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You Are My Family

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“Are you listening, Matt? You can’t keep letting your emotions affect your work like this! You need to sort out your situation with Daisy before you make a mistake that will hurt you, your job, and the rest of the staff.” Nadine turns and starts walking back to her office.

“Okay, okay, Nadine! I get it mom!” Matt’s breath hitches as he realizes what he’s just said to the Chief of Staff, to his boss.

Nadine jolts to a stop. She turns sharply on her heel and Matt cringes as the heel snaps. She falls into the wall, hitting her bare shoulder against a picture frame. Matt steadies the frame and helps Nadine stand up straight.

“You okay?” He questions tentatively.

Nadine just regards him with a silent, appraising gaze. She nods almost imperceptibly, a slight smile playing at the corner of her lips. “Get back to work, Mahoney.”

“Yes mo- ma'am.” He practically runs down the hall, eager to leave the embarrassing situation.

Nadine chuckles and bends down to pick up her broken heel. She hesitates for a second before kicking off her shoes and carrying them with her paperwork into her office. Mom indeed. Well, she'd have to give that some thought.