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You've Shown Me I Have Reasons, I Should Love Myself (Han Seojun)

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Seojun picked up her bag as she walked out of the house, walking through the same streets she had been using for the last who knows how many years. Today she woke up feeling better than usual. Even her parents were surprisingly in a good mood. Good enough to ignore her and focus only on her perfect older brother. It didn’t take long for her to reach school. She was in her last year of school. The only motivation for her to finish school was that she just had to bear it for one more year before she could leave. She sighed as she hastily ran out of school, managing to sneak out without being noticed by people she wouldn’t want to be noticed by. She got outstanding grades and was someone you might label as an excellent student. She worked hard and studied well. She stayed away from all kinds of trouble and kept to herself but trouble always seemed to find its way to her. At least she won’t have to worry about it for three more days. They had been given three days off as a government examination was going to be conducted and her school was one of the centers.

Once she was sure she was alone, she took out a pair of earphones as she plugged in her phone and played her favorite songs. One thing Seojun loved the most was music. Music was the only thing that gave her a way out. Out of her miserable, wretched life. She had a pleasant voice too. Music was her life even though she knew she wouldn't be able to pursue it. She was quite open to all kinds of music. But she usually liked hip hop songs and ballads more. Rapping was something she could do the best as it had always been a fun challenge to her. The giddy feeling she felt when she managed to nail Cypher by Bangtan was her highlight for a whole month. It was just something about being able to hit the notes in ballad songs, that made her heart burst with sheer exhilaration.

Seojun wouldn’t usually care about what songs she chose to hear while walking back home but today she was feeling considerably down, not that she didn’t feel like that every day, and she needed enough motivation to keep herself away from doing something she would regret. She scrolled through her playlist till she found the song she wanted, Tomorrow by Bangtan. One of her favorites. Even though some might say she’s overreacting, this song had saved her on multiple occasions. Seojun played the song as she sang along, her emotions pouring out into her singing. She walked down the isolated street, singing and rapping. Seojun smiled to herself as the song faded. The song never failed to lift her mood up. She felt much better after singing the song and continued walking with a small bounce in her steps. Just as she was about to turn to her street, she paused, paranoia gripping her heart as she turned around to search for the source of her unease.

She couldn’t help but flinch while taking a step back and let out a small yelp when she found herself staring at a tall, intimidating woman. Seojun’s foot managed to find a small stone to trip over and hung uselessly as it let Seojun fall down on the ground. The woman’s eyes widened in guilt as she apologized and offered her hand to Seojun, “I’m so sorry for scaring you! I’m Min Jangmi. I wanted to talk to you.” Seojun raised her eyebrows in suspicion and reluctantly accepted Jangmi’s hand, motioning for her to continue. Jangmi gave Seojun a hearty smile and helped her up as she spoke, “I’m from BigHit Entertainment and I’ve been watching you for at least a week. I know it sounds like I’m a stalker but I’m not! You caught my eye because of your singing. I’ve been given the duty to find a potential trainee.” Seojun had an utterly confused look on her face as she tried to wrap her head around what Jangmi was saying, “What are you exactly trying to say, Ma’am?”

“Please call me noona. What I’m trying to say is that I want you to audition tomorrow at BigHit. I’ve been searching for at least a month and I finally found you. And I know you might think that this is all a fraud and I’m a scammer. I don’t blame you for that. I know that it’s not new to hear about people being scammed by fake companies. So I’m not asking you to do anything except to come to the company tomorrow. I’ll wait for you outside the building.”

Seojun stared at the card Jangmi had shoved into her hand, her fingers tracing the ever-familiar logo of BigHit Entertainment, home to her favorite idols, Bangtan. She took a deep breath and spoke even though she knew she was going to regret it. “I’m so sorry-” Seojun gave her an awkward, guilty smile as she continued, “I can’t audition noona... Uh- I can’t. I’m so sorry. I-”

“Hear me out, please. Darling, I will lose my job if you don't audition. And I promise that you won’t regret this. If you get through, I assume-no, guarantee you’ll debut in less than a year or even six months. I’ve heard you sing and rap. I can’t believe that you have that level of skill as an amateur. And I observed the way you walk, I'm sure you can dance as well. Other trainees have to wait for at least 3 years before thinking about debut. I'm saying that I am sure you'll debut in half a year. Please audition for noona’s sake, darling…”

Seojun took a deep breath as she gulped, feeling her face heat up at the casual use of the nickname, “Okay noona…” The very next moment Seojun felt herself being pulled into a hug. “Thank you so much, darling! I’ll see you at BigHit tomorrow at 9:00. I’ll be there at the entrance to wait for you. What’s your name?” Seojun stiffened and cleared her throat as she stepped out of Jangmi’s embrace, fiddling with her bracelet, “Seojun. I wanted to ask how long will the audition last…” Jangmi smiled, “Hmm, Seojun. Nice name. The audition will last for more or less 2 hours, depending on the judges. I have to run now. I’ll see you tomorrow. If you have any more questions, just call the number on the card and ask for me. Bye, darling! I’ll see you at 9:00 sharp!” Seojun nodded and watched Jangmi vanish out of sight and sighed as she stared at the card before hiding it between her books and walking towards her home.

As soon as Seojun reached home, she quickly placed her bag in the storage room and changed before going to help her mother out. She spent the rest of her day doing household chores even though she had a ton of school work to finish. Everyone had gone to their rooms by the time Seojun flopped down on the couch, utterly exhausted. She forced herself up as she sat to finish her school work, hoping it would distract her. But it failed to distract her. She couldn't stop herself from thinking about the audition. She had made a plan to go out unsuspected for a few hours and was sure that her parents wouldn't be suspicious. She knew she should refrain from being hopeful as the fact that she was getting a chance to audition was a miracle in itself and she was doubtful she would be granted another miracle to get her past the auditions, but she couldn't blow out the small flicker of hope residing in her. Seojun sighed as she cleared her school work and put it away before laying down on the couch with a thin blanket over her. She checked her alarms before giving in to a dream-filled sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seojun felt her heart thump against her chest as she scurried over to the entrance of BigHit Entertainment. She managed to reach a few minutes before nine. Seojun knew that Jangmi wasn't a fraud or a scammer, but she couldn't help it. A subconscious part of her mind kept on spouting negative scenarios. What if Jangmi had just played a joke on her? What if she had misheard the time and missed the audition? What if they had canceled the audition? What if she wasn't selected? What if she was selected? All these what-ifs made her head spin as her eyes darted around, searching for Jangmi.

Seojun couldn't help it, as a sigh of relief forced its way out of her once her eyes located Jangmi talking to someone by the entrance. She felt herself relax as she quickly walked over to Jangmi, trying her best not to break out into a run. "Hello, Jangmi noona. Good Morning…." said Seojun as she stood behind Jangmi, her voice laced with nervousness and barely above a whisper. Jangmi instantly turned and grinned, a look of obvious relief on her face, "Thank god you're here darling! I was worried for a second that you were going to bail on me." Seojun tried her best to hide the blush that was taking over her face when she heard Jangmi call her nicknames. "I don’t break promises." said Seojun with a small pout on her face. She would never talk like this to someone she met a day ago, but there was something about Jangmi that let her put her trust in her instantly. Jangmi laughed and ruffled her hair, "Okay, okay. Let's go now!"

Seojun followed Jangmi into the building, marveling at each and everything that came into her vision. The company was much much larger than she had expected. The interior wasn't anything special. It was simple, basic designs that gave the whole building a completely classy look. Seojun let Jangmi lead her through various corridors until they reached a room. Jangmi stopped Seojun before she entered, "Darling, just give it your best. They can ask you to perform any song they want or maybe ask you to perform whatever you want. Just be yourself. Okay?" Seojun couldn't help but nod as she took a deep breath and stepped inside with a small smile on her face.

She walked up to the middle and bowed 90° as she introduced herself to the two judges that sat across her. "Hello, I'm Seojun. I'm 16 and I'm here to audition. Thank you for giving me your precious time." The judges were clearly impressed by her politeness as unlike the other people they had auditioned, she was the only one, who did not try to brown-nose them before even starting or brag about her skills. One of the judges gave her a smile before he spoke, "Hello Seojun. We're glad to have you here. How good is your dancing?" Seojun shrugged hesitantly, "Average, not as good as my singing. I'm starting to think I have two left feet…" The judges laughed and nodded.

The female judge spoke up and said, "Jangmi gave us her input about you and we would like it if you could perform a rap song from any artist you like or would prefer if we chose one for you." Seojun thought for a moment before taking a deep breath and shaking her head, "I'd like to perform Cypher Pt.3 as I remember the lyrics to it better than other rap songs. Could you tell me which verse would you like for me to perform?" The judges were surprised that she wanted them to choose a verse for her, unlike others who would choose on their own to make sure they take something easy to not mess up. "Good choice. We would like for you to perform only the rap verses of the RM, Suga and J-hope. You can skip the chorus." Seojun instantly nodded and waited as they gave her a sign to start. The audition went a bit longer than she had counted for and so, Seojun found herself rushing back home after waving Jangmi a small goodbye. Luckily Seojun managed to reach home on time, without any kind of suspicion on her.

She kept her guard up the whole day, occasionally letting her thoughts drift till it was night and everyone had gone back to their bedrooms. She wondered if she had blown her audition and lost any chances of being selected. Getting scouted by a company as large as BigHit even if on the street was something extremely rare. These types of chances would come once in a lifetime. Once she was done with her audition, Jangmi had told her that she would be informed by 10:00 pm. Seojun held her phone in her hand as she watched the time tick by. Maybe they hated her and decided to ghost her rather than having an awkward conversation with her about how useless her skills were and that she would make a horrible idol hated by fans the instant they saw her? Or maybe they would call her and insult her to their satisfaction.

She sighed as she rocked herself, holding her plushie tightly to her chest as she looked out from her balcony. Her grandmother had gotten her the purple-colored bear plushie a few years back unaware that it was the last time they would see each other. Seojun, for some reason, refused to give the plushie a name and went ahead with calling it Teddy. Teddy while being a non-living thing had always provided her comfort. She would always confide in Teddy at late hours of the night when the world around her was asleep, and she laid awake with her thoughts running wild. She put her phone down and talked to Teddy about the audition and how nervous she was.

All of a sudden an awful thought came rushing in. Did BigHit know she's a girl? Even though she had a boy's name and dressed similar to a boy, she still was a girl in the end. Endless dread filled her as she thought about the ways they would react when they find out she's a girl. The worst-case scenario would be that they would reject her. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all? Seojun checked her phone, it was well past 11:00 and there were no messages. Maybe they did decide to ghost her after all. She went over to the couch as she laid down and fell asleep with the auditions still on her mind, unaware of how life can take a terrible turn within seconds.

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"What?" asked Seojun as she snapped out of her thoughts. Her mother sighed as she frowned and repeated her question, "Why are you not paying attention?" Seojun shook her head and bit her lip as she apologized, finishing off the last bit of chores for the morning before rushing out to pick up her bag and make her way to the library. By the time she had woken up that morning, she had given up half of her hopes of being contacted. But it did not stop her from picking up her phone as soon as she opened her eyes. Seojun sighed as she kicked the small pebbles on the street. The library was not too far from her house as it took her less than 5 minutes to reach. She greeted the sweet old librarian before sitting down in her usual spot as she took out her school work.

She spent her day in the library and left only when the librarian reminded her to leave. She had been coming to this library for a long time and the librarian knew she would leave at the same time, so it wasn't surprising when the librarian would remind her to leave on time. Seojun packed up her stuff and talked to the librarian for a few minutes before leaving. She was quite happy when she made her way home as she had managed to finish quite a lot of her work but disappointment took over her when she was reminded of the audition again. Seojun reached home to find her parents waiting for her with extremely furious looks on their faces.

Seojun instantly felt her heartbeat fasten as she placed her things aside and greeted them, her voice trembling. She knew something was going to happen and it was bad because never in her 16 years of life had she seen her parents so angry. "Where did you go yesterday Seojun?" asked her mother with a deadly look on her face. Seojun's eyes widened as she tried to stabilize herself and answered, "To the library, eomma." They knew she went for the auditions? If they did then she was dead. Both literally and figuratively. Her father raised an eyebrow at her as he spoke, "You still don't understand how much I hate lies. Shame on you, Han Seojun!" Her trembling increased as she felt her vision blur slightly. Her mother grabbed her chin harshly as she forced Seojun to look into her eyes, "Woojin told us everything. You went to an audition at some company to become an idol! Haven't you tainted our family enough? "

Her brother told her parents? She couldn't understand how her brother found out about what she did. Seojun felt tears roll out of her eyes as she shook her head and apologized, bowing down on the ground with her head near her mother's legs, "I'm so sorry eomma, appa. I made a big mistake. This will never happen again. I'm so sorry!" Seojun bit her lip to refrain from yelping when her mother grabbed her arm roughly and forced her to stand up before slapping her hard across her cheek. "We won't give you the chance to do this ever again." said her mother as she grabbed her hair. Seojun bit the inside of her cheeks trying not to make a noise at it would just make her mom angry. Her mother slapped her again across the cheek, leaving a scorching red mark before throwing her to the ground and kicking her in her ribs, as the air in her lungs vanished.

"Go pack your bags and leave this house immediately. I don't need a useless liar like you in the house. You can finish school under our name but after that, you are no more related to the Han family." said her father. Seojun felt her heart drop into her stomach. Fear gripped her throat tightly making it hard to breathe. Her parents were kicking her out for auditioning. She instantly kneeled down to her parents and begged for forgiveness. She apologized over and over as she tried to convince her father not to kick her out but that ended up with her parents beating her till she had no tears left to cry. At last, her mother dragged her and made her pack her stuff into two bags. Seojun quickly packed her clothes and school uniform along with her books, and all the things she had bought after earning money from babysitting and singing and picked up her bags. Her mother kept hovering until she left the house. She tried to apologize but her mother did not listen and watched as she left.

Seojun stopped once she was a few houses away and took a few deep breaths trying to calm herself down. What was she going to do? She had no home now and was on the streets. Should she call Jangmi? Maybe she could help her out. She debated with herself on whether to call Jangmi or not for a few minutes. Her helplessness got the better of her as she took out her phone to call Jangmi. She still had the card and dialed the number. The line rang for a few minutes before she heard a smooth male voice answer, "BigHit Entertainment, speaking." Seojun cleared her throat and kept her trembling to a minimum as she asked, "Uh, hello. I’m Seojun. C-can I please t-talk to Ms. Min Jangmi?"

The voice hummed and asked her to wait while the call was redirected. Less than a minute passed when a familiar voice came through, "I'm so glad you called darling! I had the wrong number! I tried to text you and call you but it did not go through. I had no other option than to wait for you to call."
Seojun gaped, "Oh! I-I thought you uh, nevermind. What's the r-result, noona?" Seojun could swear that she heard Jangmi's grin through the phone as she answered, her excited voice loud enough to puncture Seojun's eardrums.
"Darling! You got in. You are officially a trainee at BigHit! Congrats! We'll have to talk about you moving into the dorms as it would be inconvenient to live far from the company."

Seojun froze. Getting kicked out of the house and being disowned by her family was not for nothing. She did get in and had something. She broke into a smile as a new wave of hot tears rushed out from her eyes, this time out of happiness, and thanked Jangmi before asking her reluctantly, "Noona, when can I move into the dorms?"

"You'll have to move in by the end of this week, darling."

Seojun took a deep breath as she lied, hoping Jangmi would be fooled, "Uh, noona, can I-I move in today? Because if not t-today, I won't be able to move in for at l-least a month due to some, uh, personal reasons…" There was complete silence on the other side for a few seconds before Jangmi's voice came through, "Sure, darling. You can move in today itself. It would be great to have you here as soon as possible. Come to the company, I'll take you to your dorm. I'll be waiting at the entrance. See you soon!" Seojun thanked her and cut the call. Okay, maybe everything might turn out to be good for her.

Seojun smiled to herself as she quickly made her way to BigHit, making a pit stop at a general store to hide her easily visible bruises. She was still hanging on a dangerous thread and couldn't afford to lose anything else just because of a broken rib and bruises. She could get through training and whatever she had to do with a broken rib for a few weeks. This wasn't anything compared to what she had dealt with in the past. It wasn't hard to find Jangmi once she reached the company. Jangmi talked as she led Seojun towards the dorm. Seojun interrupted Jangmi and asked something that would decide her future, "Noona, you do know that I'm a girl…" Jangmi couldn't have looked any more shocked. Seojun knew she was done. They wouldn't take a female trainee. She was half ready to go back and beg her parents again when Jangmi spoke.

"Oh! It's just that you dress like a boy and your name is Seojun. Plus your voice is quite deep. I'm so sorry, I just assumed. But hey, gender doesn't matter. We were looking for talent. You are talented. We want your talent."

Seojun was shocked and couldn't help but bow to Jangmi who laughed and ruffled her hair. Seojun was sure now that she would make it. No matter what life threw at her, she would make it. She had a reason to fight for and she was not going down without a fight. Jangmi took out a key as they reached the dorm. "Remind me to ask the boys for a spare key. Or else just ask them to give you a spare key," said Jangmi as she opened the door and took Seojun inside.

Seojun turned to Jangmi with a confused look on her face, "What do you mean by boys, noona?" Jangmi sighed as she pulled her towards a room. "Yeah, about that, I'm in a hurry. I'll answer your questions later. Just listen to me. The dorm only has three rooms which are all taken. This is the largest one and so you'll have to share with the two oldest guys. Okay?" Seojun nodded as she placed her bags on one side.

Before she could ask anything else Jangmi stood up, "Darling, I'll leave now. There's some urgent work I have to deal with. The company will send a bed for you tomorrow. I hope you can manage for today. I'll see you tomorrow in the morning with your schedule. The boys might be late today. Bye! I'm sorry I can't spend time with you. See you, darling!" Seojun waved as Jangmi rushed out and sighed when she heard the main door close. What was she supposed to do now? She was happy, no, grateful that she found a place to stay and something to look forward to. But what if her dorm mates hated her.

She chided herself for letting her thoughts stray towards negativity as she stood up and walked out of the room to find herself in the beautiful, clean kitchen. She was hungry and exhausted. All the events that had happened in these few hours had taken all her energy, and she realized she was peckish as she rummaged around the kitchen. It was surprising to find the kitchen stocked after finding out that a group of boys, most probable trainees, lived here. She realized that she should make food for the boys too as they would be hungry when they came from their training and decided to make enough japchae for at least 10 people as she did not know how many people lived in the dorm. The leftovers could always be eaten the next day. She liked cooking and was actually good at it. It did not take long for her to cut the vegetables and put them up for steaming. She knew the steaming would take at least half an hour and decided to rest for some time with a timer set. She went back into the room and laid down on the neatly made bed as the other one was filled with clothes and other random stuff. She removed her glasses and placed them somewhere with her phone. Her limbs felt heavy as she closed her eyes, adjusting herself to refrain from putting pressure on her broken rib. It did not take long for Seojun to fall into a dreamless sleep as her body took the rest it deserved.

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Seven boys walked out of the company, heading towards their dorm. "I still don't understand why are we even getting a new member? Seven is a nice number!" whined Jungkook. He had been particularly upset when he found out that someone was taking away his maknae spot. Jin sighed as he ruffled the younger's hair, "Kook-ah, don't be so unaccepting about the new member. I'm sure that kid will be nice. Jangmi noona personally scouted him, she knows us and will make sure we're not uncomfortable."

They had received the news that a 16-year-old boy was joining their group a day ago. They weren't exactly opposed to a new member, but they weren't really on board with the idea of having someone new in their group much. They were comfortable with each other after being close for about four-five years and wouldn't like it if a new member put a strain on their friendship and made them uncomfortable. It had taken them almost two years before they were completely comfortable with each other.

"I'm not going to promise anything. All I'm saying is be nice to the boy. He's barely 16 and will be scared to be away from his family. I’m sure you can relate to that Jungkook. So make sure you don't scare him or stress him. If we're not comfortable with him, we can always talk to Jangmi noona or Pd-nim. Okay?" asked Namjoon, not forgetting his duties as a leader to make sure the new member was comfortable. A unanimous sound of agreement sounded as they reached their dorm. Everyone felt relaxed once they entered their dorm. After all, nothing was as good as home. "I'll order some takeout after we freshen up. I don't think anyone has the energy to cook," said Hoseok as he entered his room with Namjoon.

Yoongi closed the front door behind him before following Jin into their room while the maknae line went to their room. He entered the room to find Jin standing near the door frozen on his spot. "Hyung?" Jin did not say anything as he silently pulled Yoongi forward by his hand and pointed towards Yoongi's bed. "Fuck!" exclaimed Yoongi as he quickly left the room with his hyung to get the others. "What happened?" asked Taehyung as he walked out of his room with Jungkook and Jimin in tow. "There is someone in our room!" whispered Jin while pointing to his room. Namjoon frowned as he switched to Leader Rap Monster mode and walked into the room with everyone behind him. The atmosphere was quite tense as the person could be dangerous. On top of that, it would be worse if the intruder was a sasaeng!

All of them were surprised to see a small figure curled up on the bed asleep. "Hold up! Why the hell is this person asleep?" asked Jimin with a skeptical look on his face. "Oh my god-" gasped Jungkook with wide eyes. "-what if this person is dead?" He was instantly met with a flick to his head. "Shut up, Kook! No one is dying here today!" said Hoseok as he eyed the asleep figure warily. All of them were at a loss about what to do. They had no idea who the guy on Yoongi's bed was and how the hell he got into their dorm. "I say we call the police," suggested Taehyung. Yoongi shook his head as he advised, "No, this could go public and it can be dangerous. Let's call Jangmi noona or Pd-nim."

Namjoon hummed and let out a quiet squeak when he noticed Jin glaring at the asleep figure while standing defensively with a...Mario figurine in his hand. "What in the world are you doing standing near the bed with a toy in your hand? Don't tell me you're going to defend yourself with THAT!" Jin huffed as he kept his eyes on the figure, "I'm the oldest! It's my duty to protect my dongsaengs!" Before anyone could reply, the sheets rustled as the asleep figure slowly woke up unaware of the seven tense men. Seojun let out a quiet sigh and yawned as he slowly opened her eyes. She cracked her neck and stretched her arms slightly, instantly regretting the sharp pain of her ribs. She blinked, trying to clear her slightly blurry vision when she noticed seven men standing around her. Her heart started thumping against her chest as she fumbled around and put on her glasses.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” shouted Seojun as she took in the sight in front of her. Seven men, too familiar for her liking, were standing in front of her with one of them holding a Mario figurine like a weapon. The men flinched as Seojun grabbed her phone from the nightstand and stood opposite the men. “WHAT THE HELL!?” she repeated. Her brain had stopped working. Why the fuck were the seven men around her Bangtan? The Bangtan. The Bangtan she loved and idolized! What in the fucking world was going on?

“Uh, who are you?” asked one of the men. Seojun snapped her head towards the said man. This had to be a dream. Because there was no reason why Kim fucking Namjoon would want to know who she was or for the matter of fact, be in the same room as her. “This has to be a misunderstanding. There’s no way in fucking hell that I’m standing face to face with Bang-fucking-tan.”

“Hey, language!” nagged Seokjin. Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and closed her eyes, opening them again to check if the seven men were still in front of her. She sighed when she was met with the same sight. “I think this might not be a dream or I somehow fell into a coma and can’t wake up.”

Before anyone could reply, loud music blared through the room as Yoongi’s voice came through, “Bultaoreune” Seojun let out a yawn as she silenced her alarm and started walking out of the room, stopping to say, “I am still not convinced that this isn’t a messed up dream but in case I’m wrong, I don’t want to burn that beautiful kitchen.” Seojun was too tired to filter her mouth and dragged her feet towards the kitchen and turned the gas off as she started cooking. “Let’s say this is a dream but at least tell us your name,” said Jungkook.

Seojun paused and turned to stare at Jungkook as she muttered under her breath, “Jeon Jungkook, the golden maknae is asking me my name?” She cocked her head to the side and narrowed her eyes at Jungkook as she answered, “Seojun at your service. I’m going to be so disappointed if this turns out to be a dream. And embarrassed if this is real.” She sighed and turned back to the cooking as she turned the gas on. The boys gave each other looks before taking a seat at the dinner table and whispered amongst each other.

“I think he’s our new member…” said Hoseok as they stared at the small figure moving around the kitchen.

“I agree, but why is he so surprised to see us and so clueless?” added Taehyung.

The boys turned their attention to Seojun when she groaned in frustration. “Do you need any help, Seojun?” asked Jimin. Seojun turned to him with a bored-tired look on her face, “No offense Park Jimin-ssi, but I don’t think you’ll be able to help me.” She pointed towards the high cupboard containing the plates. Jimin blushed in embarrassment and muttered something under his breath while Jin stood up and took out the dishes. “You can cook?” asked Jin as he tried to make small talk. Seojun bit her lip as she tried to hold back a snappy remark, “Yes, I cook well enough to avoid any kind of food poisoning.” She turned the stove off and took the pan down as she filled eight plates.

“Do you-”

Seojun cut Jin off and shook her head, “Kim Seokjin-ssi, I’m extremely tired and sleepy right now. I don’t do small talks or any kind of talk. I’m going to be polite and ask you to not try and talk with me because I’m trying my best to not snap and be rude.” Jin looked a bit taken back and nodded while glaring at his six dongsaengs who laughed at his cost. Seojun placed the plates on the table with Jin’s help and found herself sitting between Yoongi and Namjoon. The boys looked skeptical as they stared at the food in front of them. Seojun sighed. She really did not have any energy to deal with them.

“I already said that I cook good enough to avoid food poisoning. So please stop staring at the food as if it’s going to kill you and eat. Or don’t your wish. Just know that I’m going to make you feel guilty for not eating the food I made without any idea who I was making it for even though I was tired as fuck which I still am. Bon appetit!”

Seojun turned her attention to the food and started eating heartily and felt content when she heard the others eating as well. By the time they were done, everyone except her had taken second servings because the food was good. Once everyone had put their chopsticks down, Seojun stared at the seven men as she questioned, “Not to be rude or anything but why the hell are none of you panicking? You just found a random person in your dorm and you aren’t even worried or something. It’s as if you all knew but were caught off guard…” Seojun trailed off when she saw their faces. Hold the fuck up! They knew and were caught off guard!

“What do you all know about me?” asked Seojun.

“You are our new member,” answered Namjoon, who looked slightly worried when he saw how Seojun froze.

“What the fuck!?” exclaimed Seojun. “What in the world do you mean by that. I am not your new member? I am just a trainee. I have no idea what you are talking about Kim Namjoon-ssi!” Yoongi sighed as he spoke, “Kid, you are our new member. We got the news a day ago.” Seojun shook her head in disbelief as she took out her phone, calling someone. “How can I be your new member and not know anything about it Min Yoongi-ssi?” The call went through and Seojun put the phone on speaker as a voice came through.

“Why are you calling me so late, darling? Is something wrong?”

“Noona! Everything is wrong and I have no idea what the fuck is going on! For some reason, I am sitting with Bangtan. Like face to face. And I am sure all this is not a dream anymore. Why am I here?”

“Huh? So what, darling?”

“Don’t darling me, Jangmi noona! Why are they hell-bent that I am their new member?”

“Because you are their new member Seojun! Now let me sleep, We’ll talk tomorrow. I need my beauty rest. Good night, darling”

Seojun’s mouth fell open in disbelief as the call cut off. Jangmi confirmed that she is the new member of Bangtan. “Well, it’s confirmed. You are our new member, Seojun. Welcome to Bangtan.” said Jimin. Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and shook her head before turning to Jimin, “Uh, thanks I guess Park Jimin-ssi-” Jimin frowned as he cut her off.

“You really don’t need to call us by our whole names. You are part of our group now so no need for such formalities.”

Seojun shrugged as she stood up to gather the dishes, “I might seem calm right now, but don’t be fooled by it. The whole situation hasn’t set in completely. All the panic will come tomorrow. And with it a lot of embarrassment because I’ve said things I’m going to regret tomorrow.” However before Seojun could collect the dishes, Yoong swept past her and gathered the dishes before taking them to the sink. Seojun raised her eyebrows in confusion as her anxiety started rising.

Did she piss Yoongi off somehow? Was he angry at her? Oh! He hated her for being in the group. Yup! She was definitely getting kicked out tomorrow. Ah! Seojun the homeless girl. She could imagine the headlines when she would be found dead in a dumpster. 16-year-old found dead in the dumpster. Cause of death homelessness. Han Seojun was kicked out of the house by her parents and managed to get herself killed after she was thrown out from the company she joined as a trainee. Seojun did not realize her expression changing with her thought as a voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “Seojun, don’t worry. It’s just Yoongi hyung’s turn to do the dishes. He doesn’t mean anything bad.” assured Hoseok. Seojun hummed as she went to the sink and silently helped Yoong out. Her conscience wouldn’t be at rest if she let Yoongi do the dishes alone. It was her duty at home and here too. She cooked so she had to clean.

The two worked silently side by side until the dishes were done. Seojun dried her hands as she walked out of the kitchen and took a seat on the couch, wincing when she felt a sting of pain from her broken rib. She let out a silent groan and adjusted herself before taking her phone out. She scrolled through social media aimlessly while her thoughts wandered. She became a trainee and was going to join Bangtan. She was going to debut as Bangtan’s new member. She was joining the same fucking group she was obsessed with. Seojun couldn’t help but suppress her hopes. Who knew if the members were pretending to like her and were waiting for a chance to tell the company that they did not want her. It would take less than a minute for her to be kicked out. Seojun had to be careful and make sure she made no mistakes or messed up. She had to work hard if she wanted to get her life on track. She snapped out of her thoughts when she felt the couch dip beside her. She turned to see Jin sitting down beside her.

“Are you okay, Seojun?” asked Jin with a concerned look on his face. “You look like you’re in pain.” Seojun froze for a second and wondered whether she should just tell him about her broken rib and make up some lie about it. Nope! That would mess up her chance of being able to stay. “Uh, my head is giving me a hard time. Can I get a Tylenol?” Jin nodded and immediately stood up to get her the painkiller with a glass of water. Seojun thanked him before swallowing the pill. The other members had returned to their rooms to sleep after dinner. Jin stood up as he spoke, “Seojun, why don’t you sleep in my bed till we get your bed? I don’t mind taking the couch for the night. You’ll need your energy tomorrow.”

Seojun stared at Jin as a feeling of warmth spread throughout her. No one ever cared about her. He cared about her and was ready to give up his bed to let her feel comfortable. She was tempted to take up his offer, after all, her ribs didn't appreciate all the pressure, but a voice in her head kept on chanting. You don't deserve it. You should sleep on the couch. It's his bed. He doesn't have to do anything for you. You're not worth it. Seojun immediately shook her head and gave him a polite smile, "It's okay Seokjin-ssi. I'll sleep on the couch, I'm used to it." Jin's face changed slightly at Seojun's words but nodded and got her a pillow and a blanket. She bowed in gratitude and watched him leave after wishing her a good night. She sighed as she settled down on the couch, feeling the effects of the painkiller. It had been a long long day, and she was ready to forget all about it for a few hours. It wasn't long before sleep took over, and she let herself dive headfirst into dreamland.

Chapter Text

Everything was pitch black. Seojun felt a scream trying to claw its way out of her throat as memories of her mother locking her in that awful closet rushed through her. She tried to scream out for help but her throat had closed up and her vocal cords refused to work. Before she could panic over her voice, she felt goosebumps all over her body as the hair on her neck pricked up in the paranoia. She found the source of her fear in the form of seven ice-cold glares filled with hatred and anger staring her down like she was a disgusting creature unworthy of even breathing the same air as them. She felt herself shrink back, trying to make herself as small as she could, to lead the stares away from her. She stopped when a scoff rang through the room.

She turned to see the oldest rapper of Bangtan walking towards her. Seojun subconsciously found herself taking one step back with each step the rapper took towards her. His eyes were just like her fathers’ when he would corner her before hitting her. She always thought her father was a sadistic man. That thought confirmed when the man would raise his hand to hit her but stop when she closed her eyes and prepared for the hit. And the strike would come as soon as she opened her eyes making the whole experience even more awful and instilling a greater fear of him in her. She positively flinched whenever she would feel her father’s gaze on her. And how she hated the fact that the man knew the amount of fear he had instilled in her as he strutted about proudly not hesitating to use that fear to his advantage.

Seojun fell to the ground as her back hit the wall. She tried her best to keep her eyes wide open and stared the oldest rapper straight into his eyes, hoping to hide her fear, as she tried to figure out his intentions. She wasn’t going to let the rapper use her fear like everyone else in her miserable life had. The rapper bent down to her level and grabbed her chin rather harshly as he addressed her, his tone filled with veritable disgust. “Who the fuck do you think are you to try and join our group? You are nothing but a burden!” He let go of her chin and stood up as he joined his group again. Seojun used all the will power she had to keep her tears at bay, not wanting to let the seven men see her vulnerable. She struggled to coordinate her legs and body as she stood up, her hand bracing the wall.

“You don’t have a place here within us. You are not welcomed here” added the golden maknae. She kept her head low as she stared at the ground and tried to figure out a suitable reply. “Get lost! We don’t want you here. Always latching onto people who show you kindness for half a second.” spat Jimin. She gulped as she tried to hold back the shivers that wanted to go down her spine at the cold tone from the short dancer. She took a deep shaky breath when the seven men advanced towards her with the same look her mother had when she was going to hit her. She tried to move. To run away and put as much distance as she could between her and them, but unfortunately, her legs had chosen to stop working and give in. Seojun fell to the ground and looked up to see the seven men surrounding her with downright sadistically evil looks. She curled up into a ball knowing she couldn’t do anything else to protect herself. She felt the first tear roll down her cheek as she closed her eyes, waiting for the first blow.

Seojun shot up as her back leaned against the armrest on the couch. She put her hand on her heart as she tried to calm herself down. It was just a nightmare. No one was going to kick her out, at least not yet, or do anything to her. She had to convince herself that no one was going to do anything to her. No one was going to lay a hand on her. The people who did that were nowhere near her. It wouldn't be long before Bangtan realized that she's useless and kicked her out. All the extra luggage that came with her wasn't worth anything she could ever do for them. She sighed to herself once she managed to calm down as she fumbled around for her phone. It was four in the morning. Seojun rubbed her eyes as she stood up. She knew she wasn't going to get any sleep and might as well finish some school work.

Her Mathematics homework was still pending and hanging over her head like a sword. She was good at studies but Mathematics was hard, like wanting to bang her head against the wall and go on a killing spree hard. She just couldn't do it for some reason she was yet to discover. And so she always left it as her last priority. Now? Now, it was coming back to bite her in the ass. She had two options. Either finish it off, face her Math teacher, Ms. Lee, who for some god damn reason hated her with all her will. Ms. Lee would always call on Seojun. A difficult, practically unsolvable question? Who should be tortured with that and embarrassed in front of the whole class? Seo freaking jun! Who should get their homework checked first? Seojun!

She sighed and quietly made her way to Yoongi and Jin's room. Her bags were still in their room. The door was closed but not locked. She stood outside the door wondering if she should go in without knocking. She shook her head at her stupidity. Of course, she could go in without knocking. They would be asleep and probably wouldn't mind her getting her stuff from the room she's going to share with them in the future! Still, Seojun couldn't shake off the guilty feeling of invading their privacy as she quietly tiptoed into the room and picked up her bag before sneaking back out to the couch. She took out her books as she tried to focus on Mathematics. She felt a headache coming as she spread her books around her.

Seojun stretched as she stood up, she had been at her homework for about three hours now, and she was no nearer to finishing it than when she started. She had made no progress in the past few hours. All she achieved from that was a sore neck and a headache. She knew she had to clear her mind and decided to freshen up. Seojun looked around and found the common bathroom. She groaned internally when she found the door locked. Where was she going to find another bathroom? She bit her tongue in thought. She remembered seeing a bathroom in Jin and Yoongi's room. She could use that but what if the two boys don't like sharing something like bathrooms. They might be clean freaks who don't like people invading their personal hygiene?

She shook her head as she scolded herself. They wouldn't do anything except shout at her or maybe just treat her badly and hate her. Seojun huffed at herself, she was overthinking. She shouldn't overthink. It's just a fucking bathroom. Or maybe she wasn’t overthinking. She couldn’t help but overthink. Especially after her nightmare, her brain was convinced that they hated her. She should probably just go back and wait for everyone to wake up. After they wake up, she could ask for their permission to use their bathroom. Right? The feeling of sitting for so long with an awful breath and dirty teeth threw Seojun into conflict again. She would rather have them hate her than sit with dirty teeth and a bad breath.

She quietly opened the door to Yoongi and Jin’s room and took out her toothbrush from her bag before silently walking into the bathroom. She felt a sense of relief once she closed the door behind her. Even though what she was doing was not wrong, she felt guilty about it. Seojun hesitated as she opened a cupboard to find toothpaste. No one could blame her for not bringing toothpaste with her. She was being kicked out of her house and barely managed to bring her toothbrush, so no one would mind if she used their toothpaste. Seojun did not waste a single minute as she quickly brushed her teeth before rushing back out to the couch. She had managed to freshen up enough to try Math again.

Seojun could feel the frustration building up in her as she tried to solve the sums and managed to get all the answers except the correct ones. "For fucks sake! Screw it!” groaned Seojun in exasperation as she threw her pen to the side and leaned back on the couch, taking deep breaths. She couldn't help but make a frustrated noise as she closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down. Math was way too hard and her teacher had decided to torture them. She had been focusing with all the concentration she could muster and gave the sums everything she had, but she had still managed to get all the questions wrong.

"Is something wrong?"

Seojun flinched as she stumbled off the couch to see Namjoon standing behind her. He gave her a sheepish apologetic smile, "Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you. Why are you even up so early?" Seojun took a seat, her posture rigid as she kept a blank face, "I’m sorry for making so much noise and disturbing you." Namjoon laughed as he sat down beside her, “Oh! It’s okay. Don’t worry. You didn’t wake me up, I was already awake. What’s wrong?” Seojun lowered her head in embarrassment as she answered, “I have homework. I am not able to solve the sums for the past three hours.” Namjoon picked up the book from the table and skimmed through the sums before a smile broke onto his lips. He turned to Seojun brewing with excitement, “Seojun, can I help you out with your homework? It’s been a year since I’ve seen a textbook. No one really studies anymore after Kookie graduated.”

Seojun looked at him with surprise, Namjoon wanted to teach her? She couldn't believe it as she spoke, knowing well that she would regret rejecting his offer, “Uh, it’s okay Namjoon-ssi. You don’t have to waste your time on me, I’m just stupid. It’s my fault for not paying proper attention in class. I-”

Namjoon narrowed his eyes with a small frown taking over his lips, “Seojun, no. You are not stupid. Not all students always excel in everything. It’s okay to be bad at something. And never say that I’m wasting my time on you. I want to help you study, Would you like for me to help you out with your studies? Not just for today. Anytime you need help don’t hesitate to ask me. I know it’ll be hard juggling studies with the training. All of us will be ready to help you whenever you want.”

Seojun felt her breath hitch as she took in Namjoon’s words. He literally met her yesterday and offered to tutor her even hen she could potentially bring so much trouble to his group and create problems in the dorm. Seojun caught hold of herself and gulped as she nodded and answered, her voice reluctant and small, “Yes, I would like your help. Just promise me please that you won’t stress yourself out unnecessarily for anything related to my studies. I know how hard all of you work. I-” Namjoon let out a small chuckle as he cut Seojun off, “Don’t worry about me. I won’t overwork, alright? Now I have a small request for you…” Seojun nodded earnestly, he could of course fulfill his request when he volunteered to teach her, not that she wouldn’t have even if he didn’t volunteer- nevermind.

“Can you please make me something to eat? I can teach you your homework while eating or I’ll teach you before you make something…I’m banned from the kitchen. I usually wake Jin hyung up but I don’t think I can do that right now without dying. He was really tired yesterday and wouldn’t appreciate me disturbing his beauty sleep…”

Namjoon’s face was red with embarrassment as he trailed off. He felt regret as soon as he stopped speaking. What the hell was he even thinking? Asking their new member to cook for him? Oh, God! He messed up! Shit- “Oh! Sure! What do you want to eat? And if you don’t mind can you teach me while I cook?” Namjoon froze. Seojun agreed to make food for him! Namjoon nodded eagerly as he stood up, “Yeah, I don’t mind. And just make whatever you like. I’m not a picky eater!” Seojun nodded as she stood up and collected her books before walking into the kitchen with Namjoon behind her. She set up her books on the counter while Namjoon pulled up a chair and went through her homework. She arranged the ingredients for pancakes when Namjoon called out hesitantly, “Uh, Seojun?”

Seojun put everything aside as she went up to Namjoon, waiting for him to continue. “You’re 16 right?” Seojun had a confused look on her face as she hummed in reply. As far as she knew, she was definitely sixteen. “Why are you studying from the textbooks meant for the 12th Grade? You should be using the textbooks meant for 10th grade.” Seojun’s eyes raised in understanding as she explained, “Oh! Yeah, I’ve skipped two grades. I’m currently in my last year of school. I’ll be graduating next year.” Namjoon was dumbfounded, he literally froze midway. Seojun bit her lip as she waited for Namjoon to speak. “Namjoon-ssi? Is something wrong?” she asked when the awkwardness became too much to bear.

Fortunately, Namjoon snapped out and shook his head, “No! I mean yes-uh no, wait. You are sixteen and are studying in the 12th Grade. That’s so cool. I’m impressed. Really, I’ve never met someone so smart. And it’s understandable if you struggle with this level of math because you aren’t supposed to do this for two more years at least. So, no worries. Don’t blame yourself. Now let’s start.” Seojun did not know how to respond to what Namjoon said and settled for s a simple nod and paid attention as he started teaching her how to solve the sums.

Half an hour later, Seojun found herself closing her books while cooking pancakes, without a single worry. Namjoon had managed to teach her how to finish her whole homework in less than thirty minutes. She was definitely taking Namjoon up on his offer to help her study. She would be a fool to let this golden chance go. She thanked Namjoon before he left the kitchen to brush his teeth while she finished making breakfast, a content look on her face while happiness radiated from her.

Chapter Text

Seojun plugged in her earphones as she turned her attention back to the pancakes. There was just something about music that made the most boring tasks more fun and bearable. Her playlist was filled with 80% K-pop Songs and 20% English Songs. As for K-pop, she wasn't very partial. She had all of Bangtan's songs downloaded along with songs from other artists as well, such as EXO, Mamamoo, BigBang, Twice, IU, Taeyong, NCT, Monsta X, etc. Seojun smiled to herself as she poured butter onto the pan and hummed along to the song. She was in a fairly pleasant mood and almost forgot her nightmare.

She felt her happiness spike as soon as the intro to Save Me sounded. She took a deep breath as she broke into the fan chant, tapping her foot to the beat as she flipped the pancake. "Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS!" It didn't take a single second for Seojun to start singing along as she placed the cooked pancake on a plate. It was really fun mimicking the members’ expressions and voices while singing along and chanting the fanchant during the dance break while moving her hands to the beat, which gave her a nice feeling of satisfaction. She let out a happy sigh as she turned the stove off and placed the last pancake onto the plate. Little did she know she would regret taking out her earphones and turning around to see the seven men standing and staring at her in shock.

