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The moon was high in the sky and there were little to no people walking through the empty streets of Mondstadt. The shops were closed and even the drunken men that sometimes roamed the streets were deep asleep and home. The guards were struggling to stay awake and some of them opted to lean against the stone walls to take a small nap during this quiet and serene night. 

It was only so peaceful due to someone already taking care of all the issues surrounding the city. 

Diluc’s feet were quiet and his body was light as he landed near the cathedral and his fist quickly connected to the Abyss Mage’s face. The little bastards always managed to sneak inside without alerting the guards. Their teleportation spells made them a pain to detect and their shields made it extremely hard to fight against them unless their opponent had a vision. For Diluc, these mages were easy to deal with. If you hit them too hard they’ll run away and hide for a few days.

A few punches later and a few stabs with a small blade had the Mage teleporting away and floating as fast as it could. Diluc watched it from far and rolled his eyes. These pesty annoyances never gave up no matter what. At least it was gone and now the whole city could finally sleep peacefully. 

Diluc sighed quietly, his mind finally relaxing before his body twitched and he leaned against one of the columns next to him. He rubbed his lips together as he took a deep breath through his nose. The night was quiet and now that he was done fighting he couldn’t ignore the soft and muffled rumbling noise that was coming from within him. He glanced down and glared at his own body, while a light blush showed up on his cheeks. At least he didn’t have to worry about his blushing face, his mask kept his cheeks covered and hid the evidence of his embarrassment. 

He took a step forward and shuddered. He shouldn’t have agreed to this, it was so dumb but as always he found himself replying and being hot-headed when it came to dealing with Kaeya. He really should start avoiding just talking to him! Diluc chewed on his bottom lip and closed his eyes. How did Kaeya even manage to get his hands on toys like these? He said he bought them from Liyue but where did he go to be able to find something like this?

Diluc swallowed a soft noise as the three-round spheres inside of him kept trembling against his inner walls. His ass felt so full already with the three spheres and now he also had to deal with how they kept vibrating inside of him. Whatever alchemy and geo-user created these in Liyue was for sure a perverted and Diluc found himself cursing them out before a weak noise left his lips. Now that he wasn’t worried about fighting or trying to sneak around, he could no longer ignore the toys that were vibrating and demanded his attention. 

It was going to be fine, everything was going to be fine as long as he could rush and leave Mondstadt. As long as he was not found, everything was going to be okay.

Diluc pulled away from the column next to him before twitching when a chilling breeze rushed down his back. He quickly turned around and came face to face with a smiling Kaeya. Much like Diluc, Kaeya wasn’t wearing his usual clothes and instead, he was matching Diluc with black clothes that helped him blend in with the shadows.

“Found you,” Kaeya said and took a step closer with a wide grin on his face. “You were so sneaky today Mr. Darknight.”

Diluc narrowed his eyes and without saying a single word, turned around and tried to run. He hardly managed to take one step when a chunk of ice wrapped around his foot to keep him from moving. 

“That’s not very nice of you,” Kaeya huffed and walked over before tapping the ice with his foot to make it shatter. “I found you, you lost and I won. You almost made it too! I don’t know why you decided to stop instead of leaving!”

“It’s because of your stupid toys!” Diluc snapped and then realized what he said. He stood there with wide eyes as his face turned a bright red. 

“Oh?” Kaeya snickered and moved closer until Diluc was forced to step back and lean against the column behind him. “That was also your doing, was it not? You were the one that said ‘This sounds so easy that I almost feel bad for you’ so I just made it a tad harder on the amazing Mondstadts' Darknight. To think that you would lose at hide and seek, I almost feel bad, almost.” 

Diluc rubbed his lips together on a thin line, his eyes glancing away as he almost pouted at having his words being thrown back at him. Of course, he would never admit to looking this pitiful and so he lifted his chin and crossed his arms over his chest with a small glare. 

“Now, unless Mr. Darknight doesn’t want everyone to know who he is, then I suggest he behaves and keeps his end of the deal.” 

A minute passed without any of them saying anything.

Diluc’s arms pressed harder against his chest and he glanced down before mumbling. “F-fine…” The red color on his cheeks couldn’t be hidden by his mask anymore and that only seemed to entertain Kaeya even further.

“Alright then, for starters, I think Mr. Darkight should take off his mask,” Kaeya said and gently tapped the white and golden mask.

Diluc did what he was told and took off his mask. He had an easier time glaring at Kaeya now but it was having no effect on the other.

“Now strip.”

