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Liam had been absolutely shocked; he was speechless when Brooke told him that Steffy and Hope were in a romantic relationship.

He felt like he was in the Twilight zone. He spent so many years battling his feelings and his heart for these women and neither one of them wanted to be with him. It was a crushing blow for him and then he found out that they were with each other.

It was so much for him to digest; he even had a thought to himself of all of them being together. It would take away so much of the guilt, but Steffy laughed at him. She called him pathetic. She had no urge to be in any kind of relationship with Liam. She exercised her sole custody; she was able to get the courts to see that Liam had no interest in her daughter’s life.

She took every single absence he made and used it against him. She told the courts that he neglected his child and his responsibilities as a father and the courts agreed. Hope brought a suit against him too; she established a pattern that he had. He used women and when he didn't get what he wanted, he made everyone suffer.

He was absent father by design, he used his children to try and manipulate the mothers. It wasn’t hard to make the court see who he was. A psychiatrist had to evaluate him, and he was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. It was something that Steffy knew about him, her mother had told her so many times.

The court’s careful watched all his visits. After he was diagnosed with the personality disorder, the judge thought it would be best that his supervised visits were under the care of a psychologist. He was closely monitored; it was a goal of the judge to not let the children unknowingly be coerced by Liam. The looming chance of his rights being severed was on the plate as well.

He tried to use the visits to curry favor, he wanted to have a more active role in co-parenting, he didn’t even get to see Steffy or Hope. There was always someone designated to pick the girls up or drop them off. It irked Liam. He thought that this was overboard, but the courts did not agree.

Hope and Steffy could care less what Liam wanted, they moved on with their lives and were happier for it. After the confrontation with Brooke, their life was smooth sailing. It was tough having three kids under the age of five, but they made it work even if they were outnumbered.

It was what they always wanted, it took them a while to get there, it took twists and turns and heartache, but they found their way back to each other and they were stronger than ever.

“What are you thinking about?” Donna was getting the last-minute preparations ready.

Katie was trying to find Hope’s shoes, was the last thing she was going to need.

“I’m just thinking about the journey here, to this point. I have been through so much, some of it good, some of it absolutely heart wrenching, but I’m on the other side and I’m so happy. I feel so lucky.” Hope had many other words that she could use to describe this moment but then she would make herself late.

“I’m happy for you. You have been through a lot and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of this, I love you Hope.”

“I love you too Aunt Donna, I love you too Aunt Katie.” Hope really was happy that she had family on her side.

While Hope was getting ready in her room, Steffy was across the way getting ready in hers.

“You look almost perfect.” Luisa was doing her best friend’s make up as she spoke.

“Yeah, almost perfect, you’re missing something...” Lily B agreed.

“You too better not be teasing my daughter! I think she looks great.” Taylor didn’t understand what Steffy's friends were talking about.

“I wanted to give Steffy something. It’s something that Phoebe had gotten me when we had free time to go into the city when we were kids...”

“No you didn’t!” Steffy knew exactly what Lily was talking about.

It was Lily’s birthday and Phoebe was the last one to get her a gift, she didn’t know what to get her friend and she decided to go to just about every shop with Steffy and Luisa. They ended up getting an aquamarine necklace for Lily.

“Yes, I did. It’s something blue. And is something old come I know you don’t really do those kinds of traditions, but you know…” Lily was starting to get a little emotional.

“Yeah, I know, thank you for bringing me this. It really means the world to me.” It meant so much to Steffy for Lily to bring her this.

Taylor was crying, this was a small way that Phoebe was celebrating with them. Her daughter was not there with them but a piece of her was. It was such a lovely gesture for Lily to do.

Lily just hugged Taylor as Luisa put the necklace on Steffy.

Both ladies were ready, they came out of their rooms and saw each other.

They thought the same thought, beautiful… simply beautiful.

“As much as it is nice to stare at each other all day, it would be rude to your guests. What do you say instead of staring at each other now, you can do it after you two get married?” Ridge had been waiting for the both of them so he could walk them down.

“I guess we could do that.” Steffy rolled her eyes but today it was about her wedding.

It made Hope giggle, even now in these insanely beautiful dresses, Steffy could make her laugh out loud.

Both ladies We’re on either side Ridge. He walked them down the stairs and walk them down the makeshift aisle of Eric's home.

