suspects that it probably has something to do with the overwhelming heat in her cheeks. And she leans in slowly, because she doesn't know what else she can really do, and gently catches the chip between her lips, doing her absolute best to not stain Mina's fingers with the lipstick she had been too distracted to remove after their day of schedules. 

But as she's pulling back, savoring in the strangely addicting taste of vinegar, she still notices a few red smudges on the girl's hands. 

And she's just starting to debate saying something, only for her heart to stop again as Mina slowly brings her hand back up to her own lips and seemingly without any thought to what it's doing to the older girl, starts one by one licking the salt off of her fingers. 

Jeongyeon is pretty sure she could faint right there.

"Good night unnie."

“Good night Mina.” Jeongyeon answers quietly, “sweet dreams.”

She has to fight the urge to press a kiss to the girl’s forehead as she carefully slides off the bed and heads for the door.

They had just finished watching their second movie of the night, the third in the Iron Man series, and while they had a rare day off for the weekend tomorrow, Mina had been far too exhausted from all their schedules the past couple of weeks to watch another one and decided to go to bed early. 

But for Jeongyeon, who’s heart still hasn’t quite gotten the message to calm down whatsoever, going to sleep right now feels like a distant possibility at best. 

And really, she can’t think of a person on this planet that wouldn’t be buzzing the way she is right now, fresh off a night of finally cuddling with a beautiful girl that she’s absolutely crazy about. And that’s saying something for someone like her, who’s experienced performing live on stage for thousands of people more times than she can count.

So knowing that there’s no way she’s getting sleep any time soon, she slowly closes the door behind her, heading out to find Nayeon, Momo, or Sana, eager to report her progress. 

But when she steps into the living room, she finds it surprisingly empty, with only Tzuyu and Chaeyoung pressed close together in the corner of the couch and a half-forgotten drama playing on the TV. 

“Hi unnie.”

“Hey Tzuyu, hey Chaeng.” She answers, “where is everyone?” 

“Oh, they went out for dinner a while ago. Actually, I’m surprised they’re not back yet.” 

She lets out a contemplative hum. “Nayeon must have convinced them to drink with her. Which means they probably won’t be back for a while. Oh well, it can wait until tomorrow.” 

Tzuyu tilts her head to the side, pausing to share a quick look with Chaeyoung before turning back. “What’s up with you unnie?” 

“What? What do you mean?” 

“Well, I mean usually if Nayeon-unnie were to go out to drink without you we’d be hearing about what kind of elaborate torture you’d be planning for her tomorrow.” 

“That…” she trails off with a light chuckle, “that is not true!” 

Chaeyoung raises an eyebrow. “Unnie, last time this happened you poured hot sauce in her coffee.”

Jeongyeon lets out a satisfied cackle at the hilarious memory. “Oh man, that was a good one.” 

“So what’s going on?” Tzuyu repeats, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so happy before.” 

“I’m not…” 

“You’re literally like beaming unnie.” Chaeyoung cuts in. “Come on just talk to us.” 

And with their two youngest members flashing puppy eyes like this, she pretty much had no chance of ever saying no to begin with. 

So she breathes out a resigned sigh before letting Tzuyu drag her back to the couch.

"So…" Tzuyu gently prods. 

"What… what do you want me to say?"

"Just whatever's on your mind that you need to get out."

"Yeah." Chaeyoung nods, "I mean I know you usually talk to Nayeon-unnie or Jihyo-unnie about this kind of stuff but… but we're here to talk if you want." 

And hearing those words coming from one of their youngest members, tinged with the slightest hint of insecurity that somehow her unwillingness to talk is their fault as opposed to the reality of her own childish behavior, has the last of her resolve crumbling down completely.

"No!" She blurts out quickly, "I love talking to you guys! I mean you two are like… I just haven't been really sure how to… I mean…"

She's cut off by Tzuyu with a firm squeeze of the hand. "Take it slow unnie, there's nothing to be nervous about here."

She finds herself letting out an amused huff at how perfectly Tzuyu had echoed Sana's advice, but it also has the surprising effect of easing away some more of the tension in her mind.

"Okay." Jeongyeon breathes, "you're right. I'm sorry, I just get kind of… self conscious I guess."

"And that's okay." Chaeyoung says quickly, "these things are hard."

She feels her eyebrows furrowing. "These… things?"

She hears it more than sees it, Tzuyu slapping Chaeyoung on the arm, and she only barely looks up in time to catch the panicked realization that spreads on the shorter girl's face.

"Uh, I mean…" Chaeyoung sputters.

"Oh my god," she groans, "Sana really wasn’t kidding when she said everyone knew, was she?"

Tzuyu shares a sheepish look with Chaeyoung. "Well," The girl says, “you aren’t exactly the most subtle about your feelings unnie…” 

“Jesus christ.” Jeongyeon murmurs into her hands. 

“Look it’s not important that everyone knows.” Chaeyoung follows quickly, “I mean it’s not like any of us disapprove or anything. Quite the opposite in fact.” 

She looks up, deciding that wallowing in her embarrassment can wait at least another minute. “Really?” 


“You two are perfect for each other unnie.” Tzuyu says with a smile, "there's not really anything else we can say. The rest is up to you."

And she knows that's Tzuyu's way of giving her a subtle nudge to get talking. And somewhere in the back of her head she's wondering to herself why these kinds of heart to hearts have become so common recently, but in the end she knows the answer to that question as well as any of them. 

"Well, it's Mina." She says finally, "I mean I'm guessing you know that we've been watching a lot of movies recently." 

"Movies that you hate." Tzuyu cuts in.

"Wha- why does everyone keep fixing on that?"

"Well I… nevermind, we can get to that later."

"Get to what later?"

"Nothing. Just, keep going."

"Okay," she says slowly, "well I mean it's been going pretty well, okay, I'll admit I haven't been a huge fan of the movies, but I don't know, just getting to spend time with Mina like this…"

She trails off again as she notices the dreamy look in Tzuyu's eyes, and it really only gets worse when she turns to her left to see Chaeyoung failing to bite back a beaming smile. 

"What?" She asks suspiciously.

Chaeyoung is quick to answer. "Nothing, please go on."

"Why the hell are you two looking at me like that?"

"It's just…" Tzuyu answers, "well we don't really get to see this side of you very often. It's… cute."

"This was a mistake," Jeongyeon huffs, already rising to her feet as a blush starts to creep into her cheeks. 

"No wait! Please don't go!"

"We promise we'll behave!" Chaeyoung adds.

And now there are two sets of puppy dog eyes looking up at her, which leaves her with no real options other than flopping back down on the couch with a frustrated huff.

"So…" Tzuyu prods carefully. "Movies?"

"Right." Jeongyeon says, taking in a deep breath to set herself back on track. "Well I guess it's not really much of a secret that I've… liked Mina for a while now. And really I never planned on doing anything about it until recently."

"So what changed?"

"Honestly? It was you guys."

The two girls share a surprised look. "Us?"

"All of you really." She clarifies. "I mean there used to be like a million things I was scared could go wrong if I ever told Mina how I felt. But lately, seeing how great you two are together, and how happy Sana is with Dahyun, or Momo with Nayeon, I don't know, all of that stuff I was worried about just didn’t seem so scary anymore."

Out of the corner of her eye she sees Chaeyoung pressing her lips together in a futile attempt at containing the smile that’s once again spreading on her face. 

“That’s really sweet unnie.” Tzuyu says, sporting an equally heartfelt smile, “so does that mean you finally decided to make a move?” 

