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Mareach 50 Sentences

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  1. Sunshine- Isle Delfino was really the first time they acknowledged the chemistry between them, and the island paradise shaped their bond into something not easily shaken.
  2. Wish- “I don’t know many hundreds of times Star Haven has gotten my wishes for Mario to be safe,” Peach admitted to Twink.
  3. Evil- Peach’s face went white, making Bowser hiss, “This person you love better not be who I think it is, because then you’ll both pay.”
  4. Speechless- Peach’s face went red as she spotted him across the ballroom, prompting Daisy to tease, “Should I bring him over for the waltz?”
  5. Seven- Seven was their lucky number, considering the amount of times seven magic stars had saved them from certain doom.
  6. Game- The first Mario Party was the most revealing look at Peach’s character, given that she was the most aggressive player on the board, swiping Mario’s stars without a second thought.
  7. Dance- The couple swayed together in their white wedding clothes while the song Pauline had written for them (Break Free) filled the air.
  8. Pink- Peach’s new dress knocked the wind out of him, and even he had no idea how he got through that Mario Party.
  9. Otherworldly- As Peach and him gazed around the shimmering, sparkling, purple and blue landscape, Mario thought that the Toad had been right: Star Hill was the perfect date spot.
  10. Secrets- Mario asked why his (homemade) birthday cake was pink and blue, took a bite- and almost choked when his daughter Rose said, “That’s cause Mommy said her gift is another baby.”
  11. Marry- She pressed a kiss to his forehead as she murmured. “I didn’t say no because I didn’t love you, only because you were trying to compete at Bowser’s level.”
  12. History- Peach fell much later than Mario, but there was no question she loved this dorky, chubby, sweet hearted man more than anything.
  13. Benefit- “Pich-hime, why would you hire a plumber with me around?”
  14. Child- He didn’t really mind saving the world if that was the price of being a father to this itty bitty, sassy bambina. 
  15. Forms- Seeing Bowser’s stunned look, Peach added, “I know getting the paperwork is a bit harsh, but I didn’t want to give a sham wedding where I was brainwashed and that almost caused the end of the world any ability to stop the wedding I actually want.”
  16. Castle- Seeing Mario’s dreamy look, Luigi added, “I know you’d cover every square inch in things dedicated to her, but your wife wants actual input.”
  17. Politicians- Queen Bean and Prince Peasley were the first of many royals to congratulate the couple on their engagement- minus a sour faced Haru.
  18. Jump- Toadette proudly boasted that Princess Rose had a leap to match her father’s.
  19. Fury- Bowser glared at Peach and sneered mockingly, “You picked him and want to invite me to your wedding?!”
  20. Bride- They blushed and held hands the entire ceremony, Peach giggling when he scooped her into a bridal carry.
  21. Cotton- The fluffy ground of Nimbus land was the perfect place for the couple to take a late afternoon nap.
  22. Run- Peach dashed towards him, cheering, and he realized how badly he wanted to hug the girl who’d just saved him.
  23. Kinship- A crying Luigi fidgeted with Mario’s tuxedo, joking that his brother would probably tear up the moment he saw Peach.
  24. Small- Rose was easily a head shorter than her mother, and her entire life she had been nicknamed “The little princess.”
  25. Bed- The first morning of their honeymoon, Mario rolled over and almost had a heart attack, not sure if the gorgeous woman next to him was actually his wife.
  26. Dangerously- “Luigi, no matter how much I love her, a friend is the closest thing I’ll ever be allowed to be,” Mario said weakly.
  27. Couple- Peach kissed him, and he short circuited, started crying, and kissed her back.
  28. Emily- The green Toad bowed to the pregnant princess, explaining, “I’m Emily from Poshley Heights and I’m applying to be the royal nanny.”
  29. Clothes- Mario cursed, trying to retie his snickering wife’s corset.
  30. Kitchen- “Mario Toadstool, if I turn around and see your fingers in the batter, your birthday cake will be my special “truck driving school” recipe.”
  31. Blanket- Dreambert explained the significance of the shimmering fabric he was giving for her child’s crib, causing Peach to cry out, “Are you sure?!”
  32. Wiser- Starlow rolled her eyes, declaring, “Tell him before you lose the only person who is just as weird as you are.”
  33. Speech- Luigi paused, and said, “Big Bro isn’t much of a talker, but he really lights up around you.”
  34. Nephew- Mario laughed before continuing, “You’re getting more than you wanted, Bro: you’re getting two nephews.”
  35. Lilies- “Mario proposed to me with these!” Peach said, leaving out that was the first time he’d proposed.
  36. Bridesmaids- Daisy, Rosalina, Timpani, Starlow, and Tiara were positively lovely- and a bit overwhelming to the anxious bride.
  37. Magic- Peach grinned, flicking her finger and zapping Mario’s nose with a pink heart.
  38. Rain- The entire family ran in soaked and laughing, the parents having had just as much fun with the puddles as their children.
  39. Witch- The Shadow Queen was beaming, her features cruel and zombie-like, bringing to mind how horrifying and excruciating this fight was for Mario.
  40. Worry- Peach frantically checked every square inch of his body, healing him, asking if he was okay, and what was he thinking?!
  41. Eye- Beep-0 sighed, “Given their parents practically share a color, the probability of Baby Toadstool having blue eyes is… high.”
  42. Grandma- Rose stopped in front of a massive painting of a woman with strawberry colored hair.
  43. Hero- The Toadstool siblings often put on overalls and snuck out to go exploring, loving the chance to feel like their father and uncle.
  44. Hat- Cappy had taken the form of a dashing white top hat, and Tiara was probably the first bridesmaid to double as the veil.
  45. Instruct- Peach gave him an exasperated look before explaining, “I’m putting an end to your self defense training, because Peter thought it would be funny to bludgeon our other son with your mallet.”
  46. Temper- Mario knew Mimi was screwed the moment he heard Peach’s sweet, composed “Very well.”
  47. Screams- Peach comforted Mario after his Shroob dream, relieved and choosing to omit that he ended her Sammer’s Kingdom nightmare.
  48. Pillow- Given that even the bedding was a soft pink and red, it wasn’t a surprise that their daughter was named after a flower famous for being rosa e rosso.
  49. Cursing- Something Mario never expected when the princess started joining him on journeys was that she had the mouth of a sailor.
  50. Kidnapping- “We’ll save your princess, Mr. Toadsworth!” Mario said cheerfully, ignoring Luigi’s frantic whispering advising him not to save a stranger.