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Simon's SP: Rhapsody in blue by George Gershwin 

(Javier Fernandez - 2015 SP costume)

And if you can imagine, his hair would be slicked and parted

Image source

(Actual skater and program: Javier Fernandez, 2015/16 FS) 


Simon's FS: Flight of Dragons and The night king by Ramin Djawadi (From the Game of Thrones soundtrack)

Imagine this but burgundy red like his wings. (Also I put a gif instead of a picture because picture does no justice to the way this costume looks in movement) 

GIF Source

(Actual skater and program: Shoma Uno, he only used this at the 2019 World team trophy for his SP which I am a little bit mad about because look at this costume! It's amazing!) 


Baz's SP: Winter Allergro and Allegro non Molto by Antonio Vivaldi

This one is subject to change. Idk what to do for the hairstyle, some sort of a fancy looking bun? Honestly, whatever Yurio has going on for him in YOI, I'm digging it! 

Image source

(Actual skater and program: again, Shoma Uno, 2018/19 FS)


Baz's FS: Nureyev by Ilan Eshkeri (From The White Crow soundtrack)

Ok, backstory here. So, The white crow is a film about Rudolf Nureyev, a Russian ballet dancer so when I was thinking about costumes for Baz, I thought "hm, why not use one of Nureyev's costumes?" so that's exactly what I did, but it's not an ideal costume for figure skating so I merged it with Mikhail Kolyada's White Crow costume so here's my vision

  1. The flower pattern and waist shape of the first picture, but chest is kinda like on the second picture? The sleeves are less pooffy and maybe they end with like bell sleeves? Idk sleeve terms but if you take a look at this costume, the sleeves that she has
  2. The first picture is black and white, but imagine it being deep green with the flowers embroidered in golden thread

Okay so Rudolf Nureyev's costume (at least I think that's Nureyev? this is literally the only picture of this costume that I found and I don't know from which ballet it is) 

Image source

Mikhail Kolyada's Costume

Image source

(Actual skater and program: Mikhail Kolyada, 2020/21 FS)