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Villainous Desire

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Dabi peered around the bar as more people came in and out of the doors, glaring down at his shot glass that was no longer filled. He sighed and grabbed the familiar bottle of Santory Haku Vodka, pouring the clear liquid into the glass and taking it down. The itch in the back of his throat that he longed for didn't come as he hoped, accustomed to drinking alcohol on frequent occasion. He hissed at the lack of it and set down the glass, pushing it away to instead take a direct swig from the bottle itself. 

He glanced over to see his boss walking towards him with the same 'friendly' look on his face. Dabi groaned and looked back down, feeling a finger trace on his back. He turned his head in the other direction to see some black haired bitch twirling her finger in circles on his shoulder. He grunted and rolled his shoulder, shoving off her finger while she seemed to take it for challenge. 

"Fuck off, slut" he growled, cutting her off before she even had the chance to ask anything of the man. His hand lit on fire in warning and she quickly walked off. He didn't even bother to see where she went before the blue haired man sat down beside him."The fuck you want?" 

"What's got your dick in a knot." Shigaraki spoke casually. The mute silence awkwardly told him a reason."Please don't tell me its about that greenie you've been fucking for the past few months."

 Dabi shifted uncomfortably to face the man, the movement saying enough for the villain as Dabi took in another down of Alcohol.

 "You've got to be kidding me. He's just a twig compared to anything, another stick in the woods to step on!" Tomura chuckled. 

Dabi wanted to rip his eyes out at the name calling. First off, Izuku Midoriya was not a kid, he was over the age of 21 and is legally a young adult by now; he was just smaller than average for a normal adult. Second, the greenette wasn't just another random fuck-for-fun, he actually was emotionally involved this time so he wasn't about to just let go of Deku, not without some sort of fight. He didn't want to fuck anyone else besides Izuku and if he couldn't have that, then celibacy wouldn't be so bad.

 "He's not just another fuck, chap face" He spat in return. He capped the bottle and another one was pushed towards him from a familiar blonde. It was a 1980 Whiskey brand that sent a slight shiver through him. 

"Oh, come on- Izuku Midoriya? Right?" Shigaraki keened."He works for stain, two very different goals between us and him. He would only drag you down."

 "Shut the fuck up" Dabi spat, taking the swig of Whiskey to drown out the desolate heartbreak that hadn't even happened; let alone from a not even official relationship.

 "If you like him so much-" 

"Love, you bastard. I wouldn't go through this insane bullshit for no one." Dabi interrupted Shigaraki who only rolled his eyes response. 

"If you love him so much, then break it off. He's not worth your time, numb nuts." Tomura suggested, leaning up against the bar as the red feather around his neck began to playfully rise up and tickle his nose.

 "Its not that easy, Hand fuck..." Dabi muttered, watching a soft smile on the villains face from his lovers smallest gestures.

Midoriya was all the way in Italy with Stain, meeting up with AFO who was in recovery at the moment from a detrimental attack from the Heroes. Really meaning that there was no way to see him secretly without Kurogiri and he knew the smoke villain wouldn't let him through unless they left.

Toga put a hand on his shoulder, smiling a little and giving him a reassuring squeeze. "Do you think you'll be alright?" Toga asked softly. Dabi pushed the glass back from his hand and sighed. "Yeah-- I'll be just fucking great." he grunted back in response. Dabi tapped his finger on the bar table before standing up and walking away, going upstairs towards his room and shutting the door behind him. 

He groaned at the empty feeling in his stomach and chest, feeling the want of Izuku's intoxicating scent against him again. What had started out as a casual fuck now had turned more complicated for the older boy who just wanted to hold the green haired villain in his arms again. The mere sight and memory of Deku beneath him on their first hook up loomed over his mind like a hazy cloud he couldn't get rid of. He didn't mind the memories, he even welcomed them but his heart throbbed at a reminder.

Midoriya had pushed him away.

Out of his own fear.

Afraid of what their relationship could become. 

Dabi wanted and relentlessly tried to reassure that Izuku wouldn't break him as he was already broken too, but the smaller that he had feelings for had begged him to forget about their whole relationship; he just couldn't though. He loved Izuku Midoriya too much to let go of him now. The way Midoriya used his wording left Touya in his own little hell hole, breaking down his already psychotic and torn up mind.

He had waited over a year, watching and admiring Midoriya who worked along side the villain stain. He loved how fluid Izuku was in battles and couldn't resist himself after their first official meet up a little over 3 to 4 months ago. It was the first night they hooked up. Dabi enjoyed every second of it he could, observing what Deku liked and disliked in bed, they ended up getting so entangled with each other that they didn't even bother getting out of Izuku's Studio Apartment the next morning.

 He smiled as he reminisced the passionate events, sliding down his wall to sit on the floor and grab his knees. He hated how hot the tears were against his skin but he just couldn't help it, letting them drip down into his lap only made things feel more real than they already were. 

