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Steffy knew that a confrontation would be imminent. Liam was such a whining wimp, she was going to enjoy this. He was such a malleable piece of dough whenever his feelings were hurt which was a regular occurrence. He thought Hope was cheating on him which was funny to her. Hope wouldn’t cheat unless… Steffy just laughed to herself.


She did concede that it wasn’t her smartest idea to have sex with Liam especially when it wasn’t even particularly satisfying. The opportunity to get what she wanted did, it was too nice to concede. She played her cards right, she finally let go. Too much of her adult life was done placating him and she was done. She played him like a fiddle, she wanted the guilt to mount within him that he had no choice, but to tell Hope.


When he professed how much he cherished their night it took all of her not to gag. But Liam wasn’t the smartest even with them going through a custody leaving him with only supervised visits, he still came crawling to her door. She felt a little control slipping when he said that he would keep their secret. That wasn’t what she wanted so she did something unexpected. She told him that she was pregnant and if she wasn’t concentrating on her face not breaking, she would have laughed at his reaction.


She knew that he had no choice but to tell Hope now. Steffy wasn’t going to rest until Hope knew the sordid truth.  The puppy dog sadness on Liam’s face made her gleeful. She was getting everything she wanted in the interim.


What she hadn’t expected was Hope to be in her office before she was. It did miff her that someone who wasn’t authorized to be in her office without her approval was in it. She was going to have to speak to Aunt Pam about that…


“Hello Hope, how are you today?” Steffy said with a charming smile, she didn’t miss a beat. She just walked to her desk with her work tote and her handbag and set them down.


“Are you really going to do that? I know that you know that Liam told me.”


Steffy schooled her features to keep herself from smirking.


“Whatever it is Hope, can we move it along… there’s lots of work to be done.”


“You can’t seriously think I’m not going to say anything about the issue at hand?!”


Steffy sits down and almost bites her lip to hold herself from laughing but she bites her tongue instead. She takes a breath and then puts on her sorry face.


“Look Hope, I’m sorry. And I know you probably don’t believe me... Liam and me in that night, but you have to understand, it was a huge misunderstanding, and if he could go back…”


“Would he?” Hope was seething from Steffy trying to defend Liam. “Wow, have I been naïve?”


Steffy was already getting tired of this conversation, it wasn’t living up to the expectation she thought it would. She just sighed.


“Hope, please just—” Steffy couldn’t finish her thought and tell Hope to shut up.


“No. No. No. Because it’s all starting to make sense now. Yeah, that giant picture of you and my husband that’s been hanging on your wall this whole time? That he never even once asked you to take it down, did he? And you never had the decency or respect to take it down yourself. You say it is for Kelly when it’s not even in her room. You put that up there for your sick little fantasy... And congratulations, now you’re pregnant with a child that is Liam’s… I bet you would love to go back and do it all over again. Because my marriage, my family might be destroyed.”


Steffy couldn’t keep a straight face anymore, she chuckled at Hope’s words. The fairytale being spewed from her mouth was near comical for Steffy and her action only made Hope look more affronted.




“Admit it. Admit it Steffy, you finally got what you wanted another chance with Liam, another chance with my husband.”


“Are you done now?”


“How can you be so cavalier? This could destroy my family?”


Steffy took the time to lick her lips slowly and something in the air shifted, maybe not shifted but put even more tension in the room.


“Hmm seems like I just volleyed Hope, it’s rich for you to say those words to me. You sure didn’t give a damn about doing that to me… Oh no you definitely wanted to stick it to me. You came back blazing didn’t you?”


Hope didn’t expect to be put on the spot. She had been so livid about Steffy and Liam sleeping together that she left herself open to Steffy’s derision.


“Steffy we had finally come to a better co-parenting situation… And you ruined the dynamic by doing this.”


