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Bleed, Patch, and Keep Moving

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BOOM! Lifeline had narrowly escaped a shot from a Kraber. In fact it was the last shot from the deadliest sniper in the arena. The only way that she managed to evade the shot was dumb luck. She tripped over a small ditch in the ground and fell around the corner of the hill that led into Three Way. She wasn't one to be clumsy but today she would make an exception because it save her life and the match. 

Her ears burned from the noise of the sniper rifle shot as she sat with her back against the side of a small cliff. She was still very new the Apex battle royale. She could barely think as the gun shot still echoed through her ears. Her heart was pounding so hard that she could feel it against her chest and hear it in her head. 

She tilted her head back and closed her eyes in an attempt to calm herself down so that she could think of her next move. The air was so warm and thick that it stifled her, almost choking her. Sweat dripped down the left side of her temple as she took a long, calculated sigh. Loose strands of her hair stuck to her cheeks and the back of her neck.

The gun shot came from 400 meters away so she knew that she didn't have much time to sit around and think; she needed to get her shit together, "Come on, we've got a job ta do." She gave DOC a pat. DOC or Drone of Healing a little robot that she had built herself with a permanent memory processor (PMP) from Chevrex. The drone could retain programming and recordings for just about ever.

DOC was a great asset to the team because it could heal wounded team members. The drone could close up wounds like magic in a matter of seconds. DOC was always ready to help with a quick flick of Lifeline's fingers. DOC was tucked away in a large pocket on Lifeline's baggy pants. DOC was Lifeline's left hand because the drone was always on her left side in her pocket.

By her calculations of the body count, there was only one other Legend, and herself, left in the arena. She also knew that there was only one respawn beacon left inside the ring. She stood up from her sitting position and trembled from the adrenaline coursing through her veins. She had almost gotten hit from .50 Cal sniper almost.

It was blind, dumb luck that she tripped around a corner and that the shooter only had one shot left. She quickly regained her stature and continued her run up the hill towards Three Way; just near the Bunker housing area. Three Way wasn't a designated area on the arena map; it received its name from the other Legends. It was comprised of three entry points that almost resembled a capital T; hence why the Legends called it Three Way.

On her person she had two of her teammate's banners that she had collected when they were brutally sniped to death.  She was paired with the only two other women in the blood sport; apparently the Apex thought that it would bring in better ratings. They were strong, they were fierce, and they were borderline scary. She did not want to let Wraith or Bangalore down.

Lifeline could not let her team down now; she had come too far. Her fists were clenched tight as she ran as hard as she could towards the respawn beacon. When she had finally made it to the respawn beacon she kneeled down next to the red respawn beacon and used the side of her fist to pop open a small panel. Underneath the panel was a key pad where she began to dialing in a code to signal the drop ship to bring her two teammates back. 

After she finished keying in the code, a green beam shot out from the respawn beacon and into the sky to signal the drop ship which would have her teammates aboard. Lifeline pushed the hair from her cheeks as she stood up from a looked to a small hill directly in front of her. She knew that she didn't have much time now because her location was a dead giveaway with a huge drop ship hovering above her.

The beam of light disappeared and the respawn beacon became inactive once the drop ship appeared. The drop ship was excruciatingly loud and it concealed any noise that Lifeline made as she began to climb onto the hill that was located just behind the respawn beacon. The hill was a steep climb but she didn't one waver. 

She grabbed at the dirt and rocks as she tirelessly scaled the hill. She brushed off dirt and swat from her face when she finally made it to the top. The hill was small and covered in some bushes and brush. Lifeline kneeled down and in the bushes and began setting up for attack the last enemy in the arena.

She tried to remain focused as her adrenaline rush had faded and exhaustion set in. She could not afford to lose her first match; no one would ever want to have a combat medic on their team  if that combat medic could not hold their own. Lifeline did not make it this far in life or in her career to lose her first match.

It was a gamble but she set her sights on the area where she had entered. There was a one in three chance that the last member of the enemy team would be trailing behind where she came from. She hadn't even realized that the siren had sounded and that the storm was closing off behind her. If she was right then the storm would close off the entrances behind her and make it almost impossible for the enemy Legend to sneak up behind her. 

The ring quickly shrank as her teammates began their descent from the drop ship above her. Lifeline pulled out the only weapon she had left on her; her Wingman. A rush of thoughts flooded her head, "At least da gun uses heavy ammo. With any luck I could slow mi target down if I need ta reload."

Lifeline had trained extensively with Bangalore before entering the games. Even though Lifeline had made it to the roster to debut with all of the other Legends she came at a later date. She had personal business to take care of before she could enter the battle royale. On her off days Lifeline would train with Bangalore so that she did not miss out on anything. After Lifeline had got her personal affairs in order she dedicated her time to solely train for the televised blood sport.

She would hit the firing range with Bangalore on a daily basis. She learned about every gun and what ammo it used. She learned about the terrain and how it worked. She also learned about other Legends, their abilities, and how they worked together as a team; especially in tight situations. She learned about knockdown shields, death boxes, banners, and respawn beacons. 

She learned about the arena and ring rotation before she even set foot on in the arena. She learned about thermite, grenades, and arc stars. Bangalore taught her about body armor, helmets, backpacks, healing items, attachments, and everything that she needed to know about the arena. Lifeline was well equipped with knowledge before her first match.

Lifeline's thoughts were quickly interrupted as she tried to focus again. Shortly after setting up for her attack she heard faint footsteps from where she had entered the hillside of Three Way. Soon she heard Bangalore's voice in the distance, "Let me at 'em!" The enemy footsteps grew louder and faster. Lifeline then heard Wraith's voice in the distance, "This time will be different." 

Lifeline paced her breathing and tried to silence everything out except for her target. The enemy footsteps were now rushing and moving even closer. Her heart slowed and she couldn't hear anything but the enemy footsteps that were still fast approaching the area. She counted down the seconds until the enemy would be turning the corner.

As her teammates dropped in and laid boots to the ground, Lifeline laid her eyes on the final member of the enemy team, Bloodhound. They rounded the corner from the entrance of the hillside where Lifeline had entered to respawn her teammates. "Winner."  Her one in three chance had paid off. Like a good tracker, Bloodhound tracked Lifeline but they were unaware of the unforeseen bloodshed that they were about to endure.

With all of her might Lifeline pulled the trigger of her Wingman as fast as she could. The Wingman recoiled upwards every shot but Lifeline held it steady, just as Bangalore had taught her; just as she had been taught during the war. Lifeline emptied the clip and began to reload the gun but she stopped when she heard the announcer's voice, "We have our Apex Champions."

Lifeline felt her heart begin to race and pound as she dropped down onto her ass to sit. She began to breathe at a normal, steady, controlled pace. The air felt less stifled and she no longer felt like she was being choked. Everything had been riding on her to win this match and it was finally over; she won.

She gave DOC a ritualistic pat with her left hand. She needed to reassure herself, and DOC, that the match was over, "We did it DOC." She rested her arms over her bent knees and dropped the Wingman between her legs as she peered over to her teammates. Neither one of her teammates lost their poise; they both seemed like they had trained for this all of their lives. 

Lifeline, on the other hand, had devoted her life to helping others since her family had devoted their lives to ruining lives in the name of money. She was now just a combat medic that was competing in a blood sport to kill people for money and give that money to people in need. It was quite the opposite of what she left home to set out to do with her life.

Apex was her only opportunity after the war ended. It was a hard, but a much needed change. She needed Apex as much as Apex needed her. She had absolutely no one left in her life except for her friendly little healing drone DOC. Her teammates were now her only family. Apex granted her another life that she had never dreamed of.

Soon everything around fell into a black abyss and a cool rush of air enveloped Lifeline and her team. She closed her eyes tight and held her breath like she was getting ready to dive into the deep end of a pool. She couldn't seem to get used to this feeling; no matter how many times it had happened. The trip back to the transport ship happened so quickly that she was sitting in her usual seat before she knew it.

Her first match was over and she really didn't know what to do or how to act so she remained silent. She would wait to take cue from the other Legends on how to behave after a match. She listened to the soft hum as she the transport ship guided her and the Legends back to HQ. Her first match was in the books and now it was time to debrief and relax.

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Bloodhound’s Point of View

BOOM! THUD! Bloodhound was unsure of how the shot had missed the combat medic. They stared through the closely focused precision scope just in time to see Lifeline trip around the hillside. They had lined up their shot perfectly. Bloodhound was a great at sniping so the only explanation that Bloodhound could fathom was that Lifeline was really bad at running. Luck was something that Bloodhound did not believe in. Hard work, training, skill, and critical decision making were things that all made a good Legend; not luck. To say that luck played a factor on Lifeline's behalf in Bloodhound's missed Kraber shot was something that they could not conceive.

Bloodhound was perched on a roof top of a decrepit building near the cave opening that led to Market. Bloodhound showed no sign of emotion, even if they did it could not be seen through their mask and respirator. Even their body language lacked any emotion. Bloodhound’s breathing was even and non-labored. Their goggle hidden eyes peered off into the distance, plotting their next move. The ring was about to close and the storm would be coming soon. There was no time to waste.

Bloodhound hopped down from the rooftop with little noise as they hit the dirt below. They kneeled as they hit the ground. They set down the Kraber on the ground and lowered their head. After a moment of silence Bloodhound raised their head, “The hunt begins.” Bloodhound gave the sniper rilfe a short ritual before leaving the gun behind.

Everything Bloodhound did looked graceful and almost choreographed; like an elegant play that they had practiced for months on end. Bloodhound stood up with only a Peacekeeper on their back. They were soon on Lifeline’s trail. Bloodhound’s vision marked footprints that were about a minute away. Bloodhound was a good tracker and was able to use their tracking abilities to track enemies and even their actions.

In the distance Bloodhound could hear a drop ship inbound as it tore open the sky above Three Way. Bloodhound looked up towards the area that the other Legends referred to as Three Way, where Lifeline was last spotted; they were almost there but it wasn’t fast enough. They knew they had to get there faster if they were going to beat the drop of Lifeline’s teammates.

 There were no more respawn beacons left within the ring so there was no chance of bringing back their fallen teammates. Bloodhound was the only left on their team at this point. Gibraltar and Pathfinder took a dive off of the side of the world during their disorganized looting in Relay when they landed. Correction, Gibraltar fell down the waterfall and a botched rescue attempt made by Pathfinder sealed their demise. The storm had already hit and it was too late for Bloodhound to retrieve their banners from their death boxes.

A sad story to those that would listen but there was no time to grieve. The fight would continue without them. Bloodhound knew they had to activate their ultimate ability if they had any chance of winning this battle. Bloodhound opened a compartment to a wrist band that was attached to their left arm. The wrist band resembled some sort of minicomputer. They clicked a few buttons in tandem.

Bloodhound began clenching their fists as their body hunched slightly at their torso, almost like they were drawing energy from deep inside their very core. Bloodhound then stood upright and began pulling their arms apart as they unclenched their fists. Bloodhound pulled their hands apart and released amplified red electricity. “I am Blóðhundr!”

A loud roar erupted from Bloodhound’s masked face. Their eyes emitted a red glow through the goggles that covered them. Their body was now engulfed in raw power. Bloodhound’s vision plunged from full, vivid color into gray scale. The red of enemies and their footsteps stood out in their gray scale vision. This made it easier to track their enemies. “The same color of blood, which will be sacrificed as an offer to the Gods for this hunt today.”

Bloodhound made haste up the grassy hillside that led to Three Way. They followed the combat medic’s footsteps to their precise location to where she had been. The timing of the footprints grew closer with each sprit of Bloodhound’s pace. They knew that they would be there in no time. Their ultimate ability gave them such speed and power that it made it possible for Bloodhound to get to places quicker than any other Legend.

They watched as crows were now flying around the footprints, a dead giveaway that they were narrowing in on their target. Bloodhound reached behind them and began pulling out their peacekeeper that was holstered to their backside. Bloodhound was ready with their trusty weapon as they turned the corner. The tracker was always prepared for battle.

Bloodhound made it to the bend of the corner with the Peacekeeper in hand and eye down sight of the shotgun. They turned the corner and they were greeted with a loud piercing noise that rang through Bloodhound’s ears. Then another loud noise and another until they could no longer hear anything at all.

The noise eventually turned into a warm slushing sound that oozed and trickled from Bloodhound’s ears. A warm sensation trickled down the front of Bloodhound’s face from the bullet wound in their skull. As their ultimate ability wore off and vivid color came rushing back to Bloodhound’s eyes, a pounding, sharp pain filled their head. The colors of the world around them didn’t last long as everything began to fade into darkness.

They wondered how they were caught off guard by a simple combat medic. Bloodhound was finding it hard to think as blood left their body and pooled into the dirt and grass below them. It wouldn’t be long now and they would but part of the planet. They got one last look at Lifeline, crouched on the hill only meters from them. She was hidden in the bushes and brush with her Wingman. “Not a bad tactic. I should have expected something like this.” Bloodhound felt disappointment fill their body as they grossly underestimated the enemy that they hunted.

Bloodhound could hear the echo of the announcer’s voice declaring the winner of the match. It was the last thing that they heard. Everything was silent as the color completely drained from their world. Bloodhound was brought to their knees from the weakness that overtook their body. They fell face first into hard dirt below them. They couldn’t see or hear anything but they surprisingly still had their sense of smell. The ground that surrounded their face smelt of a mixture of copper and earth, “Probably from my blood mixing with the ground below me.” A fleeting thought as Bloodhound faded away into nothingness.

Frantically their heart raced like it is trying to catch up with the time that it had missed when they were unconscious. They feeling of reanimation was something that Bloodhound could never get used to. Blood rushed through their veins and arties, giving Bloodhound life once again. Without warning radiant light returned to their eyes, or rather the eyewear of Bloodhound. A bright and almost pounding light took a moment from them to adjust to.

Just for a moment Bloodhound felt like their heart would pound out of their head; a primal beat which slowly faded. Everything finally slowed down. The disorientation wore off and Bloodhound was aware of their surroundings. Everything was quiet except the light hum of the transport ship. “Maybe this is why everyone was so quiet at the end of the match, they were just trying to get reoriented to reality. Their bodies were trying to reestablish their link with reality.”

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Ajay Che blinked a few times and began to breathe like it was something that she had to relearn how to do. She filled her lungs with air like she struggling to breathe. Her head began throbbing as reality was reintroduced to her body. Her eyes flickered to accommodate to the light around her. Her chestnut eyes observed her surroundings. The transport ship was simple and always had a low, familiar hum as it flew.

The transport ship was small and it transported the Legends from the arena to the Head Quarters (HQ) or from HQ to the arena. It didn’t take very long to get to HQ; maybe 10 minutes if Ajay had to count. Everyone sat quietly in their seats. The three women that had just won their match (Lifeline, Wraith, and Bangalore or Ajay Che, Renee Blasey, and Anita Williams; respectively) were humble about their win as they said nothing. Maybe they were just adjusting to reality again like everyone else on the ship.

There was silence amongst the transport ship the entire way back to HQ. As the ship landed and the legends were about to exit the ship MRVN, (arena name: Pathfinder), a sweet but insensitive robot, said, “Oh, am I supposed to talk?” Everyone seem to stir and laugh a little as the awkward silence had finally come to an end. Makoa Gibraltar (arena name: Gibraltar) laughed whole heartedly at MRVN.

Makoa was larger in stature with a heart and personality that was just as large. He laughed and hit MRVN so hard that the poor robot tumbled down the exit ramp of the transport ship. The ship was positioned in the air hanger of HQ. Luckily MRVN didn’t have to worry about tumbling over the edge of a waterfall or fall off the side of the building. MRVN was quick to get up and walk inside.

Ajay chuckled just a little as she watched the whole interaction between Makoa and MRVN. She was emotionally exhausted from the battle. She walked down the ramp with her shoulders slumped over. She looked almost defeated even though she had won her first arena match. She stopped at the end of the ramp as she felt a familiar hand firmly grasp her shoulder.

Ajay turned around and looked up to Anita, who towered over Ajay by a handful of inches. Anita always seemed to stand at attention; it was the solider in her. Anita released her grip on Ajay’s shoulder, “You did good today kid.” Ajay watched as Anita's darkly pigmented hand patted her on the shoulder before she walked away. Ajay was almost paralyzed by Anita’s words. She had trained with her for so long and that was the first time that Anita had ever said that to her.

Shock overtook Ajay as Renee walked by and gave Ajay a nod and then a hostile look. Ajay just gave Renee and unsettling smile and thought to herself “The voices never stop now do they Renee?” She rubbed the back of her neck, pulling her matted strands of hair from her skin. It wasn’t until now that she felt all the dirt and grit from the arena along her body. She was in desperate need of a shower. She turned around and walked into the building that the Legends called HQ. She mentally prepared herself for the debriefing process.

The walk wasn’t long because most of it was done through the air hanger. The hanger itself with dimly lit during the night. There was definitely a lack of personnel on night shift as well. The cool night breeze swayed in and out of the hanger, wrapping around her body every so often as it passed through. The air felt nice to Ajay. It was a welcome change from the stifling, almost suffocating, air of the arena. Just a nice cool breeze. She enjoyed a few more seconds of the breeze before she walked inside the building.

Debriefing took place in an office with two office personnel members. One of them was there to ask questions and the other was there to be an emotional support person.  Ajay thought the whole process was bit odd but they never did ask for her opinion on the matter. The battle royale was a blood sport and all the therapy in the world was not going to fix anything that happened in the arena. The questions that the Legends were asked were simple yes or no questions. The focus was mainly to detect any glitches or malfunctions in the system or with the Legend’s gear or abilities.

She had the same debriefings after trainings sessions. She never did remember any of the personnel’s names during her meetings. On some level she almost felt bad that she didn’t remember names but to some degree she didn’t really care. Then she wondered, “Did they even give me their names? Were they even the same people every time?” She really didn’t give much more thought to it. By the time she started thinking about it the meeting was already over and she was done with the debriefing process.

Generally, after all the paperwork was done some of the other Legends would go out to celebrate a victory. No one in the group seemed like they loved to party; at least not like the way she did. Back home, when Ajay spent time with her childhood friend Silva (Octavio Silva), they would party all the time. Thinking about him brought a small smile to her face. “That boy really knew how to party.”

She loved to party Silva, to a point, and then she had to stop partying and drag his ass home. Someone did have to be responsible or they might have ended up dead a few times. She wondered how he was doing after all of this time. She followed his career every chance she got until is accident. Her heart felt heavy and her eyes, “AJAY!” Makoa yelled. Well he didn’t yell, his voice just always filled a room.

The thought dissipated from her head as she found herself standing in the doorway of the debriefing room. “How did I even get here?” She hadn't realized that she had stopped her pace halfway from the debriefing room to the loading room. The loading room was just a room they waited in before and after matches. The room wasn't anything special. It was outfitted with a sitting area, a small, stocked kitchen area, a bathroom, and an area with a computer that the Legends could use to select skins, or outfits, used by the Legends during their time in the arena.

Ajay had never used the computer dressing system but she knew that a Legend could select an outfit and the computer would automatically suit up the Legend with that selected skin. The technology was a bit newer to her. Makoa spoke once more, “What do you say Ajay?” She looked at him a little confused. He looked at her even more confused and attempted the whole conversation once more, “What you say we all out to the bar for a drink?” He smiled at her as he awaited her response.

She smiled back at him and nodded. She knew that she could use some time outside of the monotony that was her life. The last few months were spent training, eating, sleeping, rinse and repeat. She felt like a damn cassette tape that was constantly being flipped from side A to B and then back to A and then to B and so on. “Okay Legends. Out in front of HQ in 30 minutes!” Makoa announced as he left. She shrugged and made good time getting to her apartment to get cleaned up.

Ajay’s apartment was dark except for the soft glow of D.O.C. as she released the drone after entering. During her off time, when she wasn’t training or in the arena, D.O.C. was free to roam the apartment. D.O.C. followed Ajay around the apartment when she was home. Ajay had been working on some new programs with D.O.C. and it was just easier to allow D.O.C. to roam the apartment while she tested out the programs. Plus Ajay enjoyed the company of her drone; after all Ajay was the one who had built and programmed D.O.C.

She flipped on a light to reveal a well-kept, almost sterile apartment. She stood in the entry way for a moment. The living room had a sofa that could fit three people and a love seat that could fit two people; both heather gray in color. There was a single accent rug between the two sofas to break up the space. The living room was just slightly right of the entry way.

The entire apartment had wood floors that were dark in color. To the left of the entry way was a small table and two chairs. Further to the left, beyond the table and chairs there was a set of French doors that led out onto a small balcony area that was comprised of railing and an open, empty space. Ajay didn’t spend much time decorating as she was hardly ever home.

Moving forward, past the living room and dining area, was the kitchen on the left. It was nothing special and somewhat small. Down the hall was a bathroom. The bathroom might as well have been bigger than the kitchen as it had a huge corner tub and a separate shower. On the right, just past the living room, was her bedroom. Her room was simple as it only had the essentials that she needed.  When she left her previous life she left behind almost everything and took what she could. Honestly she didn’t miss that life one bit.

Ajay had time for a quick shower and a change of clothing. Ajay was quick; this was not new for her. She was used to being out in the field. In no time she was showered and dressed. She knew that they weren’t going anywhere fancy, probably just a simple dive bar for some drinks. She put on the essentials which usually consisted of a black bra and black lace panties. She pulled a black colored tank top over her head and put on some black jean shorts; they were a little on the short side for her taste but at this point she didn’t care.

She put on some black wedge, ankle high, lace up boots. She wore her brown; red toned hair down. Her hair was so long that it was down to her waist. She would not dare have it down during a battle day or when she was living at home with her parents. But now that she was out on her own she made it a point to wear hear hair down every chance she got. Makeup was not essential for her so she didn’t put any of it on.

She had 10 minutes to spare after she got ready. She wondered if she should drink ahead of time to get the party started. She giggled, knowing that if Silva were here that he would have already gotten the party started with pre-drinking. The smile quickly faded at the thought of him. Their past was rocky and every time he popped into her head it just made her feel ill. She shook her head trying to get rid of the thought of him like he was some kind of bad aftertaste. She did not want to put herself in a terrible mood by thinking about Silva.

Ajay trotted over to her backpack and pulled out a pill bottle. The bottle had no label on it. ”One or two? Better start small.” She opened the bottle and pulled out one small, white, round pill. She took the pill with a sip of water and placed the bottle into her backpack. She grabbed her wallet, which was a wristlet, and her cell phone. She had no need for keys as she didn’t own a vehicle and her apartment used a passcode to get in. She gave D.O.C. a quick pat and a smile before leaving.

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The cool breeze felt nice against Ajay’s bare skin. It wasn’t too cold or too warm, it was just right. She looked down at the time on her phone. She was still early, by about five minutes. She gazed up into the sky. She could only make out a few stars as the soft glow from the city lights drowned out most of the clear night sky. HQ was one of the larger buildings in the city and took up most of the skyline.

The city was always pretty busy. Most of the people that inhabited the city worked for Apex directly or they indirectly work for some part of Apex. They maintained the grounds for the city and the arena. They made sure that the day-to-day operations we running smoothly. This little planet’s economy ran off of how well Apex was doing. 

The one perk that the Legends had working for Apex was that their residence was paid for in full. The same went for Ajay now that she was an official Legend. Any money she made from the arena was basically extra money. She used her money to pay for food and alcohol. The rest of her money went to those in need; as it always did.

The minutes started to melt away as Ajay was lost in her own thoughts. Warmth crept up into her face and then poured down her entire her body as the little white pill began to kick in. She was feeling a bit giddy and less concerned with medial thoughts. She lost track of the time and really didn’t give a care to the world around her. She felt more free and was even laughing at small things that probably weren’t even funny to others.

She felt as though hours had passed, so she decided to check her phone while she waited. She was surprised that only a matter of minutes had passed. She wasn’t overly attached to her phone. She really didn't have anyone to talk to besides the other Legends and personnel from HQ. She did have a new text message from HQ which she proceeded to open and read:


Congratulations on a job well done. Tomorrow you will find funds transferred to your account. Our televised ratings having been increasing within the past few weeks. With that being said we have decided to introduce a new Legend in the weeks to follow. Details soon to follow. Enjoy your days off and get some training in for the next battle on Saturday.

Work always communicated through text messages unless it was an emergency. She wondered who this new Legend would be. Often the release of information of a Legend would not be until the day before. HQ did not want any preparation from the other Legends before a match, at least that’s what Anita had mentioned to her during their decent into Kings Canyon during their most recent match.

She hoped that this new Legend would be fun. Not that the current Legends were not fun, they just were not her kind of fun. She found herself dwelling too much on the past. Ajay found herself thinking about Silva again. She had been so busy lately that Silva had not crossed her mind at all but now that she was a Legend and had some more free time on her hands it seemed as though he was creeping into her thoughts more frequently. She tried hard to put those thoughts to rest as she put her phone into her pocket.

When the other Legends finally arrived outside of HQ they found Ajay waiting for them. Makoa gave Ajay a smile and a small laugh with his hand on his belly. He found her walking toe-to-toe with her arms stretched out like she was walking on some kind of tight rope; she was even wobbling and staggering like she was about to fall.

When MRVN saw her he clapped his hands in excitement as he had never seen his friend do that before. MRVN walked up behind Ajay her and tapped her on the shoulder. Ajay stopped and turned around. She smiled and watched as MRVN tapped his screen to reveal a smiley face. The cute robot had a screen for a chest that kind of looked like an old television set. He would tap on it from time-to-time to illicit an emotional response to whoever he was communicating with. MRVN soon waved at her as he spoke, “Hello friend!” Ajay gave the metal robot a hug and the three of them had a good laugh.

Anita was the next to join the group. Surprisingly she was not on time. For Anita this was not a job so she didn’t need to be on time. She caught the back end of what was going on, which made her raise an eyebrow, “Drinking before the party starts kid?” For some reason she always referred to Ajay as kid. It really didn’t bother Ajay too much because she knew that Anita was a bit older than her. Ajay could only smile at Anita and twirl on her toes before making direct eye contact with her, “Someting like that yuh know.”

Before Anita could say anything else, Renee made her silent appearance. There was no sign of Bloodhound. It wasn’t until now that Ajay realized that she did not know Bloodhound’s real name. “Did Bloodhound have a real name or was it simply just Bloodhound?” She made mental note to ask about it later. Apparently Bloodhound was not coming at all because Makoa motioned for them to get going. Everyone followed Makoa without question.

The bar that they were going to was well within walking distance. There weren’t many vehicles in the city, everything seemed to be in walking distance or perhaps everyone just seemed to enjoy walking. The city lights seemed to sparkle and glitter more than usual tonight; at least they did for Ajay. The city was nice but it would never compare to what she used to call home. It was such a shame that there was so much bad blood back home.

As they approached the bar Ajay made out a neon sign that read “Drunk Nessie” with a neon Nessie dancing next to it. She laughed entirely too hard at the sign and almost fell over. Renee caught her in a hurry, “I saw this coming.” She helped Ajay to her feet, “Are you okay?” Renee’s face twitched a little. Ajay nodded but before she could answer Anita cut in with some excitement in her voice, “Amateur hour’s over, time for the big leagues.” Anita looped her arms through Renee and Ajay’s arms, dragging them into the bar with her. Makoa looked at MRVN, who was running in place with excitement, and shrugged. They both followed the ladies into the crowded bar.

After a few minutes, everyone was situated at a table in the far corner of the bar. Anita used her intimation skills to get drinks very quickly. Shots went around to everyone; whether they wanted them or not. MRVN even tried a shot, which he just dumped on himself and pretended to be buzzed. Anita‘s shot was just a bottle of whiskey. She wasn’t picky about the choice of whiskey if they were getting shit faced.

Makoa put back a few beers and then started working on a mai tai. Renee fancied up her whiskey with a glass of ice. She much preferred a martini but when Anita was ordering drinks everyone got what they got and there were no questions asked. Renee moved onto vodka and cranberry juice after her whiskey. Renee’s face was a little less tense once the alcohol settle in. “Maybe those drinking were easing the voices.” Ajay lost count of how many drinks she had downed and quite honestly she didn’t really care.

Ajay put away a few more drinks or maybe more. Every once in a while she caught a glimpse of bar patron eyeing her but every time she tried to make eye contact, the man would quickly look away. She found herself staring at him from across the room, as though he was the only other person in the room. His hair was brown with some waviness to it. She noticed that his brown locks were short but, from what she could tell, but his bangs seemed to be long and pushed to left side of his face.

From what Ajay could see, the man was in some sort of bright yellow tee shirt, plain jeans, and boots. He was furnished with some sort of head piece, sunglasses or maybe they were goggles. She couldn’t quite tell from where she was sitting. She was also getting a bit dizzy the longer she stared at his backside. Eventually she watched him as he got up and left the bar. Soon she was just looking at his empty seat.

Ajay finished her Red Stripe beer and then a glass of spiced rum. Just straight up rum is what preferred. In between drinks of rum she enjoyed a few shots of whiskey with the girls, at least they knew how to put some drinks away. The air in the bar felt warm and stagnate, maybe it was the alcohol talking. As the night went from Saturday to Sunday, and the crowd thinned out from the establishment and the air became a little less dense. The lights were dim and everyone seemed to be having a good time as they carried on with drinks and conversation.

Occasionally Ajay would nod in agreement and smile as she pretended to participate in whatever conversation the others were having. They all stayed until the bar began to close at 3am. Ajay got up to pay for her tab but Anita forced her to sit right back down as she shook her head, “Winners don’t pay.” Makoa and MRVN got up got up without a word and paid the tab for the group.

They all had one final meet outside and said their goodbyes before they went their separate ways. Luckily all of the Legends seemed to live somewhat in the vicinity so it wouldn’t be a long walk for any of them. Ajay wasn’t sure if wanted to hit up the liquor store on the way back to her apartment or just go straight home. Either way she was pleasantly happy and intoxicated; it had been way too long since she had felt this way.

Ajay danced as she walked, she even did some twirling. It might have been the alcohol or the pill or both but she felt great. The city lights were not as bright as before but they were still beautiful in their dim setting. She closed her eyes and twirled again. The cool air engulfed her body. She felt so light as if she could lift off from the ground and take flight. She spun around until she was dizzy and then THUD. 

Chapter Text

Ajay was almost on her ass if it were not for whoever she so blindly ran into. They were holding her up by her hands, saving her from making an even bigger fool of herself than she already was. In one swift motion she felt the stranger pull her up into a standing position. Ajay was too inebriated to stand as she was pulled up to her feet.

As soon as she stood up she immediately fell face first into the stranger’s chest. Again she felt the stranger steady her but all she could do was lean into the chest of the stranger. If it wasn't for the drugs and alcohol she might have turned and scattered into the wind, but her brain was still processing what had just happened. The sudden scent of citrus, she inhaled from the stranger's chest, distracted her from any thoughts of running away from embarrassment. The smell was oddly refreshing and soothing at the same time.

She awkwardly straightened her body, as it would let her. She used the stranger's chest to balance herself as she got herself back into some sort of order. She could feel a set of hands on her upper back, supporting her. She could feel warmth rush over her face when she felt the stranger's hands on her body. She couldn’t tell if her flush face was from the alcohol or embarrassment that finally snuck up on her, or if it was from both; it was probably both.

 Her eyes slowly moved up the stranger’s chest. Something seemed familiar as she looked over the stranger. “That same yellow shirt from the bar.” She noticed that he had a beard and mustache, rich brown in color. She then noticed that he was flashing her a very sweet smile. Her eyes finally met his and they locked in his gaze for a moment. His eyes were deep brown and she was drowning in their endless color; so much so that she almost forgot how to breathe.

“Ar… Ar… Are you okay Miss?” As she listened to him stammer over his words all she could think was, “How cute is he.” She watched his body language, which seemed so self-assured but his speech seemed a bit nervous. “Is he just as embarrassed as me?”  She just stared at him as she tried to find her own words to answer him. He was definitely easy on the eyes in her opinion.

There was a moment of udder, awkward silence before Ajay finally snapped out of the trance that he had her in. Her eyes gazed down towards her hands that were still upon his chest. She nodded as dazed smile spread across her lips, “I’m fine. Thank yuh.” She was finally able to look back up at him. She felt his hands relax and move down her back just a little; enough to send wonderful chills up and down her spine. Everything felt more enhanced when drugs and alcohol were involved.

She watched him continue to smile at her and then she heard him sigh before speaking, “Good. I would hate to see you get hurt.” He seemed to pause like he was thinking of something else to say. Unexpectedly he changed the subject, “I saw you.” He seemed to pause again for just a moment. “At the bar.” She could feel his hands moving again, they were now on the lower part of her back. Her body ached for him to move his hands just a tad lower but he didn’t. “I have never seen anyone so beautiful before in my life. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

She moved a little closer into him, her lack of inhibition made it easier to be open with a complete stranger; who just so happened to be saying all of the right things to her. Ajay smiled effortlessly at him, “I noticed.” Her body seemed to get a little weak as she noticed him leaning his face down towards hers while moving his hands further down her backside. His hands gently cupped her ass while she fought back a moan by pressing her tongue against the back of her teeth.

His breath was warm against her face as he moved even closer to her. His face was almost connected to hers as he closed the gap between them. His lips looked so soft and inviting. She raised a finger up to his lips and pushed his face back just a little bit, just enough so that she could see him better. She watched as the look of worry sunk into eyes and washed over his face.

She looked at his goggles and then back down into his eyes. She whispered against his lips as she lowered her finger, “This. This be a one-time ting. Yuh hear mi?” He laughed at her cute little accent. His laugh was low and just as inviting as his soft lips. She felt his hands give her ass a tight squeeze before he pulled her up into his arms, using her ass to lift her up into the air. Her skin was crawling with anticipation as she melted into his body.

Ajay wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She was now eye level with him as they slinked into a nearby alleyway. She was a bit on the adventurous side, especially after a few (a lot of) drinks. She promptly felt the wall against her back. The wall was cool and it became more apparent as she could feel him pushing her harder into it, using it to hold her up.  She sighed happily as she felt his fingers rubbing and playing with her ass.

She was so engulfed in what he was doing, she almost didn’t hear him whisper into her ear, “Is… Is… Is… Is this okay?” She thought for a moment, “It’s so dark in this alley. It’s perfect.” She found his lips with hers and gently kissed him. She felt him pull her into him for a harder kiss. Their lips parted and their tongues met in a frenzy. She was delighted when he gave her ass one last squeeze as he set her gently in a standing position. She pressed her fingers firmly into back of his neck as she pushed her face into his.

Ajay could feel him pressing his body firmly against hers. He was warm and she could feel everything and by everything she meant everything. As they kissed, her right hand trailed off from his neck, down along his chest, and to the front of his pants. She buttoned his pants in one motion and slid her hand inside. She stopped momentarily as she felt his warm, hard flesh. “What's wrong with dis boy? No underwear.” She could feel him tense up a bit and then relax against her touch.

She smiled as they kissed and her thoughts became more deviant. She rubbed the underside of his hard shaft with her fingertips; teasing him just a bit. She could feel him shudder under her touch. The moan that left his lips and drifted into her mouth was music to her ears. Shortly after moaning, he pulled his lips away from hers. Ajay was still smiling as she felt his lips kissing the side of her neck.

She felt his warm breath near her ear. She pushed his pants down a little more and began to slowly stroke the length of his hard cock. She could feel him gently kissing her ear and then he was whispering to her; it was a question. She giggled and moved her mouth to his ear and whispered back to him, “In my mouth…” She jumped as he bit at her neck and sucked on her abused flesh.

Ajay continued to move her hand up and down his warm, hard shaft. She pulled him into her with her free hand, using his neck as leverage as she kissed him before she pulled away. Her hand left his neck and trailed down his chest to his torso. She began to pull his pants all the way down as she knelt down in front of him.

He was erect and quite big as she was now eye level was his cock. She licked her lips before parting them and taking the tip of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head of his cock while swirling her tongue along his flesh. She heard him release a sigh as one of his hands fell to her shoulder. His other hand found the wall behind her and used it to balance.

She couldn’t help herself as she gradually took more of him into her mouth until she had absorbed every single inch of him. She could feel his hand leave her shoulder and his fingers entangle with her hair. Her hands made their way to his ass, using it to support and to balance herself. She gave his ass a light squeeze every so often which made him push his cock further into her mouth. She set the pace as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth but she could feel him force himself into her at times; she didn’t mind at all.

After a few minutes the pace was fast and she felt him get more forceful. She sucked on his cock a bit harder and squeezed his ass tight. She felt his body shudder and with a few hard pushes she felt him explode into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed every last bit of him as he held face against his cock. She gently rubbed his ass as he came down from his orgasm.

Ajay leaned back against the wall as he released her hair from his fingers. She peered up to him and noticed that he was still balancing against the wall with one hand. His breathing heavy and labored. There was only silence between them for a few moments. She watched him push off the wall and pull his pants up. He buttoned up his pants before he offered her his hands to stand up. She graciously grabbed his hands and stood up with his help.

She giggled as she was pulled to her feet rather abruptly. Her back was forced into the cold wall so fast that she almost hit her head. She was still giggling because it all seemed too funny to her. Chills went up her spine when she felt his lips on her neck and his hand on her left breast. He was squeezing her breast so tight that her giggles turned into sighs of happiness. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

She felt his hand release her breast and then both of his hands moved down her body. In one quick motion her shorts and lace panties were at her ankles. She was astonished at how quick he was. She followed his lead as he motioned her right foot out of her shorts and panties. She looked down at him just to see him flash her that sweet smile that he had given her earlier. She reached down and brushed his hair from in front of his face. She watched him throw her right leg over his left shoulder and move his face towards her thighs, kissing up left leg.

She adverted her eyes because couldn’t watch anymore or she was going to lose it. She was so wet since she had seen him at the bar. Her thighs were so damp that she could feel the cool night air on them as he parted her with his hands. She felt him run a finger along her wet slit to spread her open. The same finger was inside of her almost instantly. Then she felt another finger inside of her, exploring her. Her brain tried to rationalize what his fingers were doing but instead he body was hit was pure lust and pleasure. As his fingers investigated her deeper she felt herself growing increasingly more wet. She could feel him withdraw his fingers and push them back inside her with ease.

Ajay hadn't even realized that she was making small moaning noises which gradually got a bit louder as she felt the pressure of his tongue against her clit. If it hadn't been for him holding her upright she might have fallen over at any moment. Her legs were weak from whatever he was doing with his fingers and tongue. She didn’t know how long she would last because this man was very skilled with his tongue. She bit her lower lip to suppress some of her noises but it was far too late for that.

Her hands found his head. She played with his soft, brown hair as his tongue lapped away at her most sensitive area. Her fingers danced in his beautiful locks, trying to buy herself time before almost spontaneously climaxing all over his face. She felt his free arm wrap around her waist and force her down onto his face. She couldn’t handle any more of this much longer. She melted into his face, using her hands to force his face into her wet, swollen pussy.

She tried to hold out as long she could but he was making it difficult. It had been a long time since she had been in this situation. It had way too long. In fact the last time she had been in this similar situation was when… A moan turned into a small scream as she released into his face. She grasped tightly to his hair because she thought if she didn't then she would fall over. Eventually when she came down from her climax she released his hair and loosen her thighs from around his face.

Ajay tried to lean over and get herself together but before she could do anything she found that he was already helping her. Ajay thought that he seemed gentle with everything he did. She watched him get her panties back on her and then her shorts. When he stood back up she pulled him in for one last kiss. She met his tongue with her own.

A tremble shook her entire body as she could taste herself on his lips and tongue. Her fingers traced his face as they kissed for a short moment. She shuddered a little at the thought of what they had just done in the alleyway. She gently broke their kiss and began to walk away. She wouldn’t turn around and look at him again. She meant it when she said that it would be a one-time thing.

She thought she might have heard him say something in the distance as she walked away but she continued to walk, holding firm to her statement. She made haste to her apartment before the sun broke through the night sky. She dialed her passcode into the keypad outside of her door. She was immediately greeted by D.O.C. when she got inside. She gave the drone a little pat and a smile. Ajay skipped over to her backpack and pulled out her pill bottle. “Just one more for the night.”

Ajay didn’t want this high to end too quickly. She had the whole week off to think about what she had just done. She really wanted to enjoy what she could while she could. She pulled out another pill and put the bottle away. She washed down the pill with some water as kicked off her boots at her bedside. The rest was a blur as she fell face first into the mattress without a second thought.

Chapter Text

It would be a lie if he said he hadn’t noticed her before. Her poster was plastered to every media stand and news outlet around the city. She was the well sought after Legend that joined the games months prior but had yet to make an appearance, until now. He had seen her on television just hours ago and now he was laying eyes on her in person. She was the newest Legend of the televised battle royale, Apex Legends. He was just amazed that he was sitting in the same bar as her.

He was so impressed that she won a one-on-one battle against such a revered Legend and that she had even managed to get her teammates back before winning. “Yep. She was a certified badass.” He quickly looked away from her when she looked at him. Her hair was so long and much more red in person. He just wanted to talk to her and touch her and do unspeakable things to her. “So many unspeakable things…”

By the time that he was out of his own head he noticed that the bar was starting to clear out and quite honestly he wasn’t ready to talk to a Legend in front of her Legend friends. “What would I even say to her? Hey, I saw you on TV. Do you wanna come hang out at my place so that I can do unspeakable things to you? Nope, I definitely can’t say that to her.” He gave her one more glance but this time his gaze had more of a longing to it. He paid her tab as he paid his own and left the bar.

The air cool greeted him as he stepped outside of the Drunk Nessie. It was a nice change from the warm, stale bar air. He really wasn’t looking forward to going home, alone, again, but what other choice did he have. He began his walk of shame towards his apartment. He strolled about a block or so away from the bar and just stood there. The distant glow of stars in the night sky caught his eye and provided a great distraction to his current dilemma.

He was still thinking about her as he watched the stars glitter across the night sky. He also thought about how he should have drank way more alcohol. “I am not even buzzed.” He sighed in disbelief. If it were any other woman then she would have been harassing him at the bar. But she was not just any other woman, she was special. “Bingo!” He was not going to waste this opportunity. He was going to go back to the bar and stalk her like any other guy would do. He quickly turned around but was stopped right in his tracks was a THUD.

Instinctively he grabbed whoever he just ran into, or who ran into him, and pulled them up. As fast as he helped the person to stand up the same person immediately face planted into chest. The prolonged period of time the person spent face planted against his chest was making him feel a little uncomfortable. “Are they sniffing my chest now? Okay, this is getting weird… even for me.” When the person started to stand up and pull their face from his chest he realized who the person actually was. Paralysis immediately overtook his body.

“Her hands are still on my chest.” His heart raced underneath her fingers. He could not believe how close she was to him. His hands were tense on her upper back, supporting her so that she didn’t fall over. He didn’t want her to fall and get hurt. He really just didn’t want to let go of her. Her body felt nice in his hands. He just stared at her face, which looked a little flush despite her perfect light chocolate complexion. “Maybe she had too much to drink?” He watched her until she finally met her chestnut eyes to his gaze.

“Ar… Ar… Are you okay Miss?” he stammered. His body language was so self-assured but sometimes his speech didn’t add up to how he portrayed his himself. “Uh, not this speech impediment again. I thought I was done with this.” He stared at her while he tried to get his speech under control. She was even more gorgeous up close and personal. There was a moment of udder, awkward silence between them. “I hope that I didn’t scare her. Am I being weird?”

He was relieved when he watched her nod and respond, “I’m fine. Thank yuh.” He was staring at her again but he was pretty sure that she was staring at him too. He relaxed his hands and moved them down her back just a little. He really wanted to explore her body further but he also didn’t want to get slapped in the face. Well he didn’t mind the slapping, it was really the rejection that he the most afraid of. So he let his hands rest where they were. “Yeah. This is nice.”

A smile lingered on his face as he let out a sigh of relief, “Good. I would hate to see you get hurt.” He was finally able to get out a whole sentence without fumbling the words along the way. “I saw you.” He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts. “At the bar.” His hands were now on the lower part of her back, pushing the boundaries as much as he could. “I have never seen anyone so beautiful before in my life. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

He felt her move closer to him as she spoke, “I noticed.” He leaned his face down towards her as he moved his hands further down her backside until her was cupping her ass in his hands. He refrained from squeezing her ass as tight as he could. It was very, VERY hard not to squeeze her ass as hard as he could. “What is going on? Maybe I did have enough to drink. Maybe I am drunk. Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?!”

He began to inch his head closer to hers. He had to think about his breathing and calm himself down before he hyperventilated in her face. His face was almost connected to with hers. He focused his attention to her features which left him staring into her eyes and moving his lips towards hers. He could feel the heat radiating from her face.

His advancement was abruptly stopped by a single finger to his lips. He then felt his face being pushed back, just a little bit, by that single finger. He looked at her a little worried and almost sick. “Awww man! Did I screw up already…” He couldn't figure out where he went wrong. "I complimented her. She didn't slap me. I grabbed her ass. She didn't slap me. I tried to kiss her because I thought that she wanted me to kiss her and she stopped me... but she still didn't slap me. There is hope!"

He listened to her as she whispered to him. “Okay. Cool. One-time thing. I can handle that. Can I handle that? Yeah. I can handle that. I think I can handle that.” He laughed a little, mainly because he was nervous. He gave her ass a tight squeeze and began to lift her up by her tight ass. He was satisfied when her arms were around his neck and her legs around his waist. He was so hard, which made his pants so tight, which made it a bit difficult for him to walk.

He thought that she felt incredibly light in his arms as he carried her. She felt so right in his arms. He set his eyes to a dark alleyway nearby and carried her into it. He placed her back roughly against the wall for support and rubbed his fingers along her ass. “Is… Is… Is… Is this okay?” He whispered into her ear. It was so dark in the alleyway that it would it cover up any mistakes that he might make.

He was surprised when she didn’t answer but he was more surprised when her answer came in the form of a kiss instead. He kissed her back hard, pushing her into the wall. Their lips parted and their tongues met in a frenzy. He gave her ass one last squeeze as he set her gently in a standing position. He felt her fingers dance on his neck, they were magical. He didn’t want her to stop touching him.

His body ached for her as he pressed himself firmly against her. As they kissed he felt one of her hands pull away from his neck, down his chest, and to the front of his pants. He felt her loosen his pants and then her hand was on him with a slight pause. It took everything in him not cum right at that moment. He was tense for just a moment but relaxed against her hand. When she began rubbing his cock, all he could do was moan into her mouth.

“This is actually happening… Am I dreaming?” He shuddered at her touch and pulled his lips away from hers. He kissed the side of her neck all the way up to her ear. He felt his pants give way some more as she pushed them down and began to slowly stroke the length of his cock. He gently kissed her ear and whispered to her, “Where do you want me to cum?” She giggled and moved her mouth to his ear and whispered back to him. All he could do was smile to her perfect answer.

He was holding back everything as she continued to move her hand up and down his warm hard shaft. He excitedly kissed her when she pulled him into a hard kiss. He watched her kneel in front on him and pull his pants all the way down in one motion. His cock was swollen with anticipation as she took only the tip of him into her mouth.

He almost had to think about something else to keep from exploding on contact when his cock met her lips. He let her set the pace and soon enough he placed one hand on her shoulder and the other hand on the wall to brace himself as she worked her mouth along the length off his cock. Her mouth was warm, her tongue was magical, and apparently she knew exactly what she was doing. When she picked up the pace he moved his hand from her shoulder and lost his fingers in her soft hair. 

He took a handful of hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. “She doesn’t seem to mind.” He became more forceful with his movements, so much so that he was using his hand on the wall to steady himself with each thrust into her mouth. He couldn’t help himself almost regrettably he looked down. His whole cock was in her mouth, her lips touched his body. It was at that point that his body lost control and shot everything he had into her mouth per her request.

He slowly released her hair and watched as she back off of him at her own pace. It only took a few seconds for him to recover. He smiled down to her, whether she could see it or not. He was almost rushed as he got his pants back on. He put his hands out to offer her some help up from her sitting position on the ground.

As soon as she took his hands he pulled her to her feet and forced her against the wall. When he heard her giggle he could assume that she must have consumed copious amounts of alcohol at the bar. His lips met her neck and his hand began squeezing her left breast through her shirt. He felt her relax and tilt her head back and soon enough her giggles turned into happy sighs. He played with her breast a little more before quickly moving his hands down her slender body.

He managed to get her shorts and lace panties down her legs in one swift motion. “Oh god, lace. This woman is driving me crazy.” Both her panties and shorts were at her ankles in no time. He looked up at her, almost for approval, though he knew he didn’t need it and he wouldn’t wait for it either. He felt her gaze down at him and then he felt her fingers gently move his hair from in front of his face. He beamed with excitement and motioned for her to lift her right leg up. When she followed his motion he removed her panties and shorts from her right ankle and threw her leg over his shoulder.

He began to part her legs with his hands. She was so wet that she was slick all the way down her thighs. “Yep, I did that. That was all me.” He was quite proud of himself. He kissed up her left thigh as she leaned her head back again. He could feel how warm she was as he approached her pussy with his face. He used a single finger from the top of her pussy to the bottom to open her slit. She was so, so wet.

He dipped his finger inside of without any hesitation. He followed the first finger with a second finger. He debated adding a third but she was already tight around the two fingers that he had inside of her. He ran his tongue along her slit before meeting her clit. She tasted sweet to him. He moved his fingers in and out her with ease. “Did I make her more wet? HOW?!” He was surprising himself left and right tonight. 

He licked her clit with light pressure from his skillful tongue. He could feel her fingers in his hair. It was a light touch at first and then progressively she was pulling forcing his face into her. He could hear her sweet moans. “Yep. I am making her do that. That’s all me again.” He brought his free arm up around her waist. He pulled her into him and helped steady her while simultaneously pushed her swollen pussy into his face. 

He knew exactly what he was doing. It wasn’t much longer until he could feel her tremble on his face. Her body felt weak in his arms as her moans turned into a screams. Her wet folds grew tight around his fingers. He felt her almost collapse on top of his face, which he really didn't mind. He pulled his face away from her warm thighs to watch her. He pushed his cheek against her mound and hugged her tight against him until she came down from her climax.

When he thought that she was little more level headed he helped back into her clothes. He couldn't help but applaud himself internally as he felt the damp fabric of her lace panties. “Oh god the lace again."  He pulled her panties up and then her shorts. He wanted to be gentle with her. Everything that they had done tonight was special to him. He was thoughtful with each item of clothing that he reluctantly put back on her beautiful body. “Ugh. Why does this have to end so soon.”

When he was done dressing her, which he did as agonizingly slow as he could, he stood back up with her wallet in his hand. He was surprised when she pulled him into her for another kiss. Their tongues met and he could taste himself and her as she forced her way into his mouth; it was amazing. He was disappointed when she broke off the kiss so abruptly. He stood there speechless and dumbfounded as this beautiful woman was already walking away. “Miss…. Miss….” He was too late, she didn’t hear him. He stood there holding her wallet.

He sighed in confusion and lust. He didn’t know whether to be happy, upset, or satisfied so he just decided to be flat out confused; which probably wasn't anything new for him. He walked out of the alleyway with her wallet in hand. The sun was starting to break through the night sky and pour over the city. He opened her wallet to look for some sort identification; an address of some sort to return her wallet to. “Maybe see her again?” He smirked at his own thoughts. He dug through her wallet and found a few things:

The first thing he found was a business card for Silva Pharmaceuticals. On the back side of the card was the word Stim was written out in someone’s handwriting.

The next thing he found was another business card with a familiar logo on it. The same logo that was on Lifeline’s headband. Underneath the logo it read Kodai Industries. On the back side of the card the word Northstar was written in much nicer handwriting.

The next thing he found was a picture of some little kid in a mask. Nothing was written on the back of the picture. The picture, itself, was deteriorating and seemingly old. “Maybe a Halloween picture?”

The last thing he found was a card tucked away in the back. It was a hard plastic card and on it there was a picture of the woman that he had just met, or picture herself in television form. Underneath the picture there was printed text that read:



Real Name

Ajay Che

There was clause about if found please return to, “Blah blah blah blah. Just a work address.” At least now he knew her real name. He placed everything back in her wallet in the order that he thought he pulled it out in. He was exhausted from his encounter with Ajay. He planned to stop by the work address after resting for a few hours. This woman, or Ajay, worked him hard. He didn’t live far from HQ and it’s not like he hadn’t been there before, in fact he had been there quite frequently.

Chapter Text

Ajay woke to the light tapping of rain against her bedroom window. She opened her eyes to see the dim light peering through the blinds of window. The rain was always a soothing, numbing feeling that never got old. Getting up was not as easy as she anticipated that it would be. It wasn’t just the alcohol or pills that hit her hard, the arena left her in some physical pain.

Even though the battles did not kill any of the Legends, there was always a risk that the arena could leave them with physical wounds or damage depending on how the system was functioning that day. There was some clause in the contact about arena damage could lead to damage. She vaguely remembered reading about it and signing it. She wondered if that’s why Bloodhound didn’t go out last night. “Were they nursing battle wounds from the arena?” She kind of felt bad as she thought it about. Had she hurt Bloodhound that bad?

She pulled her face from the blankets and sat up on the bed. She pried plastered strands of hair from her face as she looked around. When she finally made it to her feet she didn't feel so great and the world took a quick shift. Gravity sent her ass straight to the floor. She felt better once she sat down, closer to the ground. As luck would have it her phone was on the floor next to her. At least she would have something to do while she waited for her body to cooperate with the world or for the world to cooperate with her body. 

It was nice to get away from extensive training and go out for drinks. She really hadn't gotten that wasted in a very long time. In fact the last time she got that wasted was when she was with Silva. She sighed and tried not to think about Silva; it just put a sour taste in her mouth. The longer she sat on the floor, the more the dizziness began to subside. At least today was an off day for the Legends; Sundays usually were off days. There were no battles Sundays. There wasn’t even training on Sundays.

The screen of her phone lit up as she turned it on. It was only 9am. She sighed at the time. She clicked over to an ongoing group chat with all the other Legends. They all checked in last night. Everyone checked in except for her. She was already screwing up as Legend on her first night out. She noticed a few missed phone calls from Anita. “I am never going to hear the end of this.” She sent out a text message apologizing for checking in. She also mentioned that she got home and went right to sleep. She had to cover her ass.

All of the memories from the previous night came flooding back to her brain. She pressed her back against her bed as desire and lust overtook her body. Her face felt warm at the thought of that handsome stranger grabbing her ass. She was getting all worked up over the events of last night. The sexual tension was heavy just thinking about everything that happened. 

She quickly shimmied out of her shorts and tossed them next to her shoes. She wasn’t getting up any time soon so she would make the best of her morning. She set her phone down beside her and moved her hand down along her stomach. As her hand reached the hem of her panties she grew wet. Her mind kept thinking back to the previous night with that stranger. Her hand slipped underneath her panties towards the top of her pussy.

Ajay delicately parted the lips of pussy with her fingers. She was soaked as she was engorged in her thoughts. She immediately found her swollen clit and began to touch and rub it. She gave a small moan and bit her lower lip. She squeezed her clit between her index and middle fingers before moving her fingers down and inside of her warm, wet folds. Her free hand was clawing at her leg, leaving red streaks behind. Her brain tried to pretend that the fingers inside of her were the man’s fingers but it was no use. Her fingers could not produce the same motion or outcome like his did.

She gently eased her fingers from inside of herself and moved them back up to her clit. She began to vigorously rub her clit. It wouldn’t be too much longer before she would hit her release. She knew exactly what her body needed and the quickest way to get her body to that tipping point. Her body grew stiff as she worked herself into an orgasm. She moaned loudly and slumped against the bed. Once she was able to regain some composure she let out a sigh of relief and got to her feet. She removed the rest of her clothing and got into the shower.

After she got out of the shower she put on the essentials. She then put on a pair black, of floral net leggings and a pair of black shorts over them, followed by a loose fitting black top that really didn’t hide much of her bra. She gave D.O.C. a pat as the drone came to greet her. She remembered getting in around 6am and now it was barely 10am. She wished that she could sleep more but ever since she could remember she just couldn’t sleep. If she slept for too long she was often plagued by nightmares. The sad part, or the reality or the situation, was that the nightmares were really just fragments of things that had really happened to her in the past.

She wandered back to her bedroom and retrieved her phone from where she had left it on the floor next to the bed. She turned the screen on to find that she had five more missed calls all from Anita. “What da hell?” She tried calling her back, but Anita didn’t bother to pick up her phone. Ajay had a text message from Anita that had arrived shortly after the missed phone calls. The text message read:

Kid. Get to HQ ASAP.

Ajay sighed as read the message several times. She hoped she wasn’t in some sort of trouble. She slipped on her black Dr. Martens as she shoved her phone into backpack and dug around for her wallet. She couldn’t seem to find her wallet. She must has lost it at some point last night. There wasn’t really anything of value in her wallet, she just needed her badge for HQ. She was beginning to become frustrated with how this day was going. She pulled on her black hoodie on and threw her hair up into a messy bun.

As she pulled the hood over her head she felt D.O.C. nudge her leg. “Perfect timin sugar.”  She scooped up D.O.C. and packed the drone into the pocket of her backpack. She had fashioned an old skateboarding backpack into a D.O.C. drone carrying backpack. She had to give up skateboarding a long time ago but she kept the backpack for sentimental purposes. When she was all packed up and ready to go she raced over to HQ on foot. Ajay made sure to jump in as many puddles as she could along the way.

Checking in at HQ was generally an easy task for Ajay, if she had her work badge; which she obviously did not have. She would usually just flash her badge to security and they would let her in; no questions asked. She made her way to the security desk and explained her situation to one of the guards that was on duty. She didn’t go into great detail about the entire night, she just simply stated that she had lost her wallet that contained her work badge. To her surprise the security guard handed over her wallet; no questions asked.

The security guard explained to her that someone had found her wallet and dropped it off. Ajay nodded her head in and approval as she slipped her wallet into her backpack, “Thank yuh.” She gave the security guard a forced smile and proceeded into the building. She didn’t even know where Anita was, not that Anita even bothered to answer her phone. Anita’s text message was also very vague and left no detail to her location at HQ. Ajay figured that she couldn’t go wrong if she checked Anita’s favorite place, the firing range.

Ajay headed towards the elevators and hit the down arrow. Normally she would have just taken the stairs but she was still pretty sore from yesterday’s events; all of them. She entered the elevator as soon as it arrived but she quickly remembered that she needed to scan her badge to get access to the basement level or to any level of the building besides the lobby. Luckily her wallet was right on top as she unzipped her backpack. She pulled her wallet out and attempted to swipe her entire wallet several times against the badge reader.

When her several attempts didn’t seem to work, she finally gave in and opened her wallet to retrieve her badge. She yanked her badge out of her wallet. A small folded, piece of paper escaped her wallet and fell to the floor of the elevator as she swiped her badge against the card reader. She pushed her badge back into her wallet and kneeled down to pick up the piece of paper. She opened the paper as she stood up. The paper was some kind of note and the writing in it read:

For another good time call or text ***-***-****

Her face immediately felt hot and she knew without looking in a mirror that she was blushing. The thought of that man’s face between her legs made her bite her lower lip. She bit her lip so hard that the sharp pain sent her back to reality. She was still in the elevator at HQ, holding a note from a stranger. She flipped the note over to examine it but there was nothing written on the other side. She now knew who had returned her wallet. “Maybe I should go repay him.” She idly pressed B for basement and shoved the note safely into her wallet and placed her wallet into her backpack.

The elevator was fast to get to the deepest part of HQ. The firing range was located deep beneath HQ and it was the only area located on the basement level. The environment of firing range was that of a hot sandbox; similar to a desert environment. In the firing range every weapon, weapon attachment, armor, backpack, knockdown shield, helmet, healing item, accelerant, and Legend ability was available for the Legends to use. It was basically a mini arena for the Legends to train in whenever they wanted to.

It didn’t take long for Ajay to find Anita because she was the only one in the firing range. Ajay quickly ran down the sandy hill towards Anita but slowed her pace as she got closer. She never wanted to sneak up on Anita; especially if Anita was armed with a loaded weapon. “I’m not stupid.” She waited for Anita to be done her weapon firing before she grabbed her attention. “Kid. What the fuck are you wearing?” Ajay shrugged off Anita’s question as she pulled her hood back from her head.

“Is dis what ya called me down here for on our day off? Ta ask mi what I’m wearin?” Anita smirked, “Nah.” She pointed at the new weapons. “This is what I called you down here for. Full access. They don’t go live for a while.” Ajay’s eyes lit up. She felt like a kid a in a candy shop as her eyes darted over all the new weapons. 

Before Ajay went live as a Legend, she had trained endless in the firing range with Anita. She wasted no time in familiarizing herself with everything that she would being using in the blood sport. Some of the weapons that were being used in the arena were similar to the ones that she had used in the war, which gave Ajay some advantage.

Ajay was excited at the sight of all of the new guns. She tried out all of the new weapons one by one. Hours seemed to melt away as Ajay shot the new guns. Somewhere in between Anita had left without a word. When Ajay had finally noticed Anita was gone she slipped herself a pill from her backpack and continued testing out the guns. She made sure to get in some training on the new and old weapons. She wanted to be the best at this blood sport. She had a lot to prove still.

Her new favorite weapon was the Hemlok but she would have to wait until the new weapons were distributed into the arena before she could use any of them. Before she knew it the day had bled into night. She trekked back up the sandy hill towards the elevators and pulled her phone out of her backpack. She enjoyed shooting guns but it could occupy her time for so long. She knew none of the other Legends would be up for going out tonight; they only seemed to know how to party one night a week.

She looked at the time on her phone. It was 7 pm. It was only 7 fucking pm. She had been at the firing range for about eight hours. The night was still young but Ajay didn’t have many friends in the city besides her coworkers. Ever since she claimed her Legend status a lot of her time had been freed up, which led to a lot of time to think, which led to a lot of time with her debating alcohol as a means to get her through the day.

She sat down in front of the elevators and dug through her backpack. She pulled out her wallet and got out the note with the mystery man’s number. She typed the number into her phone. She debated if she should call him, or text him, or anything him at all. She started typing a text message:

Hey this is…

Nope, she deleted it.

I found yuh number….

Nope, she deleted it.


Nope, she deleted it.

She took a deep breath and held it as she furiously typed away at her phone.

I’m lookin for a good time.

She hit the send button without a second thought and began breathing again. She even managed to push the up button for the elevator. She clutched her phone tightly in her hand as she entered the elevator. She really hoped she wasn’t making a fool out of herself by texting this mystery man. Either way she really had nothing to lose at this point. She would either meet up with him or she would have a hot date with the liquor store.

Chapter Text

Besides the security detail, the lobby was basically empty. The only light in the lobby came from the computer monitors at the security desk. The lobby was otherwise pretty eerie as Ajay exited the elevator. She made it half way through the lobby before her phone buzzed and lit up the lobby. She nearly jumped from the buzzing. She fumbled her phone in her hands and caught it twice before almost dropping it completely. After getting herself under control she was finally able to check her phone. 

She found a text message from the number that she had just messaged. There was only an address as a reply. The mysterious man was now sending her a mysterious address. A smile formed upon her lips as Ajay clicked on the address and brought up a map that was accompanied with a set of directions. She was delighted to see that the address was less than five minutes away; well within walking distance.

Ajay exited the HQ building only to find it was now pouring down sheets of rain. She decided that walking was no longer an option at this point but it never really was an option for her. She pulled her hood up over her head and took off running into the cold, wet weather. She followed the directions on her phone which led her to a tall building that wasn't too far away from HQ. She ran inside the building and took the elevator all the way to the top floor, which happened to be the eleventh floor. Apartment 1111 was her destination.

She paced outside of the door of apartment 1111 for almost five minutes. She wasn’t sure if she should even go in or just leave. She pulled her hood off of her head and started rifling through her backpack. She pulled out her bottle of pills; they always seemed to give her enough courage to do anything that she was afraid of doing. Just as she began to open the pill bottle the apartment door swung open and the bottle of pills flew out of her hand, landing on the floor in front of her. Luckily she hadn’t opened the bottle yet, otherwise there would have been pills everywhere.

Ajay stood in front of the stranger, almost paralyzed, as he looked at her for a moment. She watched him lean down and pick of the bottle. He gently shook the bottle of pills as he stood up. She watched him as he handed her the bottle, “Do you care to share?” He was smirking at her. The same smirk that he gave her the previous night before he stuck his face between her thighs and brought her to her knees from immense pleasure.

She carefully reached for the bottle and opened it in front of him. She pulled two pills out and placed both of the pills into her mouth. She managed to swallow one pill as she moved closer to him, closing the pill bottle as she closed the small gap between them. She ran her fingers through his hair, moving his hair from his face and over his head. His hair still felt soft between her fingers.

She took a handful of his hair and pulled his lips into hers. She parted her lips and met her tongue to his, releasing the other pill onto his tongue. She wasn’t quite sure why she did what she did, but she did it, and it was done. She pulled her face back just enough to watch him swallow the pill. She watched a smile form upon his lips as she played with his hair and gazed into his eyes.

“Elliot. My Name is Elliot.” He slid his hands down her waist and brought his lips back to hers. He kissed her so softly that she didn’t even realize he was kissing her until he was pulling his lips away. He stood in front of her with a pair of long, dark grey running shorts on his lower body and a black tank top on his upper body. She wondered if he was wearing underwear this time, though it didn't bother her if he wasn't. He took a step back and motioned for her to come inside while he held the door open. Ajay stepped inside the spacious apartment suite.

The layout of the apartment seemed similar to hers except on a much larger scale. His dining area was outfitted with a bar that opened up into a large balcony. The balcony doors were open to let in the cool breeze from outside. She could faintly hear the rain from where she stood. She thought that maybe she could see a hot tub on the balcony but she wasn’t quite sure.

His apartment also had carpet compared to wood floors that she had at hers. The walls were lined with pictures of him. “Why does he have so many pictures of himself?” She heard the door close and lock behind her. She was now second guessing herself. “Why did I come here?” She felt a bit tense as she looked over to Elliot.

“Can I take your bag?” Elliot said with a grin on his face. She nodded, slipping her pills back into her backpack, “The name is Ajay.” She handed him her backpack, “Be careful yuh hear.” He took her backpack as she pointed to her D.O.C. drone. He smiled at her and peered at the drone. “I know who you are and I know who this drone is. I returned your wallet, remember?”

She smiled back at him and watched him set her backpack down on a table near the entryway of the apartment. “Ajay, you are soaked from the rain. Why don’t you let me dry your clothes for you?” It wasn’t really a request but more of a demand that was said in a sweet tone. “Dis boy already wants mi naked?” She was close enough to the door that she could leave if she wanted. She studied the smile on his face and hoped that his intentions were good.

Ajay laughed before speaking, “Do yuh want mi to walk around naked?” It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked, well, partially naked before. They had been in a dark alley just hours ago but she didn’t really know how much of her he had seen. She felt her face growing warm as she began to blush from the thought of their previous encounter.

“Ugh, what is wrong with mi? I came here to have a good time. Why can’t I just let go and have a good time?” She shivered a little and crossed her arms over her chest. She didn’t realized how soaked and cold she was from the rain until Elliot had pointed it out to her. She was starting to think that getting out of her wet clothing might be a good idea but she was still second guessing herself.

Elliot moved closer to her, “Don’t you trust me?” He peered down at her with a look of concern and passion. He really didn’t get a good look at her that alley because of how dark it was. It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t have ulterior motives about getting her clothing off. He smiled as he looked over her. She was even more gorgeous in the light of his apartment. 

He tried not to rush things with her because he didn’t want to scare her away but he really did want to get her out of her clothes. He wanted to see her body completely naked. He wanted to touch every inch of her and do unspeakable things to her. He wanted to push his face between her legs again. He wanted to push other things between her legs if she would let him.

He continued to flash her a smile and held out a hand while he waited for her response. Ajay sighed and nodded. “Fine.” He gently kissed the top of her hand and then he threw her arms around his neck. Elliot put an arm around her waist and knelt down. With his free arm he slipped it underneath her knees and scooped her up against his chest. 

She giggled in excitement as he carried down the hall and into his large bathroom where he sat her down the edge of a large corner, whirlpool tub. The bathroom was warm and tub was already filled with water and bubbles. “Real smooth Elliot. Yuh already had this planned out.” She was a bit tense as she looked down to him kneeling on the floor in front of her.

Elliot began untying Ajay’s boots and setting them to the side after removing them. He then pulled her damp hoodie off of her body and set it on the floor. It felt like he was peeling her shirt off because it was so soaked and clung to her body. She watched as her shirt joined her hoodie on the floor. He stopped what he was doing to admire her black lace bra. “Ugh, lace again. Do you dress like this all of the time? All of this lace? You’re killing me Ajay.”

He let out a slow breath of air and tried to maintain some composure. His lips found her right shoulder, kissing her as she unhooked her bra. He stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes as he slipped each bra strap from her shoulders. He gently pulled her bra away from her body and watched as her breasts spilled out in front of him. He fought back the urge to stick his face between her breasts as they were just inches from his face.

Ajay bit her bottom lip out of nervousness. It been a very long time since anyone had seen her naked and without the pill kicking in she was feeling very self-conscious. Everything Elliot did was so thoughtful and gentle. With every article of clothing he removed from her body she grew antsy with anticipation. 

He was taking his time with her which was adding to her nerves. She just wanted him to rip everything off of her, kind of like ripping off a band aid. She was worried that he would see her imperfections, her scars, and start questioning her about them. She was also worried that he wouldn’t like what he saw, so she figured the faster that he undressed her, then the faster she could leave if it came to it.

As soon as her breasts we exposed drift downward too him. He was kneeling in front of her, just staring at her breasts. Her nipples were already hard from the change in climate. She raised a hand and brushed her fingertips across his cheek. Elliot sank his cheek into her fingers and placed a hand on her right breast and then his other hand on her left breast. He enjoyed the fact that her nipples were hard. Her body began to ache for him. She could feel her panties grow damp as he touched her.

A small moan escaped Ajay’s lips and Elliot knew it was because of him. He leaned into her body and kissed each of her breasts while rolling her nipples between his fingers. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them firmly; they fit perfectly in his hands, just as he suspected they would. He reluctantly released her breasts and trailed his hands down to her waist towards her shorts. He unbuttoned her shorts and stood up. He offered her his hands to help her stand.

Ajay took his hands and stood up with his help. Her hands fell to her sides as Elliot let go of them and began pulling her shorts down. Her shorts fell to her ankles with some manipulation from Elliot. He proceeded to peel her leggings down to her ankles. Next to come down were her soaked, lace panties. 

Before removing her panties, Elliot stopped and ran his fingers along the lace of her panties, tracing the outline of her pussy. After he was done he slowly eased her panties down her legs, eyeing her pussy as he did. She held back a moan as he touched pussy through her panties. She was beginning to suspect that he was teasing her on purpose.

Elliot offered Ajay a hand so that she could step out of her many pieces of clothing. Ajay took his hand and stepped out of everything that was around her ankles. She now stood in front of him, naked, and a bit worried that he wouldn't like what he saw in front of him. She watched as he stared at her for a very long time. 

The silence was killing her and she was becoming even more self-conscious as his eyes examined her body from head to toe. She couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking as he hid behind his beautiful brown eyes and a devious smile. She wanted to say something to him but she wasn’t really sure what she should say, so she just waited for him to do or say something.

Elliot stared at the gorgeous woman that stood before him. She didn’t seem real. This whole situation didn’t seem real. “Like how did she get here? Am I dreaming? Is this real? Is she going to slap me?” He couldn’t ignore the fact that her panties were soaked when he removed them. He knew that they weren’t wet from the rain. “Yeah, that was all me.” His cock had been swollen since he laid eyes on her when she arrived at his doorstep. He finally reached out to touch her, to make sure that she was real and to confirm that he wasn’t dreaming.

He traced her curves with his fingertips before he knelt down in front of her and placed his hands on her ass. He looked up at her briefly as he kissed her mound just above her pussy. She looked down at him and smiled as she pushed her fingers through his hair. He kissed downward and began running the tip of his tongue along her clit once he reached it. 

She was moaning with his every movement. She was finally content that he accepted her body when he had his face between her thighs again. He licked her clit a few times, making sure to get a few more breathless moans out of her. His hands squeezed her ass as he sucked upon her clit before releasing both her ass and her clit simultaneously. He couldn’t take much or his pants would be soaked like her panties.

Elliot kissed her pussy and grabbed her clothing as he stood up. A look of disappointment crossed Ajay’s face when Elliot was no longer between her legs. Elliot almost frowned as he watched her disappointed face. “I’m going to set these out to dry. Why don’t you relax in the tub.” He offered her his hand and helped her to get into the tub. His fingers grazed her ass one last time before her body disappeared into a heap of bubbles and water. He excused himself to hang up her clothes to dry before he jumped all over her.

Chapter Text

Ajay slid down in the tub, almost submerging herself completely underneath the bubbly water. All the tension began to release from her body. All the tension except for the sexual tension. She silently cursed Elliot’s name against the water as she tried to settle down. She was frustrated that he got her going and just abruptly stopped. She was confused as to what his game was.

She just hoped that he would return soon or she would be relieving the sexual tension without him. “Just relax and go with the flow. Enjoy it.” She sighed and put her back against the tub. She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax and let the night play out. She wasn’t used to being at the whim of someone else; at had been a long time at least. She tried to think about something else entirely but she was failing miserably.

It wasn’t long before she heard his footsteps behind her. She shifted her body to find Elliot leaning over her with a drink in his hand. He handed her the glass of what she hoped contained some sort of alcohol. He sat down on the edge of the tub and watched her inspect the glass. Whatever pill she had given him was kicking in and he was starting to feel like he could fly. He started smiling like an idiot and he hoped that she didn’t notice it.

Elliot hurried to cover up his idiotic smile by dipping his hands into the water and bringing them to her shoulders. He eased his fingers into her tight shoulders and attempted to rub all of the tension from them. She seemed really tense when he touched her. “She seems really tense when I touch her.” He hoped that he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. When Ajay didn’t immediately pull away from him, he continued to massage her shoulders.

Ajay brought the glass to her face and before she even tried a sip, she already knew what was in the glass just from the smell. “Rum.” She whispered to herself with excitement. She wondered how he knew what her drink of choice was. Without hesitation she downed the entire glass. 

She was never one to savor liquor; she learned that from Silva. “Not right now Silva! Go da fuck away!” She sighed and tried to relax against his touch but what she really wanted was for him to get his ass into the tub and join her. She knew she might have to do some coaxing to get him to join her. She didn’t usually beg unless there were extenuating circumstances; this was an extenuating circumstance.

Ajay turned around and set the empty glass down on the floor outside of the tub. Elliot dropped his hands on the edge of the tub as she faced him. She looked directly into his beautiful brown eyes, “Elliot.” She paused for a moment and gently touched his hands with her own. “Join mi.” She gave him a lip that could be described as pouty. Her body was still aching for him and if he didn’t get into the tub soon then she would have to take matters into her own hands; literally.

Elliot still had that idiotic smile plastered to his face and he was glad that she must not have noticed it. Whatever face she was giving him made him smile even more; if that was even possible. “Is she is begging me?” He watched as she brought his hands to her lips and kissed the top of each of them. She then brought his hands to her cheek and rubbed her face against his hands. He thought that maybe the roughness of his hands would bother her but she continued to rub her gorgeous face against his hands without a care in the world.

He gently eased his hands from her grasp and stood up. “I thought you’d never ask.” He pulled off his tank top and tossed it to the floor. Ajay noticed that his torso was lined scars, but she didn’t ask. She didn’t want to answer for her own scars if the subject was brought up. He dropped his shorts and kicked them to where his shirt was.

He stood in front of her in all of his naked glory. His cock stood hard and erect and front of her. His cock looked even better now that she could actually see it. She knew that she had been staring for way too long but she couldn't help it. She bit her lower lip and waited for him to get into the damn tub with her.

Elliot stepped into the tub and coaxed her body forward so that he could sit behind her. He pulled Ajay’s back into his chest and moved his legs to either side of her. His hard flesh throbbed against her lower back which left her moaning underneath her breath. He wrapped his arms around her, resting them just underneath her breasts. He relaxed into the water the best that he could but to be honest it was torture to be wrapped around this beautiful woman and just sit there.

Ajay smiled she leaned her body into his hard body. Everything about his body was hard, everything. She placed her head against his right shoulder and closed her eyes as she took in his intoxicating scent. The combination of the narcotics and alcohol had finally kicked in and she felt amazing. She found his hands with her own and interlocked her fingers with his. She gave his hands a tight, reassuring, squeeze and he reciprocated. It was a nice feeling to just sit with him but the feeling was fleeting.

She was done playing nice. Ajay used her grasp on his right hand and moved it to her left breast. With their fingers still interlocked she made him squeeze her breast. She was delighted when he began to squeeze her breast without any prompting. Her hand moved from his so that he could grope her breast without her help. She pushed her body firmly against his, making sure to rub her lower back against his cock. Her free hand disappeared down the front of her as he continued to play with her breast.

Elliot squeezed her left breast almost impulsively. He was happy that she was feeling less tense with him. When she let go of his hand he was curious as to what she was doing with her hand as it disappeared into the water. He freed his left hand from her hold and used it to replace his right hand on her breast. With his right hand free he traced his fingers down along her right arm, following it into the depths of the water. “Where is her hand going? What are you doing Ajay?”

He placed his lips on her left shoulder and kissed her skin before sucking on upon it. When his hand finally found hers he was a bit surprised to find that she using her hand to pleasure herself. More specifically, she was using her fingers to rub her clit. He gently batted her hand away from her pussy and sunk his teeth into her shoulder.

Ajay nearly screamed as pleasure turned into pain, “Elliot!” Her voice trailed off as he pulled her into him with his left arm. He replaced her fingers with his own along her pussy. Her body jolted against his the moment that he touched her swollen clit. Elliot pulled his teeth from her semi-abused skin and kissed along her neck. When his lips reached her ear he whispered to her, “Do you want me to stop Ajay?” He squeezed her left breast with his left hand as he waited for her to respond.

A moan was the only sound that fell from her lips as she shook her head. He applied more against her clit, using his fingers move her flesh in a circular motion. Ajay’s right arm was trapped between his arm and her body but it didn’t stop her from using her left arm. It was a good thing that she left-handed. She shifted her body forward just a bit to create a small gap between them as she reached behind her. She managed to wedge her left hand into between the two of them and grasp his hard flesh.

He shuddered when he felt her hand upon him. He removed his hand from her breast and firmly clutched her wrist, pulling her hand away from his cock. He held her arm behind her and pinned it between them. He had no intention of releasing in the bathtub. “Not now Ajay. Way too early.” 

However, he did intend to make her cum in the bathtub. With his lips still next her ear her whispered to her. “We have all night for that.” He continued to hold her wrist so that she couldn’t move while his other hand worked at her clit. His lips left small kisses upon her neck and shoulder.

He was methodically slow as he played with her most sensitive area and it made Ajay’s skin crawl with pleasure. She forced her hips against his fingers in hopes to speed up the process. When he felt her hips press into his hand he complied with her wishes and sped up the pace. In no time Ajay was arching her back and moaning. He held her down as best as he could as he continued rub her clit, extending her release for as long as he could.

With her nails embedded into his right thigh she whispered to him, “Elliot...” He listened to her soft, delicate voice as he continued to rub her clit. She moaned and pushed herself hard against his fingers. “Please...” She begged him. She was on the edge of another orgasm and she couldn’t hold it anymore. She let out a small scream, “Oh Elliot!” She dug her nails further into his thigh as she arched her back once more.

There was a look of shock upon his face that she, of course, couldn’t see. He couldn’t believe that he led her to orgasm twice in such a short amount of time. The look of shock eventually morphed into a sly smile. “Yep folks. That was me. I did that. I am the man.” He gently ceased his assault on her clit and rested his hand on top of her mound. He released her arm from behind her stiff body. Ajay finally came down from her climax and slumped her body into his.

Elliot pulled Ajay tightly into his body. He crossed his arms over her chest and hugged her into him. He watched as the rise and fall of chest began to slow. They sat there long enough for the water to grow cold. Ajay didn’t once complain but Elliot knew it was time to get out of the bathtub when he could feel her slender body start to shiver in his arms.

He eased her off of his body and released the water from the tub as he stood up. After stepping out of the tub he quickly dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist. Elliot was quick to help Ajay out of the tub but he was slow to dry off every inch of her body. Before her wrapped her body in a towel he gave her body one last stare, “You know it’s a crime to cover up such a perfect body.” He smirked at her as he took her by the hand and led her out to the bar.

Ajay blushed at his comment and followed him to the bar, “I ain’t never been ta da bar in a towel.” She had to laugh because it was true and because she was drunk and high. She sat down across from him at the bar. Elliot played bar tender and Ajay played patron. She downed the drink he made her and she watched as he did the same with his drink. It was almost like a game of who could drink more.

Elliot proceeded to make them both another drink. They both toasted like drunk fools and downed their drinks in no time. As he worked on the third round of drinks he pulled a small, clear vial out from beneath the bar. Ajay pressed her elbows against the bar top as she leaned over to see what he had in his hand. “What ya got there?” She was intrigued and drunk.

He flipped the vial around in his hand and smiled at her. He liked how adventurous she was; a thrill seeker, just like him. However, he didn’t know if she was up to for this particular challenge. “I thought you trusted me?” He gave her devious smile and watched her slowly nod at him. 

Since he assumed that she gave him a nod of approval he popped the vial open and poured half of its contents into her drink and the rest into his drink. “Drink up pretty lady.” They tapped glasses and downed their drinks. He smiled at her and then began to laugh. He leaned over the bar and motioned for her to come closer with his index finger.

Ajay leaned in towards him, her face was about an inch from his. His lips looked so soft and would fit nicely against hers. She locked her eyes with his and for a moment she thought that he was going to kiss her but her thoughts were brutally interrupted by his words, “Liquid ecstasy.” His words made her eyes grow wide as they cut through her like a sharp blade. She was always up to try new things but by her calculation they were only supposed to have taken a cap full; they had taken about eight times that amount.

Worry would be the first emotion to settle into her face if brain could figure out how to make that face but she was well beyond drunk. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried desperately to compose her face before he caught on but she since she was beyond drunk, thinking was stupid. She needed to get her shit together before she ruined their night together. “Quit freaking out and get it together.” With every ounce of sanity left in her she opened her eyes and smiled at him. “How long?”

Chapter Text

Elliot’s eyes widen almost as much as Ajay’s had when she learned about how much ecstasy she had consumed, “Never tried this before?” He was a little worried that maybe he had given her too much. “Just act cool.” He, himself, had taken a ride on the 'x-press' too many times to count. The more he thought about their predicament the more he realized that it wasn’t really a predicament that they were in.

“This is going to be a fun night.” He touched the tip of her nose with his index finger, “T minus ten minutes until total euphoria. Just relax and enjoy the ride with your tour guide Elliot Witt.” He watched her pull her face away and giggle at him. He couldn’t only smile at how cute she was as she giggled.

“Ajay. Can I make a confession to you?” He was almost fumbling his words again but with the drugs in his system it was now or never to make his confession. He didn't give her any time to answer as he continued to talk, “I knew who you were when I saw you at the bar.” He flashed her a smile before he continued, “I have been following your career with Apex for a while now.” She just sat there and let him talk as she watched him.

He looked down at the bar top because he was kind of afraid to look into her eyes. He didn’t want to ruin whatever moment they were having but he wanted to be straightforward and honest with her. “Your win the other night... Certified badass.” He sighed, “I started following your career before it was televised. Call me a fan boy I guess.” He put his finger on the bar top and used it to swirl around small beads of split liquor.

“I don’t know why I am telling you all of this. I guess when I saw you the other night I just couldn’t believe it was really you.” He sighed again, “Hashtag stalker status over here.” He laughed for no reason at all. Sometimes he got himself into uncomfortable situations by talking entirely too much. He desperately wanted to stop talking but he couldn’t seem to stop.

He knew he was bordering the line of 'uncomfortable situation' the more that he spoke, “But there’s more Ajay.” He left a long silent pause between them. “I have to leave for a business trip very soon and I... I… I… won’t be able to see you for a while.” He felt sad and awkward that he blurted out so much personal information to her all at once.

“Elliot...” She trailed off as she thought about what she wanted to say to him. She was still trying to digest all of the information that he had just given her. She felt her body drifting into an oddly soothing feeling that she had never experienced before. It hadn’t even been five minutes since she ingested the ecstasy. “Or maybe it had been longer than five minutes and she had lost track of time.”

She sat awkwardly still for a moment. “Elliot...” She repeated herself like she forgot what she was going to say. “That be da sweetest ting that anyone ever said to mi. I’m truly honored and flattered.” Her voice was filled with exuberance as she spoke to him. “Thank yuh for seekin mi out last night.” She touched his hand for a moment and then drew circles in the split liquor with him.

As the soothing feeling overtook her body she began to giggle at the, almost, mind numbing feeling. She stared down at their fingers on the bar top. She sensed sadness in his voice when he explained himself to her. She wanted to hug him and kiss him and comfort him. She wanted to reassure him that everything would be okay. Her finger gently nudged his and his finger nudged hers back.

Ajay smiled as she stood up. As soon as she stood up her body met the floor with a THUD. Apparently that mind numbing feeling was also a body numbing feeling. Elliot looked up and quickly hopped over the bar. “Ajay!” He stopped in his tracks when he found Ajay naked, laying on the floor. Elliot was at a loss for words as he stared at her body. He grew hard again as he took in every inch of her with his eyes.

Elliot got down on his knees and hovered over her. He placed a hand to either side of her head and a knee to either side of her legs. “Ajay, are you okay?” His voice was low and almost seductive as he looked down at her. When Ajay didn’t answer right away Elliot began panic internally. “Fuck! Did I give her too much? Is she dead? Please don’t slap me.”

He leaned down and put his ear near her mouth. When air escaped her mouth it was like music to his ears. “She’s still breathing. Check.” He was so preoccupied with her breathing that he nearly jumped when laughter erupted from her lips. He pulled his face from hers and looked down at her. “She is talking? Check.”

Ajay couldn’t help but laugh at the look of concern that Elliot had on his face. “I was just gonna comfort yuh and tell yuh everyting be okay. But mi legs aren’t workin.” She continued laugh as she really didn’t feel much now but an unwavering sense of happiness. When she was finally able to stop laughing she stretched her arms out above her head and stared up into his eyes. “Elliot are yuh still there?” She giggled as she reached down towards his waist.

Before he could answer her or even react Ajay yanked the towel off from round his waist and threw it behind him. She somehow managed to get her legs adjusted around him; wrapping them around his body. Her hands found his neck and pulled him down towards her. Elliot was frozen as she exposed his naked body and somehow got her legs around him. “How flexible is this woman?”

Elliot finally snapped out of it and smiled down at her. He placed his forearms to the floor and shifted his weight onto them. “Your legs seem to be working now. Really good in fact.” His lips gently touched hers as his fingers pulled the pins from her hair to let it down. His fingers disappeared into her hair as her played with her soft strands. He pressed his chest into hers trying to carefully keep from crushing her with his weight. Her breasts felt amazing against his bare skin.

His left hand pushed between them and gently touched her right breast. He played with her nipple, coaxing it to become erect from his touch. When her nipple was stiff he pinched and pulled on it, causing her to moan into their kiss. He smiled at the sounds that he forced out of her body. He gave her nipple one more pinch before he released it from his fingers.

Ajay gave him a small whimper as he slid his arms underneath her. “Hold on tight Ajay.” He felt her body cling to his without question. As he picked her up from the floor he locked his eyes with hers. She held onto him so tight that it gave him a chance to reposition his hands down onto her ass. He gave her firm ass a gentle squeeze, “Hey there.” She giggled at his words and his hands on her ass.

“Her laugh is intoxicating. So is her ass.” The bounce of her breasts against his chest was driving him crazy as he tried to walk, not run, to his bedroom. He set her down gently on, his rather large, bed. He slowly removed his hands from underneath her ass as she released her legs from around his body. Her fingers played in his hair as Elliot’s lips explored her body. It took her a moment to focus and figure out which part of her body Elliot’s lips were on. The ecstasy was throwing her through a loop; she didn’t really mind though.

She gazed down to find Elliot perched between her legs with his mouth over her left breast. The sight of him caused her to bite her lower lip. She kept her right hand in his hair to hold him against her chest. She leaned back on her left hand to brace herself against the bed as Elliot moved his mouth over to her right breast. Her mouth opened and produced a small moan as he sucked on her nipple.

Elliot placed his hands on her thighs as he sucked on each of her nipples. He smiled up to her after releasing her right breast from his mouth. He began laying small kisses down her stomach to her mound just above her pussy. His hands pushed her thighs further apart as he kissed her pussy. She peered down over her breasts at him and moaned. She wasn’t confident that she could keep up with him because of the drugs and alcohol.

Ajay grasped a handful of his hair in anticipation of what was coming next. Elliot moved his right hand from her thigh towards her pussy. He gently pulled her pussy open with his thumb. He effortlessly eased his index finger inside of her. He groaned when his finger was all the way inside of her. “She is so wet.” Ajay moaned when he pulled his finger out of her and slid two fingers inside of her.

After several times of pushing his fingers in and out of her, Elliot added a third finger. Elliot smiled as it wasn't easy to get the additional finger into her wet hole. Ajay tilted her head back and pulled at his hair. “Elliot…” His name came out of her mouth as a soft moan. Elliot moved his face between her legs and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue found her clit but instead of licking he began sucking on her flesh. He knew that he was doing something right when her thighs grew tight around his face.

Elliot released her engorged clit from his mouth and gently licked along it. The sudden change of pressure upon her clit sent a shock of pleasure up Ajay’s spine, causing her body to jerk. Unable to sit up anymore Ajay laid down and used her left hand to grab her breast. She held her left breast tight as Elliot pushed his fingers in and out of her, stretching her soft folds in the process. Her other hand fell from his hair and grabbed the sheets next to the edge of the bed as she prepared herself for what came next.

He shuddered at how tight she was around his fingers. The more he stimulated her clit, the more slick she became and the more slick she became, the easier it was for him to shove his fingers inside of her. Elliot was amazed as she became tight around his fingers again but then he realized that he was hurling her right into an orgasm. Her body began to tremble as his tongue forced her over the edge.

A loud moan erupted from Ajay’s mouth as Elliot sent her into a climax. Her thighs tightly gripped his face. Her right hand pulled at the sheets while her left hand squeezed her left breast. He withdrew his wet fingers from her and pried her thighs apart as he stood up between her legs. He watched her body twist and succumb to the pleasure that he brought her. Elliot placed his hands underneath thighs and rubbed the head of his cock along the opening of her pussy.

Without warning, Elliot plunged his cock inside of her, pushing through her orgasm. “Ajay, you’re so tight.” Ajay nearly screamed from the immense pleasure of the orgasm and his cock inside of her. She tried to follow his motion as he began moving his cock in an out of her. Both of her hands were now on her breasts, playing with her nipples. Each thrust of his cock forced a moan from her lips. It had been so long since she had been with anyone that she had almost forgot what it felt like.

Elliot leaned down and wrapped his arms around her. Ajay instinctively wrapped her legs around him as he picked her up. He turned around and sat down on the bed with his cock still inside of her. She took in a sharp breath at the change in position and how deep he was inside of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and shifted her body so that she on her knees, straddling him. His hands gripped her waist as she began to use her pussy to go up and down his cock.

