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Wedding Belles

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The first thing Bernie sees when she wakes the next morning is the top of Serena’s head. The brunette is fast asleep. She’d stayed burrowed into the blonde, with her head still resting on Bernie’s chest. All at once, Bernie feels a heaviness inside her ribcage which has nothing to do with Serena lying on top of her. She has no idea how she’s going to get over the woman in her arms, but she knows she has to, because the brunette had told her last night that she had feelings for someone. Selfishly for now though, she would just enjoy having Serena wrapped up in her embrace. As she falls quickly back to sleep, the sweet, intoxicating scent of Serena’s shampoo invades her dreams.

When Serena stirs a little while later she is confused by the fact that she seems to be lying on a warm body. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she soon realises who the body belongs to. She feels as much as sees the gentle rise and fall of the blonde’s chest as she sleeps, and the steady beating of her heart against Serena’s ear makes her ache for Bernie in ways she didn’t even know were possible.

As if she could sense the brunette watching her sleep, Bernie slowly awakens and reflexively pulls Serena even closer, breathing her in with a contented hum of appreciation. “Morning.” Her voice is rough with sleep and it hits Serena right between her legs.

“Morning.” Serena mumbles as she moves away, trying to remain calm.

“Sleep well?” Bernie pulls back her side of the duvet slightly and stretches to wake up. The movement makes the hem of her sleep top ride up, and Serena licks her lips at the exposed skin of the blonde’s toned midriff.

“Yes, thank you. Did uh...” Serena is momentarily distracted by the action and her fingers itch to find out if Bernie’s skin is as soft as it looks. “... um, did you... sleep well I mean?”

“Like a log.” Bernie chuckles and gets out of bed to use the bathroom and brush her teeth. When she comes out she still has her toothbrush in her mouth and tries speaking to Serena at the same time. “Warsash th pl frr tidst?”

“Sorry, what?” Serena doesn’t catch any of it.

“What’s the plan for today?” Bernie takes the toothbrush out for a moment to speak more clearly.

“Well, the ceremony starts at 2pm. I was thinking breakfast, and then maybe we could have a wander around the grounds. Ellie said they’re beautiful. Is there anything you what to do?” Bernie thinks there are any number of things she wants to do with Serena, just none that are appropriate.

“I fancy using the gym or maybe going for a dip in the pool.” Bernie shrugs, she wasn’t really expecting the brunette to accompany her.

“I’m no gym bunny, but I did bring my swimsuit.” Serena smiles and gets out of bed to start getting ready.

Bernie’s brain misfires when she realises that she’s inadvertently invited the brunette to join her. How in God’s name would she cope with seeing Serena in only swimwear?!

“Let me just use the facilities and brush my teeth, then I’ll be right with you.” Serena has to mentally prepare herself for Bernie wearing a swimsuit. She breathes deeply a few times, which absolutely does not work.

“Serena, I might just head on down to the pool.” Bernie figures she could be changed and already doing laps when Serena appears, so she’s less likely to see much of the brunette’s swimsuit covered form.

“Alright, I’ll join you as soon as I’m ready.” Serena calls back to the blonde through the door. Will I ever be truly ready for Bernie Wolfe in lycra swimwear?!

She brushes her teeth and doesn’t bother with anything else because she’ll shower after their swim. She won’t admit to it, but she is relieved that Bernie had decided to start swimming without her.

The blonde has just started another lap in the opposite direction when Serena lowers herself into the water. And she is a only few laps in when she feels a tug at her ankle and stops with a yelp.

“Come on, Campbell! You can do better than that. Loser buys breakfast!” Bernie throws down the gauntlet.

“Two things: 1) I am not racing you, Wolfe; 2) breakfast is included in the price of the room.”

“Oh... well... I was... just kidding around...” Bernie feels a blush creeping all over her face.

“Ha!” Serena pushes off from the pool floor and swims for her life towards the other side.

“Oi! No fair, that’s cheating!” Bernie kicks off after her, but Serena’s head start means she wins easily.

“I win!” Serena sticks her tongue out, forever the gracious victor.

“You should forfeit really, those were blatant diversionary tactics.” Bernie teases once they’re bobbing face-to-face in the water.

“Sore loser, are we?” Serena winks playfully at the blonde.