"Fuck.." Izuku had him bad. Even as he looked at his arms and over his body, all he could feel was the left over touches and soft tingles of Midoriya's fingers gripping on his body and leaving his mark over the marked skin. 

"Hey Dabi! We're gonna head out to grab somethings, the portals available for you to use if you need it. We'll be back in an hour" Kurogiri knocked. The raven haired man heard the footsteps walk away and harsh slam of doors as his little family walked away to let the villain desire for more than what he could bargain for. 

Dabi sat in silence and after a few painfully tranquil minutes, his phone buzzed. He rolled his puffy eyes and wiped the tears, sighing in a sexual frustration and definitely not in the mood to deal with anyone right now. Tomura, Keigo, Toga, Kurogiri, AFO; not even his brother he would answer to, but instead, when he looked at the caller ID, it was a simple Green heart.

The same one that lit up his veins with challenge. 

Dabi quickly swiped with a hold on his phone and held the device to his ear, standing up with anticipation as he could hear some muffled breathing from the other end. His fingers felt weakened and his mind was still hazed as he awaited desperately, wanting to hear his sweet lover's call once again.

"Izuku" Dabi whispered, hoping, just waiting for his partner to answer.

 "Dabi..." Midoriya finally answered shakily. Dabi could hear the heavy want in his voice and yet the purest form of sadness right there in the smallest strings of his vocal tones. 

"You said you'd wait for me, right?--" Izuku asked. The Taller man's heart sprung with delight in almost an instant, skipping beats as he smiled. The hope behind Deku's voice pulling heavily at his chest. 

"No shit" Dabi answered, making the receiver sniffle a little and a whimpered sigh following after.

"Then don't leave me..." Midoriya whispered. Dabi's heart and mind stayed in a state of shock for a few seconds before responding.

 "Never." This is exactly what he had been waiting for, hoping for from Izuku who was all the way in Italy right now. He shook with excitement, perking up as he leaned over towards his window. 

"And don't touch anyone else... don't you ever put your hands on them like you've done to me. Don't... don't pleasure them or make them feel like your their world..." Midoriya ordered through his broken sniffles and cries. Touya let more tears drip from his eyes and smiled, grinning as he looked out on the night sky. 

"I promise" he muttered back. The Taller male opened his door and walked slowly, hearing more troubled and bit back sigh's from Izuku. 

"Don't you ever kiss anyone else; meet them or let them take you home." Midoriya continued. Dabi grabbed his coat and a scarf, wrapping it around his neck quickly and making sure that his long and tattered trench coat was buttoned up.

 "I won't, Izuku" Touya whispered softly. He looked around for the portal and smiled as he caught a glimpse of the purple and black swirls.

"Don't take care of them or worry if they're injured.." Deku spoke shakily. Dabi grinned and grabbed his phone charger, walking through the portal with Midoriya's condo located in his mind. 

"I won't" Dabi spoke back. He stepped into the portal and quickly began walking, the step and wind of the cold air made him feel alive in the romantic city elicited through his body waveringly; with a rumble and urge in his body that he knew he needed to satisfy. 

"I want you all to myself and I don't care if I'm so... selfish" Izuku whimpered. Dabi walked up to Izuku's condo door and stayed a few feet back. The heavy pants and lack of confidence in the smaller's voice made him yearn to touch Deku and keep him close, to never let go and reassure his lover that he was okay and that he wasn't going anywhere. 

"You have to tell me what you want, love. I need to know" Touya spoke softly. The soft yet tense silence between them made his heart flutter and beat out of his chest uncontrollably, wanting to hear the words before he acknowledged his presence.

 "I-- Fuck, I want you Dabi. I need you right now. I won't push you away or tell you to forget about me, I need you too much. I love you too much." Izuku demanded. Touya deeply chuckled at the statement. 

"Then I won't let you go, Midoriya" Dabi assured, hearing the softest sigh of relief through his phone. Dabi smiled to himself and sighed a little, looking over at the single door that was a barrier between him and Deku. 

"Mind opening the door though? I would love to see you right now" Touya asked slyly. He could hear a faint gasp through his phone and had hung up already. He put his phone away and walked towards the door, still keeping a slight distance from it.

 ---------Izuku's POV----------

 Izuku hung up the phone as quickly as he could and his heart that was already fluttering fell heavy in desire, getting up from his carpeted floors and swinging open his bedroom door to sprint down the hallway and toss his phone to the side. He stopped just at the door knob and took in a deep breath; hoping, expecting to see his lover on the other side just waiting for him like a fantasy. 

He shifted the cold knob and opened the door to see the raven haired man standing just a few feet away with his normal, yet piercing glare of his cerulean blues. Izuku shook a little with tears in his broken state, holding his hands to his chest as the taller approached him. He walked into the open arms quickly and sniffled at the warm feeling beneath him once again. He wasted no time wrapping his arms around Dabi's torso, feeling the embrace returned around his shoulders and letting what seemed like a purr emanate through his mouth with content laced into it deeply. 

