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The World According to Ace Stark

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It was a rare occasion when Ace woke up before Steve. He was usually an early bird but he and the others had come in late the night before. Plus Ace had kept him up even later with a very warm welcome home, which meant that Steve was conveniently naked. Ace decided she was going to take full advantage of this golden opportunity and give him her own little wake up call.

She slipped under the covers and kissed her way down his body. He was groaning softly but he definitely wasn't awake yet. She finally reached her destination and started slowly stroking and licking his cock to get him hard. It wasn't long before Ace had achieved the desired effect, a wonderful and likely unintentional side effect of the serum, and once he was fully hard she took his member slowly into her mouth. As she was bobbing up and down Steve slowly opened his eyes and looked down at her. She didn't give him blow jobs very often because he thought they were a little degrading but when she offered he didn't say no. He was definitely awake now but the pleasure she was giving him made it hard for him to keep his eyes open.

Steve was moaning softly, lost in the moment. He probably should have paid more attention because the next words out of his mouth were the worst ones he could say. "Oh God. Oh Peggy."

It took everything Ace had not to bite down. She abruptly took his dick out of her mouth and sat up looking at him. "What. The. Fuck."

"Ace I am so sorry. I was half asleep. I think I had a dream about her."

"So you do know my name. That's good I thought I was going to have to get Shuri to do a brain scan."

Ace turned away from him. She grabbed the oversized T-shit she usually wore to bed off the floor and put it on. She sat at the end of the bed not facing him. 

"Ace, baby talk to me please."

"What do you want me to say Steve?"

He moved toward the end of the bed to sit near her and started to rub her shoulder but she shrugged him off. "Tell me what to do to make this right. I'm so sorry." 

"I don't know Steve. You said someone else's name in bed. And not just some random name, her name."

"Ace, I love you."

"Yeah, because I'm here. I'm your second choice."

"That's not true."

"You are telling me that if you had the chance to be with her you wouldn't take it? That you would choose me?"

Steve didn't have the chance to answer because his phone rang. When they heard it they were both stunned. Ace hadn't heard that phone ring in the two years they were on the run because she was the only one that called it. There was only one other person who had the number and Ace hadn't heard from him in two years either. Steve went over to the night stand and picked up the phone. "Tony?" he said tentatively into the receiver. 

Ace could only hear Steve's end of the conversation. All she got was that it wasn't Tony, it was Bruce and that something bad was happening. Steve's face grew more and more serious as the conversation went on, she had a feeling that this fight they were having was going to be postponed. Finally Steve hung up the phone. Ace looked at him expecting a explanation but he was silent, just taking it all in.

"That was Bruce? How did he get Tony's phone? Where's Tony? What's going on, Steve?" Ace asked mind racing a hundred miles a minute with all the worst case scenarios. 

"Tony's on a space ship." Steve replied. 

"Wait. What?"

"There were aliens looking for the infinity stones. A wizard had the time stone, and Tony was trying to help him. They ended up taking the wizard and Tony went on the ship to save him."

"The ship that the aliens are taking back to space?"


"Wait, if the aliens were looking for the infinity stones that means."

"We need to get to Vision." Steve finished her thought.

"He's with Wanda." 

"I have to get my suit and Sam and Nat." Steve starts looking around for his suit.

Ace stopped him and made him look at her. "We definitely tossed pieces of that suit everywhere last night. Let me get it all together and you just go get Sam and Nat. I'll have it ready for you by the time you get back here."

"Okay." he turns to leave but stops and turns back to her. "Ace, are we okay?"

"We can talk about it when this is all over." 

"Can I kiss you?" 

She nodded in response. He came over to her and gave her a short but tender kiss before he left the room. Ace started to pick up pieces of his suit from around the room. As she was picking up his pants from the floor she felt something hard and round in the pocket. Curious as to what it was she pulled the object out of his pocket. She opened up the small circle. It was a compass from the 40s, at least one half of it was. On the top was a picture of Peggy. 


Ace didn't confront Steve when he came back. She had just put the compass back in his pocket, she needed to process what it meant before she said anything to him anyway. Not to mention there were bigger things going on. Once Steve had left, she made her way out to the fields to see Bucky. He was the only one who knew Steve as well as she did and she needed some perspective. 

"I thought you would be with Steve." Bucky said to her as he saw her coming up the hill. 