Now he was the one that was trembling as she rode his cock. He placed his face between her breasts, unsure of which breast he would start his assault on first. He drowned his face in her chest for a moment before taking the underside of her left breast between his lips and sucking hard. She moaned his name and forcefully picked up the pace that she was moving along his cock.

Both of his hands traveled from her waist down to her ass, squeezing it tightly. Her hands found his shoulders where she dug her nails into his skin as he played with her ass. Elliot pulled at her ass, spreading her open so that could touch her tight hole. Ajay bit at her lower lip as Elliot applied light pressure to the entrance of her ass. He never stuck his finger inside of her ass, he just rubbed and teased her. “Elliot…”

He still had his face beneath her breast as he spoke, “Do you want me to stop?” His voice was passionate but drowned out from her flesh in his mouth. She shook her head, “Nah.” He gently rubbed at the opening of her ass again, “Good.” Without warning Ajay’s body stiffened as Elliot edged her into another orgasm. Elliot nearly climaxed as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. He slammed her down onto his cock and smiled against her chest when she screamed.

Ajay’s screams drove him crazy. He kissed her breasts and tried to hold out for as long as he could while she took his abuse from repeatedly slamming her down on his cock. “Ajay.” He spoke softly to her as he slowed the pace of forcing his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She looked down at him was lust in her eyes, “Mmmmm?” He moved his hands to her lower back, “I’m close.” She gave him a dazed nod before climbing off of him.

Disappointment poured over Elliot’s face when her pussy was no longer around his cock. Ajay slid between his legs and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. She moaned at the taste of herself on his hard flesh. Elliot’s hands immediately found her hair and began to play with it as he watched the head of his cock disappear behind her lips. His breathing grew heavy as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft.

It didn’t take very long before Ajay buried her face between his legs. Elliot was actually quite astonished when he could no longer see his cock. She placed her hands on each of his legs and rubbed her fingers across his thighs. His hands forced Ajay’s face down onto his cock as his body trembled into an orgasm. He jolted his hips at her face as he shot himself into the back of her throat. “Damn Ajay.” As Ajay finished sucking the life out of him, Elliot released her hair.

Ajay gently licked the tip of his cock as she looked up at him with eyes filled with innocence. All he could do was smile down at her as he offered her a hand. She took his hand and stood up but it wasn’t for very long as he pulled her onto the bed with him. They laid naked next to one another as their bodies came down from the sexual high that they had brought upon on another. Elliot held her hand, “Where did you learn how to do that?”

She looked over at him but his eyes were closed. She proceeded to close her eyes. She gave his hand a squeeze, “Whatcha talkin about?” Elliot let out a low laugh, “Fit things down your throat.” She smiled as he tip-toed around the words, “Yuh mean yuh cock?” He nodded, “Yeah.” She shrugged, “Nowhere special.” He teased her with a growl as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

It was dark before Ajay's eyes finally adjusted to room. Small streaks of sunlight peeked in through the shades and poured over their naked bodies. Ajay felt relaxed but heavy at the same time; almost like she was being held down against the mattress. “How is this even possible?” She reached down her body, grabbing at herself like she was in some sort of trance that she was trying to wake herself up from. She soon realized that she couldn't move one of her arms because it was pinned between herself and Elliot.

She reached around with her other hand to feel Elliot’s arm covering her chest. She tried to move her legs but he had his leg across her lower body and he had somehow managed to tangle it between her legs. She reached back up and touched his arm again. Her body was tucked into his like a puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit right. His chin rested on her shoulder and his other arm rested above her head, cradling her.

She peered around the room, trying to figure out what time it was. Her eyes moved back and forth scanning the room, but there was nothing to identity the time except the sunlight poking in through the shades. She ran her fingertips along Elliot’s arm and closed her eyes momentarily. She tried to talk herself into falling back asleep, which seemed to work for a little bit.

“Ajay?” His fingers found her hair. She gripped Elliot’s arm tightly as she her body convulsed itself awake from fragmented nightmares. He gently ran his fingers through her hair in an attempt to calm her down. He already knew what was happening. “Shhh.” He sat up just enough to kiss her forehead. Eventually she eased her grasp on is arm. Elliot continued to play with her hair as his other arm held her securely against him.

Once her body relaxed into his, Elliot placed his face against her neck and loosen his grip on her body, “Do you want to talk about it?” Ajay shook her head because she never wanted to talk about it ever. The only person that she ever talked to about it was no longer in her life and she really didn't want to think about that person right now. She intended to keep her past in the past and that was the end of it. He pressed his lips to her neck and didn’t bother to force the subject any further.

She sighed and shifted her body in his arms. His chest felt nice against her cheek when she pressed her face into him. “It ain’t nothing.” She whispered into his skin. Ajay didn’t particularly care to lie to people but she didn’t want to get into her past with someone that she had just met. She pulled her cheek away from his chest and laid a small kiss to his left upper chest before pulling her face further back to speak, “When do yuh have ta leave?”

When Elliot heard the question it stung and left him stunned. He was having such a good time with her that he had completely forgot about his business trip. “Elliot. It’s okay. I understand that yuh got a life.” Her words made him feel somewhat better. He kissed her forehead before responding, “Later today.” He pulled her in tightly into him. “She is so warm and she smells so good.”

His fingertips wandered down her back until they found her ass. He gave her ass a gentle squeeze and kissed the top of her head. “Breakfast?” He had to suggest something otherwise he would be here all day pleasuring her and himself. His fingertips slowly ran up her back and played in her hair as he waited for her response.

Ajay was lost in him and everything that he was doing to her. She pressed the side of her head to his chest and listened to his heart beat rhythmically. She sighed happily “Music ta mi ears.” She smiled and nodded, “Yuh.” She wasn’t very hungry, though she really couldn’t remember a time that she as very hungry. “Fruit?” Her lips met his chest once more before Elliot got up out of the bed and stretched.

She rolled over onto her side and watched him throw on a pair of loose fitting black shorts and dark gray tee shirt. Elliot looked over at Ajay, laying naked one his bed. “She’s naked in my bed. Yep that’s my bed and that’s her naked body. Her beautiful, naked body on my bed.” His lips formed a goofy smile at her before he left the room to get breakfast ready. He knew if he stared at her any longer then he was going to lose his job.

Elliot made it to the kitchen and got some fruit ready, per her request. He picked up the bar area and opened the balcony doors. The warm air felt good as it rushed into the apartment. The sun was just peaking up over the hills. Elliot set the bowl of fruit down on a small table that sat outside on the balcony. He stretched as he walked over to the railing. He looked down into the city. He really didn’t know what he was looking at below; the balcony was too high. Sometimes he would attempt to people watch and make up things that people were doing in the city below.

He turned around just as Ajay made her way out onto the balcony to join him. She was in one of his shirts; an old faded tie dye one. To make the shirt fit better she had the bottom of it tied to the side with a hair band. He noticed that her left shoulder hung out of the oversized shirt, leaving her bra strap very visible. He licked his lips at the sight of her shoulder. Her hair was back up in a messy bun. As she approached, he could tell she wasn’t wearing her shorts. “Ugh. Come on woman, you’re going to get me fired.”

She reached out to hug him and he happily embraced her. His hands wasted no time finding her ass and grabbing it; he just couldn’t help himself. His fingers traced over her panties; which left his legs weak. “Lace. Ugh.”  He thought that he would be lucky if he made it through breakfast. "Should I call and quit or just get fired?"

He was happy about her choice of panties as they only covered the top portion of her ass, leaving her beautifully, rounded cheeks exposed for the grabbing; his grabbing. He tapped her ass with his hand and kissed her forehead. He motioned towards the table where her fruit was sitting in a bowl.

Ajay grabbed Elliot’s hand and walked towards the table; he followed her without question. After they sat down, he proceeded to eat as she merely picked at her food. She placed her foot in the chair across from her and stretched her leg out. She wanted to ask about his job but she didn’t want to pry; besides, it was really her business after all. She just sat there quietly and let the warm breeze engulf her partially naked body.

“What’s the story behind the ink?” Ajay shrugged and closed her eyes as she leaned back in the chair to get comfortable. She had a very large tattoo that covered part of the left side of her neck, part of her left upper chest and left upper back, as well as her left shoulder and down along her left arm; almost to her wrist. It was black in color and solid in most places. “It’s just a tattoo.” She didn’t say anything more about the half-truth that she had just told him. It was, in fact, just a tattoo but it had a horrendous story behind it.

“Yuh know Elliot.” She immediately changed the subject, “Whateva happens, I don regret last night. It was amazin.” Elliot sat with his chin in his hand. He watched her as if he could see every word flow out of her mouth in color; like colors pouring out onto a painting. It was like she was painting him a picture with her words. 

They were the words that he needed to hear on this very day. He internally celebrating that she had an amazing night with him. He had the biggest grin plastered to his face when Ajay opened her eyes and looked over to him. “I… I… I…. I feel the same Ajay.” He hated that he was stumbling over his words again. “Why? Not this again.”

He knew that her words would be forever ingrained into his memory. She said such beautiful words to him and here he was stumbling over simple words in front of her, "Shocker." He got to be with one of the most beautiful women that he had ever laid eyes on. She was open to things that most other women would never try.

He could not have asked for a better night. She was making it really hard for him leave but in the end he felt the same way. He was beyond grateful that he got to spend the night with her and that he got to experience every inch of her. He wanted to stay and explore every inch of her again but he knew that it wasn’t an option.

“Ajay. I don’t know when I will be back.” She knew that he was trying to be gentle with his goodbye; just as he was gentle with everything else. She was actually quite familiar with the ins and outs of business trips and open-ended goodbyes. She nodded and smiled, “I understand.” It wasn't a lie this time, she really did understand. Either way they weren’t officially a couple so he really didn't need to explain anything to her. Besides, at this point in her life she was focused on her career with Apex. She had just began this journey and she couldn’t risk screwing it up now.

Elliot cared for her but he had no clue when he would see her again and it kind of bothered him. He didn’t think he could be in a committed relationship anyhow. He wanted her to understand that he wasn’t the commitment type of guy but he didn’t want to hurt her. "Why is this so difficult?" He watched as the sun poured over her body, “Are you okay with all this?” Ajay nodded once more and smiled at him, “Elliot. I’m not yuh girlfriend or anyting. Tings don gotta be complicated.”

A sigh of relief fell from Elliot’s lips as he stood up. He began to clean up the table but Ajay stopped him as she stood up. “I got it.” He gave her a funny look. “It’s my place. I can clean up.” She laughed at him, “Don yuh got some packin ta do?” Elliot shook his head and didn’t argue with her; he had a feeling that this was an argument that he wouldn’t be winning.

Ajay got breakfast cleaned up while Elliot grabbed a shower. After his shower Elliot packed and watched Ajay cover up her beautiful body with clothing. She decided that she would be keeping his shirt because it looked better on her; another battle that he decided not to fight because she was right, it did look better on her. Ajay managed to sneak some pills into Elliot’s suitcase without his knowledge. Some 'just in case' pills for his trip.

This time Ajay made sure she had all of her belongings before leaving his apartment. She even checked her backpack twice. She awkwardly kissed and hugged Elliot before he opened the door for her. She was never good at goodbyes so she didn’t bother with the formality of words as she left. Ajay made her way back to HQ for a day of training. 

Chapter Text

Weeks had passed since Ajay’s first televised match and it had been just as long since she had seen Elliot. She had poured her life into her career so worrying about where he had gone wasn't at the top of her priority list. She remained paired up with Anita and Renee, purely for ratings; not that she had any choice in the matter. The team was on a hot win streak and they were up to three matches a week. It had been a very busy couple of months for the Legends.

Since Ajay’s match count was up, so was her pill count. Just to get her through, she was up to four to five pills a day. They must have been working because she was now recognized as the well-trained combat medic of Apex. She was padding her resume with kills, heals, revives, respawns, and loot sharing from her care packages. Saturdays were always the big match days for all of the Legends. The Saturday matches always seemed longer with a bigger payouts.

Ajay stood in front of a big screen in the loading room at HQ. It was about an hour before her big Saturday match. She waved her hand in front of the screen as she cycled through multiple outfit choices. Outfits weren’t just handed to the Legends, they had to be bought outright or earned. Ajay really wasn’t much for dress up because she was forced into it as a child. However, she did have a fan base now and she wanted to keep things interesting. She had participated in so many matches lately that she had some extra money to spare on a few outfits.

She sighed purely out of boredom and wondered if she was making the right decision about getting dressed up for this match. She hovered her hand over a small icon that looked like a shopping cart and tapped it. She brought up the store and was almost instantly overwhelmed when she saw all of the options available to her. “Just get it over with.” A small pep was all she needed.

Ajay began cycling through the clothing in the shop until she came across an outfit called London Calling. Her heart skipped a beat as memories of her days with Fly Liars filled her head. “Kay-Kay.” She whispered to herself. She knew that this is what she would wearing in her match tonight. The outfit was wild and so unlike her.

The outfit had a black shirt with a white skeleton ribcage on the front. A black headband with her signature logo (Kodai Industries) in white on it. White fingerless gloves. Red and black plaid pants. White shoes. Lilac hair. Gold bracelets. Everything about it was obnoxious as fuck. She purchased the outfit and tapped the ‘wear’ button. The screen brought up a feature so she could look at herself in the outfit. A smile formed on her lips once she saw herself in the outfit. After she was done looking herself over, she closed out the program.

The loading room was empty aside from her. It didn’t help that she was usually early, a trait that was drilled into her head since childhood. She sat down on one of the sofas and pulled out D.O.C. She began tinkering with the drone. She wanted to make sure that the drone was running at optimal speed for the match. “This is gonna be a good fight.”

After she was done she slid D.O.C. into her oversized left pocket. There wasn’t enough tinkering to occupy her time. “I need to quit getting here so early.” She reached for her backpack and got her drumsticks out. She began tapping them on the small table in front of her. The beat echoed throughout the small room until she was interrupted by Anita and Renee’s arrival. She quickly stowed away her drumsticks and stood up.

“Time to see if all those drills paid off.” Anita looked right at Ajay, “New Legend incoming tonight. MRVN is out for repairs.” Anita didn’t sit down but instead she just stood there. Anita wasn't the type to sit down and relax. The only time that Ajay had really seen Anita sit down and relax was at the bar after her first official victory. Ajay did recall another time but it was years before the Apex battle royale and Anita only sat down because she had to.

There was still 30 minutes until they had to be on transport ship. The time was dragging, which gave Ajay a lot of time to think. She wondered who the new Legend would be. She also wondered why Apex just didn’t announce the new Legend. She wasn’t a fan of the way that Apex conducted some of their business but who was she to complain. Apex took care of her and in exchange all she had to do was compete in their matches and bring in good ratings. It wasn’t such a bad gig when she thought about the alternative.

Ajay knew that she wanted to get something into her system before the match started so she excused herself from the other two ladies. She grabbed her backpack and headed into the bathroom. When she got into the bathroom she locked the door behind her and dug through her backpack for her pill bottle. After she found the bottle, she opened it and withdrew two pills before closing the bottle and placing back into her backpack.

She took the pills with some water from the sink looking at herself in the mirror afterwards. Just like any other day of her life she found it hard to look at herself in the mirror. This day was no exception. She looked away for a moment and tried not to dwell on the past. She had gone through so much to be here and she didn't want some stupid thought before her match to ruin her game play or her ratings.

She stared down at her fingers and began to drum out a soft beat to ease her mind and to give a chance for the pills to kick in. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to think back to her time with Kay-Kay and the band. Getting ready for a match was almost like getting ready to go on stage; at least the anticipation felt the same. In some weird way she found solace in the rhythmic beat of drumming. It seemed to get her nerves in check.

She shook her head and left the bathroom without a second thought. She dropped her backpack next to the sofa before rejoining Anita and Renee. Bloodhound and Makoa had arrived, which was no surprised as the time ticked closer to take off. “Anyone got da news about da new Legend?” Ajay was curious if she was the only one that wasn’t receiving information.

Everyone was oddly quiet after she asked. She wasn’t sure if it was because they didn't have any information or they weren't sharing what information they had. Surprisingly the silence was broken by Renee, “HQ wants it to be a surprise, just like everything else they do to justify their ratings.” There was a bit of shock on some of the Legends faces because Renee didn’t usually insert herself into conversations.

“We’re just gonna have ta find out when we get in da arena, huh?” Ajay broke the awkward silence which seemed to help break the ice for small talk to proceed until it was time to board the transport ship for the match. She half expected to see the new Legend on the transport ship but it wasn't much of surprise for her when she didn't.

“What da fuck is goin on? Where da fuck is dis new Legend? Are they already in da arena?” It was a little strange not to have the new Legend dropping with their team. Ajay remembered that when she first made her appearance she was on the ship and dropped with her assigned team. She sighed and took her seat as everyone else did. The hum of the ship was always a welcoming sound to Ajay. It was the one constant thing in her life, which she needed some days.

As the transport ship approached the arena the Legends began placing their communication headset devices, or comms devices, on. The comms devices allowed Legends, on the same team, to communicate with one another even if they were separated. They were the equivalent to a walkie talkie but conveniently hands free. The comms devices also transmitted a location signal for video recording purposes; it was a televised event after all.

On Ajay’s team Anita was generally the jump master. Ajay didn’t mind and Renee never argued about it. Makoa always seemed to be the jump master on the other team. The jump master was responsible for deciding the team’s landing location and getting the team to that specific location. That’s not to say that a Legend couldn’t drop solo but it was a team based match, so it was a smart idea to stick with the team.

It wasn’t too long before the Kings Canyon arena came into view through the small windows of the transport ship. The Legends began to stand up and move around; some of them even stretched. The countdown timer in the ship indicated that there was 30 seconds until the ramp would open and that they would allow to drop into the arena. This was confirmed by an announcer’s voice that could be heard throughout the ship.

30 seconds until authorized drop

Chapter Text

Ajay, Anita, and Renee stood together as they waited for the seconds to tick down. When the timer finally hit zero and the ramp of the transport ship opened. Bangalore smirked, “I came here to party, let’s rock.” She then proceeded to dive out of the ship. Lifeline and Wraith followed shortly after. Wraith set a location ping for Skull Town, “We have no choice but to win.” Bangalore confirmed the location, “Roger.” Lifeline also confirmed the location, “I heard that.”

During their descent Lifeline shifted around in the air to look for the other team’s dive trails. She noticed trails going towards Bunker. She set a ping for the enemy team at Bunker. “Dive trails spotted going towards Bunker.” Lifeline turned around and landed with the rest of her team. Wraith and Bangalore both acknowledged the dive trails as they all raced to pick up armor, weapons, backpacks, healing, and throwables.

They were all astounded when they came across the new weapons that they were just introduced to only couple of months ago. Lifeline almost jumped up and down with excitement. She had been training with all of the weapons, including the new ones, daily. She immediately her beloved Hemlok and an R99. She even found sights and extended magazines for each of her weapons. 

Lifeline made sure to carry enough heavy and light ammo to share just in case. She also had plenty of syringes and shield cells to go around. She hurried to help the rest of her team find any items that they needed. She ended up finding them armor and that was about it before Bangalore announced that it was time to wrap it up.

Wraith end up with a Wingman and a Peacekeeper. Bangalore carried a G7 Scout and P2020. Everyone found level one armor and level one helmets. Lifeline found a level two backpack while the rest of her team found level one backpacks. Bangalore was the proud owner of a level three knockdown shield while Lifeline and Wraith both carried level one knockdown shields. After looting what they could, they finally parted ways with Skull Town.

The team began to make their long trek across the arena to Bunker. They did little looting along the way so that they could catch up with the other team. The ring favored Bunker as the storm began to close in around the two teams. As they neared Bunker, Bangalore pinged the backside entrance, which faced Airbase. Lifeline and Wraith quickly followed her lead and headed towards the pinged location. Bangalore always seemed to have some sort of plan to gain the upper hand.

“If we hit Bunker from the backside then we have the high ground.” Bangalore made sure to explain her reasoning to her teammates. Lifeline knew that Bangalore was right. The inside of Bunker was comprised of a long corridor with rooms and stairs and more rooms at the bottom of the stairs. Bangalore had always told them to enter from the backside, if they could, so that they were not at the bottom of the stairs; high ground was always key to any battle.

The Bunker doors were loud as Wraith cracked them open. Bangalore stood ready with her P2020 drawn, aiming down the sight as the doors parted from the middle. Bangalore entered first, followed by Wraith, who had her Wingman drawn. Lifeline remained outside just in case things went downhill; that was usually always the plan since they became a team. If things went bad then Lifeline would have to decide to run or fight.

That’s exactly how Lifeline had won her first game, by running when things went downhill and got bad. ‘Play smart. Play to win. Hide if you have to. Don’t run in like a dumbass.’ That’s what Bangalore had told her in one their many training sessions. These were more or less the same things that she had learned on the battlefield during the war. She wasn’t totally unprepared when she came to the battle royale.

Wraith began to hear voices in her head, which was usually an indication of sort of danger. The voices warned her about the dangers that were ahead. The voices also warned her if someone was targeting her. Sometimes the voices didn’t start talking until it was too late, and this was one of those times. By the time the voices had spoken to her it was already too late.

“Watch out, enemy trap.” Wraith tried to stop Bangalore, “Enemy trap ahead Bang!” Wraith relayed the message of what she was told by the voices but everything went to shit entirely too fast. Bangalore had already walked right into the enemy trap before she heard Wraith’s warning. Wraith tried to follow Bangalore to cover her but she was immediately stopped as a greenish-yellow gas smothered the air in front of her and engulfed Bangalore.

“Enemy trap?” Lifeline asked through the comms device. “She ain’t never said that before. What da fuck be goin on in there?” Wraith jumped into the void to negate damage and to quickly get out of Bunker. As Wraith shifted out of Bunker, Lifeline shut the door behind her. They both met behind a nearby truck that provided some cover. Wraith returned from the void, coughing as she placed a hand over her chest. “There was an enemy gas trap in there. Bangalore is down.”

Wraith began using a syringe to heal but Lifeline gently touched her hand as she pulled out her D.O.C drone. Wraith put the syringe away as a glow of teal light emitted from the drone and surrounded her body and began healing her. Lifeline assessed Wraith and noted that the enemy gas traps only seemed to effect health and not shields. “Just yuh health was drained but not yuh shields.” Wraith nodded, “Yeah. I have never seen anything like it.”

Lifeline quickly thought of a plan before Bangalore turned into a death box, “Can yuh portal ta Bangalore?” Wraith nodded and held her right hand in front of her with two fingers extended upward. Lifeline could hear the fabric of reality rip open behind her as she ran to open the door to Bunker. After opening the door she threw a thermite and a grenade into L-shaped hallway. She watched as Wraith zoomed by her leaving a trail of blue light behind her.

Lifeline promptly closed the door and ran back to the portal. She could hear one or maybe even two of the enemy team member’s armor ticking down from her throwables. Lifeline pulled out another thermite and threw it down at the base of the dark blue opening of the portal just as Bangalore and Wraith made their way through.

She tossed D.O.C. out and rushed to pick up Bangalore. Since one of Lifeline's abilities was quick pick up, she had Bangalore up in no time. Just as Lifeline predicted, the enemy team came through the portal. Lifeline had just finished getting Bangalore up and hurried to ready her R99. The first member of the enemy team out of the portal was Gibraltar. He ticked once in the fire and fell over as he was knocked down instantly. He crawled around on his knees, holding up his knockdown shield to protect himself.

Bangalore used a syringe to finish up healing as D.O.C disappeared. The next enemy team member that emerged from the portal was Bloodhound, who ticked twice in the fire before it burn out completely. Lifeline heard their shield shatter from the fire. She put one clip of her R99 into Bloodhound and sent them sent to the ground with their teammate. Lifeline reloaded her gun as Bangalore called out to her team, “Lifeline. Wraith. Put these jackasses in body bags!”

Lifeline smiled and ran over to Gibraltar who was scooting backwards with his knockdown shield up. She almost felt bad as she saw the look of fear in his eyes but it didn’t matter. Like it or not, this was job and she had a job to do, even if that meant using a finisher on him and humiliating on a televised blood sport.

She shook her head at him and pushed him down onto his back as D.O.C. hovered patiently next to her. Lifeline turned her attention to the drone and yanked a cable out from beneath it. She attached the cable to Gibraltar’s chest and gave him an evil grin and nodded to D.O.C. The drone lit up orange and red and began delivering a deadly shock that stopped Gibraltar’s heart that turned him into a death box. After her finisher was completed, she stood up to see Wraith throw Bloodhound through her portal after completing a series of face punches; sealing their demise.

Just as Wraith’s portal from Bunker started to dissipate, the last enemy Legend stepped out. The portal fizzled out of existence and the Legend that stood before them chuckled. He was about the same stature as Gibraltar. Lifeline noticed he was wearing a gasmask that covered most of his lower face. He had a light brown beard and ferocious eyes they had a green glow to them. His hair was the same color as her beard and on the longer side but receding at the top. He was dressed in black with some yellow accents. He had a few long, glass tubes hanging off of the belt on his waist.

She watched as he threw something at them. Whatever he threw at them had a timer on it that quickly went off with a loud, long beep as it exploded. Before any of them could react they were all covered in a shroud of greenish-yellow gas. They all started to choke on the gas as it filled their lungs. Through her coughing, Lifeline could hear him yell, “My vision is clear!”

Panic set in as because she couldn’t see anything. “How can he see anyting through dis mess?” Lifeline dropped to her knees as she choked on corrosive coated air. She wanted to run but the gas didn't allow her to as it forced her body into the sand below. Her fingers clawed at the sand to pull her body away from the gas. Her body was slow to move, almost like she was wading through quicksand. The longer she remained in the gas the more her health was depleted and the more oxygen deprived she became.

She could make out gun fire, fairly close to her. There was a trade of more gunfire that abruptly stopped. Wraith’s voice bled through the comms device, “I’ve been downed.” Lifeline managed to switch from her R99 to her Hemlok as the gas started to thin out around her. More gunfire broke out and Lifeline could hear shields shattered as a result. Bangalore’s voice came up on the comms device, “They got me, I am down.” Lifeline made it to the fringes of the gas and was finally able to pull her body out of the death cloud

As soon as she was out of the gas she was no longer slowed or blinded; it was literally like night and day. Her heart raced as she heard footsteps approaching her from behind. She quickly turned and hip-fired her Hemlok. She fired 3 round bursts from the Hemlok until the clip was empty and needed to be reloaded. 

Luckily the last bullet of her Hemlok rampage busted his armor, which gave her a chance to win this match. Lifeline pushed herself into a crouched position as her enemy moved closer. She tossed the Hemlok down beside her and pulled out her R99. She aimed her gun at the broad figure that stood before her. She began to laser bullets from her SMG into him.

She could faintly see him pull out his gun and ready the Peacekeeper. She tried to remain calm but the situation was not good. “Dis situation is not good.” Her knuckles were almost white as she clutched the R99 tightly to maintain control as she fired it at him. It only took him one shot from his Peacekeeper to break her armor. She flinched in pain as the final bullet from her R99 hit him and he dropped into a death box. She looked around to see her teammates standing up.

Her R99 hit the dirt next to her Hemlok as the announcer’s voice chimed in, “We have our Apex Champions.” She fell back into the dirt and grabbed her left side. Lifeline closed her eyes tight and tried to breathe through the pain. Her body felt like it had the wind knocked out of it. “Dis match be too close.” This was the one time that she didn’t mind the trip back to the transport ship; it could not come soon enough.

Chapter Text

Dr. Mikhail Caustic stepped out of the transport ship and onto the soil of Kings Canyon. It had been the first time he had seen the light of day without having to constantly look over his shoulder. With his newfound freedom he traveled to this planet to conduct his experiments and to observe others. He was a man of Science of course. Apex made him offer to join the battle royale.

As a previous resident of Gaea, Dr. Caustic was restricted on what he was allowed to do in the lab. With the treaty set in place, Solace was one of the many places that The Syndicate had complete authority over. Now here he was in Kings Canyon, a Legend, and a resident of Solace; Dr. Caustic was free to do as he pleased. 

The match would start in about an hour. This gave him time to look over the terrain and pick the best place to set up. He would need to find the optimal place to setup. Somewhere dark would do. The element of surprise always seemed to work in his favor. He would soon meet his teammates, not that he needed them; they would just get in the way.

In the arena he was now known as Caustic. The Syndicate had agreed to keep his true identity a secret since he was presumed dead for performing unwholesome experiments. ARN0-225P-ER9 was his identification number in his home world of Gaea; he would never forget that number. Humbert Labs was burnt down and he was pronounced dead in that same fire, which diverted any suspicion of his crimes. That was until Detective Victor Maldera was on the case. Maldera made it his life mission to find him.

Dr. Franklin Humbert made his intentions clear that he had wanted to turn ARN0-225P-ER9 in for his experiments and must have somehow alerted the authorities before everything went up in flames. Dr. Caustic may have lost some fingers and his real name in the process but at least he was still alive. He managed to evade Maldera’s feeble attempts to catch him and now that he was on Solace he was free; as free as he was going to be.

Dr. Caustic coughed as he contemplated if he even needed teammates, he often worked better alone. “Do I really need teammates? What purpose do they serve?” He really didn’t care to have them but he would obey the rules in the name of research. The only purpose he could find in having teammate was that they added to his experimentation. He gave the arena a once over to find the optimal location to conduct his experiments and to lay his grizzly traps.

When he came across Bunker he knew it would be the best place to set up. “This area should prove beneficial.” Bunker was dimly lit and had plenty of corners to his hide traps. There were only two points of entry to maintain. The long corridor of stairs would prove useful to maintain high ground. He rubbed his round belly and laughed, which ultimately turned into a coughing fit.

Before he could make preparations he would have to wait for the match to actually begin. Unfortunately some of his abilities were disabled until the match actually began. This minor detail as holding him back from setting up his traps. The countdown timer had started it's declined. He put on his communication devices, or comms device, and waited for a communication link to be established with his teammates. The link became active as soon once the countdown time signaled the start of the game.

The timer finally hot zero. Caustic sent his location to his other two teammates, via ping, and got to work. He began to lace Bunker with his Nox Gas Traps while his teammates landed. Caustic looted inside Bunker while he set up. He found a feasible collection of weapons and ammunition. He picked up a peacekeeper and an RE45. He put on level one armor and picked up syringes and shields cells.

He heard the Bunker door open and raised his peacekeeper. The doors promptly closed and his traps remained intact. He holstered his gun as he stood at the top of the stairs. He watched as Gibraltar and Bloodhound entered is maze of traps. They had appeared to have already looted. Caustic knew of Gibraltar and Bloodhound, although he really did not pay much attention to the televised event; he was far too busy for such nonsense.

He did not bother with any formalities such as introducing himself or even saying hello; he did not say a single word to his teammates. He didn’t even offer them a smile, though they wouldn’t have been able to see it from underneath his gas mask. His teammates both introduced themselves but he lacked the interest to care, which showed all over his smug face. His brown eyes lacked any empathy or concern; he simply did not care what they had to say to him.

Caustic observed his teammates for a moment, trying to gage their habits and behaviors. It appeared that Bloodhound was carrying a Triple Take and a Wingman. He looked over at Gibraltar, who was carrying a G7 and an R45. He sneered at their choice in weapons and made sure that his traps were in the optimal position. Bloodhound knew the other team would be there soon. Bloodhound also knew that Bangalore would be leading the brigade to the backside of Bunker’s entrance. Bloodhound shared this information with their team.

Bloodhound, Caustic, and Gibraltar waited at the top of the stairs for the other team to arrive. The backside of Bunker opened up to an L shaped hallway that led to a hallway and then the stairwell. Bloodhound knew that they had the best position where they were because if they needed to battle or retreat they could use the rooms on either side of the hallway for cover; they could also make a run for the stairs and out the front entrance. Caustic stood very still, which made Gibraltar kind of uneasy.

Gibraltar and Bloodhound readied their weapons as they heard the back doors of Bunker open. The doors were loud and made a grinding noise anytime they were opened or closed. In fact, the doors were so loud that could sometimes be heard from hundreds of meters away. Caustic continued to just stand in place to observe the actions of his teammates and eventually the enemy team.

Besides Bangalore dropping to the ground and the doors closing, Caustic didn’t hear much else. His eyebrows scrunched together and boisterous laugh bellowed from his gut. Death would soon beset the enemy team; it was only a matter of time. He continued to observe the behavior of his teammates as an enemy went down. He watched as Gibraltar and Bloodhound tussled around like children in the gas. There was now even less communication between the team as Bloodhound and Gibraltar weren’t even speaking to one another.

As the gas began to clear, Caustic could hear the grinding of the doors as they opened again. He then heard something that could only be described as a loud tearing or ripping noise. Caustic watched as Gibraltar hustled towards the noise, “Portal!” Bloodhound was right behind Gibraltar, both of them had their weapons drawn. Caustic slowly followed behind; sometimes experimentation took time.

As Caustic rounded the corner he saw that the enemies were gone and both his teammates we on fire from a thermite. Bright flames danced on the floor and up the sides of the walls. He squinted at the unnaturally bright light as it quickly engulfed his teammates. He shook his head as he watched Gibraltar enter the portal and then shortly after Bloodhound followed. Caustic merely waited for the flames to die down before he would take any further action. He examined the dark blue portal from a distance, “Hmmmm.”

Caustic waited just a bit longer until his ultimate ability was almost ready. His HUD indicated his team was down; the yelling through his comms device from his teammates also indicated that they were down. The first teammate down was Gibraltar and then Bloodhound. Shortly after his HUD indicated that his teammates were both being executed simultaneously. He was now ready to make his grand entrance. He entered the portal right before it began to close from existence.

On the other side of the portal he was greeted by the unfriendly faces of Bangalore and Wraith. He glanced over at Lifeline in the distance. He shook his head and immediately threw out his Nox Gas Grenade. The bomb went off with a long, loud beep and emitted a greenish-yellow cloud of gas that covered the majority of the area. The gas cloud swept through and swallowed the enemy team. He laughed and clenched his fists as the enemy team all began to choke and gasp for air. “My vision is clear!”

With his glowing yellow eyes he could see all of them through his gas with his Nox Vision. Caustic watched as Bangalore stood before him. The leader of the enemy team shot rounds of bullets in his direction but continued to miss because she couldn’t see him. It was invigorating to watch someone so helpless right before they perished. “Too easy.”

Caustic removed his holstered RE45 and aimed the automatic pistol at Bangalore. He emptied a clip into her and knocked her shields before reloading. His gas did the rest of the work, forcing her body to the ground. She held out her knockdown shield and yelled something that he quickly disregarded. “Don’t worry. It will all be over soon.” He smiled through his gas mask as he walked away.

Dirt crunched beneath his boots as he hunted for his next victim. Lifeline was slowly getting further away but Wraith was right there, only a few meters from him. He could only laugh at the deterioration of her health from his grenade while he remained unaffected. He fully intended to let her suffocate to death but she began to shoot at him. The first and second shot nearly hit him. He barely unloaded his RE45 into her before his gas finished her just as he anticipated it would. Down she went, holding out her knockdown shield just as her teammate did.

He knew the gas from his grenade would be dissipating soon. He needed to find the combat medic before she had a chance to heal. It wasn’t hard to sport her through his gas. He wasn’t surprised that she had somehow managed to claw her way out of his confines, after all that’s what she was trained to do. As he approached her bullets flew in his direction. As the onslaught of bullets cased his armor was shattered.

Caustic had already holstered his RE45 and now had his Peacekeeper out as he approached. It was peculiar to him that she was crouched on the ground and that she had abandoned her assault rifle. He aimed the Peacekeeper at her just as began as a barrage of bullets flew out from her SMG. A small laugh escaped him as he heard her armor bust in one burst from his gun. He observed the pain in her eyes. For a split second he wondered if she was really in pain or she was just afraid to lose the match.

A split second thought was all it took for him to feel the last bullet hit him. There was no bright, white light. There was rush of memories. There was no flash black of life. There was no suffering. There was no pain. There was no regret. There was just nothingness. In fact he didn’t even know what had happened after the last bullet hit him. He wondered what he looked like or how it felt but he just couldn’t remember.

Anger swirled in his eyes when he finally opened them. He was back in the transport ship and it wasn’t even the same one that he travel in previously. He was in the same transport ship as all of the other Legends. He sat there in silence just as everyone else did. He waited for them to say something to him but no one would even approach him. Dr. Caustic preferred if everyone just left him alone anyway. He didn’t have time for meaningless conversations.

He peered over at Ajay, who sat quietly with her head down. The one thing that he did remember was the pain in her eyes. He now knew that it wasn’t fear that clouded her eyes it was actual pain. He knew that his experiment was working. He would keep an eye on her in the days to follow just to make sure. If he could find a way to introduce real pain in the arena then he would be a god.

Dr. Caustic tipped his head down and closed his eyes. He didn’t want stare too long and have someone ask him questions. He needed to get back to his place and get some rest. His body ached, not from the match but from the disease that infested his cells. There was no cure. There was only suffering but if he had to suffer then so would everyone else.

Chapter Text

Ajay was the first off the transport ship and into the hanger. Her pace was swift through the building as everyone else lingered behind her. Her victory was a narrow one, in fact it almost felt like a loss. Ajay just wanted to get to the conference room and get debriefing over with so that she could go home. She didn’t feel like celebrating and it didn’t seem like anyone else did either.

The tension in the transport ship had been thick and it didn’t seem like anyone wanted to even approach the new Legend. She still didn’t even know what his real name was or even what his arena name was. She would have to ask Makoa or Bloodhound when she got around to it. At the moment she really didn’t care what his name was. She more or less just cared about what he did to her. Maybe she was just overreacting and it was just the arena screwing up.

The debriefing didn’t take long; it usually didn’t for her anyway. Ajay quickly changed back into here civilian clothes via the clothing screen. She wore black baggy pants, a black tank, and a black loose fitting hoodie with the hood pulled over her head. She grabbed her backpack, making sure D.O.C. was secured in the bag, before throwing the backpack over her shoulder. She made a quiet exit from HQ, avoiding everyone on the way out.

Her body shivered as the cool night air rushed against her face. She was glad to have warm clothing on. She clutched her left side as she hurried down the street to the liquor store. She seemed to know exactly where all of the liquor stores were located in the city. She left the liquor store with the largest bottle of rum that she could find.

As she neared her apartment her head began to spin. She pushed forward and managed to make it to her apartment door where she pounded her passcode into the pin pad. The numeric pad for the passcode wasn’t necessarily tricky to navigate but when everything was spinning it did become a challenge. Ajay put her code in several times before she finally got it right. She flung the door open as she got inside.

She released D.O.C. to roam the apartment while she took two pills out of her pill bottle and tossed her backpack down on the floor next to the door. She kicked off her shoes by the door and started towards her bedroom with her pills in one hand and her bottle of rum in the other. She stopped for a moment as the dark hallway looked longer than it should of. She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall as she pried the bottle of rum open. She tossed the pills into her mouth and washed them down with a gulp of the delicious rum.

Her free hand found the wall and used it to balance and guide her to her bedroom. She was able to take a few more sips of rum before she made it to her room. Glaring light filled the room as she flipped the switch on for the lights. Her head pounded as she willed her body to make it to the corner of the room where she dropped to the floor in front of a body length mirror. She took another drink of rum before setting the bottle down and crawling over to her bed.

The wood floor was cold beneath her and sent chills across her body as she laid down on her stomach and reached underneath the bed. She pulled out a first aid kit and pushed it over to the bottle of rum by the mirror. She shimmied out of her pants and crawled back over to the mirror where sat down in front of it in only her hoodie and her panties. She grabbed the bottle of rum and took a long drink before setting the bottle back down. She sighed and pulled her hoodie off. She then began the rigorous process of removing her tank top from body.

The blood soaked tank top proved difficult to remove as she peeled it away from her skin. She held back tears as she finally got the semi-dried fabric off of her body. She peered in the mirror over her body as she sat in just black lace panties and black bra, which was partially soaked in blood. On the left side of her chest, just above her 7th and 8th rib, was the source of her bleeding. She knew that the arena could leave physical wounds but this particular laceration was large and would require stitches.

Ajay was not one to go the hospital unless she was working there. The last time that she went to the hospital he was there and it was heartbreaking. Ever since then, she just couldn’t bring herself to set foot inside of a hospital. She would just have to take care of this laceration on her own but if she took care of it on her own then she couldn’t report it to Apex. She didn’t want to report it and have to sit out a match.

She again looked at her laceration in the mirror to assess what supplies she would need to patch herself up. Crimson rolled down her left side and onto the wood floor. “Great. That will leave a stain.” Just one more thing to worry about. On top of everything she felt like she let her team down because they had narrowly won the match. The feeling of worry and defeat flooded her body.

She knew that she wasn’t nearly as skilled as her teammates. All that she could do was drop care packages, heal teammates, pickup teammates fast, and heal 25% faster than another other Legend. She was nothing special. She could be useful at times but she didn’t feel very tactical like her other teammates. Maybe someday she could be as good as the other Legends. She would just have to keep practicing and working hard.

The first aid kit wasn’t just a standard kit, it was something that Ajay had slapped together for her own personal needs. It was outfitted with items that she knew that she would use for herself or for others. Since she knew that she would need stitches she removed the suture kit and opened it. She began to thread a crescent shaped needle with medical thread. The left side of her body started to feel numb; it wasn’t a good sign but it definitely would make it less painful to stitch together.

She pulled out a pack of gauze, scissors, a bottle of saline, telfa (a non-adherent dressing), and tape. She pulled her hoodie over to her left side to catch some of the blood that was seeping from her body. She took another drink of rum; a little sad that she was almost finished with the bottle. She mentally prepared herself for what was to come next, because even though her left side was feeling numb, the feeling of pushing a needle through her own flesh was never pleasant.

Ajay unscrewed the bottle of saline and poured a generous amount over her bleeding wound to cleanse it. She watched as the saline turned light red as it mixed with blood and washed down her side onto her hoodie. She set the bottle of saline to the side and grabbed some gauze. She gently patted her wound dry, wincing through the pain. She finished the bottle of rum and pulled off four long pieces of tape, partially attaching them to the side of mirror for later use.

She picked up the needle with her bare hands. If she were taking care of patient she would have donned gloves but it was just her and she didn’t have the time to worry about gloves. Her head spun which caused her hand tremble. She took a deep breath and tried to focus. She was excellent at stitching up anyone but is was a little more difficult to do it on herself. She knew someone else who was good at it but they weren’t here; it didn’t matter because she already wrote him off.

As the needle pierced her skin she snapped out of it and began to move the thread through her skin and over her wound methodically. She stitched herself up with ease; what she could see at least. She was done in about five minutes. She tied the thread and clipped the excess. She poured saline over her newly closed wound to clean up the blood that escaped. She replaced the cap on the bottle of saline and put it back in the first aid kit.

She used the rest of the gauze to pat the area dry. She placed the telfa to the stitched up wound and used the tape on the edges of telfa. She managed to put the scissors away in the kit before falling on her back onto the floor. A wave of pain, alcohol, and narcotics hit her all at once. She curled up on her right side and fell asleep on the cold hardwood floor. D.O.C. came in a nuzzled up beside her.

It wasn’t more than three hours later that Ajay shot straight up from her side-laying position on the floor. Sweat poured from her body and her breathing was labored. She wiped sweat from her forehead as she shivered. She was still in her bra and panties. She looked down on the floor to where she was laying, it was damp with her sweat and dried blood. The nightmares were more vivid than they ever had been; they felt so real. She focused on her breathing as she wrapped her arms around herself. Her side ached.

The room was still filled from the light that she had left on. She looked in the mirror at herself, peering mostly at her covered wound. She noticed some shadowing on the telfa. She sighed because she knew that her wound was seeping. There was only so much that she could as far as stitching went. She must have missed something because of the angle. She could only hope that part that she missed would heal on its own.

She looked at herself in the mirror again and noticed what a complete mess she was. Her hair was falling out of the buns that she had put them in for the match. Dirt was caked on her face, arms, and legs. A thin layer of blood was dried to the left side of her body. Her bra and panties were lined with sweat. She was sure if she was wearing makeup that it would be all over the place.

She pushed herself of off the floor, “Ugh.” The pain was sharp but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was earlier. She pulled off her bra and slid her panties off of her legs. She slowly made her way to the bathroom and ran the shower with warm water. “No baths with dis wound.” Her hair fell down to her waist before she stepped into the shower and sat down with her back against the stream of warm water. She didn’t trust her body to stand for too long.

Ajay pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. She pressed her forehead into her knees and just sat there as the warm water eventually made it to most of her body. After a few minutes she encouraged herself to stand up and get cleaned up. She watched as the water turned from a rusted brown color to clear. Although the dressing still covered her wound, she was careful not to get soap on her dressing or in her stitches; she didn’t need the wound infected or agitated.

When Ajay felt as though she was clean enough, she got out of the shower and dried off. She made it back to her room and sat naked in front of the mirror again. She replaced her dressing but this time she reinforced it with gauze, and then telfa, and then taped the edges. It was the best she could do for the seeping wound. She would just have to keep an idea on it.

She got dressed in the essentials. She threw on Elliot’s tie dye shirt, tying it off at the bottom. It was a nice loose fit and hung off her left shoulder. She pulled on a pair black cutoff jeans, socks, and pair of white Chuck Taylors. She dug her phone out of the pocket of her blood soaked pants and cleaned it off. She had two messages from HQ.


Tomorrow we will be releasing Duos Mode. We have paired you up into groups of two. This week you can expect a match to be held every night.

She read further down the message to the list of teams, which only consisted of team names. Apparently they were trying to promote the game in a different way. The team names read:

Bomb Squad

Hunt and Fly

Dark Vision

Tricky Healing

Ajay had to count the teams again. “Am I by myself?” She rubbed her forehead in her confusion. She was still a little bit dizzy from everything that had just happened. She was trying to make sense of the mess that Apex was putting her with ‘Duos Mode’ and these ridiculous team names. She let out a sigh and read the second message on her phone.


Congratulations on your victory. Tomorrow you will be paired up with a new Legend. Below you will find the details of your teammate to help you coordinate your game plan. You will meet your new teammate in the transport ship tomorrow evening.

Mirage – Holographic Trickster

Passive – Encore: drops a decoy for 5 seconds after being downed

Tactical – Psyche Out: sends out a decoy to confuse the enemy

Ultimate – Vanishing Act: cloaks himself and spawns a group of decoys around him

Ajay’s head hurt even more from the rest of the information she read. Two new Legends in two days. It was a lot for her to take in. She looked at the time on her phone to see that it was only 4am. She tried to occupy herself and cleaned up the mess that she had made in her room. She then decided to run diagnostics on D.O.C before trying to relax again. She laid down in her bed and stared at the ceiling until she drifted into off shallow sleep.

Chapter Text

Ajay didn’t get much rest; not that she ever did. She downed two pills before scooping up D.O.C and securing her drone to her backpack. She swung her backpack over her shoulder and left her apartment. She took it easy on her way to HQ. She didn’t bother with any training before her match because she was just too sore. She hoped that she wouldn’t be wielding any shotguns or sniper rifles during her match; she was pretty sure she would rip her wound open if she had to use either of those weapons.

For the first time in months, Ajay wasn’t early when she entered HQ. She made her way immediately to the loading area and then to the bathroom. She quickly changed her dressing with the supplies that she had stashed into her backpack. She left the bathroom and made her way to the outfit screen and sifted through the outfits. She had five minutes before she had to be on the transport ship for her match. She wasn’t sure if the ship would leave without her but she wasn’t willing to find out.

Yellowjacket didn’t seem like a bad outfit choice when it appeared on the screen. The outfit choice was better than nothing. It was just like her common outfit with some yellow accents. She selected the outfit and put it on before exiting the screen. She made sure that D.O.C. was tucked away in her left pocket and made her way to the transport ship where all of the other Legends were waiting. She had one minute to spare as she sat down in her usual seat.

The ship took off, it was always so quiet except for the soothing hum of the engine. Before she even realized it, the ship was nearing the arena. Ajay stood up and took a look around the ship. She had almost forgotten that she was supposed to meet her partner. “Where da fuck was dis new Legend?” Ajay made her way to the back of the ship, towards the ramp, as the timer began the 30 second count down to authorized drop.

There, at the front of the group, was her partner. All the color drained from her face as her head began to spin again. Her partner held his hand out to her, “Hey there. Name’s Mirage.” Ajay stood there for a moment before she took his hand. Mirage didn’t shake her hand like she thought that he would but instead he brought her hand to lips and kissed the top it. She would have blushed if she had any color left in her body.

“Elliot….” His goggles covered his beautiful eyes. He was wearing the same colors as she was; dumb luck. He was outfitted with some type of apparatus that covered parts of his outfit. It looked familiar to her and it took her a moment to realize where she had seen it before, “That’s what gives him his cloaking abilities. Just like da war.” She offered him a smile, “Lifeline!” Her voice went high as the countdown timer hit zero.

A smirk crossed Mirage’s lips as the ramp opened. He ran and dived out of the transport ship, pulling her off of the ship with him. As they descended into the arena Mirage laced his fingers with hers and gripped her hand tightly. She couldn’t even look at him as she finally managed to break her hand free of his before they landed in Relay. Her landing was anything but graceful as she stumbled to the ground outside of a building nearest to Wetlands.

Lifeline looked up just in time to see Mirage land two buildings deeper into Relay with two other dive trails right near him. “Fuck.” It was going to be a smash and grab situation because of the hot drop. She hurried to find what she could in the nearly empty building. She was able to find an RE45 and an R99. She picked up what ammo she could and ran out of the building with the R99 in hand. “No armor, no time.”

As she neared the building that Mirage and the other two Legends landed in, She could make out gunfire as she quickly approached. The sound of armor cracking broke through the gunfire and then she saw Gibraltar’s dome of protection poking (glitching) through the building. Lifeline readied her R99 as she opened the door to the building. Her HUD popped up that Mirage was down. She quickly scanned the room and saw Bangalore down in the corner.

Mirage had a decoy out and which meant that he invisible somewhere. Gibraltar stood with his back to Lifeline, firing at the decoy. She quickly aimed her R99 and unloaded the clip into the back of his head. Both Gibraltar and Bangalore turned into death boxes. Lifeline didn’t have to go far to find Mirage. She offered him her hand and quickly helped him up, “I’ve got ya. Heal up.” She pulled D.O.C. out to heal him while they both looted the enemy death boxes.

After looting a few more buildings in Relay, they make their way to Wetlands, which didn’t appear to be looted; at least not on the lower level. They both entered a small building together to loot. Lifeline felt Mirage right next her, closer than he should have been. Then she felt his hand on her shoulder, forcing her to turn her around. He gently removed her comms device from her head; he had already taken has his off. “Lifeline…” She backed up until she could feel the wall behind her. “Not now. Not during a match.” She didn’t say anything, instead she just listened to him.

“I am sorry. I couldn’t tell you what my job was about. It’s part of the contract…” She cut him off, “Now is not da time ya hear mi? We got a match ta win.” She grabbed her comms device and placed it back over her ear before pushing him away. Her words didn’t seem to deter him as he flashed a grin in her direction. Lifeline tried not to react to his games as she turned around and left. Mirage followed her like a little lost puppy.

They made their out Wetlands and towards the Bunker area of the arena. Lifeline knew of at least one person that would be hiding out in Bunker. “Mirage.” He wanted to say something sleazy to her but he knew was not the time. “She’s right. This is work and we have to get this job done. We can party afterwards.” He stared at her as for a moment and then tried to concentrate on the match. They stopped at the top of the hill above Cascades and Lifleine pointed to Bunker, pinging the location.

“Yep?” Mirage looked towards the location that she pinged. “Caustic likes ta set up in there.” She had finally learned his name through the group text on her phone. He was invited but had yet to say anything. Mirage nodded to her, “Yep.” The sirens began to sound to alert them of the ring closing and the storm that would be closing.

Lifeline looked at her mini-map and saw that the ring was closing and it be closing off Bunker completely. Lifeline pinged the pathway to the right of Bunker, “If we go now we can make it through there and ta Pit. There is only one more team left. We might be able ta cut them off.” Mirage confirmed the location and they slid down the hill together. They quickly made it through the water and into the sand. He smiled as he watched her; he was surprised that she was able to plan on the fly. Mirage was proud to be on a team with her.

The path that they took was set between two small mountains. There was a single ramp on the left that led up to a metal platform. The center of the platform was cutout from top to bottom with three pathways underneath. The other side of the platform had a ramp on the side of it as well. They could stay high or low; they decided to stay high. As they ran through the unnamed area, the storm closed off Bunker and Caustic died to the storm. “One enemy left Mirage...” Lifeline voice was soft as she spoke into the comms device.

Before she could finish Mirage fired his R301 at the last enemy headed towards the entrance of Pit. They both ran towards Pit after the enemy. The air hissed and cracked from a dark blue portal that sat at the entrance of Pit. Lifeline sighed because she really didn’t want to kill Wraith but she knew that she had to. Mirage reloaded his gun and looked at the portal.

Lifeline grabbed Mirage’s shoulder and quickly spoke to him, “After ya exit da portal use ya tactical and then ya ultimate.” Mirage looked a little confused, “After I exit the… Whoa!” Without a second thought she pushed him through the portal. The portal swallowed him with a familiar whipping noise and transported him into the Pit where Wraith was waiting. He did exactly what his teammate had told him to do which gave him the advantage to sneak around the backside of Wraith.

Lifeline waited for five seconds and then ran through the portal with her R99 readied. By the time she got there Mirage’s ultimate was done and he was behind Wraith. Everyone began to fire their weapons. Wraith wielded a Peacekeeper which broke Lifeline’s armor in one pull of the trigger. Another pull of the trigger and Lifeline was down in the dirt. Mirage put a clip into Wraith and finished her before she had time to turn around.

Mirage offered Lifeline a hand to stand up as the announcer’s voice chimed in, “We have our Apex Champions.” She took his hand a stood up. This time he refused to let go of her hand as he smirked at her. “Good plan. A little more warning next time.” She shrugged at him. “Would it have mattered?” He thought about it for a moment and shook his head, “I guess not.” He laughed at his own statement.

She closed her eyes, inhaled, and held her breath. Soon the familiar sound of the transport ship hummed in her ears. She let out the breath that she had been holding in as she looked down at her empty hands. A sigh fell from her lips as she folded her arms across her chest. “Good work kid.” Anita tapped her shoulder. Ajay looked up to Anita as she walked away to talk to Makoa. She looked over to Renee who nodded at her. Ajay nodded back before her view was blocked by Elliot’s ass, “Party at my place!” Elliot announced to everyone in the ship.

Ajay’s eyes grew wide as redness crept into her cheeks. Elliot turned around and sat down next to her. “We didn’t have a proper introduction. The name is Elliot Witt.” He held out his hand to her. She gas him a weird look but then it hit her, none of the other Legends knew that they had some history together. She played along with his charade and took his hand to shake it but once again he took her hand and kissed the top of it. He let his lips linger for a moment before pulling away.

“Ajay Che.” She was too tired to react to his kiss. When he released her hand, she just dropped it into her lap as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. She could feel eyes on her, probably Elliot’s, but she didn’t budge. Then she heard Elliot’s voice, “I am sure you heard, but just in case you didn’t, there will be a victory party at my place tonight. Right after we land.” She opened her eyes to look at him, “We have debriefin right after we land.” He chuckled, “So mater-of-fact Ajay Che. Then it’s settled. Party at my place after debriefing!” He announced.

Everyone on the transport ship, except for Caustic, seemed excited. Elliot text his address to everyone except for Ajay because he knew that she already had it. What Ajay didn’t know was that Elliot had told everyone to show up about an hour a half after debriefing instead of right after. He wanted to have some alone time with her before the entire squad got there.

The ship landed and they all went for debriefing per protocol. Elliot was the first, followed by Ajay. It didn’t take long; it never did. After the debriefing Ajay changed and went to gather her backpack. She nearly panicked when she couldn’t find it. She turned over almost everything trying to find it. “Looking for this?” Elliot stood there with her backpack in his hand and a grin on his face.

She stomped over to him, grabbed her backpack, and put it on. “Ooohhhh. Are you mad?” He teased her with a smile. He noticed that she was wearing his shirt. “That sure is a nice shirt you are wearing.” He licked his lips admiring her exposed shoulder and bra strap. “Where did you get it?” He was teasing her even more; watching her cute little face fill with anger.

He stood there in front of her, wearing some loose fitting grey shorts and a white tee shirt. His goggles sat on his forehead. He blocked the doorway and prevented her every attempt to get around him. When she finally gave up he quickly grabbed her and flung her onto his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. He locked his arms around her legs and ran around shooting, “Victory lap!” Eventually he ran out of the building and to his place with Ajay on his back.

Chapter Text

Elliot set Ajay down after entering his apartment. He turned around and looked into her eyes. The fun and games were over as concerned crept into his eyes, “Ajay, what’s wrong?” He wanted to put his hands on her waist but he didn’t. Instead he helped her out of her backpack and set it down. “Talk to me. Please?” He didn’t like how quiet she was being. He wondered if he had done something wrong.

Ajay looked at the ground the whole time that he spoke to her. She really didn’t know what to say or what she wanted to say. He knelt down in front of her so that she could see him, “Ajay. Please?” He took her limp hands into his. Her hands were cold and almost lifeless as he held them. He had only been with her twice but it seemed unusual for her to act this way. “Did I do something wrong?” He was really starting to think that he had done something terribly wrong.

“I. I. I.” She paused as she was having trouble finding the words. She dropped down to her knees to sit in front of him. She gripped his hands and looked into his eyes. He looked as though he was going to cry because he still thought he had done something wrong. “Elliot. I am not use ta people coming back inta mi life.” She released his left hand from her right and raised her hand to his face.

She gently removed his goggles from his head and set them down on the floor next to her. Her fingers found his hair and brushed it to the side so that she could run her fingers over his cheek. He immediately felt relief when her fingers touched his skin. He rubbed his cheek against her soft hand. She cupped his cheek in her hand, rubbing his skin with her thumb. “I just don know how I’m supposed ta act.”

Elliot leaned into her hand and then turned his face to kiss the palm of her hand. He understood her completely. He pulled away from her and stood up. Elliot offer her his hands to help her to stand and then to guide her to the other room. Ajay stood up but it felt like a chore because of her wound. She winced from the pain and grabbed her left side as they walked to the other room. Elliot gave her a strange look and stopped walking. He didn’t even bother to ask her what was going on as he stood in front of her.

He removed her hand from her side and loosen her shirt from the bottom. With Ajay’s help, Elliot removed her shirt completely. His eyes couldn’t help but wonder to her breasts that were held together by her black bra. He wanted to run his fingers along the valley that her breasts created but he held himself back. His eyes wandered lower until he saw the bandage on her ribs. The bandage was saturated in blood. He knew, from his experience, that wound was new.

Elliot’s eyes trailed back up to hers as he looked at her and then back to her bandage and then at her again. He was in a little bit of shock. He had seen her scars but he didn’t bother to ask because it wasn’t really any of his business. He gently picked her up into his arms and grabbed her backpack along the way. He carried her as carefully as he could through his bedroom and to his bathroom. Seeing her in pain made him uneasy. He carried her like she was glass and if he dropped her that she would surely break.

He eased down to sit onto the counter once they got into the bathroom. She watched as he opened her backpack and pulled out her pill bottle. She didn’t argue with what he was doing, the pain was getting worse with each passing minute. He opened the bottle and pulled out a pill to give her. Ajay shook her head and held up four fingers. Without question he withdrew three more pills and closed the bottle.

Elliot didn’t question her request but he did have some concerns about how much pain medication she would be ingesting. He pushed the thought to the side because he knew that she was the expert on that kind of stuff. Ajay took two pills of the four pills from his hand and offered him the other two. The concern left his face as he smirked and then popped the pills into his mouth.

He swallowed the pills and put the bottle back into her backpack. Elliot kneeled down and dug underneath the sink until he found his first aid kit. He set the box on the counter and opened it. “Ajay, do you want a drink before we start?” She nodded at him; when didn’t she want a drink, “Rum.” He quickly left the bathroom to retrieve the requested drink, “Bring da bottle!” She yelled after him, hoping that he heard her.

Her hands shook as she began tearing down the blood soaked dressing. She stopped for a moment and took in a sharp breath. “Get ya shit togetha.” She wasn’t going to succumb to some dumb wound; she had been through much worse. She closed her eyes as she pulled off the rest of the dressing and tossed into the sink next to her. Her breathing became a bit labored at the throbbing pain that immediately followed.

Elliot walked in and frowned at her, “Ajay.” He handed her the open bottle of rum and moved himself between her legs, “Let me help you. Please.” She took the bottle and took a long drink. He didn’t wait for her to answer as he held up a small, clear vial in front of her. She pulled the bottle from her lips, “Is that…?” She trailed off as he smiled at her, “Yep. It will help with the pain. That is…. If you want it.” All she could do was nod because she was in so much pain.

“Yuh.” He popped the lid off of the vial with his thumb, “That’s what I hoped you would say.” Elliot placed his hand under her chin and gently tilted Ajay’s head back. With her eyes closed she opened her mouth and he poured some of the tasteless liquid onto her tongue. He poured the rest of the liquid into his mouth and tossed the vial into the sink with her bandage. He used his hand to tilt her head slightly to the side as he met his lips to hers. He wasted no time finding her tongue with his own. Her legs tightened around his body as their tongues danced with one another.

Elliot pulled his lips from her; his hand still held her chin. Her semi-dazed gaze met his. He smiled, “Let’s get you patched up Ajay Che.” He gently released her chin and reached over into the first aid kit. Her legs were still snug around him as she took another sip from the bottle of rum. After she was done with her drink she brought the bottle to his mouth and delicately poured some rum passed his lips. He drank as much rum as she would give him and then went to work on her wound as soon as she pulled the bottle away.

When the saline hit her skin it made her body shiver. Elliot quickly patted her skin dry and looked at the stitches, “Did you stitch yourself up?” She nodded as he began applying a new dressing. “How did you get hurt?” She took the last drink from the bottle and set it down on the counter next to them. “I got hurt in da ring.” Elliot stopped what he was doing and looked at her, “Don’t spare any detail because of me.” She sighed, “I don know. It happened yesterday. Mikhail shot mi with da Peacekeeper and dis is what happened. I took care of it because I didn’t want ta sit out a match.”

He finished taping her up and closed the first aid kit. “Yeah. I know glitches are rare but they do happen.” Elliot grabbed her backpack and threw it over his shoulder. “How is the pain?” Ajay sat there for a moment and then stretched. The pain was more tolerable from the drugs and alcohol, “Better. Thank yuh.” He beamed her a smile and threw her arms over his shoulders, “Come on pretty lady. We have some time before everyone else shows up. I might have told them the wrong time on purpose.”

Ajay giggled as he picked her up by her ass. Her body was progressively starting to feel euphoric. She kissed along Elliot’s neck as he carried her to his bed. He licked his lips as she kissed him and tried not to run the short distance to the bed but she was driving him crazy. He gently placed her onto the bed and set her backpack down on the floor.

Elliot took a step back and removed his shirt, discarding it somewhere behind him. A look of amazement was plastered to his face as he looked down at her. Ajay had somehow managed to beat him in taking off clothes. She was completely naked and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him. All he could do was stand there and watch her as she pulled his shorts down to his ankles. Before he knew it, she hand one hand on his ass and the other on his erect cock.

He tipped his head back, “Ajay…” She stroked his cock a few times before her tongue left a wet line on the entirety of the underside of his shaft. He shuddered as she teased the head of his cock with her tongue. He placed his hand on the back of her head and began forcing his cock into her mouth. She moaned against his hard flesh and took every inch of him into her mouth. Her other hand found his ass, digging her nails into his skin. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shoved it back in; all the way to the back of her throat. He knew what she was capable of taking all of him so he didn’t hesitate.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth he stepped out of his shorts. He leaned over and picked her up, gently repositioning her on the bed. She smiled up at him as he touched her breasts with his hands and each of her nipples with his mouth. She rubbed her legs along his and placed a hand in his hair, forcing his face onto her breast. He released her other breast and used his hand gently to trace a trial down to her pussy. He could feel how wet and swollen she was for him. “Yep I did that. She’s wet because of me.”

He paused for a moment. It had been too long and he didn’t want to dive right in and cum right away. He took a moment to get his shit together before running his fingers down her slit. As he ran his fingers along her, she parted open just for him. He shuddered and bit at her nipple. She arched her back and moaned. He kissed up her breast as he eased two fingers inside of her. He leaned down and kissed her neck. As he kissed her neck he withdrew his fingers and placed his hand on her hip. Ajay wrapped a leg around him as he shoved his cock inside of her.

She parted her lips to scream but Elliot leaned down and placed his lips over hers. She screamed into his mouth and he forced himself not cum right then a there. She worked her hips with Elliot’s as he shifted his weight off of her injured side. She moaned into his mouth as her fingernails dug into his back. He move a hand down her stomach to her clit and began rub her as he thrust himself in and out of her. “Jeez Elliot…” She moaned as she broke away from their kiss.

Elliot looked down innocently at her before he moved his face to her breasts. He took her rigid nipple into his mouth and sucked hard upon it. She dug her nails into his back until she punctured through his skin. She couldn’t help herself. He felt so good inside of her and she couldn’t even keep track to everything he was doing on the outside. Her body trembled under his touch as she wrapped her legs tightly around him, attempting to get every inch of him inside of her with every motion he made.

Ajay pushed against his fingers and didn’t know how much longer she could last if he continued to play with her clit. Small shockwaves of pleasure began to overtake her body, “Elliot…” He could feel her pussy grow tight around his cock and he knew she was almost there. He continued to force himself inside of her as she arched her back and climaxed onto his cock. He continued to rub her clit as he pulled his head back to watch her body conform to his.

He let her ride out her climax for as long as he could before pulling his cock out of her and exploding all over her breasts. As he looked down to the sight of him all over her breasts, he would have climaxed again if it was possible. He laid down next to her with one his legs intertwined with hers. He placed a hand of his chest as if it would slow his rapid breathing but he knew that it wouldn’t help.

Ajay was still making small moaning noises next to him. Elliot turned his head to look over at her. “So fucking sexy.” She placed her fingers on her chest and ran them through all of the cum that he left on her. She brought her fingers to her lips and dipped them into her mouth. She wanted to taste him again. “Damn Ajay.” She stared at him as she licked her fingers.

Elliot sat up just enough to rest his chin in his hand and to get a better look at her as she lay on her back. His free hand explored her body; her stomach, her mound. He found himself rubbing her clit once again. She moved her hips against his fingers. He felt like a god with all this power that he had over her just by touching her. She gently grabbed her cum-covered breast and gave it a squeeze which made him smile. “Are you still have pain Ajay?”

Ajay smiled over to him and giggled because everything seemed so far away. “Elliot. I don feel anyting but pleasure.” He laughed with her and kissed her forehead. He got up from the bed and got cleaned up. He helped her get cleaned up. They both got dressed and made their way out to the bar. He opened up the balcony doors and got the hot tub ready. Elliot knew that even if his party wasn’t the event of season at least the after party would be one to remember.

Chapter Text

It didn’t take long before all of the other Legends arrived at Elliot's place. All of the Legends showed up to Elliot’s victory party except for Mikhail and Bloodhound; Ajay gave up on trying to figure out why Bloodhound was always AWOL and she really didn’t care if Mikhail showed up to anything at all. Ajay was a little quiet with everyone around. She didn’t really trust what words would come out of her mouth with all the alcohol and drugs in her system.

Elliot kept everyone hydrated with alcohol and after about an hour of drinking all of the Legends seemed to be letting loose and having fun; even more than they usually did. Makoa, Renee, and Anita were all in the hot tub. Ajay never really expected Anita to be a hot tub person but then again time could change a person. She was just happy that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Ajay watched the other Legends from the comfort of the floor in Elliot’s living room. She kind of forgot how she got on the floor in the first place. The carpet was soft and she couldn’t quite get herself to stop running it between her fingers. She had no idea where MRVN had run off to, she hoped that he wasn’t lost. The thought quickly escaped her as Elliot laid down next to her. They both stared up at the ceiling for a moment.

“Everyone seems ta be havin a good time.” She continued to run her fingers idly through the carpet fibers. Elliot giggled a little at her comment. Ajay turned her head and looked at him. “What’s so funny?” Elliot could hardly get the words out as he began laughing. Each word came out as a laugh or it came out in between a laugh as he tried to whisper to her like he didn’t want anyone else to hear him, “That’s. Because. I. Drugged. Them!” His laugh was louder as he finished what he was saying.

Ajay starting laughing entirely too loud but her laugh was soon muffled by his hand and his giggling, “Shhhh!” Elliot whispered as he held a finger to his lips, “It’s a secret. They can’t know.” She giggled into his hand and pulled it away from her mouth. She sucked on his fingertips for a moment before she released his hand. Elliot growled at her and they both laughed again.

A few hours slipped by and the other Legends began to leave and head home. One by one they left until it was only Ajay and Elliot that remained in Elliot’s apartment suite. They were both still on the floor in his living room laughing at nothing and everything at the same time. Eventually as the night went on, the drugs and alcohol overtook them until they fell asleep on the floor without a care in the world.

Elliot’s eyes popped open as he felt some movement. He felt so heavy and he wondered if had overdone it with the liquor. The room was dark except for the moonlight that poured in through the open doors of the balcony. When his eyes finally adjusted he began to feel movement again, this time it was on top of him. He moved his hands over the top of him to feel parts of him that weren’t actually him. He felt lace and soft skin and more lace and then “a round ass? I know that ass…” He gently rubbed Ajay’s ass. He moved his hands up her back to feel the rest of her.

He smiled because he could feel that she was just in her bra and panties. He didn’t care how all of this occurred or even if this was a dream. She was laying on top of him, her knees to either side of his chest. He reached up and let her hair down from her buns. Her hair was so long as it fell over her back and to the floor like a waterfall. He pulled her into him as she stirred in her sleep. He tried to sooth the nightmares away as he played with her hair until they both slipped back into a slumber.

Elliot felt like he had just closed his eyes when he felt Ajay move again. It felt so good to have her on top of him. He opened his eyes and blinked as the morning light streamed over them. It took him a moment to make sense of what was going. She was sitting up but all her could see was her backside. Her hair was over the front of her right shoulder. He peered over all of her scars and her tattoo but was soon interrupted by the moaning that was coming from her.

His eyes followed her backside down to see that she had no panties on, just a bra. As he was finally fully awake he realized that he had no shorts on, just a shirt. His cock was swollen and buried deep inside of her wet pussy. He groaned in excitement as he watched her body bounce up and down along his hard flesh. His hands found her waist, where they gripped her tight while he used his hips to slam himself into her. Ajay let out a loud moan at the sudden sensation of Elliot’s cock forced inside of her.

Her hands grasped his thighs as he held himself inside of her. “Elliot…” She moaned, scratching her nails into his thighs. She nearly fell back onto him as she began to climax unexpectedly. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock. “How long was I out?” He held her up with his hands as he kept forcing his cock into her tight pussy until he could hardly handle it anymore. “Ajay…”

When he called her name she knew he was ready to cum. She made sure that she took her time to slide off of his cock, teasing him the whole time. Her eyes met his as she leaned downward and placed her lips around the head of his cock. She looked right at him she took him into her mouth. He pushed his hips against her face and drowned her in himself as he released into her mouth. She sucked every last bit of him and swallowed before sitting up. He smiled at her still quivering from his own orgasm.

Ajay crawled up to him and rested her head on his chest as she laid down next to him. Elliot smiled and closed his eyes as he ran his fingers through her hair, “How long have you been up?” She shrugged a little bit, “Hours.” He sighed, “You should have woken me up.” She gently shook her head against his skin, “Yuh were sleepin so well.” He pressed his lips softly to her forehead, “I guess I should get this place in order.” They both sat up and he looked around; everything was spotless and there was even breakfast on the table.

“Ajay, you didn’t have to do all of this.” She shrugged it off and laughed, “Yuh were sleepin, rememba.” He laughed and found his shorts and put them on as he stood up. He helped her to stand up making sure that his hands explored the more intimated places of her body before he released her. When he made it to the table in the kitchen he was disappointed to only see one plate of food set out, “Did you already eat?” He looked back at her and she was completely naked now, “Somethin like that.” She didn’t necessarily lie but she didn’t necessarily tell him the truth either.

Elliot sat down at the table to eat breakfast while Ajay took a shower. She just sat in the shower and let the water run down her. She ached from her wound. She was trying to get in the mindset of having another match  She really didn’t know if she could push her body to do a match every day for a whole week. Just the thought of it was exhausting. She would have to try and get through if she intended to keep her job.

She hadn't realized how long she had been in the shower until Elliot came to check on her. He climbed into the shower with her. Elliot was gentle as he helped her get cleaned up before the water got too cold. He dried her off and carried her out of the shower. He set her naked body on the counter in the bathroom and offered her the bottle of pills from her backpack while he began to pull down the dressing that covered her wound.

Ajay opened the bottle and took two pills out for herself and two pills out for Elliot before setting the bottle down on the counter. She placed two pills in her mouth and the other two into his mouth while he worked on her. She admired his beautiful, naked body. He was amazing to her and he didn’t have any reason to be. That hardly knew one another. He was standing in front of her, naked, taking care of her wound. She felt incredibly pathetic right at that moment. She wanted to cry but she held back her tears.

She delicately touched his shoulder. “Elliot. I need ya ta wrap mi ribs.” He nodded to her and procured a compression wrap from his first aid kit. He had already finished taping her up. He then began wrapping the compression wrap around her upper body, making sure it was snug over the wound. When he finished wrapping her up, he secured the wrap in place. “There, that should hold for tonight.” He smiled at her as he put everything away.

Ajay couldn’t even force a smile, “Thank yuh Elliot. I really should be doin it myself...” Elliot interrupted her. “Ajay. It’s okay to let others help you.” He gave her a hug. She hugged him back. They held each other for a long time. Elliot stared into the mirror as they hugged. His chin rested on the top of her head and his arms were tangled in her hair. He could see bits and pieces of her backside in between her hair. His eyes stared at her nice, round ass as it sat upon his bathroom counter. “Yeah, that ass is on my bathroom counter. I am never cleaning this counter again.”

Elliot could stand like this forever, as long as the view remained the same. He broke the silence as he continued to stare at her ass in the mirror, “Your ass is amazing. But I bet you already knew that.” Ajay’s flush face was pressed against his chest as she spoke, “Yuh. I have been told that before.” Elliot smirked at himself in the mirror, “Ooooohhh. Who else told you that?” Elliot took a hint, by Ajay’s silence, that it was a topic that was off limits, so he quickly changed the subject, “Maybe we’ll be on the same team tonight.”

Ajay sighed into Elliot’s chest and shook her head slightly, “Nah. I checked mi phone earlier. I am with Dr. Mikhail Caustic and I get ta play Bunker defense.” She said it in the most non-Jamaican, monotone voice so could produce; trying to mimic Mikhail. Elliot laughed at Ajay’s impression. Ajay continued to speak against Elliot’s chest. “These stupid team names are killin mi. I can’t wait for this week ta be over with.” Elliot nodded in agreement as he kept staring at her ass, thinking of things that he wanted to do to it. He hugged her tight, “Let’s get dressed.” She nodded and kissed along his chest a few times before they let go of one another.

Elliot helped Ajay into her clothes and onto to the sofa to relax before he briefly checked his phone. He shook his head in disbelief and looked at the time. “Ajay. I have to go train soon. I’m sorry. HQ is making it a requirement for me today.” She nodded and smiled to him. “I understand. Yuh got a life too.” He helped her up and placed her backpack on her shoulders, “I’ll see you later tonight?” He tried to give her a said face but he just looked cute to her.

Ajay kissed him gently, “We’ll see.” She was teasing him and he knew it. He didn’t mind if she teased him; he actually enjoyed it. He smiled at her and reluctantly let go of her to let her get a head start out of the building before he left. Whatever they were doing was still a secret from everyone else and he knew that neither of them needed the drama right now.

Chapter Text

The sun was bright and almost glaring as Ajay walked back to her apartment. She was never really out at this time of the day. She was either training, in a match, or sleeping. There wasn’t much time for anything else anymore because her life had become so monotonous from her job. Even with the little bit of time she had outside she really didn’t take the time to enjoy it as she hurried back to her apartment.

She debated if she wanted to hit one of the liquor stores on her way home but decided not to. There was nothing in her contract about being intoxicated before a match. There actually weren’t very many rules on Solace or any territory that was under The Syndicate treaty. Ajay knew that if she wanted to kill someone for absolutely no reason at all she could. That wasn’t to say that someone wouldn’t come after her. People on Solace pretty much kept to themselves and didn’t start much trouble. She was pretty much protected by The Syndicate because of her job; so she never really worried about it.

She made it back to her place in no time. She let D.O.C. out into the apartment to roam and then sat down at the table near the kitchen to reread the text message from HQ that was sent out to the Legends yesterday. Ajay wanted to see if she could figure out who everyone was paired with this time around since Apex was skimping out on the Legends real names.

Her body ached at the thought of being paired with Mikhail. He wouldn’t have been her first choice but she didn’t have a say in the matter. She really had not made the time to get to know him but he didn’t make the time to get to know anyone. She thought that maybe she could turn their relationship around in the arena. She sighed and slumped into the sofa as she viewed the text message.


Congratulations on your victory. Tomorrow you will be paired up with Caustic for Duos night. Please be ready in the transport ship at the regularly scheduled time. Team names are listed below. MRVN will be out for repairs. Teams are as listed:

Bomb Squad

Void Hunting

Science is the best Medicine

Speed can be Tricky

Ajay knew that bomb squad would be made up of Anita and Makoa. She wondered if they were paired up again in hopes to get redemption from their previous match last night. Voiding Hunting was Renee and Bloodhound. “At least she don gotta be with Mikhail again.” She knew that Renee worked well with anyone that she was on a team with. Anyone was lucky to be with Renee. Science is the best Medicine was obviously Mikhail and herself. Speed is can be Tricky was someone that would be paired with Elliot.

“Speed is Tricky? Another Legend? They sure are pushin dem out quickly” She thought that maybe with all of the hype of the blood sport maybe it was for the best. As long as she had a job she wasn’t too worried. She set her phone down and wandered into her bedroom to change out of her clothes from yesterday. She didn’t want to deal with the fallout that yesterday’s clothing would bring if the other Legends noticed that she was still wearing it.

She really didn't know what her status with Elliot was. They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend. They weren't dating. They more or less were just fucking each other. She was okay with that and he seemed to be okay with that as well. She really didn't think it was a big deal but it was probably just easier not to let the other Legends in on her personal life; besides it was really wasn't their business to begin with. For now, she would keep her affairs a secret.

She stripped down to nothing and stood in front of the mirror in the corner of her room. She looked at the compression wrap that Elliot had applied to her upper body. "He must have some experience patching people up.” She put on a hot pink, lace bra with matching hot pink lace panties; once in a while she broke away from the routine of wearing all black. She pulled out a loose fitting shirt from her closet, black of course, and put it on. Her left shoulder hung out; just the way she liked it. She pulled out a pair of black jean shorts from her dresser and slipped them on.

Ajay sat down in front of the mirror and slipped on her Dr. Martens, lacing them up and tying them. She then worked on putting her hair up into two buns. She hated having her hair up, mainly because she forced to have it up when she was a child. She wore it for matches because it was easier to deal with. However, when matches were done, she usually took her hair down; no matter the situation.

It took a little work to make sure that her two buns were secure and battle ready. Her hair was thick and long and sometimes troublesome to put into buns. She always managed to get her hair up one way or another. She smirked at herself in the mirror as she finished and stood up. She still had some time before she had to be at HQ. She wished that she could sit around and do nothing but she wasn't that type of person.

Training in firing range was obviously out of the question since she was still nursing a battle wound. But the more she thought about it the more she wanted to get some target practice in and some training done. She shook her head. “I’ll be fine.” She gathered D.O.C. and placed the drone into her backpack. She tossed the backpack over shoulders and hurried to HQ to access the firing range while she still had some time before her match.

When Ajay arrived to firing range she was the only one there; that was no surprise to her. She actually preferred being alone in the firing range. It was nice to advice from Anita but sometimes she just wanted to do things her own way. She didn’t bother removing her backpack she just thought it would give her the upper hand in the arena if she trained with it on.

She made her way over towards the light ammo weapons first. For some reason the light ammo guns seemed appeal to her the most at the moment. She knew that she was already proficient with the pistols so she wasn’t too worried about training with them. She looked at the R99 and the R301 and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to put a little more work into those two guns.  She did like the R99 in close combat situations.

Her mind was made up as she grabbed the R301 and the R99. "Da R400.” She laughed out loud at her own joke as she stepped up towards a target dummy. She shot the target dummies until her care package was ready. She dropped her care package to count the time between calling it and it hitting the ground. “Yep 15 seconds from signal ta pop.” She always wanted to be precise as she could timing so she get herself and her team out of tight situations.

She eyed the shotguns for a moment and didn’t know if she couldn’t the recoil from them. She knew that they were strong weapons and could take other Legends out in a few quick pulls. She just didn’t know if her body could handle the recoil that particular weapon. She wasn’t having to push her body to the limits of having to compete in a match every night of the week.

Ajay looked over at the Triple Take before she picked it up. Her hands trembled a bit because she knew that there would be recoil associated with this weapon. All of the sniper rifles had some sort of recoil but she figured that this one would be the easiest for her to control if she had to use any of them. She holstered the Triple Take and climbed to the highest point in firing range. She pushed her body as hard as she could and shot at multiple targets with the sniper rifle.

Her training was soon interrupted as her alarm sounded on her phone; alerting her that she had 15 minutes to get to the transport ship. She set down the Triple Take and hopped down from the sniper perch. Luckily for her, fall damage was a thing of the past in firing range, otherwise she would be badly injured or dead. She made it to the elevators and got in. She swiped her badge across the badge reader and pressed the up button to get to the loading room.

Ajay wondered who this new Legend could be. She also wondered why Apex was being so secretive of the new Legend’s details. Renee had said it was more or less to be a surprise to justify ratings; which Ajay thought was kind of stupid. How else were the other Legends supposed to prepare for a match if they knew nothing about their opponent? When she had first entered the battle royale, all of her stats and abilities we freely handed out to the other Legends; she wondered why that had changed so recently.

When she entered the loading room she set her backpack down in its usual place next to sofa and headed towards the outfit screen. She began to browse through the many outfits that she owned and didn’t own. She was still partial to the London Calling outfit. It just reminded her so much of her days with the band. She had a feeling that this outfit would make several appearances in the arena.

Ajay decided to wear London Calling for her match tonight. She smiled at herself on the viewing screen. She didn’t often admire herself because she really didn’t have anything to admire; this time was no exception. When she looked at the viewing screen she was really just admiring the outfit that she was wearing. The outfit, itself, brought back so many good memories from a wonderful time in her life. The band really helped develop strength and courage that she otherwise would have never possessed. She finally broke away from the screen to get ready for her match.

She placed D.O.C. in her oversized left pocket and dug for her pill bottle in backpack. She removed two pills from the bottle and then stashed the bottle away in her backpack. She popped the pills into her mouth as she headed towards the transport ship where everyone seemed to already be waiting. She hoped that she had given herself enough time to let the pills kick in before the match. She didn’t want to be in pain and completely useless during the match. The transport ship took off as soon as she entered it.

She sat down in the same seat that she always sat in. It seemed as though everyone had their own unassigned/assigned seats. She took a look around the ship for a moment. She didn’t see Elliot or the new Legend anywhere. Everyone was quiet; as they usually were, “They're probably thinkin of da best place ta drop.” She knew that she didn’t need to worry about where her team was landing because they would obviously be landing Bunker. She also knew that everyone else knew where her and her teammate would be landing, so they really wouldn’t have the upper hand.

Ajay closed her eyes and tried to coax herself to relax until the countdown clock started. She wondered if anyone would hot drop with them. Once she heard the countdown clock begin she opened her eyes and stood up. She walked over to Mikhail and tried to force a smile as she spoke to him, “Yuh ready Mikhail?” He sneered at her, “That’s Dr. Caustic to you, simple combat medic.” He turned around as the clock hit zero and dropped by himself from the ramp and into the arena.

Chapter Text

“What da fuck is wrong with dis boy?” Lifeline sighed and jumped from the ramp after Caustic. She knew that it wasn’t very smart of him to drop in solo into duos match. She managed to catch up with him by dropping straight down and then floating a bit before landing. Caustic didn’t even bother to look at her as they flew together towards the front of the Bunker. They both landed but she didn’t have time to look for the other dive trails because she was too busy dealing with her teammate’s poor behavior.

Lifeline looted the bins outside of Bunker. She found an RE45, a P2020, a limited amount of ammo, no syringes, no shield cells, level one body armor, a level one helmet, and no weapon attachments. She walked into Bunker and found nothing else to loot because Caustic had looted the entirety of the building. Lifeline asked Caustic for light ammo by pinging it in her inventory. Caustic said nothing to her as he set up his gas traps. She shook her head and walked into one of the side rooms at the top of the stairs. She leaned against the wall with her RE45 out and began the waiting game.

“Yuh want ta leave this place and loot elsewhere Caustic?” He remained quiet as if she wasn't there and he was ignoring her. Lifeline was getting antsy and a bit angry. She didn’t really have the ammo if they got into a long, drawn out battle. Everyone knew where they were anyhow, so it was only a matter of time before one or all of the other teams came rushing in to battle them. It was a stupid move to stay in Bunker without enough ammo to defend themselves.

She carefully watched the feed and listened to the announcer. Two of the squads had been eliminated, which left their squad and one other remaining squad. The ring hadn’t eliminated Bunker from the storm, so they would be having the final fight inside of here after all. She stood up and readied her RE45; she knew the automatic pistol would be her best beat in a battle. “We be lucky ta win this.” She really only had enough ammo to shoot the gun once. She walked out of the side room and into the hallway.

A laugh bellowed from Caustic’s gut as the countdown clock started. The sirens sounded to alert the teams of the incoming storm and the ring closure. As soon as the sirens began, the backside of the Bunker door opened with a grinding noise. One by one Caustic’s traps disappeared with a single shot bullet; never once deploying any nox gas.

Lifeline watched as thermite flew in above them and fell down at their feet. Both Lifeline and Caustic started to sizzle as the flames engulfed their bodies. The fire managed to hit one of Caustic’s traps that was still standing. The trap went off and spread nox gas all over the immediate area. There now was gas and fire filling the narrow hallway. 

Lifeline finally got to a place where she was away from the fire just as her body armor cracked and broke. She had nothing to replenish her shields with because she had found nothing during her one and only looting expedition. Her heads-up display (HUD) indicated that Caustic’s health was beginning to rapidly drop from the termite attack after the fire had already ate away at his armor. Just one termite had almost took her teammate down.

There was still gas lingering everywhere as Lifeline pulled out D.O.C. to heal both of them, “Heal up.” D.O.C. just hovered next to them but didn’t heal them at all. Caustic coughed, “Inferior drone.” It was first and only time that Caustic spoke to her. Another thermite came flying in and hit Caustic square in the head, knocking him to the ground and then lighting him on fire shortly afterward. 

Caustic didn’t bother to hold out his knockdown shield as the fire ticked down his health at an alarmingly fast speed. Within seconds Caustic was a death box and Lifeline stood there without a teammate and without a working heal drone. She had to think fast before she died in this death trap that Caustic insisted on camping in.

She quickly grabbed Caustic’s banner, burning off some of her health in the process. She could faintly hear footsteps coming from the backside of Bunker. She shot her R45 blindly through the gas and fire. She heard the sound of someone’s body armor cracking, which she hoped gave her enough time to get away and respawn Caustic. She knew that she didn’t have much time to escape Bunker. She had no other choice but to run and try to pull a win out of her ass.

Lifeline ran and jumped down the stairs towards the front of Bunker. The Bunker door opened and out ran Lifeline into a nearby building towards the left of her. The building was empty and in shambles. She didn't spend much time in the building as she ran out of the left side of the building and into the water. She crouched behind a large rock in the water; hoping to hide from the enemy team while she tried to devise a plan to salvage what was left of the match.

She finally got her breathing under control as she tried to bring up the mini map to find the nearest respawn beacon. She quickly assessed her ammo situation to find that she had no ammo left because she had wasted all of it by firing blindly into the back of Bunker. “Stupid move.” Her back was pressed firmly against the rock behind her as she tried to devise a plan to get out of this messed up situation that her partner ultimately got them into. 

Her armor was busted and she had nothing to replenish it. Her health was almost gone and there was nothing she could do because D.O.C. was still on cool down mode; so she couldn’t even heal herself. She cursed under her breath as she heard footsteps running towards her in the water. She really thought that she could hide for a moment and make a grand getaway.

She only heard one set of footsteps, clunking through the water in her direction. Since she had no ammo she debated if she could just through her gun at the enemy. The footsteps were fast, mechanical, and very close. Then in no time they were right in front of her. He was now right in front of her. All of the color drained from her face as her back slid down the rock and she sat in the water. Her mouth was dry as she lost her ability to speak. She had finally laid her eyes upon the new Legend that stood before her. “Is this some kind of joke?”

Her chestnut eyes looked at those familiar metal legs with the inscription that she had engraved into his upper left prosthetic so many years ago. She made those legs with her own hands. She spent countless hours of her time to make the perfect set legs for him so that he could run again. Her blood, sweat, and tears went into those legs. She couldn’t pry her eyes from the legs that she had built, because she knew that if she saw his face that she would lose it.

Lifeline didn’t have to move her gaze upward to see his face because he knelt down right in front of her. She watched as he set his R99 down into the water right next to him and pulled the comms device from his head. Round framed goggles covered his eyes and most of his face. The goggles didn’t hide anything from her because she knew what he looked like. She knew exactly what lay beneath those goggles; emerald lies and deceit and endless heartache.

The lower portion of his face was covered with a black mask or some sort of shield; which had sharp, white teeth painted across it. His head was covered with some sort of black cap that covered his hair. She could vividly remember that his hair was soft and jet black in color. He was dressed in a faded green vest that only covered his upper chest. He had a white shirt underneath his vest. The sleeves of his shirt had been torn off. The shirt was short, exposing the lower part of his torso. His torso was slender and “dis boy” had abs for days.

His body was lined with implanted circular metal areas. He wore off-white pants, or maybe they were white at some point and now they were just dirty. The pants were cut off above his prosthetic legs. His legs were prosthetics that she had made for him were so that he could walk and run again. Without them he would be bedbound or stuck with a set of ‘normal’ legs that just wouldn’t do in his opinion. She still could not get over the fact that this moment was real. She thought that he was gone forever.

Lifeline blinked at him as he pulled the comms device from her head. He tossed both of their comms devices into the water behind him. The comms devices sparked and sizzled in the water until they eventually shorted out and could no longer produce any type of signal; after all they were not waterproof. No one could hear them; no one could see them. He had cut the audio and video feed from viewers.

He finally spoke to her, “Che.” His voice was as clear as day, despite the mask covering his face. She couldn’t breathe when he said her name. Lifeline’s heart pounded so hard against her chest that it felt like it might explode. He was the only one that called her that, Che. She only allowed him to call her that; him and nobody else. Her mouth was still dry as she whispered, “Silva.” That was her name for him; she was the only one that called him that. She gazed at him as he pulled his broken armor off and tossed it to the side. The splash from the armor in the water sounded as if it was so far away. Nothing about this current situation felt real to her.

