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Steca One-Shots

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"It's crazy when
The thing you love the most is the detriment
Let that sink in
You can think again
When the hand you wanna hold is a weapon and
You're nothin' but skin."

"Baby guess what!" Stacie said excitedly as she entered the apartment she shares with her girlfriend Aubrey.

"What?" Aubrey asked not even looking up from the case files she was reviewing.

"I got the internship at the studio!" Stacie said holding the letter out.

Aubrey peeked up and grabbed the letter scanning it "Uh this says it's in California."

Stacie nodded "I know, but that's where the main location is at where they do the internships."

"Stacie we can't leave to California you know that. I can't leave the law firm." Aubrey said.

"What if we do the long distance?" Stacie asked hopeful.

"No, I don't do that. We're either together here or we're not together at all." Aubrey said sternly.

Stacie nodded sadly, she couldn't leave Aubrey. Stacie loved Aubrey too much.

"Alright I'll let them know." Stacie said as she headed towards the room.

"Hey." Aubrey said grabbing her wrist "I love what you have on." Aubrey said licking her lips and staring Stacie up and down.

Stacie cracked a small smile "Thank you baby."

"Oh, 'cause I keep diggin' myself down deeper
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
I keep running, I keep running, I keep running."

"Stacie come on we're going to be late." Aubrey shouted upstairs.

Aubrey had an office party for the law firm she worked at, and she saw it as a chance to get to know her bosses better. She wanted to make a good impression and that meant being there early and having Stacie looking her best.

Stacie came down the stairs a few minutes later.

"Why did you choose that dress when you know we're going to the office?" Aubrey asked looking at her girlfriend.

Stacie frowned and looked at herself "What's wrong with it? I thought I looked nice."

Aubrey groaned "We're going to a law firm Stacie not one of the hobbit's album release parties. You're supposed to look respectful."

"I'll go change then." Stacie said.

"No, then will be late. Just grab a jacket or something to make it better." Aubrey said heading towards the car "I'll be in the car waiting."

Stacie went to grab a black jacket that would still go with her dress. She looked in the mirror and looked at herself sadly before heading out.

"Anything to make her happy." She thought to herself.

"They say I may be making a mistake
I woulda followed all the way, no matter how far
I know when you go down all your darkest roads
I woulda followed all the way to the graveyard
Oh, 'cause I keep diggin' myself down deeper
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
I keep running when both my feet hurt
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
Oh, when you go down all your darkest roads
I woulda followed all the way to the graveyard ."

Stacie was on the phone with Beca, her best friend.

"So any news on the internship?" Beca asked.

"Yeah I got it." Stacie said sadly.

"Why do you sound so down about it?" Beca asked.

"Because I had to turn it down." Stace answered.

"What do you mean you had to turn it down? This is your dream Stacie, it always has been." Beca said.

"Aubrey couldn't leave, and you know how much I love her." Stacie said.

Beca sighed "Stacie, you can't give up a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially if it's your dream, for Aubrey."

"I love her Beca ok? I'm in love with her." Stacie replied.

"Stace, she's toxic. I'm telling you this as your best friend and because I love you too much to let you pass this up. She's never cared about your goals or dreams, it's always been about her little lawyer career. She treats you more like a prize than a girlfriend, all she cares about is your body if we're being honest." Beca said.

"That's not true Becs." Stacie tried defending Aubrey.

"Please Stace, I've been through the same exact situation. I know the signs when I see it alright. I left now and look at me, living my dream of producing. It's time for you to live yours of being a singer. Starting by taking the internship or coming to Miami where I'm at." Beca said.

"I can't leave her Becs." Stacie said sadly.

"Yes you can Stacie. If you want I'll fly out and help you. You're my best friend and I want you to be happy and successful. Being with Aubrey won't accomplish any of those. Just please open your eyes and come to your senses." Beca said.

"Look, I'll call you tomorrow ok? Aubrey is about to get home and I have to cook." Stacie said.

Beca chuckled "Of course you do. I have to get back to recording any ways. Think about what I said alright? Love you." Beca said.

"Alright I will. Love you too." Stacie said before hanging up.

"You look at me
With eyes so dark, don't know how you even see
You push right through me
It's gettin' real
You lock the door, you're drunk at the steering wheel
And I can't conceal."

"I can't right now Stacie, I'm busy with this file." Aubrey said agitated.

"But baby we haven't had a date night in forever. I already cooked the meal, I just want to sit down and have a nice dinner with you." Stacie said softly.

Aubrey slammed her pen down "For the love of God Stacie!" Aubrey shouted looking up "I can't, I don't have time to waste. This case is too important, and they trusted me with it."

Stacie saw the look in Aubrey's eyes, and she'd never seen those green eyes turn so dark and violent.

"You never seem to have time for me." Stacie said sadly.

Aubrey got up and walked towards Stacie "That's because I have a career to focus on, an important one at that."

"I understand that baby but can't you spend one dinner with me?" Stacie asked.

"How many times do I have to say no? How else can I explain it?" Aubrey said now in her face.

Stacie just stood there staring at Aubrey not knowing what to do.

"Now leave me to my case file." Aubrey said putting her hand on Stacie's shoulder pushing her out the room before locking the office door.

Stacie made her way to the kitchen before sitting down on a stool. Once seated she looked at the dinner she had made before she started to silently cry. She thought back to what Beca had said and compared it to when Beca went through a similar situation back in college. She started crying even more when she realized that her best friend was right about Aubrey, she was right all along.

With that she picked up her phone sending a text to Beca.

Stacie: I need you.

Stacie knew that one simple text would be enough for Beca to understand.

Beca: Be there tomorrow.

"Oh, it's funny how
The warning signs can feel like they're butterflies."

"What the hell is going on and why is she here?" Aubrey said angrily as she came home from work and found Beca helping Stacie pack her belongings.

Beca looked at Stacie who gave her a nod.

"I can't do this any more Aubrey. I should have realized this a while ago, but I was too blinded by my love for you to see just how toxic you are and this relationship." Stacie said.

Aubrey raised her brows and laughed "Oh that's a good one. Beca here filling your head up with crazy theories I see." Aubrey said before facing Beca "Shouldn't be surprised since she's never liked me because I took her from you." Aubrey said.

Beca glared at Aubrey "She's not a prize you dumb bitch. I never liked you because you are a rotten person who doesn't know how to treat people, especially your girlfriend."

Stacie put a hand on Beca "Thanks B, but I have to do this." Stacie said.

She turned towards Aubrey "I should have seen this back then but like I said my feelings were blinding me. I ignored all the signs earlier on because I was just hoping that you'd change. I truly was in love with you Aubrey, but I realized how bad that is. I realized I deserve better. I realized I'm worth it. It's time I chase my dreams and start loving myself." Stacie said before giving Beca a nod and grabbing her bags.

"Good luck Aubrey." Stacie said before walking out.

Present Day

"That was "Graveyard" by Stacie Conrad and produced by Beca Mitchell." The host said.

"Sounds personal." The host said.

"Yeah it is, we both went through toxic relationships and that's what the song touches on." Stacie said.

"We wanted this song to be about realizing that your love for someone has blinded you to the danger they are to your heart." Beca said.

"That's a beautiful way to show it, and I'm glad you two both got out of those situations." The host said. "And don't forget Stacie's new album drops in exactly one month."

"Thank you for having us." Beca and Stacie said as the host ended the show.

The two girls made their way to the car and smiled at all the love their new song was getting.

"You really did it." Beca said looking at Stacie.

Stacie smiled and rested her head on Beca's shoulder.

"I really did it." She thought to herself.