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Marvel Characters Watch Black Widow [Trailers, Clips, Movie, etc]

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[The story starts after Fury and Maria Hill arrive. Everyone is sitting in the compound/tower and the DVD is about to begin playing. Everyone has been told that this is a look at what Natasha has been doing after Civil War].



[Budapest is shown] 

"She went back to Budapest?" Clint said with a slight smile. At the other's confused looks, he added, "We had an important S.H.I.E.L.D. there." 

Fury and Maria nodded in confirmation. 

[The scene switches to show Natasha looking at herself in the mirror]

Natasha: I used to have nothing.

[The scene switches to Natasha's vision of the Red Room] 

Bucky takes a deep breath while Clint and Steve still. 

[It briefly fades back to Natasha, then goes to Natasha leading Sam and Steve into the Avengers compound during Civil War]

Natasha: Then I got this job. 

[Switches to Clint and Natasha in the Avengers movie]

Clint smiled.

[Switches to show Nick Fury] 

Natasha: This family 

Fury gives a brief smile. 

"She is family," Tony said quietly. The rest nodded.

[Switches to show Natasha fighting in Winter Soldier and then pack to looking at herself in the mirror]

Natasha: But nothing lasts forever.

Everyone frowned.

[A train station is shown with Natasha getting off the train]

Unknown male voice: Heard you had to leave in a hurry.

"Who's that?" Sam asked. 

Natasha: It's never easy these days.

[Lots of cars on the road are shown before it switches to a couple men. Then, Natasha is shown, looking at IDs] 

Unknown male voice: So what are you going to do?

Natasha: I've lived a lot of lives. But I'm done running from my past. 

"She never ran," Bucky cut in. "She saved herself." Clint and Steve agreed. 

[Natasha walks into a hallway with a g*n] 

Yelena: I know you're out there. 

"And who is that?" Sam asked.

Bucky cracked a smile. "That's Yelena. She was also in the Red Room, a bit younger than Natasha. They were like sisters."

Natasha: I know you know I'm out here. So we gonna talk like grownups?

[As Natasha rounds the corner, Yelena is shown, also with a g*n]

Yelena: Is that what we are?

Tony scoffed. 

[The two watch each other for a moment before they both jump forward, each grabbing each other's g*ns. They then begin to fight. Natasha goes to kick Yelena and then we see Yelena making Natasha back up. Yelena then slams Natasha into the wall and Natasha is thrown to the side, rolling onto the floor] 

"Yeah . . . This girl attacked Natasha. Not sure that I like her," Steve said. 

"Protective boyfriend alert," Tony muttered, earning a smirk from Sam. 

"Natasha better be okay," Fury said quietly.

"Protective dad alert!" Tony added. 

"I'm not her dad," Fury snapped. 

"Please, you're like everyone's dad," Clint pointed out with a smirk. 

Phil nodded his agreement, Fury rolled his eyes, and Maria chuckled.

Natasha: It's good to see you, too, sis. 

Yelena: What brings you home?

[Scene cuts to showing Natasha and Yelena ride off on a motorcycle. Then shows Natasha looking out, in a field] 

Natasha: We have unfinished business.

[Natasha and Yelena are shown running. They're on a pole and Natasha grabs a figure before they fall] 

"Damn," Tony said. 

"What is she doing?" Steve asked. 

Natasha: We have to go back to where it all started.

"Not the Red Room," Bucky said, paling. 

[Natasha is in a white suit and she drops into a bridge] 

"Where'd she get that?" Phil asked. 

Yelena: Lucky us. 

[The Red Room is shown. A car spins around and Taskmaster stands up] 

Natasha: One thing's for sure. 

[Taskmaster aims a bow and arrow]

"Hey!" Clint protested. "That's my style."

Natasha: It's gonna be a hell of a reunion.

[Melina and then Alexei are shown]

Bucky smiled. "That's Melina and Alexei. They were like family to Yelena and I guess, Natasha, too," he told everyone. 

[Alexei emerges wearing his Red Guardian suit. Melina, Natasha, and Yelena are sitting at a table]

Alexei: Still fits.

Tony and Fury roll their eyes.

[Alexei sits down at the table]

Alexei: Family . . .Back together again. 

Melina: You got fat. 

[Natasha gives Alexei a look]

Laughs go around.

[Alexei starts to fight with someone in the next clip. Melina sh*ots something. Natasha jumps off, into the air, and dives while three men sh*ot at her]

"What the hell?" Steve exclaimed. 

"God, Natasha," Clint added. 

"She better be careful," Maria said. 

[The clip ends] 

Everyone looks around at each other. 

"She's going back to sort some things out," Bucky concluded. 

"I hope she's okay," Clint said, worrying for his best friend. Everyone agreed. 

They then put the next DVD in. 



[Natasha enters a place and grabs a g*n] 

Yelena: Natasha, my sister. After all this time. What brings you home?

[A SWAT team is shown closing in]

Natasha: I'm on the run.

[A door is kicked down and then Natasha walks on the street]

Natasha: I was trying to do something good.

"And you did," Steve said.

Natasha: Be more than just a trained killer. 

Clint sighed. "She is. She's so much more," he said, 

Yelena:  You're fooling yourself. We are still both trained killers.

[The scene from the last clip with Natasha and Yelena on a motorycle is shown. As well as Natasha dropping onto the bridge]

Natasha: We have unfinished business.

Yelena: Who's 'we'?

[Alexei and Melina are shown fighting]

[Alexei emerges wearing his Red Guardian suit. Melina, Natasha, and Yelena are sitting at a table]

Alexei: Still fits.

[Alexei sits down at the table]

Alexei: Family . . . Back together again. 

Melina: You got fat. 

Alexei: It's mainly water weight.

[A car exploding is shown. The, the Red Room]

Natasha: There's a new world of Widows. New enemies. I'm done running from my past. 

[Natasha and Taskmaster fight] 

"Kick his ass, Little Red," Tony encouraged.

[Natasha is in a car. She goes to sh*ot at the Taskmaster but he blocks it with his shield] 

"So he has Clint's bow and arrow and has my shield?" Steve said.

[Taskmaster throws the shield and then it cuts to Natasha diving into the air again. Alexi fights. It cuts to a scene where Natasha is fighting and Yelena is running, an explosion behind her. It shows Natasha and Taskmaster fighting again]

Natasha: Who the hell is that guy? 

[Taskmaster and Natasha both jump up in the same way] 

"He's copying everyone's styles," Sam pointed out. 

"Using Natasha's and her teammate's moves against her," Fury agreed, unhappy. 

As the video ends, they put in the third and final DVD.



Yelena: I tell people my sister moved out west. You're a science teacher. [It cuts to Natasha kicking and punching a guy]. Your husband . . . he renovates houses. You're thinking about moving but you're gonna wait until the interest rates go down. 

Natasha: That's not my story. [She laughs] 

Everyone laughed with her. 

"Could you imagine Natasha as a science teacher, though? Or Cap renovating houses?" Tony asked, grinning.

Natasha: Before I was an Avenger . . . I made mistakes . . . 

[A car is shown being thrown into the air from an explosion. Natasha is in the car]

Everyone is alarmed and concerned. 

"Did she just get into a car crash?" Sam asked, bewildered. 

Bucky frowned. "Yes," he confirmed. 

Steve and Clint both watched the screen intently, too nervous to speak.

[Taskmaster walks forward] 

Natasha: And a lot of enemies.

[Natasha is in a car. She goes to sh*ot at the Taskmaster but he blocks it with his shield and throws it back to her. Natasha ducks] 

[The Taskmaster is then shown watching footage from Natasha in Iron Man 2]

"What the hell?" Tony exclaimed. 

"That's from her mission - when she went undercover as Tony's assistant," Maria said. 

"How does he have that?" Phil asked. 

"And why is he watching it?" Steve added. 

Fury sat up. "To copy her moves, her style, her fight," he answered, referencing their earlier conversation. 

Yelena: His call sign's Taskmaster. He controls the Red Room. They're manipulated . . . fully conscious, but no choices. 

[Yelena is shown strapped to a table]

Natasha: I should have gone back for you. 

"When Natasha first came to S.H.I.E.L.D., she said she wanted to save someone named Yelena," Clint recalled. 

Natasha: How many others are there? 

Yelena: Enough. 

[Fighting is shown. A helicopter lands]

Natasha: We have to go back to where it all started . . . so they never do that to anyone again. 

[Scene switches to show Alexei kicking down a door, then Melina, and them all standing in a field]

Alexei: We are family. We fight with you. 

[Natasha takes his hand. Scene switches to Melina]

Melina: You won't win. 

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Tony muttered sarcastically.

Melina: I've always found it best . . .

[Alexei fights someone. Widows are shown walking]

Melina: Not to look into the past.

[Someone sh*ots at the car Natasha is driving. Yelena ducks]

Yelena: Okay, you got a plan, or shall I just stay, duck, and cover? 

Natasha: My plan was to drive us away!

Yelena: Well, your plan sucks. 

Everyone laughed. 

"Truly like sisters," Bucky remarked. 

Clint and Steve smile. 

[Natasha and Alexei are fighting others. Natasha then comes face to face with the Taskmaster] 

Natasha: At some point we all have to choose, between what the world wants you to be and who you are. I made my choice. I'm done running.

[Natasha runs as an explosion is behind her. She jumps. Alexei grabs a shield and throws it at someone]

[Back in the diving through the air, Natasha slides onto something and the Taskmaster follows, tackling her. They go into the air again]

[Video ends] 

"Wow," Phil said. 

