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Jimin likes seeing his boyfriend Seokjin angry. It’s hot the way his face becomes red, his voice high and his neck all swollen up with popping veins. 

It’s why the dancer likes riling him up. Why he keeps poking at him until he bursts.

Like he’d been doing during the music segment of the run episode they’d been filming. Jin had shot daggers in Jimin’s direction with his eyes. 

The cameras have stopped rolling by now and the staff have started to disassemble the set.

They are working around Namjoon and Jungkook, who are too wrapped up in each other to notice they’re in the way. All Jungkook has eyes for is Namjoon’s muscles and the rapper can only see the man seated on his lap.

Suddenly there’s a hand around Jimin’s wrist. He turns his head, a naughty grin on his lips, and he looks at his boyfriend with fake innocent eyes. 

Jin’s eyes are narrowed as he looks at the smaller man. The hold he has on Jimin’s wrist tightens.

“You’re coming with me,” Jin announces.  

Jimin goes oh so willingly as Jin drags him past staff - who, with two couples in BTS, are used to things like this and so don’t bat an eye - and out of the room.

Jin ducks into the dance studio that’s right next to the one they’d just filmed in and locks the door when Jimin has followed him inside. 

As soon as the lock clicks closed, Jin turns around. His eyes are once again narrowed as he grabs Jimin by his shoulders and presses his smaller boyfriend against the wall. Jimin lets out a huff at the impact. 

“You like to see me angry, do you?” Jin accuses Jimin, his loud voice bouncing against the soundproof walls. 

Jimin looks up at Jin through his eyelashes, a hungry smile on his lips.

His voice drips with lust when he says,” You know I do.”

A growl proceeds Jin pressing his lips against Jimin’s. His mouth is hungry, eager  as he pries Jimin’s lips open and pushes his tongue inside. 

As Jin’s tongue explores Jimin’s whole mouth, his hands find their way to Jimin’s ass. The dancer moans into the singer’s mouth when Jin squeezes the plump globes. 

Jimin pulls back and smirks at Jin. His voice is sultry as he commands, “Fuck me, hyung.”

Knowing the power he holds over Jin, Jimin isn’t surprised when the older man’s hands immediately shoot towards his trouser button. With fumbling fingers, he pops his trousers open. 

Jimin is quick with getting rid of his trousers and briefs.

He backs Jimin back against the wall and snatches the tub from his hand. 

“Turn around,” Jin commands in a stern voice. 

With the grace of a dancer, Jimin turns around and pushes his ass back. He turns his head and looks at Jin with sultry eyes.

“Come on hyung, punish me. Show me what happens to people who keep pushing you.”

The light in Jin’s eyes is dangerous and it sends a thrill down Jimin’s spine. When he grabs a hold of Jimin’s hips, his fingers are like iron vises. Jimin can’t wait to see the bruises they’re going to leave behind. 

Jin has to use both hands to ready Jimin for his dick unfortunately so after Jin has given Jimin’s hips a delicious harsh squeeze, he lets go.

With hungry eyes, Jimin watches Jin coat his long fingers in the white liquid he squeezes from the tube. 

When he’s done preparing his fingers, he drops the tube and grabs a hold of Jimin’s hips again with the hand that’s still clean.

Jimin arches his back even deeper and wiggles his ass. “Come on, hyung.”

“Aish, stop moving, you impatient boy,” Jin exclaims in his high pitched loud voice. 

It’s should be funny, not hot and yet Jimin becomes even harder. 

“Please,” the singer whines.

“So needy,” Jin tsks. But he does move his hand. 

Jimin can feel one of his fingers prob at his hole and then breach him.

A moan spills from Jimin’s lips as the finger moves around inside him. It feels so nice, being filled. Jimin can’t wait to have his boyfriend’s thick cock inside of him. 

A second finger follows the first. They search around inside him until a loud moan escapes from Jimin’s mouth. Jin has found his prostate. 

“Fuck. Hyung,” Jimin cries out as sparks of pleasure shoot up and down his body. He has to use the wall to hold himself up, his legs have turned to jelly. 

“I should be punishing you for making me mad,” Jin tells Jimin. “And here I am rewarding you instead.”

“As if you’re not rewarding yourself as well,” Jimin scoffs between pants. “I saw the way you looked at my ass during P.E.”

Jimin had known that this was going to happen when he had felt Jin eyes on him when he had tried to carry Jungkook on his back. That’s why he hadn’t been surprised when Jin had approached him. 

“Aish. Such a conceited dongsaeng.” 

Jin isn’t denying it, though.

Which means Jimin is going to be fucked very soon. 

A third finger presses in next to the other two, stretching Jimin deliciously. They move around inside him, caress his walls and brush against his prostate. 

When Jimin feels like he’s close to losing his mind with pleasure,

Jin extracts his fingers. Apparently, Jin thinks fucking Jimin with his fingers is a waste of time, for which Jimin is very thankful. 

Jimin stretches his legs even wider when he feels the blunt tip of Jin’s cock press against his rim. 

And then Jin is pushing in and Jimin lets out a loud moan at the stretch. His eyes roll to the back of his head and his nails scratch against the wooden walls as he tries to find purchase. 

“Oh fuck. Feels so good,” Jimin cries out. 

“Fuck, baby. You feel amazing. You’re ass feels so good,” Jin groans as he starts moving his hips. 

Loud huffs fall from Jimin’s lips as his boyfriend fucks him against the wall, the only friction on his cock the wooden boards. They’re going to have stains on them with the way that Jimin is leaking.

The sound of skin slapping against skin mingles with the sounds spilling from both Jimin and Jin’s mouth as the older focuses on fucking the younger’s stupid. 

His trusts are steady and nail Jimin’s prostate every single time. That is until Jin is close and his trusts become sloppy.

Jimin wishes he could come from just getting fucked but unfortunately he can’t, so he has to let go of the wall with one of his hands. 

His erection is wet and really sensitive when Jimin wraps his fingers around it. A hiss escapes from his mouth and it is followed by a relieved sigh. 

“Fuck. Can I come inside?” Jin asks, his voice desperate. 

“Please. Yes,” Jimin groans. His own orgasm is approaching. 

Jimin’s permission is enough for Jin to come. He cries out and shoots his cum inside Jimin’s hole.

The feeling of Jin filling him up is what sets Jimin off. He falls off the edge, paints the wall white. 

And his legs give out. He collapses, taking Jin with him. They fall into a sweaty and sticky heap. 

“Fuck,” Jimin chuckles. He turns his head and smiles at his boyfriend, who’s draped over his back. Their faces are close enough to kiss. “You should fuck me every time you get mad.”

“Don’t think your ass could handle that,” Jin snickers. “But I’m willing to fuck you every time I get mad at you.”

“Okay. Deal,” Jimin says eagerly. 

Jin presses his lips softly against Jimin’s. 

“Deal,” he whispers into his boyfriend’s mouth.