“” Diluc thought he didn’t hear well. He obviously didn’t or else why would Kaeya ask for something like that.

“I said, strip.” 

Diluc stared with wide eyes. So, he heard right, Kaeya was truly asking him to strip. He almost wanted to turn around and try to run again but he knew that wasn’t going to work. It was one thing to play Kaeya’s dirty little games that Diluc hated to admit that he enjoyed, and another whole different thing was to strip outside in the middle of the night. 

“I won’t ask again, if you don’t strip then I'll rip your clothes off myself, and then you’ll have to walk home naked for sure.”

Diluc’s mind was blank and yet it was rushing through so many different scenarios in which this went wrong. He was suddenly too aware of how his clothes felt against his skin. It was something he never noticed before but now it felt like such a vital part of who he was. He shuddered and his stiff legs started to tremble. The toys inside of him were vibrating non-stop, adding to the heavyweight he felt on his stomach. Kaeya’s words were still ringing in his ears and the threat behind them.

Diluc couldn’t believe it when his fingers reached for his shirt and undid the buttons. The cloak around his shoulders came off next and it was quickly followed by his shirt and the rest of his clothes. Every layer of clothing felt like a shield or protection that Diluc didn’t know he had until now. He hesitated when he touched his underwear but his hands still kept moving. He didn’t stop until he was naked with his feet on the cold ground and his semi-hard member fully exposed.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it? Kaeya said with a smirk on his lips. He looked far too entertained. “Now crouch and look at me.”

Diluc swallowed the heavy lump in his throat and slowly lowered his body until he was crouching in front of Kaeya. 

“Spread your legs.”

“Y-You’re asking for too much!” Diluc finally snapped at him and kept his legs close until a pair of warm hands moved in between his legs and forced them open.

“I’ll help you if you can’t, don’t worry about that.” Kaeya’s tone was far too sweet and his hand playfully pet Diluc’s hair. 

Diluc’s cheeks couldn’t be any redder and his wide eyes were so full of shame and guilt that he couldn’t bring himself to even look at Kaeya. This was all too humiliating and yet his cock was hard and his asshole was twitching around the spheres filling his hole. It shouldn’t be like that, he shouldn’t be this hard and his stomach shouldn’t feel as if butterflies were flying everywhere. The tension on his body was making him shiver non-stop but at the same time, he couldn’t deny the thrill that was rushing through his back and kept pushing him to do whatever Kaeya wanted.

“I got you something cute.”

Diluc couldn’t bring himself to look up. He wasn’t sure of what Kaeya got him until he felt something soft and plush around his neck. The soft material was warm and comfortable but he could also smell fresh leather. Diluc’s eyes moved to follow Kaeya’s hands as he fixed the thick and nice black leather collar around Diluc’s neck. 

It was as if all of sudden this was all that Diluc could focus on. The warmth the collar brought to his neck made it hard to ignore it and the weight was heavy enough to be different from regular jewelry. The smell was fresh and nice and worse of all was that this collar was all that Diluc was wearing at the moment. 

“K-Kaeya…” Diluc wasn’t even sure why he said the other’s name. He wasn’t even sure what he was feeling. The light feeling in his stomach was fighting the heavyweight that was overwhelming his senses and then his tense body was trembling more. He opened his mouth again but only a small noise was heard.

“Hahaha! You look so cute right now,” Kaeya laughed quietly and crouched so he was at eye level with Diluc. “You really look so good, it is almost making me feel bad for making you look this good out here. What if someone else sees and gets an eyeful of master Diluc being such a lewd little thing. They’ll probably rush home and jerk off just thinking about fucking your tight hole.”

Diluc swallowed heavily, his voice cracking as he tried to close his legs again just for Kaeya to spread them out wider. He whimpered and closed his eyes. “D-don’t say things like that!” 

“What? I’m just being honest. Master Diluc is out here with his ass filled up with toys and completely naked, just asking to be fucked and used.” Kaeya chuckled and leaned in closer with his lips almost touching Diluc’s warm cheeks. “But I still haven’t forgotten how you tried to run after I caught you. That’s cheating.”

Diluc could only let out small noise as he was turned around and shoved on the floor. The cold stone floor was making him shiver and it was hard on his knees. He tried to get on all fours but a hand quickly pushed his face down against the ground and forced him to stay kneeling with his ass high in the air. Diluc’s body jerked involuntarily and his eyes went wide as Kaeya’s hand landed on his ass and made a loud smacking sound. 