“Oh please Liam is a part-time father at best and honestly I prefer it that way. The good thing about the supervised visits is he can’t poison 'Kelly' with his shitty dumb takes. You asked me to admit it, that I wanted your husband. Isn’t that just something… You wait for me like a bitch in heat, to what berate me… for what? The fact that Liam first instinct was to run to me when you didn’t treat him like a shiny new toy... It’s what you should have expected Hope… you go on about me doing this and that, but you don’t want to confront the truth.”


“You are trying to twist this! You didn’t have to let Liam in…” Hope said as she was trying to stand her ground, but she knew that she was losing. She could feel it in her bones that Steffy had the upper hand.


“Yeah, you are right about that, but Liam made vows to you Hope and he could so easily break them with the one person that it actually means something. That should tell you something sweetheart…” The sweet poison of the term of endearment from Steffy’s lips make Hope gasp.


“That you have fashions for my husband?!” Hope felt herself getting livid again. The reminder of Steffy having sex with Liam played in her head.


“Goodness you are so myopic that you can’t see what’s in front of you… This wasn’t overly sophisticated or planned, Liam is just that stupid…”


It wasn’t a long con, but things just fell into place so beautifully.


“So you admit it?! At least that’s something I can believe falling out from your lips.” She tried to hold onto her anger but she realized her misstep as soon as she said it.


Steffy got up from her desk and walked like the apex predator she was towards Hope.


“Why would you be so frivolous Hope? I thought I taught you to be better than that… But look at you… pretending like you don’t secretly love this--”


“How could you ever think that?!”


“Because I know you don’t I… More than anyone else surely... Interrupt me again and there will be consequences. Why don’t you face the truth Hope? Why won’t you admit the truth to yourself?”


“What truth could that be Steffy? You’re being absolutely ridiculous with whatever you are trying to pull.”


“It’s so simple Hope… passion. The fact that you and Liam have none is why you try your damndest to stay in my orbit. I’d say you’re pretty hopeless without me don’t you think? I wasn’t even trying to be punny.”


“You think I invite this into my life. You are out of your mind Steffy!”


Steffy was getting tired of the back and forth… not even the circle they were going into. She decided she needed to get down to the chase. She reached up her skirt and she tracked Hope’s eyes as she let her thong fall to the afghan rug.


“I truly doubt that, but I am out of my panties. It’s okay if you don’t admit it to the world Hope… because I will always know the truth. This Pollyanna life living in that dreary ass shack with Mr. Potato Head isn’t as fun as you thought it was going to be because you don’t have me there to be your counter. You are so jealous… you can’t even hide it... Good thing no one else knows isn’t it?”


“At least you spared me some embarrassment for not until you start to show... It’s the least you could do…” Hope was mad at her face getting red.


“Hmm… are you ready to do some admitting of your own?”


The clicks of Steffy’s calf length boots made Hope cognizant of every step Steffy took. She saw her go towards the sofa on the far side of the office and sit on the sofa and just stare at her.


“What would I even admit to?”


“Hope, you can’t have what you want unless you tell me the truth. Why are you so upset at the fact that Liam slept with me?”


“He’s my husband for Pete’s sake…”


“Wrong answer.” It was getting annoying now, Steffy wasn’t waiting all morning to do this. “Come here.”


Hope hated how it was her first instinct to go to Steffy. She didn’t even think about it. She was at the sofa.


“I’m not doing this all day, why are you so jealous?”


“It should have been me!” Hope screamed out her fury. She could almost cry, when Liam told her of his infidelity, her first thought was why him? “It should have been me and you know it.”


“Hmm… at least you could admit the truth to yourself because I already knew it. Get on your knees.”


It was a long time coming and Hope wasn’t going to squander this.


When Steffy opened her legs… she could see the wetness smeared on the pussy she was going to enjoy. She took the time to kiss Steffy’s thighs which got her moans of appreciation. It made her own pussy wet to hear that reaction for her. She took her time to suck on Steffy’s labia and lapping up the wetness. It seemed like it wasn’t stopping but Hope thought she could just challenge herself.