Lifeline wanted to move but she was paralyzed with shock. She was afraid to move because she didn’t know what would happen if she did. She could only watch him as he pulled something out of his backpack. “Fuck, it couldn’t be.” The only thing that she didn’t want it to be. The one thing that led to a series of fucked events that ended any type of relationship that they once had. She shook her head in disbelief; it was the only motion that her body could seem to produce at that very moment.

She watched as he pulled the pin out of the grenade and tossed the pin into the water as he held the live grenade in his hand. It flashed red as he moved closer to her and closed the small gap between the two of them. She knew that the grenade wouldn’t go off until he released it. As soon as the grenade was released it would only take a few seconds to detonate. The technicians had programed the grenades not to detonate until a few seconds after the Legend that pulled the pin had released the grenade. After releasing the grenade the Legend only had a matter of seconds to throw the grenade or get the fuck out of the way.

She knew that in her current state that she wouldn’t have enough time to get out of the blast radius of the grenade. She also knew that Octavio Silva was insanely fast, with his prosthetic legs, so he would be able to make it out of the blast radius in no time. This was going to be her demise; death by a fucking grenade to end her win streak. In all honesty she didn’t even care about the fucking win streak. She wanted to know why he was even here and why he was doing this to her.

Numb was the only word that she could think of to describe her body as everything unfolded right in front of her. All she could do was watch as his face was now right up against hers. She took in his familiar scent, which was often mixed with dirt and alcohol. His very smell drudged up painful memories of their last encounter together. She wanted to punch him in the face but she was still in too much shock to move. Eventually her hand became so weak that she dropped her gun into the water; she hadn’t even realized that she was still holding it.

She swallowed hard as he pressed his forehead against hers. “Why…” Pressing their foreheads together was something that they had done ever since she could remember. Her cheeks stung and burned as tears began to form and stream down the sides of her face. Her body and brain had finally come to agreement that this moment was, indeed, real. “Why is he doin dis ta mi? Hasn’t he tortured mi enough for one lifetime?” She wanted to push him away but she couldn’t will her body to move. She couldn’t even hold her own tears back.

Her hands were forced open as she felt him grab her hands. Even to this day his hands still felt rough against hers. She stared into his goggles because it was all that she could manage to do. The grenade was now in her trembling hands. She watched him as he released the grenade completely. “Dis how it gonna be. A single fucking grenade.” 

The tears poured down her cheeks even faster as her whole body began to shake with animosity towards him. She wanted to yell at him and then ask him why he was doing all this but she couldn’t find the words. In a few seconds it wouldn’t matter anyway, because soon she would be back in the transport ship.

Lifeline was surprised when she felt his hands wrap tightly around hers. She started shaking her head at him as if he were playing some type of game with her. "Dis just has ta be a game."  She couldn't handle any more of his games. As the shock wore off, her brain was finally able to put together some words and she whispered them, uncontrollably, to him, “No. No. No. No.” She still couldn’t believe that he was staying here with her. 

She heard his voice over hers, “Shhh. It’s okay. Just like old times. Just me and you Che….” She thought that he had sounded so calm. “Why does he sound so calm? He is never calm. Never eva.” She closed her wet eyes and pressed her forehead firmly against his as the grenade stopped flashing and turned solid red. The expulsion was loud as it echoed through the small valley just beyond Bunker. It was the last thing that she remembered hearing.

Chapter Text

"The name is Elliot Witt." Elliot held out his hand to the newest Legend to join the Apex team. "Hola Amigo! Octavio Silva. High speed-daredevil at your service!" He shook Elliot's hand just as fast as he spoke; which was pretty fast. It had always been Octavio's dream to compete in the Apex games and his dream was finally coming true. He was standing in the arena and shaking the hand of his teammate for the very first time.

Octavio looked around at the two tall buildings towards the backside of Repulsor through his goggles. "Yeah. No problemo!" He thought to himself as he yanked a syringe, filled with stim, from his pocket. He injected himself with syringe and took off running as the bright green liquid emptied into his body. He ran around the entire perimeter of Repulsor not once but twice before Elliot could even think of his first question for his new teammate.

"So is that your ability?" Elliot tilted his head to get a better look at Octavio as he finally slowed down in front of him. "One of them." Octavio crossed an arm over his chest and used his other arm to give his arm a good stretch. The stim made Octavio run fast but it also drained a small portion of his health when he used it. As Octavio stood there his health began to regenerate on its own.

Octavio yawned, "Nah. I can self-heal too. It's not very fast but it's enough to give me an edge over the competition." He didn't want to give away all of his secrets on the first day but he was going to have to give his teammate some of the details if he wanted to win his first match. He looked around Repulsor for a moment. Oddly the arena felt almost like home; or at least as close as he was going to get to some kind of home.

Elliot smirked at him, "So like Lifeline?" Octavio almost panicked, "What do you mean do I like Lifeline?" Elliot was silent for a moment, "Sooooo, you self-heal like Lifeline?" Octavio laughed it off, hoping that he didn't sound weird when talked about Lifeline, "Is she the one with the heal bot? Nah, I can actually only self-heal myself." Elliot was almost lost in the last part but nodded as it slowly started to make sense to him. "I gotcha. I think."

"What did you inject into yourself and where can I get it some?" Elliot said as he tiled his head and rubbed his bread with his hand. He was genuinely interested in his teammate's injectables. "Those could be great for parties." Octavio chuckled at his teammate's question and statement. "Stim injection amigo. It came from Silva Pharmaceuticals. I don't know how they would do outside of the arena but we could certainly try." Octavio stretched out his legs, he just couldn't seem to stand still for too long otherwise he would get too bored.

Elliot raised an eyebrow when heard the name: 'Silva Pharmaceuticals.' He knew that he recognized the name from somewhere and then it hit him, "I know that name. The card in Ajay's wallet. Does Ajay..." His thoughts were interrupted by Octavio. "What's your ability amigo?" Octavio began tapping his right prosthetic foot impatiently as Elliot just stood there. 

As soon as Octavio went to wave a hand in front of Elliot's face he felt a sudden tap on his right shoulder. Octavio looked over his right shoulder but there was no one there. Octavio then felt a tap on his left shoulder. Octavio looked over his left shoulder but there was no one there. Octavio promptly turned around to see Elliot laughing behind him. He laughed with Elliot, "Teleportation?" 

He watched as Elliot dissipated into blue electrical sparks and then into blue dust that drifted off into nothingness. "Decoys and invisibility my friend." Elliot was still standing in the same spot as Octavio turned around. "Sweet trick!" Octavio smiled and thought of the many ways that Elliot's abilities could be useful in the arena and outside of the area; if that were at all possible.

Elliot moved closer and knelt down in front of Octavio. Elliot made a fist and knocked on one Octavio's legs. "Where did you get these bad boys?" Octavio struck a pose for a moment. Octavio was always one big ball of energy and highly extroverted, "Ah, these beauties. They were made from the left over Stryder Chassis of a Northstar Titan. A super-fast Titan. The only one with hover capabilities I was told. Some assembly required." He paused, "All assembly was done by a friend. Good thing I know a guy. Pretty cool, huh?"

Octavio was pretty proud of his prosthetic legs because without them he would be back on Psamthe, stuck behind some desk at Silva Pharmaceuticals trying not to blow his own brains out from sheer boredom. Elliot saw something engraved into Octavio's left upper prosthetic but before he could make out what the inscription said, Elliot was flying through the air. Elliot could hear the distant laugh from Octavio, who seemed to still be planted on the ground.

Elliot didn't take any damage when he landed safely on the other side of Repulsor. Right when he hit the ground Elliot ran back over to Octavio to find some sort of green and gray pad laying on the ground where he had been standing. "Do you like my jump pad amigo?" Octavio laughed some more. Elliot chuckled and took a few steps back. Elliot had a smirk on his face as a funny idea popped into his head.

Elliot held his right hand out and pointed at the jump pad with his index finger. His suit began to glow blue and all of the energy from his suit transferred down along his finger. An exact copy of himself, a decoy, appeared from the tip of his finger and ran right straight at the jump pad. The decoy launched off the pad and went flying. They both started laughing hysterically. They found more items to launch off of the jump pad. These shenanigans seemed to go on for about an hour or two.

Since Elliot had been around this arena longer than the other Legends (knew about) he gave Octavio the official tour after they were done screwing around with the jump pad. Elliot didn't take anything too seriously and it was nice to know that his teammate was as lighthearted as he was. It would be a nice change of pace from some of the other Legends.

Elliot couldn't help but wonder what Octavio's connection to Ajay was, or if he even had a connection to Ajay at all. He didn't want to ask Octavio too many questions on the first day and throw his first match. Although he did have one more pressing question for Octavio, "Hey, what's that thing on your belt?" Elliot pointed down to Octavio's waist.

Octavio looked down, "Oh, this old thing? It's a small dialysis machine. It cleans my blood. That stim is no joke amigo." Elliot nodded, "Makes sense." Elliot thought to himself for a moment, "Kind of. It kind of makes sense." Elliot took Octavio to Bunker. "There will be one Legend or one team that will land here for sure. Caustic and Lifeline. I know for a fact that Lifeline doesn't care to camp out here but she probably will have to because that's where her teammate will land."

If Octavio had any color in his face, which he really didn't anyway, it would be drained from existence. His face was generally pale because he usually had it hidden underneath a helmet or a mask. "Lifeline." The name sent chills down Octavio's spine as he repeated her name in his head. Elliot gave Octavio the speech about all the other Legends, their attributes, and their downfalls as they made their way back to Repulsor.

Everything that Octavio and Elliot had pulled out to use or tossed off the jump pad began to disappear when it got close to match time. Elliot glanced over to Octavio who was running in place, "We'll have to wait until for the match officially begins before we can access anything on it." Team Speed can be Tricky had an advantage because they would start directly in the arena. They wouldn't have to bother with hopping out of a transport ship.

Elliot and Octavio both agreed that they would start in Repulsor since that's where they had started in the first place and also since Octavio was fairly familiar with the lay out. Elliot had also suggested that the loot in Repulsor was decent compared to other places in the arena. Elliot was also about 75% sure that none of the other teams would drop in with them since Repulsor was so far out. Most of the Legends liked to keep things centralized, especially since they all knew where one team would land for sure.

Elliot pulled up the map to show Octavio what his thoughts were. "Bomb Squad will probably land in Relay or Wetlands. That's Gibraltar and Bangalore. They both can launch bombs from the sky. Void Hunting will probably land in Skull Town. That's Bloodhound and Wraith. You can expect recon and portals from them. Science is the best Medicine will land in Bunker for sure. That's Caustic and Lifeline." Elliot started laughing.

Octavio just stood there quietly for a moment but when Elliot would stop laughing Octavio had to speak up, "What's so funny amigo?" Elliot looked over to Octavio, "Lifeline and Caustic." He paused and did his best Ajay Che impersonation of her best impersonation of Mikhail, "Ajay was like: I am with Dr. Mikhail Caustic and I get ta play Bunker defense" He laughed, "Ajay is not happy to be paired with him tonight. He is rough around the edges. He is not big in being a team player right now."

Octavio immediately grew tense and stood the most still that he had ever stood in his life. He clenched his fists to his sides. "Ajay. Were they on a first name basis? Of course they were. Elliot was a coworker. Or her boyfriend?" He quickly brushed the thought away and began running in place again. Octavio didn't want Elliot to know about his rocky past with Ajay. He didn't want to ruin her career or her life, again.

"How do you know so much about this place and these Legends Elliot?" Octavio was trying to lighten his own mood a bit and get to know a little more about his competition. Elliot sighed, "I've been around for a bit." Octavio raised an eyebrow, "Where? I have never seen you on the telemundo." Octavio began to pace as he waited for a response from his teammate, but it sure was taking a while.

"Yeah, well I was part of Apex before it was a televised event. I did some engineering with the holo-pilot tech. I even put together my own suit for the arena. I went through a lot to get here." Elliot sighed because he really had been through a lot with the loss of his brothers and his mother's declining mental health. He missed his mom any time that he thought about her. He wished that there was more that he could do for her; he wished that there was a cure.

"The truth is I have been in out of Apex, mostly doing a lot behind the scenes stuff when I could. I had a lot to take care of back home, so Apex supported me while I took care of my personal business. When I was able to commit to a full-time position, they helped me out when I was ready to come back. They have done a lot for me."

Octavio nodded because he knew that was true. He was in a similar situation. If Apex wanted you then they made it clear; or at least their recruiter made it clear. Octavio's spot was held until he was able to take care of his own business and he had a lot of shit to take care of. As it turns out being rich and having money didn't solve all of his problems. In fact, being rich and having money made him lose his best friend.

Elliot didn't like the awkward silence between him and Octavio, so he tried to fill it without being awkward, which he usually failed at. "Everyone has their story of why they are here. All of the Legends have a different story. None of them just showed up to compete in the arena for the fame and glory. Every Legend has some deeper or even darker story. Everyone is chasing some kind of dream or nightmare." He paused for a moment, "Why are you here Octavio?"

A blank look washed over Octavio's face but Elliot couldn't see it of course. He shrugged, "Some people are just here for the fame and the glory." Octavio struck a quick pose and pointed at himself as he lied to Elliot, "That's my story Amigo. Not everyone has something deep and dark that they are competing for. Sometimes things are just what they are; surface level shit." Elliot shrugged and nodded, "I guess he could be right but then he would be the only one out of all of us."

The arena clock began countdown at the 60 second mark and Octavio was ready to go. He really needed to blow off some steam by getting a good run in and some target practice. A laugh or two wouldn't hurt either. The closer the countdown got to zero the more anxious Octavio got. Elliot smiled at his teammate, "By the way my name in the area is Mirage. What about you?" Octavio smirked underneath his mask, "Octane."

Chapter Text

Once the countdown clock hit zero Octane yelled, "NON TERRAE PLUS ULTRA!" He then sped off to loot anything and everything that he could. Mirage laughed, "Yeah! Whatever he said!" They both quickly looted Repulsor before they headed towards Swaps to grab some loot and hopefully meet up with Bomb Squad in the Shattered Forest. This was the fastest that Mirage had ever looted and before he knew it they we headed towards the Shattered Forest.

Both Octane and Mirage were outfitted in level one armor, a level one helmet, and a level one backpack. They both managed to find ammo, syringes, and shield cells. As far as guns went Mirage was carrying a Hemlok and an R301. Octane found an R99 and he was instantly satisfied with his discovery. Octane told Mirage that he liked the R99 because, "She's fast, like me." So it was no surprise that when Octane found a second R99 he picked it up and he was ready to go.

"Yo, Mirage. Why do they call it the Shattered forest?" As they approached the Shattered forest Octane thought it looked more like a burnt forest. All of the trees were black and pretty much burnt to the ground; in fact some of the tree remains were still smoldering and smoking. Mirage shrugged, "Someone told me the story once but I don't remember the whole thing. It used to be called the Glass Forest though." Octane shrugged and pointed as he saw two figures running through the Shattered Forest. Mirage nodded, "Bomb Squad."

Octane threw down his jump pad as he used a stim filled syringe. He quickly ran at the jump pad and launched himself into the air at the Bomb Squad members who had stopped running once they heard the other team behind them. Octane shot Gibraltar in the head with his R99 while doing a flip in the air. When Octane's metal feet hit the dirt so did Gibraltar's knees as he was down from the gunfire. 

Bangalore launched her smoke near Gibraltar to provide some cover. She then tossed out her rolling thunder at Mirage. Bangalore double timed over to Gibraltar while dodging all of the bullets that Octane shot at her. Bangalore began to pick up Gibraltar within the cover of her smoke but she immediately stopped as her teammate tagged Mirage who was right in front of them, "Right there!" Bangalore's missiles fell from the sky and lined the ground around them.

Bangalore stood up and quickly withdrew her P2020. She fired the pistol in the direction of Mirage only for his decoy to dissipate into thin air as her bullets hit it. The missiles began to explode around the two teams but they didn't seem to hit anyone. By the time Bangalore could react to Mirage's decoy it was too late, Mirage was already behind her and had managed to get a few pulls of his Hemlok into her. He broke her armor and depleting her health. Both Bangalore and Gibraltar turned into death boxes as the smoked cleared. 

Mirage and Octane gave one another a fist bump before they looted. They quickly took what they needed and proceed to the buildings straight ahead of them known as The Farm. Their final destination would be through Cascades and then to Bunker. As they made their way to the top of the hill Mirage motioned for Octane to stop while he listened. Mirage put his index finger to his lips as he whispered, "Shhhh." He pointed to the only building with doors as he could hear movement.

He whispered into the comms device, "There are only two points of entry. I will take the door on the other side. You take the door on the left side. Shoot through the windows." Octane nodded and they both moved as quietly as they could to their locations outside of the doors. Just as Mirage said, each entry way had a window next to it. Octane readied his R99 and Mirage withdrew his R301. They both peaked through the windows. Mirage could see Bloodhound through his window and Octane could see Wraith though the other window. "Three!" Mirage whispered yelled into the comms device.

With one clip from each gun, both Wraith and Bloodhound were death boxes in no time. They both entered through each door and fist bumped once again. "Octane, grab throwables. Caustic will have the Bunker on lockdown with gas traps. We can shoot the traps at their bases to disable them but only if we actual see the base of the traps. If we can't see the traps, and go in blindly, then we will set them off." Octane nodded and picked up a few termites and a grenade, "Got it amigo!"

Mirage picked up his own throwables as well, mostly thermites, "We need to go and hit the backside of Bunker so that we can maintain high ground. It's on the Airbase side right next to High Desert." Mirage had been in the arena long enough to know how important high ground was. Octane gave him a thumbs up and the both ran out of the building. Octane didn't bother to check his mini-map, he trusted that Mirage knew where he was going.

They ran through Three Way and slid down into the water, ignoring all the buildings in between. They went up the left side of Bunker and made their way to the backside of Bunker. Elliot noticed that none of the bins had been opened, which meant that the enemy team didn't come in or leave through the backside. Mirage and Octane didn't bother to open the bins either so that they didn't make any unnecessary noise.

Octane looked at the ominous closed door in front of him and then he looked over to Mirage, "What's the plan amigo?" Mirage looked at Octane as they stood outside of the Bunker door. "As soon as the siren goes off for the ring countdown we'll open the door and play it by ear. Shoot down any traps that you can see and chuck throwables in." Mirage was quite happy with his plan because he It was the only plan that he had at the moment.

Octane nodded in agreement and opened the door to Bunker as soon as the sirens sounded to signal the ring countdown. They both began to shoot down Caustic's gas traps one by one and tried to enter Bunker as covertly as they could. Mirage pulled out a thermite and threw it around the corner, down into the long hallway. One of the gas traps that they couldn't see went off as it sizzled in the fire. 

"Damn." Mirage was hoping to get into Bunker clean and wipe the squad without a hitch but he wasn't quite sure how many traps that Caustic could place at one time. They both listened and they both heard the crack of not one but two sets of body armor. "They are both cracked." Mirage announced to Octane. Mirage was actually quite surprised that he was able to bust both two armors in one thermite, "I'm gonna add that to resume."

Octane pulled out a thermite and chucked around the corner. They both heard a clunk followed by a knock, and then sizzling. So to follow was the familiar sound of a death box hitting the metal grated floor of the Bunker hallway. As soon as Octane heard the shuffle of footsteps from the only other member on the enemy team, he ran around the corner with his R99 out. 

When he got around the corner he was greeted by bullets that came whirling through the flames of the thermite. He didn't have time to fire as his armor cracked. "Lucky shot." He backed himself around the corner but as soon as he did he heard the front set of Bunker doors open. He knew that he had catch whoever was leaving before that made it to a respawn point in the arena.

Octane yanked out a stim filled syringe from his pocket and injected himself. He took off around the corner, again, as fast as he could. Mirage yelled into the comms device at him, "What are you doing?" Octane ran through his own fire, which depleted some of his health. He jumped over a death box, which he didn't have any time to examine. He made it to the front of Bunker just in time to see someone run into the house just to the left of the entrance. He pulled out another stim and injected himself once more. Octane did not intend to lose his first match.

As he quickly approached the disfigured house he decided to veer towards the left and around the house so that he could cut off the enemy outside of the house. His footsteps were loud in the water once he from made it there. He looked around but there was no one in sight. The valley of water led towards an open area with another set of beat-up houses, but they were distant, "No way they made it over there."

Octane spotted a large rock sitting in the water. He pulled out his R99 and jogged over to the rock. When he got to the rock he could only stand there as he looked at the enemy crouched in the water. He stared down at her for longer than he should have but he couldn't help himself; he didn't know if it was really her or not. He knelt down in front of Lifeline and fought back the urge to touch her to see if she was real. He hadn't seen her in so long. If it wasn't for the damn match that they were in, then he would have hugged her.

Lifeline's features were just as soft as her remembered them. He watched the look of disbelief wash over her face when she saw him. Mirage was yelling something into his ear over the comms device but Octane really couldn't make out what he was saying, nor did he care. He just wanted to stay there and that moment and take all of her in.

He reached up and pulled the comms device from his head. He then reached over and gently removed her comms device, brushing his fingers against her hair as he did. Octane tossed both comms devices into the water behind him. The comms devices sparked and sizzled in the water until they eventually shorted out and could no longer produce any type of signal; after all they were not waterproof. No one could hear them; no one could see them. He had cut the audio and video feed from viewers.

When he was sure that they were not being watched he finally spoke to her from underneath his masked face, "Che." His voice was low and calm. He knew that she allowed him to call her that; he was the only one that was allowed to call her that. He watched her lips move as she tried to speak. Her sweet voice was nothing more than a whisper to him but it was the sweetest whisper that he had heard in a long time, "Silva."

He smiled under his mask because he had not heard that name in a very long time. Just as she allowed him to call her Che, he allowed her to call him Silva. "She is the only one that can call me that." He stared at her as she gazed into his goggle-covered eyes. He watched the pain and confusion in her beautiful brown eyes. He wished that he could take all of her pain away. He hated seeing her in such pain.

Octane removed his broken armor and tossed it to the side. He could see her face fill with more pain as he reached into his backpack and removed the only grenade that he had picked up. The pin hit the water in silence as he yanked it from the grenade and tossed it away. The grenade flashed red as he held it in his hand. He knew it wouldn't explode until seconds after he released it; that's how the arena was programmed.

His face closed the gap between them as he pressed his forehead to hers. He wanted to laugh because she smelt faintly of burnt vanilla. It was a mixture of her and the fire from the thermite. He felt bad when he saw the warm streams of tears pouring down her face; leaving clean lines amongst all the dirt. He desperately wanted to wipe her tears away but deep down he knew that she wouldn't let him. He was surprised that she had even let him get this close to her.

When her gun hit the water he wondered why she didn't just shoot him right then and there. He was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, he had another chance. He had so much to say to her but he could see that she was in shock, and in no state to hear what he had to say. Octane watched as Lifeline was barely moving; she was barely even breathing. For once his heart wasn't racing and he was the one who was calm. "Shocker."

Octane reached down with his free hand and forced her soft hands open. His body ached as he actually touched her hands with his own. He could feel the tremble of her hands as he placed the grenade into them. He released his grasp on the grenade and watched her face fill with anger as tears poured down her face even faster than before.

One second was just enough time for the arena to register that the grenade was out of his possession. After that one second was over Octane wrapped his hands tightly around hers. He could see a look of absolute surprise overtake Lifeline's face as she began to shake her head at him. Her words came out in uncontrollable whispers, "No. No. No. No." He was almost ashamed of what he had just done but he knew it was the only thing that he could do.

He wanted to tell her why he was doing what he was doing, "I can't kill you in this battle royale. Not now at least. It's not fair. What I did to you... I hope that you understand that the only way out of this situation is if I kill us both." Octane snapped out of his thoughts and talked to her in a calm, even tone, "Shhh. It's okay. Just like old times. Just me and you Che...." His voice sounded abnormally calm, even to himself.

Octane knew that he never sounded that calm and that he probably wasn't fooling her with his tone of voice. He watched Lifeline as she closed her beautiful eyes and pressed her forehead firmly against his. He closed his emerald eyes, which were hidden behind his goggles. He then waited for the detonation. The expulsion was loud as it echoed through the small valley just beyond Bunker. It was the last thing that he remembered hearing.

Mirage strolled out of Bunker and heard the explosion from where he stood. "What the...?! He ran over to source of the noise to investigate. He found his teammate's death box and Lifeline's death box on top of one another. "What the heck happened?" He couldn't make sense of what had just happened but it really didn't matter as his thoughts were soon interrupted by the announcer's voice, "We have our Apex Champions."

Mirage had no one to celebrate with so threw out a decoy to dance with him while he was on camera. He was still a little confused by the whole situation. He wondered if maybe Lifeline had the grenade that killed them, but then he wonder why Octane would be so close. He kept dancing until he was teleported back to the transport ship where all of the other Legends were already waiting.

Chapter Text

Instead of soothing, the hum of the transport ship was almost deafening to her ears. “Dis what it feels like? Dis what it feels like ta die in da arena…” Ajay was hunched over in her seat with her eyes closed. She heard Mirage nearby as he yelled, “Party at my place after debriefing. You can come take a look at your winners!” Ajay tried to relax in her seat but she had no time to relax as the ship was already landing. “How long was I out?” Apparently she was out long enough that the ship was able to make it back to HQ without her knowledge.

She really didn’t want to move from the ship, so sat there with her elbows on her knees and her forehead in hands. She took in a deep breath and opened her eyes. Her head felt like it was going to split open. It almost felt like she was having some sort of bad hangover. She really didn’t know if what she was feeling had to do with her death in the arena or from the emotional trauma that she was forced to live through just before dying in the arena. Either way, it didn’t feel pleasant to her body.

As soon as she stood up she almost fell over as the pain from her head flooded over her whole body. If it were not for someone’s arm catching her and breaking her fall then she would have been one with the floor of the ship. “I got you.” She was barely able to hear Anita’s voice through the pounding in her ears. Anita smirked at her, “The first time isn’t easy but it gets easier.” She steadied Ajay and helped her off the ship. “Thank yuh.” Anita nodded as they slowly entered the hanger and then loading area. Anita even helped Ajay into a conference room for debriefing.

Ajay was still hurting pretty bad as she went through her debriefing process. She got an ear full about removing her comms device during the match, “Which I didn do!” By that point in the conversation she gave them an ear full back about D.O.C. not working in Mikhail’s stupid gas. Ajay and the two interviewers in the conference room seemed to be yelling back and forth at one another without much resolution.

By the time she was done, all of the Legends were waiting outside of the door to see if they could hear what was going on in the conference room. Ajay opened the door and the other Legends scrambled around the room and pretended to be preoccupied with other things so that they would not get caught listening in on her yelling match. Ajay knew that they could all hear what was going on inside the conference but she didn’t really care.

Octavio was sitting on the sofa, which was rare because he hardly ever sat still. Elliot was reading a book but the book was upside down. Anita was filing her nails; which she hated anything remotely ‘girly’ related. Renee and Bloodhound were conversing, which was actually semi-normal. Makoa was hiding in the bathroom. The only person acting normal was Mikhail but now he was approaching her, “You must understand, death is the true test.”

After Mikhail’s short speech he walked away and left the room completely. Ajay just shook her throbbing head at him. She had no words for Mikhail except “What da fuck ever.” She didn’t bother to voice those words out loud because it wouldn’t do her any good. She was exhausted and really just wanted to get blackout drunk, go to bed, and forget this whole night.

Ajay made her way over to outfit screen and changed back into her civilian clothing. It was like magic every time, which was kind of nice. Anita could see that Ajay was still struggling so she helped her get her backpack on. Octavio and Elliot approached the two women as if they were going to help. Anita gave both Octavio and Elliot a death stare, which sent both of the men back to where they came from.

Elliot hopped up onto a sofa to get the attention of everyone that was still left in the room, “Winners right here.” He pointed to himself and then to Octavio, “Party. My house. Now!” Elliot hopped down from the sofa and both him, and Octavio, ran out to get the party started. The rest of Legends followed at a normal pace. Ajay sauntered out behind everyone else. She really had no hurry left in her body. Partying was also out of the question. “Definitely not happenin.”

The air outside of HQ was warm, just as it had been earlier in the day before the match. Ajay looked up at the bright moon and wondered what time it was. It felt like the moon was spinning around her very quickly. Her head was spinning and throbbing at the same time. “Hey kid, you coming to Elliot’s?” Ajay nearly jumped to the sound of Anita’s voice. Ajay rubbed the back of her neck as if it would help ease the throbbing in her head, “Nah. I’m gonna head home.”

Anita raised an eyebrow to Ajay’s response. She never knew Ajay as one to skip out on a party. Something must have been seriously wrong if she wasn’t going out tonight. Anita shrugged because it wasn’t her business, “Okay. You want me to walk you home and tuck you in kid?” Ajay shook her head, which was a mistake as soon as she did it, “Nah. Thank yuh.” Ajay forced a fake smile to Anita that quickly fell from her face once Anita left.

Ajay made a quick stop at the liquor store on her way home. She was getting the feeling that the people that worked at the liquor store knew her and it wasn't because she was a Legend. She left the store with three bottles of rum. She didn’t need Elliot and his stupid party, she could party all by herself. 

She honestly just didn’t want to see Octavio again. She knew that the alcohol would only solve her problem for the night, kind of like a band aid. At least for one night she could kick back and not have to think about him. She really didn’t know what she was going to do with the rest of her time while she worked with him. "How da fuck did he get a job wit Apex?" She let out a heavy sigh.

When she entered her apartment she went through her normal routine. She kicked her shoes off by the door. She flipped on a light and set the bottles of rum down onto the dining room table. Sadly the alcohol had become part of her normal routine. She pulled out D.O.C. and gave the drone a little pat before releasing it to roam. She opened a bottle of rum and headed down the hallway towards her bedroom.

As soon as the rum hit her taste buds it was like instant gratification for her. She set her backpack down on the floor and rifled through it until she pulled out her pill bottle. She pulled out four pills and then set the bottle on the table next to her bed. She tossed the pills into her mouth and drowned them down with a large amount of rum.

The light from her phone was almost too bright as she pulled it from her backpack to take a look at the time. It was a little past midnight according to her phone. It didn't take her very long to finish off the first bottle of rum and it also didn't take very long for the liquor to hit her system. She tossed her phone onto her bed and fell face first onto the bed, dropping the empty bottle onto the floor in the process.

“Che! Che!” Ajay woke up to loud yelling and pounding on her apartment door. As she laid on her stomach on her bed she reached for her phone to look at the time. It was 2am. “Wasn’t it just midnight?” She felt like she had just closed her eyes. She rubbed her face as she got up out of her bed and nearly stumbled all the way to the entrance of her apartment. As the pounding on her door grew louder and echoed throughout the apartment she debated if she should even wanted to open the door. It’s not like she didn’t already know who it was.

When she finally managed to get the door open, through her dumbfounded drunkenness, she found Octavio standing there. Well he was barely able to stand. He was just as drunk as she was and he was more or less leaning against the door frame, “Che!” She could barely tell what was going on with his face. She noticed that his goggles were crooked across his forehead. His mask was on but tucked underneath his chin. His hair was a mess. “Che…” He interrupted her thoughts. “How da fuck does he know where I live…”

She rolled her eyes when he said her name again. There was a point in her life when she thought that she would never get sick of hearing the name Che but she did and she was still sick of it. Ajay knew that he wouldn’t leave her alone in his drunken state so she held the door open and pointed to the sofa in her living room. She would let him stay one night to sober up and then she would kick him out in the morning. She closed the door as Octavio fumbled his way through her apartment and collapsed onto the sofa. Ajay sighed as she leaned against the wall near the entry way. “Why did I let dis boy…”

As she made it halfway down the hall she could faintly hear his voice, “Hey, Che. I want to tell you...” Octavio was mumbling into the sofa. Ajay was fumbling with her coordination as much as Octavio had fumbled into her apartment. She made it a point to slam her bedroom door shut. The noise didn’t seem to bother Octavio but he did try to salvage the one-sided conversation, “Oops. Never mind.” Octavio muttered. “Maybe in the morning.” He passed out as soon as he finished his words.

Ajay sat in the darkness of her bedroom for about an hour. She couldn’t sleep because she was so angry with herself and Octavio. She was also afraid that the nightmares would come back in full force instead of the small fragments that she had been having. She finally decided that she was done wallowing in self-pity. She wanted more rum but in order to get any more rum she would have to venture out of her room. She could only hope that Octavio was asleep or had left her apartment completely.

She opened her bedroom door and nearly tripped over Octavio who was sleeping on the floor. “Why isn’t he on da sofa?” She was a little shocked that D.O.C. was tucked underneath his arm. “What in da fuck D.O.C…” She whispered as she stepped over him and her drone. She grabbed her second bottle of rum and slinked back into her bedroom, gently closing the door behind her. She was just relieved that she made it back to her bedroom without any sort of conflict.

Ajay didn’t want to think about the rest of the night. She didn’t even want to remember the rest of the night if she had a choice. She took her first career loss. “If only I had ammo.” She tried really hard not dwell on it. She couldn’t figure out why Octavio was back in her life after all of these years. It was just one more thing that she wanted to forget about. She wanted to forget him again. She just wanted to black out everything and forget that this whole night ever happened.

The smell of the rum was wonderful when she finally got the bottle open. Rum had always been her drink of choice, ever since she could remember. There was a point in her life when she hated alcohol. She hated the smell. She hated the taste. She hated everything about alcohol. She finally forced herself to like it and in the end, alcohol made it easier for her to get through some of the harder days of her life. Especially when she didn’t have anyone else but herself and D.O.C.

The taste of the rum was even better than the smell as she enjoyed a long drink from the bottle. Ajay could feel the pain in her left side, which she thought was getting better. She grabbed her pill bottle and popped it open. In her haste she spilled the bottle and pills went all over her bed. She shrugged at what she had done and retrieved four pills. She left the rest strewn upon her bed; what was the fucking point of picking them up now. She downed the pills with the rest of her rum before laying down on her bed and falling back to sleep.

Chapter Text

Octavio stretched his arms out and sat up. He was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. Nothing special, just something he could run around in. He loved to run all the time. It was extremely hard for him to sit still. He was always so full of energy; it was just the way that he had always had been. He was just one big ball of energy.

Maybe that’s why Ajay Che complimented him so well. She was laid back and sometimes more realistic. She balanced some of his behaviors. She was just overall easy to get along with. That’s how she had always been to him. Ever since he met her they just fit so well together; kind of like puzzle pieces. Like perfect little pieces, or so he thought.

He looked around her apartment. It was clean, almost sterile, "Definitely Che's style of living."  He felt a slight nudge underneath his right arm. He looked down and saw D.O.C. His emerald eyes lit up as he gave her a firm pat before she drifted away. He knew that Ajay probably wouldn’t in admit to it now, but a long time ago, in a moment of weakness, Ajay admitted to him that D.O.C. was indeed female; even though D.O.C. was a drone.

Octavio could vaguely remember how he got to her apartment last night. He rubbed his forehead for a moment as he tried to put together how he got to her apartment. He wondered how he even got into her apartment. "Did I break in? She wouldn't willingly let me in... Not after everything..." He never thought in a million years that she would have anything do with him but here he was, sitting on her apartment floor in front of her bedroom door. As he thought about it last night came rushing back to him.

He had left HQ with Elliot. It didn’t take long before they made it Elliot’s to apartment suite number 1111. “This place is huge Amigo!” Elliot smiled, “It fits my huge personality. Make yourself at home buddy. What do you want to drink?” Octavio followed Elliot over to the bar. “Vodka and Red Bull?” Elliot nodded, “Coming right up.” Octavio walked around the living as Elliot hopped behind the bar to prepare their drinks. Octavio raised an eyebrow, “Wild night?”

Elliot returned to Octavio with his drink in hand to find Octavio staring at a pair of black, lace panties laying on his floor.” Octavio gently disconnected the dialyzer on his belt, pulled his mask down under his chin, and began downing his drink. He could never just sip on alcohol. Elliot smiled and picked up the panties off of the floor. He rubbed the back of his neck and shoved the panties into his pocket. “It’s always a wild night with her.”

Octavio smiled as Elliot took his glass and refilled it almost immediately. “Is this how Legends get treated around here on Solace?” Octavio pushed his goggles up as he downed another drink. “Treated like what?” Anita and Renee strolled in. Octavio laughed. "Money, women, and sex!” Anita rolled her eyes, “Calm down killer and keep it in your pants. Don’t give us a bad reputation.” Elliot handed Renee some type of martini and Anita a bottle of whiskey. “Where’s Ajay?”

Octavio nearly choked on his drink but played it off as Anita looked at him and then back over to Elliot. She took a drink from the bottle of whiskey before answering. “The kid isn’t making it. Makoa is on a date. So it’s just us.” Elliot laughed, “Ajay? Miss a party?” Elliot handed Octavio another drink. Octavio couldn’t believe what he was hearing “Che is at a party?” Anita nodded, “That’s what I thought. I offered to walk her home but she said she would be fine.”

Anita was about half done with her bottle of whisky when she emptied her pockets and made her way into hot tub. Renee had somehow managed to sneak off into the hot tub by herself. As soon as Elliot left to take drink orders Octavio quickly searched through Anita’s phone until he found Ajay’s information and then her address. He used his own phone to take a picture of the information and quickly put Anita’s phone back together before Elliot returned.

Elliot shrugged, “Well I guess it’s just me, you, and the ladies tonight buddy.” Octavio placed a hand over his mouth and yawned. “Nah. You go ahead. I’m bored.” Elliot looked a little taken back “No one is ever bored at my parties.” Octavio made his way towards the front door. “I’m gonna head out.” Elliot waved at Octavio, “Yeah. Sure.” Octavio fumbled with the front door before he finally opened it and left; only to return to set his glass on the table next to the door and then leave again.

He had forgotten what it was like to be drunk but he didn’t care. It’s wasn't like he was black out drunk; at least he didn’t think he was. He ran all the way to Ajay’s apartment and didn’t make any stops along the way. When he got there he glanced at his phone to make sure that he had the right apartment number. He briefly notice that it was 2am. He began assaulting her door with his fist until she opened it.

“Yeah. That’s how I got here.” Octavio stood up and brushed his jet black hair out of his vision. He dusted off his clothing as he stood up, “Che?” He said softly through the door as he pulled his mask from his chin and shoved it into his pocket. He waited for a response but he grew impatient when he didn’t hear anything from her. “Che, we need to talk and I would prefer if we didn’t do it through a door.” His Latin accent was heavy and laced with traces of alcohol from the previous night.

She still didn’t respond to him. He wondered if she was even in her bedroom. Octavio pressed his forehead against Ajay’s bedroom door as he got ready to beg but to his surprise the weight of his head slowly pushed the door open. He pulled his head away for a moment and stopped. He hesitated, as he had second thoughts about proceeding. He let out a sigh and used his hand to push the door open just a little further. He could see Ajay laying with her face in the mattress.

Ajay was still dressed in her clothing from the previous day, even her hair was still up from the match last night. Octavio threw his hands up into air out of frustration and walked over to her, “Che, quit ignoring me. We need to talk.” The room was obnoxiously silent and smelt like rum, “Is she really that mad at me that she won’t even look at me?” He sighed again and dropped his hands to his sides. He didn’t come this far to give up. So regardless of whether she looked at him or not he was still going to say what he needed to say, “Please Che… I…” 

He trailed off and looked around the room. There were two empty bottles of rum on the floor and an open bottle of pills. There were pills scattered all over the bed. “Che…?” He leaned down and placed his fingers onto Ajay’s neck and felt around her carotid artery; trying to make sure that she still had a pulse. It was something that she had taught him a long time ago. He was relieved when he did find her pulse, but it was weak and thready. He didn’t exactly know what thread meant but Ajay had once told him that it wasn’t good.

“Oh, no, no, no, no!” Octavio quickly pulled her into her arms and flipped her over. He held her against him with an arm underneath her head and one underneath the back of her legs. He placed his ear to her chest and just like her pulse, her heart didn’t sound so hot to him. He held her body against his and stood up. He quickly raced towards the bathroom, holding onto her as tight as he possibly could, “Hold on Che.” He flung the door up and turn on the light. Her body looked worse under the light in the bathroom; which made him start to panic.

Ajay’s body felt limp and lifeless in his arms; almost like he was holding a life-sized Ajay Che doll. Her skin was cool and sweaty. Octavio stepped into the shower and turned the cold water on. He sat down with his back against the wall of the shower. He positioned Ajay between his legs and placed her back to his chest. He let the water run down the front of her without drowning her in it completely. “Che!” He was practically yelling at her over the running water as he shook her; trying to get some sort of response from her.

Octavio wrapped his right arm over the front of her chest and grasped her left shoulder with his right hand. He dug into his pocket with his left hand and pulled out a syringe filled with bright green liquid. He popped the cap off with his thumb and squeezed her skin on her left arm. “Sorry, Che.” He didn’t know what else to do but he didn’t want to lose her. So he did the only thing that made sense to him. He stuck the needle into her left arm and let the stim drain into her body before he removed the syringe from her arm.

He tossed the syringe to the other side of the shower and wrapped left arm around her. He held her body tightly against him as Ajay’s body began to convulse in his arms. Even with her uncoordinated movements he still overpowered her with his strength and made sure that she didn’t hurt herself. Ajay opened her eyes but the light felt it was burning a hole into skull. Her heart began pounding rapidly in her chest and she nearly struggled to breathe. She screamed from all of the pain as it returned to her body and started to shiver uncontrollably.

Ajay’s stomach flipped and turned, then her throat burned and she starting heaving all over both of them. She emptied what was left in her stomach into the shower, which was pretty much liquid. She slumped her head forward, with the rest of her body, and closed her eyes from weakness. Octavio held her tight with one arm and pushed her hair from her face with his other as he whispered to her, “It’s okay Che.” He just kept repeating it over and over. Ajay could hear Octavio's voice but it seemed so far away.

Her body didn’t feel lifeless in his arms anymore but something still didn’t seem right to him. He thought that she should have been more awake by now but she wasn't. Octavio looked down at the water as it circled the drained. The water was a tint of red but he couldn't comprehend why. “What is going on?” He traced the water back up to her and that's when he knew that there was obviously a more serious problem going on.

Octavio reached up and turned off the water. A painful moan escaped her lips as he shifted her in his arms and stood up. He grabbed some towels as her carried her out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. He laid her pale body across her bed and did his best to remain level headed but it was getting pretty fucking difficult. 

He was able to get her out of all of her clothing as fast as he could. He moved her hair wet hair from her body to get a better look at her and that’s when he saw it. On the left portion of her chest was a dressing that had already began to fall off from blood and water. He removed the dressing completely and dried the area underneath it.

When he got a better look at what the dressing had hidden underneath it, he knew what he had to do. He positioned gently positioned her onto her right side and moved her left arm above her head. “Che, can you hear me?” Ajay nodded with her eyes closed. He pressed a towel to her wound as it seeped with bright red blood, “Che, I need your help. I need you to hold this for me.” He took her right hand and forced it against the towel. Ajay pressed her hand firmly against the towel.

“Back in the day she would keep one under her bed. There it is...” Octavio had knelt down to dig underneath her bed. When he came back up he was not emptied handed, he had her first aid kit with him. Octavio popped the kit open and got the suture kit out. He hurried to thread the crescent needle before removing the scissors and tweezers from the kit. He eased her hand from the towel and removed the towel from her side.

Ajay’s hand fell limp onto the bed as Octavio clipped the portion of the stitches that were tied off. He then used the tweezers to remove the thread from her skin. He pulled gauze out and pressed it against her open wound as blood began to pour out. He shook his head as the gauze soaked up all of the blood rather quickly. “I guess I’ll just have to do my best Che.” He cursed under his breath and went to work.

He grabbed the crescent needle and removed the blood soaked gauze. He was going to have to do his best navigating stitches while she was bleeding and hoped that she didn’t bleed out on him. He punctured her skin with the needle and meticulously weaved the thread in and out of her skin until he was satisfied with his work. 

He tied off the thread and clipped the excess. The saline must have been cold when it he poured it over her stitched up wound because he watched her body shake in response. He hoped that it was only thee saline and that she wasn't going to into shock. He patted the stitched area dry with some gauze before covering and securing the cover with tape.

Octavio cleaned up the mess on the bed and put the first aid kit away. He slipped off his wet clothing and hung it over a chair in her room. He climbed into her bed with her, sitting with his back against the headboard. He gently pulled Ajay into him, leaving her on right side. He placed her head on his chest and pulled the blankets up over them. He gently caressed her cheek and ran his fingers through her hair as he watched her breathe.

Chapter Text

It was hard for Octavio to sit as still as he did. It had been a very long time since he had been confined to one place. He watched as the afternoon light washed over Ajay’s face and body. He knew in his heart that there was nowhere else that he would rather be then right here with her. He actually wasn’t hating this slow paced stay in bed type situation. He was rather comfortable with this beautiful woman laying naked across him.

It had been a few hours since he had stimmed her and patched her up. The color was already returning to her soft skin. She felt warm again, even her pulse felt stronger. Octavio couldn’t help but stare as the light graced her gorgeous body. His fingers played with her hair; it was so much longer than it was when he had last seen her. She looked so much different too. She had definitely grown up a lot.

Ajay fingertips ran along Octavio’s arm as she began to wake up. She pried her eyes open and tried to make sense of her surroundings. She felt like someone had piled a ton of bricks on top of her. As she sat up she felt like she was fighting to push all of the bricks off of her; like they were weighing her down. She was fully convinced that someone had left bricks in her bed.

She shifted her weight to her right hip and leaned onto her right hand. She rubbed her eyes in an attempt to get the world back into focus. The cool air from her sent chills along her skin as the blankets fell from her body. Octavio could see all of the color rush to her face as his eyes traveled along all of her naked curves. “Silva?”

Her brain couldn't fully comprehend why Octavio was in her bed. When she realized that she was naked, she panicked and quickly grabbed the sheet. She wrapped the sheet around herself and tumbled out of bed onto her feet. It took her moment to adjust her sore body as she stood up straight. Ajay was about to yell at Octavio but when she looked down at him, he was splayed out naked on her bed.

Ajay had inadvertently taken the only thing covering both of them and was now using it to cover herself. She didn’t know if her face could turn a darker shade of red but if it could then it would have right at that moment. She quickly turned around and tried to hide her face. She looked over to see his clothing draped across the nearby chair. “Why are his clothes off? What in da fuck happen last night…”

Octavio laughed at her reaction, “Damn Che, that’s harsh. That hasn’t happened to me in a very long time.” He wasn’t lying about that part. When she didn’t say anything to him he continued to tease her, “Come on Che. It’s not like you haven’t see me naked before.” Ajay grabbed his clothes and threw them at him, “Get dressed and get outta here.”

She couldn’t look at him because she didn’t want him to see the embarrassment plastered all over her face. He was right though, she had seen him at this worst and naked. She had seen every single inch of his body on many occasions; even before he had prosthetics. “So why is dis any different? GET YUH SHIT TOGETHA! DID YUH SLEEP WIT HIM?”

After that last thought she couldn’t make eye contact with him because what if they had in fact slept together. She had been so mad at him for so long and if she had threw all of the pain and heartache away for a one night stand because she was fucked up on drugs and alcohol, then she could never live it down. Octavio was still laying naked in her bed. 

He stared intently at her body; he did not have a problem seeing her naked. He shifted his gaze over to Ajay’s mirror. He smiled when he noticed that he could see her face in the mirror. Octavio didn’t think that his smile could get any bigger but he felt like his face was going to break from smiling when he saw how red her face was in the mirror. He wondered why she was being so shy; it was almost like they were teenager again.

His gaze only lingered a little bit longer before he sat up and stretched. He quickly got his shorts and shirt on, “Okay Che. I’m dressed.” He struck a pose as she peeked over her shoulder at him to make sure that he wasn’t messing with her like he normally did. “Good, now get out.” Octavio dropped his shoulders, “Not happening Che.” She turned around with the sheet clutched to her chest, “I’m not messin round wit dis boy. It’s time ta leave Silva.” Her face was no longer red from blushing it was red from anger.

Octavio shook his head at her and stood his ground. He crossed his arms over his chest and gave his a serious look, “You almost died last night. I’m not leaving Che. No way!” She could hear the concern in his voice. She sighed and turned around. She really didn’t have any idea what he was talking about. “Fine. Whateva. Silva. Just don look so I can get dressed.” Octavio nodded and sat down on her bed. He closed his eyes so that she could get dressed, “You got it Che!” His voice was playful as he crossed his fingers behind his back. “Keep my eyes closed. Pft, you’re crazy Che. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

Ajay looked at Octavio for a moment. She could see that his eyes were closed but she didn’t necessarily trust him. She quickly waved a hand in front of his face but he didn’t move or even flitch. She stared at him a little bit longer and shrugged. “Are you done yet Che? I am so bored.” She rolled her eyes at him and turned around. “Nah I’m just gettin started.” Her body shivered as she released the sheet to the floor.

Octavio opened his eyes just in time to see Ajay turn around. He watched as the sheet fell from her body. He was very quiet as he stared at her bare ass. He dug his fingers into the bed as he resisted the urged to grab her ass. He hadn’t really looked at her earlier, when he was patching her up. He was too worried about saving her life not about observing every inch of her and thinking about what he could do with it. 

He peered over to the mirror to get a full frontal view of her while she was still naked. "Ugh Che..." He eyed her nipples as they stood rigid from the cool air. He knew that her breasts and nipples would look a hell of a lot better in his hands and mouth. He watched her breasts bounce with each and every single movement that she made. He got lost staring at her body and wondering what it would like to be inside of her again.

Ajay pulled a black bra and black lace panties out of her dresser drawer and she didn’t rush to put them on. “Yep just take it slow Che.” He watched her bend over and pull her panties up around her waist. “Why… you don’t really need panties? Do you?” He watched as she gathered her breasts and locked them into her stupid bra. He could clearly see a valley of cleavage that her bra had created once her breasts were in it. “Okay, the he bra is okay. But I still don’t see a point with the panties.”

Octavio watched as she leaned into the closest to pick out a shirt. The way her panties framed her ass was amazing. He wanted to reach out a grab her ass but he restrained himself yet again. He stared at her panties for a moment, and the longer that he stared at them the more they started to look familiar. He couldn’t quite place where had seen those exact pair of panties before but he knew that he had seen them somewhere He continued to sit perfectly still and enjoyed the show that she was unknowingly putting on for him.

He smiled, “Che are you done yet?” He continued to watch her in the mirror. She stopped everything that she was doing and rolled her eyes, “Nah, quit bein so impatient.” He watched her adjust her bra in the mirror. “You know Che, you got to see me naked and I have already seen you naked so...” He was clearly teasing her and seeing how much he could get away with.

She began to blush again as she thought about his naked body in her bed. She then thought about her naked body on top of his naked body. “Nah, don let him sweet talk yuh.” She sighed, “Just keep yuh eyes and yuh mouth shut.” Octavio was trying not to laugh as he stalled for time so that he could admiring her semi-naked body just a little bit longer. He liked knowing that he could make her blush so much in just a short amount of time.

She threw on a black tank top with some white writing on it that read Flyer Liar. It took Octavio a moment to make out what the writing said because it was backwards in the mirror. When he did finally make out the writing, he almost laughed out loud when he saw the name of Ajay’s old band; it felt nostalgic to him. He missed the band days; well until she left with the band because that kind of sucked for him. Ajay was killer on the drums; he never really understood why she stopped playing.

Ajay slipped on a pair of black jean shorts. He watched as her shorts clung tightly to her body and outlined her hips and cute ass. “Come on Che. Quit teasing me. You’re doing this on purpose.” Octavio hurried to close his eyes as Ajay finished getting dressed. He hoped that she didn’t see him peeking at her but if she did, then he would just let her know that he did have his fingers crossed behind his back and that it was her fault because she didn't check.

She turned around and walked back over to him. She waved her hand in front of his face once again. Octavio just sat there; he didn’t move an inch. She sighed because now she had no excuse not to talk to him if he wanted to talk to her. “Okay. Yuh can look.” He raised an eyebrow, “Finally, I was getting so bored.” Ajay threw the sheet at his face and shook her head. “Yuh always bored. Yuh can hardly eva sit still.”

“Che, I was joking.” He pulled the sheet away from his face and tossed it over his shoulder and back onto the bed. Ajay picked up her back and tossed it onto her sore body. He stood up, “Where are you going?” She looked around her room for her phone, “Trainin. Then we got a match tonight.” He pried her backpack from her shoulders; like a parent taking a toy away from a child, “Even if there was a match tonight you are in no condition to compete.” He set her backpack down on the floor next to her bed.

She could feel her body getting tense and upset because he took her backpack away, “Whatcha mean even if there was a match? We’re supposed ta have duos every night dis week. Where’s mi phone?” Octavio shook his head, “Nah, everything is cancelled until Friday. So we have a few days to relax and do other things if you catch my drift.” Ajay clenched her fists and Octavio could see that his teasing was only making her cute face turn into a cute angry face.

Octavio shuffled through the mess of bedding on her bed to find her phone. “You know Che, if you would take better care of your stuff then it would be easier to find your phone.” He quickly located her phone so that he wouldn’t receive any type of physical punishment from the statement that he just made. He held her phone out to her. She snatched her phone and sat down on the bed as she turned the screen on and began reading the text message from HQ:


Due to recent events, glitches, and malfunctions with equipment all matches are postponed until Friday. Details to follow.

The message was short and to the point. Ajay laid back on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She dropped her phone beside her on the bed. Octavio looked down at her, “Che.” He paused as she moved her forearm over her eyes; she didn’t want to look at him. “Che, we should talk.” She definitely didn’t want to talk to him. She was still so mad at him and not just because he just showed up out of the blue; that was only part of a much larger problem. At this point she just wanted him to leave so that she could continue to avoid any more conflict.

Chapter Text

Ajay pulled her arm away from her face and stood up from her bed to face Octavio, “Okay Silva, we yuh wanna talk? Then let's talk. First let’s talk about how ya blew me up in da arena. I bet that was real fun for yuh. Did yuh have that planned out or was it a classic last minute Silva idea?” She stopped momentarily to gather her thoughts and to try to calm herself down. 

“That’s one hell of a way ta say hello by blowin up yuh ex-best friend.” She paused again because she was getting upset. This is what she didn’t want to happened. She didn’t want to blow up in his face and let everything out and then become a mess afterwards. She truly thought that she had moved passed all of this stupid shit.

“Or would yuh like ta talk about how yuh almost died and guilt tripped mi inta makin yuh some legs. Then yuh left and played it off like it be nothin.” She was clenching her fists like she was going to punch him. “I flew out ta Harmony ta be with yuh. I almost lost my job with da Frontier Corps because of yuh fuckin stunt. But I didn once complain about a fuckin thing. I did what yuh asked.” A look of disappointment washed over her. She didn’t know if she was more disappointed with herself or with him.

“Che. I don’t want to point fingers…” Ajay interrupted him, “Then don put fingers!” Octavio continued to speak even though he know that he risked getting punched by her, “But you’re the one who blocked my number.” Ajay turned her back to him before she knocked his lights out, “Dis boy!”  She almost stomped her foot like a child but she caught herself and stopped herself before she did.

She took a deep breath and decided that this argument wasn’t worth her time. She decided that Octavio Silva wasn’t worth her time and her tears again. She just couldn't go through all of this shit again. This time she was going to be the one that walked away from him; not the other way around. So that’s what she did; she began to walk away before she said something that she would regret forever.

Octavio grabbed Ajay by her wrist because he couldn’t let her get away this time. She stopped in place but she didn’t turn around because if she did she might whack him upside the head for grabbing her. “No. Not this time Che. We’re not walking away from this conversation. I need you to hear what I have to say.”

He held her wrist tightly so that she couldn’t leave. Ajay remained silent because she knew that if she started talking that nothing nice would come out of her mouth. She simply stood there with her back to him. When she wouldn't turn around he decided that talking to her back was better than not talking to her at all.

“I’m sorry Che. You’re right. The way things went down back in the day... That was my fault. I threw the grenade to boost myself across the finish line to beat The Gauntlet Record. I knew what I was doing. That was my fault. I blew off my own legs in the process. That was my fault. I didn’t want to wait for them to heal. That was my fault."

He clutched her wristed tighter as pain seeped into his words, "I knew that you could make me better legs. I knew that you would make me better legs if asked but I knew that you wouldn't do it if you knew what the doctors had said. I couldn’t just sit around in rehab and wait to get better. I didn’t have time for all of that shit. The day I left I had a meeting with Apex and I couldn’t miss it.”

He realized that he had been holding her wrist too tight so he let go of her. He watched as her arm fell down to her side, “I just wanted to do more with my life. To be more. I couldn't do that on Psamathe, you have to know that. I couldn’t live that boring ass life like my padre. I couldn’t go back to that life."

Octavio took a deep breath and prepared himself for what he said next, "I would have killed myself and that’s no joke. I was ready to die Che..." He quickly shifted the topic, "Beating The Gauntlet Record was one of my best achievements and it got me a hell of a lot coverage. Apex noticed even me. They wanted me.”

He paused and tried to give her a moment to process everything that he had just told her but he also didn’t want her to leave so he continued before she could say or do anything, “I had to get to that meeting. Apex agreed to give me a contract but they wanted me to get some damn self-control first. So I had to disappear for a while and get my shit together." 

He stared down at the floor, "I couldn’t contact you because you ended communication with me. Even then, Apex had strict tabs on me at the time. The way I spoke with you in that text message was me being an asshole so that you wouldn’t come looking for me. I wanted you to live your own life without worrying about me. All I ever did was drag you down.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I did what they wanted me to and I got my shit together and while I am doing that I heard about a badass combat medic that joined the games, Lifeline. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if it was you but there’s no way that Che would join. And I was wrong, it was you. I couldn’t fucking believe it when I saw you on TV. I thought I had died or I was dreaming. I followed your whole career with Apex. It made me train harder to get here.”

He dropped his hands to his sides because he was starting to feel defeated, “I never stopped looking for you. I never stopped thinking about you or what I did to hurt you. I’m sorry Che. I really am. You drive me so fucking crazy. I mean crazy enough that I went to a party with people that I didn't even know so that I could secretly get your address. I get that you have a life now Che and if I am too much for your life then just tell me to leave and I will. I just needed you to know everything. I had to tell you.”

The room was silent for a long time until Octavio broke the awkward silence. “Che?” He said her name softly. “Please say something. Please say anything.” Octavio could handle any side of Ajay. The only side of Ajay that he couldn’t handle was the silent side. Ajay turned around and pushed tears from her wet face. He didn’t know how long she had been crying but her eyes were red and swollen.

“Silva. Yuh don even understand. I cut off communication because I just couldn’t keep carin anymore, it was killin mi. I sat up every night, worryin if yuh were dead. Yuh were everything ta mi and yuh just threw mi away; yuh threw us away like it was nothing ta yuh. I finally just wrote yuh off as dead so I didn have ta worry about yuh anymore. I thought if I could convince myself that yuh be gone then maybe I could get some peace.”

She had to stop for a moment so that every word she said didn’t come out as a childish sob, “But da worry never went away. I have nightmares every fuckin night Silva. I don sleep. I don eat. I train, battle, rinse, and repeat. I constantly replay mi goin ta see yuh in that damn hospital and yuh legs blown ta pieces. Yet there yuh are, smilin and jokin wit mi. I thought yuh were going ta die."

She pushed more tears away and threw her hands up but quickly dropped them, "Then, after everyting I did for yuh, I find out yuh lied to me. Yuh were on some train ta who da fuck knows where actin a fool through text and not returnin mi phone calls.” Tears poured from her eyes as she stopped trying to hold them back.

“Yuh fuckin lied to yuh best friend or whatevea we were. Whateva fucked up relationship we had with each otha at da time. I haven’t cried that hard since that day. Then yuh come waltzing into da arena and yuh take mi out. Yuh take mi out with da one thing that ya used to start dis whole cascade of shitty fuckin events between us. A fuckin grenade Silva. What am I suppose ta think? How da fuck am I supposed ta feel? Fuck, I don even know if I slept wit yuh last night because I was so fucked up.”

Octavio quickly closed the gap between them, “No Che. I couldn’t take you out. I didn’t have it in me. I was so stunned when I saw you that I did the only that I could think of; I took both of us out. I couldn’t bear to put a bullet into your beautiful body. But I also couldn’t stand there and lose my contract. That’s why I pulled the comms devices and destroyed them. That’s why I set off the grenade and stayed with you. There was less questions that way.” He brought his hands up to her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

He held her cheeks in his hands as he looked into her eyes, “I have come this fucking far to find you. I can’t lose you again Che.” Ajay looked into Octavio’s beautiful emerald eyes. It was the first time in a long time that she had seen such concern in them. Out of nowhere she began to laugh. The look of concern fell from his face. He gave her a look of confusion as she spoke. “Yuh so stupid Silva. Get yuh shit togetha. I’m not goin nowhere.”

He laughed with her and almost ran a lap around her bedroom, “You got me good Che!” He wiped some more tears from her face before dropping his hands to his sides, “Che? Are we even now? I mean because of last night, me saving your life and all.” He knew he was pushing his luck but at least he would try. Ajay sat down on the floor and pulled her knees to her chest. She rested her chin on her knees. “I… I don even rememba what happened last night. The last ting I rememba was lettin yuh into mi apartment.”

Octavio plopped down in front of her, sitting with his legs crossed, “Unfortunately for me we did not sleep together.” He could see that she was not amused by his statement, “Well when I woke up this morning. I wanted to talk to you but I thought that you were still ignoring me. Your door was open so I walked in to harass you but you wouldn’t wake up. There were empty bottles of booze and pills everywhere. I thought you were dead, Che…” He was now the one that had to pause before he started to cry. The thought of almost losing her again did not settle well with him.

“Your pulse was weak when I was able to find it. I got you into the cold shower but you still wouldn’t wake up.” He looked away from her for a moment and then he looked back at her. His face was less playful, “I had to stim you. I’m sorry. I held you until it wore off. I didn’t know you were nursing battle wounds. The stim just made it worse. I had to pull your stitches and stitch you back up.” He sighed, “There was so much blood. I couldn’t just leave you. I stayed with you and watched you to make sure that you were okay.”

Ajay watched the concern and worry settle back into his face. In all of their years of being friends there were only a few times, that she could recall, that he displayed such emotion. She dropped her knees from her chest and reached for him. She took his hands into her own, “Silva, it’s okay.” She gave his hands a reassuring squeeze. She really didn’t know how to react when he was like this, “Yuh didn know.” She released his hands. “I have been dealin wit dis since Mikhail came into da arena.”

She could feel the pain settling into her body, “There be someting wrong wit his tactical or da arena. I don know.” She placed her hand over her left side where Mikhail had wounded her, “I tried ta stitch myself up da best I could but yuh see how that went. I just couldn’t get da right angle ta stitch it up properly.” She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

She looked down at the floor as she spoke, “Elliot has been helpin mi but we have been in match after match. I keep forcing mi body ta go further but I just can’t seem ta keep up.” Octavio grew a bit tense when heard Elliot’s name mentioned and then he realized where he had seen her panties before. “At Elliot’s fucking apartment.” 

Octavio wanted to beat the shit out Elliot but then he realized it wasn’t really Elliot’s fault; it wasn’t even Ajay’s fault, “I haven’t been here. I am not going come here and make demands and beat up her boyfriend.” He watched Ajay who continued to stare at the floor. “Thank yuh for patchin mi up Silva.”

Octavio punched her shoulder playfully, “No problemo!” He laughed as Ajay almost fell backwards but she continued to look downward, “Che. I’m not one to talk but what’s with the pills and booze?” Ajay looked at him, “Just havin a good time.” She started to get a little defensive as she spoke to him, “I have had more than that before.” It was true; she had consumed more alcohol and drugs before. He laughed uncomfortably at her as she spoke, “Besides, if it weren’t for dis wound I be fine.” The same uncomfortable tone bled into his laughter.

He knew what she meant about having a good time; it was code for getting wasted because she was in a fucked up situation. They used to do it all the time when they were younger. Their parents weren’t always around and they didn’t seem to give a shit about them until they needed them at some stupid event to justify a family picture. Their parents would drag them to unnecessary events to show them off. Their parents would even make them participate in all sorts of unwholesome transactions that Octavio didn’t even want to think about the moment.

Octavio forced a smile as he watched her. Whatever she was going through he was here now. Whatever alcohol and drugs that she wanted to take, he would be here to join or at least watch her and to make sure that she didn’t take too much. Whatever she needed from him, he was here. So for now, he would just play her game and put her in check when it got too dangerous, just like she did for him most of her life. “Whatever you say Che. You know your limits.”

Chapter Text

The afternoon light began to fade into twilight as Ajay and Octavio both laid on the floor of Ajay’s bedroom. They didn’t miss a beat as they caught up; it was just like old times. It was unusual to Ajay that Octavio had been laying there that long. “Silva?” She said with her eyes closed, “Don’t yuh need ta go for a run or someting? Yuh gotta be bored layin here wit mi.”

Ajay soon felt his warm breath against her face. When she opened her eyes he was only inches from her face. She stared up in his haunting emerald eyes; she often found herself lost in his beautiful eyes. Ajay realized that she had been staring for too long and moved her gaze along the rest of his face.

She wondered how many people had actually seen his real face. The other Legions had now seen his face but beyond that she was probably one of the few people that had seen what was underneath his mask and goggles. During his daredevil days and motocross days he always had his face covered. Even his first match in the arena his face was covered.

“Do you want to go for a run Che?” She gave him a confused look as she met her eyes to his once more, “Silva, I can hardly move.” Octavio continued to stare down into her eyes. He wanted to reach down and touch her face but he didn’t. He really didn’t know what she would do if he did. He figured that she only let him touch her earlier because she was vulnerable after their confrontation. The last thing he wanted to do was start any shit between her and Elliot. 

“What do you need Che?” Her mouth was dry and she was almost too shy to answer. She closed her eyes, “Mi pills Silva. Mi pills... and a drink… Rum...” She sighed at her choice of words. “He must tink I’m da worst person right now.” She opened her eyes to find Octavio still hovering and staring down at her. “Che, I got what you asked for.” He shook her pill bottle in one hand and the bottle of rum in the other.

“Damn Silva, yuh quick.” She began to laugh and he smiled down at her. He missed hearing her laugh and her sarcasm. They had known each other all of their lives and it nearly killed him when she wasn’t in his life; he literally contemplated death. Maybe someday he would tell her how close to death he actually was, but today was not that day. Right now he just wanted to spend time with her and put the ugly past behind him, “Che, before we do this I want to check your wound.”

Ajay nodded up to him. "If I’m gonna get wasted better keep an eye on dis shit since I was so careless last night.” Octavio set the rum and pill bottle down onto the floor next to them. “Come on Che. Let’s sit up.” He sat down next to her and offered her a hand. She took his hand and used it to pull herself up. As he helped her up with one hand he placed his other hand behind her and used it to push her and support her to sit up. He let his hands linger for a moment because he didn’t want to stop touching her.

Pain washed over her face as she sat up and crossed her legs. Octavio shifted over to the left of her, “Che, put your arms up so I can take your shirt off.” Ajay fussed like a child. She didn’t know why she was being so modest around him, “Silva…” He stopped her, “Che.” She raised her arms up as instructed. Her right arm went up faster than her left arm. Her left side was stiff and riddled with pain, so it just took a little bit longer for her body to comply.

Octavio was gentle with her as he removed her tank top from her upper body; pointing out the band name before he did. “You getting the band back together Che?” She giggled at him as he set her shirt down next to them. Octavio stopped for a moment to take in the sight of her body. He saw her from the mirror earlier but it wasn’t the same thing. He finally managed to pry his eyes from her breasts as he reached underneath her bed.

He slid the first aid kit out and popped it open. The dressing didn’t look bad at all but he tore it down anyway. The wound had some dried blood on it. He wet some gauze with saline and gently loosened the blood away from her wound and surrounding skin. Once he got the wound clean he was finally able to get a better look at his work. After he was done checking out her wound he applied a new dressing and taped it in place. “It looks good Che.” He closed the first aid kit and pushed it back underneath her bed.

“Of course it does Silva. Yuh learned from da best.” She smiled at him, “Pills and rum.” He had her shirt in his hands but set it down and instead picked up the bottle of rum and bottle of pills. He first opened the bottle of rum and handed it to her, then he opened the bottle of pills, “How many Che?” She took a drink of the rum before looking at him, “Four Silva. And don ask mi any questions.” Her face was a bit more serious than it had been in the last couple of hours.

Octavio really didn’t like where this was going but he was here to be with her, so he pulled out four white, round pills from the bottle. He closed the bottle and set it down. He reluctantly handed the pills over to her, setting them gently into the palm of her left hand. Ajay placed two of the pills into her mouth and picked up the bottle of rum. “Thanks Silva.” She took a long drink from the bottle and sat there for a moment.

Her eyes found his again as she reached for his hand. Octavio let her take his right hand because he really just wanted her to touch him. She flipped his hand over and opened it. She placed two pills into his hand and handed him the bottle of rum, “I’m not stupid Silva.” She hoped that he would join her and let loose. She did notice that their roles had kind of reversed since joining Apex. She used to be the sober one; making sure that he wasn’t overdoing it. Now he was the sober one; making sure that she was behaving.

A sigh of relief escaped Octavio’s lips when he realized that she didn’t actually take four pills but now she wanted him to take the other two pills. He was actually okay with taking the pills. His dialyzer was still disconnected from last night so he figured that he might as well enjoy it. He placed the pills onto his tongue and took the bottle of rum from Ajay’s grasp, “Just like old times, huh Che.” He took a drink of rum as she smiled at him.

When he was done with his drink she took the bottle back and began downing what was left of the rum. Octavio cracked a smile because he had really never seen this side of her, “Hey Che, slow down.” Ajay stopped mid drink, with the bottle still pressed to her lips, “Slow down. Dis comin from yuh?” Octavio threw his hands up like he got caught stealing something, “Well yeah. That’s the only bottle left!” She smiled and tilted her head back, finishing off the bottle. He watched her smile through the whole drink, “She seems okay.”

When she finished the bottle Octavio stood up and stretched. The smile fell from Ajay’s face as she pulled the bottle from her lips, “Are yuh leavin mi already Silva?” Octavio looked down at her cute little worried face, “Nah. I will run and grab some more booze.” Ajay giggled in excitement, “Next time don drink it all Silva.” He laughed at her, “Maybe save me a little next time Che.” She laughed, “I will Silva.”

He looked over her body for a moment, “Better give me your code so I can get back into your apartment.” Ajay shrugged. “Still the same phone numba?” He pulled his mask from his pocket and nodded. He placed the black mask over the lower half of his face. When he heard his phone go off in his other pocket he pulled it out. A text alert popped up with the passcode for her apartment. A huge grin filled his face underneath his mask; he was off of her shit list. He shoved the phone back into his pocket. “I’ll be right back Che. Don’t start the party without me.”

Octavio left Ajay’s apartment in a hurry. Luckily he found his goggles stuffed between the cushions of her sofa. He hated running around without them because the wind dried out his eyes. He was so elated to have her back in his life, especially since he never thought that he would see her again. Everything was starting to fall back into place and feel right again.

He stopped at a nearby liquor store and picked up a few bottles of rum, vodka, and Red Bull. He also stopped by a local restaurant to pick up some food. He wasn’t very hungry but he knew that they both should eat. As he waited outside of the restaurant for his order, he couldn’t help but gaze up into the sky as his mind fell back into thoughts of his past. He didn’t like the dwell on the past but for some reason it was creeping up on him tonight; maybe it was because he was kicking up the dirt with Ajay.

He couldn’t imagine sitting still at a desk job at Silva Pharmaceuticals. If he had to work there then he would literally take a gun to his head. Leaving Psamathe was the best thing that he ever did. He knew that even Ajay couldn’t stand to live there either. The planet was beautiful but their families sucked. Ajay was the only real family that he had ever had but when she ran off with the band he had to leave as well. He couldn’t be there without her.

The daredevil stunt life was amazing for a while but then it became a downward spiral of bad choices. It did get him out of Psamathe and it certainly paid the bills; not that he needed the money. He was a trust fund baby and despite all of the fucked up stuff he did his father still gave him access to the money. The fame, the money, the alcohol, the drugs, and the glory were everything to him at time. Then his career, his life, became about beating The Gauntlet record.

That damn 12 second record almost killed him. Every day he trained for the course and then one day during the week his attempt was televised to all of his fans. He could only take so many failed attempts; so he attempted his most death-defying stunt to break the record in The Gauntlet. He frag-boosted himself across the finish line. 

He broke the stupid 12 second record with his own record of 11.700 seconds. He still held the record to date. That was his last stunt with his real legs because he blew them to pieces. It took one single grenade to ruin his career but it wasn’t all for nothing. That’s when Apex came into the picture.

He could remember when they brought him into the hospital on Harmony. He requested to go to Harmony because he knew it was one of the few places that Ajay could go to while enlisted in the Frontier Corporation. She met him there without question. She even took care of him the entire time; she wouldn’t let the hospital staff lay a hand on him. The only time she left his side was when was she was busy constructing a pair of badass legs for him.

She tended to his wounds. She cleaned him up. She made sure he wasn’t having pain. She stayed with him during the nightmares. And then when he the doctor’s said his career was over, he guilt tripped her into making him some new legs. He stretched what the doctor’s had told him to get those legs out of her. He told her that he would never have use of his legs again, even though that was a lie.

Ajay agreed to make him legs, without question and she made him the best legs out of junked Northstar Titan parts. It was a big risk for her while she was enlisted. Even junked, the use military materials without permission was highly illegal. He later found out that she never ask for permission; he never really found out what happened with that. She thought about him the whole time that she made his awesome legs. She told him that she found the fastest Titan, Styder material, and the only one that could hover for his legs.

He could never repay her, especially not after lying to her and leaving her right afterwards. His thoughts were interrupted when he was told his food was ready. He grabbed the bag of food and hurried back to Ajay’s apartment. He keyed the passcode into the pin pad and opened the door. He placed the liquor down in the kitchen and the bag of food on the dining room table.

Chapter Text

“Che, I got us some food!” Octavio made his way to her bedroom to find Ajay shoving clothing into a small suitcase; more or less punching clothing into the suitcase, “Che. Are you going somewhere?” He pulled his mask off and shoved it his pocket. Ajay didn’t say anything, she just tossed Octavio her phone, which he caught without a problem. He slid his goggles off and pushed those into his other pocket as he read the message from HQ on her phone:

Please report to HQ at 0900 for your assignment. Pack warm clothing. Your return day will be Friday evening. At that time you will go straight into your match. More information for your match to follow.

Ajay was done packing by the time Octavio was done reading the message on her phone. He set her phone down on her bed and grabbed her hand. She followed him as he led her into the dining room. “Let’s just have fun tonight Che.” She smiled as they both sat down at the table. The wonderful scent of fried food filled Ajay’s soul. Octavio opened the bag that was waiting for them on the table. She watched as he pulled out deep fried potato tacos. Ajay laughed, “Silva. It’s been foreva! Where did yuh find these?” Octavio shrugged and smiled at her, “I know a guy.”

After they ate they somehow ended up in Ajay’s living room. They sat on the floor across from one another with their backs against the only two sofas in the room. Ajay had a bottle of rum and Octavio was working on his fifth glass of vodka and Red Bull. He blatantly stared at her shirtless chest. He had too much alcohol and drugs in his system to play the ‘I’m not looking game.’

“Silva? Whatcha starin at?” Octavio smiled at her and shrugged his shoulders as he looked down at his legs that were stretched out in front of him. Ajay finished her bottle of rum and set it to the side. She got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to him. When she got to him she stopped and gazed down at the upper portion of his left prosthetic. She balanced her body on one arm as she reached out with the other and ran her fingers over the inscription that she engraved in his leg so many years ago. Bleed, patch, and keep moving ~Che

She smiled at him and climbed into his lap. With a leg to either side of him she rested most of her weight on her knees. He sat extremely still as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She pressed her forehead to his and looked into his eyes, “Yuh still got dem same legs fast boy?” He laughed and set his drink down. He hesitantly placed his hands on each of her hips. “Why would I get rid of them Che?” His body was already aching for her.

Ajay briefly bit her lower lip and relaxed into his hands, “Thought yuh woulda found better ones by now.” He watched as she bit her lower lip; he knew exactly why she did that. He knew that Ajay only bit her lower lip for two reasons; she was nervous or something was very physically pleasurable to her. 

He smirked at her and shook his head, “I could never replace perfection Che…” He trailed off as he stared into her eyes. His thumbs began to rub gently into her hips as they sat in silence. Ajay was suddenly aware that they were no longer talking about his legs. She became speechless when she realized that he was talking about her. He also came to a realization at that moment; he wasn't as wasted as he thought he was.

Octavio carefully debated his next move. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to get in between her and her boyfriend. He did know that he wanted to get in her. “Fuck it. Worth it.” He sat up and used his hands to pull Ajay closer to him, “Che. I have changed a lot to get here.” For once he wasn’t putting on a show, he was being honest with her. She nodded to him and laid her head against his shoulder. She moved her arms around his waist, “Apex made yuh change?”

He got a little more confidence with himself and removed his right hand from her waist. His fingers gently traced a line up and down her back. She closed her eyes and took in his scent. He felt like home and that was something she hadn’t felt in years. He was the only one that made her feel like that. 

“Yes and no Che. The goal was always to make it big but when they offered me this contract and told me I needed to change I had no other choice but to take it because I had already lost you. Then, when I found out you were part of Apex I trained my ass off to get here.” She giggled against his neck; mostly from the alcohol and drugs. “Silva, yuh so silly.” He sighed because he knew that she was wasted. There was good chance that whatever he was saying to her was going in one ear and out the other. 

He almost wished that he could get that wasted that quick but he couldn’t. Even without this dialyzer his body worked alcohol and drugs out of his system too fast. “It’s not a joke Che. I am here to be with you. Everything else is just a bonus. This job is just a job. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the job. I could never sit behind a desk. On the days I was struggling with turning my life around you were the light at the end of tunnel. I missed you.” He paused. “So much Che. So much.”

“Silva, I missed yuh too.” Ajay pressed her lips against Octavio’s neck. She left small kisses and bite marks upon his skin. He shuddered from her lips; they were just as he remembered them. Octavio slowly threw his head back against the sofa and ran his hands down her back until his fingers met the top of her shorts. 

His fingertips pushed passed the waistband of her shorts until his fingers couldn’t go any further. He moved his fingertips along the lace of her panties, letting a sigh escape his lips as Ajay began sucking on his neck again. He pushed his hips into her; he had been hard for a while now. She was driving him crazy just like she always did.

Soon Octavio’s hands we’re up along Ajay’s back again. His fingers stopped when they found her bra. He gently worked the clasp until it opened. He moved his hands to her shoulders and pulled her bra straps down her arms. As she sat up, her breasts spilled out in front of him. His hands quickly grabbed her breasts like they were his reward for unclasping her bra.

Her nipples were hard as he rolled them between his fingers. Ajay tilted her head back and moaned. She eased her bra from her body and tossed it the floor. She met her eyes to his and stare lovingly at him. Octavio placed a hand on her upper back and pulled her against him until his face was drowning in her breasts. He sighed happily as she hugged his head with her arms; holding him tightly against her chest. He knew that if he were to die right now from being suffocated from her breasts, then he would die a happy man.

Octavio slid an arm under her ass and picked her up as he stood up. She giggled and held onto him tightly with her legs. She continued to smoother him with her breasts, really, because he wouldn’t pull his face out of them. He carried her down the hallway and to her bedroom. He pushed her phone and suitcase from the bed and then tossed her down onto the mattress.

Ajay worked on removing her shorts as Octavio removed his shirt. She glanced up at all the familiar and unfamiliar scars on his body as she got her shorts to her knees. She stared at his abs for a moment and then she finally snapped out of it and got her shorts off. She readjusted herself on the bed so that her head was hanging over the side. She played with her nipples as he got his shorts down and kicked them out of the way.

He looked at her as she looked at him; from her angle he was upside down. She removed a hand from her breast and used it to motion him over towards her, which he did happily. He stood in front of her, “Che…” He stopped and moaned as took his cock into her hand. She slowly stroked him a few times; it was so agonizingly slow for him. He reached over her and took her unoccupied breast into him hand.

Ajay ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft before guiding him into her mouth. He groaned as she took only the tip of him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue along the tip of his flesh like it was a lollipop. He squeezed her breast as she began to take more of him into her mouth. She worked his cock in and out her mouth while working her tongue along him. Octavio closed his eyes as she placed her hand on the back of his thigh.

Soon enough he was slowly rocking his hips back and forth, working his cock in and out of her mouth to the rhythm that she had created. He continued to squeeze her breast with one hand as his other hand found her neck. When he looked down, Ajay's lips were pressed against his body. His whole cock had disappeared into her mouth and down into her throat. He had to find something else to look at, other than her, or he would lose it too soon.

He shifted his eyes over her body as he tried to think about something other than how deep his cock was buried in her throat. His gaze traveled down along her stomach and settled on her black lace panties. He couldn’t help but hold a little bit of a grudge against Elliot when he saw her fucking panties. Octavio’s fingers wrapped around her neck as he began forcefully pushing himself in and out her mouth. Ajay moaned against his cock, which only made his grasp on her throat tighter and his rhythm faster.

Ajay removed her hand from his leg and quickly buried it under the waistline of her panties. Octavio watched as her hand disappeared under all the lace that covered her pussy. He just couldn’t seem to look anywhere else without almost losing it. He relinquished his hard flesh from her mouth and released his hand from her throat. She gasped for air as he got onto the bed with her. She looked over her bent knees at him with a semi-dazed smile.

Octavio wasted no time pushing her legs apart and running his hands down them until he reached her inner thighs. She was so warm and wet, “Che… Your thighs are wet.” Even through the alcohol and the drugs she still found a way to be embarrassed around him. She pulled her hand away from her breast and used it to cover her red face. He smiled as she covered her face but she didn’t bother to take her hand out of her panties.

His hands left her legs and moved up to her hips. He gently kissed along her inner left thigh before he eased her panties off of her body. He tossed her panties to floor and then looked down between her legs. He immediately felt weak as he watched pushing and pulling her fingers in and out of herself. 

Her thighs were lightly glossed over in her own moisture. She was so wet that he could hear every movement she made with her fingers. Eventually Ajay pulled her fingers out of herself and rubbed her own moisture along her clit as she played with herself. She forced back a moan and gently worked herself towards an orgasm.

Ajay pulled her arm away from her face and looked over breasts at him. Octavio’s eyes were locked on the show that she was she was giving him. She moved her free hand down to her breast and gave it a light squeeze before playing with her nipple. She nearly screamed when Octavio grabbed her legs and pulled her onto the bed so that her head was no longer hanging off the side. “Enough Che.”

Chapter Text

If you would have asked Octavio how this night would have gone, he would have never guessed that it would have gone this way. He didn’t even think that Ajay would accept his apology when he came crawling back to her; she could be pretty stubborn but he liked that about her. He was still in a little bit of shock that he was in her bed, sitting between her legs, on the verge of bringing her to total satisfaction.

Ajay looked at him with pleading eyes as he pulled her hand away from her pelvis. “Silva?” Her lips mouthed his name but no words came out. She couldn't figure out why he told her to stop and even pulled her hand away. Octavio stared at her naked body like he had never seen it before. 

He had seen her naked body plenty of times but it was never enough for him. For Octavio, he could explored Ajay's body forever and never get bored of it. To him, her body wasn’t something that got better with age, her body was just it. Her body was everything to him; she was everything to him. Every time he saw her body he wanted to bury himself in it. Octavio Silva could never get enough of Ajay Che.

As soon as Octavio’s finger entered her, she arched her back and moaned. Octavio smiled as his finger slid inside her with ease. He leaned down and kissed her stomach as placed his other hand gripped her thigh. “Silva…” Her back finally fell back onto the bed. He pulled his finger out of her pussy and pushed it back in along with another finger. Her body jerked as she released a pleasurable sigh.

He continued to move his two fingers in and out of her. He moved his other hand along her thigh until he could feel the warmth of pussy. He used the fingers of his other hand to gently rub her swollen clit. “Is this what you want Che.” He didn’t so much ask as her as he just told her. She bit her lower lip after she moaned. She arched her back and pushing her clit into his fingers. He could only smile when he saw her bite her lower lip because he knew that she was close.

She had already been so close to an orgasm and his words sent her into one. She arched her back and let out a small scream. He smiled down at her as he moved his hands from her pussy and shifted his body. He grabbed her arms and threw them above her head. With one hand, Octavio held her down against the bed by her wrists. He quickly forced his cock inside her wet, tight pussy as she was still mid climax.

Ajay screamed even louder and thrashed her body as he entered her. As he filled her, all her hazy brain could think was “I don remeba him bein dis big.” The thought alone sent chills along her spine and filled her face with a bit of warmth as she blushed. She wanted to touch him with her hands but he was holding her down and she was oddly turned on by it. Her head tipped back in pure delight from the length of him inside of her.

She wrapped her legs around him; trying get some leverage as he held her down. He leaned over and kissed the underside of her right breast before sucking her right nipple and then he moved over to her left breast and repeated the same process. He placed his lips just below her left nipple and began to suck lightly on her skin. 

She squirmed as he sucked harder and eventually left a bruise on her breast before pulling away. Her heart raced from the mixture of pleasure and pain. "Silva..." He leaned down and kissed her right breast just below her nipple, "We shouldn't leave this side out should we Che?" His voice was a hot whisper along her skin before he took her breast into his mouth and sucked until he left a match bruise on her right breast.

He pulled his face from her gorgeous breasts and looked down at his work. "Do you like a little bit of pain Che?" Ajay nodded as her face felt flush from his question. "Fuck Che."  Octavio eyes were filled with lust as he thrust his cock in and out of her. His motion was hard and slow. Every thrust from forced a moan from Ajay’s lips. 

He used the fingers of his free hand to rub her clit. “Silva…” She moaned. “Che.” She tried to move her hands to hold him but she couldn’t. He forced her back down onto the bed. She felt herself grow more wet around his cock. “Silva…” She moaned, “When did yuh…” She moaned again, “Get like dis…?”

“You make me like this Che.” He shuddered at how wet she was for him. “You know what you do to me.” He continued to slide his cock in and out her pussy as he rubbed her clit. “Silva… Please…” He smiled down at her as he watched her bite her lower lip again. “Tell me Che.” He already knew what she wanted but he wanted to hear her say it. He wanted to drag this out for as long as he could. “Fuck Silva… Come on…” She sighed blissfully.

“Whoa Che. No need to use profanity.” He slammed himself into her, which caused her body to jerk against his. “Go fuck yuh self Silva.” He gave her clit a small pinch before he began moving his finger along it again. “Can’t Che, I’m already fucking you. I thought it’s what you wanted.” He knew how to push her buttons. He also knew how to make her cum if he wanted her to and he wanted her to cum; he really wanted her to cum while he was deep inside of her.

He pressed his fingers along her clit and rubbed her gently and just how he knew that she liked it. She already knew what he was doing. She also knew that he knew how to bring to an orgasm as quickly or as slowly as he wanted to. She wanted to cum but she also wanted to go a bit longer. So as he moved in and out of her with a bit more speed she tried extremely hard to focus her attention on something else and tried to prolong having an orgasm, but he was making it very difficult.

Octavio was surprised when she didn’t come right away. He wondered if he had lost his touch. He then wondered if maybe someone else was able to do it better than he did. “What’s wrong Che?” He didn’t miss a beat as he continue to tease he swollen flesh. She shook her head at him. 

A small frown formed on his lips. “You won’t even talk to me?” He looked down as his cock as he entered her wonderful wet folds. He was amazed at how wet she was for him as he slowly slid himself out and then back inside of her. He adverted his gaze to her breasts and then to her face.

“Did I lose my touch?” He paused for a moment, “Am I bad at this?” He was starting to get worried. He didn’t like it when she wouldn’t talk to him. She shook her head once more and looked into his eyes as he looked into hers, “Then what Che, because I am starting to get worried here.”

She released a long, low moan. “I’m tryin ta hold out Silva.” He looked at her a bit confused. “Why?” She closed her eyes and met her hips to his, “Cause I don want dis ta end.” She moaned, “Fuck Silva. Don be stupid. Yuh neva been bad at dis.” She could feel her body tilting at the edge of an orgasm that he had worked into.

He was relieved when he heard her words. He was also very proud of himself as her words echoed through his head. “Don’t be stupid Che.” He licked his lips as she opened her eyes to look up at him. “I can go all night.” He gave her a smirk. She wasn’t too sure if could he go all night, but if she told him that he couldn’t then he would try to. She began to give into him. She dug her nails into the palms of her hands as her body grew stiff underneath him. “Fuck Silva…”

Her pussy tightened around his cock and her hips pressed up; trying to press herself against his fingers and his cock, “I am gonna cum again… Silva…” She was whimpering and whispering his name and then she was screaming it. Prolonging her orgasm only made it more intense. For a minute or so Ajay thought that she might pass out.

Her legs were tight around him as she desperately tried to pull him as deep inside of her as she could. He smiled down at her and removed his hand from her clit. He watched her for moment; taking in her body as she climaxed all over him, all for him. As her pussy was tight around his cock he did his best not cum in her immediately; she was making it very difficult. He pushed his cock deep inside of her and stopped moving his hips.

Octavio’s hand traveled around to her ass. He gently rubbed her round, firm ass. “Che…” He said under his breath. He felt like he had waited a lifetime to touch her ass again. He couldn’t help but give her ass a squeeze and then a light slap. Ajay’s body involuntarily jolted when he smacked her ass. He grinned and moved his hand from her ass to her hip and began slamming his cock in and out of her; forcing her legs to give him some leeway to move his hips.

All he could do was smile, “That’s it Che. Let it all go.” She felt so good that he didn’t want this moment to end. Now he completely understood how she felt; only just moments ago. Luckily for her, he wasn’t going anywhere. He continued to hold her body down as she convulsed underneath him from pleasure. He was genuinely happy that he could bring her so much pleasure.

She was now just screaming as her body withered underneath him. Octavio knew that this was not a pace that he could maintain. With a few more thrusts he hurled his body into an orgasm and exploded deep inside of her. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Ajay parted her lips and slipped her tongue into his mouth; leaning her face into his.

Ajay made small moaning noises into his mouth as their tongues explored one another. He finally broke their kiss but not before Ajay teasingly bit at his lower lip. “Round two Che?” She was driving him crazy. It didn’t matter what she did because he always wanted her regardless. She could be doing nothing in particular and it would drive him crazy.

Octavio’s body nearly collapsed on top of hers as he came down from his orgasm. He debated if he wanted to release her wrists as they laid there together; which he eventually did. With his head upon her chest, Octavio listened to her heart race. It was welcomed sound compared to how it sounded just less than twenty-four hours ago. He almost began to purr as Ajay’s fingers played in his hair. It really didn’t matter where she touched him, he was happy that she was touching him.

After a few minutes Octavio rolled onto his back taking her with him. He managed to get them underneath the blankets as she giggled at him the whole time. He played with her hair as he tried to relax. She curled her body into his as her giggling finally ceased. This time it was Ajay who listened to Octavio’s heart race.

“Silva?” Her voice was barely a whisper as she spoke. He glanced down at the top of her head because that’s all he could really see, “Che?” She snuggled her cheek against his chest, “Don go nowhere yuh hear…” Her voice faded out as she drifted off to sleep. His heart nearly skipped a beat when she told him to stay. Octavio smiled and tilted his head back into the pillow.

