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Diluc gripped his chest where he'd been slashed by the abyss mage, watching as it disintegrated into dust with one last curse aimed at Diluc. He sighed impatiently as he felt his burning hot blood run down his chest and trudged back up the hill, wincing in pain as his muscles clenched and unclenched, pulling at his injury with every move of his arms. 

Smaller cuts littered his porcelain skin, stinging with every brush of the occasion branch from the trees he passed as he headed straight for Dawn Winery. His mount had run off somewhere after being spooked by the abyss mages that ambushed him and he was forced to walk all the way back. He sighed in relief as he saw the looming building in the distance with fields full of grapevines surrounding it. It had begun to feel like home again despite the painful memories.

He limped to the front door and was immediately met by his worried butler, surprising Diluc. He kicked his boots off and placed them neatly by the door, next to a pair he didn't recognize "You're never up at this hour of the night, is something wrong?" He asked as he set his bloodied claymore down on its stand, watching perplexedly as the butler pursed his lips, "You're hurt, Master Diluc, let me assist you--" Diluc quickly cut him off, "Don't bother, I can take care of myself. Tell me what's going on."

The butler sighed deeply, knowing Diluc could read him like an open book, he was a good judge of character. "It's Master Kaeya-- he's upstairs in your quarters. He refused to leave even after my 15th attempt, I apologize." The butler bowed deeply, Diluc had to refrain from rolling his eyes at the news. "It's fine, no one can deal with that attitude of his. Go to bed, I'll meet him upstairs." Diluc instructed as he trudged upstairs, cringing as his wet, bloodstained shirt rubbed against his body. He opened the door to his room, scanning it, and immediately spotted a mess of blue hair glistening in the moonlight on his bed. 

He shut the door quietly, hearing Kaeya's calm breathing from his place on Diluc's bed. Diluc rolled his eyes, wondering how long Kaeya had been there for him to fall asleep like that. He didn't wake him as he walked to a table in the corner of the room, cabinets lining the walls around it.  He threw his coat on the seat nearest him, joining the jacket that belonged to Kaeya, quickly stripping off his shirt with difficulty from the intensity of his pain. He looked at the new brand of his night-time career in his mirror, before going to the washroom to clean up. 

He ran a cloth through the cold water from his tap and cleaned the blood off his torso. Diluc walked out to see Kaeya sitting up, slightly bleary-eyed but still with that infamous smirk on his face. "I see you're home." Kaeya's eye ran down Diluc's body, momentarily staring at the gash on his chest before looking away. "What do you want?" Diluc grumbled, he liked Kaeya a lot better while he was asleep. 

"Oh, is that any way to treat a humble guest?" Kaeya sniggered as Diluc walked back to the table, grabbing a few sweet flowers preserved in the cabinet and crushing them in the bowl, watching as the nectar was snuffed out of it. He strained the bowl before replying, "There's special treatment for guests as humble as you." He muttered sarcastically as he dipped a cloth in the sweet flower juice before plopping down in a chair. He didn't notice that Kaeya had any snuck up behind him. 

Kaeya tutted mock offense, knowing Diluc would be too worn out to kick him out. He watched Diluc press the cloth against his wound, hissing as it burned. "Wouldn't it have been easier to go to Barbara?" He questioned as he glanced at all the slashing on Diluc's back and took a good look at his face as he looked up at him from the chair, "Your face is all cut up as if you weren't ugly before." He teased, digging his fingers in his pockets, smiling sardonically. 

Diluc scoffed a little, "I should've thrown you out of the window while you were asleep." He muttered as he watched the gash close up due to the flower's healing powers in the mirror. Kaeya chuckled, "it was just a joke, Diluc. Archons know how many people want to fuck the man with this face." Diluc rolled his eyes, "I'll make sure to ask Venti whether your name is on that list too." Kaeya smirked, taking the cloth from Diluc's hand and dipping it in the juice again before bending down in front of Diluc, swiping across the cuts on his face with his hand on his chin to keep him in place. Diluc resisted the urge to pull Kaeya down, thinking his exhaustion was getting the better of him.

He took a moment to gaze at Kaeya's face, his stormy gray eye, perfect jawline and sharp nose gave him the face of a very beautiful man that every person in Mondstadt was after, but Diluc's favorite feature of Kaeya was his perfectly plump and soft lips. He refused to think about them lest he capture them between his own. "Are you done staring?" Kaeya purred, as he placed a hand on Diluc's thigh, staring into his blazing eyes. 

