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Slasher's Reactions to their S/O's Wanting to Dye their Hair

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Bubba Sawyer, Stu Macher, Baby Firefly, Tiffany Valentine, Lester Sinclair


Maybe/ just a streak

Nubbins Sawyer, Amanda Young, Thomas Hewitt, Vincent Sinclair, Carrie White



Bo Sinclair, Norman Bates, Harry Warden, Brahms Heelshire, Billy Lenz


But what about my reputation? I can’t be scary with pink hair- fine

Billy Loomis, Leslie Vernon, Otis Driftwood

Did it ever occur to you that I am bald/balding

Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Choptop Sawyer, Pinhead


Would kill you for suggesting it

Michael Myers, Chucky, Pennywise, Hannibal


Honourable Mentions


Bubba Sawyer - He’d be hesitant about the idea at first since he isn’t used to seeing unnatural hair colours, he might say yes to letting you bleach the hair from one of his masks to blonde - just be careful and don’t damage it, it’ll break his heart


Carrie White - Like Bubba, she’d be hesitant at first because what if she got bullied for it? If you do convince her, she’ll probably want to dye her hair something natural and not too attention-grabbing like a light brown - don’t bring up dying it red, please. She might let you dye it an unnatural colour if you dye yours as well just so all the attention isn’t on her


Brahms Heelshire - Brahms is old fashioned so he’d probably say no, but even if you did convince him to let you dye his hair he’d probably opt out the second he realises how bad hair bleach smells (and in a house with windows that don’t open? Good luck)

Freddy Krueger - What are you gonna dye? His eyelashes? Does he even have eyelashes?