It felt like eternity from when Deku had last held Touya against his body, it had just been mere weeks yet it shouldn't have been that long in the first place. There was so much they could done, they could have experienced yet here they were, Izuku grasping onto the black haired boy with a force. Deku breathed in the heavily intoxicating and luring scent of Cinnamon Hot Chocolate that seemed to just come off of his clothing in relaxing waves. 

Not being able to help himself, he leaned back and pulled at the sides of the trench coat down, enticing the raven's lips to his almost immediately. They crashed into each other and let their movements do the talking. Dabi's hands forcefully slid down his shoulders, tracing lightly with his fingertips down his waist. He couldn't help but to moan a little from the touch, already wanting more from the taller man but also wanting to make this pleasure last longer than every other time. 

He didn't just want this to be a leisurely fuck. 


He wanted this to mean something. 

He wanted the tease.

Dabi's mouth heated significantly and made the greenette moan from the lack of friction he wanted to follow the heat. His own hands let go of the coat and instead laced themselves inside of the black cloth, gripping at the taller's hips softly to close the space between their bodies. Izuku realized that they were still in the hallway and pulled away from the extremely sexy man reluctantly.

He watched as Dabi pouted a little, wanting to lean back in but was cut off as one of Izuku's fingers was softly placed against his lips. "We're in the middle of the hallway, I may be a bit of an exhibitionist, but I don't think that this moment should be out here of all places" Midoriya explained softly, leaning his face close to let his own heated breath linger against Dabi's. 

"Fine" Dabi groaned. Midoriya licked his finger against the mumbled lips, catching the rim of his tongue to the scarred lips. He pulled away and Dabi possessively growled out, turning his back to skip back into his apartment; the frustrated man quickly following in after.

 He closed the door and Dabi instantly crashed his lips back into Midoriya's, pinning his hand on the wall beside the smaller's head. Izuku couldn't help but roughly to pull off the thick cloth that covered the raven's neck so tantalizingly. He pushed Dabi off of him gently and a dangerous glint hinted in his eyes. "I know how you hate waiting, but..." Izuku paused. He watched Dabi's expression grow with challenge, a small smile curling his lips at the sultry sight. "I don't think I can help myself." 

With that word, he disappeared into his familiar puff of smoke and instead appeared down the hallway where Dabi was on the other end. He giggled and caught the Taller's attention immediately. 

The raven took off towards him and disappeared once again. He could hear the groan through his door that was closed and a cheeky smirk grew.

Izuku looked towards his closet and walked in, closing the doors behind him as he could hear his name being called possessively. He loved the sound, the way he was able to make the taller frantic only aroused him further if the hot kiss didn't. A beautiful black lingerie caught his attention and he instantly grabbed it off the rack, snapping his fingers to teleport the item of clothing underneath his sweater and coat. He could feel the lace cup his ass and wrap around his chest over his hard buds, as soft gasp while the thought of being ravished in the item set off the piling desire. 

The door outside of his closet jiggled and told him to move on, smiling as the closet door swung open. His eyes met the cerulean blue ones and he just winked, whispering away already to his kitchen counter.

 He swung his legs off the edge of the island and Dabi ran out, his eyes catching the sight of the mesh thigh highs. Izuku teasingly crossed his legs, pulling the coat away a little to reveal the upper part of his thigh more. The eyes that traced him were hungry and lustful, only adding to the passion-ed heat in his cock. The chase was always a favorite of his and he'd be lying if he said that he didn't wanted to be buried with Dabi's cock balls deep in his ass. Though, the desire to play around and fuck with Dabi's mind drove him further than his want for the aching cock.

 "Kitten." Dabi spoke with a growl, sending shivers down his spine from the husky sound. He let the man walk closer to him, watching the trench coat swish around his ankles as he walked with a force.

 "Yes, Daddy?" he teased. The name made a dominating glare bury into the blues, his mind already mush at the sight of Dabi being so devilishly... Sexy. Without even trying might he add."Do you like what you see?" Izuku uncrossed his legs and spread his knees apart a little, the red glare in eyes sparking with excitement, even though he wasn't done playing his role of the mouse just yet. 

"Why wouldn't I?" he groaned. Midoriya could see the visible tent in his boxers and almost whined at how much he wanted it, his cock jerking up at the sight of the sex thirsty villain. He eye fucked Dabi thoroughly, gazing over his muscles and ripped form that he so desperately wanted to see again, it was almost painful. His stomach heated up as the villain laid his hands beside his thighs, gazing straight into his eyes with a peered dominance. The Alpha brought one of his hands and stood up straight, still almost towering over Izuku while lifting his chin up. 

Izuku flicked his tongue on his bottom lip and led on the man, his knees parting more to allow Dabi to slip in between them. His hips were lulled into Dabi's with a swift force, forcing him to feel the mans erection through his own. A small moan caught his lips but never kept his gaze away from his villain. The large hands massaged his ass firmly through the coat, impatience obvious in Dabi's eyes. Midoriya leaned his chest close and pecked at Dabi's nose before giggling again, disappearing out of Dabi's arms with a black puff of smoke left behind along with his jacket left in his place. 

