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It’s a well known fact that Jungkook is a heavy sleeper, that it takes him a long while to reach full consciousness when he wakes. It used to be an issue, when they had to get up early and be out of the dorm quickly. These days, they’ve worked out a system, found what wakes Jungkook fastest—unfortunately for Jungkook, that happens to be having his nipples pinched—and gets him out of bed in seconds—the promise of food.

On their days off, Jungkook can sleep as long as he likes, stay curled up in Seokjin’s arms as long as Seokjin lets him, and then just snuggle further into the sheets when his boyfriend inevitably gets out of bed, rarely even registering that he’s gone.

Some of their days off, however, Jungkook wakes slowly, but not naturally. He’s dragged out of the abyss of sleep bit by bit, with a wet mouth or lube-slicked hand on his cock.

It’s neither of those today.

Today, the first thing Jungkook is aware of is how full he feels. He moans softly, face scrunching as he wriggles a little, trying to alleviate the feeling. He’s vaguely aware of movement, but only because it stops suddenly. Then, pressure on his hip. Jungkook nuzzles his face deeper into the pillows with a soft huff.

“Kookie? Are you awake?”

Jungkook doesn’t respond, quickly drifting off again.

The next time Jungkook surfaces from sleep, it’s to slick warmth around his cock. He’s not sure if it’s a hand or a mouth on him, but it feels so fucking good. Jungkook squirms, cock hard and aching.

“Fuck, look at you. Look at that cute cock, so hard it’s leaking. You don’t even know what’s going on, do you?”

Jungkook's eyes roll behind heavy lids.

“Gonna fuck you so good. You’re gonna wake up so loose and used. I bet you’ll like that, won't you, Kook-ah? Waking up to my cum leaking out of your pretty little hole.”

As he wakes up a little more, Jungkook’s sure it’s a hand on his dick. He’s on his back and still feels full—even more than he did before—but the sleep-fog in his brain stops him from really comprehending why. Jungkook groans and tries to force his heavy lids open, but they won’t budge, and the wet warmth leaves him, a soft chuckle echoing through the mental haze.

“Such a cute face. You’re such a cockwhore, even while asleep. Make a noise if you can hear me, Kook-ah.”

He slips back into sleep with a soft grumble.

Jungkook wakes a third time with a moan catching in his throat as he’s jostled rhythmically, but gently, against the mattress. He pants softly, confused each time the air is pressed from his lungs. Jungkook’s on his front now, and he whines as his morning wood is repeatedly ground against the sheets.

“Shit, Kookie. Mh, so tight even though I prepped you so much. My sleepy little cumslut.”

Jungkook recognises the voice this time. It’s Seokjin. His beloved hyung is fucking him while he sleeps. Jungkook lets out a garbled noise of pleasure as Seokjin’s cock nudges at his prostate, eyelids fluttering.

“Make a noise for me if you’re awake,” Seokjin says, voice tense as he slows his movements. Jungkook hums low in response, then whines in protest as Seokjin pulls out, leaving him feeling empty.

“Good boy. Go back to sleep for me, hmm? I know you’re still tired.”

“Hy-ngh,” Jungkook groans, forcing his eyelids open for a brief moment, seeing nothing but the pillow he’s snuggled into before they close again. Seokjin strokes and kneads at Jungkook’s ass, then up his back, massaging firmly enough to relax Jungkook.

Jungkook drifts off again.

The final time Jungkook surfaces, it’s with a choked whine as Seokjin starts pounding hard and fast into him, firmly slapping Jungkook’s ass.

He’s too warm, sweating, and he kicks a little as though trying to kick the duvet off. But there is no duvet, just Seokjin’s body draped over his, mouth kissing and sucking at Jungkook’s shoulder and nape. The slight struggle only seems to spur Seokjin on.

Seokjin’s hand is trembling as he grips the meat of Jungkook’s ass, spreading him open with both hands as he drives his cock into him relentlessly.

