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Paid Vacation, Courtesy of UNISOL

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Sol and Kerri are sat alongside a pool. It's bright, Sol's in her best 'PI on holiday' garb, Kerri in a bikini with an overshirt tied around her waist. Sol is looking, a little blush, a little wary, at Kerri. Kerri's looking at their target, but her hand is in Sol's. Sol has a gun in her lap.

"Look, don't think of it as a job, think of it as a paid-for vacation! You'll barely have to do anything-"

"But for the whole assassination thing, you mean. Aside from endin' a life it's a nice, easy day at the beach. Where I gotta pretend to be joined at the hip with you the whole damn time."

"Oh, is that the problem? I didn't realise Sol Hawke couldn't handle a couples-only retreat for a weekend."

"Hey, I didn't say that. This is fine. I can handle this.
This is easy."

Sol leans over, sheepishly squeezing Kerri's smaller hand.
Looking around, like she's double-checking she's playing the role correctly.
Still a little wary, no harm in that, but a weekend away wasn't the worse thing-

"Look sharp, Hawke. The mark's here."