He held her tightly against him; like if he let go her, she would fly away. “I’m not going anywhere Che. I love you.” Octavio smiled even though he knew that she had fallen asleep. He didn’t care if she said anything back to him or not. He knew how he felt and that’s all that really mattered. He was right where he needed to be; he was home. Where ever she was, it was home. She was his home, she always had been.

Chapter Text

The morning light greeted Ajay as she opened her eyes. She had almost forgotten what it was like to get any sort of sleep. The familiar sound of Octavio’s heart resonated against her ear. She yawned and wondered what time it was. “Morning Che.” Startled by Octavio’s words, Ajay sat straight up, “How long yuh been awake?” He smiled as he peered at the beautiful woman in front of him. He still couldn’t believe that this was real. “Just now.” She sighed, “I need ta get ready.”

She slipped out of the warm blankets, from the comfort of his body, and looked around for a moment. When she saw her phone on the floor she bent over to pick it up. Octavio got a good look at her ass and small glimpse of her pussy in between as she bent over. “Che! Ugh. Are you doing this to me on purpose?” 

He began to grow hard underneath the blankets as he stared and imagined all of the things he could be doing to her at the moment. She grabbed her bottle of pills that were also laying on the floor. As she stood up she checked the time on her phone and was relieved when she had a few hours to spare before she had to be at HQ. That meant that she had a few more hours to spend with Octavio.

Ajay set her phone down on table next to her bed and then opened the pill bottle. She removed some pills before closing the bottle and sticking it inside of her backpack. She tossed the pills into her mouth and turned around to find Octavio staring intently at her. She leaned over to him and pressed her lips to his, kissing him hard. He parted his lips and pushed his tongue passed her lips to play with her tongue.

She wasted no time running her tongue along his and slipping two pills into his mouth that she had been holding in her mouth. Octavio was a bit surprised when the pills hit tongue and she pulled away, but he swallowed the pills and smiled up to her. Her face was only inches from his as she smiled down at him, “I’m gonna take a shower. Care ta join mi? We can make it quickie if ya know what I mean.” She didn’t bother to wait for him to answer. Instead she just turned around and made her way towards the bathroom.

Octavio watched the sway of her hips as they carried her ass out of the room. He was too enthralled with watching her body to even think of an answer. He could faintly hear the water running in the shower as he hopped up out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom to join her. When he got into the bathroom, Ajay was already in the shower. He watched her through the glass for just a moment and then opened the shower door and stepped in to join her.

The shower was just a simple glass stall that didn’t provide much privacy. Ajay giggled when he got in the shower with her, “What took yuh so long?” She reached down and stroked his hard flesh. “At least yuh ready.” He shuddered at her touch and tipped his head back as she worked her hand up and down the length of him. “Damn Che. You’re not messing around huh.” Her grasp became more firm and slightly faster, “Yuh wanna cum in mi hand? She said jokingly.

He smiled as he tilted his head forward to look at her. One of his hands found her breasts and another found her ass. He couldn’t help but squeeze and rub her with his hands. She continued to stroke his cock with one hand and used her other hand to play with his hair as the warm water flowed over them. He tilted his head against her hand and gripped her ass tight to pull her into him. “You want it quick Che?” His voice was low and lustful.

This time he was the one that didn’t give her a chance to answer. He immediately forced her body to turn around and pushed her against the shower glass. The cold glass sent a chill along Ajay’s spine as her breasts crushed into it. She braced the glass with her hands as Octavio bent her over just a little bit. 

He gave her ass a firm smack, which stung more than it should of because of the water. The harsh smack sent a moan from her lips. The red impression of his hand upon her ass only made him want to get inside of her as quickly as he could. He held her waist with one hand as he guided his cock towards the entrance of her pussy. He pushed only the head of his cock inside of her.

Ajay bit her lower lip for a moment. “Oh Silva...” He smiled at her backside and then swiftly pushed the rest of his cock inside of her. She scratched her nails against the glass as the length of him filled her, “Yuh feel amazin...” She moaned his name as she adjusted to his cock. She had only been with a handful of people and he was by far the best; maybe it was due to her deeply-rooted feelings for him. Either way, his cock filled her completely and it took every fiber of her being not cum right when he pushed himself inside of her. “Mmmmm Silva.”

His hand grasped her waist tightly as he stood there with his cock inside of her. For just a moment he wanted to enjoy her soft folds. Everything about her was very intoxicating and it made it hard for him to not just cum inside of her right away, “Yes Che. You like that…” He moaned back to her. With a hand on her waist he moved his other hand up back and into her hair. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back towards him as he began pushing his cock in and out of her pussy. “Is this what you wanted Che?”

She strained her head to look back at him. Her face felt warm as it turned a shade of red. Everything that he was doing to her felt amazing, “Harder Silva.” She begged him as her eyes were barely able to meet his because of the angle that they were at. Octavio pulled her hair a little harder and forced his cock into her pussy faster and harder. Ajay’s moans turned into screams. She was screaming his name and it was making it hard for him not to cum inside of her.

Her nails were scratching at the glass again as she edged closer to an orgasm. Octavio could feel her pussy getting tighter around his cock. He moved his lips to the side of her neck and sucked hard. Ajay closed her eyes as the combination of pleasure and pain pulled her body in every direction. He released his lips and moved to her ear but not before leaving a large mark on her neck. He whispered just above her screams, “You should cum Che.”

Octavio felt like a god because no sooner than he told her to cum he could feel her pussy clench tightly around his cock. He groaned against her neck, “That’s it Che.” He licked the side of her neck and forced his cock through her climax until he hit his own orgasm. He relaxed himself inside of her, pulling her body tightly against his. “Fuck Che.” He moaned against her skin.

He had been with plenty of women and nothing had ever compared to Ajay Che. The sex with her was something that he could only describe as fucking out of this world. Sex with other women was just okay at best. Maybe he just lacked the emotional connection with them. Whatever the reason might be he didn’t really care because he was here with her. He hadn’t realized how much he had been missing out until he saw her again.

Ajay’s legs felt weak and she probably would have fallen over if it wasn’t for Octavio holding her up. Octavio released her hair and moved his hand along her back down to her ass. With both of his hands, he parted her ass and played with her small hole for a moment. He could feel her pussy convulse around his cock as he rubbed the entrance of her ass with his thumb. He gave her ass one last squeeze with both hands before he withdrew himself from her.

They both let out a moan as he slid out her. He helped her trembling body to stand. She pressed her back into his chest as he kissed along the side of her neck. He wrapped his arms around the front of her and bit gently at her shoulder. She giggled and shifted in his arms to face him. She placed her hands in his hair and her lips to his lips. She kissed him lovingly, making sure to rub her body against his.

Octavio hugged her tightly against him and smiled into their kiss because he knew exactly what she was doing. He loved the feeling of her gorgeous, wet body against his but if this continued like this then he would have to bend her over again and stick his cock back inside of her. He could fuck her all day if she would let him but he knew that she had to eventually leave for work so he would take what he could get before she left.

Ajay pulled from their embrace and proceeded to wash every inch of his body. She took her time and made sure to rub all of his swollen muscles. She gazed at all of his scars; new and old. She stopped intermittently to place small kisses upon his body. “Thanks Che. This is amazing.” After she finished washing up Octavio she leaned the front of herself against his back and closed her eyes, “Yuh scars… Yuh been through so much.”

At a really young age Ajay knew that she had to grow up fast. As a child, she had been through a lot and she knew that Octavio had been through a mess of shit as well. They both had to grow up so fast; too fast. She recognized some of the scars on him but there were some new ones that she hadn’t seen before. She felt sad that she couldn’t be there for all of the scars. She felt bad that she wasn’t there to take care of him when he probably needed her.

Octavio was glad that she couldn’t see the sadness that overtook his face. Both he and Ajay had a connection like no other. All the shit that they had been through separately and together; it was unreal. They had to grow up way too fast because if they didn't then they probably wouldn't be where they were today. When they were children they had  to make adult decisions; it wasn't fair. He took some time to compose himself before he spoke, “It was worth it Che.” He reached back behind him to touch her any part of her that he could touch.

He smiled as his hands found her ass. He began to gently caress her ass as they stood underneath the water together. “It was worth it to get here.” She smiled and relaxed her body into his. She hadn’t realized that she had been so tense up until that point. “I know whatcha mean Silva.” Her heart raced against his back as she wrapped her arms around her waist. It just felt right to be here with him. It always felt right to be with him.

They both stood there; the only noise between them was the water hitting their skin. “Che.” Her breath was heavy against his skin before she answered, “Silva?” He turned around to face her. He pulled her into him. She smiled and rubbed her cheek against his chest. Octavio ran his fingers up and down her back as he dreaded what he was going to say. “You need to get ready. You can’t be late.” She nodded and kissed his chest before pulling away.

Octavio wasted no time returning the favor by washing every inch of her body. He smiled, taking extra time with her breasts and her ass. He teased her body every chance that he got; knowing that he was causing more sexual tension between them than anything else. She giggled as he played with her body, “Silva, yuh gonna make mi late.” He laughed and finished washing her up

Ajay finished getting ready as Octavio got dressed. He was quick, as usual. He waited in her bedroom with supplies to change her dressing. He smiled at her when she walked in naked. “Always teasing me Che. Driving me fucking crazy!” He ran over to her and threw her over his shoulder. He quickly closed the small gap between the door and the bed and gently tossed her onto the bed. She couldn’t help but laugh entire time. 

He kissed her forehead before nudging her over to her right side. Ajay complied and lifted her left arm over her head. “Just a couple of more days Che and you should be able to leave this dressing off.” He began to apply a new dressing and taping the edges, “Then a few more days after that, and I can take the stitches out for you.” He finished up and put the unused supplies away and tucked the first aid kit away back underneath her bed.

Octavio helped her up from the bed and sat down to watch her get dressed. Ajay stood there and looked at him as he stared at her, “Yuh just gonna sit there and watch?” He laid down on his side, with his cheek in his hand as he waited for the show to begin, “Sí. Unless you want me to help. You might not want my help though.” Ajay felt her face get warm, which made her quickly turn away from him. “Good point.”

She opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of red lace panties, a black lace bra, and black leggings. He watched her ass as she rifled through the clothes in her closet. He wasn’t thrilled about the leggings, “At least they show off her curves.” She began getting dressed which made him pout. He was going to miss seeing her naked body. She threw on a black shirt that hung off her left shoulder. The shirt had the numbers 11.7 in bright green on the front of it. She threw her hair into a messy bun just to get it out of the way.

Octavio was beaming as he stood up. Ajay gathered her black hoodie and stepped into her Dr. Martens; her favorite boots. He knelt down in front of her and began tying her boots. “Where did you get that shirt?” He smiled up at her. She reached down and ran her fingers through his soft jet black hair. “I made it.” He eased her hand from his hair and kissed the top of it as he stood up, “I thought you hated all that Gauntlet shit. I thought that you hated me for it.”

She shook her head and pulled his hand to her face; rubbing her check against it, “I hated what happened between us. Not what yuh accomplished. I never hated yuh for it.” He kissed her forehead and helped her into her hoodie before embracing her. She hugged him like they would never see each other again.

Their embrace was interrupted by D.O.C. as the drone hovered by their legs. Octavio smiled at the drone and knelt down to pick it up. Ajay slipped her backpack on and Octavio secured the drone into it. They kissed one last time and reluctantly said their goodbyes. Octavio slipped his mask and goggles on before they parted ways outside of her apartment complex.

Chapter Text

Ajay flashed her badge to the security detail at the desk as she walked into HQ. Her boots were loud against the tile as she walked towards the elevators and then stopped. She had just assumed that she would be heading to the hanger but she really had no clue. The text message she received the night before was so vague. Her phone buzzed; proceeding her thought. She pulled her phone out of her pocket to find a message from HQ, which she promptly opened to read:

Report to the air hanger, bay 2. You will receive your assignment when you land.

She held herself back from rolling her eyes to another vague message. Someone couldn’t have just told her that when she walked in. Everything had to be documented in some little message. Now she really did have to fly somewhere. “I hope this isn’t long. I didn’t bring anything to do.” She shoved her phone back into her pocket and reported to her assigned ship. 

It was just a basic transport ship, the same kind they used for the arena. She really wished that she knew what he assignment was or even where she was going for her assignment. She didn't like surprises and she certainly didn't like being unprepared. She entered the ship and sat down, tossing her backpack in the seat next to her. The ramp of the ship closed and took off.

“Didn’t expect to see you here.” She heard Elliot’s voice from the seat across from her. She shrugged at him, trying not to act surprised that he was on the ship with her, “Didn expect ta be here. Do yuh know where we’re goin?” Elliot leaned back in his seat and got comfortable, “Talos.” Ajay waited for him to say more but that was all that he said to her.

She pulled her hood over her head, just out of comfort, and slumped down into her seat. “Talos?” She wasn’t sure what a ‘Talos’ was. He nodded, “It’s a planet.” She sighed at his simple response, yet again. She really didn’t feel like digging information out of him and he didn’t seem to be offering it to her so she just sat there quietly.

“So….” After about ten minutes Elliot broke the silence. “What’s with you and that crazy speed guy?” Ajay didn’t move, she didn’t want to give him any kind of indication about her relationship with Octavio. “Who? Octane?” Elliot leaned forward in his seat. “Octavio Silva.” He said it almost mockingly, throwing his hands up near his face. 

She continued to sit still, “We grew up togetha on Psamathe.” That was the first time he had ever heard her talk about her home planet or anything about her past, “Is… Is… Is he like your friend or something?” She stuck her hands into the front pocket of her hoodie, “Or somethin.” She could play the simple answer game just like him.

Elliot threw his hands back into his lap. He was getting pretty annoyed with her. “What is that supposed to mean Ajay?” She squirmed a bit in her seat as she became uncomfortable with the whole conversation. “What does it matter Elliot?” He crossed his arms over chest and then relaxed as he thought about it. ”Why am I getting so worked up? We aren’t even anything. No labels here.”

He tried to change to a more friendly tone of voice as he spoke to her, “I was just wondering.” Ajay could hear the softness in his voice and it made her feel bad. She looked at him, “Sorry. It’s just not mi story ta tell. It’s his story.” Elliot nodded, “Okay.” His voice was bright and cheery; as it usually was. He didn’t want to force the subject because she obviously wasn’t going to give him any information. He wondered if Ajay was the reason why Octavio was acting so weird at his party the other night.

The hum of the transport ship was the only noise that broke up the silence between them. Elliot wanted to talk but he didn’t know what to say. Ajay was glad when the ship landed shortly after their awkward conversation. They both stood up and gathered their belongings. Ajay hurried to exit the ship first because she really didn’t want to have another unsettling conversation with Elliot.

When she stepped off of the ramp, a cool breeze whipped her in the face. The air around her was frigid and the ground was covered in snow. She could see wide open land everywhere; it was a nice change from the city. She could see a little snow cover colony not too far from the landing area. Behind the colony she could make out a mountain side and train tracks. To the other side of the colony she could see an ice covered area that looked like it led into a pit. It actually looked quite stunning.

Ajay didn't really have time to look at much more as she was immediately greeted by a blonde haired girl “No, woman?” The woman was wearing a puffy blue and orange jacket. Her head was covered by a tight blue hood that framed her face. Her bangs were cut perfectly straight across her forehead and sat just above her beautiful, innocent blue eyes. She wore white pants and white boots; both with black accents. 

The woman had some type of scar on the left side of her face. She stood just an inch or two shorter than Ajay. She held her blue glove covered hand out to Ajay, “Natalie Paquette.” She said with a French accent. Ajay shook her hand firmly, “Ajay Che.” Natalie smile, “I know who you are. We have been expecting you.”

Ajay looked a little confused, “We?” Before Natalie could answer, Elliot made his grand entrance out of the ship. Natalie ran over to him and jumped into his arms to hug him. Ajay stared at the whole interaction, “Okay...” She then turned away because she couldn't quite comprehend what she was looking at. “Hey Nat!” He said happily. Natalie and Elliot embraced each other for a moment before Natalie led everyone to the snow covered colony.

All Ajay could do was follow along as Natalie and Elliot chatted. She really couldn’t hear what they were saying or maybe she chose not to. Natalie showed them to their rooms. The rooms weren’t much of anything but a bed and shower. There was a small kitchen area (if you could even call it that) to store and heat up food. Ajay dropped off her belongings and followed Natalie so that she get started on her assignment, whatever it might be.

Natalie escorted them to a small hanger that was relatively close to their living quarters. “Ajay, this is where you and I will be working!” Ajay nodded and noticed that Natalie sounded excited every time that she spoke. It made Ajay happy to hear such excitement. “Workin, huh?” Natalie looked as if she were going to jump for joy, but she didn’t, “Yes!” Ajay smiled at her, “Natalie, whatcha yuh do here?”

A smile formed on Natalie’s lips as she actually did jump in place this time, “I am an electrical engineer and I’m current-ly at the top of my game! That is, I am the lead electrical engineer here.” Natalie and Ajay giggled together. Ajay looked around for other people but she didn't see anyone, “There ain’t many people here is there?” Natalie tapped her finger to her chin, “Well. It is just us. This is kind of a private matter.”

Elliot smiled as he watched them but he still wondered what the deal was with Ajay and Octavio. Ajay looked around and when she saw it she knew what the job was, “That’s what we be workin on?” She pointed over at her teammate, MRVN. Natalie clapped, “Yes. Allons-y.” Natalie grabbed Ajay’s hand and they ran over the MRVN; well Natalie ran and pulled Ajay along with her.

Elliot idly followed behind them. Ajay looked at MRVN and sighed, “What can I do?” Ajay looked over to Natalie. “You have worked with Titan parts oui?” She paused, “Oc. Ta. V. O. Sil. Va?” Natalie had to break up Octavio’s name to say it. Elliot made a weird face when he heard Octavio’s name. Ajay slowly nodded because she knew that without permission, the use of Titan parts and materials was highly illegal, “What’s wrong Ajay?”

Ajay sighed, “Yuh know about that?” Natalie nodded, “Apex does because they are owned by The Syndicate. So The Syndicate knows. If you are worried that you will be in trouble you need not worry. The Syndicate would not have made you a Legend if that cared about your past. You work for them now. They will protect you, no matter what.” Natalie smiled at her. Ajay forced a fake smile as Natalie continued, “You work with titans and your work with the Frontier Corps will give me some insight.” Ajay thought about it for a moment, “Sure. Then why is Elliot here?”

“Hey!” Elliot interrupted. Natalie giggled into her closed hands. “Natalie, here, keeps my suit in check for the arena. Plus who is going to protect you two ladies if anything happens?” Elliot did more than what he said but he wasn't obligated to talk about it. Natalie smiled and continued to giggle as Elliot gave her a pat on the back, “Merci Elliot!” Ajay wasn’t sure what Natalie and Elliot’s status was and she honestly really didn’t care.

Ajay kept her focus on MRVN and waited for Natalie to get done with whatever it was that she doing with Elliot. “If you ladies need me I will have my cell. I, too, have work to do.” Natalie waved goodbye to Elliot and returned to Ajay, “Let’s get to work!” Ajay nodded, “So dis is where he goes for his job.” Ajay looked over MRVN and didn’t really know what Natalie wanted her to do. She had worked on titans and built Octavio’s legs but all of that had happened so long ago.

“I need you to take MRVN apart so I can take a look at his electrical work and make adjustments. I happen to know that you know your way around robots.” Natalie smiled and handed Ajay a box with some tools in it. Ajay dug through the box until she found the tools that she need to work on MRVN. “Ok. I can do dis.” She began working on pulling panels off MRVN, being careful not to disrupt any of his components beneath.

“So, how do yuh know Elliot?” Ajay was slightly curious but she wasn’t sure that she really wanted to know the answer. Natalie giggled at the question, “We are both from Solace.” Ajay nodded. She was satisfied with the answer but Natalie offered a lot more information than she cared to know about. “He comes here often for work. We also train together. I am going to be a Legend someday! My name will be Wattson! Papa would have been proud!”

Ajay finally got the first panel off of MRVN, leaving his electrical components exposed. “Thank you Ajay!” Natalie went to work right away, “Stand back Ajay. I wouldn’t want to shock you.” Ajay stepped back to watch as Natalie rubbed together her index finger and thumb to create a bright blue, almost white, light. Ajay was quite impressed, “A Legend huh?” Natalie smiled as she worked, “Yes Ajay!”

Natalie stopped for a moment and looked up to Ajay, “I can’t say what else I am working on, but I can tell you that you are current-ly standing in it.” Ajay looked around and then started working to get another panel off of MRVN. “Talos?” Natalie looked up at Ajay and winked before going back to work. “Is all of Talos this cold?” Ajay asked as she got another panel off with no damage to MRVN.

“Non.” Natalie shook her head, “Can I tell you a story Ajay? I love stories!” Ajay smiled at Natalie’s enthusiasm, “Sure Natalie.” Ajay began working on getting a third panel off of MRVN. “What happened to this poor robot?” Hopefully it wouldn’t take too long to get MRVN up and running again. She wanted to get out of this cold and back home. By home she meant she wanted to get back to Octavio. They didn’t have a label but she still felt a need to be with him.

“Once upon a time Talos used to be a very under populated planet. The people that lived on Talos lived a simple life. They lived without a need for technology. They were peaceful but deadly hunters. Most of the planet was uninhabited due to volcanic activity.” Natalie stopped working and made volcano noises. Ajay laughed. “Talos, just like all of the planets at the time, was faltering in resources.”

Natalie finished up a set of circuits and moved onto the next section. “That is until a mineral rich with energy and power surfaced. Branthium was discovered in vast amounts on Gaea, Psamathe, Solace, and Talos.” Ajay sighed when she heard about Psamthae “Those people don need any more money.” Natalie held out her arms as wide as she could to represent the amount of Branthium found, even though it was clearly not even close to the real amount. “Hungry for power and control, the IMC, Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, tried to take all of the Branthium for themselves.”

Ajay popped the last panel off of MRVN as Natalie continued, “The IMC landed on Talos and set up camp.” Natalie then made ship landing and hammering noises. “The IMC built heat-reducing towers that super cooled the lava’s flow which allowed them to extract the obsidian-colored mineral.” Natalie made fan noises and then digging sounds. “And then. Out of nowhere. One of the towers exploded!” She made expulsion sounds, “Which caused a flash freeze!”

Ajay interrupted her, “That stunnin ice pit?” Natalie smiled, “Oui!” Ajay waited, “And then what?” Natalie shrugged, “And now. That is all I know.” Ajay smiled, “That was a good story. Thank yuh.” Natalie nodded with a smile, “I imagine that the IMC drained this planet of most or all of its resources.” Natalie sighed, “Such a shame for the natives for this planet.”

They worked and laughed until it was dark. “Just a few more pieces tomorrow and we should be done. Then I can show you some of Talos.” Natalie smiled and stepped back from MRVN. “Or we can go tonight?” She whispered to Ajay, like she was too embarrassed to ask. “Let’s go.” Ajay replied. Natalie smiled and took Ajay’s hand. “We will have to be careful. There are monsters out there.” Natalie tapped her chin with her free hand, “I have an idea! Let’s go get a weapon!”

Natalie and Ajay walked towards the back of the hanger, “What kind of monsters are yuh talking about?” Ajay asked. Natalie led Ajay to the weapons cage that was located inside of the back of the hanger, “Prrrrowlers! Uh. Prowlers.” She giggled. Ajay had heard of Prowlers before. Natalie opened the door to the cage, “Ajay we are not in the arena, yet. Talos is partially programmed to be like the arena but some areas are not in working order. If we go out and get hurt we might really get hurt! Or die...”

Ajay put her hand on Natalie’s left shoulder, “Is this ya first time out Natalie?” Ajay dropped her hand and watched as Natalie pulled out a gun that Ajay had never seen before. “Non. I do this a lot. What weapon do want?” Ajay looked around, “Whatcha yuh got there?” Natalie handed Ajay the gun she was holding, “It’s a prowler. A prowler for a Prowler! Get it?” 

Natalie giggled at her own joke, “It is an SMG that uses heavy ammunition. It has powerful five round burst fire. But if you prefer.” Natalie clicked a small switch on the gun, “You can put it on auto fire. It even has a digital threat. Just take a look.” She pointed at the scope for Ajay to look through.

Ajay held the gun up, with her finger off of the trigger, and looked through the scope at Natalie who now lit up red. “Wow. Thermal.” Ajay lowered the prowler, clicking it back over to burst fire. Natalie tossed Ajay a backpack with ammo in it. “Armor doesn’t work yet. Just guns, normal backpacks, and ammo. Some of the Legend’s abilities work, but not all of them. Are you ready?” Ajay put the backpack on as Natalie grabbed her own prowler and supplies, “Let’s do it Natalie.” 

Chapter Text

Talos was even more breath taking at night than it was during the day. If it wasn’t for the bitter cold Ajay thought that she might actually like this like piece of the planet. The stars looked like they were trying to put on a show as they dance and glittered amongst the black sky. She only wished she could share the beautiful night sky with Octavio; maybe someday she could.

Over the skyline Ajay could make out a gentle, warm hue of light. Natalie explained that it was the lava that was never hit by the flash freeze. Ajay was amazed that the planet could house two different atmospheres. Natalie took Ajay to the ice pit that she had barely seen when she first set foot on Talos. “This is the epicenter. This is where the flash freeze originated.” Natalie said. Ajay looked around at all of the ice that covered the area, “It’s so pretty.” The ice looked like someone had hand sculpted it as it lay across the hills, the pit, and the small structure within the pit.

They both sat down together on a broken bin and silently took in the night sky. Neither of them seem to need conversation; the company of one another was enough. Ajay watched as stars flew through the sky and before she knew, hours had passed. She turned and looked over to Natalie, “Do yuh go out here by yuh self a lot?” Natalie was silent and it was a little unsettling to Ajay.

As Ajay looked at Natalie, the electrical engineer looked a bit nervous and not excited like she just had hours ago. “Natalie?” Ajay stood up and walked up in front of her, “What’s wrong?” Natalie looked down at her fingers as she fiddled with them in her lap, “Well... Non. I am never by myself. And I never go out at night.” Ajay stared at her in disbelief. It took Ajay a moment to find something to say without sounding too harsh as she said it.

“So yuh usually go out durin the day wit someone?” Natalie looked nervously at the snow below her feet. She kicked her white and black rubber insulated boot into the snow and then dug her boot further into the snow, making crunching noises as she did; almost like she was trying to avoid answering the question. “With Elliot.” Ajay stared at Natalie. “Great.” Ajay was tired as she tried to think of what to do next.

She looked up at the sky and then back at Natalie, “It’s gettin late. Maybe we should head back.” Ajay pulled out her phone to call Elliot but she couldn't seem to get a signal.” Natalie sighed, “I don’t know my way back in the dark and that phone won’t work out here.” Ajay glared at her phone because it was the only thing that was keeping her from glaring at Natalie. Ajay composed the look on her face before looking at Natalie and offering her a hand, “Come on.” Natalie took Ajay’s hand as confusion settled into her face, “Oui? Where are we going?”

Ajay pulled Natalie with her as she began to walk towards the center of the pit. “I think that there is a small buildin down there. It’s better than bein out here in da snow.” The two women hurried down the hill and into the middle of the Epicenter. Ajay was right as they entered the structure in the middle of the pit. They walked into a small, circular room. There was one other entry way on the other side. In the middle of the room there was a beam that looked like it was used to support the large ice structure above them.

The cool breeze swept in through the building as Ajay sat down on the floor and set her gun down next to her. “I’m sorry Ajay.” Natalie couldn’t even look at her new friend. “It’s okay. Just sit.” Ajay pointed to the ground next to her that wasn’t occupied by her gun. Natalie sat down next to Ajay, “What now?” Natalie tried not to seem worried in front of Ajay.

Ajay smiled, “We wait. We wait until da sun comes up and then we head back ta da hanger.” Natalie gasped as she sat down, “What about the prowlers?” She whispered. “I will keep watch. Get some rest Natalie.” Ajay tried not to sound jaded but she that she was failing. Natalie nodded and leaned her back against the cold wall behind her. Natalie wasn't sure if she could rest, "Aren't you tired?" Ajay shook her head, "Nah." Natalie nodded again and closed her eyes. "I'll close them for just a moment. I don't want to leave Ajay alone."

When Natalie opened her eyes the first thing that she saw were the tops of Aay's black boots, “Huh?” She turned over and looked up at Ajay. Her pale cheeks turned bright red when she realized that she had her head in Ajay’s lap. "I closed my eyes for only a few seconds."  She sat up and noticed that the sun was peeking through the entry way. She was happy that they made it through the night but she felt bad that she fell asleep and left Ajay by herself.

Natalie thought for sure that Ajay was asleep but when she looked back over at Ajay again, Ajay was looking right at her. “Uh. I think I can get us back now that the sun is out.” Ajay stretched and nodded. She felt stiff from sitting in the same position all night. She didn't have the heart to move when Natalie fell asleep in her lap.

An uncomfortable smile spread across Natalie’s lips as she hopped up to her feet. Ajay grabbed her gun and stood up, “Sounds good.” The sun was a warming welcome as Ajay followed Natalie out of the small building and into to the ice covered area. The hanging ice in Epicenter sparkled in the sunlight; Ajay thought it was actually quite amazing. She followed Natalie up the hill where they were able to see the hanger and small colony in the distance.

Natalie led them back to the colony where Elliot met them at the entrance of the hanger. Ajay thought that Elliot looked like a worried parent that had been up all night waiting for their child that had missed curfew. There was silence between all of them as Ajay and Natalie walked to the gun cage with Elliot following behind. When Elliot was sure he was safe because the guns were put away he broke the silence, “So, where were you guys?”

Ajay could see the fear in Natalie’s eyes, so she did all of the talking for both of them, “We went out for a stroll and we lost our back. So we spent da night in Epicenter.” Elliot’s mouth visibly dropped open before they all walked back to the housing area. Ajay motioned to Natalie, “Go get cleaned up and get some better rest. Just grab mi when yuh ready ta get back at it wit MRVN.” Natalie nodded and went to her housing unit.

Elliot and Ajay headed back towards their quarters. After the door was shut behind them, and Elliot knew that Natalie couldn’t hear them, he once again broke the silence, “What the hell Ajay! You could have called!” Ajay pulled off her backpack and her hoodie off; tossing them onto bed. 

She was so cold that she felt like a popsicle. “I tried Elliot. There was no signal.” He followed behind her as she took off her shirt, “What if something happened to you guys. This isn’t the fucking arena. You can die out here.” She wasn't really listening to what he had to say. She was cold, tired, and in pain. 

Ajay got her boots off of her frozen feet and peeled her leggings off of her legs. She found her pill bottle in backpack and got out two pills before shoving the bottle back into her backpack. She swallowed the pills without anything to drink as Elliot stood there and watched. She then pulled a small first aid kit from her backpack; she always kept one with her just in case of an emergency. “Ajay. Are you even listening to me?” Elliot sounded more annoyed than angry.

“I hear yuh. What do yuh want me ta say? Nothin happened. I kept yuh, whatever, she is ta yuh, safe?” Ajay made her way to the bathroom and ran the water in the shower. Elliot continued to follow her. “What do you mean by that?” She looked at him and shrugged, “I don know what she is ta yuh. So I don really know how ta refer ta ya two.” She pulled her dressing off and looked at herself in the mirror.

After observing her wound she came to conclusion that her wound looked like it was healing just fine. She decided to let her wound go without a dressing. Elliot was silent for a long time. Ajay removed her bra and panties. She didn’t care to wash her hair so she left it up. She turned to get into the shower and was immediately stopped by Elliot as he grabbed her wrist.

Ajay stopped and turned around to look at him. Elliot dropped her wrist as she stood there naked in front of him. “I don’t know what she is to me. It’s complicated.” He stepped towards her and placed his hand on her ass “She feels like ice.” He squeezed her ass hard. He missed the way that her ass felt in his hands, “I don’t know what this is. What we are...” Ajay sighed and placed her hand on his cheek, “She cares about yuh.” Ajay gently pushed Elliot's hair from his face so that she could look into his eyes, "Go wit her Elliot."

Elliot's heart skipped a beat as Ajay touched him. She smiled at him as he dropped his hand from her ass. Elliot stood there and watched Ajay’s beautiful naked body disappear into the shower, “She can’t stop talkin about ya Elliot.” Ajay spoke over the water. Her cold body slowly warmed up underneath the hot water.

All Elliot could do was smile and he didn’t know if it was because Ajay was just naked in front of him or if it was because of what he was hearing about Natalie. He did know that Ajay’s body was just a few feet from him and it was wet. “So wet.” He heavily debated ripping off all of his clothes and getting into the shower with her. He sighed and left, deciding that it would be best to talk to Natalie instead.

Ajay finished up in the shower and dried off. She got back into her bra and panties and picked up whatever mess she had made. She checked the time on her phone and crawled underneath the covers. It was just a little past noon, which meant that Octavio should have been up. She sent a text to Octavio to see how he was doing. She was surprised when he called instead of texting her back. She laid back in the bed and answered her phone.

“Silva? Yuh, okay?”

“Che?” He laughed, “Do you not know how to talk on a phone?”

“I guess not?” Phone etiquette was not her strong point. She never really spoke with anyone on her phone unless it was an emergency.

“How was your day Che?”

“Well, I spent all night awake in da snow.” She sighed.

“Did something happen? Are you okay?”

“Ugh my work partner wanted ta go for a night stroll and couldn’t get us back until it was daylight.” She laughed because it sounded ridiculous when she said it out loud.

“Sounds fun. Where are you?”

“Some planet called Talos.” She waited for him to answer.

There was a long silence.

“Silva? Are yuh ok?” She was getting worried when he didn’t answer right away.

“Be careful out there, okay?”

“Have yuh been here before Silva?” She tried not to sound too worried.

“Something like that. Just stay near the colony. And one more thing Che.”

She waited, “What Silva?” There was a slight panic in her voice.

“We’re on video chat so can you pull your face away from the phone so I can see you?”

She laughed and pulled the phone from her ear and smiled into the camera when she saw him. “You really don’t know how to phone Che.” She nodded in agreement with him, “True.” She turned over in the bed and placed her cheek into her left hand. She used a pillow to prop her phone up in front of her, “I’ll be back Friday for the match.”

Octavio licked his lips as he watched her. He couldn't wait to see her and do other things to her. Ajay looked at him and wondered if the video chat was frozen, “Silva?” He moved a little, “Sorry Che, I have a nice view here.” She realized that the phone was pointed at her chest. Octavio stared directly at the valley of cleavage that was right in front of his face. "Damn Che..."

Her face turned a tint of pink as she smiled, "Silva... I am going sleep now. Bye.” He laughed for moment and gave a sad look when she wanted to get off the phone even though he knew that she was just giving him a hard time, “See ya Friday Che.” They ended the call and Ajay pulled the covers up over her head to block out any light and noise so that she could hopefully get some rest.

Chapter Text

Ajay felt like she had only been sleeping for about five minutes before something or someone was poking at her. She pulled the covers back from her head to see Natalie sitting next to her on the bed. “Hey Natalie. What time is it?” Ajay flipped the rest of the covers back. Natalie smiled, “6pm Ajay!” As soon as Natalie saw Ajay in only her bra and panties she blushed and turned away quickly.

Ajay looked at Natalie and then looked down at herself, “I can’t believe this girl is an adult. She acts so young.” She stretched and then looked back over to Natalie, “It’s okay Natalie. We both be girls. Just havin some girl time, right?” She forced a smile as Natalie turned back around. Natalie looked at Ajay’s body as Ajay got out of bed and began to get dressed.

Natalie noticed that Ajay was a little more developed than she was. Natalie also noticed all of the scars across many parts of her body. She wondered how Ajay got all of those scars. She knew that Ajay was a Legend, “Are all of those scars from the arena? Non. Some of them look too old to be from the arena.” She continued to look over Ajay’s body, “Did you have surgery?” Natalie pointed to Ajay’s stitches.

Elliot opened the door and walked in to see what Natalie and Ajay were up to. Natalie jumped up off of the bed as Elliot stared at them and tried to figure out what was going on. Natalie pushed him back and out through the doorway, “Girl time!” She then shut the door in Elliot’s face. “Okay cool. I’ll come back later. Or if you need me now...” Elliot said as he stared at the door in front of him. He debated if he should go peek in through the window but decided not to.

Ajay laughed and pointed to her wound, “No surgery. It’s from da arena. Just like out here, ya can get hurt in da arena.” Natalie look perplexed for a moment. Ajay slipped on a clean black lace bra, black lace panties, a black tank top, black leggings, her black hoodie, and her boots. Natalie watched her the whole time. Ajay cleaned up before they walked back to their work area in the hanger.

Night had already settle into the sky, which Ajay hoped wouldn't put a stop to their work. Natalie had already set up lighting in their work area so that they could see. Elliot waited near the MRVN with some soup for all of them. Ajay passed on the food and got right to work; replacing panels while Natalie ate. They worked long into the night and into the early morning. Ajay wanted to get this assignment done and Natalie seem rested and willing to complete the assignment as well.

Elliot tried to make some jokes throughout their repairs but Ajay and Natalie were too focused on fixing MRVN. Elliot eventually gave up on the comedic relief and cleaned up his soup. Finally, around 3am, Ajay secured the last panel back onto MRVN. Natalie excitedly announced that they were finished as she jumped up and down. Ajay was happy to be done. She hoped that maybe she could leave early and get back home to Octavio.

Natalie smiled at the robot as they all stood there and waited for MRVN to boot up. Natalie tapped MRVN’s screen on his chest. A look of disappointment washed over Natalie’s face. “I do not understand. He should be working, non?” Ajay walked to the front of MRVN, “Well Natalie sometimes yuh can have all da brains in da world but yuh just need ta use some force.”

Ajay clenched her fist and pounded on MRVN’s screen a few times. The clunk of her fist on the glass echoed throughout the hanger. MRVN’s screen flickered on and went through a bootup sequence. Natalie cheered and hugged Ajay. “You did it!” Ajay hugged Natalie back; she really didn’t do anything but assault her teammate.

Ajay smiled for a moment but the smile fell from her face as she began to feel very uncomfortable, and it wasn’t from Natalie hugging her. “Do yuh hear that?” She gently pushed Natalie away from her and turned around towards the noise. Ajay forced Natalie behind her; like a mom would do to shield and protect her own child.

Natalie peeked around Ajay as they both listened for whatever noise Ajay thought that she had heard. Elliot nodded and listened while looking around. They were all silent and then they all saw it. Not more than fifteen meters away, there stood a prowler. The prowler looked like some sort of huge, wild dog; if that dog was the size of a large van. It was a brownish black, burnt color with streaks of red and orange along its whole body. It actually looked like there was smoke smoldering from its body.

Natalie clutched at Ajay's hoodie just like a child. “Hello friends!” MRVN said from behind them, “It's great to see you.” The prowler heard the friendly robot and walked closer to them, growling as it approached. Ajay's body grew tense as she heard MRVN; the friendly robot always had uncanny timing. “Elliot.” Ajay’s voice was calm but commanding as she spoke. Elliot watched the prowler as he finished putting on his cloaking suit, “Yep.”

MRVN trotted over to Ajay and Natalie. “MRVN. I need yuh.” The robot stepped closer to Ajay, “Hi Natalie!” He waved to Natalie and then looked at Ajay, “Hi Ajay!” He waved again. Ajay motioned to the weapon cage in the corner of the hanger. “MRVN, Elliot is gonna throw out his decoys. When he does I need yuh ta take Natalie and grapple ta da weapon cage. We need ta get guns to kill da prowlers.” MRVN gave Ajay a thumbs up, “You got it friend.”

Ajay nudged Natalie off of her backside, “Natalie go wit MRVN and get weapons.” Natalie nodded and climbed onto MRVN's back, “Oui. You can count on us.” Ajay tried to remain still and calm. She had never encountered a prowler before but it seemed like any sudden movement might set the monster off. She knew they had to be smart and quick about what they were going to do.

The prowler was about four meters away by the time Ajay finished telling them her plan. “Now Elliot.” Ajay said to him in a low, calm voice. Elliot pointed his finger just left of the prowler and sent out a single decoy. The decoy copy of Elliot ran out of the hanger where Elliot had pointed for it to go. The prowler let out a lower growl as it jumped and ran after the decoy; chasing it like a cat would chase a mouse.

MRVN grappled to the weapon cage with Natalie clung tightly to his back. When the prowler caught up with the decoy, it clawed at it and roared loudly when it disappeared. The prowler then turned around and came charging back towards the hanger. Elliot threw out his ultimate and went invisibly running for the weapon cage to grab a gun. Ajay tossed a light from the work area at the prowler and went running toward the cage as well. She didn’t think the light would do much but it made her feel better.

The prowler ran for the decoys and clawed all of them down until they disappeared. When the prowler was done it turned its attention to Ajay and went running after her. Natalie and MRVN had already armed themselves with guns as Elliot appeared in front of them. Elliot grabbed a gun and tossed it to Ajay as she slid over to them. Ajay caught the gun and quickly made sure that the safety was off as the prowler jumped into the air to close the distance between them.

As the prowler descended towards her, Ajay aimed and walked the trigger of the burst fire gun without any hesitation. Natalie began to fire her gun at the prowler as she walked forward. The bullets hit the prowler before it had time to react and its limp body fell from the air. Ajay’s body hit the concrete floor with a hard ‘smack’ noise as the dead weight of the prowler pushed her down. “Ugh.” Was the last word that escaped her lips before she was face deep in dead ass prowler.

Elliot, MRVN, and Natalie rushed over to Ajay, who had already began pushing herself out from underneath the prowler. Elliot and MRVN each grabbed one of her arms and helped to pull her out from underneath the prowler's body. “Good. I’m good.” Ajay said as she stood up covered in blood and guts. She immediately readied her gun and Natalie followed her lead. Elliot sent another decoy out of the hanger only for two more prowlers to pounce at it. Ajay and Elliot fired at one of the prowlers while Natalie and MRVN grabbed extra magazines for everyone.

Both Elliot and Ajay's gun clicked empty as the first of the two prowlers dropped dead. Natalie slid two heavy magazines towards Elliot and Ajay as she walked forward with MRVN. Natalie and MRVN began to shoot down towards the end of the hanger at the second prowler until their guns were empty. The second prowler went down without a problem. Natalie handed MRVN one of the two heavy magazines she had been carrying and they quickly began to reload their guns.

The last prowler, a fourth prowler, came out of nowhere and began charging at Natalie. MRVN and Natalie were too preoccupied with reloading their guns to even see the prowler coming. Elliot ran and pushed Natalie into MRVN while Ajay fired at the charging beast. Natalie stumbled into MRVN and then both staggered and fell to the ground about twenty feet away from the action. Natalie’s magazine went flying along with MRVN’s gun.

Elliot stumbled to where Natalie was standing but he had lost his gun when he shoved Natalie out of the way. “Well this is it. I love you mom, even though you probably don't remember who I am.” Ajay’s gun clicked empty she finished emptying her clip into the prowler’s body. She provided just enough distraction that the prowler landed behind Elliot instead of on him. Elliot let out a sigh of relief and scrambled out of the way. The prowler focused its attention on Ajay as it growled. The beast dashed for her at full force at it.

Ajay did the only thing that she could do and ran at the prowler as it ran at her. The prowler jumped at her and she fell to the ground and slid underneath it; barely clearing the creature as it turned midway through its jump. Ajay slid right into Elliot's lost gun and picked it up. She quickly turned and aimed the gun at the prowler as she sat on the ground. She shot the entire clip into beast as it had already rebounded, jumped and landed on top of her. The gun went flying from her hand from the sheer force of the impact. 

The prowler raised its right paw up and used its massive claws to tear into her right shoulder and part of her upper chest. Blood flew everywhere as MRVN used Natalie’s gun, with his magazine to shoot the prowler until it stopped its assault on Ajay. Natalie ran to Ajay as MRVN shot bullets up into the ceiling and cheered, “Yay! We won!” MRVN looked at the empty gun and shrugged as he tossed it to the ground.

Ajay laid on the ground listening to the faint sound of bullets as the prowler fell down next to her. She felt like the wind had been knocked out of her, again. The concrete of the hanger floor was cold, which was no surprise since this whole part of the planet was cold. Ajay heard voices around her but they were distant. She had to focus until the voices became more clear but she still didn’t understand what they were saying so she spoke over them, “I’m fine.”

Elliot reached for Ajay and helped her up, supporting her as she stood. “Elliot.” Natalie said and gestured towards the ground as she joined them. Natalie’s face was pale, more pale than just her usual skin tone. Elliot gave Natalie a weird look which made Natalie immediately stop talking. Elliot patted Ajay’s left shoulder, “Come on lets go get cleaned up and get some rest.”

Ajay nodded and leaned against Elliot as they began to walk out of the hanger and towards the living area. Natalie stepped around a large pool of blood where Ajay had been laying on the ground. Natalie hurried to join them with MRVN trailing just behind her. Natalie and MRVN silently followed the trail of red snow behind Ajay and Elliot.

“Hey Elliot?” He stopped as Ajay stopped. “Yep?” He said as Ajay closed her eyes, “I don feel so good...” Ajay trailed off as she felt lightheaded. Her legs gave out but Elliot caught her as she collapsed. Elliot quickly placed an arm behind her back and another underneath her knees and picked her up. He ran full speed to where he and Ajay were staying. Natalie quickly followed behind him as Elliot kicked opened the door and laid Ajay down on the bed.

“Natalie there should be a first aid kit in her backpack.” Elliot’s voice was on the verge of panic but he tried to remain calm as he provided instructions. Natalie quickly grabbed Ajay’s backpack and dumped its contents onto the floor as she searched for the first aid kit. Elliot sat on top of Ajay’s lower body as he began to tear her hoodie from her upper body, but he stopped momentarily to stare at the damage that the prowler had done to her. Ajay’s right shoulder and upper right chest were macerated; there was hardly any skin left. He could see muscle and parts of her bones through the pooling blood.

Ajay was soaked in her own blood and the blood, and guts, and whatever else, of the prowlers that they had killed. He tore the rest of her hoodie off, then her shirt, and then her bra. It wasn’t very difficult for Elliot to get her clothes off since the prowler had pretty shredded through them with its claws. He pulled his own shirt off and used to apply pressure Ajay’s chest and shoulder. Natalie found the first aid kit and popped it opened after she set it next to them on the bed.

Elliot’s entire body was shaking as he looked down at Ajay lifeless body. Her skin was cold and pale and her lips were a tint of blue. Natalie touched Elliot’s shoulder. “If we don't stop the bleeding she will…” Her voice was calm as she held a handful of gauze. Elliot's voice was no longer calm, it was uneven and worried, “I know. I am trying Natalie!” He wasn’t trying to yell but that’s how the words came out of his mouth. He looked down at Ajay’s blue fingertips and his body became paralyzed from shock.

Natalie saw the look of worry on Elliot’s face and she heard the same worry in his voice, “Elliot.” Natalie tugged at his arm because he wasn’t moving and she couldn’t figure out why. She knew that they were running out of time. Natalie tugged at him once more but Elliot wouldn’t budge. Natalie looked over at his shirt upon Ajay’s chest. The shirt was soaked and no longer providing any type of pressure as blood was now pouring from around it. Natalie looked back to him and yelled his name, “Elliot!” He still would not move or speak.

When Natalie could not elicit a response from Elliot on her third attempt she pushed him off of Ajay and she quickly took his place. Elliot fell to the floor as Natalie straddled Ajay’s legs with her own. Natalie pulled Elliot’s useless shirt from Ajay’s body and pressed the wad of gauze, which she had been holding, into Ajay’s chest and shoulder. Natalie hoped that Elliot would snap out of it real soon because she needed his help.

Natalie absorbed what she could with the gauze as she rubbed together her index and thumb with her other hand. As she created a bright blue electrical current, Natalie leaned down and whispered into Ajay’s ear, “Je suis désolé Ajay...” Natalie removed the gauze and tossed it to the floor as she lowered her electrified fingers to Ajay’s shoulder and held Ajay down with her other hand. “Elliot. I need you to help me hold her down.”

Elliot had been sitting on the floor, watching as Natalie took over. When he heard his name, he immediately got back up onto the bed and sat just above Ajay’s head. Natalie gently traced her electrified fingertips down along Ajay's shoulder and chest. Ajay's body began to convulse against Natalie’s uncomfortable touch. Elliot placed his hands on Ajay’s arms and held her down the best that he could. Elliot watched as Natalie worked her electrical current along the entirety of Ajay’s wounds.

Natalie stopped for a moment, “I need something to soak up the blood.” Elliot held Ajay down with one hand and grabbed a pillow from behind him. Elliot yanked the pillowcase off of the pillow and pressed it firmly against Ajay's bloody wound. Once the bleeding had slowed enough, Natalie went back to work until she was able to get the bleeding to completely stop.

The room looked like a murder scene and smelled even worse. Elliot was still in shock so Natalie sent him, with the help of MRVN, to find dressing supplies so that she could wrap Ajay up. Natalie held Ajay’s head in her lap as Ajay took shallow breaths. “You saved all of us Ajay.” Warm tears trailed down Natalie's cheeks as she watched her new friend cling to life. Natalie just knew that Ajay had to survive because they now both shared similar electrical scars; they were bonded for life.

Chapter Text

Ajay forced her eyes opened against the crushing pain in her skull. A set of black eyes stare down at her. Ajay blinked as she looked at the Nessie eyeing her from the table next to the bed. The Nessie looked a little rough and that it had enjoyed many adventures. Her eyes wandered around the room she didn’t recognize anything except for her backpack sitting on the floor a feet from the bed. Her body was warm and well insulted in heavy blankets.

She tried to move but her chest burned like it was on fire. She laid there for a moment and waited for the burning sensation to subside. Even just lying there, Ajay felt sore all over. She had no recollection on what had happened last night. She took a deep breath and immediately cringed from the overwhelming smell of something that had been burnt. She regressed to taking shallow breaths in through her mouth to avoid taking in anymore of the horrific smell.

She forced her left hand over the right part of her chest. She ran her fingertips along her chest and shoulder but it felt odd and not at all like her. She reached up and tried to pull the heavy blankets away from her body but it was nearly impossible. Her body ached from the chore of just trying to move the blankets so she decided that she would try to slip her body out from underneath the blankets instead.

Ajay tried to move but she felt someone's arm wrapped around her stomach. “What da fuck happened last night…”  Whoever had their arm wrapped around her was pressed up against her backside. She closed her eyes for a moment and felt guilty; like she had somehow already messed things up between her and Octavio. She didn’t tried to push the thought away as she attempted to move her right arm and push past the burning pain. Panic began to set in when she couldn't move her arm; in fact she couldn't even feel it. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." 

When Ajay was done internally screaming at herself she reached down with her working hand and gently removed it from her stomach. She was relieved when the hand felt slender, soft, and not at all like Elliot's hand. Ajay willed her body to move towards the edge of the bed and slip out from underneath the blankets. She gritted her teeth together and forced the blankets from her as best as she could.

She slid her lower body out of the bed and her upper body painfully followed. It was cold when she finally made it out of the bed and sat on the floor. She looked down at her body to find that she was only in her panties. “What da hell…” She whispered to herself. The pain in her body was so intense that it forced her to stay on the floor for moment. It had been a very long time since she had been a situation like this.

She tried to piece together what she could remember from the night before because if she didn’t figure out what was going on she might have a mental breakdown. She could remember fighting the prowlers and no one got injured; they killed all of the prowlers that had tried to kill them. She could also remember that she was walking with Elliot after the prowlers had attacked them and nothing. Everything after their walk back to the housing area was blank. “Was I drinkin?”

With her left hand, Ajay used the bed as leverage to help herself stand up. She looked down into the bed and saw that it had been Natalie that had her slender arm wrapped around her. Natalie was wearing one of Elliot's shirts; at least that's all Ajay could see with the blankets on top of her. Behind Natalie, Elliot was nestled into her back. Of course Elliot had no blankets on but to Ajay's surprise, Elliot did have on some damn underwear. “That's new.”

Ajay looked around for the bathroom because she needed a moment to herself and a mirror to see what was going on with the burning in her chest. She ambled into the bathroom and softly closed the door behind her after entering. She stood in front of the mirror, with a huge dressing plastered to her right shoulder and chest. She shook her head in disbelief because she still couldn’t remember what had happened to her.

She started peeling back the dressing and she quickly figured out where the ‘burnt’ smell was coming from. The smell was charred flesh; it was her charred flesh. She cringed as she pulled more of the dressing back. Her shoulder and chest looked like something out of a horror movie that she and Octavio used to watch as children. She finally managed to get the whole dressing off. Her chest and shoulder burned as she stood there with a blank look upon her face.

"Come on." Ajay sighed and coaxed her right hand to move. Once she got her fingers wiggling she knew that she could get the rest of her working. She winced through the pain and moved her the lower part of her right arm. She wanted to cry out in pain but she held back tears when she was finally able to get her whole right arm moving. Her range of motion was little to none in right arm but at least she had sensation and could use it now.

After a few minutes Ajay got her shit together and walked out of the bathroom. She nearly jumped as Natalie met her on the other side of the bathroom door and hugged her. “Ajay! You're okay!” Ajay patted Natalie’s back, “I told yuh I was fine.” Natalie stepped back a little confused to Ajay’s obstinate attitude, “Non. You have been sleeping for a while. After you saved us from that prrrowler, you lost a lot of blood and then you tried to walk it off. Then you collapsed. Elliot and I saved you. It will make for a good story.”

Elliot sat up in bed when he heard Ajay and Natalie, “Ajay, what are you doing up?” He looked at her bare chest where she had pulled the dressing off of herself. Ajay sighed and looked over to Elliot as he spoke to her, “You really need to rest.” After Natalie released her, Ajay made her way towards her backpack. Fragments of the prowler attack were starting to come back to her and things were starting to make more sense. She started digging through her bag for her pill bottle.

Elliot almost looked sad as he watched her, “Come back to bed with us Ajay.” She felt a little awkward with Natalie standing right next her but Natalie was overjoyed and jumped right in the conversation, “Oh yes Ajay! Come back to bed! Let’s have a sleep over! It will be so much fun!” Ajay smiled at Natalie and quickly gave Elliot a stern look. “Sorry Natalie. I have ta get back home.” Natalie started pouting as she jumped back into bed with Elliot, “But you just got here. I don’t want you to go so soon.” Natalie was actually staring at Elliot when she said this.

Ajay glanced over at them for a moment, “I think Elliot should stay here until dis place is secured and ta make sure yuh safe Natalie. I also think he should let me borrow a shirt, all of mine are ta tight for dis injury.” Natalie looked at Elliot with a smile upon her lips, “Give her a shirt.” Natalie stood up and made her way to the bathroom, “I am going to take a shower and get dressed before Ajay and MRVN have to leave us.” Natalie closed the bathroom door behind her.

Elliot got up and pulled a black shirt out of one of the drawers of the small dresser next to the bed, “I didn’t argue with Natalie when she wanted you to sleep with us.” He winked at her, “I can't argue with that sweet face. Especially since it was you that she wanted in her bed.” Elliot pointed at Ajay’s newer wound, “That prowler got you good. But….” He gripped his shirt really tight before setting it down on the bed. “If you didn’t. It would have been me or her.”

Ajay gently touched his arm. “She's fine Elliot. She’s a lot stronger than yuh give her credit for.” Elliot helped Ajay into her leggings; which was more difficult than he anticipated. He stood up and looked away from her. For a moment Ajay thought that he was crying. “Elliot..?” He turned around with his shirt in his hands and helped her get it on. He grazed her hard nipples with his fingers, purposely, adjusting the shirt in places that it didn’t need to be adjusted just so that he could touch her. “Ajay, I just can’t look at you and hold a conversation when you’re naked.”

She brushed it off his sarcasm and changed the subject, “Well I’m dressed and I need a jacket or something since mi hoodie is shredded.” Elliot opened up a small closet across from them and pulled out a long white coat that had bright lime green accents on it. He gave it a weird look and then helped Ajay get into it. The coat hung down to Ajay’s knees and didn’t fit very well, but it would have to do because Ajay didn’t have a choice.

Natalie finished her shower and walked out of the bathroom fully clothed. Natalie gave Ajay a strange look, or maybe she was giving the jacket, that Ajay was wearing, a strange look. Natalie slipped on her own jacket as Elliot helped Ajay get her boots on and laced them up for her. Natalie made sure that all of Ajay’s belongings we packed up. Elliot went to grab Ajay’s backpack but she gently pushed him away, “I got it.” She picked up her backpack and put in on her non-injured shoulder. It felt like it weighed over a hundred pounds but she didn’t let it show on her face.

“Elliot, “Natalie motioned towards the door, “I want to talk to Ajay. We’ll be there soon.” Elliot walked out without a word. Natalie took Ajay’s hand, “Thank you for saving me. I am sorry about your wounds.” Ajay thought that Natalie sounded sad as she spoke to her, “It’s electrocauterization. Sort of like my scar.” Ajay nodded as she realized that's why her skin was charred.

Natalie delicately touched Ajay’s covered right chest. Natalie wasn't particularly happy that she had to fry Ajay's skin but it was either that or let her die. She was worried that Ajay might not want to be friends with her anymore, “It will heal with time. But I am afraid your muscles might take longer to heal.” Ajay reached up and held Natalie’s hand against her chest, “Natalie. What happened dis morning…”

 Ajay paused and dropped the whole thought as she quickly changed the subject. “I would have done it again if it meant savin yuh life and everyone else’s life.” She paused again squeezing Natalie’s hand, “It must have been hard; what yuh had ta mi ta save mi life. Thank yuh Natalie, for everyting.” Ajay knew that it couldn’t have been easy for Natalie to have to hurt someone to help them. Natalie seemed so young and she had to make some pretty difficult decisions under pressure. “She’ll make a great Legend someday. I’ll make sure ta put in a good word for her.”

Natalie smiled as she led Ajay to the door, “Let’s get you home.” They left Natalie’s place and made the short trip to the hanger. As Ajay and Natalie embraced, Elliot couldn’t help but join in as well; calling it a Natalie sandwich as he hugged from Natalie from behind. MRVN eventually joined in and crushed Elliot, which Elliot was not happy about. “I will miss you friends!” MRVN finally released them, “Come on Ajay. We have a big match tonight.” MRVN waved to his friends and made his way up the ramp and into the transport ship.

As Ajay entered the transport ship it finally hit her that it was Friday. She had somehow lost a day from the prowler attack. Her stomach felt sick from the thought. Ajay tried to move to follow MRVN but Natalie was still hugging her; latched onto her like a child. Elliot gently tapped Natalie on the shoulder, “Nat. It’s time to let go.” Natalie reluctantly let go of Ajay with a verbal pout. Natalie waved at Ajay as Elliot placed his around her.

After Ajay entered the ship the ramp closed and the ship took off. Ajay set her backpack down in the seat next to her as sat the down. Apparently Elliot had already loaded her suitcase into the ship. She looked over at MRVN who was just still standing. “Do yuh want ta sit down MRVN? Plenty of space.” Ajay motioned to all of the empty seats around them. MRVN pointed at himself, “Robots don’t sit.” Ajay shrugged. It was silent for only a moment. “50%.” MRVN looked directly at Ajay. It was now Ajay’s turn to point at herself, almost as if she was mocking MRVN, “Mi?”

MRVN pointed at her, “You’re at 50%. You should not compete tonight.” Ajay stuck her tongue out at MRVN and then closed her eyes. “I don’t know what that means friend.” MRVN said to her. Ajay giggled at him. “Nothin MRVN. Just keep that 50% to yuh self, yuh hear?” MRVN gave Ajay a thumbs up. “Okay friend!” They didn’t speak after that; maybe it was because Ajay pretended to be asleep. She couldn’t bring herself to look at MRVN because she was afraid to hear what else that he had figured out about her.

Chapter Text

After the ship landed both Ajay and MRVN went to the debriefing room for their recent job detail. Ajay was questioned about everything that had happened on Talos. She was also questioned about her ability to compete in the match but she kept her cool and told her interviewers that she was more than fine to compete. 

She tried not to give too much detail about how bad she was actually wounded. Ajay could still barely move her right arm and all the sensation she was getting back in it was purely pain. She lied her way through her debriefing and was glad when the questions had ceased. Before she was done with her interview she recommended Natalie Paquette for a Legend role if a spot became available.

When she left the debriefing room Ajay imagined that MRVN didn’t say much of anything about her ability to perform in the match because they cleared her to compete. She didn’t even need to see Dr. Bateman for clearance, which was a relief. She narrowly avoided missing her first match ever. She knew that as soon as she entered the arena she would be fine. She just needed to get to the arena.

Ajay medicated herself before setting her backpack down in the loading room. MRVN and Ajay were actually a bit early. Ajay used the extra time to select an outfit for the match. She wanted to find something that had a lot of compression for her chest and shoulder. She knew it would make it easier for her to compete. She flipped through the outfits that she owned and the ones that she didn’t own until she came across Vital Signs. She selected the outfit and tried it on.

The Vital Signs outfit consisted of a tight, long sleeved jacket that was red in color with black and yellow accents. Underneath the jacket she wore a white shirt, which helped pad the jacket and her wound. Her hands were covered with yellow gloves. Her pants were black with huge red knee pads. Her feet were covered in mid-calf black mountain-climbing boots. The boots also had red and yellow accent colors. 

On her forehead were a set of yellow reflective snow-boarding goggles. On her waist were an assortment of ropes, "Just in case I need ta strangle someone." She smiled at the thought. She purchased the outfit and sat down on the sofa to tuck D.O.C. away into her large side pocket. Antsy, she began tapping a rhythm with her fingers on tops of her thighs.

MRVN decided that he wanted to select and outfit too, or a paintjob in his case. MRVN scrolled through the outfit screen for almost five minutes before he finally decided one something to wear. He selected The Aviator outfit, which just changed his paint job to a light blue color. MRVN was so thrilled about his decision that he clapped as he walked away from the outfit screen.

Ajay was happy when she saw Anita step into the room with them. She got up from the sofa and greeted Anita. “Hey kid. It’s been a while. What have you been up to?” Anita said as she looked over down at Ajay. A smirk crossed Ajay's lips because she knew what she was going to say next would send Anita through a loop, “Killin prowlers wit prowlers.” Anita’s eyes widen a bit. “Are those in the arena now?” Ajay knew that Anita meant the gun, not the monster.

Ajay could only shrug because she really hadn’t thought about it, “I didn use it in da arena.” She motioned with her finger for Anita to come closer to her. When Anita moved in towards her, Ajay whispered into her ear, “I used it on Talos.” Anita stood up and nodded in approval. Anita had a new found respect for Ajay. Anita knew that Ajay could shoot a gun; in fact Anita knew a lot about Ajay’s past that the other Legends didn’t know. “It’s me and you tonight kid.”

Anita walked over to the outfit screen and selected an outfit as well, Midnight. It really wasn’t much different than Anita’s original outfit except it was a bit darker. Ajay smiled and used her best Anita voice, “Kid, what da fuck are yuh wearin?” Anita smirked at her and punched Ajay in the arm, “Nice one kid. But seriously. What the fuck are you wearing kid?”

Ajay laughed, “Why da fuck are yuh so concerned wit mi wardrobe all da time?” Anita shrugged, “Because I have to be seen with you.” Ajay gave Anita a strange look, “I didn think yuh were concerned about looks.” Anita smiled, “It reflects poorly on me if you look like a fool in the arena.” They began walking towards the air hanger. Ajay punched Anita in the arm, “Yuh get over it.” MRVN hurried to follow behind them as they all entered the transport ship together.

Eventually the other Legends flooded into the ship as it got closer to take off time. The only Legend that was missing was Elliot. No one asked any questions about his whereabouts as the ship took off. Makoa was overjoyed to see MRVN; they were paired together for the match. Renee was paired with Bloodhound. Octavio was paired with Mikhail. Ajay would have been upset if she had to spend another match with Mikhail, but it didn’t seem to bother Octavio; in fact it took a lot to bother Octavio.

Everyone stood up as ship circled the arena and the 30 second countdown timer began. The ship hovered over Skull Town and once the timer hit zero Octane pushed Caustic out of the ship into Skull Town. With a smirk on his masked face Octane fell out of the transport ship behind his teammate. Pathfinder and Gibraltar jumped out right afterward. Wraith and Bloodhound soon followed. Lifeline and Bangalore both looked at one another and bumped forearms before running and jumping out of the ship.

Lifeline and Bangalore landed together in the middle Skull Town. Bangalore immediately sent out a smoke grenade to give them some cover so that they had some time to loot. Bangalore found a P2020 and Lifeline picked up a Mozambique and a level one backpack. It was only a matter of seconds before the kill feed lit up with deaths: Caustic, Octane, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Gibraltar.

Before they could make a move Wraith came at them with an R99. Lifeline was down in seconds. Bangalore fired twice at Wraith as she void jumped and switched to her other R99. After she reappeared, Wraith fired her weapon into Bangalore’s back. In matter of five minutes the match was over and Wraith had taken down everyone but except for her own teammate.

For the first time ever the transport ship was not silent when everyone came to. Ajay looked over to Anita who gave her a smile and a nod; Ajay reciprocated the same motion. Renee was sitting across from Ajay with a sly smile on her lips. Her black hair was thrown into a bun, with loose strands framing her porcelain white skin; probably from the match. Renee wore a white bodysuit that had some red and black accents on it. Ajay was always amazed that Renee could pull off any color that she wore. 

“She must have been trainin really hard. A well-deserved win.” Ajay reached out to Renee with her fist. Renee's face twitched as she reached out and gave Ajay's fist a bump. “Great work Renee. Yuh were amazin.” Renee’s smile grew as she sat back in her seat, “Drinks?” Renee looked at Ajay and then to Anita as she said it. 

Anita nodded yes and Ajay replied, “I'm in. Just gotta stop by mi place first.” MRVN overheard the conversation, “Friends! We're going out for drinks!” MRVN began clapping and running in place as Makoa cheered. Mikhail and Bloodhound didn’t seem interested by their unwavering silence. Ajay wondered if Mikhail and Bloodhound would ever loosen up and go out.

Before exiting the ship all of the Legends agreed to meet at the bar in an hour after debriefing. Ajay and Octavio were the last ones to finish debriefing, everyone else had already left. Ajay got back into her civilian clothing and Octavio waited for her outside of the loading room. “Che, did you get a new jacket?” He took her backpack and threw it over his shoulders.

Ajay laughed, “It's a long story.” Octavio didn’t pry about it as they walked back to her apartment. Ajay punched her pass code into the pin pad. “Well I guess I will see you at the bar.” Octavio said as he held out her backpack. Ajay opened the door as she listened to Octavio and then turned around, “Don yuh wanna come in and we can go togetha?” She tried not to sound upset as she spoke to him.

Octavio smiled underneath his mask, “Of course I do. You seemed kind of quiet on the way back. I didn’t know if you needed to be alone.” Ajay shook her head, “Don be stupid. Get your ass inside.” Octavio threw a hand up into the air, “Whoa Che, no need to curse at me.” Ajay rolled her eyes at him. “Are yuh coming in?” Octavio laughed and pulled his mask off as he stepped inside her apartment.

Ajay flipped the light on while Octavio set her backpack down and released D.O.C. to roam. She walked to her bedroom while Octavio made them some drinks, red bull and vodka, and joined her in her room. He was excited to see her topless as he walked in but as she turned around he noticed the new wound burnt into her right shoulder and part of her chest. He handed Ajay her drink and they both downed their drinks; just like old times.

Ajay set down her glass and flipped through the shirts in her closet but was interrupt by Octavio who pulled her over towards the bed. As he sat down on the bed he pulled her into his lap. She straddled him and placed her arms around his neck. “Silva?” Ajay gently removed his goggles from his face and set them onto the bed. Sometimes Octavio forgot that he was even wearing them.

Octavio placed a hand on her back and used his other hand to trace the burnt wound on her chest. He met her eyes with a look of concern in his own eyes. “What happened Che?” She hated seeing him so worried; it left a pit of despair in her stomach. “Mi job. It was ta help an electrical engineer fix MRVN. Rememba I told yuh mi work partner and I went on a little trip?” He nodded running his fingers along her arm.

“Well after we got off da phone I woke up later dat night and finished fixing MRVN. We finished around 3am in da morning. And then we got attacked by prowlers. One of dem almost killed mi electrical engineer and Elliot. I had control of the situation but they were strong and I just didn’t have enough ammo in da gun ta finish da last prowler before it got ta me.” Ajay looked away from Octavio.

“Luckily MRVN had enough ammo. But da prowler clawed through mi chest before MRVN could finish it.” She felt Octavio grip her arm tightly. She continued to look away from him as she spoke. “I don really rememba much after dat. Elliot said I got up and collapsed and dat there was a lot of blood. My electrical engineer friend said it was really bad but she cauterized mi wound ta stop da bleeding.”

Octavio was now gripping her arm even tighter. He was tense when he heard Elliot’s name. He took a deep breath as he looked over her body. Besides the major wound, Octavio noticed that she had bruises everywhere. Octavio placed his lips against her skin and gently kissed along her wound. He released her arm and used his hand to turn her head to face him, “I know you’re a fighter Che, you always have been, but you should leave the daredevil shit to me.”

He pushed his lips to hers and pulled her tightly into him. She placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him hard. She found his tongue with her own and felt his hands move down to her ass. She moved her hands from his cheek and into his hair. She began moving her hips into him as he squeezed her ass. Octavio gently picked her up and laid her on the bed as they continued to lock lips. He placed a hand of the bed as she placed a leg on his back.

His other hand found her left breast and gave it hard squeeze. She moaned into his mouth as she grabbed a handful of his hair. Octavio worked his hips into her body. She could feel him hard underneath his shorts. She could feel herself growing wet between her legs as he played with her breast. He finally broke away, “We should get ready to go.” He smiled down at her as he held her breast in his hand.

Ajay gave him a look of disappointment but she understood. He couldn't help but massage her breast just a little more, sending chills along her spine, before he removed his and helped her to stand. Octavio stared at her topless body for a moment and then looked up into her eyes. “Can I help you get dressed?” He immediately felt regret when he asked her about getting her clothes on; he never wanted to cover up her body.

She sighed, “Silva…” He gently ran his fingers through her hair, “What’s wrong Che?” She smiled and shook her head as she pulled away from him. She opened up her dresser drawer and pulled out a bra. Octavio took his time as he helped her get her bra on. The bra was much a little more tolerable to wear than she initially anticipated.

Ajay shuffled through the shirts in her closest until she found a loose fitting black top. With Octavio’s help she got the top on. The top exposed her left shoulder and covered her right shoulder. She really didn’t need all of the questions from the other Legends. She found a black hoodie and struggled to get into it. She was being stubborn about asking for help and nearly pushed Octavio away when he tried to help her.

“Che, don’t be like this.” She finally admitted defeat and let him help her get her hoodie on. She decided to keep her leggings and her boots on. They were just going to the bar and then home; nowhere fancy. Octavio wore his usual black tank top and running shorts. They had another round of drinks and some pills before she felt more comfortable to venture out. Octavio threw on his goggles and his face mask and they left her apartment, already a little buzzed.

Chapter Text

Ajay opened her eyes to the familiar sight of her bedroom. She felt like she had slept all night without moving. At least she was able to actually feel her right arm when she woke up this time. The soreness that had settled into her body had soon became a fleeting thought as she heard Octavio’s familiar heartbeat against her ear. She lifted her head from his chest and looked up to his sleeping face. He laid there with an arm underneath his head and his other arm on her back.

She wondered how she had managed to make it back to her apartment and into her bed. She had even somehow convinced Octavio to stay with her. She pressed her lips against his bare chest and wondered if the rest of him was naked underneath the blankets. She eased the blankets from her waist and off of both of them.

She pushed herself up from her stomach and looked down at her body. She was only in her bra and panties. “What da fuck happened last night…” She smiled as she saw that he was indeed naked underneath the blankets. She leaned down and kissed her way along his stomach and down towards his cock. Even when he wasn’t erect he was still quite huge; Ajay enjoyed the challenge.

His cock was soft in her hand as she began to stroke him. She kissed his abdomen and stroked him a bit harder. When he became semi-hard in her hand, she kissed down the front of him to his cock. She licked a wet line along the top of his warm flesh until she reached his head. She licked small circles along the tip of his cock, working the rest of him with her hand until he was completely hard.

She smiled at his hard cock in front of her as she licked her lips and took him into her mouth. She worked him in and out of her mouth as she sucked along his flesh. She moved her hand up his stomach to his chest. She gently played with his nipples as she sucked on him. She picked up the pace little by little as she worked more of him into her mouth. 

Her other hand found her breast. She tried to edge her finger underneath the fabric. Eventually she lost the battle and squeezed her breast through the fabric; swallowing back a moan as she did. Her nipples were hard under the fabric of her bra. She could feel her thighs growing slick as she managed to get almost all of his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm Che…” Octavio looked down at Ajay as she moved her mouth up and down along his cock. He reached down with his free hand and grabbed a handful of her hair. He firmly pushed her head down onto his cock; forcing the last bit of himself down her throat. He could hear her moan against his cock as he held it inside of her for a moment. He began rocking his hips to move his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked on him; she felt so good.

He closed his eyes for a moment, because if he watched her any longer he wasn’t going to cum immediately. His nipples were hard to touch as she played with them. He opened his eyes and looked down at her again. He watched her play with her breast through her bra and he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He pulled her head down by her hair and forced her mouth down onto his cock. As the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat, he released a hot stream into her.

Octavio kept his cock in her throat for a little while longer before releasing her hair. Ajay swallowed every last bit of him before moving back up to lay her head on his chest once again. She could hear his heart racing as he whispered to her, “Fuck Che.” She smiled and rubbed her cheek into his chest. As his heart rate slowed she spoke softly to him, “Silva, how did we get back here last night. I don rememba what happened.” She let out a satisfied sigh as she thought about his cock in mouth.

She closed her eyes and ran a finger along his chest. Octavio held her against him and laughed a little. “You got blackout drunk. Good thing I was there.” He ran his fingers through her hair long, soft hair. “We got to the bar and Renee wanted to do shots. You were already kind of drunk, so you told Renee that you could do more shots than her. You guys argued for a little bit about who could do more shots. Then Anita said that she could do more shots than both of you.”

He paused for a moment and smiled, “The three of you did a lot of shots, and I mean a lot of shots. Like 30 shots in five minutes. Then you thought it would be a good idea to show off your coolest fighting moves, which I don’t think the bartender liked but you guys did it anyway. MRVN thought that he had a video of one of your best fighting moves. So he replayed your fight with the prowlers on Talos.” He was silent for a while before continuing, “MRVN played everything.”

Ajay felt a little uneasy in his arms. “What does he mean everyting?” She really didn’t know where the conversation was headed so she tried to change the subject quickly, “Who won da most shots contest?” She opened her eyes but she didn’t dare look at him as she tried to hide her face against his chest. He continued to play with her hair, “Anita. She always wins. That chica is kind of scary.” They both laughed because it was an accurate statement.

“Che, you saved that little engineer, and Elliot, but you almost died.” Ajay thought that Octavio sounded sad which made her feel sad as well. She closed her eyes again and waited for him to say the worst to her; it wouldn't be the first time if he did. When Octavio didn't say anything to her she began to worry. She didn't know whether she should say something to him or not. She didn't want to say anything wrong. She didn't want him to leave her again. 

Octavio was upset but he was also pissed at Elliot for the way that he handled the whole situation. Octavio saw the pool of blood and then the trail of blood. He saw Ajay's macerated chest and he watched as she almost took her last breath. He just didn’t understand Elliot’s poor decision making. There was a moment of silence between as they both thought about what to say but it was Octavio that spoke first, “I can’t do this again. Che.”

Ajay’s heart dropped and her stomach burned with fear as she heard his words. “I knew it. I fuckin knew it. He saw mi in bed with Natalie and Elliot. Yuh fucked up Ajay. Now Silva don wanna be wit yuh.” She choked back tears, “Do what Silva?” She sat up, looked at him, and waited for Octavio to confirm her fears. 

He looked up into her beautiful brown eyes, “I can’t lose you again mi amor. I just can’t go through all of that shit again.” Her heart skipped a beat before it started to race in a mix of relief and anxiety, “I thought dat yuh were gonna say da yuh couldn’t be wit mi anymore.” Octavio laughed at her, “Who is the one being stupid now Che?” She rolled her eyes at him and began to laugh to keep herself from crying.

As he sat up she went to smack him for his poor timing in jokes. He quickly grabbed her and pushed her down onto her back onto the bed before she could lay a hand on him. He sat down on top her and straddled her legs with his so that she couldn’t move. He smiled down from his position on top of her. He knew that when it came to speed that he would always beat her.

She looked up at his smug face and shook her head at him. She raised her arms up to squirm her way out from under him but her grabbed them and held her arms down firmly against the mattress. He wasn’t at all gentle with her. In all the years that they had known each other they always played rough with one another.

“Is that all you got Che? Because you had some pretty good moves against those prowlers. You did some acrobatics while using guns to save girls in distress, and Elliot. I think you’re holding back when you’re with me. Have you been holding back all of this time?” He smiled and looked down at her. Ajay stopped squirming and relaxed underneath him. “Silva. Yuh da one person I can’t hurt. Yuh already know dat.” She smiled up at him lovingly.

She didn’t tell him that she loved because she had played this game with him before and he her burned in the end. The feelings that she had for him had really never dissipated even though she tried to convince herself that she hated him. During the time of his accident she wanted to tell him that she loved him but the time was never right and she never got a chance to and then he left. After that she closed off any and all relationships. Everything was kept casual; even the sex.

The casual life had never been bad to her. She always got what she wanted and then she could leave before she got hurt. She didn’t have to deal with feelings or relationships. It wasn’t a bad life but it was an empty one most of the time. She spent most days helping others and building her career to fill the void. She looked up into his eyes and whispered to him, “I missed yuh Silva.”

Octavio leaned down and looked into her eyes, his lips nearly touched hers. He whispered back to her “I missed you too Che.” He pressed his lips softly into hers. He moved his right hand along her arm and eventually traced his fingers up to her check; where he gently caressed her face. He kissed her for a while before pulling away. He sat up, still on top of her, and gazed down into her eyes. He put his hand back on her arm and held her down again; more playfully this time.

Ajay didn’t mind being held down; she actually liked it when he held her down. He smirked before he spoke to her, “After we got back to the apartment last night you reenacted your whole fight scene with the prowlers and it was terrible. The movie was a lot better Che, stick to your day job.” They both laughed for a moment. “Sorry Silva. I do stupid shit when I get drunk. I don have a dialyzer on mi belt so I don have ta be drunk all night. Maybe yuh should take it off once in a while and have a little fun.”

She tried to reach up and kiss him but he was too far away he was still holding her down. Octavio didn’t bother to tell her that the morning that he found her overdosed on drugs and alcohol and almost dead that he hadn’t been wearing his dialyzer the night before. He came to her apartment somewhat wasted. Even without his dialyzer his body still was able to metabolize alcohol and drugs faster than Ajay’s.

He smiled down at her and laughed at her poor attempt to break free from his grasp. “Silva.” She pouted his name, “Yuh hurting mi. How can I compete tonight in dis condition?” She giggled a little as she finished her sentence. “In what condition Che?” He looked down at the beautiful woman underneath him. He then leaned down and began kissing her neck. He released her arms as he kissed down to her breasts and stomach.

Octavio sat back up and looked down at her again, “In that condition Che? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He kissed her nose and rolled off of the bed. He found his shorts along the way and somehow managed to get them on as he got to his feet. “Let’s get your stitches out.” He reached under the bed and got the first aid kit. He gazed over at her body once more before opening the kit. He found the suture remover kit and pulled it out.

Ajay rolled to her right side, despite the pain, and positioned her left arm out of the way so that Octavio could remove her stitches. She bit her lower lip as he began to remove the stitches from her skin. She was happy to be done with was this damn wound. She almost bit a hole into her lip as he smacked her ass. “All done Che.”

“Silva!” She sat up and watched as he put the first aid kit away. “No more prowler fights Che. One wound at a time.” Octavio smiled at her as he sat on the floor, kneeling between her legs. He gently kissed her left inner thigh. She tilted her head back and opened her legs for him. He pulled his lips away from her leg and ran his tongue along his lips. He groaned because his lips were covered in fluids. “Fuck me. She is wet down her legs.”

He stood up and tried to push the thought of him shoving his face in between her thighs from his head. “If you keep teasing me like this Che we will be late for the match tonight.” He offered her his hands to stand up. She forced a moan into the back of her throat and gave him a look of disappointment as she took his hands to stand up, “Quit screwin around Silva or I’ll take yuh legs away.” She winked at him as she walked out her bedroom and towards the bathroom to get ready.

Chapter Text

It didn't take long for either of them to get ready. As Ajay got dressed Octavio announced the teams as he read them from his phone. "Me, you, and the trickster. Bangalore, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound. Gibraltar, Wraith, and Caustic." Ajay was relived to find out that she wouldn't be with Mikhail but she was worried that Elliot was back too soon. "Elliot? So soon? Was Natalie okay?"

She laced up her boots and tied them as Octavio packed up D.O.C. Before she could dig into her backpack for her pill bottle, Octavio was already handing her pills. She gently took the two pills from his hand and placed them into her mouth. She took a sip of water as Octavio tossed her backpack over his shoulders. She felt useless but at the moment she didn't care to reinjure herself; so she didn't argue with Octavio when he offered her help.

They didn't rush to get to HQ because in all reality Octavio was just pulling her leg about being late. They made it to the loading room with time to spare. Ajay made her way to the outfit station and scrolled through the available outfits. Octavio sat down on one of the sofas and watched her, "Hey Che, why don't you ever wear a dress?" She turned her attention from the selection screen to Octavio and his random question, "How is dat fucking logical?"

She shook her head and turned her gaze around to the screen in front of her. Octavio yawned liked he was bored, "Well that's the whole point. Fucking, that is. You know, easy access?" Her face was warm from blushing and she was glad that he couldn't see it. "Silva, I ain't neva been wit anyone long enough ta worry about those things." 

Octavio raised an eyebrow to her. He knew that she despised dresses of being forced to wear them as child. It was the last part that he didn't expect to hear. "What do you mean you haven't been with anyone long enough?" He watched her shrug, "Just been busy Silva." He smiled underneath his mask and wondered if she had waited for him all of this time. She selected her favorite outfit, London Calling. She put the outfit on and walked away.

Octavio got up and stopped her as he made his way to the outfit station. His voice was just a whisper as he spoke to her, "Maybe you should think about it now. The dress..." He walked over to the screen and quickly scrolled through the outfit selection as she began blushing again. "Eeny meeny miny, how about this one?" He said and tapped the screen and put on whatever random outfit he selected. "Look Che, Victory Lap. This outfit is made for a winner." She shook her head after she secured D.O.C. "Come on wit yuh."

As they made their way to the transport ship Octavio reached down and interlaced his fingers with Ajay's fingers. She smiled and gave his hand a firm squeeze. She was more than happy to spend time with Octavio and to do all these things with him; even Apex. However, deep down she was worried that this was just a phase for him and that she was this a phase for him; she feared that she would get burned again. She tried to trust him. Maybe it was herself that she just didn't trust.

When they entered the ship they were greeted by a familiar face. There was a look of astonishment on Elliot's face as he saw Ajay. He couldn't believe that she was competing in the match. He was happy to see that she was up and walking. Elliot raised his arms to embrace Ajay but when he saw her and Octavio holding hands, Elliot abandoned his first idea and gave them both of a hug instead. He leaned his face into the bend of Ajay's neck and took in her wonderful for scent.

"Hola trickster!" Octavio said with a pat on Elliot's back. Elliot smirked as he showed off his outfit for the match; he was covered in bananas, "Hey speed demon." Elliot said it kind of mockingly because he had a bitter taste in his mouth when he saw Octavio holding Ajay's hand. Elliot pulled away from them but Ajay felt a bit tense by the tone of Elliot's voice. Ajay looked at Elliot as Elliot looked at her. Elliot stared at for a moment.

Elliot winked at her before he spoke, "Ajay. I didn't think that you would be competing so soon but I guess it's no surprise since you were competing last night. You're a reckless badass." He reached his hand out towards her but quickly pulled it away and pretended to stretch instead. "Good move. She'll never notice." Ajay gave Elliot a weird look, which made Elliot worry, "Oh no! She noticed! What do I do now? Calm down. Just clam down."

"Reckless Elliot? I'm pretty sure I was tryin ta save yuh and Natalie." Elliot laughed nervously. "And MRVN!" He laughed some more, "You know I am just joking." He was quickly changed the subject, "So it looks like it's the three of us tonight." Ajay shrugged as they all head towards the front of the ship and sat down. Ajay crossed her arms over her chest and leaned her chin towards her chest.

Elliot and Octavio sat on the floor of the ship, like children, and began to plan out strategies for the match. Ajay had no interest in joining them because the plan was always the same: drop, loot, and fight. She didn't see the point to get into any further details besides maybe the location of where they would drop. The boys added to the plan that they might need to fight if other teams landed with them. Ajay just looked at them like they were stupid. "Of course we gonna have ta fight if other teams land wit us." She shook her head and tried to ignore them.

Elliot and Octavio quickly changed the subject as the transport ship began to fill with the other Legends. Both Elliot and Octavio acted like they had almost gotten busted with top secret information. Ajay just shook her head again. "Ain't no one gonna care about yuh plan boys." The hum of the ship filled her ears and sang her a lullaby that drifted her off to sleep until the other Legends began to talk; waking her from her short slumber. 

She opened her eyes as the transport ship closed in on the arena. Ajay could hear Bloodhound and Renee discussing last night's events at the bar since Bloodhound was not present for them. The conversation was more or less one sided with Renee doing all of the talking as Bloodhound just stood there and listened; at least that what is Ajay thought they were doing.

Soon enough the countdown clock started to signal everyone to get ready for the designated drop. Everyone, including Ajay, began to stand up. Elliot and Octavio were already at the front of the line; like two little kids, they had cut in front of everyone. Ajay attempted to go meet them but Bloodhound stood in her way. She tried to move around them but they would not move as they stared down at her.

After a moment of whatever stupid game Bloodhound was playing with her, Ajay threw her hands up into the air and Bloodhound finally moved. She stepped around them and made her way over to her teammates. "What was that all about?" Elliot asked her as Ajay made it to the front of the line with him and Octavio. Ajay shrugged, "No idea." That was all she could really say because that's all she really knew.

The countdown timer hit zero and the ramp opened letting a blast of air in from the arena. Octane took Lifeline's hand and smiled underneath his mask. Mirage snapped his goggles on and took Lifeline's other hand and they all dropped. Lifeline didn't find it necessary to hold hands with her teammates but she couldn't break free the grasp of either of them as they flew through the air. Mirage used his free hand to send out a decoy in the opposite direction of where they were going.

Lifeline, Octane, and Mirage landed in Water Treatment. "Repulsor." Lifeline pointed to the dive trails in the distance as she was finally able to use her hands again. Everyone on the team was able to find level two armor. Lifeline ended up with an R99 and a Prowler. She did a double take when she picked up the prowler. Her heart raced and her chest ached as she clutched the SMG in her hand. Memories from the other night came rushing back to her. She shook her head, "Get ya head in da game..."

She attached a 1x – 2x variable holo scope and loaded a level two heavy mag to the prowler. Mirage thought it would be hilarious to run a wingman and a wingman, so he did. Octane found an R301 and a R99. He was able to outfit both guns with level one light magazines. They all found level one backpacks and level one helmets. The siren began to sound and the ring started closing. They made their way towards Repulsor with the storm on their backs.

When they made it to Repulsor they found that they area had already been looted so they skipped the area completely and moved along towards Swamps. They decided to leave through the backside of Repulsor and to run along of the edge of arena as they made their way towards Swamps. By the time that they actually made it to Swamps there was only one team left.

They all hid behind a huge tree that looked like it had been cut down at some point. They were still at the edge of the arena; one wrong move and they could fall off of the side. As Octane and Mirage started devising a top secret plan, Lifeline could hear movement in the building next to them. Lifeline stopped for a moment and then nearly crawled back over Octane and Mirage.

She joined her teammates in their huddle and motioned for them to be quiet while she spoke. "I'm gonna shoot mi gun. Mirage, yuh send a decoy towards da edge of da cliff. Octane, as soon as they run out of da building, throw yuh jump pad at them." They all nodded in agreement as she stayed hidden in the small patch of bushes behind the broken tree.

Lifeline waited until she heard one of the doors open from the nearby building. She pulled the trigger of her prowler twice, releasing two five round bursts into the air. They all listened and after a few seconds they heard footsteps rush towards them. Mirage sent out a decoy towards the edge of the cliff. 

The footsteps were now running in pairs towards the decoy. Lifeline reloaded her gun as Octane threw his jump pad as soon as he saw the first enemy team member. Caustic and Gibraltar both hit the jump pad and bounced right off of the edge of the arena.

Octane and Mirage were too busy laughing to hear the last member of the enemy team running towards. Lifeline heard the footsteps and stayed tucked away against the tree as Wraith hopped over her head. Lifeline unloaded her gun into Wraith only for Wraith to turn around and walk backwards while shooting her R301. 

As Wraith walked backwards she stepped onto the jump pad, Lifeline ceased firing her prowler and held up her index and middle fingers near the side of her face. She gave Wraith the peace sign with her fingers as Wraith went soaring backwards through the air and off of the side of the arena. "Good plannin boys." She rolled her eyes to her thought.

Lifeline tossed her gun to the ground and stood up. Mirage was laughing so hard that he was laughing into the dirt on the ground and Octane was sitting with his back against him Mirage. Lifeline smiled and began laughing at them on not with them. She didn't say it out loud but she would always know they never even fire one bullet.

The whole idea was pretty comical for Octane and Mirage to see the other Legends going flying off the side of the arena just for them to take the win. Octane knew that he would have to get a copy of the footage and upload it for his viewers. They we all too busy laughing to hear the announcer's voice chime in, "We have our Apex Champions."

Ajay, Octavio, and Elliot were still laughing when they came to on the transport ship. "Which one of you?!" They all abruptly stopped laughing and became silent when Renee marched over to them. Renee grabbed Elliot by the front of his outfit and lifted him up from his seat. Elliot couldn't seem to do anything but start laughing again. Renee's face filled with anger, "It was you, wasn't it?!" Renee shook Elliot by the fist full of fabric from his outfit that she was clutching onto.

Anita touched Renee's arm and shook her head. Renee's face twitched before she released her grasp on Elliot's outfit and dropped him flat on his ass before she walked away. "Oh Renee you hurt my only feeling." Elliot said as he got up and rubbed is ass, pretending like it was sore. Renee stopped and clenched her fist but she never turned around to look at him. Anita touched Renee's shoulder until Renee released her fist.

Anita quickly made her way to Elliot and pushed her face right into his as she spoke to him in a low, commanding voice, "If you don't shut up I am going to kick your ass and then I am going let Renee kill you." Elliot shooed Anita away with his hand, "Can you just let sourpuss know that there will be a party at my place!" He laughed as Anita marched away from him. "I can hear you Elliot!" Renee said through her clenched jaw.

After the hostile interaction between Renee and Elliot and Anita and Elliot, everyone was seemingly quiet until the ship landed. Renee was the first out of the ship for debriefing. Ajay, Octavio, and Elliot were the last ones to leave the ship. Once they got debriefing over with Elliot announced, "Party at my place! The winners will be there!" Elliot then ran out to get back to his place to get ready for the party. Octavio and Ajay changed back into their civilian clothes and Ajay packed up D.O.C. Octavio happily carried Ajay's backpack as they left HQ.