It seemed like an eternity had passed before anyone spoke, even though in reality it had been barely a minute. “Uh-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make any noise. I-I’m sorry if I woke you up. I-” Seojun abruptly stopped her apologizing when Jungkook chuckled. “I can see why you were scouted. Your singing is angelic! On top of that, you even dropped your notes as per everyone’s voices!” Seojun stared at him in shock. Was she going crazy and imagining it or did The Jeon Jungkook just compliment her singing rather than scolding her or getting angry for creating such noise early in the morning. Seojun regained her senses in time and immediately bowed, “Thank you, Jungkook-ssi!” Jungkook waved her off and flashed her his famous bunny smile.

Seojun addressed everyone with a hesitant tone as she asked, “I-uh, made pancakes because Namjoon-ssi was hungry. And it was the only thing I could make quickly. I hope you don’t mind eating pancakes…” Instead of the protests she had expected, Seojun found herself watching seven happy men settling down to eat. With Jin’s help, Seojun set the pancakes on the table before getting her books from the counter and taking a seat opposite Namjoon, between Jungkook and Jimin. Namjoon had taught her all the methods and how to apply them to her homework, but she was yet to finish the sums and knew that she had to either do it while eating or stay up late as she had no idea what Jangmi had in store for her.

The boys watched with amused looks and stifled giggles as they tried their best to not coo out loud when Seojun started muttering under her breath with a frown on her face while scribbling in her notebook and eating simultaneously. Seojun let out a frustrated sigh and yawned as she glared at her book. “There is no fucking way I got four million as my answer!” grumbled Seojun as she shook her head in disbelief. She had been at this sum for the past ten minutes and this for the third new answer she got after trying the sum again. She gritted her teeth and glared at the book, hoping she could burn it with her eyes.

She winced in regret when she heard Namjoon and realized that her stupid ass had spoken out loud. “Last one?” Seojun bit her lip as she carefully met Namjoon’s eyes and nodded. Namjoon grinned at her as he spoke, “Read that question again. I’m sure you read it wrong. You have to find how many were taken, not how many were left. Tell me I’m right.” Seojun shook her head as she sucked in a sharp breath, “Yeah…”

Taehyung gasped as he turned to Namjoon, “How did you know that, hyung?” For the first time since they started breakfast, Yoongi bothered to join the conversation. “My dear Taehyungie, don’t be so surprised. What you’re witnessing right now is Namjoon’s nerdiness. And I’m ready to bet a million dollars that Namjoon volunteered to help Seojun out with that typical excited face of his, where you can’t tell him no.” He sighed and turned his gaze to Seojun. “Am I right?” Seojun could feel the nightmare from earlier creep into her mind as she quickly nodded and tried her best to remind herself that it was just a nightmare and that neither Yoongi nor any of the other members were going to lay a hand on her or do anything to her.

Namjoon whined as he pouted at Yoongi, “Hyuunng! It’s been more than a year since Kookie graduated. I miss tutoring him! On top of that Seojun is smarter than him!” Jungkook gasped with a faux hurt expression, “Hyung! You broke my heart! How can you be so heartless, telling me I’m imbecilic to my face?” Jin scoffed as he rolled his eyes, “He doesn’t have to tell you to your face that you’re dumb Kookie. It’s a given.”

Jungkook sniffed as he wiped unseen tears from his eyes, “The day has come. I became an orphan today! My adopted parents are dead to me after calling me dumb to my face! My grandfather will take me under his wing now! Yoongi hyung! You are my guardian now! I disown Jin hyung and Namjoon hyung!” Hoseok chuckled as he answered for Yoongi, “I’m sorry Kookie, but you just blew your chances of going under Yoongi hyung’s wing by calling him a grandpa. But don’t worry! Uncle Hobi is here to rescue!”

Seojun couldn’t help but watch in amusement. She never really expected the boys to be this playful with each other in real life as well. Jungkook made a disgusted face as he shook his head, “Hyung! You-I, forget it! I’m taking my adoptive parents back. They are undisowned or whatever the opposite is.” Namjoon rolled his eyes as he shooed Jungkook, “Gosh! Someone should learn how to go off track from you. Seojun is smarter than you and a better student. For god’s sake, he’s sixteen and is in his last year at school! Seojun will graduate next year! He skipped two grades!”

Seojun frowned as she stared at Namjoon, taking in his words. “Uh, Namjoon-ssi?” Namjoon turned to Seojun who asked him reluctantly, “Did you just address me as a boy?” Namjoon frowned in confusion as he shrugged, “Um, yes? Is there-” Before he could finish his sentence, Seojun shot out of her seat with a loud cuss, “Holy shit!” The boys were all frozen. They had no idea what was going on.

Seojun was standing, more like pacing and muttering something under her incoherent. "Uh, Seojun? What's wrong?" Seojun winced as she spoke, her face pale with fear and hopelessness. "I-I, uh, I'm sorry. I really had no idea. I thought you knew and so I didn't specify and then now-" Yoongi cut off her rambling and asked, "Stop rambling! Tell us what's wrong? No one will say anything. Calm down."

Seojun bit her lip as she stopped pacing and looked at them with a worried expression, "I'm a girl."

Chapter Text

Everyone froze. They had certainly not expected their new member to tell them that he- uh, no- that she was a girl. Seojun's face was scrunched up with worry and she looked like she was going to burst into tears any second now. She was furiously chewing on her lip waiting for the boys to say something. None of them looked angry or disgusted. That was good, right? But then all of them just looked confused and surprised. Oh god! What if they were having late reactions? Seojun had never in her life wanted the ground to swallow her whole as much as that day. She sighed to herself silently, wondering what this meant.

It was pretty obvious boys were surprised to find out that she was a girl. And she couldn’t figure out whether it was the bad kind of surprise or the neutral kind. She couldn’t help but frown in worry. What if Bangtan did not want a girl as their member? Of course, they wouldn’t want a girl in their group! Especially her. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they tell her to pack her bags and get lost. And she wouldn’t blame them. She is useless after all and no one would want someone like her to disturb their lives. Seojun couldn’t help but think if she was cursed. Nothing good happened to her. All that happened to her was bad. Maybe she had been a serial killer who had killed a lot of innocent people in her previous life and now, the karma from her previous life was catching on with her current life. She-

"Are you sure?"

"What do you mean, Jimin-ssi?"

Jimin cocked his head to the side as he stared at Seojun for a moment before clarifying. "I mean, no offense, but you don't look like a girl. Your voice is deeper than an average girl's and on top of that, your face and your overall style. I mean you just don't seem like a girl. Uh-"

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she deadpanned, "You are asking me if I'm sure that I'm a girl or not?"

"Okay! Sorry! I just don't know what to say…"

Seojun gulped as she turned to the other members, "Uh, can anyone just say something? I-" Before she could finish the doorbell rang. "I am going to get the door and maybe get lost on my way…" said Seojun as he swiftly went to open the door.

"Hi, I- what's wrong, darling?" Jangmi stared at Seojun with a look of concern. "Noona! Kill me now, please. I beg you!" whined Seojun as she grabbed Jangmi by her shoulder.

"Okay. I'll do it later. First of all, let me in and then we can talk about what’s wrong."

Seojun let go and stepped aside to let Jangmi in and closed the door before following Jangmi. "Where are the boys?" Seojun sighed as she pointed towards the kitchen. "What is wrong with you all? Why does my darling want me to kill her and why are you all looking…" Jangmi trailed off and frowned before adding, hesitantly, "... constipated or may be surprised? I don't know how to describe your weird expressions! Someone tell me what's going on! Seojun, darling, tell me what's going on." Seojun fidgeted with her bracelet and kept her head down as she spoke, "Uh, apparently they had no idea that I'm a girl…"

Everyone looked surprised as a rare cuss left Jangmi’s mouth which she not so efficiently covered up with a fake cough and cleared her throat. “Okay, that’s my fault. I forgot to tell them.” Seojun pouted at Jangmi as she spoke, sarcasm heavy on her tone, “Yeah, just the way you forgot to mention that the boys I was going to live with were not some trainees like me, but Bangtan and that I’m apparently their new member!” Seojun let out a sigh as she braced herself mentally. “I know this whole, me being a girl, popped out on you and took you all by surprise. But I need to know what’s the verdict.”

Jangmi raised her eyebrows in confusion, "What verdict?" Seojun's shoulders sagged as she answered, "Am I being kicked out or not?" The whole room collectively froze.

"What do you mean?" asked Hoseok with a look of disbelief.

"Uh, what I said. Am I being kicked out?"

"Why would we kick you out?" asked Taehyung.

"Uh, because you don't want an eighth member. And even if you accept an eighth member, you don't want a girl in the group, do you?"

"Hm, any other valid reason why we wouldn't want you in the group?" asked Namjoon.

"I'm pretty useless. I don't think I can contribute anything to the group. You'd be better off without me."

"Who told you that you can decide that?" asked Jimin.

Seojun frowned in confusion, "What do you mean Jimin-ssi?"

"What he means is that we don't mind that you're a girl. That's not a bad thing! And we want to give you a chance to prove yourself! Why do you want to give up when we haven't even started yet?" answered Jin.

Seojun froze. She had certainly not expected to hear those words. All her life she had been told that being a girl was nothing short of a curse. Her parents had raised her with a deep-rooted hatred for her own gender. You can't blame her. For the past 16 years, she has always been mistreated for being a girl and for well, being Seojun. People just didn't like her even when she stayed away from them. It was as if Seojun was a magnet attracting trouble.

"Kid, stop selling yourself short. We heard you sing today and you know how well you sing. God! You haven't even started your vocal lessons yet! Just stop overthinking and go with the flow. No one is going to kick you out! You are stuck here with us until you decide to leave. Am I clear?"

Seojun took a minute to let Yoongi's words sink in before nodding to show her understanding. "Okay, Yoongi-ssi." Jangmi smiled as she clapped her hands, "Awesome! Now that our problems are solved, let’s move onto the thing I came here for.” Seojun hummed as Jangmi motioned for her to take a seat. “I want you all to be at the company in an hour to get Seojun settled. Your schedule will be different from the one the boys’ follow for a week to ensure that you’re comfortable with it. Any questions or anything?”

Seojun cleared her throat as she asked, “Um, noona, I have school tomorrow. So will my schedule be arranged accordingly?” Seojun sighed when a guilty look took over Jangmi’s face, “Noona…” Jangmi grinned innocently as she spoke, edging towards the kitchen entrance, “I’ll make those changes. And I’m getting outta here because I have a lot of things to do. So, I’ll see you there kids! Bye!” Before anyone could react, Jangmi was out of their sight. The sound of the front door closing confirmed Jangmi’s exit. Seojun let her head fall on the table with a sigh.

She had no idea what was going to happen now. Even though the members had said that they did not mind having a girl in their group, she couldn’t help feel seeds of doubt grow in her mind. Maybe the boys lied because of Jangmi’s presence, but then she was their manager and it was clear that she loved them like her own family and wouldn’t want anything bad for them. And it was obvious that the boys loved her and trusted her as much. So, maybe they really weren’t lying and were serious about giving her a chance to prove herself. Seojun nodded mentally as she lifted her head up, a fire of new hope burning in her eyes, she was going to do everything in her power to prove herself. She was not going to let her past hold her back or pull her down. She had to raise herself up. Fate had given her a second chance and she was sure as hell going to make the best out of it!

She stood up from her seat, eliciting everyone’s attention. Seojun turned to Jin and asked, trying her best to ignore everyone else's burning gazes, “Uh, I want to go shower, so, uh-” Thankfully, Jin understood what she was trying to say and hummed as he spoke, “Yeah, you can shower in the bathroom connected to our room. The one in the hall is broken. A particular idiot broke the shower, doing god knows what!” Seojun raised her eyebrows in question as she nodded reluctantly, “Okay…Thank you!”

She swiftly left the kitchen just as Hoseok whined something about it not being his fault. By the time Seojun was ready and exited the bathroom, all the members had somehow managed to get ready to leave. She rushed and put on a large black hoodie along with fitting grey sweatpants and left the room while running a hand through her hair to make them somewhat presentable. What she never expected was for the seven men to coo at her as they took in her outfit. She blushed and hid her face in her hood as she silently followed them out. She wasn’t surprised when she found herself getting into an SUV, large enough to accommodate them all. Seojun took in a deep breath as Jin started driving, she was ready. Ready to start proving herself. Bring it on!

Chapter Text

“Are you nervous Seojun-ah?” Seojun stopped fiddling with the hem of her hoodie and turned to look at Jin who had a concerned look on his face accompanied by a gentle smile. Seojun found herself giving him a small smile back, which looked more like a grimace, as she nodded, “I’m trying my best to not turn and run the hell out of here.” Jin threw his head back and laughed as he motioned for Seojun to follow him into a meeting room with the other six boys in tow. There was something so calming and comforting about Jin that made Seojun want to stay close to him. And she did. From the minute they exited the car, Seojun stuck to Jin and it did help. She felt her anxiety lessen as she took a seat between Jin and Yoongi.

A part of Seojun knew that she was overreacting, but you can’t blame her! They were having a meeting with BigHit’s CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, aka Pd-nim. On top of that he wanted to meet her specifically! Of course, she was going to overreact! It was obvious that this meeting was to talk about the changes everyone will have to adapt to because of her arrival. Seojun felt her stomach churn with anxiety and nervousness. Her nerves were frazzled and all over the place. She tried to ground herself and kept shaking her leg while fiddling with the laces of her hoodie. Seojun knew she had to distract herself to refrain from just standing up and running out of here to maybe hide under a rock for a century or a decade, no, forever was what she preferred to aim for. Her mind was overflowing with thoughts. What if she messed up and said something that made Pd-nim or Bangtan or Jangmi hate her? What if they decide to kick her out at that very moment? Or what if the meeting was to kick her out? Oh! They didn’t say anything because they wanted the CEO to kick her out? She can’t help the panic-stricken look that took over her face.

“Hey, kid, don’t sweat on this! I can see the gears turning about in your head. This is a simple meeting which happens every month. Stop panicking and focus on something else. Uh, sing some song you like and focus on it or some shit, okay?”

Seojun raised her eyebrows at Yoongi and stared at him for a whole minute with a blank look before turning her gaze to the ground and humming to herself softly. Yoongi let out a breath he did not know he was holding once Seojun followed his advice. He knew that he hadn't spent enough time with the 16-year-old to assume anything about her. But he couldn’t ignore the gut feeling he had since the minute she had revealed her identity. His gut feeling told him that the girl had a secret, just like every other person, but her secret wasn’t something average. Her secret weighed down on her and held her back when she was too tired to fight against it.

Yoongi has always been good at reading people and understanding their emotions even though he had problems expressing himself. But he was stumped by Seojun. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t read her. He let his thoughts wander until the door opened and the man of the hour entered with Jangmi behind him. Instantly everyone in the room stood up to greet the man as he waved them off and motioned for them to take a seat before taking a seat himself.

“You must be Seojun. It’s good to finally put a face to the name I’ve been hearing for the past few days. How’s it going?”

Seojun looked up at the sound of her name and nodded as she politely responded, she did not want to piss this man off or disrespect him in any way. “Everything’s good, CEO-nim.” PD-nim let out a small chuckle as he spoke, “Ah, Seojun! Don’t call me CEO-nim. It makes me feel old. Call me Bang Oppa.” Seojun froze as Jin laughed and Yoongi muttered under his breath. PD-nim narrowed his eyes playfully at Yoongi as he gave him a faux glare, “What was that Yoongi? Care to share it with everyone?” Apparently, Yoongi and PD-nim were closer than Seojun had expected.

“I said, you are already and so she can’t make you feel any older than you are, CEO-nim.”

PD-nim huffed as the boys laughed. “The amount of disrespect these boys show towards me makes me doubt whether I'm older than them or not. How are the boys at the dorm Seojun?” Seojun blinked as she let the question set in. Her brain was working slower than she would like because of the pressure she was feeling at being in the same room as the CEO. After all, he was the one who held her future in his hands.

“Uh, they're nice. That's what I've seen in the past few hours. All of them are polite and welcoming?”

Jin scoffed lightly as he spoke, “Sweetheart, you haven't seen them at their most hyper point yet. These six are the most disrespectful boys. You have no idea how much I have to deal with every day. I don't get paid enough for doing this every day. Give them a week at the least, you'll see their real nature and regret everything you said right now.”

Seojun's heart thumped hard against her chest at the nickname. She had to remind herself to breathe as she nodded with a blush over her face. A series of protests came from the six men before Jimin sighed and chided his hyung. “Yah, Jin hyung! Stop flirting with Seojun. See how red her face is! Give the poor girl some time to settle before you start flirting with her shamelessly!” Seojun's face turned even more red at Jimin's words. The boys chuckled at her expense as PD-nim cleared his throat. “I don't think I need to ask you boys about how you're fitting in with Seojun. Do I?”

“Ah, Pd-nim, she's awesome! Her cooking is on par with Jin hyung's!”

Seojun stared at Jungkook in surprise. She had certainly not expected the golden maknae to compare her to the oldest member. She refused to believe that her cooking was better than Jin's. Jungkook was of course saying that to make her feel comfortable.

“Wow, that's something I never expected to hear. What about you all?”

“I remember Namjoon hyung was saying something about Seojun's smartness this morning...” Taehyung trailed off as he motioned for Namjoon to speak.

“Oh yeah! She's in her last year of school right now! She was able to skip two grades. Like I have never met someone so smart!”

“Yeah, maybe we finally have someone to challenge Namjoon hyung's so-called IQ.”

“Jimin-ah! You know that my IQ is awesome! Don’t insult it! I'm smart!” whined Namjoon just as Jin snorted and waved his hand as if brushing off Namjoon’s words.

“Don’t lie to yourself Namjoon-ah. Smart, my ass! You can't even cut an onion without cutting yourself. You break everything in five feet radius! I don't get paid enough to deal with you.”

Namjoon shook his head as he disagreed, “Hyung, you know that my IQ doesn't compare with my clumsiness!”

Yoongi sighed as he deadpanned, “Namjoon, look me in the eye and tell me that you holding a knife upside down and complaining about not being able to cut has nothing to do with your IQ? What about the part where you started creating excuses and started talking about some philosophical decision regretting shit when Jungkook took the liberty of telling you that the knife was upside down?”

Everyone laughed as Namjoon groaned speechlessly. Yoongi had him stumped. “Okay, let's leave our leader alone and focus on the thing we're here for,” said PD-nim as he chuckled lightly. The laughter faded away as everyone turned professional.

“Alright, first things first, Seojun, welcome to BigHit, we're glad to have you join our family. Today is going to be simple. You'll be meeting all the main staff and getting a tour of the building. The boys will do that.” Seojun hummed and nodded in understanding as Jangmi spoke. “On that note, the next thing you need to do is get your contract signed to make you our official trainee.”

Seojun nodded as she answered, “Okay! When would you like me to sign the contract? I assume it’ll be at least a few weeks before you’d want me to sign.” Jangmi frowned as she gave Seojun a confused look, “What do you mean? Why would we want to wait for a few weeks?”

Seojun looked equally lost and confused as she asked, her tone reluctant, “Uh, I mean, you might be mistaken about my capabilities and overestimate me. I wouldn’t want you to regret signing me in case I fail to keep up with the training or am not up to your expectations. On top of that, I wouldn’t want to create trouble for Bangtan if they get to know me and decide that I’m not someone they’d want with them…”

Seojun wanted to be sure that Bangtan was given a choice. She knew the importance of being given a choice after going through many instances in her life where she wished she would've been given a choice. And so she wasn't going to strip anyone of their right to make a choice. She was going to give the boys a choice. To either accept her with open arms or to let her go without any regrets or second thoughts. Silence fell over the room as Seojun's words sank in.

Yoongi shuffled in his seat as he spoke, his tone slightly stern, “I think you failed to understand what I said earlier at the dorm today and I don't mind repeating it. Don't give up without giving yourself a chance to prove your worth. You're selling yourself short, kid.”

“I agree with him. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that we want you in our group Seojun. I'm not going to lie and say that everything is perfect as a fairy tale. Yes, we weren't exactly happy with the idea of having an eighth member out of the blue. But that doesn't mean that we have the right to take away your dreams. We want you to have a shot at your future even if it means that all of us have to get out of our comfort zones and make a place for one more person in our hearts and family. Just as Yoongi hyung said, we don't fret about gender. It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy. So I'm going to ask you a question. Do you want to join Bangtan?”

Seojun let out a deep sigh as she took in Namjoon's words. They weren't lying. She could see it in his eyes, the truth. His words were coming from his heart, fully genuine. Seojun gulped as she nodded, “Yes. I want to join Bangtan.” Seojun felt a particular warmth spread through her chest as she realized that she finally belonged somewhere. Somewhere she was truly wanted. Seojun was loving this warmth and wished it would stay forever but luck wasn’t with her.

Dread filled her the instant Jangmi broke the silence, “Now that everything’s clear, you’ll have to ask your parents to sign the contract as your guardian since you’re a minor.” All the exhilaration drained from Seojun’s face as she turned pale. How the fuck was she going to get the same people who kicked her out for auditioning to sign a contract for her to become an idol. Maybe she could try, they were her parents, after all, no one can hate their own child, or not. She’d either be beaten if she went back or locked in the house. She was so screwed!


Seojun instantly snapped out and turned to Jimin who seemed slightly concerned and worried. “You good? You zoned out there for a moment.” Seojun nodded hastily as she addressed Jangmi.

“Um, noona, I suppose you need a guardian for me. So it isn’t necessary for my parents to sign the contract. Right?”

“Yeah. You can have any other family member sign up as your guardian, but the person has to be over 18. Why? Is there an issue with your parents?”

“N-no! I, uh, okay. I’ll get the contract signed by next week parents are planning to leave the country and go on a world tour for a year. So even if they sign as guardians, they won’t be here if I need them. I’ll get back to you once I can see who can be my guardian. Will that be fine?”

Seojun’s heart thumped hard against her chest as she waited for Jangmi’s response. She had no idea what she would do if Jangmi did not accept her lie, she- “Okay, that works. Well, our time is up now. We can talk about any other issues any of you have next time. You all can go and give Seojun the tour. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Seojun couldn’t help but sigh in relief. She had a week to figure things out and keep her future safe. She could definitely do it. She always figured out some kind of solution to her problems. She had it all in control!

“It was good seeing you all today. Let’s meet again soon. Work hard.”

Seojun stood up along with the boys and bowed respectfully to PD-nim and gave Jangmi a small smile before exiting the room. Her fangirl heart fluttered when the boys motioned for her to follow them. God! Why were all of them so handsome? Yup, she definitely had everything in control, if she could keep her fangirl side down...

Chapter Text

“I say let's start with the dance studio because that’s where she’ll be spending most of her time,” said Jimin as they decided where to start Seojun’s tour. The boys agreed as they walked towards the dance studio. Seojun walked beside Jin, lost in her thoughts. Even though she had a whole week to find herself a guardian, she preferred to be done with it as early as possible. Seojun let out a quiet sigh as the one and the only person she could think of popped up into her head.

Her grandmother. She knew that her grandmother would always help her out. But in the end, she was slightly old-fashioned. What if she refused to be her guardian and help her become an idol? Her grandmother had always told her to fight for her dreams and Seojun was no doubt fighting for her dream. But that small sprout of doubt was growing. All kinds of negative scenarios rushed through her mind as she bit her lip in thought. She knew she shouldn’t overthink. It was her grandmother she was thinking about in the end. Her grandmother would of course support her! There was no reason to create any stupid doubts or imaginary scenarios!

Seojun smiled to herself as she went through what happened a few minutes ago. She was finding it hard to believe that she was going to be an official trainee at BigHit. All she had to do now was find her grandmother. The last time she had ever been allowed to see her was six years ago when she was ten. You can say that everything went downhill and became worse after that. Her parents had refused to let her grandmother contact Seojun and meet her for some reason Seojun still isn’t aware of. Or maybe she is. All her grandmother ever did was try to save Seojun from her parents who clearly hated her since the day she was born. The only reason her parents kept her with them for the past sixteen years was that her grandmother had threatened to kick her parents and her brother out of the inheritance and leave everything to Seojun.

That had been the worst argument ever between her parents and her grandmother. She did not know what exactly happened, but all she knew was that they had come to a peaceful truce and some problems arose with it when Seojun was ten. Seojun, for the love of God, couldn’t understand what she’d done in her past life to be stuck smack in the middle of such awful family drama? Seojun let out a slightly frustrated sigh as she chided herself for overthinking. Overthinking wasn’t going to change her fate. Nothing was going to change until she found her grandmother somehow. And that itself was a big challenge that would definitely kick her ass-

“Seojun? Are you alright?”

Seojun groaned internally as she turned to Jin, who had a slightly concerned look on his face. For fucks sake! Why did she zone out so much?

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about some stuff, Seokjin-ssi.”

Jin nodded with a slightly doubtful look. Seojun did her best to not wince as she realized how unconvincing she sounded. A few minutes passed in silence before Seojun spoke, her voice laced with reluctance as she caught the oldest member's attention. “Seokjin-ssi, I- uh, Can I ask you something?” Jin hummed as he gave his full attention to her.

“I need, um no- You know that I need a guardian to sign my contract with BigHit. The only person I can ask is my grandmother and well, I kinda lost contact with her a while back and don't have her contact information. Could you help me find her?”

“Oh! Sure, but I think Namjoon can help more than me. He'll know what to do. Hold on.”

Seojun watched as Jin turned and pulled Namjoon by his hand towards them. “Joonie, Seojun needs your help.”


“Well, I-” Seojun opened her mouth to speak but paused as she tried to figure out a way to explain things without raising any suspicions. Jin sighed before taking over for Seojun, mistaking her conflict as hesitation and shyness, “She lost contact with her grandmother a while back and wants to find her again and ask her to be her guardian.”

Namjoon hummed in thought, “Sure, I don't mind helping. We can do this today maybe after we go back to the dorm.”

Seojun blinked at him for a second, trying to register how easily he was ready to help her. “Okay. Thank you so much Namjoon-ssi!” She bowed slightly as Namjoon gave her his adorable little dimpled grin, making her scream internally as her heart went crazy. How in the fucking world was it possible for someone like him to even exist!

Her heart clenched even more painfully as she stepped into the gorgeous dance studio. Dancing was something Seojun loved more than anything. Dancing gave her life. All her pent up feelings and emotions always came out in her dance. Her breath hitched as she slowly walked further inside, already imagining the hours she would be spending there. It felt like the bright lights covering the ceiling were calling out to her heart along with the large mirrors along the white walls. A large smile settled on Seojun's face as her feet stopped, smack in the middle of the dance studio. This was the place where she felt right at home.

Seojun broke out of her trance when she heard Jungkook call out to her. She promptly made her way towards where he was standing with their choreographer unaware of Hoseok's eyes following her ever since she stepped in. A small fond smile remained on Hoseok's face as Seojun bowed and introduced herself.

“Hello, seonsaengnim. I'm Seojun.”

The choreographer gave her a smile, pleased at the respect she gave, “Hello. I'm Son Songedduk. I'm Bangtan's main choreographer. Glad to meet you.”

Seojun bowed again in response as the other members came up to have a small chat with Songedduk. The next few minutes passed with Seojun zoning out the conversation with a feeling of satisfaction spreading throughout her body as her brain kept on spouting imaginary scenarios. Her inner dancing spirit fluttered at the thought of being able to dance in such a heavenly place. She honestly felt like she was flying on cloud nine. The look of disappointment on her face as they left which she failed to hide wasn't gone unnoticed by a certain someone.

Seojun spent the next hour or two, checking out the building from top to bottom and meeting all the staff members she had to be introduced to. By the time they were done with the tour, Seojun was positive that her favorite place in the whole building was definitely the dance studio. Her feet itched to run back to that beautiful room and dance till they fell off. She really wanted to ask the boys if they could visit the studio again, but the voice in her head advised her against it.

After all, her father hated it when she asked a question. Even her classmates and people she called friends. Asking questions, for some reason unknown to her, always seemed to get her into trouble and she did not want to have a repeat of what she had always experienced before. After a long battle with herself, Seojun decided to remain silent as she followed the boys out of the company to a nearby restaurant. The boys hadn't worn masks but it seemed like it wasn't a problem as the owner of the restaurant came to greet the boys and led their group of eight to a private room away from pry eyes. She felt relief wash over her once she took a seat between the two oldest. Seojun realized she was hungry when the boys mentioned food as she had been too lost in memorizing the people she met and the places she visited.

“Kid, what do you want to eat? It's your first day, we'll give you a treat.”

Seojun blinked at Yoongi as her brain tried to register his words. Did she just hear Min Yoongi offer to give her a treat to honor her first day with them? The other six had quieted down and had their attention on Seojun while they waited for her to answer. Seojun knew her face was turning red from all this attention as she stumbled over her words to form a proper reply.

“Oh, it's okay. You don’t have to give me a treat. I'm fine with whatever you all want to eat.”

Taehyung rolled his eyes as he spoke, “Aish, Seojunnie! Accept the treat. Yoongi hyung doesn't give us treats often.”

Unlike the others, Seojun noticed the nickname that had slipped through Taehyung and tried her best not to react as Jin spoke up.

“As much as I hate to say it, Tae is right. And about the food, all of us are hungry enough to eat whatever we get. Plus we've already tried out everything they serve here and like it. So order whatever you want without a worry. Okay?”

Seojun reluctantly nodded as she turned to Yoongi, her voice timid, “Can we have lamb skewers?”

Lamb skewers held a special place in Seojun's heart. Her grandmother would always take her to eat lamb skewers when they met. The only times she had gotten to eat to her fill in her 16 years had been when she was with her grandmother.

Noises of agreement came from around the table, all of them agreed with Seojun's choice. Even Yoongi had a small smile on his face as he placed the order. Seojun once again turned silent as she listened to the boys talk. The chatter only increased once the food arrived. A plate was placed in front of Seojun before she could even lift her hand. The boys swiftly placed the food on her plate before digging into their own. Seojun let out a small smile as she picked up a piece and started chewing on the tasty spiced meat while watching the others talk and enjoy themselves. It did not take long for all the food on the table to be cleared and sighs of content to be heard.

It had been a long time since the boys had been able to go out together and eat like this without any worries about their schedules and they were going to enjoy it to the fullest. Meanwhile, Seojun had started fidgeting with her bracelet again. She had a lot of pent up energy and it just increased with the food. She had to get rid of that energy somehow. Hoseok tried his best to keep the fond smile threatening to take over his face hidden as he stood up.

“Come on guys! Let's go to the dance studio. I think we should freshen up on our old choreographies as well as check out Seojun's dance style.”

Just as he'd expected Seojun instantly shot out of her seat, ready to leave. He chuckled as the other boys groaned and stood up. Seojun walked to the studio with a small exciting spring in her step. Her excitement only grew once she entered the studio.

“Well? What song do we want to start with?” asked Jimin.

Jungkook yawned as he moved to the front and plopped down by the speakers, “I'm too tired and sleepy to dance. Seojun can take my spot in the formations for now.”

Jin huffed as he chided the younger with a faux glare, “This is why I always tell you to sleep early instead of playing video games. I should really throw them away.”

Jungkook pouted before blowing a kiss to the elder and grinned as he sent him finger hearts with an adorable little, “Saranghae!”

Jin rolled his eyes as Taehyung turned to Seojun, “Seojun? Which choreographies are you familiar with?”

Seojun winced as she sucked in a sharp breath. Her eyes went over the seven men before she spoke, her tone reluctant and timid, “Will it be extremely awkward and embarrassing if I say that I know all of your choreographies?” Seojun peered at them with a red face, wishing for the ground to swallow her whole. Why did she have to be a fan? Before she could berate herself internally further, a series of chuckles erupted from the boys.

“I don’t think it’ll be awkward, Seojun. And as for being embarrassed, don’t, I’m excited to see how well can you perform our choreographies,” replied Hoseok, with an assuring smile on his face.

Namjoon hummed in agreement as he suggested, “Why don’t we start with War of Hormone? It’s pretty easy and would help to ease Seojun into the dancing.”

Seojun nodded earnestly in agreement as everyone moved to take off all their extra layers to dance comfortably. Seojun too moved to remove her hoodie but froze abruptly when she remembered the bruises. She’d rather die of overheating than remove her hoodie and risk being asked questions about those stupid bruises. Seojun missed the concerned, suspicious glances thrown towards her from Yoongi as she took Jungkook’s spot in the formation, going over the choreography in her head.

Chapter Text

“Everyone ready?” called out Jungkook, with this hand hovering over the play button. Music blared through the studio as soon as everyone sent their okays. All of Seojun's previous timidness disappeared as Namjoon ran to the center on his cue with her and Hoseok following him a beat later. Seojun smiled to herself as she chanted the fan chant alongside the choreography. A mischievous smile took over her face as she immersed herself into the song and its feel, lip-syncing Jungkook's part with her hands and legs flying around with various gestures. She tried her best not to chuckle as she changed the lyrics to suit her gender, “Yes I'm a bad girl so I like bad gi- uh, boys.”

Seojun felt more alive than she had ever felt in her whole life. The boys did not even notice how well Seojun fit in with them as they went through with the choreography. They snapped out of trance only when they realized that Seojun had lifted Yoongi up on her shoulders the way Jungkook did in the original choreography, without breaking a sweat. Yoongi himself hadn’t realized it until he was up in the air after getting onto Seojun’s shoulders out of instinct.

They could hear the small gasp that left Jungkook when he saw what happened. He couldn’t believe how easily Seojun had lifted Yoongi and was in perfect coordination with everyone. It had taken both him and Yoongi quite a lot of time to get this part perfect without having either Jungkook or Yoongi fall. Everyone managed to keep up with the song as they continued the choreography with a newfound curiosity about the girl they’d met merely hours ago. In the few hours Seojun had spent with them, they had not seen her as happy as she looked while dancing.

Jungkook watched Seojun let Yoongi down as Hoseok took his cue and led the choreography, wondering how can the small, tiny looking, shy, terrified Seojun, that he for some reason wanted to hide away from the world, be the same Seojun who was completely energetic, graceful and way too fucking strong then they realized while dancing? It was at this moment Jungkook knew that Seojun was here to stay and that she was an extremely complicated enigma.

Sejun felt a sly grin take over her face as she rolled her hips and performed the steps. The boys wondered whether they’d released a beast by letting Seojun into the dance studio. Seojun stood slightly behind Taehyung as she tilted her neck with a small snap while the music faded away. The last time she had danced freely to her fullest was when her parents had gone out with her brother to attend a wedding of some relative for eight whole hours.

Seojun let out a content sigh as she slipped out of the formation and laid down on the floor, letting her eyes close as she tried to catch her breath and enjoyed the aftermath of dancing a remotely fast and sharp moved choreography from start to finish. The boys too sat down on the floor as they caught their breaths. Seojun laid utterly still with a relaxed look on her face until she felt someone plop down on the floor by her face.

“How did you even pick up Yoongi hyung like that!?”

Seojun was too lost in her bliss to let her shy timid self-return as she spoke without opening her eyes and waved her hand in a dismissing motion, “With the two hands I was born with, or maybe magic. You never know if I turn out to be a witch who’s living as a muggle within the non-magic world. Here, let’s see if I can make you fly. Wingardium Leviosa!”

Seojun snapped out of her bliss and shot up with her eyes wide in fear and embarrassment when she heard a whine followed by a series of chuckles. “Oh god! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I-” Seojun started, utterly horrified at how she spoke just to be interrupted by Namjoon.

“Don’t be sorry, Seojun. You have no idea how happy we are to see that you are capable of making Jungkook shut up with mere words. The only other person capable of doing this is Yoongi hyung and, well, he is way too soft for Jungkook to do this.”

Jungkook huffed at Namjoon and sent him a glare before turning to Seojun. “Don’t listen to Joonie hyung! I want to know how you picked up Yoongi hyung so easily? I still remember the number of times he fell down or I lost my balance. And you literally picked him up like he was light as a feather!”

Seojun shrugged as she muttered under her breath, “He's lighter than a feather.”

Unfortunately, the room was silent enough for everyone to hear her comment. She groaned in embarrassment as she buried her face in her hands and let out a small muffled whine while laughter once again broke out in the studio. She mustered up some courage and carefully peeked out of her fingers to see Yoongi chuckling softly alongside the others.

“Come on, let's do another one! Break time is over!” said Hoseok as he stood up clapping his hands and motioning for everyone to stand up.

He wanted to see Seojun perform a few more songs as he was quite shocked by her dancing skills. The 16-year-old really underestimated herself. He could see it in her eyes. The burning passion for dancing. Just as he'd expected, Seojun was the first to stand up, forgetting all her previous embarrassment as she got ready to dance. Hoseok let a fond smile settle on his face as Jin suggested, “I'm thinking about doing No More Dream. It's been a while since we practiced it.” Series of enthusiastic agreements met Jin in reply while Seojun had a weird look on her face.

“Is something wrong Seojun?” asked Taehyung when he saw Seojun standing where she was, zoned out.

Seojun turned to face Taehyung and shook her head as she explained, “Um, I just-uh, I’m still taking Jungkook-ssi’s spot in the choreography, so I just wanted to ask Jimin-ssi, if he’s comfortable with- uh, that lift. I-”

Jimin took her concern as hesitation and cut her off with a smug look on his face, “Seojun-ah, I don’t mind. I want to know if you’ll be able to pick me up or not. You see, I’m quite heavier than Yoongi hyung.”

Seojun could clearly hear the challenge in his tone and narrowed her eyes at him, her competitive side showing its head. She cocked her head to the side as she stared at Jimin, straight in his eyes, “I promise I won’t let you fall or get hurt.” The atmosphere around those two had turned slightly tense with the unspoken challenge. The other six wondered whether they should step in or not and gave each other looks. Even if they refrained from saying it out loud, they were excited for this challenge between Seojun and Jimin.

Jungkook took the initiative to break the staring contest going on between Seojun and Jimin by smoothly stepping between them and pumping his fist, “Let’s get it!” Everyone took their positions as they waited for the music to start. Seojun took her spot behind Jimin and gave him a pointed look when he turned to smirk at her. He turned his back to her as the music started and Namjoon took his cue. Seojun instantly fell into the choreography and kept her movements sharp and graceful. Everyone could sense the difference in the energy around them. They were all excited as they neared the lift.

At last, the lift came, Seojun and Jimin took their cues and ran towards each other just as the other four took their positions. Jimin could’ve sworn Seojun winked at him as she ran out from behind Jin and lifted him up effortlessly exactly on cue. The six boys burst into laughter when Jimin let out a yelp and wrapped his arms around Seojun’s neck tightly and squeezed his eyes shut.

Jimin had expected Seojun to struggle or lose her balance and what he did not expect was Seojun to lift him up so easily and take on all of his weight, making him feel like he was flying, which made him lose his balance. He stayed still and waited for the ground to hit him but opened his eyes when he realized that he was perfectly safe in Seojun’s arms. The music went on in the background as everyone gathered around Seojun who still had Jimin in his arms. Jimin let out a grateful sigh as Seojun spoke, a soft smile on her face, “I don't break my promises.” Jimin nodded and gave her a cute eye-crescenting smile as she let him down on the floor.

“It’s official! We now have two maknaes who can crush us to death,” announced Namjoon as he pointed towards Jungkook and Seojun. Unlike Jungkook, Seojun’s face turned red as she scurried away to drink some water. She felt something she did not know how to describe. Did Bangtan really accept her so easily and even gave her the position of the second maknae? Seojun rolled her eyes at the thought as she put the water bottle away, she was being stupid. They did not mean it. It was just a joke, why else would Namjoon have a grin on his face while saying that? Seojun sighed to herself and made her way back to the middle where the boys were deciding on the next choreography to practice.

It took less than a few minutes for them to decide the songs they wanted to practice and quickly got started. At one point, Jimin decided to take a break and passed his spot to Seojun while Jungkook joined them. Seojun couldn’t imagine her day being any better. All was well until it wasn’t. A small water break passed as everyone took their positions for I Need U.

Seojun thought no one noticed how she winced during the chorus, her broken rib showing its head and reminding her of all the pain she’d managed to forget by distracting herself with the music and focusing on executing the choreography perfectly. Fortunately for her, the others had decided to go back home after that. Little did she know that a certain someone had been keeping an eye on her for a while and had surely noticed the pained look on her face. It had been a long day after spending hours dancing. Nevertheless, Seojun was exhilarated as she walked towards the car, once again sticking by Jin’s side. This was the best day she had had in the past sixteen years.

Meanwhile, Jin had a small fond smile on his face as he watched Seojun get into the car. He hadn’t failed to notice that the 16-year-old had stuck by him the whole day. And to be honest? He didn’t mind it, instead, he found it endearing considering how small and tiny the girl looked. On top of that, he knew how scary it could be to be in a place with complete strangers. And it was pretty obvious that finding out that you’re going to debut in a group with your favorite idols was going to be difficult considering how the world would react to her. He let out a quiet sigh and turned his attention to the road. It was definitely going to be a challenge for Seojun to find her footing in the K-Pop industry and he was going to give her as much comfort as possible and look out for her.

By the time the group arrived back at the dorm, most of them were dead on their feet. Yoongi was glad to find a new bed placed in his room for Seojun since he knew how uncomfortable sleeping on a couch could be after sleeping on the one in his studio. As expected, takeout was ordered and some light conversation took place as everyone ate to their fill. Soon enough, everyone dispersed and went off to do their own rooms. Seojun freshened up and laid down in her new bed as she tried to sleep. But for some reason, she couldn't sleep. A voice in her brain kept on nagging at her. She could hear her mother say that she did not deserve a bed and should be thankful for even getting to sleep on the couch. She tried to distract herself and focused on the way her body was aching.

Seojun knew she shouldn't have danced so much as she felt her muscles ache in pain. Her ribs weren’t helping either with the sharp bursts of pain every few minutes. But it was all worth the way she felt. She felt alive and knew that she could do something. Her future wasn't dark anymore. Bangtan and Jangmi had lit a light for her dark future and brightened it. Unfortunately, the nagging voice managed to keep her awake until she gave in and went out to the couch. She did have to wait for Yoongi to fall asleep before she could sneak out, not wanting to explain why she wanted to sleep on the couch. She wasn’t really pleased about the fact that it was 2 am before Yoongi decided to sleep. Nevertheless, Seojun stealthily sneaked out of the room with her pillow and blanket, carefully closing the door before settling down on the couch. Just as she had expected, sleep came to her as soon as her body hit the couch.

Chapter Text

Seojun woke up with her heart beating a hundred miles per hour and her body covered with sweat. Nothing unusual or new, she'd been dealing with nightmares for a long time, but the only difference at that moment was that she didn't wake up naturally on her own. Someone shook her and pulled her out of the nightmare she’d already forgotten. Hold up! She wasn’t at her home- shit, she was at the dorm, on the couch. Who the hell woke her up!?

Her eyes snapped open to find herself face to face with Yoongi who was standing over the couch with a slightly concerned look on his face. She blinked at him before shooting out of the couch in shock. She regretted that the very next second as she bumped her head with his, too hard for her liking. A series of curses left Yoongi's mouth as he moved to the side, holding his forehead with a pained look on his face while Seojun let out a small yelp and stood up with a panicked look on her face.

