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Live Another Day

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Live Another Day


“James Bond is dead,” declared M to a pretty young woman that rainy night. “I'm sorry to have to tell you this, I know you two were close.”

“How did this happen,” stammered the young woman?

“Due to the classified nature of his work; I can’t tell you that.”

“Cut it out Olivia, I know this has to do with that hard drive that has the list on it, which you only got hold of because of me and my father. And James was with me when he was called away to Istanbul to help Ronson because someone was after the hard drive.”

“Someone got the hard drive with the list, Ronson was killed and James was killed pursuing the person who got the hard drive.”

“My God, where’s the hard drive now,” the young woman asked as she was trying to stifle back tears?

“We don’t know,” replied M shortly. “Here is the obituary I wrote for him and as always I expect this to be kept in strict confidence.”

The woman nodded her head yes, “I can’t believe he’s gone the last thing I said to him was that he could go to hell, it was my way of telling the bastard I loved him!”

One Month Earlier:

Chapter One: Mr. White

James Bond was annoyed, which wasn’t exactly hard for him. He could become annoyed easily, he hated when people made a big fuss of things. A billionaire British investment banker dying on a Swiss Mountain because of a skiing accident seemed more of a natural fact of life than a major news story. But at last that’s what the news seem to be focusing on was the untimely death of the banker and that his daughter was now one of the richest women in the world. Just as James turned off the TV, a picture of the daughter a pretty girl fresh out of university flashed across the screen. Though he liked rich things Bond hated rich people, he thought they felt like the world owed them something.

Bond left his flat and jumped in his beloved 1964 Ashton Martin and drove to MI6 headquarters. Bond’s sour mood had less to do with his mere annoyance at the news focusing on the death of a man, Bond thought was too rich for his own good and more on the fact Bond recognized him from somewhere. As he sped along, he combed through the files of his mind trying to figure out where he knew the banker from. Suddenly, it hit him as he had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting the car in front of him. He was one of the members from Quantum who Bond identified with his phone at the opera in Austria a few years back. Nothing had ever come out of one of the world’s richest men being identified as a member of the ultra-secretive organization. As Bond entered the parking garage of MI6 he thought, if this man was in Quantum, his death was no accident!

Moments later Bond burst into M, Olivia Mansfield’s office, she was talking with Bill Tanner and Sebastian Ronson, another agent. “You wanted to see me ma'am,” he asked? He then cried, “Jasper Rose was a member of Quantum, an investigation into his death could give us more answers on Quantum.” Though it had been years MI6 had still been unable to unmask Quantum and discover who they were and what they were after.

M gave Bond a blank stare before replying, “a little behind the eight ball aren’t we 007 that is exactly what I wanted to speak to you about, I thought you would recognize Rose from the opera. Two days ago before he died Rose reached out to the minister of defense, they were old friends at Oxford, saying he was a part of an organization called Quantum that was planning an attack on MI6. He said he had information on this attack but he unfortunately was killed before he could pass the information along. First and foremost, we need to get that information, he did say it was in his safe deposit box at the Swiss bank in Zurich. His daughter Lavender Rose is going to Switzerland tomorrow to take care of his personal affairs. For obvious reasons since there is a beautiful young woman involved, I was going to have Ronson here go to Switzerland and try to get this information from her as well as provide protection,” M declared, she hated Bond's womanizing. “If Quantum killed her father, they’ll be after her next. I decided I'll send you as well given your experience with Quantum. You are to report to Switzerland tomorrow. Ronson you may go!” Ronson got up, looked at Bond and left.

“Why do you need to talk to me for,” growled James?

“Bond, we need Ms. Rose to hand over this information, I need you to keep your mind on the mission and your hands off of Ms. Rose, are we clear?”

“Yes we’re clear, don’t worry she’s not my type.”

“Oh 007, I wish I could believe that but they’re all your type. That’s all 007, good luck!”

James stood up and slowly buttoned his jacket, he gave M a sly smile and said “Ma’am.”

The Next Day: Zurich, Switzerland

Bond impatiently paced back and forth at “Just Coffee,” a coffee house across the street from the Zurich headquarters of the Swiss Bank. They were monitoring the Swiss Bank as Lavender Rose was now inside opening her father’s safe deposit box. She had no idea that two MI6 agents were waiting outside for her. Also outside were half a dozen reporters. “You know she doesn’t seem that bad,” Ronson declared, as he munched on a doughnut, reading a copy of Vogue magazine, where Lavender Rose was on the cover. “She has founded several charitable organizations.”

Bond looked up and gave Ronson a long bored look before replying “what are you, the bloody president of her fan club? Her and her type are all the same,” spat out James.

“ You say that now,” sighed Ronson. “ What’s our plan of attack, how are we approaching her?”

“Working on it,” replied James as he crossed his arms.

Meanwhile inside the Swiss Bank, Lavender Rose was sitting at a table as a bank employee pushed a large box and a key towards her. “Your father’s safe deposit box Ms. Rose.” Lavender Rose was beautiful. She had long light brown hair with blonde highlights, mystical brown eyes and lush red, red lips. She took the key and opened it, as she was going to see what was inside, a loud bang was heard along with an accompanying flash of light streaking across the room. A bomb had gone off in the building! Lavender fell to the floor using her body to shield the box!

Seeing the bomb go off from across the street, Bond and Ronson began rushing towards the burning Swiss bank. Lavender with a cough looked up as smoke swirled around the room, she saw a man standing before her, holding out his hand. Lavender took his hand while still holding on to the box, once she was up the man, took a look at her before saying “hand over the box!”

“What, no it belonged to my father,” she declared. With this the man pulled out a gun and pressed it to her head and began to forcefully escort her and the box out of the burning chaotic building. Bond and Ronson had reached the burning scene, just as they were going to enter the inferno, Bond turned his head and saw the man with the gun to Lavender’s head forcing her into a SUV. The man turned his head and his eyes met Bond's ice blue eyes, Bond instantly recognized him as Mr. White! Bond began running towards White! White pushed Lavender into the car, jumped into the front seat! Bond began running after the SUV as it sped off!

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Chapter Two: The World is not Enough

Running after the SUV James Bond turned to Ronson “we have to catch up with them!” A shocked Ronson nodded his head yes as he began to chase after James. For his part, James was losing ground as the SUV sped away. Knowing he was losing them, James found a solution as he espied a motorcycle parked outside of a nearby café. He quickly ran over to the motorcycle and began to hotwire it. As the motorcycle roared to life, James climbed on and then called to Ronson, “get on!” Ronson quickly caught up to Bond and hopped on the back! James began to speed after the quickly disappearing SUV!

Meanwhile as the SUV was trying to speed out of Zurich, Lavender, who was struggling with two of White’s goons in the back seat, cried “who are you? What do you want? Is it money you want, you can have it?”

Mr. White, who was sitting in the front passenger seat cried “Ms. Rose, we don’t want your money but you, actually the information you can provide us,” declared White. “This box here is useless without you, you are the key!” When getting Lavender into the car, White snatched the box away from her. “Your dearly departed father thought he was so clever, making you the only one that could access the information contained in this box! But now we have the box and you! It was a pity he was killed for nothing.”

“You killed my father?”

“Oh Ms. Rose don’t play dumb it doesn’t suit you,” snapped White. “Of course we killed your father. He was going to betray us!”

“Who’s we, who are you working for?”

“Ms. Rose, you’ll be the one answering the questions but not now. I think you need to rest before we get to Austria.” White looked over and gave a slight wink to the thug sitting next to Lavender. She soon saw a syringe looming above her neck about to administer a dose of a powerful sleeping drug, she snatched the syringe from the henchmen’s hands and without thinking stabbed it into his neck. As everyone in the car was shocked over what had just transpired, Lavender reached for the lock control on the front passenger side, pressed unlock and bolted out of the moving car.