As Octavio and Ajay walked through the city to Elliot's place, Octavio broke the silence between them, "Hey Che." Octavio rubbed her hand that he had been holding. Ajay stopped walking and looked at him "Silva dis better not be about da dress again." Octavio laughed at her, "Why are still on that? That was ages ago. I was going to tell you that your plan was awesome!" Ajay smiled and they continued to walk to Elliot's place. "Thank yuh, Silva." Ajay was in her own fucking head about her relationship with Octavio and they weren't in a relationship.

Chapter Text

When Ajay and Octavio arrived to Elliot’s apartment the door was cracked open so they let themselves in. Octavio set Ajay’s backpack down on the table by the door as they looked around. Ajay was surprised to see Renee was there at the party considering her actions and feelings on the transport ship. Renee was sitting in the hot tub with Anita. Makoa and MRVN were sitting on the sofa in the living room; well Makoa was sitting.

Elliot saw Ajay and Octavio and motioned for them to come over to the bar. Octavio waved for Ajay to go, “I’ll be there in a bit.” Ajay shrugged and gave Octavio a weird look before she headed towards the bar. Once Ajay walked away, Octavio took off his mask, his goggles, and his dialyzer and shoved into Ajay’s backpack, “I’ll show her how much fun I can have. Just like old times Che.” Octavio joined Ajay and Elliot at the bar just in time for Elliot to announce, “Your champions are all here. Yep! Right here! We won!”

Ajay and Octavio sat down at the bar to drinks that Elliot had already prepared for them. Elliot had never partied with the two of them together but he had partied with them on separate occasions, so he knew what they liked to drink. Elliot always tried to be a good host and he tried to make sure that everyone was having fun and always had a drink. He hoped to open his own bar someday. 

Elliot stopped Ajay and Octavio as they reached for their drinks, “But first some shots.” He said with and smile and then yelled, “Come on Renee!” Anita laughed as they both her and Renee exited the hot tub. Ajay put a hand over her face for a moment. She didn't remember what had happened at the bar last night and maybe that's why she was a little embarrassed. She really didn't intend to come to this part and get blackout drunk. 

Anita join Makoa and MRVN in the living room. Ajay pulled her hand from her face and looked at Renee who was in just a bra and panties. Well a black bra and a black g-sting. Ajay smiled at Renee and looked back to see that Elliot had lined the bar with shot glasses filled with tequila; five shots of tequila for each of them. “Five shots? Really Elliot?” Elliot smirked at Ajay’s remark. “Do you need more Ajay, because I heard that you did more than this last night.”

Renee glanced over at Ajay, “Do you think you can drink more than me? Do you wanna go again?” Ajay sighed as she picked up a shot glass and gazed through the clear liquor. She didn’t understand why Renee assumed that this was already a competition but since she did; Ajay didn’t hesitate to take the first shot without waiting for the rest of them. 

Renee almost looked offended as she grabbed a shot glass and immediately joined in to catch up; she was not one to a loss so easily. Elliot and Octavio were the last to pick up their glasses and join in. Ajay and Renee went shot for shot until their glasses were empty. Octavio and Elliot had already finished their shots and were watching the ladies race.

After Ajay finished her shots she grabbed the glass of rum in front of her and downed it as Renee watched her. Elliot pulled out the bottle of rum but before he could pour her another glass, Ajay swiped the bottle from him. Elliot laughed at Ajay while Octavio gave her a weird look. Octavio wasn’t used to seeing her this way. He was used to seeing her as the level headed one. Usually he was the one out drinking everyone just to get some kind of buzz.

“You might want to pace yourself Che.” Octavio said which made Elliot direct his gaze over to Octavio. Ajay looked at Octavio after taking a long drink of rum, “Dis be mi pace Silva.” She took another sip from the bottle as she stared at him. She wasn't quite sure why Octavio care about her pace of alcohol, "Who da fuck does dis boy think he is? Where did he hide Silva?"

Renee had already left the bar and made her way back into the hot tub. Elliot placed his elbow on the bar and set his chin in his hand as he watched the Octavio and Ajay. Elliot thought that now would be the perfect time to start some trouble, so he did, “So Octavio. What’s your story to tell?” Ajay turned her attention to Elliot and glared at him. 

Octavio looked a bit confused by Elliot’s question as he finished his vodka and Red Bull, “What story Amigo?” Elliot poured himself another shot of tequila and drank it as he set the bottle down on the bar, “Well on our way to Talos I asked Ajay what the deal was with you two and she said.” Elliot stopped and tried to impersonate Ajay, “Sorry. It’s just not mi story ta tell. It’s his story.” 

Octavio smiled and grabbed the bottle of tequila. Octavio was a sucker for tequila; he downed a third of the bottle without a problem. He set the bottle down and put his hand on his chin, mirroring Elliot’s pose as he mimicked him, “Well amigo, I will tell you my story if you answer my question first.” Elliot grabbed the bottle and poured himself another generous shot. 

Elliot drank the shot of tequila and set the glass down, “Yep?” Octavio’s voice was vindictive as he spoke, “Why is it, on Talos, that when Ajay was badly wounded you felt a need to move her when she was bleeding out?” Octavio stared straight into Elliot’s eyes and waited for an answer from him.

Ajay’s body grew very tense and before Elliot could dignify Octavio with an answer, she set the bottle of rum down and pointed at both of them, “Yuh two better get yuh shit togetha or I’m goin home. Alone.” Elliot and Octavio both stood there and stared at one another; they hardly even acknowledged what Ajay had said. Ajay didn’t bother to wait for either Octavio or Elliot to respond to her.  She needed some air so she and walked outside to the hot tub. 

The water in the hot tub was warm when she dipped her fingers in. Renee opened her eyes and looked at Ajay from across the hot tub, “Hey Ajay. What’s up?” Ajay was quite confused about Renee’s behavior; she was so hot and cold. Renee ran her fingers along the top of the water, “Are you getting in?” Ajay shrugged, “I don know.” Renee splashed water playfully at Ajay, “Just get in.”

When the water hit her face, Ajay decided that maybe it would be a good idea to blow off some steam in the hot tub while the boys worked out their shit. She stripped down to her to her lace bra and lace panties in front of Renee and threw her hair into a bun before she climbed into the hot tub. The water felt so warm and relaxing against her sore muscles. It was nice just to sit and try and not think about anything at all.

However, Ajay could never keep her thoughts away for too long, “What's Elliot’s deal?” Renee moved closer to Ajay until their shoulders were touching as she sat down next to her. “What do you mean? Did something happen on Talos? I will kill him.” Renee didn't sound angry or defensive but maybe it was because of the alcohol.

Ajay would have been more concerned with what Renee was saying but she just wasn’t because she was starting to feel really good at this point, “He said tings were complicated wit him and his current relationship.” Ajay ran her fingers through the water and thought that it was an odd feeling. She then thought about what relationship that Elliot could be referring to, "Elliot and Renee? Elliot and Natalie?"

Renee laughed a little, “It's not his relationships that are complicated, its Elliot that is complicated.” Ajay smiled as she heard Renee laugh. “Do yuh have history wit him?” Renee turned her body to face Ajay. She brought her hand to Ajay's face and brushed some stray hair away from her cheek, “Something like that.” Ajay froze a little as she felt Renee's hand on her for the first time ever.

Ajay was finally able to move her body after Renee pulled her hand away from her face, “Is dat why yuh were yellin at him earlier? Because yuh got history wit him?” Renee touched Ajay’s right shoulder and gently traced her newest scar with her fingertips. Renee nodded as she moved her fingertips down Ajay's chest, tracing her scar down to her breast. Ajay could feel her heart racing as it pounded against her chest; she was sure that Renee could feel her heart pounding too.

Ajay looked away from Renee for a moment and hoped that it was just the alcohol playing games with her head. When she turn her head back to Renee their faces where almost touching. “Renee?” Ajay's voice was barely above a whisper as she felt her heart nearly stop. Renee leaned in towards her, “Close your eyes Ajay.” That was all Ajay could do was close her eyes as Renee's lips touched hers. Ajay was paralyzed with euphoria. She had never been paralyzed with euphoria before, only fear.

"Is dis come kind of mind trick from Renee?" It was a weird feeling that washed over her; instant euphoria. It felt she and Renee were the only ones there and nothing else mattered. Everything around them was so distant and melted away with Renee’s touch. When Renee parted her lips and Ajay did too. She felt like she was in a trance and could only follow Renee’s commands. Their tongues met and moved along one another very slow and intimately.

Renee slowly pulled her face away from Ajay’s just enough to break their kiss, “Doesn’t it feel good?” Ajay lackadaisically nodded without saying a word; she was still speechless. Renee leaned in and moved her lips to Ajay's ear to whisper to her, “Do you want more?” Ajay gave her the same lackadaisical nod again as she was still unable to talk. Every part of Ajay’s body was excited for Renee’s touch but she could only sit there and wait patiently for it to happen.

Their lips met again and their tongues danced with one another but this time Renee was more forceful as she shoved her tongue into Ajay’s mouth. Renee moved a knee between Ajay’s knees, forcing her to part her thighs. Ajay parted her legs and placed her hands on Renee's shoulders, rubbing them gently before moving her hands down her chest. Her hands slowed as she met Renee’s breasts; she caressed them gently through her bra.

Renee ran a hand down Ajay's stomach stopping at the hem of her panties only to slide her fingers through the band and inside of them. Renee's fingers found Ajay's clit and gently rubbed her. Both Ajay and Renee moaned rhythmically into each other’s mouths. Ajay felt like Renee’s voice could only now be heard in her head, “Do you like it?” Ajay felt like she was speaking back to her inside of her own head, “Yes…”

Ajay moved her hands under Renee's bra and gently played with her nipples as Renee applied more pressure against her clit. Ajay began to move her hips against Renee’s fingers, persuading Renee to bring her to an orgasm. Ajay breathing grew heavier the closer she came to her release. Their tongues worked harder as they kissed more passionately. Ajay pinched Renee’s nipples in between her fingers as Renee pressed her breasts into Ajay’s hands. Renee smiled at the motion of Ajay’s hips, “Are you close?”

Ajay moved her hips a bit faster against Renee’s fingers. “Yes…” Renee continued to play with Ajay’s tongue with hers as she applied just a little bit more pressure to Ajay's clit. “Then scream Ajay…” Renee pulled her lips away from Ajay's to watch. Ajay tipped her head back over the side of the hot tub and closed her eyes as Renee's voice echoed through her head. 

Renee fingers graze Ajay's clit lightly as Ajay moved her hips upward towards Renee one last time. Ajay parted her lips to let out a pleasurable scream as she climaxed and squeezed Renee's breasts. Renee pushed a finger inside of Ajay's pussy just to feel how her body constricted around her finger during her orgasm. Water lightly splashed around them as Ajay’s body thrashed underneath Renee’s body.

Renee kissed along Ajay’s neck as Ajay continued to grip Renee’s breasts with both of her hands. Renee moved her hips along the top of Ajay’s thigh and sucked gently upon her neck. Ajay pressed her leg into between Renee’s thighs, applying pressure to her pelvis. Renee moaned against Ajay’s neck. Ajay bit her lower lip as Renee moved finger inside of her soft folds. Ajay swallowed hard when she was finally done screaming.

Chapter Text

Renee continued to gently move her finger inside of Ajay until Ajay finally relaxed her body against her fingers. Renee gently withdrew her finger from Ajay; which only made Ajay’s body ache for something else to replace Renee’s finger. Ajay sighed happily as she opened her eyes with her head still tilted back over the side of the hot tub. 

Ajay’s heart pounded against her chest as she watched Octavio and Elliot walk over to the hot tub. Ajay wanted to ask them why they were upside down but it took her a moment to realize that she was the one that was looking at them upside down. Renee placed her hands on Ajay's hips and continued to press her pelvis into Ajay's knee.

As Octavio stood in front Ajay as she blushed and released Renee's breasts. Elliot's face was full of excitement as he saw the show that Ajay and Renee had put on. Octavio leaned down and gently kissed Ajay’s cheek. Ajay was still locked in a trance as she spoke to Octavio, “Are yuh guys gettin along now?” Elliot flashed a smile as he held out two vials of clear liquid and shook them. “We made up. Ready to play ladies?” Elliot asked before Octavio could even answer.

Elliot handed a vial to Octavio and popped open his own vial. Elliot poured about half of the vial into his mouth and then gave the vial to Renee; who downed the rest of it without a second thought. Octavio opened his vial and poured half of it into Ajay's mouth and drank the rest. He leaned down and kissed Ajay as Renee moved her hands to Ajay's chest. Ajay pushed her tongue passed Octavio’s lips and her knee against Renee’s pussy.

Renee grinded downward against Ajay’s knee as Octavio placed a hand onto Ajay’s neck. Octavio grasped Ajay’s neck firmly and played with her tongue with his own tongue. Ajay moaned against his tongue before Octavio pulled his face away from hers. Elliot was all smiles as he watched all of them, but when he didn't get an invitation to join them he tried to interrupt them instead, “Come on ladies and Octavio. It’s time for shots! Its shots o’clock!”

Elliot held his hand out for Renee who took it, after releasing Ajay’s breasts. Renee adjusted her bra and her panties after stepping out of the hot tub. Ajay was still riding high from whatever Renee did to her. She smiled at Octavio as his hand fell from her neck. She sat up with her breasts hanging out of her bra and climbed out of the tub.

Octavio gently adjusted Ajay's breasts back into her bra; taking time to touch each of them before easing them back in. He watched her body tremble; probably from the drugs, alcohol, and recent orgasm. He smiled at her and pulled her onto his back for a ride. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed the back of his neck as he took them both inside to the bar.

Octavio sat them down at the bar. Renee was already sitting at the bar, “Come on Elliot. Hurry up.” Elliot was playing bar tender and he just finished lining up shots of vodka for everyone, “Calm down Renee. Look it’s your favorite, alcohol.” Ajay counted six shot glasses a piece for everyone and smiled at the challenge. She glanced around the living room to find Anita passed out on one sofa. Makoa was sleeping, while sitting up, on the other sofa.

Ajay turned her attention back to the bar where Elliot had already started the countdown for shots. Ajay began with a strong lead but fell behind when Octavio passed her. She tried to distract Octavio by grabbing his ass but it didn’t seem to be working as he finished all of his shots before everyone else. It was no surprise when he surpassed her; she was used to losing to him.

Elliot, Renee, and Ajay all finished their shots around the same time. Elliot was laughing incoherently as Renee got up on the bar and sat down in front of him. Whatever Elliot found funny no one else seemed to find funny. Elliot placed himself between her legs pulled her closer by her ass. Renee wrapped her legs around him and leaned down to kiss him.

Ajay looked away as Elliot and Renee ate each other's faces in a kissing frenzy. She turned to Octavio who was standing there and staring at her. He motioned to her with his head towards the bedroom as he reached for the bottle of rum that she had set down earlier. Ajay stood up and giggled as the room spun around her. Octavio offered her his arm and she took it as he took a drink of rum. Ajay grabbed the bottle of rum from him with a pout and began drinking from it.

By the time they got to Elliot’s room, Octavio had possession of the bottle of rum and had finished it off. He tossed the bottle of the floor because he really didn’t care about trickster’s apartment. Octavio eyed Elliot's huge bed and rolled his eyes. He turned to Ajay and began unclasping her bra as he pushed his lips against hers. Ajay began pulling his shorts down as they laid sloppy, drunk kisses upon one another.

Octavio managed to get her bra off and she managed to get his shorts off. Ajay pulled away from him to shove her panties down to her ankles while Octavio pulled his shirt off. His lips met hers again and they kissed momentarily before Ajay pushed him onto the bed and let her hair down as she stepped out of her panties. He smiled and laid back as she climbed on top of him. She positioned herself on top of his cock and forced her pussy onto him as she slid down the length of him.

He grabbed her hips and held her down; burying himself inside of her. He groaned once he was all the way inside of her wet folds. She let out a jagged breath when he was fully inside of her. She loved the way that he filled completely filled her.  She smiled and pulled his hands away from her hips and began to establish a rhythm with her hips. 

When she pushed his hands away they quickly found her breasts; where he wasted no time squeezing them. She scratched at his chest a bit, “He feels so fuckin good.” He worked her nipples between his fingers which made her bite upon her lower lip. She bounced up and down on his hard cock trying not to cum almost immediately.

“Mmmm Che.” Octavio's hands slid back down to her hips. He gripped her hips tightly and forced her body up and down his cock. Ajay felt another hand on her back as Octavio held her hips. Then she felt the second set of hands move upward along her back to her right shoulder as she rode Octavio. She shifted her head to see Renee standing naked on her knees next to her.

Renee moved her hand into from Ajay’s shoulder into her long hair, grabbing a handful, and pulling Ajay's face towards hers. Ajay moved her left hand to Octavio’s hand, which was upon her hip, and interlocked his fingers with hers; afraid to be pulled complete into Renee's mind games again. Renee kissed Ajay hard and forced her tongue passed Ajay’s lips. 

Ajay reciprocated and forced her tongue along Renee’s tongue. Once again Ajay's body was whisked into a euphoric state from Renee's touch. Ajay desperately wanted to cum on Octavio's cock but she didn't want the euphoria to end so soon. Ajay moved her right hand down the front of Renee’s naked body to her soft, wet pussy. Renee moaned as Ajay parted her slits and stuck a finger inside of her.

Ajay moved a finger in and out of Renee as they kissed. Ajay then slid another finger into Renee and buried both of her fingers deep inside of Renee’s wet folds. Ajay used her thumb rub Renee’s clit in a circular motion. Renee smiled through their kiss and moaned into Ajay’s mouth. Renee’s fingers gripped Ajay’s hair tighter her body edged closer and closer to an orgasm. Renee’s free hand found Ajay’s breast and gently squeezed it before teasing her hard nipple.

Elliot stumbled into his bedroom and just stood with a look of pure shock on his face. He was so fucked up from liquor and ecstasy that it took his brain a moment to process the entire scene that was happening right on his own bed. A burning sensation crept into his eyes as he stared at the three of them. Elliot refused to let himself blink because he was afraid that if he blinked that he would miss something very important.

He watched as Ajay’s naked body straddled Octavio’s naked body and forcefully bounced up and down on top of him. He saw that Renee had a hand in Ajay’s hair, forcing Ajay’s head backwards as Renee made out with her. His eyes wandered down to where Ajay’s hand was touching Renee between her legs. 

He watched as Ajay moved her fingers along Renee’s mound. He couldn't quite tell if Ajay's fingers were inside of Renee or just teasing Renee's clit. Elliot then saw that Ajay was doing both; teasing Renee on the inside and the outside at the same time. He finally snapped out of it,“OH! MY! GOD! IT’S HAPPENING! What should I do first?!” Elliot was so excited that he frantically ripped his clothes off and almost fell as he tripped over his stupid pants half way to the bed to join them.

He climbed into the bed just as Ajay brought Renee to a climax. Ajay removed her fingers from Renee and used her hand to find Renee’s breast. Elliot stood behind Renee on his knees and kissed her shoulder. Elliot watched Renee and Ajay made out as his hand traveled along Renee’s ass and down to her pussy. Renee moaned into Ajay’s mouth as she felt Elliot’s hand on her swollen pussy. Renee then bit Ajay’s lip when Elliot’s cock quickly entered her.

Elliot placed his hands on Renee’s hips and forced himself in and out of her. Renee pulled her lips from Ajay’s lips and moaned as she tiled her head back. Ajay looked over to Renee; still held hostage by Renee’s grasp on her hair. Ajay squeezed Octavio’s hand as her body began to tingle and grow closer to a release. Octavio moved his hand from her hip to Ajay’s ass and gave it a hard smack.

Ajay moaned as she was forced to gaze at the Elliot’s ceiling. Ajay’s hand fell from Renee’s breast down to Octavio’s chest. Ajay dug her nails into Octavio’s chest as his fingers teased the small opening of her ass. “Silva.” His name erupted form Ajay’s lips as her body flung into an orgasm. Octavio gripped Ajay’s ass tightly and pushed his cock deep inside of her; releasing as she did. If it wasn’t for Renee holding her up for by her hair, Ajay would be dead weight as her body withered on top of Octavio’s swollen cock.

Renee leaned down and took Ajay’s breast into her mouth, sucking on her nipple. Ajay could feel the jarring rhythm of Renee’s head being forced into her chest from Elliot pushing and pulling on Renee's body. Ajay wanted to collapse onto Octavio but Renee wouldn’t let her. 

Loud moans from Renee were muffled by Ajay’s breast as Elliot slammed the length of his cock into her. Ajay could see from the corner of her eye that Elliot was staring at her over Renee’s shoulder. She didn't know why he was staring at her and she was honestly too fucked up to care; so she brushed it off. Ajay closed her eyes and ignored Elliot as Renee bit down onto her breast.

The sharp pain on her breast sent Ajay's nails into Octavio’s chest. Ajay winced from the pain as Octavio groaned from her nails. Elliot let out a low growl as Renee climaxed again, but this time she did it on Elliot's hard flesh. Elliot watched as Renee latched onto Ajay’s breast with her teeth. 

A smirk crossed his lips as he dug his fingers into Renee’s hips, “Come on Renee.” He tried to coax her off of Ajay. Renee finally released every part of Ajay that she had a hold of and Elliot flipped her over and threw onto the mattress. Ajay watched as Elliot climbed on top of Renee and pushed his cock into her mouth.

Octavio gently eased Ajay’s body against his as Elliot exploded into Renee’s mouth. Ajay rubbed her cheek against Octavio’s chest as he wrapped his arms around her. Elliot looked over to Octavio and Ajay as he pulled his semi-hard cock from Renee’s mouth. He hadn’t realized that they had finished and he wondered when they had finished. Then he wondered why he never got to cum inside of Ajay. 

Elliot’s thoughts were soon interrupted as Renee pulled him down on top of her and began kissing him. Ajay closed her eyes as Elliot fell on top of Renee. Ajay hadn’t planned on any of this happening but there really wasn’t much that she could do about it now. Octavio laid a kiss on the top of Ajay’s head as his hands rubbed her back and her ass. A smile lingered on Ajay’s face as she fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Ajay woke up to a hand stroking her sore, abused breast. She blinked her eyes open to Octavio’s chest in front of her. She looked down at the hand on her breast. It took her a moment to realize that it was Renee’s hand that was stroking her breast. Once she saw Renee’s hand, her head was flooded with the memories of the previous night. She felt Renee’s warm body pressed against her back as she shifted her body. She had no regrets about being sandwiched between Octavio and Renee.

She reached down and ran her fingers along Renee’s soft hand. As her fingers met Renee’s fingers she gently laced her fingers with between Renee’s fingers. For some reason she felt and unwavering urge to touch Renee. She closed her eyes and quickly fell back to sleep. She was beginning to realize it was easier for her to sleep when she was with Octavio; she felt safe when he was around.

When Ajay woke again it was only her and Renee in Elliot’s bed. Renee was still snuggled up against Ajay’s back. The thought of kissing Renee lingered on Ajay’s lips. The feeling of kissing Renee began to fade as Ajay slipped out from underneath of Renee’s arm and stood up from the bed. Ajay did her best not jostle Renee and wake her up. The only articles of her clothing that Ajay could find were her bra and panties. She sighed and slid on her bra and panties before exiting Elliot’s room.

Elliot’s living room was quiet and empty when Ajay entered. There was no sign of any of the other Legends. She wondered if they went home last night or this morning; if it even was morning. She wandered out to the balcony to search for the rest of her clothes. She found Elliot and Octavio sitting across from one another on the balcony eating breakfast. Octavio smiled when he saw her, his emerald eyes were beaming as he patted his lap for her to come sit on him.

Ajay joined Octavio and sat on his lap per his request. With her back to Elliot she kissed Octavio as Elliot stared at her ass. Octavio offered her a bite of a strawberry which she accepted as he spoke, “Mmm, morning Che.” She ate the strawberry and then replied, “Mornin’.” Octavio placed his hands on her waist as she smiled at him, “Whatcha doing Silva?” She was referring to his hands.

Octavio moved his hands down to Ajay’s ass, knowing that Elliot was watching them; knowing that it would drive Elliot crazy. She smiled as she felt his hands squeezing her ass, “Enjoying my morning.” He played with her ass as Elliot continued to stare. Octavio ran his fingers underneath the lace of her panties. His fingers slowly trailed down the center of her ass. All Elliot could do was stare as Octavio’s fingers crept between the valley of Ajay's ass cheeks, “Ugh. Lace. Ass. Lace. Ass in lace. Fingers. Fingers in ass.”

“Was last night okay?” Octavio kissed the top of her left breast after he spoke. She felt her face get warm as she nodded to answer his question. “It was.” She arched her back as he played with her ass. She glanced down to his face that was now buried between her breasts. “Silva.” She whispered to him. He smiled and gently eased his fingers from underneath her panties; allowing the fabric to snap against her skin as he did.

“Ready for round two?” Elliot asked. He was getting antsy in his seat as he watched them. “Round two of what?” Renee walked out with one of Elliot’s shirts on. “What are you plotting this time?” Elliot gave Renee a pouty face as she got closer to him, “Plotting? I never plot anything!” Elliot threw his hands up innocently. Renee raised an eyebrow to Elliot’s gesture, “You're always plotting something." She paused for a moment and then continued, "Well whatever it is I bet I can win.”

Ajay held back a laugh because she didn't know what to expect from Renee if she laughed at her. Ajay placed her chin on Octavio’s shoulder as Renee sat down at the table next to Elliot. “Have a little fun guys.” Elliot tried to sell what he was saying to them, “Don’t you guys just like ever let go for a few days and have fun?” Renee grabbed a plate of food, “Elliot, don’t force your shit on other people.” Elliot laughed, “What do you mean?” Renee rolled her eyes, “Just because you can party for days on end doesn’t mean everyone else can.”

Octavio shook his head a little because they obviously didn’t know how much he and Ajay could party. He was hesitant to push anything with Ajay since they just reconnected and he really know what they were yet. He nudged Ajay a little and tilted his head to whisper into her ear, as Renee and Elliot bickered with one another, “Are you up for the challenge?” Octavio gently rubbed her cute ass as he waited for her answer.

She thought about it for a moment. She didn’t know if she wanted another night at Elliot’s place. She was afraid if she went down that rabbit hole again that she would end with just more than Renee’s fingers and Octavio’s cock in her. She blushed momentarily at the thought; as if it wouldn't be such a bad thing to have more than just Octavio's cock and Renee's fingers inside of her.

Ajay shook the thought away and tried to encourage herself with a small pep talk, “Just a few weeks ago yuh wanted ta have Silva here ta party and here he is. Quit bein a fuckin pussy.” She obviously didn't want Octavio to think that she was a pussy. She pulled her chin from his shoulder and looked down at him with a smirk across her lips, “Of course.” Octavio leaned his chin on her breasts and stared into her eyes, “We’re in trickster.”

Elliot and Renee stopped bickering, “Great!” He stood up. “I need to run and grab some more alcohol or I am going to be a lousy host.” Octavio continued up looking at Ajay from the comfort of her breasts. “I’ll go with you.” Ajay felt a little tense because she didn’t know how she felt about staying behind, alone, with Renee. She never knew what side of Renee that she was going to get. “I wonder if Renee can hear mi voice?”

Octavio gave Ajay’s ass one last squeeze before standing up. Ajay found herself standing and watching as Octavio and Elliot left. Renee finished up her food and looked over to Ajay who was still standing, “What’s your deal?” Ajay looked at Renee, “Whatcha mean?” Renee stood up and starting picking up the table, “You’re quiet.” Ajay started to internally panic as she thought of something to say, “Mi shoulder is hurtin.” She pointed at her wound. It wasn’t entirely a lie; it was hurting.

Renee nodded, “Oh. Well, Elliot has got some harder stuff if you don’t want the tralala shit.” Ajay helped Renee clean up the table. “Like what?” Ajay was just more interested to know what Elliot had than she was in actually trying any of it. Renee shrugged, "Let me finish cleaning up and I'll show you." Renee scooped up the rest of the food and dishes and headed inside.

Ajay nodded and proceeded to find the rest of her clothes on the balcony as Renee finished cleaning up. Ajay didn’t bother to put on her boots, just her shirt and leggings. Renee frowned when she walked back out onto the balcony and saw that Ajay was dressed, “Come with me. I’ll show you Elliot's stash.”

Ajay followed along as Renee took her hand and led her to Elliot’s bedroom. Renee got down on the floor and pulled Ajay down with her. The box that Renee produced from underneath Elliot's bed was plain and unmarked. Renee opened the box and and named everything as she pulled it out, “Liquid ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, ketamine, thang, LSD, marijuana, ecstasy, kat, brew, PCP, and shrooms.” Ajay just sat there is disbelief, “What. In. Da. Actual. Fuck.”

Renee shrugged. “The heroin would probably help.” Ajay forced a smile, “I have some pills in mi bag.” Renee quickly put everything away as Ajay went to her bag and grabbed two pills. She took the pills with a sip of water. Ajay sat on the sofa and reevaluated her thoughts about Elliot and his stash of drugs. “Why does he have all dat shit? Where did he get all of dat?” Ajay nearly jumped when Renee sat down next to her.

Ajay tried to save face, “So are yuh and Elliot a complicated thing?” Renee sat just inches from Ajay as she spoke to her, “We’re friends.” She paused for a moment. “He has always been there for me. But he is complicated. I am complicated too. So I guess we are a complicated thing. What about you and Octavio? What’s the deal?” Ajay didn’t really know what the deal was. “He feels like home. He feels safe. I don have nightmares when he is around. I want ta be wit him all da time. He knows everyting about mi.”

A sigh fell from Ajay’s lips, “It’s complicated.” Renee laughed. “It doesn’t look complicated.” Ajay moved a little closer to Renee, “Whacha yuh mean?” Renee put a hand on Ajay’s thigh, “You guys don’t look complicated. Your intentions look pure. You both look at each like there is no one else. Like there is nothing else.” Ajay felt less tense as soon as Renee placed her hand on her thigh. Ajay thought about it for a moment, “Yuh. We got a complicated past.”

Renee gave Ajay a stern look, “So, what does that have to do with anything.” Before Ajay could argue, Renee continued, “Obviously it wasn’t that bad, otherwise you guys wouldn’t be this close. Quit wasting time. Get married and have some kids or something.” Renee just wished that she could take her own advice. Ajay forcefully laughed. “I can only do one of dem things.” She knew Renee was right though. The past couldn’t even keep them apart at this point.

Ajay reached down and took Renee’s hand into her own. Renee smiled and squeezed Ajay’s hand. They sat in silence until Renee moved closer to Ajay; their bodies were now touching. Renee leaned her head on Ajay’s shoulder. “Maybe someday yuh find someone less complicated.” Renee closed her eyes. “I am too complicated to be with someone less complicated than me. Sometimes I just need to be alone anyways.”

It was less complicated to be alone; that was something Ajay did understand. That was the life that Ajay had lived for the last couple of years. It was just easier not be attached to anyone. Ajay could feel Renee’s breath against her neck, sending chills along her spine. “Besides, this is nice.” Renee squeezed Ajay’s hand again as she spoke against her neck. Ajay wasn’t sure if Renee meant her situation was nice or being here in this moment was nice.

Ajay’s thoughts were soon interrupted by Elliot's and Octavio's laughter about decoys and jump pads. Renee stood up, still holding Ajay’s hand, “Did you guys start drinking without us?” Elliot started whistling like a little kid as he hid bags of open and unopened liquor behind his back. Octavio immediately answered, “Sí.” Renee shot Elliot a very serious look to which Elliot proceeded to smirk at her, “Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.” He lost track of what he was saying, so Renee interrupted him, “That’s one too many okays.”

Elliot suddenly remembered what he wanted to say, “We.” Octavio cut in, “You.” He was referring to Elliot who began speaking again, “Thought you guys had already started without us.” Renee took a step forward, which prompted Ajay to stand up or risk getting her arm ripped off. “How in the fuck would we start drinking without you if there is no alcohol because you had to go buy it?” Renee’s voice was not very nice as she glared Elliot and Octavio; mostly at Elliot. 

Renee tighten her grip on Ajay’s hand as everyone waited for Elliot’s answer. Elliot forced a smile, “Luck? Like that one time that your whole team launched off a jump pad because you saw a decoy and followed it, and then launched off a jump pad, off the edge of the arena to your deaths, costing you the match.” Elliot was just about out of breath as he spat out that run on sentence, but he knew what was coming so he took off running with the bags of liquor. 

“Elliot!” Renee released Ajay’s hand and chased after him. Elliot snapped his arm out, pretending to send out a decoy; or maybe he was so drunk that he really thought he was sending out a decoy, "You got bamboozled, look at you!" Bottles of liquor clanked together as Renee chased Elliot all the way to the bar.

Chapter Text

Ajay laughed as Renee ran away to chase after Elliot; she thought it was kind of cute. For a moment Elliot and Renee didn't look so complicated. Octavio made his way over to Ajay and handed her a small paper bag. She took the bag from him with a confused look on her face, “What's dis Silva?” He smiled, “Just open it Che.” She opened the bag to find peanut drops. 

Her face lit up, “Where did yuh find these?” The smell of peanuts roasted in ginger was comforting to Ajay. The peanut drops were the consistency of peanut brittle and made the same sharp snap noise when Ajay bit into the one that she had pulled out of the bag. She handed what was left of her piece to Octavio. “I know a guy.” He said as he grabbed the piece from her and ate it. Ajay placed the rest in her backpack.

“Shots! Hurry before someone kills me!” Elliot yelled from the bar. Octavio and Ajay made their way over to the bar only to find about 30 shot glasses lined up. All the shot glasses were line with different types of liquor. Ajay had a few questions. “Who owns dis many shot glasses? Are there more shot glasses? What da fuck is going on?” Elliot presented the shot glasses to her and Renee. “Time for catch up ladies.” 

Elliot flashed a smile to both of them and Ajay tried to play cool but it was a lot of alcohol. Renee was across the bar waiting for Ajay to pick up the first glass so that they could get started. Ajay looked at Renee and then back down at the shot glasses, “Yuh idea?” Renee nodded, “Thought you could keep up.” Ajay picked up a glass and Renee did the same. Ajay tapped her glass to Renee’s and took in a shallow breath.

Both Ajay and Renee began downing shots. Just as they started together, they finished together. In only a matter of minutes they were both very tipsy and laughing at anything that seemed remotely funny. Renee looked over at Elliot, “Let’s get to the good stuff.” Ajay threw her hands up, “Where’s da rum!” Ajay laid her face flat on the bar top. Octavio tapped Ajay on her shoulder, “Che. Are you done already?”

Ajay placed her hands on the bar as she spoke into the wood, “I’m lookin for da rum Silva.” Octavio laughed, “Do you have x-ray vision now? Can you see the rum through the counter? Maybe you should pace yourself Che.” Ajay pulled her face from the wood and hopped up onto bar. After Ajay wobbled for a few seconds she stood up straight and looked down at Octavio, “Don yuh pace mi Silva. Where is da rum?”

Renee started laughing uncontrollably and dug under the bar for a bottle of rum. After Renee found the bottle she opened it and handed it to Ajay on the conditional basis that Ajay would sit down. Ajay planted her ass on the bar as promised. She leaned over and gave Renee a kiss on the cheek as she took the bottle of rum. Elliot looked at Ajay and pointed to his cheek for a kiss. Renee stared at Elliot and shook her head. “Knock it off.”

Ajay looked at Elliot’s pouting face, “Dis be yuh fault.” She took a long drink of rum, “If yuh didn make us drink so quickly then we wouldn be sittin up here on da bar. RENEE! SIT WIT MI ON DA BAR SO I CAN MAKE MI POINT!” Renee hopped up on the bar and sat down next to her. Ajay handed Renee the bottle of rum. “We wouldn’t be so someting.” Elliot and Octavio laughed at Ajay's lack of words. Renee took a drink of rum as she watched Ajay try to yell at Elliot.

“Furthermore!” Ajay stood up and Renee joined her, “Yuh two.” Ajay only pointed at Elliot, “Yuh drank before us and yuh ain’t even dis wasted.” Elliot threw his hands up in the air and pretended to be afraid. He then reached under the bar and pulled out a bottle of vodka. He quickly poured a few shots of vodka for him and Octavio. They both downed their shots immediately to prevent any further yelling. “Don’t fall Che.” Octavio gently tapped Ajay’s ass.

Ajay turned and faced Octavio but she continued to point at Elliot, “And see Silva likes mi ass and I’m gonna marry Silva someday and maybe buy some children somewhere and wear a dress for fuckin. Because apparently Silva wants mi to wear a dress for fuckin.” Elliot’s face lit up with surprise and Renee started laughing, “You tell him Ajay.” Renee took another drink and gave Ajay a drink by holding the bottle up to Ajay's lips and pouring it into her mouth for her.

“Okay ladies.” Octavio laughed as he took the bottle of rum from them. Ajay turned around, “What gives Silva!” Renee backed her up, “Yeah Octavio! What gives?! Elliot agrees, right Elliot?” Ajay and Renee both looked over to Elliot for approval. Elliot rubbed the back of his neck and kind of nodded. “Ooooh!” Renee seemed to have an idea, “Let’s get in the hot tub!” Ajay jumped in excitement.

Renee took off her borrowed shirt and then her panties and was naked in a matter of seconds. She then helped Ajay out of her clothes so that Ajay didn’t fall off the bar, but they were both pretty drunk and almost fell off the bar a few times. Elliot licked his lips and watched the show unfold in front of him on his bar top, “Do you guys like want to slow down a bit. We wouldn’t want you falling.” By the time he could get the words out both of the women were already naked. Renee and Ajay hopped off of the bar and ran hand in hand to the hot tub.

Octavio smiled and took a drink of rum from the bottle that he had confiscated from Renee and Ajay. Elliot sighed as he watched Renee’s and Ajay’s naked bodies disappear into the hot tub; he wished that he could join them. Octavio finished the bottle of rum and set in down on the bar top, “What’s wrong trickster? Is Renee giving you the cold shoulder today?” Elliot smirked and brushed it off as he poured them each a vodka and Red Bull.

Elliot nudged a glass across the counter to Octavio, “You know what the problem is. She isn’t even yours.” Octavio shrugged, “I thought that you knew the terms of us getting along?” Octavio took his drink and watched Ajay splash Renee. “She’s not mine. Yet. She does want to marry me though.” Elliot rolled his eyes, “Well you’re not married yet and I don’t have to like the terms of us getting along.” Elliot finished his drink and set it down. Octavio finished his drink and placed his glass next to Elliot’s empty glass, “Oh well. Better luck next time amigo.”

Octavio smirked and pointed at Ajay and Renee, “Quit getting bent out of shape. Just enjoy what you have now.” Elliot sighed again and laughed. “What? Renee?” Octavio gave him a weird look. “Are you not with her?” Elliot shrugged, “It’s complicated.” Octavio leaned against the bar with his back to Elliot, “How complicated?” Elliot leaned over to Octavio, “Things just don’t click. Maybe we’re better off friends. But for now I will enjoy the ride while I can.” Elliot laughed it off, “Hey! When is the wedding?”

Octavio smiled as he watched Ajay. “Those two might be planning their own wedding.” Elliot laughed, “If you want them to calm down just give them some ecstasy. They both like it anyway.” Octavio shook her head, “Did you get Che hooked on that shit?” Elliot raised an eyebrow, “I don’t know what rock you climbed out from under but she’s a consenting adult. I offered it to her and she said yes. Besides she seems to have an addiction to liquor and pain pills before I met her. I wonder why that is?”

If Elliot wasn’t a coworker Octavio would have hopped over the bar and beat the shit out him. Octavio clenched his fist but let it go, “You don’t know Che like I do.” Elliot smirked, “Maybe not. But I am the one who has been with her the last several months. When she wanted to have a good time, she showed up at my doorstep. When she was having nightmares, I was the one that was there for her. I made her feel safe. I was the one that she enjoyed fucking when you weren’t around.”

Elliot waited for Octavio to saying something or do anything at all but Octavio did nothing but shrug before speaking, “The fact that I have been gone for years and she still doesn't have a boyfriend or girlfriend just tells me she's either not interested in having one or that she's been waiting for me. I'm gonna guess the latter on that one.” He paused for a moment, “It’s just like you said, she’s a consenting adult. She can fuck whoever she wants to fuck. Just wondering though, when was the last time she fucked you?” Octavio kept his back to Elliot and waited for an answer.

When Elliot couldn’t answer him, Octavio answered for him, “She hasn’t fucked you since I got here. What does that tell you?” Elliot really didn’t know what to say because it was true. Octavio was so angry with Elliot, and himself, that he continued to get everything off of his chest, “How have you been keeping her safe? From prowlers on Talos? She almost died. Honestly if it wasn’t for that electrical engineer, then Che would be dead.”

Octavio had to stop because he was getting too worked up. Elliot could only listen because by the time that he thought of something to say Octavio was already talking again. Octavio continued, “Or how about when I left your party the other night. I went to her apartment to see her. She was so wasted from drugs and liquor that she didn’t even realize that she was bleeding out. She had overdosed was bleeding out from a wound from the arena. A wound that you knew about. She almost died that night.”

Octavio worked his hand in and out of a fist several times, “Instead of caring about her wellbeing you have a party and shrug it off when she doesn’t show up. She might not be mine but she’s definitely not yours. She never was yours.” Octavio wanted to punch something or someone so bad but he didn’t. He tried to remain as calm as he could. He didn’t want to go down this road again; especially in front of Ajay.

“It might have taken me this long to get my shit together but I’m here now and Che has already forgiven me for all of that shit. She forgave the night I found her wasted and dying. The night that I saved her. If she has a problem with liquor and pills and you knew about, then you should have fucking been there. Not throwing some fucking party."

Elliot was no longer leaning against the bar as Octavio spoke, "I don’t care about all of that shit; the pills and liquor. If she wants to do that, then I will be there to make sure she doesn’t fuck up and overdose again. I will be there to keep her safe.” Octavio turned around to face Elliot, “The rock I fucking crawled out from under was Psamathe; where Ajay Che and I survived together.”

Octavio clenched his fist underneath counter before releasing it and shaking his hand, “Like I said amigo, you don’t know Che like I know Che. So throw your parties and flirt with her but keep your fucking hands off of Che like we agreed. Otherwise we’re not going to get along. If you think that you don’t like me now then just fucking touch her and see what happens. I will fucking end you.”

Elliot almost put his hands up but he just couldn’t seem to get them to move. Octavio's emerald eyes were full of rage as he pushed himself away from the bar, “Just make the fucking drinks and I’ll get the girls before they drown each other or jump off of the balcony.” Octavio resisted the urge to slam his fist down on the counter or into Elliot's stupid face as he walked out onto the balcony to coax Renee and Ajay out of the hot tub.

Chapter Text

Elliot stood there almost dumbfounded. He was just blasted with so much information about Ajay that he really didn’t know how to process it all. Another complicated relationship that he could add to his growing list. He started making shots and adding liquid ecstasy to each of them. Octavio helped Renee and Ajay out of the tub. Renee decided that it was time for her and Ajay to race to the bar, which Renee did by herself. Renee beat Ajay and Octavio to the bar and was the self-proclaimed winner of the wet run race.

Ajay walked in holding Octavio’s hand. Ajay’s face was flush as liquor buzz was starting to wear off and she was naked in front of everyone. She was beginning to feel a little self-conscious as she gazed down to her clothing on the floor. She thought about getting dressed but it was too late as Octavio sat down and pulled her into his lap. Ajay leaned her back into Octavio chest and picked up her shot glass along with everyone else. Everyone downed there shots and set their glasses back on the counter.

Octavio wrapped his arms over Ajay’s breasts; providing her with some cover until the ecstasy and alcohol kicked in. He kissed along Ajay’s back as she wrapped her arms around along Octavio’s arms and leaned into his kisses. Renee stood on the other side of bar with Elliot beside her. Renee set her elbows down on the counter and stuck her ass out. Elliot leaned on counter and began rubbing Renee’s ass with one of his hands. “I showed Ajay your drug box.” Renee blurted out.

Elliot laughed and squeezed Renee’s ass tight. Octavio raised an eyebrow to Elliot who shrugged towards Octavio. Elliot mouthed to Octavio, “She’s drunk.” Elliot then laughed at Renee. It didn’t take long before Ajay started feeling warm and light. A familiar, welcomed feeling settled into her body. Ajay smiled when she heard Renee moan. Ajay glanced over the bar to see Elliot slowly moving his fingers in and out of Renee’s pussy.

Ajay grew wet as she watched. Ajay’s eyes traveled up to Elliot’s eyes. Elliot stared right into hers as he pushed his fingers in and out of Renee. Ajay looked over too Renee because Elliot’s gaze made her feel a bit awkward. Renee motioned for Ajay to come towards her. Ajay leaned over the bar, placing her breasts on the cold counter top as she met Renee’s face with her own face.

Octavio’s arms fell from Ajay as she leaned forward in his lap. He looked down at her ass and groaned. He was already hard just from being around her and now she was naked in his lap. His fingers tailed down her sides and towards her ass. Ajay’s ass wiggled in front of him as she moved her body to get closer to Renee. Her ass was driving him up the fucking wall. He didn’t want to just shove his cock in her without her permission so he decided to wait for it, but he didn’t know how much longer he could wait in his current state.

Octavio was actually interested to see where the night would take them. He had never seen Ajay like this. He remembered her to be so timid and shy when it came to anything. When they were teenagers he would have to practically beg her do anything that was out of her comfort zone; which was everything. He watched Ajay interact with Renee, which really didn't bother him. Ajay wasn't technically his.

There were two things for sure that Octavio was sure of. The first was that Elliot wouldn't be touching Ajay or he would face death. Octavio still couldn't figure out how Elliot claimed to care about Ajay and left her to almost die; twice. The second was that he wouldn't be sleeping with Renee. In fact he wouldn't be sticking his dick in anyone except for Ajay. He had been with his fair share of women but that was all in the past. He had no interest to be with anyone now except for Ajay.

Renee placed a hand on Ajay’s cheek and smiled at her. “Do you like what you see?” Ajay smiled back and nodded. Elliot smiled as he watched Renee and Ajay from Renee’s backside. Elliot began undoing his pants with his free hand while Renee moved her face closer to Ajay’s face. “I want to kiss you again.” Renee whispered against Ajay’s lips. 

A compelling urge poured over Ajay’s body as she gently placed her lips to Renee’s lips. Elliot got his pants to the floor and kicked them out of the way as he reluctantly pulled his fingers from the inside of Renee. Elliot removed his shirt and tossed it behind him. He smiled down at Renee and Ajay as he pushed his fingers deep inside of Renee.

Ajay parted her lips as she tilted her head to the side. She pushed her tongue along Renee’s lips, trying to gain entry. Renee parted her lips and met Ajay’s tongue with her own tongue. Ajay reached back behind her and eased Octavio’s hands out of the way. Octavio sighed in disappointment when his hands were no longer on Ajay’s ass. Octavio didn't mind watching but he would much rather be taking part in the action. Renee’s tongue darted further into Ajay’s mouth as Elliot pushed his cock inside of Renee.

Renee moaned into Ajay’s mouth as Ajay reached up and ran her fingers through Renee’s fine black hair. Octavio watched Ajay used her free hand to spread her ass and pussy open in front of him. Octavio licked his lips and smiled because he knew that she was giving him permission. He somehow quickly managed to slip out of his shorts while keeping Ajay in his lap. Octavio held his hard flesh in his right hand and rubbed the head of his cock against the entrance of her pussy. He smiled as Ajay shifted her hips, trying to get his cock inside of her.

When Ajay finally figured out that Octavio was teasing her, rubbing his cock up and down her slit she broke her kiss with Renee. “Silva!” She said breathlessly as Renee moaned against her face. Elliot was relentless as he slammed himself inside of Renee. He held her hips in his hands and forced Renee into counter of the bar with every thrust. Renee had one hand on the edge of the counter as she tried to brace herself from the impact while her other hand remained on Ajay’s cheek.

“What’s wrong Che?” Octavio said with a smirk on his lips as his other left hand found her left shoulder to steady her against him. Ajay almost whined as she spoke, “I need yuh in me.” Octavio continued to run his cock up and down the length of her pussy, “Oh?” Ajay released her ass cheek that she was holding onto and attempted to reach for Octavio’s cock but as soon as she did Octavio's hand left her shoulder and grabbed her wrist. He pinned her arm down to her lower back. “Please Silva. Just fuck mi already.”

Octavio gripped Ajay’s wristed against her back and smiled as he looked over her beautiful body below him. He shuddered when she begged for him, “I just wanted to hear you beg.” He wasted no time pushing his cock inside of her swollen pussy, “I’m always ready for you Che.” Ajay grasped Renee’s hair and let out a loud moan as Octavio buried his cock deep inside of her. Renee met her lips to Ajay’s lips and quickly found her tongue. Their tongues twisted against one another in a mix of passionate moans.

Elliot looked at Octavio for a moment and then back down to Ajay and Renee as his hands fell to Renee’s ass for leverage. Octavio’s free hand gripped Ajay’s hip tightly as he began a hard, fast rhythm with his own hips. Renee let out a small high pitched moan into Ajay’s mouth as she began to orgasm from Elliot’s assault on her. Elliot pushed his way into Renee’s tight pussy a few more times before he pulled out and released himself all over her ass.

Ajay dropped her hand from Renee’s hair as Renee pulled herself away just enough to watch Ajay and Octavio. Ajay’s hand fell flat to the counter top as Octavio thrust himself deep inside of her. She pushed herself to sit up just a bit along his cock. As she sat up, the angle of his cock inside her forced a scream to erupt from her lips. He was so deep inside of her that all she could do was scream from the immense pressure and pleasure that he was bringing her.

Octavio smiled and pulled Ajay towards him, forcing her to sit up even further on his cock. Every time his cock entered her, Ajay let out a small scream he forced her closer to an orgasm. He released her arm and grabbed her breast to play with her nipple. His lips kissed along her back as she tipped her head back against his shoulder, “Silva…” She whispered in between moaning screams. He kissed her neck and smiled, “You look like you want to cum. You should cum Che.” He forced her down hard on his cock as he spoke to her.

Ajay closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she could barely hear his words over the thrusting of his cock into her wet pussy. She reached down and touched the underside of his cock as it went in and out her; it was enough to send her into an orgasm. She grew tight around his cock and as it became too difficult for her body to move, Octavio had no problem helping her. He forced her body down onto his cock and smiled at every scream that came from her mouth.

Octavio wrapped his arms tightly around her and pushed himself to edge as her body became almost dead weight on top of his hard cock. He could only smile because he knew that he did this to her. After a few more forceful thrusts into her tight folds he released inside of her. He held her down on top of him as he released deep inside of her. She began moaning his name when the rhythm came to a stop and he was buried inside her.

When Ajay was finally able to open her eyes she saw that Renee and Elliot were staring at them. If she wasn’t so wasted from drugs, alcohol, and Silva's fucking cock then she might had been embarrassed. Renee smiled and climbed onto the bar and sat down right in front of Ajay. Octavio leaned back a bit as Ajay lifted her head from his shoulder. Ajay looked into Renee’s eyes as Renee moved her ass to the edge of the counter.

Ajay raised her hands to Renee’s knees and pushed them open. Her hands then traveled inward on Renee’s thighs. Her hands stopped once she got to Renee’s pussy. Ajay gripped Renee’s thighs as she looked up into Renee’s eyes. There was a longing in Renee’s eyes as she nodded at Ajay. A smiled crept over Renee’s lips as Ajay lowered her face between Renee’s thighs.

Renee placed her hands behind her on the counter and leaned back on them as Ajay moved her tongue along Renee’s swollen clit. Ajay maintained eye contact with Renee as her tongue played with Renee. Octavio held Ajay with one arm and trailed a hand down the front of her. He forced his hand between Ajay’s legs and found Ajay’s clit. When he touched Ajay’s clit she moaned into Renee’s pussy which sent chills along Renee’s spine.

Elliot sat on a chair behind the bar and watched the show. He didn’t dare touch Ajay for fear of death from Octavio but he didn’t mind watching all them. Ajay’s tongue slid lower and pushed into Renee’s pussy to taste her before moving back up to her clit to stimulate her once again. Renee moaned as Ajay’s tongue worked magic along her clit.

Octavio rubbed Ajay’s clit; he always knew exactly how to get her into an orgasm. He could already feel her growing tighter around his semi-hard cock that was still inside of her. Renee’s thighs progressively grew tighter around Ajay as she applied more pressure to Renee with her tongue. A loud moan left Renee’s lips as she tilted her head back and climaxed into Ajay’s face. Ajay sucked upon Renee’s clit as Octavio pushed Ajay into her own release.

Ajay sucked even harder on Renee before releasing her clit completely and moaning into Renee’s pussy. Octavio smiled as Ajay’s body was stiff on top of his. He squeezed her breast and rubbed her clit in a circular motion as Renee finally released Ajay from her thighs. Ajay fell back against Octavio and gasped for air. Octavio kissed the side of her neck as her breathing slowed. Renee managed to lay down on the bar as Octavio shifted Ajay in his arms and picked her up.

Ajay was actually happy when Octavio picked her up because she didn’t think that she could stand even if she tried. Octavio could feel Ajay’s body tremble as he carried her into Elliot’s living room. He sat down on the sofa and pulled her naked body into his lap. Ajay smiled as she snuggled up into Octavio’s warm body. “Silva.” Octavio ran his fingers through her hair, “Che?” There wasn’t another word from her; she was just too tired.

Chapter Text

“Che?” Ajay could hear the whisper of Octavio's voice. She opened her heavy eyes and slowly sat up. They were still on the sofa in Elliot's living room. She noticed Renee and Elliot passed out behind the bar. It felt like they had slept all day and night. The room was somber as the morning light came in through the open balcony doors. She looked back over to Octavio who was whispering to her again, “Let’s get out here and get some food.” She knew that it was code for lets go talk.

Ajay nodded and climbed off of Octavio. She stretched as Octavio stood up and placed a finger to his lips, motioning for her to be quiet. They collected their clothing and got dressed. Ajay was finding it hard to get dressed because Octavio kept kissing naked parts of her body as she tried to cover it. She giggled as quietly as she could throughout the whole process of getting dressed. They both tip-toed quietly to the front door and Octavio grabbed Ajay’s backpack as they left.

The air outside felt heavy; almost like it was going to start raining. They held hands as they walked the streets deep into the city. Octavio led Ajay to a little family owned restaurant; one of the only restaurants in the city that served chilaquiles; he and Ajay enjoyed them on some of their worst days when they were younger. Growing up, all they had were each other.

Throughout their lives when words couldn’t express their most difficult days they would often sneak away and grab a bite to eat just to get away. Most of the time they wouldn’t eat. Eventually food was replaced with drugs, alcohol, and parties. As long as they could be with each other it was enough; they were always enough for one another.

They sat across from one another in a booth inside of the restaurant. The rain had started to come down in sheets as they finished eating. Ajay watched out the window as the rain poured down into the city. Ajay didn’t know if she liked the rain or not; she kind of nothing-ed it. 

Octavio laid some money on the table and watched her for a moment. He couldn't get enough of her; it was like she was made just for him. To him, she was perfect. He snapped out of his thoughts because Ajay was abnormally quiet. She stared at the water as it came down in streams along the glass of the window. “Che, what's up? You're never this quiet.”

She sighed before she looked at him. Ajay placed an elbow on the table and leaned her chin into the hand. “Yuh know I have slept with Elliot.” She paused and looked down; she had not intended to be so candid with him, “I didn want ta tell yuh but I don wanna hide anyting from yuh.” She felt sick to her stomach as Octavio stared at her, “Che, I know.” He watched the rain outside; it was kind of soothing to him.

Ajay watched him for a moment. Her body trembled with fear as she tried to find the words to say to him. Before she could say anything he looked back at her and started talking, “Elliot pretty much told me everything that happened between you and him.” Ajay stared back down at the table and wondered exactly what it was that Elliot told him. She didn’t know why she felt like she was cheating on Octavio, but she did.

“Che?” He paused for a moment as Ajay looked up to him again, “Is Elliot your boyfriend?” Octavio had assumed that Elliot was her boyfriend and then it kind of got a little confusing. Then he had threatened Elliot. Then Octavio had wondered if he had threatened Ajay’s boyfriend. He was pretty certain that Elliot wasn’t her boyfriend because he had brought it up and it was never confirmed by Elliot but it was never denied either. Octavio’s heart skipped a beat as he waited for her to answer him.

Ajay blinked and shook her head, “Nah Silva. I don have anyone. I haven’t had anyone. I told yuh that before the match the other day.” Octavio nodded, “Yeah. I dunno Che. I came here and you were tight with him. It’s okay if he is your boyfriend. You don’t have to explain anything to me.” Ajay shook her head again, “It ain’t like that Silva. It was just sex. I just…” She stopped and pulled her chin from her hand. She dropped her hand onto the table and tilted her head downward.

Octavio reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze when he found it, “What is it Che?” Ajay was quiet again; again it was the side of her that he couldn’t handle, “Please Che. Tell me.” She stared down at the table as tears streamed down her cheeks and fell into her lap. He held onto her hand tightly but she still wouldn’t answer him. Octavio didn’t like the silence so he decided to speak until she was ready to talk to him.

“After he told me everything that went on between the two of you, I told him that he couldn’t touch you. He was bragging about being with you. I told trickster that he could look at you and even flirt with you; maybe I overstepped. Honestly I don’t care that you have been with him or anyone else. I haven’t been here. All of my shit in the past made it impossible for us to have any sort of relationship, but I am here now.” Octavio sighed.

Ajay was still silent and staring at the table, which made Octavio even antsier than usual, “I just couldn’t handle his fucking hands on you, but I guess that’s still not my decision.” He reached for her other hand and when she wouldn’t give it to him, he began to worry if had said something wrong. “Che…” He paused, “I love you. I really fucking love you.” After he confessed his feelings to her, he wondered if had actually came in and screw up her life after all. He just couldn’t hide his feelings for her any longer. “Che, please talk to me.”

“Get yuh self togetha Ajay. What da fuck is wrong wit yuh. Talk ta him.” She didn’t know how to respond to him because she didn’t know what she wanted to say to him. Octavio released her hand and got up from his side of the table. He moved to her side of the table and sat down next to her, “What's wrong? Háblame, por favor...” He was thought that he had said something wrong. He was only being honest with her because the last time that they were together, years ago, he wasn’t exactly honest with her at all.

He was now afraid that she didn’t want to be with him like he wanted to be with her; like he needed to be with her. His heart sank into the bottom his stomach at the thought. He reluctantly reached for her face and felt that her cheek was wet. He paused for a moment and moved his hand to her chin and tilted her gaze to his. “Che. Did I do something wrong?” He wasn’t sure that he wanted to hear her answer.

Ajay shook her head, “Nah Silva. I didn think I’d ever see yuh again.” She couldn’t control the tears as they fell from her face. “Silva. I love yuh. I have loved yuh since we were kids. I have never stopped lovin yuh. I just never thought yuh felt da same way.” Octavio’s heart began to race as he pulled her into him and wiped away her tears. “I have felt the same way about you since we were kids. I am just stupid Che. It took me a lot longer to get here.” He kissed the top of her head as she pressed her cheek into his chest.

He was afraid to ask her but he had to know, “Che, what now?” Ajay was a bit tense in his arms, “Whatcha mean what now?” Octavio pulled her away from him so that he could look directly into her eyes, “Do you want to be with me or do you want to with other people? I…” He paused and swallowed hard, “I don’t know that I could share you with other people but I could try if that’s what you really wanted. I just want to be with you and only you. I’m not good at sharing, but if you need to be with other people then I can try and share.” His heart felt sick and his words hurt when he spoke.

Ajay looked at the seriousness in Octavio’s emerald eyes. She turned her whole body towards him and placed her hands on his cheeks. She cupped his cheeks for a moment and then moved her hands down to his neck and rested them on the back of his head. She began playing with his hair as she pressed her lips softly against his, lingering before she pulled her lips away. She whispered to him as she stared into his beautiful eyes, “Silva. I don need anyone else. I only want ta be wit yuh. It’s all I ever wanted. I just didn think yuh wanted it.”

Octavio wrapped his arms around Ajay and hugged her tight. He desperately needed to hear those words from her; he had longed to hear those words from her. They had spent so many years together and too many wasted years apart. He was still amazed that after what he had done to her that she still waited for him and wanted him after all of this time. “Why wouldn’t I want to be with you mi amor?” He stared into her eyes with some relief, but he was still worried.

She let out a staggered breath through her tears as she tried not to sob, “Da timin just ain’t never been right Silva." Her gaze fell to his chest as she spoke, “Then when yuh left I thought yuh never wanted ta see mi again. I just thought dat yuh didn feel da same after dat day.” She knew that it was sore subject but if they were being honest with one another, then that was the truth. She couldn’t seem to look into his eyes because she knew that the subject of him leaving her was a painful one for both of them.

Octavio shook his head as he raised his hand to her chin. He gently eased her gaze back up to his, “No, no, no, no, no, Che. I have loved you since we met. Nothing can ever change that. I have worked so hard just to get here to be with you. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by where I haven’t thought about you. You drive me loco… Crazy, Che. You drive me fucking crazy.” He leaned towards her and gently kissed her lips. When he pulled away he could taste her tears on his lips, “Che, I am sorry for everything I put you through.”

Ajay shook her head, “Silva I forgive yuh. I forgave yuh a long time ago.” She thought she was done crying but her mind had only deceived her for a quick moment. Again, tears flooded her eyes and stung her cheeks, “Yuh do stupid shit but I still fuckin love yuh Silva. I can’t imagine dis life without yuh in it. I don even know how I made it dis far. I should have been dead a long time ago. Maybe I’m da stupid one.” She tried to crack a shaky smile through all of her tears.

Octavio smiled and brushed tears from her cheeks. “You made it this far because you’re a fighter. I love you that about you Che. You’re all I want. You’re all I need.” He kissed her once more but this time he pressed his tongue against her lips. She parted her lips and met her tongue to his. Her body felt weak in his arms as their tongues danced together. She gripped the back of his head and pulled him in closer for a deeper kiss. His hands trailed down to her lower back as he kissed her hard.

After a moment he gently pulled his lips from hers before standing up. Ajay followed him, throwing her backpack on over her shoulders. They stepped outside into the cool rain. “Come on Che, climb on.” He kneeled down to let her climb onto his back. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Octavio latched his arms around her legs and began to run. She laughed, it been so long since they had done this; her on his back while he ran in the rain.

She pressed her face into the back of neck and took in his scent; he always smelled like home. The last time that they had done anything like this was when they were kids. She had tried to suppress most of her past but she couldn’t. She had to take the good with the bad and Octavio was the good; he was the only good in her life. The shit that they both endured from their families had only left them with each other to rely on. It had always been Silva and Che or The Silva and Che Shit Show as Octavio had call it.

When Octavio left Psamathe, she felt like a piece of her left with him. It was hard to wrap her brain around a world without him. She was really only back home on Psamathe for about a week without him but it was enough to drive her to either leave or kill herself; she did almost kill herself. Octavio might not ever know, but that week back home was one of the worst weeks of her entire life. Maybe someday she would tell him about that terrible week but that day was not today.

Octavio and Ajay spent the better part of the day at the firing range. Some days were better spent shooting targets and practicing tactics. They found that there were some new weapons, weapon hop-ups, and attachments waiting for them. Ajay wondered if Anita knew about them. “Duh, she always knows.” Her thoughts were interrupted by Octavio, “Hey Che, we should probably check our phones more often.” He held his phone up and laughed. Ajay went to her backpack and found her phone. She opened a message from HQ:

Legends: Wednesday afternoon prepare to leave for World’s Edge to tour the new arena. Be advised that you will be staying until Sunday night. There will be a party provided for you and the benefactors of Apex on Saturday night. This is a black tie event that is mandatory for you to attend. Please dress in formal attire for this event. There will be no match this week. Please report to the transport ship on Wednesday at 1pm.

Ajay glanced at the time on her phone and sighed at it was already two in the morning on Wednesday. She let out a bigger sigh when she realized that she would have to wear a dress on Saturday. “I need ta get goin and pack Silva.” As much as she didn’t want him to go she knew that they needed to get ready for their departure. She looked up from her phone to see Octavio right in front of her. She slid her phone into her pocket. “What if I don’t want to go home right now Che?” She smiled at him, “Okay, whatcha wanna do then?”

Octavio smiled and quickly picked her up. Ajay wrapped her arms and legs around him as he walked towards the elevator. He kissed her neck the entire way there. Ajay played with his hair and held back a moan as he teased her skin. He set her down in a semi shadowed corner next the elevator and kissed her forehead. Ajay looked around, “Yuh know there are cameras.”

He smiled down at her, “I don’t care. They can watch the show if they want.” She giggled and found his lips with her as she blushed at the thought of others watching them. They kissed and eventually their tongues met. Octavio’s hand wasted no time finding a way to Ajay's breast through the bottom of her shirt. He gave her breast a hard squeeze through her bra.

She couldn’t hold back a moan any longer when he touched her breast. Every time he touched her, it just made her body ache for him. It had been like that for a very a long time. She was growing wet from his on her breast and his tongue in her mouth. "Fuck, dis boy." He smiled through their kiss when heard her beautiful moan. Octavio squeezed her breast again, teasing her before he pulled away, “We should get going Che.” He said with a smirk. They collected their things and went their separate ways to begin packing.

Chapter Text

Ajay arrived in the hanger about ten minutes before the Legends were scheduled to take off. It had been awhile since she had packed up so much stuff, especially a stupid dress. In fact the last time that she had packed so much stuff was when she was leaving the Frontier Corps to participate in the Apex games; even then she didn’t pack that much. 

When she left Psamathe she left with only a single suitcase and her backpack. She just didn't have time to bring anything else. She had to leave everything else behind on Psamathe otherwise she would have died on that planet. Ajay would have been killed or killed herself if she didn't get out of there when she did.

She lugged her suitcase into the ship and pushed it underneath her seat. She tossed her backpack into the seat next to her as she sat down. The ship much larger compared to the one that used to in the arena. She really didn’t know where World’s Edge was but she had a sinking suspicion that it was on Talos. Ajay remembered that Natalie had mentioned that she working on the new arena. Her body ached with the possibility of going back to Talos.

She peered around to all of the other Legends on the ship but she didn’t see Octavio. She wondered if he was just running late. Since they had been apart for so long she wasn’t really familiar with his habits anymore. When the ship took off she knew he wasn’t coming. She pulled her phone out of her backpack and found that she had a text message from Octavio that read:

Che. HQ needed me for a job. Meet you at World’s Edge in soon. Don't have too much fun without me. Jajajaja.

Ajay let out a sigh of relief after she read the message. She was glad that he was okay and that he hadn’t burned her again. The stupid thought still crossed her mind; probably because it still weighed heavy in her heart. "I need ta cut him some slack."  She sent him a text back about getting his shit together before putting her phone into her backpack. 

They had been together so much lately she didn’t realize how lonely she was until he wasn’t with her. “Dis is gonna be a long week.” It was weird not being with him, especially since everything had just fell right back into place; just like old times .She was already dreading having to wear a stupid dress and now she was going to have to possibly do It without her partner in crime.

She leaned back in her seat and tried to keep to herself. Anita sat down next to her, “You ready to hit Talos again kid?” Ajay’s body grew a bit tense when her suspicion was confirmed. “I really hope they got their prowler situation under control.” Her shoulder ached at the thought of prowlers. Ajay looked at Anita, wondering where she had gotten all of her information from, “How did yuh know where we be goin?”

Anita motioned over towards Bloodhound’s direction. Ajay shrugged in response. “Makes sense. Bloodhound does a lot recon work.” Ajay looked to Bloodhound, who was apparently staring a hole into her soul. She gave Bloodhound a weird look and looked back at Anita, “I guess they would know.” The only thought that made Ajay happy about going back to Talos was the chance to see Natalie again; at least she hoped that Natalie would still be there.

Worry started to sink in and her body started to ache from the thought of another possible prowler attack. She really didn’t want to go through another ordeal like that again. “But if there are benefactors there then everyting has ta be secure.” Her mind was put to ease; at least for the time being. She looked back over to Bloodhound, who was still staring at her. She then looked down at her hands in her lap.

“What’s da deal wit Bloodhound?” Anita shrugged, “Maybe going back to Talos is drudging up old memories.” Ajay looked at Anita, “Back?” Anita nodded, “Yeah. Talos is where Bloodhound is from.” Ajay didn’t know a whole lot about Bloodhound but what Anita said had made sense. Ajay wondered if the story that Natalie had told her was about Bloodhound’s people. It was hard to get an idea of what was going on with Bloodhound because they really never shared anything.

Ajay nodded and brushed it off for the time being. It wasn’t too long before they landed and everyone exited the ship. Ajay took her time, she really wasn’t in much of a hurry to do anything on Talos. She threw her backpack on and grabbed her suitcase. As she started to walk towards the exit ramp of the ship she was immediately stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She froze in place as she heard Bloodhound’s voice, “Ajay.”

She slowly turned around to face them. When she was finally facing Bloodhound they spoke to her directly, “I need to talk to you.” Ajay nodded, “Okay?” Bloodhound handed her a small piece of paper that we neatly folded. “It’s not safe here.” Bloodhound walked off the ship without another word. Ajay opened the folded piece of paper to see a whole bunch of numbers written on it. The first set of numbers looked like a time and the other numbers looked like maybe they were coordinates.

Ajay folded the paper back up and shoved it into her pocket as she exited the shipped with her belongings. As soon as she set foot on land Natalie was there to greet her. Ajay took one step towards Natalie but in no time the little electrical engineer closed the gap between them and hugged Ajay tightly. Ajay hugged Natalie back and noticed that Elliot and MRVN were waiting with Natalie. Ajay realized that Elliot hadn’t been on the ship. “Maybe he got here sooner ta be wit Natalie.”

Her thoughts were promptly interrupted by Natalie’s high pitched voice, “Ajay!” Elliot took Ajay's suitcase as Natalie released her from their embrace. MRVN appeared next to them, clapping with a smiley face on his screen. Ajay looked down to Natalie and forced a fake smile; Ajay was never good at real smiles. Natalie smiled back as she took Ajay’s hand and began leading her to wherever they were going.

Ajay followed along and pulled the paper from her pocket to show it to Natalie as they walked, “Hey do yuh know where dis is? I think des are coordinates.” Natalie took the paper and quickly scanned it over before handing the paper back to Ajay, “Oui. Do you need to go there at 8pm?” Ajay nodded as she took the paper back. “Do I have a choice?”

Natalie smiled, “It’s a trek but we could take the train, it would be quicker.” Ajay thought about it for a moment. If it wasn’t safe to talk about it on the transport ship, she doubted taking the train would be much safer, “I think I need ta go by foot.” Natalie smiled, “Then it’s settled! We will walk. We will all go on an adventure!” Natalie could hardly contain herself as she skipped along. 

Before Ajay could decline the ‘we’ part Natalie interjected, “Let me show you where you will staying. It is a lot nicer than before!” Ajay had been too preoccupied with Bloodhound, and then Natalie, to realize that they had landed in a different area Talos than she had landed in previously. They were in a city that had quite a few buildings in it. 

Some of the buildings were the same but most of the buildings differed in height. There were a set of train tracks that wrapped around the backside of the city. The outskirts of the city appeared to be open land which eventually ended in a drop off. “Are we staying in the city?” Natalie smiled, “Oui. They outfitted the buildings to be inhabited for now. Later the city and its buildings will be used for the arena.”

They headed towards a rather tall building, where Ajay assumed the Legends were staying. They entered the building which was simple on the interior. There was a check in desk with an attendant waiting. There was a single elevator set across from the main entry way and a set of stairs set off to the side. Ajay didn’t really notice anything else in particular about the building as they got into the elevator.

Natalie took the group to the third floor. “There are only two rooms per floor. I am on the same floor as you Ajay! I made sure of it!” Ajay had almost forgotten the pure excitement that always exuded from Natalie’s voice. The hallway was small when they exited the elevator. Ajay npticed a glass window on each side of the hallway before she looked over to the only two rooms on the floor. Natalie took Ajay to the room that she would be staying in; MRVN and Elliot followed behind them.

The room was simple just like the rest of the building. There was a queen sized bed in the room with a dresser. There was also a small, open closet to hang clothing in. There was a small kitchen right near the entry way. Across from the kitchen, on the other side of the entry way, there was an L shaped sofa and small coffee table. The only other room that was separate from the rest of the layout was the bathroom and shower. Elliot set Ajay’s suitcase down where Ajay motioned for him to.

Ajay sat down on the bed and Natalie sat next to her, “Ajay?” Natalie looked down into her lap because she was nervous. Ajay looked at Natalie as Elliot took a seat on the sofa with MRVN. “For the event on Saturday? Will you help me with my makeup? I really never had anyone help me do that kind of stuff. Renee said that she heard you have been to a few of these events before and that you knew what you were doing.” Natalie fiddled with her fingers as she waited for Ajay to answer her.

Ajay put her hand on Natalie’s back and gave her a reassuring rub, “Sure. I got yuh.” Natalie beamed a smile at Ajay, “I lost my mom when I was very young. It has always just been me and papaw.” Ajay nodded. “So when it came ta the girly stuff in life Natalie really didn know what ta do.” Ajay almost wished that she didn’t know what to do either. She wished that she knew nothing about that life.

As a child, and even up until she was an adult, she was forced to attend so many damn events that it made her physically sick to even think about. If she even so much as indicated that she didn't want to go an event then she would suffer the consequences at the hands of her parents. Beautiful gowns were great to hide ugly secrets; that’s probably why her parents forced her to wear them. Fake smiles made great family portraits. 

“Oh, Ajay, we should get ready to go soon if you want to make it to your meeting location on time.” Ajay nodded and they both stood up at the same time. “I need ta change. It was a long a flight…” She trailed off glancing over at Elliot who already looking in her direction. Natalie looked at Elliot and MRVN, “Bye bye!” She pushed them out of the room and closed the door behind them.

Ajay pulled her suitcase up onto the bed and opened it. She pulled out a long black dress and hung it up in the closet. Natalie went and inspected the dress while Ajay pulled some clothing out of her suitcase. She really didn’t need to change because she had already done that before she left her apartment for the trip. 

She neglected to shower when got back home. She still smelt like alcohol and sex and whatever else Elliot's place smelt like. She blushed as the thought of having Octavio inside of her; deep inside of her. She bit her lower lip for a moment and tried not to put much more thought into it or she was going to end up in the shower longer than she wanted to be, “Natalie I’m gonna take a quick shower.” Natalie nodded holding Ajay’s dress out at an angle to get better look so that she could inspect it.

The shower was too quick but Ajay didn’t want to keep Natalie waiting. After Ajay was done she put on the essentials; as usual. She also put on a black tank top and a pair of black leggings. Natalie glanced over at Ajay, who was sitting on the bed. “How are your wounds healing?” Natalie offered Ajay a smile.

Ajay forced a face smile again, “Better. Thank yuh” It wasn't a lie; some days were better than others. She slipped on her boots and black hoodie. She didn’t bother putting her hair up so that it could dry faster. She pondered if there was any way she could sneak out and go back to Solace; she just didn’t want to deal with any of this right now.

Chapter Text

Ajay grabbed her backpack and motioned towards the door. Natalie met Ajay at the door with the piece of paper that she had dug out of Ajay’s clothing while Ajay was showering. Ajay didn’t bother to ask why Natalie was digging through her pants; it was one more thing that she didn’t care to think about. They exited the room and took the elevator back down to the lobby where they met Elliot and MRVN.

Elliot smiled at Ajay and Natalie when he saw them. Ajay really didn’t have the heart to tell the three of them that they couldn’t go. She needed Natalie to go with her because she trusted Natalie to get her there. She imagined that Natalie wanted Elliot to go because he could get them out of any trouble if they go into any. MRVN was there because, well, who could deny that cute robot anything and because Natalie didn’t want to leave MRVN behind.

Before Ajay could move Elliot walked over and hugged her. His embrace was tighter than usual and he lingered; of course. She figured that he was hugging her now because he hadn't earlier when she got off the ship. Ajay gave Elliot a friendly squeeze and tried to pull away. Before Ajay could get away from him, Elliot stopped her. He was no longer friendly about their embrace as she could now feel Elliot’s hands trail down her sides and down to her ass. 

He gave her ass a tight squeeze and pulled her closer to his body until there was no gap between them.  As he pressed his body into hers Ajay could tell for sure that he was hard underneath his pants. Elliot pushed his hips against her and made sure that she felt how hard he was for her. Ajay's hands fell to his chest as stood there and tried to think of a way out of the awkward situation that he had put her in.

Elliot whispered into Ajay’s ear before pulling away from her, “You know if you ever get bored of adrenaline junkie boy, I’ll always be here. Hell, make it interesting and bring him with you.” He flashed Ajay a smile and clutched her ass once more. Ajay blushed for a moment and shook her head to try and get Elliot out of it. Ajay shot him a stern look before he turned around to join Natalie and MRVN.

She really didn’t want to play this game with him all weekend. She didn’t have the mental or the emotional patience to deal with him if he kept grabbing her and talking to her the way that he just did. She wondered if he just wanted to be with her because she was with Octavio. She knew that he could be with Renee or Natalie or anyone else, but he was playing games with her. She just wanted him to knock his shit off otherwise she was going to smack him upside of his cute head.

Ajay sighed and joined the group. As they walked out of the building Natalie stopped and pointed off into the distance to the ice embedded land towards the left of them, “That’s Epicenter. Where we spent the night. Right now we’re in Skyhook.” Natalie then pointed ahead of them towards an opening, more like a tunnel, in the tall mountains in the distance. “If we go that way we can head towards Capitol City or Train Yard.” 

Natalie then pointed to an area that was in front them but kind of off to the right, “I suggest we go through Drill Site. After that it is just hills and open land until we get to where your coordinates are located. It will also be the quickest way there.” Natalie turned around and smiled at Ajay as she waited for answer.

“Sounds good Natalie.” Ajay said as she nodded and followed Natalie towards the edge of city, “What color is yuh dress Natalie?” Ajay tried to make small talk as they walked. Elliot was being very quiet and MRVN would only speak up at inappropriate times. Natalie beamed with excitement, “White with some black accents.” Ajay smiled at her and looked around as they made it into Drill Site. The sun was starting to set towards the west of them, kind of in the direction they were walking.

Drill Site wasn’t very interesting; at least not to Ajay. It was just a bunch of buildings with a tower set in the middle of the area. “Natalie, did you help create this arena?” Natalie continued to smile, “Well, yes and no. Not the arena itself but I helped design the ring and most the electrical work for of both of the arenas.” Ajay stopped and looked at the small girl woman. Ajay put a hand on Natalie’s shoulder, “Yuh created da ring?” Natalie stopped and turned around, “Oui!”

Ajay just stood there with a look of astonishment on her face, “Dats amazin!” Natalie smiled as MRVN hugged them both, “I am so happy friends.” Natalie giggled, “Me too MRVN!” They started their journey into the empty land near Train Station, which wasn’t very exciting either. It was just a bunch of open land with some hills and small streams of water. The majority of their walk was spent hiking through the land near Train Station.

The walk was becoming a bit tedious for Ajay. She just hoped that whatever Bloodhound needed to tell her made up for the long trek across the boring land. Natalie pointed to the left of them, “Sorting Factory is over there.” She then pointed towards the hills right in front of them, “Over there is where your coordinates lead to, Thermal Station. We must be very careful. There is lava over there. A large pit of lava!” 

They began scaling the small hills that were between them and the entrance of Thermal Station. Ajay could feel the temperature changing as they neared their destination. Ajay slid her backpack off and then her hoodie off. As she pushed some sweat away from her forehead, she glanced up into the sky and noticed a raven circling above them. She shoved her hoodie into her backpack before she threw her backpack over her shoulders. 

The temperature drastically changed when they made it to the depths of Thermal Station. Even with the sun setting to the right of them, the lava provided plenty of light for them to see. In fact with the light illumining from the lava made it seem like it wasn't even night time. If Ajay wasn't on a mission to find out what Bloodhound wanted to tell her then she would have probably stopped to take better look at the area.

They entered a building in the center of Thermal Station where the coordinates directed them to go. The building was situated similarly like the one in Epicenter. It had two entry ways across from one another and a large beam in the center of the building. The beam was holding up an enclosed platform that was entirely too tall for Ajay to make out if there was anything at the top of it. She was relieved when she saw that Bloodhound was in the building waiting for them; waiting for her.

With the heat radiating around them, Ajay just couldn't fathom wear full head gear, goggles, a respirator, and an outfit that covered her entire body as Bloodhound did; as they always did. Bloodhound looked at Ajay and the group that she had brought with her. “Why are they here?” Their Norwegian accented words were haunting beautiful as they echoed through their respirator. 

Ajay gave Bloodhound a stern look, “Fyah fi yuh already? Natalie knew how ta get here. Elliot is here because I trust him.” Bloodhound pointed at MRVN, “And the Robot?” Ajay shrugged, “Why not?” She was already fed up with defending her choices. Bloodhound shook their head. “Fine.” Natalie held Ajay’s hand and gripped onto tightly. Ajay noticed that Natalie did this when she was scared. She wondered if Natalie was sacred of Bloodhound. 

Ajay gave Natalie’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “What was so important dat yuh couldn’t tell mi on da ship?” Bloodhound crossed their arms over their chest but didn’t say anything. Bloodhound debated if they could trust giving this inform out to all of them; especially the little girl that wasn’t even a Legend. “That little girl is a product of The Syndicate.” 

Bloodhound gave MRVN a look of distain that was hidden underneath their respirator and goggles. MRVN took a few steps backwards until Bloodhound looked away from him. Bloodhound returned their gaze to Ajay, “The prowlers. I need to know what happened. I heard that you fought them.” Ajay nodded, not really knowing where this conversation was going. “We all did.” Bloodhound looked at all of them and couldn’t imagine that this group of individuals fought off a prowls and survived.

MRVN tapped on his chest and his screen lit up to show the video of the fight with the prowlers. Bloodhound moved closer to the robot and watched the battle. After the video was over Bloodhound did a double take as they looked over Ajay. “Is this true?” Bloodhound pointed at MRVN’s blank screen because vel machines could not always be trusted. Ajay pushed her hair out of the way and pulled the straps of her bra and tank top off of her right shoulder, “Is dis enough evidence for yuh?”

Ajay closed her eyes as Bloodhound traced their gloved fingers along Ajay’s shoulder and down to her chest. Chills crawled down Ajay's spine from their touch. Bloodhound might not ever tell Ajay, but they shared something in common, they both survived a horrific attack by beasts that hunted them on this very planet. “Your wound is a reminder of your victory from your slátra.” Bloodhound look over Ajay’s scar once more before they pulled their hand away completely.

“Okay. To the point.” Bloodhound paused for a moment as MRVN was still messing his screen. They all waited as MRVN smiled and waved and then eventually stopped messing with his screen. Bloodhound continued, “There should not have been anymore prowlers in this area. We slátra them years ago...” Ajay shrugged and pulled her bra and tank top strap back up over her shoulder, “Maybe yuh didn kill dem all.”

Bloodhound moved there face right into Ajay’s face, “We did slátra. All of them. We made sure of it.” Bloodhound placed there gloved hand onto Ajay’s right shoulder once again. They rubbed their thumb along Ajay’s scar while Ajay stared at them. At some point Ajay had released Natalie's hand and raised her hand up towards Bloodhound’s face to touch their respirator. Her fingertips were almost against their respirator, but just like the past, she was stopped before she could make contact. 

She was so close and yet she didn't know why she felt it necessary to try and removed their respiratory from their face. Bloodhound grabbed Ajay’s wrist and forced her hand away, holding it next to Ajay’s head. All Ajay could do was stare as they held her wrist with one hand and her shoulder with the other. There was a moment of silence from everybody or maybe Ajay just felt like it was silent.

Their voice was indelible as they spoke; it reminded Ajay of Renee's voice when Renee had her in a trance. The more that Bloodhound spoke to her, the more that Ajay felt like she was tittering on the edge of a trance, but in the end they were just words that were wrapped up in an alluring voice; they didn’t hold the same power as Renee's words did.

“Removing this grima will not aid you in your journey. You are not yet ready to see what lies beneath when you cannot even see what is right in front of you. Open your eyes and see the truth.” Ajay knew that grima meant mask but did that have to do with seeing the truth. She was ready to see their true face. She had been ready since she joined Apex. 

She looked away and snapped herself away from their enticing voice. She let Bloodhounds words sink in as they released her wrist. The details were becoming less foggy the more that she thought about them. Her arm fell limp to her side as her eyes widened when her brain finally started to process everything. At some point in her life she got addicted to the nightmares and they clouded just about everything.

Ajay swallowed hard, “So yuh sayin der shouldn be no more prowlers?” Bloodhound nodded as they clutched her shoulder. Ajay didn’t have time to feel awkward as her face grew pale. She placed her left hand to her forehead and rubbed it. She wanted to sit down but Bloodhound had a firm grip on her; almost holding her up by her shoulder. Ajay grew silent as she tried to give herself just a single moment for everything to settle in.

Elliot could see the tension in Ajay’s body as he stepped closer to them. He really hadn't been paying attention to what was going on, “What’s wrong?” He wanted to reach out and pull Bloodhound away but he didn’t know how they would react. He almost wished that he had paid more attention to everything that was going on because he was at a loss of what to say or do.

Natalie quickly interjected herself into the conversation, “So, what you are saying is that someone released those prowlers on us?” Bloodhound nodded to the French Syndicate child. Elliot finally put two and two together and nearly punched a wall, but instead he just placed his hand on a nearby wall. Ajay was still speechless but Natalie wasn’t afraid to speak at all, “Do you know who?”

Bloodhound stood there with a hand on Ajay’s shoulder and debated if they wanted to share any information with the little Syndicate girl. “Apex.” Their voice echoed through Ajay’s ears like a bad dream that she couldn’t escape. Bloodhound could feel Ajay’s body begin to pull under their grasp. 

They helped Ajay to the ground where Ajay sat down because her legs were too weak to hold her body up anymore, “What. In. Da. Actual. Fuck. Is. Goin. On.” Bloodhound knelt in front of Ajay with their hand still on her shoulder as they inspected the look of shock that had over taken Ajay’s face. Once again they still were not fully convinced that this combat medic survived a fight against prowlers.

Natalie tapped her finger on her chin, “That would make sense.” Elliot looked at Natalie, “How does that make sense? How does any of this make sense to you?” Natalie tapped her finger on her chin some more, “Well, they are the only ones here; Apex employees that is. Everything out here is owned by Apex.” Elliot thought about it for a moment and nodded in agreement to what Natalie had said.

Ajay was finally able to form words, “Were they tryin ta kill us?” Bloodhound stared at Ajay, “Or testing you.” Ajay put her head in her hands again as Bloodhound gripped her shoulder tighter. “Kvisa, speak quietly, about this. Especially you miklimunnr velafolk bigmouth machine person." They said as they looked over to MRVN.

Bloodhound looked back at Ajay, "Be on guard. I feel as though they might have more planned out for this event then what they have told us.” Ajay didn’t know what was worse, the pain in her shoulder or the fact that Apex might have been behind the prowler attack that almost killed her and her friends; it was the latter. It was definitely the latter. 

Chapter Text

As Ajay laid awake in bed that night because she couldn’t wrap her mind around what Bloodhound had told all of them. She wouldn’t have put much thought into it but Natalie had said her piece. “She's right.” Her right shoulder and chest ached with the possibilities that plagued her brain. She got out her bottle of pills from her backpack that laid next to her on the bed. She took two pills out and put the bottle away. She took the pills and tried to push her thoughts away but it was no use.

She pulled her phone from her backpack and looked at the bright screen as it lit up room around her. Ajay wanted to call Octavio and tell him everything but she couldn’t risk anyone else finding out. She didn’t want to put him in some fucked up situation either. A sigh fell from her lips as she put her phone away and turned onto her side. She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep but for her it was always hard to sleep; even without the extra added stress.

The ground was cold against her back and sent chills along her spine. She opened her eyes and heard voices around her but they sounded too far away. She tried to stand up but she could hardly move her body. The only thing she could manage to move was her left arm as she raised. Her chest felt like it was being crushed as she took a shallow breath. A rush of warmth spread along her chest and then her chest felt cold and wet.

She wondered where the hell the day had gone and why her lungs hurt when she tried to breathe. She coaxed her left hand across her chest and winced in pain as ran her fingertips trembled. She lifted her fingers from her chest and brought them into her view. She rubbed her crimson stained fingers together before dropping her hand to the ground. Of course it was blood but she couldn’t figure out why she was bleeding. Before another thought crossed her mind she heard gun fire above her head.

Ajay could only watch as Natalie fell to the ground beside her. Ajay tried to move but her body was paralyzed. Natalie shifted her body to her side so that she could face Ajay. Blood flew to ground and splattered after Natalie coughed it out from her mouth. Blood began to form around Natalie’s body and pool out towards Ajay. She wanted to scream for help but Ajay couldn’t speak; she couldn’t do anything but lay there and watch her friend bleed out.

Tears streamed down the side of Ajay’s face and onto the pavement as Natalie’s eyes stared lifelessly as her because life had escaped her small body. In her panicked state Ajay's breathing became erratic and then almost non-existent. She closed her eyes and silently choked on her own tears and blood until she stopped breathing completely.

“Breathe!” Ajay gasped for air through her labored breathing as she pried her eyes open. She reached for her chest as she quickly sat up. She pulled her hand from her chest and looked at her hand, “No blood.”  She released a staggered sigh as she rubbed the scars along her chest and looked around the room. The sun was barely peeking through the window as she threw the blankets off of herself and got up out of the bed. “I thought I was done wit des fuckin nightmares.”

She rubbed some sweat from forehead before she got her clothing out. She pulled out black legs, black shorts, a black shoulder shirt, a hoodie, a bra, and panties. She laid everything out the bed and got into the shower to wash away her sweat and nightmares. When she got out of the shower she braided the hair on the right side of her head; from the top of her forehead, down behind her ear, all the way down to her neck. She put a small hair tie in it and let the rest hang free.

Ajay knew that sleeping was no longer an option so she got dressed and headed to Natalie's room. She also check on Natalie to make sure that her nightmare was just a nightmare. Growing up and living in a constant it nightmare sometimes made it hard to distinguish what was actually reality and what was actually a nightmare. As she walked down the short hallway to Natalie’s room her body trembled at the thought of Natalie being hurt or even worse.

Ajay raised her left hand up to knock on the door but she hesitated as she looked at her hand. Her hand shook in front of her as flashbacks of her bloody hand clouded her vision. She balled up her fist and squeezed her eyes closed as she waited for her brain to stopped projecting fragments of her nightmare into her reality. When she was sure that her brain was done she opened her eyes and used her balled fist to knock on Natalie’s door.

To Ajay’s surprise Natalie answered the door almost immediately, “Ready to go on an adventure Ajay?” MRVN was waving as he stood behind Natalie. Ajay stepped out of the way so that Natalie and MRVN could leave Natalie’s room. “I’ve got a few ideas Natalie. What’s MRVN doin wit yuh?” Natalie smiled, “He is my friend. He was scared to be by himself last night. I told him he could power down in my room.” Ajay nodded and wondered why a robot would be scared but she didn’t bother to question it; mostly because she didn’t care to discuss the answer.