“Yeah, flick that tongue faster baby, you know how I like it…” Steffy moaned out as she put her hands in Hope’s hair to grind her face for more friction. “You’re doing so good… making up for lost time, aren’t you? You missed this pussy huh? Mmm I can tell...” Another moan ripped through Steffy’s body and Hope was giving Steffy’s clit undivided attention. “Suck on it, harder Hope… Fuck just like that baby! Keep doing it just like that.” Steffy rolled her hips and it just did something to her. It made her buildup feel like it was traveling throughout her whole body instead of just her core.  “I’m so close baby… yeah flick that tongue harder baby, mmm almost there.” Hope just listened to the heightened tone of Steffy’s voice. She sucked hard and flicked her tongue as fast as she could as she just watched Steffy’s eyes close. She could feel it when Steffy’s climax took her.


After a couple of minutes, Steffy got up and went to her bag. She knew what was going down today. She pulled out her Lola personal lube and coated her fingers with it. Hope lowered her panties happy to have the feel of Steffy’s fingers in her again.


It was like magic in a bottle for her. Steffy knew what to strum her like her pussy was her rival’s personal violin.


“Steffy, I missed this… Oh god…” Hope couldn’t hold back her groan. She bit her finger to try and control herself.


“I know you have… coming into my office, uninvited and without an appointment… tsk someone would have to be very brave to do something so bold. But you’d do anything for this pussy huh?” Steffy made sure to ground her palm to Hope’s clit and massage it deep and she fucked her with her fingers. She nibbled on Hope’s neck for good measure.


She felt Hope shudder from the deepest parts of her body. Steffy planted kisses. Hope tilted her head because what she really wanted was to kiss Steffy.


She got the same churning in her gut when she kissed Steffy… the stimulation and happiness Hope felt sent her into oblivion.


Steffy pulled her closer and they just kissed. For Hope it felt like they were catching up on the time they went without. After about five minutes Steffy broke away but Hope couldn’t be too disappointed, a blush rose from her cheeks and it made Steffy smile wide.


Steffy felt so good inside because this was what she wanted.


“You know when you kept saying for me to admit it… I know that I can now. This felt so good Hope… you couldn’t possibly understand the feeling…”


“I think I do Steffy.” Hope felt like she was on top of the world.


Steffy went to her ear to tell her a secret even though no one else was in the room but it was something Steffy wanted to do for so long. She starts to speak softly in Hope’s ear.


“It feels so good to say that… you’re fired. What I want is my revenge for what you put me through... You hurt me to the deepest part of my soul because you could, it feels so beautiful to break your heart Hope... The world may not be privy to your bullshit, but I know better than everyone else. You wanted to wreck my life… you know what I value most in life is loyalty and respect and you pissed on it. Go ahead and cry your pathetic tears to someone else. Oh yeah you can’t because then you would have to tell the truth and no one could know that you were munching on my pussy like it’s your favorite meal because you would have no moral high ground to be upset with Liam now and we know you can’t have that. Don’t worry about HFTF either I already changed the line’s name to Daze, it seems like I left you in one... The perks of it being my company I own the damn line… feels so good. Get your underwear and get the fuck out of my office. I have work to do.”


Steffy gets up nonchalantly, goes back to her desk and pages Pam to get her the forecasts she asked for.  Hope felt her heart breaking, trying to catch her breath was a challenge and Steffy went about her business like she wasn’t even in the room.


Hope thought Steffy had gotten past it, but Hope should have known better. There was no forgiving done on Steffy’s part after what she did. It was like she was on autopilot, one action led to another and she somehow was home.


When she opened the door to the cabin, Liam was there playing with Beth.


“How was your day?” Liam was testing the waters. He knew that Hope couldn’t get mad with Beth in the room. It was why he made Beth take her nap early.


“I want a divorce.” It was all Hope said and then she left the room and went straight to the bathroom. She cried in the shower wondering how the hell she got there?