He plopped himself on the couch and Dabi turned around instantly. Midoriya turned his head away and dragged his fingers up along the mesh slowly, the ghost of Dabi's warm hands egging him on to continue. His other hand caressed his own hips and drifted upwards, grasping over his pink and swollen bud softly. His bottoms were now on display, the mesh revealing his smooth skin tauntingly and adding to the curve of his hips that Dabi still had yet to see on him. Izuku looked back up and saw Dabi take off his trench coat, the challenge in his eyes increased and sanity for love being replaced for the inane feeling of impulse and sex. 

"How long have you been hiding this from me, kitten?" Dabi asked. Izuku gave a mischievous tease through his glare and stood to let Dabi get a full view of his erect cock and lace covered ass. The lingerie had a lace-up design like a corset on either side of his round hips and a thin lace pattern covering his dick and ass. 

"Honestly" Midoriya spoke, his red eyes growing half-lidded."I've had this since we first fucked."

 "And you never showed me why?" Dabi groaned. Izuku could tell how turned on Dabi was growing, his length building more of a tent in his pants than before. 

"Because I love to tease..." Izuku smoked out of sight once again and appeared behind Dabi, running his fingers up the taller's back to grip onto his broad shoulders sexily."And watching you grow in frustration only turns me on more..." 

He disappeared before the man could grab him, leaving his sweater behind as he laid himself against the wall of his hallway. His hair was messed and the black piece was now on full display. The top was a mesh turtleneck that wrapped around his chest effortlessly and the design pattern seemed to almost drip down, stopping right at his ribs to leave his smooth and pale stomach exposed. He stared at his Lover once again and watched the arousal-


The Primal look in his lovers eyes, the hunt starting to catch up to him almost immediately."You want me?" Midoriya moaned out, catching the scent of arousal starting to trail around his home."Then come and get me"

He teleported himself to his bedroom and eagerly awaited for Dabi to burst through, hearing the footsteps echo outside of his room worsened his whimper and heat. He could already feel Dabi's ghosted fingers touching his body, caressing the spots just the way he liked; taking his body for himself. It only built up further as Dabi slammed the door open to claim his prize. Midoriya was pounced on almost immediately, the large hands grasping his wrists and shoving him into the red silken sheets. Breath left his lungs from the swift movement.

"You've been bad, Kitten..." Dabi warned. Midoriya keened to the warning and an unbridled desire hit him with full force, smiling softly to the words while Dabi had the eyes of the devil peering into him.

"Are you gonna punish me?" He asked innocently. He felt the erection in Dabi's pants twitch against him and he cantered his hips up to feel the twitch once again.

His movement was stopped as Dabi's full weight pressed against his hips."I'm going to do a lot more than punish you, slut" Dabi whispered. Izuku couldn't help but to sink further into the sheets from the degradation, the red on his face dusting heavily as Dabi grinned from the sight.

His hands were released and watched as Dabi stood up, the command in his eyes telling Izuku what to do. Midoriya pulled himself on all fours and moved to the center of the bed, sitting on his knees obediently as Dabi watched. A small whimper left him but wasn't loud enough to be audible. He watched as Dabi took off his shirt and showed off a few of his tattoo's, the wicked desire to run his fingers over the skin held back as he eyed the trousers. He ached painfully to see Dabi's cock, just to see the pierced flesh, to taste it would be exquisite enough for Izuku. He brushed his hand over his thigh, resisting the urge to touch himself at the sight of Dabi stripping himself. He could see every muscle as it moved and tensed and flexed, his V-line on a handsome display and his scarred skin adding to the beauty of his ripped torso. 

Izuku's cock leaked with cum already, his gaze on the torso lowering while he eyed the tent, biting his lips ever so slightly at the sight and then moving his eyes to meet the blue ones.

Dabi smirked and unbuckled his belt, tossing it to the side and not bothering with his pants. Izuku could only stay in place as Dabi stiffed closer. Midoriya kept his eyes closed as Dabi's fingers traced over his skin softly, leading down to cup his thigh and watch for reactions that he refused to play into. Sparks elicited from Dabi's fingers and snapped Izuku's eyes wide open, looking down to see blue flames on the tips. All he could was watch as the taller man ran his fingers along his skin teasingly, missing the lace while marks were burned into his skin.

"You look so helpless, kitten" Dabi whispered right into his ear, feeling the hot lips against his flesh made his cock jump with delight, rocking his hips a little to the response of wanting something, anything inside him."Though if you keep moving, we may not get anything done tonight"

Izuku moved his head away, deathly glaring at the taller with a small smirk."You couldn't stop even if you wanted to" Midoriya teased. Dabi rolled his eyes and moved away from Izuku, grabbing his belt and shirt from the floor and beginning to head for the door.

His eyes glinted to the challenge and slowly but fluidly moved from the position of the bed, digging himself into the sheets to flip him self over and lay on his chest. He stuck his ass out a little and started to grind his hips into the bed, creating friction on his swelled cock. Dabi stopped to watch. He could feel the sauntering eyes lay over his figure and trace him, the lace shining under the deft moonlight that happened to glare in the dim lit room.