“Look,” cried Ronson from the back of the motorcycle seeing the blue Burberry coat of Lavender flap in the wind as she ran away from the car. Bond turned the bike and began to follow Lavender as she ran from the street to a café. Just when she was going to go inside she felt a strong hand on her arm, she turned around and was now face to face with James and Ronson. “Oh I guess you want information from me too, at least your cuter than the last one,” she wrestled her arm away from James.

“We do but not here,” replied James reaching for her arm again.

“I like strange men as much as the next girl but no, I’m not coming with you, will you excuse me I have to go call the police.”

“Listen if you don’t come with us, those same men that just blew up the Swiss bank and kidnapped you and killed your father will kill you once they get what they want,” cried James.

“How do I know you won’t do the same thing?”

“If you don’t want to be killed, I suggest you come with us. We’re with the British ministry of defense, before his death your father reached out to us saying that those men that just kidnapped you, are going to attack the British government, information on the attack was in the safe deposit box you presumably got from the Swiss Bank,” explained James.

“On that thought where is the box,” quizzed Ronson?

“Sorry I was in fear for my life, so I jumped out of the car without any thought of it,” she said sarcastically.

What seemed like a flippant remark to James caused his blood to boil. Sorry? Sorry? Sorry? Try putting that in a sentence sorry that there is going to be an attack . Sorry millions of people could possibly be killed. You’re that kind of sorry,” James snapped, he was growing impatient with her.

“I don’t think you two know what’s truly going on here, the man that kidnapped me said that I was the key, that the information in the box would be useless without me. So I think it’s not a matter of if you trust me , I think it’s a matter of if I trust you and at this point I don’t.”

“We were sent to protect you,” pressed James.

She looked at him for a moment, his ice blue eyes locked with her brown eyes. “Well if you’re here to protect me, I guess I could use some security guards, my father was always trying to push security on me, never understood it but I guess it was to protect me from those psycho kidnappers. I am attending a charity fundraiser at a casino in Monte Carlo in Monaco in place of my father, he would have wanted me to go but I guess his so called friends might show up, I guess I can’t run away from them forever. Protect me tonight and I’ll tell you everything you want to know. But there’s another condition you must tell me who these psychos are that killed my father and what’s in that box that everyone wants so badly.”

“I hardly think you’re in a position to tell us what to do,” argued back James.

“ I don’t think you have a choice like that psycho that dragged me from the bank said I’m the key to unlocking all of this.”

“That psycho was Mr. White.”

“Oh is he a friend of yours?”

“He killed a friend of mine, just like he killed your father.”

“I’m sorry. And I know you think I’m probably some selfish rich girl but I have to know who I can trust and right now that’s very few people.”

“I know the feeling well, I trust no one.”

“M did tell us to protect her,” added Ronson.

“Hush,” cried James.

“ M, Mr. white, you know some interesting people. So you take your marching orders from a letter, so who does M answer to A? Come on cutie, what do you have to lose a free trip to Monaco on a private jet, no offense but you seem like you need a vacation.”

“It’s not a vacation I will be working but I suppose I could go if there is some chilled Bollinger champagne and beluga caviar on the plane.”

“Of course, always, Mr….” Lavender smiled.

“Bond, James, Bond.”

“Ma’am,” cried the captain of Lavender’s private plane four hours later, “we’re entering Monte Carlo air space.”

“Thank you,” replied Lavender as she turned away from the captain and turned to face Ronson and Bond, who after an intense fight agreed to tell Lavender about her father’s involvement in Quantum.

“So my father was a bad guy,” Lavender asked picking at the caviar.

“It’s not that black and white,” answered James.

“But you saw him at the opera with the other members of Quantum?”


“Are you a bad man Mr. Bond?”

“ This is not really about me!”

“It is about you, I am trying to see if I can trust you or not,” she cried.

“It depends on your perspective,” he snapped.

“Madame wins,” said the dealer several hours later at the casino as claps were heard around the table, Lavender was all the talk at the fundraiser. Everyone had heard about the explosion at the Swiss Bank. Lavender wearing a red lace dress smiled triumphantly as she collected the chips. Suddenly James came to the poker table, “I would like to challenge Madame.” Lavender gave James a dirty look but proceeded to play the game with him.

“Now show,” cried the dealer again, an hour later, both James and Lavender had gone all in. Lavender pushed her cards to the dealer, the dealer looked at them and cried “three kings,” with this she smiled smugly at James. James then threw his cards on the table. “Trip aces,” cried the dealer. “Aces win.” James started scooping away Lavender’s chips. “You know Mr. Bond, ever since I was a kid, people would let me win because I was Lavender Rose, I guess that meant something but you didn’t care and I just lost ten million dollars to you. I think that shows something about what kind of man you are. If you were trying to trick me to hand over the information you would have let me win. It shows that you can be trusted. Shall we go up to my room and talk?” The casino was connected to the hotel, Lavender, James and Ronson were staying at for the evening.

“Certainly,” he then turned to the dealer and pointed to Ronson, “my friend can tell you where to send the winnings.”

He followed her up to her executive ocean view suite, which connected to the room Ronson and James were staying in. They were alone. She poured them glasses of champagne and then sat on the bed. “The night before he died my father called me up and told me, he had something important to tell me and I was to meet him at the house in Amsterdam, it was where he met my mother, she was his housekeeper before they married. Whatever is needed to access the information in that box is behind my mother’s portrait at the house in Amsterdam, I know it’s not that exciting but it’s what I know.”

“I guess we’re going to Amsterdam, such a pity I was beginning to like Monte Carlo,” declared James.

“But not tonight, Amsterdam will be there tomorrow,” replied Lavender seductively as she twisted a lock of her light brown hair.

"So what shall we do," Bond asked in a teasing manner?

"You choose," replied Lavender as she got up from the bed and gently kissed him on the lips!

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Chapter Three: M

James Bond was suddenly blinded by a bright light as he was instantly brought to consciousness. He was suddenly face to face with M. “Rise and shine 007,” M cried as she opened the blinds of the hotel room in Monte Carlo. “One simple request 007 and you couldn’t even do that, Christ! How could you be so stupid?”

“What the hell,” asked Lavender as she woke up next to James, rubbing her eyes. The dream like state Lavender was in, switched to a replay of the events the night before.

“We’ll see where this leads,” she said seductively standing on her tiptoes to play with his hair.

“How about we start with a nice martini?”

“Bit of a problem?”


“I hate martinis.”

“ That’s because you never had a good one!”

Lavender in this new dream could see herself, minutes later on the bed sipping a Vesper martini, “let me see if I got this straight,” she said in a low voice. “Three measures Gordon’s gin, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet, shaken over ice, then add a thin slice of lemon peel, six of them?”

“Yes correct, what do you think of it,” he asked with a smile?

“Delicious, maybe I misjudged martinis.”


“Are you going to admit you misjudged me?”

“I don’t have enough information yet,” he said with a small smile

“Oh playing hard to get? Well I like you, I probably shouldn’t but…”

“No you shouldn’t.”

“Wow you’re a romantic,” she laughed as she got up from the bed and kissed him again. “Let me melt your cold heart,” she whispered in his ear in a conspiratorial tone.

“Ronson’s probably looking for you,” commented Lavender an hour later with her head resting on James’s chest.

“I think he’ll be fine, I’m where I need to be.”

“So you gentlemen are with MI6?”

“How do you figure that?”

“I’m not an idiot, God guys, you say you work for the ministry of defense, MI6 is apart of the ministry of defense.”

“No comment.”

“You see you just admitted it with your stupid no comment comment,” she giggled. “So who was Vesper?”

“How do you know about her?”

“You told me the martini was called the Vesper, I assume you named it after a girl.”

“We’re not talking about her,” he said smashing his lips against hers.