Bernie’s gaze shifts when she spots something moving behind Serena. She quickly pulls the brunette to her as someone cannonballs into the water, narrowly missing the brunette and splashing them both.

“Are you ok?” Bernie runs her fingers through Serena’s soaked hair, stopping just short of patting her down for injuries. The brunette’s arms are wrapped tightly around Bernie’s neck and their bodies are pressed closely together.

“Yeah.... I think so...” Serena doesn’t immediately let go, very much enjoying being this close to the blonde. “Thanks for saving me.” Serena’s fingers play with the blonde’s now drenched curls and she desperately wants to kiss Bernie.

“You’re very welcome.” Bernie smiles shyly as she notices Serena staring at her mouth. Her arms hold on more tightly around the brunette’s waist and all of a sudden she is millimetres away from kissing her. Serena’s eyes flick up to Bernie’s at the last moment, making sure that there are no objections, and she is elated to see none.

“Mum!” Serena internally curses Ellie and her terrible timing. “Oh sorry, am I interrupting...” She fixes her mother with a knowing look from the seating area of the pool.

“Unfortunately.” Serena hisses under her breath.

“Hello Elinor.” Bernie waves up at the young woman by the side of the pool and Elinor smiles and waves back. “I might just do a few more laps. Why don’t you go have breakfast with Ellie? I’ll meet you in there in a bit.” Bernie swims away frantically, hoping the exertion will clear her head.

“You still haven’t talked to her, have you?” Ellie practically scolds her mother.

“If you hadn’t interrupted us, I might have been about to.” Serena walks with the young woman towards the changing room to put her clothes back on.

“Sorry Mum, why don’t I head back up to the girls and you two can talk over breakfast?” Ellie offers apologetically.

“No, I’d love for you to have breakfast with us.” Serena tucks some of her daughter’s hair behind her ear and kisses her forehead.

* * *

“She’s really great, Mum. I hope this works out for you. I’ve never seen you so happy.” Ellie had grilled Bernie over breakfast, she seemed so nice, and she very obviously cared about her mum a great deal.

“You really think she likes me?” Serena had to admit she wasn’t completely sure.

“Of course. I mean, the two of you were almost snogging in the pool!” Ellie kisses her mother goodbye, and then heads up to meet the other bridesmaids to get ready for the ceremony.

“All good?” Bernie had waited for Serena by reception and she smiles when she sees the brunette coming.

“Yep.” Serena says nothing more.

“Still fancy exploring the grounds?” Bernie glances quickly at the brunette beside her as they walk.

“Absolutely.” Serena surprises the blonde by sliding her hand into Bernie’s as they head outside.

Bernie doesn’t really take in their surroundings, she’s too busy wondering what Serena’s hand in hers means. Did friends hold hands like this? And had they been about to kiss in the pool before Elinor showed up?

“You’re awfully quiet.” Serena observes, studying Bernie to gauge what was going through her mind.

“Just thinking.” Bernie never was a woman of many words.

“What about?” Serena probes.

“Oh... nothing really.” Bernie isn’t sure she wants to find out why Serena is holding her hand, in case it’s not the answer she’s hoping for. “So... who’s the lucky chap?”

“What?” Serena has no clue what that means.

“Last night, you uh, you said that you weren’t getting back with Robbie because you were seeing someone else. I didn’t know you were dating anyone.” Bernie has no justification for why she would bring this up. Morbid curiosity perhaps.

“I’m not.” Bernie frowns at that.

“But you said –” She starts to challenge.

“There is someone who I have feelings for, but I haven’t told them.” Serena confesses.

“Why haven’t you?”

“It’s complicated. We’re close friends and I wouldn’t want to jeopardise that.” Serena explains. “I’m scared that they won’t feel the same way and I’ll lose my friend.”

“You won’t know until you tell him I suppose.” Bernie releases Serena’s hand then. “I think I might just go back to the room. I’m a bit cold after the swim.” She begins to walk away.

“I’ll come with you.” Serena calls out to her and rushes to catch up.

“Alright, I thought maybe I would just relax in the room for a while and then perhaps order a light lunch from room service.” Bernie smiles and lets Serena grab her by the hand again.

* * *

“You look amazing.” Serena is just putting her earrings on when Bernie comes out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready.

“Thank you, so do you.” Serena had never seen Bernie wear a dress before but by God did it suit her. “Shall we?” Serena does one final check in the mirror before lacing her fingers in Bernie’s as they make their way down to the ceremony room.

