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Pink Hair

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Pink hair rushed past my sight as I felt a spark within me. It was as if lightning struck my soul. I tried to call out to the cause, but he was already gone, dust left behind.


My eyes darted in my head, attempting to find a solution. I clenched my hands together as sweat beads rolled off my face. It was impossible; I wouldn’t be able to save them! Suddenly, glass was flying through the air and that same pink hair was back.


He had swallowed the finger. Within seconds one problem was gone, but quickly another appeared. Other than a torn shirt, traces of the demon were almost forgotten. But it was there alright, and I was not about to let that pink hair be taken from this world.


It felt as though I were trapped under water. Pressure pushing my down, indistinct yells calling for my attention. I looked towards the source. He stared at me with determined eyes, pink hair dirtied. Why? Why are you making that face? I want to trust you, but please make it back to me.


Rain bounced off the pavement. His words floated in the air as his pink hair sunk towards the ground in front of me, a deep crimson seeping into the water beneath him. I pursed my lips and turned my head towards the grey sky above, not daring to look at his lifeless body.


Pink hair popped out of the wooden box like a weasel at an arcade. My emotions swirled within me, nearly pushing out all at once. One escaped, my mouth falling open and my eyes widening. Disdain and pure confusion painting themselves onto my face. How are you here? After all that time I spent mourning you?


I peered into the walking corpse in front of me. Grief pulling down his usual cheery demeanor. It was almost as if someone poured black paint over his pink hair. I poke my head into the paint. Though his smile told me to trust his words, his tired eyes told a different story.


I don’t know when it happened. I fell...and I fell hard. I was submerged in my feelings for your vibrant pink hair and blinding smiles before you could say boo! Maybe it was me seeing you fall to that wet pavement and never wanting to lose you like that again. Maybe it was me seeing your pained smile and wanting to make sure you never felt that way again. All I know is that I want to drown in that vivacity that resides within you.


You stood in front of me, head tilted with the eyes of a puppy. The wind blew through your pink hair as I clenched my hand together. I spoke the words that had been replaying in my mind for weeks like a broken record. Though your eyes widened, your expression settled into one of the brightest smiles I’ve ever seen, surpassing even your past ones. You threw your arms around my neck and held onto me as if I were your only lifeline. I bury my nose into your shoulder and breathe in your sweet scent.


The sun spilled onto my face, pulling me from my deep sleep. I hazily opened my eyes to see your wide ones staring back at me. I settled into a smile as I cupped your face. Your beautiful laugh filled the room with energy more brilliant than the sun that awoke me. Burying your head into my chest, all I could do was sigh as I rested my chin into your

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