Lavender pulled away, “you’re not getting out of this one so easy, she broke your heart, she’s the reason you’re like this. She was the friend, that you said that Mr. White the psycho that kidnapped me, killed.”

“I don’t dwell on the past and you shouldn’t either,” he said biting her lips and then kissing her neck.

The dream changed, now M turned to face Lavender. “Oh good you’re up as well Lavender!”

“Hello Olivia,” declared Lavender using much to James’ shock M’s real name.

“You two know each other, was this a trap,” James asked?

“Oh come off it 007, you flatter yourself too much and you have a bloody cheek thinking I would set this poor child up with you that’s the last thing I wanted.”

“I’m not a child Olivia, I’m the richest woman in the world, I knew it was you that sent them.”

“ Yes you are, as well as a smart arse, I did and Lavender I thought you had higher standards than him, he literally has no standards.”

“Oh Aunt Olivia don’t be so hard on him, he has to be one of the best agents if you sent him to protect me but why are you here?”

“Back up a second, Aunt?”

“Actually great aunt 007 and I’m here Lavender because your late father sent us a message from the grave!”

Upon this Lavender shot up in the bed with James asleep next to her. She was now fully awake. Her eyes adjusted to the dark room, it was just the two of them, her and James. M’s visit had been a dream, "M," she cried to herself!

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Chapter Four: A Secret

“James, James, James, wake up,” Lavender cried as she shook James awake. “What the bloody hell,” he cried , his eyes adjusting to the darkness as he started to reach for his gun. “Is Mr. White back?”

“No nothing like that,” she replied as they locked eyes.

“Then what’s so important in my line of work, you don’t get much of a chance for sleep, so you have to get it when you have the chance. But what is it, do you want to win your money back,” he asked in a teasing manner?

“Ha ha very funny, “ she giggled. “The M, that you and Ronson mentioned at the café, she’s your boss right?”

“That’s classified information,” James shot back.

“Hear me out, her real name is Olivia Mansfield right?”

Bond stiffened up, “What did your father tell you, who are you?”

“Cut the crap, I keep telling you I’m not just some little rich girl that just listens to daddy, for your information I did study law at Oxford.” At this James seized her arm, “I don’t bloody care about that, how do you know her name?”

“She’s my great aunt,” Lavender said in a matter of fact tone as she snatched away her arm.

“ Great aunt,” questioned James?

“Yes great aunt, she’s more like a grandmother though. I had a weird dream, that she came and confronted us, which would be something she would totally do. She never approved of my taste in men nor my mum’s. I can tell she would never approve of you. But you and Ronson are her favorites. I know she would only send the best to protect me.”

“Sounds like her, “ commented James off the cuff.

“So you believe me?”

“You’re getting warmer!”

“I knew she was high up in MI6 but I never knew what, I was just taking a wild guess that she was this M person but seeing your reaction I’m right. My mum was an only child and her parents died when she was young, Olivia took her in. And my mum wasn’t actually a housekeeper, not that being a housekeeper is a bad thing but she was a reporter. When she was in Amsterdam, she was undercover as a housekeeper, she was doing a story on the richest residents in Amsterdam. My Dad, who never loved anything instantly fell for her. Obviously Olivia didn’t approve, so they lost touch. I first met Olivia at mum’s funeral when I was seventeen, we became close. My father and I didn’t exactly have the best relationship. However, I too lost touch with Olivia over time. Towards the end of my time at University, my father and I were starting to become close again. She hated the man, she didn’t like that we were reconnecting. From what you told me on the plane, you sent her images of him at the Opera with his fellow Quantum members, she probably recognized him the second she saw him. Olivia being Olivia probably didn’t want to get personal feelings involved and she would never want to launch an investigation based on pure hate.”

“She always wanted one to remain emotionally detached,” commented James.

“That’s why she likes you so much, you have no emotion I can tell. I bet three weeks after this is all over you’re not even going to remember my name!”

“That will be kinda hard,” quipped James!

“Why is that?”

“You’re everywhere!”

At this Lavender smiled a smug smile, “I am Lavender Rose!”

“And that is supposed to mean something?”

“Because of who my father was and turned out to be it means nothing but maybe due to whatever’s in that box it will mean something again! I guess even Olivia can’t always remain emotionally unattached, that’s why she sent you to protect me. As for my father, she knew with him reaching out to the minister of defense, he would have never reached out to her, that in his own stupid way he was trying to do the right thing. She knew I was right that there was some good in him, this is her way of apologizing.” She stared at James for a moment. “So do you believe me?”

“I don’t disbelieve you, let’s put it that way.”

“There’s more. I wasn’t fully truthful with you.”

“Oh imagine that,” quipped James.

“Everyone keeps saying I’m the key, I didn’t really understand that until in my dream, M said she had a message from my father and then it snapped. I know in real life she didn’t know about this. But a couple of months ago, my father gave me a locket, I just thought it was an apology for being so distant. I never opened it, he knew I wouldn’t, we had our issues. He told me there might be a day where I would need it, it would be the key to everything. I blew it off as goofy Dad stuff. But this is the key to whatever’s in that box or at the house in Amsterdam.” For the first time James noticed the locket she was wearing. It was a slim silver chain holding a large but elegant silver heart. This was actually the first time he truly appreciated her beauty. He had to admit she wasn’t so bad, actually he was starting to like her. With the moonlight reflecting off the silver of the locket, her face was pensive as she in her white nightgown pried the locket open with her long lavender colored painted nails. James had observed that her nails would have made good weapons. The locket revealed to house a small chip, she quickly handed it to James.

James took the chip, grabbed his MI6 sanctioned phone and put the chip on the phone instantly a video popped up. He looked at Lavender and said “ go get Ronson,” Lavender nodded her head, as she rolled out of bed and knocked at the door adjacent to the bed. “Hey Sebastian come here, we found something,” Lavender cried. The door soon opened and Ronson came in. He stared at both James and Lavender and cried “M won’t be too pleased about this development.”

“ Oh she talked about me,” Lavender asked as she walked over and picked up an elegant but sexy looking white robe off the chair and put it on. James watched her intently, crestfallen Ronson watched James watch her.

“Just a little, she of course never mentioned you were her great niece!”

“Great niece,” questioned Ronson?

“Appears that M has a personal connection to this one,” declared James.

“What,” Ronson cried?

“She would never want her personal feelings to appear as they were getting in the way that’s why I believe she didn’t tell you two,” Lavender stated.

“What’s this information,” Ronson questioned?

“A message from my father,” Lavender cried as James pressed play on the video.

The raspy voice of Lavender’s father could be heard, “Lavender, if you’re hearing this, it means I’m dead. I’m sorry about not always being there. I don’t have much time. I’m part of an organization called Quantum, except if you ask me I believe it’s a part of a larger organization. I originally joined this organization to advance my business interests but I soon discovered this organization was bent on destroying the world and I do not say those words lightly. I have managed to get my hands on some information that if it got out could cause irreparable damage not only to England but to the rest of the world. It is a list of every NATO agent embedded in terrorist organizations across the globe, it is stored in a computer drive. You will find the password to open the drive at the old house in Amsterdam, I know you will know where to look. As for the drive, it is in my safe deposit box at the Swiss bank, you will need both. I will try to reach out to the minister of defense when the time is right to let him know of the existence of this information. I need you to take it to your Aunt Olivia, you probably already know this but through my involvement in this organization I have learned that she is high up in MI6. There is also an agent called Bond, I know he is her favorite maybe he can help, maybe he can protect you, people, dangerous people are after this information. That is all, farewell sweet Lavender, I love you!”

“We have to go get that information and recover the box,” grumbled James.