Steve rubbed his face. "Jeez. She has to be okay," he mumbled into his hand. 

Bucky patted Steve's back. "She will be. She's strong," he assured his friend. 

And if anyone had to agree on anything after that it was that what Bucky said was true: Natasha was strong. And she was a badass.


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The Avengers and co. (Maria, Fury, Coulson) are about to talk about the trailers they just watched when Clint brings it to their attention that there's a fourth DVD. He plays it. 

[Budapest is shown]

Natasha: You don't know everything about me.

"Who's she talking to?" Sam wonders out-loud. 

[Natasha is on a train station platform. She looks over her shoulder. Scene switches to see her walking] 

Natasha: I've lived a lot of lives. Before I was an Avenger . . . 

[Steve is walking in front with Natasha and Clint behind him]

Sam and Tony laugh. "You guys look so serious," Tony says. 

[Scene switches to show Natasha and Team Iron at the airport battle]

Everyone frowns at this reminder.

Natasha: Before I got this family . . .

Their frowns are replaced with smiles.

[Scene switches to Natasha in the first Avengers movie, fighting with Steve's shield]

"Badass," Maria says, smiling.

[Steve runs towards her, Natasha throws him the shield and he fights. Scene then switches to the Avengers' entry in the Age of Ultron raid on Hydra base] 

Natasha: I made mistakes. 

[Natasha in the Red Room is shown]

Everyone becomes solemn and Bucky frowns. 

Natasha: Choosing between what the world wants you to be and who you are.

"The world wanted her to be the Red Room's pet, and she chose differently," Bucky murmurs with a slight smile.

[Natasha jumps onto a bridge, wearing a white suit. A younger girl with blue and red hair is shown walking]

"Is that Natasha?" Multiple people exclaim at once. Some amused, some shocked. 

Natasha: We have to back to where it all started. 

[Natasha enters a room, carrying a g*n] 

Yelena: Where did you think I was all this time?

[Natasha and Yelena face each other and point their g*ns at each other]

"That's a nice reunion," Phil mutters sarcastically. 

Natasha: We have unfinished business. 

[Scene changes to Yelena looking up at her and then Natasha leaning against a wall. The blue and red haired girl is shown again]

Alexei: My girls are the toughest girls in the world.

"So it is Natasha?" Steve asks. 

"She never mentioned having blue hair," Clint remarks.

[Natasha and Yelena are shown looking at something. Melina is then shown] 

Melina: I'm sorry. We had our  orders . . . 

[Melina is shown piloting a plane with younger Natasha in the back, looking out the window. The plane flies over and around a building]

"So Melina took Natasha away?" Fury says, getting nods in response. 

[Someone is shown looking through a scrapbook. Melina and Natasha are at Melina and Alexei's house] 

Melina: . . . and we played our roles.

Natasha: It wasn't real. 

No one likes how upset Natasha looks. 

"She's right. The Red Room's manipulation and brainwash . . ." Bucky says, trailing off. 

[Two young girls are shown being torn away for each other. Then, the Red Room] 

Yelena: It was real to me.

"It was probably real for Natasha until she escaped," Steve assumes.

[Natasha and Yelena are driving a car] 

Yelena: To me, you were everything. 

"They were sisters," Bucky mutters. 

[Natasha and Yelena fight. Natasha slams Yelena into a cupboard] 

Everyone winces. 

[Taskmaster is shown, then the fight with Natasha and Taskmaster on the bridge] 

Dreykov: Bring her home (to Taskmaster)

Mostly everyone is confused except for Bucky who tenses up. "That's Dreykov," he says, and Clint, Steve, Fury, and Maria frown.

[Natasha fighting with Taskmaster, then a car chase]

Natasha: Put your seatbelts on.

Yelena: You're such a mom.

The mood lightens and people smile and chuckle.

[Taskmaster shoots an arrow at the car and then Natasha is shown falling through the air]

Everyone gets concerned. "What the hell?" Steve exclaims, and no one bothers to joke with "Language!" 

"Shit, Natasha," Clint says, paling. 

"She'll be fine," Sam says, but doesn't sound convinced. 

[Taskmaster chases Natasha through the air. Then Natasha, Yelena, and Melina are shown hanging off a pole] 

Natasha: One thing's for sure . . . 

[The pole falls. Natasha hangs onto a window ledge while Yelena crashes through the window] 

"Oh my god," Maria says. 

Everyone else is silent, hoping Natasha is okay.

Natasha: . . . I'm done running from my past. 

[More fights scenes are shown and then the trailer ends]

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The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick, Maria, and Phil) find another DVD. They decide to play it.

[Natasha is standing, looking out on a field. Her back is to the camera] 

NATASHA: I've lived a lot of lives.

[An overhead view of the field and then law enforcement people on the street] 

NATASHA: But I'm done running from my past. 

[Law enforcement in camouflage are shown. Then Natasha on the field again] 

"Jeez, this is a lot. Natasha's gotta be careful," Clint mutters worriedly. 

"She's confronting her past - 'careful' isn't what you should except," Bucky grumbles. 

"She's a highly trained agent and spy. She'll be fine," Maria reminds them, her tone confident, but worrying for her friend on the inside. 

Nick nods, eyes trained on the screen. 

[Natasha is shown reliving her memories in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then, we see younger Natasha in the Red Room] 

"What's that?" Sam asks. 

"Is that what Wanda made her see?" Tony asks. 

Everyone turns to Clint, and he nods. 

"That's why she was so upset," Steve realizes. 

NATASHA: I was an  assassin. 

"Brainwashed and manipulated," Bucky corrects. The rest nods. 

[Natasha in Iron Man 2 is shown, posing after she fought]


Tony smiles proudly. 

"One of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best spys," Nick comments, also proud. 

"She even beat S.H.I.E.L.D.'s lie detector," Phil adds. 

"Really?" Bruce asks out of shock, but not surprise. 

Maria nods and smiles. 

[The Avengers entering the opening battle in Avengers: Age of Ultron is shown] 

NATASHA: An Avenger.

The Avengers cheer. 

[Natasha is in a white suit and drops onto a bridge, then looks up. Melina and Alexei are shown on the field] 

NATASHA: Before that, I had a family. 

"She still does," Bucky mutters.

Everyone else nods in agreement. 

[It switches to show Natasha and Yelena standing on the field. Natasha goes to take Yelena's hand] 

"Were they close?" Sam asks. 

"As much as they could be," Bucky answers vaguely. 

[A helicopter in the night sky is shown. Then it switches to the Red Room. Then Yelena. Then Natasha at the table] 

NATASHA: We have unfinished business. 

[Someone in a mask takes out a weapon] 

ALEXEI: We fight with you. 

Bucky smiles a little. 

"I'm glad she has people there who care for her," Steve says sincerely. 

[Natasha and Yelena are shown. Then the masked person. Then Alexei grabbing his shield and throwing it]

"Guess you weren't the first superhero with a SHIELD, Steve," Tony remarks, smirking. 

"Technically, I had a shield before he did," Steve corrects. 

"But you weren't a superhero. You were a guy in a costume," Sam points out. 

Steve rolls his eyes. 

[Yelena is shown with a  weapon. Natasha sh**ts at Taskmaster, who deflects it with his shield]

"Why does everyone have shields?" Steve exclaims, sounding exasperated. 

"Kick his ass, Nat," Clint encourages.

[Natasha is running from a big explosion behind her]

Everyone gets quiet, concerned for her. 

[Yelena sh**ts at something. A snowy area is shown] 


That lightens the mood, Many people smile and chuckle. 

[Someone is on a motorcycle. They sh**t out the back windows of the car Natasha is driving. Yelena ducks a little and covers her face with her hands] 

"Oh my god," Steve mutters. 

Everyone's eyes are practically glued the screen. 

[Scene switches] 

NATASHA: You okay? 

YELENA: Great plan. 

Many people scoff. 

"Still sarcastic as ever," Bucky quips. 

"Natasha usually does have good plans though," Sam murmurs. 

[Someone is shown with a bow and arrow. The arrow makes a car go into the air from an explosion] 

"That better not be Natasha's car," Steve mutters. The rest nod. 

[Scene switches] 

YELENA: I love the part where I almost bled to death. 

Almost everyone winces.

[Natasha is shown with a beer. She smiles. Then she and Yelena are shown with their drinks, at a table]

Everyone smiles, happy that Natasha is smiling. 

"Least it's not all danger," Bruce says. 

[Lots of objects and aircrafts are in the air. Natasha is shown diving through the sky]

"Okay lots of danger," Bruce corrects himself. 

"Wish we knew what she was even doing," Steve says. 

"Maybe we'll find out," Sam says in an attempt to be optimistic. 

"Hopefully," Maria mutters as the DVD ends.


Chapter Text

The Avengers and S.H.I.E.LD. people find a DVD called "Black Widow Clips". They decide to check it out. 


YELENA: Why do you always do that thing?

NATASHA: Do what?

"Yelena sure is specific," Tony remarks sarcastically. Bucky rolls his eyes. 

YELENA: That thing you always do when you're fighting. The - like the - this thing that you do when you flip your hair - 

[Yelena demonstrates by doing the pose] 

Everyone immediately bursts out laughing. 

"She has a point," Clint says, smirking. 

Sam begins counting how many times he's seen Natasha do that pose and loses track. 

[Yelena is laughing. Natasha does not look amused] 

YELENA: That thing that you do - it's a fighting pose. You're a total poser.

