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Always For You

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As soon as Liam said that he kissed Sally, Steffy was finished. She had been going over the same conversation with Liam for so long now. He kept saying that it wasn't what she thought and that it was crazy, he was committed and loved her. She thought it was all hogwash, she finally got the evidence that she was right. She decided it was best to stay in her condo as her divorce was being processed.


She was tired of being told that she was overreacting. She refused to stay in that house, it was just a house of lies. Broken promises yet again, another woman yet again. She was done playing the fool, how many times could he say that he was committed to her? It was this merry-go-round for her, she was just done caring at this point.  She couldn’t believe that Liam thought being honest about the kiss was going to score him any points. She knew deep down that he had feelings for Sally. The kiss wouldn’t have come from nowhere if they were only friends.


She kept driving until she got to the place that she needed to be. The one place far enough from Liam that she didn’t feel like she had to scream. She got out of her car and was happy to see that at least someone was home. She would have hated to knock on the door, and no one answered.


When she knocked, she felt a little nervous. When the door open, she felt herself lose her breath.


“Stephanie, what are you doing here?”


“I need you… I need you to love me and make me forget about all of the mistakes that I made.” Steffy was tired of the BS.


She went to the one person who set her heart on fire. The only reason she didn’t cheat is because she said vows, she felt stupid now because she was the only one.


“Come in.” It was all he could say, he had an angry woman at his door.


Steffy stepped inside, she felt an ease come over her.


“Baby Jay. Are you mine?”


Jay had been thrown for a loop, he had an angry Stephanie Forrester at his door. He was always fascinated with her, he fell in love with her. He would always see her at these parties. They had the most illuminating conversations, it destroyed him to hear that she was married. It wasn’t happily married but she was committed to her vows. She just thought it was a rough patch.


“Why are you asking me that Stephanie? You’re married.” Jay didn’t want to be a part of whatever drama was going down between a couple.


“I felt so guilty, I love you. I felt so guilty having such wonderful conversations with you, I hate going to those parties, but I went to each one because I knew that you would be there. Even if it was just to pick your brain about your favorite architects or hearing about your next project. I wanted to know it all. You make me smile, I’ve been hurting for so long and you make me smile. You’re the only one who can see that I’m sad. You do anything to put a smile on my face, even if it's just for a night, it means the world to me.”


“Stephanie… You know how I feel about you, but you're married. What do you want me to do?” He was torn, he was trying to respect her wishes, even though she was distraught right now, he didn’t want to be party to regret later. He couldn’t take it if she thought that he took advantage of her. Whatever was going on with her, it was obvious that she was vulnerable.


“I filed for divorce; it was approved. Even if you don’t wanna be with me romantically, can you at least be my friend? Can you give me a hug?”  Steffy felt foolish, she couldn’t remember ever actually hugging Jay.


 Jay knew that he shouldn’t have felt any kind of excitement, but when Stephanie revealed that she was getting a divorce, he felt like the happiest person in the world. She was his dream girl.


“I’m in love with you, I know that you know that I’m in love with you. On some level that’s why you came here. If you wanna be with me, it's going to be forever.” Jay had said this many times at many parties. There had been numerous times that he wanted Stephanie to leave her husband. He didn’t think that Liam deserved her.


“You promise?”


“You know I keep my promises. You know I want to be the father to your children. You know how badly I wanted to fuck you at those parties. Just book a room and take you and fuck you all night. I had to be crazy for you, I would withstand being in a room with all those people I genuinely do not like. I spent ridiculous amounts of money to go to those galas because I knew you would be there.”


“I know you do. It’s one of the things I love about you. I love knowing that you would saw off your hand for me. I know it’s a little morbid to say. I hated feeling guilty being in love with someone who wasn’t my husband. Even though I didn’t act on it, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I was trying so hard to be a present wife, but I was ignored. I was left alone, and I would dream about how our life would be. How much you would love me? When Liam told me that he kissed Sally, after months of feeling crazy and being told that I was overreacting, and I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was angry, I was angry at being gaslighted but even more so I was angry because I could have been with this man that I really really adore and I felt beholden to vows I took. I felt stuck, I was in a place of perpetual unhappiness, I couldn’t have what I wanted and the effort that I was trying to give to a partner who didn't deserve it. But I don’t need to do that anymore. I’m free.”


Steffy got closer to him on the sofa, she put her hands within his, she squeezed and felt her tension melt away.


“I’m happy you’re free too. All I want… is to be with you, in every sense of the word. You said you filed for divorce and it was approved already?” The last party that he saw Stephanie at, she was still married. It had been less than six months.


“Yeah, it was decreed, I did it with the Brazilian Consulate. I wasn’t joking about wanting to be with you.”


Jay didn’t know that people could do that. He knew that other countries had laws for marriage but he was just expecting it to be filed with California.


“So what do you wanna do now? I imagine that you have some plan, you’re my Junior.” Jay knew that she had something up her sleeve, he didn’t know what, but something was there.


“I want you to marry me right now would be preferable but we can do it tomorrow.”


At first, Jay started to laugh because he didn’t believe that Stephanie was serious. When he looked at her face and saw that she didn’t move an inch, he realized that she wasn’t joking.


“Baby you’re serious?”


“Do you not want to marry me, you promised me forever?”


“Of course I want to marry you, you just got out of a marriage, I would think that you want time.”