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Chapter Five: No Time to Spy

“The reservation’s under Bond, James Bond,” James bitterly relayed, embarrassed at the White Room restaurant in Amsterdam. He never used cover names. He could not believe how fast this spiraled out of control. He sighed, why couldn’t Lavender had just stayed at the hotel, why did she have to insist on playing spy, being M’s great niece of all things didn’t qualify one to be out in the field. These were the questions pressed against his mind. Earlier in the day, the press had gotten wind that the heiress had been seen in Monaco with a handsome older mysterious blonde man. M though pained by making him break his promise to her, told Bond that he had to appear to be dating her only other living family member for the sake of national security. However, the press nor the public could not know of the impending threat to British national security or what was on the hard drive. And if Bond was revealed as a British agent it was only a short leap to assume that there was indeed a grave and imminent threat to the British homeland. But this could all be prevented if to the press and the world, he was not a British secret agent but the man after Lavender’s heart. Posing as a security guard to Lavender would signal to the world that there was a potential threat to the heiress and that the death of her father and the bombing of the Swiss bank were not random but all connected to a threat to the island nation. MI6 needed the upper hand and absolute secrecy in order to keep the country safe.

To James, this whole charade felt utterly ridiculous and almost childish, though he and Lavender had their passion the night before. But for the sake of duty and queen and country, he decided to go along with the whole ordeal. He glanced bitterly at Ronson, jealous that he did not have to play make believe. For his part, Ronson who had been nursing a small crush on Bond was acting as a guard to Bond’s character. As the world was concerned Bond was not James Bond, the British secret service agent, but rather he was James Bond, Vice President of Universal Exports, a wealthy man that needed a security guard. He turned to see Lavender enter the restaurant with a flash of cameras in the distance, a small mercy to the Casanova spy, the restaurant was closed to the public. She was wearing a silk lavender colored dress, even to the womanizing Bond she looked like the most beautiful creature in the world. Though due to recent events he could barely stand to be in the same room as her. She now reminded hm of Vesper in the worse possible way, he felt that he couldn’t trust her. As she slowly began to walk towards him, his mind wondered off . He began to think of how this whole global charade came to be and how his growing fondness of Lavender was quickly halted..

14 Hours Earlier: Monaco

“We need to contact M,” Ronson declared after the three, Lavender, James and himself watched Lavender’s father’s last video.

“Best course of action would be just to go to Amsterdam,” retorted Bond. He then turned to Lavender, “how long do you think it will be to get your plane up in the air?”

“I’m not going to tell you, I agree with Seb, you have to check in with Olivia , I can see that she has trouble with you.”

Ronson laughed, “I’m starting to like this girl.”

“Again are you the president of her bloody fan club,” snapped James?

“I think you were trying to fill that position a little while ago,” quipped Lavender as Ronson pulled out a phone and pressed a number. James and Lavender turned their eyes on Ronson as he spoke into the phone, “Tanner, it’s Ronson, patch me through to her.”

A few seconds later, they could hear M’s raspy voice, “Ronson, where in the bloody hell, are you, where’s Bond?”

“He’s right here along with Lavender, whom we just discovered is your great niece!”

“Christ, did she tell you?”

“No, she told Bond.”

“That bloody bastard, I told him to keep it professional.”

“Actually it was my idea , Olivia...”

“Why am I not surprised but what the hell is going on, there are reports of an bomb going off at the Swiss bank, have you made any progress of discovering this information and where it is…,”

“Yes a message from the grave proved to be most helpful,” injected James.

“What,” cried M as Ronson turned on the video on the phone so M could see both James and Lavender.

“Sending an enlightening video,” replied James.

“At least the rat bastard was good for something,” mumbled M after she watched the video. “007, you are to go to Amsterdam and retrieve this information, alone.”

“My father told me to go,” argued Lavender.

“Tell Bond, where to look,” snapped back M.

“I told him, it’s behind the portrait, in the living room but I’m going,” explained Lavender.

“No you’re staying, that’s an order, 007 you will go, Ronson you will stay with Lavender.”

“But…,” the three started to protest…

“No buts…this is an order…good luck 007,” declared M as the screen flashed dark.

“I guess I better get going to Amsterdam alone, all by my lonesome,” James declared with a slight wink as he began to get dressed.

Amsterdam: Former House of Jasper Rose:

James Bond glided through the eclectic home of Lavender and her father. He rolled his eyes as he passed by the inhouse yoga studio. As he passed by, what was Lavender’s room, he decided to go in. He smiled when he thought of Lavender. There wasn’t much, candles, posters of celebrities, a save the planet poster and a bookshelf filled with volumes of poetry. However one thing did stick out to him, a large orange almost ugly scrapbook, practically falling off the bookshelf. He quickly snatched the book off of the shelf and began to comb through the book and suddenly it all made sense. This ordeal had never made much sense, neither M’s nor Lavender stories ever fully added up. He knew that night at the opera, Jasper Rose’s picture never matched with the name Jasper Rose. Something about the whole affair seemed off. He would never forget a name, it must have slipped past his mind. Of course that’s why M was so concerned about the death of the bodyguard that day at the opera. He had always wondered why she had severely punished him for doing his job but this was why. He threw down the book almost disgusted with himself that he hadn’t figured it out sooner .

He went to the living room, where there were beads hanging from the windows instead of curtains and large cushions instead of couches. He went to a large elegant portrait of a woman that had mystical brown eyes like Lavender. He proceeded to the portrait. Just as he was about to remove the portrait, shots filled the air, James ducked as he saw a person dressed in black firing at him. As he was about to pull out his Walther PPK, his would be assassin threw a small device, which turned out to be a smoke bomb as plumes of smoke swarmed the room. James was temporarily blinded. Once the smoke cleared out, the person in black was gone and the portrait was cast aside. Coughing James stood up and ran to the hollowed out wall where the portrait once was, nothing was there. He began to run out of the house in search of the thief of the password to the list. Outside, he saw an Audi pull up and Lavender and Ronson got out and stared at him. He stared at them for a moment, “ took you bloody long enough, you missed the show, the password is missing.” Disobeying M’s orders, Lavender and Ronson left on Lavender’s private plane right after James. However, leaving the hotel, they were bombarded by the press asking questions about Lavender and the bombing of the Swiss Bank. Like James, Lavender too wanted to finish out the mission. James was almost annoyed to see them, especially Lavender, though it had always been the plan that they would come.

“You bloody idiot my father was killed for that information, you could have at least put up more of a fight,” she cried hitting his chest. She was very invested finishing what was her father’s last wish.

“Jasper Rose or Guy Haines, I’m a little confused,” he snapped.

“He had to change his name because of you,” she revealed. “And everything else for that matter. He was an envoy to the Prime Minister, which he loved and had to return to his business interests, after he was exposed by you at the opera. And he really didn’t change his name it was Jasper Guy Haines. And most of his friend still called him Guy even after the name change. Rose was my mother’s maiden name, M’s sister, my grandmother married a man whose last name was Rose. My father before he went back to his business interests, wasn’t well known, he was kinda of a shadow advisor to the Prime Minister. He was one of those old rich dudes that you don’t really know why they’re rich and you never hear of until something bad happens to them. He actually got famous because of me, I went to Oxford and made a splash, the press wasn’t used to seeing a smart rich girl, who was trying to make her own path, so I became the It girl, though I never wanted it. ”

“But I thought you knew nothing of your father’s involvement in Quantum, he even seem to indicate that in the video?”

“He didn’t know I knew. When he left as special envoy to the Prime Minister and returned to his business interests and changed his name, he told me some bad guys were after him and he had to protect himself. The night after the opera he told my mother everything, about Quantum, the opera and you killing one of his guards, I remember him saying the name Bond that night. They were in their bedroom, I listened through the wall in my room. I never told anyone until M came into my life, I told her. Of course, she already knew being M. I knew from the moment, you grabbed my arm in Zurich, you were MI6 and then you had to do your little Bond James Bond crap. But you had to earn my trust, that wasn’t a lie and I thought you would eventually figure it out.”