At that Jeongyeon actually has to fight back the tugging at the corner of her lips. “Yeah,” she breathes, “I was actually coming out here because I was going to tell Nayeon or Sana or something.”

“Wait,” Chaeyoung says, “do you mean you wanted to tell someone that you decided to make a move or that you actually made a move?”

"The uh… second one…" she mumbles awkwardly.

"Wait what?" Chaeyoung shouts, "you actually made a move?"

Jeongyeon's eyes instantly go wide. "Keep it down!" She hisses, "she's still in the dorm you know!"

"Sorry sorry… just, tell us what happened!"

"Well," she says with a quick look towards the bedrooms, "we were watching movies…"

And before she knows it, she's spilling everything. Again. All the way from Sana helping her realize that somewhere along the way she’d actually fallen in love, down to Mina feeding her a chip and licking the salt off her fingers. And by the time she's done, the three of them are left on the couch in a sort of stunned silence, with Jeongyeon growing more nervous with every passing second.

"Wow." Tzuyu says, finally breaking through the horribly uncomfortable tension in the air and allowing her to let out the breath she'd been holding. "Who would've thought Mina-unnie would be so bold?"

“Especially compared to me.” She huffs. “I mean it’s taken me literal years just to get to this point.” 

“Don’t feel bad unnie, there’s no shame in taking it slow.” 

She gives the girl an appreciative smile before Chaeyoung pipes up again.

"So, what happened next?" the girl asks.

Jeongyeon scrunches her eyebrows. "What do you mean? We watched the movie and then when we were done she said she was getting tired so I came out here and…"

"Are you kidding me?" 

She feels her eyes stretch wide in shock at the younger girl's outburst. "Wha-what?"

"So you're telling me," Chaeyoung continues, "that Mina-unnie, the girl you’re in love with, went through all this trouble of buying a bag of Swiss potato chips…"

"-there were two."

"-almost getting bitten by Momo-unnie in the process, and then she puts on this licky… seductive display, which by the way is a huge thing for someone like her to do, and all you could manage was putting your arm around her?"

"Well… what was I supposed to…"

She's cut off by the frustrated groan that escapes from Chaeyoung's mouth as the girl falls back into the couch.

"I think what she's getting at," Tzuyu offers carefully, "is that it kind of sounds like Mina-unnie wanted you to kiss her."

Her mind goes blank in less than a second. 

"I… you… what?" Jeongyeon stammers.

"Well I mean all that stuff about how you don't need to be nervous around her and that she trusts you, and then all the licking and…"

"No not 'all the licking', " she interrupts quickly, "it was just a normal 'oh there's salt on my fingers I better clean it off' type of thing. It's not like she was trying to…"

"Mina-unnie doesn't do things like that by accident unnie. She's very deliberate with her actions. Especially when it comes to you."

"Well okay, I don’t really know about that but…"

"No buts!" Chaeyoung cuts in, "she was giving you like a million signs! I’ve literally never heard of a more perfect ‘kiss the girl’ moment! How on earth could you not just go for it right there?"

"Well maybe because…" she trails off, shyly looking off to the side.


"Well I mean… I guess it's probably because I've… never really…"

She cringes slightly as the two younger girls stretch their eyes wide in shock.

"You've never kissed anyone before?" Tzuyu asks slowly.

All she can really manage in response is a slight shake of her head.

"What? How is that possible?" Chaeyoung asks, "unnie you're so…"

"I know, I know!" Jeongyeon interrupts, "I'm way too old to be having these kinds of problems. I mean these are the issues you'd normally expect out of a freaking middle schooler or something. I don't know why, I guess it's just…"

"Actually…" Chaeyoung cuts in sheepishly, "I was going to say pretty."


"Pretty? As in, cute? Beautiful? Drop dead gorgeous? Hell, you're literally making the top ten idols in the country like every year, how has no one ever tried to kiss you?"

"Well it's not that nobody's tried…" she answers, her face feeling like it's practically on fire at this point. "I've just never really let them."

She sneaks a glance up at their faces and finds, to her surprise, Tzuyu watching her with a confused look.

"Didn't you and Sana-unnie kiss when we were all still…"

"-that does not count!"

"But I thought it was on the lips?"

"Doesn't matter." Jeongyeon says firmly, "Sana was not my freaking first kiss." 

"Didn't you guys kiss again when we were filming the MV for What is Love? " Chaeyoung asks cheekily, "are you sure you don't actually have feelings for Sana-unnie? Because if you did I'm sure Dahyun would be more than willing to…"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence."

"Alright alright." Tzuyu cuts in as her girlfriend collapses into another fit of laughter, "the point is, I think it's pretty clear that Mina-unnie wanted you to kiss her."

"Well just because you say that doesn't mean…"

"I'm not saying you should just take our word for it and run into her room right now or anything, just… maybe next time you should keep an eye out.” 

“Keep my eye out for what?” 

“Well… nothing in particular,” the maknae answers, “I guess what I’m really saying is keep an open mind. Don’t shut yourself off to the possibility that Mina-unnie could really like you. And if there’s ever a moment where it feels like maybe you should go for it, whether it’s a kiss or confessing your feelings, or… anything, don’t hesitate. Trust your instincts unnie.” 

“You’ve become such a wise Jedi master.” She says, because it’s kind of impossible to resist cracking a Yoda joke when Tzuyu sets her up so perfectly. 

But the girl doesn’t seem to appreciate it as much, as evidenced by the way Tzuyu’s lips almost immediately flip into an adorable pout. “Yahh!” The girl whines, “I’m trying to be serious here!” 

“Okay, you’re right.” She replies, “and I really appreciate you guys helping me like this. Next time we’re watching movies, I promise I’ll…”

“Wait.” Chaeyoung cuts in, “you’re going to stick to watching Marvel movies with her?” 

“Well… yeah…”

Tzuyu shares another look with Chaeyoung, exchanging a quick nod that she doesn’t quite understand. 

“Um,” Tzuyu says slowly, “maybe this is a good time to talk about the whole movie thing.” 

She can’t help feeling a little concerned over the sudden shift in tone, and she looks between the two youngest members with a bit of trepidation. 

“Is something wrong?” she asks nervously. 

“Well, not… necessarily.” 

“It’s just…” Chaeyoung follows, “we were a little worried about whether or not lying to Mina like this is really the best idea.” 


“Well, yeah.” Tzuyu responds, “I mean she has no idea that you actually hate the movies you guys have been watching for the past few weeks.” 

“Yeah but, that’s not the same as…” 

“And Mina-unnie really hates getting lied to.” Chaeyoung cuts in. 

That’s finally enough to shock her into silence. Because Chaeyoung is absolutely right. How could she have forgotten how much Mina hated when the members lied to each other? Even when it was for nice things like when they’d surprised Dahyun at her graduation, they’d had to go to almost ridiculous lengths to convince Mina to go along with it. 

“Oh my god,” she groans, starting to feel the panic bubbling up inside her, “Mina’s going to lose it! What do I do?”

“Maybe just be honest with her now? I mean it’s still pretty early on right?” 

“Tzuyu. We’ve already watched like nine movies. And that’s a freaking commitment with schedules like ours. No, there’s no way. I just… won’t ever tell Mina that I don’t like them.” 

The maknae narrows her eyes, shooting a quick glance over at Chaeyoung before responding. “I… don’t really think that’s a good idea unnie.” 

“No it’s perfect. I mean how hard could it be? I’ve already watched nine of them, surely the next dozen or so can’t be any worse.” 

“Well sure…” Tzuyu says slowly, “but honestly it doesn’t really seem like they’re going to stop making them any time soon. And you’re also kind of forgetting something pretty important.” 


