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The Beautiful Blonde

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Beca's Pov
As I start to unpack my things into my dorm I hear the door open. I turn around to see my father, Dr. Mitchell. As he is giving me some dumb lecture about my 'hobby' of djing. I look out to the activities fair.
"Beca, are you even listening?" my father asked, I had been thinking to much about moving to LA to produce music.
"I'm gonna go checkout the Activities Fair." Kimmy Jim, my roommate, said walking out the door.
"Yeah me too!" I say giving my dad a fake smile.

Aubrey's Pov
Me and Chloe have been asking girls to audition for the Barden Bellas. But no one really wants to because of what happened during the ICCAs last year.
"I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the-" I was cut off by finding myself projectile vomiting all over the first three rows.
End Of Flashback
Just that memory makes me want to vomit. Chloe looks at me worried.
"Bree are you ok?" she asks.
"Ya I'm fine don't worry." I replied, giving Chloe a reassuring smile.
A few hours later
Chloe and I were still standing at our booth. We've been here for so long. I turn my head to see small brunette walking.

Beca's Pov
As I walked through the Activities Fair I spot a beautiful blonde girl standing with a red headed girl beside her.