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A Season Pass to Pyroland

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Peter and Paula had a shack that they used to meet up between missions. Charbroiling everything Making friends with the cherubs in their head was a lot of work.

Paula placed a box of crayons and a notebook on the cardboard box that they used as a table.

"Remember those weird people that filmed us?" Peter asked. "Have you seen the tapes?"

Paula nodded.

"Why don't we make our own versions?"

Paula looked around. A myriad of stuffed animals, including a balloon unicorn that Peter's "best friend" Engineer won at a fair, watched them.

"We can't have a movie without a cast!" Paula laughed.

Their teammates' replacements were a stuffed bull, crab, bear, koala, rabbit, eagle, sheep (with one eye missing) and a dove.

The next week was spent making tiny accessories for their collection. Including weapons.

Paula had to sneak a projector out of the RED team's base, praying that the Medic didn't have another lecture planned.