“Oh, God! I'm so sorry Yoongi-ssi. I-” said Seojun as she started to apologize, but found herself stopping abruptly when Yoongi stared at her with a small confused frown on his face.

“Why are you sleeping on this hardass, probably smelly, dirty couch instead of the soft and comfortable bed in our room?”

Seojun faltered as she tried to give Yoongi a believable excuse, wondering what could happen if she told him the truth. “I- uh, yeah, about that...the bed’s new right? I’m not really used to it and wasn’t able to sleep...”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at her before shrugging, “Alright, I suppose you have school today, hm?”

Seojun hummed in reply as she put on her glasses and checked the time before folding her blanket. “Okay, well, you can use the shower of our shared bathroom. Me and Jin hyung keep that bathroom clean. I can’t say much about the others.”

Seojun nodded as she checked the time, it was around 6:30. She had plenty of time to take a nice long bath before getting ready and making it to school on time. Yoongi stepped into the kitchen while Seojun picked up her stuff and went into the room, where Jin was sleeping. Seojun placed her blanket and pillow on her bed before turning to her unpacked bags, which were still lying in the corner from the day she arrived. She quickly took out her carefully folded school uniform and her toiletries before getting up and walking towards the bathroom, pausing for a second to stare at Jin, looking as handsome as ever even while sleeping.

Seojun narrowed her eyes at him with a small pout before entering the bathroom. How can someone look so pretty and handsome even while sleeping? She looked like a bird had created a nest out of her hair, while her face would be all oily and puffed up with her eyes barely larger than a squint. Seojun rolled her eyes at the stupid problems the universe had burdened her with before placing her uniform to the side and starting the shower. Seojun really did not want to go to school, but she knew she had to as there was no other option. The long shower played a big role in helping her convince herself that she could get through the day without any problems. It was after all her last year of school. But unfortunately, the year had just started about a month ago which meant that she still had quite a few months to bear before she could leave it all behind and hopefully focus only on her career if it’s still there.

Seojun walked out of the bathroom, dressed in her stupid dumb uniform. She hated wearing the skirt. The school did not force them to wear the uniforms assigned gender-wise. Girls were allowed to wear the uniforms designed for the male students and Seojun did take advantage of that and wore the black trousers along with the white shirt and the dark blue tie, a small broch pinned above her heart, marking her as a student of Seoul High School. She had run out of luck as her black pants were torn from the way her mother had shoved her clothes into the bag which left her with only one option. The black-pleated skirt assigned to female students. She had only one pair of trousers which were unfortunately grey in color.

No amount of words could fathom how uncomfortable Seojun felt in the skirt, panic rising in her throat at the thought of going out wearing it. Seojun took deep breaths and she tried to ground herself as she walked into the kitchen to drink water, unaware of how panic-stricken her face looked. Seojun froze when she noticed the two concerned faces watching her in the kitchen. Why in the world were Yoongi and Jin awake at such an early hour instead of sleeping and resting? Seojun tried to calm herself down but clearly failed when Jin turned the stove off and walked up to stand in front of her, towering over her with his height.

“Seojunnie, what’s wrong?” he asked, his tone gentle and laced with concern.

Seojun tapped her foot against the floor as she shook her head and tried to move past him, trying to control her panic as her hands gripped at the skirt. The air around her felt like it was getting thicker and choking her. Seojun found herself being seated in one of the chairs by Yoongi as a glass of water was placed in front of her.

“No excuses. Drink this right now. Everything else can wait.” said Yoongi, sternly, leaving no room for any argument as he stared at her straight in the eye.

Seojun found herself maintaining eye contact as she picked up the glass with shaky hands and gulped down the water. Her breaths were slightly panicked as she put the glass down, her hands still trembling. Yoongi bent down to her face level and extended his hand towards her slightly which resulted in Seojun flinching out of instinct. Seojun regretted letting her instincts take over when she saw a look of hurt flash on Yoongi’s face before he put on a calm mask.

“Okay, no touching. Now focus on my voice. Am I clear?” Seojun still maintained eye contact as she nodded slightly. Yoongi hummed with satisfaction as he spoke, “Good. Now breathe slowly on my count. There is nothing in the world that needs your attention right now. Just focus on breathing. Come on.”

Seojun gulped as she tried to match her breathing with Yoongi’s count, her eyes never leaving Yoongi’s. He kept talking, his voice raspy and gentle. Seojun felt the blur clear from her brain and the buzzing in her ears decrease as Yoongi’s comforting, soothing voice led her out of her panic attack before it could set in fully. Seojun finally broke eye contact and stared at the floor as she tried her best not to dash out of the kitchen. How could she have a stupid panic attack in front of Yoongi and Jin!?

“Seojun, stop. Don’t overthink this. It’s okay. Now tell me what’s wrong?” Seojun’s head snapped up to meet Jin’s eyes. She sucked in a sharp breath as she contemplated whether to lie or confess. Her previously calmed panic rose again at the thought of wearing the skirt out in public. Seojun immediately shook her head to herself before speaking,

“I’m so sorry. This doesn’t happen like this. I just, uh, lost control. I-”

Yoongi sighed as he intervened, “Kid, our question is what caused you to panic. We don’t want you to apologize. We want to know what’s bugging you.”

Seojun’s face scrunched up in embarrassment as she answered, her voice barely audible, “It’s so stupid. I, ugh, I’m sorry-” Seojun stopped her apology when Jin glared at her and stuttered out what they wanted to hear, “I don’t want to wear this skirt.”

Jin made a confused noise as he spoke, “But don’t you wear this every day? Why did you panic over this suddenly?”

Yoongi made a disapproving noise as he smacked his hyung’s arm, “Aish, hyung, don’t ask questions like this!” before turning to Seojun, “Kid, I hope you can make this less confusing.”

Seojun blinked at him before sighing, “My school doesn’t mind if girls wear the same uniform as the boys but my black trousers are torn and I don’t have another pair.”

Jin rolled his eyes as he sighed, “Aish, jagiya. You could've just told us this. Give me a minute.” Seojun once again blushed at the causal nickname while Jin said something to Yoongi. Yoongi nodded and left the kitchen while Jin put a plate in front of Seojun. “I don't know what you'd like so I just made the basics. Eat up. Your problems can wait.”

Seojun blinked at him in shock. Did Kim Seokjin just make breakfast for her!? She was in way too much of shock to say anything and mumbled out a small thank you before digging in. Once Seojun finished, she stood up to wash the plate and was stopped by Jin who looked incredulous. “Why are you doing the dishes right now? You have to go to school.” Seojun was even more shocked and let herself be shooed away by Jin just as Yoongi entered with a small frown on his face.

“I swear I'm going to beat Jungkook's ass for not cleaning his closet. Do you have any idea how dirty it is hyung!? I swear a group of rats lives in there.”

Jin huffed as he walked behind Seojun and opened her bag to put a lunchbox inside. “I made some gimbap and tteokbokki for you today. Tell me what you like after you come back today. And as for the skirt, Jungkook graduated about 2 years back. We had bought 2 pairs of uniform for him but he didn't go to school much and so one of the pair was completely untouched. His uniform too had black trousers. I think they'll fit because he was really skinny at that time.”

Seojun once again blinked in surprise as Yoongi put a pair of black trousers in her arms along with a belt, “In case it doesn't fit.”

Seojun nodded as she slipped out of the kitchen to change. She was finding it hard to believe that everything happening was real. She was just given breakfast and a pair of trousers instead of being scolded or taunted. She snapped out of her reverie and quickly changed before going out. “Great! It fits. You can wear this until we buy a new pair for you.” said Jin as soon as she re-entered the kitchen. Seojun nodded and bowed, “Um, thank you so much. I-I’ll be leaving now. Bye.” Seojun did not wait for a response and quickly turned to leave when she heard Yoongi call out to her.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Seojun stopped in her steps and turned to face Yoongi with a confused look on her face, “Um, school?”

Jin stood up with his eyes narrowed at Seojun. “Well, how are you going to go to school?”

Seojun frowned at his question and shrugged nonchalantly, “By walking like always.”

Both Yoongi and Jin were shocked. “Kid, you’re in Seoul High School, right?” Seojun hummed as Jin gasped, “Jagiya! How can you even think of walking 6 miles!?”

Seojun was utterly lost now. Why were Jin and Yoongi so shocked? She was happy that her school was only 6 miles away from the dorm unlike 12 miles from her house. “Uh, Seokjin-ssi, 6 miles is nothing. I’ve always walked to school and it’s closer to the dorm than my house. I walked more than this from my house.”

Jin shook his head with a disapproving noise as he walked forward and pulled Seojun’s bag off. “You, my sweet little baby dongsaeng, are not going to walk to school from now on and that’s final. This is not a request, it’s an order.” Jin huffed as he stuffed Seojun’s bag in Yoongi’s hand. “Yoongi is going to drop you off. Study well, bye!” Jin ruffled her hair before leaving the kitchen.

Seojun stood there in shock until she heard the front door opening and Yoongi calling out, “Come on kid, or else you’ll be late!” Seojun rushed out to see Yoongi placing her bag in the back seat of a black Audi before turning to her, “Come on slowpoke. You’re taking too much time.” Without waiting for her response, Yoongi got into the car and closed the door behind him just to roll down the window and poke his head out when Seojun failed to move from her spot, “Kid, what the hell are you waiting for. I’m dropping you off at school and that’s final. No amount of standing in shock is going to change it. Get the fuck in!”

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she scurried up to the car and got in beside Yoongi. Yoongi started driving and sighed when he noticed Seojun’s rigid tense, posture. “Kid, I don’t bite. Relax. You are not troubling anyone. I’m just dropping you off and someone else will pick you up. Don’t feel guilty.”

Seojun raised her eyebrows and shook her head furiously, “No way! I don’t need anyone to pick me up. I’ll be back on my own.”

Yoongi sent a questioning look towards the 16-year-old as he asked, “May I know what’s the problem with someone coming to pick you up from school?”

Seojun stuttered as she came up with an unconvincing lie, “I don’t want to trouble anyone. I can take care of myself and managed these kinds of things.” Seojun couldn’t really tell him that if anyone saw her getting dropped to school in a car, her already shitty and messy school life would just become more complicated and troublesome. It was already hard enough being bullied for every small thing. She did not have enough energy to deal with more bullying by giving the other’s new reasons. They would bully her out of jealousy, pure boredom, anger, sadness. In short, she would get bullied even for absolutely no reason.

Unfortunately, Yoongi refused to take the lie, “Kid, we are the ones who are volunteering so let us decide if it’s troublesome or not. There are seven of us. And none of them mind driving you to school. Not seven, six. Namjoon doesn’t have a driving license. But you get my point. You just have to focus on the fact that you got to school. Leave the rest to us.”

Seojun sighed as she nodded and turned to stare at the moving scenery. Yoongi’s tone had left no room for any arguments. The pair rode in silence until they arrived at Seojun’s destination. Seojun really did not want to get out o the car. Even though she felt uncomfortable at the start, she had taken a liking to Yoongi’s peaceful and calm company. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to open the door and step out of the car. Seojun closed the door of the front seat and opened the one to the backseat and retrieved her bag before walking over to the driver’s window.

“Thank you for dropping me off,” said Seojun as she bowed. Yoongi nodded in acknowledgment and waved to her before pulling the window up and leaving. Seojun watched the car roll away before she let out a wistful sigh and stepped onto the school grounds wondering if she had enough luck to get through the day without any trouble or problems.

Chapter Text

“Where were you, hyung?” asked Hoseok, his words slightly slurred and incoherent as he brushed his teeth.

However, before Yoongi could answer, Jin swished past Hoseok, smacking his head, “Don’t come out of the bathroom while brushing!” Hoseok winced and muttered a small apology before slipping away. Yoongi chuckled at the interaction before following Jin into the kitchen and took a seat at the table, sorting out his thoughts.

Something about Seojun seemed to bug him. She wasn’t as simple as she looked and it was obvious that the Seojun they saw was merely a mask. Yoongi snapped out of his thoughts when he felt some movement and looked up to see the other boys settling down at the table. Yoongi turned his gaze to Hoseok when he repeated his question from earlier.

“I went to drop Seojun.”

Yoongi couldn’t resist the urge to roll his eyes when the maknae line simultaneously looked around and to confirm Seojun’s absence.

“Where?” asked Jungkook with a confused frown on his face.

Taehyung yawned as he shoved Jungkook lightly, “Aish, dumbass. It’s Monday! She’s at school!”

Jungkook’s mouth fell open in realization as he nodded, “Yeah. I feel bad for her. Attending school while being an idol is awful. I don’t think I would’ve graduated if it wasn’t for you guys helping me out.”

Jungkook could still remember the late nights he spent finishing his projects with all the members helping him out. He had never hated school more when he wasn’t allowed to take an exam alone in a separate room due to his idol career. He had been told to sit with the other students in the class which ended up with all the students shouting and screaming when they saw him. In the end, they had to shift him to a separate room. He had ended up failing that exam as all the shouting and screaming had given him a terrible headache. The little studying he had done was forgotten. Fortunately, he passed the class after Jangmi had marched into the school, threatening to sue them for not letting him give the examination in a separate room and potentially putting him in danger. He was given a passing grade as an apology.

“Well, no worries. This time we know what to expect. We’ll help her out too and make sure that she doesn’t go overboard or crazy like Jungkook.” added Jimin, rolling his eyes at Jungkook. Everyone hummed in agreement as they turned their attention back to the breakfast Jin had put on the table.

Namjoon remembered how thankful Seojun looked when he volunteered to help her with Maths after Jimin spoke. Seojun had been occupying his thoughts since the day they met. He felt like he had seen her somewhere before but just couldn’t remember where. Maybe at a fansign or a concert? All of them were sure she's a fan after how she had reacted when she found out she was joining them. Namjoon hummed to himself as he decided that he must've seen her at one of their events. Namjoon snapped out of his thoughts when Yoongi cleared his throat to grab everyone’s attention.

“I want to talk to all of you about something. I know I shouldn’t pry, but it’s necessary.”

“What do you want to talk about, hyung?”

Yoongi heaved a large sigh as he turned his gaze towards Jimin, “Seojun. She, uh...”

Yoongi trailed off with a conflicted look on his face and looked at Jin, silently asking if he should tell the others about what happened earlier or not. Jin caught Yoongi’s hesitation and took over the conversation.

“Seojun had a panic attack today in the morning before going to school.”

A few minutes of utter silence passed until Taehyung frowned, “Uh, about what? Is she okay? Was it anything extreme? Did we do something?”

Jin looked mildly surprised as he quickly shook his head, “No, no, she’s fine. I wouldn’t call what happened extreme but-”

“She did not want to wear the school skirt but had to because her black trousers were torn and she did not have an extra pair.” finished Yoongi.

“Oh, did she end up wearing the skirt then? You could’ve just given her my pants from my uniform.”

Yoongi couldn’t help the fond smile that took over his face, pleased to hear Jungkook wanting to do the same thing they did.

“Yeah, we gave her your pants. They fit pretty well. But the main point here is that something’s wrong with her.” said Jin.

“I don’t think this panic attack came out of nowhere. It was like all the panic from god’s knows how long just became too much for her and she broke.” continued Yoongi.

“What can we do about that? We can’t stop her from panicking without knowing the source of her panic. And she’s clearly not going to put the source out in open.” said Jimin with a wistful sigh.

“I agree with Jimine. And I’m sure all of you have clearly seen the way she looks at us. She still labels us as the people she fangirls over, not as her future bandmates and current dormmates. We won’t be able to do anything until she thinks of us as her friends or something.” added Hoseok, leaning onto the table, with his face resting in his hands.

Silence spread through the room as everyone let Hoseok's words set in until Namjoon lifted his head to look at everyone with a confident expression.

“I have one solution for these problems-” he announced. “-we either confront Seojun, which is stupid because she’ll lie, or make up some excuse and be even more closed off than she is, or, we remain patient and gain her trust. She’ll open up to us on her own.”

The boys wordlessly exchanged looks, silently agreeing with Namjoon. He was right. Seojun was already struggling to fit in with them and getting used to her new life, cornering her would only stress her out. As it’s said, the fruit of patience is always sweet. Guess what? They were going to try out that fruit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No amount of words could describe how relieved Seojun felt once she sat down in her seat after lunch. After three serene days away from school, Seojun had expected to be cornered during lunch, but fortunately, luck was on her side as she had made it through the twenty minutes of lunch without running into anyone. She had as usual spent her lunch tucked away in the library, but the only difference this time was that she had a proper lunch packed for her with her.

Seojun knew the library like the back of her hand and could probably navigate through blindfolded. And that was how she found herself in one of her best quiet isolated spots, the political science aisle, eating the delicious lunch Kim fucking Seokjin had prepared for her out of the goodness of his pure, kind, big heart, or maybe he just pitied her. But she wasn’t the one to look a gift horse in its mouth. She was certainly stupid but not to that level.

Seojun heaved a tired sigh when her eyes found Ms. Lee picking up her homework. Wasn’t it ironic that the teacher who hates her would actually go through the pain of checking each notebook’s name tag and searching for her’s specifically? No, it wasn’t ironic because this wasn’t unusual. Seojun ran a hand through her hair to settle down any stray hair before patting her uniform and trying her best to clear out any wrinkles that might have appeared. Why was she doing this you may ask because Ms. Lee was going to call her out in approximately five seconds.

Just as Seojun finished counting down, a voice called out her name. Seojun took a deep breath as she stood up in her seat, “Yes, Ma’am?”

Ms. Lee narrowed her eyes at Seojun’s overly sweet and polite tone, “Who did your homework?”

Seojun frowned in confusion as she answered, “No one did my homework ma’am, I did it on my own with some help from-” Seojun paused as she thought of what to label Namjoon as. What was she supposed to label him as? Leader of the group she was going to debut in? Dormmate? A singer she idolizes? Nope! “-a friend.”

Just as she'd expected, snickers and giggles came from around the class. The students whispering about Seojun. "Does she even have friends? Who's she kidding?" chuckled a girl, loud enough for the whole class to hear, eliciting even louder laughs until Ms. Lee cleared her throat and stared at Seojun.

Of course, Ms. Lee refused to believe that Seojun was telling her the truth. Seojun resisted the urge to roll her eyes when Ms. Lee asked her to come up to the front and solve the questions. What kind of a crime had she committed in her previous life to land up in a hell hole like that with a demon from hell in the form of Ms. Lee? No matter how much Seojun hated having the attention of the whole class on her, it was worth the shocked look on Ms. Lee's face when she had managed to solve all the questions on her own without any mistakes. All the frustration from earlier dissolved into cocky triumph as she sat back down in her seat.

By the time the last bell rang, indicating the end of school, Seojun was more than tired, she was exhausted. Deep down a part of her was glad that the members were going to pick her up because it would help her conserve her energy and perform well while training. Even though the whole day had been calm, Seojun knew better than to relax since it was unusual- extremely unusual- for no one to have a go at her for a whole day. She had an awful gut feeling that this was just the calm before a storm.

Seojun silently walked out of the class, her bag hanging off of her shoulders and a black mask covering her face. Seojun wore a mask as a precaution in case some kind of sasaeng fans or someone saw her at the dorm. It could cause a big scandal unknowingly and tarnish Bangtan’s reputation. Plus, it wasn't unusual for students to wear masks in school. Seojun made sure to keep herself extremely alert as she walked down the hall, trying to blend into the crowd.

All the tension on Seojun started trickling out as she started walking down the stairs. Relief started bubbling up in her chest as she neared the end of the staircase and could see the school entrance waiting for her. She would be safe once she was done with the stairs. No one would mess with her off of school grounds. Alas, her bliss was short-lived. Just as Seojun reached the fourth last staircase, she felt herself falling forward, off her feet.

Unlike the slow-motion you would see in movies, it took less than five seconds for Seojun to tumble off the staircase and fall face-first onto the concrete ground. Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and bit her lip to keep her emotions at bay as she quietly stood up, wincing when she felt a few stings all over her body. She swiftly dusted her uniform off before turning her head to spot her bag at a slight distance away from here with obvious footprints on it.

Seojun picked up her bag just as the peals of laughter broke out behind her. She refused to acknowledge them and started speed walking out of school. Even without seeing them, Seojun knew who had pushed her down the stairs. What surprised Seojun was that she was feeling outraged and frustrated at how she was being treated unlike usual when she would just pity herself.

She couldn’t help the curses that left her mouth when she caught sight of a familiar black Audi waiting by the school gate. She was so fucked, if whoever had come had seen the shit show. But the main point was if. She was preoccupied with what happened to see if the car was here before or not. Maybe the luck that was with her till now returned and no one saw anything? All she could do now was suck it up and hope that what happened would remain a secret. Seojun gulped as she walked over to the car and opened the door to find Jimin sitting with a mask and sunglasses in all his glory.

Seojun mumbled a small greeting as she slipped into her seat, mentally cursing the mask as it refrained her from observing his expression. How was she going to find out whether he saw the whole fiasco or not!? Her worries were put aside when Jimin lowered his mask and gave her a bright smile, “Hey, Seojunnie! How was your day?” Seojun sighed internally as she kept her face blank and hummed, “Good, Jimin-ssi.”

Fortunately, Jimin got the obvious signs that she did not want to talk and turned his attention to the road as he turned the engine on. Seojun instantly took the chance to turn her back to him and stared out of the window, trying her best to not drown in the thoughts swirling round and round in her mind. What Seojun did not know was that she’d regret doing this as she missed the look on Jimin’s face when he saw through her faux facade.

Chapter Text

Driving with Jimin was way too different than with Yoongi. Unlike Yoongi, Jimin kept on babbling about something or the other and played hype upbeat music. Seojun remained silent out of politeness and let Jimin do whatever was to his liking. But if she was given a choice between choosing Yoongi and Jimin, her choice was going to be pretty obvious.

She honestly liked Jimin as much as all the other members but he was being too cheery for her liking, especially after all the shit that had gone down. She preferred silence but Jimin was hell-bent on not giving her peace all the way back to the dorm. It was extremely hard for Seojun to refrain from showing her true emotions on her face as it wouldn’t be fair to Jimin who was trying his best to make Seojun feel comfortable in his company. Seojun gritted her teeth and forced herself to remain silent till they reached the dorm and she finally let out a relieved sigh.

Seojun was surprised when she entered the dorm to be greeted by the six other members she’d assumed would be at the company. She sputtered out a similar greeting as she removed her shoes. Just as she stepped into the living room, lowering her mask simultaneously, she was stopped by Jungkook who had a frown on his face.

“Why the hell is there blood on your cheek and your elbow?”

Seojun flinched at Jungkook’s slightly pissed tone and quickly checked for the said injuries. Quiet curses left her mouth when she removed her phone to check her face, indeed finding a shallow gash slightly above her jaw. No wonder it stung when her mask rubbed over it! Seojun tried her best not to wince when she realized that she’d gotten hurt when she was pushed down and as usual came up with a poor sad excuse of a lie, “Oh, I-I’m clumsy. Don’t worry about this, I’ll go and clean it up.”

Seojun let out an awkward giggle as she tried to move past the boys but found herself freezing in her steps when Yoongi spoke, “Kid, how did you get hurt?”

“I-uh, well, um-”

“She fell down the stairs.”

Seojun snapped her head towards Jimin at an inhumane speed, her eyes wide with fear and shock. Park fucking Jimin saw everything. Fuck! She was so so so screwed.

“How did you fall down the stairs, Seojun?”

“I-I, uh, tripped over my feet, Hoseok-ssi.”

Seojun felt her breath hitch when Hoseok narrowed his eyes at her with suspicion. Fortunately, Jin decided that it was the perfect moment for him to speak.

“Jagiya, did you hurt anything else? You should always be careful on the stairs. You could've broken your arm or cracked your head!”

Seojun nodded and bowed in apology, “I understand. I'm sorry, Seokjin-ssi. I'll go clean this up and get ready to leave.”

To her surprise, Jin tutted in disagreement as he pointed a finger towards her, “You, my little dongsaeng are not going anywhere. Sit down, I'll clean this up for you.”

Seojun froze for a second. Did Kim Seokjin just call her his dongsaeng? She managed to snap out and swiftly shook her head, “It's okay. You don't have to waste your time on this, Seokjin-ssi. I've done it before. I'll manage. Please give me 10 minutes.”

Jin narrowed his eyes at her before mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he moved forward and pulled Seojun to the couch and sat her down. “No more arguments. I'm older than you so stop fighting me and let me take care of you. It’s okay to be dependent. Am I clear?”

Jin felt glad when Seojun did not try to refuse his help again and left to get a first-aid kit, unaware of how his words shocked Seojun. Little did he know that his words had managed to hit a terribly hidden and soft spot in Seojun. A spot, filled with all her vulnerability. Seojun remained utterly still while Jin had left, her thoughts running around wild. This was the first time she had been truly caught off guard with the boys. She had never expected them to be so accepting and kind. Hell, she’d assumed they’d hate her for disrupting their peaceful dynamics.

Instead, she found a group of the seven most welcoming, warm boys, who were ready to accept her into their friendship. Seojun felt something tug at her heart when Jin told her to let him take care of her. No one. I repeat. No one had ever taken care of her, except her grandmother. Seojun had always been independent and tough. It would take a lot to break her even if she was already broken and held together by thin, thin strings, ready to snap.

Seojun snapped out of the thought tornado in her mind when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She lifted her head up to see Jin looking at her with a gentle look on his face. “Jagiya, I have to clean your wound to make sure it doesn’t get infected. It’ll burn a bit. Okay?” asked Jin as he bent down in front of her. Seojun hummed nonchalantly as she twisted her head slightly towards Jin to make it more comfortable, “Don’t worry about me, I’m used to this.”

A small frown settled over everyone’s face at Seojun’s words. The atmosphere became slightly tense. Fortunately, Taehyung sensed it and decided to break it before Seojun noticed the tension. He skipped over to the couch and plopped down beside Seojun, grabbing her hand without any warning. A large smile adorned his face as he assured Seojun, “It’s okay, Seojunnie. I'm here to hold your hand. Squeeze it as tight as you want if it hurts.”

He hadn’t failed to notice how Seojun had stiffened at his actions and squeezed her hand in an attempt to help her relax. His smile grew larger when Seojun took a deep breath and let herself relax before accepting his hand by wrapping her fingers around his own. Seojun let out a quiet sigh at the feel of Taehyung’s large warm hand in hers. Even though she knew she would do just fine without any kind of assurance, she craved the comfort Taehyung was providing. And to be honest, she was liking it even though it was extremely out of her comfort zone which would lead her to panic later on. But those matters could be dealt with later on.

“It’ll sting now,” warned Jin, as he gently dabbed at Seojun gash with an alcohol swab, utterly surprised when Seojun stayed completely still and did not even blink at the sensation. Her expression remained as plain as it was before. A horrible feeling settled into Jin’s gut as soon as he realized that Seojun was being serious when she said she was used to it.

Once Jin was sure that Seojun had an unnaturally high pain tolerance, he did not bother to be slow and swiftly finished bandaging her face before moving to her elbow and doing the same.

“Now, go and get ready. Make sure you don’t let these bandages get wet. Okay?”

Seojun nodded and thanked Jin and sent Taehyung an appreciative before picking up her bag and leaving the room. As soon as they heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Jimin spoke up, his tone grave and an extremely serious look on his face, “She’s lying.”

The other boys gave Jimin confused looks as he sighed and cleared it up. “She's lying. Something is going on at her school. I'm sure she didn't fall on her own. Someone pushed her. I don't know whether accidentally or intentionally. I lean more towards intentionally because everyone was laughing at her instead of helping her up.”

“Should we ask her about this?”

Everyone had conflicted looks on their faces. They did not know what to do. Seojun had barely opened up to them and now they find out she's being bullied. Asking her would probably end with her lying and going back into her shell. Not asking her might end up with her getting in more trouble and injured.

“Hobi hyung, I think we should wait. If it was bad, she would've told us. Or maybe she's told her parents about it and they might be taking care of it.”

“I agree with Jungkook. We'll give Seojun some time and see if things get better. If not then we can step in. Is everyone okay with this?” declared Namjoon.

Jimin and Yoongi, who were ready to kill whoever pushed Seojun down, nodded reluctantly along with the others hoping that the said matter wouldn't get out of hand and land their female maknae in trouble. As if on cue, the door to Seojun's room opened and she walked out, drowning in a large hoodie and sweatpants. Jin, Jungkook, and Taehyung barely managed to hold back their coos while the others rolled their eyes at the said three.

With Seojun ready, the group made their way to the SUV and settled in. Seojun found herself sitting beside Yoongi who looked like he was ready to fall asleep at any minute now. Seojun peered at him as she wondered whether to speak or not and positively jumped in her seat when a low gruff voice came, “Ask. I can see that you are dying to ask me something.”

Seojun nodded sheepishly, “Uh, I thought that you all would be at the company when I came back. Why were you all at the dorm?”

“Jangmi noona wanted to make sure that you were able to fit in with us and our schedule properly, so she decided to give us the mornings off permanently and told us to always start practice with you.”

Seojun hummed as she turned her attention away from Yoongi to her phone. She hadn’t gotten a chance to check her social media or anything important since the previous day and thought it was the perfect time to check. She unlocked her phone and started going through her notifications and clearing out anything that wasn’t important before moving to her social media. She was about to open another app when she heard muffled laughter from beside her.

The 16-year-old turned to see Yoongi grinning at her, his gummy teeth on full display. She frowned in confusion before her expression turned to one filled with shock. Seojun instantly moved to hide her phone, however, Yoongi was faster than her. He had grabbed her phone with a small chuckle of triumph. Unfortunately, that had caught the attention of the other boys who had similar confused looks on their faces.

“What are you laughing about hyung?” asked Taehyung, with a glint of curiosity in his eyes.

Yoongi merely smiled at him before meeting Seojun’s eyes and sending her a wink. Seojun groaned in embarrassment as Yoongi presented her phone to the other boys, everyone staring at her screen. (Yes, even Jin took a peek from the mirror.)

Seojun cringed as the boys burst out in coos and awws. Hadn’t she suffered enough embarrassment? Why did Yoongi have to show the boys her wallpaper!?

Seojun's wallpaper

“It’s cute, Seojunnie! Where did you find it from?” exclaimed Taehyung, as he took her phone in his hands and observed the wallpaper carefully.

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and squeezed her eyes shut, her cheeks tinted red.

“Seojun, tell us please~?”

Seojun regretted opening her eyes as she met a pouting Jimin with his cute puppy eyes. Fuck! She was so screwed. Seojun sighed as she turned her eyes away from Jimin and mumbled incoherently.

“We can’t hear you Seojun-ah~,” said Hoseok in a singsong voice.

Seojun bit her lip as she repeated, her voice loud enough for everyone to hear, but her words too fast to be understood. “Imadeit.”

Unfortunately, Namjoon managed to understand what she said and had a smile on his face as he repeated her words for the others, “You made it? Wow, Seojun. Your editing skills are good!”

“You probably have a fan account, don’t you?”

Seojun’s head snapped up to meet Hoseok's eyes. How the fuck did Jung Hoseok find out about her fan account!? It was a little too late when Seojun realized that she had spoken out loud.

“I am really starting to like you, kid.”

Seojun cocked her head to the side as she peered at Yoongi in confusion. Yoongi did not bother to answer her as he addressed the others. “My dear losers, kindly take out our 50 dollars and pass it on to me.”

Seojun watched Jimin, Namjoon, Jin, and Taehyung take out the said money and give it to Yoongi who in turn distributed the money equally between himself, Jungkook, Hoseok, and......Seojun?

“Our bet was about whether you have a fan account or not. It’s clear who won. You can have these and buy yourself a treat for helping us win the bet.”

“That’s not fair! Seojunnie did not look like someone who would have a fan account!” whined Jimin.

Hoseok huffed and muttered something incoherent under his breath just as Jungkook looked at Seojun with his curious bambi eyes, “Seojun-ah, please show oppa your fan account! I really want to see it~”

Seojun froze. Did Jungkook just call himself Seojun’s oppa!? Before Seojun could react, Jin snorted, “Aish, Jungkook-ah! You’re really shameless. You seriously called yourself oppa? What happened to the Jungkook who hated it when people called him oppa?”

“Ah Jin hyung, I hate it when I'm called oppa by people I don’t really know. And most of the people we meet are fans and they're practically always older than me. Seojunnie is younger than me and I know her. Of course, she'll call me oppa.”

“I agree with Jungkookie. We are her oppas. Of course, it’s okay for her to call us oppa!” hummed Taehyung.

Meanwhile, Seojun stared at the three in confusion as they kept talking like she wasn’t there. Yoongi noticed the shock on Seojun’s face and decided to step in with a scoff, “You three are fighting about what you are to her. At least ask the kid what she wants.”

Seojun scrunched up her nose at Yoongi’s words who in turn pouted slightly at her, his voice something near to a whine, “What!? I come to your rescue and I don’t even get a thank you?”

“I’m not a kid,” mumbled Seojun under her breath just as the other six boys burst into laughter.

“Hm, how old are you?”

“What do you mean, Yoongi-ssi?”

“What I said. How old are you?”


“Exactly, now how old am I?”

The boy watched curiously as Seojun paused for a second and moved her gaze to Jungkook and went on Taehyung, followed by Jimin, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi, mentally counting Yoongi's age.

“You’re twenty-three.”

“Correct. Now tell me what’s the age difference between us? Seven years? On top of that, you aren’t even eighteen. So my point is proven. You’re a kid and I will call you what you are. Discussion closed!”

The boys once again broke down in laughter at how serious Yoongi looked and chuckled more when Seojun blinked at him in shock before raising her hand slightly in a surrendering posture just as they pulled up to the company.

Chapter Text

Seojun felt anxiousness creep up on her as she followed the boys. She couldn’t help but wonder why they were walking further and further away from the dance studio? Weren’t they supposed to start practicing with her? Her stomach churned with nervousness as she tried to hide behind the oldest member’s broad figure. Apparently, Jin had noticed her anxiousness and sent an assuring smile towards her before sitting down on one of the chairs, keeping a spot empty beside him empty for Seojun.

The 16-year-old did not waste a single moment as she lodged herself between Jin and Yoongi. Some of her anxiety started melting away as she zoned out and tried to only focus on the two people beside her. Seojun for some unknown reason felt the safest and most comfortable within Yoongi and Jin’s presence, even though Jin kept on making horrible (hilarious) dad jokes and Yoongi looked like someone had killed his cat and he was ready to avenge it.

Seojun had no idea what the meeting was about and couldn’t stop herself from overthinking. You can’t blame her for that, she was still on thin ice. It had been barely two days since she joined, and she hadn’t even signed the legal contract yet! A part of her knew that she had nothing to worry about if she would just trust the boys and Jangmi, they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. But the other part of her, the insecure and terrified one, couldn’t help but be cautious after all that had happened in the past few years. Seojun let out a sigh as she tried to focus on something else.

Fortunately, the door opened and a man, whom she recognized as one of Jangmi’s assistant managers, came in with a bunch of papers and folders in his arms. He put them on the table and said something to Namjoon before leaving. Namjoon pulled the items on the table towards him and went through the folder until he found whatever he was looking for. He placed the folder aside and passed the paper to Seojun.

Seojun picked the paper up with a confused expression as Namjoon spoke, “Seojun, that’s the edited version of Save Me with lines for you because it’s our latest song, and we’ll be performing it a lot even after your debut with whatever songs we release in our new album. We usually assign lines together, but I did this on my own yesterday and showed it to everyone and all of them agree with the lines assigned to you. I want you to go through it and tell me if you have any issues.”

Seojun hummed as she read through the lyrics. The boys silently watched as Seojun’s expression changed and awkward tension rose in the room. Seojun still skimmed through the lyrics as Jimin broke the silence, his voice utterly awkward, “Um, Seojun, is there a problem? Are you not happy with your lines?”

Seojun’s head snapped up as she furiously shook her head, “No! I mean yes, uh, no- wait!” She let out a frustrated cuss as she tried to explain her problem while panicking simultaneously. Yoongi let out a sigh as he raised his hands and motioned for Seojun to calm down.

“Take a deep breath and calm down. No one’s in a hurry. We won’t get mad at anything. So relax and tell us what’s bugging you.”

Seojun sucked in a sharp deep breath and squeezed her eyes shut for a few seconds before opening them with a nod, calm enough to explain her problem. Seojun opened her mouth to speak but stopped as she took a few seconds to compose herself before speaking.

“I, um, I do have a problem with the lines, but it’s not what you think, I-I, ugh-” Seojun abruptly stopped and bit the inside of her cheek as she tried to find the correct words.

“Listen Seojunnie. Why don’t you answer my questions first? Simple yes or no questions. That’ll help you figure out what you want to say. Okay?” asked Hoseok with an assuring smile.

Seojun nodded as Hoseok asked, “Alright, do you have problems with the number of lines you’re given?”

“God, no! I can’t ask for any more lines. They are more than I’d even expected.”

“Okay, so are you not happy with the lyrics, you know? The particular parts you're given?”

“No! I’m satisfied with that but what I-um, well-”

“Jagiya, I don’t mind repeating this as many times as you need. Just say what you want without any worries. No one. And I promise, no one in this room will be offended by whatever you say. Understood?” said Jin, his voice gentle and assuring.

“Okay, I-I, uh, I’m just worried that Jimin-ssi and Jungkook-ssi will be upset because all the lines I got were taken away from their parts. Most of them were Jungkook-ssi’s. On top of that, the majority of my lines are from the chorus, and if I’m not wrong, that’ll give me quite a lot of center positions during the choreography. I just don’t want to upset anyone.”

Everyone froze. They had expected a problem from Seojun, but they had certainly not expected her to be so upset about upsetting them. Seojun squeezed her eyes shut and put her head on the table when none of the boys replied. She was so done. Of course, Jungkook would be angry with her. She had already joined the group and taken his place as the official maknae, and now she was also taking away his lines and center. She was so screwed-


Seojun slowly lifted her head up to meet a grinning Jungkook, his bunny smile on full display.

“Aish, always worrying about others. Baby, I don't mind sharing my lines with you. Don't worry your pretty little head about upsetting me. You're the only person in this group who'll never upset me unless you drink my banana milk. Understood?”

Seojun was once again shocked by the use of casual nicknames as she blinked at him before asking, her voice barely above a whisper, "Are you sure? I really don't mind if I'm given fewer lines. The fact that I'm here is more than enough."

Jungkook merely rolled his eyes as he spoke, “Yes. I’m sure. I’ve never been surer of anything in my life. And you are as important as we are. Everyone gets equal lines.”

“Now that this has been cleared up, let’s get to the main thing we’re here for. I want you all to go through these lyrics and then we can decide which song should be used for our new comeback,” announced Namjoon as he passed everyone the said folders.

Seojun carefully opened the folder and skimmed through the lyrics as Namjoon explained why it was important. Seojun was extremely modest, overly modest and so when she said that she was an extremely fast reader. She wasn’t lying. Barely an hour had passed by the time Seojun had finished reading, and she was overflowing with ideas. Everything she’d read was fitting together perfectly like a puzzle inside her thoughts. There were about five songs in the folder, and she was amazed at the lyrics.

They were supposed to choose which song to release for their next comeback and Seojun’s debut. This was important as whatever song they release will probably be the title track of their next album. Seojun wondered whether she should speak up or not as she placed her folder on the table and decided against making any noise when she noticed how focused everyone was. She quietly removed her phone and started jotting down her thoughts, not wanting to forget even a single one.

As time passed, she was so deep down in her own little bubble that she did not notice the seven stares directed towards her. The boys had long put their folders away and were observing Seojun with amused looks.

“Kid, what are you doing?” asked Yoongi, slightly concerned over how focused and oblivious the 16-year-old was. He let out a sigh when Seojun completely ignored him and continued typing on her phone. Jin let out a sigh as he spoke, “Leave her be. She'll snap out soon enough. If she doesn't, we can intervene.”

Fortunately, Seojun snapped out of her zone a few minutes and put her phone down before letting out a slightly surprised noise at the seven unwavering stares.

“Well, anyone any suggestions?”

Seojun bit her lip as she contemplated Namjoon's question. She knew that she was free to speak freely and express her opinion. This was a safe space and not even remotely similar to her home. But a part of her kept holding her back and reminded her of the consequences she faced for speaking without being told to. An inner debate with the coward and the rational parts of her brain left her silent as she listened to Taehyung saying something regarding the song lyrics until Jimin directed everyone's attention towards her.

“Seojunnie, don't you want to add something. I'm sure you have ideas. You seem like the creative type.”

Seojun froze at the sudden attention and took a moment to regain her composure as she spoke, her voice hesitant, “Um, yeah, sure. Uh...Well, I went through all the lyrics and like the wonhae manhi manhi song quite a lot. It just seems like comeback material. On top of that, the lyrics are catchy too...”

“Hm, I agree. The other songs are equally good but they’d do better as B-sides,” added Taehyung.

“Okay. How many of you agree with making Wonhae Manhi Manhi our comeback song and Seojun’s debut song?” asked Namjoon as he let his gaze slide over all the members.

One thing he loved about his group was that even if they argued a lot about petty unimportant things frequently, they always managed to agree upon one thing while deciding things for their careers.

A small fond smile took over his face when everyone shrugged or hummed in agreement to making the said song their new comeback.

“Great! Our comeback song is Wonhae Manhi Manhi.” said Namjoon.

“About the title. It's obvious we can't name the song Wonhae Manhi Manhi even if it's the chorus. That just doesn't sound right....” asked Hoseok.

“What about the English Translation?” adds Jungkook.

“It basically translates to..uh, I...want you?”

I want you? It doesn’t really suit, Joon, does it?” questioned Yoongi.

Namjoon shook his head in agreement as they thought over other ideas.

“What about Nae Pi Ttam Nunmul?” suggested Jin.

The six boys made unsure noises while Seojun let out a sigh, Jin’s suggestion going round and round in her mind until she lets out a small gasp and turns to the others with an excited look on her face.

Nae Pi Ttam Nunmul is a bit of a mouthful, so, what about Blood Sweat and Tears. It’s equally long but it has a nice ring to it...”

The boys remained silent for a minute as they took in Seojun’s suggestion before Jimin hummed, “See! I told y’all she’s a creative one. I like it. It’s nice. We can even call it BST unofficially.”

Seojun felt a nice warm feeling spread through her chest as the boys dived into a deep discussion about the song. A small chuckle left her mouth as she watched Taehyung pull Jimin’s cheeks with a squeal for some reason unknown to her. It didn’t take long before all of them were deep into their world, unaware of how quickly time passes by.

Chapter Text

It was only when Seojun yawned that the boys realized how late it was. Hours had passed by in a blink as they assigned the lines to each member and made changes to the lyrics while simultaneously discussing color themes that could suit their song.

“Aish! We need to go back to the dorm now. It’s too late! All of us haven’t eaten anything since lunch. On top of that, Seojun has school.” announced Jin as he stood up, packing up their stuff and motioning for the other seven to do the same.