The butterflies in his stomach all burst and melted. The heavyweight on his stomach was shattering and then, for some reason, his whole body went soft while his mind just stopped thinking. The pulsating heat coming from his ass had him whining and squirming, it was humiliating, it was making him whimper and yet he squirmed almost eagerly as another loud slap landed on his ass. Diluc’s lips trembled and soft noises left his lips with each slap, he could feel his skin growing warmer and tightening but at the same time, he could feel it jiggling against each hit while his asshole tightened and the spheres vibrated non-stop against his prostate. 

The last spank was the loudest and it was the one that had Diluc tearing up and squirming. He almost wanted to reach out and touch his own butt to let his cold hands soothe the abused skin but he knew that he couldn’t. Kaeya roughly stroked the tender skin, giving it a soft spank here and there, for no other reason but his own personal satisfaction. 

“Next time you try to do something like that, I’m going to make you spank your own ass or maybe I’ll spank you with a belt.” Kaeya gripped Diluc’s hair, weakly tugging on it while his hand gripped the sensitive skin of Diluc’s ass. His grip was tight and borderline possessive, almost as if he was telling Diluc that he could do whatever he wanted and Diluc would still let him. “Okay?”

“Y-yes,” Diluc replied weakly and followed the hand that was tugging on his hair until he was on his knees with his body leaning against the column in front of him. The pale skin on his ass was now a bright red and it was a bit swollen from all the hits. He had goosebumps crawling all over his arms and legs but he still let Kaeya spread his legs once more so his pink and tight hole was fully exposed. 

“You’re still so good and kept that inside of you, how nice.” Kaeya got a small bottle out and poured out some flower oil right on top of Diluc’s hole. He let the oil coat Diluc’s whole entrance before he tried to nudge a finger inside. “These spheres are quite fat, master Diluc, I’m so amazed you have been able to keep them inside this whole time. You’re so well behaved.” 

Diluc pushed his hips back against Kaeya’s finger. He moaned weakly and nodded his head, not realizing he was agreeing with the lewd compliment. “I-I kept them in.”

“You did, you’re so good.” Kaeya leaned in, his lips brushing against Diluc’s ear as he spoke. “Master Diluc is a good boy, a good fuckhole. That’s why you are gonna push these toys out of your hole yourself. I want you to push them out and then thank me for buying these for your needy, and hungry asshole, okay?” 

Diluc nodded in response. He could feel the heavy cloud of humiliation that made his body tense but this time his other senses were too distracted for him to hesitate too much. He whimpered and closed his eyes, his inner walls were pulsating and trying to pull the toys deeper inside his body but he stopped it. He shuddered and slowly pushed the first sphere out. His half-lidded eyes were twitching as the first sphere spread open his hole wide enough to make him groan before it popped out and Kaeya caught it with his hand. 

“Two to go,” Kaeya said and playfully patted Diluc’s stretched hole. 

The first sphere was the toughest to push out, after that the second and third sphere ended up slipping out a lot faster now that his hole was stretched and used to it. Diluc’s whole body shuddered at the empty feeling inside of him. His assring was twitching and his insides were just begging to be filled again, they were greedily asking for more while he had nothing else left inside.

“What’s next, mhmm?” Kaeya’s fingers slowly pushed inside Diluc’s loose hole. 

“K-kaeya,” Diluc’s voice was too quiet but it was loud enough for Kaeya to hear him. “T-thank you...thank you for b-buying those toys for me!” 

“Good job.” Kaeya kissed Diluc’s ear. “Do you want me to buy you more?”

“Y-yes, please, yes.” Diluc quickly nodded while his hips pushed back to take in Kaeya’s fingers as they played with his hole.

“I’ll get you more, but you have to promise to wear them every day, okay?”

“Yes! Okay, yes, yes, I will!” Diluc didn’t hesitate to answer, his shameless responses were now driven by nothing but the want and need he had for the pleasure high Kaeya was providing him with. 

“Alright, you promised so don’t try to back down later on.” Kaeya chuckled and pushed four of his fingers inside Diluc’s asshole. “Your hole is stretched out so well, it’s taking in my fingers so nicely. It’s so fucking needy right now, I bet you want my cock filling you up.” 

Diluc nodded in response, his eyes were tightly shut as tears clung to his eyelashes and his hips thrust back as if he could make Kaeya’s fingers push deeper inside of him. He was heavily leaning against the column in front of him with his legs now willingly spread open and the cold wind gently touching his hot skin. He had forgotten where he was, and now that he was reminded that he was outside he just couldn’t feel the same panic again, it was as if he just didn’t care at all. 