“So what game are you playing at? What was that stunt at the hotel last night were you trying to seduce me in order to get information?”

“Oh like you haven’t done that, no I’m a strong independent woman I thought you were cute, I like bad boys, I took a shot. Sue me!”

“I can’t trust a single word you say but I trust no one. You tell M, I’m done protecting you, I’ll go get this list myself, you’re no better than your father,” he cried as he began to stomp away. Suddenly a bright light flashed and the normally secretive British secret agent was brought into the spotlight. Reporters emerge yelling, “Lavender, Lavender, Lavender, is this the man you were with at the casino in Monaco? Lavender are you in love?” James paused in his hasted and turned to give Lavender a quizzical look as to say what the bloody hell did you get me into?

“Christ 007, I knew I should have never put you on this mission, the press is eating it up,” cried M, a few hours later. “Here’s a sample, heiress ‘s new man, Lavender Rose’s May December romance, heiress’ mystery man. You violated the only absolutely inviolate rule in international espionage, which is to not to get caught. And you ended up not only getting caught but photographed.”

“They don’t know who I am or what I do, I don’t exactly call that getting caught.”

“Well now the threat is too great, we can’t have them, the press and the public find out that we are chasing after a hard drive that contains information on a potential attack to the British Homeland and a list of every NATO agent embedded in terrorist organizations across the globe. We would be exposed, sitting ducks, this could surely become the biggest national security crisis in a decade. Your mission for now, against my better judgment, against my every instinct and inclination, is that you are to go along with this charade for now. Act like you are the man that has captured Lavender’s heart while you look for the missing passwords from the house and the safe deposit box.”

“What Lavender? Lavender Rose or Lavender Haines? Why didn’t you tell me who Jasper Rose really was, who Lavender really was?”

“I needed you to protect her and felt if you knew who her father was from the onset you would refuse to protect her and think that she was just like her father. We need that list and password and as you discovered Lavender is the key to all of this. Besides, that morning when I called you into my office, I thought you would have had figured it out then.”

“You know that story is not true. You know I would have done my duty. Your reaction that day at the opera wasn’t about politics, it wasn’t because Guy Haines or Jasper Rose or whatever he decided to call himself was special envoy to the Prime Minister; it was because you were protecting Lavender and her mother all those years ago . You couldn’t bear for me to know the truth.”

“Yes 007, I put family before duty, I swore to my sister I would protect her daughter at every cost, someday 007 I hope you will find someone more important than Queen and country to protect, someone that you would forsake duty and your career for.”

Bond’s mind faded from his conversation with M to the present and almost cruel and childish ambience of the restaurant as Lavender approached him!

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Chapter Six: Abducted

Once Lavender finally reached him, he gently seized her arm and whispered in her ear, his hot breath making the nearly invisible hairs on her neck stand up,” you look beautiful Ms. Haines.” Lavender flinched at the mentioned of her real surname and pulled away. “Can you drop this?”

“No, you lied to me.”

“You trust no one, so you shouldn’t be surprised! I did it to protect my father.”

“Your father was a murderer and a con artist,” snapped back James, thankful that the press was outside. He was beyond annoyed at M, what was the purpose of this whole exercise of a fake relationship? Was it M’s revenge for his passion with Lavender the night before?

“If this wasn’t so important, if the very fate of England and its national security wasn’t riding on this, I would be out of here,” snarled Lavender.

“But you’re not,” Bond added grabbing her hand, pulling her closer to him.

“You’re not the only one who loves your country and M!”

“And you do,” he hissed releasing the gentle grip on her arm growing more impatient with her, M and this whole mission. But it was on this point that he conceded she was right and that his annoyance seconds ago was wrong. He had to agree with her on one thing, the fate of the whole country and possibly the whole world was hanging on this one mission and if the world knew he was a spy, Mr. White would get away. Though having a romantic dinner with a woman that he felt lied to him was not high on his list, it didn’t prevent him from enjoying a nice martini and beluga caviar for the sake of Queen and country. They locked eyes. It was almost as if his ice blue eyes were dueling with her mystical brown eyes. He extended his hand again, “shall we get this over with?”

”Oh I don’t know about that, I don’t know if I like your attitude,” Lavender smirked.

This flirty game of back and forth banter that Lavender always seem to play so well was one thing he liked about her.

“I don’t think we have much choice in the matter,” he responded playfully. It was with this that Lavender took his hand as she laughed a small half annoyed, half flirty laugh. She and Bond were soon ushered to a table at the center of the restaurant. They were followed by Ronson, who was seated at an adjacent table. James sat down and quickly quipped, “what’s good here, you’ve been here before right, you were the one that suggested it?”

“Well I always get the grilled eggplant over a bed of cauliflower rice but the choice is yours darling,” teased Lavender pretending to look over the menu.

“I think I’ll stick to a nice steak, maybe a prime rib, beluga caviar and a martini shaken not stirred.”

“I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed this is a vegan restaurant, you should do your homework, I’m a vegan, it says so in all the tabloids. You are a very bad boyfriend. Oh and they don’t have martinis but they do have a lovely wine selection.”

“I’m starting to love this place,” whined Bond. “Of course, you’re a vegan.”

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Lavender snapped?

James sighed and began looking at the menu in a bored, passive manner. “I’m also a Sagittarius, I like indie rock and my favorite vacation spot is Turkey.”

James looked at her in horror, “what the bloody hell are you talking about?”

“We’re on a date, that’s what people do, get to know each other. You probably don’t date much, you think women are good for one thing, I’m almost disgusted that I thought you were cute. Let me guess the last time you were on a proper date was in secondary school (high school)…,”

“That’s not…,” he began to protest but then thought better of it. Though before her gut-wrenching betrayal, he and Vesper had a great love but they didn’t really date, they just happened and that’s what he loved about them. He supposed the last time, he did go on a date was while he was at Eton before he was expelled but that was years ago, he could hardly remember what happened. “I suppose you’re right,” he grumbled.

“What was her name,” Lavender quizzed?

“None of your business.”

“That’s code for you don’t know.” Before Bond could offer any snarky remark, the sommelier (wine waiter), came to their table wanting to know their wine order. Lavender ordered a nice glass of chardonnay and Bond, much to his relief discovered that the restaurant had champagne and promptly ordered the whole bottle. Ronson, took after James and ordered a glass of Champagne.

James smiled his signature half smile and said “I’m an Aries, I like classical music and occasional jazz is not bad, vacation, I would have to say Jamaica or even Venice. I do enjoy swimming, snorkeling, old cars and horror movies.”

“ Don’t forget alcohol and women. Well done Mr. Bond,” Lavender said with a giggle. “I don’t like horror movies, they’re utter rubbish. I don’t even get scared, so if we watch one together, you’re more than welcome to jump in my lap if you get scared.”

“I might take you up on that offer,” he said.

“So what’s next?”

“I thought this was the moment when we kissed,” he joked. He was starting to like her again.

“I thought you hated me.”

“Hate’s a strong word and you’re beginning to grow on me.”

“Good. I meant what’s next in the mission?”

“Oh you’re staying here, you caused me enough trouble already,” he smirked.

“You’re forgetting one thing..,”


“I’m the key to all of this.”

“You are right and that’s why you need to stay here, our technical department is getting intelligence that White is in Altaussee, Austria.”

“Austria’s a beautiful place , there’s Vienna.”

“No. You and Ronson are staying here, that’s an order,” snapped James.

“You’re sexy when you start giving orders,” Lavender smiled. “But I’m still going.”

Bond leaned over the table, his hot breath pressing against Lavender’s face. “Haven’t you noticed that you’re one of the most famous women in the world, that’s why we’re in this mess, if you want to help you stay here.”

“Fine you go, I’ll stay here for Olivia not because you said so,” Lavender declared as their drinks came.