They listen to the Justice of the Peace speak, but they weren't really paying attention. Their hands were joined and all they could do is just stare at each other.

“I understand that you two wanted to say something to each other.”

“I guess I’ll go first. I just wanted to thank you. You came into my life during my darkest chapter. It was a surreal experience because I had done everything that I could to try and make myself happy again and I failed every single time. And then by chance I saw you and you were kind to me, when the same thing happened, I was not kind to you, and I regret that. I didn’t deserve it, but you gave it to me anyways and I really got to see who you were. I judged you on an idea of who I thought you were, but I got to expand my mind. The first time I held your hand it made my heartbeat so loud and fast. At first, I thought it was my anxiety and it wasn’t. I was falling in love before I knew it. I’ve always been in love with you and now I get to spend every single day of my life calling you my wife. It was everything that I ever wanted in it's finally coming true.” Hope was shaking, she couldn't keep her emotions in check. That what Steffy’s loved did her, she was off kilter in the best way.

“We have been through a lot together, things have happened to us that we couldn't foresee, and we weren’t together for some of it, but we got to the other side. I’m so happy, we have both fought for the life that we deserve, and we are getting it. Even though it took some detours, I’m so happy that we are at this point. We don’t need to get married to emphasize anything. We know that we’re in love with each other and we have a beautiful family. But our marriage is a promise, it’s a promise that we made to each other in the dead of night on the streets of Rome. We were going to share our lives with each other. I love you Hope, I adore the person that you are... We are on the other side because we want to be. We choose to be, bravely together and damn everything else. I get to marry the love of my life and I get to call her my wife.” Steffy gave Hope a wink.

“By the power vested in me and the state of California, I pronounce you wedded.” The Justice of the Peace said.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t actually have to kiss your spouse after getting married, but Steffy and Hope didn’t hear anything the Justice of the Peace said, they just heard California before they started kissing.

Everyone in Eric’s living room was clapping and cheering for them. They had so many people there to celebrate their union. It felt good to hear a thunderous applause for them.

Steffy and Hope had coordinated their Instagram post. They had dropped the bomb that they were married, and it set so many fashion publications ablaze.

They didn’t pay attention to any of that, they were just basking in the glow of being married to each other. They could care less but anyone else thought of them. They were just going to enjoy each other and be with their kids. That was the only thing that mattered to either of them.

Brooke on the other hand was seething. She was sure that Hope was going to come back to her, Steffy was just using her. Brooke had gotten a Google alert about Hope, she saw that all these fashion publications were saying Hope was married to Steffy.

She hadn’t seen Hope since that day at Donna’s, she had hoped that Hope would come to her senses. But she saw that Hope was erasing Brooke from her life, she changed her name. Hope Logan didn’t exist anymore. She didn’t know how Steffy could convince her daughter to throw everything that mattered away.

She lost her Hope forever, she had none of her children left. She just stared at her empty house and how quiet it was, she was sad because of how lonely she felt.

Liam had saw the headlines, he was in disbelief when he heard that they were together but now they were married, that was something completely different. More permanent!

Bill was angry, he didn’t like to be the last one to know about anything.

He finds out that the woman he loves is with that little twerp Hope. And he missed a scoop on it. He was disgusted that no one told him. If he couldn’t at least be with Steffy, he wanted to have the scoop so he can make some money off of this headline.

“How do you think some ‘concerned’ parties are reacting?” Hope couldn't help but ask as she was dancing with her wedded wife.

“Even though I don’t give a fuck, I’m sure that they're all mad. Varying degrees of course, but they all have that in common. The best part of it all is while we are living happy, we are also living in their heads rent free. And it screams to the petty part in me, I love it. We got our revenge, and we have our happiness. Is the best of both worlds baby…”

Hope nodded her head, Steffy had told her time and time again the best revenge that she ever had was moving on, everything else fell into its place when she did. In this moment, Hope could believe her wife because she had everything she wanted and the people who deserved to be miserable are...

She just kissed Steffy again and put her whole heart into it. They didn’t get to kiss for long because Phoebe and Beth we’re cutting in.

Sofia was somewhere in the house with Taylor and Ridge, but there was nothing more perfect in that moment than for Steffy and Hope dancing with their girls. The joy that they felt in hearing the laughter of their children was the most magical feeling.