"Guess I'll be pleasing myself tonight, then" Midoriya spoke with a whisper, pretending not to notice Dabi who was just barely a few inches from the door knob.

He ran his fingers over his ached cock and began to palm himself through the lace, putting himself back onto his spine as his hips bucked up a little to the touch, some breath's leaving his lungs to the stimulation. Dabi stopped the boy before he could continue any further, throwing his things on the ground and climbing on top of Midoriya. Izuku smirked as Dabi leaned in close, their noses brushing against each other and a hot breath staggering from Dabi's mouth.

"Your right, your too sexy and needy for me not to please. " Dabi groaned. Izuku hummed in agreement, raking his fingers through the soft black strands of hair to pull the boy down on his lips softly. They moved together slowly, wanting to devour the soft movement before Dabi started turning into the Possessive Alpha he was. He savored this moment the most, when Dabi was at his softest moment, when he was gentle. He could feel Dabi's hands caress his waist, unknowingly teasing his arousal and making it twitch with the touch for more.

Izuku felt Dabi prod against his lip with his tongue, playfully denying it even though the thought sent his hips to roll. Apparently, Dabi took the sign and pushed his tongue through anyways, colliding into Midoriya's hungrily as the roughness began to set in, calling out Izuku's hands to push Dabi against him deeply. His hips collided with Dabi's and he slowly rocked their erections together, eliciting moans through their kiss. Izuku pushed back against Dabi's tongue and the taller instantly kicked into high gear, shoving his knee between Midoriya's leg to harshly rock against his erection. He moaned from the movement.

His senses flew over his head with wanton desire and lust, forcing his tongue into Dabi's mouth to taste the sweet saliva that was stained with vodka. It was sweet in an odd combination but set off his taste buds perfectly while his body was demanding more attention. He pulled away and licked his lips, moaning from the still rutting movements. "You taste like Vodka and Whiskey" he breathed out. Dabi smiled a little to the statement."It taste's so good"

Midoriya leaned in again to catch the taller, cupping his face fiercely as his legs hooked themselves onto Dabi's waist. Dabi pressed himself closer to Midoriya's hips, snapping his hips up let him moan out entirely."Fuck" Midoriya shook. Dabi smiled and leaned down from Midoriya's lips, beginning to place chaste kisses to his jaw.

Izuku's mind flashed with a few colors while Dabi sucked on his skin and groaned lowly with dominance, the ache in his panties becoming painful as the rut against him was making him already come to a satiating point. "C-Close. Stop, I'm already close" Izuku whispered. Dabi stopped the movement and bit his teeth down into the plump flesh.

"Daddy!" Midoriya called out to the bite, he could feel some of his own blood spill down his shoulder into the already red sheets, sighing out from the pleasured feeling that his lover's tongue provided by gliding over the punctures. Dabi leaned back from him and his hand played with the hem of the lace top, his finger circling the hard bud that stood erect from the build up of longing pleasure. He squirmed a little, looking down to see the finger trailing down once again and playing with the beautiful lace panties.

He sighed out in a bitten frustration.

Just fuck me already. Please

His mind could only thing of the raven haired man railing into him again and again, to feel the large cock fill him to his stomach in ways that no other man could fully push him to. He hated the black pants that separated his gaze from Dabi's full figure.

"You look so beautiful, Kitten" Dabi praised to him, a villainous smirk following after. His hands pulled at the bows that sat on either side of his hips slowly, dragging them out to release."All the things I could do to fuck you up right now..." Izuku raised to the sentence, whimpering audibly for the man.

"Do you want that, you slut? Do you want me to fuck you relentlessly? Watch as you soak yourself through? He whispered carelessly. The mere sentence sent revoked sparks into his throat, nodding his head innocently as Dabi crawled off of him."Then show me how much you want it" Midoriya's eyes glared with red again, the desire to please his lover salivating in his mouth. He sat up and crawled over Dabi, placing lingering kisses as he trailed down to Dabi's erect cock. He pulled down the mans pants and the engorged member practically jumped out at him, laying over Dabi's stomach painfully hard as well.

His kissed the base of his cock, letting his breath linger as small kisses brush against the hot skin. Izuku licked up the base and teasingly kissed the tip, looking up to see hunger in Dabi's eyes. The glint was dangerous and his body just wanted to jump him, to fuck himself on the large dick for his own pleasures, knowing well enough that Dabi wouldn't even dare stop as he came and would only make him ride his dick to over sensitivity. His tongue swirled the top and then lowered his mouth over the tip, Dabi's hand in his hair as he slowly bobbed his head. The grunts from his lover that he caused made him drip for more, lowering mouth down further.

