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Deok Mi was initially apprehensive about the fake dating ruse, it felt silly especially since the Director disliked her. Surely people didn't really believe she was dating Cha Shi An, did they? But after being stalked and pelted with eggs in broad daylight, she changed her mind. She wanted her old life back so maybe she and Director Ryan Gold could try the pretense of fake dating to keep the scandal at bay. 

It was Seon Joo's idea to take paparazzi pictures of her and the Director and it was so crazy that it just might work. They were going to shoot at the alley next to Cheum Museum, and though it was broad daylight, the seclusion of it made her heartbeat double-time. She snuck a look at him. Ryan Gold was just so damn tall, and handsome, and he smelled good, and that tilted half-smile made his mouth the sexiest thing ever and-

"I can't tell if he's your boyfriend, or your superior rebuking an employee," Seon Joo spoke up, interrupting Deok Mi's thoughts after the first few tame pictures. "Please give me some lustful method acting."

Deok Mi froze, mortified because the Director's close proximity had her heart fluttering though he seemed unaffected.

As usual. 

Ryan Gold scowled as Deok Mi's friend berated them for not looking like a couple.  What the hell did the woman want? For him to pull Deok Mi closer and kiss her passionately?

His blood ran hot at the idea, and his scowl deepened.

"Let's just do it properly," he grumbled, though he didn't move closer till Deok Mi did. But then Seon Joo spoke up, mentioning that he was being stiff, and he placed his hand on Deok Mi's tiny waist drawing her closer. The fact that they fit perfectly together didn't escape him and when both her hands reached his chest, instinct took over. 

Without thinking, he pushed up on her, one hand circling her waist, and the other braced on the wall as his hips moved in closer. There was so much they could do on this wall, he thought as he leaned forward their breaths mingled. Her pelvis moved in closer meeting his, and the Director bit his lip as lust coursed through his veins.

"Does she like it when you get physically intimate with others?" he asked breathlessly. He still had one arm around her waist but now the other was at the back of her neck. He could smell her floral perfume and it was driving him to distraction. She was so pretty and tiny and soft.  He wanted to claim every inch of her.

"Yes," Deok Mi answered, equally breathless, and not sure what she was saying. "It's okay because she's rich."

When Ryan released himself from their embrace, it's like physical pain. 

Deok Mi feels like crying. Their fake date at the amusement park is perfection, with carousel rides, and cotton candy, and hand-holding, but she wishes for more. She wants it to be real.

Ryan doesn't know what to think except that this woman offers her hand to him, whenever he needs it. He lusts after her, but he thinks he can love her.

It's not real, he thinks, knowing he's lying to himself and Deok Mi. 

They visit Writer Noh, and both get soaked to the bone in the rain.  When he helps her with her tangled scarf as she burns for him as he does for her. His hand deftly moved through her hair, but in the small space of the bathroom, she can feel his breath on her neck and the heat from his body while he can swear she hears his heart beating and can smell his arousal. 

The fire is crackling, and though they are both in borrowed clothes,  their mouths are so close. "Hello," he breathes, his voice trembling as he realizes the significance of Writer Noh's old photographs. Hello, I am here. They move apart. He doesn't have the right to push up next to her and doesn't see the way her eyes darken in need. 

They sleep in the same room. Nothing happens yet Deok Mi can't help but wish for more. She dreams of him pushing up close, overpowering her, and devouring her with kisses.

But that night, when they were both fast asleep, Ryan couldn't help it. His body knew where it belonged and inched till it was near hers. 

Deok Mi awoke to his face kissing distance from hers, not knowing that she called his name in her sleep.

Their first argument broke her heart and almost killed their love. 

Ryan had found her in his room with Lee Sol's painting and was livid. 

"Are you deluding yourself that we are really a couple?" he spat, anger in his eyes, and her heart shattered into a million pieces at how callous he was. He didn't know how she felt. 

Because, yes, she really felt like they were a couple. She had been falling for him, not just day after day, but moment after moment, deeper and deeper. She'd come to his apartment to help, not for any ulterior motive but worried about what the leak would mean for his paintings. And she's looked into his room, not because she wanted to intrude, but because she was curious about him, and wanted to understand him more. 

But he didn't see it that way. 

She was just an interloper, a stranger, no-one important. While to her, he was the reason for breathing. 

"I'm sorry," Deok Mi choked out, eyes filling with tears. "I'm sorry." She rushes out, more humiliated than when she was covered with eggs. Because he saw her presence and feelings and found them annoying and unwanted. 

She rallies when he apologizes because she loves him,  but then Choi Da In steps in and lets her know that she likes Ryan.

Seong Deok Mi is heartbroken.

But then he follows her to the woodworking shop. 

She is in tears, asking why he had a problem with their fake dating. 

"Because I wanted it to be real," he confesses, moving towards her. "I hated that it was a fake relationship."

Deok Mi gasps as tears fall down her face. She didn't care about his words, didn't want to believe them, but he kept moving closer and pushing up on her. One hand remained in his pocket, while the other cupped her face, and she melted. She may fangirl over Si An, but her body and heart belonged to Ryan. 

They kissed, over and over again, deeper and deeper again.

Deok Mi was hot all over, her skin tingling, and her nipples peaking. In her secret place, she was wet and throbbing and worried that Ryan knew how much she wanted him. 

"Hello? Anyone there?" a voice called, breaking the moment. It was the delivery person, the reason she was there. She froze, self-conscious, but Ryan grasped her hand, pulling her away. 

Trust me, his eyes said. And she did, trusting and following him.

No sooner had they reached the other room, Ryan pulled her into a deep embrace, and soon they were gasping, devouring each other.  He lifted her onto a table, and it felt so right, having him in control while their hands roamed, exploring each other's bodies as much as possible. 

Their making out stopped, after a pile of wood fell, and then her stomach rumbled. 

In her innocence, she didn't notice the bulge in his pants as he pulled her along and when they had to part that night, she felt bereft, not understanding what was wrong. 

But when did ever life work as planned? Ryan needed her, not as a lover but as a friend and a rock as he discovered who his mother and younger brother were. He was confused, and in pain, and she wanted to help him overcome it, wanted to take his pain away. 

"Director," she teased, walking backward into his art room. She pins her hair up into a chic bun and offers her neck and silhouette to paint. He hesitates but accepts it. As soon as he is finished with his artwork, she teases him even more and takes her hair down, inviting him closer. She needs him, wants him to push up on her, covering her with his breath and body, his hands roaming all over, claiming her as his.

He complies though he is silent, his moans and roaming hands the only way he communicates with her when they're intimate. He is rough, yet gentle, demanding yet giving. Showing her that he loves her as he takes control amd pushes up on her.