“What adventure did you have in mind?” Natalie asked after they stepped outside of the building. Ajay looked around, “Do yuh know where they are goin ta have dis big meet and greet for da party Saturday evenin?” Natalie pointed to a building in the distance that was still within confines of Skyhook. “Okay. Well, can yuh take mi on a tour of dis entire place? Or some of it today and more tomorra?” Natalie jumped up and down in excitement and MRVN joined in by clapping. “Of course I can!”

Once they were out of the city, and Ajay was sure they were out of earshot of anyone, she pulled Natalie close to her. “Is der still guns on dis rock?” Natalie smiled, only inches from Ajay’s face, “Why but of course.” Ajay thought for a moment, “Do yuh have access ta dem without anyone findin out?” Natalie tapped her chin, “Oui. This way, follow me.” Ajay and MRVN followed Natalie to a place located near Sky Hook called Lava Fissure.

Lava Fissure was hot, but not as hot as Thermal Station. The area was lined with platforms and buildings. Some of the buildings were suspended over the lava and we accessible by platforms and ramps. The platforms had upper and lower walk ways with circular areas that surrounded some of the buildings. The area around Lava Fissure was grassy and had a few houses that had more than one story to navigate. Train tracks lined the outskirts of the area. Beyond the tracks were some hills and the edge of the area with a steep drop off.

Natalie led Ajay and MRVN underneath the building area into the depths of the Lava. Underneath the buildings there were small areas made up of volcanic rock that had formed into flat land. Some of volcanic rock housed weapon bins. The whole area beneath the buildings was very secluded, which put Ajay at ease.

Ajay stood behind Natalie as she reached behind one of the bins and popped it open. Natalie then proceeded to do this to the two other bins that were nearby. "There we go. Have a look!" Ajay glanced down into the bins to find an abundance of Prowlers, RE45s, R99s, Alternators, Wingmans, and two other weapons that Ajay had never seen before.

Ajay picked up one of the unfamiliar weapons and examined it. She turned it over in her hand and thought that it almost looked like an assault rifle but it was a little on the smaller side. She noticed that there were a few more of the same guns in the bin. “What’s dis one?” Natalie smiled as she pulled the same gun out of the bin and unloaded the magazine to show Ajay.

“It’s a volt submachine gun. It is IMC technology and it was left here. There are only a few of them left from the war. This particular weapon uses energy ammunition.” Natalie popped the magazine back in and set the gun down. The volt felt good in Ajay’s hands as she looked down the sight before setting the volt back into the bin. Ajay pointed to the other unfamiliar weapon in the bin; it was massive compared to the volt, "What's dat one?"

Natalie looked to where Ajay was pointing and continued to smile, “That’s a charge rifle. It’s a sniper rifle. It does some serious damage but it can take few seconds to fire after pulling the trigger.” Ajay nodded as she thought before speaking, “Tomorra night I need yuh guys ta hide des weapons around da city near da meet and greet. We can’t let anyone know or see da weapons. Do yuh think yuh can do dat Natalie?” Ajay didn’t mean to sound so serious and direct but it was a serious matter if there were potentially prowlers involved.

MRVN clapped, “Count me in friend.” Natalie smiled and clapped as well, “Of course!” Ajay closed the bin and leaned against it for a moment. Natalie gave Ajay a look of concern, “What's wrong?” Ajay looked at Natalie, “I’m just worried dat somethin is gonna happen Saturday evenin. Do our abilities work on dis part of da planet yet?” Ajay sighed and wished that she had better abilities to help out.

Natalie shook her head, “I know that all of Elliot's abilities still work, and I think that MRVN’s abilities work as well. It's hard to tell. I don’t have control over these things.” Natalie looked down at her hands, twiddling her thumbs. Ajay smiled at Natalie’s cute quirks; even if Natalie was nervous, “It's okay. Yuh have done more than enough.” Natalie smiled, “Shall we see the rest of this place?” Ajay nodded and followed her with MRVN right behind them.

Natalie took the three of them through Sorting Factory; which was a huge building named for what it was used for, sorting. There were large boxes on a conveyor belt in one building of Sorting Factory. There was a large building that was used for a train station so that the train could make stops in the Sorting Factory area. The rest of the area was littered with other buildings, platforms, huge crates, and a crane. Most of the rooftops in the area were low; easy to get over.

The sun was starting to set and Ajay didn’t bother to ask Natalie if she knew how to get back to Skyhook. Instead Ajay said, “Hey Natalie, we should get goin. I need ta get up early and have a look around Skyhook in the mornin.” Natalie nodded and skipped along as she took Ajay and MRVN through the other side of Sorting Factory and down between a small area with water and buildings located just on the other side of Fuel Depot.

The trio ended up on the east side of Capital City. Natalie pointed out to Epicenter in the distance. Barely beyond Epicenter was a factory that was called Refinery. Ajay could pretty much figure out where they were. The map was quite big and nightfall had graced them with its presence. The stars still looked magnificent just as they did the last time she was here. “What’s the plan Ajay?” Natalie sounded a bit concerned. Ajay felt Natalie’s concern, “We’ll, hide da guns at da party. If tings get rowdy then we pull da guns out and fight. If we have ta run then we run.”

She really didn’t have a better solution or explanation to give Natalie. They had to go to this event but Ajay didn’t want to go empty handed just in case prowlers showed up again. As she stared up at the beautiful stars she wished that Octavio was here to see the stars and to help her out with a plan. “I trust you Ajay.” Natalie said as she placed a hand onto Ajay’s shoulder. Ajay forced a smile as Natalie dropped her hand and they began walking again.

It took the better part of the night to get back to Skyhook. MRVN was still scared and wanted to stay with Natalie for the night once again; Natalie gladly accepted the robot’s company. Ajay thought that Natalie and MRVN seemed like they were best friend. Ajay slowly retreated to her room with only a few hours left until day light. When she got into her room she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. She closed her eyes and sighed as she thought about everything she needed to get done in just a few short hours.

She was in no hurry to get to sleep. She really didn’t even know that she could sleep even if she tried. She was afraid that she would have nightmares again; she couldn’t bear to see Natalie lifeless again. Ajay laid in bed and checked her phone. There was still no word from Octavio; she wondered when Octavio would arrive or if would arrive at all. 

Ajay was almost jealous that Octavio might get to miss this black tie event. She wished that she didn’t have to go to this stupid event. He must have had one hell of a job to get done if he got to miss an event like this. Usually anything that involved benefactors was a pretty deal. The people that sponsored the event and paid for the party would definitely want to see who they are paying for.

She watched the night change into day as she gazed out the window from her bed. Ajay finally forced her tired body to get out of the bed. She got herself changed into some similar clothing as the previous day; she wasn’t trying to impress anyone. The only person she cared to try and impress wasn’t even there. She fixed the braid in her hair to at least make it look like she did something with herself besides not sleep.

As she opened up the door and was surprised by the sight of Natalie and MRVN who were waiting for her on the other side. Natalie smiled, “Perfect timing Ajay. I was just about to knock. Are you ready?” Ajay smiled back and set off with Natalie and MRVN to mark spots for them to hide guns later that night. 

She didn’t know if she wanted to inform any of the other Legends of their plans because of the risk of them getting caught. It was hard not to get the others involved because they were like family to her. But because they were like family to her, she didn't want anything to happen to them by getting them involved. However, she did know that she wanted to talk with Bloodhound about everything before the event got started.

Ajay sent MRVN to get Bloodhound from their room or wherever they might be. She figured if she sent MRVN it would be the least obvious way to draw attention. To her surprise, Bloodhound quickly met her outside of the building where all of the Legends were staying. She didn’t exactly know how to tell them about her plan without being overheard. She thought about it for a moment and then figured out a way to tell them without saying anything out loud.

Ajay began to walk towards the designated weapon locations and motioned for Bloodhound to follow her. As Bloodhound followed her, Ajay pointed to specific places that the group had marked to hide guns later that night. MRVN turned to Bloodhound and tapped on his screen. MRVN flashed a play gun with a flag that came out of it. Written on the flag was the word Bang! Ajay assumed that Bloodhound understood when they nodded and left; at least she hoped that they did.

Chapter Text

Saturday morning came too quickly and too early for Ajay when she got a knock on her door. Her body was fatigued from lack of sleep and stress. She opened the door only for Anita to push the door open and walk in with Renee, and Natalie. All of the women had their dresses in hand as they entered Ajay’s room.

Ajay just stood there and held the door open for them, because she didn’t seem to have any other choice. “Hair and makeup kid.” Anita told her as she sat down on the bed. Ajay shrugged and rubbed her tired eyes as she shut the door. Ajay motioned to the front of the bed as she walked over to her suitcase to remove makeup and items to style hair, “Okay… Who be goin first?”

Natalie skipped over and sat down on the on bed where Ajay pointed. Ajay got her flat iron and make up ready while Natalie tried to not jump for joy. “Thank you Ajay, I’m so excited!” Ajay offered her a tired smile and pinned some up of Natalie’s platinum blonde hair to get it out of the way. Natalie’s hair only came down to her shoulders, which made it easy to work with. 

Ajay looked over Natalie’s fair skin and decided to use a combination of blue and turquoise eye shadow. Ajay then applied black eyeliner and mascara to intensify Natalie’s already fierce blue eyes. Natalie smiled as Ajay brushed on some light pink blush and then added the same tone of lipstick. After that Ajay used the flat iron to style Natalie’s hair into cute waves.

Ajay carefully helped Natalie get into a sleeveless white dress that came up to her neck. The top part of her dress that covered her torso was made of lace. The bottom part of her dress was fluffy with layers of white silk and a layer of black tulle in between. The front of the dress came to Natalie’s knees and the back of the dress fell to the floor. Natalie slid on a pair of opened toed, strappy heels that were black and sparkly.

Renee took her turn but didn’t really want too much done. After much fuss she finally let Ajay put a headband in her hair. The headband had a few swirl designs that were encrusted with small diamonds. Ajay decided that she would use a combination of light and dark purple eye shadow to bring out Renee’s blue eyes. Ajay added black eyeliner and mascara. Renee’s complexion wasn’t as fair as Natalie’s so Ajay gave her a more bronzed blush and lipstick.

Ajay provided Renee with minimal help when Renee got her dress on. Renee’s dress was black with long, see-through sleeves. The front of the dress came to a v shape, with the tip of the v pressed just below her breasts. The dress wasn’t long and it stopped just above her knees. She wore back thigh high leggings that had some floral design on them. She completed her outfit with lace up, black platform boots.

Anita sat down on the bed and waited for Ajay to work her magic. “Don’t make me look too pretty. I have a reputation to uphold.” Ajay nearly rolled her eyes, “Shut up Sergeant hard ass.” Natalie giggled underneath her hands. Renee gave Natalie a weird glare but it didn’t stop Natalie from laughing. Ajay wondered how sheltered Natalie had been growing up. Anita tapped her foot against the floor a few times to gain Ajay’s attention.

Ajay didn’t need to do much with Anita’s hair because it was always kept short. Ajay did notice above Anita’s ears, she had shaved two distinct lines into her hair to either side of her head. Ajay used some red and orange eye shadow because the colors went well with her brown eyes. Ajay added some black eyeliner to the outer edges of Anita’s eyes followed by some white eyeliner to the inner edges. Ajay finished with some red mascara. Ajay didn’t do much more except add some clear gloss to Anita’s lips. Ajay didn’t bother with blush because Anita’s skin was beautiful.

Anita changed into her dress which more like a suit. The top of the dress looked like a suit top with a collar around the neck and long sleeves. It was long in the back and cut to the knees in the front. The front had a slit in the middle to make it easier to walk. The dress was black with a wide black accent belt around her waist. Anita slipped on some red heels with peep toes that were accented with some gold chains on them.

Natalie sat back down on Ajay’s bed as Anita and Renee left. Ajay looked at Natalie and motioned towards the door with her head. Natalie bowed her head and left. Ajay felt kind of bad but she just wanted to be alone. She was starting to come to the realization that Octavio was not going to make it to the event tonight. This would be the first black tie event that she had been to without him. It was kind of a weird feeling to her because she didn’t really know what to do without him there. Even when they had their falling out she hadn’t been to any major events.

She didn’t know if it was from the anxiety, the stress, or from the torn muscle from a few weeks ago but her right side was aching again. She grabbed her bag and took her pill bottle out. She took three pills of the bottle because she knew she would have to leave her backpack behind. She dropped the pills into her mouth and swallowed them before laying down on the bed. Getting ready for these events was ritualistic for her in the way that she prepared herself.

Ajay really hated these fucking events so she had get herself in a good mental state. All of this just drudged up the past that she thought she left behind. She sighed and stood up to get ready. She peeled off all of her clothing and left it on the floor. She looked over at her dress that hung in the closet. The dress was a reminder of every scar that she needed cover; it tormented her. At least this time she would be covering fresh wounds from the arena. She shook her head and headed towards the bathroom to get into the shower so that she could finish getting ready.

The party was exactly how Ajay expected it to be, with the exception that most of it was outside. Some of the buildings were open to the public but the main event seemed to be happening outside. She really didn’t feel like speaking with anyone; in fact she was avoiding people so that she could keep an eye out for anything suspicious. She noticed Bloodhound lurking in the shadows of an unoccupied building. “Maybe they are avoiding people too.”

Bloodhound was dressed in some sort of Plague Doctor outfit; similar to the one that they wore in the arena. Makoa was wearing black slacks and a black Hawaiian shirt. He didn’t seem to mind mingling with anyone and everyone. He was always very friendly and ready to have a conversation. Mikhail was wearing some sort of in depth black suit that was layered with multiple pieces. Underneath his long sleeved jacket he wore a white dress shirt and a red bowtie. He looked like he was ready to lead an orchestra. He still wore his gas mask, which was no surprise.

MRVN didn’t really need to wear anything; he was a robot. However it looked someone had given him a nice buff and shine. Maybe Natalie had helped to get her new best friend ready for the event tonight. MRVN was busy clapping and greeting anyone that he could. Elliot was wearing a black suit with a black shirt underneath and a black tie. It was purely black on black on black. Ajay thought that he looked nice especially his cute hair… She quickly pushed the thought away.

Ajay walked away from the event, and carefully avoided any contact with anyone. She would do the ‘meet and greet’ portion of the party later, if she needed to. Eventually she made it the building that she had been eyeing when they were marking places for weapons. The building was empty and was just far enough away from the event so that she didn’t have to talk to anyone but she could still see what was going on.

As she climbed the stairs towards the top level of the building Ajay noticed that the rooms inside of the building were pretty much gutted and had nothing in them. The rooftop was empty except for the guard railing that lined the area. She knew that railing was only for the safety of the guests. When the arena went live there would be no railing; there would be no safety.

She leaned her arms against the railing and looked out over the stupid event taking placing not too far below her. She really couldn’t make out what anyone was doing but it didn’t matter. The only thing she cared about was watching for prowlers. Her vantage point was great just in case things got dicey or if she needed to hide from people. Her gaze drifted from the party and up into the beautiful night sky. Her eyes became engulfed by the blanket of glittering stars above her; it was nice to be ignorant to the events below; even if it was only for a few minutes.

“Che.” Ajay nearly jumped when she heard her name. She turned around to see Octavio. He smiled when he saw her and took in her gorgeous figure. Her hair fell in loose curls down her back and hung just above her round ass. Her body was wrapped in black dress that sunk into a deep v cut down to her lower back. The front of the dress had a similar cut but dipped just below her breasts. The straps on her shoulders were thin and left her scars and tattoo exposed.

He could see almost her entire right leg through the slit on the front of her dress. The long dress barely touched ground when she stood up straight. Her eyes were surrounded by gold eye shadow and black eye liner. She also wore her favorite lace up wedge boots; she didn’t trust wearing any fucking heels just in case there was a gun fight.

She smiled when she saw him. Octavio was dressed in a black button up jacket with a black button up shirt underneath. The jacket wasn’t buttoned all the way up and the shirt had a few loose buttons as well. The pants he wore were black and only covered his actual legs and some of his prosthetics. His green hued goggles sat against his forehead and his jet black hair was a little messy; just the way Ajay liked it. His black face mask hung from his right ear as he left his face exposed to her.

He made his way over to her and embraced her. Chills shot down Ajay’s spine when Octavio’s rough fingers ran along her back. She placed her arms around his neck and played with his hair before she kissed him. They didn’t need to speak to tell one another how much they had missed each other. She rested her cheek on his shoulder and took in his scent. Being with him washed away all of her fears and doubts. She whispered to him, “I didn think yuh were comin Silva.”

Octavio ran his fingers through her hair, “Don’t be stupid. I couldn’t leave you at a party like this by yourself. What would you do without me?” She laughed against his neck. Octavio held her tight and pressed his chin into the top of her head, “It’s a nice view up here, huh?” Ajay nodded and pulled away from him. She had almost forgotten why she came up to the roof top in the first place. She turned around and looked over the crowd of people that weren’t too far from the building.

“Yuh. Not only dat but...” She stopped as he interrupted her, “Che.” She turned back around to find Octavio down on one knee and holding his hand out towards her. When she took a closer look she saw that he was holding a pear cut diamond ring on a rose colored band; the diamond had small emeralds surrounding it. She froze in place like she was in some kind of dream. She never imagined that Octavio would propose to her. She had never ever thought about getting married.

Ajay was completely speechless as Octavio waited for her answer. He was starting to get nervous when she didn’t answer right away. He was starting to wonder if maybe she wasn’t ready to commit to him because of trickster or maybe because of their past. “Did I totally misinterpret our conversation the other day?” He didn’t like feeling unsure of himself because that’s not who he was. He was reverting to being that fucking unsure teenager again.

Octavio's heart sunk into his stomach as the silence between them grew. She was the only one that could make him feel insecure and doubt his choices and she was doing it right now. He couldn't accept the fact that they would just remain friends for the rest of their lives. He wanted so much more and he was done wasting time. Ajay opened her mouth to speak but she was interrupted by Anita shouting and gunfire erupting.

Chapter Text

Gunfire spilt through the air and silenced Anita's yelling. Ajay turned around and peered over the railing out below her. She could hardly make out what was going on. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She should have been paying more attention. She pushed herself from the railing and headed into the building. She cursed at herself for not being down there with the other Legends.

Octavio quickly shoved the ring back into his pocket and followed Ajay as she rushed into the building towards the stairs. If she could have jumped off the side of the building then she would have. If Octavio's abilities worked then it could save them a lot of time but she didn't trust that his abilities worked and she didn't want him to get hurt or worse.

It felt like it took an eternity to get down the stairs but after she reached the bottom, Ajay quickly made her way over towards the empty elevator shaft near the stairwell. She walked into the elevator shaft and reached around until her fingers found what they were searching for. Octavio watched as Ajay stretched her body upward into the elevator shaft. He wanted to offer her help but he knew that she would just turn him down.

Fasten between the first and second floor of the elevator shaft was a Volt SMG. Ajay ripped the gun down and handed it to Octavio as she made her way out of the elevator shaft. "Che?" He gripped the unfamiliar gun as he looked at her. He was still unsure of what was going on. She seemed urgent and methodical as she moved, but then again she was always one to have well thought out plans. 

Octavio followed Ajay as she motioned for him to follow her towards the entrance of the building. When they made it outside Ajay stopped in front of the building and turned to face Octavio, "It's a Volt SMG Silva. An energy weapon." Octavio raised an eyebrow, "An energy weapon?" He had only heard of energy weapons in the past like they were some sort of myth. She nodded to him and marched out to the street towards the other Legends.

He followed her lead again and didn't bother asking her how the gun worked; he would figure that out for himself when the time came. She made it half way down the street before she veered off towards a building that was under construction. Octavio waited for her in the street as she disappeared into the shadows of the building.

Ajay stopped at a short metal pleated stairwell just outside of the building. She kneeled down beside the stairwell and retrieved a Charge Rifle from underneath it. She had never used this particular sniper but she had used other snipers before. She just hoped that it performed as well as the other snipers that had used. She quickly caught back up with Octavio as she looked over the Charge Rifle.

She made sure that the sniper rifle was loaded as Octavio stared at the weapon that was as large as Ajay's torso. He had never seen either of the weapons that she had produced almost out of thin air. He was still trying to process everything that was going on but he was having a hard time, "Che, what's going on? What's with the guns?" He gave her a concerned look as she lowered the Charge Rifle to look at him. "I can explain afterwards Silva. Just trust mi."

He sighed and nodded. He would just have to trust her and hope that whatever she had planned would work. Ajay raised the sniper and looked through the scope to see if she could find out what was going on before engaging. She zoomed into where the party was taking place just down the street.

Octavio watched as her face turned pale. Ajay watched multiple prowlers running and jumping around as the other Legends fought them off; it was the last thing that she wanted to see, "What da fuck..."  She lowered the gun away from her face and swallowed hard. She didn't want to believe what was happening but even without the scope she could still make out what was going on.

"What's wrong Che?" She glanced over to Octavio, "It's only Legends and prowlers. No benefactors. No staff." Her voice trailed off as fear overtook her body. She had already forgotten what she needed to do. As he watched his best friend he could tell that what she saw was not settling well with her, "Che, get your shit together. Let's clean up this mess and figure the rest out later." 

He paused for a moment and tried to think of a way to get her out of her own head, "How many prowlers?" She was silent when he asked her. He placed his free hand on her shoulder and gripped her hard; as if he could pull her back to reality with a single touch. "Che." He almost shook her to gain her attention, "How many prowlers did you see?"

She stood there as he grabbed at her shoulder. She could barely feel his touch and she could faintly hear him speaking. She tried hard to focus on him and figure out what he was saying. She was drowning in her own ocean of thoughts. "Sink or swim. Get yuh shit togetha. How many prowler did yuh see?" She just couldn't seem to remember how many stupid prowlers she saw when she looked into the scope.

Ajay let out a staggered breath and tried to relax herself so that she could think more clearly. She tried once more to remember how many prowlers she saw but it was no use because her brain could not produce an image or a number. She shook her head at him, "A dozen?" He was surprised when she didn't have an exact number; he knew that it wasn't really like her to deal in guessing.

Ajay closed her eyes as her right arm twitched and ached from the thought of the prowlers. She knew that he was right about everything; he always was. She needed to snap out of it and get into the right headspace immediately before her friends got seriously hurt. She eased a shallow breath from behind her pursed lips and opened her eyes, "Yuh right. We need ta help da others." 

Octavio nodded and examined her face one more. He knew that the prowler attack had taken a physical toll on her but he hadn't realized that it had taken such a psychological toll on her. He hadn't seen her like this in a very long time; even with all of the shit that she went through growing up she was always brave. "On it!" He gave her a smile to reassure her that she wasn't alone in all of this.

He yanked his goggles down over his eyes and pulled his mask over his face. He started to take off running but stopped when he felt her gentle touch on his shoulder, "Silva. Some of yuh abilities might work here. I really can't explain it." Octavio placed his hand over hers for a moment as he nodded before he took off running as fast as he could down the street to help the other Legends. 

She sighed and wished that she could be as worry free and as strong as he was. He had been that way ever since she had met him; she had always been the weak one between the two of them. He was always there to be strong for both of them. She felt bad that she always relied on him to be strong for the both of them. She only hoped that if the time ever came that she could do the same for him.

Ajay looked through the scope again and steadied the gun against her right shoulder. She focused on one of the prowlers that loomed over Anita; ready to pounce her. Ajay pulled the trigger, which caused the gun to charge a beam of light from its core all the way down to the barrel until the light shot out of the gun towards the prowler. The beam of light knocked the beast down in one hit. The prowler's body twitched a few times as it met its demise.

"Effective." She took a step closer towards the action as she continued to look down the scope. She focused her sight on another prowler that was edging up behind Mikhail. She pulled the trigger and took down the second prowler without an issue. She watched through the scope as Mikhail looked behind him and then over to her. She really couldn't tell what kind of look he was giving her and she really didn't care because she had other things to worry about.

She shifted the scope and found two prowlers focused in on Elliot. She quickly shot down one prowler and then she shot the other prowler as she moved closer to the group. She peered through the scope to see two more prowlers that Anita and Natalie taking care of her. Ajay pulled the trigger of the sniper but nothing happened except for a small clicking noise. She lowered the gun and looked over it to try and figure out what was going on. "Fuck. Out of ammo."

The Charge Rifle was definitely more powerful than she had anticipated but it ate ammo two rounds at a time. She thought that it had eight shots in it but apparently it only had four shots. She didn't have another weapon hidden anywhere nearby. She gripped the gun tightly out of anger, "I should have planned for dis." 

She wished that she had better abilities so that she could at least use them to help her friends. As she carried the weight of the weapon her in hands her feet began to start a jogging pace towards the other Legends. Many thoughts raced through her mind as she tried to formulate her next move and maybe where she could find another weapon so that she could help.

As she ran down the street she was suddenly stopped cold in her tracks when she heard a familiar growl not too far behind her. She saw Natalie waving at her in the distance but she was almost too afraid to move. The warm breath of the prowler hit her neck and sent chills down her spine as the beast crept closer behind her. She could feel her body tremble as she tried to coax herself out of a state of fear. 

The prowler was just inches from her as she told her body to run. "Fucking run!" She quickly threw the empty Charge Rifle behind her at the prowler and began sprinting towards Natalie. She heard the sniper hit the prowler with a thud. The prowler roared in dissatisfaction as it shook its head and began running after Ajay.

Bloodhound and Makoa began shooting the prowler as Ajay got closer.  She could feel it closing the gap between them. Ajay ran past Natalie and heard a loud zap, snap, and sizzle noise. She turned around just in time to see the prowler go head first into some sort of electrical fence that Natalie had set up. The prowler's lifeless body slid to the ground just a few feet from where she was standing. 

Ajay watched as smoke rose from the electrical wounds that scarred the prowler's body. Ajay put her hands on her knees as she bent over to catch her breath. After a few seconds she was finally able to look around. Natalie walked towards her and gave Ajay a pat on the back, "We did it Ajay! We won!" Natalie was almost jumping up and down from their victory.

It took a few more seconds for Ajay to catch her breath before she could speak, "Is everyone okay?" Natalie smiled, "Yes, all of the legends are fine because of you. Your plan was a success." Natalie then frowned for a moment, "Ajay, it is was weird. Everyone just picked up and suddenly left all at once. It was like they all knew that something was about to happen. Right after everybody left the prowlers appeared."

Ajay shook her head as Natalie spoke. Obviously Apex or the benefactors or both knew something about the isolated prowler attack. She just couldn't understand why they would want to hurt or potentially kill the Legends. She felt like she was going further down the rabbit hole and the further she got, the less things were making sense. At least for now the prowlers were gone.

Ajay stood up as Octavio and Bloodhound joined her and Natalie. "What do we do now?" Ajay managed to get out as she paced her breathing. She was still riding the edge of adrenaline and fear as she spoke. Bloodhound's hands were clenched into tight fists, "I will take care of this." Ajay wasn't quite sure what that meant but she didn't bother to question them.

Bloodhound, Makoa, Anita, Elliot, Renee, Mikhail, and Natalie took off with weapons in hand towards Capitol City. MRVN seemed a little confused on what to do, "Wait for me friends!" MRVN waved his arms in the air as he took off after the group of Legends. Luckily MRVN did not have a weapon to swing around.

Chapter Text

Ajay was still bent over as she looked at Octavio, “Yuh okay Silva? Are yuh hurt?” He shook his head and set the Volt down on ground before walking over to her. He pushed his goggles up onto his forehead and pulled his mask off, “What was that all about? What is all of this about?” He helped her to stand and pulled her into his arms. He held her body tight against his as she shook fortuitously from the fading effects of the adrenaline.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head into his shoulder, “Apex, I think.” She paused because her words came out uneven and borderline scared. “Bloodhound thought dat da prowler attack was not random. They said dat it had someting ta do wit Apex and da Syndicate. I wanted ta tell yuh but I didn want yuh in da middle of dis mess. I didn want yuh ta get hurt.” She rubbed her cheek against him and took in his scent.

He continued to hold her and listened to her as she poured out all of the events that had transpired in his absence. When he was satisfied that she was finished and that she had calmed down he pulled away from her. “We got interrupted earlier.” He had no concern for the prowler bodies and guns strewn around them. Octavio only had eyes for her and he desperately needed an answer.

He got down on one knee again and pulled out the custom made ring that he had been holding onto for many years now. He was nervous as he looked up into her chestnut eyes. Her body began to shake again as she looked down at him. This was a side of him that she had really never seen before. “Maybe he really did change.” She was actually starting to believe that she could have a future with him, “Silva…” He stopped her before she could say another word.

“Che. Do you want to continue the Silva and Che shit show?” She laughed as she looked down into his beautiful emerald eyes, “Yuh so stupid Silva.” His nerves were getting the better of him as he gave her a serious look, “You're being stupid by not giving me an answer.” She smiled and nodded as her eyes began to swell with warm tears, “Duh. Don be stupid.” She felt tears roll down her cheeks as Octavio took her left hand and placed the beautiful ring on her ring finger.

She gazed down in disbelief at the ring on her finger. Octavo held her left and placed his other hand on her right leg. He could feel the horripilation along her leg from his touch. He ran his hand up the length of her leg painstakingly slow as he stood up. He somehow managed to slide his hand underneath the back of her dress. She blushed as he pushed hand between the fabric of her dress and began squeezing her ass. He leaned into her and whispered into her ear, “I’m not being stupid, stupid.”

It was probably the most unromantic thing that he could say to her at that moment but she didn’t care. His breath against ear and neck made her panties wet. The days that they had spent apart left both of them in physical need for one another. If Octavio had his way he would take her right there and fuck her until she could no longer walk. He wanted to do so many things to her body that he didn’t know what he should do first.

Octavio pulled his head back a little and looked into her eyes with a lustful longing. His lips met hers as his hand gave her ass a tight squeeze. He tried to slow himself down before he tore her dress off. He contemplated ripping her dress off because he knew that she didn’t care for dresses to begin with. She hugged him tightly and met his tongue with hers as he parted his lips. She tasted him and played with his tongue before he pulled away from her.

He traced the lace of her panties with his fingers and lifted them gently to slide his fingers underneath so that he could touch her bare ass. His other hand found her hair as she smiled up at him. He smirked at her, “Do I get to call you Silva after we get married because that might get confusing.” She giggled, “Maybe I won’t marry yuh then so yuh won’t have ta worry about it.” He shook his head at her, “Oh no, no, no, no. Too late Che. You already said yes.”

She giggled again as he spoke, “Where do you even buy kids? The street corner?” Her face turned red, “Silva I was drunk...” She looked away from him so that she could hide her embarrassed face. “Che, I will buy you all of the kids that you want, but I just need to know where to purchase them.” They both laughed before he changed the subject. “I see that you finally took my advice on the dress.” He licked his lips as he watched her cute red face; he loved teasing her.

Ajay turned her gaze back to Octavio and kissed him hard in an attempt to shut him up. Octavio pulled her into him and dug his fingers into the side of her ass. He ached underneath his stupid pants as he pulled his hand away from her ass. She whined into his mouth as he moved his hand to the front of her. 

He ran his fingertips along the front of her panties and gently traced her pussy through the fabric. He purred when he felt how damp her panties were; how wet she was for him. "Fuck Che, that is so sexy." He pulled his lips from hers and looked into her eyes, “Che, why are you so wet?” He grinned at her because he knew that he was the one that made her so wet.

If Ajay’s face could get anymore red then it would have right at that moment. He smiled and pulled at the fabric of her panties. She was still embarrassed about how her body reacted to him, “Shut Silva. Yuh know why.” He forced her panties to the side to expose her wet pussy. His hand hovered just above her mound without touching her. He could feel the heat radiating from between her legs.

Octavio watched her face as he ran his fingers along the length of slit and shuddered as she naturally parted open just for him. His hand almost trembled in excitement from how wet she was. She bit at her lower lip and tilted her head back as she fought back the urge to beg him for more; although she desperately wanted to.

He watched her bite her lip and without asking he already knew that she wanted more. He moved his fingers just along the outside of her wet inner lips. She could feel the heat build in her stomach as he teased her. He removed his hand from between the junction of her thighs and brought his wet fingers up to her mouth. He pressed his fingers against her lips and coated her lips with her own moisture before pushing his fingers inside of her mouth.

When Octavio’s fingers entered her mouth she released a small moan against him as she sucked herself off of him. He smashed his lips into hers and slid his tongue along his fingers that were still inside of her mouth. Ajay met her tongue to his tongue and his fingers as her tongue couldn’t decide which to play with. 

She recklessly pulled at his hair with one hand and pushed his goggles from his forehead with the other. His goggles hit the ground with a loud smack that they both ignored. Both of her hands were in his hair now; pulling him into her face as she kissed him. Her thighs grew slick as her body ached for his.

Octavio kissed her hard after pulling his fingers from her mouth. His hands found her hair and followed it down her back towards her ass. As he cupped her ass in his hands he knew that someone was thinking about him when they created her. Everything about her was perfect; even her imperfections were perfect to him. She bit gently at his lower lip and then shoved her tongue back into his mouth. She could feel how hard he was as he pressed his body into hers.

Ajay rubbed her body into his and that’s when he knew he couldn’t keep on with their foreplay any longer. He gave her ass a firm squeeze and boosted her up onto him. She wrapped her legs around him and gripped his head with both of her hands. She broke from there kiss momentarily to smile down at him before kissing him again. 

It was finally hitting her that he was there with her and that he had proposed to her; which meant he wasn’t going anyway. She didn't know if she wanted to cry or celebrate or both. She did know that she needed to get him inside of her to satisfy her growing urge. Her kisses grew needier and more violent when all that she could think about was having his hard cock inside of her.

He began carrying her towards the nearby building as they furiously made out. She was surprised when he pushed her hard against a wall instead of taking her inside of the building. He used the wall to balance her while he undid his pants. She pulled her face from his and spoke against his lips, “Silva, what if someone sees us?” 

Octavio let his pants fall to the ground as he stared into her eyes, “Let them fucking watch.” The thought of other people watching them didn't bother him at all. He wanted to show the world that she was his and that they couldn't ever have her. He placed his hands on her hips and eased her from the wall as he lowered her onto his throbbing cock.

A sharp moan escaped her mouth when he entered her. He trembled when felt how wet she was for him. When he was deep inside of her he gave her a cheeky smile and watched a pleasurable smile spread over her lips while she closed her eyes. He slid a hand back down to her ass and gave her a tight squeeze. He wanted to push himself further into her but he knew that it wasn’t physically possible. He eased his cock all the way out of her.

She opened her eyes and looked down at him, “Silva?” She pleaded his name as she lost her fingers in his hair. His eyes were fixated on her chest as he ran a finger between the valley of cleavage that he breasts had created. “I missed you Che.” His voice was lascivious and low as he spoke to her. She smiled at him, “I missed…” 

Before she could finish her sentence he forced his cock all the way in her in one swift motion. She screamed at the intense pleasure and arched her back to force more of him inside of her; she needed all of him inside of her. He pressed his cock deep inside on her in an effort not cum immediately from the scream that he forced out of her body.

When he finally convinced himself not to cum he let out a groan and began pushing his cock in and out of her. She was so slick that he could feel her wetness seeping out of her, along his cock, and down his thighs. Every time his body hit hers it forced a moan to fell from her lips. All she could manage to do was pull at his hair as their bodies made an audible slapping sound from striking against one another.

His finger trailed from her breasts to the thin fabric of her dress that held her breasts from him. He used the index finger of his right hand to follow the fabric up to her left shoulder. He hesitated for a moment when he felt divots and uneven areas as he touched her inked skin. He had never really noticed that her tattoo had scarring beneath it but it didn’t seem to matter because when she moaned his named and he quickly remembered why he had his hand on her shoulder in the first place.

“Silva…” Her sweet voice moaned his name again as his pace hastened. “Fuck.” She said breathlessly. “Yuh feel so good.” When he moved the strap off of Ajay’s shoulder he thought for sure that he would tear the thin fabric but luckily he didn't. He slid his hand over to her other shoulder and removed the strap. He waited for the dress to fall from her chest but he was disappointed when it didn’t. 

He began peeling the dress away from her chest as he continued to push himself in and out her. Her hips pulled his hard flesh inside of her with each of his thrusts. Octavio tried to be gentle as he tried to release her breasts from their tight fabric prison but the process was tedious and slow; which only made him thrust his cock into her even faster. 

Her moans were no longer moans as they turned into screams from the intensity of his hard cock as it penetrated her faster. Her left hand fell from his head and down to his neck; underneath his jacket. Her fingers finally found his neck and her nails dug into his skin as her hips matched his pace. “Silva…” She screamed his name and tilted her head back as she forced to take every inch of him deep inside of her. 

He began to get so fed up with her fucking dress that he grasped the dress tightly and pulled hard until the fabric finally gave way and her breasts spilled out from the stupid fucking dress. He continued to hold her ass firmly with his other hand as he watched her breasts heave with the sway of their bodies. He groaned and wished that he had one more hand.

Octavio licked his lips and pushed his face into her warm mounds as if they were his reward for freeing them. He kissed each of her breasts and took time to suck on each of her erect nipples. Her body trembled as he abused her sensitive nipples and skin. She forced her breasts into his face and his face into her breasts with her hands, “Fuck Silva.” He moaned into her breasts when she forced herself into him.

When he was satisfied with all of the little dark marks that he left on her breasts, he pulled his face back and looked up at her. His hand traveled down her side and to her ass. “Che.” He whispered her name. She moaned and dug her nails into his neck. “Che, look at me.” She shifted her head downward and opened her eyes to look into his. He smiled when he could see the pure passion that glazed over her chestnut eyes. “Silva?” She was able to manage to say his name between a partial scream.

She gazed into his beautiful emerald eyes as her lips formed a lazy smiled. Octavio dugs his fingers into her ass and changed their rhythm so that he could force her down onto him, “See.” She let out a loud scream when he entered her so suddenly. He lifted her up so that the tip of his cock hovered just at the entrance of her pussy. She looked down at him and waited for the impact again. He smirked at her and forced her down onto him once more; making her take every inch of him as fast and as hard as he could.

He then repeated the same process of impacting their bodies together between every word that he said to her, “Che. Easy. Fucking. Access.” Her nails broke through his skin as her legs grew tight around him. He could feel a rush a of wetness release from her pussy and pour over his cock. She tilted her forehead against the top of his head and begged him, “Please Silva. Please. Please.” Her breathing was labored as she raked her nails at his neck and shoulders.

He loved to hear her beg for more of him. He loved how fucking wet she was for him. He knew that she was on the edge of an orgasm when he could feel her body growing rigid around his. He knew everything about her beautiful body; after all they grew up together. He pulled her into him and continued to thrust himself into her in the same hard rhythm. 

Octavio shoved himself so hard inside of her that he thought that he might break her but he knew that she could take it, and if she couldn’t then he would make her take it. She bit her lower lip as she tried to maintain eye contact with him like he wanted her to but it was becoming increasingly hard. 

Her face was flush and her pupils were beginning to dilate as her soft folds gently contracted around Octavio’s hard flesh. He could go all night if she wanted him to but there was nothing more beautiful than watching her gorgeous body climax on his, “Come on mi amor. I have waited so long. Let your beautiful body release.”

Ajay blushed at his words; his fucking Spanish got her every time. As he slammed himself into her she arched her back and tipped her head back. She pulled his head into her breasts and tightly wrapped her legs around him until he could no longer move himself in and out of her. 

He groaned when he felt her pussy grip his cock and brought his closer to his own climax. He enjoyed how her breasts almost asphyxiated him; he would gladly suffocate to death between her beautiful breasts. He wanted to be as far inside of her body as he could. She screamed as he sucked on the inside of her left breast, leaving another deep mark behind as he reached his own orgasm and released inside of her.

Octavio silently cursed into Ajay’s breasts as he dug his fingers into her ass. When Ajay’s body fell limp against him, he gave her ass one last squeeze before he moved a hand up her back. “Do you do this for all the other guys Che? Just go limp” He eased her from the wall and turned around with Ajay in his arms. 

He slid his back down wall as he sat down on the ground with her in his lap. She pressed her cheek against his shoulder and closed her eyes, “Nah Silva. Only yuh do dis ta mi.” She paused as she took a deep breath and exhaled, “Yuh always do dis ta mi.” A blissful sigh fell from her lips as she shifted in his lap; his cock still buried inside of her.

There was immediate regret after he asked her the question. He really didn’t care about her history with other men; until he asked about it. He was still jealous of her past even after all of these years apart. When she gave him an answer, it was more than he could have ever dreamed of hearing her say. 

He knew that he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else being with her or worry about her being with anyone else. She was all his now and forever. He smirked at the thought before he kissed her neck, “I love you Che.” She smiled and spoke against his neck, “I love yuh too Silva.” Her fingertips played with the buttons on his shirt. 

She never really got used to seeing him all dressed up. No matter what he wore she thought he was handsome. “Silva we should go before da others get back.” Octavio nodded as Ajay slid herself off of his semi-hard cock, which forced a moan from his lips. “Come on Che…” She gently pushed her hips against him and slid her pussy along his cock to tease him before she stood up.

When she offered him her hands he took them and let her help him to his feet. Ajay adjusted her panties and then forced her breasts back into her stupid dress. Octavio got dressed and grabbed his goggles. He brushed off his goggles and noticed a visible crack in the glass of the right eye. Any other day a crack in his goggles would have bothered him, but not today. He took the hand of his future wife and led her to where he was staying.

Chapter Text

When Ajay woke up she was naked and laying on her stomach next to Octavio. She could feel his arm draped over her back and his warm breath against her cheek. It was a nice feeling to wake up next to him; it brought her back to that to warm safe place that she had longed for. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at the beautiful ring that encircled her finger. She was still having a hard time believing that any of this was real. She had wanted this for so long and then she eventually gave up when he burned her so long ago in Harmony.

She smiled as she looked over his naked body as he laid there on his side. She reached over and played with his messy hair. “I could get used ta dis.” Her hand then trailed down from his hair and along his chest. She traced all of his scars and imperfections with her fingertips. She loved all of him; she always had. Her hand kept moving down the front of him until she found his cock.

Even when he wasn’t erect, his cock felt so big in her hands. She squeezed his cock and gently stroked him. Octavio stirred in his sleep when he felt her hand on his cock, “Che...” Octavio whispered against the side of her head as he fought back sleep. He groaned as chills ran along his spine and his cock grew hard in her hand.

No matter what she did, she drove him absolutely crazy. He quickly learned throughout the years that Ajay was the only one that could satisfy his sexual appetite. She was actually the only one that could satisfy all of his needs physically and emotionally. He wondered if she knew that she completed him on so many levels; she always had. There were not enough words and not enough time to explain how much he loved her and what she did for him as his partner. He had known for a very long time that she was the one for him.

Ajay gently pushed Octavio onto his back as she continued to stroke his cock. She sat up beside him and used her free to trace along the small valley that his abs made up. She leaned over and brought her lips to the tip of his cock. She kissed the tip of his cock and then licked along his flesh a few times. He groaned and opened his eyes to look down at her. He watched her as she took his cock into her mouth. “Fuck Che.” He smiled and looked away; he could never watch for too long.

Octavio reached for her leg and grabbed to pull her lower body on top of him. She giggled before taking more his cock into her mouth. Octavio took a moment to look at her pussy that was now right in his face. He licked his lips and brought arms around her waist to pull her down onto his face and chest. He buried his face in her pussy as he licked her from her clit to the opening of her ass. Ajay moaned against his cock before removing him from her mouth and running her tongue along the underside of his cock.

He shuddered when the lips of her pussy parted from just one motion of his tongue. He pressed his face into her wetness and slid his tongue inside of her to taste how sweet she was. The taste of her brought memories of his past with her rushing back to him. After all of these years she still tasted just as sweet as she did when he had first tasted her when they were teenagers. He moved his tongue along her soft folds and tasted more of her.

His cock throbbed as she took him into her mouth again. She sucked upon the head of his cock like it was a lollipop and then moved her mouth down his shaft. He withdrew his tongue from her and pulled his face back just a just enough so that he could begin lapping at her clit. He could feel her body jolt when he pressed his tongue against her hard, swollen clit. He flicked her clit with his tongue and held her against him as she pressed his hips against her face.

Ajay let out a long moan against his cock as he pushed himself into her mouth. She eased more of his hard flesh passed her lips with every downward movement of her head. Octavio managed to get a hand free to push two fingers inside of her; she was tight and slick. He closed his eyes for a moment so that he wouldn’t cum immediately. “Fuck Che. You’re so wet.” She gripped his thighs with both of her hands as she worked all of his cock into her mouth. He pushed his fingers as far as they would go inside of her.

When he was sure that he wouldn’t cum immediately he opened his eyes and used his fingers to tease her soft folds. He could feel her growing tight around his fingers as he pressed them deeper inside of her. He applied more pressure against her clit with his tongue to draw her closer to an orgasm. Her body shuddered and a rush of fluids emerged from her pussy and drenched his fingers. She rocked her hips against his fingers and tongue. His cock suppressed her moans as he brought her to an orgasm.

He groaned at how tight that she was so tight around his fingers and when his cock touched the back of her throat he could no longer hold back. His body forced itself against her face as he exploded into the back of her throat. He sucked along her clit because he knew it would prolong her release. She dug her nails into his thighs as her body struggled to get away from his hold. Her pleas and moans were drowned out by his cock in the back of her throat.

Ajay’s brain fought to remain lucid through multiple waves of pleasure. She closed her eyes and stopped fighting as waves of pleasure overtook her body and sent her spiraling into another orgasm. Octavio sucked harder on her clit when he felt her give into him. He rubbed her ass with his other hand and groaned when he felt the soft walls of her pussy grow tight around his fingers again. He watched as more of her wetness forced its way around his fingers and onto his face.

He released her clit from her mouth and eased his fingers from the warmth of her pussy. Ajay gave Octavio’s cock one final tug of her lips and then released him from her mouth as her body collapsed on top of his. She moaned when she felt his wet fingers slide along the entrance of her ass. “Silva…” She said to him with a weak voice. He smiled and kissed her pussy, “We can just stay here and do this all day Che.” She rested her cheek against her hand that was still on his thigh, “I don think dat I could keep up.”

Octavio laughed, “You don’t need to do anything. Just let me do all of the work.” Ajay bit her lower lip and blushed at the thought of fucking him all day. She gently pulled her body from his but not before he gave her ass a hard smack, which sent a chill along her spine. She sat up on the bed next to him and thought of what she had wanted to ask him. He smiled up at her as she looked down into his emerald eyes.

“Silva?” She pushed her hair over her shoulders, “Did yuh stay behind ta pick out dis ring?” She felt weird asking him such an impractical question but what she really wanted to know if had stayed behind to do work for Apex or if he stayed behind to get a ring for her. He sat up and gazed over her body before looking back into her eyes. He took her left hand and looked at the ring as he rubbed the top of her hand with his thumb. “No.”

He debated if wanted to give her the whole truth about the ring or not; it was kind of cheesy and he had never been known to be a cheesy person. “The truth is, Che, I have had that ring for a long time.” Ajay’s heart skipped a beat, “How long?” He looked away from her almost like he was embarrassed, “Does it matter?” She sighed and shook her head, “I guess not.”

When he heard the disappointment in her voice he knew that he needed to tell her the whole truth about the ring; as cheesy at it may be. He sighed before and looked away from her. He didn’t want her to laugh at him when he told her about the history of the ring that she was wearing, “I got the ring the day that you got wasted and we went to the gala.” He knew that it sounded stupid saying it all out loud. Ajay’s heart raced when all of her thoughts and fantasies about them were confirmed.

They had been to a lot of galas but that particular one was the only time that she had gotten wasted. She immediately felt bad because she knew that she had screwed everything up that night, “I’m sorry Silva…” She closed her eyes and sighed. He shook his head as he returned his gaze to her and placed a hand to her cheek, “Why?” She rubbed her cheek against the palm of his hand, “I screwed everyting up dat night.” He leaned in and pressed his forehead to hers, “You didn’t screw up anything. You are perfect mi amor. You know that what happened that night wasn’t your fault. Besides our timing hasn’t always been the best.”

She nodded and brought her eyes to his again, “Yeah. I am surprised dat we made it dis far.” Her voice was still sad as she thought about her past; she should have been dead plenty of times. He knew that she carried around so much shit from her past but he didn’t care. None of that bothered him because he lived it with her; it made her who she was. If he could take away the pain from her past then he would, but he knew that dwelling on it wouldn’t change any of it.

“We’re here now Che. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” When she pressed her lips to his and slid her tongue into his mouth she could taste herself from their previous morning activities. Her body trembled and her nipples grew hard. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. She placed her arms around his neck and played with his messy hair. She reluctantly pulled her lips from his and pressed her forehead to his, “I’m not goin’ anywhere Silva…”

He shot her a cheeky grin and ran his fingers up along her soft skin. He hated that they had wasted so much time but he that dwelling on the past wouldn’t change anything. “Good because we have a lot of fucking to catch up on Che, and since we have been apart I have gotten so good at it. I can demonstrate if you would like.” Ajay rolled her eyes and tried not give into his jokes by laughing, “Silva. I didn know yuh were such a roman…” He cut her off, “Don’t go telling everyone now.”

Ajay stood up from the bed and began getting dressed. “Mi amor, why are you getting dressed? Why cover up such beauty?” Ajay sighed as she got her dress situated and picked up her boots, “I want ta get changed and packed. Yuh should too.” He nodded because he knew that she was right but he was still sad that she wasn’t naked. Ajay neglected to mention that she was worried that there would be fallout from the situation that occurred from benefactor event and that she just wanted to be ready for whatever was to come.

She hurried back to her room and hoped that she didn’t run into anyone along the way so that she wouldn’t have to answer any questions about why she was in the same dress from the night before. She felt naked without her panties but she had left them in Octavio’s room upon his nagging request. When she got into her room she quietly closed her door behind her. She felt like she was sneaking in from a late night out and that she was going to wake up her parents and get into trouble. Her boots made a thud noise when they hit the floor. She peeled her dress off and took a quick shower to wash away the dirt, makeup, and sex.

When she was done with her shower she wasted no time getting dressed. She put on a black lace bra, black lace panties, black skinny jeans, and a black shirt that hung off of her shoulders. She left her hair down and slipped into her favorite of boots. She began packing up her belongings so that she would be ready to go when it was time. It wasn’t long into her packing before she heard a light tapping on her door. She naturally assumed it was Octavio, so she didn’t bother looking up from her suitcase when she spoke, “It’s unlocked.”

She continued to pack as the door quietly opened and closed. After a moment she stopped packing and turned around. The smile on her face disappeared as she nearly jumped backwards. She stumbled and almost fell straight on her ass when she found Bloodhound right behind her. Bloodhound grabbed her right arm just above her elbow and held Ajay up so that she didn’t fall over. Ajay regained her balance and tried to pull her arm away from them but Bloodhound wouldn’t let go of her.

“Whatcha need?” Bloodhound clutch on Ajay’s arm was tight. “I spoke with some of my contacts.” She felt their grip getting progressively tighter on her arm. As she wondered which contacts that they were referring to, her arm began to throb under their grasp. Bloodhound’s haunting voice was calm as they spoke, “It wasn’t just Apex.” Ajay stood for a moment until she could think of what to say, “Then who else was it?” Bloodhound stared at her; their face hidden under goggles and a respirator.

There was silence between them and it was making Ajay very uncomfortable, “Bloodhound. Who was it?” Ajay began to lose sensation in her arm as Bloodhound’s grip was even tighter. Bloodhound leaned down and whispered to her in a voice, “The Syndicate.” Their voice echoed deep into Ajay’s core and made her body feel weak. She took a deep breath and slow exhaled as she tried to focus on Bloodhound.

The Syndicate was a mercenary group that governed the six planets that had aligned under its treaty after the war. The Syndicate had numerous companies on many of these planets. Ajay had heard that the way that they did business was pretty shady; so it was best to stay on The Syndicate’s good side. Ajay felt like she was stuck in the middle of his messy situation. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to think of what she needed to do next.

“Who else knows about dis?” She opened her eyes and waited for Bloodhound to answer her but the room fell silent again. “Bloodhound.” She waited again but they still wouldn’t answer her. “Who knows dat they were behind da attack?” Bloodhound was eerily still and Ajay felt as though that they were going to rip her arm from her body, “Bloodhound?” She raised her other arm up in an attempt to pry their hand off of her arm but they stopped her mid motion and pushed it back down.

Bloodhound held her other arm just as tight and remained silent. Ajay tried to move but she couldn’t force her way out of their grasp. “What da hell is their deal?” Bloodhound stood there and held Ajay in place. She was beginning to get frustrated with the whole situation. “Bloodhound. Let go of mi.” Anger filled her eyes as looked into Bloodhound’s goggles. Ajay wasn’t scared of Bloodhound; in fact there was very little that scared her. She just wanted answers and use of her arms.

Chapter Text

Ajay hurried back to her room in her clothes from the night before, well just her dress. She carried her shoes so that she could run faster. She felt a little naked because she was; she left her panties in Octavio's room. She quietly closed her door after she entered her room. She wasn't sure if Natalie had returned from wherever she went last night. Ajay wanted to get changed and packed before the fall out of everything from Apex. She showered, happily scrubbing all the makeup and dirt from her body. She got out of the shower and got dressed. She put on a bra and panties, skinny black jeans and a black shirt that hung off of her shoulders. She left her hair down and slipped into her favorite of boots and started packing up her belongings.

She heard a light tapping on her door and yelled up from her suitcase, "It's unlocked." She continued to pack but she didn't hear the door open or anyone come in. After a moment she stopped packing and turned around. She planned to go open the door but she almost fell straight on her ass again as she ran into Bloodhound. She was surprised to see them in her room. Bloodhound grabbed her right arm, just above her elbow, to prevent her from falling. Ajay stood there for a moment as she regained balance.

"Whatcha need?" Bloodhound clutched Ajay's arm. "I spoke with some of my contacts." She felt their grip getting tighter on her; it made her arm throb a bit. "It wasn't Apex." Ajay just stood there until she could think of what to say, "Then who was it?" Bloodhound just stood there and looked at her. Or at least she thought they were looking at her through their mask. "Bloodhound. Who was it?" Their grip was even tighter on Ajay's arm, so much so that she couldn't feel parts of her arm anymore. Bloodhound leaned down and whispered to her in a voice that echoed throughout her entire body. "The Syndicate."

Ajay felt a little weak as she heard their words, "Who else knows about this?" She waited for Bloodhound to answer but the room fell silent around the two of them. "Bloodhound." She waited again. "Who knows that they were behind the attack?" Bloodhound was still holding her arm. "Bloodhound?" She raised her other arm up but they stopped her mid motion and pushed it back down, holding it tight. She tried to move but she couldn't force her way out of their grasp. "What the hell was the deal?" Bloodhound just stood there silently. "Bloodhound. Let go of me."

"Hey amigos. What's going?" Octavio walked in. Bloodhound dropped Ajay's arms and whispered to her in their haunting tone, "The Legends." Bloodhound turned and walked out without another word. She sighed in relief as the blood started rushing back to her upper extremities. "You okay Che?" She nodded. "What was that all about?" He looked at the hand prints on her arms. "The attack last night." Octavio sat down on the bed as Ajay packed the rest of her stuff into her suitcase. "Si. Did Bloodhound figure out who did it?" Ajay sat down on the floor in front of him. "The Syndicate." Octavio didn't even bat an emerald eye when she told him. "That gang is bad juju. I wonder why they would target Apex?"

Ajay put a hand over her face as she closed her eyes. "I just want to go home Silva." He smiled down to her as Natalie walked in. "Ajay?" She stopped as she saw Octavio. "Hello! We have not met!" She skipped over and offered Octavio her hand. "I am Natalie Paquette." Octavio shook her hand. "Octavio Silva." Natalie smiled as she tapped her chin, "Oh, you must be the daredevil." Ajay shook her head. "Great. What has Elliot been fillin this poor girl's head with." Natalie sat down next to Ajay, "I have seen you on the television before! How do you two know each other? From the games?" Natalie saw the engagement ring of Ajay's finger, "Old lovers perhaps?" Ajay blushed as she thought about their past together, "Somethin like that." Octavio smiled, "Nah, she got bored of my antics a time long ago, so she left. I straightened up and begged for her forgiveness, so now I have to be on my best behavior."

Ajay shook her head, "Silva! We grew up together. We were inseparable but a lot of shit happened. Somehow we both ended up here. We recently worked things out." Natalie smiled. "So you guys have a spark? You are in love?" Ajay nodded, "We always have been." Octavio smiled as he heard Ajay's words. Natalie could hardly contain her excitement, "When is the wedding? Can I be in the wedding? Can I help you with the wedding planning? What kind of cake do you like? What will be your wedding colors?" Ajay gently interrupted, "Whoa, slow down. We just got engaged." Natalie smiled and took Ajay's hand to look at her ring as Ajay spoke, "Hours ago." Natalie beamed, "I am so excited for you both. Félicitations! We must celebrate when we get back to the city."

Ajay gripped Natalie's hand, "We?" Natalie smiled, "I told you I would be a Legend someday!" Ajay and Natalie hugged. When Ajay returned from her first trip from Talos she put in a request, more of a demand, for Natalie to be in the arena. She was very impressed with the little electrical engineer and thought that she would make a bigger impact in the game. After what Ajay witnessed last night she knew she had made the right request. Natalie was beyond talented. "I am so happy for ya Natalie. I knew ya could do it."

Natalie stood up and looked at both of them. "I came in to tell you that we would be leaving sooner than scheduled. With the events of last night, HQ felt it be safer if everyone took a leave earlier than originally planned." Ajay stood up and started grabbing her things. Natalie giggled at her. "Not for another two hours Ajay." Octavio burst out laughing as Ajay threw herself back down onto the floor, "Awww Che!" Natalie smiled, "Just kidding. It really is time to get going." Octavio laughed even harder as Ajay's face went blank, "She got you good Che." By the time Octavio could regain his composure Ajay was out the door with her stuff. "Come on Che, don't be like that." Octavio and Natalie followed her out.

It was a long flight home and everyone was quiet and maybe tired. Octavio sat on one side of Ajay and Natalie sat on the other side. Ajay rested her head on Octavio's shoulder as they held hands. She didn't care if people knew about their relationship or not. She had waited too long to be with him. Natalie, for some reason, wanted to hold Ajay's hand; so Ajay held her hand. Natalie's other arm was occupied with a decent sized Nessie stuffed animal. Ajay didn't ask her where she got it, she figured if Natalie wanted to share that information she would. Ajay fell asleep against Octavio as the ship hummed her a soft lullaby.

As they stepped out of the ship and into the hanger Ajay could see the excitement in Natalie's eyes. Octavio and Ajay walked hand in hand as they followed the excited little electrical engineer. When they entered the loading area Ajay was stopped by one of the office staff who wanted her to attend an impromptu meeting. Octavio reassured Ajay that he would meet her at her apartment. He gathered their belongings and left. Ajay assumed that she would be entertaining the debriefing team but as the office personnel led her down the hallway to an office that she had never been in, she began to get a little worried.

Ajay found herself in an office that wasn't a debriefing room. She was a little anxious and tired. She eyed a name plate on the desk in front of her that said Blisk. She stood and waited for what seemed like a very long time. She couldn't fathom sitting down at this point. When the door finally opened a tall, well-built man entered. He was adorned in a black suit and his hair was silver and slicked back. He offered Ajay his hand and she took it with a firm shake, "Ajay Che. Kuban Blisk. Most just call me Blisk. Have a seat." He motioned to the chair in front of his desk as he took a seat in the chair behind his desk. She sat down as he did. He eyed her up for a moment, "Now normally I do my own scouting. It should have been me that formally invited me to the games but when you popped up on my radar I was out on business." Ajay nodded, she felt like his was all small talk and it really wouldn't matter what she said to him.

"You have an impressive resume. Your medical experience. The Frontier Corporation. The work that you have done with the scrapped titans." He paused and watched her blank face. "We need to have a discussion about your little stunt back at the benefactor party." Ajay was stunned but she didn't let her face show it. "What stunt?" Blisk leaned on his arms facing her. His voice was low and a matter-of-fact, "The guns. There were no guns permitted there last night but you somehow managed to get them onto the premises. I don't know how you did it and I don't really care." Ajay leaned back in her chair and folded her arms over her chest, "Didn't think there were prowlers permitted there either but they showed up ta the party. Or did they show up when the party was over? Maybe they brought the guns?"

Blisk laughed but it was not a funny laugh, he was mocking her. He moved himself closer to her from across the desk, "Little girl. You do not want to mess with The Syndicate. This is your first and last warning." He motioned with his hand for her to leave his office. She got up, her face was still a blank slate. As she reached for the handle of the door he spoke again, "Go ahead and take a break from your next match. You have a lot to think about." He paused for just a moment, "That's not a request." Ajay grasped the handle tightly as she pulled it down to open the door. She shut the door behind her as she walked out. She resisted the urge to kick the shit out of the door. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She headed off to the store before meeting Octavio at her apartment.

Chapter Text

By the time she made it to her apartment the sun was kissing the hills. She entered her apartment but she was disappointed when Octavio wasn't anywhere to be found. She felt D.O.C. nudge her leg. "So he must have dropped my stuff off." She gave the drone a pat and went to work in the kitchen. It had been awhile since she had cooked but she wasn't completely useless at it, "I hope." After everything was said and done she had amazing plate of chicken enchiladas on the counter. She grabbed her phone to see where Octavio was but was stopped as her apartment door opened. Octavio opened the door and all of Ajay's anxiety was alleviated when he walked in.

Octavio smiled when he saw Ajay, "Have you been cooking Che?" She walked out into the dining area with a plate and two forks. They both sat down at the table. Octavio took the first bite and then another. She smiled, placing her chin into her hand. He set his fork down and grabbed her free hand. "What was up with that surprise debriefing?" Ajay was a bit angry again, "Yah, well the whole thing was ridiculous." She sighed and calmed herself down. She got up from the table and went to the kitchen. She pulled out a bottle of vodka and a few cans of red bull. She poured them each a drink. Octavio took a sip of his drink, "What happened?" He could tell that something was off.

Ajay downed her drink before pouring herself another one, "Kuben Blisk." She sipped her drink this time, "He threatened me. Apparently my gun stunt struck a chord with The Syndicate. He told ma not mess with them." She sipped on her drink some more, "Then he pulled me from the next match." Octavio set his drink down, "What the fuck? I knew The Syndicate had ties to the games but not to that extent." He thought about it for a moment, "Che, let's just lay low for now or at least keep our investigation on the down low. I am sure some of the legends have to know what is going on with this organization." Ajay shrugged, "If they do, they ain't sayin anyting." Octavio ate some more of the enchiladas before answering, "Do you think they would openly go around talking about it? I mean look at what happened with you and you were quiet about it."

Ajay nodded in agreement as Octavio cleaned up the table. "We'll figure it out Che. This is the shit show that has been our lives." Ajay smiled as she stood up and hugged him, "At least I have ya." She closed her eyes and laid her head against the curve of his neck. Octavio wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight. She felt at home with him, no matter where they were. "Che, we're going to have to have a talk about your pants." He moved his hands down her back side and gripped her ass, giving her a firm squeeze. "What now Silva?" She spoke softly into his neck. He rubbed her ass, "I do like how tight these pants are but if we were out and about how the hell am I supposed to get in quickly." She gently kissed his neck, sucking for a moment, "Is that all ya think about? Fucking me?" He gave her ass a light tap, "Don't pretend that you don't think about the same thing Che."

She took a step back from him and removed her shirt, kicking off her boots at the same time. She peeled off her pants. Then unclasped her bra slowly, playing with her breasts as they fell out of her bra. Ajay then turned around and slid her panties down her legs, slowly bending over in front him. By the time she had her panties off Octavio had his clothes off. He reached around to hold her breasts as he kissed her back, forcing her bend over the table. "I've been waiting for you to get home all day Che." He parted her with his fingers. She was wet for him. He slid his fingers in her and then pulled them out, rubbing her clit.

Ajay pushed her hips against his fingers, "Silva.." He positioned the head of his cock just at the entrance of her pussy, rubbing along her wet slit every so often; teasing her, "What Che?" She moaned, "Please..." He smiled and used his other hand to massage her ass, "Please what? Tell me?" She tried move her hips against him to get his cock in her but he held her back. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Beg for it." He kissed her shoulder as he stood up. His words made her so wet, she was almost pouting, "Please Silva. Put your cock in me." He smiled and moved her left leg into a bend onto the table for better positioning, exposing her swollen wet pussy. He slowly pushed his cock into her pussy, she moaned the whole time.

She tried to move her hips into cock but the way he had her on the table didn't leave her much room to move. "Please..." He stood there with the length of his cock in her, a hand on her leg and another hand on her shoulder, holding her on his cock. "I don't know what you need Che." She was starting to get frustrated with him. "Ya know what I fucking need." He continued to hold her on his cock, "I want you to tell me." She couldn't handle his teasing anymore, "Silva I need ya to fuck me hard." He smiled and moved his hand from her shoulder to her hair, grabbing a bunch of it to pull her head up off the table as he began pounding his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

She shuddered as chills ran up and down her spine. She screamed and withered. "Like this Che." Every movement from Octavio was forceful. "Ya Silva." She moaned his name trying not to scream too loud. She reached up and held one her breasts playing with in. She reached back for him. He pinned her arm by her waist  to her back while he maintained his motion. "You're so wet." He groaned as his cock slid easily in and out of her. It took her moment to answer between moaning, "It's all for you." He moaned as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. "Che, who said you could cum?" She moaned, "Silva.... I can't hold it anymore..." She trailed off. He forced his cock against her tight pussy causing her to scream. It wasn't long before he reached his own climax and eventually released her hair and her arm.

Octavio collapsed on top of Ajay, kissing her neck and back. She smiled happily as they laid in bliss on the table for a while. "Silva, we can't keep doing this." His face looked worried as he stood up, "What do you mean?" She turned over on the kitchen table, "The neighbors...." She was blushing. He kissed her stomach and laughed, "Fuck the neighbors." He helped her up, holding her naked body against his, "We won't have to worry about that soon enough." She melted against his body, "Whatcha mean?" He played with her hair, "Like after we get married, duh." She laughed and gave his ass and smack. "Don't get me started again Che." He kissed her head as she giggled at him.

"When did ya get so serious about settlin down?" He gently picked her up, she innately wrapped her arms and legs around him as he carried her to her bedroom. He kissed her softly on the way there. "Who says I wasn't before?" He pulled back the blankets and laid her in the bed, kissing her chest and stomach. "Reckless and full of wrecks." She mimicked his voice, which made Octavio laugh into her stomach. He climbed into bed with her. "You wouldn't have wanted to settle down with me then Che. I don't think I would have wanted to settle down with me." Ajay pulled the blankets over them and cuddled into him, "Ya don know that." She closed her eyes. He just smiled as they both drifted into a slumber.

Chapter Text

Ajay yawned, stretching as she woke up. She reached for Octavio but he wasn't there. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. The smell of bacon overwhelmed her senses. She managed to get herself to the kitchen where she found him cooking in only his running shorts. She smiled as she leaned in the doorway of the kitchen and watched him for a moment. Octavio looked over to see Ajay leaning against the frame of the door. Her hair gracefully covering her breasts, leaving small areas to visible. She stood naked in front of him. He tried to look away so he didn't get too excited. "Maravillosa! How did you sleep?" She watched him for a moment, "Better when ya here." He flashed her a smile and his emerald eyes at her, "I'll have breakfast ready soon if you want to shower."

Ajay nodded and made her way to the bathroom. She took a shower and put on her usual black lace panties and black bra. She then threw on a black off the shoulder shirt and black shorts. The shirt was a bit oversize and came down at an angle to her right thigh. She wore her favorite boots and headed into the kitchen. Octavio motioned for her to sit at the table, giving her a kiss on her left shoulder. His lips felt so good against her skin that it gave her chills. Octavio had breakfast waiting for them, bacon and eggs. She laughed a little at the sight of the food. "My cooking can't be that bad Che, come on." She took a few bites before answering, "Did ya go shopping? I didn buy any of this. I hardly eva have food here." He laughed and nudged her arm with his hand, "Yeah you need to work on that if I am going be over here more." She blushed a little, the thought of having him around more often was very comforting to her. "I'll clear out a drawer for ya in the bedroom."

"Che." Octavio paused, he was a little hesitant on how to bring up what he wanted to tell her. He wasn't laughing anymore and was actually quite serious. He gently took her hand from across the table, "I want to take you somewhere today. Is that okay?" Ajay could tell that he wasn't very comfortable asking her so she didn't give him a hard time like she normally would. "Sure Silva." He smiled at her and rubbed her hand, "I need you to pack a bag for a week." He hoped that she wouldn't ask him too many questions. "Okay Silva." She stood up and walked down the hallway to start packing. He let out a sigh of relief as she walked away to pack.

Ajay didn't really know where they were going or what she should bring so she packed a variety of outfits and some shoes. She didn't think he would put her through any stressful bullshit benefactor parties so she didn't bother with anything too formal. Octavio met her in her bedroom as she finished packing. He was already dressed and had D.O.C. in her backpack and was ready to go. "Grab a pillow and a blanket Che." She raised an eyebrow but didn't question it. She grabbed her favorite pillow and blanket as Octavio grabbed her suitcase.

Ajay was surprised to see a car waiting outside the apartment building. Octavio opened the passenger door for her and helped her in. He put her suitcase in the trunk and got in the car with her. "Is this ya car?" Octavio nodded as he started the car and took her hand, "Surprised Che?" She nodded, "It just seems like nobody around here has a car." He smiled as they took off, "Where we're going isn't around here. Get comfortable Che, it's a long ride." She squeezed his hand and smiled. She was actually quite excited to spend a few days with him, especially after the whole debriefing session with Blisk. She needed a break from all the politics of Apex and the games.

The drive out of the city was a lot longer than Ajay had expected. Besides traveling to the arena and to Talos, she couldn't remember the last time that she had left town for anything other than work. The city became distant in the rear view mirror. The road that was lined with buildings that eventually faded and turned into trees. After a few hours of driving the pavement turned into a dirt path. Ajay had fallen asleep until the car came to a long stop. She pried her eyes open to see a gate that was attached to an elaborate stone wall. Octavio hit a button in the ceiling of the car and the gate slid open. Ajay sat up as they pulled onto a paved path that turned into a driveway that led to a large house. Octavio pressed another button in the car and opened the garage door as they pulled up.

Octavio turned off the car after pulling into the garage. The door closed behind them as they got out for the car. The garage itself could fit two more cars; maybe three. Octavio took her suitcase and backpack and led Ajay into the house. She followed with her pillow and blanket. They first entered into a moderately sized laundry room with a washer and dryer and space to fold clothing. Beyond that room was the kitchen with a large island and space to cook for a large group of people. It had a breakfast nook and dining area with a table that could seat up to ten people. They walked through the dining area towards the front of the house. There were some rooms off to the sides with a foyer that led to the front door. There were a few rooms upstairs; Octavio took her to the largest one, it was almost the size of her apartment. They set her stuff down on a small bench in front of the bed.

Ajay set her blanket and pillow down on the bed. She felt underdressed and unprepared to be in the house that they were in. The room that they were in had a fireplace and another door that she was pretty sure led to a bathroom. She noticed a huge closet and a mirror in the corner of the room. "Where are we Silva?" Octavio stretched his arms above his head before rubbing the back of his neck, "My home." Ajay was a little surprised as she walked around. She noticed a large door that led out to a balcony in the backyard. She moved the curtains gently; just enough to peer outside. She noticed a training course, like the one he used to practice on when they were growing up. Beyond the training course was a sea of trees. She just assumed that he lived in the city like she and the other Legends did.

Ajay felt him behind her. His breath on her shoulder sent a chill down her spine. His hand was on her hip. He pulled her into him. "It's very nice. It's so far away from the city and HQ." He kissed her shoulder and moved his hand to the hem of her shirt. She bit her lower lip and turned around to face him. Her lips found his as her hands found his shirt and began to remove it. She watched the smirk on his face as pulled his shirt completely off and toss it on the floor. She pulled his shorts down and kissed him, pushing him towards the bed. She stroked his hard cock all the way to the bed until she pushed him onto his back onto the bed.

Ajay kicked off her shoes and crawled on the bed over him. Octavio watched her as she met his eyes. She slowly took his cock into her mouth, her eyes never leaving his. He tried to watch her but had to look away. He reached for her hair but she grabbed his wrist and held it down. Ajay took more of his cock into his mouth as slowly as she could. He moaned, "Che..." He looked over to her again. She locked her eyes with his eyes once more as he reached for her cheek with his free hand. She batted his hand away and held it to his side as she took the rest of his cock into her mouth. Octavio threw his head back on the bed, "Come on Che." She held her lips against his body as he tried to move his hips.

She pulled her head away slowly until her lips were at the tip of his cock. Octavio was antsy underneath her. Ajay gripped his arms tight so he couldn't move. She moved her mouth down the length of his hard flesh as slowly as she could go and let him sit in the back of throat before slowly going back up him until she reached the tip of him again. She repeated the slow process until he could no longer take it and exploded into her mouth. Even after his orgasm she held him in her mouth until his cock wasn't hard anymore.

Ajay finally released his cock from her mouth and his arms from her hands as she crawled on top on him. She relaxed into his body. She could feel his heart pounding against her. He smiled as he hugged her, "Damn Che. I might need some stim to keep up with you." She laughed at him, knowing that he was joking. "Hey Silva." Her voice was gentle and loving. He brushed his fingers against her cheek, "What's up Che?" She rubbed her cheek against his hand, "Can we stay like this for a while?" His heart skipped a beat as her heard her words. He was overjoyed because it was making easier to ask her what he needed to ask her tomorrow. He kissed her forehead, "Of course Che."


Chapter Text

It was late morning when Ajay woke up. She was laying naked in Octavio's huge bed. She didn't remember taking her clothes off during the night but maybe Octavio did. Her face felt warm as she blushed a little from the thought. She stretched out underneath the soft blankets. "Everything smells like him." She smiled and reached for Octavio be he wasn't there. She was a little disappointed as she sat up. Ajay tiptoed around their clothes scattered about the floor. She stepped into his shower and sat down under the hot water. She hoped the water would wash all the stress away but she was still worried about the issue with The Syndicate and her meeting with Blisk. The water felt good as she scrubbed her body and hair.

She got out of the shower and got dressed, the essentials, an oversized back shirt that hung off her left shoulder, black leggings, and her favorite boots. Her hair hung down to her waist and swung as she walked. Ajay made her way through the house, observing rooms that she didn't get to see the night before. She stopped in one of the rooms as something caught her eye. She was surprised to find pictures of them, when they were younger, hanging up on the walls. She smiled as she touched the frame of a photo of them holding their skateboards up. She eventually found her way back to Octavio's room. She opened the curtain and peered out to the obstacle course in the back yard. She was pretty impressed about how much work he had put into it. She was shortly interrupted by buzzing in her backpack; she assumed it was her phone. She dug through her backpack to find her phone, reading the screen that said unknown number. She picked up the phone anyway.

"Yah?" She was short when she answered.

"Ajay!" Natalie's voice was cheery over the phone.

Ajay peeked at the screen again. She had Natalie's number since she was her coworker now. "Why is she listed as an unknown number?" She was silent for a moment. "Natalie?"

"Oui. I called because I didn't see you listed for Saturday's match." Natalie's voice was still as cheery as ever.

She was relieved when she heard Natalie's French accent, "Yah. But I really can't talk about it on this line."

"Don't be silly Ajay. I am calling you on a secure line." Natalie said in matter-of-fact voice.

Ajay was silent again. She really didn't know how Natalie was on a secure line. She knew Natalie was smart as far as science went but technology? "Are ya sure?"

Natalie giggled, "I know people too, Ajay. I heard what happened. And..."

"How did ya hear what happened?" Ajay cut her off, "Sorry Natalie."

"That's okay. Like I said I know people. I don't know that I can't officially get you back into the game Saturday but I know someone that can unofficially get you into the game on Saturday. He just needs a favor or two. What do you say?" Natalie waited patiently on the other end.

She sat there silent for a moment thinking about the offer. "Che?" Ajay threw the phone up into the air and caught it, nearly screaming into it. She could hear Natalie on the of end asking if she was okay. "Hold on Natalie." She spoke softly into the phone. Ajay turned around to face Octavio. "What's going on Che?" She looked into his beautiful emerald eyes as she spoke. "Natalie knows what's goin on and says that she has an unofficial way ta get me back into the arena on Saturday. I was thinkin about what I wanted ta do." Octavio pulled the phone from Ajay's hand. "Hey Natalie. She'll do it." He paused to let Natalie speak, "Yep, we'll be there. Adiós."

Octavio tossed her phone onto the bed. "You have to meet her friend at your apartment on Saturday. I will go with her to HQ to avoid any attention." Ajay sighed. "Che. This is our life. We both have our reasons for joining the games. Don't back down because some estúpido in an office told you to. You're fucking Ajay Che. Get your shit together." She smiled at him. "Yeah, the fucking Silva and Che shit show continues." He shook his head at her and did his best impersonation of her, "You're not draggin me into this mess." They laughed and Ajay went to slap his arm but Octavio ran and she chased him through the house.

"Che, you know you can never catch me unless I let you." She continued to play his game and chased him through every room of the house; multiple times in fact. "I have been training Silva. Don even tink about usin your stim." Eventually, after five minutes, Ajay gave up. Octavio always won this game because he was built for it. She was about to sit down on sofa but he stopped her, "Che I have something to show you and ask you?" She nodded, almost out breath, "Okay Silva, but can we walk there?" He laughed, "I thought you trained for this?" She tapped him and he pretended to be hurt. "Owww Che! Can you fix me up?"

"Silva quit screwin around." He took her hand and led her through the house and into the garage. On the other side of the garage was a door that she thought just led outside until they stopped in front of it. She reached down to open it and realized it was locked from the other side. Octavio handed her a key with a small metal syringe keychain attached to it. He let go of her hand and motioned for to unlock the door. She slid the key into the lock and listened to the lock click and open as she turned the key. She turned the knob and opened the door. Octavio flipped the light on as they walked inside.

Ajay noticed another door, on the far side of the room, that led out to the front. The room was a large area that housed three beds separated by curtains. There were medical supplies and lots of overhead lighting. A small desk and computer were located in the corner of the room. "Che, will still fix me up?" She really didn't know what to think. She turned and looked at him, "What is all of this?" He smiled and took her hand in his, "It's your own clinic to treat people. Just like you always wanted, I mean if you want it that is." She looked around some more and back to him. "Che. I want you to be with me. Here. If you want to. You can keep your place and use it for matches or whatever you need it for. But..." He stopped and recollected his thoughts. "Will just move in with me?"

She hugged him tightly, "We can use our apartment for matches." He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her, "Our apartment?" She nodded as she pulled away from him to look into his eyes again, "Yah. If I'm living here we can use our apartment on the weekends for matches." He rested his hands on her ass, "Am I moving too fast? With us?" She shook her head at him, "We have waited too long. Don we deserve this? Don we deserve to be happy?" He grinned from ear-to-ear and kissed her forehead. "In this episode of the Silva and Che shit show. The couple gets their lives together and says fuck it!" They both laughed.

Ajay left his embrace and walked around the Clinic. Octavio just watched her and smiled. "Silva this is amazin. I can't believe ya rememba." He pulled the key out of the lock and added a house key to the key ring. "Why wouldn't I remember?" She shrugged. "Ya know how it was and then everythin that happened..." She trailed off for a moment. "It doesn't matter Che." He took her hand and led her into the garage, turning off the lights in the clinic as they exited. "We're here now. Let's just be happy Che." She kissed him hard, "I love ya Silva."

Chapter Text

After she said her goodbyes to Octavio, Ajay made her way to her apartment. It was kind of strange being back after so many days away. It felt like it had been a lot longer and it definitely didn't feel like home anymore because Octavio wasn't there. She stood there and stared at the keypad as if she almost forgot the passcode to get into her apartment. She typed in the code and opened the door. She followed all of the instructions that Natalie gave to her. She came to her apartment alone. She came two hours before the match. She left her D.O.C. drone at home. But the last instruction was a bit odd and it was in something in her apartment that she needed to give to Natalie's friend but Natalie didn't say what that something was.

Ajay got in and flipped on the lights and went to take off her backpack but she didn't have it. She didn't bring anything but herself. She pulled her hoodie back from her head, it was a bit soaked from the rain. She looked around her apartment and jumped nearly 20 feet in the air when she saw a strange man sitting at the table near her kitchen. She couldn't move. She stood there paralyzed for a moment before approaching him. "Are you Natalie's frie...." He cut her off.

"Crypto." He sounded as though he had a Korean accent. Ajay offered him her hand, "Ajay." He interrupted. "I know who you are. I already took what you had of mine. Let's go." He stood up and walked to the door of her apartment and exited. Ajay really had no other choice but to follow him. She still didn't know what she had of his; she had never even met the man. She didn't make any small talk as they walked the streets of city. They were still two hours away from the match and she still had no idea what was going on.

It felt as though they had been walking for an hour or longer. Ajay tried to get a better look at Crypto but the only features that she could make out about him was the black suit and black jacket that he was wearing. He wore some black slip on shoes; they looked like they were meant for an office. He had black hair like Octavio but it was straight and parted at the left side of his head and combed over neatly with just a few strands that hung over the right side of his face. The rest of his hair was shaved closed to his scalp. She noticed metal that adorned his ears and his neck. Ajay also noticed that he had a small strap on his back with some sort of white of device inside of it. She really didn't know what the device was, it kind of reminded her of D.O.C. but it was not the same shape.

They finally stopped at an unmarked building. Ajay watched as Crypto pulled out sort of device from his jacket pocket. To her it kind of looked a puzzle but he manipulated it quickly and pulled it apart length wise. A dimly lit screen appeared. Crypto began typing on the screen. Ajay watched as the side of the building began emitting a blue and white color, flashing intermittently. Crypto closed his device and motioned for her to walk in. She walked in and he followed her.

The room that they entered appeared to be some sort of lab. It was small but there was a chair with a console and a screen. There was also a window with a door. Ajay looked at where they entered and saw that it was just a wall; a glitch in the system? "This guy is a hacker." Crypto sat down in the chair and accessed the console. "You'll enter the arena through that door." He motioned to the only door in the room. She nodded, "Where are we?" It was the only question she had asked him since they had left her apartment.

"Singh Labs." Ajay wasn't quite sure what that meant. "Where?" Crypto clicked away at the console, "Apex built a replica of Singh Labs and the Gauntlet, more recently, for viewers." Ajay knew about the Gauntlet "That's where Octavio has been. But what the hell is Singh Labs." Ajay's thoughts came to a halt as the screen in front of them lit up and she watched as a slender body person appear on the screen. The person was wearing white and purple. They had some sort of purple helmet on. The person was accessing the same sort of console and they were watching. A series of torturous pictures of a young girl poured onto the screen.

Ajay cringed a bit but continued to watch. Information about the IMC flickered and then the name Amer Singh popped up on the screen followed by the word 'deceased.' Then in a flash the slender person was gone and IMC soldiers were in the room pouring accelerate onto the console. Shortly after she watched as a fight between the soldiers and the slender person broke out. It hit her as soon as the person phase shifted, it was Renee. "What the hell am I watching?" There was soon a fire and then Renee was creating a portal and she was going through it. "She's a Voidwalker." Ajay nodded. She knew he was talking about Renee. It was something right out of an action movie. She felt bad as she watched and listened to Renee hear all the voices that always seemed to torture her. She then watched a younger woman with no hair, "Renee?" bound and pushed around by a lab technician. 

Voidwalker exited the portal just in time to help out the younger Renee. The two Renees then argued a bit on how to get out and about the voices they heard. They both eventually ended up in a in a lab with whole bunch of soldiers and lab technicians. Voidwalker ended up giving the younger Renee a blade of some sort. A battle erupted in the lab and Voidwalker apparently found the man she was looking for in the first place, Amer Singh. He was definitely not dead. In the end the younger Renee made it out and Voidwalker was captured.

"What the fuck was that all about? What the fuck did I just watch?" Ajay looked at Crypto as he began to pull up some other data on the screen, "This is what they want her to see today. This is what they want her to remember. They want to mess with everyone's head." His voice was cold but to the point. Ajay clenched her fist, "So dis really happened?" Crypto nodded. Ajay shook her head in disbelief. "What's the game plan Crypto? We go in and do what?" Crypto typed away at the console, "You go in and do what I tell you to do and you do not hesitate. I will stay back while you recon for me." Ajay nodded. She hadn't realized all the shit Renee had been through to get here and what she was still going through and now Apex wanted to broadcast all of her damage to the whole world. "It's time." Crypto's voice cut through her thoughts. "Here." Crypto pulled the strap off of his back and attached to Ajay. "This is Hack. It is a drone kind of like the one you use. I will need you to use it for recon. All you have to do is pull it out when I tell you and toss it into the air. I can do the rest from here." He motioned to the door next to them, it was glitched out like the wall that they used to enter into the lab area.

Ajay stepped through the door but she was still in some part of the lab. She turned around to look behind her; there was now just a window instead of a door. She could faintly see Crypto through the window. She noticed she was in a different outfit. She looked at her reflection. She was in all black with some gold accents. Her hair was light brown, and in dreads. It was flipped to right side of her face, only hanging to her shoulder; it had some gold pieces in it. The rest of her head was bare and smooth. Her right shoulder had a gold plate and more gold accents down her arm. Her left arm was cover in black except for a few gold bracelets. Her black gloves had some red interweaved into them. She had black baggy pants on with some sort of dark red accent skirt and a brown belt that held everything up. Gold accent pieces hung for her belt. Her neck was covered with a huge gold necklace then fell down into rings along her chest and then into some triangular design. Her face was hidden behind a white mask that was form fitted to her face.

She could hear Crypto talking to hear in her ear piece. "Judge Jury and Executioner. That is who you are. I thought that this was fitting for our mission today. I outfitted you with gold armor, a gold backpack, a gold helmet, and gold knockdown shield. You also have an alternator with gold attachments including a disruptor hop-up and a P2020 with gold attachments and a hammer point hop-up. You are loaded with light ammo and some healing. You shouldn't need the healing. You should be glitchy enough to not take damage. All of your abilities, including finishers, are disabled so that they cannot track who you are. I am here to break the game and you are going to help me. Kill anyone who sees you. Do not hesitate to do so."

Ajay nodded, "Gotcha. Where ta first?" She pulled out the P2020 and made sure it was loaded and then she did the same with the alternator. "Repulsor. Head through Singh Labs, Swamps, and then the backside of Repulsor. Make it fast." Ajay did just that. She ran as fast as she could, making it to Repulsor in no time. She already had everything she needed and didn't need to stop and loot. Ajay noticed, as she ran through each area, items and areas on the map seemed to disappear and reappear quite often. She didn't know if it was her or Crypto. She could hear Crypto's voice as she stood between the two large buildings in Repulsor, "Release Hack." She reached behind her and pulled out hack. She threw the drone out into the air.

The drone was white with green accents as it spread out into a small t shape and glided through the air, "There are no teams in the area." Crypto's voice rang through her head. "What?" Just like that it's like Crypto knew what Ajay was thinking, "It's called Neurolink. With Hack out I can transmit information from the drone to you without speaking into your earpiece." She pressed herself against a corner of one of the buildings trying to stay out of sight, just in case. "That's pretty useful, Neurolink." She watched the drone fly through the sky and over towards the large tower just towards the front of Repulsor. "Stay back." Ajay stood where she was and watched as the drone emitted some sort of energy. Suddenly there was a loud crack, then fire and smoke and the tower fell over into Repulsor." Ajay knew that they would receive some sort attention from someone.

She watched as the area flashed in and out every now and then. Hack remained in the air, hidden in the smoke of the collision. Ajay slinked towards the ruptured tower, one building at a time. It wasn't too long before a noise pinged in her head and a triangle formation appeared just across from her in one of the long, open buildings in Repulsor. "One enemy in the area." She could see the outline of a person as they moved, it looked like Bangalore. "Go. Kill them now." Ajay proceeded quietly and quickly to the building, watching the figure creep around. Ajay shot into Bangalore with her Alternator, busting her armor in only a few shots. She then switched over to the P2020 and took Bangalore's health within a matter of seconds. She continued to shoot until Bangalore turned into a box.

The announcer's voice overhead glitched "First. First. First Blood!" Ajay heard two more pings in her head. "Two more enemies approaching." She quickly reloaded both her guns as she ran to opposite corner of the long building and crouched behind a crate. She watched as Caustic entered the building. She quickly railed him with her alternator and downed him the way she downed Bangalore, reloading her gun. She waited as his teammate quickly ran in. It was Octane. She didn't hesitate as she heard the jump pad and he was flipping over her head. She quickly shot into him as he flew through the air and downed him; she eliminated the team in a manner of a minutes.

The glitchy voice of the announcer could be heard overhead again "Nnnnnew kill leader!" Ajay reloaded her gun. "Get out of that building." Crypto's voice cut through the announcement. Ajay ran out of the building back to where she came from. She stopped in one of the smaller building. She listened as Hack flew around and then she heard the familiar ping of more enemies. "Six enemies in the area." She looked around her as she could see everything. The two longer buildings had teams set up in each of them. She could see fences set up one of them and some other electrical device that was spinning around; it was a little difficult to know what it was, everything was an orange outline and seen through glitchy walls.

"Get ready. I will EMP (electromagnetic pulse) them to take down some of their defenses and shields then you can go in. If you get too close to the EMP it will slow you down." Ajay didn't say anything. She just waited and took Crypto's orders like he had told her to. She listened as the drone flew around in between the long buildings. She then heard the snap and crack of drone's EMP go off. Ajay's vision went a little fuzzy and shook with the EMP wave. She could see all of the electrical engineer's defenses break under the EMP strike.

As she began to run out of the building she was in Gibraltar's Bombardment. It pierced through the sky and started falling on top of her. She ran and glitched through all of the missiles; they all missed her. She entered the building. A weird serene feeling washed over her. Everyone was moving very slowly and she was moving very fast as the barrel of her alternator lit up the dark room. In only a matter of seconds before Gibraltar, Wattson, and Pathfinder, were boxes. "The other team is moving in, get ready." Ajay reloaded her gun as four people pinged in her vision. She shook her head, "Not this time Mirage." She elbowed behind her and raised her fist up punching Mirage in the face, connecting with his nose. As Mirage was distracted Ajay ducked and let him take the majority of the bullets that were meant or her. She shot her alternator at Wraith, cracking her armor right as she phase shifted. "I have ta get her first." Ajay could clearly see Wraith in her phase shift as the environment around them was glitching in and out. Ajay quickly swapped to her P2020 and shot Wraith a few times, downing her. Bloodhound shot at Ajay; her body flashed in and out and she received no damage. She pulled her alternator out and lit up Bloodhound until they were down.

Ajay felt Mirage's arms around her chest, trying to put her down. She dropped her alternator. She quickly jabbed her elbow into his gut and flipped him forward in front of her. She pulled out her P2020 and railed bullets into him until he was a death box. "Return to the labs now." Ajay collected Hack as the drone flew back to her. Ajay began to run as fast as she could. The arena was glitching so bad around her that she was able to run through walls that she otherwise could not normally run through. The arena was bright and then dark and then bright again. Pieces of the sky started to fall as she rushed into Singh Labs and back through area that she came though. Crypto met her on the other side and they exited the way they came in through arena.