“Jay, I don’t need to think about things, I want to be with you. I don’t want to wait on a family. I want to be the mother of your children. I also am high risk; I can have children again after all the treatments but it’s honestly better if I have them now. With my last miscarriage and the scar tissue from that…I’ve had treatments to correct most of damage, but pregnancies are a little more complicated with me. I don’t want you to think that I’m with you because I just want babies. I want your babies and I want them to be viable. Please don’t think that I’m crazy, if I wasn’t married I would have proposed to you the night that I met you.”  Steffy started crying, she didn’t expect to be getting emotional, but she couldn’t help herself.


“Baby don't cry please. I didn’t know about you having a miscarriage. I’m so sorry for that happening to you.” Even though they were close on the couch, Jay slipped Stephanie in his lap. He cradled her body to his.


Steffy felt so safe in that moment, she didn’t disclose to most people that she had a miscarriage. It was something that was painful for her, but it was easy to talk to Jay, the conversation was still difficult, but it was easier when it was with him.


She was so close to him; she was sitting in his lap. Her hand reached for his cheek and she tilted his face to hers. She kissed him. It was their first kiss, he kissed her with care and want. She was moaning into the kiss from his eagerness.


She shifted herself until she was straddling him. It made her dress ride up. Jay looked up at her, he felt like he was staring at a goddess.


“You’re a goddess.” Jay couldn’t believe he said what he thought out loud.


“Actually no, my sister Phoebe was named after the goddess. I was named after my grandmother and her name means one who wears the crown. So treat me like a queen Jay. Am I your queen?” Steffy was being a little cheeky, she could admit that. She loved a flustered Jay.


“You know you are, no one could roll up to my house and act like they own the place. Yet here you are, making me a fool with my heart.” Jay was being honest, if William was still here, his brother will call him a sucker.


“You could be my jester if you like Jay. You always make me laugh, you're so good to me. Did you know what you did to me at those parties?”


“What did I do to you at those parties?” Jay really wanted to know. His hands went to Junior’s hips. It was something automatic, he didn’t even think about it.


“Hearing your voice, it always made my pussy so wet, almost as wet as I am now.” Steffy takes one of his hands and places it on her crotch. “Mmm. Oh God… Baby your hand feels so good on my pussy.” Steffy had a good grip on Jay’s arm. She started moving it and his hand started rubbing on her center, it made Steffy moan out loud.


“Fuck!” Jay could feel the moistness from her underwear. Junior was so wet, the underwear was just sticking to her. He felt it all and it made him hard.


“Need you...” It was all Steffy had to say, Jay was picking her up. She had her legs wrapped around his waist as he took her to his bedroom.


He was practically celibate, ever since he met Stephanie Forrester, he couldn’t even think about being with another woman. It was masochistic but he felt like he was cheating on her if he did. They bonded on a random conversation of their deceased siblings. She understood him in a way that no one had. Will’s death was still fresh at that point… sometimes still is.


When Jay laid her down, all Steffy could think about was his bed felt so nice, she had always visualized what his bed would be like.


She started to move back, he had a huge bed, she put herself in the center.


It made Jay chuckle to see her taking off her underwear. He still couldn’t believe that he was about to have sex with her. This is better than any fantasy he ever had.


He stripped himself down to his boxers, he could see her appreciation for his body.


He got on the bed like the wolf and she was little Red Riding Hood. He grabbed her leg and gave her a playful bite and she giggled.


He kissed his way to her cunt, he was thinking to himself, how did he get so lucky? This beautiful woman was in his bed and practically gushing. Man she was so wet for him.


“Is that pussy glistening for little old me?” He didn’t care that he felt like a caveman. He pounded on his chest.


It did the job because it made her laugh some more.


“Yes baby, that’s all for you. You always make me so wet; I would have to go to the bathroom and hike up my dress, I’d have to fuck myself with my fingers, it felt so good to come with you in my head. Sometimes I’d have to do it multiple times in a single party.”


Jay was looking at her with new eyes, he was thinking about every time she would excuse herself to use the lady’s room. It only serves to make his dick harder.


“You excuse yourself a lot, you won't be having to do that tonight or any night after this…”


After he said that, he took the first lick, he made sure to touch just about every part of her cunt.


“Ooh…Jay!” Steffy thought that she might shoot up off the bed.


She felt herself arching and writhing and shaking her head from side to side, he sure knew how to use his tongue. She found something sexy in his sexual possessiveness. She could feel him spelling out things on her. He would suck on her clit hard and grunt, he knew how to make her scream. No one had ever made her scream before; she was glad he didn’t have neighbors that lived close.


“Do that again! Just like that… Yes… yes! Jay!” Steffy could feel her climax at her doorstep, she had never climax  so quickly before.


Steffy felt sprung from her climax, she was reaching and clawing for Jay. She could taste herself on his lips, she had no rhyme or reason to her kissing, her tongue was just frenzied in his mouth. She hadn’t even had his dick and she was dickmatized. She was groaning so loud from the kiss, she was rubbing her pussy on his thigh.


Jay knew that he had her going buckwild, his ego wasn’t going to be the only thing stroked tonight.


“Baby…” Jay could note the disappointment from Stephanie when he stopped to kiss.


“Yes?” Steffy was still having trouble forming coherent thoughts.


“I’ll be right back; I’m going to get you some water.” Jay reluctantly got off the bed.


“But I’m not thirsty…” Steffy was really confused.


“Not right now, but you will be. I’m going to be putting a baby in you tonight, so I’m going to be fucking you all night and if you react like that to my tongue, I’m sure you’re going to be coming all night on my dick.” Jay knew that he was a confident man, but he also made promises that he intended to keep. He wasn’t doing any sleeping tonight. He was sure that he was going to tell Antonio that he was not coming into work in the morning. He would probably be fucking Stephanie all morning too.


“Oh okay.” Steffy nodded and smiled. It made perfect sense in her dickmatized brain.