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“Are you doing okay?”

The question is asked by the beta prostitute currently fingering Namjoon open. 

He’s very pretty, with an heart shaped mouth, sharp cheekbones and golden skin. His fingers are long, but not as long as the dick that is already inside Namjoon. Said dick belongs to his omega boyfriend Yoongi.

Namjoon nods his head because he is, doing okay. The finger next to Yoongi’s cock doesn’t feel like too much. 

The prostitute, who introduced himself as Hope, looks over Namjoon’s shoulder. Yoongi nods his head, telling the beta that Namjoon isn’t lying. Namjoon doesn’t mind. It’s good that Hope double checks. 

The beta starts moving his finger, rubbing against Yoongi’s cock. The omega hums at the friction but his attention never falters. His eyes remain on Namjoon. “You’re doing so great. Taking his finger so well.”

Namjoon’s mouth falls open. He dips his head forward, his and Yoongi’s foreheads softly bumping together. His back arches, making it easier for Hope. 

The sound of a bottle being squeezed comes from behind Namjoon. For a moment the alpha tenses. But then Yoongi kisses him. Namjoon loses himself in it. His boyfriend is just very talented with his mouth. 

He only notices that Hope has added another finger when the beta start scissoring him. He can feel the stretch, alright. 

Yoongi, seeing Namjoon’s expression, grabs a hold of his big cock and starts jerking him off slowly. 

It helps. Yoongi knows just where the sensitive parts on his dick are.  

“You’re going to feel so full. It’s going to be so good,” Yoongi promises in a hoarse voice. 

“Yeah,” Namjoon replies, sounding dazed. There’s a buzzing in his ears that has never been there before. Not even when he used the big knotted dildo that Yoongi gifted him on his last birthday. It isn’t an unpleasant sensation.

With Yoongi’s hand on his dick and the buzzing in his ear, he only notices that Hope has added a third finger when he tells him so. “My dick isn’t too girthy, so these three fingers should be enough.”

He pulls the fingers out and suddenly Namjoon feel empty. How the hell does he feel empty when he has a cock inside him?

Namjoon can hear Hope put on a condom and coat his dick in lube. And then he’s pushing inside. Carefully, inch by inch. 

He feels bigger then the three fingers. Namjoon has to bite his lip not to cry out. It doesn’t hurt, Hope has prepped him well enough like the professional he is, but it feels like he’s going to rip at any minute. Namjoon knows he won’t but it feels like it.

”It’s okay. You’re doing great,” Hope murmurs while he strokes the back of Namjoon’s neck as he bottoms out. He reaches around Namjoon and puts his hand on Yoongi’s where it’s wrapped around the alpha’s cock. Their fingers tangle together. With the help of the beta, the pace in Namjoon’s cock increases. 

“That’s it. Relax,” Hope whispers, making the arousal in Namjoon’s veins burn brighter.

There’s a reason why Namjoon had chosen to do his first time taking two dicks with a professional. At least one party should know what they’re doing. And the beta does. This isn’t the first time Hope has done this, according to Yoongi. He’s in safe hands. 

Namjoon finds himself relaxing, unclenching around the two cocks inside him. Panic is replaced by pleasure. 

Which boils even hotter when Hope starts to move. And then Yoongi is moving too, fucking into Namjoon when Hope pulls his dick out.

Namjoon feels so full and so so good. The slight panic was worth it. 

“Fuck. Feels so good,” Yoongi groans. The hand he has on Namjoon’s hip tightens. His hand on the alpha’s dick slackens but Hope’s hand doesn’t let him let go of Namjoon’s erection. 

“Just tell me when we can fuck you harder,” Hope tells Namjoon. He doesn’t sound affected at all. Why isn’t he putting on a show?

Hope thinks Namjoon wants them to fuck him harder? He isn’t too sure he can take that. He could come like this, with them fucking him slowly, their hands jerking him off. 

“You’re making me so wet,” Yoongi moans. His voice is low and rough, making Namjoon’s cock twitch in his hand. “These sheets are going to be soaked once I’m done with you.”

Both Namjoon and Yoongi like Yoongi talking like that. Like the omega is the one who’s in charge in bed. Which he is. Most of the time. When Yoongi is in heat, Namjoon is the one leading. 

“Yeah, you’re ruining my sheets?” Hope jokes, a teasing smile on his heart-shaped lips. 

“Can you blame me,” Yoongi growls, not unfriendly. His hips kick up, jostling Namjoon. The head of his dick brushes Namjoon’s prostate. The alpha cries out and throws his head back. “I mean, look at him.”

Hope lets out a hum of agreement. Namjoon’s eyes widen when he suddenly feels fingers around his neck. They glide upwards, wrap around his chin. Namjoon’s dick twitches in Hope’s other hand. 

“He is a picture. Such a powerful alpha. Putty in our hands.”

How does the beta know just what to say? How does he know being talked about like that makes Namjoon even needier.

”Please,” he whimpers.

”What is it sweetheart. What does alpha want?” Hope asks, voice teasing. 

“Oh, I know,” Yoongi tells Hope, gaze dark. He tightens his hold on Namjoon’s dick and increases the pace, twisting his hand at the upstroke. Hope lets go of Yoongi’s hand and Namjoon’s dick.

Namjoon becomes weak, sags against Hope’s chest. The buzzing in his ears becomes louder and his head now feels fuzzy too. And the base of his dick throbs. 

Hope and Yoongi are so good with their cocks. Fucking him open with their thick lengths.

Not before long, Namjoon is on the edge. The bottom of his dick is already expanding. He’s going to knot their hands while he comes on their cocks. 

Hope sounds effected now too. His breathing is ragged and soft whimpers of pleasure spill from his lips.

”I’m close too,” Yoongi tells the alpha. He leans forward, bites the mating mark on Namjoon’s neck. “Going to fill you up. Hope too. Going to be full with so much cum.”

Hope is wearing a condom, so he won’t actually spill inside Namjoon but his lust addled brain doesn’t care about that little detail. “Please. Fill me up. Make me full.”

The last word Namjoon cries out when he comes, spilling over both Yoongi’s and Hope’s hand. Their hands open wider as the base of Namjoon’s cock expands. 

“Fuck. Fuck,” Yoongi curses as he comes too. He spills inside Namjoon, just like he promised. The alpha whimpers at the sensation.

Hope comes when both Yoongi and Namjoon have come down from their high. He is silent as he spills into the condom. 

The beta is the first to pull out. As soon as he’s come down, he removes his dick from Namjoon’s gaping hole and gets up off the bed to get rid of the condom. 

Yoongi pulls out too. Namjoon whimpers at the loss. Yoongi wraps him in a sweaty embrace before turning to Hope. “Should we leave or can we catch our breath for a minute?”

“You can stay for a bit,” Hope tells the omega. He walks towards a bowl of water. There’s a washcloth lying next to the bowl that the beta grabs before dunking it. He wrings it and turns back to face the couple on the bed. The smile on his face is friendly. “But no longer then five minutes. I need to change the sheets.”

All three of them chuckle at that. Hope walks towards them and hands the washcloth over. “I’ll leave you two alone. I had fun.”

He winks at them before walking towards the door and leaving the room. 

Namjoon and Yoongi turn back towards each other. The omega rubs Namjoon’s plump cheek. “Was it everything you wanted?”

Namjoon pouts his lips and kisses Yoongi’s palm. “Yeah. It was amazing. Thank you so much for arranging this.”

”It was my pleasure. Really.” Yoongi wiggles his eyebrows before ducking up and kissing his mate passionately.