Serena relishes the feel of Bernie’s hand firmly in hers, and she takes it as a good sign that the blonde seems happy for them to be holding hands.

As they sit through the ceremony, Bernie can’t help but notice that Serena won’t let go of her hand. The blonde isn’t sure if Serena knows she’s doing it, but every so often the brunette will squeeze her hand or stroke Bernie’s pulse point with the tip of her finger. She steals little glances at the brunette when she’s sure Serena isn’t looking and she is struck by how radiant she is.

“I’m so happy you’re here with me.” Serena whispers just to Bernie, as they watch the happy couple walk back up the aisle to raucous applause, before kissing her softly on the cheek and then rubbing off the resulting lipstick stain with her thumb.

“I’m having a great weekend with you, Serena.” Bernie’s heart somersaults inside her chest.

“That was such a beautiful ceremony.” Serena leaves the blonde for a moment to hug the bride and groom, and to tell Ellie how beautiful she looks.

Bernie watches Serena effortlessly chat to everyone, ever the social butterfly, and knows she has to talk to her about her feelings. They may not be reciprocated, but she owed it to both of them to be entirely honest with Serena.

“Mum, talk to her for God’s sake. The poor woman is totally smitten with you. Have you seen the way she looks at you?” Ellie was determined to see the pair admit they were crazy for each other.

“I don’t know where to even begin.” Serena’s face lights up when she catches Bernie’s eye from across the room. “I really like her, but I’m terrified that she doesn’t think of me that way.”

“Are you blind?” Ellie is incredulous. “She hasn’t taken her eyes off you all weekend, and you were most definitely about to kiss in the pool earlier. I say go for it.”

“Well, well, well.” Serena’s eyes roll at the sound of her ex-husband’s voice. Here we go. “Serena, I must say it’s a real shame that you haven’t brought a date with you this weekend. At your age, one can’t be too choosy or you’ll end up permanently on the shelf.”

“Edward, how is your health? No crippling scoliosis of the spine? No excruciating hernias?” Serena eyes are like skits as she glares at him, wordlessly wishing the man unspeakable pain. “Oh look, here’s Liberty.” Serena casts her eyes to the heavens and pleads for the ground to swallow her whole.

“Serena, how are you? Edward told me you’d broken up with that policeman. I’m so sorry.” Liberty looks at her with false pity and Serena wants to stab her in the foot with the heel of her shoe.

“Elinor, I just wanted to say that you look lovely. All the bridesmaids do.” Bernie winks at the brunette, stepping in just in time to save her from this awkward conversation.

“Thank you, Bernie. I think you and Mum look great too. You make a cute couple.” All eyes spring over to the young woman with that.

“Couple?” Edward guffaws at the insinuation.

“Serena, why don’t we go to the bar and get a drink, and then we can find our seats for the meal.” Bernie comes to rescue her yet again, and guides her away by the elbow without even looking at Edward or Liberty. “So..., why does Elinor think we’re a couple?” Bernie focuses completely on Serena then. A tiny spark of hope ignites inside her.

“Search me.” Serena lies and can’t look at the blonde. “I’ll have a Shiraz please.” Serena gets the bartender’s attention, anything to move off this topic.

“I’ll just go check which table we’re at.” Bernie points dejectedly at the sitting plan.

Things are less tense between them during the meal, and Serena keeps reaching for her hand again. They’re barely even aware that there are other people at the table, as they chat and laugh and generally have a great time.

“I’m just going to go say hello to the bride’s parents.” Serena whispers to Bernie who nods and watches her walk over.

“Hi Bernie.” Serena’s daughter takes the seat her mother had just vacated.

“Hi Elinor.” Bernie gives the young woman a closed mouthed smile. “Would you like a drink?” The blonde swallows thickly, her nerves after the Spanish inquisition over breakfast mean she’s none too keen to be left alone with Serena’s daughter.

“I would like to know what your intentions are with Mum.” Elinor gets straight to the point.

“Um... I don’t have any.” Bernie says truthfully.

“She likes you. You like her. You’ve treated her better in the past two days than Robbie did their whole relationship. I think you should talk to her. And you’d best not hurt her or you’ll have me to deal with.” Elinor gives her a cold, hard stare that she clearly learned from her mother.