Lavender took a little sip of wine, Ronson took a sip of his champagne but unfortunately spit it out into the glass due to a foul taste. James, took the bottle which was already popped and poured a large glass and downed it with one dramatic swig. After a second, his eyes widen and he seized the bottle and began to desperately examine it. He gave Lavender a desperate look.

Seeing this look, Lavender cried, “James what’s wrong?” James made a choking motion. “My God,” Lavender screamed as she ran to James, Ronson tried to emerge from his seat but appeared unable to. Lavender gently put a dainty hand on James’ neck. She looked around the grand white colored brightly lit dining room of the restaurant, it had been emptied out for her and James hours before. She, Ronson and James were the only ones in the dining room. James pointed to a salt shaker in the center of the table and a glass of water that had been untouched. Lavender moved to grab the salt and the water, Ronson struggled to get out of the chair. Suddenly as her eyes met Bond’s gaze, she saw horror fill the blue orbs as she felt a syringe being plunged into her neck!

James and Ronson helpless to stop anything watched Lavender slip into unconsciousness fall into the greedy outstretched hands of Mr. White. “We meet again Mr. Bond, I told you we have people everywhere even in the press, those reporters outside the old Rose house were our people. You were like a mouse lured with cheese to the trap. And now like that mouse you will die while I take the cheese,” snarled White as he carried away Lavender. James tried to move but was paralyzed with death coming over him, Ronson tried to chase after White but all he was able to do was fall out of the chair. Within seconds White and Lavender were gone.

Once White and Lavender disappeared, Ronson looked to Bond, he knew both he and Bond had been poisoned, Ronson a little less so than Bond since he had spit out the sip of champagne. Though his body was on the verge of death Bond’s mind was still sound. James couldn’t believe that this was how he was going to go, failing on a mission and dying at the hands of his old enemy Mr. White. Ronson on the other hand, still had his wits about him, he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a MI6 sanctioned pocket defibrillator as well as a dosage of naloxone. Ronson was in the MI6 situation room that day when Bond had called in with only seconds to live, having been drugged during the Casino Royale mission, it didn’t take a doctor to see that now in this very moment, both he and Bond had been drugged. Ronson having spit out the champagne would probably survive, even without the proper medical attention but Bond, without the administration of the naloxone and the defibrillator would not. MI6 training would dictate that Ronson continue the mission and go after Mr. White and Lavender leaving Bond behind to succumb to a certain death, but Ronson simply couldn’t do that.

He quickly took the dosage of naloxone and plunged it into Bond’s neck. He then tore away Bond’s tux jacket and ripped open his white dress shirt and attached the leads of the to Bond’s muscular sweaty chest. He pushed with force and determination the red button on the defibrillator. After a few seconds Bond’s breathing steadied, as life came back into his eyes as it was making a come back throughout his body. Bond smiled a weak smile and said in a soft voice “thank you!”

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Chapter Seven: A Kite Dancing in A Hurricane

James Bond sped along a lonely highway in , Austria. “How much further,” he cried to the radio of his Aston Martin, “intelligence indicates you’re about seventeen kilometers away from White’s last known location,” stated Tanner at MI6 headquarters.

“His last location, are we sure this is his current location,” quipped Bond?

“We’re not,” replied Tanner.

“When are you going to hire a new Q?”

“Still working on it,” replied Tanner.

After James came to at the restaurant, he declared to Ronson, after seeing everything that happened, that they must go after White and Lavender. Ronson protested stating that James needed to go to the hospital. James declared that there was no time. Not to be out done as James was struggling to get up, Ronson contacted M. She was furious that once again MI6 had been duped by Mr. White and now her beloved great niece was now in the hands of the enemy. M ordered the two agents that, if they were well enough, to go after White. His last known location had been a house in Altaussee, M believe that he was using the house as some type of headquarters, that’s where he would be taking Lavender. She ordered them to go to Altaussee straight away. As Ronson watched, Bond began to button his white dress shirt,” some date,” he grumbled to Ronson. Before Ronson could reply he suddenly fell to the ground feeling the effects of the poison . Bond gathered him in his arms and still weak from near death carried Ronson to the Aston Martin just outside. To avoid the press that had gathered outside, to see a glimpse of his fake date with Lavender, he used the back door. He put Ronson in the car and dropped him off at the emergency room of a nearby hospital and went on his way. He would had rather stayed with Ronson but knew M would kill him if he let White get away again.

Meanwhile in what appeared to be an abandoned farmhouse but was anything but, Lavender was coming to, the effects of the drugs were finally wearing off. She was in a basement filled with television screens wall to wall broadcasting the world. She soon discovered she was tied to a chair. As she opened her eyes wider she could see a girl with long flowing blonde hair. She stared at Lavender for a quick second, before holding up a water bottle. “Here drink this,” she said in a French accent.

Lavender, thinking the girl was in on the plot, lifted her foot and kicked the girl causing her to fall back. “What did you do to James and Sebastian,” she cried?

“James,” the girl said playing with the name on her tongue. “Sebastian I don’t understand!” Suddenly Mr. White appeared in the room, holding the safe deposit box thar Lavender had retrieved from the bank earlier in the week.

“Madeleine what are you doing,” cried White?

“This is sick, you’re torturing this poor girl, you’re whole lifestyle is sick,” Madeleine shot back in response

“No need to torture her, all she needs to do is tell us what she knows,” replied White as he approached Lavender.

“I will never,” shot back Lavender in a determined resolve sounding stronger than she felt.

White let out a hardy evil laugh, “we'll see about that.” The doors to the basement opened again and Lavender saw an almost short man with short grey hair and a pleasant yet evil looking face step into the room. He was accompanied by another man holding a black laptop bag. This man had grey hair, curly and messy, bunched up in a ponytail, he had a mean looking face but not nearly as evil looking as the first man.

The short man turned to Mr. White and said in a low even but terrifying voice, “Well done Pale King, go and take your meddling daughter somewhere but do reach out to our friend and tell him that the list shall be coming shortly with Ms. Haines’ help of course.” White handed the short man the safe deposit box.

“So who says I’m going to help you,” Lavender asked?

“This is sick how you’re treating her,” Madeline declared. At this Mr. White seized her by the arm.

“Don’t dare say another word sweetheart, these are dangerous men,” White said as he pulled Madeline upstairs.

Lavender shivered when White and the seemingly kind blonde girl left, she felt she was truly alone. The short man with a sinister face turned to her and said in a slow menacing manner, “welcome Ms. Haines, or do you prefer to be called Ms. Rose, we been expecting you.”

“I see you rolled out the red carpet, I don’t care what you call me you monster” hissed Lavender.

“Silence,” cried the short man. “You will tell us what we want to know, your life depends on it.”

“Oh how original, you really think out of the box.”

“I see you spent a little too much time with Bond. Ms. Haines, maybe you don’t care about your own life, but what about the life of your great aunt, Olivia Mansfield or commonly known as M.”

“Do I seem like a foolish girl to you, I know Olivia would want me to remain committed to the mission, I’ll never help you get the list.”

“We’ll see about that,” replied the man walking towards a table in the back of the room. He set the safe deposit box on the table. “Mr. Sciarra bring the laptop over.” Mr. Sciarra, the man with the curly and messy ponytail came over with the black bag and set it on the table. He unzipped it and took out a silver laptop and tossed it to the short man. The short still nameless man began setting up the laptop. He opened the safe deposit box and for the first time Lavender saw the much sought after hard drive. The man inserted the hard drive into the laptop. “Now Mr. Sciarra give me the password you acquired at the house in Amsterdam and bring Ms. Haines.”

Sciarra pulled out a slip of paper from his pocket and tossed it to the other man, he then went over to Lavender, pulled a knife from his pocket. He began to cruelly cut the bonds that held Lavender to the chair. He grabbed Lavender and roughly pulled her up and walked her over to the table where the laptop was. He forced her into a chair.