They laugh again. 

NATASHA: I'm not a poser.

"Denial does not suit you, Nat!" Clint says at the screen, grinning. 



[Natasha, Alexei, and Yelena are in an aircraft of some kind. Natasha and Yelena are piloting] 

ALEXEI: You should have brought the Avengers.

The Avengers smile. "I'm sure they can handle it," Steve says.

[Yelena hits Alexei]

More people laugh. 

ALEXEI: Oh! Good spot, honey. 

[Natasha smirks]

Everyone smiles, happy to see Natasha happy. 



[Natasha and Yelena are in a car. Natasha is driving. She backs up into another car] 

"Was that intentional or is Natasha just a really bad driver?" Tony asks jokingly. 

Clint lightly hits him while Steve rolls his eyes. 

YELENA: Ok, anytime now, please. 

NATASHA: Shut up!

Many people poorly conceal their chuckles. 

[A woman on a motorcycle is shown. She sh**ts at the car. Natasha and Yelena both duck] 

Everyone quiets down.

"Jeez," Bucky mutters, frowning.

[Natasha begins driving, bumping into a couple cars. The woman on her motorcycle follows them]

"Come on, Nat," Steve says, unable to look away from the screen. 

[Yelena goes to look behind herself. The woman sh**ts again and she ducks] 

YELENA: Ok, you got a plan, or should I just stay, duck, and cover?

NATASHA: My plan was to drive us away!

YELENA: Well, your plan sucks. 

"Solid plan," Sam half-jokes, shrugging.

"They're probably gonna have to fight back," Maria comments. 

"Doesn't seem like Natasha wants to," Fury observes, trying to figure out where she's going with this. 

[Yelena grabs the steering wheel and turns it. The car spins. Yelena kicks open the door and it hits the woman] 

YELENA: You're welcome.

"You're welcome," Tony imitates mockingly.



[Melina, Yelena, and Natasha are sitting at a dining table. Alexei walks out of a room] 


[Everyone turns to see him wearing his Red Guardian suit]

Almost everyone bursts out laughing. 

"Who designed that?" Phil asks. 

ALEXEI: Still fits. 

[Melina  whistles]

Nick and Bruce facepalm.

YELENA; Oh my god. 

"That's how I'M feeling," Sam says, nodding his head in approval.

[Melina claps. Alexei laughs]

MELINA: I never washed it once. Come and drink.

"EW!" Tony says.

[Melina opens up a bottle while Alexei sits down at the head of the table and sings]

"Natasha's family is weird," Clint says.

"Yep," Bucky agrees, popping the 'p'.



[Picks up right after the last clip]

ALEXEI: Family . . . back together again.

MELINA: Seeing as our family construct was just a calculated rouse that only lasted three years, I don't think that we can use this term anymore, can we? 

"Well that's cheerful," Nick says sarcastically. 

No one really knows what Melina means or why she's saying it. 

NATASHA: Agreed.

"I'm not sure she does," Bucky doubts. 

NATASHA: So here's what's going to happen - 

[Alexei interrupts, reaching for something]

ALEXEI: A reunion, then. 

"That's one word for it," Steve says.

ALEXEI: And, uh, I want to say something right off the bat: you haven't aged a day. You're just as beautiful . . . 

Everyone laughs at the disgusted face Natasha pulls.

MELINA: You got fat.

They continue laughing, especially when Natasha and Yelena both drink.



NATASHA: So here's what's going to happen - 

MELINA: Natasha, don't slouch!

Everyone chuckles or smirks. "Yeah Natasha," Clint jokes.

NATASHA: I'm not slouching!

"De-fen-sive," Sam says, drawling out the word. 

MELINA: You going to get the back hunch!

[Alexei goes to straighten Natasha's posture]

ALEXEI: Listen to your mother. Up, up!

"Remind me to tell Natasha not to slouch when she gets back," Phil says. 

NATASHA: Oh my god, this - alright, enough, all of you!

YELENA: I didn't say anything, that's not fair. 

[Natasha drinks]

"To deal with this family dynamic, I think we all need a drink," Maria says. 



Chapter Text

Hey, everyone! 

So. I do not want this work to end after I post the reactions to the Black Widow movie when it comes out. I'm thinking that in-between now and the movie release and after I finish the movie reactions, I'll post Marvel characters reacting to clips of Natasha in the different Marvel movies. For example, they'd react to her scene with Loki in Avengers, or her flashbacks in Age of Ultron. 

Let me know if you want me to add anymore characters to the reaction list, such as Thor, Wanda Maximoff, Melinda May, etc.

Tell me if you'd like the reaction to the clips.

Chapter Text

Thor, Wanda, May, Rhodey, Laura (Clint's wife), and Pepper join the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents just in time for another DVD to be played. 

[Yelena is hiding behind her wall. She looks over her shoulder, out the door. People drop down with red lasers, looking around] 

"What the hell?" Nick mutters. r

[Camera switches to show Natasha also hiding behind a wall. Yelena starts running and the people sh**t at her. Natasha pushes Yelena against the wall. Yelena switches something that makes an explosion]

"Is that blonde trying to draw attention to her and Nat?" May asks, crossing her arms. 

[Natasha and Yelena fight them and then run away. Natasha looks over a balcony before ducking as people down below sh**t at her]

"She better be okay," Steve says, getting nods in return. 

"Could they be up against Red Room people?" Clint asks Bucky. 

Bucky shrugs. He can't tell for sure.

[Natasha and Yelena  continue ducking]

"How many people are there?!" Pepper asks, worried. 

[Yelena throws something to the people on the stairs before she and Natasha run upstairs] 

NATASHA: Where are we trying to get? 

"Natasha should be taking charge," Thor argues, unfamiliar with Yelena.

YELENA: Motorbike, east side of the building. 

"Why the hell did she put the motorbike on the east side if they're not on the east side?" Sam exclaims, throwing his hands up in the air. 

[A woman up above sh**ts out some of the windows]

WOMAN, in another  language but a translation is shown: They're going east, to the roof. 

ANOTHER WOMAN: Copy, in pursuit. 

"Who are they?" Clint asks. 

"We don't know," Bucky snaps in frustration, though he's more frustrated at the situation Natasha is in rather than Clint. 

"It was a rhetorical question," Clint mutters. Laura takes his hand.

[The other woman gets up and runs outside. Natasha and Yelena climb out a window and slide down a roof] 

"Well that's badass," Wanda says with a smile.

[With the woman following them, Natasha and Yelena get to a pole]

"Well what's the plan now?" Phil asks skeptically.

[Yelena unlocks something. She and Natasha hang onto the pole and it starts going down. The other woman jumps and Natasha grabs her before she falls] 

"This is dangerous," Steve observes, worrying. 

NATASHA: I got you.

"Quite Avenger-like," Maria says proudly. The others nod.

[The woman cuts Natasha, making her turn and lose her grip on the woman. The woman falls, screaming] 


Pepper puts a hand over her mouth in shock. 

[Natasha grabs onto the pole again before it crashes into a building. Yelena crashes into a room, through a window, while Natasha falls, and manages to hang onto the window ledge] 

"Oh my god!" Wanda can't help but exclaim. 

"What if she had fallen?" Clint asks, putting his head down. 

"She's tough," May encourages. 


Chapter Text

Whoop whoop - another DVD for our lovely Marvel characters to react to! 


[Natasha stands on a field. Taskmaster advances towards her, bringing out his weapon] 

NATASHA (whispers): Ok, let's go. 

Everyone cheers. 

"KICK HIS ASS!" Clint encourages. 

"Go, Natasha!" Thor yells. 

Everyone else grins.

[We see a helicopter over a snowy range. Natasha drops down onto a bridge]

"Her classic pose!" Sam says, laughing. 

"That suit is amazing." Maria remarks. 

"Wonder where she got it from," Steve says. 

"And why has she not used it before?! Would've made the Avengers look even greater!" Tony adds. 

Pepper rolls her eyes at him in amusement.

[Alexei is getting in a fighting stance]

"He still looks ridiculous," Fury mutters, rubbing his face.

Phil smirks and pats his back comfortingly. 

[Taskmaster does the Wakanda Forever salute with his arms] 

Many yell out in protest. 

"Why the hell is he copying every superhero's style?!" Sam exclaims. 

[Someone sh**ts at something/someone. We then see Natasha getting up and running as there's an explosion behind her]

Everyone stills. 

"Be safe, Nat," Steve murmurs. 

No one else says anything - worried into silence. 

[Yelena fights someone]

That lightens the tension. People smile. 

"She's a good fighter," Fury says. 

"She was trained in the Red Room," Bucky reminds him. 

"I'm glad that Natasha isn't alone," Wanda says softly. Laura nods in agreement, smiling a bit at the redhead. 

[Alexei grabs his shield and throws it the person on top of Melina's aircraft] 

"A husband protecting his wife," Pepper says, thinking it's cute. 

"You still mad that you're not the only one with a shield, Cap?" Tony asks Steve, turning to him. 

Steve doesn't answer. 

"I'd love to see Natasha wield a shield," Melinda comments. 

"Oh, she has! She wielded Steve's," Clint is quick to tell her. 

"Perhaps she's had experience," Bruce pieces together, gesturing to Alexei's shield with a nod. 

[Yelena sh**ts at something and hits it= 


Many people smile. 

Bucky shakes his head and chuckles.