“I would never hurt Serena. But we really are just friends.” Bernie gulps down the rest of her wine. “I think I’ll just pop outside for some fresh air.” Bernie grabs her clutch and heads for the double doors at the other side of the room. She takes stock of what Elinor had just said and begins to wonder, not for the first time, if perhaps Serena might feel more than friendship for her. The ringing of her phone pulls her out of her thoughts, glancing at the screen she sees that Charlotte is calling her.

“Where’s Bernie?” Serena finds Ellie in her seat with no sign of the blonde trauma surgeon.

“She needed some air.” Ellie points to the doors Bernie had just walked through.

“Please tell me you didn’t say anything to her.” Serena looks pleadingly at her daughter.

“I might have –” Serena feels the blood pounding in her ears.

“Ellie!” Serena turns and strides purposefully towards where Bernie was.

“How’s things at the wedding? Have you spoken to Serena yet, Mum?”

“Charlie, I really don’t think this is the time or place –”

“Oh come on! This is your perfect opportunity to tell Serena how you feel.”

“I– I can’t... What do I do if she doesn’t...” Bernie leaves the rest of the question unfinished, but Charlotte hears the meaning loud and clear. The blonde digs her fingernails into her palm, hoping to stave off tears.

“She does, Mum. I promise you.”

“I won’t ruin our friendship... Anyway, how’s your weekend going?”

“Yeah, not bad. Listen, if you’re not going to speak to Serena –”


“No, hear me out. How about a blind date?”

“A blind date? Charlie, what are you talking about?”

Serena stops dead by the doors when she hears Bernie talking to her daughter about a blind date. She knows she shouldn’t listen in, but she can’t help herself.

“Yeah, one of the girls in my lectures says she has an aunt who is about your age, single obviously, works as a GP. Maybe we could set you up?”

“Charlie, I really don’t know. I’ve never been on a blind date before...”

Serena’s heard enough as she clears her throat loudly to announce her presence.

“Oh Charlie, Serena’s here now. We’ll talk about this later, ok? Yep.... I love you too... bye sweetheart.” Bernie smiles as she hangs up.

“Everything ok?” Serena pretends she wasn’t eavesdropping.

“Yeah, she’s just been telling me about someone in one of her lectures who has an aunt or something. Wants to organise a blind date. She’s determined to see me with somebody.” Bernie shakes her head at her daughter’s meddling ways.

“Sounds promising.” Serena tests the waters.

“I... maybe... who knows?” Bernie shrugs off the idea.

“You don’t fancy it?” Serena tries to keep her tone even, disinterested.

“I haven’t really thought much about dating lately.” That much is true.

“Any particular reason?” Serena urges her to continue.

“I’m not sure.” Bernie stares out over the grounds, not convinced she should show her hand.

“Dance with me.” Serena surprises them both.

“What?” Bernie’s head turns sharply to look at the brunette.

“I’d like to dance with you.” Serena repeats, extending her hand to the blonde.

“I’ve never... um... slow danced with a woman before. Even in a non-romantic way.” Bernie sets her bag on the ledge she’d been leaning against and chews nervously at her bottom lip. “Are you sure you want to? We can’t even hear the music out here.”

“Please.” Serena links fingers with Bernie, encouraging the blonde to hold her by the waist as she puts her free hand on Bernie’s shoulder.

They sway on the spot to some imaginary song, both lost in holding each other. Serena unlinks their joined hands and slowly runs her hand up Bernie’s bare arm. She notes with some satisfaction the resulting goosebumps along the way. Bernie sucks in a sharp gasp at the touch, as Serena brings her arm up to meet the other around Bernie’s neck, while Bernie’s now free hand moves to the brunette’s hip. There is no space between their bodies as Serena rests her head on Bernie’s shoulder.

“This is nice.” Serena softly confesses into the side of Bernie’s neck, her breath making the blonde shiver.

“It is.” Bernie concedes and tries not to lose herself in Serena’s perfume. “You smell good.” Bernie freezes, she hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “I... I mean... I...” She flounders, not sure there’s a way to cover it up. “I should just...” She tries to free herself from Serena’s grasp, to run away, but Serena won’t let go.

