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Milk chocolate

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It's been since Cale stayed at the Henituse territory. The former Korean didn't know that Valentine's day was such a big holiday in the Roan Kingdom, but it apparently was, since the villagers of their fief were busy preparing for the upcoming holiday. While riding a carriage through the city, Cale would see many people hanging garlands and decorating their shop windows with red and pink flowers and hearts. 

Even back in Korea, Roksoo wasn't someone to celebrate Valentine's day with. He neither had a lover nor were the people he loved alive anymore and since he wasn't the type of person to prepare chocolate, he simply enjoyed the extra chocolate the company and his coworkers offered him. 

In the Henituse estate, the servants were busy preparing too, as Count, no now Duke Deruth was celebrating his love for his wife Violan too. Cale didn't want to disturb their time alone, so he excused himself early and went into his room. 


'Holiday huh, it's not like I have the time to celebrate'


Cale thought slightly bitter. Yes, tomorrow, he had to attend another business meeting with the crown prince and the other representatives of their allies. The White Star has been suspicious and he wouldn't stop with his crimes just because it was a holiday. 


'Haaaaahh, what's with my slacking off time'

did Cale once more sigh before he went to bed since he had to teleport early tomorrow.








The meeting went well and their plans were discussed thoroughly, so Cale and Raon spend the remaining evening in Alberu's office eating cookies and discussing other important plans in between them. 

Alberu was sitting on his office desk, as usual, signing papers and commands and making notes of Cale's information. Cale on the other hand was sitting on his favorite couch in Alberu's bedroom, nibbling on the same cookie for a while processing and changing his plans to the changes. 

Being deep in thought, Cale didn't notice the blonde prince standing up from his position and getting closer to himself. Only when Alberu was directly standing in front of the lying redhead, Cale blinked in confusion.


"Your highness? Is anything wrong?"


Cale asked in a confused tone, but instead of getting an answer, his confusion only increased as Alberu got rid of his fake appearance and a dark hair dark-skinned quarter elf was standing in front of him. 






Alberu handed Cale a box. It was neither big nor small and it was packaged in a very fancy manner in dark blue paper with golden and silver ribbons. Cale looked at Alberu with a face that said 'for me?' and the crown prince only nodded in response. 

Being given the permission to open it, Cale, of course, did so. The blue box contained a range of very fancy looking chocolate, ranging from dark to light, some even had the color gold in them.


'Why is that guy giving me this?'

did Cale think and of course immediately asking it loud


"Why are you giving this to me? Is that the dessert after the cookies? The cookies are pretty good though? So is there a need for something this fancy?"


The crown prince seems to be dumbfounded, but at the same time, he spoke with a tone as he would've expected such a reaction from Cale


"Did you forget what kind of day today is?"


"Of course, I'm not that behind on culture and trends- Huh wait? Don't you only give chocolate to people you love?"


Cale stared at the dark elf with big shocked eyes, as the latter one bluntly said 


"Are you an idiot?"


"No need to insult me."


"Yes, you are an idiot. I really need to say it out loud like this, huh? I love you, you crazy bastard. I'm trying to court you right now."




Cale was in silence for a moment, seemingly processing the fact that someone just confessed to him, only to repeat the same sound, only louder 




Cale could feel his own blood rising in his head and his face getting hotter and hotter. No one has ever confessed to him and he simply accepted the fact that he would live this life too without a romantic partner and since he never received a confession, he didn't know how to react or what to say, so he turned his head to the grinning crown prince with a face asking for help, which only made Alberu laugh 

"Hahahaha, what's with this face young master. You don't have to answer me immediately, just enjoy the chocolate"


Alberu knew how Cale's personality was. He knew about the young master who was oblivious to anything regarding human connections and relationships. His goal wasn't for Cale to accept anyways, but for Cale to be more conscious of him and seeing him as a potential partner, which was obviously reached since the redhead's flustered reaction made him feel very satisfied. 


"You know why I gave you this in my dark elf form?"




"I wanted to confess while being my true self. You're the first one outside my family who accepted and liked me for being myself. I truly love you."


"...I- your majesty really is playing dirty"


Cale felt his face getting even hotter. He would see Alberu's dirty grin get even wider, so he put his hands in front of his face to hide his major blush.

Cale always liked the crown prince a lot but never thought about his affection as a romantic one. He always assumed that he liked Alberu like anyone else in his group, but deep down, he knew that he liked Alberu a little more than anyone else. 


'Being in a relationship with this man doesn't sound that bad at all...',


did Cale think while unwrapping the first piece of chocolate. It was a lighter milk chocolate with small pieces of gold on top of it, he chocolate itself resembled Alberu's skin tone and the gold resembled his hair in disguise. 


'He really put a lot of effort into this confession, huh?'


Cale bit into the chocolate and the sweetness immediately hugged his tongue. It was very sweet, but not overbearing, exactly like Alberu himself.

After Cale calmed down a bit and he knew that his face cooled down too, he looked up to the prince in front of him, who looked at him with a warm loving smile, he had one though


"Exactly like milk chocolate."