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Take and Leave

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What would you wish for? Gold? Freedom? Peace? Revenge? What would you wish for?

“I want for us to watch the stars with flowers in our hair and silence that lasts a lifetime. All of us together!”

...such a strange wish one of his age asked. Then again, perhaps because he is so young he has yet to fill the desire one would want once they come of age. Perhaps his wish would change through the years.

Or perhaps not.

What would you wish for?

“...I want to see the stars again, hair braided with flowers, our emeralds cracked but whole, and all four of us sitting without wanting to kill each other.”

Perhaps not. Is that what you truly wish? Your final act of mercy and desires before death is to see the stars and have accessories that will wither away soon?

“Maybe. I just want to be whole again, I want us to be whole again.”

Is that your wish?

“My wish but not my reality. You can only grant things that are real for a moment of time before death. My family will never be whole again, before or even after my death. There is no point asking for my family relationship to be fixed if it won’t last.”

Then your wish is merely a moment of pretend.

“Yeah… that's the truth, innit.”

I see…

That poor pitiful child.