Seojun felt a headache waving at her from a distance at the thought of all the homework she still had to finish. Seojun knew that she’d have to juggle her studies and career but not so soon! She had assumed that it would be a normal practice day and that she’d be back around 9:00 or 10:00 pm. Seojun let out a small tired sigh as she followed the boys out to the parking lot. The world around them was silent as they walked towards their car. It wasn’t long before Seojun found herself taking a seat by the window with Yoongi beside her.

She leaned her head on the window as the car started. Her thoughts taking over her. The one most important thing she learned today? She thought. Never make the mistake of assuming or predicting your day. Seojun rolled her eyes, internally giving the universe her middle finger for fucking things up. She did not realize when her eyes started drooping until her head fell out of balance, and she felt herself sitting up straighter and tenser than before. She couldn’t afford to sleep and let her guard down even though she knew everything was perfectly fine.

Unfortunately for her, Yoongi had noticed how sleepy she looked and waited until the sixth time her head dropped to say, “Close your eyes and sleep for a while, kid. I’ll wake you up when we reach. Relax.”

Seojun was as reluctant as she looked but stopped fighting against her sleep when Yoongi resorted to glaring at her until she did what he said. (Just for your information, his glare wasn’t threatening in the least. He just looked like a cat glaring at you for taking away his favorite toy.) She knew that sleeping in their presence was dangerous, but she also knew that whether Yoongi had spoken up or not, it was inevitable for Seojun to have stayed awake till they reached the dorm.

Yoongi wasn’t really surprised when he felt a weight on his shoulder barely minutes after he forced the 16-year-old to close her eyes. It was clear from her face that she needed sleep, and he didn’t mind having to push her a little towards the right choices. A small, barely visible fond look took over Yoongi’s face as he watched how relaxed and adorable his dongsaeng looked.

He felt like he could physically see the reinforced steel walls built around the younger go down as she let her guard down. His blood boiled at the thought of someone hurting her and leaving her broken to this point. Something warm burst in his chest when he realized that the girl was now under his care and he would be able to keep her happy and safe.

If he could, Yoongi would’ve long ago wrapped Seojun up in the fluffiest and largest blankets he could find and hidden her away from the harsh world, not wanting for the innocent girl to get caught up in the mess that always remained. Yoongi snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Seojun moving.

A frown took over his face when he noticed the 16-year-old's face scrunched up in what he could describe as pure fear. Seojun was trembling and mumbling incoherently. Yoongi focused on her voice well enough to hear a few snippets.

“NO!, I won’t. Please.....don’t. Let me stay.....d-don'”

Yoongi snapped out his trance when Seojun let out a small whimper and instantly moved to get her out of her nightmare.

“Kid? Wake up! Hey, it’s okay. You’re alright, Seojun....”

By this point, the other six had their attention on Yoongi, who was shaking Seojun lightly. They felt worry gnaw at them as Seojun became more and more agitated. She had started mumbling slightly louder and kept shaking her head. When Yoongi realized that being gentle wasn’t going to help, he did the only thing he could think of. He grabbed a bottle of water and sprinkled some onto Seojun’s face, letting out a relieved sigh when the girl started coming out of her nightmare. Seojun took in large gulps of air, her breath heavy with her hand on her chest as she tried to calm herself down, clearly oblivious to the seven gazes on her.

“Hey, kid, are you okay?”

Yoongi felt a pang of regret and hurt hit him when Seojun’s head snapped towards him, a look of utter horror on her face once she noticed everyone’s attention on her.

Seojun managed to forget her panic momentarily as she threw a quick nod towards the seven men while wiping her wet face and turned her back to them, silent staring out of the window, chiding herself internally for falling asleep. She knew better than to do that but, nope, she had to go and mess things up. Even while chiding herself, she couldn’t help but worry.

The boys promised her that they were there for her anytime she needed them. They promised to be there when she falls and have her back but what about the part where they have no idea about the amount of baggage that comes along with her? They must be insane if they ever agree to accept her with her baggage. No words could describe the amount of relief Seojun felt when the car stopped at the dorm and before anyone could even react, she had shot off and escaped to her room with the two oldest members.

By the time the two boys entered the room to check on her, she’d locked herself in the bathroom. Yoongi and Jin shared a concerned look as they left the room to give Seojun the privacy she needed. About 10 minutes passed before Seojun came out with a surprisingly large amount of books in her arms and sat down at the dinner table while the others ordered takeout.

Seojun opened her books and plugged in her headphones before she started working. The seven men had amused looks on their faces as they watched the 16-year-old write at an inhumane speed while mumbling something or the other under her breath. Nearly an hour passed by as Seojun went through books like candy only stopping to remove her headphones while muttering something about distraction. Other than that the only break she took was to change her book or refer to her textbooks.

The boys snapped out of their trance when their food arrived, but Seojun still remained submerged in her own world. It went on until Jungkook tried to give Seojun her dinner, but she barely acknowledged him while she stayed focused on her studies. Jungkook looked as awkward and embarrassed as he felt and found himself sitting back down when Taehyung took the matters into his own hands.

He softly called out to Seojun until she spared him a glance, “Seojunnie, eat first, or else your dinner will be cold.”

Seojun hummed absentmindedly as she turned her gaze back to her book and picked up a piece of meat from her plate and plopped it into her mouth while thinking about the cultural differences between modern Korean culture and medieval Korean culture. She found herself being pulled out of her thoughts when her pen was stolen from her grip. She frowned and turned to look at Jin who had a tired look on his face.

“Jagiya, eat, or else you’re not getting your pen and books back.”

Seojun let out a deep sigh and turned her attention to the plate in front of her started wolfing down the food as quickly as she could without choking. Once she finished, she showed Jin her plate before putting it in the sink. Seojun sat back down and grabbed her books back from the oldest member before falling back into her homework.

By the time the boys finished eating, Seojun had finished the last of her homework and stretched her arms with a quiet groan. Relief spread through her at the thought of not being scolded by her teacher and punished for not completing her homework. The 16-year-old put her books aside and went over to collect the dishes.

Just as she was about to reach for Namjoon’s plate, he stopped her with a small frown, “Seojun? Why are you collecting our dishes? We’ll do it.”

Seojun froze at a loss for words. She was used to something way too different from what Namjoon was saying. At her house, she was used to cooking for everyone and cleaning up after them too. Her parents never really cared if she was tired or had homework. She had to finish all the household chores and then do whatever she wanted. If she did not do the chores on time, her mother would hit her.

If she finished the chores but did not get the time to finish her homework, her teachers would scold her as well as inform her parents who would again hit her for bringing her family’s name down. She had never been able to understand how any of it was ever her fault.

She cleared her throat and nodded before picking up her books and going to her room. She placed her books into her bag before making her way back to the kitchen to do the dishes.

“Why are you doing the dishes?” asked Jungkook as he moved to stand beside her.

Seojun sighed as she replied, her tone laced with confusion, “Because I’m supposed to?”

Jungkook shook his head as he shooed her away, “No, you’re not supposed to do anything except go to sleep. It’s late and you have school in the morning. So shut up and go to sleep. We can manage. We aren’t the ones who’ll have to wake up early and go to school.”

Seojun felt herself nodding as she left. Seojun had just laid down in the bed before her eyes started drooping, too tired to even get a blanket or listen to the voice that nagged at her for sleeping in the bed. She felt her limbs getting heavy as she found herself falling deep into a dreamless sleep. The last thing she knew was someone covering her with a blanket and placing her glasses aside as she let herself go. She just wasn't sure if the person had kissed her forehead or if she'd imagined it. (Yes, the person did kiss her forehead uwu)

Chapter Text

Seojun woke up with a start as her alarm rang. She groaned as her hand turned the alarm off. Her head was pounding. This was common as she always got a headache due to lack of sleep. She yawned and stretched her limbs as she put her glasses on before getting out of bed. Seojun ran a hand through her awfully messed up bed-hair before making the bed and leaving the room. She couldn’t care less about someone seeing her in that condition. Seojun knew she looked worse off than a zombie but it wasn’t something she wasn’t used to.

It certainly was a bit terrifying when the dark circles had first started appearing, and she felt her muscles ache in pain due to sleeping on the couch of her house. But soon enough, she got used to it and had started embracing the pain. Unfortunately, this did play a small part in increasing Seojun’s pain tolerance.

The 16-year-old found herself standing in the kitchen, looking around to find signs of another awake human. Once Seojun deemed that everyone was asleep, she managed to get herself into the shower silently and got ready for school. By the time she was ready and came out, more humans were awake, namely Yoongi and Jimin. Yoongi stood by the stove yawning as he fried some meat with a mug of coffee in his hand, while Jimin sat with his face down on the dinner table.

Seojun placed her school bag by the chair before moving to stand beside Yoongi, her voice slightly nervous, “G-good morning, Yoongi-ssi. Can I d-do anything?”

She was not used to not doing chores and watching the boys do it made her even more uneasy. The nagging voice in her head kept on saying that she shouldn’t let them do the chores. But she couldn’t exactly argue with the boys when they refused to let her do them.

“No, before you say anything, you don’t need to do anything and I’m sure- on second thoughts, yes. I need you to sit down with this plate and finish the food off for me,” said Yoongi pointing towards a plate by the counter filled with breakfast.

Seojun silently grabbed the plate and sat down at the table beside Jimin who lifted his head to give Seojun a small smile in greeting. Seojun returned the smile hesitantly as she started eating. She was nearly done with the food when a lunch box was put in front of her.

“I cooked today kid so the food might not be as good as Jin hyung's,” said Yoongi as he sat down opposite her.

Seojun nodded in reply and thanked Yoongi for the food as she placed her plate in the sink. Jimin stood up with a yawn as he spoke, “Come on Seojun-ah, I’m dropping you off today.”

Seojun failed to keep her disappointed look hidden but managed to put on a facade as she nodded in answer. Jimin started walking towards the door with Seojun following him when Yoongi stopped them.

“Jimin-ah, you look sleepy. Go and sleep. I’ll drop Seojun off.” said Yoongi as he took the car keys from Jimin’s hands and nudged him in the direction of his room. Jimin hummed and waved to the pair before returning to his room. Seojun couldn’t help the sigh of relief that made its way out of her throat when she followed Yoongi out the door. Her eyes widened in horror as she kept her head down with guilt and sat down in the car. That was so inappropriate! But before Seojun could mope in her embarrassment and guilt, Yoongi started the car and spoke, his voice playful.

“No need to feel guilty for having a preference. But I would love to know why you’d like to ride with me. I like to have my ego fed...”

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as tried to say something that wouldn’t sound rude or bratty, “Uh, I p-prefer quiet. And, I shouldn’t say this b-but Jimin-ssi is too hyper for my taste... You are more p-peaceful and quiet. I don’t mean anything i-in a bad way. But it’s j-just that I can’t say a-anything to Jimin-ssi because then I w-would feel bad if h-he got upset. But t-then I-”

Yoongi chuckled as he cut her rambling off, “Stop rambling. It’s okay. And I don’t mind driving you to school even if it means I have to wake up early.”

Seojun couldn’t help the small sheepish smile that took over her face as Yoongi drove her to school. She had to resist the extremely strong urge to whine when Yoongi stopped the car at her school. She would rather stay in the car and go for a drive with Yoongi than go to school. As expected, Yuna and her gang were standing by the gate waiting for her but when they saw her getting out of a car, they scrambled off. Seojun bowed to Yoongi with a small thanks before making her way to class. Yoongi watched as Seojun’s shoulders dropped as she walked into her school, increasing the bad feeling about Seojun being hurt by someone even more. Yoongi sighed as he turned the car on and drove back to the dorm.


Seojun let out a slightly relieved sigh when the class monitor announced that their last class was free and the students were allowed to do whatever they liked. It took less than a minute for Seojun to find her earphones and plug them in to drown the noise emerging from her class to the background as she focused on Jungkook’s voice, humming lightly while removing her homework. She wasn’t really going to have any time to finish her homework after school so why not utilize the time?

The class was barely halfway through by the time Seojun had finished her homework. She hummed lightly under her breath as she opened her bag and took out a dark grey-colored book.

Seojun's notebook

A fond smile took its place on Seojun's face as she carefully opened the book. You wouldn't believe that the book was at least 3 years old. After all, this book's Seojun's pride and joy. Of course, she was going to take extremely good care of it! Seojun picked up her phone and changed the music to piano covers before picking up her pen and opening a blank page in her notebook.

Seojun sighed as she thought about the way her life was. She had nothing to look forward to. Hell, she didn't even have a future until a few days ago. All she could do at the moment was pray that she made it out of school with herself and her career intact and on the right path. Oh, how she wished to change her life. Seojun wouldn't think for a second if someone offered her a way out of her current life even if it meant getting a completely new identity after faking her death and settling down in a secret residency in Antarctica. The 16-year-old couldn't help but roll her eyes as she turned her attention to the blank page she was going to cover with her not-so-awful handwriting.

Just a young gun, with a quick fuse.
I was uptight, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of bigger things
Wanna leave my own life behind

Seojun hummed a tune mindlessly as she looked at her classmates, everyone sitting together and talking in groups. Girls about their crushes and latest trends while the boys busied themselves with sports and hot girls. Seojun sighed and turned her gaze back to the blank page. She wondered why she was so different. Why couldn’t she be like those girls? Carefree? Her only priority boys and makeup. Seojun shook her head at those thoughts before jotting down fresh lyrics.

Kids were laughing, in my classes
While I was scheming for the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming about being a big star

A small sarcastic smile took over Seojun's face as she wrote down another pair of lyrics.

Now I'm shining on the stage while,
You're crying from your nose bleed

(A/N: I know the original lyrics of Thunder aren't this. I had originally misheard it but now I feel like these sound better for my story so I'm not changing them~)

Seojun bit her lip as another line settled down in her head. She had no idea where that popped up from, but it did sound nice.

I was lighting before the thunder

Seojun closed her book as she took a look at the clock. 10 more minutes. She could always sit and draw, right...?

A pleased look sat over Seojun's face as she got out of her seat, her backpack slung over her shoulder and a piece of paper in her hand. The 16-year-old quickly put on her mask and scurried through the hallways trying her best to avoid the people who had made it their personal mission to make her life miserable. Seojun sneaked a peek at her doodle and felt a small smile rest on her face as she walked down the stairs. Maybe. Maybe if she had enough courage, she might give the doodle to a certain someone or maybe a few certain someones, whom she'd like to keep her drawing. For the first time in years, Seojun felt happy as she walked towards the exit.

Unfortunately, her happiness wasn't meant to stay with her. A grunt left Seojun's mouth as she was pushed down to the floor. She looked up to see three extremely familiar girls standing in front of her with smirks on their faces. Of course! She was so fucking screwed!

“Hello, dear Seojunnie. What is it that I'm hearing about you coming to school in a car every day?”

Seojun took a deep breath and cleared her throat as she stood up, face to face with Yuna who glared at her with her arms crossed. Even though Seojun was taller than Yuna, she felt extremely small under her gaze. But that was the point, wasn't it? Bullies are always supposed to make you feel small and threatened.

Yuna sent a small bone-chilling smile to Seojun as she spoke, “Seojunnie, did I not ask you a question? Tell me if I've heard right or not...”

Seojun resisted the urge to roll her eyes and kept her tone as nonchalant as possible. “Yes, why does it matter?”

Seojun honestly couldn't understand what Yuna was trying to prove by asking her to confirm something that she knew was true. After all, Yuna had been at the gate quite a few times and had clearly seen Seojun get out of Bangtan's car with her own eyes.

“Well, well, who's car is it, loser, your new sugar daddy?”

Seojun turned her gaze towards the girl on Yuna's right, Hyeri just as a fit of giggles passed through the audience gathered. She was Yuna's best friend while the other girl Jieun was her sister.

“How is that any of your concern, Hyeri?”

Seojun could feel the panic rise in her along with a twinge of anger at the thought of being surrounded by so many people. Unfortunately, the panic was overpowering the anger.

“Don't! You know the consequences of being rude, bitch. What's that?” exclaimed Jieun. Seojun followed the said girl's gaze to the paper in her hand.

Almost immediately, Seojun hid the paper behind her as she narrowed her eyes at Jieun, “None of your goddamn business!”

Seojun felt regret almost instantly as she was pushed down by Jieun and felt the paper being snatched from her hand. Yup! Seojun was so done! She could feel the ever-familiar sting behind her eyes. She bit the inside of her cheeks hard enough to draw blood as she tried to keep her tears at bay. The situation was bad enough. Crying would just make everything worse.

Seojun stared at the ground as she waited for the laughing and taunting to come, but instead, she heard gasps. She looked up to see her paper in a large hand. Her eyes widened as she followed the hand to the person standing beside Jieun.

“What the fuck do you little shits think you're doing!?” snarled a way too familiar deep voice.

Seojun's urge to cry got even stronger as Yuna, Hyeri and Jieun stepped back and the man came forward.

“Come on Seojunnie, let's go. Everyone's waiting for you.”

Seojun gulped and blinked her tears back as she stared at the man's extended hand. The 16-year-old took a deep breath as she grabbed the man's hand and stood up, wincing slightly at the pain in her left leg. She had definitely pulled a muscle. The man glared at the people around before wrapping a hand around Seojun's shoulder and leading her to the car.

Seojun kept her head down even after she sat down in the car, trying her best not to cry. She was so pathetic. She couldn't even deal with a few bullies without having someone to rescue her or bursting out into tears!?

“Seojunnie, please tell me what was that about? Are you okay?”

Seojun kept her gaze strictly down as she spoke, her voice nervous, “It was nothing, Taehyung-ssi. Those girls mess with everyone. Don't worry. I'm good.”

Taehyung sighed as he dropped the conversation, “If you say so...”

Taehyung remained silent for a few minutes before continuing, “Seojun, you know that we're there for you. You can talk to us. We can help you.”

Seojun gulped and nodded as she turned her head to the window.

Taehyung wasn't really surprised when Seojun quite literally ran through the dorm and went straight into her room as soon as the car stopped. Taehyung parked the car and entered to find six questioning looks pointing at him.

All he could do was rub his face with a tired sigh, “Don't ask. She had a hard time. Leave her be.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung sat down on the couch with a small sigh as the events from a while ago came to his mind. He and the boys, except Yoongi, Jin, and Jimin (because they'd already had a chance) and Namjoon (because he can't drive for the life of him), played rock paper and scissors to decide who'd get to pick Seojun up from school. After a whole 10 minutes of intense glaring between Taehyung and Jungkook as they played to decide the final winner, Taehyung finally won and did not leave without throwing his signature V sign towards Jungkook with a proud smirk on his face.

Now, after Taehyung saw what happened, he was extremely glad that he'd reached Seojun's school earlier than usual to pick her up. He hadn't planned to get out of the car and remained inside, singing along to the songs on the radio until he caught sight of a small crowd by the school entrance. Once again he was extremely thankful for his curiosity, as he had stepped out of the car after putting on a cap to hide his bright hair and a mask to cover his face. Taehyung strolled over to the crowd and felt anger coursing through him when he saw a way too familiar bag near the ground where someone was surrounded by the crowd.

Before he could even think, his legs were leading him towards the girls standing exactly in front of the victim. Taehyung prided himself on being extremely polite and calm. He tried his best to always avoid arguments and solve problems peacefully without any violence or shouting. But the situation was unfortunately all about breaking his usual ways. Taehyung reached in time to see one of the girls snatching a paper from Seojun who looked like she was ready to cry.

Taehyung felt his heart break into pieces for the 16-year-old as he quite literally snarled at the girls and snatched the paper away from them before helping Seojun up. He did not stop glaring at everyone around him until he had seated Seojun into the car. How could someone bully such a soft and polite girl? What had she ever done to them? He felt even more furious once he realized that these were probably the people who had pushed Seojun down the stairs a few days ago.

“Tae? What's that?”

Taehyung snapped out of his trance when he heard his soulmate call out to him. He followed Jimin's gaze to his hand where he was still clutching Seojun's paper.

“Oh! This? It's Seojun's.”

“What's in it, Tae?” asked Jungkook, a curious glint in his eyes. Their maknae had always been as curious as a cat and his bambi eyes certainly did not help when they thought of trying to wave off his curiosity.

Taehyung merely shrugged as he answered, “I don't know.”

He sighed when the others stared at him in confusion, “Aish! It's Seojun's, and it doesn't feel right to see what's in it. She seems like a person who'd prefer to keep their things to themselves and would probably appreciate it if someone doesn't go through them without their permission.”

The other boys agreed as they knew how closed off Seojun was. Taehyung was right. They should respect her privacy. Before anyone could say anything, Taehyung had a large smile on his face as he noticed Seojun walking in.

“Are you alright, Seojunnie?”

Other armies weren't wrong when they said that Taehyung's large smile was extremely infectious and heart-stopping. Seojun found herself giving him a small smile as she nodded, “I’m good, Taehyung-ssi.”

A fond look came over Taehyung's face as he extended the paper towards Seojun, “Here. I forgot I still had your paper.”

Seojun bit her lip as she hesitated. She could do it. What's the worst-case scenario? They'd hate it. Best case scenario? Whatever would happen next.

“Uh-I, um, well, I. So. Yes, this is for you? I mean all of you. Like you can have it. Uh, or not if you don't want to. No pressure. I-”

Seojun stopped speaking when Taehyung opened the paper with the other boys standing around him.

Seojun's Doodle

“Once again, my point is proven. We have two golden maknaes who can also draw.” declared Namjoon as the other boys chuckled.

“When did you draw this, Seojun?”

“Uh, our last class was free today, Hoseok-ssi. I finished my homework and had some time.”

“You know what, Seojun? I'll show you my drawings later. Maybe we can sit and draw together!” gushed Jungkook as he flashed Seojun his bunny smile.

Seojun merely smiled back as Jin took the paper from Taehyung's hands and marched into the kitchen. They could hear him moving around for a minute before he came back out.

“What did you do with her drawing, hyung?”

“I put it up on the fridge, Yoongi.”


Jin looked at Jimin with his eyebrows raised, “Are you seriously asking me why? Seojun made it. Of course, it’ll go on the fridge! Don’t parents put up their children’s drawings on the fridge? They do! So of course I’m going to put my sweet and cute dongsaeng’s drawings on the fridge!”

Seojun froze at Jin’s explanation as the other boys cooed. Her face turned completely red as she cleared her throat and quite literally escaped the embarrassment by rushing out to the car.

Yoongi grabbed a granola bar before turning to leave with the boys right behind him, a fond smile playing on his lips.

“Kid, eat this. You didn’t have lunch. We can go and get snacks during our break.” said Yoongi as he threw the granola bar at Seojun before moving to take a seat.

Seojun nodded and muttered a barely audible thank you, before tearing the wrapper open and looking out of the window as she chewed on the small snack.


Seojun felt all the previous heaviness on her chest vanish as she stepped into the dance studio. She let her worries settle down at the back of her mind as she focused all her attention on the choreographer who was in the process of teaching them the new formations for No More Dream. Jangmi had poked her head in at a point and told them that there might be a possibility of having to perform it during their new comeback.

Seojun was shocked beyond bounds when Songeduk (their choreographer in case you forgot) informed her that she’d be the one doing the lift with Jimin in the new formation. And she didn’t know whether Jungkook was a psychic or he’d just figured out how to read minds when he assured her that it was okay.


“No buts, Seojunnie. I’m sure that I’m not upset or angry or offended or whatever you think I might be. And it’s better for you to do the lift because your height is nearly the same as hyung's. So it’ll be easier for him to coordinate with you.”

Jungkook had a victorious grin on his face when he had finally managed to convince Seojun to accept the part. But what they didn’t know was that it was going to be even harder to convince Seojun to dance in the center.

“Please don’t tell me that you’re asking me to be in the center with Jimin-ssi during both the main choruses....”

Songeduk sighed as he nodded, “Yes Seojun, that’s exactly what I’m saying, and I’m sorry, but we can’t change that. If I try to change that formation to avoid you from having to dance center, I’ll also have to change everyone’s positions, and it’ll become a lot more complicated.”

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and nodded in understanding, “Oh! Okay, it’s okay. No problem.”

Songeduk let out a relieved sigh as he finished explaining the positions. Soon enough they started practicing verse by verse to get their formations and timing’s perfect. Seojun didn’t really mind dancing in the center, but what bugged her was that she’d have to lift her shirt during the second main chorus. She did feel a bit relieved when she realized that no one would expect her to lift her shirt during practice.

At least that would give her enough time to heal and maybe hit the gym to make her body look better because there was no way she'd lift her shirt up and let the world see those ugly purple bruises, loitered around an old scar with her weirdly proportioned body.

It didn't take long for Seojun to get completely lost in the music as she took her place on Namjoon's left, crouched down like Hoseok while humming alongside the music. This was approximately the eighth time they were going through the whole choreography. Why was this time special though? It was special because a certain someone named Son Songeduk had promised to give them a half an hour break to get some snacks. Seojun let out a quiet sigh as she matched her body to the beat and rose slowly, waiting for her cue to take the lead.

Jin let out an exaggerated groan as everyone fell out of the formation, while the ending beats of No More Dream faded into the background. Seojun let go of her balance as she plopped down on the ground and groaned in exhaustion. Even though she was on the brink of falling asleep there itself, she was in utter bliss. Her body was definitely going to be sore tomorrow but that was worth the happy feeling in her at dancing so much without any worries.

Hoseok rolled his eyes at his members as he spoke, “Come on guys. Let’s go and get some snacks. I’m famished!”

Almost instantly the other six stood up, ready to get food. Seojun chuckled quietly as she followed the seven men out to the small cafe nearby. The owner knew the boys well and kept a private booth reserved for them. Seojun let out a tired sigh as she plopped down in the seat beside Namjoon. As soon as they settled, the owner personally came to take their orders. Seojun watched as the seven boys gave their orders. She kept watching them until she realized that she too had to order. Immediately Seojun found herself panicking slightly as she tried to order, “Oh, me. Uh, I-I, um just a-”

“She’ll have the extra spicy lamb skewers with a coke please.”

The owner hummed and bowed to them before slinking away to the kitchen. Seojun winced as she shot a grateful look to Jin who just smiled brightly at her. The boys talked amongst themselves as they waited for their food. Seojun felt peaceful and calm as she watched them, she’d always been more of a listener rather than a talker, or maybe it was just that she never had anyone to talk to and was now more used to listening.


Seojun turned her gaze to Namjoon with her eyebrows raised, “Yes, Namjoon-ssi?”

“You said you wanted to find your grandmother’s contact information, right? We have plenty of time to do that right now. Give me your phone please.”

Seojun nodded in realization as she quickly pulled up her phone and gave it to Namjoon who opened the browser.

“What do you usually use to call your grandmother? Like your parent’s phone or the house landline?”

“The landline.”

Seojun could remember that day clearly, the day she found out that she wouldn’t be able to contact her grandmother ever again. Her parents. They had the audacity to lie and tell her that her grandmother had passed away in some kind of a car accident. And she believed them too. Only she knew the amount of pain she suffered when she was forced to believe that lie. She probably still would be living with that lie, if she wouldn’t have had overheard her parents talking. She remembered the exact words her father had spoken to her mother in the dead of the night when they thought she was asleep.

“I told my mom to stay away. We don’t need her here influencing Seojun. Seojun’s better off believing she’s dead. I can’t imagine what she thought when she tried to take that girl away from us. Who does she think she is-.”

Seojun had run off back to the couch by that point, too shocked to stay and eavesdrop. It had been hard initially to believe that the one person she loved the most was still alive. After she got over that shock, then came the anger. Seojun was livid and fuming at the fact that her parents lied to her and told her that her grandmother died only because they did not want to let her grandmother take her away. From that day to the current time, Seojun still couldn’t understand why her grandmother wanted to take her away.

Seojun let her current train of thoughts fade away as she watched Namjoon. He was busy searching for something and was clicking into some website before turning to Seojun.

“What’s your landline number?”


Namjoon hummed absentmindedly as he put in the said digits and skimmed through the web page. Seojun silently watched as Namjon squinted the page and addressed her without bothering to move his head, “Uh, what’s her name?”

“Ahn Minji.....”

Namjoon hummed to himself as he scrolled through before letting out a victorious noise and thrusting the phone towards Seojun.

“Done! Here’s her number. I went through your landline call history and searched for Ahn Minji.”

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and felt tears welling up in her eyes and she gave Namjoon the largest smile she could muster and thanked him before excusing herself from the booth. Seojun gulped as she dialed in the number definitely not ready for whatever she’d face on the other side. Seojun took deep breaths as she tried to keep herself calm and waited for the call to get through. Her breath hitched as the ringing stopped and an awfully familiar voice came through.

“Hello? Ahn Minji speaking. Who’s this?”

Chapter Text

“Hello? Ahn Minji speaking. Who’s this?”

Seojun’s urge to cry increased even more at the familiar voice. She had never expected to be able to reconnect with her grandmother after all that happened. And now, here she was on the phone with her.

“Hello!? I swear if this is another prank call, I am going to call your parents and make sure you’re grounded. It’s you Seonbin, isn’t it? I am sure Chaeyon won’t be happy to hear about how you-”

“Seonbin still hasn't stopped?” chuckled Seojun as Minji abruptly stopped speaking.

Seojun froze when there was no reply from the other side for a whole minute.


“It's me......halemoni” whispered Seojun, almost afraid to break the silence.

“No way! How, I- what the fuck!?”

Seojun giggled, feeling a little choked up as she spoke, “Yes halemoni. It’s me. Seojun. How are you?”

The 16-year-old winced as a loud screech came through the phone followed by a string of not so polite curses. She sighed and waited for her grandmother to get over the shock.

“Wait a minute. How did you contact me Seojun? Daeshim-”

“Yeah, about that. I’m not with them.”

“What do you mean by that Seojun?”

Seojun sighed as she told her grandmother about everything that had taken place in the last few days. The 16-year-old held her breath as she waited for a response.

“So, what you’re telling me is that you were scouted by BigHit on your way back home. You agreed to audition and you got accepted. And for some reason, you are going to be debuting as a new member of that boy group you love......”


“Do you think I’m a fool Han Seojun!?”

“WHAT!?” shouted Seojun, wincing when she attracted Bangtan’s attention. She mouthed an apology before turning her attention back to her grandmother.

“What do you mean Halemoni?”

“Don’t prank me just because I don't scold you, Seojun.”

“I’m not lying Halemoni. I'm serious. We were at practice and now we're out to eat because it's our break. I swear.”

“Okay, okay. I believe you. You never told me what Daeshim and Munhee said about this. I don't believe that those two shits let you go.”

Seojun froze as she tried to figure out an excuse. How the hell was she supposed to tell her extremely short-tempered grandmother that her son and daughter-in-law had kicked their own daughter out of the house for auditioning!?

“Yeah......about that, I-I'll talk to you later, Halemoni. Our food arrived, they're calling me. Bye! Love you!”

Seojun did not wait for her grandmother's reply and cut the call off before letting out a tired sigh. She knew she'd have to tell her grandmother at one point but she could always delay it until she couldn’t.

“You alright, Seojun?”

Seojun flinched out of instinct as she turned to face Jimin, staring at her with a concerned look on his face.

“Huh? What?”

“You looked scared. Are you alright?”

Seojun's eyes widened as she quickly shook her head, “No, no! Its nothing. I'm good. Don't worry. Let's go and eat, Jimin-ssi.”

Jimin narrowed his eyes at her for a millisecond before nodding and turning to go back to the table without seeing if Seojun was following him or not. She was.


Seojun made a content sound as she leaned back into the seat, blissed out from all the tasty food she had. A small fond smile played on Seojun's lips as she watched the seven boys express similar emotions until Hoseok had to break the relaxed atmosphere.

“I really didn't want to be the one to say this, but we gotta go. We still have to practice Save Me with Seojun's lines.”

The boys whined and groaned as they stood up, thanking the owner before leaving the cafe. They had a tab there, after becoming regulars and would usually pay all together at the start or end of every month and leave a huge tip behind too.

Seojun hummed to herself as she walked out, excited to learn the new formations for Save Me. In her haste, she managed to miss the small pebble right in front of her, which ended up with her barely managing to hold her balance as she stumbled straight into Jungkook who somehow caught her before she face-planted on the floor without letting himself being affected by her weight. Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and winced as she swiftly balanced herself and got out of Jungkook’s space, not before bowing gratefully. Jungkook gave her a small smile as they continued walking.

Seojun gritted her teeth as her face screwed up at the searing pain shooting through her ankle. Of course, she wasn’t in luck. Being bullied always ended with her getting hurt. It did not matter whether the injury was visible or not. Seojun took deep breaths as she tried to ignore the pain and distracted herself by focusing on her excitement for Save Me. What the 16-year-old didn’t know was that no matter how careful she was, someone always watched her and this time she might regret not being careful.......


“Wow, kid! You really are amazing me more and more every time you enter this studio,” said Yoongi, keeping his voice nonchalant, but no one could ignore the proudness lying under.

“I know right? Are you sure you haven’t taken dance classes before? You are quick at grasping the steps and memorizing them.” agreed Hoseok.

Seojun turned red from the attention as she bowed with a barely audible thank you and got back into her position while Songeduk gave them the signal before he played the track again.

The starting bars of Save Me filled the studio as Seojun went through the fan chant in her head. She watched from the side as Jimin lip-synced to the lines while dancing followed by Jungkook. Seojun felt herself bobbing her head as Jin and Taehyung took the center, dancing with their backs to each other.

Seojun hummed along as she waited for a particular beat before going out to the main center with Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung as Jin took the lead. Seojun let herself get lost in the music as she took her first center, singing along to the lines with the seven members around her.

geu soneul naemireojwo
save me, save me

Seojun spun lightly as she switched her position to let Jimin in the center before spinning again to take the center as the dance break started. She put all her energy in it as the fanchant rang through her brain. She had an unexplainable love for this particular dance break. One thing Seojun failed to realize was that her hoodie rode up as she danced her way through the dance break, forgetting the still visible bruises on her ribs. She also managed to miss the sharp intake of breath by the one who noticed those marks.

The 16-year-old let out a content sigh as she shifted to the back behind Namjoon, who gave her a small smile, while Yoongi took the lead to his rap verse followed by Hoseok. Seojun watched as Jungkook sang his lines before making way for her as she danced to her part until Taehyung slid in through the side. Seojun moved to the side as the chorus started with Jin taking the lead. She stayed there until the chorus ended and Namjoon’s verse began, instantly moving to take her position behind Namjoon, between Hoseok and Jimin.

She remembered that she was going to the one to sing the notes along with Namjoon during the end of his verse as she lip-synced his lines before moving out to the side with the other two, leaving Namjoon alone in the center for a few seconds before moving back to the center with the others and taking her spot near Jimin as her the ending of the song arrived, with her lines in the cue.

geu soneul naemireojwo
save me, save me
I need your love
Before i fall, fall

Seojun let her eyes close halfway as she fell to the floor onto her knees along with the seven boys, the last beats of the song fading away.

“Good work guys! Your chemistry and coordination are getting better with each practice.” acknowledged Songeduk as everyone relaxed and sat down on the floor, sweat dripping off them with their breaths heavy. Save Me was probably one of their simplest songs but what made it hard was the choreography. To be specific, the speed. The choreography was pretty simple with easy moves but the hard part was the speedy footwork.

“One more thing. During the dance break, Yoongi, you should go a bit more inside, like towards the center because you were a bit farther from the others. And Hoseok, during your verse, increase the space between you and the others slightly. That way the focus on you during your part will be better. And-”

Songeduk paused as the door to the studio opened and an unknown woman, probably a new intern, poked her head in, her face apologetic. “I’m so sorry for disturbing you but I was sent to get Seojun-ssi. Someone has come to meet her.”

Everyone’s gaze turned to Seojun who had stiffened at the female intern’s words. Endless scenarios rushed through her head, mostly bad ones which included her parents dragging her home or BigHit kicking her out after finding out about her past. Seojun shuddered at the thoughts as she stood up. “Um, thank you. I suppose whoever it is will be at the reception downstairs, right?”

The intern nodded as Seojun addressed the other, “Uh, sorry, I’ll be back quickly.”

No one failed to notice the sheer look of terror on her face. Just as Seojun put a foot into the hall, someone called her name. She turned to see Jin walking towards her with an assuring gentle smile, instantly calming half of her inner turmoil.

“Let’s go together, jagiya. I also want to get some fresh air.”

Seojun along with everyone else knew that Jin was lying and was coming along only to support her but no one called him out on it. Instead, Seojun nodded as she walked down towards the reception with the oldest member right by her side, providing her as much silent comfort as possible. Seojun’s tense posture got even stiffer as they reached the reception.

The 16-year-old gazed over the reception area, her eyes scrutinizing everyone present from behind her glasses. Seojun could swear that her heart stopped for a second when her gaze fell on an extremely familiar figure standing right beside the reception counter, staring straight at her.

Chapter Text

“What the fucking hell?” whispered Seojun as she stared at the familiar figure standing right under her gaze.

“Seojun? Jagiya? What's wrong?” asked Jin, his voice concerned as he followed Seojun's gaze to stare at a woman, with a large grin on her face.

“Hey! She's my baby and jagiya!” chided the woman as she walked towards them.

Jin had an awkward look on his face as Seojun shook her head, still shocked.

“Holy fuck! How the hell did you even find me-Shit! What the hell? I-”

The woman huffed as she rolled her eyes, “Aish! Keep on cursing and I'll have to wash your mouth with soap.”

Jin watched with amusement as Seojun glared at the woman, “Oh, oh, don't you dare say that to me. In case you don't remember, I learned all my curses from you and you very well know how colorful your dictionary is.”

The woman chuckled as Seojun shook her head, “Aish, jagiya. Don’t attack your old woman like this? Stop being bitchy for a second and hug me. I fucking went through the pain of traveling till here for you. On top of that, I had to take the bus today because my car died on me..”

Seojun grinned as she wrapped her arms around the woman, “Alright, I know how much you hate public transportation. It’s okay, I’m overjoyed to see you. And you know that I'm bitchy around you because you activate my bitchiness.”

The woman jokingly pushed Seojun away as the 16-year-old pointed to Jin, “You don't believe me? Ask Seokjin-ssi! He'll tell- oh, shit.” Seojun winced as she turned to Jin, “Oh god! I'm so sorry, Seokjin-ssi! I forgot to introduce her. This is-”

“I’m Ahn Minji, your death.”

Seojun groaned as she rolled her eyes, “Sorry about her. She doesn't know how to act her age. This is, as she said, Ahn Minji, my grandmother.”

Jin blinked in surprise as his mouth fell open, “No way! I mean wow. You look so, um, young, ma’am. I thought you were Seojunnie’s mother.”

Instant regret coursed through Jin when he saw how the two women stiffened at the mention of Seojun’s mother. Unlike Minji, Seojun was quick to recover and waved it off with an awkward laugh.

“Oh...Halemoni gets this a lot. Let me tell you a secret. She’s a millennial old witch who retains her beauty by drinking the blood of humans and children. You have no idea how many pints of blood she has sucked out of me in the sixteen years I’ve been alive- ouch!”

Seojun turned to face her grandmother, who had smacked her across her head, with a cute little pout. Unlike Jin who was clearly endeared by her pout, Minji rolled her eyes at her granddaughter before turning to Jin.

“I guess you’re the charmer. You’re really handsome. I didn’t really have a lot of time to stalk you boys, but from the little research I did, you are probably the oldest guy. Right?”

Jin had a small blush at the compliment as he nodded. Minji hummed as a frown took over her face, “Hold up. There are seven of you. So where are the other six?”

Seojun shook her head as she disagreed, “What do you want with them, halemoni? On that note, what are you doing here? We’re practicing. The others are waiting for us.”

Minji narrowed her eyes at her granddaughter as she tsked, “No, no, my dear jagiya. Your halemoni isn’t going anywhere until I personally check the other six out. And you have no right to send me away. I’m here to check on you. So I’m going to spend the day with you. Now-” paused Minji as she turned to Jin who was standing there utterly awkward. “-Seokjin-ah, will your company mind if I barge in on your dance practice? I assure you that I won’t be disturbing you people. I’ll just observe.”

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath, ready to reject her grandmother’s request but found herself being cut off by Jin who nodded enthusiastically.

“Of course ma’am. You can surely see our dance practice. And I’m sure the other boys will be overjoyed to meet you!”

Seojun gritted her teeth as she tried to put on a polite smile which looked more like a grimace, “It’s okay Seokjin-ssi. Halemoni has some important work waiting for her. Don’t you, halemoni?”

Seojun felt her temper rise as her grandmother gave her a disgustingly sweet smile, the one she used when she was going to go against Seojun and piss her off, “Oh no honey. I’m good. I don’t have anything important enough to miss the chance to watch you dance with your favorite band. Now, now, Seokjin-ah, why don’t you show me where everyone is?”

Jin nodded and put on a smile as he gracefully offered his hand to the older woman, who did not hesitate to put her hand through his as they walked towards the dance studio with an extremely pissed Seojun grumbling behind them.

Seojun sighed as she picked up her speed to catch up to Jin and Minji who had pretty much become the best of friends as they talked. She was losing her patience at a rapid speed. She did not mind that her grandmother was staying, in fact, she was jumping and screaming in joy on the inside that she was going to be able to spend time with her grandmother. What she did mind was that her grandmother would probably forget to filter her mouth and say something that she wasn't supposed to say. Seojun was afraid that by the time her grandmother would leave, Seojun would probably be leaving with her.


Minji stopped walking as she turned to face her granddaughter, motioning for her to speak. Seojun sighed as she directed her gaze towards Jin.

“Um, I'm sorry Seokjin-ssi but I kinda need to talk to halemoni...”

Jin immediately nodded as he gave them privacy informing them that he'll be waiting ahead.

“What’s wrong baby?”

Seojun sighed as she shook her head, “Well, nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to tell you that I haven't told them anything about eomma and appa. So, I just hope you don't say anything accidentally.”

Minji gave Seojun a sweet smile and nodded, her tone a bit playful, “Of course, I won't let anything slip about how your parents are fucking idiots who play favorites between their own kids and don't let their daughter contact her grandmother. Right?”

Seojun let a small smile grace her lips as she nodded, “Exactly.”

Minji merely rolled her eyes as she walked forward to Jin while Seojun walked behind her.

Seojun wasn't really surprised by her grandmother's intense hatred for her parents. She couldn't count the number of times her grandmother had fought with her mother and bad-mouthed her indirectly. Seojun was glad that her grandmother did not know about how her parents had been treating her in private. All Minji knew was what she had seen with her own eyes and her parents knew better than to hit Seojun in front of her grandmother who would certainly call Hell upon Earth if they did.

Seojun tensed up a bit as they reached the door. She knew that her grandmother would be careful but she couldn't help worry. Seojun gulped as she opened the door to the dance studio, hoping her grandmother would keep herself in check and not unknowingly jeopardize her chances at having a future she'd love.

On opening the door, Seojun found herself being the subject of six eyes as soon as she opened the door. She moved forward as Jin walked in behind her with Minji beside him. Seojun took a deep breath and cleared her throat when everyone stared at her, waiting for her to make the introductions.

“Uh, everyone, this is my halemoni, Ahn Minji. Halemoni, this is Bangtan.”

Instantly the other six boys bowed to her grandmother, who hummed in satisfaction and nodded.