“No restraints Marco, Ms. Haines won’t be a problem.” The short man handed Lavender the slip of paper and then pushed the laptop towards her.” A gray screen flashed asking for a password. Lavender looked at the paper. It stated the thing I love the most, Lavender bit her lip and felt a pang of disappointment knowing it wasn’t her. It was her mother’s name, Poppy. “well,” barked the man, “ you know the answer?”

“Yes, I do but I’m never going to tell you,” snapped Lavender.

“Oh you will, Marco is very good at getting people to talk, no one can save you now, your friends Bond and Ronson are dead having died due to a poison in their drinks. Imagine the headlines tragic accident at Austrian farmhouse heiress dead. I take my leave, Marco send the list to our friend, once Ms. Rose decides to cooperate. I’ll leave my guards here if you have any trouble, they’re upstairs.” The short man turned to leave.

“Yes Mr. Blofeld,” replied Sciarra! Blofeld stopped in his tracks. “Don’t you dare address me by my name,” he hissed, with this Blofeld left. Sciarra laughed as he pulled a knife out of his pocket, “it’s just me and you.”

“Pity, your friend is rather a charmer.”

Ignoring this quip Sciarra pointed the knife at Lavender’s face and said “tell me what the password is!”

Bond pulled up to the farmhouse just in time to see a large helicopter takeoff. He rushed out of the car and unlocked his Walther PPK. He crept into the farmhouse and began shooting Blofeld’s guards. Upon hearing shots Sciarra pulled the knife away from Lavender and began to turn in the direction of the shooting. Lavender leapt from her seat, grabbed the laptop and began to run towards the door. Seeing her Sciarra stopped in his tracks and pulled out his gun, while still holding the knife and shot at Lavender grazing her side. Lavender didn’t let the pain deter her as she ran after Sciarra. Sciarra just reached the door , holding the knife in one hand, he was about to pull on the handle when Lavender hit him on the head with the laptop. He fell onto his knife and let out a groan, blood began to ooze out from underneath Sciarra. Lavender shaken over the fact that she might have killed someone, took the gun that Sciarra had dropped when he fell to the ground. With the laptop in her grasp she opened the door and was face to face with James. “James what…I thought you were dead, thank God,” she fell into his arms. Seeing his look at the seemingly dead Sciarra, Lavender cried, “there was an accident, he fell on his knife, this…conspiracy goes deeper than anyone could have imagined, they have people everywhere…there are more of them besides Mr. White, I have the laptop, the password is my mother’s name. Let’s get out of here.”

“Are you all right,” James asked once they were in the Aston Martin, Lavender had the laptop on her lap. “You’re shaking and you’re bleeding.”

“I’m fine, a bullet grazed my hip, please let’s get this list to Olivia.” She typed in the name Poppy, it bounced back. A message flashed on the computer screen stating that upon one more failed attempt the list would be destroyed. “Damn it!”


“It’s stating the password is wrong, one more wrong attempt the list is going to be destroyed. I don’t know what’s wrong, it should be my mother’s name. I don’t know what’s happening, it’s the thing he loved the most…,” she stammered.

James took the laptop and quickly typed in a word. It says the real password is hidden in Bodrum Turkey at the villa.”

“My favorite place in the world,” gasped Lavender. “What did you type in, how did it work for you?”

James smiled a sly smile and said “L…a...v...e...n…d…e…r, Lavender!”

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Chapter Eight: Playing Dead

Lavender smiled and frowned at the same time. She was touched. “I can’t believe it, I always thought he thought I was a burden. But he didn’t…,”

“Can we save the family psychology for another time, we need to get to Bodrum,” James snapped. He shifted the gear of the parked luxury car into drive and began to speed away from the farm house.

“I knew you wouldn’t understand,” she snapped.

“This would be a lot better if you didn’t expect me to be Prince Charming!”

“You know your life would be a lot better if you let people in.”

“I let a person in once, she betrayed me.”

“Not everyone is like Vesper.”

“How did you know?”

“I could see the bitterness in your eyes whenever you or someone else mentions her. So what happened?”

“ I told you before, I’m not living in the past and neither should you,” he snapped as he began to speed up.

“That’s rich coming from you because that’s all you do is live in the past. You think because one person betrayed you, they will all betray you and that is simply not true…,”

“Coming from a woman whose father was involved in a terrorist organization and changed his name so he wouldn’t get caught by the government…,” At this moment, the disputing duo could hear and feel a small plane flying low.

“You forget the rest of the story, he was killed because he was trying to repent for his sins.”

“We don’t have time for this,” snapped James, knowing danger was near. He turned the car in a dramatic and violent fashion as the plane shot the back window of the Aston Martin, shattering it! “We have company now,” the 007 agent declared as he began an attempt to drive away from certain death.

“God, we can never escaped these people,” cried Lavender. More shots were fired at the racing car but missed.

“You can say that again!” He began to floor the gas pedal of the car. In the chaos of shots being fired, the car was now heading up a cliff

The thought came over James and Lavender at the same time. Shots being fired by the plane but seemed to be missing, almost as if on purpose. They came to the realization that the plane’s purpose was not to shoot them dead but to create enough chaos to push them off the cliff. A car falling off a cliff would look like an innocent accident. It was as the road ended and the drop of the cliff began, James realized this rare fatal error! The car plunged from the cliff! It fell with an anticlimactic plop into the snow. James was shaken but alive! Much to his horror, he discovered Lavender, the beloved great niece of his beloved M was knocked unconscious from the fall. He couldn’t tell if she was dead or alive! She was still clutching the laptop which appeared to be unharmed.

He weakly pushed open the car door and stumbled to the passenger side and pulled Lavender out of the car. He stared at her limp, almost lifeless body gathered in his arms. He heard the roar of another car engine . He turned and saw a black sports car approach and park. James looked incredulously at the car. The door to the car opened and Bond saw Ronson emerge. Ronson took one look at James and cried “I thought you could use some help. I couldn’t be sitting around in a hospital bed all day knowing you were without backup.” His eyes then turned to Lavender, “is she…,”

“I don’t know,” snapped James as he began to perform CPR on her.

“The boss will kill us if she dies,” commented Ronson.

James wasn’t paying attention to Ronson’s comments as he pressed and pushed against Lavender’s chest. His lips were pressed against hers trying to breathe life into her. He was instantly recalled to his failed CPR attempt on Vesper. He pushed back the pain of knowing that Vesper was gone from him forever and that he could never ask if her love was all a lie. He actually knew the answer. Her love was real, he knew and it made it all the more painful that he couldn’t save her. As he was getting lost in thoughts that had long stayed buried, he heard a large breath coming from Lavender’s mouth. He pulled away to give Lavender some air. She breathed another large breath as she began to sit up.

“Are you all right,” James asked?

Lavender nodded her head yes.

“Thank God, you’re all right,” Ronson commented.

“I could say the same about you,” she said weakly. “Enough about me,” she said looking at the laptop still in her hands, “Is the laptop and the list undamaged…,”

“Appears to be,” quirked James.

“What’s next, they’re going to keep coming after us until they have the list…,” Lavender said as she clutched the computer, staring into James’ eyes.

“Play dead,” James declared. With this remark Lavender and Ronson looked at him in disbelief. “They have wanted us dead from the start. Let them think they have succeeded. Let them think that Ronson died in the hospital from the poison and that you and I perished in a car accident.”

“I don’t know, what about Olivia…,” Lavender pressed reluctantly.

“She’ll know but no one else will. You can’t trace the dead, it will buy us more time to get to Bodrum.”

Lavender stared at the two spies before saying, “all right, you’re right you can’t trace the dead, I’m game! I’m living a lie anyways. Everybody loves a dead heiress.”