He took the full 9 inch cock into his mouth, deep-throating it as a stuttered moan breathed through Dabi's lips. His tongue ran over the pulsed veins teasingly, the hand in hair tightening in response and making him moan. His head was pushed down, signaling for him to go faster, to please his dom. Dabi's dick pushed into his mouth and he let the man face fuck him, feeling the upwards thrusts hit the back of his throat over and over. The metal ring on his cock hit his throat simultaneously, the cold silver only adding to his stimulation. "So good, Kitten" Dabi whispered between his moans.

He continued to bob his head, his saliva dripping through his mouth to shine the pierced flesh as Dabi forced his head down fully and came into his throat, milking the cock as he swallowed every ribbon of the white and sticky substance. Midoriya pulled himself off and licked his red lips slowly, marinating his gaze to draw all over Dabi's figure. He crawled over Dabi's hips and sat right on his stomach. He felt the sudden canter of Dabi's hips rub against his cock pleasurably and whispered a moan, the erection already rising to lay right below his ass. "I'm tired of this shit tease" Dabi growled. 

Midoriya couldn't agree more as he pummeled his lips back into Dabi's, his hips circling Dabi's stomach teasing. Hands grasped his hips and shoved him to feel the swelled cock lay right between his ass. He slipped his mouth away and hastily kissed the scarred skin that ran along Dabi's jaw, opening his mouth to lap his tongue against it. He nipped and sucked on the collar bone of Dabi's chest, some shiny marks being left behind in his wake. Dabi pulled away his the lace bottoms and dragged them down, throwing them off from above him with impatience and Midoriya's cock painfully swelled once again, demanding release.

He was unceremoniously flopped onto the bed, Dabi's cock brushing against his. Izuku sighed out with the new found Ecstasy and swelled his hips to feel the skin-on-skin contact again. The groans from the devil above him made the knot in his stomach tighten significantly, his release right over the edge. "Hah~ close" He whispered. The slow rutting against his cock adjusted and sped up, causing his throat to cry out with heavy breaths. His hips spasmed and rutted on their own, his back arching to the undeniable response of the release against Dabi's fully erect length. White ribbons splattered over his chest and stomach from the high. "Fuck.." Midoriya whispered, looking up at Dabi who was just grinning at the sight of him covered in cum.

"You look so sexy right now." Dabi whispered. He blushed at the compliment and fluttered his lids self-consciously."Imagine how flushed you'll look when I fuck you mercilessly~" Izuku's heart skipped itself and he moaned from the words, sighing while the cerulean blues stared at him dominantly. He couldn't help but to let his mind wander as Dabi traced his skin over Izuku's stomach. More. The mere thought of Dabi railing him till the morning only stirred him on, just the tight grip on his hips again, the feeling of the pierced cock hitting every perfect spot. It almost made him cum.

A cold finger entered inside of him, catching him off guard as a sinful gasp stuttered the rim of his ass. Izuku rolled his hips again in response and shifted to want more."Give me a warning next time" Midoriya whined. Dabi's chuckle echoed his ears nefariously and another finger was added as so, beginning to scissor him slowly. Midoriya moaned out from the intrusion and closed his eyes, leaving the blue gaze so that he could take in the reels of pleasure. Dabi's mouth latched onto the inside of his thigh, sucking bright red marks all over the inner portion in a slow burn. Dabi added a third digit into his ass and he clenched for more, the long and slender digits curled and brushed against his prostate barely.

I won't hold myself for much longer

"So Baby Boy?" Dabi spoke up. The digits were removed and Izuku whimpered from the loss."How do you wanna take it?" Midoriya's eyes could only whine for the pleasure once again and turn his head to answer.

He wanted this time to feel different, to be different. He wanted to feel Dabi this time, to feel the piercing hit his flesh and the ridges of the thick cock brush through his ass. The bulged veins intruding his rim and stretching him further than before, he let himself sigh into a whimper. "I want you raw." Midoriya breathed, his hands clutching onto the bed sheets as he faced the devil again."I need to feel you"

"Once I start.." Dabi leaned down to press his lips to Midoriya's ear, nipping at the earlobe teasingly."I'm not stopping Kitten." Izuku opened his legs wider in the response and nipped at Dabi's shoulder."Don't you dare fucking stop"

Midoriya laid back and watched as Dabi's massive size brushed against his sensitive ring of muscle. The head pushed in and Izuku gasped at the raw feeling, the stretch of the skin was new and unrelenting, making him want more of it inside of him already. His thighs spread automatically to take in more, his ass only stretching farther from the movement. Izuku shivered from the raw size he had yet to feel for months; yet it was what he desired from the very beginning of their first hook-up. He tried to keep his thoughts from falling into a ecstasied haze, from blurring together from the new pleasure.

He rolled his hips ever so slightly and moaned out when the large length only plunged in deeper into him, a bit surprised that Dabi wasn't fully in already. Midoriya's cock jumped up from the dive of Dabi's cock, making him moan out further and try to take in deep breath's.

"Ah, full. So fucking full~" Izuku whined childishly.