"I'll save you the trouble of asking Venti and tell you that my name is on the top of that list," Kaeya whispered, moving around the seat, followed by Diluc's eyes until he was out of sight behind him. "Is that right?" Diluc asked, shuddering as Kaeya's cold hands met his shoulders, gently massaging them and eliciting a sigh of pleasure from Diluc. "What the hell are you up to?" Diluc growled as his body relaxed with every kneading movements of Kaeya's slender fingers across his back. "Oh nothing," Kaeya walked back around to stand in front of Diluc, tilting his chin up look at him, blazing red eyes met with cold gray ones. 

Diluc's hand wrapped around Kaeya's wrist, tugging him forward to make him sit on Diluc's lap with his knees on either side of his thighs. Diluc grunted as Kaeya's fingers trailed down his bare chest, tracing the new scar across his chest with his fingers, he puffed out as his hands reached out down Kaeya's back, taking a hold of his plump ass with both hands. Kaeya inhaled sharply and nodded, biting into Diluc's milky skin, feeling the older man push his shirt up and off his body, letting it fall to their feet.

He groped around Kaeya's sleek body, his hands still gloved, trailing the leather across his dark skin. He tugged them off and discarded them with his shirt, his hands burned Kaeya's cold body as they kneaded his muscles. Kaeya's hands ran down Diluc's arms, muscly and strong from all the years he had been handling a claymore. He pressed his fingers against the firm bulge between Diluc's thighs, raking his nails over it. "You're playing a dangerous game, Kaeya," Diluc growled in his ear making Kaeya chuckle. "I wouldn't be myself if I didn't take advantage of your weakened state for my personal gain," Kaeya said softly, his infuriatingly complacent voice bouncing off the walls of the bedroom.

"Do you think I can't fuck you into the mattress right now?" He could see the tips of Kaeya's ears turn red as his eyes glazed over, clearly visualizing the scene in his mind. "No, you can and I don't doubt it." He said weakly as Diluc lifted him to stand on his knees so his chest was level with his mouth. Diluc got to work quickly, biting and sucking around Kaeya's chest, completely ignoring the hardened nipples, begging to be touched. Diluc could feel Kaeya's body heat up as low moans left his mouth, frustration getting to him. "Diluc.." he moaned, not knowing how to phrase his request.

Diluc hummed in response, hands running along Kaeya's body, still ignoring his needy chest even as Kaeya leaned closer. "Won't you give all of me some attention?" He whimpered as his hands wove through his hair, tugging his head to gently guide him to his sensitive nipples. "I don't think I want to do anything that gives you easy access to your orgasm." Kaeya's jaw dropped at the statement, biting his lip in silent frustration and opened his mouth to speak before Diluc continued, "If you want me to please you then get those pretty lips to work," 

Kaeya whimpered again as Diluc's hands massaged his inner thighs avoiding his crotch entirely. Kaeya sighed to steady himself before bringing his lips to meet Diluc's, feeling as if he was on fire as Diluc immediately shoved his tongue in Kaeya's mouth, greedily taking his breath away. Kaeya moaned desperately into the kiss, hands moving over to Diluc's to guide them to his sensitive areas. Diluc's hands remained firmly planted on Kaeya's waist, even after Kaeya dug his nails into his forearms to get some kind of reaction from the redhead.

Kaeya pulled back, gasping for breath, whining haughtily, "Touch me where I want you to." Kaeya said burying his face in Diluc's neck to gnaw on the skin. "Is that any way to ask for something?" Diluc teased as his fingers trickled down Kaeya's back, sending goosebumps running along the skin. "Fine, I'll do it myself," Kaeya grumbled, bringing his hand up to his chest to run his fingers across his hardened bud, feeling his jaw slacking as a wave of pleasure rolled through his body. He knew Diluc's hand would make this better for him, Diluc knew what spots Kaeya liked. Diluc watched Kaeya lewdly touch himself, digging his nails into his palms to stop himself from fucking Kaeya over the table. 

