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Serendipity (Prince of Tennis x Reader x TBHK)

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You couldn't believe your parents were actually forcing you to do this. But it was okay because you had a surefire plan that was bound to work. You smirked, remembering your, oh so brilliant plan while lightly tapping your number two pencil on the wooden desk. You sat in a medium-sized classroom with several other people. Some chatted with each other, others talked on the phone, while others sat there, looking nervous.

You were all there for the same purpose: ace the test that would grant you all admittance into one of the country's most prestigious private boarding high school—Kamome Academy. Basically, it was a school where only the wealthy could go because the tuition was just ridiculously high. Kamome Academy wasn't only known for its exorbitance, but also for its unusually high success rate. It was said those who attended Kamome Academy were guaranteed acceptance into a reputable college as well as go on to become incredibly successful in whatever career path they chose.

Taking out your phone, you glanced at the time. Only five more minutes before the test started, and the proctor had not yet arrived. Looking to your left where the windows were located, the morning sun’s rays bathed the outside in warm light. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The weather man had promised clear skies and eighty-degree weather. Right now, you were supposed to be at the beach with your best friend.

You scowled as you drew light circles on the desk. When your parents mentioned you would be taking Kamome Academy's entrance exam, you flat out refused. The place was, like, literally, made for the rich and the stuffy. Although Kamome was truly for the rich, it wasn't above giving everyone a chance to apply, whether they could afford to or not. That was where the entrance exam came in. Pass the test, and one could attend the school for free.

Simple, right? Except Kamome Academy's entrance exams were notoriously difficult to pass. The passing rate was less than two percent! But people applied anyway. The test was free, what could it hurt? So then, your parents got the brilliant idea of signing you up to take the exam. You really didn't care to get into the school. You had planned on going to the local high school with your best friend.

The door to the classroom swung open and a stern, middle-aged man walked in, carrying a clipboard. He was dressed smartly with a green vest over a black shirt and khaki pants. All conversation in the room stopped and everyone focused their attention on the man as he surveyed the class. You sat in the fourth row, but you could detect the hint of disgust in his eyes. Inwardly, you rolled your eyes. Clearly, the man wasn't excited at the fact that a few people in this room had a real probable chance of gaining entrance into Kamome Academy. You couldn't help but smirk a little. He didn't have to worry about you. You planned on purposely failing the test. The man took a seat at the front desk, placing the clipboard on top of it.

"Good morning,” the man started, his voice slightly hoarse, "my name is Toshiba Junpei. I am going to call you up one by one. When you get up here, you will show me your two forms of ID, sign the roster, take a test booklet and answer sheet and return to your desk. The test is three hours long. You will have only three bathroom breaks. One for each hour, so if you need to go now, please do." No one got up from their seat. "Okay, I will begin calling the names."

One by one, Mr. Toshiba called each person to the front. Finally, it was your turn. Presenting your permit and debit card, Mr. Toshiba grunted in approval, placing the test booklet and answer sheet beside you as you signed your name. Flashing the man a smile, you returned to your seat. Once everyone received their things, Mr. Toshiba rattled off the rules and directions of the test.

"As I've said earlier, you only have three hours to complete the five sections. You may begin... now."

Opening the booklet, you were immediately hit with a chemistry question. You raised your eyebrows. Whoa, it seemed like you might not have to purposely fail after all. You were definitely not going to sit for a three hour test in an attempt to attend a school you had absolutely no interest in going. So, you put any ol' answer. Luckily, it was multiple choice. Though, when you got to the writing part, that proved tricky. Simply shrugging, you wrote, 'I don’t know. Sorry.' You added a smiley face for good measure. The writing section was the last section of the test. You looked up to see that only ten minutes had gone by.

Ooh, that's not bad! you thought, chuckling inwardly.

You could hear people's pencils scratching against paper, and exhaled slowly before standing up, cringing when your chair scraped unbelievably loud in the nearly silent room. You could feel everyone's eyes on you as you slowly made your way to the front desk. Mr. Toshiba shot you a bewildered look, his eyes narrowing when you set your test booklet and answer sheet in front of him.

"I, uh, finished,” you said. 

You tapped the closed booklet, hoping to God the man wouldn't look through it and see your incomplete essays. Mr. Toshiba simply nodded.

"Okay, you may leave,” he said. 

Waving his hand dismissively at you, you bowed slightly before hurrying out of the room.

"Phew," you sighed, relieved. "Alright! Now, I can head home and relax—" You stopped, cringing in realization.

You couldn't go home just yet. Your parents knew the test was three hours long, so they didn't expect you back until said time had passed. Groaning loudly, you made your way towards the exit.

Great, now what?

Nameko, your best friend, was in Odaiba with her family. She invited you, but, unfortunately, the stupid test clashed with the date she and her family were leaving. You were so mad, you could scream! So, now you had to find something that could keep you occupied for at least three hours.

"To the arcade!" you announced, pointing skyward.

You jogged to the nearest bus station and waited patiently for the bus to take you away to three hours of arcade fun.

* * * *

The three hours passed relatively quickly. Walking to your house, you hummed to yourself the entire way.

"Hello, I'm home!" you called upon entering the house.

"We're in the living room, dear!" your mother yelled. Following her voice, you found your parents cuddling together on the couch, watching some silly game show. They looked over at you, their faces so bright it almost made you feel guilty for what you did. Almost. "So, how was the test? Was it as hard as everyone said?" your mother asked, patting a seat beside her. You sank down next to her.

"Oh, yeah, definitely. I'm telling you guys now, do not get your hopes up. It does not look good." You shook your head as you said this.

Your mother nodded, a small smile on her face. "Yeah, we know. We just wanted you to have this opportunity," she said, pulling you into a hug.

"That's right. I mean, the test is free. There are no repercussions whatsoever for taking and failing it," your father added.

Except, you know, I missed out on going on an awesome adventure with my best friend, you thought, bitterly, but you offered a huge smile.

"You're right. No repercussions whatsoever. Hm-mm," you said this, nodding. "Okay, well, I'm going to take a nap."

"Ah, yes, I can imagine that test took a toll on you, hm?" your mother asked, rubbing your back.

More like the trek to the arcade and bus station, you thought.

"Hah, yeah, the test was very—" You cut yourself off with a yawn. "Oh, geez! I really need that nap! See you, guys."

You hurried over to the stairs, taking them two at a time and ran to your room, closing the door behind you.