“Hush, love. We’re ok.” Serena smiles into Bernie’s neck and the blonde could swear she feels the tip of Serena’s nose run along her jugular up to her ear. She’s not certain but she also thinks maybe she even feels the faintest brush of Serena’s lips on her skin, making Bernie’s blood pressure dangerously high and her breathing ragged. “Bernie, I need to tell you something.” Serena’s voice is hushed and her warm breath against the shell of Bernie’s ear makes the blonde feel faint.

“Ah, here you are.” Serena’s ex-husband walks unsteadily onto the terrace, his speech is slurred and he’s spectacularly sloshed. “Exploring our Sapphic side are we, Serena?” He has a glass of something in his hand, but his wild gesturing makes the liquid splash all over the ground.

“You’re drunk, Edward.” Serena states the obvious.

“What’s wrong? Couldn’t find another real man, so you’re sleeping with women now instead?” He leers at the brunette and Bernie’s blood boils.

Serena feels Bernie stiffen in her arms, and then the blonde starts to move at the man, but Serena keeps hold of her wrist.

“Bernie, leave it. Please. He’s not worth it. Go back to your wife, Edward.” Serena grabs Bernie by the hand and leads them back inside.

“What a prize prat.” Bernie bites out the insult. “Sorry, I know he’s Elinor’s father.” She instantly regrets her words, and Serena can’t help thinking how very Bernie it was to be so forgiving.

“Forget Edward. I’d like to go upstairs now. I’ll just say goodnight to the happy couple and Ellie. Will you come too?” Serena kisses her warmly on the cheek and keeps hold of her hand the entire time.

When they’ve done the rounds saying goodnight and thanking the bride and groom again for inviting them, they go up to their room in silence. Once inside they go about their nightly routine of removing makeup, brushing their teeth and putting on pyjamas, before slipping under the covers. Without either having to say anything, Bernie takes Serena in her arms and the brunette places her head on Bernie’s chest just like the previous night.

“Thank you for being here with me this weekend. Even with Edward’s little outburst, I’ve really enjoyed myself.” Serena absentmindedly traces her fingertip along the neck of Bernie’s pyjama top.

“That’s ok, I’ve had a nice time too.” Bernie tries to think of anything but Serena’s touch.

“Bernie, I don’t want you to go to that bar with Charlotte. Or on that blind date. Please.” Serena blurts it out because she can’t hold it in anymore.

“Why not?” Bernie tilts Serena’s chin until their faces are level, so she can see the brunette’s eyes. “Serena, what was it you wanted to tell me before when we were dancing?” Bernie can only hope that it’s what she's wanted Serena to say for months now.

Serena’s answer comes in the form of her placing her index finger to Bernie’s lips. She runs it down from her cupid’s bow to her bottom lip. The blonde’s gasp and the sudden darkness in her eyes make Serena press herself further into Bernie’s arms and kiss her gently on the mouth.

Bernie freezes initially, not sure if it’s really happening, and Serena pulls away slightly, worried that she’s made a mistake.

“Did I read this wrong? Don’t you want this too?” Serena’s eyes dart nervously over Bernie’s face, hoping for any signs that she’s not alone in how she feels.

“I definitely want this too.” Bernie gently runs her fingers through Serena’s hair for a moment and then draws her back in. She kisses Serena with everything she’s kept in all these months, letting every unspoken desire pour out into the kiss.

Serena fists her hand in Bernie’s pyjama top, holding on for dear life. If she’d known that kissing her would be like this, she would have plucked up the courage ages ago. When her lips part slightly on a gasp, Bernie’s tongue slips into Serena’s mouth. Her head swims at the unexpected intrusion, but she happily grants Bernie access. She’s aware somewhere that Bernie tastes like chocolate and honeycomb and coming home. She breaks the kiss only to breathe before kneeling over the blonde and straddling her thighs, leaning down for more of her gorgeous mouth.

At this point, with Serena in her lap, kissing her with a hunger Bernie didn’t expect, the blonde is certain she must be dreaming this. “Serena, wait. Hang on a sec...” Bernie continues speaking when Serena looks sure she’s being turned down. “No, no, no. It’s not that I don’t want this to continue. It’s just... are you ok with this? I mean, I’m not going to pressure you in any way.”

Serena feels like her heart could burst at how amazing the woman underneath her was. “I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“I know, and that’s why there’s no rush. We can just go back to cuddling if that’s what you’re comfortable with.” Bernie laces her fingers with Serena’s and squeezes to let her know she would never force her to move faster than she was ready for.