Diluc grabbed Kaeya's wrists, pinning them to his sides before going back to teasing his body with his tongue while Kaeya whimpered in agitation, trying to tug his hands away from Diluc's grasp, "If you're not going to please me then at least let me do it myself." Kaeya said, gritting his teeth. A jolt ran down his body when Diluc dug his teeth into his side, drawing blood. "Do you know the kind of things I'd do to you if I let you continue?" Kaeya laughed breathlessly, leaning away from Diluc to try and free himself from the lion's clutches, "Then do that, don't tease me like this-" Diluc smirked into his skin, running his tongue over the wound he made, lapping up the blood that spilled from the puncture marks.

"Alright, then we'll have it your way for tonight, see how you like me when I'm not holding back," Diluc said as he picked Kaeya up and stood up. He launched Kaeya onto the bed and was upon him in seconds, Kaeya could spot no signs of amusement in those red eyes as he squirmed under the man. A small fire erupted from Diluc's fingers as he tore the fabric of Kaeya's pants easily, pulling them off Kaeya's body and throwing them to pile up next to his shirt. Diluc rammed two fingers into Kaeya raw, feeling lube was too lenient for the man underneath him, making the younger gasp and moan in pain. Diluc's mouth attacked Kaeya's nipple like he'd been desperately craving, taking the hardened center between his teeth and tugged at him, hearing Kaeya's voice crack as his fingers slammed straight into his prostate.

"'Luc, please," Kaeya moaned as he wrapped his legs around Diluc, pulling him closer despite his fingers mercilessly pounding into him and his nipple being abused by the older's tongue. Diluc laughed mirthlessly, feeling Kaeya regret his decision to allow Diluc to have his way with his body, yet still, Kaeya continued to push himself down on Diluc's fingers which had gotten lubed up overtime by Kaeya's juices. Diluc pushed a third finger in momentarily before deciding prep time was a reward for Kaeya's neediness and stopping immediately. Kaeya watched anxiously as Diluc stood up to take his pants off, revealing his thick member, bouncing a little as it stood straight in front of Kaeya. 

Kaeya bounded up to spare himself the pain of being taken raw, trying to take Diluc's cock in his mouth and lube it up for his ease. Diluc grabbed Kaeya by the hair before pulling his head up to meet his eyes, "I can't have you making this easier for yourself, can I?" Diluc murmured in Kaeya's ear before throwing him back on the bed on his knees and elbows. Kaeya bit his lip, knowing begging would only get Diluc more riled up as he felt the bed dip behind him from Diluc's weight, feeling a rough hand press his face into the mattress. Diluc pulled Kaeya's legs apart and lined himself up to Kaeya's hole.

Kaeya scream was muffled into the mattress, sparing the servants from waking up as Diluc rammed into him, he could feel the older man's cock throbbing inside him as he gasped for breath, balling his fists up until his knuckles turned white. Diluc chuckled as he ruthlessly started pounding into Kaeya, taking Kaeya's moans of pain and pleasure as a reward for his compliance with Kaeya's hand. Diluc leaned over Kaeya, putting his hand over his mouth, pushing him up onto his hands. He smirked as he saw his arms quaking under his weight, unable to hold himself up. "Make a noise and you won't be coming tonight." Diluc's hand slipped from Kaeya's mouth, daring him to make a sound as he slammed into the younger's prostate mercilessly. He hooked his arms around Kaeya's, sitting back on the balls of his feet and pulling the younger in his lap. He continued to thrust, making Kaeya bounce in his lap. The room was silent except for the sound of skin slapping against skin as a bead of blood trickled down Kaeya's chin from how hard he bit his lip to comply with Diluc's command. 

Diluc quickly became bored of Kaeya's silence and went to attack the younger's neck again, arms curling around his slim waist to keep him up, fingers going back to abuse Kaeya's nipples. Kaeya let out a choked sob making Diluc smirk. "There we go, that need to constantly run that filthy mouth of yours overcame you." Kaeya's hand clamped around his mouth as he was unable to stop his moans. Diluc pulled out and threw Kaeya on his back, taking his place between his legs, and slammed back into Kaeya. Kaeya moaned into his hands, back arching perfectly as his head tipped back. He could feel his insides going raw with every snap of Diluc's hips.