“I-I want it, Kaeya, please I want it.” Diluc whimpered and glanced back, meeting Kaeya’s eyes with his red, clouded eyes.

“You’re the cutest when you start being honest.” Kaeya smiled and kissed Diluc’s cheek before playfully biting the plush skin. “I’ll give you what you want but you have to be nice and spread open your ass for me while asking me to fuck you, okay? I think your cute, docile face now matches your collar, so it's only fair that I ask this of you, right?”

Diluc almost whined when Kaeya’s fingers pulled out of his hole. He was squirming, not knowing how to end the itch and need the missing fingers left in his hole. He just wanted to be full again, to have something inside of him that gave the same stretched feeling as before that made his mind go blank and for stars to blink right in front of him. He kept his knees spread open as he reached back to spread himself out for Kaeya, showing off the loose opening that was now moist with flower oil and had a light shade of red. 

“Kaeya,” Diluc said, almost breathless, his voice was cracking and he sounded so needy it was almost too pitiful. “Please Kaeya, I-I want you to fuck me, please. S-stop being like this and just fuck me, please. I-I want it, please.”

Kaeya grinned and leaned in, resting his chin against Diluc’s shoulder while his hands worked his trousers open. “You sound perfect, you’re doing so good, so well. You’re so fucking good for me.” 

“H-hurry, yeah, please hurry,” Diluc shuddered as Kaeya’s hands gripped his hips and the tip of his cock brushed against his entrance. He relaxed, his body feeling so soft and delicate as the hard member slowly pushed inside of him until he was full again. No, this time it was better, it was so much better. Kaeya’s cock was warm and not rigid like the spheres. He was filling him up further and the base of his member kept his assring stretched open the whole time. The ring of muscles was hugging the warm cock inside of him and twitching every time Kaeya’s hips pulled back just to have his member slam back inside Diluc’s willing hole. 

It was so much better now, it was getting too hot. He couldn’t feel the cold wind against him anymore and Diluc’s eyes were blurry with tears that didn’t spill. He felt so good, it was always so much better when Kaeya was the one that fucked him. He groaned and pushed his hips back against Kaeya, meeting his thrusts and fucking himself harder against his cock. He hardly had time to register how the hands around his hips were gone until he felt them on his chest.

Diluc’s lips trembled as large but soft fingers gripped his nipples and squeezed the skin around his pecs. Kaeya was being rough but his hands just felt so soft for Diluc, even if those hands were being selfish and pinching his nipples until the skin turned red and matched the abused flesh of his ass. The fingers pinched and pulled on his nipples, doing it hard enough for him to gasp and whimper. The sensitive skin was quickly swelling but Kaeya’s only response was to pull harder until Diluc’s nipples were left tingling and the need to have them played with continued. 

Diluc was wiggling, his knees couldn’t stay still and his ass was moving back and forth before Kaeya’s hand slapped it again and forced him to stay still. 

“Quit moving around and fuck yourself right,” Kaeya gave Diluc’s ass one last spank before his hands moved to his chest again, this time he squeezed Diluc’s nipples with both of his hands and leaned in, forcing his whole member inside Diluc’s hole until his thighs were pressing flush against the skin of his ass.

Diluc let out a weak but loud moan. He nodded his head slowly and moved his hips again, fucking his needy hole with Kaeay’s cock again until it felt so soft and sensitive it was as if his ass had finally taken the shape of the cock fucking him. He couldn’t keep his voice down anymore. He really couldn’t. He was panting heavily and moaning non-stop, whimpering Kaeya’s name here and there while his chest was viciously played with and the thick cock inside of him kept claiming his needy hole. 

“Who’s there?” 

Diluc didn’t even register the loud shouting until Kaeya’s tone changed and he replied. “Haha! It’s me, please don’t come this way!”

It took Diluc a few seconds to register that Kaeya was talking to someone. There was someone else near them. He shivered, his thoughts melting as the idea of being watched and seen like this just shortcut everything else. He could feel his hole tightening and his cock was twitching while his thighs trembled. He was biting down on his bottom lip trying to be quiet but he was still letting out weak little noises. He couldn’t stop his hips from moving, he couldn’t stop fucking himself against Kaeya’s cock even as someone almost discovered them. 

He was going to cum, he was going to finally reach his release. Diluc’s vision went white before he gasped and his eyes widened when a hand reached down to grip the base of his cock in a painful hold. He was squirming again, wiggling all over until the hand gripped harder on his cock and a hand spanked his ass to get him to stop moving.

“Captain Kaeya, is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me!” Kaeya’s voice was rough, he was trying to sound normal but there was an urgency to it that was hard to miss.