"Hurry." They were outside and he was pulling his strap and Hack from Ajay's back, reattaching it to himself. He shoved his hands in his pocket as they ran through the wet streets. Ajay pulled her hoodie over her head as her heart raced and pumped her body full of adrenaline. Their run turned into a jog, Crypto cut the silence. "Go home. We never met." Ajay nodded, "What about ya?" Crypto continued to show no expression whatsoever as they parted ways. Ajay's jog eventually turned into a walk as she finally made it back to her apartment. She would have to wait there until Octavo met her, she had no way to get a hold of him because she left everything back at his, their house.

Chapter Text

Ajay's breathing was labored as she pounded the passcode into the pin pad to get into her apartment. She got in and slammed the door behind her, pressing her back against it after it closed. "Che?" She jumped nearly 20 feet in the air again for the second time that night. "What is it with the men waitin for me in my apartment?" She watched as Octavio approached her and reached for her face. She was stunned as he removed the white mask from her face. "Crypto must have left me a souvenir." She smiled on the inside. "That was you in the game? Was that Natalie's friend with you?" Ajay pressed her finger to his lips as she gently took the mask from his grasp and tucked it into her hoodie. "I don't think it's safe to talk in the city." Octavio nodded in agreement.

Ajay nearly screamed as there was a knock on her door. She pulled her back from the door as she turned around. Her heart raced and her hand shook as she opened the door. Elliot pushed the door open and let himself in followed by Natalie who shrugged at his rude actions. "What the hell was that all about? That wasn't supposed to happen? Or was it? Was that on television? Did you see any of that Ajay?" Natalie tried to calm Elliot down as Ajay shut the door. Elliot laughed a little, "So this is your place?" Octavio smiled, "So trickster has never been here?" He placed his hand on Ajay's waist as she nodded to Elliot. Natalie smiled, "It's lovely."

Elliot's face dropped. "Wait. What? You t. T. T. Two are engaged?" He pointed to the ring on Ajay's finger. Ajay raised her hand up and smiled as she looked at the beautiful ring on her finger, "Yah." Natalie smiled, "Isn't it nice." She pointed to Ajay's ring as Ajay held it up. Elliot rolled his eyes, "I guess. You can see that thing from outer space." Natalie kicked Elliot in the leg. "Come on Nat!" He rubbed his leg. Natalie shook her head, "Should we go celebrate my first game and your engagement?" Octavio smiled, "Sure amigos!" He whispered into Ajay's ear, "Keeping up appearances." He kissed her neck. "Old Nessie?" Ajay suggested and Natalie jumped for joy, "That sounds like fun!" Ajay did not want to get stuck at Elliot's place again.

Natalie pushed Elliot out of Ajay's apartment as Elliot got on his phone to text everyone the address of the party. The rain was falling harder outside; Ajay hadn't noticed early in her haste. They all rushed over to the bar which wasn't too far away. Natalie stopped outside of the bar and took in the neon lights. She got a selfie of her and Ajay in front of the large neon Nessie before they entered. Anita, Renee, and Makoa had already secured everyone a table at the back of the bar with shots ready. Anita smirked at them as they all piled into the corner booth, "Congrats kids." Makoa grabbed Ajay's hand and took a look at the ring, "Very nice." She smiled and gazed at the ring herself, she loved it. "God Makoa, enough with the lovey dovey crap. You can marry them later." Anita tapped her shot glass on the table and they all took a shot.

The whiskey burned all the way down. Makoa looked over to Elliot, who was sitting between Renee and Natalie, "When are you two tying the knot?" Ajay's eyes widen because she really didn't know which woman Makoa was referring to. Elliot laughed, "I can't get married. It wouldn't be fair to all of the women out there." Ajay watched both Renee and Natalie, neither of them really seemed to give any indication that they cared. "Weird." Ajay smiled as another round of shots were delivered to their table. "Anita must have really gave the bartender a look to get service this fast." They all picked up their glasses. "To Natalie." Ajay said as she looked at the beautiful blonde that sat next to her. They all downed the vodka that was in their shot glasses.

Ajay could feel Octavio's hand on her right thigh as she set her glass down. She blushed a little as he forced her legs open with his hand to rub her pussy through her leggings. "So when is the wedding kid?" Ajay looked at Anita, "We ain't got nothin planned yet." Octavio rubbed her a little harder as she placed her hand on top of his left thigh. His fingers were playing with her clit and it was driving her crazy. Herpanties were wet and she was holding back every urge to fuck him the table infront of everyone. Herthoughts were interrupted when another round of shots arrived at the table. Ajaycould tell that the shots were rum this time. She didn't know if she was moreexcited for the shots or what was going on underneath the table.

"What's wrong with you?" Anita looked over at Renee, who hadn't said a word since they arrived. "I just don't understand what happened." Anita shrugged. "Probably just a publicity stunt by HQ." Renee shook her head, "Nobody can shoot me when I shift." Anita gave Renee a weird look, "Let's talk about this later." Renee twitched and didn't say another word. Anita raised her shot glass and so did the others at the table. Ajay enjoyed the rum as soon as she tasted it, or maybe it was Octavio's fingers working her into an orgasm. She leaned her chin onto Octavio's shoulder, like she was hugging him and squeezed her eyes tightly, trying not make any noise as she dug her nails into his leg. She began climaxing against his fingers, working her hips softly into him. Octavio grinned as he kissed her cheek and left his hand between her legs. She kissed his shoulder before pulling in her face away.

Last call came too fast, or it must have for Anita because she ordered double shots for everyone. Ajay nudged Natalie who had her face planted on the table, "Natalie, it's time for one last shot." Ajay whisper yelled to her. Natalie was asleep. Ajay was wasted along with everyone else, except for Octavio because of his dialysis belt kept him level headed. He could catch a buzz but he was never wasted. Everyone cheered and had a drink. Ajay shrugged and drank Natalie's shot, patting her on the back.

"After party at my place!" Elliot announced. Everyone got up and left except for Octavio, Ajay, and Natalie. Ajay watched Natalie sleep on the table and it made her feel tired, "Silva we could just sleep here." She started to place her head on the table. "Nope!" He forced her head back up with his hand, "Come on Che, while you're awake please." He stood up and pulled Natalie up, throwing her over his shoulder. Ajay followed him like a zombie as they walked back to her apartment. Ajay tried several times to punch the passcode into her pin pad at her apartment door before she gave up and let Octavio do it. They all entered but Ajay only made it as far as the sofa and fell down onto it. Octavio put Natalie in Ajay's bed and then laid down on the sofa adjacent to Ajay after covering up both of the women.

It was pretty early when Ajay heard Octavio's voice, "Che. Wake up. Che." She pried her eyes open. The room was somber, the morning light was just barely coming in through the shades, "Silva?" Her head hurt, a splitting pain down the base of her skull. Octavio rubbed her hand, "We have to report to HQ in two hours." Ajay sat up and immediately regretted it. She held the back of her head as it pulsed black waves through her vision. She spoke through staggered breathing, "Why?" Octavio stood up, "Probably because of the glitch in the system last night. But they wouldn't say."

Ajay managed to get up, "Where is Natalie?" Octavio helped Ajay as she stood up, "I sent her home to get ready. But you need to get yourself together." Ajay looked at him, "I don got a fancy machine like ya." She offered him a smile. He smirked back at her, "Yeah. Well if I didn't have this baby then I would have died a long time ago." She laughed and made her way to the bathroom. She ripped opened one of the drawers and found a bottle of narcotics and took two pills out, taking them with some water. She peeled off her hoodie, and heard a clunk. She peered down at the white mask on the floor. She sighed and picked it up. She debated if it was worse to leave it at her apartment or take it with her to HQ.

She took the rest of her clothes off and got into the shower before changing into fresh clothes. She threw on another hoodie over the clothing she was wearing and tucked the mask safely inside. She didn't want anyone from Apex coming over and ransacking her apartment. She was starting to feel crazy but this whole thing was crazy. "Get ya shit together." She took a deep breath and they both left together for HQ.

Chapter Text

Octavio held onto Ajay's hand tightly as they walked up to the front of HQ. He knew that she was pretty nervous about everything transpiring from the previous night. They stopped in front of the building before entering. He stood in front of her and grabbed her other hand while he leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Che you were fucking incredible last night. No matter what happens this is the Silva and Che show." He kissed her forehead. She smiled at him before they walked in. She didn't have her badge with her because it was back at Octavio's place so she had to fill out some additional paperwork before she could go in any further.

After getting through security they were directed to a conference room that was big enough for all of the Legends. Ajay sat down next to Natalie who smiled cheerfully at her. Octavio sat down next to Ajay. Blisk marched into the room for the briefing and introduced himself, "Most of you have already met me but for those of you that haven't, I am Kuben Blisk. You can call me Blisk." Ajay was tense. Octavio knew she was tense so he grabbed her hand underneath the table. Ajay gripped his hand tightly with both of her hands. Blisk looked around at all of the Legends, "Let's get to it. There was a breech in our system last night. I am going to run the footage and you guys can tell me if you recognize this person. They go by Judge Jury Executioner." He paused for a moment as he started the video, "Honestly you guys could take a page."

Blisk played the video from last night. Ajay forced her herself to watch so she wouldn't look suspicious. The video itself was very glitchy. Everything was glitchy except for when the Legends were being killed by Judge Jury Executioner. Ajay watched herself on the screen. She looked as though she was calm and zoned, nothing interrupted her. "I wish I could fight like that as Lifeline." The video ended with Judge Jury Executioner on the screen as the winner; the picture glitched in and out. MRVN clapped as the video finished which made Makoa laugh. Anita sat back in her chair with her arms over her chest, "Obviously this person is highly trained." Renee slammed her fist on the table. Ajay nearly jumped out of her seat as the noise echoed through the conference room. Octavio rubbed Ajay's leg to calm her down. Renee stood up, "Whoever it is. They are cheating the system." Anita pulled Renee down into her seat as Blisk spoke, "Miss. Blasey, I assure you that all this will be taken care of in due time. Until then I suggest you control your temper." Ajay watched as Renee pulled her fist off the table but the anger still raged in her sky blue eyes. Ajay knew she didn't want to be on the wrong side of Renee's fist.

Anita sat up in her seat, "What's the plan sir?" Ajay had a lot of respect for Anita but she was starting lose some of it as Anita had an unwavering loyalty to authority. Blisk smiled at his loyal solider, "We are going to start moving things over to the new arena next week. I also have an intelligence specialist looking into this matter. Hyeon Kim is an expert in his field and he will be joining you guys in the arena soon." Anita raised an eyebrow, "Another Legend?" Blisk looked at her, "Is there a problem?" Anita backed down, "No sir." Blisk smiled, "Good." He walked around the room for a bit and then looked at Ajay, "You're back in this week. Viewers we not happy that you were out. Keep your focus on the game this time." Ajay could feel Octavio's hand getting tense in hers. She rubbed his hand softly, she didn't want him in the middle of all of this shit; at least what she could keep him out of. "We're done here." Blisk left the room, apparently there would be no more questions.

Everyone exited the conference room without a word. What could really be said? No one knew who Judge Jury and Executioner was; except for Ajay and Octavio and they were not saying anything. Ajay and Octavio walked back to her apartment. Ajay held tightly to his hand; she was silent the whole way back. Ajay pressed her code into the pin pad and entered. The door slammed behind her before Octavio could enter. Her back was forced against the door by a hand with long slender fingers that pressed firmly into her right shoulder. Pain shot down up her neck and down her spine as the hand applied more pressure. She could faintly hear Octavio on the other side of the door trying to get in but her body was being used to hold the door closed. Ajay placed her left hand on the arm of whoever was holding her and tried to pull them off of her but they just gripped her more tightly pushing her upwards until her feet were no longer touching the floor below her. She winced as warm tears began to sting her cheeks; she was crying unintentionally. She tried to see who it was but her apartment was dark and the pain was made her vision blurry.

She felt the attacker's other hand start to pat her down "What the fuck?" She removed her hand from the stranger's arm and flung it at the stranger's other hand. The stranger pushed her hand away. The hand that had her shoulder pinned felt like they was crushing her even more as they were now digging their fingers through her clothing. Ajay could feel and hear her skin pop and crackle where her scars were from Natalie's electrocauterizartion. She struggled against whoever had her pinned and coughed. She tasted something metallic in her mouth as she cough up some blood. She felt the other hand trail down her breast and into the pocket of her hoodie. The hand pulled out the white mask. Ajay coughed up more blood as the hand felt like it was pushing through the other side of her shoulder. She heard a laugh that chilled her to the core. Her body fell to the floor in a slump and in a flash of red the stranger was gone with her mask.

Ajay held her shoulder and stood up as Octavio opened the door. "Che." Ajay clutched her shoulder, "I'm fine." Octavio steadied her but coaxed Ajay to the floor. "Che you need to sit while I get the first aid kit, si?" Ajay nodded and waited for Octavio. He rushed faster than normal turning on the lights on the way back. Ajay looked at the blood on the door "It looks like some murder scene. Is that my blood?" She felt Octavio's fingers on her chin pulling her gaze towards his, "Hey Che, remember that one time we were skateboarding and I banged up my knee pretty bad?" She smiled at him as she looked into emerald eyes. "Yah. Ya knee was thrashed." He smiled back at her, "But you fixed it right up. Blood and everything." He pulled the scissors out of the first aid kit and gently cut her hoodie off.

Ajay coughed as Octavio spoke. She tried to piece his words together through the taste of blood in her mouth and the pain that surged through her body. It was getting hard to concentrate but she tried to concentrate on him. "Che, hold this on your shoulder." He pressed her left hand against her cut up hoodie that he had placed on her right shoulder. She watched as Octavio got up. She thought that he was talking to someone but she really couldn't hear much, "Is he talking to me?" His voice was faint and kind of distant. He came back with a bag of ice and lifted up her hoodie. He placed the bag to her shoulder and replaced the hoodie. He pushed her left hand on the hoodie. "Che. Where do you keep the good drugs? The injectables?" Ajay laughed, "This is no time for that Silva." Octavio smiled and kissed her gently on the lips, "I know Che, but just in case." Ajay nodded and tried to point towards the kitchen but she couldn't move her right arm. "Under the sink in the kitchen." Her arm felt numb and her left hand felt cold and wet and was began to feel weak.

Octavio hurried to the sink and pulled out a small box with a combination lock on it. He returned to her with the box, "1107." She could barely hear herself now. Her hand was clutched as tight as she could manage against the fabric on her shoulder as Octavio popped open the box. "Che, when I thrashed my knee and you fixed me and I knew." He rifled through the box and pulled out a few vials of dilaudid, a syringe, and a needle. "Knew what Silva?" Ajay closed her eyes briefly and then opened them. She watched him as he twisted the needle onto the syringe. "I knew that you were the one." Ajay laughed a little, "Silva, we were four." Octavio drew up medication from the vials. "Yeah but you didn't care about the blood or anything else except making me feel better and being with me." He pinched her left upper arm, "And after that you kept fixing me up no matter what stupid shit I did." He poked her arm with the needle and started pushing the medication into her muscle. "You also put up with all of my shit. For years on end."

He finished injecting her and pulled the needle out, setting it in the box. Ajay felt warm and weak; it washed over her from toes to her head. She felt Octavio cradle her in his arms as he spoke. "You were always there with a band aid or stitches or even just to hang out when life sucked." Octavio was now holding pressure to her shoulder. "Yeah, well ya get hurt Silva. Ya do stupid shit, a lot." She smiled up at him. She looked over all of his features, "You're so sexy Silva..." She trailed off as she fell asleep. Octavio held her tight as Natalie rushed in. "Non! What happened? Is she...?" Octavio fought tears back. "Uh we came back and there was someone waiting. I don't know who it was Nat. Can you help? I already medicated her. She has lost some blood." He kissed her forehead. He had seen her hurt but never this bad; at least not right after it had happened.

Natalie knelt down as Octavio pulled the hoodie and ice of Ajay's shoulder. The bleeding had slowed. Natalie shook her head. "Non. I am afraid to cauterize again even if I wanted to. Her tissue might not heal if I did that again. Even then I can't cauterize outside of the arena, I am still working on that. Can you stitch her up if I help?" Octavio nodded as Natalie touched Ajay's shoulder, "Let me see the other side." Octavio gently pulled Ajay's body against his chest while Natalie cut away at her shirt with the scissors. Octavio held hair blood matted hair to the side. Natalie sighed because it didn't look good. "Let me hold her and you stitch, oui? Unfortunately I do not know how to stitch anyone up." Octavio nodded his head as he kissed Ajay again. Her body was heavy in his arms and he didn't want to let her go but as he felt he blood oozing down his arm he knew that he needed to get her patched up quickly.

Octavio was a bit shaky as her handed Ajay over to Natalie. He got out the necessary supplies as Natalie applied pressure to the Ajay's shoulder. "How long have you two known each other?" Octavio threaded the needle, "Forever." It took him a lot just to get that out without breaking down. Natalie smiled, "I like Ajay. She doesn't treat me like a child. I know sometimes I act like a child but she doesn't treat me like one." Natalie pulled the hoodie away as Octavio began to stitch Ajay up. "You are really good at that." Octavio nodded, trying to focus his hands. He was trying hard not to shake as he stitched her cold, blood soak skin back together. "This looks better than the first time Octavio. She will be fine." Natalie said this to Octavio but she didn't really believe her own words. She had really never seen anyone this hurt outside of the arena expect for Ajay. She couldn't tell if this was worse than the first time she had seen it. He finished up, "I am more worried about whoever did this coming back Nat."

Octavio started to clean up and Natalie stopped him, "Let me." She returned Ajay to his arms. He pulled her in tight as Natalie began cleaning up, "I will contact Crypto again to see if he can do anything. Let me go get a bath ready for her. The warm water will do her good." Natalie skipped off to the bathroom to start the bathwater. Octavio stared at the blood everywhere. "Who in the fuck was here?" He just couldn't wrap his head around the situation. "The water is ready!" Natalie yelled from the bathroom. Octavio gently lifted Ajay in his arms. She was heavy, lifeless, and cold as he carried her into the bathroom. With Natalie's help they got Ajay's clothes off. Octavio set her gently into the tub. "I've got her if you want to get in. I won't look." Natalie said as she held onto Ajay from the side of the tub. Octavio didn't care he pulled his blood soaked clothes off and tossed them to the floor. He got into the warm water with Ajay and pressed her back to his chest, making sure not submerge her stitches. Natalie left them alone, "Just call me if you need help. I will be in the other room."

Octavio gently scrubbed the blood from her body. He gazed at all of her scars, a lot of them were ones that he had not seen before; he wondered where she got them. When the water became cool and discolored he drained it and scooped Ajay into his arms. He dried her off as best as he could and held her against him for a moment. He took her to her room and placed her into her bed, covering her up. He kissed her lips as he gazed down at her. She didn't appear to be in pain. He swallowed back tears and went to find Natalie. He needed to find out how to find this Crypto guy because he was going to give him a piece of his fucking mind once he did.

Chapter Text

Ajay's eyes fluttered opened. Everything was dark, silent, and oddly calm. She felt like she was floating. She looked around but everything was so dark that she couldn't make out anything. She was naked and partially submerged in water. She sat straight up and the water echoed so loud around her that she could hear it almost endlessly. After she sat up she grabbed her body. She didn't feel wet; it was an odd feeling. She looked down at the dark water so she could see her reflection for a moment. White Hibiscus flowers were scattered throughout her hair. She pulled her hair over her shoulder to get a better look. Then should grabbed at her right shoulder. She was whole again. She had no scars or wounds. Ajay hugged herself before standing up.

The water around her echoed again as she stood up. Ajay's eyes gazed around the pure black that graced the entire space around her. She looked down at the shallow black water; it looked endless. There was just black nothingness forever. Ajay touched her face, she couldn't feel it. She could only feel a mask; the same mask she wore in her match the other night. The same mask that was just taken from her? Her thoughts were foggy. She really couldn't remember the details of what led her here. "How did I get here?"

She heard the echoing of water again but this time it wasn't her. She couldn't really pinpoint where it was coming from. She just stood there and waited. Suddenly there was a figure in front of her. It didn't frighten her; there was an odd, soothing feeling about the black nothingness. Her eyes started to make sense of the form in front of her. It was a young woman with dark red hair, which laid half way down her back. She was dressed in a white tee shirt with a black zip-up hoodie and black shorts. Her legs were long and she wore ankle high black shoes with white laces. She had pretty green eyes. Ajay noticed that she had on a black string necklace with some charm at the end of it that was white and light orange.

Ajay reached down to cover herself but she soon realized that she no longer naked. She was wearing a long white dress. It had no sleeves and it clung to her breasts in two triangular peaks. The backside of the dress set into a long v shape down her lower back. When Ajay peered back at the dress it looked like it traveled behind her forever. The figure spoke to her, breaking up her thoughts, "Pretty neat huh?" Ajay looked back to her and thought about speaking, then her words formed over the taste of blood in her mouth, "Huh?" The figure inspected Ajay, "This place takes your innermost desires and brings them to fruition." Ajay looked down at herself and then back at the figure. "Then what is tis suppose ta mean?" The figure looked a little perplexed, "It's your desire, not mine. Oh I'm Mila by the way." Ajay thought about it for a moment, her innermost desires.

"Mila." Ajay could only whisper her name. Mila smiled at her, "It's okay. You won't remember my name, or this place once you leave here. I programmed it that way." Ajay touched her dress and then her mask. Everything Ajay did felt so free and seamless, "What do ya mean ya programmed it that way?" Mila pranced around in the water, "I am hacker Ajay. I made this void." Ajay dropped her hands to her sides. "Why? How am I here?" Mila stopped in front of Ajay and touched her hair, "I brought you here." Ajay knelt down and ran her hand through the water, it was comforting. Mila watched her, "You're here because my brother gave me a signal as to where he was. Or rather he left you with something that gave off a signal to his whereabouts. When you walked that thin line between life and death I was able to manipulate you into this existence." She smiled for a moment, "Your subconscious did the rest. I brought you here because I wanted you to give a message to my brother. I can't get it to him myself." Ajay shrugged, "Okay." Ajay continued run her fingers through the water. She was intrigued about how her fingers were not wet when she pulled them out of the water.

"Hey, Ajay!" Mila raised her voice a little. "This place is meant to feel nice and safe. If this is what you want you can stay here but don't forget you have a life on the other side. Minutes can be like years in here." Ajay stopped to listen as Mila kneeled down with her and removed her necklace from around her neck. "Don't you remember or are you already complacent? Has The Syndicate already gotten to you?" Ajay pulled her hand from the water and just looked at it. Mila watched her as she spoke, "If you stay here you will cease to exist in the real world." Mila grabbed Ajay's hand. It was the first time since being here that Ajay had felt anything. She felt Mila's pain, fear, and anxiety. Ajay snapped out of it. "Silva." Mila, smiled and stuck her necklace in Ajay's hand as they both stood up.

"How will I know who ya brother is?" She was finding it easier to speak. Her words weren't so distant or despondent anymore. Mila closed Ajay's hand tightly around the necklace, "You'll know when you see him." Ajay nodded, "Do you know who attacked me?" Mila touched her fingertips to Ajay's mask. "I do." Ajay took Mila's hand and held it against her masked face. She wanted to sooth the soul of this young woman and take away all of her pain, fear, and anxiety. "It would be better if you didn't know. Just let my brother take care of it." She smiled at Ajay and closed her eyes as she surrendered her hand to Ajay. "How did I get here?" Ajay was almost whispering to Mila again. Mila closed her eyes, "It's hard to explain but when you were attacked and your mask was taken, the mask sent out a signal to me. Something was implanted in your subconscious by my brother. When we drifted off into dreamland I was able to connect with you and bring you here. It was not easy though."

Ajay rubbed Mila's hand. "Are you ready to go back Ajay?" She nodded to her request and whispered, "Yah." Ajay released Mila's hand. Mila gently pushed Ajay back first into the water, "Find my forever family.... Wake up Ajay...." She fell back into the water. It was no longer shallow or silent. It was deep and loud. The black water engulfed Ajay's face and her entire body. She fell deeper into the water. The calm washed away and Ajay's eyes fluttered open again. This time she was staring at the ceiling of the bedroom in her apartment. She heard voices in the distance.

It took her a moment to process everything around her. Her body was stiff as she sat up for her bed and placed her feet on the floor. Her memory was foggy and she couldn't remember. She was somewhere after the attack and before now but she couldn't remember. She brought her left hand to her forehead but she couldn't feel her forehead. She felt a little warm and suffocated under a mask? She trembled in confusion as stood up from her bed. She walked over to the mirror. She was wearing a beautiful long white dress that looked and felt vaguely familiar. The dress clung to her breasts and if it weren't for her hair then her whole backside was basically exposed. She looked at her hair and noticed white flowers scattered throughout. She pulled the mask from her face, the look of utter shock could be seen in her reflection in the mirror.

Natalie sat at the table near the kitchen and watched as Octavio and Crypto argued. Well as Crypto stood across from Octavio and Octavio yelled. Natalie did not interject just yet. Crypto had just arrived and Octavio wasted no time, "So was this your plan. Use her as bait to gain whatever you needed out of this. Which, by the way, we still don't know what that is." Crypto stood silently and peered out the window into the night sky. "She almost fucking died to help you. And now I don't know when she will wake up." Crypto was still emotionless. He didn't bother to look at Octavio. "She knew what the plan was." Octavio slammed his fist on the table, "But did she know she would risk her life to play one fucking game?!" Crypto walked over to Octavio and stood about an inch from his face, "We discussed The Syndicate and breaking the game. She knew there were risks. She did exactly what she was supposed to do."

Octavio raised his fist and Natalie was ready to interject but he lowered his fist when he felt a hand on it. He turned around to Ajay standing in a dress and a mask in her other hand. Crypto took a step back, "This was a waste of time." He turned to leave. "Wait." Ajay's voice pierced Crypto, almost haunting as he stopped in his tracks and turned around. Ajay stepped away from Octavio and walked over to Crypto. She looked like she was in trance as she took his hand into hers. His hand was open like he was waiting for something, lost in the trance with her. Ajay gently placed the necklace into his hand and whispered to him, "Forever family."

Chapter Text

Crypto looked at the necklace in his hand. He held back tears but not rage, "Where did you get this?!" He grabbed Ajay by the shoulders and shook her before she could answer him. "Where did you get this?! Where?!" Ajay just stood there in a trance and spoke calmly to him, "I can't rememba. They said that ya would find them. That's all I rememba." His hands dropped from her shoulders and then around to her waist as he slid to his knees and he began to sob. He hugged Ajay's legs as she stood there with her arms down at her sides.

Natalie rushed to Crypto's side and helped to his feet. She whispered something into his ear and he nodded at the little electrical engineer. Natalie offered Ajay a smile and walked Crypto out of her apartment, closing the door softly behind them. "Che?" Ajay dropped the mask and smiled as the trance faded. She turned around to see Octavio. She frowned as tears rolled down his cheeks. She had only seen him cry a handful of times. She walked over to him and brushed his tears away. "Silva. What's wrong?" He wrapped his arms around her. "I didn't know if you were going to wake up, it's been almost five days. And what are you wearing? When did you change? Where did you get this?"

"Silva." She whispered to him. It was all she could manage to say as she looked into his eyes. His hands trailed down her back and rested on her waist. His tears finally subsided when he realized that she was real. He smiled and placed his hands on her ass and squeezed tightly, "Yep. It's real." He said with a smile as she rested her head on his shoulder, "What happened Che? How are you even upright?" She swallowed hard as she spoke, "I don really rememba much except someone attackin me and then I wasn't here and then I was." Octavio pulled away from her, he really didn't care about all the details at this point, he was just happy to see her awake, "How do you feel? How does your shoulder feel?" She sighed, her body wasn't against his anymore. "I'm okay." She touched her reinjured shoulder. It felt different, fragmented. She felt like it was whole just a moment ago and now it wasn't. Something felt odd about it but she couldn't put her finger on it. She just couldn't remember.

"Silva, I don wanna do this anymore." Octavio touched one of the flowers in her hair as concern set into his face, "What's that Che?" She took his hand away from her hair and kissed his palm, holding him to her face as she spoke. "I don want ta wait anymore. Let's just get married." She felt like she had been waiting forever. It feels like it has been years. What happened ta me? I can't rememba." He smiled to her touch and her words. He pulled his hand from her face, taking her hand with him. He laid small kisses on the top of her hand. "Do you know someone that can marry us at 1am on Friday?" She looked into his emerald eyes and nodded, "I need my phone though and it's not here." He smiled at her and shook his head. She pouted a bit and he laughed. "I can't seem to take my hands off of your ass. They are glued or something." She placed her hands on his chest and kissed up his neck stopping as she met his ear, "We got all night." He shuddered at the thought and pulled her into him by her ass before letting her go.

Octavio went into the living room and grabbed her back packed, "I had Natalie go get it a few days ago." He skimmed through her bag and pulled her phone out. She took her phone as Octavio left to get cleaned up. Ajay made he quick phone call and slipped her phone away. She picked up her mask off the floor and looked at, really looked at for the first time. It was beautifully crafted. She noted some cracks and scraps in the material, maybe she wasn't the first one to wear it. She didn't know if wearing it made her more precise in the arena but sure in the hell felt like it. She tucked the mask into her backpack and pulled D.O.C. out. She started the drone up and smiled when she saw the drone light up and buzz around the room.

Ajay opened the balcony doors that were just off of the dining room. The air was cool without a breeze. The wooden ground that made up the balcony felt cold under her feet. She propped the doors opens and went into the kitchen. She began pulling candles out, lining the balcony floor, the railing, the entry way, and some parts of the dining room with them. She lit all the candles and turned out the lights, giving the night air a soft glow. She smiled and took everything in.

Octavio took a long shower. He was still trying to figure out how Ajay was standing. He tried to piece everything together. "I patched Che up and laid her down and then she crashed and almost died." He held back tears as he let the water run down his head and back. He was crazy already but this woman drove him mad. And soon this woman was going to be is wife. He smiled and resisted the urge to run in place.

He finally got himself out of the shower trying to calm himself the whole time. He put on a black button up dress shirt, he rolled the sleeves up just below his elbows. He put on some black dress pants but they were really just fancy shorts that covered what was left of his real legs and some of his prosthetic legs. He fumbled around with his hair and in the end is was a mess but he didn't care. Octavio tried not to run back to the dining room where he left Ajay but it was hard to contain himself. He was excited to marry his best friend. His heart rushed hard against his chest as he entered the dining room. He followed the candles out to the balcony where Ajay and Makoa were waiting.

Octavio smiled as he walked slowly to Ajay. He had just seen her minutes ago but she took his breath away every time he looked at her. Ajay blushed as she saw Octavio all dressed up. She hardly got to see him dressed up, it was a nice change of pace once in a while. "I guess we're not kids anymore." Makoa smiled at both of them, happy to have been invited to officiate their marriage. Makoa was dressed in a white dress shirt and black pants; something simple. He had his brown hair pulled back in a small ponytail. He cleared the air. "Do you have the rings?" Octavio went to answer but Ajay interrupted. "Yah." They all watched as the D.O.C. drone hovered over. She kneeled down and picked up two rings off the top of the drone. She held them up and Makoa nodded. "Did you want to start Ajay?"

Ajay's hands shook as she took Octavio's hands, holding on tightly to the rings and his hands. "Silva. I don want ta live this life without ya. I knew too. Every time I fixed ya up or anytime we hung out I knew I wanted more. So will ya please continue the Silva and Che shit show with me?" Octavio didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "I guess Che." She smiled and slid a bright gold ring onto his left ring finger. Ajay handed him a thinner ring that matched his. He took her hand and looking into her chestnut eyes. "Che, I couldn't imagine this crazy ride without you. We have been together since day one. Will you continue to be this speedster's number one person and wife?" She smiled, "Always, Silva." Octavio slid the engagement ring off of her finger and replaced it with the gold wedding band before sliding the engagement band back on.

Makoa was in tears. "Just kiss already. You're married by law." Ajay met her lips to Octavio's, kissing him hard. Their lips parted and their tongues played and his hands found her ass. He pulled her in closer. Ajay wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned into his mouth. He slid a hand into his pocket and pulled his phone out. He quickly got a selfie of them making out before putting his phone away. He pushed his tongue further into her mouth. Makoa laughed and snuck out without a word. Octavio pulled his lips away just enough to look into her eyes, "Mrs. Silva." He kissed her again. "Where did you get these rings?" He kissed down her neck to her collar bone. "The same material I used to make ya legs."

Octavio pulled his face away from her neck to look into her eyes as his fingers caressed her ass, "Che... You made those when I had my accident...?" Her face felt warm as she blushed, "Yah Silva. I didn't know that ya be leavin me." He squeezed her ass a little, "I am not going anywhere." He pulled her body against his and kissed each of her shoulders and then the tops of each of her breasts. He smirked at her as brought his hands around to her hips. "Che, it's been days and now you're my wife. I just don't think I can wait any longer..." He kissed her, forcing her back into the railing of the balcony. She wrapped her arms around him, running her fingers down his back. He flashed her a smile as he kneeled in front of her, trailing his hands down her legs. "Silva..." She ran her fingers through his hair as he pulled her dress up.

"Damn Che, you're fucking killing me." He looked at up at her as he ran his fingers along her the slit of pussy. "No panties? You're so bad." Her face was a slight tint of red, "Silva, I woke up like this...." He smiled and pushed a finger into her. "She is so wet for me." He sighed as he worked his finger into her soft, wet pussy. Ajay moaned and forced her herself onto him. He gently moved her right leg over his shoulder and moved his face in between her thighs. His tongue found her clit and licked gently as Ajay braced herself against the balcony. His fingers continued to play with the inside of her. He used this other fingers to play with her ass. She moved her hips against his face. He could feel her pussy getting tight around his fingers. He pulled his tongue away before she could climax. She pouted a little and looked down at him as moved is his fingers in and out of her. "Please Silva..." Octavio grinned and played with her ass, "Please what Che?" She pushed against his fingers. "Please let me cum." He placed his face back into her pussy, he just wanted to hear her say those words. He began licking her clit again and brought her to a climax.

She squeezed her thighs around his face. "She tastes so good." He moaned into her as he withdrew his fingers. Octavio stood up and kissed her gently before sticking his wet fingers into her mouth. Ajay sucked on his fingers as she helped him undone his pants. She reached into his pants and began stroking his hard flesh as his pants fell down to this ankles. He stepped out of his pants and kicked them to the side as he kissed her hard. She took her free hand and placed it to the back his head, pushing him into her as their tongues met. Ajay spoke through their kiss, "Please Silva. I need ya in me." He smiled hearing her words. His lips found her breasts, kissing and biting at them. He gently parted her dress to the side and pulled her leg up as he pushed his cock into her. She moaned and dug her nails into his back.

Octavio stood there for a moment, with his cock inside of her. Ajay looked in his eyes as she rubbed small circles into his back, "I love you Silva...." He leaned in and pressed his forehead to hers, "I love you Che...." He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her and thrust himself back into her hard. He kept his eyes locked with hers and pushed his cock in and out of her pussy. "You're so wet Mrs. Silva." She shuddered pressing herself into him, "This is whatcha do to me Mr. Silva." He grinned at her. "I have been waiting so long to hear that, to be your husband." He gently moved his hips with hers as she moaned. Ajay tried to keep her composure during their conversation but he was driving her crazy with his cock inside of her, "Silva... God. I have been waitin too long." He placed a hand on her ass and grabbed her hard sending chills down her spine.

She closed her eyes, their foreheads still pressed together, "Che, open your eyes. I want to watch you cum." Ajay opened her eyes and gazed into Octavio's emerald eyes, "I can't...." He smiled and watched her face, "You can't what Che?" He moved his hand up her ass until he found the edge of the v cut of her dress. He worked his hand between the fabric and her skin until he was touching his hand to her bare ass cheek. They both moaned as she whispered against his lips, "I can't hold it much longer..." He watched her face and squeezed her ass, "Then cum for me Che." His lips found hers as her pussy began to tighten around his cock. He forced against her, moaning into her mouth as she screamed into his. He climaxed with her, gripping her as tightly. He gently lowered her leg and wrapped his arm around her, kissing her hard.

Ajay leaned into him, her breath was labored and uneven against his neck. He squeezed her ass with one hand and played with her hair with his other, "Damn. Mrs. Che Silva." She rubbed her check against his neck. "I don think I can move Mr. Silva." He smiled and kissed her shoulder. She sighed happily against him. "Come on Mrs. Silva, let's go inside. I have more I want to do to you." He kissed her softly and placed an arm under her knees and one behind her back. He lifted her up and carried her inside to finish what they started.


Chapter Text

Octavio laid there with Ajay across his chest naked. Morning had come and gone but he didn't want to move. She slept so quietly against him that he kept checking to making sure that she was still alive. The past week had been a whirlwind and he almost had to pinch himself to make sure everything had been real. He rested a hand on her ass and his other arm behind his head, enjoying the view. Every so often he could hear the buzz of his phone on the floor. He gently rubbed her ass as he rested his eyes every now and then.

"Silva, do ya need to get ya phone." He smiled when he heard her voice." He shook his head, "Nah. This is perfect." Ajay snuggled into him, her breasts were pressed firmly against his stomach. He tried not to think too much about her body as they lay there. "Hey Che? Why did you want to get married so fast? I am not complaining but why the sudden urge?" She rolled over to her side so she could face him. Octavio's hand trailed from her ass to her hip as she spoke. "I really can't explain it. I don know what happen. I was somewhere in my head, I think, but it felt like I was there for years." She closed her eyes, "I wish I could remember." He moved his hand to her hair and gently played with it. "If you need to remember maybe that Crypto prick can help you remember."

Ajay sat up and looked at Octavio. "Yah, ya right. Silva..." She took his hand and held it in hers. "Please don be mad at him. We never did talk about that night." Octavio was quiet as he tried to focus on Ajay's face but his eyes kept drifting off to other parts of her naked body. "He got us into the arena through a glitch in the system. He's a good hacker. He showed me stuff about Renee that they were gonna broadcast that night. Stuff about her past that no one should ever see. He's got his reasons for breaking the game and he didn't have to do that for Renee but he did. We did. Silva I figured he was in bad with The Syndicate but honestly, so am I." She gripped his hand tightly. "So we broke the arena for a while. I would do it again if I had to."

Octavio smiled, "You were fucking awesome. You killed it and everyone. But outside of the arena there is no more respawning, you just die. You scared the shit out of me Che. Then you came back like nothing happened. Your shoulder is shredded and it hasn't even phased you. I just don't." He stopped as he felt a tear from her on his hand. He sat up. "Che?" She took her free hand and pushed the other tears, which started to form, away from her face. "I'm sorry Silva, I just can't rememba." He let go of her hand and hugged her, "It's okay. We'll figure it out. But we can't do this while you're naked." Octavio smiled as he pushed her back onto the bed and kissed her.

She laughed as she as kissed him and grabbed his ass with both of her hands. He moaned into her mouth before pulling away a little to speak, "Don't start something that you can't finish Che Silva." She kept a hand on his ass while moving one between them to stroke his cock. He smiled and leaned down to suck on her breast and then her nipple. She tilted her head back and continued to stroke him, closing her eyes. "I don want to stop." He smiled and worked his lips over to her other nipple as she guided him into her pussy. She was wet and he slid in fast and hard. She kept her hand on his ass and moved her other hand to his head, pulling his hair.

Octavio moved his lips up her chest and kissed gently along the side of her neck. He held himself up with his left hand and pushed his hips into her, moving his cock in and out of her. She moaned and wrapped a leg around his waist. He looked down at her and placed his right hand onto her breast, squeezing her before placing his hand onto her throat and applying pressure with his fingers. She moaned again and he could feel that she began to get even more wet; if that were even possible. Her hand dropped from his hair to his arm, where her nails met his skin. She pushed herself hard onto his cock, arching her back as her pussy tighten around him and she climaxed. His fingers wrapped tighter around her neck and he shuddered, moaning as he exploded inside of her. He released her neck and kissed her chest as her hand fell from his arm. Almost in a trance, her gaze met his. Her back was still arched as he was pushing himself slowly in and out of her pussy. She made small moaning noises at him as she finally relaxed. He rested on top of her as she pulled him into her.

Ajay began playing with his hair again. He smiled, closing his eyes for a moment. "Mrs. Silva. We need to get ready soon. We still have a match tonight." He sighed. He really didn't want to move. He wanted to fuck Ajay into next week but a few matches a week was hardly work. After that they were basically free to do whatever they wanted. She hugged him tightly against her. The thought of being his wife was still a very new and exciting feeling, it pushed all the worry and fear of him leaving out of her head. She smiled and kissed his neck. He slowly pulled himself off of her, kissing her breasts one last time before they got ready for their match.

They arrived to HQ right on time and headed to the loading area. Ajay decided to wear her basic default clothing. Octavio decided to wear his basic default clothing as well. They were both pretty tired from their previous activities. Octavio smiled at all of the comments of their wedding picture as he looked at his phone. Most of his followers seemed excited; even if they weren't excited for them he didn't care. He flipped over to his text messages and read off the list of teams as they walked through the hanger to the transport ship. "Me, Bloodhound, and Caustic. Wraith, Wattson, and Mirage. Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Pathfinder. You and Crypto? He's a Legend now too? What the hell is going on?" He sighed. He didn't know what was worse, the short squad or the fact that Crypto was her teammate.

When they entered the ship Crypto, Anita, Bloodhound, and Natalie were already there. Anita smiled at Ajay, "Hey kid. Didn't know you were running with the speed demon over there to get married so quickly. Congrats to both of you." Ajay smiled, "Thanks." Anita stepped away, "This is Hyeon Kim. He is a surveillance expert and your partner tonight." She pointed at who Ajay knew to be Crypto. Hyeon Kim was wearing a black shirt and black pants. He also wore white knee-high boots with bright green accents and a white coat with bright green accents. Ajay stared at the coat, it was the one that she had borrowed from Natalie. That must have been what he took from her apartment. "How did Natalie end up with it in the first place?" Ajay peered at all of Hyeon Kim's necklaces but she didn't see the one that she had given him. She saw Hack on his back. Ajay smiled, "Hi Hyeon Kim..." He cut her off. "Save it. I know who all of you are. What kind of surveillance specialist would I be if I didn't." It wasn't even a question, it was a statement. Ajay shrugged and looked over to Natalie who looked at her and crossed her arms over her chest and then looked away in a small fit of anger. "Okay..." Ajay sat down with Octavio right next to her. The rest of the Legends began loading in. The ship made a familiar humming noise and then took off.

Ajay closed her eyes and rested her chin to her chest. Octavio placed his hand on her thigh and leaned back closing his eyes as well. Elliot stared at them for most of the flight. The flight took longer than usual. When the countdown timer started Elliot snapped his attention elsewhere and both Ajay and Octavio stood up and went to their respective teams. When the ramp opened all the teams jumped out one by one except Lifeline and Crypto. She waited for him to make the move as he was the jumpmaster. He finally pointed to a building in Capitol City, it appeared to be under construction. He pinged it and they both jumped out of the ship. 

Lifeline was surprised to find quite a bit of loot when they landed. The building had a few levels to loot and a vertical zip line each side of the building that reached from the top of the building to the bottom. The zip lines sat inside the building and were covered by glass on the outside. Lifeline was pretty happy with the loot that she had. She was able to find level three armor, a level two backpack, a Charge Rifle with a  4x - 8x variable sniper scope, a Prowler, a level one helmet, a level one knockdown shield, some syringes for healing, and shield cells. Crypto found level two armor, a level two backpack, a Hemloc, a R99, a level two helmet, a level one knockdown shield, syringes, and shield cells. They looted the building from top to bottom and then returned to the top for a better vantage point.

Once they were settled Lifeline yanked out his comms device but not before pulling out her own. Crypto was not happy, he did not like anyone touching him. "I need ta know what happened ta me after I got attacked." He just looked at her, "Don't worry about it." She glared at him. "I'm not a pawn in your game Crypto. I almost died." He clenched his fist fighting the urge to punch a wall, "I can't tell you. It will put people in danger." Lifeline sighed, "I don't need ta know everything. I just need ta know what happened ta me." Crypto stood there silently. Ajay shrugged, "Fine. I am throwing this match and leaving." Ajay began to walk away but Crypto grabbed her shoulder firmly and turned her around. "I will tell you. But not here. Please, don't go." For the first time Lifeline could hear remorse in his voice, "I don't trust anyone except for you and that little blonde haired girl." Lifeline nodded, "Wattson?" Crypto looked away as a sadness spread over his face that he didn't want Lifeline to see. "Yeah. But she is mad at you right now. That's why she isn't on our team." She gave him a weird look, "Whatcha mean on our team?" Crypto wiped the sadness from his face and turned to her with a condescending smirk, "You didn't think that we were on the same team by chance did you? Nah. I hacked the game." He smiled as she handed him his comms device.

They both placed their comms devices back in and got back to the game. They hopped down into the second story of the building and Crypto found a dark corner to hide in. He pulled out his puzzle computer and opened it up. The corner began to glow as Crypto tapped on the screen of the computer and booted up Hack, tossing the drone out, "Cover me." Lifeline stood alert with her prowler as Hack flew about to survey the area. Crypto controlled the drone with is computer and did a complete sweep of the area before recalling Hack. "There are no other teams in the area." Lifeline offered him a hand and he took it as she helped him to his feet. "We should get going." Crypto pointed, "Lava City. The arena is moving that way." The sirens sounded and the ring began to shrink. The storm would be on their backs soon.

Lifeline and Crypto left Capitol City without looking back and headed through a small valley between Sorting Factory and Geyser. Lifeline kept track of body count. "There are two other teams left." Crypto nodded and as they entered Lava City there were explosions going off everywhere. The other two teams were fighting in the field just in front of Lava City. They moved in closer behind a large rock and Crypto threw Hack out again. He surveyed the area and both teams had all of their squad members. Lifeline got her Charge Rifle out. "Rebooting the system." Crypto used Hack to send out an EMP and then left his drone in auto pilot. The drone began to ping every enemy as they moved into Hack's view. Everyone in the area lost most, if not all, of their shields from Hack's EMP. Lifeline sent a head shot into Wattson and downed her. She sent another headshot into Bangalore and downed her. The next headshot went to Gibraltar and then to Wraith they both went down as Crypto rushed in, taking down Pathfinder with his Hemloc. He switched to his R99 and shot down Mirage with ease and without hitting a single decoy. The match didn't end once Mirage with was down. Crypto ran over to Mirage and pushed him down by his face, "Nice try idiot." He then punched him in the face and pulled a microchip from him turning Mirage into a death box. The announcer's voice rang through their ears, "We have our Apex Champions."

Chapter Text

Ajay sat quietly in the ship. The ride back to HQ was longer than she anticipated; she had almost forget that their match had been on World's Edge. She kept her eyes closed, she didn't really want to talk to anyone. By the time Octavio came to join her the ship had landed. Everyone sauntered out except for her, Octavio, and Hyeon Kim. Ajay stood up ready to exit but Hyeon Kim stood in her way, "Your house tomorrow night. And not the apartment." He walked off for debriefing. Octavio grabbed Ajay by the ass and started walking towards the loading room, "Two in a row Che. I might need to retire." She smiled at him, "Silva, ya couldn't sit still long enough. You might blow off ya hands this time." He smacked her ass hard, "That's a low blow Che, or a high one depending on how you look at it. I'd sit better if you were sitting on me." He opened the door and smiled at her, "You know, naked." She blushed, "Silva." They both headed inside for debriefing.

After debriefing was done they changed back into their civilian clothing. Ajay wasted no time and took Octavio by the hand and led him to the bathroom. She locked the door behind them and pushed him hard against the wall. Her lips met his as she began to pull his shorts down. Octavio smiled, "Che, you're so naughty right now. What if we get caught?" His hand found the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head. "Shut up Silva unless ya want me to stop." He smiled and touched her breasts with his fingertips. "You can't wait to get me home to take me for a ride? Was it all that talk on the way back from the ship? Maybe I should talk like that to you all the time." She kneeled down in front of him, he was already hard, "I'm not riding ya."

Octavio smiled and tilted his head back as his arms fell to his sides. "Che, I can't look at you when you do this." She took his cock in her hand and gently worked the length of him. "Why Silva?" He closed his eyes, "Come on. You know I will cum all over you if I do." She stroked his cock with her hand, "I bet you say that to all the women." He shook his head and brought his right hand to the top of her head. "Nah. Just you. I didn't care to make time for anyone else." Ajay's lips touched the tip of his cock and kissed him gently. He moaned and gripped her hair. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. "Che...." She kissed up to the head of his cock. "Silva?" She licked the tip of his cock. He moaned as she took his entire cock into her mouth. He held onto her hair tightly and forced himself further in. Her lips met his body before she pulled his cock out her mouth and shoved it back down her throat. She sucked along his cock as he clutched her hair. Her hands played along his thighs and then his ass as his hips moved his cock in and out of her of her mouth.

Ajay looked up to him as he pulled her head back by her hair and pulled her to her feet. "Silva?" He smiled and kissed along her neck before turning her around. He kept a hand in her hair and began undoing her pants and let them drop to her ankles. He tilted her head to the side kissing her neck hard. Ajay grasped the porcelain sink in front of her as Octavio bent her over. He slid her panties to the side of her pussy, "You're really wet Che...." He ran a finger along the slit of her pussy before he slipped his cock in her and pulled her head back by her hair. She moaned as his body hit hers hard. Octavio used his free hand to hold her waist and set the pace. "Sliva...." She moaned his name loudly. He smiled as he watched her in the mirror in front of them, "You might not have planned to ride me but I knew I was going to ride you." He worked himself into her soft folds as their moans filled the air around them, "You know Che, we should do this more often." She tried to nod but he gripped her hair so tight she could barely move her head. She moved her hips with his as she began to climax on his cock. Octavio held himself inside of her as he climaxed with her.

He slowly released her hair as he ran his hand down her back. Both of his hands found her ass, rubbing her softly. Ajay moaned softly as he pulled out of her. Her legs felt weak as they got dressed. Octavio couldn't help but smile as he watched her get dressed. She embraced him. His lips and his tongue found hers. His hands reached under her shirt and played with her breasts as they kissed. She bit at his lower lip as he squeezed her breasts. "Silva." She whispered. He continued to play with her breasts as he broke their kiss, "Che?" She stared into his eyes, "Can we just go home tonight?" He rested his hands on her chest and smiled at her because he knew that she meant 'their' house. He kissed her forehead, "Yes, of course Mrs. Silva." He continued to play with her breasts. Ajay blushed a bit and leaned into him. After a few moments Octavio broke the silence again, "Oh, you mean now?" He laughed as his hands left her shirt.

They left HQ and headed to her apartment. Octavio insisted on entering first just in case but this time the apartment was empty. Ajay packed quite a bit this time. Octavio sat and watched because she wouldn't let him help. "Hey Che?" She looked up from her suitcase. "Do you need panties? They are sexy but you can pull it off without them. I mean it would just be easier for me and you if you didn't wear any at all" She gave a stern look and threw a few pairs of panties at his face. He just laughed, "Keep them coming because I will hide them all and then you won't have any to wear." She shook her head and continued to pack. "You know I am right." He laughed as he looked around her room.

Octavio stretched and began walking around while Ajay went to the kitchen to grab her lockbox to pack. When she returned her she found Octavio rummaging through a small box. "Whatcha got?" She packed the lockbox into her backpack. Octavio pulled out some pictures of them, as kids, "You still have these?" She nodded as he pulled out some pictures of them when they were kids. He dug further into the box and stopped, almost hesitating. Octavio set the box down and pulled out a butterfly knife; his butterfly knife. He flipped it open and then around before closing it; it was like a skill that he never forgot. He thought that he had lost the damn thing. "Che, why do you have this?" Ajay shrugged as she placed her white mask into her suitcase before zipping it closed, "Because kids were stupid and mean to us. I wasn't gonna let ya kill the other neighbor kids with it." He smiled and knew she was right. "Che kept me out of a lot of trouble." He shoved the knife into his pocket and slipped the pictures back into the box but not before stealing one that he liked.

Ajay walked her suitcase to the front door of the apartment and looked around. Before she could survey the space for anything else that she needed there was a knock on the door. She opened the door to see Natalie standing there. "Natalie?" She opened the door and motioned for her to come in. "Whatcha need?" Natalie stood there with her head down, "I'm sorry Ajay. I was being mean earlier. I was just a little upset that you didn't invite me to your wedding." Ajay frowned at her, "We didn't invite anyone. Makoa was there to marry us and that was it." Natalie nodded with her head down. Ajay felt as though there was more going on than just an apology. "Is there something else?" Natalie twiddled her thumbs, "Well I am just scared to be alone. I spent the last week with you guys and with everything going with The Syndicate I am just a little uneasy." Ajay looked behind her at Octavio who nodded at her. Ajay turned back to Natalie and looked into endless blue eyes, "You can't stay with us because we aren't staying here. So you'll need to pack for about a week if you want to stay at our house." Natalie finally gazed up at Ajay. "Oui! Thank you Ajay! I will be back soon!" Natalie ran off to pack.

Ajay gently closed the door and leaned her back against. She quickly moved as the thought of standing against the door brought up bad memories and sent chills up and down her spine. It was just a bad echoing thought of what had happened a week ago. Octavio gave her hug as he saw the despair in her eyes, "We'll leave soon." She nodded. She didn't know if she could even stay in her apartment anymore, so much had occurred that it just didn't feel safe anymore. Ajay pressed her face into Octavio's neck. He smelled and felt like home; he always did. Even when they were young, no matter where they were, he was always her home. When he left he took a piece of her with him and when he returned she felt whole again.

She hated the fact that her apartment felt so unsafe. She couldn't wait for her meeting with Hyeon Kim. She needed some answers. She definitely knew that she couldn't fight monsters that materialized out of nowhere and then disappeared into nothing. How the fuck was she supposed to fight something that she couldn't even see coming. She felt so useless; at least in the arena she had a chance. Soon enough Natalie returned and they packed everything into Octavio's car and made the long trip to Octavio's and Ajay's house.

Chapter Text

Ajay felt like the day took forever as she waited for Hyeon Kim to arrive. Natalie had finally got up out of bed sometime in the afternoon; Ajay didn't blame her because they got in pretty late. Octavio trained most of the day on his obstacle course and she just watched him. Ajay loved seeing him so happy and free. Ajay needed something to keep her mind busy. She worked on making dinner for all of them. It wasn't much, just chicken fajitas with rice one the side. She always seemed to lean towards Octavio's food choices when she was with him; it was just a comfort thing for her. She brought a plate to the dining room table for Natalie who was working something that looked like a watch or minicomputer. It kind of looked like something the Legends used in the arena to activate their powers.

"Whatcha working on Natalie?" Ajay said quietly so she didn't interrupt her. Natalie smiled at the food and set her tools down, "Just something that might allow us to use our powers outside of the arena." Ajay was surprised. She knew Natalie was very smart but she also knew that this was a dangerous move. If Blisk or anyone from Apex found out then she could be in a lot of trouble. Some of the Legend's powers could only be used in the arena, like Ajay's. She could use D.O.C. outside the arena but the drone had no healing capabilities unless it was used in the actual arena. She couldn't call in care packages outside the arena. These things were not realistic things. However, Octavio could use stim outside the arena, he was fast already but it didn't make him run faster it just gave him a high, or anyone else that took it a high. He couldn't throw out jump pads or mend himself. "That's a dangerous line ya be walkin electrical engineer." She watched Natalie eat, "Is that why ya wanted to come here?" Natalie looked down and when she did that Ajay knew that Natalie had ulterior motives, "Oui... Sorry." Ajay smiled, "Ya don gotta lie Nat. It's okay." Natalie smiled at Ajay. "Thanks Ajay."

Octavio was happy to find food when he came in from training. He sat down with Natalie and Ajay to eat, "What are you working on?" Natalie smiled, "A device so that Legends can use their powers outside of the arena." Octavio had already finished eating by the time Natalie finished her sentence, "That's pretty neat." Natalie went back to work, Ajay cleaned up the dishes, and Octavio went to shower. After Ajay was done cleaning she began pacing again. The anticipation had hit her hard, she started to worry if Hyeon Kim would even show up. "Che." Octavio was suddenly behind her. "Let's have a drink. Come one Natalie. You too." Natalie pushed herself up from the table and met them in the kitchen. Octavio poured them each a double shot of rum. Ajay smiled as they all downed their shots. "Ya know it's going ta take more than that." Octavio smiled and poured out more shots for all of them. They all drank again. Ajay helped Natalie to sit down as she was already swaying.

"Why is she here?" Hyeon Kim's voice cut through the air. They all turned to see his serious face as he stood in the entry way of the kitchen. "Don't you knock amigo?" Octavio shot him an angry look. "I don need ya permission to have her at my house." Ajay walked over to him. Hyeon Kim stood there as Ajay motioned to the table where Natalie was already sitting. "Ya have some explaining ta do. Sit down." Hyeon Kim walked over to the table but declined to sit down. "Ya da one who needs a drink." Ajay said condescendingly to him. Octavio scavenged underneath the island in the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of soju. He set it on the counter rather loudly to get Hyeon Kim's attention.

Hyeon Kim glanced over to the noise of the bottle, "Do you think that you will sway me with alcohol?" Octavio sighed, "You could use some man. Take a load off for a bit. You need it." Hyeon Kim looked over at Natalie, her eyes were pleading with him; endless beautiful blue hues focused on him. "Fine." He walked into the kitchen and took the bottle and opened it without hesitation. Octavio made himself a vodka and Red Bull and Ajay took the bottle of rum. They all sat down at the table.

Hyeon Kim drank from the bottle as Natalie gazed at him. Ajay watched the two interact and couldn't help but think that there was something more going on between them. Ajay looked over to Hyeon Kim, his face was always so serious and jaded. "He has obviously been through some shit." Natalie couldn't keep her eyes off of Hyeon Kim. Ajay knew the alcohol was kicking in as she felt less anxious about the situation. Natalie went back to work or at least she made it look like she was. "It's a device to let Legends use their powers outside of the arena." She said this to Hyeon Kim. He gave her a weird look before answering, "Okay." Ajay decided it was time interrupt before things got too heated between Hyeon Kim and Natalie.

"I need ta know what ya know about what happened ta me." Hyeon Kim took a long drink of the soju because he knew it was going to be a long night. "I need to know what happened to you first. Everything." Ajay gripped at her right shoulder from some phantom pain, or maybe the pain was real. "I got into my apartment and someone was waiting for me. They pinned me ta the door by my shoulder." She gripped her right shoulder tightly. "It's like they had sharp nails or claws because they tore through my shoulder like it was nothin. They pulled the mask out that ya left me. Once they found it they disappeared. It was like a flash of red from what I could rememba." Hyeon Kim nodded and looked over to Octavio. "What about you? What do you remember?" He took another drink from the bottle.

Octavio finished his drink and got up to make another one as he spoke. "When I got in there, whoever was there was already gone. I medicated Che so me and Nat could patch her up. We got her cleaned up and put her in bed to rest. Shortly after that we tried to get ahold of you." Octavio sat back down with another drink. "Che started to crash." He looked down into his drink. "She stopped breathing and her heart stopped. It was very brief but her body started back up on its own spontaneously." Octavio took a drink and looked back over at Hyeon Kim who had polished off the bottle of soju. "After that she was in a coma for days until she woke up and came out fully dressed and handed you whatever she handed you."

Hyeon Kim looked over at Natalie, "Anything else happen?" Natalie shook her head, "Non." Octavio got up and made another drink for himself and one for Hyeon Kim. He didn't have any more soju so Hyeon Kim would have to enjoy whatever Octavio made for him. Hyeon Kim drank it without a complaint. "The necklace you gave me is from sister, well my foster sister. The mask I left you had a transmitter chip in it for her. If it made it anywhere close to her it would emit a special signal from me to her and it worked. My theory was correct. She is still alive. The Syndicate must have her. The monster that came for you is a mercenary for The Syndicate. He is a walking nightmare and hundreds of years old." Hyeon Kim downed his entire drink. Octavio was up and preparing another one. Ajay was a little shaky as she took a long drink from her bottle of rum. "What's his name?" Octavio gave Hyeon Kim his drink this time because it had more alcohol in it. "I don't know. I just know he is a nightmare."

Ajay knew he was right. She remembered that his voice echoed through her nightmares and shook her to her very core. Hyeon Kim stared at Ajay, "He came after you because The Syndicate marked you for death. Once they mark you for death he comes to kill you." Ajay swallowed hard, "So what happens if you don die?" Hyeon Kim shrugged, "I'm not sure. He always gets the kill from what I understand. But technically you did die, even if it was only for a matter of seconds or minutes." Ajay changed the subject. "Hyeon Kim... Where did I go when I was in a coma? I thought maybe it was a dream but I came back with some stuff. Physical stuff."

Natalie reached for Ajay's bottle of rum and took it, drinking what was left. Hyeon Kim blinked at the blonde haired girl and looked back at Ajay, "You went to a digitally programmed void or rift. Kind of like a world in between worlds. My sister pulled you there when you were on the brink of death. She got the signal from the chip that I implanted into your mask and must have found you. She preserved your mind so your body could heal. You might have died if she didn't pull you when she did." Octavio felt his chest grow a bit tight as he recalled that night but he tried to push the thoughts away as he listened to their conversation.

Ajay sighed, "I just don rememba." Hyeon Kim finished his drink. "That's because she was worried about your safety from The Syndicate. I can help you remember if you really want me to." Ajay looked surprised, "Ya would do that?" Hyeon Kim nodded, "You helped me reach my sister. Now I know that she is alive maybe I can make contact with her through you. I will need some more alcohol though." Octavio hopped up and went to the kitchen. "Just bring the bottle." Hyeon Kim said before Octavio got to the kitchen. Natalie looked a bit surprised by his statement. Octavio came back with a bottle of vodka.

Hyeon Kim took the bottle and began to drink, talking in between, "Ajay. If I make you remember it will not be pleasant." Octavio examined Ajay's face as she watched Hyeon Kim. "Well nothin in my life has ever been easy so lets just add this ta the list." She nodded before she answered, "Okay. I'm ready." Hyeon Kim continued to drink the vodka, "No. You're not. You will need to be sedated for it and possibly strapped down." Ajay kept her game face on, "I can handle it." Octavio nodded, "I will give her the meds and hold her down if it comes to that. Nat can be on standby." Natalie nodded, "Oui, more than happy to help." Hyeon Kim finished the bottle, "Let's find somewhere with some space to lay out." Octavio motioned to the stairs, "Our room has plenty of floor space. Nat you want to show him where it is?" Natalie smiled stood up a little tipsy. She took Hyeon Kim by the hand and led him towards the stairs. He didn't seem to mind that she was touching him.

Chapter Text

"Che are you okay with this?" Octavio's voice was full of concern. Ajay nodded, "Yah. I feel like I need ta know. Maybe there is more there that can help us." They both stood there before Octavio hugged her tightly, "Okay." She smiled and held him tight. "I love ya Silva." He smiled hearing her words but they only eased his worried thoughts a little. He was worried about losing her again. The last time that anything like this had happened she almost died; or she did die and came back. "I'll be fine Silva." She kissed him gently, "Ya can't get rid of me now. We haven't even bought the children yet." He smiled and kissed her hard, pushing through her lips with his tongue. She moaned softly into his mouth as their tongues played with one another. They gently pulled away and headed up the stairs to meet Hyeon Kim and Natalie.

Ajay grabbed her backpack and pulled out the lockbox. She opened it, shaking a little. "Che, let me." She sighed and nodded as she sat down on the floor with Natalie and Hyeon Kim. Natalie leaned over and gave her hug that lingered longer than Ajay would have liked it to. Ajay thought maybe the lingering hug was attributed to the alcohol. "There's one more thing. I will need to go with you." Ajay gave Hyeon Kim a weird look as he spoke, "How?" Natalie pulled out the device she had been working on and handed it to Hyeon Kim. Ajay was shocked as Hyeon Kim pulled his jacket off and tossed it to the side. He was wearing a black, long sleeved, button up shirt which he began to unbutton and take off. "I still don understand." Hyeon Kim smiled at Natalie very briefly, it was the first time she had seen him smile. Natalie blushed when Hyeon Kim finally got his shirt off.

Hyeon Kim put Natalie's device on his wrist. Ajay looked over to Octavio as he drew up medication; whatever was going on it didn't seem to faze him at. "Did he know about this?" Ajay slid her shoes off and tossed them into the pile of growing clothing, "Why do I need ta be held down?" Hyeon Kim looked at her as he laid down, "Because when you aren't meant to remember something your body might force it away." Ajay sighed as she nodded. She hadn't realized that this whole ordeal would be such a drawn out process. Octavio handed her a syringe with medication in it and some gauze soaked in alcohol. She cleansed Hyeon Kim's upper arm, "Is there anything else I should I know?" She pinched his arm and poked him with the needle, injecting the medication into his muscle. Octavio performed the same process on Ajay's arm with the other syringe of medication that he had drawn up. Natalie took the syringes when they were finished.

Octavio hugged Ajay against him, "Don't be gone so long this time." His lips met hers gently but she pulled him in hard, forcing her tongue into his mouth. "She won't be gone long. I will be there to navigate." They both stopped kissing and looked over to him. "Way to ruin the moment amigo." Octavio smirked as Ajay laid down next to Hyeon Kim. Ajay struggled a bit to get comfortable because in the back of her mind she still feared what would happen to her, "Now what?" Hyeon Kim offered her his hand that was free from Natalie's device. She gently took his hand interlocking her fingers with his. "There is one more thing." He said this but he wasn't looking at her this time. His eyes were already closed. Octavio sat on top of Ajay, pinning her down with his legs. Natalie pulled out a belt and wrapped it around Hyeon Kim's and Ajay's wrists forcefully. Ajay felt too weak to even care. She whispered to Natalie, "Why?" Natalie tighten the belt, "To maintain neuro-link you have to be touching. If you are thrashing around you could lose your connection with one another." Ajay nodded and drifted off.

"Ajay. Ajay." Her eyes fluttered open to the sound of Hyeon Kim's voice. She was partially submerged in dark water. Her body twitched a little as she sat up. The echo of the water felt like it sounded forever. "Does any of this look familiar?" Ajay looked around into the abyss of empty black space. The only thing in color was Hyeon Kim and even then he was wearing black. His complexion was a bit on the pale side, almost matching the grayscale environment. She tried to form words but she really couldn't speak. She sat there for a moment before down at the endless water. Her hands began sifting through the water again, something soothing and familiar coursed through her body. "Ajay. No. Stand up."

Hyeon Kim's words cut through her. He was talking to her but not out loud, it was all in head. "Maybe it had to do with neuro-link." She snapped out of it. She brought her hand up to her gaze, "It's not wet." She managed to get the words out but her words felt so far away. Her body twitched again as bits of memories flooded back to her. She quickly felt her body with her hands and looked down at herself. "At least I am dressed this time." She stood up, dressed in the clothes she was wearing before she drifted off and woke up in this place. Her head hurt so bad that she struggled to keep her eyes open. She eventually just closed her eyes and placed her hands on her head as memories flashed in her head like motion picture. "Just let them come." She heard Hyeon Kim again. "How do I do that?" He reached for her and then dropped his hand, "Just try and relax." Ajay nodded and dropped her hands from her head and took a deep breath, just trying to let whatever was going to happen, happen.

The pain subsided a bit as the memories began to rush back to her in waves. She kept her eyes closed as the memories projected in front of them. Hyeon Kim watched the whole memory from beginning to end. It looked like a black and white motion picture. He was almost brought to tears when he saw his sister. He quickly changed his expression before Ajay could see him. Ajay could see everything in her head as it played out in front of Hyeon Kim. She opened her eyes and looked around. "I rememba." Her head throbbed a bit as she looked at Hyeon Kim. She reached for him but her hand went through him. He spoke to her again, "Neuro-link.... We're in your head." She dropped her hand and looked down into the water, "This place is filled with my inner most desires right?" Hyeon Kim nodded. "It seems to be programmed that way." Ajay looked down to a knife that had appeared in her left hand, "Go back Hyeon Kim. Have Octavio bring me ta the clinic and have him get things ready for patching just in case. Bring D.O.C. too. I might need ta borrow ya device that Nat made." Hyeon Kim gave her a confused look, "I can't leave you here. If I do that you might not come back and...." Ajay interrupted him. "Please go now and do what I told ya ta do."

Hyeon Kim's figure dissipated instantly. Ajay swallowed hard as she brought the knife to her right shoulder and began to carve a hole into her skin, and then her muscle. She closed her eyes as tears of frustration ran down her cheeks. Blood streamed down her arm and to her fingertips dripping into the water. She took the knife into her bloody hand and worked her fingers into her shoulder and pulled a microchip out of her right shoulder. She used the knife to destroy the microchip. "Mila!" She yelled. The name was no longer a whisper as it echoed through the emptiness. She dropped the blood soaked knife into the water; it splashed and echoed as the dark red haired girl appeared.

Mila looked confused as she stood in front of Ajay, "How.... Ajay? How did I get here?" Ajay smiled. "I summoned you here Mila." She looked at Ajay in shook, "How are you able to say my name? How do you remember?" It was Ajay's turn to be obscure when she spoke. "Mila this place is programmed ta give ya what ya desire most." Ajay paused as she felt water dripping on them from the ceiling. She could hear voices in the background. The voices we coming from behind Mila. The voices sounded like they were muffled by a door; a door that was locked. "I will have to make this fast." Ajay continued to smile as she spoke. "I think I know whatcha want." Ajay held out her hand" Mila started to cry and the ceiling began to crack and pour water down over them. Mila took Ajay's hand. The voices were getting louder like they were trying to enter into the world they were in. The sound of a door being forced open echoed around them. The emptiness started to fall apart like a mirror shattering. Mila wrapped her arms around Ajay and buried her face into her shoulder as she sobbed. Ajay held her tight as they both heard gun fire. Ajay fell backwards into the water as the world around them fell apart piece by piece. Bullets soared by them, echoing through the air. Ajay closed her eyes and wrapped her arms tightly around Mila as they sank into the water. Everything fell silent and grew dark.

Chapter Text

Ajay's fluttered open as she began to cough up water. She felt heavy as she clung tightly to whatever was on top of her. Throbbing pain struck through head as all of the memories came flooding back. She remembered everything once again. She heard voices around her but they were very distant. Her arms were being pried from the body on top of her. The voices became more clear as it was easier for her to focus. "Mila!" Hyeon Kim's voice was in disbelief as he laid her on the other bed next to Ajay. Octavio helped Ajay to sit up, "Che you're bleeding." She stood up, "I'm fine." She was soaked in blood and water, "Let's get Mila dried off." She looked over at the naked, lifeless body next her. Natalie worked fast to dry off Mila as Ajay grabbed a scalpel and tongs from the equipment that had Octavio set out for her. "I need her on her stomach."

Natalie and Octavio flipped Mila onto her stomach as Hyeon Kim stood next to them paralyzed from shock. Ajay quickly checked the young woman for a pulse. She exhaled a sigh of relief when she found that Mila had a strong pulse and was breathing just fine. She looked over at Hyeon Kim and then looked at Natalie, "Hey Nat." Ajay began to work, pulling bullets out of Mila's back while Octavio applied pressure with gauze to the areas that Ajay had worked on. Natalie stood next to Hyeon Kim and took his hand into hers. She whispered something to him that only he could hear. Hyeon Kim leaned into Natalie and they hugged. After Ajay had removed the last bullet she clicked on Natalie's device that was attached to her left wrist and grabbed D.O.C. "Give her some suga." She smiled but on the inside she was uneasy about using her drone outside of the arena.

D.O.C. let out a line and attached itself to Mila. D.O.C.'s line began to glow a teal color as it began to heal Mila's wounds. As D.O.C. finished up the device on Ajay's wristed popped and blacked out. Ajay pulled the device off and set it down next to her equipment "Sorry Nat. I think I broke it." Natalie was too preoccupied with Hyeon Kim to notice. Ajay looked over Mila to see if D.O.C. was able to do anything for her. All of Mila's wounds had closed and healed. Ajay smiled at Octavio who had a look of disbelief on his face a well. Hyeon Kim moved closer to Mila, still holding Natalie's hand. "Is it really her?" Ajay nodded, "It's really Mila." Hyeon Kim looked at Ajay, "I don't understand." Ajay pointed to her shoulder, which was still bleeding, "Everything made sense once I could rememba. My shoulder wasn't hurtin anymore because she did somethin ta it. It just felt odd. So I dug out some sort of microchip and destroyed it ta get her attention." She paused for a moment because she wasn't exactly sure how to explain things. "I brought her ta that place like she brought me there. Then I asked her what she desired most and brought her back with me. I don think we can go back to that place though. It was destroyed when we left." Hyeon Kim nodded, "The bullets?" He swallowed hard. Ajay looked at all the bullets she pulled from Mila, "Wherever she was bein held, they must have known she was leavin and shot at her. It was like she was in both places at once."

Octavio helped Ajay to sit down, "Che, I need to stitch you up, again." Ajay nodded. Hyeon Kim stood there watching Mila and holding Natalie's hand. "Is she okay?" Ajay looked at Mila and then back to Hyeon Kim as Octavio pushed the needle through her skin. "I think so. We won't know until she wakes up. I think that ya should get her a warm bath and into bed for now while I get stitched up. I can keep an eye on her after." Hyeon Kim released Natalie's hand and gently picked up Mila. Natalie smiled at Hyeon Kim and then to Ajay. "Non Ajay. You rest. I can looked after both of them." Natalie helped Hyeon Kim with Mila as Octavio finished up. "Thanks Silva." Octavio smiled at her and picked her up, "You were gone too long Che." He pressed his forehead against hers for a moment.

She laughed as he carried her into the house and up the stairs to their room. "I don wanna go on that trip again." He nodded as he set her down in the bathroom. He started the hot water in the bath tub and looked at her, "That's some pretty trippy shit?" Ajay nodded, "Ya got that right." She looked down at the bathwater, "Silva, I am already wet..." He interrupted her, "Mrs. Silva. Just let me have this one. Take your clothes off." Ajay blushed as she peeled the wet clothes from herself. "Hurry up Che." Octavio called to her from the tub. He was already naked and in the water. "Silva, these clothes are wet. They ain't comin off any faster." She finally peeled the last article of clothing off. "Well if you didn't wear panties this would go faster." He offered her his hand to help her into the tub. She took his hand almost falling into him as he pulled her down into the water and onto him.

Ajay smiled as she placed her arms on his shoulders. His hands found her back as he gently worked his fingers up and down her. "So you figure everything out?" She repositioned herself so that she had a leg to either side of him. "Yah." His hands ran along her back until they met her ass; squeezing her firmly. "And?" She worked her fingers into his shoulders, "That place was built to reveal your innermost desires. That's why I came back the way I did." She messaged his shoulders as he massaged her ass. "What were your innermost desires Che?" He already had an idea of what she was going to say but he wanted to hear it from her. Ajay leaned her face towards his and whispered into his ear. "To marry you." His fingers found her pussy, grazing just the outside of her. She moaned gently into his ear, "Silva, quit teasin me." She kissed down his neck. He smiled as he moved an arm around to the front of her to better tease her. His fingers ran up and down the length of her pussy before rubbing her clit. "Is this better Che?" She nodded and reached down to wrap her fingers around his cock. He groaned as she stroked him.

Octavio raised her body up a little bit so that he was eye level with her breasts. He took her left breast into his mouth and sucked on her nipple. He applied more pressure to her clit and released her nipple from his mouth as she tipped her head back. "Are you going to cum Che?" She bit her lower lip and nodded as he brought her to an orgasm. He had to pry her hand from his cock as he forced her tight pussy onto him. She screamed and then whimpered a little as he settled into her. He smiled and kissed her as she began to move her hips against him. "Silva.... You're so big." He laughed a little as forced his cock further into her. She moved herself up and down his cock as they kissed. Her arms found his neck as their tongues met.

Octavio picked Ajay up and stepped out of the tub, thrusting himself in and out of her as he finally made it to the counter. He set her on the edge of the counter and continued to work his hips with hers. He pushed her hair to the side and kissed on her left shoulder as he watched her ass in the mirror. She moaned against his chest, her nails dug into his back as she slid them down to his ass, gripping him tightly. He bit her shoulder as he felt her pussy tighten again. "Damn Che, already?" She spoke between moaning, "This. Is. Your. Fault. Silva." He smiled at himself in the mirror as pushed through her orgasm. "I know how you feel Mrs. Silva." He bit hard into her shoulder as he climaxed into her. Ajay kissed on his chest as they both caught their breath. Octavio pulled back to look at her. "I love you Che." She smiled up at him. "I love you Silva." He kissed her forehead. And stepped back, getting a better look at her whole body. "Che if you don't stop teasing me then we might not get any sleep tonight."

Ajay laughed a little as she slid off of the counter. "For once Silva I'm really tired. That hacker neuro-link thing is exhausting." Octavio helped Ajay to the bed, "Che I don't think it was just that. Wounding yourself didn't help the situation." Ajay sat naked on the bed. She looked down at her hands as Octavio spoke. "How did that happen?" She turned her hands over for a moment as she spoke to him, "That place. Ya just think of something and it's there. If ya know what you're doing it's a very powerful place. I think that's how I came back like I did the first time. Dressed up. Time works differently too. It's faster." Octavio sat down next to her and took her hands, holding them, "How did you get hacker dude's sister back?" Ajay met his eyes. "The first time I was there she told me that place gives ya what ya desire most. So I just asked her what she desired most." He nodded and kissed her forehead, "You did good Che." She shrugged, "But what if they come after us again." Octavio released her hands and helped her under the covers, "Then we will be ready for them." Ajay smiled as he climbed in with her.

Chapter Text

Ajay woke up as the sun crept into the room. She looked over next to her and smiled as saw Octavio sleeping next to her. She climbed out of bed and gathered some clothes to change into and then she gathered some extra clothing. She headed into the bathroom and got dressed into the essentials as well as a black off the shoulder shirt and black jean shorts. She picked up the bathroom and took the extra clothing with her. She crept through the house, trying not to wake anyone. She tip-toed into the room that Natalie was staying in. She was surprised to find Natalie and Hyeon Kim on the floor naked with only a sheet covering the lower halves of their bodies. Natalie was cuddled into Hyeon Kim’s chest and he had an arm around her. For the first time she noticed scars that lined Natalie's body. The scars made her look a bit older and gave her character a bit more depth than she had previously given her credit for. Ajay had a few questions for them but now was not the time.

She glanced over to the bed where they had placed Mila to rest. Ajay stepped over Natalie and Hyeon Kim and headed towards Mila. Ajay set the clothing down beside the bed as she knelt down to be at face level with the young lady sleeping in the bed. Mila was laying on her back and sound to sleep. The covers were pulled up to her shoulders. Ajay ran her fingertips through Mila’s hair, pushing it from her face. Ajay felt Mila stir a bit. She watched as Mila turned her head towards her hand. Ajay’s fingers were still in her hair as Mila opened her eyes and whispered, “Ajay?” She smiled at Mila. She felt an immediate connection with her like no other; maybe it was because of the experience they shared. Ajay whispered back, “Hey Mila. How are ya feelin?” Mila’s hand found Ajay’s in her hair and gripped it tight. Mila swallowed hard as she whispered again, “Is this real?” Ajay nodded as her eyes began to burn and warm tears stung her cheeks. “It’s real.” Mila began crying too.

They pressed their foreheads together and cried silently for a moment. Mila smiled, “I can’t believe it. I don’t understand.” She cried a little more as she sat up. Ajay helped her to sit up, blocking the view of Natalie and Hyeon Kim. “Let me help ya get dressed, okay?” Mila nodded as Ajay helped her get into a bra and panties, a loose fitting shirt, and leggings. Mila was about the same size as Ajay so it wasn’t hard for Ajay to find clothes to fit her. Ajay helped Mila off the bed and walked her out of the bedroom. When they passed Hyeon Kim and Natalie all Ajay could do was shrug. Mila didn’t have much to say about her brother and a woman that she didn’t know.

Ajay helped Mila sit down in the kitchen. “Here Mila.” Ajay set down a glass of water in front of Mila before she started preparing breakfast for everyone. Mila looked at the glass like it was magical. She took a few sips of water before drinking the whole glass. She felt like she could speak clearly again. “Ajay. I still don’t understand how I am here.” Ajay turned from what she was doing at the stovetop, “What do ya rememba?” Mila thought for a moment, “I was sleeping and then I felt like Tae Joon was calling me again. Like the first that you and I met." Ajay had a confused look on her face. "Tae Joon?" She quickly pushed the look away and continued to listen. "Then we were in that place that I created but it was different. I didn’t have any control. Then the guards were trying to break down the door to my room and I was in and out of existence. That’s all I remember.” Ajay turned around with an omelet on a plate and fork. Mila took the plate and the fork and began eating.

“Well, I’ll start from da beginning.” She paused for a moment and leaned against the counter. “When I woke up from our first encounter I couldn't rememba anythin. I had on a beautiful white dress and that damn mask.” Mila almost dropped her fork, “How?” Ajay looked at her, “I don know. Or I didn know at the time. I gave the necklace ta ya brother, like ya asked me to. I just didn know why I need to. Eventually I begged him ta explain ta me what was goin on. With the help of Natalie...” Mila interrupted, “The blonde girl?” Ajay nodded, “Yah. With her help and your brother, they navigated me back to the place that we met. I was able ta put our encounter on replay for ya brother.” Ajay blushed a little as she realized she was naked for part of it. “Anyway. When I thought about the circumstances of how I came back I thought I could bring ya back.” Mila set her fork down, “I still don’t understand how.”

Ajay shrugged, “I don know. Ya said that place brought ya innermost desires to fruition. When I left there with that dress on I married Silva. That was my innermost desire.” A big smile displayed across Ajay’s face before continuing, “So when I went back and I could rememba everything, with the help of ya brother, I dug the chip out my arm.” It was Mila’s turn to blush. “Sorry Ajay. I left that there just in case I needed to contact my brother through you. I added an algorithm that would block your pain receptors too.” Ajay smiled, “That’s how I knew something was in there. When I couldn’t feel any pain when I came back from that place. Ya very smart.” Mila smiled and ate some more.

Ajay stood up, “I got the chip out and destroyed it. I figured if I did that ya would come.” Mila nodded. “So when ya came I took control and asked ya what ya innermost desires were, but I already knew.” Mila looked down at her empty plate, “To be with my forever family.” Ajay leaned over to Mila and raised her chin up with her hand, meeting Mila’s eyes with her own, “I already knew. I wanted ya to be with ya forever family too. I took a gamble and we both had the same innermost desires. I held ya tight and took ya with me back to reality. But som of ya reality was intertwined with the reality we were in and ya got shot. I pulled bullets from ya back and fixed you up.”

Ajay dropped her hand as Mila felt around on her own back. “I remember. But shouldn’t I be dead? Or at least not up and around so soon?” Ajay shook her head, “Natalie.” Mila tilted her head, “Natalie?” Ajay smiled, “Natalie is a brilliant electrical engineer. She outfitted a device to help ya brother and me get to ya. The same device helped me use my D.O.C. drone to heal ya once I got the bullets out.” Mila looked astonished but frowned shortly after she saw Ajay’s shoulder and the stitches in it, “But what about you?” Mila touched her shoulder, running her fingertips delicately over the neat stitches that Octavio had wove into her skin. Ajay grabbed her hand and held it, “The device did what it needed to do. Ya here and well. Don worry about me. Ya lookin at a fighter.” Mila smiled, “And a healer.” Mila pulled her hand away and got up. She hugged Ajay, pulling her close as tears poured down her cheeks. “I never thought I would get out of there. Thank you Ajay. Thank you.” Ajay smiled and closed her eyes as she held Mila tight.

Both Ajay and Mila were surprised when Hyeon Kim engulfed both of them, embracing Mila from behind. He kissed the top of Mila’s head as he looked at Ajay and whispered to her, “Thank you.” Ajay nodded just barely seeing Natalie over Hyeon Kim’s shoulder. Natalie was smiling and crying at the same time. Ajay gently slid out of Mila’s arms and gave her and Hyeon Kim space to hug. She walked over to stand with Natalie, “I am just so happy.” Natalie said as she watched them. Ajay smiled, “Yah, me too Nat.”

She gently took Natalie’s hand and pulled her into the other room. “I didn’t know you were with Hyeon Kim. I thought ya and Elliot were…” She stopped as Natalie looked down. “Sorry Nat. I was just surprised to see the two of ya together.” Natalie twiddled her thumbs together. “Well Elliot is like a brother to me. Hyeon Kim. I have known him since he started two years ago at Apex. I wanted there to be more but he has a lot going on. He is so smart and handsome.” Natalie’s face went from pale to red in a matter of seconds. “Nat. You need to tell him how you feel.” Natalie continued to look downward, “Non. I am afraid of rejection.” Ajay sighed, “Don waste time like me and Silva. It’s better than sitting there wondering and waiting.” Natalie looked up at Ajay, “Maybe you’re right.” Natalie smiled, “I will talk to him tonight. Thank you.”

They were interrupted by Octavio, “What’s going on down here? Did I miss the invite?” Natalie smiled and walked back into the kitchen joining the embrace that Hyeon Kim and Mila welcomed her into. Ajay gazed at Octavio lovingly, “Nah. Mila woke up. I got her up to speed. And I made breakfast.” Octavio smiled and wrapped his arms around her, “And you gave Natalie relationship advice.” Ajay sunk into herself for a moment, “Yah. Ya heard all of that?” He smiled, “I heard everything. I’m glad you waited for me Che. I know it was hard. I’m…” She cut him off, “Save it Silva. No more apologizing for our past. I just want what we have now.” He nodded as she kissed him. He pulled his lips away from her just enough to speak. She waited for him to say some smartass comment but for once he didn’t, “Ok Che.” He kissed her again, wasting no time to find her tongue with his own.

Chapter Text

Ajay sighed happily as she cuddled into Octavio's lap in front of the fire. She gazed up at the stars in the night sky as they poured their light over them. “Che, how did we get kicked out of our house?” They both laughed, “Just give them some time ta work their shit out Silva.” Octavio shrugged and wrapped his arms around her, “All three of them? That's kind of weird.” She shifted in his lap, her left side was pressed against his chest, with her arm wrapped around his neck. He smiled at her, “This is our honeymoon Che.” They both laughed. “And those are da children Silva.” Ajay almost fell out of his lap, “Che, you haven’t even had anything to drink.” She smirked at him, “Not my fault all the alcohol is in the house Silva.” He kissed her, “I guess we'll have to do other things.” Octavio kissed her again as he ran his hand along left inner thigh. Ajay quickly got up and Octavio looked disappointed. “Che…”

Ajay stood with her back to him. Octavio watch the fir outline her beautiful body as she stood in front of it. He was a little disappointed that she got up so abruptly. As she unbuttoned her shorts he too his shorts off. Octavio smiled as he watched her shorts fall to her feet. Ajay hooked her thumbs around the waistline of her panties and slid them down her legs, bending over in front of him as she did. “Why are you teasing me Che?” She didn't have time to take her shirt off because Octavio was quick. He pulled her into his lap and wasted no time pushing his hard cock into her wet pussy. “You’re so wet.”

She moaned as he was all the way in her. “You have been teasin me night Silva.” Her feet barely touched the ground, giving her just enough leverage to push herself up and down his cock. He moaned into her back and reached around her front side. He slid his hands underneath her shirt. “A few more seconds Silva and I would have had that off.” His other had was on her waist, pushing her down onto him, “That’s too long Che, you know I can't wait.” Her hands found his thighs, she dug her nails into his skin, “Ya can’t wait a few seconds?” He played with her breasts, one by one underneath her shirt, “I’m making up for lost time.” She blushed and pulled one of her hands from his legs and brought it to her clit.

Octavio reached down from her breast and felt her fingers working her clit. He smiled into her back and put his hand on her waist picking up the pace. “You know Che, when we were teenagers, you would drive me so crazy I would have to take a cold shower every night.” She worked her clit between her fingers and moaned, “Silva… we were together almost every night.” She paused. “We slept in the same bed all the time.” He kissed her back through her shirt, “I know Che. After you fell asleep I would go do my thing in the shower and come back to bed.” She blushed, “Silva, I am going to cum.” He licked his lips and they both climaxed together. She fell back against him, “You were in the shower and I was touching myself.” Octavio pulled her in close and kissed her neck. "We could have been doing other things." His voice was a whisper against her skin that sent chills down her spine.

Ajay opened her eyes and looked over to see Natalie standing right in front of her. Ajay nearly jumped out of Octavio’s arms. “Are you two coming back inside?” Octavio was silently laughing into Ajay's back. Ajay sat there in his lap, naked from the waist down and his cock still inside of her, “Yeah Nat, we'll be in soon.” Natalie skipped off and Ajay slumped back into Octavio's lap as he laughed out loud against her. “Silva, what the fuck is so funny?” He wrapped his arms around the front of her held her tight as he spoke, “You get so embarrassed. It's cute.” She tried to get up but he held her down, “Che, who the fuck cares if they see you or us. I trust you and if people want to watch, then that’s on them. You're gorgeous. People will always stare. They always have since I Have known you. The fact that you decided to be with a daredevil that blew off his own legs is beyond me. My fans dig it though. Just don’t sweat the small stuff Che.”

Ajay relaxed into him, “Yah.” Octavio smiled as he hugged her. “Silva, I think ya like it when people watch.” He laughed and helped her to her feet, “Maybe.” He smirked as he pulled his shorts up, “What if I do?” Ajay turned away from him, her face was red from embarrassment. She began getting dressed when she felt his hands on her ass, “They can look but they can’t touch.” He helped her pull her panties on, playing with the lace. “Maybe I like it when they're jealous.” He helped her get her shorts on. She really didn’t have anything to say, her face was still a shade of red.

She turned around to face him, “Che are you blushing?” She nodded, “Are you embarrassed about that too? We literally had sex in front of the trickster and Renee and it didn’t bother you.” Octavio pulled her against him, holding her ass in his hands. Ajay looked into his eyes, “It's easy when you're fucking high and drunk.” He smiled at her, “Do you like it?” He pressed his forehead to hers, “Fucking in front of other people?” Ajay tried to look away but Octavio grabbed her chin and forced her gaze to his. “Silva...” She whispered to him. “Tell me Che.” His other hand ran down her leg and then back up underneath her shorts to grab her bare ass. “Don’t you like to be adventurous?” She was wet all over again from his touch. She could feel his fingers running along her pussy; just gently over the fabric of her panties, “I like to be adventurous with you Che.”

Octavio's lips laid light kisses on her neck as he spoke. “The way your breasts bounce as your body takes in all of me. The way I get to squeeze your ass and I know that no one else can, they just have to sit there and watch. How your mouth and your throat…” He sucked gently on her bend of her neck as her fingers pressed into his back. “How you can take every inch of me and when you do you look so innocent, like you have never done it before.” He bit lightly at her shoulder. “I love showing you off and having fucking sex in front of other people.” Ajay had already melted into him, holding back small moaning noises. Her heart pounded hard against her chest. “I do. I’m just not brave enough to it without alcohol or drugs.” He laughed, “I fucking knew it. I knew you loved it.” He rubbed her pussy and bit harder before pulling his fingers away. Both of his hands found her legs and lifted her up against him. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ajay pressed her lips against his as he carried her back inside the house.