"He left again." Ace explained as she sat down on a bale of hay. She looked upset so Bucky stopped what he was doing and went over to her. 

"Didn't he just get back last night?"

"He needed to go save Vision from some aliens."

"Is that why your upset?" Ace shook her head. "Can you just tell me what's bothering you so I don't have to play 20 questions?"

"Steve called me Peggy in bed this morning. In his defence he was half asleep and getting his dick sucked, so I probably could have forgiven him for it. If I didn't find his compass." 

"Which I'm guessing still has her picture in it?"


"Ace, I wouldn't read that much into it. He probably just kept it because he doesn't trust technology and wanted a real compass. He likely doesn't even look at her picture anymore."

"I could probably tell myself that if I didn't feel second to her our whole relationship. Did you know he won't dance with me? He owes a dance to his best girl, that's what he would tell her when he visited her in the home. Now I find out that he's been carrying her with him on every mission for the entire 6 years we've been together." 

"So, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's time for me to find someone who makes me feel like their first choice."


Ace was standing on the steps of the palace with Bucky waiting for the Quinjet to land. Bucky was wearing the new arm that Ace had helped the Wakandans make for him. Steve was bringing Vision and the others to Wakanda in hopes that Shuri could separate the stone from the rest of Vision so they could destroy it without killing him. This was likely to bring the alien army down upon them but T'Challa was never one to back down from a fight. 

They greeted everyone as they got off the Quinjet. Ace was glad to see Bruce and Rhodey again it had been too long. She and T'Challa lead them to the lab but Bucky held Steve back. 

"I know there is a lot going on right now but we need to talk about Ace." Bucky said. 

"What about her?" Steve asked. 

"She told me about what happened this morning."

"It was a little slip of the tongue, Buck."

"She also found your compass."

"Oh my God. Why didn't she say anything? She probably feels horrible." 

"Steve, this isn't the first time she's felt that way. I'm your friend and I know you love her. But I'm her friend too, so I have to tell you the truth. She doesn't deserve to feel like your second choice. If you can't make her feel like she's the only girl you could ever love, you need to let her go because there is someone out there that will make her feel that way." 

"Is that someone you?"

Before Bucky could answer Steve's question Nat told Steve he needed to come with them to the lab. Bucky stayed behind with Sam to keep lookout. 


Up in the lab Shuri was explaining to Bruce how she was going to fix Vision when Steve pulled Ace aside. 

"Are you sure we're okay" he asked her. 

"Steve, we could literally be attacked by aliens at any minute and you are asking about our relationship?" she responded.

"Bucky told me you found my compass, and after this morning I just ..."

"Steve." she cut him off. "I can't have this conversation right now." She walked away, over to the table where Vision was. Steve followed behind her. 

As they got there Okoye received an alert that something had entered the atmosphere. The fight was starting. Everyone left the lab to join the army. Ace stayed behind to help Shuri and Wanda stayed to destroy the stone once they removed it. Ace and Shuri worked frantically realigning the neurons. Ace was thankful to have something to focus on. It was keeping her from worrying about Steve, Bucky and the rest of her friends that were in the battle. 

Wanda was watching the battle from the window, and eventually couldn't sit it out any longer. She went down to join them leaving Shuri, Ace, and Vision defenceless. One of the aliens took advantage of this. Shuri stopped what she was doing and shot at him but it wasn't enough. He knocked out Shuri and Ace. 


Ace came to when she felt a hand brush over her cheek. She opened her eyes seeing a face she didn't expect but she was still glad to see. 

"Bucky, what are you doing here? Is it over?" Ace asked Bucky, looking around seeing she was still in the lab and no one else was around.

"It's still going on. I just heard that they got to Vision and I knew you were with him. I had to see if you were okay."

"Buck, you need to get back out there." Ace said with a slight panic. "If they have Vision then..."

"I don't care." Bucky cut her off. "I'm right where I need to be." 

When Bucky said those words it was like a flood of realization came to Ace. She was his first choice. She looked into Bucky's eyes and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. When they pulled away from each other Bucky said the words that he had been holding in for a year and a half. "I love you Ace."

Before Ace could say anything back she had an ominous feeling come over her. Something was wrong. She turned away for a moment and when she turned back Bucky was disintegrating into a cloud of dust.