He could feel his erection edge itself, trying to shove the knotting feeling down so that he could try to last, even if it was going to be worthless in the long run. He knew by the end of this, he was most likely going to end up passing out from over stimulation like a few previous times before. Dabi glided his hands to grip onto Midoriya's thighs, rubbing circles over his hip bones to make Izuku snap up. He moaned from the movement, the large cock that filled him to the brim twitching anxiously inside only added to the cry.

His lover pulled his cock out to the tip and gazed into Izuku with sadistic and needy eyes, slamming back in harshly without second thoughts. Izuku let his legs fall completely and took the size willingly, grunting out to shine his eyes with gloss. Dabi thrusted into him with a rough but measured pace, making Izuku gasp and moan loudly. The slow pace was a teasing payback that neither wanted to endure, the desired grunts from the taller's mouth seconding his senses while the pleasured roll dominated with an easy first. For the sake of his own sanity, he pushed and rolled his hips again and again to tell Dabi to speed up, forgetting how much tolerance and patience the man fucking him had. 

Dabi pushed his hips back down with his hand, staring right at him with the god-like orbs, lulling a cried whimper to escape needingly from his mouth. "oh!-.. god!" Midoriya whispered, focusing back down on his hips. The sinful sound of Dabi's balls slapping against his ass added an explicit pleasure through his mind, uneasiness in his stomach heating up like no other. Dabi rolled his hips slower, earning the soft cries for more from Midoriya's mouth. Izuku couldn't help as his ass clenched around the thrusting member tightly, wanting to near his release. The Raven perversely began to jerk him off, his hips not caring about the firmly pressed hand and instead thrusting himself to meet with the movements. He chased his release, the heat in his stomach building up like none before as his ass seemed to heat itself.

Was it possible that Dabi was heating his cock inside of Midoriya?

Holy shit.

His mind let itself fall to the haze, moan after moan leaving his mouth immorally. "Shit! Ohh, fuck!~"The high of the heat in his stomach along with the knotting of his release made him convulse underneath Dabi, curses slipping through his teeth as the hand skillfully came down once more and let the white ribbon chase all over him once again. He sighed out, seeing a little dark haze around his eyes before the reminder of the consistent and determined thrusts peaked his mind instead and more whimpers came out.

Dabi was respecting his request.

His command.

Don't stop.

Don't you dare fucking stop.

The words repeated in his head like a prayer, the whine in his voice only pushing the movements to continue.

This is exactly what he had wanted. The relentless fuck. The same look of desire that mirrored his own insanity.

This is the type of person he waited 22 painstakingly years for.

Every other person he had ever met could never satiate his needs like this, give him more than what his body could physically take even though he wanted and cried out for it. His hook-ups would tire too easily and he hated how weak they were. He looked for this passion with a fierce eye, this Alpha and possessiveness that stained his insides with heat.  Dabi was the only person he would share his cries for, he was the only one who unraveled him just the way he wanted, even if it didn't seem like that on their first hook up.

The heat of Dabi's cock ridging his insides and tearing him apart, the feeling of his spread out legs aching for more. This was the frenzy he deserved. This is the wild side that no one else but Dabi could bring out. His mind lusted over the thrusting, grounding his mind a little as the build in his stomach started up once again, this time in a bit more of a painful matter that appealed to his masochistic side. "Call my name, kitten" Dabi whispered. Midoriya just pierced his lips together, trying to not let out the desire for the kink before Dabi pulled out.

The heavy whine that called out to the taller was cut off and he was pulled off of the sheets and plunged onto the cock once again. Strong hands wrapping around his waist and pulling him down further till he could feel Dabi's balls seated against his ass, the harsh thrust up made him cry out. His knees shaking as he arched backwards. "Daddy!" Izuku cried, closing his eyes as tears stung at at his cheeks and eyes. The rough thrust called out to his echoing body, capturing his breath as his arms instinctively wrapped around Dabi's neck. 

"Good Kitty" the villain husked. He kicked up his movements even faster this time, making Izuku whine and call out Dabi's name with such a illustrious mewl, he didn't even recognize the sound to be his own. It was usually after Midoriya's second round of cum that they paused for the night to kick it back up in the morning, but this time, there was no stopping them.

"You are so not walking tomorrow" Dabi groaned. Midoriya couldn't even say anything in response as he was fucked with an unforgiving pace.

How the hell had Dabi not cum yet?

"Because I'm not done" The black haired boy grunted deeply into his ear.

Izuku let out a small squeak, not realizing that he had been in fact talking out loud. MHe let out small tears as his ass was filled even further, the shallow and controlled thrusts from the lover below him somehow becoming even deeper and more passion-filled than before.

"Who do you belong to?" Dabi asked, pushing him back from his shoulder to slam his cock directly into his prostate. "Y-You! Fuck, I belong to you!" Midoriya cried, his voice was shaking detrimentally as the cock kept itself buried deep inside him, not daring to move as he whined. Dabi removed his swelling cock from inside his depths and let himself be picked up from the bed, moaning from any movement that involved Dabi.