They made out all the way to the kitchen island where Octavio set her down. Natalie watched the two and blushed when they looked at her. Natalie looked down, “Sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Hyeon Kim looked at Natalie and raised an eyebrow. Natalie stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Hyeon Kim's ear about how she found them outside. It didn’t seem to bother Hyeon Kim, he took a drink out of the cup he was holding. Natalie handed them each a cup, “I made drinks!” Ajay took a drink of what was in her cup, “Uh Nat this is just rum in a cup.” Natalie looked a bit surprised, “Is that not how you make drinks?” Ajay smiled, “It's fine.” Natalie smiled with excitement, “Oh good!”

Ajay downed her drink and looked around, “Where is Mila?” Hyeon Kim crossed his arms over his chest, “Resting. She's still a little disoriented from everything.” Ajay looked into her empty cup, Octavio was still between her legs. Natalie stared for a moment before pouring more rum into Ajay's cup. “Thanks Nat.” Ajay gripped her shoulder, she forgot how much it had been hurting. She tried to push away the pain but it was getting worse. She hated feeling like this. Octavio frowned, “Did you let it go too long.” Ajay nodded as she downed her drink. “Do you want some pain medication or something else?” He winked at her. “Silva, what else ya have?” He grinned at her, “Just some x. Just pills, nothing fancy like trickster.” Natalie interjected, “What is x?”

Ajay set her cup down, “It's a drug. It makes ya feel really good.” Natalie tapped on her chin with her index finger, “I think I would like some x.” The three of them stared at Natalie before Ajay broke the silence, “Are you sure?” Natalie smiled, “But of course. Get two. I am sure Hyeon Kim wants one too!” Ajay looked over to Hyeon Kim as Octavio left to another room. Hyeon Kim's expression really never changed. Octavio came back and handed them each a pill. Hyeon Kim didn’t refuse. Ajay and Natalie were the first to take their pills followed by Hyeon Kim and then Octavio. They all chased the ecstasy with a copious amount of liquor.

Chapter Text

Ajay sat on the island in the kitchen and watched Natalie down a few a more drinks. She wanted to tell her to pace herself but honestly it wouldn't matter. Ajay was starting to feel warm and very friendly and she knew Natalie was already feeling that way as well. She watched Natalie push herself against Hyeon Kim. Ajay smiled as felt Octavio’s hands on her inner thighs. “Che, I can’t get your shorts off if you're sitting. Lay back.” Ajay looked at him and blushed, “Silva…” He smiled and kissed her stomach. She was already growing wet to his touch.

 Natalie climbed up on the island, almost falling off before sitting down next to Ajay. “I think that I want to do some shots!” Hyeon Kim strolled over leaning against a nearby counter. “Hyeon Kim will you do shots with us?” Ajay thought it was strange that Natalie called him by his whole name but she didn’t put much more thought into it. Before Hyeon Kim could answer Natalie answered for him, “Shots for everyone!”

Octavio pushed himself away from Ajay and scavenged under the island for some vodka and shot glasses. He set the glasses out and poured out the vodka into the glasses. Ajay took a glass and handed another to Natalie. Octavio and Hyeon Kim each took a glass. Natalie raised her glass. “To Mila.” Natalie didn’t wait for everyone to toast, she instead downed her shot before everyone else. Ajay smiled and whispered, “Ta Mila.” She drank her shot after everyone else. She watched as Octavio pulled out the tequila and dug in the refrigerator to find some limes. Ajay shifted on the island, pressing her back against Natalie’s back as she watched Octavio. “Silva, you best not get too crazy.” He flashed her a smile as he found the limes, “What fun would that be?”

“Ajay?” Natalie leaned against her, “Everything feels exhilarating.” Ajay laughed as Octavio passed out shots of tequila shots, limes, and salt. Ajay showed Natalie what to do which ended up with them having to take two shots instead of one. Natalie couldn’t help but giggle after the double shot of tequila hit her system. Octavio managed to do two more shots. “We should try the obstacle course!” Ajay shook her head, “I’m not high or drunk enough for that Silva.” Natalie jumped up, “Let’s do it!” Octavio began to run in place, “What about you hacker?” Hyeon Kim smiled, “I will win.” Ajay grabbed a bottle of rum as Octavio ran to the back door and threw it open, flipping on the outdoor lights.

The obstacle course was a smaller version to the one in the arena. The course had a green glow to it that lit up the backyard. “I built this course a while go. The big bosses at Apex must have been impressed because they had me help design the on for the arena. It debuted the day you guys broke the game.” Ajay frowned a little when she realized that he had been working on the arena course be he came out to propose to her and then she ruined his big reveal. “Sorry Silva.” Octavio smiled, “Nah Che. It will be there. You guys had shit to take care of.” He smacked her on the ass before taking Natalie and Hyeon Kim to the obstacle course.

Ajay nearly dropped her bottle of rum that she had brought with her when Octavio slapped her ass. She sat down on the cool pavement and watched Octavio run the course and then Natalie and then Hyeon Kim. They both tried for an hour or so before they gave up and Octavio declared himself the winner. Ajay was laying half asleep on the pavement when Octavio's voice rang through her ears, “Che? Did you give up already?” Ajay sat straight up, “Silva, ya ever see me give up?” He laughed at her, “Are you going to get up?” She smiled, “Do we need ta be somewhere?” Octavio kneeled down, “Well, Nat and Hacker want to do more shots.” Ajay ran her fingertips along the metal part of his leg, “I'll be in soon.” He shook his head, “Not good enough.” Octavio picked her and flung her over his shoulder Ajay managed to catch the bottle of rum that she had nearly dropped for the second time that night. “Come on Che. Don’t make a mess.” She looked down towards his ass and smiled. She took a drink of rum and slid her free hand down into his shorts. She grabbed his ass as he carried her inside.

Ajay finished the rum just as Octavio set her onto the island in the kitchen. “Che that doesn’t count as your shot.” Ajay pouted a bit as he took the empty from her grasp and set it to the side. Natalie handed Ajay two shot glasses. Ajay didn’t bother to wait and drank both of the shots back to back as Natalie clapped and drank her own shots. Octavio watched as Natalie led Hyeon Kim to the dining room table. She pushed him into a chair and climbed into his lap, straddling him. He looked back over to Ajay as Natalie and Hyeon Kim began making out.

Octavio grinned at her and pushed his hands under her shirt, working it off of her body. Ajay giggled at him, “Silva. They’re right over there.” She was referring to Natalie and Hyeon Kim. He got her shirt off and tossed it to the floor. “Don't care Che.” He unfastened her bra and pulled it from her chest tossing it to the floor. “They are busy anyway.” Octavio pointed over to them still kissing at the dining room table. Ajay glanced over at Natalie and Hyeon Kim as they made out. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world. “Now lay back Che. Or I might get rough with you.”

Ajay laughed as Octavio’s hand found the center of her chest and forced her against the cold counter top of the island. “Silva!” His hand trailed down her stomach to her shorts. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down her legs and off of her. Octavio pulled off her panties and stood between her legs. Ajay looked down over her breasts as his face found her pussy. Her legs rested on his shoulders as tongue parted her from bottom to top, stopping at her clit. She moaned as his bit gently at her clit before he flicked his tongue along her. Ajay placed her left hand in his hair and forced him further into her as she felt one of his fingers slide into her pussy. She closed her eyes as she felt another one of his fingers slide alongside the first one.

Her right hand found her right breast and began to play with her nipple. She pouted a little as he pulled a finger out of her. She was a little surprised when she felt his finger pressing gently against her asshole. She tilted her head back and pressed hips into his fingers and moaned as his finger slowly entered her other hole. He licked her clit gently keeping an even pace. He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy as well as her asshole but it only took him a few times before he brought her to an unexpected climax. She half screamed before biting her lower lip to drown out some of the noise. She arched her back to work her hips into his face and fingers, wrapping her legs tightly around him.

Octavio smiled as he withdrew his fingers and face from her. He slid his upper body through the grasp of her legs and bent over the island and pulled her up. Ajay wrapped her arms around him as he carried her to one of the rooms just down the hall. The room was just a simple sitting room that had a sofa, an armchair, and a fireplace. The flames of the fire lit of the room as he laid her on the floor. She didn't know when but he somehow managed to get his shorts off; he was always quick like that.

He kissed her as he slid his cock into her. They both moaned as he got himself all the way in her and stopped. He sat up and looked down at her. She smiled up at him as he reached down and took both of her breasts into his hands. She moved her hips with his as he pushed his cock in and out of her. She reached up with her left hand pulled him down to her by his hair. She kissed him hard and gently pushed him off of her and onto his back, shifting herself to get on top of him.

Octavio smiled up to her as she kissed her way from his chest to his cock. She kissed his cock and took him into her mouth. He moaned, “Che. I can’t go much longer if you do that.” She smiled sucked on his cock for a moment before pulling back and turning her back to him as she climbed over the top of him. He grabbed her ass and squeezed her tightly. She guided his cock into her ass, “Che?” She paused for a moment, “Silva?” He couldn’t see her face. “Are you sure?”

She continued pushing him into her ass. He closed his eyes and placed is hands on her hips as he was all the way in her tight hole. She sat on top of him for a moment; she could feel his fingers digging into her hips, “Damn Che.” It was the only that he could manage to say as Ajay started to slowly bounce up and down on his cock, setting the pace as she leaned back into him. “Oh Che...” He sighed as she drove him to the edge. He dug his nails harder into her hips and forced her down onto his cock as exploded inside of her ass.

Chapter Text

The hum of the transport ship wasn’t as welcoming as it used to be. The details for the Halloween event were pretty vague. All of the Legends were dressed up for the event, but it was nothing that they picked out for themselves. All their costumes were provided by Apex. The costumes were more or less mandated for them to wear. Ajay was wearing a costume called Green Widow. She was a tone of green with orange and black clothing and cobweb lined skin. The event that they were playing tonight was called Fight or Fright. Besides not having teams and being back in Kings Canyon during the night, that was all they were told.

Ajay noticed that MRVN was the only one that wasn’t wearing a costume. She wasn’t the only one that noticed because Makoa beat her to the question, “Hey MRVN, where’s your costume?” MRVN looked around, “Did you guys all come from a children’s party?” Makoa laughed and smacked MRVN on the back, “You don’t have a costume for the Halloween event?” MRVN tapped his screen but it was blank, “I am Octane’s legs.” MRVN began running in place. Makoa and Octavio laughed at MRVN. “Break a leg MRVN. Mine are made of steel.” MRVN clapped at Octavio’s joke.

The only thing that made the situation better for Ajay was a gift from Apex given to her from Blisk. She knew it had to be some backhanded gift though. It was a set of drumsticks with all of her Lifeline traits painted on them. They were called shock sticks because they could apparently shock any Legend she struck with them. She was told that she could use them in place of a weapon or her fists but the damage was pretty minimal. She held the brightly colored shock sticks in her hands and began drumming in the air around her. It was a skill that she would never forget from the band that she used to play in ages ago; she almost missed playing.

Ajay decided that for once she would not be the last one out of the transport ship. As the ramp opened she hopped out and that’s when she heard the ominous laugh that struck her to the core. She swallowed hard as she heard the announcer’s voice and laugh, “It’s the same voice from my apartment.” Her right shoulder ached and her body cried in agony as she landed on the roof of Market. She wondered if Crypto heard it too or he had ever heard it. She shook her head and hoped down into market. She collected level one body armor, a level one backpack, and a Ghostly Graveyard R301. She didn’t hear it, so she didn’t expect it when she was stuck down by a Ghouls and Ghost Peacekeeper by Wattson on the other end of it.

Her eyes burned as she opened them. Her body twitched when she stretched out her arms and looked at them. Her arms were black and orange tinged. Her skin looked like smoke was lingering from it. She tried to talk but she could not get out the words. Instead her words came out in the form of a screech noise. The ominous voice rang through her ears. “Time for a second chance in the shadows.” She evaluated her HUD and the only thing she could do was melee and jump. She grasped her head in pain as she tilted her head inwards towards her chest. She heard the voice in head again “Join me in the shadows. Let me watch your face while you go. Put on your mask and go kill them my little Judge Jury Executioner. Kill them all.” The voice echoed a laugh into her core. Lifeline just stood there as the voice laughed in her head. She was paralyzed with fear. “When it all goes dark, you don’t wake up anywhere else.”

It wasn’t long before the match was over and Ajay was sitting in the transport ship. She held her head in her hands, hutched over herself in the same seat that she always sat in. It didn’t take long for the ship to land. Everyone exited the ship except for Octavio, “Che?” He knelt down in front of her. Ajay rocked back and forth. “Che, what’s wrong?” Octavio pulled her hands from her face to find tears pouring from her eyes. “Che…” He pulled Ajay to her feet and held her tightly. Ajay cried into Octavio for a few minutes before she regained some of her composure. As they walked out of the ship the hot air hit her face and she sank to her knees and lost it, throwing up all over the ground.

Octavio knelt down with her and rubbed her back until she was done. Ajay wiped her mouth against her arm. She shook as she stood up. Octavio helped her inside and into the bathroom. She was silent as she entered by herself. She rinsed her mouth out and splashed her face with cold water. She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her vision flashed with her smoke tinged skin. She closed her eyes tight and pushed the thought from her head and opened her eyes. “Get ya shit together.” She stood up straight and put on her best poker face as she left the bathroom and entered into the debriefing room.

Debriefing was quick as usual. Ajay made her way out of the building to where Octavio, Natalie, and Hyeon Kim were waiting for her by the car. She got into the car and motioned for Hyeon Kim to sit up front with Octavio as she climbed into the back with Natalie. Octavio frowned a bit as everyone got situated. They drove in silence as Ajay curled up in the back seat. Natalie tentatively placed a hand on Ajay’s shoulder. Ajay started sobbing again which made Octavio tense up as he drove, mostly because he didn’t know what was wrong or what he could do to fix it.

Natalie cuddled up against Ajay’s back side and pulled Ajay’s hair from her face, trying to calm her. Ajay grabbed Natalie’s hand and held it tight. Natalie closed her eyes as she rested her head against Ajay’s back. Octavio looked over to Hyeon Kim for any indication of what might be going on but Hyeon Kim just looked back at him and shrugged. Ajay broke the silence half way through the long car ride, “The voice.” Natalie spoke first as she lifted her head from Ajay’s back, “What voice?” Ajay rubbed Natalie’s hand, “The fucking announcer’s voice.” Ajay could only whisper. Natalie looked a little confused, “What about it? Was it too spooky?” Ajay swallowed hard and tried not to say anything mean to the naïve comment, “Nah. It was the monster that attacked me… The fucking mercenary from the Syndicate.” Hyeon Kim grew tense in his seat.

Octavio kept driving as he listened to the conversation in the backseat. “They're doin this ta fuck with me.” She closed her eyes and tried to control herself. She hated feeling like this. Natalie held Ajay's hand and used her other hand to rub her back. “Did the monster say anything to you?” Ajay nodded and Natalie waited patiently. “Join me in the shadows. Let me watch your face while you go. Put on your mask and go kill them my little Judge Jury Executioner. Kill them all.” Ajay's body was tense as soon as she repeated it. The voice of the monster echoed through her head.

Hyeon Kim was holding a tight fist in his lap. “They're trying to brainwash you. Why else would they specifically talk to you like that?” He released his fist, “They are trying recruit you.” Natalie continued to rub Ajay's back, “Did the monster say anything else to you” Ajay squeezed her eyes shut tightly, “When it all goes dark, you don’t wake up anywhere else.” Hyeon Kim quickly made another fist and pounded it into his thigh as they all grew silent again.

It wasn’t too long before they pulled into the garage. Natalie helped Ajay out of the car and Octavio and Hyeon Kim unloaded everyone’s belongings from the trunk. Octavio set their bags down in the kitchen. Hyeon Kim did the same with his and Natalie's stuff. “This is not good.” Hyeon Kim said as Octavio looked at him. Octavio was silent as he began pouring them both drinks. Mila met them in the kitchen as Hyeon Kim began speaking to Octavio again, “If they get into her head they can break her Octavio. They will use her until she is no longer who she is.” He downed his whole drink, “That's how they created that monster.” Octavio poured him another drink as Hyeon Kim continued, “They will make her kill for them until she dies and then they will simulacrum her into some fucking robot. Then they will use her to kill again. Even if she dies they will bring her back again and again just to torture her. They will not let her rest. Ever.”

Mila looked pale, “The Syndicate doesn’t care. They will literally ghost her. They might even use her to make money in the arena.” Octavio was silent as he finished his drink. Mila went to touch Octavio but hesitated as his demeanor didn't look so inviting, “If your next match is the same Fight or Fright theme then she needs to dip out. It might break her mentally. I can't imagine what she has been through to get here. She makes it look so easy but even the people that make it look easy have a breaking point and once they break they spiral fast.”

Hyeon Kim looked over to find Natalie standing in the entryway of the kitchen, “How long have you been standing there?” Natalie leaned against the entry way, “Long enough. Don't you think Ajay should hear all of this? It's not very nice to talk behind someone's back.” Octavio nodded, “Yeah, when she is ready.” Natalie gave Octavio a stern look, “And when do you think that would be?” Octavio was becoming frustrated with her childish tone, “When I am ready to tell her.” Natalie shook her head, “When is that?” Octavio set his glass down on the counter, rather loudly, “For fuck sakes Natalie. She almost died twice. She went through a mental nightmare; not once but twice! She also pulled a human being out and well organized mercenary syndicate. There are other things that you just don’t know. She is my fucking wife and my best friend. I will know when to tell her.” Natalie shrugged and pushed herself away from the entry way, “Don't wait too long.” Hyeon Kim interrupted, “Where is Ajay?” Natalie sighed, “She’s in the shower.” Octavio walked by Natalie as she threw her hands up in the air at him.

The bedroom was dark when Octavio entered. The only light was the soft glow from the bathroom. Octavio closed the bedroom door and walked into the bathroom. He found Ajay sitting in the shower with her arms wrapped around her legs and her head pressed into knees. Octavio took off his clothes and stepped into the shower. The water that fell over Ajay was cold and it gave Octavio a sight chill. He sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He placed his head against her back and listened to her heart beat which was stifled by her intermittent crying. After a few minutes Ajay turned the right side of her body into Octavio’s chest and curled into him. Octavio held her tight against him. Shortly after, Ajay was finally able to stop crying.

The water became a deafening sound, so much so that Octavio turned it off. Ajay sat in his arms for what seemed like forever. They were both dry by the time Octavio picked up Ajay and carried her to their bed. He laid her down under the sheets and blankets and crawled into bed next to her. He curled up alongside her back and covered them both up. She had fallen asleep in the shower and he didn’t have the heart to wake her up. He held her breasts against his arm, pulling her against him. She laid almost lifeless against him as he kissed her back and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

The bedroom was filled with light when Octavio opened his eyes. He looked down to find Ajay's face and hands buried in his chest. He gently ran his fingers through her hair. Ajay stirred a bit and rubbed her cheek into his skin. She opened her eyes although it was somewhat painful from all the crying. She kissed his chest, “Sorry Silva.” She pulled her face back to look into his eyes. “No need for apologies Che. You're going through some shit right now. You should probably eat though. You didn’t have anything to eat yesterday.” She shook her head as she ran her fingers along his arm. He leaned down and kissed the top of head. “We need to talk about everything and what we are going to.” She swallowed hard and nodded.

Ajay kissed his chest and sat up pushing the covers away from herself. He reached over and ran his fingers over her left breast before stopping to play with her nipple, “Che you might need to wear some clothes.” She laughed as she lifted the rest of the covers to see his hard cock. She went to reach for his hard flesh but he grabbed her wrist and he sat up. He found her lips and kissed as he pushed her back down onto bed. He held her wrist against the bed right above her head. Ajay moaned as Octavio sucked on her left breast and then her right. “Silva…” He smiled as his free hand moved down to pussy, parting her slit with his finger. He slid his fingers inside her, “Mrs. Silva you are very wet.” She pushed her hips against him, “Ya always act surprised Silva.” He leaned down and spoke just above her lips, “Not surprised Che. Just happy.”

Octavio rubbed his thumb along her clit as she moaned against his lips. Her free hand found his shoulder, digging her nails into his skin. Ajay wrapped a leg around his waist trying to pull him closer, “Silva, please….” His lips were still above hers, teasing her, “Please what?” She groaned, “I need you inside of me.” He pulled his fingers from her pussy and rubbed them along her lips. Ajay opened her mouth and licked his fingers as his cock entered her. She sucked on his fingers and put her right leg over his shoulder. His fingers found the back of her throat before he pulled them out of her mouth to give her ass a hard smack. Octavio leaned down and kissed her hard as he moved his cock in and out of her. She dug her nails into his chest and moaned into his mouth. “Silva, fuck me from behind.” Octavio smiled and used his tongue to play with hers.

Ajay moaned and arched her back a bit as he withdrew himself from her. Ajay stood up on her knees with her back to him. Octavio kissed her right shoulder as he pushed his cock back into her. She moaned as her fingers played with the underside with his cock as it went in and out of her. Octavio’s right hand squeezed her right breast. He used his left hand to pull her head back by her hair. She leaned her head into his hand and kissed his neck. She moaned against his neck as she forced her pussy down on him, “Harder Silva.” He shuddered at her words and pulled her hair hard pushing his cock into her pussy harder and faster, “Do you like touching my cock as it goes in and out of your pussy?” His voice was low against her ear.

She nearly screamed to him as her fingertips ran along his cock, “Yah Silva. Ya feel so good.” She reached behind her and grabbed his thigh with her free hand, “Silva. Ya feel so good.” She said breathlessly trying to put together sentences. Octavio kissed her neck and whispered into her ear, “Are you close Che?” He tilted her head as he bit along her neck. “Yah...” It was all she could manage to get out. He smiled and licked her neck before he whispered into her ear again, “You should cum Mrs. Silva.” He paused and forced himself into her as hard as he could, “Cum all over my cock.” His words were enough. She screamed as she began to orgasm. Octavio could feel her pussy grow tight around his cock. He forced himself into her a few more times before exploding deep inside of her.

Octavio squeezed her breast hard and released her hair. His hand dropped down to her clit, rubbing her gently. Ajay leaned back into him and she began to breath hard again, “Silva.” He removed his hand from her breast and wrapped it around her waist to steady her, “What's wrong Che?” He rubbed her hard. He smiled as he could feel her pussy getting tight around his cock again. “I am going to cum again…” He gently pushed her semi hard cock in and out of her, “That's the plan.”  She bit her lower lip and moaned his name loudly. He held her tight until she came down and collapsed into him. He shifted her body, cradling her in his arms as he sat down. He held her cheek as he kissed her. She was almost in a daze as she kissed him. Her fingertips traced his face as he held her for a moment. “I love you Silva.” Octavio played with her hair, “I love you Che.”

He placed her gently against the bed and kissed her forehead.  She sighed happily and closed her eyes as he walked into the bathroom. She sat up as she heard water of the shower. She stretched as she stood up from the bed. Ajay opened her dresser drawer to pull out a bra and panties. Her white mask was sitting on top of all of her bras and panties. Her hand shook as she picked up the mask and held it. She set it on top of the dresser as she slid on her panties and bra, clasping it in place. She closed the drawer and stared at the mask again.

She picked up the mask and stepped over to a mirror in the corner of the room. She raised the mask up and held it in front of her face. She watched herself in the mirror. She simply just looked like herself. “What da fuck Ajay. Get ya shit together.” She whispered to herself. She took a deep breath and put the mask on. The mask engulfed her face but it felt good. She felt strong and powerful like she did when she wore it in the arena. Thoughts vividly flashed across mind and they felt like reality as she looked in the mirror. Her breathing became more shallow and rapid as reality changed around her.

She stood in her Judge Jury Executioner outfit. Her right arm was burnt with smoke and ash rising from it. There was a red glow from the eyes of her mask. The same eerie voice echoed through her body. “Join me in the shadows.” She shook her head. “Ya just in my head.” She whispered.  “Am I little girl?” Her mouth was dry as she nodded, “Yah.” She stood there stiff, tense, and almost paralyze again. “Go on. It’s okay to be afraid.” She clenched her fists. “I ain’t afraid of ya.” She felt chills along her spine. “That little voice saying there’s still hope? It’s lying.” The voice was mocking her. Ajay’s skin began to crawl as she ripped the mask off and threw it on the floor. She put on some black leggings, black shorts, a black tank top, a black and green hoodie, and her favorite boots.

Ajay was surprised to find breakfast waiting for her in the kitchen. Mila smiled when she saw Ajay. “Come sit.” Mila was at the table with a plate waiting for Ajay. “It’s still warm.” Ajay sat down next to Mila and took a few bites of the eggs that were on her plate. Mila watched her for a moment. “Are you okay?” Ajay stopped eating and gave her a confused looked, “Yah, why wouldn’t I be?” Mila thought carefully before she answered, “You have just been through a lot.” Ajay shrugged and sat there for a moment. “Thanks for breakfast Mila.” Octavio joined them at the table. Mila nodded, “Ajay I think we need to talk about everything.” Ajay looked at her, “Like what?” Mila offered Ajay her hand and Ajay took it, “Like everything.”

Ajay felt Mila’s warmth and concern wash over her. It was like an instant connection when they touched. Ajay thought it may have had something to do with the neurolink and jump they took but she didn’t know if Mila felt it too. “Okay Mila.” Octavio looked a little surprised because he knew that Ajay could be a bit stubborn and guarded about her thoughts. Mila looked at Octavio, nodding to him to start the conversation. “Go ahead Octavio.”

He moved his plate over, “Che. We think The Syndicate is trying to recruit you. Right now they are grooming you to start killing for them.” He took her other hand into his. “I really don’t know how else to put it other than that.” Ajay sat silent for a long time. “I don really know what ta do.” Octavio rubbed her hand, “Well if you keep competing in the games there is a good chance that they are watching you or even communicating with you.” Ajay pulled her hands away from both of them, “I can’t stop competing.” Octavio sighed, “Che, I will stand by you no matter what but I don’t… I can’t lose you.” Ajay looked at Mila, “Is there more?” Mila set her hands into her lap, “More what?” Ajay stared at her, “More people that The Syndicate have stolen and locked up?”

Mila hesitated for a moment, “I… I… I don’t know. I mean if they did it to me I am sure that there are more.” Ajay nodded and looked at Octavio, “Silva, what if The Syndicate has Elliot’s brothers? Or Anita’s brother?” Octavio really didn’t know much about Elliot’s life or family or Anita’s brother, “What do you mean Che?” She sighed, “Elliot’s brother mysteriously went missin when Elliot was trialing Holo-Pilot technology and then suddenly his he has an invite ta the games. I just find it hard ta believe. What if Anita’s brother was killed or taken because of The Syndicate. All the testin on Renee…” She felt sad when she thought about Renee and the video of her past that she had witnessed.”

Mila looked pale as Ajay spoke. “You have a very valid point Ajay. I just don’t know who would validate what you are saying.” Ajay looked down at the table. “Through me. It has to be me. I’ll have ta play their game and not get caught. If I don do this I’ll put all of ya at risk, especially ya Mila. I can’t live with myself if any of ya get hurt or if Mila and her brother get caught. I just can’t.” Ajay sighed. She already felt emotionally drained again.

Mila was almost in tears, “Ajay, they will kill you and resurrect you to kill for them again and again. My life is not worth that.” Hyeon Kim walked in as Ajay hugged Mila, “Nah Mila. Ya forever family. Ya worth it. So is everyone here and anyone that was taken or killed by them. I want to save and protect anyone I can. I just gotta figure this out.” Mila leaned into Ajay embracing her tightly, “You’re like a guardian angel Ajay.”

Chapter Text

The car ride back to the city was quiet but at least Ajay wasn’t a mess this time. Natalie sat quietly in the backseat with Hyeon Kim. Ajay gripped Octavio’s hand tightly as she watched the trees turn into buildings. Soon they were out in the front of her apartment building. Hyeon Kim and Natalie left for Hyeon Kim’s place. Ajay didn’t really care to stay at her place much anymore but it was the only break that Octavio and she got from their new roommates. She didn’t like to leave Mila behind but she knew it was much safer for her to stay at Hyeon Kim’s place. Now that Mila was back, Hyeon Kim wanted to be with her all the time and Natalie wanted to be with Hyeon Kim. The trio always seemed to be together.

Octavio and Ajay didn’t drop their stuff at the apartment. Ajay wasn’t sure that she even wanted to stay the night in the apartment. Ajay and Octavio headed to the firing range instead. “One more night of this Halloween event Che.” Ajay nodded. She really didn’t have much to say. The consensus of her immediate group was that she should sit out on this match but by contract she was obligated to compete in every match and honestly she wasn’t going to back down. She was never one to quit.

Ajay wasn’t surprised to find Anita in the firing range when they got there. She waited for Anita to break from her drills before starting her own. “Hey kid. Surprised to see you here.” Ajay offered a fake smile, “Been awhile Anita.” Ajay picked up an Eva 8 while Anita reloaded her P2020, “Yeah, married life made you soft.” Ajay gave her a weird look, “Whatcha mean?” Anita aimed down the sight and shot the practice dummy in the head a few times before the armor made a familiar cracking noise. “You were out pretty quickly the other night. Your arena play just seems boring and uninspired lately.” Ajay was getting angry but she didn’t let it show. Ajay knew that on some level Anita knew about the shit going with The Syndicate and Apex but Ajay was now questioning Anita’s blind loyalty.  

Ajay shrugged, “Sometimes it’s hard to play a game that’s rigged.” Anita emptied the last bullet from her clip into the dummy but didn’t say anything to Ajay’s comment but instead changed the subject, “Last night of Fight or Fright. What’s the plan?” Ajay really didn’t know what the plan was, “Ta win.” She attached the double tap hop-up to the shotgun. Anita smirked, “Sounds solid but you won’t have a team to back you up.” Ajay hip fired a practice dummy, taking its shields out in one pull of the Eva 8. “I won’t need one but ya might.” Ajay was getting frustrated with Anita and how much she was getting under her skin. Anita shrugged it off and walked away, leaving the firing range completely.

Octavio had been listening from a distance but was apprehensive about the whole conversation. He walked over to Ajay, “What was that all about?” Ajay shot down the practice dummy, “I don know. I don even know who to trust at this point.” She sighed, “How did this get so damn complicated?” She knew Anita was right about her game play and she hated it. She wanted to wear her mask and hide from everyone. When she wore her mask she felt powerful and invincible. Without it she was just a support player; a little combat medic. “Che, we should get going. We have 10 minutes before we have to be on the transport ship.” Ajay set the gun down and headed towards the elevators with Octavio.

Ajay sat quietly in the transport ship waiting for the countdown clock. Once again they were forced to wear their Halloween event costumes. “I’ll be glad when this is over. I just gotta get through tonight.” Ajay stood up as the countdown clock started. She made sure she was behind Anita. She was still a bit angry about their conversation from earlier. She usually did sweat the small stuff but lately the stress had been getting to her. When the ramp dropped and everyone began to jump Lifeline only jumped when Bangalore did. She flat out followed her, landing in The Pit with Bangalore.

The Pit was an ominous dark area with light only exuded from the many candles that littered the ground. Lifeline quickly picked up a level one armor and a G7 Scout. She found a double tap hop-up and attached it to the gun. She quickly found light rounds as Bangalore shot smoke into Lifeline’s area and began opening bins. Ajay aimed towards the area that the bins had opened and fired a few times. She heard the sweet sound of her bullets hitting flesh. There was no cracking of armor because Bangalore must not have found any armor. Bangalore went down in a matter of seconds and turned into a death box immediately. “I welcome the first blood. Let them hunt.” The voice sent chills along Lifeline’s skin. Lifeline looted the rest of the area. “Revenge feels good, doesn’t it?” She tried her best to ignore the voice as she headed towards Bunker, she knew who her next target was.

As Lifeline made it the backside of Bunker she heard a familiar sound; a sound that was referred to as a shadow. The shadow she saw coming towards her looked like Bangalore. She pulled out her other weapon, a prowler, and pulled the trigger twice, dissipating the Shadow Bangalore in no time. Lifeline opened the Bunker doors and began shooting down gas traps one after another. She found caustic hiding the corner of one of the top floor rooms. Before Caustic could react she pulled the trigger of the prowler, emptying the clip into him. Once he was a death box she looted it, taking the ammo she needed.

She slid down the stairs as she heard fighting outside of the front door of Bunker. She opened the door to see Mirage shooting Wraith, who was creating a portal. Lifeline shot Mirage three times with her prowler and turned him into a box. She hopped into Wraith’s portal and was immediately forced through the tunnel to a nearby house. Once she exited through the portal she found Wraith underneath a set of stairs. Wraith was attempting to replenish her shields when Lifeline appeared and fired her prowler several times, turning her into a death box. “Heh, I have appointed a new kill leader.” Lifeline looted her box and switched out her G7 Scout for an R99 and her level one armor for level three armor. She also retrieve some heavy ammo from Wraith’s box and started for Tower through three way. “Yes, go kill them all. They don’t understand the bloodlust.”

As she approached the Tower she could see Wattson’s fences at the top. She stopped momentarily as she heard Crypto’s drone. She watched as the drone flew to the top and began the EMP sequence. As the EMP finished she used a long zip line to get to the top of Tower. She entered the doors to find Wattson and Crypto shooting one another. Lifeline hip fired her prowler at Crypto first, knowing he had more shields. Once Crypto was down she shot at Wattson. She looted both death boxes and headed towards Wetlands where she could see Gibraltar’s air strike the distance. She ran quickly towards the fight as the kill feed filled with Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Octane.

Lifeline made it the top of the hill of Wetlands just as Gibraltar had finished replenishing his shields. She fired first with her prowler. He fired back with his R301. When her clip emptied she switched to her R99. Gibraltar’s gun hit empty and he began to reload. She emptied her whole R99 into him and down he went. “We have a winner. Fear them greater than death.” Lifeline stood there and waited to go back to transport ship. “Doesn’t it feel good being something more than a pathetic little combat medic? Doesn’t it feel good to kill? Nobody can hurt you this way. You can always win. You can save everyone.” She didn’t say anything she just waited patiently. “See you soon Ajay…..”

Ajay opened her eyes, finally back in the transport ship. She felt like it took a lot longer than usual. She looked over to Anita who wouldn’t even give her the time of day. “Serves her right.” Octavio was talking with Makoa and MRVN. Hyeon Kim was alone; he didn’t like to be bothered. Renee also sat alone, which was not uncommon for her. Natalie was talking with Alexander. “What the hell...” The ship soon landed and everyone exited for debriefing. Ajay sat in the debriefing room with her arms crossed over her chest, anger still poured out over her body. The questions the interviewers asked her were nonsense but she answered them with minimal information. Octavio was done and waiting for her by the time she left the room. They were both silent as they left the building.

“Che are you okay?” Her mood soften a bit, “Yah. Sorry.” He took her hand as they walked, “Did anything happen during the match? Did that monster talk to you again?” She watched the ground as they walked, “Yah. Just the same crap Silva. I’m just happy this event is over.” She smiled at him as she looked up from the ground. He stopped and stood in front of her, “Me too Che.” He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her into him. She touched her lips to his as she wrapped her arms around him. Octavio moved his hands from her waist down along her ass. She smiled and pushed her tongue into his mouth, playing with his tongue. She gently broke from the kiss and played with his hair. He smiled at her, “Let’s pack up the kids and go home.” She laughed and nodded.

Chapter Text

It had been a while since the Halloween event. It felt like there was one event right after another as the Holo-Day Bash started; a king of the mountain event between three teams. The event took place on a train with Mirage voice overs for hosting purposes. There was also a debut for Mirage Voyage. A party boat decked out with Mirage decoys, bright lights, loud music, a bar, a grill, pork chops, a party floor, an upper deck, and a hot tub. The Mirage Voyage was added to the World’s Edge arena and in regular rotation. All the Legends knew everything about it because Mirage would not stop talking about it. The Holo-Day bash was its own separate event. It was hosted on World’s Edge and used the same train route that was already located on in the arena. The train was decorated for the winter holidays. 

The Holo-Day Bash event looked a lot better than the Halloween event but Ajay would never know because Blisk pulled her from it, or so he said the higher ups were pulling her from it. The rest of the work year was dedicated to the train event and Ajay wasn’t even participating. The only thing that really upset her was the fact that she was saying goodbye to Octavio the day before Christmas, she wouldn’t be seeing him again until after the New Year. Apex had some bright idea to hold the Holo-Day event every night from the 25th to the 1st of the New Year. The drive back and forth wasn’t reasonable, at least that is what Ajay thought. So Octavio would stay at the apartment while he competed and Ajay would stay at their house with Mila.

Ajay woke up Christmas morning and went through her normal routine. She took a shower and got dressed. She wore the essentials as well as a long sleeved black shirt and black leggings. She got a fire going in the fireplace in one of the rooms downstairs. She really didn’t do much for Christmas she was usually working. When it was just her and Octavio they would sneak out and get drunk, grab food, and skateboard. She smiled at the thought. This year was different. She sat down on the floor in front of the fire with a small rectangular box next to her.

“Morning Ajay.” Mila walked in behind her. They were almost dressed the same. Mila was still using clothing from Ajay’s wardrobe; Ajay didn’t mine but she wondered if maybe Mila would like some of her own clothes. “Mornin Mila.” She sat down next to Ajay on the floor. “Where is everyone?” Ajay sighed, “Work.” Mila watched the flames of the fire, “Why aren’t you at work?” Ajay brought her knees to her chest, “Apex politics.” Mila looked a little sad, “Oh. You know, if you wanted I could patch you into the arena. I am a hacker.” Ajay really did want to be in the arena but she couldn’t risk Mila getting caught, it just wasn’t an ideal situation.

“Thanks Mila. But I’ll just lay low for now.” Ajay picked up the box that she had set out next to her and handed it to Mila. “Merry Christmas.” Mila was taken aback when she took the box into her hands, “I didn’t get you anything.” Ajay smiled, “That’s okay.” Mila gently opened the box to find a Medix injector charm. The Medix injector looked just like the one in the arena and it was quite big. It was attached to a black string which Mila put around her neck. “I love it!” 

Ajay smiled and reached for the charm, “Look.” She pulled the long end of the injector piece off to reveal that it was USB drive. Mila laughed. Ajay replaced the cap, “Don go tellin ya brother. I think he will be mad.” Mila hugged Ajay, lingering for a moment, “It’s perfect. I know my brother is rough around the edges. The truth is that we were both orphans. Mystik took us in and took such good care of us. But we only had each other for a long time. The first time we had a taste of the games is hearing about them from Mystik. She told us about everything and about Mirage. She loves him.”

Ajay was a bit confused, “Was he in the games previously.” Mila nodded, “A while ago.” Ajay had no clue but it made sense as to why Elliot knew so much about Apex. “Mila, why were ya taken?” Mila looked down at her new necklace, running her fingers along the charm. “I found an algorithm in their system that was predicting winners of the arena games. I thought that my brother and I could use it to make some cash to make ends meet. He didn’t want to so I didn’t. But I guess Apex found that I breeched the system. Shortly after I found out and left for work they abducted me. Then they went after my brother. I never meant to put him in the middle of all of this.” Ajay gently rubbed Mila’s back, “It’s not ya fault. I think they have a hand in all of our lives in one way or another.”

Mila looked down at the floor, “Ajay. Do you feel like were connected?” She paused and ran her fingers along the rug they were sitting on. “I don’t know how to explain it. But like we are connect on... Like on a different level than other people?” She laughed awkwardly, “Maybe I don’t know what I am talking about.” Ajay grabbed Mila’s hand, “I feel it too….” They interlaced their fingers and Ajay smiled as she laid back onto the floor, “I thought it was just me at first.” Ajay felt a sense of calm, like they were the only ones there; even though they were the only ones there. It just felt like there was nothing else but them in that room. “It feels like we’re the only people. Almost like we’re in that rift again.” She closed her eyes.

Mila laid down next to Ajay and gripped her hand tightly. “It feels good.” Mila said as she closed her eyes and pressed the side of her head to Ajay’s head. Ajay stared up at the ceiling briefly and then closed her eyes, “I know what ya mean. It feels nice. I could lay like this all day.” Mila sighed happily as they laid there for a while. Mila sat up, still holding Ajay’s hand and looked down at her. “Do you ever want to go back?” Ajay opened her eyes and looked up to Mila, “Back where?” Mila looked down at their hands, “To the rift?” Ajay smiled, “Yah. But it was destroyed.” Mila rubbed Ajay’s hand, “I have been working on something. It’s almost ready. I just wanted to know if you would go back.” Mila was hesitant as she asked. Ajay closed her eyes again, “Yah, I would like that.” Mila smiled and laid back down. They both closed their eyes and laid next to one another.

Hours melted away but were eventually interrupted by the vibration of Ajay’s phone as it broke the silence. She gently released Mila’s hand. She looked down to Mila, who was sleeping, and stepped into the kitchen before answering the phone, she couldn’t be too careful. Ajay smiled as she saw it was Octavio. She answered the video call. “Hey Silva.” Octavio smiled back at her, “Mrs. Silva, how are you?” Ajay sat down on the counter as she held the phone, “Good, how was ya match?” Octavio pulled the goggles up from his emerald eyes and rested them on his forehead, “We won. It would have been better if you were here.” She laughed, “I’m sure ya got along just fine Silva.” Octavio shrugged, “Doesn’t change the fact that I want you here.” Ajay hopped off the counter and made her way up the stairs towards their bedroom.

“Silva… I miss you too.” Octavio smiled and laid down on the bed in the apartment. “You should take off your clothes Che.” She closed the door behind her as she made it into their room. Her face felt warm as she blushed. She set her phone down and quickly peeled off her clothes before picking her phone back up. “Okay Silva.” He smirked at her, “Come on Che don’t be stupid, show me the goods.” Ajay scanned the phone over her body and then back up to her face before sitting down on the bed. “Che?” She laid on her back, “Silva?” He brought the phone down to his cock as he stoked it. “Silva…” She smiled as her hand trailed down her stomach to her pussy. Her fingers began to rub her clit. “I am so wet.” She dipped her fingers inside of her pussy and pulled them out, holding them up to the camera on the phone to show him.

Octavio watched her wet fingers glisten in the light and tilted his head back for a moment and continued to stroke his cock. Ajay pointed the phone at her breasts as her fingers worked her clit, “Silva. I wish ya were here….. in me.” He watched as her breasts moved up and down with the rise and fall of her chest. “Are you touching yourself again Che?” Ajay lowered the phone to her pussy, as best as she could. He watched as she rubbed her clit for him. He shuddered and stroked his cocked a little faster. He wished that he could be inside of her.

“Are you close Che?” She moaned his name, “Yeah Silva…. Now…” He stroked himself into a climax as she moaned into the phone at him. Her hand came up from her pussy to her breasts, grabbing them one by one. She smiled as she brought the phone to her face. “Che, I am going to fuck the shit out of you when I get home.” She laughed, “I feel the same way Silva.” She climbed under the blankets, “It’s lonely without ya.” He gave her a sad look, “It isn’t much better here. I am staying in some chica’s apartment and she’s not even here!” She talked with Octavio until she fell asleep. 

Chapter Text

Ajay woke up to her phone vibrating next to her head. She opened her heavy eyes to see the sun pouring in over her half naked body. She reached for her phone and turned on the screen. She had a few text message from Octavio. Most of the messages indicated how irritated he was about the games and the restriction on communications for the next few days. Ajay sighed and then smiled as she flipped the rest of the blankets off of herself. She brought the phone down to her breasts and took a picture. She sent the picture to him and set her phone back on the bed.

Ajay grabbed her breasts with both of her hands as she thought about Octavio. Her left hand slid down her stomach and to her pussy. Her fingers worked their way inside of her; she was always wet for him. She moved her fingers in and out of herself. She moaned and moved her fingers out herself and up to her clit. She rubbed her clit gently at first and then more firmly as she thought about riding his cock. Her pussy was swollen and throbbing from the thought of him. Her other hand worked each of her breasts. She took her time to play with her each of her hard nipples. She pushed herself to an orgasm as she whispered his name.

Her breathing finally slowed. She brought her fingers to her lips and sank them into her mouth. She sucked on her fingers and licked them afterwards. She relaxed into the bed. Both of her hands were on her breasts again. "Ajay! I've got it working...." Mila had the door open and stopped as she saw Ajay with her hands on her breasts and her legs wide open. Mila turned red and stared for a moment; she had really never seen anyone naked before. "Sorry Ajay." Mila turned around. Ajay sat up, it really didn't faze her anymore. Her body was riddled with scares and burns, there was nothing beautiful about it; at least in her mind. Ajay stood up from the bed, "It's okay Mila. Just about everyone else has seen me naked."

Ajay walked over to the dresser and started pulling out clothing, "Whatcha got workin?" Mila slowly turned around and got a glimpse of Ajay's backside. She watched Ajay's ass as she pulled her lace panties on. "Uh... the neurolink device." Mila found herself staring at Ajay's breasts in the mirror before she tore her eyes away and looked down at the floor. Ajay smiled, "That's great." She got her bra on, a small shirt that only covered her breasts, and a pair of black shorts. "Should we use it?" Mila's heart skipped a beat, hoping that Ajay was dressed, and was relieved when she saw that Ajay was indeed dressed. Mila smiled, "Yeah." Mila clutched the device in her hand. "Right now?" Ajay nodded and grabbed Mila's hand, pulling her into the room.

Mila almost stumbled into Ajay's room, "Do we need ta lay down?" Ajay frown for a moment. Mila nodded, "Yeah. What's wrong?" Ajay let go of Mila's hand, "Last time we had ta be sedated and I had ta be held down. Do we have ta do that this time?" Mila sighed, "Well not the holding down part. I mean we will have to hold hands. The sedation isn't necessary but it would speed the process up." Ajay rubbed Mila's hand, "Have ya ever been sedated Mila? I don know if I can do that ta ya if ya haven't been sedated before." She watched Mila, she was still so young but had been through so much. Mila nodded, "The process of neurolink can only be achieved with years of training and I am not there yet. My brother can use neurolink very well in the arena with sophisticated technology. But to dive deeper you have to be asleep. We don't have to...."

Ajay led Mila to the middle of the room and let go of her hand, "Sit here." Mila nodded as she sat down and looked around. Ajay disappeared into the bathroom. Mila saw Ajay's mask as it was partially under the bed like it had fallen there by mistake. She crawled over to the bed and dug it out. She held the mask up to her face and then put it on. She then crawled over to the mirror in the corner of the room and looked at herself in the mirror. She wondered what it felt like to kill people in the arena or in real life. "I wonder if Ajay has killed anyone in real life...." She watched herself in the mirror. She looked like she was ready to go collect candy on Halloween.

"Mila...." Ajay stood in the doorway that connected bathroom to the bedroom. She was holding the lock box. Mila pulled the mask from her face, "Sorry Ajay. It was on the floor. I just wanted to try it on." Ajay's heart raced in her chest as she tried to speak in a calm tone, "Oh. What did it feel like?" Mila shrugged and flipped the mask over in her hand to look at all the imperfections on the front of it, "Like I was ready for Halloween." She ran her fingers over the mask, "This thing has a lot of history carved on it." She set the mask down and crawled back to the middle of the room. Ajay sighed a breath of relief and sat down next to her with the box of injectables. She put the code into the box and popped it open. She prepared two syringes by attaching needles to them and withdrawing medication from two vials. She swiped Mila upper arm with alcohol to clean it and pinched it, "Ya sure ya want ta do this still?" Mila nodded.

Ajay pushed the needle through Mila's skin and into her muscle. She emptied the syringe by injecting the medication into Mila's muscle. She withdrew the needle and set it to the side. Ajay prepped the top portion of her left thigh for her injection as Mila put on Natalie's repaired device around her wrist. Ajay injected herself with medication and put everything away. Mila laid down and Ajay laid down next to her, the sides of their heads touched one another. Mila offered Ajay her hand. Ajay took her hand and interlaced her fingers as Mila tapped the device on. Ajay smiled as the soothing feeling of Mila washed over her. "Just follow my voice Ajay...." They both drifted away as the medication began to relax their bodies. Ajay grasped Mila's hand tightly.

Ajay's eyes fluttered open. She was partially submerged in water. She sifted her right hand through the water. She smiled as her left hand was still intertwined with Mila's hand. She tilted her head and looked over to Mila who was already looking at her. They both sat up together. Everything was subtle, dark, and grey scale. Ajay continued to look at Mila, "Is this place like the other one?" Mila tapped her feet in the water, "Kind of. It's more just a place of euphoria." Ajay closed her eyes for a moment as her body felt at peace. She felt as though she could stay for a while. "This is amazing." Mila smiled, "Yeah. When I was taken I was trying to design a place that I could contact my brother. Now I can use it for other things."

The water didn't really feel like water as Ajay's hand floated right above it, "What was your life before everything?" Mila shrugged a little, "Simple. A computer analysis for a small company. My brother and I lived together." Ajay looked at her, "Do you miss it?" Mila nodded, "Yeah. I like living with you guys but I can't do anything. My brother is so protective. I get it but I am going crazy." Mila stared into the dark abyss of the water below her. 

Ajay hugged her holding both of Mila's hands as she pulled away, "I could teach ya how to fight." Mila smiled, "I would like that." Ajay released one of Mila's hands but couldn't seem to let go of the other one. "Ajay. Why did you come back to this place... well the other place that was like this place?" Ajay listened to the deafening silence for a moment. "I couldn't rememba and I needed to rememba. It was bugging me, not rememberin. And your brother.... He was upset when I gave him the necklace. Somethin wasn't right...."

The water around them started ripple and then the waves became violent. Ajay tried to stand but she was immediately pulled down under the water. Her hand lost Mila's as the water tore them apart. Her heart began to race as water filled her mouth and her body grew heavy under its pull. Everything was black as she was forced under the abyss of the water. The more that she struggled against the water the further down into the darkness she went. Ajay felt dizzy as her vision went black.

"Che?" She heard Octavio's voice as sat up and leaned over on one arm. She began coughing water out of her mouth as Octavio rubbed her back. "Che, are you okay?" She nodded as she used the back side of her hand to wipe her mouth. She was surprised to see him home. She looked over to Mila who sat beside her and Hyeon Kim who was kneeling beside her. "What is wrong with you Mila?" Hyeon Kim was almost yelling at Mila who was looking at the floor. "What were you thinking?" 

Ajay shifted her body and reached over, gripping Mila's hand. Calm washed over Ajay and she knew that Mila felt the same Mila looked at her brother. Ajay offered Hyeon Kim her hand. He gave her a strange look and then finally took it. They both watched as calm washed over his face, after all he had been in the calm abyss with them and had shared a link with Ajay and probably with Mila at some point.

Ajay smiled at Mila and gripped her hand, "It's okay. Just tell him." Mila nodded and looked into Hyeon Kim's eyes, "I love you brother but I can't be locked up like this anymore. I need to do more. I need to live." She paused for a moment, "Even if The Syndicate had me doing more, whether it was right or not...." Hyeon Kim closed his eyes. Mila reached for him and touched his shoulder, "Brother please..." Hyeon Kim took Mila's hand as he released Ajay's hand as he stood up. Mila let go of Ajay's hand as she stood up with Hyeon Kim. "Lets talk Mila." Hyeon Kim's words were soft as he spoke. Mila and Hyeon Kim walked out of Octavio and Ajay's room, closing the door behind them.


Chapter Text

Ajay smiled for a moment, hoping that Mila could find some common ground with Hyeon Kim. She suddenly felt a hand on her breast and another one unbuttoning her shorts. She turned a bit as Octavio was pulling her shorts down her legs. She was quiet impressed that he was able to do this while she was sitting. She was already wet for him as she leaned up and kissed him hard. He pulled away as he wedged his hand between the floor and underneath her ass. “I missed you Silva.” She ran her fingers along his cheek and down to his shoulder. His emerald eyes met hers, “I told you that I was going to fuck the shit out of you when I got home.” She blushed a bit as he picked her up off the floor and threw her onto the bed.

As Octavio got his clothes off she managed to get her shirt and bra off. Octavio grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. “Silva!” She laughed a bit. Octavio knelt down in front of her and buried his face in between her legs. He gently kissed her left thigh and then worked his way towards her pussy. He kissed her through her panties before moving them to the side and licking. His tongue parted her and dipped inside of her. She moaned and he smiled as he found her clit, licking her hard. “Silva…” She wrapped her legs around his head. She dug her fingers into his hair and moved her hips into his face. Octavio place his hands on her legs and held her against him as he sucked on her for a moment. She arched her back and screamed his name as she climaxed on his face.

Octavio pried her legs apart and positioned the head of his cock along the opening of her pussy. His hands fell to her hips as he pushed his way inside of her. She sat up on her elbows almost immediately, her back still arched from her orgasm, “Silva ya feel so good...” She worked her hips into his. “Che, you’re so fucking wet.” His pace was getting faster. She wrapped her legs around him and forced him into her, stopping his pace. He leaned down and kissed her. Her hands found his ass and squeezed him hard. He groaned a bit and tried to move but her legs were tight around him, “Che…” She smiled and kissed along his neck.

Octavio tried to move his hips again but she wouldn’t let him. She just smiled up at him, “Che if you don’t stop I am going to get rough.” He smirked at her. Ajay looked up into his emerald eyes, “Please…” She sucked on his neck. He moaned and in one movement he pulled her off of him. He laid her across his legs and yanked her panties off of her completely, “You asked for it.” She sighed happily as she felt his hard, wet cock pressed against her stomach. She winced a bit as she felt the sting of his hand along her ass. She then moaned when he smacked her ass hard again. His fingers trailed along her ass and then to her pussy. Her face felt warm as the whole act of Octavio spanking her had made her so wet. “Che, how can I punish you if this turns you on?” His fingers were inside of her as far as they could go. She pushed her pussy into his fingers before crawling off of his lap with her ass in the air.

He got up onto his knees and placed his hands on her ass, rubbing her gently. He smiled at the red marks that he had left on her ass from spanking her. She brought one hand behind her to spread her pussy and her ass apart. Octavio gently rubbed his wet fingers along her ass, then her along her pussy, and back to her ass again. Ajay’s breathing became heavy as Octavio slowly slid a finger into her ass. Her knees were weak as he moved his finger slowly in and out of her ass. She brought her other hand up to her ass; she now had her ass spread open with both hands. “Please Silva…” She begged him.

“Fuck Che.” He pulled his finger out of her and positioned his cock along the opening of her ass. She continued to hold herself open as he pushed the head of his cock inside of her ass. He groaned for a moment as she dropped her hands, placing one on the bed and the other one on her breast. She moaned as she pushed her ass against his cock, “Silva…” She moaned again but this time her face was in the bed. Octavio pushed the rest of himself inside of her ass, grabbing her hips tightly. “Please Silva…” Her words were muffled by the sheets. He sat there for a moment before he began to move his hips slowly. She grasped her breast tightly as she turned her face away from the sheets, “Silva, ya not gonna break me.” He smiled and picked up the pace, “I know Che. But I might break me.” He said breathlessly as he tried not cum right away.

Ajay forced her ass against his cock as her hand left her breast and found her clit. She began to work her clit with her fingers as his cock went in and out of her ass. Octavio’s right hand made its way from her hip to her back and then to her head. He entangled his fingers in her hair, at the crown of her head, and pulled her head back hard. 

She screamed, pushing herself against him. He shuddered and started to cum inside of her ass. Her fingers pressed firmly against her clit and she, too, began to orgasm, falling into the bed as her knees were too weak to hold herself up. Octavio fell on top of her, breathing hard. He released her hair and kissed the back of her head. “I fucking love you Che.” She reached behind her to touch whatever part of him that that she could, “I have always fucking loved you Silva.”

Octavio rolled off of her to lay next to her on the bed. She smiled as she laid on her stomach next to him. He gently brushed some hair from her face her cheek. “What were you guys doing?” She took his hand and kissed his palm before interlacing her fingers with his, “Mila developed a rift, kind of like the one she made before, to find her brother. We were testin it.” He looked a bit worried, “Will they be able to find her that way? Will they find you?” Ajay rubbed his hand, “Nah. It’s safe.” 

He nodded, “It must be some place.” Ajay closed her eyes, “It’s quiet and peaceful.” Octavio pulled his hand from hers and ran it along her back, stopping to hold her ass. “Were you gone long?” She shook her head, “Nah. I sent you that picture and then we went and tried it.” Octavio gave her a strange look, “That was four days ago Che.” Ajay opened her eyes with a look of confusion on her face, “We just laid down.” He laughed, “Maybe. But that was definitely four days ago.” She turned to her side, moving closer to him. “What day is it?” He massaged her ass, “December 30th.”

Ajay closed her eyes for a moment and then looked back into his emerald eyes, “I thought ya weren’t gonna be back until after the beginnin of the year?” Her fingertips ran along his chest. “Well someone got sick of hearing the trickster on the train game and broke the train.” Ajay giggled, “Who would do such a thing to poor Elliot?” Octavio smirked at her, “The hacker. I don’t know why, but he doesn’t like him and I think the feeling has become mutual.” She snuggled into him, “Are ya home for a while then?” 

He was quiet for a moment, “Well… Not exactly.” He gripped her ass tightly before she had a chance to sit up, “The good news is that you get to see me. The bad news is…” She sighed, “Please don’t tell me it’s another formal event.” He sat up and then quickly said, “It’s another formal event.” She fell into the bed face first and pushed her face into the bed and said something incomprehensible. “What’s that Che? You like wearing dresses for your husband? Okay, that’s what I thought you said.” He laughed as she playfully hit at him.

“When is it?” Ajay’s voice was a bit muted by the bed. “It’s tomorrow Che. And it’s a masquerade.” She began to curse into the bed but was promptly stopped as he slapped her bare ass. “If it was for anything else except work I would encourage you to ditch it but we are being forced to go.” She put her cheek on the bed and looked at him. Her voice was monotone and almost sad, “Is it on Talos again?” 

He rubbed her ass, “Nah. It’s in the city. Some event center near HQ.” She sighed in relief. She didn’t know if she could keep her job if she had to fend off more prowlers on Talos again. He leaned down and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth before pulling away. “Let’s try and get some rest. But you need to put your ass away of I might have to spank you some more.” She laughed and hugged him before crawling underneath covers with him.

Chapter Text

Ajay set breakfast down at the nook before walking over to the back door and gazing out the window. She didn’t have to touch the glass to know that it was cold outside. She heard a chair slide out and then back in. She turned around to see Hyeon Kim who was already eating. Ajay walked back into the kitchen and stood across from him, “Hyeon…” She paused for a moment, “I want to take Mila with us tonight.” She waited for his cold composure to lash out at her but he just continued to eat.

She really couldn’t stand his silence so she continued to talk, “Since it’s a masquerade I don think there should be any problems.” She paused for a moment again, “I can keep an eye on her.” She watched as he finished his food before speaking to her, “I don’t like the idea of her going anywhere but I don’t want to lose her either. I will leave it up to her. Ajay, she is my sister and I can take care of her.” He got up and left. He wasn’t entirely too cold to her but he wasn’t very warm and welcoming either.

“What’s wrong with hacker dude?” Octavio walked into the kitchen and sat down in front of the food at the nook. Ajay shrugged. “I asked him if Mila could come with us tonight.” He smiled and grabbed another plate of food that was next to him, “What did he say?” Ajay looked a bit confused, “Are you going to save some food for Natalie?” He shook his head as he ate, “Are you going to answer my question?” She leaned forward, placing her elbows onto the counter, “He told me that it’s up ta her and that he could take care of her.” He finished the food, “Yeah he is a little rough around the edges and I don’t think those past few days with Elliot helped. And as for Natalie, she decided to stay in the city. Maybe that’s why he’s so mad.” Ajay nodded as she watched him.

“So Che are you going to show me which fucking dress you’re going to be wearing for me tonight?” She shook her head, “I'm just gonna wear nothing Silva. That way ya can just fuck me whenever and wherever ya want.” He laughed and came around the counter to her. “What if I just wanted to fuck you here? Right now?” He kissed her along her neck. She reached down to front of his shorts and rubbed his hard cock through the fabric of his shorts. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as his lips were on her chest. She managed to get his shorts down to his ankles. He leaned back against the counter as she kissed down his chest to his stomach and then down to his cock.

She kneeled down in front of his cock and smiled. “Silva you're so big.” She stroked his cock, “Quit messing around Che. Does size matter?” She blushed a little, “When I am tryin ta fit ya all the way in the back of throat it does.” She licked the tip of him and then the underside of his shaft before sucking on him. She worked him slowly into her mouth. He began to get a little antsy with how slow she was going.

He placed his hands on the back of her head, moving his fingers through her hair. He grabbed hair and forced himself into her mouth, they both moaned simultaneously. “It doesn’t seem like you have a problem with it Che.” She ran her tongue along him as she withdrew his cock from her mouth. She gasped a little as he rubbed her head. “Too much Che?” She shook her head and immediately took all of him into her mouth and down her throat until her lips were pressed against his body.

Octavio moaned as he looked down at her. He could no longer see his cock. He could only see Ajay engulfing all of him. He pulled his eyes away because he didn’t want to cum just yet. He looked over at the entry way of the kitchen. He smirked as Hyeon Kim stood there and watched. He didn’t care who watched, Ajay was his and he was hers and nothing was going to change that. Ajay worked her mouth up and down along his cock. She pulled back for a moment, “Silva, I am so wet.” He smiled and moved his hands from head and offered them to her.

Ajay took his hands and stood up. She kissed him as he pushed her against the island behind her. He found her tongue with his and his hands found her breasts underneath her shirt. He squeezed them hard before moving them around to her back to unclasp her bra and breaking from there kiss. He helped her out of her shirt and bra and then out of her leggings and panties. He gently kissed her neck before turning her around.

The countertop was cold against her breasts as Octavio pushed her body against it, bending her over to get her into a better positon. She felt his hands on her hips. She looked up to see Hyeon Kim watching them. She blushed, “Silva…” She moaned as Octavio’s cock was suddenly all the way in her wet pussy in one thrust. “You're right Che. You're so wet.” She reached behind her for him with her left hand. He reached for her with his left hand and interlocked their fingers. He smiled as their rings touched. He held her arm behind her and pushed his cock in and out of her.

Ajay's right hand dug at the countertop as she closed her eyes. She felt his hand in her hair again. Octavio used her hair to pull her upper body off of the counter. She moaned even louder pushing her hips even further into him. Octavio looked over to Hyeon Kim again, who was still watching them. He pulled her up even further until she was almost standing up straight. He kissed her left shoulder, biting it every so often as he worked his hips into her.

Ajay used her right hand to grab her breast and squeezed it. She played with her hard nipple between her fingers. He released her hair and placed his hand on her stomach forcing himself hard into her pussy.  She bit her lower lip and managed to get her left leg onto the countertop, bending her knee, and opening herself wider to get his cock deeper inside of her. He shuddered as he held her arm against her back and pushed into her as far as he could go. He shuddered as he held her arm against her back and pushed into her as far as he could go. She screamed against her lower lip. “Silva…” She said between thrusts, “You feel amazing….” He smiled and whispered into her ear, “You always feel amazing. I was stupid to wait this long to be with you.” She smiled, “Shut up and fuck me harder.” Hyeon Kim raised an eyebrow as heard Ajay's words. He began to sweat a bit.

She felt herself on the edge of an orgasm. She dug her nails into breast and moaned, “Silva… I'm…” He interrupted her, “Che. Cum for me.” He smiled and kissed her shoulder as her pussy tightened around his cock sending him into his own orgasm. She withered into him whispering his name several times. Octavio released her arm and put his arms around the front of her as he whispered to her, “I love you Mrs. Silva.” She smiled as he held her. She wrapped her arms around his, “I love you too Mr. Silva.” She pulled her leg from the counter and shifted in his arms to kiss him. Hyeon Kim walked away he really didn’t know why he stuck around to watch but somehow he couldn’t peel his eyes from them. He sighed and now he needed to see Natalie.

It wasn't long before they were all in Octavio's car and on their way back to the city. Ajay was happy that Mila had decided to go and that Hyeon Kim didn’t put up a fight about it. When they arrived in the city Hyeon Kim retreated to his place. Mila tagged along with Ajay and Octavio to their apartment. Ajay made sure that Mila's head was covered with a black hoodie when they were out and about. Ajay was happy to show Mila to her selection of dresses. Ajay hadn’t brought any of her dresses to her new home because she didn’t think she would need them there; honestly she really didn’t really care to have them at all. The dresses just reminded her of countless events she was forced to attend because of her family.

Mila chose a little black dress with slim straps. The dress came down just past her knees. The torso was tight but the rest of the dress was a bit fluffy with black tulle lining the underside of it. Mila did her own makeup and found a black mask that covered her right eye and most of the left side of her face. Ajay helped tie the back of the mask for Mila. The outfit Mila picked out was completed with a set of black, mid-calf lace-up boots.

Ajay curled her hair into long, loose curls and put on some makeup. The dress she put on dropped to floor and was black in color. It had straps that covered a portion of her shoulders. Both the front and the back of the dress dipped down into a v shape; though the back dipped further down and stopped just above her ass. The dress split up the front of her right leg, all the way up to her hip. The spilt wasn’t very noticeable until she walked. Since she wouldn’t be dealing in guns or fights ‘she hoped’ she put on a pair of black heels that showed her toes and most of her feet. The mask she placed on her face was nothing special, it was just enough to cover her eyes. It was black and lacy and tied in the back. She debated wearing her Judge Jury Executioner mask but that would have been a dead giveaway to who she was.

Octavio waited for them in the living room. It didn’t take much for him to get ready. He had on a black formal suit that he generally wore to most occasions. For the mask part of the masquerade he just put on his goggles which had a green tint to the glass. Ajay thought it was a little unfair that he could get away with wearing goggles but she didn’t argue about it. Octavio stood up and smiled, “Looking good ladies.” Mila blushed, “Where is Hyeon Kim?” Octavio stretched, “He will meet us there.” Mila nodded as they all headed out of the apartment.

Chapter Text

When they pulled into the parking garage Ajay sat for a moment and took a deep breath. Octavio took her hand and squeezed it. She smiled and pulled her hand away to find a pill in it. Mila got out of the car and waited. Ajay looked over to Octavio as she held the pill up. He smiled at her holding up the same pill, “Did you think I was going to let us go to some boring ass party sober?” She let out a sigh of relief and swallowed the pill before exiting the car. Octavio offered Ajay his arm as he looked her up and down. She took his arm and kissed his cheek. He offered Mila his other arm and she took it and followed their lead.

The large room they entered was loud with music and people. Everything was decorated in some sort of black and/or gold to celebrate the occasion. They were soon greeted by staff that offered them glasses of champagne, which they all took as they entered. Ajay downed her glass of champagne and placed the empty glass on a nearby table as they walked by it. She held Octavio’s glass for him since his arms were occupied. They were stopped by Elliot who was wearing his black on black on black ensemble and goggles.

“Hey guys.” Elliot stopped to inspect Mila, “And who is this?” Ajay went to answer but Mila jumped right in, “My name is Alex.” Elliot took Mila's hand and kissed the top of it. Mila giggled as his lips lingered, “Well Alex, how did you get an invite this snore fest?” He continued to hold her hand as she whispered just loud enough for only them to hear, “Well I didn't get an invite.” Elliot growled, “I like this story.” Mila laughed, “Ajay convinced them to let me in. I work with her at her clinic. She is teaching me how to become a medic.” Mila smiled as she admired Elliot’s hair.

Elliot rubbed Mila's hand, “I didn't know she had a clinic but I…” He was interrupted by Hyeon Kim, “Get your hands off of her idiot.” He was dressed in the same black suit that he wore the night that he unofficially got Ajay back into the arena. His mask mirrored Mila's mask. He looked at Ajay, “She is done being your assistant.” Hyeon Kim grabbed Mila's hand and pulled her away from Elliot as he began walking. Mila almost fell over as she followed Hyeon Kim without a choice. Elliot followed them shouting, “Come on old man, how many girlfriends do you have?! Does Natalie know about Alex?! Geez, it must be nice! Can you slow down?!”

Ajay felt a little confused because she didn’t know what Hyeon Kim meant about Mila being done being her assistant. She took another glass of champagne from a waiter and handed Octavio his own. She felt eyes on her from across the room. She looked over to find Blisk staring her down through a full face mask. Ajay took a sip of her champagne, holding up her middle finger at him before pulling the glass away from her lips. Octavio laughed and set his empty glass down, “You're not going to make any friends that way Che.” She looked around the large room, “I ain’t here to make any friends Silva." Octavio pulled her around into him, placing his hands onto her ass, “Mrs. Silva relax and have some fun. This is our first time out as a married couple.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as he gently rubbed her ass.

Their kiss was short as MRVN came over to greet them, “Hi friends!” He waved. Ajay smiled as she continued to hold Octavio. “Looking sharp robot dude.” Octavio said with a smile. MRVN was sporting a pin-striped paint job with an old fashion radio for his rear-end. He also had a mustache. “Do you like my Grand Soirée? It's a party for me.” Ajay nodded as she felt the alcohol and ecstasy start to make her feel warm and weightless, “It's wonderful.” MRVN clapped and tapped his screen to reveal a smiley face. Ajay giggled at the face and at Octavio’s hands squeezing her ass. MRVN waved goodbye and walked away. Octavio leaned in and whispered into her ear, “Let’s go find somewhere to be alone.” She giggled some more as he took her by the hand to search for a place to be alone.

Octavio found a small dark hallway that led off to an emergency fire exit. He pulled Ajay halfway down the hall and forced her up against the wall. His hand traced the skin of her exposed right leg and inched underneath her dress. He reached for her lace panties but she wasn’t wearing them; she wasn’t wearing any panties. He looked into her eyes through his goggles, “No panties Che?” She blushed and nodded her head. He smiled, “That's so sexy. You’re so naughty.” She placed her hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Surprise Silva.” He grinned and lightly ran his finger along the length of her wet slit. She shuddered at his touch.

“What a nice surprise Che.” He parted her; she was wet and swollen for him as he slid two fingers inside of her. “And you're so wet.” She was wet down her thighs thinking about him, “You’re driving me fucking crazy Che.” She tilted her head back, “That’s ya fault Silva.” He smirked and placed his other hand on her ass as she began to unbutton his pants. After she got his pants unbutton she pushed them down and found his hard cock waiting for her. She gently stroked him with her left hand, almost teasing him, “I love you and I love your cock. You’re so big Silva.” She giggled a bit more as she pushed herself against his fingers.

Octavio moaned to her touch. He felt as though as he could just cum right in her hand but he held back. Ajay continued to stroke him as he leaned into her and kissed her shoulder. He fingers slid in and out of her pussy as his thumb rubbed her clit. She could feel his breath hasten against her skin. His touch sent chills along her spine. She tilted her head back, “Silva…” She tried to keep her voice low. Octavio bit her shoulder for a moment and rubbed her clit harder, “I know you’re close. Cum for me Che.” His words were enough to send her into an orgasm. Her pussy tightened around his fingers and her hand grasped his cock tightly as she moaned loudly into the dark hallway.

Octavio pulled his fingers out of her pussy and he shoved them into her mouth as she moaned. Ajay sucked herself off of his fingers before he pulled his hand away. He used his hand to pull her right leg up as she pushed his pants all the way down his legs. She helped position his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Octavio squeezed her ass with his other hand as he pushed his cock into her. She melted against his cock, it made her weak in the knees to feel the length of him inside of her. Every inch of him fit perfectly inside of her.

“Oh Silva…” He thrust his cock into her. Every movement was deliberate and hard as he made her beg for more. His hand moved up from her ass to the front of her. He gently touched her shoulder and slid the strap of her dress off. He did the same to her other shoulder. He pulled the front of her dress down until her breasts spilled out against him. He grabbed and squeezed each breast one at a time, playing with her hard nipples. He could get lost for days in her beautiful breasts.

Ajay pushed her face into his shoulder and moaned. She dug her nails into his back. He pushed himself in and out of her harder. Her lips found his neck and sucked gently upon his skin. His hand left her breast and found her other leg, “Che, you feel amazing.” He lifted her up by both of her legs forcing her to scream into his neck as he was deeper inside of her. Her breasts pressed up against him as she wrapped her legs and arms around him. “I can't... I can't…” She whispered against his skin. Her moans were turning into small screams which made him smile. Octavio moved his lips against her ear, “You can't what Che?”

Her body was wrapped tightly around his as she worked her hips into him. “Answer me Che. You can’t what?” She kissed his neck and tried to find the words as he was sending her over the edge. He groaned, “Take any more of my huge cock inside of your pussy?” She nodded and moaned into his neck. He whispered to her, “Too bad Che. Take all of it.” He picked up the pace until she could no longer handle it between the drugs, alcohol, and his huge cock inside of her. She buried her face into him and screamed as she climaxed. He moaned her name as he continued to push himself against her tight pussy. It didn’t take much longer until he lost control and exploded inside of her.

“Fuck Che… How the fuck do you keep up? You’re fucking amazing.” He stood there and held her against the wall. She was partially dead weight in his arms but it didn’t faze him. “Silva I don’t think I can stand.” He laughed at her and she frowned, “Why is that funny?” He pulled his face away from her to look into her eyes through his goggles, “Did I fuck you so hard that you can’t walk?” She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his shoulder, “Ya did Silva.” He smiled and readjusted his hands to hold her up by her ass; he just couldn’t get enough of it. He turned her around and sat down on the floor with Ajay still wrapped around him.

Octavio pushed his hands down the back of her dress and inside of it so that he could play with her bare ass. “I'm really digging this no panties thing.” Ajay sighed happily to his touch, “Don go getting ya hopes up.” He pouted, “Come on Che. I am your husband. Don’t you love me?” She giggled at him, “We'll see.” He gasped from excitement, “Really?” She didn’t answer. “Come on Che, don’t get me all excited like that.” She cuddled into him. “Do we have ta go back Silva?” He nodded and kissed her forehead, “Yeah, we have to play nice for a while. Maybe try not to flip off the people that employ you this time?” She laughed at him, “No promises Silva.”


Chapter Text

Ajay sighed happily as Octavio played with her breasts, “Silva… don get me started again.” He grinned at her, “It's not my fault your boobs are hanging out.” Ajay began adjusting her dress, “Ya the one who pulled them out.” Octavio stopped her, “Just a little longer Che.” She nodded as he planted his face between her breasts and pulled her into him. She smiled as he lingered for a moment and then pulled away. Ajay kissed him hard as he began playing with her breasts again, “Silva…” He laughed, “I can't help it Che. You know what drugs and alcohol do to me.” She laughed with him as she stood up and adjusted her breasts back into her dress, “I know but if we don make an appearance by midnight we might lose our jobs.”

Octavio stood up and put his pants back on. “I know.” He touched her bare leg and then moved his hand to her thigh, “Che are you wet again?” She grabbed his hand “Come on Silva.” His eyes pleaded with her as he began to kneel in front of her. She released his hand, “Silva…” His hands were up her dress again and on her thighs. He forced her back against the wall as his fingers slid into her pussy. She bit her lower lip as he moved her right leg over his shoulder. He used his free hand to push his goggles up to his forehead. She grabbed his hair as he pushed his face in between her wet thighs. Her clit was greeted by his tongue. He could taste himself and her as he moved his tongue along her. Ajay pushed his face further into her.

“Silva…” She whispered. He gently licked along her clit as he fingers slid in and out of her with ease. Her other hand fell into his hair and she forced herself into his face. She felt dizzy as she came closer to an orgasm. Octavio sucked on her clit and slipped a third finger inside of her as she started to cum. Ajay screamed so loud that she surprised herself and quickly brought a hand over her mouth. He continued to suck on her until she came down. As he stood up she pulled him into her and cleaned off his fingers with her tongue. He smiled as he watched her and then met his lips to hers. They both enjoyed the taste of one another.

Ajay was finally able to catch her breath. Octavio pulled his goggles back down as he stared at her. She fixed her dress as he adjusted his pants and then they walked back out into the large room. She hoped no one noticed that they were gone because she didn’t feel like explaining. His hand rested on her ass as they walked. It was almost midnight and there were more glasses of champagne being handed out to bring in the New Year. They each took a glass. Octavio held his glass in one hand and Ajay's ass in the other. Blisk was positioned in front of everyone at a podium with a microphone set up in front of him. He looked around at everyone and began the countdown from 10 seconds, with most of the crowd joining in the countdown.

Octavio pulled her into him and pressed his forehead to hers, “What do want from the New Year Che?” She stared into the green hue of his goggles, “To spend it with ya.” She ran her finger tips along his neck, “What do you want Silva?” He squeezed her ass; it fit perfectly in his hand, “Less panties. They just get in the way.” Before Ajay could answer the countdown reached zero and Octavio kissed her. She smiled as they kissed and their tongues danced with one another. She could still taste the sex they just had all over his mouth. Ajay slowly pulled away and they tapped their glasses. They both down their champagne; neither of them could behave at formal parties.

They both turned as Blisk interrupted them and everyone else. “What would a New Year be without a surprise?” Octavio took their glasses and set them down on a nearby table. Ajay rubbed her right shoulder as the room grew dim. Octavio stood beside her with his hand on her ass and whispered into her ear, “Are you hurting?” She nodded to him. A projector began to illuminate a picture on the back wall behind Blisk. Octavio delicately touched her shoulder and rubbed it, he was a little concerned because it hadn’t hurt in a very long time. Ajay was growing tense and she really didn’t know why. Octavio pulled her in front of him, placing his chest to her back. He could feel how tense she and wrapped his arms around her. She sighed and placed her hands on his arms as she leaned into him. They both watched the video as it began.

A globe that said Exclusive Report brought to you by Hammond Robotics appeared on the screen with some music that sounded like it was from the news report. Field correspondent Lisa Stone appeared on the screen. She was a reporter that worked for Apex. She had neat brown hair that came down to her neck and framed her face. Her bangs were parted in the center of her head and tucked behind her ears. She wore a white blouse and blue blazer over it, some blue dress pants and black dress shoes. She sat in a chair with an Apex banner behind her. Below the Apex logo were the words “Drop the Hammer” in all capital letters. Lisa was there to announce the winner of the smaller event that had been going on during the last few months of the year. This event was held to award a Legend a spot in the games.

Lisa announced that she was sitting with James “The Forge” McCormick. James sat across from Lisa. He was dressed in a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up just below his elbows. He wore a black vest top and black pants with black dress shoes. He also had a necklace on with a medallion at the end of it that sat over his black tie. His left arm was robotic looking and looked like it had a shield for the top portion of it. The robotic arm was white with some gold accents. His brown hair was long on the top and slicked back but short on the sides with some gray in it. James thanked Lisa for having him and told her to refer to him as “Jimmy” before they proceeded with the interview.

Lisa talked about Jimmy’s victories that led him to success to compete in the Apex games and then she asked him what it felt like to win. Jimmy smiled and told her it was wild ride to get to where he was today. He then mentioned that Hammond Robotics had his back the entire way. He also commented about how blessed he was to have such support from everyone. Jimmy seemed smooth to talk, like he had been doing interviews all of his life. Every time he talked he moved his right hand.

Lisa continued and mentioned that Jimmy had been hailed as the people’s champion but some still believed that Jimmy was not ready to become an Apex Legend. Jimmy laughed for a moment at Lisa’s comment. Jimmy then went on about how great the Legends were and that they deserved respect but they had never faced anyone like him. He also dared them to bring the fight up close and personal right when they all hit the ground. Jimmy smiled the whole time.

Lisa smiled and began to talk but the lights around her and Jimmy began to flicker in and out. She talked about technical difficulties for a moment as she looked around the area. The lights went back on in the interview and Lisa was left with a weird look on her face when she looked at Jimmy. The camera panned over to Jimmy and behind him there was a red figure, as slender a skeleton, lurking in the shadows. The figure had a robotic skeleton face and red eyes that had an eerie glow to them. It’s head with covered with a red bandana. The figure had long black fingers that were also long and robotic. It stood behind Jimmy’s left shoulder. In an instant there was blood splattered across Lisa’s face and clothing as Jimmy yelled out in pain. Lisa screamed and the screen went blank.

The crowd around them began to talk. Blisk began to speak but Ajay couldn't hear what he was saying. She was shocked and dug her nails into Octavio’s skin. Octavio leaned down and whispered to her, “What’s wrong?” She swallowed hard, “That's who attacked me. That’s who almost killed me.” Octavio shifted her in his arms to find that she was shaking. He looked into her eyes, “Che.” He placed his hands on her arms, “Don’t break down.” He looked over to Blisk who was now staring at them. “If you break down now then they win.” He squeezed her arms tightly. She snapped out of her thoughts, “Yah.” He released her arms and smiled, “Someone is watching us so just act normal.” Her hands found his chest as his hands found her ass. She leaned up and kissed his lips. She was still jaded by the whole thing but she tried not to let it bother her.

She felt someone standing next to her and broke from the kiss. Elliot was standing next to them. She leaned her cheek against Octavio’s chest as Elliot spoke, “Aren’t you guys concerned?” Ajay could feel Octavio's fingertips down the back of her dress, touching the bare skin of her lower back. “Nah, why?” She lied to him as she said it and she immediately felt regret. Elliot looked very concerned, “Because that monster is going to eat all of us!” Elliot looked at Octavio's hands and then back up into Ajay's eyes. Elliot thought that she looked sad. Ajay turned her face away, “Hey, what's wrong?” Elliot stepped towards them blocking Blisk's view of them. Octavio looked at Elliot as Ajay began to shake a little. “Lets go and I'll explain.”

Octavio took Ajay by the hand and led her out of the event hall and back towards the parking garage with Elliot following. Ajay sat down in the passenger seat while Elliot and Octavio sat in the back seat. It was probably the first time that Octavio and Elliot had been civil to one another in a while. “That monster attacked Che a few months ago. She almost died.” Elliot looked confused, “Like as bad as the prowler attack?” Octavio shook his and pulled his goggles up to his forehead, “No Elliot. Like she died. Her heart stopped and she wasn’t breathing.” Elliot looked away as he spoke, “Why? Why did he attack her? Why would anyone want to hurt her?” 

Octavio sighed, “That is a very long story amigo. And we still don’t have all of the answers.” Elliot shrugged, “I'm not going anywhere.” Octavio got out of the car and stood there for a moment. When he got back into the car he sat in the driver's seat. He started the car, “It's a long drive to our place.” Elliot nodded. Octavio looked over to Ajay who had balled herself up in the passenger seat and fell asleep. He rested his hand on her back and began to drive.

Chapter Text

Ajay woke up sweating and almost in tears. She sat straight up and placed her hands over her eyes. Her shoulder ached terribly. She reached into the drawer of the table next to the bed and pulled out two pills. She hated herself as took the pills. She looked around the dark bedroom for Octavio but he was nowhere to be found. She managed to drag herself out of bed and to the bathroom. She was naked and drenched in sweat. The water in the shower was warm when it hit her skin. She scrubbed her sweat soaked body until she could no longer handle the scrubbing feeling. When she got out of the shower and she hardly recognized herself in the mirror. She was a pale shadow of herself. She gently rubbed her shoulder before looking away. She put on a black bra and one of Octavio's shirts that came down just to her thighs.

Ajay made her way downstairs to find out where Octavio was. She found Octavio standing in front of the fire in one of the rooms downstairs. She approached him and gently touched his shoulder. Octavio turned around to see her. He smiled and embraced her. His hands fell to her ass and pulled her shirt up to her waist. He exposed her whole ass, rubbing it gently, “Che.” She smiled when she saw the surprised look on his face. His smile grew bigger when he realized that she was completely naked from the waist down. She met his lips and felt the warmth of the fire against her bare skin. He pulled her body into his as his tongue met hers. She pressed her body into his and hugged him tightly pulling her lips away just enough to talk, “Happy New Year Silva.” He laughed and smacked her ass.

“This is turning out to be a great year.” Elliot stood a few feet away from them with a drink in each hand. Ajay blushed as she kept her focus on Octavio. He squeezed her ass, “It is. Can you make a drink for Che. Just rum.” Ajay could smell the alcohol on Octavio’s breath as he spoke. He kissed her again and picked up by her ass. She sighed out of peer delight as he held her ass tight in his hands. Octavio walked over to sofa and sat down, placing her in his lap. Ajay straddled him with her legs and kissed him as she played with his hair. He continued to squeeze her ass as she began to grind her hips into him. She was wet and she could feel his hard cock against the fabric of his shorts.

Octavio gently released her ass and pulled her shirt back down as Elliot sat down next to them. Elliot smirked, “Don’t stop on my account.” He handed Ajay her drink and Octavio his. Ajay downed her drink as Octavio sipped his. Elliot watched them for a moment and then took a sip of his own drink. “So what’s the plan?” Ajay looked for a place to set her glass but instead Elliot took it. She set her cheek against Octavio’s shoulder and looked over to Elliot, “Whacha mean? What plan?” Elliot began pouring more rum into her glass from a bottle that he brought with him. “About this murderous monster that looks like it wants to eat everyone.” Ajay grew tense against Octavio. He ran his unoccupied hand along her back, “It’s okay Che, I told him everything.”

Elliot smiled, “Yeah I was pretty surprised to find out that you were hanging around with that old fart. His girlfriend was pretty hot though. He sure has a lot of girlfriends. I wonder how he does it.” Elliot rubbed his chin like he was thinking. Octavio grabbed Ajay’s ass again and that’s when she realized that the shirt she was wearing was not covering her backside completely. Her face was warm as she blushed again. She felt Octavio’s fingers graze over the opening of her ass for just a moment. She shuddered at his touch as she pulled at his hair playfully. Octavio whispered into her ear, “I might have left some parts out from the Trickster.”

Elliot stared at Ajay's partially unclothed ass as he handed the glass of rum back to her. “Yeah I suppose you can’t go telling everyone. Renee would be pissed if she found out.” Ajay took a sip, “They were gonna expose her to the whole world.” Elliot pried his eyes from her ass, “Yeah, expose...” He could feel himself getting hard. “Yeah, well I can try and explain that to her.” He couldn't look at Ajay. Octavio finished his drink and set it on the table next to him, “I think we should just play it by ear. For now, me and Che won’t be staying in the city if we don’t have to.” Octavio sat up pushing his hard cock against her again. She moaned a little and Elliot pretended not to hear her. Ajay drank the rest of her glass of rum and tapped on Elliot. He turned around taking her glass. “I think if this monster is in the game it’s less likely that he will attack you again. It seems like Apex is trying to cover something up by making him a Legend and putting him into the arena.”

Ajay felt Octavio’s fingers running along her ass again and then she felt Elliot’s eyes on her more exposed parts. She laid her head on Octavio’s shoulder as his hands worked her shirt up her back. “Silva….” She whispered his name. Octavio kissed her head and gently smacked her ass. “What's wrong Che? You worried about trickster?” She nodded as she sat up. He worked his hands from her ass up her back, moving her shirt with him again. “He drank himself to sleep.” Ajay looked over to Elliot as Octavio unclasped her bra. Ajay watched Elliot for a moment. His head was tipped back on the sofa and his eyes were closed. In one fast motion Octavio pulled off Ajay's shirt and bra.

Ajay sat naked in front of Octavio. Her nipples were hard and she was wet against his shorts. He smiled and picked her up, walking over to the arm chair next to them. He placed her in to chair and took off his shorts. “Put your legs up on the arm rests Che.” She blushed at the thought of being spread open in front of him. Octavio slid his shorts off, his cock was hard and erect right in front of her, “I’m waiting Che.” She hesitantly placed a leg on either side of the arm rest as Octavio knelt in front of her. He pulled her to the edge of the chair and smiled at her pussy and her ass as they were right in front of him. She leaned back in the chair as his finger traced along the slit of her pussy all the down to her ass. He ran his finger back up her, opening her pussy. He touched her right thigh before sliding a finger inside of her pussy, “What's got you so wet Che?”

She moaned as his finger entered her. She grabbed her breasts as he placed a second finger inside of her. “Don be stupid Sliva.” He moved his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. “I want to know Che.” He kissed her wet thigh and bit at it. “Silva…” He dipped his tongue inside of her pussy to taste her. She closed her eyes as he worked his tongue down to the entrance of her ass and licked her, “Ya know its ya Silva.” He pulled his face away from her for a moment, “See. Was it that hard?” He moved his face back between her thighs and his tongue up to her clit. He licked and sucked on her clit intermittently, teasing her in between. Ajay tried to move her hips into him but the way she was positioned in the chair didn’t leave her much room to move. “Come on Silva.” She begged him. He stopped for just a moment to speak, “Not yet Che.” He continued to play with her with his tongue.

Octavio used his other hand to stick another finger inside of her pussy, “Che you are so tight.” She bit her lower lip as she felt him stretch her with his three fingers. The intense feeling left her even more wet. She was a little disappointed when he pulled his extra finger out but she moaned loudly when he slid that same finger into her ass. She arched her back, “Silva… please.” He was licking her slowly. He spoke against her pussy as he licked her, “Please what?” She squeezed her breasts as he played inside of her ass. She was breathing hard as she focused on what he was saying to her. She tried to get the words out of her mouth but instead she moaned again.

Elliot watched from behind them. He was able to get his pants down just enough to get his cock out. He stroked himself slowly and quietly as he watched Octavio’s fingers dive deeper into Ajay's pussy and ass. He could hear how wet she was from across the room. He desperately wanted to slide his cock inside any part of her. He could hear her pleas and wished that he could pleasure her. “What the hell Octavio just give her what she wants.” He continued to watch as Ajay’s moans grew louder and more intense.

“I want to cum Silva.” Octavio’s tongue worked her clit until her whole body became tight around his fingers. He sucked on her clit as she climaxed on his face. He didn’t stop sucking her until her body slumped into the chair. He withdrew his fingers from her and put them into her mouth. She sucked gently upon his fingers until he pulled them away. Ajay finally sat up and adjusted herself in the chair. She arched her back over one of the arm rests until her head was upside down. She motioned for Octavio, reaching for him with her hands.

He met her on the side of the chair where she immediately grabbed his cock. He groaned and did everything he could not cum all over her face. She licked his cock up and down and shivered with excitement as she looked at it from the underside. She parted her lips and took him into her mouth while she placed her hands on the back of his thighs. She used his thighs as leverage; pushing and pulling his hard cock in and out of her mouth while her body stretched over the arm rest of the chair. Octavio wrapped his hand around her throat and held it tight as he began thrusting his hips into her, feeling the back of her throat with his cock each time. She moaned against his cock; she loved how it felt inside of her. “Che…” His breath was heavy as his cock twitched and he shot everything down her throat. She swallowed every last bit of him. Octavio left his cock in her mouth until he was no longer hard.

Elliot climaxed all over himself as soon as Ajay took the entirety of Octavio’s cock into her mouth. He quietly pulled his pants back on and watched the rest of the show. He was growing hard again when Octavio wrapped his hand around her throat and fucked her face while she laid beautifully across the arm rest. He continued to watch as Octavio’s cock disappear into throat each time he shoved it into her mouth. He wished that he was fucking her face or even fucking her pussy while Octavio fucked her face. He was lost in his thoughts and then they were done. He pretended to be asleep again.

Ajay smiled up at Octavio as he released her throat. She sat up in the chair and looked a little disappointed. She slumped back into the chair again and began rubbing her clit. Octavio stroked his cock as he watched her, “Why the look Che?” She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them with a pleading look, “I thought you were going to fuck me.” Octavio was hard again, and so was Elliot, the moment she said that. Octavio grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She kissed him hard before he turned her around in the chair. He forced her to bend over the back of the chair as he got into the ch