“Well, put simply, Mina-unnie kind of really loves the Avengers series.” 

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung says, “I mean, that girl watches Avengers like, all the time. It’s her go-to whenever she has free time, whenever she’s sick or just generally feeling down, she just picks one of them and starts watching. She’s done the full marathon more times than anyone I know. Hell, she even tries to watch them on Christmas and New Years if one of us doesn’t stop her.” 

Tzuyu nods her head emphatically. “And you say you love her unnie, that means you must be in for the long haul. That means years, if not decades. Do you really think you can keep pretending to like a series of movies that you actually hate for the rest of your life?” 

Jeongyeon bites down on her lip, taking in a deep breath as Tzuyu’s words really sink in. But somehow, despite how serious the question really is, the answer comes out easily, before she even truly knows what she’s going to say herself, because that’s just how it is with Mina. 

“Yeah.” She answers, and it comes out quietly, barely louder than a whisper, but it’s still enough to shock the two girls into silence. “Yeah I do. I mean it’s just… it’s Mina. I’d do anything for her.” 

And both the girls’ eyes go wide, apparently not prepared for her doubling down on her commitment like this. But after a second, a gentle smile starts to spread on Tzuyu’s lips, a look that’s mirrored by the affection shining in Chaeyoung’s eyes. 

“Well in that case,” Tzuyu says, “I’d say that Mina-unnie is… really lucky to have someone like you in her life.” 

Chapter Text

When Jeongyeon finally walks up the steps to the front door of their dorm, she lets out a deeply relieved sigh. She’d just finished up a particularly long session with the company stylists who had spent several hours messing with her hair in search of some magic combination of length and color that she doesn’t even understand. It had taken so long that her back had gotten sore from sitting in the chair, not to mention the fact that the bottles and bottles of hair products that they’d applied had given her a serious headache. 

But the one thing that had kept her sane throughout the process had been Mina. The girl had discovered some time around lunch that her schedule would go a little later into the day than the rest of the members and had apparently decided to take up the responsibility of providing her entertainment throughout her appointment with an endless stream of text messages. 

And it really does set off an alarm in her head, after all, Tzuyu had told her to keep an eye out for any behavior that would hint at Mina reciprocating her feelings. And by this point, even she can't deny that Mina goes a little more above and beyond than what was typical for their members.

She feels a smile spread on her face as her phone dings yet again, having a fair amount of confidence that it’s going to be another cute penguin gif or maybe a Marvel meme, which even she has to admit have become fairly enjoyable now that she actually knows the characters. 

But she decides to delay checking her phone in favor of getting out of the blistering cold and instead reaches for her keys in the opposite pocket. 

Her notification tone dings several times in the time it takes to press her key into the deadbolt, and just as she’s wondering what Mina could possibly be sending her that would warrant this level of spamming, the door slowly swings open on its own. 

Jeongyeon furrows her eyebrows as she steps inside, trying over and over again to close the door before she realizes that the knob is broken. Normally she’d take the time to mess with it a bit, maybe even fix it herself if at all possible, but she’s feeling just a little too tired right now for something like that and makes do with pushing a nearby pair of boots up against it to keep it somewhat closed. 

With that done, she steps into the living room, finding Nayeon, Jihyo, Sana, and Dahyun cuddled on the couch in a pile of blankets as a movie plays on the TV. 

“Oh, Jeongyeonnie you’re back!” Sana greets cheerfully. 

“Yeah,” she responds, “what’s going on with the door?” 

Nayeon snorts, lips spreading into a cheeky smile. “Sana broke it.” 

“What?” Jeongyeon replies, “what happ-” 

“I did NOT! ” Sana protests, jumping up to kneel on the couch. “It was clearly on the verge of being broken already, I was just the one that tried to open it!” 

“Right.” Nayeon answers sarcastically, “it just so happened that the way you tried to go about it was kicking the doorknob with your foot.” 

“That was only because we had our hands full with all the food you insisted on getting on the way home!” 

“Jihyo was literally putting her bags down when you just ran up and kicked it!” 

“I was hungry! Plus I’ve opened it that way before!” 

“And yet you’re still saying that it magically breaking today isn’t your fault.” 

Eyebrows raised slightly, she turns to Jihyo, who’s shaking her head at their friends’ childish behavior. 

“Our managers called a repairman,” their leader explains, “but they said they wouldn’t be able to make it for a few hours. Dahyun said she figured out a way to keep it closed in the meantime but apparently that didn’t really work.” 

“I did  figure out a way to keep it closed,” Dahyun argues. 

“Then how was Jeongyeon able to get in so easily?” 

“You didn’t say that I had to figure out a way to lock it! You just told me to keep it from swinging open on its own and that’s what my solution accomplishes!” 

“Wait.” Jeongyeon says, “was this ‘solution’ of yours just putting Nayeon’s boots up against it?” 

The younger girl’s pale face goes red. “Well… it’s not like we have any tools to work with.” 

“Making the door actually stay closed was the whole point!” Jihyo continues, “what if some crazy fan decided to run in right now? There’s literally nothing stopping them. We didn’t even hear when Jeongyeon came in!” 

"That's why we're all sitting in the living room!"

Jihyo lets out an exasperated sigh. "Well, hopefully the repairman comes soon. I don't want to have to keep watch all night."

"And you won't have to Jihyo." Sana chimes in, apparently having finished her bickering with Nayeon, "but onto more important matters. Jeongyeonnie?"

Jeongyeon's eyes narrow slightly as she notices the Japanese girl turning to her with an expectant look.

"Yeah?" She asks, voice tinged with a touch of suspicion.

"I heard a little story that you finally managed a bit of cuddle time with Minari the other day."

Nayeon perks up in her seat. "What? When was this?"

"On Friday when we were at dinner."

The next thing she knows there's a plushie being flung at her head that she only barely manages to dodge. 

"What the hell?" She shouts.

"You said you were going to keep us in the loop!" Nayeon fires back, "why am I only finding out about this now?"

"Well, I mean…" Jeongyeon stammers, noticing Sana's poorly contained giggles in the background, "I was going to tell you guys, there's just been a lot going on."

"I thought I was supposed to be your best friend!"

"Um, actually…" Jihyo begins, only to be immediately cut off. 

"Don't even think about it Park!" Nayeon exclaims, "I'm Jeongyeon's best friend. And as the best friend, I should be the one finding out about this stuff first. But no, you told Sana before you told me?"

"What?" Jeongyeon replies, head still spinning as she tries to keep up with this tornado of a conversation, "no, I didn't… Sana, how did you even find out?"

"Oh come on," Sana says, "you should know by now that nothing happens in this dorm without me knowing about it."

She furrows her eyebrows at the cryptic words, instinctively looking to the others to see if someone else seems less confused, and unsurprisingly finds her expression mirrored on the girls' faces, with one noticeable exception.

"Dahyun? You're being suspiciously quiet."

At the sound of her name, the girl snaps her head up, an unmistakable look of guilt in her eyes. 

"Well…" Dahyun mumbles, "yesterday Tzuyu and Chaeyoung were talking in our room, and it's not like I can keep secrets from Sana…"

She turns back to Sana, finding the girl sporting a seriously devilish glint in her eye even as she bites back a grin. 

"I should have known." Jeongyeon grumbles. 

And it looks for a second like Sana's about to say something, only to be cut off by another one of Nayeon's outbursts.

"You told Tzuyu and Chaeyoung before me?"

Before she even knows it her head is in her hands and she's letting out a frustrated groan. 

"I can't believe you!" Nayeon continues, "I mean I told you like, literally everything when I started going out with Momo."