Before he knew it, he was pressed against a wall and his ass was invaded one again by Dabi's searing hot dick. The change in position added more weakness to his knees that at this point were about to collapse if not for the wall that his laced chest was pinned against, his back being pushed in by Dabi's hand as the other gripped the crease of his waist and then moved back down to his hips. His moans filled the silent air, no longer caring if anyone else could hear him, he practically screamed out in pleasure and pain as his dick hardened once again. Heat gathered in his stomach and his aching cock.

Dabi must have taken notice to his turned on state because his body bent over his back and bit down against the nape of his neck, the hand on his back, maneuvering down to wrap around Izuku's dick. He could feel the blood trickle down his back and watched as a drop of the delicious crimson dripped off his shoulder, another crawling down his slick-covered chest. Sweat beaded over Izuku's vulnerable frame, dripping off as he was recklessly fucked, his face pressing to the wall as more sounds left him. The hand around his cock stroked the swelled member faster, more moans leaving his lips at a stuttering rate. His eyes were filled and clouded with tears, rolling his eyes up to close the heavy lids. He shut his eyes hard as the knot in his stomach released again what was left in him, his hips rutted against the cock unintentionally and made his spasm further fully shaking with his knees practically giving out.

"D-Dabi!" Midoriya cried out his name and the man pulled out, flipping Izuku over and picking him up. His legs wrapped around Dabi's waist and the monstrous cock was shoved into his pretty pink hole painfully, the over stimulation and sensitivity starting to turn his body inside out. "Ah! Shit!" Midoriya called out to the rough thrusts.

"That's not my name, kitty" He roughly spoke, grinning as he placed soft kisses to Izuku's neck and chest, sucking wherever he could to leave little red and purple and blue marks all over the pale skin. He could see a few of his previous bite marks scarred into the smaller's skin, thrusting his hips up further to entirely impale his mate as much as he could. Midoriya's cock ached and yet started getting hard again, the hot cock in his stomach proving to grow hotter and hotter.

Izuku felt his back hit against the wall, giving him some structure to lean against as he was roughly fucked to the bitter pieces of oblivion. The coil in his stomach was unwelcome in a way and cried out as the heat let itself go and he shook heavily. Multiple rounds of dry orgasms washed over him painfully, tears now streaming down his face from the pain and sensitivity his body was being put through. The multitude of the orgasms had truthfully caught him off guard, not expecting the round after round of his cock twitching and and begging for something to come out even though nothing did.

"Daddy!" Midoriya whimpered loudly, repeating the name again and again as the sudden rough pace in his ass stuttered, but only for a split second."That's right, Baby. Your all mine" Dabi pressed.  Midoriya probably would've orgasmed right there if it was so painful to do so, arching his back off the wall as the thrusts now became sloppy and more heated. It felt like a over-heated vibrator was rutting into his ass.

God did he love it though.

Dabi hadn't presented this feature to him during their sex times and as much as he was so ached out and tired from the sweat that matted his curls a little and the glossed look in his eyes that he could tell was turning on his villain even more rather than pall him.

He still wanted more.

He wanted to suck Dabi dry again and feel the boiling cum fill his insides to paint them white. He wanted the sticky coat to leak out and feel it drip out of his over-used asshole. He wanted Dabi more than anything else, to please him more than anything else. The Taller moved him from the wall, back onto the bed, standing over him once more as he ravaged the the clenching muscles. "You are mine to scour endlessly" Dabi bitched lovingly.

Oh, god.


A low groan ripped through Dabi's mouth and Izuku sighed at the feeling of the cock shove all the way inside of his ass perfectly, like it belonged there. He pulled Dabi down with his remaining strength and caught the man's moan into his own, moving his tongue to swipe across the hot salve. The boiling cum made him flinch but sigh out in relief, the warmth in his stomach not being able to hold itself as he let out another dry orgasm. Wave after wave of cum slipped inside of him perfectly, asserting his bond to Dabi like a warm dream he wasn't ready to wake from yet.

"I can't feel my legs" he mumbled carelessly. 

The warm cock was taken of his ass and left the convulsing hole to drip with the over spill of white seed.  He was picked up gently by the large arms and placed under the warm covers. Dabi slipped in in front of him and threw the covers over his body, Midoriya not being able to help himself as he watched the Taller gaze at him with a bit of concern. "Did I go overboard?" Dabi asked caringly."I'm so sorry if I did"

Izuku moved himself to nuzzle right into the warmth of Dabi's chest, wrapping his arms around the large torso weakly."You were perfect, Dabi. It was everything I wanted and more" he sighed out. He felt Dabi's face dive into his sweated curls, making him scrunch his face in disgust. He leaned his head away from Dabi and shook it."I stink, dumbass" Midoriya spoke. Dabi pulled him closer to him again, diving right back into the sweat of his hair."Did you not just hear me?"

"I don't care, I'm just the same" Dabi lulled back. Midoriya curled his legs into Dabi's and smiled contently in the other's arms, falling asleep the slumber sound of Dabi's heartbeat against his ears.

Finally it was just them.


Us together against the shitty world