[Natasha jumps over a ledge, into the air, and drops through it. Tons of things fall too. Natasha lands on a surface, sliding across it. The Taskmaster grabs her and they both go through the air] 

"If he hurts her . . ." Steve trails off, the image of Natasha being injured being too much. 

Everyone understands what Steve's going through. They feel the same way. 


Chapter Text

[A snow-covered, mountain range is shown] 

"I'm cold just looking at that," Pepper remarks.

ALEXEI: Natasha, you're not just a spy. 

[We see it cut to Natasha and Yelena riding a  motorcycle]

ALEXEI: You're an Avenger.

The Avengers cheer. 

"He seems to be a fan," Thor says, grinning.

[Natasha jumps down onto the bridge and does her pose] 

ALEXEI: I couldn't be more proud of you. 

"Aww, that's sweet," Wanda says. 

"I'm glad Natasha has him," Rhodey says.

[Alexei hugs Natasha and Yelena. Natasha wiggles out of his grip]

Many people chuckle. 

"Truly a father-daughter dynamic," Bucky says, smirking.

YELENA: You smell really bad. 

[Alexei looks offended] 

"And there it is," Bucky adds.

YELENA: What brings you home?

[Natasha and Taskmaster fight] 

NATASHA: We have unfinished business. 

"GO NAT!" Clint cheers.

[Alexei puts on his helmet and shows the family his suit] 

ALEXEI: Still fits. 

[Melina whistles] 

Nick rolls his eyes.

[Natasha and Taskmaster dive through the air. Alexei picks up his shield and throws it. Yelena runs from an explosion behind her. We see Taskmaster on the field]

NATASHA: Let's go. 

"HELL YEAH!" Sam says, pumping his fist in the air. 

"I wanna see Nat kick his ass," May says, smiling. 

"Don't we all," Maria agrees. 


Chapter Text

The Marvel characters put in the next DVD and play it.

[Natasha looks over her shoulder before it switches to her hitting Taskmaster with something] 

"Go, Nat!" Clint cheers. 

Many people smile encouragingly. 

[It switches again and we see Taskmaster throw Natasha onto the floor]

Sam and Pepper wince. 

"I swear if he hurts her-" Steve leaves the threat unfinished. 

Everyone's eyes are locked onto the screen. 

NATASHA: Who the hell is that guy? 

YELENA: Taskmaster. He can mimic anyone he's ever seen. 

"That's not good," Rhodey mutters. 

[Taskmaster walks towards Natasha and scans her. Then, they fight, and both jump up doing the same move] 

"He's mimicking her," Fury notes unhappily. He glares at the screen. 

YELENA: He controls the whole army of Widows'.

"Shit," Bucky curses under his breath. 

"Was Natasha . . . controlled by him?" Pepper asks nervously. 

Bucky shakes his head 'no'. "Must be a new thing," he answers. 

[We see the Widows' in the Red Room. We see a helicopter landing]

NATASHA: He's gotta be stopped. 

"You'll stop him, Nat," Steve encourages. Coulson and Thor nod. 

YELENA: Lucky us. 

ALEXEI: I want to break something. 

"Not him again," Tony says, groaning. 

Sam laughs and Wanda smiles. 

[Taskmaster and Alexei fight] 

"At least Natasha has help, not that she needs it," Maria says with a smirk.

MELINA: You got fat. 

[Alexei says something. Natasha runs from an explosion and then she and Taskmaster fight]

"She can do this," Coulson says. 

Maria nods. 

Chapter Text

I know a new clip/special look called "Fight | Marvel Studios' Black Widow" just came out but I probably won't have the characters react since they've seen almost all of the footage in that video already. 

Chapter Text

The characters put in the next DVD.

[Natasha standing in a field]

NATASHA: We all have secrets. We can't erase the past. 

"I'm guessing she has a lot of secrets," Pepper mutters.

[Young Natasha is shown. She is pointing a g*n at someone and Yelena is hiding behind her]

"She's protecting Yelena," Clint observes. 

"At such a young age," Maria adds sadly.

NATASHA: At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are. 

Steve takes a deep breath. 

"Damn right," Bucky says. "The world, at the time, wanted and forced Natasha to be the Red Room's toy. She chose different." He smiles a bit, proud. 

Clint nods and Wanda smiles.

NATASHA: This is our chance to set things right. 

"Did she leave something not . . . set right?" Thor asks. No one answers. No one has an answer.

YELENA: Lucky us.

ALEXEI: We're family. We fight with you. 

"I wish we fought with each other, not against each other," Wanda remarks somberly, looking at the other Avengers. 

"Can't imagine what she was going through. Losing us. Her family," Sam says, shaking his head. 

No one says anything for a moment. The silence is uncomfortable. 

"At least she has them," Bucky says quietly, nodding to the screen. 

NATASHA: Let's finish this. Together. 

Everyone smiles.


Chapter Text

[Alexei is running from people behind a chained wall who are yelling] 

NATASHA: You made a scene, didn't you?

Everyone either chuckles or smiles. Sam snorts, though. 

"She sounds like a disappointed mom," Wanda remarks.

[Alexei kicks down a door]

"Oh," Maria says, blinking. 

"Is he a super soldier or something?" Pepper asks. 

[Alexei runs]

AELXEI: What now?

NATASHA: We're getting you out of here.

[People run at Alexei. He runs. An alarm is sounded. People sh**t]

NATASHA: Go to the upper level.

"She's weirdly calm," May notes. 

Clint watches the screen. "She does that," he says in response to his former colleague.

[Alexei goes to get up there]

NATASHA: Move your ass, super soldier! 

Sam and Clint practically cackle. 

"Has she ever said that to you?" Tony asks Steve. 

Steve ignores him, making Bucky smirk and Sam laugh more. 

"Hey - has she that to you?" Steve retaliates. 

Bucky frowns and glares at him.

"So he is a super soldier," Pepper mutters to herself. 

[Alexei gets to the upper level but then falls onto his back]

Multiple people, especially Steve and Bucky, wince in pain. 


Chapter Text

Hey! I've seen the movie and the first part of the characters reacting to it should be up before Monday!

Chapter Text

Hey! The first part might get up in a couple days because I watched Black Widow in theaters, not on Disney+, so I don't have access to the movie/script. I've been looking online and am unable to find a script. If anyone has any links to any websites that has it, that would be appreciated :)

Chapter Text

The Marvel characters have finally sat down to begin watching the movie. 

[Young Natasha, with blue hair, rides on her bike, passing some kids who say hi to her]

"Wait, that's Natasha?" Tony says in shock. 

Clint smiles and nods. "She did say she had blue hair as a kid," he confirms. 

[Natasha gets home and whistles. Yelena whistles back and Natasha joins her]

YELENA: We're both upside down.

"Is that Yelena?" Steve asks. 

Bucky and Clint nod.

NATASHA: And I bet you're going to fall down first!

"Always competitive, even as a kid," Nick remarks with a small smile. 

YELENA: No, you will. You can't hold it much longer.

[Natasha makes a funny face which causes Yelena to fall]

"And even as a kid, she cheated in games!" Clint adds, huffing. 

Maria rolls her eyes. "You're still mad about the time she cheated at the game of twister?"

Clint gives an exaggerated nod.

"How can you cheat at twister?" Rhodey asks, skeptical. 

"Not surprised that she found a way," Steve comments, smiling.

NATASHA: Told you you'd fall down first! I told you! I told you! Told you so!

[She chases Yelena but Yelena falls and hurts her knee]

YELENA: Mommy!

[Melina arrives]

MELINA: What happened?

"I thought she had a Russian accent?" Phil says. 

Bucky nods. "She does," he says.

Clint frowns, remembering what Natasha told him about this. "They were undercover," he informs them, sadly, but doesn't elaborate - not even when he got some confused looks.

NATASHA: She fell on her knee.

MELINA: Oh, you bump your knee?

YELENA: Mmm-hmm.

MELINA: Oh . . . Kiss it better. There we go. Oh, come on, little one. Get up. You’re okay. Come on. You’re a brave girl. Your pain only makes you stronger. Right, you?



YELENA: Look. Forest stars!

A couple people smile at the kid's observation.

MELINA: Yeah. You know what? Those are actually part of the Lampyridae family. And the glow, the glow that you see, that comes from a chemical reaction called . . . bioluminescence. Come on, time for dinner.

YELENA: Bio-goomin-feasants?

"Not even close," Wanda says, giggling. 

MELINA: “Bio-goomin-feasants.” That’s right. Dinner! Come on, dinner, big girl!

[Inside the house]

YELENA: I want Mac and Cheese!

MELINA: Oh, you want mac and cheese? Okay. Well, I want . . . caviar and champagne. Grab the napkins. You take this. Thank you. Oh, would you grab the ranch dressing for Dad? Okay.

Maria smirks. "I want champagne," she murmurs under her breath, agreeing with the woman on the screen. 

YELENA: Green beans are my favorite vegetable!

"What kid likes vegetables?" Tony asks. 

"Even on Asgard, Loki and I did not like our vegetables," Thor says.

MELINA: Dad's home!

NATASHA: Hey, Dad.

ALEXEI: Hey, baby.

[Everyone sits down at the table except Alexei]

MELINA: Everything okay?

ALEXEI: How was everybody's day?

"'Cause that's not obvious," May mutters sarcastically. 

"Something's definitely off," Pepper says, sitting up and concentrating on the screen. 

YELENA: Mommy taught me about lamp bugs. And I fell and hurt my knee, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. And we also saw fireflies in the backyard. That was my favorite part of the whole day.