"I didn't ask for that! Jeongyeon shouts, snapping her head back up, "you were the one that insisted on filling me in on all the disgusting details!"

"Oh like you didn’t love hearing them.” 

“As a matter of fact… no. I didn't.” 

"Oh right, because…"

"Oh give it a rest unnie," Jihyo says with a roll of her eyes. "Jeong, why don't you sit, there's a ton of food."

Not having to be told twice, Jeongyeon immediately slides up, grabbing a plate and quickly piling it high with noodles and dumplings before she notices how quiet the room has fallen. She looks up, eyebrows furrowed slightly in concern as she's greeted with four sets of eyes from the couch.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

"Um…" Dahyun mumbles.

"We're waiting for you to tell us what happened with Mina," Nayeon says impatiently.

"I thought Dahyun already…"

"No. She only told Sana. "

"And she didn't say much," Sana adds. 

"Well, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung were pretty vague." 

"Now come on!" Jihyo says, "give us the details!"

Jeongyeon lets out a groan and sets her chopsticks down, seeing that she clearly wouldn't be getting much chance to eat anytime soon. 

And it takes even longer this time around, partially because there are small details here and there that aren't quite as fresh in her mind that she needs Dahyun's help to fill in the blanks for, but mostly because of how ridiculously often she's getting interrupted by Nayeon.

And by the end, she's pretty sure she's feeling the beginning of a migraine from all the outbursts, more than a few of them coming from Sana and Jihyo of all people, about how freaking cute everything is, the worst one of all coming right as she's finishing with Nayeon very loudly voicing her support for Chaeyoung's criticism.

"Wait, you seriously didn't kiss her?"

"We told her to take it slow, unnie." Sana points out.

"Well yeah," Nayeon says, "but like… I don't know, that was such a perfect moment."

"Chaeyoung has a point though." Jihyo adds, "and Tzuyu does too, Mina doesn't really do that kind of stuff by accident." 

As if on cue, she hears her phone ding yet again, drawing a couple of eyes. 

"I'd take her advice too," Nayeon says, "Chaeng's got game. I mean she's literally dating the hottest member of Twice."

"I'm telling Momo you said that." Jeongyeon says with a smirk.

Nayeon's eyes widen for just a split second, and it feels for the briefest moment that she might have gotten the upper hand for once, but then the girl's face relaxes into a devilish grin of her own, and Jeongyeon is suddenly filled with a strange sense of dread. 

“That’s fine.” Nayeon answers slowly, “I’ll just tell Mina about that… dream you had about her.” 

All at once, the blood drains from her face and she can see the eyes of the others on the couch widening in surprise at her reaction. 

“You… you swore you would never…” Jeongyeon stammers, already feeling her face heating up. 

Nayeon falls back into the cushions to let out a furious cackle, legs kicking in the air as the others jump up with a thousand questions on their lips. 

“What? What was this dream about?” Sana asks, eyes shining with curiosity. 

“How come I don’t know about this?” Jihyo asks. 

“There… there is no way I’m…” 

“Oh come on Jeongyeonnie." Sana whines, "I'm sure it can't be that bad."

"Maybe we should just respect Jeongyeon-unnie's privacy."

"Thank you Dahyun."

"Are you kidding? Nayeon you'll tell us right?"

"I don't know," Nayeon says carefully, throwing in an overly dramatic contemplative look to the ceiling, "having this dirt on Jeongyeon is pretty valuable, I might have to cash it in for something a little bigger."

"Like what?" Jeongyeon asks apprehensively.

The girl lets out a deep sigh, taking a second to tap on her chin in a way that gives Jeongyeon the urge to roll her eyes, before leveling another devilish grin.

"Make me your maid of honor when you and Mina get married."

"Not this again." Jeongyeon groans, letting her head hit the table in front of her.

Almost immediately she hears Jihyo's explosive protest. "What? No way! If anyone is going to be her maid of honor it's me!"

"I thought we already established that I was Jeongyeon's best friend."

"No, you just said that and I didn't feel like arguing with you."

"Because you knew that there was no real argument."

"No, because I know how stubborn you can…"

"Alright alright!" Sana cuts in, forcefully shoving herself between the two girls, "we're losing focus!"

"Fine." Nayeon grumbles, "but this isn't over."

Jihyo doesn't offer anything other than a sharp click of her tongue betraying her annoyance as she turns back to Jeongyeon. 

"So where were we?" Their leader asks. 

"Um…" Jeongyeon replies, "I don't even remember."

"You were telling us about not kissing Mina." Nayeon answers. 

Sana nods her head in recognition. "Oh right, what's up with that? I was going to say that Nayeon-unnie is right…"

"-I usually am."

"But it really does sound like Minari wanted you to kiss her." Sana continues, "surely you could recognize that on some level. I mean you probably know Mina better than anyone at this point."

"Well, I don't know if I would say that…" Jeongyeon mumbles. 

"I would." Jihyo says, "you two have like… a sixth sense for each other. And that's saying a lot considering how long Nayeon and I have known you."

"So why didn't you kiss her?" Sana asks, tilting her head in a way that has this inexplicable relaxing effect so powerful that she wonders if it's intentional.

And the words are tumbling out of her mouth before she even realizes it.

"Well, I mean… it's Mina."

"Okay…" Nayeon says, mirroring the confused expressions on the other girls' faces.

And it's only then that she realizes that she doesn't have any idea where that sentence was heading either.

So she panics.

"I mean like, she's always been really timid, and yeah I thought I'd seen some signs, and obviously I wanted to kiss her, but I wasn't sure enough and I just didn't want to do anything that could hurt her."

And even Jeongyeon is shocked at how good of an answer that is, even enough to shock the other girls into silence, apparently having a begrudging respect for her make-believe decision to respect Mina's boundaries. 

Or so she thinks.

It's after a beat or so of stunned silence before Dahyun's voice chimes in, quiet and unsure in a way that matches the confusion etched on her face.

"That's not what Chaeyoung…"

The girl's eyes go wide as all four of them suddenly snap their heads in her direction, only one of them wearing a look of panicked realization that she'd forgotten a pretty crucial detail in her split-second decision to spin up a half-baked lie.

"What?" Sana says.

Dahyun's eyes stretch almost impossibly wider as they flick over to Jeongyeon, a gesture that isn't missed in the slightest by the others in the room.

"Dahyun," Jihyo says slowly, "what did you just say?"

"Nothing! I didn't… I mean that was just…"


And with Sana's interjection, Jeongyeon knows that Dahyun's valiant attempt at keeping her secret has no chance of surviving, and she tries her best to convey with her eyes that it's okay, that it's hardly her fault that she'd been told something by Tzuyu and Chaeyoung that should have been held in confidence, but it doesn't seem to do much for the guilty look on the girl's pale face.

"Well," Dahyun mumbles, "Chaeyoung kind of said something… else."

"What did she say?" Nayeon prods, not missing a beat at the faintest scent of an untold secret. 

"I… I really shouldn't." 

And just as the three vultures are starting to circle closer, Jeongyeon decides that the poor girl had been tortured enough.

"It's okay Dahyun." She cuts in, "she was going to say that I'm full of shit."


Jeongyeon can't help but cringe as the admission slowly creeps past her lips.

"The reason I didn't kiss Mina wasn't because I wanted to respect her feelings. I didn't kiss her because… I was nervous about having my first."

There's yet another beat of silence, this time empty enough to hear a pin drop across the street.

But this time instead of the typical cacophony of explosive reactions, the response is much more muted, and fittingly enough coming from Nayeon.