Namjoon stepped forward, taking up his role of the leader on complete instinct, “Hello, Minji-ssi. I'm Ki-”

“You’re Kim Namjoon, the clumsy one, right?”

Namjoon sputtered as he blushed and nodded while Seojun's eyes widened in shock as she turned to glare at her grandmother. What the hell was wrong with her grandmother, why was she being like that? God!

“Halemoni, why don't I introduce the members to you?”

“Oh, baby, it's okay. I think I know them well enough from how much you've talked my ear off. I still remember how you obsessed over that TaeTae and Minnie in-”

Seojun let out a small yelp as she cut her grandmother off, “Halemoni, I think you're here to watch us practice. So why don't we start practicing?”

Minji rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “Baby, at least introduce the other five boys. Then I can watch you all.”

Seojun sucked in a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. She knew that she was overreacting because of her inner worry but she couldn't help it.

“Okay, halemoni. This is-”

“Let me see if I know them or not.”

Seojun groaned in frustration as her grandmother cut her off again. A small smile took over Minji's face as she continued.

“Well, who've we got here? You're the cat guy. Uh, sugar, no, wait-”

“Um, Min Yoongi or Suga, ma'am...”

“Yup! Yoongi. I remember how Seojun had spent two whole weeks sending me pictures of you in your mint hair and sending me keyboard smash texts.”

Seojun groaned in embarrassment as Yoongi chuckled. Her grandmother did not bother to acknowledge her as she continued.

“Now, the next one. Hmm, I think you're the hyper one who screams a lot. Right? Hobi?”

“I'm Jung Hoseok, uh or J-Hope. It’s great to meet you, ma’am!”

“Likewise Hoseok. Next up, you are the one with the large hands. Oh right! You’re the TaeTae guy. What’s your actual name sweetie?”

“I’m Kim Taehyung.”

Minji smiled at Taehyung who grinned back at her with a boxy grin, before turning her attention to the last two members left, completely ignoring how embarrassed Seojun was.

“I know you! You’re the one with those abs in your debut song. Right? I think you're Minnie.”

Jimin had an embarrassed look on his face with a timid smile as he nodded, “Yes, ma'am. I'm Park Jimin.”

“Okay, so it's pretty obvious that this cutie is the bunny. Right?”

Jungkook grinned wide, as he nodded, “I'm Jeon Jungkook!”

Seojun sighed as she rubbed her face, “Halemoni, do you need me to introduce myself too? Hello, I'm Seojun and I think we're done with the introductions.”

Minji huffed and rolled her eyes as she moved to the back where a chair was placed, “Fine! Keep being bitchy. I really hope you aren't being this bitchy with these handsome lads. And go dance your heart out, I'll cheer from the back.”

To say the boys were amused wasn't wrong. They were definitely seeing were a completely new part of Seojun, and to be honest? It was awesome!

Chapter Text

Songedduk had left before Seojun arrived due to some work and so Hoseok had set up the music before taking his position. The boys wanted to impress Minji and decided to perform both No More Dream and Save Me. And to say that Minji was floored by their performance was putting it lightly. Unlike Seojun, the boys were positively surprised when Minji started fangirling over them. She gasped when Seojun had picked Jimin up and cheered during the Save Me dance break, surprising them by fan chanting alongside.

“That was awesome!” exclaimed Minji as everyone got out of their positions and dropped to the floor. Seojun smiled at her grandmother as she plopped down in front of her, the boys following suit and settling down around them.

“Well, I think we’re done with our training for today,” announced Hoseok as Seojun frowned.

“Wait, why?”

Seojun raised her eyebrows in question when everyone chose to remain silent and stare at her like she had grown three heads.

Minji rolled her eyes as she sighed, “You are still as dumb as ever jagiya....”

“Seojunnie, Hobi hyung is ending training early today so that you can spend time with her.” chuckled Taehyung as Seojun winced. She really was dumb.

“Oh. Okay. Uh, about that-” Seojun paused as she turned to her grandmother. “Halemoni, will you sign the contract to become an official trainee as my guardian?”

Minji frowned in confusion as she started to speak, “What about Dae-” Seojun sent a quick look towards Minji who instantly realized her mistake and hummed as she continued, “-oh, of course, jagiya. When do I have to sign it?”

Seojun shrugged as Namjoon answered, “I think you can sign it right now, ma’am. I’m sure our manager is still here in the building. I can go find her for you-”

Minji hummed as she cut Namjoon off, “Oh, that’s fine dear. I’m sure Seojun wouldn’t mind going to find your manager. Right?”

Seojun looked like a deer caught in headlights as she stumbled over her reply, “O-oh? Sure, I-I can go find noona....”

Minji gave Seojun a smile as she stood up and left the studio still confused. Unfortunately, along with Seojun, left the comfortable, non-awkward atmosphere. Seojun was definitely their buffer or icebreaker and now for some unknown reason, Ahn Minji had taken to glaring at them. The boys felt shivers running down their spines as Jimin cleared his throat, obviously trying to break the awkwardness.

“Sweetie, clearing your throat to break the atmosphere is not gonna work on me. So save it.”

Minji let her gaze slide over the seven terrified men.

“Now, let me tell you boys one thing. If I find out that any of you little fuckers hurt my baby girl in any way- I'm not joking- I will skin all of you alive, boil your teeth, harvest your toes and pour cement in your ears before deep frying you in the worst smelling oil I can find and make your lives worse than hell. Am I clear? ”

A chorus of terrified yes mam's was sounded as the boys nodded, not wanting to get on the bad side of the old lady.

“Good. Now that, that’s out of the way, let me tell you something-” A wistful but fond look took place on Minji's face as she sighed.

“You boys are everything to Seojun. You all are literally her life. And that is not as a fan lusting after seven hot boys. No, this is her love for you all as the human beings you are. The people she sees and learns from. There's a lot she still has to figure out on her own and tell you. And promise me that you'll give her time. Seojun is a very affectionate person, but she isn't really able to show it openly. Her affection might not be what you think. So, don't get impatient or angry with her. Be calm and support her. She'll need it from you boys. Okay?”

All the boys had a determined look on their faces as they nodded, silently promising to do so. Minji grinned as she hummed in satisfaction, “That's good. And you boys can call me halemoni.”


Seojun really did not want to leave her grandmother alone with the boys because she knew that her grandmother was going to do something. Nevertheless, Seojun asked around for Jangmi just to bump into her on the next floor and informed the older woman about her grandmother visiting and her wanting to sign the contract. Jangmi sent a quick thumbs up to Seojun as she pulled the 16-year-old along with her to get the contract before going back to the studio.

“Noona, this is my halemoni. Halemoni, this is our manager, Jangmi noona.”

Both women greeted each other with polite smiles and a curt nod before turning their focus to the contract.

“Well, let’s fill in the main details first. Name.”

“Ha-uh, sorry. Ahn Seojun.”

Minji’s head snapped up as she stared at Seojun as if she had grown three heads while Seojun shrugged as Jangmi continued.

“Alright, date of birth and birthplace?”

“XX-XX-2000. Seoul”

“, your phone number and address.”

“XXX-XXX-XXX....uh-” Seojun paused as she thought of an address. She certainly wasn’t going to put in the address where her parents live. “-yeah, 51-3, Hannam-dong, Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.”

Ahn Minji had never been so confused in her life and now that she was confused, the only person capable of giving her answers was hell-bent on ignoring her and just sending smiles to her.

“Now onto your guardian. Her full name, phone number.”

“Ahn Minji, XXX-XXX-XXX.”

Jangmi hummed as she finished filling the form out before passing it to Minji, “Done! I’ll need you to sign here ma’am and then Seojun, you’ll sign here.”

Minji nodded as she took the pen Jangmi was offering and swiftly skimmed over the contract before signing it and passing it to Seojun for her to do the same. No one failed to notice the look of pure giddiness and relief on Seojun’s face when she signed the contract and gave it back to Jangmi. Jangmi grinned a large smile and congratulated Seojun for becoming an official part of the BigHit family before leaving.

“Well, I think we’re all done here. So, boys if you all don’t mind, I would like for you to join me and Seojun for dinner to celebrate her becoming an official trainee under BigHit.”

Seojun looked mildly surprised but shrugged as she nodded in agreement. She wouldn’t mind going to dinner with her grandmother and have the boys along.

“Of course halemoni! We would love to join you if it’s not trouble.” replied Yoongi as he accepted the offer on everyone’s behalf. The other six boys nodded along enthusiastically, happy at the idea of being able to have a night out with dinner.

Seojun frowned in shock as she took in Yoongi’s words. Did he just call her grandmother halemoni? The 16-year-old sucked in a sharp breath as she waved it off. She probably imagined it. Why would the Min Yoongi call her grandmother, someone he met for the first time ever and would probably not meet again, halemoni? She definitely misheard-

“Yes, halemoni. We’ll just have to go back to the dorm for about 15 minutes to change. We’re all pretty sweaty after all the practicing. I hope you don’t mind coming along with us to the dorm....” said Jin.

Minji grinned as she nodded, “Of course, we can make a pit stop. I’d like to see how clean your dorm is after all.”

Seojun wasn’t hallucinating. She heard it right. First Yoongi, now Jin. The boys were calling Minji halemoni. A quiet cuss left Seojun’s mouth when she realized what had happened in her absence and had to fight the urge to bang her head against the wall. No wonder the boys looked slightly terrified when she returned. What the hell was she even thinking when she left Minji alone with the seven boys? However, Seojun decided to confirm her suspicions before coming to conclusions and found herself packing up her things and following the boys out to the parking lot with Minji by her side.

“I think we can all fit in the car, right?” questioned Taehyung. Seojun shook her head lightly as she offered a solution, “No, eight people won’t be able to fit comfortably, Taehyung-ssi. Why don’t you go back to the dorm and take halemoni with you? I’ll walk back. I don’t mind.”

Instantly Jimin shook his head, “No, you’re not walking back alone Seojun.”

Seojun bit her lip and let a small pout take over her face, “I’m not a kid. I can handle myself. And the dorm’s barely 10 minutes away....”

Jungkook sighed as he waved his hand, trying to dissolve the problem, “Aish, I’ll go with her. We’ll see you at the dorm. Bye!”

Jungkook walked over to Seojun and motioned for her to follow while the others got into the car. The 16-year-old hummed quietly to herself as she walked beside Jungkook, enjoying his silent company and the calm night. Even though Seojun hate the dark to a certain point, she loved to take walks at night.

“Seojunnie, wanna race?”

Seojun raised her eyebrows in question as she turned her head to Jungkook, “Are you sure Jungkook-ssi? I’m pretty fast....”

Jungkook scoffed as he cocked his head to the side, “Bring it on!”

Seojun gave him a competitive and teasing grin as she rolled her shoulders and cracked neck, “On the count of three.”

Jungkook nodded as the pair counted!

The 19-year-old was flabbergasted when he realized that Seojun wasn’t boasting or joking when she said she was fast, because Jungkook was sure he was going to lose.

“Holy fuck, Seojunnie! How the hell are you so fast? You don’t even look like you ran! You cheated!” accused Jungkook as he bent over to catch his breath by the gate while Seojun chuckled, “It’s okay Jungkook-ssi. I’m used to being underestimated.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes at her as he stood up and moved to the front door while they waited for the other to arrive. Because of their little competition, the two maknaes had managed to arrive faster than the ones in the car and now had to wait as they did not have keys.

“How in the world did you two reach before us?” asked Namjoon as he got out of the car, with the others behind him.

Seojun shrugged as she answered, “We raced. I won.”

Jungkook pouted at Seojun as Namjoon unlocked the door, “No, I still believe that you cheated somehow Seojun....”

Seojun only laughed as she entered the dorm and went to place her stuff in the room before coming back to her grandmother and sitting her down on the couch. “Well, halemoni, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Okay?” Minji nodded as Seojun swiftly darted back into the room and hogged the bathroom before anyone else could.

Just as promised, 15 minutes later, Jin was locking the door after everyone exited. They had decided to take two cars this time with Yoongi and Jin driving. Yoongi got the four-seater car and was taking Minji, Seojun and Namjoon with him while Hoseok and the maknae line were with Jin.

Chapter Text

“How did you manage to get a table here, halemoni? Doesn’t this place need a pre-booked reservation?” marveled Jungkook as the group entered a pretty classy restaurant.

Minji chuckled as she shook her head, “Yeah, about that. I don’t think I need reservations when the owner is one of the people I play poker with every week. Plus this place is great to keep paparazzi away.”

The eight younger ones stared at the beautiful decor with amazement as a host led them to a private room and informed them that someone would be there to take their orders shortly.

“Well, this is getting awkward. How are you all?” asked Minji, making an attempt to start a conversation while waiting for the waiter.

Laughter passed around as Minji rolled her eyes, “Whatever! Don’t appreciate my effort. I’ll start. Let’s talk about our day. I went out to do some grocery shopping and was resting when Seojun called. She had the audacity to cut the call and not even tell me where you all were. Fortunately, I’m a genius and had the common sense to show up at BigHit. What about you all?”

Yoongi shrugged as he spoke, “We didn’t do a lot today. I made Seojun breakfast in the morning and some lunch and dropped her off at school. Then Taehyung. Jungkook and Hoseok played rock paper scissors to decide who got to pick Seojun up from school because they were the only three who hadn’t gotten a chance.”

Taehyung grinned as he continued, “I won and picked Seojun up from school. There-, uh, yeah. After we came back Seojun gave us a cute doodle she made and Jin hyung put it up on the fridge.”

Seojun felt relieved when Taehyung cut himself off and did not tell anyone about what had happened at school. She really did not want Bangtan and for that case, her grandmother to find out about it because she was certain that all eight of them definitely had a temper which would land her in trouble if not kept in check.

“After that we went for practice and came out to eat during our break. Namjoon-ssi helped me find your number. Then we went back to practice, and then you know what happened.” finished Seojun.

Minji hummed as a waiter appeared to take their orders. The boys were quite delighted with the extensive amount of things they could order and no one was surprised when their table was filled with cuisine from as many cultures as possible. It did not matter whether the food was Korean, Mexican, Italian, Indian or Chinese or even Japanese because all nine of them enjoyed the food to their fullest and happy conversation flowed alongside.

By the time their dinner party ended, Seojun was exhilarated and relaxed because she had never had this much fun in her entire life. But it wasn’t meant to last long because frazzled nerves slowly started creeping up on her, squeezing the happiness out of her and making her stomach churn with anxiousness. Seojun gulped as she tried to calm herself down and gave herself a pep talk. She could do it, couldn’t she? After all, all she had to do was talk to her grandmother, knowing that she won’t go without having her questions answered. And just as she’d expected, Minji had stood up and excused herself to visit the washroom and had without any kind of vagueness asked Seojun to accompany her.

Before Minji could even take a shot at starting the much dreaded conversation, Seojun had swiftly entered one of the stalls, trying her best to avoid her grandmother and stall the conversation for as long as possible. Seojun winced when she heard Minji huff. Of course! What was she even expecting? Ahn Minji was a force not to be reckoned with because she was a very dangerous hurricane. Dangerous to the point that you wouldn’t know what hit you until it was too late.

Seojun sighed as she unlocked the stall and acted- no, tried to act nonchalant as she washed her hands by the sink while Minji stood to the side, leaning against the wall as she stared at Seojun with a strong glare. Seojun gulped as she dried her hands and turned to Minji, preparing herself to face her fate.

“They kicked me out....” whispered Seojun with her gaze stuck to the floor. She was too embarrassed and scared to even look at her grandmother, utterly clueless about how she’d react. Seojun heard a sigh before she felt hands wrapping around her as she got pulled into her grandmother’s warm embrace. Seojun felt all the tension in her body leave as she let herself fall apart in Minji’s hands. She knew that she had been wrong to even think that her grandmother wouldn’t support her.

A few minutes passed by in silence before the two women broke apart. Minji let out another sigh before taking her granddaughter’s hands in her own as she reassured her baby girl, “Jagiya, don’t worry. I’m here for you. Those fuckers won’t disrupt your life until the day I die. I promise. You deserve all the love in the world, my baby. And Daeshim certainly did not deserve you when he let Munhee and that little shit Woojin treat you the way they do. Okay?”

Seojun nodded, too choked up with emotion to speak. She could feel the tell-tale of the oncoming tears with the way her eyes burned and did her best to blink them away before even a single drop escaped. Minji let go of Seojun’s hands as she rummaged through her wallet and pulled out a wad of cash and promptly shoved it into Seojun’s hands.

“I’ll say this only once. You, my dear, are going to keep this money with you because I’m not going to hear any bullshit about not needing this. I know that you had a habit of saving up whatever money you had, and I also know that it will run out one day. And so, you are going to keep this money and use it whenever you need to. If you try to refuse, I will certainly go to BigHit and take my name out as your guardian. Am I clear!?”

Seojun gulped as her words died on her tongue and nodded, “Crystal.”

Minji hummed with satisfaction as she moved to leave the washroom with Seojun behind her. No one failed to notice the slight redness surrounding Seojun’s eyes and thankfully remained silent, not wanting to put the 16-year-old on the spot.

“Well, well. I enjoyed this outing with you all a lot. Unfortunately, I’ll have to cut our night to a stop as it’s late, and you all have your own things to do tomorrow. Get home safe. Okay?” said Minji as the group left the restaurant and moved towards the cars.

“Halemoni, I’ll drop you off.” offered Yoongi.

Minji shook her head with a small smile as she waved him off, “Aish, Yoongi-ah, it’s fine. I was anyways going to catch a cab. I want you all to go back home and sleep. Okay?”

Yoongi looked like he wanted to argue but decided to just nod and call a cab for Minji. The eight youngsters stood and waved to Minji as she got into the cab, not moving to leave until they were sure she was on her way back. Just the way they had arrived earlier, Yoongi took Seojun and Namjoon with him while Jin took the rest of them.

“Did you have fun today kid?”

Seojun turned her face away from the window as she nodded, “I did, Yoongi-ssi.”

Yoongi hummed in reply as he turned his attention back to the road, internally pleased to hear the 16-year-old answer truthfully for the first time since they met her. Yoongi felt a small fond smile capture his lips as he pulled into their driveway, parking the car before getting out along with Namjoon and Seojun. The three of them stepped into the house and had barely taken off their shoes when the other five arrived.

“This was fun, wasn’t it?” asked Hoseok as he stretched his hands above his head.

The group agreed as Jungkook spoke up, “I know right? We should go out with halemoni more. She’s really fun.”

Everyone chuckled at Jungkook’s excitement as Seojun cleared her throat. The laughter slowly faded away as the boys turned their attention to Seojun who was clearly hesitating.

“Um, I need to ask you all s-something.....”

The boys nodded and encouraged her to speak as she sighed, rubbing her hand over her face. “Okay, there’s no less embarrassing way to ask this. Did halemoni ask you all to call her halemoni?”

Jimin raised his eyebrows as he nodded, “Yeah. She did....”

Seojun groaned as she shook her head, completely dejected and embarrassed. “Please don’t tell me she gave you all the little fucker’s speech. Uh, the one where she’ll raise hell and sell your souls to the devil....?”

Yoongi seemed a bit awkward as he shook his head, “Well, kid, you’re half right....”

Seojun had confusion etched over her face as Namjoon elaborated, “We have no idea about the soul selling stuff, but she did call us little fuckers and threaten to skin us alive-”

Seojun cut Namjoon off with a loud gasp, shock displayed all over her as she shook her head, “No fucking way! You’re telling me that halemoni gave you the ‘Skin you alive, boil your teeth, harvest your toes, pour cement in your ears and deep fry in the worst smelling oil ever’ speech?”

Jin huffed as he added, “You forgot the part where she would make our lives worse than hell are doing all this if we hurt her baby girl in any way....”

The boys were surprised when Seojun seemed a little emotional as she nodded. It wasn’t really hard to see that she was trying her best to not cry. When Seojun realized that everyone’s attention was still on her, she let out a wet laugh, and she shook her head.

“You all might not know this, and it might not even matter to you, but you earned halemoni’s full trust. And, well, that’s a huge thing because she never trusts anyone so quickly. Like it’s been barely four hours since you met halemoni and on top of that she probably gave you this speech when I went to find Jangmi noona. The seven of you are the first and probably the last people to ever earn halemoni’s trust in barely an hour.”

The seven boys were frozen by the time Seojun finished speaking, struggling to believe that the terrifying, overprotective old woman they spent the last few hours with trusted them even after potentially threatening to kill them in the most torturous way possible? Seojun gave them a small smile and excused herself as she left the boys alone to get over their shock.

“Does this mean that halemoni trusts us to take care of Seojunnie?” asked Jimin.

“I think so....” whispered Jungkook as the shock increased.


Seojun gritted her teeth as she tried to sleep through the pain. Her ankle was really bothering her. But it was her fault after all. If and only if she had had the simple common sense to take it easy during practice and put an ice pack on it, she could’ve certainly avoided the unnecessary pain she was going through at that moment.

Seojun let out a quiet groan as she sat up in the bed, making sure to not make any noise as it had been barely 15 minutes since Yoongi had fallen asleep. She sighed and silently got out of the bed and made her way out of the room. She had to ice her ankle and take a painkiller if she wanted to sleep. Seojun kept her weight on her right leg as she limped through to the living room, just to freeze when her gaze fell on the couch.

Someone was sitting there. She wasn’t the only one awake. The figure turned around when he felt her presence while Seojun sucked in a sharp breath when she realized that she was screwed.

Chapter Text


“Seojun-ah. Come here,” said Taehyung as he motioned for the 16-year-old to come forward and patted the couch next to him.

Seojun gulped as she silently moved forward and sat down, opting to keep silent and stared at the ground. She heard a sigh as the deep voice came, “Seojunnie, stop thinking. I know your ankle is bothering you. So, why don't you sit tight and let Oppa take care of you?”

Seojun remained silent but nodded and watched as Taehyung went into the kitchen and came out a few minutes later with a few things and turned the television on at a low volume before retaking his original seat.

“Swallow these painkillers,” instructed Taehyung as he passed the pills to the 16-year-old along with a glass of water and flicked through the television channels until he found whatever he was looking for. “Also, put your leg here. I'll ice your ankle.”

Taehyung motioned to his thigh with an ice pack in his hand. Seojun instantly shook her head and tried to grab the ice pack, “It's okay, Taehyung-ssi. I can ice it on my own. You must be tired. You don't have to stay-”

Seojun found herself cut off as Taehyung grabbed her leg and practically manhandled her to the side, forcing her to lean against the armrest while her legs laid on Taehyung's thighs, the way he wanted, “I wasn't asking. And I have insomnia so I'm probably going to be awake for a while. So why don't you let me do this and pass my time somehow? On the plus side, we can watch a movie.”

Seojun sighed as she gave up on fighting against the 21-year-old and nodded, “Okay.”

Taehyung gave her a large smile as he turned his attention to the television and iced her foot, occasionally adding comments about the movie to fill the silence. Barely ten minutes had passed when Taehyung realized that the girl had fallen asleep. His plan worked. He knew the pain killers would make her sleepy and she'd need some form of distraction to distract her from her thoughts.

Taehyung mentally patted himself on the back as he carefully placed Seojun's leg on the couch and stood up. The ice pack hadn’t melted completely but it wasn't a big deal, he could always make her ice her ankle the next day before school and wrap an elastic bandage before she left. Taehyung swiftly put things back to their places and turned the television off before walking over to the asleep girl.

After debating with himself on whether to leave Seojun to sleep on the couch or wake her up and send her back to her room, Taehyung decided to take her to her room. Even though he looked gangly and had barely a pound of muscles on him, he was strong enough to pick Seojun up and walk over to her room. Fortunately, the door to her room was half-closed which made it easy for Taehyung to push it open, careful enough to keep quiet. He gently placed her on her bed and grabbed an extra pillow to place under her leg.

He had seen Jimin do this whenever he sprained his ankle while dancing, something about keeping it elevated to avoid swelling. Taehyung smiled fondly at Seojun and ruffled her hair before covering her with a blanket and placed her glasses to the side. He bent down to kiss her forehead and chuckled when she let out a cute happy sigh like the last time before leaving the room, not forgetting to close the door behind him.


Seojun let out a soft sigh as she turned to her side. She felt like she was floating on clouds. Oh, how she wished to stay like this forever. Unfortunately, a sharp ring broke through her dreamland, eliciting a groan from the girl as she sat up in her bed, wincing at the slight sting in her ankle. Seojun stretched her arms above her head before silencing her alarm and getting out of bed at a leisurely pace and walking into the bathroom after placing her phone to charge.

Seojun wasn't exaggerating when she thought that taking a shower was a fucking bitch with a hurt ankle. And the fact that she was sleepy and not using her common sense was just making it worse. Instead of taking a bath, Seojun's stupid sleep-riddled brain sent her to take a shower, which ended up with her taking twice the time than she'd usually take. And as a matter of fact, that wasn't the worst part of the whole ordeal.

The worst part was when Yoongi had banged on her door and asked if she had fallen asleep in the shower or something and reminded her to be out soon or that she'd be late. She was ready to fight anyone who would argue that being called out for taking too much time to shower from a world-famous rapper wasn't embarrassing. Unfortunately, things refused to end there.

Seojun's face had turned so red with embarrassment that Jin had put his hand on her forehead to check for a fever when she'd stepped into the kitchen. It had taken quite some time to convince Jin that she was fine and lying that she was just slightly overheated. Fortunately, she was saved by Taehyung, who looked extremely sleepy when he grabbed Seojun's hand and sat her down in a chair. Seojun watched in confusion as Taehyung rummaged through a box and filled a glass with milk and added something in it before coming to her. The milk had now turned brown and a pill was placed beside it.

Seojun flinched when Taehyung sat down on the ground in front of her and asked her to give him her foot. When she looked at him in confusion, Taehyung rolled his eyes and took the courtesy of explaining, “You should wrap this elastic bandage to keep your ankle compressed. I've seen Jiminie do it. It'll make your ankle better.”

Seojun froze as the events from the previous night came rushing to her. She had completely forgotten her late-night adventure which somehow ended up with her falling asleep on the couch with Taehyung icing her foot and watching a movie. Hold the fuck up! No way.

She was being delulu if she was thinking that Taehyung somehow picked her up and took her to her room. No, she was definitely being delulu. She must've been sleepier than she initially thought. Taehyung had of course woken her up and sent her to her room. Seojun rolled her eyes internally and made a small confused noise when she heard her name being called.


Seojun blinked as she turned her attention to Jin. “I’m sorry, I didn't hear what you said.”

Jin looked exasperated as he repeated, “Why didn't you tell us that you hurt your ankle?”

Seojun froze as she tried to form a valid excuse. She let a sheepish look take over her face as she stumbled over her words, “Oh, yeah. Uh, well, um, kinda, yeah. It kinda slipped my mind.”

Seojun gulped when Yoongi narrowed his eyes at her, suspicion spread all over his face, “Uh-huh, when did you hurt your ankle?”

Fortunately for Seojun, Taehyung was a godsend angel who had decided to step in. Taehyung sighed as he wrapped the bandage around Seojun's ankle and answered on her behalf, “Aish, hyung. I think she hurt it when we were leaving the restaurant. Do you remember? She tripped over her feet and nearly face-planted if it wasn't for Kookie. Am I right, Seojunnie?”

Seojun nodded furiously, going along with Taehyung's lie. She had no idea why Taehyung was helping her but as she had said before and would continue to say, she wasn't one to look a gift horse in its mouth.

Jin huffed as he placed a plate with breakfast in front of Seojun, “Just because I'm letting this go doesn't mean you're off the hook, Seojun. Next time don't let these kinds of things slip your mind. Now eat your breakfast then take the painkiller with the milk, I hope you like chocolate flavor. Am I clear?”

Seojun nodded as she thanked Jin and Taehyung, who had finished wrapping the bandage, before turning to gobble down the food. Seojun's head was in overdrive with all that she was realizing. The most shocking fact that she had actually been comfortable enough to fall asleep in Taehyung's company and had also managed to sleep through without a single nightmare.

Before she knew it, the plate was cleared and Seojun found herself placing the pill in her mouth before swallowing it with the milk. Yoongi stood up as soon as Seojun placed her utensils in the sink and grabbed her bag before moving out to the front door, leaving behind a shocked Seojun.

“Kid, get your ass here! What the hell are you waiting for? You're already late!” shouted Yoongi, from what Seojun assumed to be the car.

Seojun winced as she bowed to Taehyung and Jin before running out the front door where, just as she'd thought, Yoongi was already seated in the car waiting for her with a bored expression on his face.

“Geez, kid. I don't understand how much time it takes to walk from the kitchen to the front door.”

Seojun gritted her teeth and sent a short glare towards Yoongi before turning her head to glare at the passing scenery. She really hated the fact that Yoongi did not realize how his little actions affected her. He fucking took her bag to the car. He carried it. Seojun resisted her urge to groan when she realized that this might be one of the ways Yoongi showed that he cared or something. And if what she thought was true then she’d need some time getting used to it...

However, Seojun did not resist her urge to huff when she heard Yoongi chuckle at her reaction with something she'd label as amusement and made a mental note to get back at the older for embarrassing her so much in the span of merely an hour.


Seojun hummed to herself as she walked out to the school entrance, searching around for a familiar car. Her day at school had been relatively calm since her usual group of bullies hadn't shown up to school and had probably skipped going see some new movie. Seojun found herself moving as soon as she spotted the car she was looking for and had a small smile on her face as she opened the door to the front seat and froze when she saw that it was occupied.


“Hi, Seojun!”

Seojun bowed slightly in greeting before quickly shutting the door and getting into the back seat, not wanting to risk being spotted. “Hello, Namjoon-ssi, Jungkook-ssi. Is there a reason why the both of you are here to pick me up today?”

Namjoon shrugged as Jungkook started driving, “Jin hyung wanted us to buy some stuff from the grocery store. He couldn't really send Jungkook alone and I, unfortunately, cannot drive. I hope you don't mind making a pit stop at the store.”

Seojun nodded as she added, “Of course! I don't mind! And if it's no trouble, I need to buy some things for myself too....”

Jungkook nodded enthusiastically as he turned a corner, flashing his bunny smile, “Sure! Maybe we can sneak in some snacks and you can charm Jin hyung. We all know that you're his new favorite.”

Seojun flushed and ducked her head while the two boys laughed, “That’s not true. I really don't think I'm Seokjin-ssi's favorite.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes while Jungkook huffed, “You are really modest. You might not see it now, but you'll see it soon, Seojun. If not you have seven people to show you..”

Seojun frowned at Jungkook's cryptic words but found herself unable to question it further as the car stopped.

“Let's get it!” exclaimed Jungkook as he put on his mask and hoodie before getting out of the car with Namjoon and Seojun behind him.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 26th March 2021

“I refuse to believe that Seokjin-ssi actually trusted you to buy groceries. No offense but the two of you are shit at this!”

Seojun was exhausted. And this wasn't physical exhaustion. It was mental. Shopping with Namjoon and Jungkook was hell, like literal hell. The two older men had absolutely no idea about what to do. The only thing they knew was chaos.

While Namjoon was being clumsy and clueless, Seojun was busy babysitting Jungkook who had made it his motive to make Seojun go crazy. The 19-year-old had been picking up all of his favorite snacks and putting them in their cart while Seojun was putting all of them back.

Little did he know that Seojun was reaching her limit.

The 16-year-old groaned as she stopped Jungkook from grabbing a pack of banana chips and pulled him by his hoodie, dragging him to where Namjoon was fiddling with their cart. Seojun took a deep breath to calm herself as she forced Jungkook to stand beside Namjoon and made them hold each other's hands.

“Now, Namjoon-ssi, Jungkook-ssi, I am losing my patience rapidly and I don't want to do something I'd regret later. Do you understand?”

Both men nodded as Jungkook tentatively raised the hand he was holding with Namjoon, “One question. Is this really necessary-” Seojun gritted her teeth and glared at Jungkook who instantly took the sign and put the hand down. “-I really love holding hands with Namjoon hyung. Let’s go!”

Seojun sighed, “Good. Now don't let go of each other's hands and follow me. Jungkook-ssi, your duty is to push the cart and make sure that Namjoon-ssi doesn’t accidentally hurt himself or break something. And Namjoon-ssi, you are going to babysit Jungkook-ssi and make sure that he doesn't put anything extra in the cart without asking me. Am I clear?”

Once again both men nodded and followed behind Seojun doing exactly what she said. Fortunately for Seojun, the next twenty minutes were considerably calm not counting the times she had to put back all the stuff Jungkook had added and fixing things Namjoon bumped into or apologizing to the people he bumped into.

“Alright! I think we're done. The last thing on the list is spicy kimchi sauce.” announced Seojun as she moved into the necessary isle.

The 16-year-old huffed when she saw how high the sauce was placed and turned to the two men with her. “Can one of you please get the sauce?”

Namjoon moved to grab the sauce but Jungkook stopped him with a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Ah, Seojunnie. Call me Oppa and I'll get it for you.”

Seojun raised her eyebrows in distaste and huffed, “I already warned you Jungkook-ssi that my patience is running low and I’m exhausted. All I want to do right now is sleep. So don’t test my patience.”

Jungkook chuckled as he shook his head, “You won't do anything to me. I'm too charming and cute for you to resist. We both know that your threats are empty.”

Seojun rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to answer back but stopped when she heard another voice, “Oh my my! Look who's here! My god, Ace, you must've lost your charm if your threats are empty now. Such a shame.”

Seojun froze for a second as she recognized the voice. The 16-year-old gritted her teeth and put on a fake smile as she turned around, “Junwoo-ssi, it's been long since we've crossed paths, hasn't it?”

The two older men gulped at Seojun's cold tone, shivers running down their spines as they wondered what the stranger had ever done to deserve such harsh behavior from the polite-looking sweet girl.

Junwoo sighed as he shook his head at Seojun, looking almost......fond and endeared? by the 16-year-old, “Aw, you're still as cute as I remember. Growling like a tiger when you're actually a cat. Don't get your panties in a twist. What have I ever done to you?”

Seojun gritted her teeth as she tried to keep her temper in control, she couldn't believe how that man could still be so infuriating even after these many years? "Well, Junwoo-ssi, you might want to rethink about whether I'm a tiger or a cat and it'd be better for you if I don't give you an example. You've seen what I can do, haven't you?"

The man stared at her with a wistful smirk playing on his lips, “An year, Ace, it's been a whole year since I last saw you. Don't you think you should at least be a little civil with me? I know I never was your favorite, after all, you always were obsessed with Liu-”

“Why don't we let the past be past and focus on the present. I would've asked what brought you here but considering the fact that we're in a grocery store, it's obvious. So I’ll be excusing myself. It was a pleasure to meet you again, Junwoo-ssi and I hope this was the last time. Goodbye.”

Seojun sent another stiff smile towards Junwoo before pulling Namjoon and Jungkook ahead of her. Just as she was about to pass Junwoo, he grabbed her by her arm and leaned down to whisper to her, “You know, we would like you back. It's different without you. Plus you have no idea how much we've searched for you. Come back to us, everyone misses you. Especially her. She was heartbroken. Think about it. Maybe I'll see you soon.”

Seojun felt the blood in her veins run cold as she tried to gain control and managed to shake her head, “I’m done with that chapter of my life. It's complete and is locked away. So I would prefer to keep it that way. And I know how my actions affect people. Goodbye Junwoo-ssi and I would find it, even more, better if you somehow get the fuck out of my life and stay away. If you don't, well, you know what I can do.”

Seojun quickly got herself out of his hold and walked away from him, pulling Namjoon and Jungkook along with her as fast as she could. Her heart was thundering in her chest. Seojun let out a shuddering sigh as she released the two older men from her hold.

“What was all that about? And why the hell was that dude calling you Ace?”

Seojun turned to Jungkook who had a frown on his face and took a deep breath, “Uh-” The 16-year-old paused as she tried to find her words, fortunately, she didn't have to as Namjoon's phone rang.

“It’s Jin hyung. Hello?”

Namjoon paused as he listened to what Jin was saying and sighed, “Yeah hyung, no. Don’t worry. Seojun has everything in control. We’ll be back in fifteen. See you soon.”

Seojun instantly took the opportunity and moved to a different aisle, “Why don’t the two of you go ahead for checkout? I still need to get something. I’ll meet you there.” Seojun sent a small smile towards the men before quickly vanishing.

“Something’s wrong here. I can feel it,” said Jungkook as he moved to push the cart towards the checkout counter, pulling Namjoon along by his hand.

“Why are you still holding my hand?” asked Namjoon as he walked beside the younger, who shrugged nonchalantly.

“I said it before. I like holding your hand and I’m scared of Seojun, I am not going to risk being murdered by her.”

Namjoon let out an amused chuckle as they made their way to the checkout with Jungkook swinging their joined hands for emphasis.

Seojun had disappeared for a whole of ten minutes and reappeared just minutes before the cashier was done checking out their things. The boys watched as Seojun put two boxes on the counter and waited for the cashier to check them out.

The cashier picked up one of the boxes and turned to address Seojun, “Uh, just for your information, there's another brand of tampons as well as pads which have an offer on them. You get one free with each box. And they are comparatively cheaper and have good quality. Do you want them instead of these?”

Seojun shrugged and nodded, completely unaware of how red Namjoon and Jungkook's faces were turning because of the awkwardness.

Both men certainly did not follow the society's stupid thinking about period being a taboo but it did take time to get rid of the instinctive reaction they had at the mention of period-related things after growing up with them.

“Yeah. I'll take one each!”

The cashier smiled and quickly checked out the last of their things and told them the amount. Namjoon swiftly took out his card and swiped it for cashless payment before picking up the bags with the two maknae's help and taking them out to their car.

Seojun sat back down in her previous seat, feeling grateful that Jungkook and Namjoon had forgotten all about Junwoo and Ace. She really couldn't risk telling them about that.

Little did she know that the two men hadn't really forgotten about the incident, rather chosen to let it slide for the time being......

Chapter Text

The next two weeks passed by relatively calmly, considering how unsettled Seojun had felt after running into Junwoo at the grocery store and that too with Namjoon and Jungkook. Fortunately for her, she had managed to stop Junwoo before he said something she wouldn't want for Jungkook and Namjoon to hear. She knew that Junwoo would never harm the members or anyone close to her, after all, she's done for him and the others, but she couldn't help being careful. There were other people who could hurt them and she might not be able to save them. The thought alone sent shivers down Seojun's spine.

Other than that, things were going better than she'd expected. Everything Jin had said about the boys was kind of turning out to be true. This taught her to never doubt Kim Seokjin and his words because he was absolutely right when saying that it would only take a week before the boys acted the way they normally did.

However, the one thing he wasn't right about was that Seojun did not regret saying the things she had said before about the boys being great. To be honest? Seojun was liking the way the boys behaved now rather than before as they seemed more comfortable in her company. It did make her feel a bit better and helped douse the flames of self-doubt that were constantly raging in her mind to a less damaging level.

Just as Jin had said, the boys were hyper. Like real, high on drugs after drinking too much coffee, kind of hyper. Everything that had happened in the span of merely two weeks was really surprising for Seojun.

For starters, Hoseok, out of all the people Seojun could've expected, had stolen her phone. He had appeared out of nowhere and just snatched her phone and vanished for ten whole minutes before once again appearing out of nowhere and giving the phone back to her. It had been hours before Seojun had seen what Hoseok had done. He had gone to each member and had them put in their contact. What surprised her was the names everyone had saved their contacts under.

Seojun was sure that the seven men had some weird fetish or kink or obsession with the word oppa after checking out the contact names. Cute Mochi Oppa? Genius Oppa? Kookie Oppa? Leader Oppa? Sunshine Oppa? TaeTae Oppa? WWH Oppa? It wasn’t really hard to guess which name belonged to whom.

What Seojun did not know was how pleased the boys were after they had checked to see if she had changed the names or not. She hadn’t.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the most surprising thing that had taken place in the dorm during the two weeks. Seojun had been woken up one Sunday by the sound of terrified screams followed by the fire alarm. Out of instinct Seojun had shot out of bed and run straight to where the screams were originating from. Seojun found herself in the kitchen, letting out a shocked gasp as she took in the situation.

Namjoon was standing near the stove, waving a spatula in panic, Taehyung was letting out curses while trying to grab a slice of burning bread from the microwave with bare hands and Hoseok was standing in between the two Kims, screaming the terrified screams. That had triggered Seojun's flight or fight mode which of course resulted in fight and so Seojun had rushed inside to control the damage.

The other boys too had gathered by the kitchen entrance because of the chaos and watched Seojun shout at Hoseok, Namjoon, and Taehyung to get the fuck out of the kitchen. It wasn't really surprising when the boys obeyed Seojun's commands and got out of her way. As soon as the three culprits were where Seojun wanted, she had turned the microwave off and got the burning bread into the sink under running water to douse the flames. Then she had gone to the pan Namjoon had been dealing with and scoffed in amusement when she saw that the pan was burnt.

To be specific, the pan was burnt and not the contents. Once the pan too was under the water along with the bread, Seojun had called out for someone to shut the fucking fire alarm up. Jin had worked on that command while Seojun turned the fan on and opened up the windows to clear out the smoke before turning all of her attention onto the three terrified culprits.

The next hour was spent with both Seojun and Jin scolding the three while the other boys stood around and tried their best not to laugh. The whole ordeal would've had gone for even longer if someone hadn't appeared at their doorstep. Jungkook had gone to get the door as Jin and Seojun were too lost in scolding the three to realize someone was at the door. It wasn't long before Jungkook had re-entered with a large grin on his face and bounced in his steps.

Fortunately for Namjoon, Hoseok, and Taehyung, Ahn Minji had come to their rescue. Once everyone had been made aware of her presence and had greeted her, she revealed that she was apparently lonely and wanted to spend time with her grandchildren. Yes, she had unofficially adopted the seven men.

Seojun had instantly objected and accused Minji of having ulterior motives but the seven men shut her down. It was obvious that Minji had the boys under her charm and it was pissing Seojun off to no ends. One good thing that came out of her visit was food. She had brought all kinds of junk food and a bunch of movies along with her and set up a movie marathon. Once everyone had freshened up, they settled down in front of the T.V. and spent the next 10 hours or so watching movies back to back while snacking.

And just as Seojun had expected, Minji revealed her motives as soon as the movie marathon ended by asking to tour the dorm. Seojun tried her best to avoid having an apocalypse at the dorm by trying to stop the boys from letting Minji see their dorm but once again she failed. And that was how Seojun ended up watching Minji scold the boys one by one for their absolutely dirty hygiene habits.

To be honest? It was entertaining to watch Minji supervise the maknae line and force them to clean their room. It was even better when the hyung line had come under Minji’s attention and she made Yoongi clean his desk, Jin his closet and bed, Hoseok and Namjoon their room. The only one who was able to escape her horrifying wrath was Seojun because she kept things organized and clean from the start.

And just the way the day started it had ended too and in no time the group of eight was at the door bidding their goodbyes to Minji. As soon as Minji was out of their sight, the whole group had moved to go to bed but unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen. Jin had stopped Hoseok, Taehyung, and Namjoon to assign them their punishments for destroying the kitchen. No amount of puppy eyes and sorry’s were going to save them. In the end, Namjoon had to do everyone’s laundry, Taehyung had to do the dishes and Hoseok had to clean the bathrooms, for two weeks.

