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Jealousy (Part 2)

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Aubrey's Pov
"Hey guys I'd like to introduce you guys to Ralph. He's my boyfriend." I say putting my hand in his. I look over to Beca as she says 
"Umm guys I got a last minute text from Luke. He says I have to work the night shift." I frown. 
"Don't worry Becs it's fine goodnight!" Chloe says sitting beside me. I start to check Beca out as she got up from her chair and left. Damn she looks hot. I thought. Wait, I can't say that I have a boyfriend. 
*Time Skip*
I had left the restaurant half an hour early. I hung out with Ralph for a bit then decided to go to the Bellas household. When I got there I noticed Becas car was parked there. I thought she went to the radio station. Hmm she probably walked then. I unlocked the door and heard someone sing. I followed the sound of the beautiful voice. It came from Beca's room. Isn't Beca at the radio station though? I questioned. I open the door slowly and quietly to see Beca singing as she was using her djing equipment. 
"BECA!?!?" I blurted out as she jumped out of her chair and kicked a small box under her bed.
"Aubrey did you ever learn how to knock? And why are you here so early?" She said rolling her sleeves down. She's hiding something. I thought.
"I left early to be with Ralph for a bit" I said and shrugged. 
"So do you need anything Posen?" Beca asked smirking. Yes I need your love Becs. I thought. 
"Nope" I say popping the "p".

Beca's Pov
"So do you need anything Posen?" I ask smirking.
"Nope" Aubrey says. Darn I wish I could give you my love and affection. I sigh.
"You can tell me anything Becs" she says. 
"Don't worry about it" I say looking to the floor.
"No Beca I will worry... I actually care about you. I might not show it but I do care." Aubrey says walk up to me giving me a hug. I feel butterflies in my stomach and my face heat up as she is hugging me.
"Umm sorry for being a pain in the ass... I guess." I say pulling away. Our faces are yet again very close together. Both start to lean in. We kiss for a few seconds. I pull away. Both are faces are flushed.

"Shit shit shit I-I am so sorry Aubrey... You have a boyfriend a-and you're probably straight..." I ramble as she rolled her eyes.
"Awww you so cute Becs when you're nervous" she says.
"Shup up Posen. I have a reputation. And I am definitely NOT cute" I say talking about my badassness.

"Yeah whatever babe." she says blowing me a kiss while walking out the room. Woah Posen. We're using pet names already?

Aubrey's Pov

"Yeah whatever babe" I say and blowing a kiss to Beca as I walk out her room. When I do, I walk into Stacie accidentally. She raises an eye brow whistle looking at me.

"Aubrey? What are you doing in Beca's room?" she asks.

"Uhhh I was just checking on her." I say nervously.

"Okay... whatever you say Posen." Stacie says walking to her room. I smile with thought of what me and Beca had just done. I can't believe it! I kissed Beca! All I have to do now is confess my feelings to her. But first I have to break up with Ralph.