"You haven't had your first kiss?"

She lets out a sigh, "no. I haven't."

"I… how?" Jihyo mumbles.

"I don't know. I guess I just never really found anyone that I felt like kissing."

"What? But what about Bona? Didn't you date her for like three months?"

"Or Kyung Hoon?" Sana adds, "I thought you guys were together for like, half a year."

"It was only five months, but we…"

She doesn't get a chance to continue before Nayeon cuts in again. "You even dated Min-Seok for like four months. You're telling me that you never kissed any of them in that time?"

"I… no," Jeongyeon mumbles, feeling a whole new level of embarrassment now that the math has been laid out for her like this. "No, I never kissed any of them."

“Dude. What?” Nayeon gawks. “How? I mean, those all felt like fairly serious relationships. You used to go on dates with Kyung Hoon like every week.”

“Yeah, I know. I just, I don’t know, I never really felt like kissing any of them.”

“Did you not like any of them?” Sana asks gently.

“No, I totally did!” She answers quickly, “they were all really great and I always had fun spending time with them but…”


“But I don’t know. Just… no matter how many people I went out with, or how long I was with them, I just never really felt like I wanted to kiss any of them… until Mina.” 

With that, the room falls into a relative silence again, nowhere near as shockingly empty as before, but still enough that you can feel the gears turning in everyone’s heads. 

And oddly enough, it’s Dahyun that breaks the silence, chiming in for the first time since unwittingly opening the door to spilling all her secrets just a few minutes ago. 

“What if we’re thinking about this backwards?” 

All four of them turn to face her. 

“What do you mean?” Sana asks.

“I mean,” Dahyun answers, “that maybe it’s not that you never wanted to kiss anyone until Mina-unnie, maybe it’s that you never wanted to kiss anyone because of her.” 

And this time the collective shock of Dahyun's revelation is left to sink in, with Jeongyeon completely unable to come up with a coherent response when something about the girl's words just… clicks.

There's some gentle discussion back and forth, mostly just harmless speculation and gushing over her and Mina's relationship, but Jeongyeon doesn't really hear that much of it. She's far too busy reflecting on exactly how much of her life has come to revolve around Mina without even noticing.

And it lasts longer than she realizes, only getting interrupted when out of nowhere she feels a hand suddenly pressing on her shoulder.

She has to stifle a shriek as she nearly jumps out of her skin, quickly whipping her head around to see Momo looking down at her with an amused grin on her face. 

“Something wrong?” 

“Jesus Momo, you scared the shit out of me.” 

“Heh, sorry. Just had to see the look on your face.”

“What’s going on with the door?” Tzuyu asks, walking up from behind the Japanese girl. 

There’s another brief argument as Sana and Nayeon go over much the same routine that they had when she’d gotten home, to which Momo only gives an indifferent shrug, sliding up next to Nayeon to press a light kiss to her cheek. 

And it’s kind of unbelievably cute the way Nayeon’s lips crack into a shy smile, betraying a rare moment of embarrassment for the girl who’s normally so infuriatingly confident. 

But it only lasts for a second before Nayeon throws on a deliberately annoyed expression that they’re all just a little too familiar with.

“Really? That’s all I get? One kiss?” 

Momo turns, eyes stretched wide in confusion and with a mouth full of noodles from her girlfriend’s plate. “What?”

“I mean don’t you think I deserve a little more after you abandoned me all afternoon?” 

She sees Momo swallow down her food with a nervous gulp, as her expression shifts closer and closer into full-blown panic. 

“What? No! I didn’t abandon you! We… Tzuyu and I just got stuck with the choreographer!” 

“Yeah but you never texted or called, you could’ve at least had someone tell me that you wouldn’t be able to make it  back for dinner or something.” 

The look on Momo’s face is bordering on distraught at this point. “I thought you knew! I mean we all went over the schedules this morning! I’m so sorry! I should’ve called… we were even allowed our phones this time but I just didn't think to…” 

“Oh my god.” Jihyo groans, “Nayeon-unnie stop torturing your girlfriend.”

With that, Nayeon collapses back into the couch, breaking character with a cackle fit for a hyena that’s only matched in volume by the piercing whine that escapes Momo’s lips. 

“You’re the worst!” Momo cries, throwing in a couple light slaps to her girlfriend’s shoulder. 

“I’m sorry.” Nayeon laughs, “you’re just too cute when you’re like this.” 

Momo gives her girlfriend a pout that even Jeongyeon has to admit looks absolutely adorable. And Nayeon can only hold out for a couple seconds before she scoots up to give the girl an apologetic kiss. 

"Oh." Momo says suddenly and with Nayeon still glued to her side, "speaking of phones… Jeongyeon?"

At the sudden mention of her name Jeongyeon looks up, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Yes?" She asks hesitantly.

And the ear-to-ear grin on Momo's face only serves to fuel her misgivings over suddenly becoming the center of attention again.

"Mina and Chaeyoung stopped by our dance practice for a little bit today."

She doesn't even know why her breath catches in her chest at the mere mention of the girl's name. 

"Oh really? I thought they had a really tight schedule today." 

"Apparently they managed to find some time to take a break."

"Oh. Cool." She says simply, sensing something more in Momo's tone.

"Seemed like Mina was texting someone nonstop today. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?"

And she can tell immediately that the question is pretty much rhetorical as six pairs of eyes turn to her, each one of them piercing and borderline unblinking as the girls watch for any hint of a reaction.

Which means trying to lie her way out of this one is probably out the window. 

“Uh yeah,” She answers sheepishly, “guess she felt bad that I was stuck in hair all day."

"Or…" Momo says, giving a suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows, "maybe she was just looking for an excuse to talk to you."

"I mean… I guess."

"You guess?" Sana says, "haven't things been going really well with Mina lately? Other than..."

"Well yeah,” she cuts in, not wanting to reopen the topic of her fear of intimacy, “things have been going great."

"Although she did have a lot to complain about when she got back to our room the other day." Momo laughs.

Sana furrows her eyebrows. "What? Did Mina do something?"

"What? No, of course not!" Jeongyeon answers quickly, "you know Mina would never do anything inconsiderate or anything."

"Oh please." Nayeon scoffs, "as if it would even matter if she did. You would never be able to complain about anything Mina could do."

"What? That's not true!"

"It totally is!"

"No way." Jeongyeon fires back, "if anyone's cheesy enough to do something like that it's you."

"What are you talking about? Momo and I fight all the time!"

"Is that supposed to be a good thing?"

"Yes!" Nayeon snaps, "it proves how strong our love is that we can get through our issues like adults. You on the other hand would literally be giving Mina the benefit of the doubt if she freaking cheated on you.”

"Are you kidd…"

"Luckily," Sana cuts in, "Minari is too sweet to do anything like that. So why don't we get back to what you were complaining to Momo about."

Jeongyeon takes in a deep breath.

"Uh oh." Momo chuckles, "now you've set her off."

Sana furrows her eyebrows. "Wait what? What happened?"

"Nothing." Jeongyeon sighs. "I was just a little annoyed at the movie we watched."

"Oh really?" Jihyo replies, "are you finally getting tired of pretending that you like Marvel movies?"

"No." She answers quickly, "well I mean… kind of. Look, so far the movies have been perfectly tolerable. Like still not my favorite, but nothing I can't handle."

"But…" Sana offers.

"But then the other night, we watched what was easily the worst movie I've ever seen."

"Which one was that?" Nayeon laughs.

"Um, the second Thor movie?"

With that, there’s a collective groan that has Jeongyeon widening her eyes in surprise. 