Just as Seojun thought it was done, it wasn’t. The three men felt guilty and had announced that they wanted to do something more to apologize properly to Seojun and Jin who had managed all of their mess. Seojun instantly refused to say that it was okay and she didn’t mind but the men were stubborn.

And that was how she ended up with Taehyung buying her chocolates for a week, while Hoseok bought her snacks and Namjoon announcing to help her study every day after practice. Seojun didn’t really mind this kind of a sorry, especially Namjoon’s because she really did need help in studying.

By the time the next week passed, Seojun and Namjoon had fallen into a routine. Since Namjoon had to work on the album he spent most of his time in his studio and had given Seojun the passcode to come by anytime. Seojun always went after dinner and took some for Namjoon as well. They would stay there to work till at least midnight before heading back together. It went great and Seojun was able to make good process in her studies while simultaneously training.

And just like usual, Seojun walked through the company, her backpack slung on her shoulder and a bag of food in her hands as she neared Namjoon’s studio. Even though Namjoon had given her his passcode she preferred knocking as she did not want to catch him off guard.

“Namjoon-ssi! I’m here, can you open up!” shouted Seojun as she knocked on the door. She waited for a few minutes for Namjoon to open the door but when he didn’t something felt wrong.

Seojun waved off that feeling assuming that namjoon must have his headphones on and didn’t hear. Seojun shook her head at her thoughts before moving to punch in the passcode and entering Namjoon’s studio.

It was eerily silent as Seojun closed the door behind her and walked in further to freeze.


Chapter Text

“NAMJOON-SSI!”, shrieked Seojun as she dropped the bag of food and rushed forward to the man.

Said man was on the floor, red in the face, clawing at his chest. Seojun immediately grabbed Namjoon and leaned him against her as she tried to figure out what was happening.

“What’s wrong Namjoon-ssi!?”

Namjoon just wheezed in reply and suddenly bent over grabbing his stomach. Seojun kept holding him up as she quickly scanned the surroundings to see if she could find any clue as to why Namjoon was acting like this. She let out a soft gasp when she noticed the takeout box placed on Namjoon’s desk with what looked like a sandwich in it.

Seojun instantly turned to question Namjoon, “Holy fuck! Are you allergic to something?”

Namjoon barely nodded before coughing like his lungs were going to pop out any time. Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she racked her brain. All of a sudden she stood up and pulled Namjoon along with her and laid him down on the couch gently. His face had turned redder than before and he seemed to have even more trouble breathing.

Seojun quickly grabbed his chin and slowly forced him to open his mouth, “I need to check if your throat is swollen, Namjoon-ssi!”

The 16-year-old cussed as she shook her head, “We need to go to the hospital!”

She quickly got rid of her bag and took out her phone to call an ambulance before running a hand through Namjoon’s hair, flinching slightly at how hot his body was, “Don’t worry everything will be fine!”

As soon as she’s connected to a hospital she started explaining the situation while simultaneously getting a beanie and sunglasses. “Yes! He has started developing a fever too. Please send help soon. Thank you!”

Seojun cut the call and quickly ran back to Namjoon and took a deep breath before getting him to sit up on the couch and placed the beanie over his head, “Okay! We need to disguise you. You can’t wear a mask, it won’t be good for you right now-”

Seojun abruptly stopped as she got an idea. She swiftly raised her arms and got her hoodie off before pulling it on Namjoon and keeping the hood up. Seojun fortunately, always wore over-sized hoodies which made the hoodie a perfect fit for Namjoon. Seojun quickly went over to Namjoon’s desk and grabbed his belongings and made sure to save his stuff and turned his computer off before helping him up.

“We can’t make a big ruckus so let’s go down to wait for the ambulance.”

Namjoon wheezed in response, one of his hands still clawing at his chest while the other was wrapped around his torso. Seojun managed to get him out of the studio in one piece without forgetting to lock the door. The hard part was going down the stairs because the elevator had to be broken when she needed it the most! The fact that it was pretty late and the building was practically deserted did not help when Seojun desperately needed help!

Seojun winced when Namjoon stumbled and grabbed him before he hurt himself. Namjoon was having a hard time keeping his balance up, it was out of the question for him to coordinate his steps. Seojun let the older lean completely against her as she thought of another idea.

Seojun let out a sigh as she kept her hold on Namjoon while she moved in front of him and bent slightly, “Can you get on my back, Namjoon-ssi?”

Namjoon nodded and tried his best to wrap his arms around Seojun but found it hard due to his lack of coordination. Seojun took a few steps back until she felt Namjoon’s chest against her back and slowly let go of Namjoon to grab his hands and wrapped them around her shoulder before bouncing the older slightly to get him on her back.

A few minutes of struggle later, Seojun found herself going down the stairs with Namjoon on her back, his hand wrapped around her neck and her hand holding on tightly to his thighs which she had managed to wrap around her torso.

“Just hang in tight, Namjoon-ssi! The ambulance will be here soon and you’ll be out of pain!” assured Seojun as she stood outside the building in a slightly secluded part to avoid catching attention.

Namjoon looked close to passing out which made Seojun tap her foot against the ground, impatiently, wondering where the fuck was the ambulance. Just as Seojun finished cursing the ambulance out for taking so much time, the ambulance came around the corner. Seojun instantly rushed forward to come into their view and let out a relieved sigh when the ambulance stopped right in front of her and paramedics stepped out to help her with Namjoon.

Seojun let them roll Namjoon in and got into the ambulance behind him. Another minute passed as the doors closed and they started moving to the nearest hospital. Seojun turned to the paramedic, “Will he be okay?”

The paramedic nodded as he put an oxygen mask on Namjoon before injecting him with something, “Yeah, don’t worry honey. Now tell me what’s your name and who’s he to you.”

Seojun frantically searched around for a proper answer and blurted out, “He’s my brother. I’m Seojun. Kim Seojun. And uh, can I please make a request?”

The paramedic hummed, “Yeah, honey, don’t worry. I know he’s Kim Namjoon. I’ve already asked the hospital to get us a closed-off entrance and a private room for him.”

Seojun let out a sigh and thanked the paramedic just as they arrived at the hospital. Seojun found herself being taken to a waiting room while Namjoon was taken to an examination room with a lot of doctors and nurses surrounding him to keep his identity a secret. Seojun kept pacing around until a nurse approached her.

“Kim-ssi? Ma’am?”

Seojun turned around to face the nurse, internally chiding herself for forgetting that she’s apparently Kim Namjoon’s sister for the time being. “Yes?”

“I need you to fill this form. After that, I can take you up to Kim-ssi’s room.”

Seojun nodded as she took the form and filled out the details. Being as quick as possible. Once she was done, she passed the form back to the nurse before letting her lead her to Namjoon’s room.

Seojun bowed to the nurse before closing the door and taking a seat next to Namjoon who looked a bit pale but definitely better than before. The 16-year-old let her body relax against the chair when she suddenly remembered something.

She had totally forgotten to inform the others!

Seojun cussed as she frantically searched for her phone and dialed the first number she saw.


“Hello? Jimin-ssi?”

“Yeah, it’s me, Seojun. What’s wrong? Why do you sound so panicked!?”

Seojun felt fear and panic rise in her as she tried to explain what was going on. She was afraid that the boys would be angry with her for not informing them of what happened as soon as she found out.

“I so sorry! I-I, it just happened so fast. I forgot and gosh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to-”

“Wait, Seojun!”

Seojun stopped speaking as fear gripped her heart. She could hear Jimin talking to someone in the background. Oh god! What if he was telling the members about Seojun’s mistake and now they were angry with her? What if they were contacting Jangmi instantly to get rid of her-


Seojun sucked in a sharp breath at Yoongi’s voice and instantly devolved into her rambling again.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, Yoongi-ssi! I really forgot. Everything was just going out of control so I didn’t know what to do. And-

“First of all, calm the fuck down kid!”

Seojun gulped and took deep breaths while waiting for Yoongi to continue.

“Good. Now first tell me where are you.”

“I’m at Seoul General Hospital.”

“What!? Why? What’s wrong. Are you hurt? Wait aren’t you supposed to be with Namjoon? Where’s Namjoon?”

Seojun froze when the panicked voices of Jin, Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok reached her ears. The phone must be on speaker.

“For fucks sake, shut up! Let me talk to her! Seojun?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Okay. Why are you at the hospital?”

“I-, Namjoon-ssi was having an allergic reaction so I called an ambulance and took him here.”

“Okay. Don’t worry. You did good, kid. We’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“Okay. He’s in room 713. It’s a VIP room.”

“Good. Hold on, we’ll be there.”

Seojun hummed and cut the call, feeling calmer than before. Yoongi certainly did not sound angry. But he has always been good at keeping his emotions in check. But the other boys too didn’t sound angry. If anything they sounded concerned.

Maybe they weren’t angry at her.

Or maybe they were and they just held it off for the time being?


God, Seojun was exhausted!

Chapter Text

Posted on 7th April 2021

Merely 15 minutes had passed before Bangtan had reached the hospital, completely disguised with masks and caps. Jin had instantly walked up to the reception and asked them where room 713 was. However, instead of being taken there the way they’d expected, the receptionist had asked them to wait. The six boys waited by the reception until a nurse came over to them.

“Excuse me? Are you the people asking to visit the patient in room 713?”

Yoongi nodded, “Yes, ma’am. Our friend is there. He was brought in about an hour ago.”

“So can we go and visit him?” asked Jimin.

The nurse sighed and shook her head, “I’m sorry, but I cannot let you visit a patient in the VIP wing without having your names on the visiting list.”

“Well, could you please inform the patient that his members are here? He’ll put our name on the list.”

“Kim-ssi is currently asleep due to the effects of the sedatives and his sister hasn’t put anyone’s name on the list nor informed us. It is against hospital regulations for hospital staff to pass messages onto patients or their families. I’d be glad to take you there as soon as you’re put on the list.”

Jungkook frowned in confusion, “Hyung’s sist- oh, okay, ma’am! Please give us a minute.”

He swiftly took out his phone and did not waste a single moment as he called Seojun.

“Hello? Seojunnie?”

“Jungkook-ssi? Is something wrong? Are you on your way to the hospital?”

“No no, nothing’s wrong. We’re at the hospital, down at the reception. They’re saying that we can’t come up until our names are put on the visitor’s list.”

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry, I forgot! Just a minute!”

Jungkook hummed and could hear Seojun talking to someone in the background before she cut the call. A few seconds later just a phone rang at the reception. He watched the receptionist call out to the nurse and motion something before the nurse nodded and turned to them.

“Alright, we got the approval. Please come along.”

Yoongi nodded and bowed to her as they followed her behind while simultaneously mouthing a confused ‘sister?’ toward the others who shook their heads in reply.

Seojun kept tapping her leg as she stared at Namjoon, lost in her thoughts. The boys hadn't said anything yet which was worrying her to no ends. She really didn't want to piss them off. ‘What If's’ kept popping up in her head as she waited for the boys. She really hoped they wouldn't be angry at her. Before Seojun could follow up on her thoughts, she heard the door open and turned around to see six men walk in with concern splattered over their faces.

Seojun instantly stood up and bowed to them, not wasting a single minute before starting her rambling of apologies, “Im so sorry. I know I should've called and informed you as soon as we got here. No, I should've called you as soon as I saw him. I-”


Seojun stopped as she peered at Hoseok who had a small smile on his face.

“It’s okay. We are not angry. We are thankful that you did the right thing and got him straight to the hospital. You must be tired. So sit down and tell us what happened.”

Seojun nodded as she reluctantly sat down with the members following her actions and taking seats where ever there was space.

“I went to his studio to study and knocked. When he didn't open, I used his code and entered-”

“Wait a second! You have Joonie hyung's code!?” exclaimed Jimin, with an expression between shock and amusement.

Seojun was at a loss of words, confused as she nodded, “Yes, I suppose?”

“When did he give you the code?” questioned Taehyung, looking equally amused.

“Since the day he started tutoring me, in case he didn't hear me.”

“I told you Seojun. You are something else,” concluded Jungkook as he sat back with a sigh.

The confusion on Seojun's face must've been evident, for Jin immediately interrupted, “Don’t mind them. They're just salty that Joonie never gave them his code.”

“Okay. Well, I went in and he was on the ground, all red in the face and struggling to breathe. I helped him onto the couch and saw a sandwich on the table-”

“Please don't tell me that sandwich had an egg in it.” groaned Yoongi.

Seojun grimaced as she nodded, “Sorry, but it had an egg. I-” The 16-year-old paused as she frowned, “If Namjoon-ssi is allergic to egg then why in the world did he eat nearly 3/4th of the sandwich?”

“HE WHAT!?” yelled Hoseok as everyone in the room flinched.

“No wonder he had to be brought to the hospital.” huffed Jungkook.

“How the fuck can he not recognize egg while eating especially when he's allergic and then eat nearly the whole thing?” asked Seojun to no one in particular.

“Aw, don't be mad. It was an honest mistake....” came a raspy voice.

Instantly everyone turned around to see Namjoon awake with a sheepish, dimpled smile on his face.

And that was how Kim Namjoon got scolded for the next two hours until the doctor came along to check up on him and discharged him with a few medicines.

“Sorry, Seojun. You must've been scared.” apologized Namjoon once all of them got into the van.

Seojun immediately shook her head and waved off his apology, “Oh, no worries, Namjoon-ssi! It's my duty to help!”

“On that note, we never heard the end of what happened.” reminded Jungkook.

“Oh! Well, I called the ambulance and got him into my hoodie and a beanie. I didn't put a mask on him because he was already struggling to breathe. Then I carried him downstairs and waited for the ambulance.”

“You carried him down?” asked Hoseok with a shocked look on his face.

“Yes, the elevator wasn't working plus there would've been a chance of this getting leaked if the paramedics came into the building....” answered Seojun, reluctantly.

“I'm not gonna lie, I won't have thought of that if I found him like that. Good thinking, kid. I'm so ready to crash now.” said Yoongi as he yawned and leaned back on the seat.

“Oh! Shit!” cursed Seojun as she gritted her teeth. “Seokjin-ssi? Can we make a pit stop at the company? I need to get my bag from there.”

Jin nodded as he took a turn to drive towards the company. Seojun stared out of the window as she tapped her foot. She was so screwed! She had a test tomorrow and hadn't done any preparation. What the hell was she going to do? Seojun shook her head dejectedly as she sighed. The only option now was to pull an all-nighter or bomb the test. It-

“Seojun? What's wrong?” asked Jimin.

Seojun didn't think before she scoffed, “Nothing much except for the fact that I'm going to pull an all-nighter and still fail tomorrow.”

Seojun groaned as she let her head fall against the window. Complete silence followed for a total of three minutes before Namjoon spoke up, “What's tomorrow?”

Seojun snapped out of her thoughts and turned to Namjoon with a confused look on her face, “Uh, what do you mean Namjoon-ssi?”

“You just said that you'll fail tomorrow?” said Taehyung.

Seojun froze as she sighed, “I said that out loud, didn't I?”

Seven affirmative hums came through as Seojun put her head in her hands.

“You have a test tomorrow?” asked Taehyung.

Seojun nodded just as they reached the company, “Ill be quick!” Seojun quickly jumped out of the van and rushed into the building.

“I don't want her to pull an all-nighter. It's obvious she doesn't sleep for more than 4 hours every day. This will be bad for her health!” said Jin with a frown on his face.

“We can't really tell her not to because this test seems important to her,” added Jungkook.

“Maybe we can help her study?” suggested Hoseok.

“Do you know which subject is the test on?” asked Taehyung.

“I think it's Mathematics because we were going to do that today,” answered Namjoon.

“I don't think we'll be able to help her. Maths has never been our strong point. At least not mine. Maybe Namjoon and Jimin can help her. Hoseok too. These three are the best at math.” said Yoongi.

Before anyone could say anything else, the door opened and Seojun got back in. “We can go now. I got everything.”

Jin hummed as he started driving back to the dorm. The boys watched as Seojun took off her bag and rummaged through it to take out a book and open it.

“What are you doing, Seojun?” asked Taehyung.

Seojun looked slightly hesitant as she answered, “I'm cramming, I suppose?”

“Your test is on Math right?” confirmed Namjoon as Seojun hummed in agreement.

“Do tell me how you cram Math.”

“Well, Hoseok-ssi, uh, I don't really know how to explain it. But I've got my concepts set straight by Namjoon-ssi. So I think I can pass the test if I know the formulas. And this book is my emergency test book. I write the important stuff here and keep it so that it's easier to cram in these kinds of situations.”

Everyone blinked at Seojun's explanation, shocked at how much sense it made.

“Wow. That's just. God, Seojunnie! You're brilliant.” sighed Taehyung, shaking his head in amusement.

Seojun blushed lightly at the praise before turning her attention back to studying.

And that was how Seojun had spent her whole night studying and had to be woken up by Jin the next morning after a lot of struggle. Don't worry, she passed her test and even had a power nap while Yoongi dropped her off at school. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 11th April 2021

A few days later...

“Hey kids!”

The music in the dance studio cut off as eight heads turned around to see Jangmi by the door.

They greeted Jangmi simultaneously as she walked towards them and sent them a slightly guilty, sheepish smile.

“So......I'm here to give you guys some news.”

“Why do I have a feeling that you're going to give us bad and good news all in one?” asked Yoongi, his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Jangmi winced as she scratched her head, “Well, let's just rip the goddamn bandage off. You're doing a concert and a fansign next week.”

Instant shouts of surprise and protest followed as Jangmi sighed and waited for them to stop.

“First of all, don’t you dare blame me. I’m only the messenger. The PR Team popped this idea to PD-nim.”

“We don’t mind doing the fan meet and concert. The problem is that you’re asking us to prepare for a full concert in merely a week!” explained Namjoon.

“Sorry but you’re gonna have to suck it up. This will be your last public performance as a seven-membered group. The next time you perform? It’ll be as an eight-membered group with Seojun in a few months. You won’t be doing any public appearances until your comeback now, except for one or two interviews to keep your public image up and remind people that you're coming back soon.”

“Well, how many songs do we have to perform?” questioned Hoseok as he took a seat on the ground, with the others following his lead.

“If I’m not wrong, this concert will be at least two hours long. So we can count your performing time as one and a half hours. That is about 15 songs. Let’s just choose the songs you want to perform. We can decide the order later.”

The group hummed as they set out to choose songs. Seojun ended up watching them work silently, expressing her opinions only when someone asked her. And just as she’d expected, the rest of their day passed by in preparations with plans to start practicing the next day.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

The next few days were pretty calm for Seojun as she had been given the freedom to slack off until the concert. And she had appreciated it to the fullest by catching up on all of her school work as well as her lack of sleep. She had been staying at the dorm and working on her own things most of the time and had taken up the duty of making dinner to lessen Jin’s burden.

And so by the time Friday rolled around, Seojun was the best rested and relaxed she had been in a long time. This time, however, instead of staying at the dorm and binge-watching, Seojun went to visit Jangmi with a request.

“Noona?” called out Seojun as she reluctantly knocked at the door to the older woman’s office.

“Come in!”

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath and tried to steel herself before opening the door and walking in. “Hey, noona!”

“Ah! Seojunnie! What brings you here?”

A slightly sheepish look took over the 16-year-old’s face as she sat down opposite Jangmi, “Uh, I have a request to make?”

“Sure! What can you favorite and best noona do for you?”

Seojun chuckled at her words before answering, “Well, I-uh. You know that I’ve been a fan since the start. And I always wanted to-uh, go to a concert and a fansign. And-”

“Oh! No worries! Your noona will set it up. I’ll get you a spot near the stage and a fan meet ticket. The boys will be happy to know that you’re gonna be there. They’ve been feeling a little bad about practicing alone without you for the past few days.”

“Thank you so much, noona! Oh, and they don’t know. I want to keep it a surprise!”

Jangmi smiled as she nodded, “Hm, good idea. It’ll be nice. Do you want anything else? Maybe an ARMY bomb or some merchandise? I want to give you the full experience.”

Seojun froze as she stared at Jangmi with a shocked expression, “Really? You can actually get me some merch?”

Jangmi huffed as she rolled her eyes, “No I can't, I'm going to have to sell a kidney or maybe steal. Of course, I can! In case you forgot, I’m quite literally the manager. I’ll send everything over tomorrow after the boys leave. And I’ll send you a cab before the concert. Okay? As for the fan meet, it’ll be after the concert at the same location so shouldn’t be a problem.”

Seojun nodded and stood up as she bowed to Jangmi in gratitude before leaving with excitement raging through her nerves. Seojun was going to a Bangtan concert!

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Suspicion ran through the seven boys as they left for their venue, Seoul Olympic Stadium.

As far as they’d heard, it was a full house. Every last ticket was sold. On top of that, the fansign had helped their album sales increase.

Back to the original topic. The boys were all suspicious because of Seojun. To be specific, the way she had been acting. Not that they did not appreciate it, but the girl had been frolicking around since the previous night, all happy and hyper. The suspicion only increased after she had woken up early and made a large breakfast for them before wishing them good luck and waving at them.

However, all of their suspicions had vanished into thin air as soon as they reached the venue. The adrenaline had started pumping through their veins as they got ready for their rehearsal and sound check. It was going to be their last performance as seven so they had to do their best and put on a show.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Seojun had a smile plastered on her face as she got dressed in the empty dorm. She wore a black t-shirt with ‘花樣年華’ printed on it along with a pair of blue jeans and black sneakers. Seojun wasn't going to lie. She looked good.

Once Seojun finished dressing, she moved to check her bag, making sure everything she needed was there. Jangmi had sent her an army bomb along with an album and posters for her to get the members to sign. She also sent her a few stickers for her phone cover and some keychains. Seojun grinned wide, small dimples appearing in her cheeks as she closed her bag and put it on.

She grabbed her phone and went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water along with some snacks and put them inside her bag before walking out of the dorm, making sure to lock it behind her. The boys had gotten her a key a few days ago.

As if on cue, a car stopped in front of the gate and a man's head popped out from the window, “Cab for Seojun?” Seojun nodded as she bounded over and got into the cab after bowing slightly to the man in respect. Excitement raged through Seojun along with adrenaline all the way to the stadium. No words could've described how enchanted Seojun was after she saw the scene in front of her.

She could see fans all around her, some holding banners with well-wishes for the boys, while some held full-sized cardboard cutouts of the members or funny pictures of them. Most of them were in groups. Talking with their friends and clicking photos with the large posters put up outside the stadium.

Along with them, Seojun could see dance groups performing at various spots. The gears in Seojun's head started turning at a high speed as she decided to join the group playing the Bangtan Random Song Dance game.

After that, she could sit and see other groups perform or go click some pictures with the posters even though she had the actual living members at the dorm.

Scratch that.

She would do both one after the other because she still had at least an hour and a half before the entry was opened.

At that moment, Seojun knew that she was going to enjoy everything and nothing could bring her down.

She was right.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 15th April 2021

Seojun had a grin on her face as she danced in the middle with the audience cheering her up with shouts and claps. She had spent the past half an hour dancing to Bangtan's songs with other A.R.M.Y's. They had started playing songs with more difficult choreography which ended up with not many participating. But that did not decrease the fun.

The few people who would dare to come in and try would be cheered to the fullest, just the way Seojun was being cheered. Seojun bowed slightly when the last song ended, marking the end of the random song challenge. Seojun picked up her bag from the side and was about to leave when she found herself being stopped. The 16-year-old turned around to see a boy and a girl, eerily similar to each other, standing in front of her.


The pair bowed to her before the boy spoke up, “Hello! I-, not to sound creepy, but we've been watching you for a while and saw that you're alone. Would you like to join us? We've got tickets by the stage. What about you?”

Seojun smiled as she nodded, “Me too. And I would love to join you if it's not a problem....”

The girl jumped up in excitement and hugged Seojun, “That’s awesome! I'm Lee Jiyun and this is my twin Lee Jihun. You can call us Jiyun and Jihun!”

“I'm Ahn Seojun. How old are you both? I'm 16.”

Jiyun grinned as she slapped her brother's hand in excitement, “Oh my god, Jihunnie! We got a dongsaeng!”

Jihun smiled at his twin before turning to Seojun, “Don’t mind her, she is having a bit of a sugar high. We're 18.”

Seojun nodded, feeling comfortable in the twin’s presence as she answered, “Do you mind if I call you Oppa and Noona?”

Jiyun jumped again and stuck to Seojun's one hand and pulled her twin beside her, “Of course my dear dongsaeng! Let's go! We need to click a lot of pictures!”

Seojun merely laughed in answer as she and Jihun got pulled all over the place by Jiyun for the next hour until it was time for the concert. By that time, Seojun had found herself sandwiched between the twins, who had deemed her too fragile for the world and had vowed to protect her by keeping her in between them. She could feel one of her hands in Jihun's while the other was in Jiyun's as they walked into the stadium and went down to the area near the stage, entering after showing their tickets.

“Oh my god, I'm so excited!” gushed Jiyun as she spun in circles, taking in the sight around her with wonder and amusement.

Seojun smiled as she agreed, “I know right! It had always been my dream to attend a concert.”

Jihun hummed in agreement as he suddenly gasped, “Oh! We should exchange numbers! I think we'd love to be friends with you, Seojun!”

Seojun smiled softly as she passed her phone to the twins to put in their number and called them once to confirm their numbers.

“We should go out to eat after the concert!” suggested Jiyun.

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she shook her head, “I'm sorry, but I won't be able to join. I got tickets to the fan meet too.”

Jihun gasped as he knocked against Seojun's shoulder, “Yah! You're so lucky, Seojun! No worries we can always go another time!”

Seojun nodded just as the lights in the stadium started dimming and the stage started lighting up.

Screams ensued from the stadium as seven figures stepped up on the stage, making Seojun smile fondly.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Taehyung smirked as he sang, bopping his head and moving his body along to the beat, making armies scream.

Nuga nareul magado
Naui gal gireul gandago
Insaeng han bangirago
Leggo (Leggo!)

He let his eyes slide over the fans near the stage as he growled his lines,

Dan harureul sarado
Huhoeneun jeoldaero eopdago
Han beon ttwieobojago
Let's jump!

Taehyung ran his hand through his hair and let his tongue wet his lips as he moved nearer to the edge of the stage to make eye contact with his fans.

He froze for a second when his eyes met a pair of familiar blue eyes behind glasses. Taehyung snapped out when the chorus started and focused on the singing along. Once the chorus ended, he immediately turned his attention back to where he thought he had seen Seojun and carefully saw each face and sighed to himself when he didn't find the girl he was looking for.

He definitely hallucinated. He must be missing the 16-year-old more than he thought. Taehyung smiled to himself as he bounded over to Jungkook and jumped on his back as the song ended and faded into another.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Seojun froze for a second when she met Taehyung's eyes and felt disappointment rage through her at the thought of her surprise being spoiled. But somehow, luck was in favor, Taehyung just blinked at her before leaving. This time, however, Seojun was prepared when Taehyung came back to look for her. She stood slightly behind Jihun and Jiyun and successfully hid herself from Taehyung.

Seojun felt exhilarated as she screamed the fan chant along with other fans as the beginning of Save Me played. Just like the twins, she too had her phone out and was recording a few snippets here and there or clicking pictures of the members. Even though she felt quite claustrophobic in such a large crowd, the music was able to distract her.

By the time the concert was halfway through, Seojun found herself jumping hand in hand with the twins, all of her paranoia and fear of others judging her suppressed for the time being. Seojun felt extreme fondness overcome her heart and felt her heart burst when the boys finally took a break and talked to the fans.

It was clear for anyone to see how much they loved their work and their fans and the amount of dedication they had. Seojun felt a new kind of motivation burn in her as she promised herself to work as hard as the seven men. Soon enough their break ended and they started performing again.

Seojun nearly cried when the concert was nearing its end and the words A.R.M.Y SING ALONG appeared on the large screens. She sang along with the other to Young Forever feeling something in her melt when the boys teared up.

And just as the concert had started, it came to an end with the boys bowing to the fans and promising to be back with a new album next time. Seojun let herself get sandwiched between Jihun and Jiyun as they left the stadium, high on adrenaline and happiness.

“This was AWESOME!” exclaimed Jihun as they stood to the side, not wanting to be in anyone's way.

“I know right!?” groaned Jiyun as she leaned on Seojun.

Seojun hummed along as she let out a sigh. Her throat was going to be so sore tomorrow. But it was all worth it!

“I think the fan meet event is going to start in half an hour. So we'll leave. It was great meeting you, Seojun!” said Jihun.

Seojun smiled back in agreement as the twins took her into a hug.

“We have to stay in contact? Okay, Seojunnie? You're my only dongsaeng!” pouted Jiyun as she and her brother let go of the 16-year-old.

“I promise I’ll stay in touch, noona. Okay?” answered Seojun, pulling out her pinkie towards Jiyun accepted it by wrapping her own pinkie around Seojun's.

“What about oppa?”

Seojun huffed out a chuckle as she offered her other pinkie to Jihun who did the same as his sister before waving to Seojun and leaving.

Seojun waved to them until they were completely out of view before moving towards the fan meet location and joining the line of fans, waiting for entry. The excitement returned as Seojun squealed under her breath. She was looking forward to surprising the boys, hoping everything would go just as she planned.

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Posted on:- 19th April 2021

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she finally got to enter the room. She had purposefully gone last to avoid any kind of problems. She had been waiting for the past 30 minutes to get in. The 16-year-old kept herself hidden behind the girl in front of her, not wanting to let the boys spot her before she reached them.

She took out her new album and posters and aligned them in the order she wanted as she moved towards the front. She knew that being last would give her very little time to talk to the boys but she didn't mind because that was exactly what she wanted. Seojun tried her best to suppress her smile as she stepped on the stage, sitting down in front of Namjoon who had his head down messing with a marker.

Seojun cleared her throat and smiled when Namjoon looked up and saw her just to freeze. Seojun snickered as she put her album and poster in front of Namjoon.

“Hello, Namjoon-ssi! I'm Seojun. I love your music. I've been a fan since the start. Your concert today was awesome!”

Namjoon was speechless and stumbled over his words as he signed the articles and threw out a choked thank you. Seojun smiled sweetly at him and bowed slightly before moving to the next person.

Nuga nareul magado. Naui gal gireul gandago. Insaeng han bangirago. Leggo Leggo....” sang Seojun as she sat down in front of the man.

Taehyung grinned at her and wiggled his eyebrows, “I knew it! It was you who I saw on the left side near the stage during Jump, right!?”

Seojun nodded sheepishly as Taehyung finished signing and passed it to the next member.


Jungkook looked positively Jungshooked when he saw Seojun and gasped lightly, “Seojun?”

Seojun winked as she pushed her poster and album towards the 19-year-old. Jungkook still looked shocked when he finished signing and moved the items along to the next member.

Jimin smirked at Seojun as she sat down in front of him and grabbed her hands, linking his fingers through hers, “Hello, jagiya! What's your name?”

Seojun bit her cheek and faux glared at Jimin before answering, “Hello, Mochi-ssi, I'm Seojun.”

Jimin gasped dramatically as he let go of one of her hands and signed her posters before booping her nose lightly.

Seojun shook her head at his antics before moving to Hoseok and passing him her posters, “Hello, Hoseok-ssi! You're looking very cute today!”

Hoseok pouted as he signed her stuff, “So you mean to say I don't look cute every day?”

Seojun barely managed to repress her scoff and shrugged, “To answer that I'd have to see you every day...”

Hoseok chuckled at the double meaning as Seojun moved to the next member.

“Hello, Yoongi-ssi!” greeted Seojun as she sat down in front of him.

Yoongi smiled his famous gummy smile, putting his teeth on show, and leaned forward to put his hand under his face and stared at Seojun, “Jangmi noona helped you out didn't she?”

Seojun nodded as she pushed her poster and album towards him, making him sigh and whisper, “Please don't tell me you're going to put this up in our room...”

Seojun had a sheepish smile on her face as she moved to the last member, leaving Yoongi with a slightly horrified look on his face.

“Do you smell something burning, Seokjin-ssi?” asked Seojun with a completely straight face when she took a seat in front of him. Her voice was loud enough for the fans to hear.

Jin looked pleasantly surprised when he noticed Seojun and raised his eyebrows, “Uh, no?”

Seojun sighed and shook her head as she put her hand on her heart while simultaneously popping up a finger heart, “My heart is burning with love for you!”

Jin blushed and spluttered as the fans in the audience burst out laughing and cheered for Seojun.

“Aish, where did you learn that from?”

Seojun winked and sent Jin a flying kiss, “I learned from the best!” before standing up and walking off the stage with fans cheering and clapping at her antiques.

A smile stayed plastered on Seojun’s face for the rest of the fansign. She could see how happy the boys looked after her arrival and felt elated. The boys thought they were being subtle but little did they know that Seojun noticed them looking at her every time.

As soon as the fansign ended and the boys went backstage, Seojun moved to leave.

What Seojun hadn’t expected was to get surrounded by about fifteen or so fans asking for her social media to become mutuals.

Apparently, most of them had a good impression of her from the dance challenge she had taken part in and her interaction with the boys just made her even more interesting to them. And so by the time Seojun left, she had gained a few online friends and she was honestly on cloud nine. This day was hands down the best one in the sixteen years she had spent alive on the earth.

It had been another half an hour before Seojun finally reached the dorm, with a smile still fully intact on her face.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Seojun was on the couch with her earphones plugged in, going through the pictures she had clicked, when the front door had opened. Unfortunately, Seojun was too lost in the music to notice the arrival of seven very happy boys. She only found out of their arrival when she heard a whisper by her ear, “Who’s this?”

Seojun had quite literally jumped and dropped her phone straight on the ground to see Hoseok looking at her with an apologetic look. He instantly picked up her phone and winced when he saw the new crack he had caused.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry Seojunnie.....” apologized Hoseok as he passed her phone back. However, before Seojun could take hold of her phone, it was snatched from Hoseok’s hand. The 16-year-old sighed and lifted her head to see Yoongi holding her phone with the other boys around him, staring (read: glaring) at the photo on her screen.

It was a picture of her with the twins. They had sent all the photos by the time she arrived back after the fansign. The picture they were glaring at was one with Jihun and Jiyun’s arms around her with Jihun clicking the picture while the two girls did aegyo.

“Who the hell are they Seojun?”

“Why is that boy so close to you?”

Seojun rolled her eyes at Jungkook and Yoongi’s questions, sighing at how wrong they were to worry about her being close to a boy, “Calm down, will you? You literally came back 2 minutes ago. Sit down, have some water, eat something.”

The other boys did take Seojun’s suggestion and settled down while Jungkook and Yoongi sat down beside Seojun, sandwiching her between them, “We sat down. Now tell us who they are.”

Seojun giggled lightly as she shook her head, “They are my new friends. That is Jihun oppa and that’s his twin Jiyun noona. I met them today before the concert. I was with them the whole concert. They’re great. Noona already declared me as her official dongsaeng-”

“NO!” interrupted Jin with an incredulous look on his face.

Seojun raised her eyebrow in question, “Uh, what do you mean Seokjin-ssi?”

Jin huffed as he replied, “You are MY dongsaeng! Not anyone else's! Who does that girl think she is to make you her dongsaeng?”

Seojun laughs with clear amusement on her face, “Seokjin-ssi, I must correct you there. Even though noona declared me as her dongsaeng, I’m always going to your dongsaeng first. You seven are the first people ever to make me their dongsaeng. So you’re always going to be first. Don’t worry, no one can replace you.”

Little did Seojun know that these nonchalant words of hers hit the seven men hard. They felt proud to know that she had unconsciously started accepting them into her life and had no idea how her heart had become a home to seven people who’d always have her back.

Namjoon noticed the instant change in the atmosphere and disrupted it before anyone became too emotional. It would be pretty hard to explain that to Seojun and was better avoided.

“By the way, what was all this about?”


“This surprise? Not that we weren’t overjoyed. But it was a real surprise to see you at the fansign!”

“I was at the concert too!” said Seojun and gasped as she snatched her phone back from Yoongi and bounced in her seat, “Ooh! You gotta see the pictures I clicked. Wait, I’ll just send them to the group. I need to thank Jangmi noona. You have no idea how fun it was!”

“Hold up! You were at the concert too?” questioned Jimin.

Seojun hummed as she sent the pictures to the group, “I already said I was at the concert. Ask Taehyung-ssi. He even saw me once but he didn’t believe his eyes. And the next time he came, I hid.”

The six boys turned to Taehyung for confirmation, “Yeah. I saw her during Jump

“Let me guess, you were on the left side by the stage. I saw Taehyung near there quite a lot of times,” said Jin as Seojun hummed before standing up.

“Okay. I’m hungry. You must be too. You should all rest. I’ll cook today. I want to try something new!”

The boys were ready to protest but a cringe-worthy, awkward pout from Seojun’s end made them quiet down. Seojun grinned a large grin before bounding into the kitchen. It had been less than a minute before they could hear her singing their songs from the kitchen.

“Guys!” exclaimed Taehyung. “Seojunnie has dimples! Did you see?”

The six men looked intrigued as Taehyung passed his phone to show them the picture of Seojun grinning he had taken a few minutes ago.

“Aigoo! My dongsaeng is so cute!” gushed Jin with a fond smile on his face.

“If only she smiled like that every day....” mused Yoongi as he stared at the picture before passing it back to Taehyung.

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Posted on:- 23rd April 2021

Seojun smiled softly and waved at Yoongi before entering her school. She was in a good mood. It had been at least a week or two since the concert and Seojun was proud to say that the chances of her being kicked out were seeming lower than before, which let her relax around the boys and trust them better than before. She was still struggling to believe how her life had taken a full 180° turn in merely 3 months.

It had also been three months since she had contact with her parents. Seojun wasn’t really surprised that they had made no effort to contact her. They did kick her out after all. Seojun did see Woojin every day, after all, they were in the same grade, only different classes.

She was in the A section while her brother had grabbed a spot in the B section. And Seojun had been extremely grateful for that considering how much Woojin screwed her over. Just the thought of being in the same section as him sent shivers down her spine. God knows what he would do to make Seojun regret her entire existence.

Seojun shook her head as she walked in, straight to her class, ready to throw herself into studying. Unfortunately, luck was not on Seojun’s side as she spent her whole day with her head up in the clouds. Her mind had just kept on spouting various things just the way it usually did.

However, the only change this time was that the little happiness she struggled to hold on to, remained where it was co-existing alongside her fear and flaws.

By the time school was over, Seojun was mentally exhausted.

Just because she was happy and seeing things in a new light did not mean her whole life just changed. She was still being bullied. The girls still kept calling her names and spreading rumors while the boys kept misplacing her things and bumped into her on purpose just to shout at her and embarrass her in front of everyone and maybe leave a bruise or two.

However, that did not stop Seojun from feeling happy at the thought of going back to the dorm. She hoped Yoongi or Jin came to pick her up as she genuinely enjoyed their company the most, no offense to the other members. But there was just something about the two oldest that made Seojun feel at peace.

With Yoongi it was all calm while some aggressive rap played in the background while with Jin it was him trying out all his corny jokes and pick up lines on her, with the 16-year-old sometimes being brave enough to add her own.

Seojun walked out to the entrance of her school and stood by the side to look for the familiar car when she heard someone walk up to her.

Seojun turned around to see a man too familiar for her liking with the worst shade of ash brown in the form of his disheveled hair. The 16-year-old gritted her teeth as she pointedly refused to acknowledge the man’s existence.

“Aigoo, Ace, don’t ignore me. We both know that you can’t ignore me.”

“What the fuck do you want, Junwoo?” growled Seojun, her voice slightly above a whisper. She paused for a second and scrutinized the man from the top to bottom before shaking her head, “No offense, you look really ugly. And that hair color looks awful. People living on the streets look better than you. And you should really have a bath....”

Junwoo sucked in a sharp breath before speaking, “I’m not here to talk about my goddamn appearance, Ace!”

“What the hell do you want then, Junwoo?”

“First of all, I’m older. Call me Oppa. And the second thing, I’m here with an offer.”

Seojun rolled her eyes at his stupid demand and chose to focus on the latter part of his sentence, “What offer? I already told you I’m not interested in coming back. I’m done for good. Even if I left, I won’t forget the things you all did for me. And as far as I know, I left on good terms.”

Junwoo seemed to get riled up at her statement and huffed, “Good terms? You fucking vanished into thin air for a whole of two months and then we get a letter. A fucking letter. Which century do you live in? A letter about how sorry and thankful you were. And after that, we completely lose track of you. Was all the time you spent with us a joke? Some random time pass you did for four whole years? ”

Seojun sighed and tried to speak but was cut off, “No! You don’t get to cut me off. We kept on searching for you till date every minute of every day! God knows how long we would’ve searched for you if it wasn’t for me running into you at the store.”

“Do enlighten me with how you found my school, Junwoo.”

“It's Oppa. And I stalked you. I’ve kept an eye around for you. Coincidentally I saw you today morning while passing from here.”

Seojun rolled her eyes as she sighed, “Junwoo, enough, please. I’m happy with what I have right now. Leave me alone. I never regretted my time with you and the others. But if you keep pushing my buttons, I might do something I’d regret. And you don’t want that to happen.”

Junwoo froze. He hadn’t expected the 16-year-old to indirectly threaten him. He nodded silently before turning to leave without a word. This wasn’t the girl he knew. This wasn’t Ace. However, Junwoo knew that Ace was still there.

The only problem? That Ace was hidden somewhere deep inside the persona she was projecting. But Junwoo knew that he would go to any length to have their old Ace back. And guess what he was going to do? He was certainly going to get her back, no matter what he had to do...


Hoseok frowned and let out a relieved sigh when the man finally left. Hoseok was half a minute away from getting out of the car and taking Seojun away from the guy after how angrily he was talking to the 16-year-old who looked utterly unfazed and calm. Something about that man was nagging at him. Even though he looked completely harmless while talking to Seojun, there was just something about him that worried Hoseok.

Hoseok sighed as he turned the car on and drove up to Seojun and stopped directly in front of her. The 16-year-old immediately got in and threw a quick smile towards him before settling down. Hoseok found himself smiling back as he drove away from the school.

“How was your day, Seojun?”

“Good, I guess.”

Hoseok hummed as he remembered, “Oh, and by the way, I’m dropping you off at the company right now because Jangmi noona called earlier. She wants you at the company for something.”

Seojun sighed as she replied, “Alright. But can’t we go back to the dorm for at least five minutes? I’m hungry and I need to change my clothes.”

Hoseok grinned as he let one of his hands fall off the steering wheel and leaned back to grab a bag from the back seat.

“Here,” he said as he placed the bag on Seojun’s lap. “Yoongi hyung packed some kimchi and bibimbap for you. You can eat it on our way. And Jimin put a pair of clothes for you too. You change at the company. And one more thing, leave your school bag in the car, I’ll take it back to the dorm.”

Seojun thanked him before getting hold of the food and quite literally scarfing it down. The whole ordeal with Junwoo had left her a bit shaken and maybe a bit angry. And Seojun may or may not have a tendency to eat more when she’s angry. She didn’t really mean to threaten Junwoo, but he was getting on her nerves and that was the only way she could get rid of him.

Seojun let out a satisfied sigh as she put the containers back in and gulped down the bottle of water, she was too tired to deal with the shit life was throwing at her.