[Melina pulls Alexei aside]

MELINA: How long do we have?

ALEXEI: I don’t know. Like, an hour, maybe.

MELINA: I don’t wanna go.

ALEXEI: Don’t say that.

"Go where?" Sam asks. 

"Told you they were undercover," Clint mutters unhappily. 

[Melina and Alexei return to the table]

ALEXEI: Girls . . . you remember when I told you that one day we would have that big adventure? Today’s the day.


ALEXEI: All right, let’s go.

[Alexei and Yelena leave the table]

MELINA: I'm sorry.

[Natasha looks sad/unhappy]

"She knows," Maria realizes. 

[They all hurry to leave]

MELINA: Come on, we gotta hurry.

YELENA: I don't have my shoes.

ALEXEI: That's okay. You don't need your shoes.

YELENA: But I'm still hungry.

ALEXEI: Yeah? Guess what? I got Fruit Roll-Ups in the car.

[Natasha goes to grab a scrapbook]

MELINA: No, leave it, leave it, leave it. Go wait in the car.

Everyone looks at the scene before them sadly.

MELINA: You have it? 


MELINA: It's the only copy?

ALEXEI: It's the only one not on fire.

"What is it?" Steve asks rhetorically.

[In the car]

YELENA: Where are we going?


"Russia," Bucky says.

YELENA: Mommy, you're silly. We just left home. I want my song.

[American Pie starts playing. Yelena sings along. They arrive at an aircraft and get out of the car]

[Skipping a bit of dialogue until they're in the aircraft]

NATASHA: Why isn't Dad in the plane?

MELINA: He’s coming. He’s coming, baby. He’s coming.

[Alexei stands outside to secure their leaving]

"Oh my god," Maria mutters.

No one else says a thing. They're too invested. Concerned. Even though all of this has happened years ago.

[Melina ends up getting hurt. She instructs on Natasha on how to help]

"She's only a kid!" Pepper exclaims in general frustration at the screen.

[Switch to when they land in Russia. Alexei carries Melina to help and then meets up with Dreykov]

Bucky recoils in disgust. "He was in charge of the Red Room," he explains.

ALEXEI: The Red Guardian returns triumphant. Please, please, I beg you. No more undercover work. I wanna get back in the action. I want my suit back. I wanna get back in it. General Dreykov, it’s been over three years.

"How could he-how could he align with him" Pepper asks, horrified.

NATASHA: (In Russian) Forgive me Mom. I'm scared.

MELINA: Never let them take your heart.

[Skipping until the help takes Melina a way and Natasha saves Yelena from the man and is talking to Alexei]

NATASHA: I don’t wanna go back there. I wanna stay in Ohio. You can’t take her. You can’t. She’s only six.

No one says anything for a couple moments, too shocked, scared, and upset.

"She's so scared and she's still trying to protect her sister," Wanda says in a admiration. 

Steve stares at the screen, feeling hopeless and hating it.

ALEXEI: You were even younger. It’s okay. Come here. You’re gonna be all right. Do you know why it’s gonna be all right? ‘Cause my girls are the toughest girls in the world. You’re gonna take care of each other, okay? And everything, everything’s gonna be fine.

"She was younger than six?" Bruce says, jaw open. 

[Two men knock both Natasha and Yelena out and carry them]

Everyone reacts differently, but they carry the same emotions: anger and concern. Each of them wants to protect Natasha and each of them has a hatred within them for Alexei, Dreykov, and the men who knocked Natasha and Yelena out. 

[The beginning credits start. There are tons of young girls, including Natasha and Yelena. We see the girls scream and Natasha and Yelena are  separated]

Pepper covers her face with her hand, doing her best not to cry. Sam and May have blank looks on their faces. The rest are just angry. 

DREYKOV: The Red Room is your home now.

NATASHA: Get off me! No!

"I swear to God he better let go of her," Steve says, glaring. 

[Switch to 21 years later, with Ross and the SWAT Team]

Tony dips his head in shame.

ROSS:  All right. Stay alert. I’m sending in alpha squad. Natasha Romanoff is in violation of the Sokovia Accords. She assaulted the king of Wakanda. Make an example out of her.

Clint scoffs. "I'd love to see them try to make an example out of her," he says. 

The Avengers nod, confident in their teammate.

[Ross' phone rings]

ROSS: Yeah?

NATASHA: Don't do this.

Everyone claps and cheers, happy to see her.

ROSS: Do what?

NATASHA: Come after me. I mean, you’re embarrassing yourself. It looks desperate.

Everyone smiles. 

"She's not wrong," Steve says happily.

ROSS: Thought maybe you’d be calling me to cut a deal. ‘Cause from my vantage point, it’s the federal fugitive who’s desperate.

NATASHA: From my vantage point, you look like you could use some bed rest. What is this, your second triple bypass?

ROSS: I wouldn’t worry about me. We got Barton, we got Wilson and that other guy, the incredible shrinking convict. Rogers is on the run. You got no friends. Where you gonna go?

Tony looks up at Clint, Sam, and Steve. He mouths "I'm sorry" even though he's already apologized before all of this.

NATASHA: I’ve lived a lot of lives before I met you, Ross. You shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. I’m done.

ROSS: Romanoff?

[Natasha escapes]

MAN: Got an empty nest, Secretary Ross. Her tracker, sir.

"That's my girl - actually, I think it's our girl," Maria says proudly. Everyone nods in agreement. 



Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Due to some comments I'm getting, I'd alike to address this: to be very transparent, I'm dealing with personal and IRL issues/things right now, which, on top of things I already need to do, has prevented me from being able to get this chapter out on Friday, yesterday. The next chapter will come out either sometime today or sometime tomorrow. Thank you for understanding. 

Chapter Text

YELENA: Eyes on target. Waiting for the package. I have sights on collateral one. Firing in place of three. Five, four . . . She made us. Target deployed smoke. She’s on foot with the package. Stay high. I’m going to ground.

"I thought she was Natasha's sister!" Tony exclaims in confusion. 

Bucky shakes his head, grunting. "She's still being manipulated or something," he concludes.

[Yelena jumps down and goes after her. They fight, until Yelena is faced with the red dust and turns back to normal]

YELENA: Oksana. Oh, no. What did I do?

OSKANA: Free the others. 

"How did she get free?" Fury asks skeptically, referring to Oskana. 

RADIO: Yelena, we need a status report. [Nothing] Yelena, we need a status report. 

YELENA: Converge on team leader. 

INGRID: General Dreykov, we have a deserter. Permission to activate Taskmaster Protocol? 

"Taskmaster . . ." Clint murmurs for a moment. "That's the guy Nat was fighting!"

[Yelena escapes] 



[Natasha is driving]

NORWEGIAN RADIO: After the Sokovia Accords, the hunt is on for the remaining Avengers . . . Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff are currently on the run.

"Not anymore," Steve says.

[Natasha stops at her trailer. She walks in, g*n out, before finding Rick asleep in her bed. She smirks and wakes him up]

NATASHA: You're in my bed.

"Who is that?" Sam asks. 

Maria smiles when she realizes who the man is. "Rick Mason. Him and Natasha used to be friends - and, I suppose, still are," she answers. 

"They were a little more than friends at one point," Clint adds quickly, and then covers it up with a fake cough.

NATASHA: Did you get everything on my list?

RICK: Got passports, entry visas, a couple of local driver’s licenses. Mix and match, you should be able to stretch it to 20 or so identities.

[Natasha looks at one of the fake identities]

NATASHA: Fanny Longbottom?

Sam, Tony, and Phil all laugh and the rest crack a smile.

RICK: What?

NATASHA: What, are you twelve? 

RICK: That is a legitimate name. We’ve got a generator outside. It’s petrol-powered. And the septic tank will need a flush in a couple of weeks, but, you know, I’ve got a guy coming for that. You have to haul your rubbish into town. It’s just a 20-minute drive. I’ve got your basic hardware kit stashed under the stairs.


RICK: Are you okay?

NATASHA: Why wouldn't I be? 

RICK: I hear things. You know, something about the Avengers getting divorced . . .

Some of the Avengers look down in shame. 

"Is that really what people are calling it?" Rhodey mutters. 

NATASHA: Ugh. It’s fine. I’m actually better on my own. 

RICK: Are you sure?


RICK: Because you can tell me, you know. That’s the way the whole friends thing works.

"Aww, he cares. I always liked him," Maria commented. 

NATASHA: I know. I have friends. 

RICK: People who have friends don't call me.

Sam snorts.

NATASHA: And I don't pay you to worry . . . Oh, hey. What's all this junk?  

RICK: Oh, just some mail and personals from the Budapest safe house.

Clint smiles.

NATASH: Budapest?

RICK: Yeah, Budapest.

NATASHA: No, it’s “Budapest.”

"It is?" Clint asks, surprised.

May smiles at the interaction. 

RICK: Budapest. Budapest.

NATASHA: It's "Budapest". 

A couple people laugh.

RICK: Whatever. I knew you weren’t going back there, so I’ve got someone else in the flat now.

NATASHA: Sorry you went through the trouble. I would’ve told you to chuck it. 

"Hey, I'm pretty sure our score sheet of tic tac toe's in there! Pfft, I'm sure she only wants to 'chuck it' because I won," Clint said. 

Pepper and Fury rolled their eyes at him.

RICK: Well, if you don’t want it, throw it in the rubbish.

[Skip to later that night. Natasha is eating and watching a movie]

HUGO DRAX: You’re not a sportsman, Mr. Bond.