“God,” Jihyo huffs, “Thor: Dark World?” 


“Yeah, that movie really does suck.” Nayeon says, "there's a reason we usually skip it when we do the marathon."

"Oh my god thank you!" She answers excitedly, "it was so bad! I actually thought about tearing my eyes out halfway through."

"What happened to sticking through it for Mina-unnie?" Tzuyu asks with a slight chuckle.

"There's a lot I'm willing to do for Mina, but that movie is where I think I'll be drawing the line."

"Wow, that's saying something." Jihyo says, "I mean I don’t like it either, but what about it was so bad that it could actually shake your undying love?"

And looking up, she can see the amusement on all of their faces, waiting for her to continue her miniature tirade. Normally this would probably be enough for her to clam up about it all, but as Momo had said earlier, this had struck a bit of a chord.

"Oh my god," she groans, "just like… everything ! The jokes were garbage, the story structure was all over the place, the action was weak and just… never made any sense, hell even the romance felt shallow and ridiculously meaningless."

She sees all six pairs of eyes grow wide, probably because of her reputation of being something of a sappy mess at the slightest mention of a romance story. But their reactions only spur her on.

"Like, how did they think it was a good idea to just stick Jane and Thor back together after they went the entire Avengers movie not interacting at all?"

"Um. Jeong…" Nayeon says quietly.

"I mean I know it's just a dumb superhero movie and I really shouldn't be expecting anything from a genre so terrible, but you'd think they would at least…"


This time, strangely enough, the interruption comes from behind her, and she's filled with a strange sense of dread as she slowly turns around.

The first thing she sees is Chaeyoung standing just inside the door, eyes tightly closed and a hand rubbing at her temples. She’s only just starting to wonder how she’d gotten in without any of them hearing, some dark vestige of her mind trying to supply the information that the door was still broken, when her eyes flick over to the person standing just behind the shorter girl, and the blood in her veins turns to ice.

“Mina…” she whispers. 

Suddenly the panicked look on everyone’s faces makes a lot more sense, and it’s right then that the tragic timing of it all finally hits home. 

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

“Mina I…” She stammers. “I wasn’t…” 

She trails off, trying desperately to search for any hint of a reaction, only to find the girl’s face decidedly frozen in a completely unreadable expression. 

“Jeongyeon-unnie.” Mina finally says, voice quiet and containing just the slightest tremble that practically shatters her heart right there. “What was all that just now?” 

“That? Um. I don’t know, I was just… we were just joking about…” 

“Have you been lying to me this whole time?” 

"What? No! I would never…"

"You were just telling me the other day how much you've been enjoying our movie nights, we’ve been doing them for months now! But… you don't actually like them?"

"No, Mina. Just give me a second to explain."

"There's nothing to explain! Look at me Yoo Jeongyeon, look me in the eyes right now and tell me why you thought it would be okay to lie to me like this."

And that's pretty much enough to shock her into silence. Because not once in all the years she's known Mina has she ever heard the girl talk to her like that. In fact, despite all of her own vehement protests that there's really no reason to keep getting so formal around her, the girl still insisted on referring to her as 'unnie'.

Hearing Mina kick that habit for the first time only to use her full name with so much anger feels like a cruel slap to the face.

Jeongyeon holds the girl's terrifyingly unflinching gaze, mind racing for something that could possibly explain her actions. But in the end, she has nothing. Because the way Mina had laid things out really left no room for interpretation. 

And as her eyes shamefully flick down to the ground, she hears a disappointed sigh. 

She barely looks back up in time to see Mina spinning on her heels, already halfway through taking a step toward the door. 

And before she knows it she's jumping to her feet, acting purely on instinct as the words clumsily spill past her lips.

"Because I wanted to spend time with you!"

Her heart is pounding in her chest now, almost loud enough to drown out the quiet gasp from somewhere behind her. But she doesn’t pay it any mind, she’s too focused on the way Mina turns her head back just barely enough to shoot an uncertain look out of the corner of her eye. 


“I…” she can feel the blood suddenly start to rush into her cheeks at the realization of what she’s truly admitting. “I’m so sorry Mina, I just wanted to spend some time with you. And then the other day when you were watching it in your room… I don’t know, I guess I just went for it without thinking and I said something really stupid. But then I mean, we got to spend like the whole night together and it was really great and I just… I didn’t want it to stop.” 

Mina finally turns around to face her, expression just as unreadable as before, but Jeongyeon barely notices.

“I know I shouldn't have lied,” she continues, “I know I shouldn’t have pretended that I liked the movies, especially when they’re so important to you. But I don’t know, somewhere along the line, our little movie nights became something I looked forward to every week.” 

Mina’s eyes stretch wide in surprise. “What? But you just said…” 

“No, I mean… the movies themselves still aren’t my favorite, but it never really mattered. Because…" she trails off, partly because her heart is pounding away in her chest and partly because her tongue feels like it's been tied into a knot, but she knows that there's no way she can back out now. "Because it doesn't matter what we're doing. As long as I'm with you, I'm happy with anything."

She doesn't know when it happened, but at some point, Mina had finally met her eyes, and now that she's done with her soul-baring monologue, finds an absolutely awestruck look in the girl's beautiful hazel eyes.

If Jeongyeon was a little more aware of her surroundings she'd probably notice Chaeyoung standing just behind Mina, a hand pressed over her heart and tears welling up in her eyes. Or she might have even noticed the poorly contained squeal from one of the members sitting on the couch behind her.

But she doesn't.

Right now her focus is solely set on Mina. 

"You…" the girl finally stammers, "how long have you been hiding this?"

"What?" She replies clumsily, "I didn't think it was much of a secret that I didn't like superhero movies. I mean you even said so yourself when…"

"No." Mina interrupts, at last allowing the tiniest hint of a smile spread across her lips, "not that."

"I… well then what are you…"

Mina takes one last look at her, letting out a quiet scoff as she shakes her head in disbelief. Jeongyeon’s about to ask for more clarification, the question resting just on the tip of her tongue before Mina cuts her off, closing the distance between them in three impossibly quick steps. 

At this point, her mind isn’t nearly quick enough to keep track of what’s happening, and her eyes are just barely starting to widen as Mina reaches up to tangle her fingers in her hair. She only just has the time to register the nervous smile on Mina’s face before the girl gently pulls her forward… and firmly crashes their lips together. 

Chapter Text

It takes a moment for Jeongyeon to process what’s happening, her brain absolutely overwhelmed by the fruity tang of Mina’s perfume and the unbelievable softness of her lips, but eventually, her hands find their way to Mina’s waist, her eyes flutter to a close, and she melts into the kiss completely. 

She doesn’t even know how long it lasts, probably only a couple seconds, but it might as well be over an hour with how hard her heart is pounding when Mina pulls away. And Jeongyeon is hopeless at containing the smile that spreads on her face as she pulls the girl in just that one step closer so they can rest their foreheads together. 

“Wow…” she breathes, slowly opening her eyes as she tries to process the tornado of emotions going through her head.

And all Mina has to offer in response is a quiet giggle, one that's so adorable she can already feel her heart start to ache.

"You… you kissed me." she stammers.

"Yes Jeongyeon-unnie." Mina giggles again, "I did."

"Do you… like me?"

Mina responds with a cheeky grin and a playful roll of her eyes. "Isn't it obvious? Or do you need me to kiss you again?"

Jeongyeon feels a blush creep into her face and she drops her head to hide her embarrassment.

"Of course I like you unnie. I have for a long time now. It’s just… you take such good care of me and you’re always so sweet… and it feels like we really understand each other, you know?"