And if not avoid it, she could always delay it.


Chapter Text

Posted on:- 27th April 2021

Seojun watched Hoseok drive away before she turned to go inside the building. Just as she'd expected, Jangmi was standing by the reception in all her glory, waving at her.

Seojun sighed as she walked over to Jangmi, “Hey, noona!”

“Hey, jagiya! How was school?”

“Good. Why’d you call me here so early today?”

“I want you to meet someone...”

Seojun frowned in confusion as Jangmi started walking forward and followed her, “Who do you want me to meet, noona?”

“Patience, jagiya. Patience.”

Seojun huffed and rolled her eyes, “Whatever, let me change first.”

Jangmi hummed and stopped by the washroom for Seojun to change before continuing towards their destination.

“Why are you not telling me who I’m meeting, noona?”

“Calm down, will you? I can assure you that I’m not introducing you to a serial killer.”

Seojun pouted slightly as Jangmi finally stopped in front of one of the meeting rooms and motioned for Seojun to enter first.

The 16-year-old narrowed her eyes at the older woman before opening the door and walking in to find five boys sitting side by side. The five boys instantly shot up at their arrival and greeted them with bows.

Seojun bowed back with a confused look on her face and turned to Jangmi, “Noona?”

“These boys are our new trainees, Seojunnie!”


“Well, you’re going to take them under your wing for about a month and show them the ropes.”

“WHAT!? Uh, I mean, what? Why? Shouldn’t you be doing this? Or someone else?”

Jangmi sighed as she explained, “You see, jagiya, these five are our youngest trainees. And I don’t want to scare them off on the first day. You’re the only one in the company who is close to their age. And PD-nim specifically asked me to put them under you. So can you do noona this favor?”

Seojun gritted her teeth as she forced out a nod, “I don’t think I have a choice. But I’ll do it. What exactly do I have to teach them though?”

Jangmi tilted her head in thought, “I didn’t really think this through. But for the time being, take them everywhere with you. At least keep them with you while you’re in the company. Teach them a few of your choreographies and take them to vocal lessons too. It’ll help them learn the basics before advanced training. Okay?”

Seojun let out a deep breath as she nodded before turning to the boys and motioning for them to follow, “Come on, dance practice will start in about half an hour. I’ll show you the building till then. And I suppose we can get to know each other...”

The five boys instantly jumped into action and followed Seojun like baby ducklings, sticking to each other as if she was going to eat them up or something.

“I’ll start, I’m Seojun.”

“We know.”

Seojun stopped in her steps and turned around to face the boy who spoke, her eyes narrowed and voice slightly cold, “What do you mean?”

The tallest one smacked the one who spoke and bowed to Seojun with an apology, “I’m sorry. Please don’t mind Kai. He doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

Seojun stared at the tall one for a few seconds before shaking her head and turning to Kai, “I’d like to hear how you know me.”

Kai looked slightly hesitant before speaking, “It isn’t really hard to know you when you’re practically the smartest person in our school, who also is bullied all the time.”

Seojun froze for a few seconds before tilting her head at the boy, “So? Do you have any problem with that, Kai-ssi?”

Her voice had dropped to a terrifyingly low tone, making shivers run down the boys, who wondered what had possessed Kai to behave like that.


“Kai!” scolded another tall guy before apologizing to Seojun again, “I’m sorry. It’s none of our business. He doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut, I’m Soobin.”

Seojun rolled her eyes and scoffed, “No shit sherlock. Kid, it’d be better for you to mind what you say. Don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong, especially not in my business.”

The 16-year-old sighed and shook her head before turning to the two boys who had stayed completely silent during the whole exchange, “Well, do you two know how to speak?”

The said boys instantly nodded, wide-eyed at the sudden attention from Seojun.

Seojun groaned in frustration when the boys remained silent, “Do I have to spell everything out? Tell me your names and age!”

“Choi Beomgyu. 15”

“Choi Yeonjun. 16”

“Hueining Kai. 13”

“Kang Taehyun. 14”

“Choi Soobin. 15.”

Seojun hummed and asked Yeonjun, Soobin, and Beomgyu about their birthdays to confirm their age order. She wasn’t gonna lie, but she felt slightly relieved when she found out that Yeonjun was a few months younger than her, making her the oldest.

“Okay. Just to be clear. I’m the oldest, then comes Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Kai. Right?”

The boys nodded with affirmative hums as Seojun checked the time, “I’m cutting our tour short because it’s almost time for dance practice. We’re only practicing old choreographies at the moment so you can watch and learn. Ask me if you need any help, okay?”

Seojun started walking towards the dance studio once she got the replies she wanted, not surprised to find the other boys already present.

“Seojun-ah! Where were you-” called out Namjoon just to pause when his gaze fell onto the five terrified boys behind the 16-year-old. “-who’re they?”

Seojun motioned for the five trainees to come forward before making introductions, “Bangtan, meet our newest trainees; Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Kai. Trainees, meet Bangtan; Seokjin-ssi, Yoongi-ssi, Hoseok-ssi, Namjoon-ssi, Jimin-ssi, Taehyung-ssi and Jungkook-ssi.”

The trainees bowed to the older men who did the same before Seojun spoke up, “Now that the introductions are out of the way. Jangmi noona has asked me to take them under my wing for a month and show them the ropes. So for the next month, they’ll always be around during practice. Noona also asked me to teach them a few choreographies. So, I hope no one has any problem.”

Seojun waited for anyone to raise their problems and moved forward when no one did, “What are we doing today?”

Hoseok shrugged as he moved towards the speakers, “Nothing much. We’re all feeling kinda lazy today and planned to perform one or two choreographies and call it a day.”

“But I think we should set a good example on our juniors. Let’s put on a show for them,” suggested Jungkook.

Jin chuckled as he ruffled Jungkook’s hair, “Aigoo, our Jungkookie has grown up now, hasn’t he?”

The other boys chuckled as Jimin addressed everyone, “I say let’s teach them Boy In Luv. It’s been a while since we did that.”

“Ooh! And we can even change the formations to suit five people!” added Taehyung, excitement evident in his voice.

“That’s a good idea. Let’s start then,” announced Seojun as the trainees moved forward and started taking positions as per Hoseok’s instructions, ready to do their best. Even though Seojun hadn't really taken a liking to the five boys, she could see that they would do well. It wasn't really hard to see the passion behind their every action.

And at that moment, Seojun knew that she would help the boys to the best of her ability, even if they turned out to be brats who she couldn't stand.

They were not going to be brats she couldn't stand...

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 1st May 2021

Seojun took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. It was certainly not working. Seojun stifled her urge to groan and turned to stare out of the window and distract herself.

It had been a week since she met the five trainees and they were.....good? She wasn't gonna lie that she didn't have a slightly fond spot for them. Because she did.

Now that she knew them personally, it wasn't hard to notice them in school during breaks and Seojun may or may not have started offering an olive branch by shooting small smiles or waving whenever she caught their eye.

And it may or may not be working (it was definitely working) because Kai had certainly started behaving more friendly towards her while the other boys had started relaxing a bit in her company. The tension between them was slowly disappearing and that had Seojun relieved to no ends.

The uneasiness and panic returned as soon as Taehyung stopped the car in front of the school, making Seojun sigh.

“Have a good day, Seojunnie!” wished Taehyung as Seojun grabbed her bag and opened the door to leave.

Seojun sent a slightly stiff and forced but appreciative smile to the older and bowed, “Thanks, you too Taehyung-ssi! See you soon.”

Seojun stared at the entrance of her school for a few seconds, contemplating whether it would be okay if she ditched for the day. No one would find out if she just came back to school before anyone came to pick her up.



That wasn't going to work because of the sensitive conscience Seojun sported. That very conscience would make her feel guilty for some reason, which she would rather not feel.

In the end, the plans to ditch vanished into the air as Seojun walked in, hoping for the best.

Everyone regrets something or the other in their life, Seojun does too. But the only problem was that Seojun could've avoided regretting that particular day but wasn't able to because of her sensitive conscience.

And well, she was going to regret that.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

The uneasiness remained throughout the whole day, not allowing Seojun to focus. It had gotten so bad that by the time the last class ended, she was quite literally shoving all of her things inside her bag and rushing out of the school.

Unfortunately, she had to stop and wait by the entrance when she failed to find Bangtan's car. The 16-year-old sighed and leaned against the wall, thinking about her plans for the day, more like the week.

Jangmi, bless her kind heart, had given Seojun the whole week off as her exams were coming up. The boys too had taken the week off to relax. Seojun hummed to herself in satisfaction when she realized that she was going to study for the whole week until she went cross-eyed or physically couldn't read anymore.

That sounded like heaven compared to her daily routine that was dancing for 6 or so hours and then staying up for four more hours to study and sleeping for less than 3 hours.

For a single fleeting moment, Seojun thought of walking back hom- uh, to the dorm and texting the members to not pick her up, but she stamped it out the very next minute because she knew they wouldn't let her.

Seojun was still wondering what to do when she found herself being pulled roughly into the nearby alley and being shoved hard against the wall.

The 16-year-old groaned as she stared into familiar brown eyes and sneered, “What in the fucking world do you want?”

“That is not the way to talk to your older brother, Seojun.”

Seojun huffed, her tone sarcastic, “Let me rephrase it. What the fuck do you want, oppa.”

Her brother scoffed as he got into her personal space, “Don't try to be witty. You never know when it can land you in trouble. Now tell me what's all these rumors about.”

Confusion etched across her face as she narrowed her eyes, “Care to enlighten me about the so-called rumors?”

Seojun realized there were two more people when another voice came, “A little birdie told us that our Seojunnie has got herself some sugar daddies.”

Seojun let out an amused chuckle as she shook her head, “Let me guess, that little birdie is Yuna and her bitchy minions.”

“That is none of your business. Now tell us if these rumors are true or not.” said the third guy.

A smug look took over the 16-year old's face as she rolled her eyes, “Now that you said that. These rumors? They're none of your business.”

Seojun grunted as she felt her brother shove her harder into the wall, “Tell me what the fuck is all this about.”

Seojun knew that not keeping her mouth shut was going to end badly for her, but all her rationality had flown out of the window.

“No, why do you care? I don’t even fucking live with you anymore! I’m not an obstacle in your path to becoming eomma and appa’s favorite, which for your very kind information, you already are!”

“No matter where you go, people will still know you as the daughter of the Han family. And all you’re doing is tarnishing our family name.”

Seojun rolled her eyes as she pushed her brother away from her with a hard push, “You know this pathetic excuse is getting old. Both you and I know that all this so-called machoness of yours is fake. And why do you need to be macho and show yourself off? Because you’re threatened by me, you’ve always been. But you’re too proud to accept that and- wait.”

Seojun turned her freezing gaze to two other boys, “What are you standing here for? Don’t you have STDs to spread, or have your girlfriends left you already?”

Seojun remained unaffected when her brother held back one of the guys who tried to lunge at her and growled as he came forward and grabbed Seojun by her collar, “Don’t act smart and stop spouting bullshit!”

The 16-year-old flinched at the action and instantly brought up her leg and kicked her brother hard in his manhood, making him let go of her and move back, groaning in pain.

The boy who had tried to lunge at her instantly came forward and grabbed Seojun hard by her jaw, making the girl hit her head hard against his to make him let go of her. Before Seojun could think anything else, she felt a hard slap against her cheek and fell down.

“Don’t make me do this the hard way, Seojun. Who are those so-called sugar daddies?” questioned Woojin, his voice trembling with barely concealed anger.

The part of Seojun that had the common sense to not provoke an angry person and get herself injured had been overpowered by the part that worked on anger and instinct. And that was why Seojun stood up tall, with an equal amount of anger raging through her, “Why? You want to get yourself one too?”

Seojun ducked when Woojin came at her with his fist out, not letting her guard down when the other two boys started attacking her as well. Damn, this fight wasn’t looking good for her. After all, she’d never been good at using her fists.

“What the fuck, man?” exclaimed Seojun when one of the other boys punched her.

She tutted in disapproval, “I’m sorry dude, but you have absolutely no right to step into a fight between me and my bro- uh, Woojin. So you better fuck off or I’m not gonna go easy on you.”

The 16-year-old sighed when the boys came at her again. She was really out of practice. Seojun huffed at her thoughts and mentally made a promise to practice more if she made it out of this fight in one piece as she swiftly kicked one of the guys before punching the second one.

Seojun tried her best to fight, but her lack of practice soon showed and she was pushed to the ground as her brother and his friends beat her up. Nevertheless, Seojun was proud because she went down after putting up a hell of a fight. She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut when she felt a kick to her stomach.

Seojun did her best hold in her pained noises as the boys beat her up, not giving her a moment to recover as they kept kicking her. Seojun had no idea how much time had passed when the three boys had left and she was finally all alone in the alley, pain raging through every nerve.

The 16-year old let out a relieved sigh as she pushed herself up against the wall, wincing at the pain. She remained there for a few minutes and tried to catch her breath before making the bad decision of standing up (read: trying) because that ended with her letting out a pained shout and falling back to the ground.

Seojun felt light-headed as she blinked furiously, trying to clear out her suddenly blurry vision.

Black spots started appearing as Seojun heard a horrified gasp followed by a few pairs of feet.

The last thing Seojun knew before she fell into the ever comforting dark void of nothingness was a slightly familiar concerned voice saying something she failed to understand.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 5th May 2021

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he looked around, trying to locate the 16-year-old girl. He knew he was pretty late and most of the students had left, but he wasn’t able to see her anywhere. However, before Yoongi could take any action he heard his phone ring and was surprised to see Seojun calling him.


“Hello? Who’s this?”

Yoongi frowned at the male voice coming from Seojun’s phone, “That’s the question I should be asking. Who are you? And where is Seojun? This is her phone!”

Yoongi could hear a relieved sigh coming from the line, “Thank God! Uh, I’m Seojun-ssi’s classmate. And uh, she’s kind of unconscious right now. Can you please pick her up?”

Yoongi felt his blood freeze as he asked, “What the hell? Where are you?”

“Um, we’re in an alley right beside our school entrance-”

Yoongi was out of the car before the boy finished speaking and found himself running into the said alley to find five boys surrounding Seojun.

“SEOJUN!” gasped Yoongi as he rushed towards the boys and knelt down beside the unconscious girl, freezing when he saw the five familiar boys.

“Yoongi-ssi?” breathed Soobin who was sitting with Seojun’s head in his lap.

“What happened to her?”

“We don’t know, Yoongi-ssi. Seojun-ssi fainted just as we arrived,” answered Taehyun.

“We heard a shout when we were passing by the alley and found her half-conscious,” added Yeonjun.

“Will Seojun-ssi be okay, Yoongi-ssi? I was worried that this-”


Yoongi frowned when Beomgyu cut Kai off, “What were you saying, Kai? You know who did this!?”

Kai froze as he looked from Beomgyu to Yoongi.

“We all know what’s going on and who could potentially be the one who did this. But we can’t say anything,” explained Soobin.

Yoongi felt anger flare up in him, “What the fuck do you mean by you can’t say anything!?”

“Please don’t be upset with us, but Seojun-ssi has made it clear that she doesn’t like us poking our noses in her business and we’d prefer not to piss her off especially when we’re going to be under her for a whole month,” said Yeonjun.

Yoongi sucked in a sharp breath ready to speak when they heard a low pained groan from Seojun. At that very instant, all other thoughts rushed out of Yoongi’s head as he quickly scooped up Seojun in her arms and addressed the boys with a glare, “Don’t think this is over. And thank you for helping her. You should go back. I’ll take her to the hospital. And don’t tell anyone about this.”

The boys bowed in response and watched Yoongi put the unconscious girl in the car before driving off, wondering if they made the right choice by respecting Seojun’s decision.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Seojun sighed softly as she tried to open her eyes which were too heavy for her own liking. A few minutes passed before Seojun was successfully able to open her eyes. Why was everything so blurry- oh. Seojun rolled her eyes at her own stupidity and swung her hand around blindly until she finally found her glasses and put them on.

Her blood froze when she realized where she was. Memories rushed through her as she struggled to breathe, eyes squeezed shut. A few minutes or maybe hours passed before Seojun felt a set of unfamiliar hands on her, which made her lash out and thrash as she tried to get out of the grip.

All of a sudden the hands disappeared and Seojun felt a different, familiar hand slowly touch her hand. Seojun took deep breaths as she slowly opened her eyes and stared at the hand that was asking for permission to touch and nodded softly before accepting the hand. Slowly and gently, Seojun’s hand was pulled towards another body and the 16-year-old found her hand on someone’s chest. Seojun kept her eyes down and tried to match her breathing to the one she felt as the ringing in her ears slowly decreased and a familiar gentle voice crept in.

“-that’s it. You’re doing good.”

The panicked haze finally cleared out as Seojun came back to reality and found her gaze on Yoongi. Wait a second. Why was she in a hospital, with Yoongi? Confusion spread out on the girl’s face as she tilted her head in thought when everything suddenly hit her like a bullet train.

Snippets of the fight with her brother rushed back as Seojun’s eyes widened. Oh god! She fainted and someone brought her to the hospital. Yoongi came when he found out and now she was going to have to give an explanation-

“Hey, hey! Stop that, kid. Stop thinking whatever you’re thinking. I don’t want you panicking again!”

Seojun nodded stiffly as Yoongi instructed, “Good. Now tell the nurse if you’re having any problems.”

Her head snapped to the side when she realized that the nurse was there. She winced in embarrassment when she realized that the person holding her first must’ve been her.

“Hello, Seojun-ssi. Now, let's see, you have a concussion. Fortunately, it's a mild one that will go away on its own. That was why you blacked out. And a few scratches here and there. Your ribs are slightly bruised but nothing to worry about. Now it seems like you got into a fight. Could you tell me what happened?”

Seojun froze. What the hell was she supposed to say? My brother and his friends beat me up because they wanted to know if I had sugar daddies and I refused to answer. And I made it worse by not keeping my mouth shut.

“Um, I was.....uh, mobbed? Yes! Ugh, I mean I was mobbed.”

Before the nurse could reply, Yoongi narrowed his eyes at Seojun in suspicion, his voice filled with sarcasm, “Oh? Well, kid, why don't you tell me what they stole from you if you were supposedly mobbed?”

“Uh, nothing. Yeah, they weren't able to steal anything from me because I put up a fight. They beat me up because I put up a fight.”

Yoongi tried his best to keep his anger concealed as he went along with her stupid story, “If you say so....”

Seojun sighed internally as the door to her room opened and a doctor came in. A barely visible frown took place on the 16-year-old's face when she saw the concerned and worried glances passed between the nurse and the doctor.

Seojun narrowed her eyes as the doctor stood by her bed, “Hello, Seojun-ssi. I'm Doctor Kang. When you came in with a concussion we were worried about internal bleeding and took a full-body x-ray. And-

Seojun's eyes widened as she cut the doctor off, “I understand what you're talking about and I know. It's nothing to be worried about.”

The doctor once again exchanged glances with the nurse who looked towards Yoongi with suspicion. Seojun shook her head as she spoke again, “Um, when can I be discharged?”

“You can go home right now.”

“Excellent! Can we get my discharge papers?”

The nurse nodded as she addressed Yoongi, “Please follow me.”

Yoongi threw a nod towards Seojun before following the nurse out.

Seojun started speaking only after she was sure that Yoongi wasn't nearby.

“Doctor Kang, I know you're concerned about my bones and I know what you're thinking. Unfortunately, that did happen until recently. I've taken care of that problem. And before you might be mistaken the person who’s with me has nothing to do with it and he has no idea about this.”

Doctor Kang looked mildly comforted but slightly unsatisfied as he nodded, “I'm glad to hear that Seojun-ssi. But are you sure? The hospital can help-”

“It's okay. I don't need help.”

“-alright. Well, hope you recover well. Please do not hesitate to come back if you face any problems.”

Seojun nodded and bowed slightly as he left before letting herself fall against the bed. Thank god, she was able to avoid this. Shivers ran down her spine at the thought of being exposed.

Seojun's thoughts were cut short as Yoongi came back with a few papers in his hands, his face devoid of any emotion.

“Let's go, kid. We're done here. Everyone's waiting for you at the dorm.”

Seojun nodded as she got out of the bed, gasping at the sudden wave of pain and nearly falling onto the floor if Yoongi hadn't caught her in time.

“For god’s sake! Be careful, I don’t need you cracking your skull open right now. Let me help you.”

Seojun kept her mouth shut as Yoongi grabbed her bag and looped one of his hands around her waist to balance her weight while looping one of her hands around his neck.

No words could describe how relieved Seojun felt once Yoongi got her into the car. But that relief didn't last long as a weird tension gathered in the car, making Seojun stare out of the window and actively ignore Yoongi. Seojun let out a quiet sigh as she wondered what was waiting for her back at the dorm.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 9th May 2021

Seojun grunted as Yoongi helped her out of the car and led her towards the dorm. No matter how calm Seojun looked from the outside, she was scared shitless on the inside. She had absolutely no idea what the other boys knew and what was going to happen. All she could do was hope for the best as she entered the living room, her jaw clenched tight with her gaze on the floor.


“Are you alright?”

“What happened?”

“Thank god, you’re fine!”

“Do you need anything?”

“Are you in pain?”

“Calm down! Let her sit first, then we can talk.” declared Yoongi as he gently put Seojun on the couch and made sure she was comfortable before moving to sit down. All the boys were standing, staring at Seojun and Yoongi with questions and concern.

“Sit down first and stop crowding her.”

Instantly everyone took seats as they waited for Yoongi and Seojun to explain the situation.

When no one spoke, Jin took the lead and addressed Seojun, “Jagiya, are you okay? Is anything hurting?”

Before Seojun could answer, Yoongi huffed and spoke, “She’s good, Jin hyung. Well enough to lie.”

The blood running through Seojun’s veins froze as dread spread throughout her body. Yoongi knew? She didn’t even remember what happened after Woojin left.

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she tried to sound convincing, “What are you talking about, Yoongi-ssi?”

Yoongi clenched his jaw, trying to keep his temper in check, “Seojun. Stop lying. Do you really think I believe that bullshit?”

“Hey, hey! Let’s calm down for a minute. And what are you talking about hyung?” intervened Namjoon when the tension in the room started rising. He’d rather solve this without anyone losing their temper and shouting.

“What am I talking about? Ask her what happened!” gritted Yoongi as he scowled at Seojun.

Seojun gulped when Namjoon turned to her with a questioning look, “Uh, I was mobbed. They tried to mob me but I fought against them and that angered them and they beat me up and left.”

Jungkook frowned as he turned to Yoongi, “That does sound plausible. What’s wrong here, Yoongi hyung?”

“Well, let me tell you what happened. I was late today because I lost track of time. When I reached her school she wasn’t anywhere. Before I could do anything I got a call from Seojun. A boy was on her phone and guess what he told me.”

Seojun froze as she remembered the footsteps she’d thought she’d imagined right before she fainted. Fuck!

“That boy told me that Seojun here is unconscious and they are currently in an alley by the school entrance. And guess who had called me. Soobin. Soobin and those other four had found her.”

Seojun felt her throat close up slowly, as a heavy pressure came down on her. Out of all the people who could’ve found her, the new trainees found her! And it’s obvious they knew who did this. Wait! Did they tell Yoongi? Oh-


Seojun snapped out of her thoughts and turned to Hoseok who had been trying to get her attention, “Are you okay? You zoned out for a minute there.”

Seojun forced herself to breathe and nodded in reply before turning to Yoongi, “What did they say?”

Yoongi raised his eyebrows in amusement as he answered, “Nothing because apparently, you had strictly told them to not poke their noses in your business. But isn’t it obvious that you’re lying if they know who did this?”

Seojun felt slight relief that her stern talk with the trainees did have an effect on them, but that did nothing to ease the turmoil that had started rising in her. Yoongi knew that something was wrong. He had caught on and was suspicious.

“They don’t know shit. And I’m not lying! I was mobbed and that’s the end of the story. Why do you even care!? It’s my business! Not yours, not anyone else’s’!”

That had apparently been the wrong thing to say because Yoongi snapped. He shot up and shouted, “Stop with the fucking lies, kid! We know something’s going on and we’re not stupid! I swear I’m not letting this go until I get the truth! And I care so this IS my business!”

Seojun flinched hard at the shout and curled up against the couch, trying not to let the panic attack she'd been holding off consume her.

Seojun didn't realize that she had squeezed her eyes shut and was holding her hands in front of her to protect herself until she felt two large warm hands in her own. She felt her hands being moved to the side before she felt the same pair of hands on her cheeks.

“Seojunnie, come on, open your eyes. Look at me.” encouraged Taehyung, softly caressing her face. Memories flashed in Seojun’s head as she shook her head in disagreement. She wasn’t going to open her eyes.

“Why? Come on tell me why you don’t want to open your eyes, Seojunnie. It's okay. No one will hurt you or shout. I promise. Will you open your eyes for me?”

The sincerity in his voice made the turmoil in her calm down as the memories slowly stopped flashing. The 16-year-old took a deep breath before opening her eyes to meet a pair of warm brown eyes paired with a boxy smile.

“Good job! You’re doing well, Seojunnie!” praised Taehyung as he knelt in front of Seojun, moving his hands to hold hers. “Listen to me very carefully Seojun. No one here will ever harm you. Okay? And we all know that you’re facing some problems. I understand that you might not want to share them with us because of your insecurities.”

Seojun hummed as she let him continue, “So we just want to help you overcome those insecurities. Will you let us help you?”

Seojun let her gaze fall away from Taehyung as she contemplated. Why would someone like Taehyung or in that case anyone from Bangtan want to help her? They barely knew her. How could they be sure that they want to help her?

People she knew for years hadn’t hesitated for a single second before leaving her when she needed them, so how was she supposed to believe him when he wanted to help her after knowing her for barely three months.

Seojun shook her head, as she took her hands out of Taehyung’s making a slightly disheartened expression take over his face.

“I can’t, I’m sorry,” she whispered, trying her best to avoid catching anyone’s eyes.

“Why, Seojunnie? I think we deserve to know why.” asked Jimin, his voice overflowing with gentleness and concern.

“I can’t do this because the one’s who were supposed to stay by my side and have my back bailed on me a long time ago without a moment of hesitation.

The worst part?

Nothing was as complicated as it is now.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 13th May 2021

“I can’t do this because the ones who were supposed to stay by my side and have my back bailed on me a long time ago without a moment of hesitation. The worst part? Nothing was as complicated as it is now.”

Seven hearts shattered into a thousand pieces when these words came out of the 16-year-old’s mouth, her voice cracking at the end. Their hearts twisted at the amount of sadness in her voice. What had she gone through? How bad had things been for her to be so broken? Broken to the point that she had lost all hopes of being mended with love and care?

“Seojun-” started Hoseok just to be cut off by the girl with a tired shake of her head.

“No, Hoseok-ssi. This isn’t something that I can get over with time. It’s been years. And I know that you only want to help. But I’m not someone you can help. I’m too broken to be helped.”

“We’ll respect your wishes Seojun. But this does not change the fact that you got into a fight which could’ve ended worse than this. Don’t try to sell us your story of being mobbed, it’s a total lie. Just tell us what happened. We’re worried.” pleaded Jin.

Seojun sighed as she let her body fall against the couch, all the mental and physical exhaustion slowly catching up to her, “To put it simply, I had this coming. And I could’ve avoided this situation by keeping my mouth shut but I wasn’t really thinking rationally. All this was my fault and I’m sorry I got you all involved and worried. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to disagree but was cut off by Namjoon, “Okay. We’ll accept this explanation for now. You should go and rest.”

Seojun nodded as she tried to stand up, hissing in pain until Jungkook helped her up and escorted her to her room. He made sure she was comfortable on her bed before leaving her room, not forgetting to keep the door slightly open incase she needed help.

Everyone was seated by the time Jungkook returned, with a spot for him empty beside Taehyung.

“Well, that was something....” said Jimin, trying to break the awkward tension that had gathered.

The others hummed as Jungkook spoke up, “I still don't understand what happened.”

“Kook, I don't think anyone here is able to understand what happened. All I know is that the people who did this are from her school. Probably the kids who bully her.” said Taehyung with a sigh.

Once again noises of agreement rang through the room before silence engulfed everyone.

A few minutes passed before Yoongi stood up, “I'm going to my studio. I'll be back by dinner. Call me if you need anything.”

Nods of acknowledgment were given to Yoongi as he left. The others remained there for a while lost in their own thoughts before going off to do whatever they had planned to do.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Seojun rubbed her eyes before putting on her glasses and getting out of bed. Her body still ached from all the hits she'd gotten but it was better than before. Good enough for her to move on her own without needing help.

The 16 year old let out a soft sigh before making the decision to go out to the other boys. She should apologize after all it was her fault that the whole ordeal happened. And she was a bit out of line by going all dark and depressed on them. She was certainly surprised that they did not press on. Maybe she could let them in?

Seojun hummed to herself as she ran her hands through her hair, trying to tame the wild nest on her head before walking out of the room. Seojun yawned as she sat down on the couch with everyone except Yoongi present.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” asked Hoseok.

“I'm good. Naps always make things better. That's my life motto.” she replied, with a small smile.

“I'm telling you all. She should stop spending so much time with Yoongi hyung. She's becoming like him!” warned Jungkook as everyone burst out into laughter.

“On that note, where is Yoongi-ssi?”

“He's at his studio.” answered Jimin.

Seojun nodded as she collected her thoughts. Maybe it was time. Maybe she should tell them. It had been too long since anyone had cared. Maybe they weren't going to be like others. And maybe she could trust them. Albeit slowly, it would be good. At least for her.

Seojun took a deep breath as she nodded to herself and unlocked her phone, not wasting a single moment as she went into her contacts and found the number she wanted.

“What the fuck do you want?”

Seojun tutted and rolled her eyes, “Are you going to be petty and immature?”


Seojun groaned in frustration gaining everyone's attention, “Alright, keep being petty but come back to the dorm. There's something I want to talk about.”

The 16 year old sighed wistfully when she received no reply and was met with the sound of the call being cut off.

“Is he really this petty when he's angry?”

To say that the six boys were shocked was an understatement.

“Were you talking to Yoongi?” questioned Jin, his voice filled with amusement.


“I’m telling you this again Seojunnie, you are something.” sighed Jungkook, making Seojun shrug awkwardly in reply.

“Well, since Yoongi hyung is going to come back soon, I’ll order takeout. It’s too late to make dinner now.” announced Hoseok as he got up to get a takeout menu from the kitchen.

About half an hour passed before the door to the dorm opened and Yoongi walked in……with the takeout they’d ordered.

“Aish, I met the delivery guy at the entrance.” groaned Yoongi when everyone kept staring at him before walking into the kitchen to put the takeout bags.

The other laughed as they filed into the kitchen and settled down on their regular spots. After Seojun’s arrival, the boys had for some reason started falling into particular habits and routines.

For example, the boys now had their fixed spots at the dinner table. Seojun between Yoongi and Jin, opposite Jungkook who sat between Namjoon and Jimin while Hoseok and Taehyung sat at the head of the table opposite each other.

It wasn’t long before everyone started eating. Seojun kept her eyes on her food and did her best to avoid catching anyone’s eyes but she knew that she’d have to speak at one point. It wouldn’t be fair of her to take advantage of how the seven boys were giving her space. And the amount of patience they were showing was the push she needed.

“Okay. I wanted to say I’m sorry. Especially to you Yoongi-ssi. It wrong of me to be so rude and talk the way I did-”

Seojun stopped when Yoongi sighed and shook his head wistfully, “Seojun-ah, do you know the meaning of rude? I’m gonna say no, because the rude one in this was me. I shouldn’t have pushed you to the point that you had to be rude. So, don’t apologize to me. I’m sorry for that.”

Seojun froze. She literally froze at Yoongi’s apology. Her brain short circuited. Yoongi. Min goddamn Yoongi was apologizing to her? Why would he apologize to her-

“-junnie? Jagiya?”

Seojun snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Jin call out to her and softly shake her. Seojun shook her head before turning her attention to Yoongi, “I-, uh, I still don’t think you should be the one to apologize, but I know better than to argue with you, so I’m sorry too. Will you accept my apology?”

Yoongi grinned at her, showing off his gummy smile and nodded, “Only if you accept mine.”

Seojun grinned back at him, gracing the seven men with her rarely seen dimples and nodded, silently forming a truce between them.

“See! I told you she had dimples! Gah! Now we have two dimpled cuties!” gushed Taehyung as he leaned over to poke at the 16-year-old’s dimples, making her chuckle.

“Aish! Stop harassing her Taehyungie!” chided Hoseok as he pulled Taehyung back into his seat, making him pout. “At least ask her if she is comfortable with it!”

Seojun giggled as she nodded, “You get VIP rights to my dimples, Taehyung-ssi. You’re granted access to them anytime you want.”

The smile on her face stayed and brightened up even more when Taehyung grinned at her as everyone laughed at their antics.

And that day, everyone went to bed with light hearts and large smiles.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 17th May 2021

Seojun frowned as she opened her eyes, wondering why her body was feeling sore. A sound suddenly got her attention as she realized that she probably woke up because of it. Someone was at the door. Seojun groaned as she stood up and as if on cue, Namjoon came out of his room, his hair messed up while he looked half dazed.

“Seojun-ah!” chided Namjoon as he walked past her towards the door. “I’ve told you, don’t sleep out here! It’s not good for you.”

The 16-year-old smiled sheepishly as she followed him, “Sorry!”

Namjoon shook his head as he opened the door, making a confused noise when he saw Jangmi at their doorstep, with a few bags in her hands. Seojun was the first to react and immediately moved to take the bags from Jangmi and invited her in while questioning her, “Why are you here so early today, noona? And what’s in this?”

“I’m here because I have some important work for you and those bags contain food in case I need to bribe you.”

Seojun shared a confused look with Namjoon as she led Jangmi into the kitchen. Seojun placed the bags on the kitchen counter just as she realized that her books were strewn all over the dinner table.

“Ah! Sorry about that!” winced Seojun as she quickly moved her books and tied the table.

“You’re up so early to study?” asked Jangmi with an amused expression as she took a seat.

“No, noona. Seojun isn’t up early. She studied till late and probably fell asleep here a few hours ago. She just woke up. I beg you, noona, please scold her and get some sense into her. She’s been doing this for the past three days. She just doesn’t listen to anyone!” complained Namjoon making Seojun duck her head in embarrassment.

“If she doesn’t listen to you then there’s no one she’ll listen to. The best option? Take away her books. Lock them somewhere and don’t give them back until she’s well-rested.” suggested Jangmi.

Seojun gasped in pure horror and shook her head, “No! I promise I’ll listen to you. Just let me keep my books!”

Namjoon chuckled in amusement and turned to Jangmi, “Noona, you’re the best! I’ve never seen her agree to something so easily.”

“Well, that’s my magic. Now let’s talk.”

“Don’t you need the other members, noona?” questioned Seojun as she sat down.

Jangmi shook her head as she took out a folder from her purse and put it in front of them, “No, let them sleep. You can sleep too after I leave. I know that you all are on vacation but this has to be done. I want all of you to sit together and sort out your album details. We’re a bit short on time now. We are thinking of releasing the new album in October and it’s barely two months away.”

“Won’t we need to go to the company? Half of the details will need other staff members,” asked Namjoon.

Jangmi shook her head, “Exactly. Because you’re on vacation we decided to finish off things from our end. And all that is in this. So now the final details from your side are left. And sorry, but you only have time till the day after tomorrow to figure it out. We can’t waste any more time.”

Namjoon hummed and accepted the terms, as Seojun reassured Jangmi with a smile “Ah, don’t worry, noona. You always work hard. And I’m sure no one will mind spending one day for this.”

Jangmi grinned and clapped her hands softly, “Great. One last thing before I go. This album will have about five group songs. Two songs, one each, for the rap line and the vocal line. Last but not the least, solos for each member and an intro.”

Seojun blinked in surprise while Namjoon froze.

“Namjoon-ssi?” called out Seojun when she saw how stiff and tense he’d gotten.

Namjoon snapped out of his thoughts and let out an airy chuckle, “You aren’t joking right, noona?”

“Do I look like I would joke about something like this Joon-ah?”

“Oh my god! You’re seriously the best noona! Thank you so much! Everyone will be so happy to hear about this!”

Jangmi nodded, her expression fond as she stood up, “Good. Call me if you have any doubts or need any help. I’ll see you later. Bye!”

The two younger ones waved and walked Jangmi out before going back and taking their previous seats.

“Seojun-ah! I’m so happy! You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for this!” gushed Namjoon.

He frowned when Seojun didn’t react and looked confused, “Is something wrong, Seojun?”

“Uh, I didn’t really understand everything….”

Namjoon grinned as he leaned on the table and explained, “Oh, okay. Listen, our new album will have about 16 songs. Eight solos. One intro. Five group songs. One for the rap line. One for the vocal line.”

Seojun hummed in understanding before her eyes widened, “Just a minute. Did you just say eight solos?”

The grin on Namjoon’s face increased in size when Seojun finally got his point, “Yes, Seojun-ah! All of us will get one solo each! We’ve been waiting for this for a few years. And nearly all of us have songs we’d want as our solos!”

Seojun was still in shock as she raised her problems, “But, I don’t really know how to write my own song. I-”

Namjoon chuckled as he stopped her, “Now, don’t let that thought go on. Just remember one thing. You have seven people to help you out. Yoongi hyung can show the ropes on producing if you want to produce your own track. I and Hoseok can help you with the writing process. And the others can help you find inspiration or give you ideas. Don’t worry. Okay?”

Seojun smiled softly as she nodded. Their talk a few days ago had certainly helped her to a level. She had slowly started learning how to accept help and remember that she can be dependent. It was still hard for her as more often or not she forgot and went on with her usual habits, but she was making progress.

“Okay! We can still sleep for an hour or two. The food can be reheated.” suggested Seojun.

Namjoon hummed as he stood up, “Yeah. But you’re going to sleep too. Come on.”

Seojun hesitated but followed behind Namjoon, who didn’t leave until she was in her bed, her glasses on the nightstand and her covers on her.

“Good. Sleep well.” wished Namjoon before he closed the door behind him and left.

And just as Seojun had expected it took less than a minute for her to fall into the abyss of sleep.

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Posted on:- 21st May 2021

“Seojun-ah, wake up.” called out a gentle voice, rousing Seojun, making the 16-year-old groan and mumble something incoherent. The voice chuckled as Seojun felt a soft shake on her shoulder, “You need to wake up now. I know you slept late. Come on!”

Seojun grumbled as she finally opened her eyes and found the blurry figure of Hoseok in front of her. She sighed as yawned and finally sat up on her bed.

“Good Morning, Hoseok-ssi.” greeted Seojun as she put her glasses on.

“Good Morning, Seojun. Namjoon told me to wake you up and for some reason, someone already bought takeout for breakfast. So come before it's all over.”

Seojun chuckled as she got up and moved towards the bathroom, “Tell Namjoon-ssi, I'll be out in a minute. We have something to tell you all.”

Hoseok raised an eyebrow at the 16-year-old who didn't spare him a single glance before disappearing into the bathroom. Hoseok shook his head and sighed as he left Seojun's room, wondering what she and their leader had to tell them.

Hoseok had taken his seat among the boys and had just started to fill his plate when Seojun appeared.

“You slept well Seojun?” asked Namjoon as she sat down, sighing when Yoongi passed her a mug of coffee like usual.

Yeah, Seojun and Yoongi now had a routine where one of them would always make two mugs of coffee. Yes, the other members, namely everyone except Jungkook and Taehyung had coffee, but they never asked Yoongi or Seojun to make their coffee, because the type of coffee the two drank was awful for them considering how dark they made.

And as per Yoongi, that dark, bitter coffee was their life essence. The others weren't going to lie, but he was right. They had experienced Seojun and Yoongi before coffee, it was terrifying. Since that day, they had vowed to always have coffee for their two coffee lovers to keep themselves intact and avoid their morning crankiness.

“As well as one could in an hour,” she replied, before sipping her coffee.

Namjoon chuckled as he shook his head fondly at her, “You are the one to blame for that. No one told you to stay up all night studying.”

Seojun scowled at him with barely concealed rage when Jin launched into a lecture about how she shouldn’t sleep late and that too at the dinner table. No one blamed her when she put her mug down on the table, borderline threatening, and sighed, “Seokjin-ssi, I know and let me tell you that Jangmi noona and Namjoon-ssi already had their go at me and I promised to fix my habits. Can we move to the main topic now?”

Jin frowned as he turned to Namjoon, “When did noona come?”

“Early today in the morning, she was the one who bought us breakfast.”

“Why did noona come here and buy us breakfast too?”

“That woman is the devil. She’s evil! I’m telling you, Jimin-ssi. And this breakfast? This isn’t just breakfast. This is a bribe!” huffed Seojun as she quite literally stabbed her fork into a waffle.

“What’s wrong with Seojun?” questioned Taehyung side-eyeing Seojun warily.

Namjoon tried his best not to laugh as he recalled the way Jangmi had threatened to have her books taken. Unlike Namjoon, the other boys did burst into laughter and earned themselves infuriated scowls from Seojun.

When the laughter finally died down, and the coffee had finally affected Seojun, she sighed, “Now can we please focus on what Namjoon-ssi has to tell you all, or do you want me to tell them, Namjoon-ssi?”

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell them!” said Namjoon as he straightened up, making everyone do the same out of instinct. The atmosphere had changed slightly as Namjoon went from Kim Namjoon to Rap Monster.

“Well, Jangmi noona came by today with both good and bad news.” started Namjoon, pausing before continuing, “Which news would you like to hear first?”







“Why in the world are you trying to create so much pressure? Just say it at once!” chided Seojun before addressing the other six boys, “Jangmi noona came by to give us the material on the new album which she finished finalizing with other staff members. They are thinking of releasing the new album in October and so they want us to finalize the last details and decide our tracks.”

Namjoon smiled sheepishly as he continued, “Well we’re going to have a total of 16 songs. One intro, one rap line song, one vocal song, and last but not the least, eight solos.”

Seojun wasn’t really surprised when the six boys froze for a whole minute, trying to take in the information she had bombarded on them before breaking out into loud chaos, everyone’s voices overlapping each other. That went on until Namjoon shouted for everyone to calm down.

“You’re not joking right?” confirmed Taehyung.

“No, Tae, this is real. I had the exact reaction when noona told this to us.”

“That’s great. But nothing from what you said sounded like bad news. So I assume the bad news is still left.” noticed Yoongi.

“Right, I totally forgot. The bad news is that we only have two days to finish up the last details of the album.”

Instant groans filled the room as Namjoon tried to explain, “Don’t react like that. The comeback is barely two months away that’s why they want us to work during our break. And we can be free as soon as we finish this. So work quickly. The faster you work, the more time you get to relax.”

Hums of reluctant agreement filled the room before Namjoon addressed the others again, “Good. One last thing, try your best to finish your solos by the end of this month. And Yoongi hyung, will you teach Seojun how to produce. She’ll need help from all of us to create her first solo track.”

Yoongi nodded as he turned to Seojun, “I can start teaching after your exams are over. You’re already stressed, there’s no need to add any more stress. And you can try to produce your own track if you like. Don’t worry though. If you can’t do it, it’s okay. Either me or Namjoon or any other producer from the company can help you produce. Okay?”