NATASHA (Speaking along): Why did you break up the encounter with my pet python? Because I discovered he had a crush on me.

"She showed me that movie once," Steve recalled, smiling.

[Power goes out. Natasha has to leave. She's in the car, driving. 'Cheap Thrills' plays]

Tony and Wanda sing along. Thor looks at them and the screen in confusion. 

[Natasha continues driving until there's an explosion. Her car is thrown aside]

Everyone quiets for a moment. Then, chaos erupts.

"Is she okay?" Steve yells out. 

At the same time, Sam exclaims, "Who the hell did that?" 

"Who's targeting her?" Bucky adds.

Everyone else is too shocked and concerned to say anything. 

NATASHA: I’m pretty sure Ross has no jurisdiction here.

"At least she still has her humor," Tony says, in an attempt to lighten the mood and calm his own worries. 

"I wouldn't put it past Ross to do this," Wanda comments bitterly, crossing her arms. 

NATASHA: And you should know I’m a better shot when I’m pissed off.

"That is true," Clint says, calming down. 

Maria nods.

[Natasha sh**ts at Taskmaster. He throws his shield at her. She gets out and they fight until she realizes something]

"He better not hurt Lady Natasha," Thor threatens.

"She can handle herself," May assures him confidently. 

[Taskmaster goes to find her bag]

NATASHA: You're not here for me.

"Then what the hell is he there for?" Fury says. 

[They fight some more. Natasha and Taskmaster both jump up in the same way]

"He's copying her," Rhodey says.

"How is she supposed to win against someone who knows all her moves?" Steve says, frustrated.

[They continue fighting until Taskmaster throws Natasha over the railing and she falls into the water, with her bag]

Pepper gasps, clasping her hands over her mouth.

Everyone watches the screen intently, unable to look away. 

"Come on, Romanoff," Bucky mutters anxiously. 

[Natasha gets herself out of the water and rests on the ground for a couple moments]

Everyone lets out the worried breaths they had been holding.

[Natasha finds the cure/red dust and the pictures of her and Yelena in her bag]

NATASHA: Oh, shit. 

Clint's jaw drops.

"So she has the safe house in Budapest?" Pepper says.

"It's 'Budapest'," Tony corrects. Pepper glares at him.


[In Budapest Natasha walks in and gets a g*n. She carefully walks around with it pointed]

YELENA: I know you're out there.

NATASHA: I know you know I'm out here.

YELENA: Then why are you skulking about like it’s a minefield?

Sam laughs.

NATASHA: 'Cause I don't know if I can trust you.

Nick nods his head in approval of Natasha's precautionary actions.

YELENA: Funny, I was going to say the same thing.

"Then why did she send Natasha whatever that was?" Thor asks.

NATASHA: So, are we going to talk like grown-ups?

YELENA: Is that what we are?

NATASHA: Put it down before I make you.

"Would not want to cross Nat," Sam says.

YELENA: You put yours down.

NATASHA: Watch your step.

[They stare at each other for a moment before they both take each other's g*ns and begin fighting]

Throughout the fight, everyone is tense. Steve and Fury take note of how skilled Yelena is. 

"Yelena better not hurt her," Steve says, feeling protective. 

"Are you gonna say that about everyone she fights?" Tony asks, only getting a glare in response. 

[Skips to when they're on the ground, struggling with each other]

NATASHA: Stop. (In Russian) Truce.

"Do you think Natasha stopped because she didn't want to fight her?" Pepper asks, confused. 

"Definitely. They're sisters. Natasha can fight her," Bucky says, gesturing to the screen as proof. 

NATASHA; You've grown up.

YELENA: No shit.

May scoffs. "I like her," she says in reference to Yelena.

"She's bold," Rhodey says.

"Reminds me of Natasha when she first came to SHIELD," Coulson says, cracking a smile.

Maria nods. 

Chapter Text

NATASHA: You had to come to Budapest, didn't you?

YELENA: I came here because I thought you wouldn't. But since you're here, what bullet does that?

NATASHA: Not bullets. Arrows. 

Everyone turns to Clint who shrugs innocently. 

"Why were you aiming at the wall?" Nick asked. 

"I was aiming at a target but each time Natasha kicked the target over to be mean," Clint grumbled.

Tony laughed and Steve smiled.

YELENA: Ah, right.

NATASHA: If you didn’t think I’d come here, why’d you send me this

YELENA: You brought it back here?

"What else was she supposed to do?" Wanda asked.

NATASHA: I’m not here trying to be your friend, but you need to tell me what that is.

YELENA: It’s a synthetic gas. The counteragent to chemical subjugation. The gas immunizes the brain’s neuropathways from external manipulation.

"Decode the gibberish, doctor," Tony says, turning to Bruce.

Bruce only scoffs and nods to the screen.

NATASHA: Maybe in English next time?

YELENA: [In Russian] It’s an antidote to mind control.

NATASHA: Real mature.

"You wouldn't know that they weren't actually sisters unless you were told," Maria remarks.

YELENA: Why don’t you take it to one of your super-scientist friends? They can explain it to you. Tony Stark, maybe?

NATASHA: Oh, yeah. We’re not really talking right now, so . . .

Tony sighs.

YELENA: Great. Perfect timing. Where’s an Avenger when you need one?

Thor furrows his eyebrows, confused. "Natasha's right there," he points out.

NATASHA: I don’t wanna be here. I’m on the run. You could’ve gotten me killed.

YELENA: Well, what was I supposed to do? You’re the only superhero person that I know. That was the whole reason I sent it to you. I kept checking the news, expecting to see Captain America bringing down the Red Room.

"What?" Clint says, shaking his head. "We took the Red Room down."

NATASHA: What? Taking down the Red Room? What are you talking about? It’s been gone for years. Dreykov’s dead. I killed him.

YELENA: You don’t actually believe that, do you? You really do believe that.

"How the hell is he still alive?" Clint asks angrily.

NATASHA: Dreykov’s dead. It took almost destroying the entire city just to get to him.

YELENA: If you’re so sure, then tell me what happened. Tell me exactly.

NATASHA: We rigged bombs.

YELENA: Who's "we"?

NATASHA: Clint Barton. Killing Dreykov was the final step in my defection to S.H.I.E.L.D.

"It was the last thing she had to do so we could truly determine that she wouldn't betray us," Maria clarified softly. 

YELENA: Simple as that?

NATASHA: Yeah, sure, “simple.” That’s what I’d call imploding a five-story building and then shooting it out with the Hungarian Special Forces. Took 10 days in hiding before we could even get out of Budapest.

YELENA: And you checked the body? Confirmed the kill?

NATASHA: There was no body left to check.

YELENA: You’re forgetting Dreykov’s daughter.

All of the S.H.I.E.L.D. people there tense up. 

[Natasha and Yelena are attacked. They hide before running]

"How'd they track Nat there?" Bucky growls.

NATASHA: Where are we trying to get?

YELENA: Motorbike! East side of the building.

RED ROOM WIDOW: [In Macedonian] They're going east, to the roof.

ANOTHER RED ROOM WIDOW: [In Macedonian] Copy, in pursuit.

[Natasha and Yelena continue running. They jump onto a pole and the Red Room Widow jumps after them. Natasha tries to catch her]

"And that is what makes Natasha an Avenger," Maria says proudly.

[The Red Room Widow falls]


[Yelena crashes through a window and Natasha falls but is able to make it safely to the ground]

Many people, especially Clint and Steve, let out breaths of relief that they had been holding in.

[Natasha goes to the Red Room Agent]

NATASHA: Hey. Don’t move. You’re hurt. Let me help you. 

RED ROOM WIDOW: I don’t wanna do this.

NATASHA: What are you doing?

RED ROOM WIDOW: He's making me.

"Who?' Sam asks. 

"Dreykov, which means he's alive," Bucky answers, emotion-less.

YELENA: Do you believe me now? 

NATASHA: How many others?

YELENA: Enough.

[Natasha follows Yelena through an alley to motorcycles]

NATASHA: Which one's yours? 

YELENA: Black. Brown seat. Where are my keys?

[Natasha has them]

YELENA: [In Russian] Ah, bitch.

The mood lightens up as people smile and chuckle, enjoying the banter between the two sisters.

[Natasha gets on the  motorcycle]

NATASHA: Any day now.

[Yelena gets on and they drive until they find a car]

MAN: [In Hungarian] Are you okay?

YELENA: [In Hungarian] Fantastic.

[They get into the car]

NATASHA: You can't just steal a guy's car.

YELENA: So you want me to chase him down and un-steal it?

Everyone either smiles or laughs. 

"I like her," Sam decides. 

"Seconded," Pepper adds.

YELENA: Okay. Any time now, please.

NATASHA: Shut up! 

[Natasha begins driving but they get chased]

YELENA: Okay, you got a plan, or shall I just stay duck-and-cover?

NATASHA: My plan was to drive us away?

YELENA: That's a shit plan.

"At least she tells it how it is," Rhodey says.

[Yelena manges to get the car door to hit the Widow chasing them]

YELENA: You’re welcome.

NATASHA; Oh, shit. He's back. Put your seat belt on.

YELENA: You're such a mom!

[They crash into a train station]

"Oh my god!" Bruce exclaims. 

"Well, that's one way to escape," May says dryly. 

[Taskmaster chases them. Natasha and Yelena get to the bottom of the staircase]

YELENA: Natasha, no. I think I’m bleeding. I’m . . . 

NATASHA: No. Not now, trust me. 