“I want this. I want you.” Serena crosses her arms over her front and reaches for the hem of her own pyjama top and pulls it off over her head.

“Um... wow...” Bernie splutters out and then doesn’t really know what to do with the semi-nude brunette in her lap. “Serena... I don’t know what I’m doing either.” Bernie verbalises the thought, face apologetic and bright red. “I’m sorry, I’m –”

Serena takes one of Bernie’s hands, kisses the fingertips softly and places it on her bare chest. “We can figure it out together. Honestly, I’m so turned on right now it won’t take much.” Serena huffs out a laugh and bends down to kiss Bernie again. “I need you, Bernie. Please.” Serena looks desperate as she writhes above the blonde.

“God, Serena. You’re so gorgeous.” The brunette’s movements are rubbing against her aching core perfectly, and she moans into Serena’s mouth as she grabs her face and kisses her passionately. Her mouth trails fire over Serena’s skin as she moves her lips to other parts of the brunette. Warm, wet kisses and just a hint of teeth.

“I thought you said you didn’t bite.” Serena grins as Bernie’s mouth crosses her sternum to clamp around her other nipple with a sharp nip of more teeth.

“Do you want me to stop?” Bernie teasingly threatens.

“No please, please, don’t stop.” Serena cries out and pushes the back of Bernie’s head until her mouth is back where she wants it to be, the pleasure only heightened by the halo of blonde curls splayed on her chest, tickling her skin. “Bernie...” Serena bows into the blonde’s mouth, wanting more. “Take your pyjamas off. Take everything off.” Serena almost rips at the fabric, trying to find out what Bernie’s bare flesh will feel like against hers. In a flurry of discarded pyjamas, they find themselves in the same position, with Serena above the blonde.

“Are you sure about this? We can still stop at any time, ok? You can tell me to stop and I will.” Bernie’s eyes shine with so much care that Serena has to swallow a lump of emotion in her throat.

“Bernie, please. I don’t want to stop. Unless you do.” Serena knows that this is about both of them, not just her.

“Serena...” Bernie flips them suddenly and presses the brunette to the mattress, no inclination to stop whatsoever. “... I want you so much.” She finds she can’t get enough of the taste of the brunette’s skin, as she works her way lower until she is close to where Serena needs her most. “Is this ok?”

“Bernie, don’t stop. I want your mouth.” Serena buries her hands in blonde curls and tries to prepare herself for the onslaught. “Please, Bernie...” Serena doesn’t think she can hold on much longer, although she is thoroughly enjoying the teasing from the other woman.

Bernie knows in that instant, as she catches Serena’s eye and sees the brunette’s heated gaze staring straight back at her, that she is completely in love with Serena. With that thought firmly in her mind, and heart, she makes it her mission to show Serena just how much she loves her. Every look, every touch, every kiss will be her way of saying all the things she would never be able to with words. She has always been clumsy, flustered and awkward when it came to speaking her emotions. She was better at showing these things with her actions. So that’s what she would do now.

* * *

“I’d never done that before.” Bernie rests beside Serena again, softly stroking at all the bare skin on offer with her fingertips.

“What?” Serena turns her head until their noses are almost touching.

“Made love to a woman with my mouth.” Bernie confesses. “Made love to a woman at all I suppose.” Her hurried fumblings with Alex in the desert would hardly count as lovemaking.

“It was so incredible.” Serena had never known pleasure like it. “You are incredible. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Serena kisses her gently and can’t resist threading her fingers through those tousled curls again. As her mouth becomes more insistent, her tongue probing, she wants to touch Bernie everywhere.

Serena’s hand trembles slightly as she wonders where to touch first. She settles for experimentally squeezing the blonde’s right breast, guided by Bernie’s reactions. Running her hand across Bernie’s chest she repeats her actions on the left side, fascinated by the feel of the blonde’s breasts. “You’re so soft. So smooth. So beautiful.” Serena smiles into another heated kiss as her hands map the blonde’s body. Once she realises how good touching Bernie feels, she finds she can’t get enough.

“Serena... oh God that feels good...” Bernie is lost in the pleasure of it all.

“You know you said that exact thing yesterday when I was massaging you. It made me want to bring myself off right there on top of you. That or flip you over and ravish you.” Serena’s voice casts a spell that makes a new rush of wetness pool between Bernie’s thighs.