“It’s everything okay? Want me to come around and help?” The sound of armor and heavy steps followed right after the knight’s words.

Diluc groaned and Kaeya’s hand quickly covered his mouth and pressed him harder against his body. He was drooling against the hand, his half-lidded eyes rolling back as his cock twitched and the high of his orgasm came but he didn’t release. His dry orgasm was leaving his body jerking and twitching, being unable to release the pressure inside of him and instead trying to release it some other way. 

“No! Don’t come near, I’m testing out something new with my vision and it could be dangerous!” Kaeya pulled Diluc even closer, his hand finally letting go of Diluc’s dick so he could dig his fingers against his soft waist instead. 

“Oh! Understood, it’s everything going alright?”

Kaeya glanced down at Diluc and a grin spread on his lips. “Yeah, it’s going great. I think I’m doing a good job. Go back to your post.”

“Yes, sir!” The noise of steps was heard again but this time they were getting quieter the further away the guard went. 

Kaeya waited until the steps were gone before he finally let go of Diluc’s mouth and his wet hand quickly slapped the already bruised skin of Diluc’s ass. He did it hard enough for his handprint to leave the skin red and pulsating. He next gripped the back of Diluc’s collar with his other hand, pulling him back and making him arch his back until Diluc was forced to look at him. 

“You filthy, little bitch, you were about to cum from being watched,” Kaeya smirked and stared down at Diluc’s needy face, his eyes were tearing up this time and there was drool on the corner of his mouth and wetting his cute lips. 

Kaeya let go of the collar and pushed Diluc back against the column while his hand spanked his ass again. 

“I didn’t know.” Kaeya spanked Diluc's ass harder than before. “That you were.” Another heavy hit had Diluc’s voice trembling as he whimpered. “That you were such a pervert master Diluc.”

Diluc couldn’t help the loud whine that left his lips. He was whimpering and squirming all over but he was also pinned in place by Kaeya and all he could do was feel how his hand was viciously spanking his ass while his cock kept thrusting inside his hole. He was still too sensitive from his dry orgasm, he was still too weak and his whole body couldn’t keep up. He was burning him and the waves of pleasure had his weak knees almost giving up on him. It was so much, it was too much. 

Diluc half-screamed when another heavy spank made his skin tremble and sting. He was crying now, shaking his head and begging Kaeya to stop spanking him. It hurt, it was hurting a lot, even if his body was finding a thrill from each hit and even if he could feel his needy hole sucking in Kaeya’s cock with each hit. He wanted it to stop. He whined and cried. He was shaking his head, while Kaeya gripped his hips and fucked him harder.

He was going to lose, he was going to fall too deep. Diluc’s mind was gone and his whole body shook with each heavy thrust that had him drooling and wanting more. He could feel himself cumming again. He could feel himself reaching his second orgasm already, or more like finally reaching the peak of the first one. He groaned and leaned back against Kaeya as another thrust finally was enough for him to cum and spill his seed all over the floor. It was burning, it was so different from his usual releases but it was burning in a good way. It was making him ache for more and it was leaving him shivering and weak. 

Diluc was filled with cum and then the cock inside of him finally pulled out. He was left empty with cum dripping down his thighs and his body weakly clinging against the column in front of him. He couldn’t stop trembling, his legs had given up on him and his head was still high in the clouds to the point that he could only feel the small waves of pleasure that were constantly pulsating inside his body. 

“You did so well, good boy.” Kaeyea kissed Diluc’s cheek and the corner of his mouth before pulling him against his body to have him sit on his lap. “You’re so good, you almost gave a poor knight a good show.” He laughed quietly and gave Diluc’s lips a quick kiss. 

“K-kaeya,” Diluc’s voice was soft and it trembled just enough to make him sound so vulnerable. “I-it hurts, my butt hurts.” 

Kaeya snickered quietly and then his cold hands gently moved to hold Diluc’s ass. The coldness from his vision was enough to soothe the sore skin and let Diluc relax against his arms. “You’re going to be sore for a couple of days, but don’t think I’m going to go easy on you.”

Diluc’s only response was a weak noise of agreement before his body twitched when he felt something round and cold pushing against his assring. The spheres from before were being pushed back inside of him, and he just wanted to whine and cry in defeat but instead, he moaned quietly and clung to Kaeya. 

“You have to keep them inside you, I have nowhere to put them, okay?” Kaeya kissed Diluc’s cheek and chuckled at the docile nod he was given in response. “Good boy, now let’s go back  home.”