[They manage to escape and hide]

"She remembered," Clint said.

NATASHA: You okay?

YELENA: Yeah. Great plan. I love the part where I almost bled to death. This is cozy.

NATASHA: Barton and I spent two days hiding out up here.

"Is that a Tic Tac Toe game?" Tony asks Clint, who nods.

"Who won?" Sam asks. 

Clint grunts. "Natasha always cheated," he says.

YELENA: That must have been fun.

NATASHA: Who the hell is that guy?

YELENA: Dreykov’s special project. He can mimic anyone he’s ever seen. It’s like fighting a mirror. Dreykov only deploys him for top-priority missions.

"Oh, great," Coulson says sarcastically.

NATASHA: That doesn't make any sense.

YELENA: Well, the truth rarely makes sense when you omit key details.

NATASHA: What is that supposed to mean?

YELENA: You didn’t say one word about Dreykov’s daughter. You killed her.

NATASHA: I had to. I needed her to lead me to Dreykov.

Clint looks down. 

[Flashback begins]

CLINT: [On radio] We need confirmation Dreykov’s in the building. 

NATASHA: His car is pulling up now.

NATASHA: Dreykov’s daughter was collateral damage. I needed her to be sure.

CLINT: [On radio] Natasha, we clear?

NATASHA: All clear.

"We didn't want to do it like that-" Clint hurriedly begins to say.

"They were forced to," Fury cuts in. 

No one says anything else.

YELENA: And here you are, not so sure.

"Not helping," Bucky mutters under his breath.

NATASHA: I needed out. The Red Room’s still active. Where is it?

YELENA: I have no idea. He moves location constantly. And every widow is sedated on entry and exit for maximum security.

NATASHA: I’m just finding it hard to believe that he could stay off my radar.

YELENA: Well, it’s not smart to attack an Avenger if you want to stay hidden. I mean, the clue is in the name. Dreykov kills you, one of the big ones comes to avenge you.

NATASHA: Wait, what are the big ones?

"The Avengers smile and chuckle. 

"She was chosen for the team for a reason," Fury says, smiling.

YELENA: Well, I doubt the god from space has to take an ibuprofen after a fight.

"Fair," Clint says.

"What's that?" Thor asks and does not get an answer.

YELENA : Where did you think I was all this time?

NATASHA: I thought that you got out and were living a normal life.

YELENA: And you just never made contact again?

NATASHA: Honestly, I thought you didn’t wanna see me.

YELENA: Bullshit. You just didn’t want your baby sister to tag along, whilst you saved the world with the cool kids.

NATASHA: You weren't really my sister.

"She used to talk about Yelena a lot. How she wanted to find her. And their adoptive parents," Clint reveals quietly.

YELENA: And the Avengers aren't really your family.

"Yes we are!" Bruce exclaims. 

"We should be. We want to be," Wanda says, crossing her arms in defeat. 

Sam nods.

YELENA: Why do you always do that thing?

NATASHA: Do what? 

YELENA: The thing you do when you’re fighting. The . . . Like, the . . . This thing that you do when you whip your hair when you’re fighting with the arm and the hair. And you do, like, a fighting pose. It’s a . . . t’s a fighting pose. You’re a total poser.

NATASHA: I’m not a poser.

Everyone laughs. 

"She does do that pose a lot," Tony says. 

YELENA: Oh, come on. I mean, they’re great poses, but it does look like you think everyone’s looking at you, like, all the time.

NATASHA: All that time that I spent posing, I was trying to actually do something good to make up for all the pain and suffering that we caused. Trying to be more than just a trained killer.

"I dunno how many times I've told her that she's so much more than that. She's a hero," Clint says. Everyone nods.

YELENA: Well, then you were fooling yourself because pain and suffering is every day and we are both still a trained killer. Except I’m not the one that’s on the cover of a magazine. I’m not the killer that little girls call their hero.

[At dinner]

YELENA: That gas, the counteragent, it was synthesized in secret by an older widow from Melina’s generation. I was on the mission to retrieve it, and she exposed me and I killed the widow that freed me.

NATASHA: Did you have a choice?

YELENA: What you experienced was psychological conditioning. I’m talking about chemically altering brain functions. They’re two completely different things. You’re fully conscious, but you don’t know which part is you. I’m still not sure.

"Different things, but Natasha still wasn't in control," Bucky reminds everyone, sitting up.

NATASHA: Is that all there is left?

YELENA: Mmm-hmm. It’s the only thing that can stop Dreykov and his network of widows

[Natasha blows on Yelena's wound]

YELENA: He takes more every day. Children who don’t have anyone to protect them. Just like us when we were small. Maybe one in 20 survives the training, becomes a widow. The rest, he kills. To him, we are just things. Weapons with no face that he can just throw away. Because there is always more. And no one’s even looking for him, thanks to you and Alexei.

NATASHA: Alexei?

YELENA; "Dad". Did you ever look for your parents? Your real ones?

NATASHA: Well, my mom abandoned me in the street like garbage. What about you?

"She tried so hard to find records," Maria recalls.

YELENA: They destroyed my birth certificate, so I reinvented it. My parents still live in Ohio. My sister moved out west.

NATASHA: Is that right?

YELENA: You’re a science teacher. You’re working part-time, though, especially after you had your son. Your husband, he renovates houses.

NATASHA: That is not my story.

YELENA: What is your story?

NATASHA: I never let myself be alone long enough to think about it.

Everyone frowns. They're all saddened by the fact that they can't be there for her and didn't help her before.

YELENA: Did you ever wish for kids? I want a dog.

NATASHA: Where you gonna go?

YELENA: I don’t know. I don’t really have anywhere to go back to, so I guess anywhere . . . Don't.

NATASHA: Don't what?

YELENA: You’re going to give me some big hero speech, I can feel it.

NATASHA: Speeches aren’t really my thing.

"Cap's always the one giving the hero speeches. Isn't that right?" Clint says, patting Steve on the back dramatically.

Tony and Sam laugh.


NATASHA: It was more like an invitation.

YELENA: To go to the Red Room and kill Dreykov?


YELENA: Even though the Red Room is impossible to find and Dreykov is too slippery to kill?


"And that is one of the many reasons Natasha is an Avenger. A hero," Nick says.

YELENA: That sounds like a shitload of work.

NATASHA: Yeah. Could be fun, though.



YELENA: I saw where he put the keys. Top drawer, green cabinet. You know, this is the first piece of clothing I’ve ever bought for myself.


"Judgy." Coulson scoffs jokingly.

YELENA: Yeah. You don’t like it?

NATASHA: Is that like a . . . Is it army surplus, or . . . ?

YELENA: Okay, it has a lot of pockets.

"That is a good thing. Clothes designed for women usually don't have pockets," Pepper points out in Yelena's defense. Maria, Wanda, and May nod.

YELENA: But I use them all the time, and I made some of my own modifications. 

NATASHA: Oh, yeah? 

YELENA: Whatever. Shut up. The point is, I’ve never . . . I’ve never had control over my own life before, and now I do. I want to do things.

"Natasha was like that when she first got out," Clint commented.

NATASHA: I like your vest.

YELENA: I knew it. I knew you did. It’s so cool, right?

NATASHA: It’s good. Yes. I like it.

YELENA: And you can put so much stuff in there. You wouldn’t even know. I really don’t know where the Red Room is, though. I’m sorry.

NATASHA: I know. But I think I know somebody who does.

YELENA: Oh, yeah? Who? 

NATASHA: We're gonna need a jet.

Tony sighs. "Could've given her the Quinjet," he mutters. 

"Would've been fine with her stealing a S.H.I.E.L.D.," Coulson adds.

"If she could, she probably would," Steve reminds him, smirking.

NATASHA: I said we needed a jet.

RICK: Yeah, you know what you didn’t give me? Time. Or money. I’m not made of jets. 

"How would one be made of jets . . .?" Thor asks, trailing off.

YELENA: I thought you were supposed to be the best. Like a real pro.

RICK: Oh, I beg your pardon, tsarina. Was the free flat and lifetime supply of kissel not to your liking?


NATASHA: Don't let her wind you up.

RICK: No, I take exception to impugning my professionalism.

NATASHA: Well, you did set me up with a generator that crapped out after six hours.

RICK: You, too, huh? Tag team.

"She's got a point," Rhodey defends Natasha calmly.

YELENA: Aw, he’s sensitive. See why you keep him around.

NATASHA: Where's the rest?

RICK: Voilà.


NATASH: Oh, I stashed that, like, five years ago. How is it?

"Ew," Maria says.

YELENA: It’s dry. It’s really dry.

Sam laughs.

RICK: You know, you’re getting dangerously close to running out your tab. Supplies I can tally, but you bring me attention from the authorities, all my prices go up.

NATASHA: What’s that supposed to mean?

RICK: What’s that supposed to mean?

"Damn Ross," Steve mutters.

NATASHA: You are sensitive.

Bucky, Tony, Rhodey, Pepper, Clint, and Nick smile.

RICK: You’re a very annoying individual.

NATASHA: I’ll make it up to you.

RICK: Mmm-hmm. That’s what you say every time.

"Every time? What are the other times?" Wanda observes. 

"Maybe we'll have to ask her when she comes back," Pepper says.



Chapter Text

[Alexei's prison]

ALEXEI: So, I have the nuclear code. But there he is. Captain America! 

Everyone turns to Steve, expecting answers.

Steve racks his memory for a moment before shaking his head no. "Must be lying," he says.