Diluc leaned over Kaeya, pulling his hand away to bite Kaeya's lips, licking up all the blood that had leaked from them with a satisfied smirk. "'L-Luc, please touch me. Please, I promise I'll be good, please let me come." Kaeya said in a broken voice, wrapping his arms around Diluc and pulling him down to press them up together. "Oh Kaeya," Diluc growled with a smirk on his face that already told Kaeya he was going to regret begging, "making you cum that easy would be going against my wishes." Kaeya felt like screaming as Diluc pinned his wrists down to keep him from touching himself. "Please!" He cried out as he felt Diluc's thrusts become sloppy and his moans become more frequent. Diluc came inside him with a low growl in Kaeya's ear. Kaeya felt himself being filled to the brim with Diluc's burning hot seed, feeling it slide out as Diluc thrust a few more times for good measure. 

"Such a waste," Diluc murmured as he sat up to look down at Kaeya's leaking hole as he pulled out. Kaeya let out a dry sob underneath him as Diluc pressed a finger inside the younger, pulling it out covered in sticky white cum. "I'll just have to fill you up more," Diluc said, pumping his cock a few times to get it hard again as Kaeya laid there twitching, dutifully keeping his hands off himself lest he get punished. Diluc purred at Kaeya, "Look at you being so good for me, it only makes me want to break you more." Kaeya yelped as Diluc entered him again, intertwining his fingers with Kaeya's as the younger struggled beneath him. Diluc pressed his lips to Kaeya's cheek as his already sensitive insides churned with every thrust of Diluc's hips. 

"Diluc, please touch me, I'm begging you," Kaeya whimpered between moans, watching Diluc through half-lidded eyes as a drop of drool slipped out of his open mouth. Diluc bit his lip at the sight, sliding his tongue along Kaeya's lips. Kaeya tried to free his hands from Diluc's as he became a mess under the older.

Tears spilled out of the corner of Kaeya's eye as he wailed, "Please, Diluc!" He sobbed as his erection turned into an angry shade of red with how swollen it had become. Diluc disregarded him and ran his tongue along Kaeya's body, rolling off his nipple. Kaeya fought against Diluc's hand harder until Diluc pulled back from his body, giving Kaeya a chilling glare. His gaze didn't soften at the state Kaeya was in, "Keep moving like that and might tie you up and leave you here." Kaeya immediately stopped struggling and cried out as Diluc delivered a powerful thrust to his prostate. Diluc licked his lips at the spectacle, how Kaeya, a respected knight of Mondstadt, usually so carefree and arrogant was now moaning under him, begging him for stimulation. 

"Do you enjoy moaning like a slut beneath me?" Diluc whispered as he scraped his teeth on Kaeya's neck, watching as Kaeya choked back a sob, and more tears spilled from his eyes. Diluc clicked his tongue at the lack of response and moved Kaeya's hands up above his hand to hold them firmly with one hand while his other went down to cup Kaeya's ass, massaging it before speaking, "Do you want bruises here? If not then I suggest you answer me when I ask you a question." Diluc said in a commanding tone, finally eliciting a reply from Kaeya, "Yes, Master Diluc," he said breathlessly as Diluc hummed, satisfied. "Tell me, how badly do you want to cum?" 

Kaeya didn't hesitate to answer this time, "Please! I want to come so badly, please make me cum, I can't handle the pleasure anymore Diluc!"  Kaeya whimpered. Diluc bit his lip as Kaeya looked at him with pleading eyes, he couldn't say no. He took Kaeya's throbbing cock in his hand making the younger cry out from the sensitivity. Diluc pumped Kaeya with a force that had him screaming his name, making the younger clench tightly around him, bringing him close to his orgasm as well. With a few powerful pumps, Kaeya came all over himself and Diluc's hand with a wail of pleasure that rang out through the room and undoubtedly the hallway as well. Diluc came not long after, filling Kaeya up as promised. They laid there, ladened with sweat and panting deeply for oxygen, Kaeya's back arched as Diluc pulled out before he relaxed, eyes shut tightly to catch his breath. Diluc got up and reached out for the towel dipped in the sweet flower juice that they had discarded earlier and went to clean off Kaeya's wound until the younger stopped him.

"I want to keep these as a reminder to never challenge a lion ever again." Kaeya breathed as Diluc puffed out in amusement. He grabbed a wet towel and cleaned Kaeya up with it and tucked him into bed before joining him. The younger immediately wrapped himself in Diluc's warmth despite the hectic hour he had that night. Diluc couldn't help feeling a bout of affection for the man overcome him.