“Jesus, Serena...” Bernie can’t believe what she’s hearing, it was the stuff of pure fantasies for the brunette to say something so, frankly, hot. “I ... oh...” Serena’s fingers move ever lower until she is teasing between Bernie’s thighs. “Yes, oh yes...” Serena’s touch becomes more insistent and her pace quickens as she reacts to what Bernie needs. “My God, you... oh... yes... that’s...” Bernie’s hands fist in the sheets, she is desperately close to orgasm. “Oh, Serena I’m... I... please... oh... I’m coming!” Bernie lets go and every part of her goes rigid as the waves of pleasure pull her under until she would happily drown. When she breaks the surface again, Serena is there holding her, kissing her mouth, her eyelids, her cheeks. “That was amazing, Serena...” Bernie kisses her softly, a declaration of love threatens to burst out of her but she has to hold it in. They were only at the beginning of whatever this was and she wouldn’t scare the brunette away.

“Was it ok?” Serena asks timidly.

“Much more than ok.” Bernie grins sleepily and Serena pulls the covers back over them.

“I hope you’re not too tired. I was rather hoping we might do that again.” Serena’s eyes grow dark and she quirks an eyebrow, before slipping her arm around Bernie’s waist and kissing her senseless.

“Oh really?” Bernie seems to get her second wind then, as she pins Serena down on her back and aims to make her forget time.

* * *

Serena is the first to wake, early the next morning. The weight of Bernie’s arm wrapped around her makes her smile, and she lifts the duvet to discover that they are both still very much naked. Her body aches everywhere from last night’s activities, but as she quickly runs to the bathroom and brushes her teeth she finds she rather enjoys the reminder in her muscles. Bernie is half awake when she comes back out and the sight of her birds nest of curls sticking up in every direction makes Serena love her even more.

“What time is it?” She asks groggily.

“A little after 6.30am I think.” Serena climbs back into bed, and Bernie uses the bathroom and brushes her teeth too.

“I might go for a run.” Bernie announces when she comes back out naked as the day she was born.

“I’d prefer it if you came back to bed.” Serena rubs the spot beside her on the mattress.

“Well, if that’s the alternative, run be damned!” Serena laughs as the blonde flings herself back into bed and curls herself around Serena’s body.

“Bernie?” Serena wants to make sure they’re on the same page about the night before.


“About last night...” Serena starts to say and Bernie goes rigid. Was she going to say she regretted it?

“Oh...” The blonde’s face falls. “... was it a one-off?” Bernie almost chokes on the question. She closes her eyes and waits for the inevitable rejection. She doesn’t even know that she’s crying until Serena’s thumb wipes away the first tear.

“No, it wasn’t. The truth is, I was upset on our first night here because I was jealous just thinking about you possibly going to that bar, meeting someone or tonight thinking about you going on that blind date. I said that I didn’t want you to go because I want to be with you.” Bernie’s eyes shoot open and she lunges at Serena and kisses her deeply, her relief obvious. When they pull apart again, Serena is smiling. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

“I feel the same way.” Bernie admits instantly. “Last night was beyond wonderful.”

“I want to keep seeing you. Go on dates. Definitely more of what happened last night. The whole shebang.” Serena clings to Bernie’s body as they kiss languidly.

“I want that too.” Bernie breathes out the confession when they stop for air.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time. I see that now.” Serena’s hand traces the dips and curves of the blonde’s silhouette. “I want you.” She kisses Bernie and then lets her lips wander over the blonde’s throat.

“Serena...” Bernie’s nerve endings fizzle as the brunette’s talented fingers roam and explore. “Oh God...” She arches up when Serena finds a particularly sensitive spot.

“I requested late check out, so the room's ours until 3pm. I had planned on doing a little sightseeing today, but there are some sights right here that I think I’d much rather see.” Serena whispers seductively into Bernie’s ear, before slowly crawling down the blonde’s body to settle between her legs.

If pressed for details later, Bernie would have no discernible explanation as to how she managed to stay conscious with the inimitable Serena Campbell working stridently to make her unravel with that wicked mouth of hers.

* * *

“I suppose we need to get going soon.” Serena squirms slightly in bed beside Bernie as the blonde’s fingers tickle over her bare hip. They had only ventured out of the hotel room to eat breakfast, and even that had only lasted until they couldn’t keep their hands off each other all over again. They both knew that they’d have to check out soon, but neither wanted to be the first to move.