“Such a good little cock sleeve, here for me to use whenever I want. Even when you’re sleeping. Fuck,” Seokjin gasps; it’s the kind of dirty talk he struggles with when they’re both fully conscious. Jungkook whines again, still half asleep.

“Stay still for me. Make a noise if it feels good, baby,” Seokjin pants, smacking Jungkook’s ass hard. Jungkook’s spine bows as he slurs out Seokjin’s name. Jungkook’s fingers twist in the sheets as he slowly gains full awareness of the situation. He can quickly tell that Seokjin is close, can feel the tremble in his hips as he rams into Jungkook so hard and fast that Jungkook is being driven up the bed, head almost being knocked into the headboard.

“Hyung. Hyung. So good,” Jungkook babbles, voice still sleep-rough and heavy. And damn, Seokjin isn’t the only one who's close. The sheets feel rough against Jungkook’s cock as the head drags across them— damp from pre-cum and lube. “G’na cum. Hyung, ‘m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me then, baby,” Seokjin grunts, shifting the angle of his thrusts and ramming directly into Jungkook’s prostate.

Jungkook wails, body immediately stiffening from the intense stimulation. It’s only three thrusts later that he climaxes, shaking and whining as he clenches around Seokjin’s dick. Seokjin groans above him, driving into him at a staccato pace for what feels like forever to Jungkook’s oversensitive body, the sharp slapping sound of his hips bouncing off the bedroom walls.

Then he’s burying himself deep, spilling his load deep inside Jungkook in a warm rush with a strained moan. Seokjin collapses after and drapes himself over Jungkook’s sweat slicked back, nuzzling into his neck and slowly rolling his hips as he rides out the last waves of his orgasm.

“Shit, that was so good.”

“Mmh,” Jungkook sleepily hums, lifting a hand to lazily pat the top of Seokjin’s head.

“How’re you feeling?” Seokjin asks, still catching his breath as he peppers kisses along Jungkook’s neck and shoulder.

“‘m good,” Jungkook hums, wiggling his ass back onto Seokjin’s cock lazily and huffing a laugh when Jin chokes on a gasp.

“Yah, menace!” Seokjin huffs, and smacks Jungkook’s thigh before bracing his hand on Jungkook’s hip. “I’m gonna pull out.”

As he does just that, Jungkook bites back a whimper, rim a little sore from the pounding he’d apparently taken.

“Mfh! You really went to town, didn’t you?” Jungkook asks, reaching back to trace a finger over the swollen, heated skin of his rim and hissing in discomfort.

“Shit, sorry. I thought I used enough lube. Let me check you,” Seokjin says, shifting down Jungkook’s body and spreading his cheeks, gently checking for tears.

“It’s ok. I did literally ask you to not hold back if you did this.”

“There’s no blood. Do you want some lotion?”


Seokjin leans over and rummages in the bedside drawer for a moment, before he returns, uncapping a tube and smearing the contents over his fingers. He applies it liberally but gently to Jungkook’s puffy rim, though Jungkook still sucks in a sharp breath of discomfort.

That’s Jungkook’s only problem with having things done to him while he’s asleep—he can’t ask Seokjin to ease up, or add some more lube, but it’s worth it. It’s so fucking worth it.

Jungkook feels boneless, lax and sated in a way he doesn’t often feel. His brain is a little unmoored, floating in a sea of warmth, as if he’s still asleep. Jungkook starts to doze off again as Seokjin massages his thighs and ass; he leans over to press light kisses down Jungkook’s spine.

“Don’t go back to sleep now. We have to get up and shower. There’s a meeting later.”

“Don’t wanna move,” Jungkook grumbles, reaching back to pull Seokjin down beside him. He wraps himself around his hyung’s arm, holding him hostage. Jungkook also doesn’t want to deal with the knowing looks and waggling eyebrows his other boyfriends are sure to throw his way as soon as he leaves the bedroom.

“Mm, ok. Just a little nap then,” Seokjin hums, giving in easily for once as he pulls the duvet over them with his free hand and settles in for a snooze.