She looks back up with a smile and a gentle nod, about to answer with something ridiculously sappy when Mina beats her to it.

"Which is why I can't figure out why you thought you needed to lie to me."

And that's basically like a bucket of cold water to the head. Her heart drops into her stomach, panic already bubbling up to the point of overflowing as she scrambles to find a response… until Mina gives her a soft thump on the head.

"You're such a dummy." The girl laughs, "If you wanted to watch movies with me so badly we could've watched something we both liked. I mean did you forget that you and I are the two biggest Harry Potter nerds in the world?"

Jeongyeon's jaw drops, and she briefly thinks about whether it would be feasible to put her head through the wall and just hide in there forever, especially when she hears an all too familiar cackle from somewhere behind her.

And it’s only then that she remembers that they’re still in the living room, with the other members having borne witness to everything that had just happened, including her first kiss.

She looks up slowly, turning to face the others on the couch, and the first thing she notices is Nayeon and Sana being held down to the cushions in nearly identical headlocks with hands clamped over their mouths courtesy of Jihyo and Momo. And then her eyes flick over to the other side of the couch where she finds the maknaes, with Chaeyoung having apparently sneaked her way over to join them at some point, huddled with Dahyun into Tzuyu’s side as the taller girl bites back a smile. 

But the thing that she can't help but find incredibly touching, is the beaming, borderline tear-filled glow that shines from the eyes of every single one of their members.

A shy smile spreads on her face as she feels Mina snake an arm around her waist, giving her a quick, reassuring nod before the girl's head is resting on her shoulder.

They hold the gaze with their girls for another brief moment before all hell breaks loose, with Sana and Nayeon being released from their chokeholds and leading the other five to rush up and pull them into a chaotic group hug. 

There's a lot of cooing and teasing and fussing with their hair, and as annoying as it might seem, Jeongyeon finds herself thinking that it's actually strangely nice sharing such a personal moment with her members. 

But even then it gets to be a little much when Nayeon is getting in her face insisting that she be Jeongyeon's second kiss, something that Mina and Momo are both strangely supportive of.

And of course, thankfully, it's Jihyo that comes to her rescue yet again, pulling Nayeon back into another headlock.

"Come on guys, let's give the happy couple some space." Their leader chuckles.

There's some half-hearted whining as the others pull away, something that disappears in an instant when Momo and Chaeyoung decide to celebrate by putting in yet another order for takeout. And it's just the natural chaotic order of their group that right as the two of them start rifling through the pile of menus on the table, the repairman finally arrives, leading Jihyo and Nayeon to drag a suddenly timid looking Sana up to meet him.

And amongst all the commotion of the girl whining about being blamed for breaking the door and Dahyun protesting about Momo choosing the extra spicy fried chicken, it somehow leaves her and Mina with a strange amount of privacy, as if they're standing together in the eye of a storm raging endlessly around them.

Jeongyeon bites down on her lip, a smile spreading on her face as she watches Mina giggling in that adorably soft way that she always does when watching their members' ridiculous antics. 

And with a sudden surge of courage, she reaches forward and takes both of Mina's hands in her own, causing the girl to look back up at her with a beautiful glow to her eyes.

"So," Jeongyeon mumbles, "you… kissed me."

"I did," Mina says, flashing her a cheeky grin. "It seems like you're having some trouble grasping this idea. Do you need a recap or something?"

She feels her smile growing impossibly wider. Hearing Mina flirt with her like this, finally out in the open and without a shadow of a doubt, is a level of weightless freedom that she couldn't have even imagined.

"I just might." She answers, "although I read somewhere that usually you're supposed to take a lady like you out on a date first."

Mina raises an eyebrow. "Lady huh? When did you get so chivalrous?"

Jeongyeon flashes a cocky grin, dramatically running a hand through her hair. "It just comes naturally to me. I mean I did play Romeo after all, you can ask Tzuyu about it."

"I don't need to ask her." Mina replies slowly, "I was watching you very closely the entire time."

And that's just about enough to stop her heart completely. 

"I… uh… really?"

"Yes." Mina laughs, "although Tzuyu felt pretty bad about it all, she even came up to me to apologize for dancing with you."

"She did that?"

"Yup, it was actually kind of cute. She kept saying all this ridiculous stuff about how it was just for the music video and that she even tried to get the directors to cast me as Juliet instead. I actually thought she was going to cry for a bit of it."

Jeongyeon looks over to the maknae, now sitting on the couch cuddled up into Chaeyoung's side as the two of them help Momo with ordering food.

"Wow." She breathes. "Sounds like everyone's been rooting for us for a while now."

"Guess so."

"Well then I guess that just means that I really need to take you out on a date."


Jeongyeon nods, flashing the girl a grin. "Yeah."

"Well," Mina answers, "what did you have in mind?"

"Oh I don't know, I was thinking a nice dinner, possibly down by the river so we can go for a walk along the water. And then maybe head to a concert afterwards? I'm pretty well connected in the music scene after all, and it seems like I'll have to pull out all the stops for a girl like you."

"A girl like me?" Mina chuckles, eyes lighting up as she decides to play along, "that does sound pretty amazing. But girls like me are pretty busy, it might be weeks before I have time in my schedule to fit in such an unforgettable night and I don't know if I can wait that long when there's a girl like you involved."

God this girl.

"In that case," Jeongyeon says, feeling her heart flutter at the way Mina's looking at her right now, "did you have something else in mind?"

Mina shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know… maybe something simple? Girls like me like movies and takeout just as much as fancy dinners, and it just so happens that I have some time right now."

She feels herself cracking another smile, unable to stay in character for a second longer. "I can have Momo add some food for us to the order."

"That sounds good," Mina answers sweetly, "I just need to change into some pajamas really quick."

"Okay, I can meet you in your room in just a few minutes?"

"Actually," Mina says slowly, "I was thinking that we could do movie night somewhere else this time."

"Oh? Uh well, I could get some tickets to the theater or something, although I'm not sure they'll let us bring in food but…"

"I don't think that'll be necessary," Mina interrupts, "I think the theater's closed already anyway."

"Oh." Jeongyeon says, "well then where were you thinking?"

"How about your room?"

And Mina has this glint in her eye, one that, when combined with the smirk on her lips, betrays that she knows exactly what that suggestion is doing to her. 

This girl is seriously going to give her a heart attack.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, Mina chooses that moment to pull her hands away, flashing one last cheeky grin before wordlessly heading back toward her room. 

She finds herself following every single step the girl takes, not even realizing the way her jaw is hanging open from the shock of everything that had just happened. 

It’s only when she feels an elbow being jabbed into her side that she looks up, coming face to face with Nayeon’s signature bunny-toothed grin. 

“They grow up so fast.” The girl teases, even going so far as to wipe a fake tear from her eye. 

“Oh shut up.” 

“It feels like just yesterday that you were nothing more than a cute little trainee, drooling over the mysterious new girl who’d just joined from Japan.” 

“I swear to god…” 

“And now look at you. Pretty soon you’ll be asking me to go ring shopping with you, and the next thing you know, Momo and I will be watching your kids for the weekend so you and Mina can go back to screwing like bunnies.” 

“You’re literally the worst.” Jeongyeon deadpans, “like, why am I even friends with you?” 

“Because you love me too much.” Nayeon answers simply.

“Yeah, and I’m having a lot of trouble remembering why right now.” 

This time Nayeon doesn’t fire back, instead choosing to throw an arm around her shoulders and bring her in for a tight hug.

“In all seriousness.” The older girl says, “I’m so happy for you Jeong. You finally got her. And by the way, that little back and forth might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It wasn’t that…” 

“I mean I’ve seriously never heard you flirt like that before! It was kind of hot.” 