“Do we really have to?” Bernie pouts making Serena chuckle.

“Unfortunately, I doubt our ward will run itself.” Serena was ever the pragmatist.

“Yeah, reality beckons.” Bernie dips her head and starts to climb out of the bed.

“We are going to carry on with whatever this is between us when we are back in Holby. Bernie, I’m not rethinking this.” Serena wants to quell the blonde’s anxiety.

“Aren’t you?” Bernie’s head turns back slightly towards the brunette, but she won’t look directly at Serena.

“Not for a second.” Serena quickly follows Bernie out of bed and wraps her arms around the blonde’s waist from behind. “Last night was incredible.” Serena’s lips move over Bernie’s bare back and shoulder, and she reaches up to cup the blonde’s breasts. “Several times over, and well into today.” Bernie can feel Serena smiling against her skin.

Bernie leans into the brunette and can’t stop herself from smiling too, even through a moan of pleasure. “It really was.” She covers Serena’s hand as it slips down over her torso and moans again more loudly when Serena kisses her under the jaw, before nipping her earlobe between her teeth while pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger. “Serena!” Bernie finds her body reacting of its own accord, and she mewls and then cries out at the headiness of it all.

“I’m not going to change my mind. I don’t regret anything that happened last night or this morning. In fact, I think you should join me back in the bed for a quick reminder of just how much I want this.”

The blonde spins in Serena’s arms until they are facing each other. “Is that so, Campbell?” Bernie grins and then surges in for a long kiss.

“Let’s have dinner at mine tomorrow tonight. Jason’s not back till Tuesday.” Serena clings to Bernie’s neck and kisses her again, ecstatic that she can now, finally.

“I’d love to.” Bernie rubs her nose against Serena’s, she’d never been this happy before.

“Come here you.” Serena pulls her in and kisses her. Suddenly goosebumps appear when Bernie’s hands start to caress and explore. “You know, we could request the room for another night. Or we could stay elsewhere and still do some of that sightseeing.”

“We both know you have the luggage for it.” Bernie teases and pinches Serena’s shapely bum, making the brunette jump and swat at Bernie’s arm. “Now, tell me more about this reminder of yours. Or better yet, why don’t you show me, soldier?” The implied order makes Serena shiver with anticipation.

“Yes, Major.” Serena pulls Bernie in for more of her lips, their mouths crash together in a heated mix of teeth and tongues. “God, Bernie. I’ve never been this turned on before.” Serena had always been a sexual person, but she had never burned for someone like this. “I need you.”

“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” Bernie’s eyes shine with a sincerity that steals Serena’s breath.

“Bernie, I...” Words fail her as she is overwhelmed by her feelings for this amazing woman.

“What’s wrong? If it’s too much we can stop.” Bernie cups the side of Serena’s head tenderly.

“No.” Serena kisses her with renewed enthusiasm. “What I said this morning, that I thought I was falling in love with you... that wasn’t strictly speaking true, because I’m already in love with you.”

“What did you say?” Bernie looks shocked.

“I love you, Bernie.” Serena feels lighter, happier now that she’s said it.

“Really?” Bernie clings to Serena, hardly able to believe that this is happening. “I love you too, Serena. I love you so much.” Bernie is glowing with joy. She presses her lips firmly to the brunette’s, eager to show Serena how much she means to her.

Serena feels like she might burst open with pure glee. She knots her hands tightly in Bernie’s hair and returns the kiss with fervour. “I love you.” She whispers it into the spaces between breaths and clutches onto the blonde in her arms. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Each one is punctuated with a soft kiss as Serena’s hand snakes over the blonde’s body.

“Maybe we should book the room for another night after all.” Bernie's fingers seeking out Serena’s core make the brunette’s head flop back and a strangled sob of desire escapes her.

“It’s all booked and paid for. I phoned down to reception when you were in the bathroom changing for breakfast.” Serena somehow manages to croak out the words while Bernie’s mouth makes a beeline for her breasts.

“In that case...” Bernie’s eyes meet Serena’s with a glint of mischievousness. “... get back in that bed, Campbell.” Bernie scoops up a giggling Serena in her arms and carries her back over to the bed.