Seojun nodded in agreement as Namjoon stood up, “Brilliant! Now everyone off you go. Get ready and meet me back in the living room in an hour. I still have five documentaries I want to watch so I’d rather get this done by today.”

Everyone watched Namjoon leave before getting up themselves and quickly diving into their daily routine. After all, Namjoon wasn’t the only one who had things to do.

Chapter Text

Posted on:- 25th May 2021

Exactly an hour had passed by the time the group of eight had gathered in the living room as per Namjoon’s instructions. Seojun found herself sitting on the floor with Yoongi, while Namjoon, Jin, and Taehyung had taken over one couch, leaving the other one to Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook.

“Well, how are we doing this?” asked Taehyung when he saw the things Namjoon had brought and spread over the coffee table.

“Well, we should first go through all the material we've been given then see where to start from. Here- take one everyone,” said Namjoon as he passed a bunch of papers around to everyone.

Thirty minutes passed in absolute silence as the eight of them went through the material. All of them were pretty amazed by how much the staff at BigHit had put together without them being present.

“This- it's a lot. They've practically done everything. We just have to finalize the things.” said Jimin, his voice filled with amazement.

“Hm, I guess finalizing the title would be a good start. They've given us a few options. Hold on- okay, Angel or Devil? Then, Sin? Uh, Good to Bad?” said Yoongi, scrunching his nose at the suggested titles.

“No offense, but I don't like any of them. They're just- ugh, how do I put it? Awkward? They are awkward.” said Hoseok, sighing with a frown on his face.

“I think everyone agrees. Let's put what we have out in the open then go for a solution,” suggested Namjoon as Jin nodded.

“Our main theme here is boys becoming adults. Most of our albums have been connected. The boys from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life are now entering adulthood. So, yeah. I don't know what else to say.”

Jungkook nodded as he added, “Ah, I understand what hyung is saying. In that case, all the suggested titles make sense. Good to Bad, Sin, Angel or Devil. It's all about the now adults choosing their path. Choosing whether to go on the good path or give in to evil.”

Seojun blinked as she took in the explanation, it was completely practical. She turned her gaze to Namjoon when the older hummed, “Yeah, I think I read something about Angels and Demons. They say that after Lucifer, God's son was cast out of heaven, he was sent to hell. And after that all the angels that fell to earth became demons. They fell to earth because they chose to do things that went against the laws of heaven.”

“Oh~” breathed Seojun as an idea hit her. “What about Wings? Angels have wings while demons don't. So it's up to you if you're going to stay on the right path and keep your wings or give in to evil and lose your wings!”

A few moments of utter pin-drop silence passed before Yoongi nodded, “I like it. Wings. Has a good ring to it. What do you all think?”

“Yeah, I can imagine our album cover. It can be something in black and white. You know? Like Black usually represents evil and death while White represents good and pure.” said Jungkook, excitement evident in his voice and posture.

“Great. Here comes Bangtan with Wings. Let's move to our tracklist.” announced Namjoon.

“Well, we have 16 songs in total. Our title track is Blood Sweat and Tears. We can see to the other four group songs later on because they won’t be promoted much and will be released altogether during the album release. We should focus more on our solos because it’s our first time having solos and they will be promoted.”

“But they’ll have to give us at least a month or a few weeks for our solos, Jiminie. We still have to make them and of course, choreograph them plus the promotion! On top of that, we also have to see the two songs for the vocal line and rap line.” said Taehyung.

“Ah, Tae, calm down. We have quite a lot of time. We are releasing our title track and announcing our comeback with Blood Sweat and Tears in two months. The album won’t be released before at least three months.” reassured Jin.

“Yeah, hyung is right. And we won’t run out of time, especially when there are eight of us working, on top of that we also have full support from the company. The other producers and songwriters are always ready to help us out with our songs. Okay?” added Hoseok.

Taehyung nodded as Jungkook spoke, “Uh, I do have one question. What about Seojun?”

Seojun turned her attention towards Jungkook as soon as she heard her name, “What do you mean, Jungkook-ssi?”

“Like are you going to be a rapper or a vocalist? That will determine if you’re going to be taking part in the vocal line song or the rap line song.”

“We did not think about that-”

“No, Yoongi hyung, I did ask noona a while back whether Seojun was going to be a rapper or a vocalist but she said that it wasn’t decided yet since PD-nim has been busy,” explained Namjoon, making the others hum in understanding.

“Well, for the time being, we can add Seojun to both songs and give her a part in them,” said Jimin, effectively closing the topic, not wanting to dwell on it longer than necessary since they had a lot of things to go through.

“Hm, let’s continue with the other stuff. I’m feeling sleepy already.” joked Jin as the group continued going through the material and finalizing the album details.

The eight of them had gotten so engrossed in their work that they forgot lunch and didn’t even realize that the sun had set until Namjoon’s phone rang with Jangmi calling to check on their progress.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Their week off went by in a flash and the eight of them were once again falling into their usual routine. Even though their mini-vacation had ended, Jangmi had been kind enough to decrease their training hours for Seojun to study. And oh, poor Seojun. The 16-year-old felt like she was going crazy.

On one hand, she was preparing for her exams, spending every free moment revising and cramming up last-minute answers to assure herself while on the other hand she was busy training and brainstorming ideas for her solo track. In short, Seojun’s life- on second thoughts, her entire existence was a chaotic mess.

And that was how Seojun found herself in the dance studio during their short break, her head buried into her books as she leaned against the wall with her knees pulled up to her chest, eyes running over the Korean history which she was supposed to write about the next day. No words could describe how utterly tired Seojun was.

Exhaustion ran deep down to her bones, making it hard for her to go about her daily routine. The nightmares that had chosen to return again were certainly not helping her by taking away the few hours of sleep she managed. Seojun tried her best to not let her uncontrollable thoughts drown her but it was getting hard, hard enough with all the stress she was already dealing with.

Her exams, debut, solo track, life in general. Seojun really couldn’t wait for her exams to end for she knew that it would take away at least a quarter of her stress, which would be more than enough.

However, her exams weren’t going to end before a week. All Seojun could hope for now was to make it through the week.

Maybe she would make it through the week.

Yes, Seojun would definitely make it through the week.

She had to.

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Posted on :- 29th May 2021

Seojun was certainly not going to make it through the week. Scratch that. She was doubtful if she could even make it through the hour. God, her stomach. She felt like someone had shoved a knife into her and was now turning it round and round. Seojun resisted her urge to groan as a stronger wave of pain came over her.

She tried her best to ignore the pain and focused on the question in front of her. Wait, did she mention that she was currently in the process of writing her last exam? Unfortunately, her hands were shaking to the point that holding the pen was turning out to be a difficult task.

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she forced her hand to stop shaking and gripped her pen tight enough to make her knuckles turn white. Just as Seojun moved to write, another wave of pain washed over her, making her grit her teeth as she raised her hand. A few seconds passed before the supervisor came up to her seat.

Seojun sucked in a sharp breath as she explained her situation to the supervisor, “Ma'am, I'm not feeling well. Could I please go and visit the nurse for painkillers? I-”


Seojun blinked in confusion before speaking again, her voice strained due to the pain, “But Ma'am, I won't be able to finish the exam with this much pain. I just need a painkiller to get through. This is one of the most important exams and I cannot fail-”

“You cannot leave an exam to visit the nurse. If you weren't feeling well, you shouldn't have come for the exam. You know well that you would've been allowed to give a re-test.”


“No arguments or else I'll be forced to deduct your marks. You only have an hour left. Finish whatever you can and don't disturb anyone.”

The supervisor walked off without giving Seojun a chance to say anything.

Seojun let out a shuddered breath as the pain kept on increasing. She only had to bear it for an hour. Yes, Seojun could definitely do it. It was only an hour. She just had to keep her attention on her exam and not think of the pain. That was easy. But in reality, that was certainly not easy.

Seojun felt like crying by the time the hour was up because she hadn’t been able to write anything. She was definitely going to fail that exam and fuck her luck that it had to be Science.

That wasn’t enough because her school had strict rules for students to compulsorily pass their Math and Science exams. Anyone who wouldn’t pass would be failed for their overall grades. Fortunately, the school gave them three chances and this was Seojun’s first chance.

The 16-year-old shook her head and tried to get rid of those thoughts. It was already hard enough with the stomach pain, she didn’t need emotional pain. Seojun gritted her teeth as she got out of her seat and walked out of class. Walking out of class too was proving to be an extremely difficult task. Her pain had just kept increasing and still was instead of going down.

Seojun could feel her whole body trembling as she put on her mask and walked down the stairs, gripping the handle tight to keep herself standing. She’d rather make it down the stairs in one piece than fall down and possibly crack her head. Every step was getting harder and harder to the point that the 16-year-old had to stop at the second floor to catch her breath. How could she be such an idiot!?

Seojun could feel sweat dripping down her back as she resisted the urge to curl up right there and continued walking. She had no idea how she managed to get to the bottom of the stairs without cracking her head. But she was thankful. Just as she’d taken another step towards the exit, a new and even stronger wave of pain came over her, making the 16-year-old squeeze her eyes shut and bite her lip tight to avoid making any noise.

A minute or an hour had passed before she could bear to open her eyes and continue. Luck seemed to be on her side as she successfully managed to get out to the entrance without any sudden bouts of pains. Of course, the original pain was still there, making her wonder if the earth could swallow her up, but she had gotten slightly used to it.

A relieved sigh got out of her when she spotted the familiar black car and instantly turned to move towards it. But, life wasn’t going to be easy, was it? The answer’s no, because once again the pain increased, forcing Seojun to bend over, with her hands wrapped around her stomach.

Seojun was on the border of just plopping down and crying her heart out, but that unfortunately wasn’t an option for her. A particularly familiar heaviness plopped down on Seojun’s chest as a pair of hands held onto her. She recognized Jimin's shoes and let him drag her to the car and help her into the car before he got in.

“Seojun! What’s wrong?” questioned Jimin, his voice panicked, when he saw how pale the 16-year-old looked, not to mention how her whole body was trembling and she looked damn near passing out.

Seojun grimaced and shook her head, “Uh, don’t worry, Jimin-ssi. I’m good. Let’s just go back to the dorm.”

Jimin was definitely not convinced, but he could see how hard it was for Seojun to speak and decided to let her be for the time being as he quickly turned on the car and drove towards the dorm.

By the time the pair had reached the dorm, Jimin was convinced that Seojun had gone even paler than before. He quickly parked the car and got out to help Seojun when he saw how her face had contoured into one of pain at the slightest of movement.

“Seojun, I’m not accepting any arguments now. You are going to let me help you inside and then we’re going to figure out what the hell is wrong with you. Am I clear?” instructed Jimin as he grabbed her bag and helped her out of the car.

Seojun sucked in a strained breath and nodded weakly. The pain was too much and it was hard to form a proper sentence.

Jimin hummed in satisfaction as he opened the door, and carefully led Seojun to the couch, counting down to one under his breath.




“Jagiya! What’s wrong!?”

Chapter Text

Posted on: 3rd June 2021

“Jagiya! What’s wrong!?” exclaimed Jin as soon as he noticed Seojun, his voice laced with concern and worry.

Seojun groaned in response as she wrapped her hands around her torso again, “Please don’t worry, this is just me being an idiot.”

“No offense, but we kinda know that. So why don't you tell us what's hurting?” said Jungkook as he walked in after hearing the commotion, followed by the other members who mirrored his concern.

“Ugh, this is, ngh, so embarrassing!” grunted Seojun as a new wave of pain overcame her. “Can you get me two Tylenols?”

“Two of them?” confirmed Jimin. “Shouldn't you take one-”

“No offense, but I need two of them. This isn’t the first time..”

Jimin looked slightly amused at how Seojun forgot her reserved attitude as Hoseok got the said pills and went over to the 16-year-old, helping her swallow them.

“Um, now what?” asked Taehyung, his eyebrows raised in question. “Like do we call Jangmi noona and tell her that Seojun can't make it to practice and take her to the hospital?”

Instantly a noise of disagreement, which sounded more like pain, came from the said girl, “No! Don't do anything. Just give me 10 minutes. I'll be up and running.”

“Uh, I'm sorry but no. You're not going anywhere in this state Seojun. You can barely sit. I'm not allowing you to dance today!” announced Namjoon.

Seojun felt the earlier heaviness on her chest return (it hadn’t really gone anywhere she just forgot it was there for a while), making her eyes burn as she stared at Namjoon with a small subconscious pout.

She sighed and gritted her teeth, “I-I, just please let me be. I need to dance. Don’t take that away from me. Please.”

Namjoon, along with the others were shocked by how vulnerable and dejected Seojun sounded. Taehyung instantly moved forward and bent down in front of her, his face filled with overwhelming concern, “Seojunnie, what’s wrong? Tell us.”

Seojun gulped as she shook her head stiffly, “It’s nothing. I- forget it. I’m just going through PMS. I’ll get ready then we can leave for practice. I’ll text noona and let her know we’re going to be a little late.”

Yoongi shook his head as he moved forward, “We are not going anywhere until you tell us what’s going on with you, kid. You can’t use PMS as an excuse. I know for a fact that today was your last exam, how did it go?”

Seojun clenched her jaw, suddenly feeling anger bubbling up in her chest at Yoongi’s pushy attitude, “I said forget it! I just don’t want to talk about it. I’ll be fine after a while. And that has got nothing to do with my cramps.”

Yoongi looked slightly taken aback at her sudden change of attitude as he shook his head, “I’m sorry but no isn’t really an answer I’m going to accept. Something is obviously wrong if it’s affecting you to this extent. So why don’t you stop asking us to forget something only because you don’t want to answer!?”

The atmosphere in the room had turned extremely tense, which made the boys wonder whether they’d made a mistake by not stopping Yoongi and letting him speak to that point. Meanwhile, irritation raged through Seojun. She had no idea why she was so ticked off. The usual creaking of the fan was ticking her off too. Every little thing was ticking her off and she had no idea why.

Maybe that was why she chose to huff in reply, “Well, I’m sorry, but my answer is going to be no. I’m feeling better than before, so I’m going to get ready, and then we can leave.

Seojun stood up just as Yoongi made a frustrated noise, “Gosh, kid! Why are you being like this!? I’m asking for your own good! Maybe we can help you!”

Seojun could feel her anger burst at the seams as a familiar burn started spreading through her eyes. She blinked her tears back as she gritted her teeth, “You don’t know what’s good for me, so let me decide what’s good for me! As for helping, if you’re going to be so hell-bent on helping me, start by not sticking your goddamn nose in my business!”

Seojun spun on her heel and walked towards her room as Yoongi opened his mouth to retort. However, the 23-year-old found himself stopping as a hand fell on his shoulder.

“Yoongi, don’t. I know you mean well, but let her cool off. Maybe I’ll talk to her later. Just give her some time, she’ll come around.” suggested Jin as the door slammed shut.

“Whatever, I don’t care hyung.”

Jin sighed as Yoongi walked into the kitchen just to come out a few minutes later with a box in his hand.

“Give this to her, she needs to eat. Her dumbass won’t eat if I give it to her. She'll probably think I poisoned it, not that I didn’t think about it. Nevermind. I’m driving today.” said Yoongi as he shoved the lunch box into Jimin’s hands before grabbing the car keys from Jin and leaving the dorm.

“That went better than expected I guess....” said Jimin, his voice holding clear tones of confusion.

“Of course it went better than expected. I’ve said this before, I’m saying it again. I don’t know who is Seojun’s favorite. But I do know Seojun is Yoongi hyung’s favorite. This was a given.” declared Jungkook before moving to follow Yoongi.

“As much as we’d hate to admit it, he’s right. She’s everyone’s favorite.” sighed Hoseok, eliciting noises of agreement from the other four just as Seojun entered the room.

She had worn dark clothes, which for some reason looked like they’d been blessed by darkness herself with how intimidating she looked. The depressed, sad vibes coming from her certainly did not help the matter.

Jimin looked slightly hesitant as he approached Seojun and offered her the lunch box, “Eat this in the car.”

Seojun accepted the box wordlessly and moved to leave without sparing anyone a single glance. The five boys exchanged confused glances and silent questions before moving to follow her. However, upon exiting the dorm, they were surprised.

That, however, was putting it lightly because no words could explain how surprised the six boys were when Seojun chose to take the shotgun seat instead of sitting in the backseat like usual.

The car remained silent and tense as they drove towards the company, well only until-

“The food’s good. And you know that you don’t have the guts to poison my- no, to poison anyone’s food, Yoongi-ssi.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and huffed, keeping his focus ahead on the road, “Is that a challenge?”

Seojun had a small fond smile on her face as she turned her attention to the food, alternating between eating and looking out of the window.

“What the hell was that!?” whispered Taehyung, shock evident in his voice.

A few seconds of silence passed before Namjoon shook his head looking as shocked and amused as the others, “They made up.”


“He’s absolutely right. Wait, oh my god. Jungkook’s right too. And I’m sure, Yoongi is Seojun’s favorite. This is their weird way of saying sorry.” elaborated Jin, making the others gasp just as the said two scoffed in eerie chemistry.

“Shut up.”


Yoongi and Seojun stared at each other as soon as the two of them spoke at the same time. The boys watched as Yoongi turned his attention back to the road while Seojun shook her head and went back to eating.

They were not going to lie. They were scared shitless because Seojun was powerful. You might wonder why they’d say so. Well, in the six years (2 from being trainees) they’d spent with Yoongi, they could say that they knew him. They knew him extremely well.

At least well enough to say that Min Yoongi was freaking them out with how he acted with Seojun.

Little did they know that what they thought was scary had only been the trailer because, help them god, the movie was yet to start.

Chapter Text

Posted on: 7th June 2021

By the time the group had returned to the dorm, everyone was worried. After dancing with Seojun for the past four months, they had learned to interpret her emotions from her moves. It was easy for them to notice how her movements got extra sharp when she was excited or slightly less graceful when she was tired. However, what they had experienced in the studio today was nowhere near it.

Seojun had danced perfectly without missing a single beat or doing any steps wrong. The only problem was that her each and every move was sad. Downright sad with a slight tone of something they assumed to be anger.

At first, they waved it off as overthinking, but that didn’t really last long after their choreographer had forced them to take a break and asked Namjoon in private whether something was wrong with Seojun.

Their worry only increased after Songeduk had forced them to leave early, trying to feed them lies about having to be somewhere and needing to lock the studio. It was painfully obvious that he was worried about Seojun.

By the time the group had left for the dorm, Seojun's mood had seemed to have worsened. She had gotten so lost in her own thoughts that the boys had to call out to her more than five times to catch her attention, not that she paid attention to whatever they said.

The seven men tried their best to keep Seojun distracted but nothing seemed to work and no one had any new ideas by the time they reached the dorm.

Just as expected Seojun had disappeared into her room as soon as she entered the dorm while the boys settled down in the living room, waiting for the shower to start running before they discussed.

“Okay! The situation is getting out of hand. We need to take extreme measures now!” announced Taehyung.

“Taehyungie is absolutely right! We can't let this go on!” agreed Jimin, looping his arm through his soulmate's with a determined look on his face.

“I'm not going to just agree without knowing what your so-called extreme measures are. So you better explain them,” said Hoseok, leaning forward with interest.

“Of course, Hobi hyung! You know how Yoongi hyung gets sometimes?”

“What do you mean?” questioned Yoongi, raising an eyebrow at Taehyung.

“Those kinds of days where you're sad. Like those days when your depression hits you bad,” explained Jimin, making everyone nod in understanding.

“Oh! You want to have a comforting movie night thing,” exclaimed Jungkook, making the two soulmates grin wide.

“My Jungkookie is very smart. Now is everyone in?”

“Are you sure that the situation's gotten bad enough to take these measures, Jimin?” confirmed Namjoon.

“Yes! He's sure. Now let's start. What does Seojun like?” sighed Jin.

“She likes lamb skewers,” suggested Hoseok, making Yoongi hum.

“I'll order lamb skewers and some takeout. Next.”

When a few minutes passed in utter silence Taehyung groaned, “This plan is going down the drain before we even put it into action. Seriously? No one knows what Seojun likes!?”

“Uh, the only other thing I can think of is that she likes is us,” answered Namjoon. “We're her favorite group.”

“Nothing else? Like all the information we have is useless.” groaned Jimin.

“I have another idea.” started Jin. “Why don't we hack into her YouTube? Her feed would definitely be filled with whatever she likes and I know for a fact that she uses YouTube every night.”

“I think that's a good idea. Let’s just prepare everything like usual. You all can start preparing everything. I'll go and connect her phone to the T.V.” suggested Jungkook as he stood up.

“Perfect! I and Jiminie will get the pillows. Yoongi hyung can get the food. Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung can get the blankets and shift the couches.” instructed Taehyung. “I'm in the mood for some Soju today. So Hobi hyung can go buy soju.”

Everyone nodded and accepted their roles, not wasting a moment before doing their tasks. They had to be quick and set it up before Seojun came out. They knew she took quite long showers when she was tired or upset. So they'll have enough time to set everything up and get freshened up.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Seojun sighed as she stepped out of the bathroom, wearing one of her comfiest shirts and sweatpants. She was honest to god tired. She was still extremely worried about her test. She hadn’t been able to finish even half of the paper and she was absolutely certain that she was going to fail the goddamn test.

What had she ever done to deserve such shit in her past life? Seojun huffed at her pathetic excuse of a life as she made her way out to the kitchen. She had to take another Tylenol as soon as possible if she wanted to get some sleep. Seojun frowned when she didn’t hear any noise. Where were the boys?

The 16-year-old had barely stepped out of the room when she found herself face to face with Taehyung, who was definitely up to something considering how jumpy he was being.

“Whatchya doin’, Seojunnie?”

Seojun frowned and narrowed her eyes at the older, “Uh, I’m on my way to take some painkillers. No offense, but what are you up to? Something’s going on.”

She didn’t miss the way Taehyung faltered at her words but quickly covered it up with his boxy smile, “Nothing you need to worry about. Anyways, why are you taking a painkiller? Are you in pain?”

Seojun shook her head as she sighed, “No. At least not yet. I’m taking them as a precaution. And I would like it if you did me the honor of moving out of my way.”

Taehyung instantly moved out of her way and let her leave before vanishing.

“Come on! Hurry up! She’s in the kitchen.” exclaimed Taehyung as he rushed back to the boys who were setting up everything.

“She didn’t see us?”

“No, Jiminie. I distracted her! Now be quick.” explained Taehyung as he helped Namjoon move the couch.

“Well, food and drinks are ready,” reported Hoseok as Yoongi finished setting up the food.

“Me too! T.V.’s ready,” added Jungkook.

“We’re done too,” said Jin as he adjusted a pillow.

“Good! Now go and get her.”

“I’ll go.” volunteered Yoongi as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, kid. Come on.”

Seojun raised a confused eyebrow and tilted her head, “Um, where exactly?”

Yoongi sighed, “Just come with me. You’ll find out.”

Seojun seemed reluctant as she followed behind Yoongi, wondering what he wanted her for. The 16-year-old froze when she saw the way nearly the whole living room had been rearranged.

“Do you like it, Seojun-ah?” asked Namjoon, sounding a little unsure.

Seojun turned her head towards him with wide eyes, “I’m sorry but- what?”

“This is for you, jagiya!”

The 16-year-old stood utterly still, unable to accept the fact that the seven boys had done something like that for her as she whispered, “I don’t understand.”

Chapter Text

Posted on: 11th June 2021

“Aish, Seojun-ah. Don't think. You don't need to understand anything. This is for you, so let's go and sit down.” said Namjoon as Jungkook moved forward.

“That’s enough talking! Now come and sit down!” he said as he pulled her towards the couch.

Seojun wondered what she had done to deserve this. She couldn't wrap her head around them. They were different. She had known that since the day she met them but was too stubborn to believe it. However, the men didn't give up. They kept working hard to prove that they were different and it was clear that they were succeeding because Seojun was slowly allowing herself to believe them.

Seojun still had a slightly confused and reluctant look on her face as she sat down in the middle of the large couch. For some reason, Yoongi had forced them to get rid of the old uncomfortable couch about two months ago and bought an extremely comfortable and large couch. Seojun let herself melt into the couch as the boys settled down around her. It wasn't long before a plate was put into Seojun's hands.

“Now that everyone has food, let me tell you our plan for tonight, jagiya,” said Jin, making the 16-year-old raise her eyebrows in question.

“First things first. We have no idea what you like so we put up your youtube. And for the night, we will watch whatever you like. You can choose who sits where and what you want to eat. Okay?”

Seojun's eyes widened in horror as Jungkook moved to turn the T.V. on and gasped, “No! Don't-”

Unfortunately, the deed was done. Seojun groaned and covered her rapidly heating up face with her hands while the others froze. They had certainly not expected Seojun's YouTube feed to be like that.

Jungkook seemed to recover first as he grinned, “Oh! You watch these kinds of compilations too?”

Seojun slowly raised her head and let her hands fall to the side, “You- uh, I don't, um-”

“God! Not this. Kid, have some mercy on us, and don't make me watch these compilations. Jungkook tortures us enough.” exclaimed Yoongi.

Seojun opened her mouth to reply but found herself stopping when Jin tutted, “Min Yoongi! You don't have the right to choose what we watch today, so shut up and watch whatever Seojun wants to see, or else you're going to be on dish duty for the next week.”

Yoongi frowned, “I don't like you, Kim Seokjin!”

Jin merely smiled as he turned to Seojun, “Listen jagiya. This is all for you. So we'll watch whatever you want. And don't mind Yoongi. He has a habit to whine but he secretly loves watching these things. So tell me what do you want to watch.”

Seojun blinked at Jin in utter shock before sighing, “Well, I don't know what to watch. You can play whatever you want....”

Jimin hummed as he snatched the remote from Jungkook's hand, “Since she wants us to choose, I'll do the honors of choosing something from her home feed!”

Seojun shrugged and leaned back into the couch and watched as Jimin scrolled through the feed for a few minutes before finally stopping at a compilation of Bangtan sneezing. Seojun chuckled as the person who made the video compared Jimin's quiet sneezes to Taehyung's loud sneezes.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

Nearly an hour passed by with them watching YouTube videos. The room was completely silent apart from the occasional laughter and amusement. Well, it was silent until Hoseok remembered.

“Oh! Let's have the soju now. I completely forgot about it!”

The other hummed as the Hoseok made two trips to the kitchen and placed a dozen Soju bottles on the coffee table. Instantly everyone picked up one bottle each and continued watching the videos. Seojun didn't really think before picking up one of the bottles and sipped peacefully as they watched a Dance Cover in Public by a group called Dazzling. Everyone agreed that the seven girls had real potential and would make it in whatever field they chose.

It was when Seojun was nearly through her third bottle of Soju did someone notice that she was drinking. Jungkook hadn't paid much attention when he had taken a look at Seojun and turned back to watch the video. It had taken him a few minutes to process what he'd seen.

“Seojun!” gasped Jungkook as he stared at the Seojun.

Seojun jerked at the sudden shout and coughed when some of the soju went into the wrong pipe before turning to Jungkook with a frown, “What!?”

“What? You're asking me what?” huffed Jungkook, with a look of disbelief on his face. “Why the hell are you drinking Soju!?”

By this time the boys had paused the video and had their attention on the two youngest, eyes widening in shock when they noticed the bottle in Seojun's hand.

“Oh, this.” sighed Seojun shaking her head. “Don’t worry. I've had Soju before. I can-.”

“-but you aren't supposed to drink! Your 16 for fucks sake,” exclaimed Jimin, grabbing the bottle.

Seojun sighed again as she let Jimin snatch the bottle away, “It’s been years since I had my first Soju. It isn't really a big deal if I have some right now. And it helps me a bit. Numbs the pain.”

Hoseok shook his head as he questioned, “Please tell me you only drank one bottle. You have no idea how bad hangovers are, Seojunnie. And trust me, you don't want to end up with a hangover.”

Seojun couldn't help but sigh once again, “Hoseok-ssi-”

“No. You don't get to Hoseok-ssi him right now, kid. Tell me how many you had.”

“About three I guess? And I know how bad hangovers can get, Yoongi-ssi. I also know how to deal with them.”

“God! Three bottles! My alcohol tolerance is the highest and I don't drink more than two. Especially with this brand. This is practically the strongest Soju available! Drinking three of these is like signing your death sentence!” exclaimed Yoongi, looking incredulous.

Seojun stared at him with a bored look, “I told you, Yoongi-ssi. I can handle my alcohol really well.”

She sighed before addressing the other boys, “If any one of you is uncomfortable with me drinking as a minor then I won’t touch alcohol at all. But if you’re concerned about my tolerance, please don’t be. I know my tolerance and how to keep myself in control.”


“-wait a minute, hyung. How are you sure, Seojun-ah? We're just concerned,” said Namjoon, trying to defuse the tension that had started rising again between Yoongi and Seojun.

“I told you. I've had Soju a lot of times and I've discovered my alcohol tolerance in a way I would've preferred not to. I know how to control myself.” explained Seojun.

“Uh, no offense, but exactly how many times have you drunk Soju?” questioned Yoongi making the girl huff and roll her eyes.

“Let me see, the first time I tried Soju was around 2012. I only had a sip. But I had my first bottle in 2013 I guess. I didn't really drink much, but I'd have one bottle now and then. I had my first handover at 14. It was a new year’s party. I discovered my tolerance then. But I haven't really had a drink since nearly a year.....”

Seojun trailed off as some rare happy memories came rushing in. She could still remember the leather couch they'd gotten from a yard sale. It had been a real pain in the ass to clean it out, but they'd managed to make it look like new.


“We really need to change this couch. It's so smelly! And god knows how many times Junwoo has slept here without cleaning up.” she complained, frowning.

“Hm, good news then. I saw a yard sale downtown by that dumping place. Maybe we can clean it and use it.”

“Really?” she asked.

Ace could see the gears turning in her head and chuckled in affirmation, “Yeah, can I drive?”

She nodded and threw the keys before walking out with purpose, leaving Ace chuckling as she followed her.

Ace frowned as she stared at the couch before turning to her, “How the hell are we taking this back?”

“Let me think,” she said sighing as she squinted at the couch for a few minutes before nodding to herself. Ace watched as she retrieved her phone and made a call.

“Hello? Junwoo? Yeah, get hyungnim’s truck to the location I send. Don’t ask questions, just do what I say. Yeah, see you soon.”

Ace huffed out a laugh as she shook her head, “Damn, Junwoo is out for a job. You could’ve told me. I would’ve gone and gotten the truck.”

“No need. You’re my baby and my baby doesn’t have to work hard. That’s what that idiot is for. And don’t you dare think that I’m not going to make him clean it. He’s the reason why we need a new couch. The least he can do is help us out!”

Once again Ace laughed as the two of them waited for Junwoo.


A comforting warmth bloomed into her chest as she remembered the special moments that had all taken place on that couch. She missed them. She missed her. Oh, how she longed to go back. But she couldn't. It just wasn't for her and no matter how much she missed them, she had to let go of them.

Seojun let the memories fade away and shook her head, turning her attention back to the boys, “Anything else?”

“I don't believe that your parents would've allowed you to drink at 12!” scoffed Yoongi.

Seojun smiled, strangely vulnerable, “I never said it was with my parents. There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Yoongi-ssi.”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at her as everyone saw the clear implication of a double meaning behind Seojun’s words. What was she hiding and why was she?

Seojun sighed as she addressed everyone, “Well, is anyone uncomfortable with me drinking?”

When Seojun received no disagreements she tilted her head at Jimin who looked slightly hesitant as he passed the bottle back. She merely smiled as she reassured him, “Don’t worry, Jimin-ssi, I’m not drinking any more than this.”

He nodded as everyone once again settled back to surf Youtube. Seojun could feel a pleasant buzz as she put down the now empty bottle and watched the video. About another half an hour passed before all the bottles on the table had been emptied. Seojun watched as Yoongi put the last bottle down and started fidgeting. He seemed, uh, uncomfortable?

He looked around making Seojun do the same. All she saw was Jungkook clinging to Hoseok as he watched a soft video edit with the utmost attention while Namjoon had dozed off with his head on Taehyung’s shoulder and legs tucked under Jimin’s thighs. Jimin did not seem to mind that as he whispered to Jin while pointing at the video.

Seojun shrugged to herself when she didn’t find what Yoongi was supposedly looking for and turned her attention back to the video.

A few minutes passed before Seojun felt movement. She looked down to see Yoongi sitting in front of her on the floor, with his head against her legs, almost nudging them like he wanted her to do something. Seojun didn't know why but she acted on instinct.

An instinct she had buried deep inside a box filled with the memories of a certain someone. A box she swore to never open even when she was subconsciously opening it for the people who she’d grow to love.

And as the next few hours passed, Seojun had her fingers in Yoongi's hair, playing with his hair while laughing along with the others at the videos they watched.

And maybe.

Just maybe, Seojun forgot all her problems for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

Posted on: 15th June 2021

“Let's go. I swear I'll leave you here if you are not in the car in the next two minutes!” threatened Yoongi as he walked out of the dorm, leaving Seojun behind in the kitchen.

Seojun chuckled at his post hangover crankiness before running to catch up with him. It wasn't long before they were on their way to her school. Of course, Seojun was still worried about her bombed test, but the previous night had helped. She felt slightly relaxed and intended to keep it that way because it would be useless to worry about something which won't come up before the next week.

“Hey, kid, listen. I forgot to tell you this earlier but since your exams are over we can start with producing. I can teach you the basics. We'll do it today after you come back from school. And because we also have practice, I'm going to pick you up and we'll go straight to the studio. Okay?”

Seojun hummed, her tone slightly excited, “Great! Just one question: can we just go back to change? School clothes really aren't comfortable.”

“Don’t worry about that. I have some clothes in my studio, you can borrow them and if you don't have homework today we can work even after practice, okay?”

“Sure. Don't worry about the homework. I'll finish it up in school itself.” answered Seojun, with a small smile. She was excited. More than excited. Learning things always had a special spot for her. Getting to learn something new made her happy whether it was basic textbook learning in school or something like producing with Yoongi.

“Have a good day. I'll see you later.”

Seojun bowed and wished back before leaving the car.

Everything seemed calm at school. Well, it did look like that every day and Seojun still got bullied. But there was something different today and Seojun could feel it.

Seojun walked in, looking around as she moved towards her class on muscle memory. She could see the group of boys who always played soccer before school nearby dividing their teams. That pair of twins and their best friend was sitting under the tree like usual, talking and laughing while the school bus was standing by the entrance as students got down.

Seojun hummed under her breath as she reached her class and settled down in her seat. Her class was half empty as students usually preferred to roam around till the first bell rang. She liked this peace. The peace there was on early mornings like this when there were only a few students who would be busy with their own things and the atmosphere would be calm.

Seojun smiled to herself as she opened her bag and took out her grey notebook. She should really call it something else. Calling it a grey notebook didn't sound good and the notebook was close to her heart. Ah, maybe she could call it her lyric notebook because she did write lyrics in it. Yeah, the grey notebook would now be called lyric notebook.

Seojun nodded to herself in satisfaction as she opened her book to a blank page and retrieved a pencil from her pouch. She always preferred writing with a pencil rather than a pen because that way she could keep her work clean and make changes easily. Seojun tapped her fingers on the table and formed a line of lyrics in her mind, confirming how she wanted it before jotting it down on the page.

I pray the lord my soul to keep.

Seojun stared at the line wondering what she could add. Just as she picked up her pen again to write another line she heard someone call her name. She turned to see someone standing by the entrance of her class.

“Seojun-ssi! Can you come here?”

Seojun got up when she realized who was calling out to her. She closed her things and put them back in her bag before going out.

“Hey, Soobin- oh, you're all here. Um, is something wrong?”

Yeonjun instantly shook his head as he explained,

“Oh no, Seojun-ssi. Nothings wrong. We're here because we need to um, ask you something.”

Seojun raised her eyebrows in question as she nodded, “Sure, go ahead.”

The five boys looked at each other, silently communicating through their eyes making Seojun sigh.

“Is it something bad? Because if not, why are you hesitating?”

The boys still looked hesitant as Kai huffed, “I'll do it. Seojun-ssi, would you like to sit with us for lunch from now on?”

Seojun froze, her eyes wide as she stared at the youngest of them all. The trainees wanted her to have lunch with them?

“Uh, Seojun-ssi?”

Seojun snapped out of her thoughts and turned to Beomgyu, “Uh, yeah. I mean are you sure? Like why do you want me to sit with you?”

“Well, we know you and we see that you usually sit alone and we don't like that you sit alone. And, uh, the more the merrier?” explained Taehyun.

“I get that but you don't have to do it if you feel bad for me. Plus I kinda bring problems wherever I go. So-”

“No! You don’t. It's their fault for coming after you all the time! Don't say that. We sit under that large tree behind the school. We can meet up there or one of us will come here and take you!” said Yeonjun, his voice stern.

Seojun resisted her urge to coo at him and nodded, “Thank you for inviting me. You don't have to waste your time and come here. I'll see you there.”

The five boys nodded and bowed to her. But just as they were about to leave Seojun called out, “Hey!”

Five heads turned around as Seojun sighed, a soft thankful smile on her face, “Thanks for helping me out that day and not breaking your promise.”

“You’re welcome. And no offense, but you kinda threatened us-”


“Sorry! You’re welcome. See you soon, Seojun-ssi!”

Seojun chuckled when Soobin smacked Kai’s head and watched them walk out of her sight before moving back to her class and retaking her seat. She couldn't wipe off the crazy smile on her face. She definitely looked crazy. However, she couldn't find it in herself to mind that.

And maybe she kept that smile on her face till lunch, not letting it deter even when Yuna called her crazy and some boys kept throwing balls of paper at her. And just maybe, for the first time in years, Seojun had a good day at school.

Chapter Text

Posted on: 19th June 2021

Seojun grinned brightly as soon as she noticed the familiar black car and walked over with a slight spring in her steps, “Hello, Yoongi-ssi!”

Yoongi looked slightly taken aback as he chuckled, “Wow, kid, you look like you're in a good mood. Did something happen?”

Seojun grinned and nodded as she remembered how she had spent her lunch break with the new trainees, “Yes! I had lunch with Soobin and the boys today. They came by in the morning to invite me. And gosh they're so sweet. Beomgyu even came to my class to take me to their spot!”

Yoongi smiled at her excitement and started driving, “That’s nice. What else did you do?”

Yoongi tried his best not to coo when Seojun burst into talking and went on to describe her whole day. He was liking this. To see her behave like that. Without any walls or worries. That made him happier than anything and all he would hope for was for her to be like that forever.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

“You haven't been to my studio, have you?”

Seojun shook her head as she followed Yoongi down the hall. The older man hummed as he stopped in front of a studio with a cat showing a middle finger on a mat. She watched him punch in a code and open the door before moving to the side and motioning for her to enter.

“Welcome to Genius Lab!”

Seojun looked around wide-eyed as she entered the spacious studio with Yoongi behind her closing the door before joining her. She could see a large desk, occupied by one desktop computer along with a few speakers, recording mics, headphones, too many wires, and a ton load of screens. She made an amused noise as she turned to see a piano, drum set, and guitar laying in one corner along with a couch and another door.

“It’s nice isn't it?”

Seojun nodded absentmindedly as she took in every little detail, not snapping out of her trance until Yoongi chuckled.

“Even though you didn't say anything, I'm glad you like this place because if you do have a knack for producing you're going to be spending a lot of time here.”

“I am going to spend time here even if I don't have a knack for producing because this place is heaven. I mean not that I would come here if you don't want me to like you know disturb you-”

Yoongi laughed again as he moved towards a cupboard Seojun hadn't really noticed while she was busy marveling over the breathtaking equipment, “You can come here whenever you want. I don't mind and I think I might even enjoy your company. I'll give you the code later so that you can come by whenever you want. I don't really hear knocks when I'm working.”

Seojun nodded dumbly, shocked at how easily the older had given her 24/7 access to his studio. His precious studio. Yoongi closed the cupboard and pressed a bundle of clothes in her arms before pointing to the other door the 16-year-old had noticed a few minutes ago, “Go and change. Then we can start.”

Seojun nodded and quickly placed her bag on the couch before walking into the bathroom. It was small with a toilet and a sink with a mirror on top. But it was cute. She didn’t waste a minute before changing into the oversized reddish-brown sweater and a pair of surprisingly fitting sweatpants.

By the time Seojun went back out to Yoongi, the older man had turned on his computer and set up the equipment and was sitting at his desk working on something of his own. Seojun sat down in the chair beside Yoongi as he closed the track he was working on.

“Here, eat this while I teach. Now, I’m going to start with the basics and teach you how to operate this software. Okay?” said Yoongi, sliding a sandwich to her before moving his screen slightly towards her and opening a software.

Time passed by in a flurry and the pair were so engrossed in their world that they didn’t even realize it was time for practice. By the time they realized, they were running late and that was how the two of them found themselves running towards the dance studio, bursting down into laughter when their phones rang simultaneously, receiving calls from the other boys.

The six boys were certainly surprised when their two lost members finally made it to the dance studio, panting and laughing hard enough to cry, making everyone confused for two reasons. The first one? Min Yoongi never ran, not even if his life depended on it. The second one? Seojun had never laughed this hard.

The six boys gave each other confused looks as the other two moved to take their spots, still giggling with large smiles on their faces. By the time the actual practice had started, the six boys were convinced that either they were going crazy or Min Yoongi was actually changing because of Seojun. Not that they minded because it was a good kind of a change.

⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬ ⟭⟬

“Did you understand that or do you want me to show it to you again?”

Seojun let out a breath as she stared at the screen for a minute before shaking her head, “Nope! I got it. Is there anything else left?”

Yoongi seemed slightly impressed as he hummed, “That’s it for the basics of producing. And I’m not gonna lie but you impressed me. I haven’t met anyone who learns this fast. I’m confident that you can make your own track.”

Seojun blinked, “What? Uh, I mean, I’m not that good. I don’t think I can make my own track when I’m struggling with the lyrics. It’s-”

“Kid-” sighed Yoongi. “-stop saying this. I understand that you have doubts about yourself but you cannot let them stop you. Don’t think that you can’t do it without even trying. And even if you fail, the world’s not gonna end. You have a lot of people if not everyone then the seven of us, to help you out. Am I clear?”

Seojun nodded, her eyes filled with admiration. Yoongi hummed as he started shutting down the computer, “Well, go and get your things. It’s getting late. We can go and get dinner before heading home. I already told Jin hyung to not wait up for us.”

Once again Seojun nodded and moved to get her bag and helped Yoongi put things back to their places before moving towards the door, just to be stopped by the older.

“Here, wear this. It’s a bit cold,” he said, offering the 16-year-old a beanie. Seojun smiled lightly and accepted the beanie while Yoongi put on a mask and checked the studio once again before ushering Seojun out and locking the door behind him.

“Now-” said Yoongi, once the pair had exited the company. “-what do you think about getting some hotteok and tteokbokki?”

Seojun grinned wide as she smacked her lips, “That sounds great! Lead the way!”

Yoongi grinned back as the two of them burst into laughter, walking towards a nearby fast food stall, feeling happy and content with their day, it was nice.