Before they left in the car Ronson had brought, Bond gave a long almost sentimental stare at the sight of his beloved car which was now destroyed. Ronson seeing this look resting on Bond’s face, stated “I’m sure it can be fixed.”

Bond sadly shook his head no.

The news could barely be heard over the sharp and fast click clacking of the wheels of a train traveling to Athens, Greece. “Heiress Lavender Rose, the daughter of recently deceased investment banker Jasper Rose has been killed in a car accident in Altaussee, Austria,” declared the reporter on the cable news station. “The death appears to be accidental, Austrian authorities believe there is no foul play involved. Ms. Rose made headlines recently by debuting a new love. That new love a British businessman by the name of James Bond with the mysterious corporation Universal Exports also perished in the crash according to the British government. Sources in the British Ministry of Defense were the first to report of the death of Ms. Rose and her companion Mr. Bond. These same sources also reported that Mr. Bond’s security guard a man called Ronson, died in Amsterdam due to an apparent overdose,” finished the reporter as they moved on to another story.

“A tragic story indeed,” said Lavender as she turned off the tv, while she sat on her bed of the moving train. She was sharing a cabin with Bond and Ronson. They were posing as three friends traveling to Bodrum on holiday. James had called M over a secure line telling her of the plan to play dead. M then called the Minister of Defense, an old friend of Lavender’s father, he and Lavender’s father had studied at Oxford together. M told the Defense Minister to announce to the world that Lavender, Bond and Ronson were dead and to ask no questions. She too agreed with James that the only way that they were going to ever attain the list was if they were untraceable. To avoid detection, James, Ronson and Lavender had caught the train in Vienna to Athens. Once in Athens, they would ferry over to Bodrum. Lavender had cut her light brown almost blonde locks. She was now sporting a raven colored bob that went to the nape of her neck. James detesting disguises had begrudgingly agreed to dye his sandy blonde hair, a grayish brown.

“That’s the circle of life,” quipped James.

“I suppose so,” Lavender smirked as she played with her newly dyed hair. She took a lock of her hair and examined it.

Seeing the sour look resting on Lavender’s face, Ronson offered up, “don’t worry you look lovely.”

“Lovely that’s a rare word coming from an MI6 agent,” commented Lavender. “And besides I don’t care about looking lovely, I care about what this represents. It represents the loss of my old life.”

“One of life’s great tragedies,” quipped James.

“You’ll get your old life back soon enough,” reassured Ronson.

“What are you Mr. Positive,” snapped Bond, this mission was getting to him.

“I’m not so sure if I want it back, at least the way it was. I think there are going to have to be some changes.”

“Whatever you decide, playing dead can be kinda fun,” James smiled at her.

Soon the three fell asleep in their respected bed scattered across the spacious cabin. Whereas the click clacking of the wheels lulled Lavender and Ronson asleep, it kept Bond awake. He stared at the roof of the train. His eyes then wandered to Lavender. She was, surprisingly fast asleep, in the adjacent bed. To James, Lavender was the impossible, nearly unsolvable mission. She was an enigma, that was for sure. She was almost like the human embodiment of Quantum. The second he believed he had her all figured out, he would discover something new that would completely change his opinion of her. However, he knew this for sure, she was no longer a rich girl that seemed to float through life with no care that had a schoolgirl crush on him, she was a strong, smart, and independent woman, who had nerves of steel. He respected these qualities in her and was almost in awe of them.

Knowing that sleep would allude him for the rest of the night, he rolled out of bed and began to get dressed. Dressed in a MI6 track suit, he crept out of the cabin and towards the train’s bar. Such an act had awoken Lavender. She too, rolled out of bed, got dressed and crept out of the room.

James was about to down his martini, when Lavender appeared at the bar. “What are you doing here,” he snarled?

She took a seat and temporarily ignoring the vicious comment, turned to the bar tender and ordered a scotch on the rocks. She then turned her attention to James. “For your information my dear Mr. Bond, you woke me up and I thought I would have a drink. And besides my dear James, I think we have already established numerous times that you do not trust me.”

Upon this the bartender returned with her drink. James gave a long cold stare to Lavender’s mystical eyes. “Vesper was the only woman I ever loved. She challenged me. Made herself a challenge, I liked that. Actually I loved it. Turns out she wasn’t who she said she was. She wasn’t even single. She thought her boyfriend had been captured by the enemy, turns out he was working with the enemy but she didn’t know that. She betrayed me the entire time, I thought she was on my side and I was blindly in love with her. I almost think that is what hurts more that I never uncovered the truth until it was too late, I just loved her without question.” Lavender couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I guess that is true love, loving without question. Do you….,” she began to muster up the question….,”believe she loved you?”

He let out a heavy sigh and mumbled his signature, “hmmm…” To Lavender, it seemed like an eternity before he gave her his slow reply. “For a time she did, I guess. Though I hate that she did, it makes her harder to hate. She spared my life, she saved me. I wish she hadn’t. I would had rather died than discovered the truth about her, the truth about me that I missed her tell.”

“You never told anyone that before, have you?”

James shook his head no.

Upon this Lavender gently pressed her lips against James’. They kissed for a brief second before he pulled away. “ I think you hit your head in the car crash.”

“ I didn’t. It was my way of thanking you for trusting me. You wouldn’t have told that story to me if you didn’t trust me.”

Never one to be sentimental, James simply replied, “I like your way of thanking.” He then kissed her again.

“It should be over here,” Lavender declared several hours later. They had now arrived in Bodrum, Turkey and were in Lavender’s family villa. Lavender ran to her father’s old computer in the living room of the villa. “I think you mean here,” commented James as he went to a picture of Lavender and her father . He broke the glass that encased the picture. “Hey,” cried Lavender. James not replying pulled out a slip of paper. He read it before saying, “get the laptop out, the password’s spectre.” Ronson pulled out the laptop. “The first password is Lavender,” James ordered. Ronson typed in the name again. This time it took him to a second screen, that prompted list password. Ronson turned to Lavender and said “I think you should have the honor…,”

“Gladly,” replied Lavender as she took the laptop and began to type in the password spectre. As she typed in the final “e,” and pressed enter, she asked, “does spectre mean anything to you,” James shook his head no. The screen flashed and declared success as the list popped up. “I’m in! I’m in! I see the list but of course the crafty old man had to encrypt it.”

“We have people for that in Istanbul,” declared a raspy voice emerging from the entryway of the living room. The three turned and saw that this voice belonged to M. Seeing the look on their face, she cried, “don’t look so surprise, whenever you three and that list are concerned, trouble seems to follow. I thought I would oversee the list’s next steps before it falls into the wrong hands. And besides Lavender, we need to debrief you since you were in enemy hands. I personally want to debrief you! Ronson, I need you to take the list to Station T in Istanbul where it can be decoded.”

“What about me,” James snapped, slightly angry that Ronson had been given the duty of seeing this mission to its final conclusion.

“You are going to keep an eye on Lavender, I seem to remember that you two formed a fast friendship,” M said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Ma’am,” replied James as he turned and gave Lavender a slight smile.

“You got the lucky assignment, I think I’ll be staying here for a few weeks while I decide what to do with my life,” added Lavender.

Three Weeks Later

The waves of the ocean made a gentle sound as they crashed against the sandy beach in Bodrum. A warm breeze gently blew the light blue curtains that hung in the room where James Bond was sleeping with Lavender gathered in his arms. The pair was awakened by the ringing of James’ MI6 sanctioned phone. James leaned over and snatched it from the white cherry wood nightstand. “M,” he said as he answered the phone.

“007, they’re after the list, they have been waiting for us to decode it and they must know our analysts finished yesterday. Station T has been evacuated. Ronson is at the safe house in Istanbul, go to him, retrieve him and the list, he is in grave danger!”