ALEXEI: Finally, the Red Guardian’s time has come! I grab hold of his shield and face to face, it’s a test of strength. Oh . . . Oh, no.

"Wait, that's Natasha's adoptive father!" Rhodey points out.

Clint frowns. "Didn't recognize him," he comments.

ALEXEI: That guy think he going to beat me. Anyway, this shield, you know, that he carries with him like a precious baby blanket, you know? I use it to my advantage. I take it and I push him out the window and I make my escape. Huh? What year was this? I don’t know. Like, ’83, ’84. I know. Captain America was still frozen in ice then. Are you calling me a liar, Ursa, huh? 

"Wow, he talks a lot," Tony mutters.

[Alexei beats the guy in an arm wrestle and another guy sits down but he bits him as well]

"Woah," Pepper says. 

Steve furrows his eyebrows. "Is he - a super soldier?" He asked.

[Alexei goes and get his mail. He finds an earpiece and puts it in his ear]

NATASHA: Today is your lucky day, Alexei. Move to the door on the south wall.

Everyone smiles, happy to hear Natasha's voice.

[Alexei breaks out]

NATASHA: Go left. Just don’t make a scene.

[Alexei, uh, makes a scene]

NATASHA: You made a scene, didn't you?

Everyone laughs.

[Alexei continues trying to escape]

ALEXEI: What now?

NATASHA: We’re gettin’ you outta here. 


NATASHA: Go to the upper level. Move your ass, super soldier!

Again, everyone laughs. 

Steve grins. "I remember the day she thought of that line. I was a little slower when we were sparring one day," he recalls.

[Alexei tries to go over a wall and falls]

"So he is a super soldier," Sam concludes.

YELENA: He's never going to make it. 

NATASHA: Get me closer.

[Yelena gives her a look]

NATASHA: You got a better idea?

"Go, Nat!" Clint cheers.

[Natasha jumps out and onto the bridge]

YELENA: Such a poser.

Tony, Clint, and Sam smirk.

[Natasha fights the guys on the bridge until Yelena nearly flies the aircraft into her]

"Jeez," Maria says, wincing in sympathy at how close that was.

Fury facepalms at the screen.

NATASHA: Seriously? 

YELENA:  Whoo! Sorry!

NATASHA:  What are you doing? Are you kidding me? Back up!

"Oh my god," Bucky says, rubbing his hand over his face in slight amusement.

YELENA: We're both doing a really great job!

Everyone chuckles.

[Some people sh**t at the aircraft]

YELENA: No. Okay. Enough of this.

[Yelena sh**ts back]


"That thing better be on auto pilot," May mutters.

[Yelena notices the incoming avalanche]

YELENA: Whoa . . . This would be a cool way to die.

"C'mon, Romanoff," Fury says under his breath, wanting her to succeed.

ALEXEI: That's a good sign for us!

NATASHA: Move your ass!

[They continue fighting and trying to escape]

NATASHA: Get us out of here!

[Natasha and Alexei eventually get back up into the aircraft. Natasha sits down]

Pepper fist-pumps the air.

ALEXEI:  Oh, I’m so proud of you girls. Oh, you can’t hear me, huh? Okay.

[Alexei puts on headphones]

ALEXEI: Ah . . . Wow.

[Yelena hits him]

Everyone chuckles again. Some scoff.

ALEXEI:  Why the aggression, huh? Is it your time of the month?

All the ladies frown. 

"Wrong movie, super soldier," Wanda mocks.

YELENA: I don’t get my period, dipshit. I don’t have a uterus.

NATASHA: Or ovaries.

Bruce dips his head sadly as he remembers when Natasha told him this. Nearly everyone else is left in confusion. 

YELENA:  Yeah. That’s what happens when the Red Room gives you an involuntary hysterectomy. They kind of just go in and they rip out all of your reproductive organs. They just get right in there and they chop them all away. Everything out, so you can’t have babies.

ALEXEI:  Okay, okay. Okay! Okay! You don’t have to get so clinical and nasty.

YELENA: Oh, well, I was about to talk about fallopian tubes, but okay.

The ladies smirk.

ALEXEI:  No. It means so much to me that you came back for me.

NATASHA: No. No. You’re gonna tell us how to get to the Red Room.

ALEXEI: Whoa, look at you, huh? All business.

"Is he serious?" Pepper asks sarcastically. 

NATASHA: Trust me, this isn’t pleasure. 

ALEXEI: Little Natasha, all indoctrinated into the Western agenda.

The Avengers scoff.

"I don't like him," Wanda decides.

NATASHA: I chose to go west to become an Avenger. ‘Cause they treated me like family.

The Avengers smile. 

"Thank god she still feels that way," Coulson notes. The Avengers nod.

ALEXEI:  Really? Family? Well, where are they now? Where is that family now?

Everyone glares at the screen. 

"We'd be with her if we weren't locked up," Clint argued, referencing to himself, Scott, Wanda, and Sam. 

Wanda and Sam nod in agreement.

"Or if we could contact her," Steve says about him and Bucky.

NATASHA: Tell me where the Red Room is.

ALEXEI: I have no idea.

Many people groan. 

"He's gotta be lying," Rhodey immediately says.

[Natasha scoffs]


[Natasha takes off her headset and goes over to Alexei]

NATASHA: Come on. You and Dreykov were like . . . 

ALEXEI: Dreykov?


ALEXEI: General Dreykov, my friend, huh? Gives me glory . . . Soviet Union’s first and only super soldier. I could have been more famous than Captain America.

"They were friends - that's gonna make me sick," Maria says, disgusted by how casual Alexei is about it. 

Other people nod in agreement. 

ALEXEI:  Then he buries me in Ohio on that stupid mission. Three years! So tedious, boring me to tears. No offense, huh?

Everyone is angry. 

"Natasha's childhood was 'stupid' and bored him to tears?" Wanda asks sarcastically. 

"God, he's dumb," Bruce scoffs under his breath.

ALEXEI:  Then puts me in prison for the rest of my life. Why, huh? Why? Why would he put me in… You know why? 'Cause maybe I want to talk about the withering of the state. Or maybe I don’t like his hair or something and I say something casually about that. Maybe, you know, I want the Party to feel actually like a party instead of this sourpuss organization. But instead, no. He puts me in prison for the rest of my life. He just runs off and hides, huh? I’m not even the one who, uh, you know . . . I’m not the one who killed his daughter.

"That's low," Bucky growls. 

Steve glares at the screen.

YELENA: Can we throw him out the window now?

NATASHA: I think we should wait 'till we get to a higher altitude. 

YELENA: All right.

That makes people smile and chuckle.

ALEXEI: [In Russian] Why not ask Melina where it is?

YELENA: Wait, 'Mom' Melina? 

NATASHA: We thought she was dead.

Pepper gasps. "They must've thought she was dead when they got to Cuba . . ." She realizes, trailing off. 

Tony puts his head in his hands for a moment. "That's cruel," he adds.

ALEXEI: You cannot kill a fox that swift.


ALEXEI: She was the scientist, the strategist. I was the muscle. She worked directly for Dreykov far more than I ever did.

"Yeah, I don't like Melina," Steve concludes.

NATASHA: Wait. Are you telling me that Melina is working for the Red Room present day?

ALEXEI: She works remotely outside St. Petersburg.

YELENA: Uh . . . I don’t think we have enough fuel for St. Petersburg.

ALEXEI: No, we're good. We'll make it.


[When they land the aircraft powers  down]

Everyone chuckles. 

"Well, she was right," Coulson says.

ALEXEI: You should’ve brought the Avengers’ superjet.

YELENA: I swear, if I hear one more word from him, I will kick him in the face.

"Me too!" Thor cheers.

NATASHA: He's the worst.

ALEXEI: Natasha. Natasha. Natasha. Come here, I want to ask you something. Come, it’s important.

Rhodey shakes his head in exasperation. 


ALEXEI: Did he talk to you about me?


ALEXEI: Did he talk to you about me? You know, trading war stories?

NATASHA: Who? What are you talking about?

ALEXEI: Captain America. My great adversary in this theater of geopolitical conflict. Not so much a nemesis. More like a contemporary, you know? Coequal. I always thought there was a great deal of mutual respect . . . 

"Oh my god," Steve groans. 

NATASHA: Wait. You haven’t seen either one of us in 20 years and you’re gonna ask me about you?

"Tell him, Nat," Clint encourages. 

May nods.

ALEXEI:  What is with this tension? Did I do something wrong?

YELENA: Is that a serious question?

ALEXEI: I only ever loved you girls. I did my best to make sure you would succeed to achieve your fullest potential, and everything worked out.

NATASHA: Everything worked out?

Everyone sympathizes with Natasha.

ALEXEI:  Yes. For you, yes. We accomplished our mission in Ohio. Yelena, you went on to become the greatest child assassin the world has ever known. No one can match your efficiency, your ruthlessness. And Natasha, not just a spy, not just toppling regimes, destroying empires from within, but an Avenger. You both have killed so many people. Your ledgers must be dripping, just gushing red. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Rhodey asks. 

Everyone else is too frustrated and angry to speak.

[Alexei hugs them but Natasha pushes him away]

NATASHA: Okay. You can . . . No.

YELENA: Let go of me now. You smell really bad.

Everyone smiles.

NATASHA: So, are we there yet?

ALEXEI: You’ll know when we’re there.

"I hope that Melina is better than him," Pepper says. 

Everyone else nods.

"I don't trust him," Fury decides, which also gains nods.

"I don't think Natasha does either," Wanda points out.