“I can hear you!” Momo calls from the couch.

“Oh don’t even try that!” Nayeon fires back, “I saw you biting your lip during all their ‘Romeo and Juliet talk’!” 

“Oh my god.” Jeongyeon groans, “you guys heard that?” 

“Every word.” Momo smirks, “and by the way, I ordered some noodles and pork belly for you two.” 

“Thanks.” She grumbles, trying her best to contain the embarrassment currently threatening to stain her cheeks pink. 

“Noodles and pork belly?” Nayeon says, “don’t you think they should be eating something lighter? With something that heavy they might run out of energy after like two rounds.” 

Jeongyeon narrows her eyes in confusion. “What? What the hell are you talking about?”  

“You’re right Nayeonnie.” Momo answers, flashing her a suspicious grin, “what was I thinking? What you two will be needing is lean protein, I’ll change the order to some chicken or tuna or something. That way you and Mina can go all ni-” 

“Stop!” Jeongyeon interrupts, feeling her face heat up a million degrees as she realizes what the two are implying, "I swear to god if you finish that sentence I'll…"


She spins around quickly, eyes stretching wide in surprise when she sees Mina peeking out from the hallway with an innocent, expectant smile on her face. And Jeongyeon is just about to respond when she notices the girl's outfit, consisting of a light blue camisole and a pair of white shorts that has her mouth going dry in an instant.

And unlike before when she'd been shocked to the point of nearly frying her brain, this time her mind is going a mile a minute.

Didn't Mina say she was changing into pajamas? Because she's seen her pajamas, they were cute and fluffy, and almost always had some kind of penguin print on them. What she’s wearing now is definitely not her normal sleeping attire. Where did she even get clothes like that? She's never even seen Sana in clothes like that.

She's only brought crashing back to reality when Nayeon throws another sharp elbow into her side. 

"Yes!" She squeaks, in a pitch that's so embarrassingly high that it draws the attention of everyone in the room, "Mina. Hi."

The girl cracks a smile, head tilted slightly and eyes glowing with amusement. “Are you coming?” 

“Yeah! Yeah, I was just uh… getting Momo to order some food for us.” 

“Well don’t take too long.” Mina says, “some girls don’t like to be kept waiting.” 

"You heard her Jeong," Nayeon chimes in, "don't keep her waiting."

And with that, the older girl gives her a harsh shove to the back, causing her to stumble forward and nearly trip on the couch. She's just about to spin around to flip her off when Mina is suddenly by her side, taking one of her hands and wearing this gentle beaming smile that melts away any thought of the world around her.

"Hey," she breathes, her voice somehow having lost the strength to muster up any sort of power.

"Hi." Mina chuckles.

"So uh…"

Mina rolls her eyes, tightening her grip on Jeongyeon's hand before wordlessly pulling her toward her and Momo's room.

She half hears Nayeon cracking one last joke from behind them, something about Momo having to stay in her bed tonight, but it's met by vehement protests from Jihyo and Sana, and the last thing Jeongyeon hears is Nayeon's weakly formed counter-arguments as Mina shuts the door behind them.

And then… Mina's looking at her again, and Jeongyeon finds it hard to sort the thoughts in her head. She knows she should probably say something, especially now that everything's out in the open, but how exactly to go about doing that feels just as difficult as ever.

"Are you okay Jeongyeon-unnie?" Mina asks, breaking through the fog clouding her mind.

"What? Oh yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? Because you've got this funny look in your eye."

"Oh I was just," she stammers, feeling the embarrassment creeping back in as she realizes that she'd been caught in yet another moment of panic. 

"Just?" Mina prods gently.

And there's something so… soothing about the girl's tone, and that, combined with all the words of encouragement the other members have given her these past few weeks, has the words spilling from her lips before she even realizes.

"I was just thinking about how beautiful you are Mina."

And this time it's Mina's turn to blush, looking away to let her hair fall forward and create a thin veil to hide her face. "Thank you unnie."

Jeongyeon feels a grin spread on her lips, encouraged by the adorable display and feeling a completely unfamiliar surge of confidence. 

"Are you really going to keep up with that?"

"Keep up with what?" Mina asks.

"Calling me 'unnie'." She answers with an amused grin, "I mean if you're going to be my girlfriend you'll have to stop speaking so formally at some point. Otherwise, we're going to end up like Sana and Dahyun."

"Girlfriend huh?" Mina says, flashing her a shy smile.

And just like that, she's back to her typical panicked self, eyes immediately stretching wide as her mind starts to race.

“No I didn’t mean to assume or anything! I just meant… no I mean if you'd rather just stay casual or something I guess…"

She's cut off by another light giggle, and Jeongyeon looks up to see Mina watching her, a hand covering her mouth and amusement glowing in her eyes. 

"Oh that… that's just mean." She mumbles.

"I'm sorry," Mina chuckles, "I couldn't resist."

"You totally could've," Jeongyeon fires back, plopping down on the bed with her arms crossed in front of her chest. 

And apparently Mina finds her reaction amusing, as evidenced by the beaming smile that spreads on the girl's lips as she slides up next to her.

"It's not funny." Jeongyeon grumbles.

"I'm sorry…" Mina repeats, this time her voice absolutely dripping with sweetness as she leans forward to rest her head on her shoulder. "How about I make it up to you?"

She raises an eyebrow, a little too intrigued by the proposition to maintain her pouty facade.


"Well, I had an idea for the first movie we could watch tonight."

"What?" Jeongyeon says, "I thought we were watching Harry Potter."

"That was the original idea, but…" 

With that, Mina reaches over to the iPad resting on the comforter, unlocking the screen with a couple quick taps.

"The Notebook?" Jeongyeon asks, snapping her head up in surprise to see a shy smile on the Japanese girl's lips. "What… Mina, you hate this movie. You hate all of these sappy romance movies. Last time Sana suggested we watch The Princess Bride we all thought you were going to kick her out of the dorm."

"That… I would never do anything like that to Sana." Mina mumbles. "And I don't hate romance movies."

All Jeongyeon has to offer in response is another raised eyebrow.

"Okay fine, so they aren't my favorite…" the girl concedes sheepishly.

"So then why…"

"Because unnie," Mina cuts in, a gentle fire burning in her eyes that catches her completely off guard, "it's your favorite movie. And you taught me how important it is to make sacrifices for your girlfriend."

And that's pretty much enough to knock the wind out of her. Because it's so unexpectedly sweet, but somehow at the same time, considerate and thoughtful in a way that feels strikingly familiar, embodying everything she's grown to love about Mina in one simple act.

Her mouth opens almost on its own, only to emit a light, barely audible sigh before closing again. And she repeats the cycle a couple times, getting hopelessly lost in the entrancing glow of Mina’s eyes as she struggles to come up with a response. 

So then, in a rare moment of clarity, she decides to say nothing, finally breaking out of her trance long enough for her eyes to dart down to the girl’s lips for just a second before she leans forward to press their lips together. 

And this kiss is considerably different from her first, especially because now it’s Mina that’s freezing in surprise, just enough to light up that last bit of insecurity nesting in the back of her mind. But after a second or two she feels Mina smiling against her lips, letting out a breathy sigh before reaching up to latch onto Jeongyeon’s collar, grip tightening around the thin fabric as she deepens the kiss.

And just like that she finds all of the worries that she's had in the past few weeks melting away, for once allowing herself to enjoy the racing in her heart and surrenders completely to Mina… no, her new girlfriend, dragging her back onto the bed.